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FIND THE PROBLEM… BEFORE THE PROBLEM FINDS YOU. • Thermal Cameras • Clamp Meters • Multimeters • Non-Contact Voltage Detector • Moisture Meters • Flex Clamps


Circuit Identifiers Clamp Meters Continuity Testers Motor Rotation & 3-Phase Testers

Multimeters Power Analyzers Voltage & Current Testers Ground Resistance Testers


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Just like the human body, electrical equipment require a complete examination to identify any glitches. Whether the process is of installation, maintenance or repair, Extech’s testers and meters are always up for the task. To ensure smooth operation of your electrical equipment, Extech offers a wide range of test instruments that help you identify a problem before it occurs.

For more details call us on: +91-11-4560 3555 or write to us at

For more details call us on: +91-11-4560 3555 or write to us at

FLIR Systems India Pvt. Ltd. 1111, D Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034 Fax: +91-11-4721 2006 | Webiste:

FLIR Systems India Pvt. Ltd. 1111, D Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034 Fax: +91-11-4721 2006 | Webiste:

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Do you have the most energy efcient furnace in the World



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Latest State-of-the-art Digital Inverter technology through fibre Optic Communication (DiFOC) systems in power supply units up to 36,000 KW


CEO CORNER PRECISION MANUFACUTRING - The demand & need Infrastructure development and manufacturing are the key growth drivers in the developing countries. This encompasses the development of airports, transport, communication systems, schools, hospitals shopping malls, etc. which, in turn, drive the demand for technology enablers and solutions. Safety, energy efficiency, better productivity, and sustainability are the key themes governing this expansion. Mechanization enablers and power transmission products, in addition to heavy machinery and equipment, stand critical in achieving the same. In factories across the world, demand is growing for higher precision in manufacturing to ever greater tolerances, When manufacturers are working to tight tolerances, the aim is to remove variation from the entire manufacturing process so that all parts and components are, as far as possible, identical. The increasing demand for precision parts in various other industries such as defense, optical equipment, and camera manufacturing, HVAC and plumbing, marine and offshore, general construction and heavy equipment, and power tools are expected to drive the market growth for during the forecast period. Today there is a high demand for high-precision products. The manufacturing processes are now highly sophisticated and derive from a specialized genre called precision engineering. Precision Manufacturing provides an introduction to precision engineering and manufacturing with an emphasis on the design and performance of precision machines and machine tools, metrology, tooling elements, machine structures, sources of error, precision machining processes and precision process planning. The precision manufacturing process plays a significant role in the development of various industrial sectors, such as optics, aerospace, electronics, and biomedicine. There is a critical need to enhance manufacturing processes to fulfill the stringent requirements of system miniaturization and surface integrity. In recent years, new materials, and new processing and characterization techniques have brought both opportunities and challenges in the research field of precision manufacturing processes.


JULY 2018 |

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Vol 18 Issue 03 | JULY 2018




Meech Launches IonWash System for 3D Component Cleaning


Digitalization imperative in the manufacturing sector, says Rajeev Jain at IPMA AGM


ABB partners with IIT Roorkee to drive smart power distribution


BOGE nominated for “Best of Industry” Award


ROLLON : Extending growth horizon in linear motion


Danfoss India bullish to drive the growth of industries in Odisha


Fluke Process Instruments presents new line of thermal imagers


Mr.Vikash Poddar Country Manager India Rollon India Pvt. Ltd.

New Seco cutters add flexibility to long-reach milling



Legrand India launches a new range of ACBs DMX SP 2500 for efficient protection


CNC Software releases Mastercam 2019


Schmalz’s unconventional branding technique of advertising


Schneider Electric India wins Zinnov NextGen Employee Experience Award


B&R celebrates 20 years of growth and innovation with customers


Socomec launches ‘ALWAYS ON’ brand campaign


Socomec India launches ‘ExpertCare Center’




‘India is emerging as a technology- focused destination’

Consul Neowatt : Global in merit, Indian in spirit

56 ATLAS COPCO to help Industries get Smarter

72 Executing and delivering the first solar train project in India for ....


60 WARPP : Brand recognition for Welding & Cutting

JULY 2018 |

62 SUPERSLIDES: “We honor what we commit”

64 “We give strategic advantages to our customers from diverse industries”

68 Leadership in High Precision Balls & Rollers


Vol 18 Issue 03 | JULY 2018



92 Laser Welding – Applications in Manufacturing


106 LogiDrive – Cost reductions thanks to standardization

108 Why the C6015 ultra compact IPC is ideal for edge computing

Changing liners the clever way with replacement bearings from igus

118 Programmable System for noncontact high speed tool breakage detection

126 Renishaw conformal cooling solutions prove a boost to moulding productivity






Mr. T. P. Singh Director - S&M Flir Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ashok Sheth Chairman Solitaire Machine Tools Ltd.

Prof. R. Sreedaran Faculty - Atharva College of Engineering

Mr. P.K. Balasubbramaniian President VBS Corporate Support

Mr. S. A. Mohan Chief Executive Officer Armes-Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Ballamwar Director Prolific Systems & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ravin Mehta Managing Director Neel Controls/Neel Industrial Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. C. S. Limaye Director Supertech Instrumentation Services India Pvt. Ltd.

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JULY 2018 |


Meech Launches IonWash System for 3D Component Cleaning Meech International is announcing the launch of its newest technology, the IonWash, designed for the fast and consistent removal of contamination from 3D components in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, among others. The freestanding 3D component cleaning system incorporates extremely powerful ionisation, as well as blowing and vacuuming airflows, providing a more efficient alternative to manual cleaning. “From the point of inception, the IonWash was developed with ease of use and cleaning efficiency in mind,” explains Adam Battrick, Sales Director at Meech. “Historically, the cleaning of 3D compontents has always been undertaken either by operators handling air guns, or through the use of a compressed air powered unit controlled by a foot switch. However, both of these approaches are heavily reliant on the operator, which leads to inconsistent results – sections of the component may be unevenly cleaned, while contamination blown into the atmosphere may redeposit on the product’s surface. The IonWash single-handedly addresses these issues while also side-stepping others, achieving optimal cleaning performance.” Key to the IonWash’s design are its multi-directional ionising airflow nozzles. The system is capable of provid-

JULY 2018 |

ing 40 different nozzle placement possibilities, ensuring that the 16 multi directional nozzles can be positioned to cover all surfaces of a 3D component. The flexible design allows the high volume ionising airflow to be directed for a programmed optimal time onto uneven surfaces of the components being cleaned – such as a vehicle lighting clusters or a speedometer casings – neutralising static charges and loosening contaminants in the process. Simultaneously, high volume negative (vacuum) air flow extracts the contamination by pulling it into a vacuum chamber where it is filtered. By providing instant positive and negative high volume airflows, the cycle time is significantly reduced. Adding further to the over-

all flexibility of the IonWash is the presence of an access point on two sides of the system, enabling installation between two lines. The system is available in two standard size cleaning chamber sizes. Another key feature of the IonWash is the inclusion of in-built safety features and intelligent performance monitoring systems. In the event the system experiences any technical issues, an alarm will notify the operator. This helps to ensure that thorough cleaning is maintained at all times, allowing the IonWash to continue working to its full capabilities. Light guard sensors automatically stop the doors from closing when the sensor is interrupted, ensuring operator safety is maintained, and an emergency stop button is also included. Adam goes on to elaborate on the key benefits of utilising this technology: “Meech provides an advanced service and support that begins at the design stage and goes through to delivery, including adaptation of the system to suit particular applications. With a tailored design, the IonWash can be adapted to specification, so that it can be easily incorporated into the end user’s production line. Because it is such a time-efficient and effective technology, the end user is getting a consistently high level of contaminant removal with every cleaning cycle

– the more contamination is removed from the component’s surface, the higher the quality of the finished good will be. By having such a thorough system in place, the reject rate as a result of poor cleaning is exponentially reduced.” Adam concludes: “As production techniques have advanced, so have customers’ quality expectations. Today’s suppliers are looking for more ways to stand out from the competition and product cleanliness plays a key role in that. With IonWash, we have delivered a product that is tailored to multiple industries and incorporates the latest cleaning technology while also taking into account our customers’ needs and expectations. Our current users have already reported a four month return on investment, proving to be a value-added asset to their business. We certainly look forward to seeing how it will perform across all our sectors.”


Digitalization imperative in the manufacturing sector, says Rajeev Jain at IPMA AGM The Annual General Meeting of the Indian Pump Manufacturers’ Association (IPMA) took place on the 6th July, 2018 at Hotel Vivanta, Pune. The meeting was attended by IPMA members; associate members and a few invited guests. Mr.Rajeev Jain, Managing Director of KSB Pumps Ltd. was the Chief Guest and the keynote speaker at the event. This event was also graced by some eminent personalities from the Pump Industry like Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman and Managing Director of Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Mr. Kishor Desai, Managing Director of Kishor Pumps Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Harshad Joshi, Managing Director of Pluga Pumps and Motors Ltd.; Mr. V Krishnakumar ,President – SIEMA, Mr. Premanand Bhat – President – IPMA,etc. Mr. Jain, in his keynote address, mentioned the importance of digitalization in the manufacturing sector and the need to implement the same in our regular business practices. He emphasized it is all about speed of perception, definition and delivery; which are the key stones for sustained success. It’s all about how to improve Customer Experience (CX), he added! According to Mr. Jain, and as the first observation is that several of the traditional “blue-collar” industries, such as our very own pump industry, are simply not able to attract sufficient young talented people. As a result, the average age keeps JULY 2018 |

creeping upwards. We need the Millennials to secure that our industry undergoes a sustainable development; knowledge is transferred and new technologies are introduced to the industry, he added.It became obvious that one of the key reasons a lot of Millennials are seeking companies like Google, Tesla, TCS, Infosys, Amazon and other tech companies has essentially little to do with what they do, but more so how they are perceived in the public mind. ‘The driving point for the idea of digitalization is the attraction of employees to organizations which are highly focused on digitalization in their business practices. This idea of digitalization becomes eventually more important for companies in India, including the manufacturing sector, keeping in mind, the ‘Digital India’ campaign launched by the Government of India., he added!’ Mr. Jain mentioned; of how KSB is focusing on the growing need of Internet of Things (IoT) in its day-to-day operations, encompassing sales processes; HR; operations and aftermarket operations; and also interactive portals for dealers and vendors which is considerably easing out its employees’ lives at work and also helping KSB’s growth. The IoT is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators,and connectivity which enables

Mr. Rajeev Jain, MD, KSB Pumps Ltd. delivering keynote address at IPMA AGM these things to connect and exchange data, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human exertions, Mr. Jain explained! From the customer experience perspective, Mr. Jain elaborated “Our basic mantra on a Global level covers 3 facets of Digitalization which is external, i.e. to offer the best Customer experience, secondly to boost the efficiencies along the value chain internally and lastly enable our products to support Digital business concepts”.To push this Digitalization process within the KSB group, worldwide, Mr. Jain elaborated on an innovation laboratory with dedicated and a qualified team, that has been set up in Germany. He added, “These teams are involved to evolve Customer centric + agile development of radical or disruptive business models”. He also explained the various applications and breakthroughs’ made by this innovation cell including Noise Monitoring over a smart phone of a pump or any rotating equipment; how a service special-

ist sitting in his office can see and advise his engineer at a remote site location by wearing special goggles; or even the technology developed which is Industry 4.0 ready and a technology that leverages individual fixed speed to make the variant complexity of standardised pumps; amongst other stateof-the–art tools! He ended his address by saying “It is up to each one of us in the industry to enhance customer experience through embracing digitalization and artificial intelligence! I agree, some solutions could see success and some not; however, it is sacrosanct that we need to move in this direction to do better; to ensure that we morph to an even better future as an Industry”. Mr. Bharat B Patel (Member of the EC – IPMA), presented the list of initiatives taken by IPMA during the recent past including some notable CSR activities that the association has embarked upon. Mr. Yagnesh Buch (Past President – IPMA) discussed the steps and activities needed to enhance - Brand IPMA; in order to make a considerable impact of the Association in India as well as the world over! Mr. Jain felicitated those who were actively involved in the Association’s activities in the year gone by handing over mementoes. Every participant showed a positive sign of satisfaction at the end of the evening. The event was sponsored by KSB Pumps Ltd. and concluded with dinner.


ABB partners with IIT Roorkee to drive smart power distribution ABB (India Limited) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) for technical cooperation to construct an operational smart electricity distribution network and management system (SDNMS) in its campus. This will serve as a pilot project for the Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission. The agreement also includes the creation of a Smart Grids Resource Centre and joint R&D facilities in the field of efficient power generation and distribution with a focus on clean energy over the next five years. “ABB has a strong relationship with India, having

collaborated on several projects over many decades. Our agreement with IIT Roorkee strengthens ABB’s mission to nurture innovative thinking that helps people lead better lives,” said Sanjeev Sharma, Managing Director, ABB India. Speaking about the MoU, Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee, said, “ Concern for sustainability

has always driven all major campus development related activities of IIT Roorkee, making us one of the pioneers in this space. IIT Roorkee has been harnessing solar energy not only for electricity generation but also for providing direct hot water to all its hostels and residences in the campus, and also carries out solar based cooking in the hostels.” IIT Roorkee and ABB will collaborate in assimilating various supply and demand side equipment, devices and systems into an automated and hybrid energy distribution and management system for the campus. ABB will also provide design, engineering, procurement, testing

and other services for the SDNMS project, expected to be operational in 2018-19. ABB’s equipment, such as the ring main unit upgrade, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, microgrids and energy management systems will be installed to automate and remotely monitor, control and measure the campus grid. The integrated system will offer more power resilience, lower costs due to reduced dependency on electricity sourced from the government utility and diesel generators.

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AMTEX 2018 showcases technological innovations and opportunities AMTEX 2018, the biennial machine tools and engineering exhibition in India themed on Man, Machine & the Future was held recently at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This edition has showcased the latest innovations and dedicated solutions that will address the growing needs of the machine tools industry from the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, China, Germany, and Taiwan. The four day event will specially focus on automotive, power, electrical equipment, textile machinery

JULY 2018 |

and consumer goods industry. The major highlights of this edition is the presence of 3 Concurrent Shows, dedicated to Quality, Metrology, Tooling, Automation and Robotics. The inauguration ceremony was attended by dignitaries Shri K. Murali, Director, MSME- Technology Development Center, Shri R. Panneer Selvam, Principal Director, MSME- Technology Development Center, Mr. Satish Ranade, VP, Electronica India Ltd, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Managing Director,

Laser Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ms Linda, Global Sales Head, Jiangsu Daijin Laser Science Technology Co. Ltd, Mr. Cyril

Pereira, Managing Director, Reed Triune Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, and Mr. Gregory Zaraisky, CEO, Reed Exhibi-


tions India. R. Panneer Selvam, Principal Director, MSME- Technology Development Center said, “AMTEX is a great platform to bring together industrialists and knowledge leaders from the machine tools and engineering sector. With India focusing on inno-

vation and Indian products through initiatives like Make in India coupled with growth in manufacturing that are eventually boosting newer and unique Indian ventures.” Cyril Pereira, Managing Director, Reed Triune Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd said, “We are delighted to present the 11th

edition of AMTEX which has grown into a premium destination for industry leaders from the machine tools and engineering sector. It will be the perfect platform for the manufacturing fraternity at large, who can be sure to find the right solution to their business needs. The exhibi-

tion will be high on innovative technology as we are expecting over 450 exhibitors including 150 international companies and 120+ first time participants.”

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BOGE nominated for “Best of Industry” Award


lready a prizewinner and now one of the best once again: The compressed air specialist BOGE was nominated for the “Best of Industry Award” of the German “MM MaschinenMarkt” industry magazine for its BOGE CIP continuous improvement programme. The revolutionary service concept achieved second place in the “Industry 4.0” category. Thanks to ongoing data analysis, BOGE identifies energy saving potentials and continuously further develops its compressed air systems in operation – a

feature that is unique in the field of compressed air. MM MaschinenMarkt is honouring leading innovators from the industry with the “Best of Industry Award” for the third time. There are nine categories, from drive technology to metal cutting. This year, a total of 31 companies entered their products and services in the competition. The company Klingelnberg emerged victorious at the gala in Würzburg on the evening of Thursday 7 June, with its cyber-physical gearwheel production system. Thorsten Meier, CEO

BOGE competed in category 4.0. BOGE CEO Thorsten Meier (second from left) and BOGE Digital Innovation Manager Aljoscha Schlosser went up onto the stage on the evening of the award ceremony (left). of BOGE, congratulated the competitor on the award. “Our BOGE CIP is already an award winner. Even if it

The finalists in this year’s MM Best of Industry Award on the stage: A total of 31 companies from various industries took part. BOGE was represented by CEO Thorsten Meier (rear, fifth from left).

JULY 2018 |

just missed being honoured this time, we have implemented an unprecedented and unique concept”, said Thorsten Meier. Based on data analyses, the compressed air specialist from Bielefeld is making its systems increasingly energy-efficient in operation with the continuous improvement programme . In 2017, BOGE won the renowned “Diamond Star” prize from the business magazine “Handelsblatt” for this groundbreaking service solution.

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INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Digitalisation is opening up a new era of possibilities for industrial applications with increased production optimisation, intelligence and data collection. That’s why Grundfos iSOLUTIONS looks beyond individual components to optimise the entire system with intelligent pumps, cloud connectivity and digital services. Intelligent pump solutions can reduce downtime, system stress, maintenance and system complexity, all while lowering lifecycle costs. Discover more at

5 days special travel packages to visit International trade fairs for SpecialConstruction travel packages visit International trade fairs business for Adhesive, Sealant, & to Coating - meet International partners

Wire & Tube, Commodities, Construction & Coatings

   25 – 27- China October 2018, Istanbul - Turkey  9 – 11 June 2017, Guangzhou  350 exhibitors - 18869 visitors - 25 countries Wire & Cable Guangzhou is the largest event of   in South China, and also the second Exhibit Profile its kind  industry largest exhibition in the country. Adhesives and Sealants  Machines, Systems and Accessories for the  Raw Materials Exhibit Adhesive and Adhesive Tapes processing forProfile Adhesives and Sealants Industry Machines, Systems and Accessories Wireand cable Optical fiber cable for the  Adhesives Extra-high voltage Single mode fiber  Sealing Technologies Manufacturing Industry Ultra-high voltage Multimode fiber  High voltage Single mode cable  Medium voltage Multimode cable  Low voltage Optical fiber cable  Weak current accessories Cable accessories   Equipment and materials  and cable Wire manufacturing and finishing machines  Testing instruments  Wire and cable materials  27 – 30 November 2018, Shanghai   Meet 2958 exhibitors from 41 countries 170000 visitors from 149 countries – 300000 sq. mtrs of exhibition space  Scope of Exhibits   •  •    •  •            

 


        • 2100 exhibitors  • 143000 visitors countries  1210 Exhibitors from 34 countries 34425 visitors fromfrom110 88 countries • over 180000 m² net exhibition area   leading trade fair of the sector, presents an •  •This  width and depth of products and  •unequalled  throughout all production areas, from •  •services  •  nucleus machine tool, to precision tools, to •the linking devices and industrial electronics.  EMO Hannover is the undisputed leading trade fair in the sector, and the only one to open up globalised markets throughout the world, doing so from a central location in Germany, one of the most important customer nations.


