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Silverlight Application Development replaces Adobe Flash Technology Microsoft developed the Silverlight technology which incorporates the Adobe Flash player functions. Basically, the flash player is an excellent multimedia tool used in designing web applications and other animations. It is mostly popular in developing flash ad banners, 2D games and videos, designer websites, simple animations, etc. Later, Microsoft introduced the Silverlight technology with more enhanced features that helped to stay ahead of flash. The recent version of it was launched on July 2009. This vibrant tool supports on both Mac operating systems and Microsoft Windows versions. Just like flash, it helps to build, develop web applications, multimedia graphics, animations and other interactivity operations in a single environment. What are the benefits of silverlight application development and disadvantages of flash? With silverlight technology, the user can view high-definition (quality) video files. The transfer of files to the internet is carried out by Microsoft, which it directly takes responsible. Transferring large files are bit expensive, but Microsoft takes full charge to transfer even large silverlightmedia files at an affordable price. This is an optional service. Microsoft does streaming process, which the small developers can save on content circulation network fees. The silverlight applications are delivered in XAML format to the browser. This allows the search engines to scan, browse XAML files at a faster rate than the flash forms. The extra web code in flash applications is actually a stress for developers, where they have to put extra work for a defined output. There are conditions, where it has failed in giving good results in spite of the more web code. The search engine displays the application in a single click instead of refining for the keywords. Microsoft has taken recent steps with promoting silverlight technology and live services. Their recent service includes, APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for search engines, Instant messenger, Virtual Service and more waiting on block. These amazing features make Silverlight applications worth ahead of flash. What is the role of silverlight application development companies in India? To hire a Microsoft certified developer, it is best to approach Silverlight development concerns in India. They hold skilled professionals to deliver projects as per to the client needs. United States based concerns outsource silverlight projects to India. The clients could save on housing and training expenses, while outsourcing to Indian concerns. Some of the advantages of outsourcing include, • Professionals work on affordable prices, comparatively cheaper than the other countries. • Quality output guaranteed in every project. • No maintenance or hidden fees charged to the clients. • Flexible to work on shift basis (part-time, full-time, or project basis). • Zero percent error in coding guaranteed. • 24 hours customer help and support. • Works including the national holidays, in conditions of urgency in project.

Most of the reputed concerns have their own website. More information’s regarding the project structure and approval can be discussed with submitting a quote form. They also offer online IM support using Google talk or Yahoo chat tools.

Silverlight Application Development replaces Adobe Flash Technology  

Microsoft developed the Silverlight technology which incorporates the Adobe Flash player functions.

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