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.Net Development Company for Business Growth Today, if we talk of developing the software, the most preferred language is .NET. You must be thinking of the reason why it is considered as one of the best language for development. So let us discuss some of the advantages of using .NET for developing websites and applications. Advantages  Better Performance- It provides with better performance by use of early binding, native optimization, JIT compiling and caching services etc.  Language Independent-.Net technology lets the user select the language that can suit their requirements, so it is referred as a language independent technology  Reliable-If we talk of web applications developed by this technology then they are more reliable as the pages are controlled by the web server on an ongoing basis.  Secure-Development by this technology makes the application more secure as it if any looping, illegal activity or memory leakage is detected by the server, it damages and destroy all such activities and get restarted again.  Easy for developers- It provides the programmers with several controls like drag and drop, editing and auto deployment. .Net is not just about developing web based soft wares, it is one of the best technologies used for desktop apps as well. Mobile development for smartphones with windows OS is also done in .NET, being a Microsoft product. So this was something where we discussed how this technology can be beneficial for application development. Now let’s quickly list out what all can be developed using this technology  CRM soft wares  Apps for accounting (A secure technology)  Inventory based soft wares  Websites  Integration of different apps  Developing Web Services Now, coming to the main area of concern is business growth of a .NET development company by application development using .NET. If we see from the customer’s point of view, while selecting a outsourcing company, the main area of focus for him is experience, customer service, maintenance, safety and reliability. When we say reliability and safety, this is the technology that can fulfill such needs and it can be beneficial for customer and the developers or programmers as well. It may be costly than open source technologies but at the same time it covers all the limitations that open source technologies has. A reliable and secure application is always preferred than an economical one. So any company with ample experience in this technology always takes a lead than others. Success of any outsourcing company depends on the technology they choose and suggest to the customers for a particular application. This technology is more inclines towards development of Soft wares and also websites where security is the most important such as net banking websites. These websites cannot compromise with security and they need to be developed by this technology and not open source. While other websites can use open source as it is cheap as compared to .NET. Till now what we discussed is about the technology, its advantages and how can it help in business growth. When we say business growth, the thing we talk about is the ROI (return on investment).It’s very important to understand how this technology can help in increased ROI for an IT company. As we discussed some of its advantages earlier now let’s relate them in how it can increase the ROI for the company and can help in its success.

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Scalability- Soft wares developed using this technology are scalable i.e these soft wares can support extra load with no time involved in redeveloping the software completely to adjust the new infrastructure. Deployment- It solves the problem that comes while deployment as in this different versions of DLL can exist side by side on a same machine Maintenance- Maintenance of such application are very easy and quick as they need not to be coded gain to resolve small bugs unlike open source technologies so it saves the maintenance cost and help the company to gain more of ROI Security-Any flaw in security can cause a business with a huge loss of money, so being secure and safe it saves the companies confidential information and helps in attaining the business growth. Platform independent- As I mentioned earlier this technology is used for apps of different platforms such as web based, desktop based and mobile based and the plus point here is that same code can be reused for development across different platforms. Integration –It helps in easy integration as it has the ability to consume the XMl file and write it in any format as required.

So at the end I would like to conclude by saying the any software development company with relevant experience in .Net application development can take a lead and achieve more success in the outsourcing market.

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.Net Development Company for Business Growth  

Today, if we talk of developing the software, the most preferred language is .NET. You must be thinking of the reason why it is considered a...

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