  


Danfoss India bullish to drive the growth of industries in Odisha Danfoss Industries Pvt. Ltd., a global industry leader in energy efficient technologies has announced its efforts to increase its product and technology offerings in Odisha with the launch of an exclusive authorized solutions center in the city, through Nuex Engineering Services. This launch is part of the Danfoss India’s nation-wide effort to drive the growth of energy-efficient solutions for various industries, by increasing its on-ground presence pan India. Commenting on the entering the Odisha Market, Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India

said, “Odisha is a strong market for businesses across sectors, ranging from food & dairy to heavy industries. The market is quite conducive for investments, thanks to the efforts by the Government of Odisha that have improved the ease of doing business in the State. This has motivated us to enter the market with the aim of ‘Engineering Tomorrow’s Odisha’ in a sustainable manner, with our energy-efficient products and solutions for the State’s thriving industries.” In Odisha, Danfoss is focused on the food infrastructure across various food parks & farm lands by

improving the levels of safety and automation in cold rooms and cold storages of the region, to help minimize food loss and double farmer’s income. Furthermore, increasing energy efficiency and sustainability across metal, mining and other heavy industries is another core focus area for the company in the region. P L Palaniswamy, Director - Sales, Danfoss India said, “By partnering with Nuex Engineering Services, we are confident that Danfoss will be able to penetrate the market and address the needs of the region from an energy-efficiency point of view. Our

aim is to enable companies to increase their performance and efficiency in a sustainable manner; the key to development, in our opinion, should always take place while keeping in mind the future generations.” Through this Solutions Centre, Danfoss India will deliver faster access to Danfoss technologies and solutions which can be customized to the needs of industries in the region.

For more information Web:

FlexMove, Geppert-Band Merge into Dorner The new Dorner boasts a global workforce of more than 400, and brings a diverse conveyor automation product line and extensive application knowledge to industries around the world. The headquarters will remain in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in Germany, Malaysia and Mexico, and a sales and engineer-

JULY 2018 |

ing office in Canada. “Dorner has been integrating the various locations over the last few years, and the new Dorner is the next step in that process,” said Terry Schadeberg, president and CEO, Dorner. “Consolidating the brands allows us to focus our marketing efforts, streamline our customer support and provide a unified product line around the world. We’re excited to move forward as one unified global company that’s transforming conveyor automation.” Dorner was founded in 1966

by brothers Wolfgang, Horst and Werner Dorner. Initially, the company was a tool and die shop, but adjusted its business to focus on conveyors in the early 1970s. In 2012, the brothers sold the business to a private equity firm; Dorner was again sold last year to EQT Mid Market US fund (“EQT Mid Market”). Penang, Malaysia-based FlexMove is a flexible chain conveyor system and components manufacturer for food, beverage, automotive, electronic and other industries. FlexMove joined Dorner Holding Company in December 2015 and has since began manufacturing and selling

Dorner conveyor lines, as well as supplying product to Dorner’s other locations. The FlexMove product line will continue to be offered globally with assembly in Malaysia, The United States, Germany and Mexico. Jülich, Germany-based Geppert-Band GmbH is a belt and modular belt conveyor manufacturer founded in 1967. Geppert-Band is known throughout Europe for its engineering expertise, industry leading deliveries, and an established sales and support structure. The company joined Dorner Holding Company in 2016. For more information



| July 2018


Indian Electrical equipment industry records highest growth of 12.8% in seven years The electrical and industrial electronics industry has witnessed a record double-digit growth of 12.8% in 2017-18. Although higher imports still plague the industry but policy changes and various initiatives undertaken by the Government and industry are eventually showing signs of revival for the sector. The data is compiled by the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), the apex Indian industry association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment. Shreegopal Kabra, Pres-

ident, IEEMA said, “A substantial improvement in growth was experienced in the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017-18 which resulted in a sharp rise in the performance. During this period, the industry grew by 25% in Q3 and 14% in Q4. The astonishing growth of 12.8% is propelled by growth in segments like rotating machines by 12%, HT Motors 18%, cables 20% and Meters 28%”. The government is procuring smart and prepaid meters to be deployed across the country. It has urged electricity meter manufacturers to

scale up production in India, as it plans to shift all connections to smart prepaid meters over the next three years. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has floated two global tenders for procuring a total of 10 million smart meters.” The industry’s record performance is attributed to Government’s schemes like DDUJGY, IPDS and Saubhagya where the country is racing to provide electricity to households in the villages. The government unveiled Rs 16,320 crore Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (SAUBHAGYA) in Septem-

ber to provide electricity connection to around 4 crore families in rural and urban areas by December 2018. Sunil Misra, Director General, IEEMA said, “We believe that this growth momentum will be sustained since major chunk of transmission and distribution projects are likely to be ordered in next fiscal. However, most of the orders would be through EPC route with more new players entering the business and sub-contracting the same to existing contractors.”

8th India Warehousing Show ends on a high note The 8th edition of India’s truly global logistics show- India Warehousing Show 2018 (IWS2018) concluded with flying colours. The show undoubtedly proved itself as the biggest and the most popular show on logistics, warehousing, automation, material handling and supply chain bringing together over 10, 976 unique visitors from June 21 to 23 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The most innovative and latest products & solutions by leading companies, who were the exhibitors at the show, were unveiled and demonstrated attracting many eyeballs. The morning of June 21st witnessed a grand opening of the much awaited, India

JULY 2018 |

Warehousing Show 2018 by industry veterans and eminent personalities. The show kick-started along with India Warehousing SummitIndia’s leading intra-logistics industry conference. For the first time, Reed Manch Exhibitions, the organisers of India Warehousing Show along with ESR, a leading pan-Asia logistics real estate developer, owner and operator presented their maiden edition of Warehouse Excellence Awards. The largest ever show floor area of 11,000 sqm hosting 250+ Indian and international companies as exhibitors. The floor demonstrated and displayed all the five verticals of logistics such as

warehousing infrastructure solutions, material handling, automation, packaging and supply chain under one umbrella. India Warehousing Show hosted two noteworthy workshops on June 22, 2018. The workshops revolved around topics such as ‘Sustainability in Warehousing’ and ‘I have land & I want to open a warehouse’. The workshop on Sustainability in Warehousing highlighted ways to reduce the operational costs involved in warehousing by going green and sustainable. Apoorv Vij, Senior Manager-Technical Dev. GBCI, moderated it. The second workshop on I have land and I want to open a

warehouse was moderated by Arif Siddiqui, Managing Director, Coign Consulting, a renowned supply chain consultant. This workshop gave insights into how to start up a business in the warehousing sector, understand the crucial role of location in warehousing and related. A remarkable number of visitors converged at the time of these workshops making it one of the key highlights of the show.

For more information www.indiawarehousingshow. com


Eminent Indian VIPs visit LAPP in Stuttgart Dharmendra Pradhan, Indian Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, along with Mukta Dutta Tomar, the Indian ambassador to Germany, visited LAPP headquarters in Stuttgart to learn more about the German vocational training system. Dr. Hilmar Döring, Member of the Board for Human Resource& Organizational Development, together with LA EMEA CEO Matthias Lapp presented about LAPP and the company’s efforts for our apprentices. The minister was impressed by the opportunities offered by the system and the commitment of LAPP to the training and qualification of its employees. Matthias Lapp emphasized: “Our aim is to have the best

employees in our industry, and we want to achieve the training and qualification of our employees, as best we can!” During his visit at LAPP, the minister also took a guided tour of the LAPP cable plant and talked to some trainees about their experiences. Since 1996, LAPP has its foothold in India. LAPP in India is the second largest company of LAPP group. LAPP is the first international cable manufacturer to set-up its operations in India

with the manufacturing unit in Jigani, Bangalore. In 2012, LAPP in India set-up its second manufacturing facility in Pilukhedi, Bhopal which is helping us strengthen our base in the single core wires segment as well as cater efficiently to growing customer demands in India. In India, it provides over 150,000 km per year of power, control, instrumentation and data cables along with connectors, accessories and customized cabling solutions to over

6000 customers pan India. LAPP has their customers spread across different industry segments such as automation, textile, automotive, machine tools, oil and gas, renewable energy, process industries, as well as in the infrastructure and building sectors. To service their customers better, they currently have 23 Sales offices, 5 service points & 5 warehouses operated by 300 skilled employees in India.

Fluke Process Instruments presents new line of thermal imagers The fixed-installation imagers enable 24/7 temperature monitoring in a -10 to 1200 °C range. Developed to meet today’s demanding industrial automation requirements, they support GigE streaming of images, automatic alarms, analysis and archiving. Images from multiple devices can be combined for display and analysis. Various field-interchangeable lens options are available, including wide-angle lenses. The imagers can be used to monitor applications such as press hardening, brake testing, lime kiln shells, metal spin forming, waste

JULY 2018 |

The thermal and visible light camera enables 24/7 process monitoring with automatic alarms for overheating or defined irregularities incinerators, and boilers. They capture images at 9 or 60 frames/sec. Currently, the series comprises two models with a 320 x 240 pixel or 640

x 480 pixel resolution, with more models to follow. The cameras can be configured and controlled via the internet. They feature

a remote motorized focus. Thermal and visible-light images can be overlayed for easy camera alignment. Users can set independent emissivity values and alarm conditions for various areas of interest. Featuring a built-in lens, the standard TV40 thermal imagers have no external moving parts. Housed in an IP67-rated aluminum casing, they tolerate ambient temperatures up to 50 °C without and up to 200 °C with an additional cooling enclosure. For more information www.flukeprocessinstruments. com

Pressure Valve

Floating Gear

Oil Valve

ALL SPRINGS ARE NOT EQUALŽ Reduce spring height by 50% over ordinary coil springs while maintaining the same force and deflection. Standard parts available in stainless and carbon steel. Need custom? No problem. We’ll provide you with the right spring, in the right material, for your application.

FREE SAMPLES: Call +1.866.478.9757, or visit


Legrand India launches a new range of ACBs DMX SP 2500 for efficient protection Legrand, a global leader in the electrical and digital building infrastructure introduces its new range of Air Circuit Breakers(ACB’s)-DMX SP with its assembly line in Sinnar, Nasik. The new range of DMX- SP is packed with benefits of protection, high mechanical and electrical endurance. It is perfect ACB across applications in commercial, residential, medium-scale industries, hospitals, malls and hotels. Legrand Group in India has been a significant player in the power business since 2002 and has a range of power products including - ACBs, MCCBs, Busbars, capacitors, control-gear and modular devices. With the new assembly line in Sinnar for the ACB development, Legrand India takes one step forward to Make in India project and its commitment to the power business. Legrand globally has its manufacturing facilities in 90 countries out of which 15 are in India.

DMX-SP ACBs follow all the regulations of Indian Standards. The range is available from 630A to 2500A and has been thoughtfully designed to offer various features for customer convenience and enhanced safety for electrical installations. Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Jean Charles Thuard, CEO, Legrand India said, “We are very happy to announce the launch of new assembly line of ACB- DMX SP in our Sinnar, Nasik Plant. Legrand India has always supported ‘Make in India’ and with this launch we take one step further. India is the fourth largest subsidiary of the Legrand Group.” He fur-

ther added, “the new range of DMX SP is optimized, smart and efficient. These ACB’s are manufactured with the strong understanding of the Indian market and with the leverage of the Group legacy we had an opportunity to introduce the new range designed in India.” Mr. Sameer Saxena, Director- Marketing, Legrand India said, “We are indeed very proud to launch the new range of ACBs for our customers. This product is designed for efficient use of power and to preserve electricity. DMX-SP ACB’s launch in our Sinnar, Nasik factory has enabled to look into the customer needs and give more emphasis to their demands.” Legrand is world’s leading electrical and digital building solution provider company with global turnover of 5.5 billion Euros. Company enjoys leadership in premium wiring devices as well as MCB in Indian market.

This leadership and strong understanding of the Indian market and the leverage of Group legacy, Legrand India introduced an ACB range designed in India, for India. Through this launch, Legrand India is well poised to further strengthen its hold in the power business.

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New Seco cutters add flexibility to long-reach milling Seco Tools has expanded its popular family of T4-12 helical milling cutters to include five new cutters for economical and versatile roughing and semi-finishing operations. The addition of three metric and two imperial sizes makes Seco’s range of long-reach, replaceable-end tangential helical cutters the industry’s most complete,

JULY 2018 |

spanning diameters from 40 mm to 100 mm (2” to 4”). Designed specifically with aerospace manufacturers in mind, the new long reach cutters with HSK-100A back

ends optimize side-milling operations. With replaceable ends, the cutters allow for custom solutions if needed and the capability to replace the first row of pocket seats without replacing the entire system. The cutters excel in applications with sticky materials such as stainless steels and high temperature alloys.

The high-positive, free-cutting insert geometries and grades boost tool life, while the tangentially mounted multi-edged inserts enable efficient chip flow and provide stability.

For more information



| July 2018


CNC Software releases Mastercam 2019

CNC Software, Inc., developer of Mastercam, the world’s leading CAD/CAM software, announces the release of Mastercam 2019. It is now available for purchase. Mastercam 2019 was developed to streamline the manufacturing process from job setup to job completion. Mastercam 2019 increases machining productivity and reduces overall production costs with new 2D through multiaxis milling automation features, CAD and model preparation improvements, expanded 3D tooling, Accelerated Finishing™, and powerful turning and Mill-Turn enhancements. Mastercam 2019 contin-

ues to increase productivity and programming efficiency, while reducing overall production costs, with a series of automated 2D through 5-axis toolpath improvements. Re-engineered chamfering and holemaking strategies, plus the new Multiaxis deburring provide new levels of time-saving automation and simplicity. New milling toolpath strategies, like the high speed Equal Scallop toolpath, offer both machining performance and surface finish improvements. The new release includes additional support for the Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning™ method,

enhanced grooving, bar feed, and other features for turning and mill-turn applications, plus new lathe and Swissstyle machine support. Mastercam 2019 increases efficiency and reduces job setup time and the preparation needed for part machining and programming. This includes enhanced CAD functionality and 3D model import support, improved part preparation and fixture setup tools, additional PowerSurface capabilities, and expanded support for Model-Based Definition (MBD). Mastercam 2019’s expanded digital tool library capability delivers accurate, 3D tool assembly models, with access to the latest cutting tool technology and updates for Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® and MachiningCloud™ platforms. Mastercam 2019 also expands Accelerated Finishing with support for taper and lens style tools aimed at 75% cycle time improvement for

finishing operations with superior surface finish quality. With improvements to toolpath and machine simulation, toolpath graphics, and other verification and analysis tools, Mastercam 2019 provides greater programming assurance and allows for better, more informed decisions before a job is run. These improvements include support for block drilling multiple holes simultaneously and better axis control in simulation, allowing you to easily check machine limits or collision checking. Mastercam 2019 also improves job documentation and management, while helping to address quality and certification initiatives. For more information Web:

When there’s more to infrared than meets the eye Fluke RSE300 and RSE600 Fixed-Mount Infrared Cameras easily integrates infrared data, images, and videos to

JULY 2018 |

produce more comprehensive research analysis The new RSE300 and RSE600 Infrared Cameras,

first fully-radiometric Fluke infrared cameras with MATLAB and LabVIEW software plug-ins delivers continuous temperature monitoring for research, science and engineering applications. For precise research, science, and engineering

applications, just seeing heat is not enough — it needs to be measured and analyzed as well.

For more information inen/Products/Thermal-Cameras.htm


Schmalz’s unconventional branding technique of advertising Keeping in line with the core values of the company, team of Schmalz has come up with an innovative aim to set up a new trend in the Market by advertising an industrial product at INOX Theater in Amanora Town center in Pune. When Indian manufacturing sector is growing at a fast pace conventional marketing techniques for B2B category are becoming ancient and in the era of digital marketing it’s time to restructure the branding strategies for industrial products. Under the self-effacing guidance of Mr. Philip J.

Mani, Managing Director of Schmalz India this branding activity is implemented. Mr. Mani has received huge positive response as well as appreciation from other Managing Directors on a LinkedIn post about this advertisement. Small video clip played at the theater is “Power to Move”, it is a new marketing campaign of the company which demonstrates how pick and place solutions can be upgraded with ergonomics by Vacuum Tuber lifter Jumbo. Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automa-

tion and ergonomic handling systems. Schmalz products are used all over the world, for example in applications in the logistics industry, the automotive industry, the electronics sector or in furniture production. The Handling Systems unit offers

innovative handling solutions with vacuum lifters and crane systems for industrial and handicraft applications

For more information

Schneider Electric India wins Zinnov NextGen Employee Experience Award Schneider Electric, the global leader of digital transformation of energy management and automation announced that it had been conferred Zinnov’s NextGen Employee Experience Award. The award focuses exclusively on R&D and Digital Global In-house Centres (GIC) and aims to recognize organizations that have successfully enabled access to platforms and practices that provide seamless and engaging experience for employees, thereby boosting productivity and morale. The award was received by Schneider Electric India’s VP, R&D Premraj Krishnakutty and Binu Philip,

JULY 2018 |

Director, Human Resources, Schneider Electric-India at an award ceremony held in Bangalore recently. Some of the areas covered by Next Gen Employee Experience Award include Talent Marketing, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Talent Engagement and Talent Reintegration. Schneider Electric went through a rigorous process of selection including data validation and jury rounds before the final results were announced. The award is an acknowledgement of the work being done in enriching the employee experience at Schneider Electric India.

Schneider Electric’s Total Employee Experience (TEE) is a key programme which the organisation works with in India R&D. TEE is a collaborative approach which enables the company to develop talent and empower employees to manage their careers and execute the organization’s strategy. TEE includes several components like a collaborative endeavor between HR (as strategic business partners), managers (as primary enablers / developers of talent) and employees (as actors in their own careers/ development). There is a strong focus on building careers and

developing talent. The organization takes risks on people and it encourages people also to bet on themselves. Reacting to the award, Rachna Mukherjee, Chief Human Resource Officer, Schneider Electric India said, “We are delighted to receive this award, we could not have done this without the passionate HR team and our employees. We are constantly focused on finding solutions to develop the capabilities and boost the morale of our employees to ensure the overall development of the individual and organization.” For more information

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MGM brake motor main features

VARVEL production lines

• TEFC 3-ph asynchronous brake motor (0.09kW-130kW) • AC 3-ph brake (no rectifier) or DC brake on request • Oversized brake disc for higher brake torque, longer life and reduced maintenance • Fine and easy brake torque adjustment (as standard) • Very quick brake reaction time • Frequent START/STOP cycle applications • Manual brake release (as standard) • Hexagonal hole on non drive end of the shaft for manual rotation • Single speed or two speeds motors • All motors designed for inverter duty

• RS-RT worm gearboxes: 28 to 150 mm centres. One stage worm, helical/worm and double worm. • RD helical gearboxes: 50 to 2300 Nm. Two and three stages. • RN parallel shaft gearboxes: 180 to 3300 Nm. Two and three stages. • RO-RV bevel/helical gearboxes: 180 to 3300 Nm. Three stages. • RG precision planetary gearboxes: 10 to 230 Nm. One and two stages. • VR dry friction speed variators: IEC63 to IEC90 1 to 5 stepless speed range, 300 to 1500 rpm. • VS planetary speed variators: IEC71 to IEC112 1 to 5 stepless speed range, 200 to 1000 rpm.

A new generation of electric motors and gearboxes for power transmission quality from the alliance of two dynamic italian companies. For those who want quality.

MGM-VARVEL Power Transmission Pvt Ltd Ware House No. G3 and G4 • Ground Floor • Indus Valley's Logistic Park • Unit 3 • Mel Ayanambakkam • Vellala Street Chennai - 600 095 • Tamil Nadu, INDIA • Phone: +91 44 64627008 • • REGIONAL OFFICE: KOHLI TOWERS • 4th Floor, Dapodi • Near Bharat Petrol Pump • Pune - 411012


B&R celebrates 20 years of growth and innovation with customers To mark a glorious milestone of 20 years in India, B&R Industrial Automation, recently organised ‘CEO summit 2018’, which bought together CEOs from leading companies in machine building for an evening of business presentations, talk from renowned leadership speaker and candid conversations. This summit focused on taking advantage of the expertise of its attendees with opportunities for participants to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Joining hands for a successful tomorrow B&R management from Austria and India shared their perspectives on industry trends, business growth with delegates. Peter Gucher, Chairman B&R India and Member of Management, B&R Austria set the tone of the event and thanked customers and partners for being part of 20 years journey of B&R India. He focused on the importance of long-term strong and solid partnership with

JULY 2018 |

customers. Commenting on ABB- B&R synergy he stated, “B&R has closed the historic gap within ABB’s automation offering. This is a perfect fit and will make ABB Group the only industrial automation provider offering customers the entire spectrum of technology and industrial automation solutions.” Speaking on the occasion, Jhankar Dutta, Managing Director, B&R India spoke at length on B&Rs focus on innovation, partnerships and collaboration enabling customers to join hands for a successful tomorrow. He mentioned, “Since last 20

years, many machine builders have placed their trust in B&R’s world class products and technologies. We are in pole position today to get the maximum benefit out of technology evolutions and adoption, which are supported by policies of Indian government. We aim at doubling business in coming three years.”

Innovations : Making the difference Delegates gained an inspiration for personal and business growth with insights from renowned speaker R. Gopalkrishnan, who is a senior corporate leader and an author of several books. He has led businesses at Hindustan Unilever Limited; and is a former Executive Director, Tata Sons. By giving examples of teashops, blue jays and colloidal science, he distinguished between fulfilment and success. The summit also witnessed the launch of the 3rd edition of “automotion INDIA”, a B&R

technology magazine, comprising of customer success stories from various industries as plastics, automotive, printing, packaging and pharmaceuticals. The launch took place at the hands of B&R management and customers who contributed towards the articles published in the magazine. Conference concluded with two pleasant entertainment acts specially organised for delegates. Artist portrayed B&R’s 20 years journey of growth and success through sand and UV light art. He highlighted B&R’s strength in terms of company’s global presence, world-class integrated manufacturing facility, high tech products, long term partnerships, and up to date technology which helps Indian manufacturers to gain a competitive advantage in global market.

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Socomec launches ‘ALWAYS ON’ brand campaign Socomec, a leading global manufacturer of power control, availability, and safety equipment, announced the launch of ALWAYS ON brand campaign in India, to drive energy availability and efficiency through its Transfer Switching Equipments (TSE). Socomec’s ALWAYS ON Transfer Switching philosophy is based on four pillars that tie in to the brand’s core values: Efficiency, Reliability, Availability and Support ALWAYS ON brand campaign aims to accelerate the sales of Transfer Switching equipment in Socomec’s strategic markets and will re-

inforce its market leadership. The campaign is designed to equip its partners, distributors, and panel-builders with digital tools, methodologies,

communication, technical training, and other key assets they will need to better serve their end customers. Speaking at the launch of the Transfer Switch ALWAYS ON campaign and the release of the new brand logo, Socomec’s Managing Director Mr. Sushil Virmani said, “Socomec has a vast array of engineering and technical expertise in designing and manufacturing of electrical equipment since 1922. The company is an undisputed leader in power switching and changeover functions. Through this ALWAYS ON brand campaign, we wish

to drive awareness about Socomec’s commitment towards building a more connected, efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem by offering highly reliable and safe Transfer Switches. We are proud that more than 3 million installations worldwide are already powered by Socomec transfer switching equipment. ALWAYS ON campaign will emerge as a key competitive advantage for our partners in this region, helping them deliver incremental, specialist value to end customers”. For more information Web:

Socomec India launches ‘ExpertCare Center’ Socomec, a leading global manufacturer of power control, availability, and safety equipment, announces the launch of its new pan- India ExpertCare Center, that will be operational 24x7x365, starting June 27th, 2018, through its toll free helpline number 1860 425 1000. The Center will respond to product queries and customer grievances by routing them to Socomec experts for swift and accurate action. Customer experience will soon supersede price and product to become the single most important differentiator for businesses across industries. Socomec understands this shift and to strengthen its market leading position in Power Conversion, Power Switching & Power monitoring business applications, the company has launched

JULY 2018 |

Mr. Mohan Jayaraman Director -Expert Services, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions’s its India wide ExpertCare Center. The new 24x7x365 service will help improve the organisation’s responsiveness to its rapidly growing customer base and is in line with the company’s strategic values that emphasize service orientation. The ExpertCare Center’s distinctive context-passing

capability and intelligent routing will help in channelling product enquiries and/or grievances to the most appropriate specialized Socomec experts. This will ensure swift and first-time-right action for a delightful customer experience. Besides improving key metrics such as call resolution rate, mean time to repair, and customer satisfaction score, the ExpertCare Center will help Socomec experts derive meaningful insights on customer preferences, creating opportunities for superior cross-sell and upsell. Speaking at the launch of the ExpertCare Center, Socomec Innovative Power Solutions’s Director -Expert Services, Mohan Jayaraman, said, “Today, customers not only expect real time service but also want companies to know them intimately.

Customer service experience management is becoming a major contributor to overall customer satisfaction and also serves as a key competitive differentiator, thanks to the increasing influence of new media. We believe the ExpertCare Center will elevate our customer service support to next level and provide us an opportunity to forge long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our customers.”

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XM-60 multi-axis calibrator

Measure six degrees of freedom in any orientation from a single set-up • Quick - six times faster than conventional laser techniques. • Simple - auto sign detection and graphical alignment minimises human errors. • Reassuring - Measure all errors directly; see results as the test is in progress. • Capable - Unique optical roll system. Measurement in any orientation.

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Renishaw plc New Mills Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 8JR United Kingdom T +44 (0)1453 524524 F +44 (0)1453 524901 E


ROLLON : Extending growth horizon in linear motion

Mr.Vikash Poddar Country Manager India Rollon India Pvt. Ltd.

JULY 2018 |


The Telescopic Rail family includes telescopic guides with ball cage, high load capacity and reduced deflection.

Q. Would you like to briefly introduce the Rollon Group and his global strategy? The Rollon Group is a global company specialized in the production of components for linear motion. Rollon is having worldwide presence, the companies headquarter is in Italy (Milano) and the global sales activities are organized by our German Branch in Dusseldorf. Furthermore, our presence is very strong all around Europe and US market, today we are focused on India, China, Japan, Korea, Russia and Brazil, because our interest is developing the international market. Rollon is the global provider for linear motion products in many different industrial sectors, especially the company is very well positioned globally in markets like railway, warehouse logistics and aerospace industry. The strong point of Rollon Group is its ability to provide both standard and “customized” solutions to satisfy customers requirements for an industry or a specific application. Rollon’s global strategy is strongly focused on emerging countries so in this direction, in March 2014, Rollon

Compact Rail are linear guides with bearings and induction hardened and ground raceways.

India Pvt. Ltd has been opened in Bangalore. The idea is to accommodate all the demand of our Indian customers with a local office, local people and a complete logistic centre, with the purpose of handling the requests with very short delivery times. The main segments are industrial machines, railways, transportation, defence, special vehicles, medical equipment and industrial automation.

Q. What could you tell us regarding to the development and the quality policy of the Rollon Group? Customers can count on a high-quality product that is both trustworthy and enduring. One of the most appreciated characteristic is the self-aligning capacity offered by our rails, in fact this is clearly demonstrated by the reduced costs associated with surface preparation and installation. Rollon success is determinate by at least other two factors: firstly, our capability to develop applications that are ever

increasingly specific and diversified based on the reference market, right up to making customized products, in some cases even co-designed with customer, and secondly our worldwide network of assistance centres. Every manufacturer or exporter of Rollon products may make use of the specialized assistance service provided by our team of engineers. They can also find our products in their own countries, avoiding extended waiting times and benefiting from the technical assistance whenever required, for a truly all-round technical support service as it happens in India.

Q. What is the function of R&D activity in your company? The Rollon’s commercial approach on international markets are based on innovation and competitiveness so the constant involvement of the R&D department is remarkable in looking for solutions dedicated to the specific application of its customers in the manifold industrial sector and in all the major countries in the world. Although our sales with customized | JULY 2018


products hits 35%, we keep improving our products in order to develop new to satisfy the requests and to offer a fulfilling system solution, not just products.

Q. What are the major technological trends that are leading your linear motion solutions? There is a worldwide growth of linear motion market. The main engines are the automation of industrial processes, robotic movements and the global industrialization. We are keeping finding new applications and challenges to evolve and to produce new options. The use of Rollon linear rails affords many solutions for multiple linear motion applications for industrial machines. The lateral sliding of protective devices, the movement of control panels or the movement of tools in machining centre are a few examples of linear rails. The potential of Rollon products is to avoid misalignment, most of all on the rails. Many of our products are built on a fundamental value that is the spirit of Rollon’s attitude: ‘C’ profile rails housing different types of sliders operated by rolling elements such as ball bearings.

Seventh Axis is a solution capable of transporting large robots with potentially infinite strokes.

JULY 2018 |

The rail-slider has a very compact configuration and enhanced uses of increasing spaces available: this manufacturing principle is essential to guarantee the ability of Rollon’s components to offer more benefits than other solutions available in the market. Moreover, internal circuit guarantee appropriate and high quality protection from possible shocks and dirt. To intensify rails’ weight capacity and duration the raceways of almost the entirely Rollon linear and telescopic rail are subjected to an induction hardening process. Furthermore, to expand rail’s sliding abilities some products undergo a grinding process.

Q. What are the market opportunities for Rollon products in India? We are very optimistic regarding the opportunities for machine tool industry in India and consequently for the solutions proposed by Rollon, especially for our strong industrial markets like railway and automation projects. The linear rails, telescopic rails and actuators made by Rollon ensure proper function and improved performance of machine tools. What industrial machines should assure is adequate efficiency in the production process: especially machining centres,

cutting machines, painting machines, and machines for processing wood or marble must be capable to provide a proper implementation on an extended period, often with challenging cycles and critical conditions (presence of liquids, process residue, contaminants or corrosive substances). Procedure complications or machine interruptions create a lack of efficiency and additional costs. Every element must supply the proper functioning of the machine, guarantee an extreme accuracy and simplicity during the assembly and in replacement phases, keeping the maintenance down.

Q. Which Rollon products are particularly suitable for the Indian market? Our production range has a three main lines: the linear line that contains linear caged ball bearings and recirculating ball bearings rails, with different profiles and kind of sliders. The telescopic line with full and partial extraction telescopic guides, accessible in several rail profiles and characteristics like load capacity, inflexibility and proper functioning. The actuator line with linear components available in many extremely load capable and accurate typed of belt and ball screw driven models and arrangements. At this time the Indian market is particularly developing in the automation, logistics, defense and medical sectors: this is why the Telescopic Rails, the Seventh Axis system, the Actuator Line (Uniline System and Smart System) are widely used.

You can find Rollon India Pvt. Ltd. and its solutions for linear motion systems at: PackPlus 2018 Hall 11 - Stand 11.42 July 25-28 New Delhi, India

2017_06 ER_MTW (PackPlus).pdf 1 31/05/2018 17:59:07

Linear solutions global provider.









Linear Line

Actuator Line

Telescopic Line

Actuator System Line

Rollon is a global provider of linear motion solutions for several industrial sectors, such as: industrial machines, railway, automation, packaging and logistics, aerospace.

New Delhi, India July 25-28, 2018 Hall 11, Stand 11.42 ROLLON India Pvt. Ltd. - INDIA 1st oor Regus Gem Business Centre 26/1 Hosur road, Bommanahalli Bangalore 560068, INDIA -


‘India is emerging as a technology- focused destination’

Mr.Rajendra Velagapudi, Senior VP - Business Excellence at Cyient and MD & CEO, Cyient DLM,

India is the ‘go to destination’ in the existing scenario and is transforming from a low-cost destination to technology-focused destination, shares Rajendra Velagapudi, Senior VP - Business Excellence at Cyient and MD & CEO, Cyient DLM, in an exclusive interview. He talks about Cyient’s huge focus on DesignLed Manufacturing (DLM) approach, the market opportunity and how DLM is helping augment the ‘Designed in India, Made in India’ model. Excerpts:

Q. Tell us more about Cyient’s Design Led Manufacturing approach. What is the spectrum of services that you offer under DLM? Cyient has been successfully providing engineering solutions to our customers for more than two and half decades. Cyient’s DLM setup is an initiative to provide integrated turn-key product development solutions to our customers. This includes (and is not restricted to) – Build to Print, Build to Specs and New Product development Initiatives. This aligns to our strategy of S3 (Services, Systems and Solutions).

Q. Could you give us some interesting examples of application of DLM across different verticals of Cyient? Since the time we acquired the EMS and Precision Manufacturing setup, we have had successes in the industries of Aerospace (airborne system), medical, communications, etc. We have a an airborne product that does the critical functionality for cargo door management, our medical product has been mentioned by none other than our Prime Minister himself, another medical product manufactured by us has won the prestigious ‘Graham Bell Award 2017 for the innovation and new technology, our communication product is helping the digital India program under Make in India initiative, etc. Here there are a lot of success stories that we proudly boast of today.

JULY 2018 |

Q. What is the market that you are addressing through Design Led Manufacturing? How much of this market have you managed to capture? Our approach has been to expand the horizons of engineering and thereby providing a ‘turn-key’, one-stop-shop experience to our customers. Some of our projects where we would have erstwhile done only the engineering aspects have translated to manufacturing that is design led, synonymous to the brand of the new entity (Cyient Design Led Manufacturing Ltd.). We have seen early wins in engaging with existing and new customers in Design Led Manufacturing. Though our focus earlier was with overseas customers, the new entity is helping us address domestic needs not only commercial, but defense as well.

Q. How is DLM business faring Y-O-Y? We see a YoY growth of close to 20% and expect to continue the same in the years to come. There are several RFQs of Build to Specifications which translates to several millions of USD with good profit margins.

Q. How is DLM helping augment the ‘Designed in India, Made in India’ model? Cyient DLM is adding impetus to the government’s Make in India program. There is a lot of emphasis on manufacturing for the Make in India program, which we address using our Build to Print engagement model. We have

a very significant role to play in the Digital India program under Make in India initiative. Besides that we have also invested in R&D for various Indian Defense engagements, which is yielding positive results.

Q. How do you perceive India as a market? Comment on the challenges and opportunities in your segment. India is the ‘go to destination’ in the existing scenario. The very fact that all OEMs are setting shop in India or are trying to collaborate with organizations like Cyient is the clear demonstrator of the focus. From a low cost destination, India is now emerging as technology focused destination, which has huge potential in the space of medical, communications, digital etc. Defense which used to be main contributor for business, especially from import perspective has been graduating towards India being technology hub, owing to the offset policies.

Q. What kind of growth prospects do you foresee in the future in the Indian market? Manufacturing will be a huge focus for India in the times to come. Hence various JVs have flourished recently. Having said that, since India does not remain a low cost destination anymore, the technology development is an obvious ask, which incidentally companies like Cyient are very actively working on. Hence we shall see more Indian OEMs emerging.

Products that Address Your

Food & Dairy Safety Needs HI901 & HI902 Automatic Potentiometric Titration Systems Get the Most out of One Device. For Food, Beverages, Dairy, Wine / Beer

HI9816 SERIES pH & Temperature Portable Meter For Food, Meat, Milk, Yoghurt & Cheese

DIGITAL REFRACTOMETERS For Sugar, Food, Wine, Seawater

HI9350 SERIES Foodcare Thermo-couple Thermometers Hanna Equipments (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - 410210 +91 22 27746554/55/56 Mobile: 7045792167/68/69 Email: Web:


Consul Neowatt : Global in merit, Indian in spirit Consul Neowatt Power Solutions is a formidable name in power conditioning and power back-up products, services and solutions. Maintaining its leadership position for over three decades, this premier power electronics company, adjudged as the fastest growing UPS entity in India, is spreading its wings with an aspiration to become the Indian multinational in its chosen field. Power quality problems including blackout & brownout and voltage sag & swell and harmonics are indeed a menace causing incalculable damage to quality and productivity in the industry. We have no control over the grid power coming into the utility meter. However, Consul Neowatt has a panacea to offer - a proven technology solution to keep the plant and machinery humming uninterruptedly, providing clean power at the customer’s end, finds out Mr. P.K. Balasubbramaniian in an interview with Mr. Sriram Ramakrishnan, Managing Director & CEO, Consul Neowatt Power Solutions. Excerpts:

Sriram is a global leader and technocrat. He is currently the MD & CEO of Consul Neowatt Power Solutions, which under his leadership, is today the fastest growing UPS company in India and the No.1 Indian Power Electronics Company. Prior to Consul Neowatt, Sriram was heading the Engineering Valves business unit of Sanmar Engineering which included management of two joint ventures and setting up a greenfield business unit. He started his career at GE’s Corporate R&D Center in New York and has to his credit multiple US / European patents in the field of Power Electronics. He was then part of the founding team of GE’s UPS business – GE Digital Energy. Subsequently at Powerware /Eaton, he was responsible for launching the first transformerless UPS – 9390 and was the Global head for Data Center Solutions business unit with operations in US, Canada, Mexico and UK where he launched Eaton’s modular UPS – Blade UPS (used extensively in Google’s datacenters) and ePDU (Intelligent PDUs for data center market).

Q. What are the power quality issues normally faced and how can we address them?

Mr. Sriram Ramakrishnan, Managing Director & CEO, Consul Neowatt Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

JULY 2018 |

The power coming from the grid is not at all clean. There are several quality issues such as blackout, brownout, voltage sags or dips and voltage swells. Other types of power quality problems are harmonics caused by both voltage distortion and by harmonic current drawn by non-linear loads like Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) at the user end. Problems caused by harmonics include equipment overheating, motor failures, capacitor failure, inaccurate power metering and soon.The solution is to ensure uninterrupted power supply at the customer side of the utility meter even

when there are power quality issues. That’s where solutions providers like us come in. We are like an insurance agent ensuring uninterrupted power for business and industry even when the mains power is not healthy and has poor power quality. For addressing voltage sag & swell, we have Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer, 1 KVA to 3500 KVA. For blackout or brownout, the solution is UPS 1 KVA to 800KVA. One can also connect up to eight UPS units in parallel to obtain a power backup of 6,400 KVA. For harmonics, the panacea is Active Harmonic Filters. The harmonic current required for your non-linear loads like VFDs will be supplied by Harmonic Filters so that


only clean power will be drawn from the grid.

Q. You claim to be the No.1 Indian power electronics company. How do you substantiate it, and what’s your niche? Well, we are India’s premier power electronics company. In fact, we are the only power electronics company in India with integrated capabilities including R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & Service. While the history of the company goes back over three decades, over the last five years we have introduced many new state-of-the-art products and solutions which has helped us take market share away from the MNCs. Today Consul Neowatt is a viable alternative to MNCs for customers looking for cost-effective, reliable, energy efficient and innovative power electronic solutions. UPS is our largest product line and we are No.4 in the country behind 3 MNCs. But we are the fastest growing UPS company in India and the No.1 Indian UPS company. In power conditioning products like voltage stabilizers and Active Harmonic Filters, we are the market leader and have the No.1 market share in India. SoftDisk (SD) has adjudged us as the No.1 power electronics company for the last three years, the latest being the ‘SD Awards 2017’. We also manufacture low voltage isolation transformers used in conjunction with our servo stabilizers for power protection of equipment used in metal cutting and metal forming industries. Other innovative products we offer include Solar Inverters with energy storage capabilities and static transfer switches which ensure uninterrupted power for critical loads when supplied from two power sources.

Q. What’s your range of manufacture? As I said, our range of manufacture comprises power conditioning products

JULY 2018 |

Innovative Power Conditioning & Power Backup Solutions for clean and uninterrupted power supply such as Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers - both air cooled and oil cooled, Active Harmonic Filters, Isolation Transformers; Power Backup Systems like Single Phase & Three-Phase UPS IGBT based Rectifier and Inverter both transformerless and with built-in isolation transformer, high efficiency Offline UPS; Static Transfer Switches; Solar Off Grid and Hybrid Inverters and customized power electronic solutions.

Q. What’s the UPS market scenario in India and where do you figure in? The UPS market in India is of the order of Rs.3600 crores. Our market share is about 7%. While the UPS market growth was muted for several years due to slowdown in capital investments, we are seeing a revival from last year, post GST. This coupled with increasing spend by the government for infrastructure projects is promising a good growth for UPS industry this year also. Last year we achieved a turnover of Rs.355 crores and this year we will achieve Rs.500 crores. In this, the share of UPS is about 70%. For the last five years we have been growing at the compounded annual rate of 28% year on year and by far, we are the fastest growing UPS

company in India. Our Flagship Falcon three phase UPS family of products has been growing at a phenomenal rate of over 50% per year over the last three years. In the past, customers for three phase UPS systems for critical applications were dependent on only MNC UPS companies. Today the Falcon UPS series along with our tailored and customer- friendly pre-sales and post-sales service support has provided a clear alternative to customers. We are displacing MNC UPS companies and have become the preferred choice of many of the Top 500 companies in India across industry verticals.

Q. Solar inverter is something novel to India. Your comments? Yes, our Sunbird Solar Inverters are unique and incorporate ‘USE’ technology - USE stands for ability to Use, Store and Export Solar energy. We can use solar energy to provide power to connected equipment, store energy in the battery and also export excess solar power to the grid. We are one of the very few companies in the world who make Solar Inverters with USE technology. We have supplied Sunbird Solar Inverters ranging from 1 KW to 400 KW and are the market leaders for

Photo courtesy : Shinkansen 700T train Taiwan High Speed Rail




JSPL Rails are equipped to faciliate rapid deployment of durable metal tracks for high speed and bullet trains MADE IN INDIA




Corporate Office: Jindal Centre, 12, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110 066, India Call: +91 11 2618 8340 Fax: +91 11 2616 1271 (CIN L27105HR1979PLC009913) |

1 MTPA Rail Mill at Raigarh


Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.




At the root of Consul Neowatt’s innovations is its full-fledged R & D facility approved by DSIR three phase off-grid and hybrid solar inverters with energy storage. Over the last few years we have supplied close to 50MW of our Sunbird Solar inverters for a variety of applications deployed in large projects that include homes under Remote Village Electrification as part of the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) Project, Petrol Retail outlets of major retailers like IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, and Reliance, major Educational Institutions like the IITs, Sports complexes, and Government Establishments – Defence, Police and Railways. One of the unique projects we did was for the Sabzi Mandi project initiated by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. This is a full-fledged market facility for farmers well equipped with cold storage facilities, shops, drainage systems, and warehouses. The project covers 16 locations in the state and is fitted with multiple units of 150kw to 400kW Sunbird solar inverters with solar panels and batteries to be self-sufficient for uninterrupted power supply. The solar power

in these sites support a mixed load of pump motors, lighting, cool storage fans and other infrastructural needs of the Mandi’s totally eliminating the need for DG power and using the Mains power only as a backup if generated solar power is not sufficient.

Q. With increasing investment in Solar Power and power generation improving, what do you see as the future for UPS industry in India? I see a bright future for the UPS industry. The growth in Indian economy with increase in automation and computerization across industries coupled with the focus of the government on creating smart cities and smart infrastructure will be a big growth driver for the UPS industry. While power generation is increasing and the Power Supply Demand gap is narrowing, the quality of delivered power is still an issue due to our aging transmission & distribution network. This will mean every critical application that needs uninterrupted

operations will need an UPS solution. With increasing power generation, the duration of power cuts should decrease pan-India and may not be more than 1-2 hours per day especially in Metros and Tier-1 cities. This will provide an opportunity to replace polluting Gensets with UPS, Inverters and Solar Inverters with energy storage to provide uninterrupted power during short duration power cuts. Today in many applications, UPS and inverters have started replacing DG Gensets. Lift backup is a major application. We have deployed UPS with battery back-up for lifts in around 5000 buildings in Maharashtra as eco-friendly alternative to DG sets. In New Delhi, there is a total ban on DG Sets due to the pollution concerns. This presents an opportunity to replace DG Sets with Energy Storage devices. If you remember, 20 years ago people were using kerosene Gensets for power back-up during power cuts in residential homes. Today homes are using inverters with

Consul Neowatt’s manufacturing facilities in Chennai and Pune

JULY 2018 |



| July 2018


battery storage and also Solar based solutions. What I am driving at is that in another 5-10 years, DG sets will become extinct except for locations where long duration power cuts are expected. They will be replaced with UPS with energy storage or solar inverters with energy storage for commercial and even industrial applications. Another peculiar problem that is looming ahead is that with increasing solar power generation connected to the grid, the peak power generation will be from 11 am-3 pm. But unfortunately the maximum demand on the grid in India is between 6 to 10pm. So Electricity boards will be forced to charge higher tariff in the evening hours to encourage customers to shed their loads or introduce a restriction - only 30% of the allocated maximum demand power can be drawn during peak demand hours of 6-10pm. When you have this restriction, you are forced to use DG sets incurring a unit cost of Rs.20/-. As against this, when you use stored solar energy or electrical energy (during non-peak hours), the cost comes to Rs.12-15 per unit. Thus there is a substantial saving. Added to this, you are using clean energy. No noise, no pollution, no storing of diesel, no fuel pilferage! For using a DG set, you need to take 5 permits. For solar energy storage with battery or UPS with battery, no permission is required.

engineers in 85 locations across the length and breadth of the country. We operate our customer call center 365 days a year with four language support. We can receive service request 24 x 7. Service request is also received through mobile app. We generate real time e-service report through a Service Mobile App which is used by all our Service Engineers which gives complete details of the attended service call with images of customers, products, and details of service attended. Currently our response time is 4-6 hours in metros and 24-36 hours in tier2 and tier- 3 cities.

Q. Service is crucial in your line of business. What’s your service setup? And response time?

Q. Could you throw some light on your infrastructure and wherewithal?

Service is a big differentiator for us in how we support customers. We have invested extensively in leveraging technology for our service operations. Our complete installed base of over 1,00,000 units are maintained in SAP. This allows us to quickly and efficiently respond to customer support calls. In our segment, we are the only company with a pan-India service network. We have 350 plus company trained service

We have two manufacturing plants - one in Chennai and the other in Pune. The factories are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHAS 18001 certified. We also have 26 branch offices throughout the country. We have a workforce of 800 employees on pay roll. We are a 35-year old company. We started off with servo stabilizers, but today Consul Neowatt is known as Global Indian UPS company - the fastest growing UPS company rather.

JULY 2018 |

Consul Neowatt’s Head Office in Chennai

Q. Could you brief us on your R&D set up, efforts and achievements? In the power conditioning and UPS segment, we are perhaps the only company with integrated functions such as R & D, manufacture, sales & service. At the root of our innovations is our full-fledged R & D facility approved by the Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). We have 30 R & D engineers manning the facility - the country’s leading experts in power electronics. When we talk of R & D and innovations, I must underline the fact that many of India’s firsts in Power Electronics were developed by my team and around 70% of our revenue comes from products launched in the last four years.

Q. Which are the target and growth markets for you? We have a strong presence in engineering industry - both light & heavy, auto ancillaries and process industries like plastics, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement and also in healthcare including hospitals & medical OEMs. In the days to come, our focus will also be more on infrastructure like airports, metros, smart cities,


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power plants, etc. We are qualified to provide our products and solutions to nuclear power plants. IT & ITES and data centers are a big segment and is our focus now. Traditionally in these segments, customers prefer MNC brands, but now we have started winning here also.

Q. Is export a thrust area for you? As of now the contribution of exports to our turnover is hardly 2-3%. Currently we are exporting to countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Africa and Middle East. Our products are designed to IEC and other international standards. We have plans to step up our exports to 8% of our turnover. Our target markets are South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. And our aspiration is to become an Indian multinational.

Q. What’s your vision for Consul Neowatt? Our vision is to become India’s premier provider of power backup & power conditioning products, services and solutions and to be the preferred power partner for our customers. Towards this end, our mission is to add value to our customers with cost-effective, innovative, energy efficient and reliable power backup and power conditioning products and solutions.

Q. What’s your roadmap for achieving this goal? We know the way ahead and have

JULY 2018 |

begun the journey. My endeavour is always to build up and foster a strong team. We have an excellent team with vast experience in different companies in India and abroad. My philosophy is to provide our employees with opportunities to showcase their skill and talent. We have a performance culture in the organization. And performance is always rewarded with more opportunities to grow and have career progression. Our 800 dedicated employees and their families are our major asset and enabler to achieve our vision.

Q. What are your comments on the industrial climate and what are the challenges ahead for you? Without mincing words I would say that the environment is not at all conducive to growth. Though opportunities are galore, many a time we have to swim against the tide. If you take China for instance, the Government support to the industry is phenomenal. Infrastructure is available, low cost capital is available, investment on R & D is encouraged. But here in India, the cost of capital is high, borrowing rates are sky high, working capital is scarce and costly, there is no incentive to grow fast! To give you a simple example of challenges we have to deal with, our factory in Perungudi , Chennai in one of India’s earliest Electrical & Electronics Industrial Estates was the erstwhile GEC Alstom factory. Queen Elizabeth

had come to visit this plant some 20 years ago. A special approach road was created then for the VVIP due to the poor road conditions. Today, the access road conditions continue to be pathetic for want of maintenance!

Q. What are your future thrusts? Our future thrust will be on consolidating our UPS business to become No.1 in India. We are also working on several new products around Energy storage and Solar Energy storage where we want to stake a leadership position. Another area of focus is to tap the expected large growth of Electric vehicles (EV) in 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, cars and buses. We want to be future ready and provide electric chargers for these vehicles. That’s the future.

Q. Where will you be five years hence? Five years hence we would be the largest company in power backup and power conditioning in India. And in terms of turnover, we must cross Rs.1000 crores.


ATLAS COPCO to help Industries get Smarter Atlas Copco India’s Industrial Technique Division serves the needs of the domestic automotive industry and has been in the news recently for having introduced the Smart Connected Assembly under Industry 4.0. In this interview with Huned Contractor, the company’s General Manager – Industrial Technique, Bhavin Pandya, elaborates about how this new concept will benefit the engineering sector, especially the automotive industries

Mr. Bhavin Pandya General Manager – Industrial Technique, Atlas Copco India


tlas Copco India, the Rs 3,500 crore local arm of the Swedish major, which is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, has launched ‘Smart Connected Assembly’ solutions to drive its vision of Industry 4.0 into the Indian automotive industry. The company is a popular name among vehicle manufacturers as one of the leading providers of the critical equipment deployed in assembly operations on the shop floor. As is known, the manufacturing industry worldwide is working towards digitizing operations under Industry 4.0. According to the company, its clientele in India are increasingly calling for high-quality products and new technologies, which can offer flexibility, data analytics, ergonomics and energy efficiency – in summary, a competitive advantage. Excerpts from the interview:

JULY 2018 |

Q. Could you elaborate about Smart Connected Assembly? Smart Connected Assembly is about creating unique value by connecting together all the assembly-related processes. Assembly solutions are networked to each other and integrated into the production network. The data generated is the new raw material used when controlling and identifying improvement areas in and between the assembly processes. We are targeting the Indian automotive industry because improving standards across the industry are directly raising the benchmarks in manufacturing practices across the automotive value chain of vehicle makers and component suppliers in India. To ensure global quality benchmarks in their products, OEMs are taking up the best solutions available globally, to follow

best practices, ensure transparency and traceability in the processes followed across operations, assemble data and get meaningful inputs from the recorded big data through analytics, and ensure continuous improvements in their overall operational productivity. The new Smart Connected Assembly solutions will address these new challenges, trends and needs by offering a whole new level of technological solutions. We are launching this concept in India for the first time. This concept is good for companies that are into manufacturing and assembly operations. Within automotive, this would include four-wheelers, three and two-wheelers, trucks and buses, off-road vehicles, tractors and farm equipment. This is even relevant for the aerospace industry. For instance, we have solutions for specialized functions such as tightening and screwing. We have a lot of hardware-software solutions for the automakers. We are trying to put together all these solutions and offer one common environment, which we are calling as the Smart Connected Assembly. Our equipment can be deployed manually or they can be mounted on the robotic arms, or even on the cobots. They can also be used via the special purpose machines (SPMs).

Q. What would be the benefits of this solution? Smart Connected Assembly offers huge benefits such as: • Full traceability of assembly related data such as tightening torque, operator details, etc. • Flexibility, as for example, allowing


• •

making more varieties or variants of products on the same assembly line. Reduction in defects by error-proofing. Improved user experience, as for example, full operator guidance, improved transparency of data, better ergonomics, etc. Agility in terms of faster new product developments, quickly adapting to new volume needs, etc. Improved productivity due to reduction in errors, improved human factors, etc. Increased uptime due to predictive maintenance, high-end technology offering higher uptime, etc. Reduced energy consumption, as for example, involving the use of low-energy electronic tools and hardware as against high-energy consuming pneumatic equipment.

Q. Can you provide a case study of an industrial segment that has engaged this assembly concept? There are several industrial segments which could benefit from this development. However, this is widely accepted in high-volume manufacturing segments such as automotive, off-road equipment, electronics, consumer durables, general

JULY 2018 |

assembly, etc. Almost all major automotive companies are looking into this area as the biggest opportunity either to gain or to defend their competitive advantage.

Q. In particular, how will this assembly concept impact the engineering sector? The engineering sector works almost in similar manner as other sectors, albeit at a little lower scale of volume. All the benefits listed above are as much applicable to the engineering sector as to automotive or other high-volume segments.

Q. Has this assembly concept been tried in markets outside India? What has been the response? Smart Connected Assembly addresses the some of the key needs of the new global industrial revolution. In Germany and other European countries, it is known as Industry 4.0; in North America, it is called IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things or simply IoT; China and South Korea are also working on implementing similar concepts, for example, Made in China 2025. Loosely speaking, this is similar to the way we invite global companies to invest in India in manufacturing and technology under our ‘Make in India’ campaign. The Smart Connected Assembly concept of Atlas Copco has gained a huge response globally. A large number of companies in automotive, electronics, off-road, aerospace, and other such domains are considering implementation of such technologies to stay competi-

tive. We have implemented this concept either in full or in part at several places.

Q. What would be the cost of using the assembly concept? Smart Connected Assembly is a concept and not a ‘one-size-fits-all product. In fact, it is a system made up of several tools, hardware, software, their connectivity, etc. Each company will have its own need depending upon where they are currently. Hence, the investments could differ for companies. That said, customers usually look at the value it generates against the investments they make. We believe that the overall benefits, as listed earlier, outweigh the expenditure.

Q. How does the company intend to market it across various industry verticals? Will certain sectors be particularly focused upon? As I mentioned, this is useful to almost all sectors. However, the sectors that could benefit the most are automotive, off-road, consumer durables, electronics and general assembly, and very importantly, their tiers. Hence, they are the focused sectors.

Q. Could you provide an overview of Atlas Copco’s India operations? Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. started operations in 1960, and has over 20 offices across India, the registered office being at Pune. Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. had about 3,000 employees and revenues of Rs 3,500 crore as on March 31, 2017.


WARPP : Brand recognition for

Welding & Cutting

Prabhudas N. Golla, Director, Warpp Engineers Pvt. Ltd


ARPP ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. made a start in the year 1994 by setting up their design, production and quality management facilities at Mumbai. Over two decades of experience in welding and plasma products has greatly helped WARPP to establish itself in the Indian welding equipment market.

The Tipping Point Today WARPP is well known brand in welding and cutting equipment market in India, whose products are being

JULY 2018 |

used in industries like shipbuilding, petrochemical, construction, transport, offshore energy, repair and maintenance. Thousands of customers are using WARPP products in varying conditions across India and abroad, reaffirming the company’s commitment to quality, reliability and performance. WARPP is fully equipped to satisfy ever increasing customer expectations. The company possesses all essential machines, equipment to meet its design, production, inspection, testing and storage needs. The company is not only committed to after sales service. But also eager to provide prompt pre-sale service that offer long term benefit to clients. Committed by its vision to maintain high standards in customer satisfaction, WARPP is continuously engaged in expanding dealer network and branches. WARPP’s endeavor to provide technology advantage to its customer is generally reflected in its launch of new products. The latest arrival is full range of IGBT inverter welders armed with soft switching technology. WARPP is the authorized distributor for orbital cutting,beveling and welding equipments manufactured by M/S AXXAIR France. We have our presence all across India through our dealer network. We are near to you also to cater the sales & service support.


SUPERSLIDES: “We honor what we commit”

Our Principal Includes • PMI - Which is Specialized in Manufacturing of Linear Guideways & Ballscrews. • YINSH - Specializing in manufacturing of High Precision Locknuts

Mr Kunal Desai, Global Sales & Marketing Head, Superslides & Ballscrews Co. India Pvt. Ltd.


ince year 1999, our founder Mr. Rajiv Desai set upon a journey with PMI to form SUPERSLIDES. Together with PMI they have sowed seeds of Quality, Leadership, Hard work, Commitments & Ethics in the machine tool industry. Superslides & Ballscrews Co. India. Pvt Ltd was established to be a one stop solution, offering world class linear motion & automation products. SUPERSLIDES has partnered with PMI who is a leading manufacturer of linear guideways & ballscrews in Taiwan. With the growing technological advancement in the field of industrial automation & rapid progress in the process of production automation plays an vital Role. Automation is the key to the future growth where errors due to human

JULY 2018 |

intervention is completely eliminated. Keeping this in mind SUPERSLIDES has strived to provide the latest technology, systems, products & solution to keep in line with new industrial automation & development trends. Our Focus is to provide high quality linear motion products to Indian industry which leads to Innovation, Improved Product Quality, Faster Processing & Cost Reduction. SUPERSLIDES offers an wide range of engineering products such as High Precision Ground Ballscrews, Rolled Ballscrews, Hollow Ballscrews, Nut Coolant Type Ballscrews, Roller Type of Linear Guideways, Ballcaged Type of Linear Guideways, Stainless Steel Miniature Guideways, Precision Locknuts, Ballscrew Support Units, Hardened & Ground Chrome Plated Shafts, Linear Bearings, Rack & Pinion etc. SUPERSLIDES not only sells but also works alongside the customers design & development team to not only ensure the right selection of the product but to ensure that the latest & best in technology & products are given at the right price.

• GUDEL - Specialized in manufacturing all type of Racks, Pinion & Gear Boxes. • SYK - Specialized in manufacturing all types Ballscrew Support Unit and Motor Brackets. • ARIS - Specialized In manufacturing different type of shafts & Linear Bearings.

Product Quality After an in depth study of the Indian Machine Tool industry, we have shortlisted the products which are considered to be an most reputed & premium brands which results into an better performance of the machines & enhances productivity.

Quality Check SUPERSLIDES follows an very strict quality check processes to ensure that material received by the customer is in line with the technical requirements.

Delivery “ON TIME DELIVERY” is one of the major factor which has led SUPERSLIDES to achieve faith & gain confidence in the mind of customers.

For more information,


“We give strategic advantages to our customers from diverse industries” Rupesh Paparaju, Director, Bettinelli Automation Components, India


ettinelli S.p.A, established in 1953, specializes in the development and manufacturing of precision motion control components and systems. In 1996 a separate division named CDS Cam Driven Systems was created for engineering solutions in automation and motion technology. CDS produces the widest range of mechanical Cam Driven Units, commonly known as rotary / indexing tables for precision motion control applications, requiring rotary or linear transfer, positioning and handling. The products range includes, cam indexing and servo-driven tables, ring positioning drives, intermittent and oscillating drives with parallel or right angle configuration,

rotary & linear part handlers, precision link transfer systems, and epicycloidal servo reducers.

Wide ranging products The broad product spectrum covers IP parallel shaft indexers, IT roller dial indexing tables, TR roller dial indexing tables, HP roller dial indexing tables, IG/IGA roller gear indexer, TL precision link conveyors, MHP/LHP part handlers, FT-HT open center ring tables and packages of rotary indexing tables. Bettinelli has a wide range of standard products. These are delivered in 3 weeks. When it comes to customized products, these are designed, manufactured and shipped in 6-8 weeks.

The manufacturing takes place centrally in Italy. The regimen starts with design & engineering, CNC induction hardening, CNC milling, grinding, quality check and then assembly, painting and shipment. In order to ensure quality, all components are machined internally, including the cam hardening by a proprietary CNC controlled induction hardening equipment. For better finish, the products are also subjected to chemical nickel plating, blasting and painting. The manufacturing process is constantly controlled to conform to international standards. The company’s quality systems are ISO-9001-2008 certified.

Strategic advantages

Rotary Indexing Tables, TR Series

JULY 2018 |

Over the years, Bettinelli Group and CDS Indexers have become synonymous with high quality automation products and technologies. “Our design and manufacturing systems have furnished competitive and strategic advantages to numerous industries in pharmaceutical, automobile, manufacturing, packaging and a plethora of other sectors. And for automation functions, our solutions are invariably preferred by companies,” says Rupesh Paparaju, Director, Bettinelli Automation Components, India. The Indian subsidiary, headquartered in Pune, serves its customers in India by providing installation, commissioning, and after-sales support. It also offers technical consultation.


Parallel Shaft Indexer In the pharmaceutical industry cam driven systems are used in filling, blister pack, tablet making and packaging machines. In automobile industry, they are used in pallet transfer tables, assembly machines, painting applications and test rigs, just to mention a few. In machining industry, they are used with advantage in deburring, lapping and pressing machines and in transfer lines. In SPM & robotics, they find applications in transfer lines, station loading, sequential operations and so on. Inwelding, these indexers are inevitable in positioners,

JULY 2018 |

synchronous welding, robotic welding and component transfer. Packaging too is a major application area. Cam systems are used in box filling machines, wrapping machines, cartoning and capping machines. Indexers are also used in casting, printing and cosmetics industries.

Closer to the customer The Indian arm of Bettinelli, based in Pune, Bettinelli Automation Components Pvt. Ltd., is highly customer-centric. “Our presence in India means quite something in fostering a symbiotic rela-

tionship with our customers. It helps us to match our world-class products with our eminent customer support,” underlines Paparaju, Director, who has built up a team to improve Bettinelli’s response time. “CDS are high-tech products which lend themselves to enhance the operational efficiency and productivity at the customer’s end. We stay close to the customer to understand his needs and offer customized solutions within the shortest possible time to ensure peak uptime of his equipment and operations”, he adds. - P.K. Balasubbramaniian


Leadership in High Precision Balls & Rollers


Dharmesh N Gandhi - Partner N.Gandhi & Co.

JULY 2018 |

aving provided tailored solutions for Precision Balls for more than 3 decades, N. Gandhi & Co. is considered as a trusted source for industries like the Automobile, Aeronautic Sector, Cosmetic, Chemical and Mechanical domains. NGC balls are used in a multitude of ways: ball bearings, safety valves, body jewellery, steering column, safety belt applications, and so on. The company has broadened its product base over the years to include Grinding media and Rollers along with metallic and nonmetallic balls including ceramic, glass & plastic. The long standing commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers has earned us advanced expertise and a thorough understanding of hundreds of very specific applications and processes in industries which has helped us in providing customized

solutions in all materials, sizes and tolerances. All the balls we provide are produced in accordance with the standards required by the (DIN), (ABMA) and (ISO). Our quality assurance is also certified by the International Organization of Standardization, Standard 9001 : 2008 by Bureau Veritas. The company’s commitment to its customers and business integrity reflects in its widespread popularity - with a client base that’s not only spread all across India but also in other parts of the world.


Aerosol Pumps Automotive Door Assembly Ball Bearings Ball Pen Ball Screw


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ball Transfer Unit Ball Valves Bicycles Bobbin Holder Body Jewellery Castor Wheels Cosmetics Gas Regulator Household Appliances Jewellery Liner Motion Bearing Rod End Steering Column Safety Belts Toys Watches Wind Mill Bearing

QUALITY CONTROL The Company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and our QC Dept is equipped with high tech control machines to meet a broad spectrum of needs and guarantee best quality at all times. We follow Intensive Quality Analysis and provide certificates

for each batch inspected.

WAREHOUSE The specific strength and power of our Group is as a one point contact to respond to all your needs and

demands. Quipped with all essential infrastructures, our warehouses are constantly filled with widest range of sizes, materials and grades, completely available in one source of supply to satisfy the requirements of our worldwide customers in the shortest terms. In addition to special and open orders, we have over 250 standard balls of different types and sizes in stock

For more information, | JULY 2018

Regd.Off: K.M.Complex, 1st Floor, No.23, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, (100 Feet Road) Arumbakkam, Chennai - 600 106. INDIA Phone: +91-44-23635996, 23635547, Mobile: +91-9940023932, 8939565802 Fax: +91-44-23635550 Email:, Website: Factory: Ambattur Industrial Estate (S.P.) Chennai - 600 058. INDIA


Executing and delivering the first solar train project in India for Indian Railways was a trendsetter achievement for Jakson: Sameer Gupta

Mr. Sameer Gupta, CMD, Jakson Group

empowering the society with “energy & power solutions” we are proud to be associated with such historic and noble projects of the Government. Jakson also successfully executed several prestigious projects across its various business lines. These include the first solar powered train for Indian Railways; installation of a solar rooftop plant at President’s Estate (RashtrapatiBhawan) in Delhi; phase I of the rooftop solar project for Delhi-Meerut Expressway; rooftop solar projects at IOCL petrol pumps across North India; Phase II electrification project of Kochi Metro Rail Network; rural electrification projects in Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh and Alwar in Rajasthan amongst several others.

Q. How was the year that went by for your organisation?

Q. What are the innovations you could showcase recently as a trendsetter?

The last fiscal was a very good year for Jakson Group. We closed the year with revenues of around INR 2500 Crores with our Powergen and EPC Businesses registering impressive growth. Our solar business has been stable with growth in roof top and manufacturing vertices. We have been strategically selective in securing land based solar EPC jobs. Both our Powergen and EPC businesses carry a very healthy order book and we are confident of growing by around 15% plus in the coming fiscal at a group level. The highlight of last fiscal was Jakson’s growth in Electrical EPC business. We were awarded several projects under flagship Government of India programs like Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (Saubhagya) for rural & urban electrification projects. As an organization with a strong heritage of

Executing and delivering the first solar train project in India for Indian Railways was a trendsetter achievement for Jakson. Jakson showcased its innovative engineering capabilities by successfully executing this project that involved retro-fitting solar panels on the roof of train coaches of Indian Railways. It was a complex design and engineering challenge to affix solar panels on the roof of train coaches that run up-to speeds of 120 km per hour. The engineering team devised an innovative solution to mount solar panels on the roof of train coaches. Fifty such coaches of Indian Railway trains have been successfully solarized using this technology. The generated solar power will be used to power lights and fans inside the coaches for use by passengers. This project is helping Indian Railways offset 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, save significantly on diesel costs and

JULY 2018 |

also contribute to the environment.

Q. What are the dynamics of your industry and what measures do you take to stay ahead? Jakson is an energy and engineering solutions company. The key to staying competitive in this industry is being innovative, adapt to market and customer needs; design & develop customized engineering solutions; and ensure customers are satisfied with the delivered solutions. Jakson has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative technologies across its various lines of business. A perfect example of this organizational DNA is Jakson “Silent Gensets”. We were the first company to introduce this concept in the country way back in the year 1998, much before competition and government regulations came into effect.

Q. What are the value additions you envisage to keep up your brand promise and to delight the customer in a competitive environment? We are working on several new technologies. We are exploring how to integrate new age technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, automation, cloud and data analytics into our existing businesses to deliver better value to our customers and to empower them to stay competitive in the marketplace. We are also exploring growth areas in the energy and engineering space that are in alignment with our existing businesses. [As told to P.K. Balasubbramaniian]



| July 2018


Power Scenario in India – Some Insights Q. Everything is not hunky-dory in the Power Sector. What’s ailing the industry? India has close to 2,90,000 MW of electricity generation capacity. However, many power plants run well below their capacity, some even at half their potential. The distribution companies (Discoms) are under pressure from some state governments not to increase power tariffs since the prevailing rates are well below their costs. The power deficit is further compounded by distributors who prefer to cut supplies to consumers rather than buying available power, thus often going back on their purchase agreements with producers. Power producers, for whom shutting a plant is not an option because it would take days to get it running again, tend to sell electricity below cost to avoid losing customers. Running a thermal power plant at low capacity increases the power generation cost per unit, taking its toll on the financial health of power producers. Shortage of power has often been cited by investors as a deterrent in setting up production plants in India. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is trying to correct this by seeking to increase the share of manufacturing to 25% of gross domestic product (GDP) from 15%.

Q. What’s our success rate in bridging the gap between demand and supply? India’s power deficit dropped to an all-time low of less than 1%, thanks to record electricity generation capacity added over the last few years, adequate coal stocks and transmission facilities, coupled with meagre growth in electricity demand. Power deficit is calculated by states as the difference between electricity requirement raised by distributioncompanies and electricity supplied, and

JULY 2018 |

Mr. Satish Bhat, Managing Director, Ador Welding Ltd. cannot be directly correlated to hours of power outages and the latent demand in un-electrified villages. However, with the industrial scenario looking up in the past one year or so with economic reforms like GST and key initiatives for investments in railways, defence, infrastructure, shipbuilding ,oil & gas, etc., the growth in demand for electricity is expected to rise rapidly which could pose a challenge for demand-supply gap in the coming years.

Q. What’s the impact of the lull in the power sector on the overall economy and your business? The electricity industry is a basic and significant industry of the national economy, which is closely related to economic development. On the one hand, electricity is a driving force of economic development. The shortage of power supply will seriously affect the healthy development of the economy and can cause large economic losses. On the other hand, the level and speed of macroeconomic development play a decisive role in determining electricity demand. Fuel supply risks and precarious financial health of electricity distribution companies continue to pose challenges for the power sector, whose slow progress could impact the country’s economic growth, according to a report by a major researcher a few months back.

The investments worth several thousand crores in various power projects, especially those in thermal power could turn in to non-performing assets unless fuel issues are resolved. For every 1 per cent increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the power generation need to increase by 1 per cent. Otherwise, there would be inadequate electricity supply that can impact not just the power sector but also other industries. Ador Welding is a complete welding solutions provider and manufacturer catering to the entire gamut of industries spread across the length and breadth of our country and abroad. We would be affected as inadequate power supplies would increase our costs, reduce output and in turn hit profitability. Since we cater to the entire Engineering industry and the Manufacturing sector viz. Railways, Power, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering and so on, a slowdown in any of these sectors is bound to affect us.

Q. A silver lining in the horizon: The renewable energy sector seems to be moving ahead of the conventional sources of power. Your views? For the first time in the country, the renewable energy sector has added more capacity than the conventional power thermal, gas and nuclear in 2017-18. The renewable energy sector which includes solar, wind and bio-fuel, has added 11,788 MW of capacity to the grid in FY18. Though the renewable energy capacity addition fell short of its target (14,510 MW) for the fiscal, it exceeded the capacity added by conventional segment which stood at 9,505 MW, according to the data provided by Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. This development is more a reflection of the challenges faced by the conventional energy sector which registered a



not available?

steep decline of 33 per cent when compared to 14,209 MW capacity addition in FY17 rather than any steep increase in renewable addition which actually grew by just 4 per cent. Faced with multiple challenges, thermal sector’s capacity addition came down to 8,710 MW in FY18 from 11,550 MW in the previous year. While falling tariffs of renewable power is making coal-fired power units less attractive, the thermal power sector has also been plagued by overcapacity, weak demand and lack of visibility for tying up long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Q. What’s the difference Clean Energy can make to the power scene? India is one of the countries with the largest production of energy from renewable sources. In the electricity sector, renewable energy (excluding large hydro) accounted for 20% of the total installed power capacity (69.02 GW) as of 31 March 2018. Large hydro installed capacity was 45.29 GW as of 31 March 2018, contributing to 13% of the total power capacity. Thus, renewable energy including large scale hydro-power currently adds up to more than 33% of the total installed power capacity in India. India is running one of the largest and most ambitious renewable capacity expansion programs in the world. Newer renewable electricity sources are projected to grow massively by nearer term 2022 targets, including a more than doubling of India’s large wind power capacity and an almost 15 fold increase in solar power from April 2016 levels. Such ambitious targets would place India among the world leaders in renewable energy use and place India at the centre of its “Sunshine Countries” International Solar Alliance project pro-

JULY 2018 |

moting the growth and development of solar power internationally to over 120 countries. India set a target of achieving 40% of its total electricity generation from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030, as stated in its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions statement in the Paris Agreement. A blueprint draft published by Central Electricity Authority projects that 57% of the total electricity capacity will be from renewable sources by 2027. In the 2027 forecasts, India aims to have a renewable energy installed capacity of 275 GW, in addition to 72 GW of hydro-energy, 15 GW of nuclear energy and nearly 100 GW from “other zero emission” sources.

Q. In the given situation, what are the measures we must take to conserve resources and save energy at the user end? Some basics that need to be implemented by one and all: • Switch off lights and electrical appliances when you don’t use them • Switch to energy-saving LED light globes • Shut doors and close curtains when A/c is on. • Save energy in how you wash and dry clothes • Understand and improve your home’s energy use • Save energy in the kitchen • Manage your heating and cooling • Get the best energy deal • Insulate your roof • Save money with solar energy • Use inverter based technology wherever possible.

Q. What are the options available to the industry to keep the plant & machinery humming uninterruptedly even when the grid power is

Solar plants have different designs for different purposes. Therefore, not all rooftop solar plants generate power during a power failure. It is the inverter that determines whether the plant continues to function or not during a power cut, we need to only understand the different kinds of inverters to ensure we have a rooftop solar plant that generates electricity even during power cuts. Our study into the types of inverters available present the following options: (a ) Grid-tied –These inverters are primarily designed to supply the generated power to the grid and also power the load while grid power is available. This inverter will NOT generate power during a power failure because it uses only grid power as a reference voltage and cannot function in the absence of grid power (b) Off-grid – These inverters do not work with grid power and are designed to work only with a battery backup or diesel generator in off-grid applications. They are suitable for applications where grid power is not available but are not the right choice if you need your solar plant to work in conjunction with grid supply. (c) Grid-interactive –These inverters work both with the grid supply and with either a battery backup or diesel generator to support the load even during a power failure. These hybrid inverters ensure that there is an option of getting the power from batteries or diesel genset when the solar panel is not producing power. Essentially, it combines the functions of off-grid and grid-tied inverters. These are especially resourceful in areas that are prone to blackouts or frequent power outages and there is a need for uninterrupted power supply. [As told to P.K. Balasubbramaniian]


Renishaw : New encoder family for linear axes The new easy to install incremental encoder is made for manufacturing


enishaw, the world-leading metrology company, has launched a new encoder family for linear axes which offers exceptionally wide installation tolerances and axis speeds of up to 24 m/s. The QUANTiC™ encoder series produces a digital signal output directly from the readhead and eliminates the requirement for additional bulky external interfaces. This ground-breaking approach was first used for Renishaw’s advanced VIONiC™ encoders. In OEM applications, machine build time is critical, as time saved in component installation reduces lead times and increases profitability. QUANTiC encoders have been designed with this in mind and feature Renishaw’s widest ever setup tolerances, exceptional dirt immunity and the optional Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT) for remote calibration and indepth diagnostics. The QUANTiC encoder system uses a 40 µm-pitch scale which translates to larger installation tolerances and higher operating speeds due to the unique optical design of Renishaw encoders. For instance, readhead installation rideheight and yaw tolerances are now ±0.2 mm and ±0.90 respectively. Available scale options include RTLC40 for carri-

JULY 2018 |

QUANTiC encoders will help to speed up the pace of mass production lines and offer potentially significant time and cost savings for OEM customers er track (FASTRACK™) mounting and self-adhesive RTLC40-S: both simplify thermal error compensation by allowing independent scale expansion relative to the substrate. The QUANTiC encoder system is highly immune to dirt and contamination due to several advanced design features. QUANTiC readheads incorporate Renishaw’s well-established filtering optics that averages the contributions from many scale periods and effectively filters out non-periodic features such as dirt. Measurement signals are further enhanced by a range of electronic signal processing algorithms such as Auto Gain Control (AGC), Auto Offset Control (AOC) and Auto Balance Control (ABC). QUANTiC encoders also feature a third layer of signal filtering from a new detector design which helps to eliminate non-harmonic signal frequencies that can occur due to contamination on the scale. These signal conditioning features combine to ensure low Sub-Di-

visional Error (SDE) and minimal signal variation over contamination.

Unmatched flexibility Unrivalled ease of set-up and calibration is supported by an Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT) which combines both ADTi100 hardware and ADT View software components. Features and benefits include: remote monitoring; visual and audio indication of signal size, limit switches and readhead pitch; DRO output, Lissajous output and the ability to save data in multiple common file formats. QUANTiC encoders will help to speed up the pace of mass production lines and offer potentially significant time and cost savings for OEM customers. The QUANTiC family has CE approval and is manufactured by Renishaw, using strict quality controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2008, and, like all Renishaw encoders, is backed by a truly responsive global sales and support network. For more information

BIS Compliance: With EPCOS Capacitors. We offer superior solutions for motor run and motor start: World-class EPCOS AC capacitors, manufactured in state-of-the-art automated production facilities. Our capacitors are already available with ISI marking. Get them now and comply with statutory requirements. · EPCOS India Pvt. Ltd. · A TDK Group Company Mumbai: 022-25 75 08 00 · Noida: 0120-4 50 58 01 · Kolkata: 033-24 19 88 15 · Bengaluru: 080-40 39 06 40 ·


Diagnostics-Enabled Safety Relays for the Process Industry The new KFD2-RSH safety relays from Pepperl+Fuchs combine a diagnostic function, line fault transparency, and dual redundancy in a 1oo3 (one out of three) architecture. During each switching operation, the function of the switching contacts is automatically checked. This drastically reduces the effort required for proof testing. Thanks to line fault transparency, the entire signal circuit can be monitored for line faults without the need for additional wiring. The relays are immune to test pulses and are therefore compatible with digital output cards for all common control panels


he 1oo3 architecture with dual redundant switching contacts is at the core of the new modules. For DTS (de-energized-to-safe) applications, there are three serial contacts. For ETS (energized-to-safe) signal circuits, there are two groups of three contacts each, arranged in parallel. The safety function is ensured, even if up to two contacts in a group fail.

Integrated diagnostics The integrated diagnostics function moves the three contacts successively with a time delay during each switching operation. In ETS applications, all three relays of both contact groups are initially closed with three consecutive switching events. During the delay period, the device checks whether this contact closes the circuit and detects any faulty circuits. DTS device diagnosis takes place during the restart process. Initially, two relay contacts are closed simultaneously, then the third contact is closed after a time delay. The idea is that there is no current flowing before the third contact closes, otherwise this relay is defective because it no longer disconnects the circuit. Another relay is checked during every switching cycle. After switching three times, the relay module is fully tested once without any additional effort.

The diagnostics results are provid-

JULY 2018 |

Safety relays from Pepperl+Fuchs: diagnostics, LFT, 1oo3 architecture

ed: • via the LED on the module • as a collective error message on the power feed module • by evaluating the test pulses from the control panel • on the additional relay output The KFD2-RSH safety relays provide comprehensive line fault transparency. As a result, short circuits and lead breakages can also be detected on the field side through the control system’s digital output card (DO card) and assigned to a specific signal circuit. No additional wiring is required. DO cards on control panels often offer built-in diagnostic functions. The module input effectively filters the test pulses coming from the DO card. This

prevents an unintentional switching of the field device as a result of a diagnosis measure or the unintentional display of a line fault in the control panel. The single-channel devices are certified in accordance with the ATEX/ IECEx Zone 2 and UL standards and are suitable for DTS and ETS applications up to IEC61508 SIL 3. The DTS modules are also suitable for applications up to EN ISO 13849 PLe

For more information


Advanced Welding Processes and Their Industrial Applications


here are different modern MAG welding machines made to reduce the heat input and spatter formation. All these methods use different types of pulsing techniques. But they also use advanced wire feeding techniques or altering polarity to influence the heat and material transfer.

Cold Metal Transfer CMT can be described as a GMAW process where heat input is low as compared to the conventional dip arc process. There are three features of the CMT process, which distinguish this process from a conventional GMAW process. First, the wire movement is directly included into the welding process control. In the CMT process the wire is moved towards the work piece until a short circuit occurs. At that moment the wire speed is reversed, and the wire is pulled back. When the short circuit opens again, the wire speed is again reversed, the wire moves towards the work piece again and the process begins again. The oscillation frequency of the wire varies with time – averaging around 70 Hz.

Fig. 2 - Relationship between current, voltage and time in CMT process. The second feature which characterizes the CMT-process is the fact that the metal transfer is almost current-free, while the conventional dip arc process corresponds to a high short circuit current. Therefore, the current during the short circuit can be kept very low and the heat input is also very small. Typical areas of application for the CMT process are all thin and ultra-light gauge sheets, from as thin as 0.3 mm; for MIG brazing of galvanized sheets, and for joining steel to aluminium.

Cold Arc This variant of the MIG/MAG process, known as Cold Arc, is a short arc process, called as such due to the cyclical change between the arc and short circuit phases.

Surface Tension Transfer Surface Tension Transfer –welding is a

Fig. 1 - Principle of CMT process and view of its one cycle JULY 2018 |

GMAW, controlled short circuit transfer process. Unlike standard CV GMAW machines, the STT machine has no voltage control knob. STT uses current controls to adjust the heat independent of wire feed speed, so changes in electrode extension do not affect heat. The STT process makes welds that require low heat input much easier without overheating or burning through, and distortion is minimized. Spatter and fumes are reduced because the electrode is not overheated - even with larger diameter wires and 100% CO2 shielding gas. This gas and wire combination lowers consumable costs. STT ideal for open root, pipe and plate welds, thin gauge material in automotive industry, silicon bronze, stainless steel and nickel alloy in the petrochemical utility and food industry, galvanized steel, semiautomatic and robotic applications.

Immediately after the arc re-ignites, the current is therefore raised back up again for a defined short period to what is known as the melt pulse. Only then is the current lowered to an extremely low basic level to minimize further melting, and the next cycle begins. This melt pulse after each short circuit generates a melting cone of a constant size on the electrode which means that process continues very smoothly and evenly. This is the only way it has been possible to work at extremely low currents in the phases between the short circuits, without the wire melting further or the arc going out. All this goes to make up the


Fig. 4 - Principle of STT process and view of its one cycle very low- energy Cold Arc process.

The main areas of application are: • Joining of thinnest sheets from 0.3 mm thickness. • Brazing and welding of zinc coated sheets. • Heat-reduced brazing on basis of novel zinc wires as an alternative to Cu based alloys, such as CuSi3. • Joining of mixed joints, such as steel-aluminum, steel-magnesium (StAl, St-Mg). • Welding of magnesium alloys. AC Aluminium Pulsed GMAW Process AC Aluminum Pulse (GMAW) brings features that cannot be realized with standard DC pulse MIG welding. The AC pulse process reduces the heat input by focusing the energy away from the base plate and switching the polarity of the arc. Productivity increases with improved deposition rates using AC Aluminum Pulse (GMAW) waveform technology.

This is possible because the negative polarity arc redirects the heat away from the workpiece, reducing the chance of burnthrough.

Synergic Welding in AC Aluminum Pulse AC Aluminum Pulse waveforms are Synergic weld modes. Based on the wire feed speed, set by the operator, a preprogrammed voltage is automatically selected. The Arc length is fine-tuned by using the Voltage adjustment. With this technology, it is now easier to weld thin aluminum and bridge gaps. Precise control of the heat input is achieved using AC Aluminum Pulse (GMAW).

Wise Fusion -Reduced Gap Technology Reducing the groove angle can add significantly to the efficiency and productivity of welding of heavy metal structures. The RGT combines intelli-

Fig. 8 - Phases of Cold Arc process high speed film gent arc control with high-tech power source, wire feeder and mechanization equipment.

The major gains using this technology are: • • • •

20° Groove angle instead of 45°– 60° 38% Savings in arc time 25% Savings in filler material 5 Weld passes needed instead of 7

KEY BENEFITS • More productive - Weld more per day compared to normal MIG/MAG welding • Less labour costs - Per welded meter • Savings in filler costs - By ability to decrease groove angle by 10° • Increases welding speed compared to MMA, TIG and standard MAG short arc welding • Gives the possibility to reduce groove volume • Allows wide range of root gaps and faces without incomplete or excessive penetration • Easier to learn welding technique • No need for backing ring • Less spatter • Allows welding of fixed pipes in all positions • Allows welding of rotated pipes • Allows welding with long cables • Processes can be used with different materials; steel, stainless steels and high alloyed steels • In WiseRoot+ excellent arc characteristic also with CO2 • Wide selection of wire diameter (0,8 – 1,2)

KEY APPLICATIONS Fig. 7 - Phases of Cold Arc process JULY 2018 |

• Tanks and silos


• Pressure vessels and boilers • Pipelines SUPERPULSE™ - The Advanced Welding Process if control of heat input is essential

ADVANTAGES OF SUPERPULSE • Makes positional welding easier and allows welding with low heat input • Provides uniform penetration and

allows operator more control over welding speed • TIG-looking weld appearance with MIG • Adaptable to all kind of mechanization for example MIG Welding Carriages • Extends working range with larger wire size

• Less sensitive to joint gap variations and unequal heat transfer

Swift Arc Transfer (SATTM) Swift Arc Transfer (SATTM) is a high productivity MAG process that utilizes non-copper coated wires at travel speeds well beyond the limits of normal spray arc welding. SAT produces flat welds with a good penetration and without undercut. An additional advantage is the low heat input, resulting in less deformation. SAT is developed for robotic, automated and mechanized welding. It is suited for fillet and overlap welds in thin to thick plate, in downhand positions. The above figure shows the various arc types which occur in MAG welding as a function of the arc voltage and wire feed speed (welding current). Short, mixed, spray and rotating arc are arc modes that follow in a natural sequence when the arc voltage and wire feed speed are proportionally increased. At even higher wire feed speeds, but at lower arc voltage than for the rotating arc, the SAT arc is created The SAT process can operate with a range of wire diameters at several levels of deposition rate.

User benefits of SAT • A stable process at very high welding speed. • Excellent weld appearance. • A good weld penetration. • Low heat input and low deformation. • Less post weld labour, due to limited spatter and deformation. • Suited for thin up to thick materials with a single parameter setting. • Easy to implement – common torch positions, normal stickout length. • Very low amount of silicates.

Hot Wire GTAW Process Pulse / short arc - Replace the TIG process by welding the root pass with the pulse / short-arc process. This process enables full control of the heat input for any thin sheet welding. JULY 2018 |

Hot-wire GTA welding has been developed to improve the deposition rate through heating of the filler wire. This


Spray arc / pulse - A very efficient process in positional welding of thicker materials. Aluminium can be welded straight upwards without the usual torch manipulation. (Less tiring for the operator)

The various Arc types that happen with MAG Welding

Cladding done with HOT WIRE TIG process

Pulse / pulse - A very efficient process in welding of Aluminium of thickness 1.5 to 7 mm in all position and all types of joints

process is suitable for almost all the materials. Hot wire GTAW setup consist of TIG power source , Hot wire power source for heating the wire, wire feeder with special vibrating arrangement for wire and wire feeding mechanical arrangement on TIG torch. Apart from advantages of TIG process, it can replace the MIG process for its deposition rate.

Advantages of Hot Wire TIG Process: A View of Weld Joints

• Very High Welding speed as compare to normal TIG process. It can weld upto 1.2 meter/min. • Excellent weld appearance • Excellent penetration achieved upto 8 mm depth. • No fumes and no post welding process like grinding etc. • Due to high deposition rate, this process is most suitable for Cladding operation

(Contributed by Ador Welding Ltd.]

JULY 2018 |

TNC 640 – The new High-End Control for Milling and Turning Operations The new TNC 640: for the first time, milling and turning are combined in one TNC. Now users can switch as desired between milling and turning—within the same NC program. Switchover is independent of the machine kinematics. It automatically takes the respective operating mode into account and without any additional action.This new simplicity is complemented by dialog-guided plain language programming, the optimized user interface, powerful programming aids as well as comprehensive cycle packets taken from amply field-proven HEIDENHAIN controls into the new TNC 640.


Angle Encoders

Linear Encoders

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Contouring Controls

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Position Displays

Length Gauges

Rotary Encoders


Ceramic coatings from Spraymet for refurbishing Machine Tool parts

Waste into wealth: Spraymet harnesses the best of surfacing technologies to reclaim machinery components and parts and conserve resources


achine Tool Industry has undergone major developments in providing enhanced service life to spindles, arbors, bearings, etc. Ceramic Coatings by Plasma Spray have been in use in many industries since 1960. Since last decade, this process and ceramic coatings are being used to provide surfaces to seal areas of spindles, contact faces of arbors and electrical and heat insulation to bearings. Apart from OEM level coatings, many user industries are using ceramic coating for refurbishing of spindles and other machine tool parts.

Typical Spray Materials used with Plasma Spray Metals and its alloys: Steels, Ni alloys, Co alloys, Moy, bronze, copper, Babbit, etc. Ceramics: Chromium Oxide, Aluminium Oxide, Al Oxide + TiO2, ZrO2, etc. Carbides: Tungsten carbide, Cromium carbide, TiC Hardness range of coatings: From SOFT 60Rb (Bronze) to HARD 70 Rc (ungsten carbide)

Benefits of Plasma Sprayed Ceramic over Hard Chrome Environmental: Less hazardous as there is no Hexavalent chrome involved dust disposal; easier than bath liquid. Performance: 3-4 Times more wear resistant than Hard-chrome; Micro porosity holds lubrication; Selective area coating is possible; Higher thickness up to 300 JULY 2018 |

microns per side is possible. Limitations: Ceramics are brittle and are to be handled carefully. The process is not as widely available as hardchrome.

Spraymet Surface Technologies Bangalore-based Spraymet Surface Technologies Pvt. Ltd., headed by Mr. P.T. Bindagi, Technical Director and a veteran metallurgist, is engaged in thermal spray, ENP plating and weld surfacing. While their main plant is in Bangalore, the second plant is located in Pune, to stay closer to its customers especially from the automobile sector which is demanding technical excellence, proximity and service all at the same time. Spraymet has the distinction of having pioneered the carbide coatings in the steel mills and galvanizing line roll coating. Spraymet owns a few proprietary coatings like Moly bend (Spraymet MoB) for metal-to-metal wear, and Ductile matrix carbide (Spraymet DMC) for plastic process feed screws. Mr. Bindagi is working towards expanding applications in turbine industry, medical implants, and other frontiers. In his quest to spread knowledge, Mr. Bindagi also picks students from universities for project work related to tribology and wear metallurgy. Spraymet has helped the industry save a lot of money and helped conserve its scarce resources. – P.K. Balasubbramaniian

Hall# A21 22 to 24 Aug 2018


Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Booth# I21 6 to 8 Sep 2018 Hitex Exhibition Center, Hyderabad


Laser Welding – Applications in Manufacturing Lasers have penetrated in to every field including medicine, entertainment, computers, printing, etc. and manufacturing is no exception. Manufacturing engineers have exploited the capabilities of laser to make parts better & cheaper.

L Mr. Halaswamy Magod Managing Director Magod Laser Machining Pvt Ltd.

asers have gained popularity in manufacturing processes like cutting, welding, drilling, engraving, hardening, cladding (metal deposition), machining, etc. This article will explain briefly about the laser welding & it benefits, applications in industry and tips on designing for laser welding. Laser is a monochromatic and coherent light that comes with different wavelengths. The typical lasers used in manufacturing are in the infrared range. Among them the popular Co2 laser has a wavelength of 10.6 micrometer and solid state laser (Fiber, Disk, Diode) around 1.06 micrometers. Apart from wavelength, the other important charateristics of laser are Power (Watts) , Beam size & Beam shape. Laser welding is a process of joining two materials using laser as heat source to melt the materials to liquid phase, and then allowing it to solidify. Basically there are three types of laser welding: Conduction welding, Deep Penetration welding & Laser Brazing. Except for laser brazing, normally there is no addition of filler material in other welding.

Laser welding in Sheet Metal Fabrication

JULY 2018 |

It is the fusion of two base materials which will form the weld. Laser welding has been in use for welding both metals and non-metals like plastics. There are both automated & manual welders in use. Laser welding has some distinctive advantages compared to other welding processes like MIG, TIG, Arc, EBW, etc.

Advantages of Laser Welding Some of the advantages of laser welding are: • Very less heat input compared to other welding processes. Energy input is less than 20J/mm in laser compared to approx 120 to140 J/mm for TIG/MIG welding. This results in less distortion, less fixturing and also allows for welding thin sections without distortions. • Filler material is not required in most of the cases • Very good depth-to-width ratio • Non-Contact Process. Easier access to weld regions or inaccessible regions. • Narrow weld bead results in Aesthetically appealing weld beads , no post operations like grinding is required • Can weld dissimilar metals/materials and also a wide range of materials • Can be automated • High reproducibility due to process consistency over long periods and no wear parts • Not much change in the metallurgical properties. Laser welded parts can be formed/bent to some extent after welding due to more homogeneity in the weld area. • High welding speeds can be achieved • Relatively high welding strength compared to conventional welding

MENNEKES Electric India Ptv. Ltd. No. 2 D, Dhanakotti Raja Street, Gandhi Nagar Ekkattuthangal | Chennai - 600 032 | INDIA Tel. + 91 (0) 44 222 535 - 61 | Fax + 91 (0) 44 222 535 - 65 |


Highest degree of variability. For each application purpose.

MENNEKES Electric India Ptv. Ltd.

MENNEKES Electric India Ptv. Ltd. No. 2 D, Dhanakotti Raja Street, Gandhi Nagar No. 2 D, Dhanakottiraja Street Ekkattuthangal Ekkattuthangal 600 097 Chennai |–Chennai INDIA - 600 032 | INDIA Tel.044 + 91 (0)535-61 44 222 535/ -63 - 61 | Fax + 91 (0) 44 222 535 - 65 Tel. 222 / -62 Fax 044 222 535-65 | |

“AMAXX DUO provides switched and interlocked safety as multiple distributor.”


methods • All types of joints can be laser welded like Butt, Lap, T-Joints

Some of the disadvantages are: • High capital investment • Need better quality child parts without gaps, oil, rust, etc. • Accurate locating of parts with fixtures. • Lack of application & process knowledge in the industry as of now.

Types of Welding Based on the laser power, Laser welding is classified into two types. Micro welding and Macro welding. Welding with power sources less than 500 Watts come under Micro welding and above

500 Watts under Macro welding. Plastic welding is another area which is getting very popular, wherein some grades of plastics can be joined by laser,eliminating the toxic glue/adhesive from the process and also can weld complex parts which cannot be produced by conventional plastic moulding process in a single piece. Micro welding is generally used for small parts which are heat sensitive and are made of thin sections. These lasers are either in Pulsed mode or Continuous Wave (CW) mode. Macro welding is used where high weld depths (more than 1 mm) are required for strength.. Initial application of laser welding was in watch industry for spot welding of small watch parts. Later it has moved to all industries mainly driven by Automobile, Aerospace, Consumer goods, Electronic, Medical and Process industries. Micro welding is mainly used in manufacturing of parts in Medical, Electronics, Sensors, and Fine filters industry, whereas Macro welding is used in Automobile, Process, Electrical, Aerospace,

Laser Welding of Automotive Gears Construction, Transport, etc. Some of the parts commonly laser welded in Automotive are Transmission gears, Tailor welded blanks, Roof welding, Sheet metal parts, Battery packs and other small parts in Steering, Turbo charges, Catalytic converter, etc. The Laser welding can be economical if the parts are designed keeping in view the advantages of the laser welding process.

Designing for Laser Welding Typically 70% of the product cost is decided at design stage and remaining 30% at all other subsequent stages like Manufacturing, Purchase etc., combined. Therefore, it makes sense to apply benefits of laser welding at design stage rather than at production stage to bring down the cost significantly.

Some of the things a designer should consider for Laser Welding are:

Laser Welding of Aeroengine Titanium Rotor JULY 2018 |

• Use of different combination of materials: Single part can be designed using different materials & thicknesses to take advantage of the material property and can later be joined by laser welding and further processed. E.g. Material with better strength can be used where the loads are acting and material with better magnetic properties where such properties are required. Right now, automobile industry is widely using ‘Laser Welded Tailor Blanks’ in construction of auto


Laser Welding of Transmission part for Earthmoving Equipment bodies. • Simplification of complex parts: A part with complex operations can be broken down into simple parts. These simple parts are manufactured on different machines and then joined by laser welding to get the desired part. • Designing parts for Remote welding: The parts used for remote welding should be designed in such a way that the weld joints should be visible to the scanner. The weld joints can be inaccessible, but should be visible. • Neutralising Tolerances with joint designs • Use of thinner Material: The laser

Laser Welding of Dissimilar Metals (Cu – Ti- SS) does not burn the edges & warp like conventional welding methods. This allows for use of thinner material, thus saving a lot of material cost. • Welding edges should have good surface contact without any gaps. Does not require pre-processes like grooves /chamfer for filler. • The parts should be designed to take advantage of speed of welding using automation. The parts getting welded should have minimum possible freedom of movements between them for better automation. The movement can be restricted by using good/tight fits, step turning at joints for round parts,

Laser Welding (micro) of fine filters for Biotech Industry notches, slots, etc. • For Plastic welding, one of the parts should be transparent to allow the laser beam to pass through it.

Fixture design is the key to Success in Laser Welding. The fixture should be designed to cover the following requirements: • Very less gap between the parts to be welded (less than 0.1mm) • Repeatability in positioning of the work piece • Compensate for manufacturing tolerances • Ease of loading and unloading the parts It is very important that the designer understands the manufacturing processes well and then uses his imagination to exploit the benefits of laser welding process to get an optimized design. Laser Based Manufacturing processes, in spite of being capital intensive, can be a low cost manufacturing process. The designer & manufacturing engineers have to innovate in their designs & processes considering the benefits offered by Laser Welding. In the days to come, there is no doubt that Laser Welding will be the preferred joining process in the industry.

Laser Welding of Tailor Welded Blanks for Automotive Industry JULY 2018 |

IN_Automotive-Ad_210mm_x_297mm.indd 1

09.01.2018 13:59:06


HEIDENHAIN Encoders for industrial robots Significant accuracy improvement at the tool center point Speed, power and durability are key characteristics of industrial robots. These robots are typically used in applications such as welding or in lifting heavy components for vehicle assembly. Yet despite advanced calibration methods, the position accuracy of industrial robots has been inadequate for certain tasks. This is now changing thanks in part to highly accurate, output-side encoders from HEIDENHAIN and AMO.


he main driver behind this development has been the aerospace industry because it must perform highly accurate machining operations on very large components. Machine tools would achieve the required level of accuracy with ease but are either too inflexible or too expensive as special-purpose machines for the job sites and working spaces involved. A robot, however, can easily reach any position on a very large component, such as the fuselage of an aircraft, and can perform tasks on it such as drilling and milling. Accuracy is impaired by many factors For these kinds of applications, however, the tool center point (i.e., the tool at the end of the robot’s arm) must be positioned and guided with sufficient accuracy. This is where the classic industrial robot runs up against its limits.

Deviations result from a variety of factors: • In order to achieve the desired level of maneuverability, robots with serial kinematics are required, such as articulated robots with six axes. • Each one of these axes is driven by a servo motor with a gear train. Zero position error, backlash, and joint elasticities are the main sources of inaccuracy. • Applied forces and dynamic effects during the machining process affect the rigidity of the robot’s mechanics and negatively influence the absolute position accuracy. Thanks to advanced calibration methods, it is already possible to move a tool center point to a certain position

JULY 2018 |

repeatedly to within several hundredths of a millimeter. Depending on the manufacturer, the repeatability of articulated robots as per ISO 9283 is ±0.1 mm or better. However, when compared with repeatability, the absolute position accuracy that can be achieved within the robot’s coordinate system is worse by a factor of ten. Depending on their design, maximum range, and maximum load capacity, articulated robots currently achieve an absolute position accuracy of ±1 mm. This is insufficient for meeting the accuracy requirements of industries such as the aerospace sector. Yet robot manufacturers have been responding to this problem.

accuracy, and they are resistant to strong vibrations. Since these encoders feature a purely serial EnDat interface, even applications exposed to strong electromagnetic interference do not impair data transfer quality or safety. These inductive rotary encoders support safety integrity level SIL 2, category 3 PL d. They can even attain SIL 3, or category 4 PL e, if additional measures are taken on the control. These encoders also provided the added safety advantage of mechanical fault exclusion against the loosening of the shaft and stator connection. With this safety package, these inductive rotary encoders can also be used in systems designed for human-robot collaboration.

Step 1: highly dynamic motor control

Step 2: secondary encoders for highly accurate position measurement

Classic rotary encoders continue to provide the servo motor feedback at the robot’s axes. Because servo motors require high control dynamics, the robust inductive rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN, such as those of the ECI 1100 and 1300 series, or multiturn models of the EQI 110 and 1300 series, are ideal for this type of application. These encoders deliver high control quality and system

Robotics manufacturers can significantly improve the absolute position accuracy of their robots by using additional, high-accuracy angle encoders or rotary encoders at every robot axis. These socalled secondary encoders, which are mounted after each gear train, capture the actual position of every robot joint. This allows the encoders to account for

Figure 1: Classic HEIDENHAIN rotary encoder for motor feedback


Table 1: Comparison of the most important specifications for typical secondary encoders

ECA 4000

Figure 2: Improvement of the absolute position accuracy through the use of so-called secondary encoders on every axis zero position error and backlash. The retroactive forces on each axis resulting from the machining task are measured as well. All of this results in a 70 to 80 percent improvement of the absolute position accuracy at the tool center point. Modular angle encoders, such as the HEIDENHAIN ECA 4000 with optical scanning, the HEIDENHAIN ECI 4000 rotary encoder with inductive scanning, and the AMO WMR angle encoder, are well-suited for these applications. Thanks to their modular design with a scale drum or scale tape and a separate scanning unit, these encoders are well suited for large hollow-shaft diameters and for the challenging installation requirements often encountered in robots due to space constraints. The signal quality of these secondary encoders is considerably better than that of the rotary encoders on the servo motor, meaning that the returned position values

Figure 3: High-accuracy HEIDENHAIN and AMO encoders for absolute position measurement on robots JULY 2018 |

ECI 4000


Scanning principle Absolute, Optical

Absolute, Inductive

Incremental, inductive

Inside diameter

70 mm to 512 mm

90 mm / 180 mm

60 mm to 10 000 mm


29 bits

20 bits

Depends on the subsequent electronics

System accuracy


±25“ / ±40“

±3“ per meter of arc length

Resistance to contamination




Mounting tolerances




are significantly more accurate even for highly dynamic movements.

Step 3: accurate position measurement for movable robots In order to reach all of the machining positions on very large or long components, such as an aircraft fuselage or for manufacturing large composite fiber components, robots can be moved along the length of the component on linear axes. For the highly accurate positioning of robots with a linear drive, enclosed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are available in lengths of up to 30 m. Position measurement from a linear encoder compensates for thermal errors and other factors that influence the feed mechanisms. These factors cannot

Figure 4 : HEIDENHAIN linear encoders

be captured by means of conventional position detection methods based on the pitch of the recirculating ball screw and the angular position of the rotary encoder on the motor.

Conclusion: highly-accurate position measurement improves accuracy at the tool center point The use of secondary encoders on all of a robot’s axes, as well as the use of linear encoders for positioning the robot relative to the workpiece, enables a level of accuracy at the tool center point that allows appropriately equipped industrial robots to perform positionally accurate machining and handling tasks on components. Angle and linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN and AMO offer not only the required system accuracy but also the necessary flexibility for installation in complex and compact robot mechanisms. The suitability of these encoders for safety-related applications also makes it possible to implement human-robot collaboration systems.



With SICK, you can achieve more: More efficiency in process control, more stability in measurement results, and more transparency of your process data. With complete solutions for power generation, cement production, waste recycling, chemical production, or natural gas supply chain – perfectly adapted to the process landscape. Including the shaping of technological advancements. We think that’s intelligent.

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LogiDrive – Cost reductions thanks to standardization Different gear units and motor types, sizes, options and gear ratios often result in a large variety of drive versions – a considerable cost factor. A reduction in the number of variants can result in optimised processes and costs. The LogiDrive standardised IE4 geared motor versions are the solution for intralogistics. Safety functions

LogiDrive drive units consist of an IE4 synchronous motor, a twostage helical bevel gear unit and a NORDAC LINK field distributor

L LogiDrive drive technology is suitable for horizontal conveyors, inclined conveyors and vertical conveyors. Thanks to extensive certification, LogiDrive systems can be installed without problems throughout the world. JULY 2018 |

ogiDrive systems are highly efficient, and thanks to Plug & Play technology they are extremely maintenance-friendly and result in a considerable reduction of spare part stocks. The standardised geared motor variants are specially designed for intralogistics and airport technology and are particularly suitable for reducing the number of versions. The compact design saves space and the lightweight aluminium housing enables weight savings of up to 25%. LogiDrive drive units comprise an IE4 synchronous motor with rated powers of up to 5.5 kW, a 2-stage helical bevel gear unit and a frequency inverter which is installed close to the motor. The inverter is equipped with a mains switch, a key switch to isolate the drive unit from the system controller and a direction selector switch for local installation mode.

AS-i and all common field bus and industrial Ethernet interfaces can be integrated. With class IE4 motor efficiency and system efficiency to class IES2, the drive units achieve excellent overall efficiencies - especially in the partial load and speed range. With this, they pay for themselves within a short time and considerably reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). LogiDrive drive units from NORD are equipped with the safety functions STO and SS1 according to DIN EN 618005-2 and DIN EN 60204-1 and have a high overload capacity. As the system for conveyor technology has a modular structure, all drive technology components can be serviced individually, which reduces service and maintenance costs in intralogistics.

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State-of-the-art car engines perform best with state-of-the-art Auto Cables. • Thin wall insulation • Higher current carrying capacity • Withstands temps. from -50°C to 150°C • REACH & RoHS certified

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Why the C6015 ultra compact IPC is ideal for edge computing The ultra-compact C6015 Industrial PC (IPC) is the ideal space-saving, high-performance IoT edge device to fully utilise these advantages for new and legacy systems in the process industries

Measuring just 82 x 82 x 40 mm, the C6015 IPC with its Intel® Atom™ processor represents the ideal combination of compact design and high performance for use as an IoT edge device.

Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor offering up to four CPU cores, the C6015 provides sufficient processing power for simple collection, processing and provision of process data and for the more complex tasks required of a modern IoT gateway JULY 2018 |


y integrating comprehensive IoT and analytics functionality, PCbased control technology opens up a wealth of options to optimise production. System consistency in the control platform ensures simple implementation and high transparency: A universal portfolio of components for explosion protection, including the ELX series EtherCAT Terminals, enables end-to-end automation of even large and complex processing plants. The TwinCAT software platform offers specific interfaces and libraries for process technology, and enables convenient cloud integration via TwinCAT IoT and data analysis via TwinCAT Analytics in perfect synchronisation with control cycles. A high-performance IoT edge device is available in the form of the C6015 ultra-compact IPC, a universally suitable machine control platform.

C6015 as an exceptionally compact IoT edge device

Measuring just 82 x 82 x 40 mm, the exceptionally compact C6015 IPC with multi-core technology can be flexibly installed even in highly confined spaces. Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ processor offering up to four CPU cores, the C6015 provides sufficient processing power for simple collection, processing and provision of process data and for the more complex tasks required of a modern IoT gateway. The Microsoft Azure™ certification of the C6015 underscores that the device is ideal for state-of-theart Industrie 4.0 applications. The C6015 is predestined for such communication tasks especially when retrofitting and connecting legacy systems. Existing process technology systems can be easily equipped with additional IoT capabilities using this IoT edge device or they can be readied to meet future communication requirements. In this way, operators of process technology systems gain access to the full wealth of IoT and analytics solutions supported by Beckhoff technology, regardless of the automation technology used – be it PC-based control or third-party control platforms. This reduces production costs, optimises product quality and improves the overview and transparency of all process workflows. In addition, system availability and productivity can be increased and cloud-based services used, for example, to implement predictive maintenance.

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LARGEST RANGE OF INSULATION RESISTANCE TESTERS : KM 01 / 03 / 41 / 71 / 81, KM 370, KM 379, KM 877, KM 1154TMF, KM 1152MF, KM 2803IN, KM 2804IN, KM 2805MK-1, KM 6213A IN Models with Output Voltage From 100V ~ 15kV.

An ISO 9001:2015 Company



 Microprocessor controlled Menu driven.  Measuring 30 Insulation Test Voltage Ranges. 500V, 1kV, 1.5kV, 2kV, 2.5kV, 3kV, 3.5kV, 4kV, 4.5kV, 5kV, 5.5kV, 6kV, 6.5kV, 7kV, 7.5kV, 8kV, 8.5kV, 9kV, 9.5kV, 10kV, 10.5kV, 11kV, 11.5kV, 12kV, 12.5kV, 13kV, 13.5kV, 14kV, 14.5kV, 15kV.  Insulation Resistance 70G / 0.5KV, upto 2T  AC Voltage : 0 ~ 700V.  DC Voltage : 0 ~ 1000V.  Short circuit current upto 5mA.  PI, DAR, Auto Hold & Data Logging Function.




 Sensing : AC, True RMS


 Display : 3-5/6 digits 6000 Counts Backlight LCD Display.

 LOCK-Test Mode for Insulation resistance &

 Auto or Manual-ranging mode.

Earth Continuity Test.

 VFD AC Voltage : 600V  AC / DC Voltage :

 Test Voltage Ranges :

6V ~ 1000V (KM 878); 60.00mV ~ 1000V (KM 887)

50V / 100V / 250V / 500V / 1000V  Insulation Resistance : 3M ~ 25G  Short circuit current upto 1mA.

 DCmA / ACmA : 60mA ~ 600mA (KM 878)  AC/DC A, mA & A Ranges : 600.0A ~ 10A (KM 887)  Capacitance : 3F ~ 30mF (KM 878)  Resistance : 600 ~ 60M(KM 878) 60.0 ~ 60M(KM 887)



 Adjustable testing duration : 1 ~ 30 minutes.

 Microprocessor controlled Menu driven.

 Internal memory for data storage.

 Test Insulation Resistance upto 10T

 Voltmeter : AC Voltage : 30 ~ 600V;

 4 Insulation Test Voltages : 500V, 1000V, 2500V & 5000V.  Short circuit current upto 5mA.

DC Voltage : 30 ~ 600V  Accuracy : ±(2.0%rdg + 3dgts);  Resolution : 1V

 PI, DAR, Auto-ranging & Auto-hold Function.  Current Measurement : 0.5nA ~ 0.55mA (Depending on the insulation resistance)  Power Supply with Rechargeable Battery.  Optical USB to RS-232 data transmission.  2 built-in optical LEDs for data transfer.

 200 measurement results can be saved in memory & recalled on display.

TO VIEW THE FULL DETAILS OF EACH PRODUCT VISIT : G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, T. J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai - 400 015. India. Tel. : 24124540, 24156638, 24181649, 27750662, 27750292 Fax : (022) 2414 9659 E-mail : ,



Han-Smart Industrial Power Outlet DC: The Secure Connection in the Smart Grid A modified, DC-based network infrastructure can support both the energy transition by increasing the efficiency of power distribution, as well as by better responding to the specific energy needs of Industrie 4.0.


lectric motors in the industrial sector are often equipped with frequency converters for continuously variable rotation speed control. Speed-adjusted drives help optimise manufacturing process and energy usage. Frequency converters typically feature an integrated rectifier with line filter, which always requires a lossy conversion of electrical energy from AC to DC voltage. It therefore makes sense to make the DC link the actual infrastructure connection and to declare it the Power DC lifeline of industry. As a result of increased use of renewable energies and the storage of energy in rechargeable batteries, more and more DC voltage is being added to the production grid. Hence, from this perspective as well it makes sense to rely on a DC grid infrastructure in the future. If the frequency inverter is supplied with DC voltage via a DC direct feed, additional decentralised conversion is no longer necessary. This reduces potential transformer losses, since rectifying AC in a central converter is more efficient than rectifying in many decentralised units. Potential conversion losses are sig-

JULY 2018 |

nificantly lower, as can quickly be seen from the diagram in Figure 1. Here, DC motors and other DC system components are supplied with DC voltage. However, DC networks pose completely new challenges for the connectors that are deployed, since 800V DC voltage behaves significantly differently from the wellknown 400 Volt AC voltage. Accidentally unplugging a connector under load creates an arc that in turn creates significant hazard potential for the user. Although disengaging

under load was also not allowed with 400 VAC connectors, the risk potential was significantly lower due to rapid arc extinguishing at AC voltage.But it is not only the safety requirements that lead to a rethinking of this interface. The use of connectors in DC infrastructure is accompanied by the goal to grow systems and their supply infrastructure together into a flexible unit. From the operator’s perspective, the ability to quickly reconfigure equipment for new products is crucial: the smoother the change-out, the more efficient the system. This trend fits in with the context of convertible systems, the Smart Factories of Industrie 4.0. Thus, two major mega-trends come together here: the Smart Factory trend and the trend towards the Smart Grid.But what prerequisites does the connector need to bring along which enable a DC system component to be reconfigured while also offering users additional value?


• Personal protection: unintentional unplugging of a connector in a DC industrial setup must be avoided. • Protection for connectors: under EN 61 984, disengaging under load is not permitted for connectors since it poses risks for the user and damages the contact surface. • Equipment protection: disengaging under load leads to an undefined system standstill that can destroy the workpiece, the machine and/or the entire system. Protection for persons and system/ equipment can only be achieved by actively locking the connector and thus preventing unintentional or improper disengagement. The Industrial Power Outlet DC accesses sensor data on the

operating state and virtually rules out human error. One advantage offered by this is that even non-specialists can plug in equipment modules. Corresponding electromechanical precautions ensure that plugging and unplugging are no problem for the operator and the system or equipment. The Han-Smart Industrial Power Outlet DC meets all these requirements. It represents a universal interface for the transmission of power, data and signals. Additionally integrated is an option for locking under load, a step that protects both operator and equipment. As a result, the module interface becomes a smart I4.0 component. The basic version of the Industrial Power Outlet features sensor-based

evaluation that checks whether the requirements in IEC 61984 are met. The connector is only released when the contacts are voltage and current-free. The “Enhanced” version is also equipped with a comprehensive sensor system. This allows the box to collect metrics data needed for predictive maintenance and make the “Smart Factory” available. The condition of the equipment upstream to the Box is continuously monitored, which reduces downtime.

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Han-Eco® B:Rear-Mounted Connector Saves Times And Money HARTING multiplies the possible uses of plastic connectors. The Han-Eco® range now includes plastic housings that are fully compatible with the standard Han® B. This opens up the entire portfolio of Han® B inserts for the Han-Eco®


he new Han-Eco® connectors provide enhanced functionality for the industry standard Han® B compared to their metal-case counterparts. Innovations include e.g. the option of rear mounting when assembling a switch cabinet: pre-assembled inserts no longer need to be inserted from the outside into a bulkhead-mounted housing on the control cabinet wall. During assembly, the ends of the wiring harnesses can be snapped into the mounting housing from the inside of the switch cabinet - rearward. This option simplifies assembly and thus saves time and costs. Switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately. A better division of labour is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be

JULY 2018 |

outsourced.In addition to monoblocks for Han® B, the Han-Modular® range can also be used in plug-compatible fashion in the new Han-Eco®. The hinged frame allows the modules to be integrated into the plastic housing. As a result, this considerably increases the application possibilities for plastic housings in manufacturing. The new plastic connectors are plug-com-

patible with the standard metallic Han® B housings. Compatibility with existing interfaces in environments using the Han® B standard is thus fully guaranteed. Subject to cost and quality requirements, designers can take advantage of all the benefits of plastic and/or metal. The high-performance plastic of the Han-Eco® B is as robust as that of all other Han-Eco® components. The usual advantages are retained: plastic connectors are not only easy to install, they are also resistant to corrosion and offer flexible assembly options.

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eissel India, started in 1994, as a turned parts manufacturer, branched out into cable glands and electrical wiring accessories from 2009, to serve the vast and yet fully untapped Indian market. In just 8 years and over 100+ satisfied customers, it has earned a name for itself among the users of its products, some of them being large International Companies. The sections of industry served by Geissel India are aerospace, automation & robotics, power, hydraulics, material handling, and pneumatics, to name just a few. Ably assisted by its R & D centre at its mother plant in Germany, Geissel is first in manufacturing the IP 68 Double Compression gland for armoured cables in India. Besides this, it has diverse products like standard IP 68 & 69, multisealing cable glands, plugs, reducers, enlargements, lock nuts, conduits, etc., made in brass, polyamide & stainless steel S.S 303 (1.4305), S.S

316 Ti (1.4571), and all according to ROHS standards. Geissel India is now compliant with the latest standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007, thus totally committing itself to Quality Management Systems, Environment and Health & Safety. From using recycled water, to harnessing its self-produced solar energy for 100% of its own consumption at its German plant, the Group is committed to protect natural resources and implementing sustainability for this generation and the ones to come.

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Changing liners the clever way with replacement bearings from igus Unlimited service life of drylin linear rails thanks to the new Exchange solution, a new kind of lubrication-free bearing times are reduced to a minimum. The bearing, the linear guide or linear axis can therefore be put back into service and be “productive� within just a few seconds. A practical, free tool enables safe installation in no time at all.

Easy linear bearing change without complication

Bearing replacement in seconds: Unlock bearing, use mounting tool to push liner out and push new one in. (Source: igus GmbH)

The bearing enables easy replacement directly on the linear rail. As during a pit stop in Formula 1 racing, the replacement bearing can be changed very quickly and without complication, as a result of which downtimes are reduced to a minimum. JULY 2018 |


he motion plastics specialist relies on liners made of high-performance polymers to ensure that igus linear guides slide silently and precisely. In order to make changing them even easier in extreme situations, igus has now developed a new replacement bearing. Unlock bearing, push liner out and replace it. The principle of the drylin W Exchange bearing is very simple. With the help of a free mounting tool, the liners can be replaced directly on the linear rail in just a few seconds. The maintenance company is thus able to save time and money. Previously, if replacement of the lubrication-free bearing liners in a linear guide rail was due, for example in the case of extremely abrasive sand or glass dust, the entire linear carriage had to be pushed off the rail. For linear axes or multiple-axis linear robots with a toothed-belt drive, this meant a lot of assembly work and also machine downtime. igus has therefore developed a durable replacement bearing for its drylin W linear guides. The bearing enables easy replacement directly on the linear rail. As during a pit stop in Formula 1 racing, the replacement bearing can be changed very quickly and without complication, as a result of which down-

With the help of a simple screwdriver, the side cover of the linear carriage can easily be detached and removed. With the free tool supplied, which the user can also 3D print himself, the liner is pushed out of the carriage and directly removed from the rail. The new bearing made of the wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant high-performance plastic iglidur J200 is then clipped onto the rail and located into the carriage with the mounting tool. The side cover is then placed on the carriage to complete the bearing replacement process. The practical advantages of this are that the rail cannot be damaged and replacement takes place directly on the system. A pin located in the middle of the side cover secures the liner in the carriage. Alternatively, replacement can also be carried out with a screwdriver. On the new liner and in the carriage, igus has provided special recesses for this purpose. The new Exchange bearing can currently be retrofitted for all existing drylin W systems of size 10 such as linear guides, linear axes and linear robots. Further sizes are currently being planned.

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Programmable System for non-contact high speed tool breakage detection Industrial realities, where productivity represents the priority to achieve, aim to implement tool measurement solutions, which prove to be quick, accurate and reliable. Aware of such need and willing to develop an application that could avoid affecting production efficiency, Marposs has launched TBD, the Tool Breakage Detector, a time-saving laser-based solution for broken tool detection on machine


BD on milling machines and machining centres permits to keep under control the process, thanks to a very short tool checking cycle. Fast and reliable detection achievable by the TBD allows to reduce production time and to avoid expensive work-pieces scrap due to wrong cutting process by damaged or broken tools. All functionality is contained within the TBD unit compact housing, which can be mounted outside the machine area, saving space on the table. It is possible to choose among different working modes, which endow TBD with a great flexibility. Switching the power to the maximum gives TBD the chance to recognize a tool placed at a longer distance (up to 2 meters), with a standard capability to check the breakage. If a smaller tolerance is required, the reduced power can be set obtaining a smaller beam. Furthermore, an user can choose the filtering level of the signal. In fact, during the checking cycle, some coolant drops could interrupt the beam or coolant stuck on the tool could

JULY 2018 |

create variation in the signal received. Setting “Hi Filter” makes the software of the TBD more restrictive in order to give the more reliable response. On the other hand, choosing “Low Filter” TBD responds in a faster way, as the filter is less severe. Lastly, it is possible to choose the appropriate range of spindle speed, up to 5000 rpm.

The new TBD HS Marposs S.p.A. has recently introduced the new TBD HS, High Speed, on its wide range of products for tool checking on milling machines and machining centers. The new TBD HS is a programmable system for non-contact checking hi-speed tools, particularly committed to those applications where there is the need for hi-speed spindles, up to 80.000 rpm. Thanks to its rotary switch selector, the TBD HS is able to recognize the tool in two different ways, depending on the actual rotational speed, thus minimizing cycle times, generally crucial in this kind of process. Selecting “Quick Recognition”, the tool checking is performed for 10.000 rpm spindle speed and its multiples; on the other hand, it is possible to choose “Hybrid Recognition” if the speed is 1.000 rpm and its multiples or 10.000 rpm and its multiples. With a reflective, clean

tool an impressive 150 msec checking time is achieved, approximately half the time compared to the standard TBD. High spindle speeds and small tool dimensions lead to the need for a fine adjustment for positioning the TBD HS in a very precise way: that is the reason why an effective system has been designed to make accurate and easy the searching procedure of the tool verification position. Once TBD installed and tool approximately pointed, now is even more quick and simple to optimize the laser beam and to find the checking position. The tool breakage detection performed by the TBD HS is improved by the presence (upon request) of a blower for cleaning the receiver glass: taking advantage of the usual standard inlet, both in terms of air flow and pressure, it has been developed a solution able to protect the glass from swarf and scraps without increasing the air consumption. Moreover, when the conditions are particularly harsh because of the aggressive presence of shavings, there is the chance to substitute the standard protection glass with one in sapphire crystal: being 9 out of 10 its hardness degree on the Mohs scale, this kind of protection lets the receiver performance always at its maximum, no more damaged by the extreme machine conditions.

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Regreasing with the right lubricant for better performance How often should one relubricate rolling element bearings? There isn’t a specific answer to this question, since there are numerous factors that influence relubrication frequency. Let us delve deep into this subject

Rolling element bearings can be broadly categorized into: • • • • •

Ball bearings Cylindrical roller bearings Spherical roller bearings Needle roller bearings Tapered roller bearings


olling element bearings, often called bearings, are one of the most common components found in modern day machines. It finds its application in a variety of equipment ranging from electric motors to gearboxes as well as conveyor systems. These bearings undergo a regimented lubrication program which involves timely relubrication to replace grease that has deteriorated, leaked away, or become contaminated. It takes on the spot know-how backed by expertise to determine the relubrication intervals in rolling element bearings, owing to the varying conditions these components operate under. The question that now arises is - how often should one relubricate rolling element bearings? There isn’t a specific answer to this question, since there are numerous factors that influence relubrication frequency. Generally, the smaller the bearing and faster the speed, the less frequent is the interval for relubrication. For instance, ball bearings have a base interval for

relubrication, whereas, for a cylindrical roller, the relubrication frequency is almost five times more relatively.

Factors that determine the re-greasing interval Having factored in the causes that determine relubrication intervals and accelerate the process, the immediate

Some of the factors that determine the re-greasing interval of the bearings are as follows:

Operating Temperature

Environmental Conditions

Adding Grease between Flushing Intervals

Higher temperatures increase a grease’s oxidation rate, doubling it for every 18ºF (10ºC). For example, a bearing operating at 250ºF (120ºC) will require greasing 10 times as often as one operating below 150ºF (65ºC) Grease softens as temperatures increase and may become fluid enough to leak out of the housings

Environmental conditions that subject bearings to contamination, adds on to the relubrication frequency. Bearings exhibit unusual conditions such as excess heat emission, noise, leakage, vibration, etc. under such conditions.

Many rolling element bearings require relubrication with small quantities of grease, between grease flushing intervals. If the seals are in good condition, the quantity of the grease needed may be small and infrequent.

JULY 2018 |


construction and marine sectors. Their performance features make them ideal choices for operating conditions including high temperature, water contamination, shock loading and extended re-lubrication operations.

requirement to be addressed is the way in which we can mitigate relubrication challenges.

ExxonMobil offers premium greases for rolling element bearings that can ensure effective relubrication such as:

Some of the key features of Mobilgrease XHP 220 Series are:

Mobil Polyrex™ EM Series The advanced thickener formulation and proprietary manufacturing techniques of Mobil Polyrex™ EM Series provide improved bearing performance and protection for long electric motor life. Mobil Polyrex EM greases are recommended for long-life lubrication of electric motor ball and roller bearings.

The key features of Mobil Polyrex EM are: • Enhanced grease life ensures longevity, high-temperature lubrication of ball and roller bearings, particularly in sealed-for-life applications • Advanced polyurea thickener increases durability versus conventional polyurea greases when subjected to mechanical shear forces • Low-noise properties is beneficial for lubrication of ball bearings in many noise-sensitive applications

outstanding products. These greases are superior performance products designed for a wide variety of applications at extremes of temperature.

The key features of Mobilith SHC series are: • High and low temperature performance enables protection at high temperatures and low torque • Protection against wear, rust and corrosion reduces downtime and maintenance costs • Structural stability in the presence of water retrains excellent grease performance in hostile aqueous environments

Mobilith SHC™ Series

Mobilgrease XHP™ 220 Series

The Mobilith SHC™ series symbolizes ExxonMobil’s continued commitment to using advanced technology to provide

Mobilgrease XHP™ 220 greases are designed for a wide range of applications including the industrial, automotive,

JULY 2018 |

• Resistance to water washout and spray-off helps assure proper lubrication and protection even in the most severe water exposure conditions • Rust and corrosion resistance offers protection of lubricated parts even in hostile aqueous environments • Broad multi-purpose application provides potential for inventory rationalization and reduced inventory costs Relubrication is paramount for ensuring effective performance, protection and long life of rolling element bearings. When the process of relubrication is accomplished using the right lubricant, the benefits are in the interest of time, maintenance cost, productivity and profitability. ExxonMobil offers a range of greases for relubrication that are reliable and ensures operational benefits for its customers.

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One source automation solutions for new age automakers for new-age automotive makers: Harmonizing relationship between men and machines


s India moves ahead on the trajectory to be a front-runner as the next manufacturing hub, it becomes inevitable that human intelligence and machines work together in harmony to help manufacturers realize the global standards. Omron’s robotics solutions are a step in this direction.

Automotive – the ‘sunrise’ sector under MAKE IN INDIA Pegged at around USD 93 billion, contributing 7.1% to India’s GDP, almost 49% to the nation’s manufacturing GDP, producing 24 million vehicles annually and employing over 29 million people. Billion PEGGED: 93 Contributing INDIA’S GDP: 7.1% Manufacturing GDB Nation : 49% Employing Over 19 Million People: 29

THE STRONG NEED TO AUTOMATE To scale up the value chain to match global standards To ensure zero-defects manufacturing assembly of innumerable complex components needing constant quality checks; one defective product may lead to recalls bringing financial loss, setbacks to credibility and risk to the safety of individuals.

The story is about Subros – one of the frontrunners amongst the integrated manufacturing units in India producing key parts of auto air conditioning systems for passenger, vehicles, buses, trucks, railways, etc.

THE TASK AT HAND • Enhanced quality and controlled productivity for the Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner (HVAC) units the

JULY 2018 |

customer was producing. • The unit was making 50 variants for different models for cars with minute changes in the specifications. • A thorough quality check and monitoring at 40 inspection points for ensuring correct assembly of parts in the unit. • Reduced cycle time and enough flexibility also required to ensure ease of programming while adding new models in the future. • Customer contending coordination with three different vendors for the different components used in the existing solution. • The need had gained more significance owing to a recent major fire mishap and so re-implementation of the inspection solution was utmost important.

WHAT DID WE DO? • GEMBA Team Omron, with its forte in Sensing & Control + Think technology, followed its well-known ‘Gemba’ (at the shop floor) approach, evaluated the site thoroughly and swiftly • CURTING THE ‘COMPLETE’ SOLUTION A ‘one-stop / single-source’ solution designed to leverage the latest technological developments in the automation technology to ensure it addresses not only the current issues but also the future dynamics which the team thought were going to be imminent in such a scenario. • DEPLOYMENT OF A ‘TOTAL TRACEABILITY SYSMAC & ROBOT BASED QUALITY INSPECTION SOLUTUIN’ Leveraging Omron’s wide basket of products that included PLC, robot, vision, safety and engineering capabil-

ities. • A VISION CAMERA MOUNTED ON A SIX – AXES INVERTED ROBOT Not only suspects the quality but also captures images and stores these along with process parameters. • THE SOLUTION SCORES HIGH OVER ALL THE KEY PARAMETERS AMONGST THE EXISTING COMPETITIVE BRANDS In terms of timeliness, accuracy, reliability and productivity. • BEING DESIGNED ON A SINGLE SOURCE PLATFORM It shows exceptional results in saving on time while planning, commissioning and managing after-sales support.

The Key Results:• Almost 50% improvement in productivity • Cycle time reduced: from 45 secs to 30 secs with impeccable quality. • Real time availability of the data and images: for the shop floor team for statistical analysis, quality control, quick identification of faulty parts, managing and tracing loss of components while processing from one plant to another, and for deeper inspection and judgments – all of which the customer was unable to do with the older system. • Empowered with Traceability, the final assembly inspection is now better equipped to tackle ‘recalls’ – by being able to trace back all key parts in the production chain. This exemplifies the utility of this technology in managing human errors & rejection escalations at the end user sites.

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Renishaw conformal cooling solutions prove a boost to moulding productivity


he use of cores incorporating conformal cooling in the moulds for its plastic casings has allowed Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co.KG to reduce the cooling time for each part by 55%, giving a huge boost to the company’s moulding productivity. The special cores, which were designed by Renishaw, were produced using metal additive manufacturing technology.

To meet the increasing demand from around the world, Kärcher produces its compact washer by the million every year. More than two million K2 basic pressure washers alone leave the Obersontheim factory every year. However, even this level of production is unable to meet the global demand.

Challenge Background High-pressure washers from Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co.KG, with their unmistakable bright yellow casings, have become a permanent fixture in many German homes and are growing in international popularity. The devices’ power and reliability encourage people to use their “Kärcher” as part of their daily cleaning routine, both inside and outside the home.

JULY 2018 |

One of the Kärcher washers’ most recognisable features is their bright yellow casings. This was also one of the key bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. For example, the casings for the K2 series washer are produced on six injection moulding machines, each capable of moulding 1,496 casings a day. This was not enough for Kärcher, which has four assembly lines, operating three shifts per day, to give a production capacity of

12,000 assembled and packed K2 high pressure washers each day. Clearly, one option would be to add more moulding machines. However, Leopold Hoffer, the coordinator for injection moulding at Kärcher’s Obersontheim factory, believed that it should be possible to generate more productivity from the existing equipment. “Our aim was to reduce the cycle time from the original 52 seconds to between 40 and 42 seconds,” he explained. He approached Pliezhausen-based LBC Engineering, which was acquired by Renishaw GmbH in May 2013, to work on improving the cooling time in the moulds.

Solution “The first stage of the project was to obtain data for the existing moulds to determine whether Kärcher’s goal was

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Original design of tool for K2 rear yellow case feasible,” recalled Carlo Hüsken, who coordinated the project for Renishaw. The existing injection moulding process was mapped with thermographic images provided by Kärcher and simulated using Cadmould® 3D-F simulation software. This revealed that, within the 52 second cycle time, cooling accounted for 22 seconds, with melting at 220°C and de-moulding at 100°C. The mould tool temperature was controlled with water at a temperature of 35°C and a throughput of 10 litres/minute. Hotspots, detected by the thermography, were also modelled, as these areas were responsible for the extended cycle time and needed to be analysed in more detail. With this data, a simulation of 20 cycles was completed, including an analysis of the wall temperature. Based on a suggestion from Mr Hüsken, the temperature control on the nozzle side was improved for the second simulation run. The beryllium copper, threaded fitting dome, for the body cover was provided with additional cooling by inserting two conventional cooling channels into the mould plate on the nozzle side. Two simulations were then run to assess potential improvements through the use of conformal cooling. Conventional mould cooling is made up of a network of drilled channels. Drilling the channels limits the geometries that can be produced so, while this is adequate JULY 2018 |

New design tool for K2 rear yellow case with conformal cooling for simpler moulds, it cannot provide the most efficient cooling in more complex examples. Conformal cooling is based on the use of metal additive manufacturing to produce the core of the mould. Additive manufacturing builds the cores in a series of thin layers. The flexibility of this approach means that cooling channels of almost unlimited complexity can be incorporated. Typically, conformal cooling is used to keep the channels at a more equal distance from the moulding, giving more even cooling, or to focus on areas where hot spots are known to exist to give more

rapid cooling in those areas. The simulations showed that practically all of the hotspot areas could be improved through conformal cooling, with the wall temperatures reduced by up to 70°C. Finally, in one area where there was insufficient space in the mould to incorporate conformal cooling, Kärcher made clever improvements to the product design in order to alleviate the problem. Based on the results of the simulations, Renishaw presented a comprehensive improvement plan to Kärcher. This showed that conformal cooling could be used to improve the temperature control of the mould hotspots, thereby achieving a more uniform cooling rate and a reduced cooling time. A modified mould design was proposed that would incorporate two additively manufactured cores to provide conformal cooling at the identified hotspots.

Results The results from the modified mould design were checked by Renishaw, using thermographic images supplied. These confirmed that the wall temperatures could be reduced by 40°C to 70°C.

K2 pressure washer casing in production. Credit: Gogoll


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Call today for any Compressed Air Treatment Solution +91 8130311443



| July 2018


Before: Conventional beryllium copper insert with drilled cooling channels. There is a major ‘hot spot’ in this area despite the high level of heat conductivity

After: Metal 3D printed maraging steel insert with an active cooling system, close to the heat source, provides a solution to this problem.

The cooling time was reduced from 22 seconds to 10 seconds, a 55% reduction. Volker Neu, technology and Plastics group leader at Kärcher, produced figures confirming that the new mould design, combined with the re-alignment of some peripheral components (material feed, handling systems, etc.), made it possible to reduce the cycle time from 52 seconds to 37 seconds. As a result, the daily capacity on one machine could be increased from 1,496 to 2,101 castings.

Kärcher then implemented the design changes for the other moulds. The additively manufactured hybrid inserts for these moulds were produced and supplied by Renishaw, with Mr. Hüsken actively supporting the mould-maker during the manufacture of the tooling. Having been sceptical about the project initially, Mr. Hoffer said, “At the end of the day, the results were better than expected. Renishaw sold us a complete improvement package, with a holistic consideration and analysis

Kärcher pressure washer. Credit: Kärcher

JULY 2018 |

Kärcher pressure washer. Credit: Kärcher of the mould used to achieve the best results.” Renishaw always bases its client-specific solutions on a combination of technology. “In our case, this meant a mix of conventional cooling technology, project-specific cores produced using additive manufacturing, and vacuum-brazed cores” he added. “From these ingredients, we created the right recipe for the application.” From this project, Mr. Hoffer has gathered important knowledge and experience. “In future, we will give more attention to cooling in the design phase,” he stated. “Cooling calculations will be an essential stage of each mould design at Kärcher. Using this information, we can then make the decision whether to work with conventional cooling or a conformal cooling solution.” “Renishaw’s support was excellent. For this project, Renishaw was the right choice and the company will also be the right partner when we need close-contour temperature control in the future,” concluded Mr. Hoffer. For more information



| July 2018


Control Techniques Enlists World’s Strongest Man Variable speed drive specialist Control Techniques has linked up with the World’s Strongest Man in a bold new partnership.


As part of the agreement, Eddie will help promote Control Techniques globally in a series of adverts, public appearances and other projects.

JULY 2018 |

ddie Hall, officially the strongest man on the planet, has lent his considerable strengths to the Welsh firm as official brand ambassador. Eddie, who reached the pinnacle of strongman competition, will now appear as the face of Control Techniques, helping raise awareness of its products and capabilities. Control Techniques, based in Newtown, has operations in 44 countries, and is excited to have sealed the deal with Eddie. Anthony Pickering, president of Control Techniques, said: “We’ve been through some transformations recently – new owners, new products on the horizon – and wanted a symbol we could use to demonstrate our re-discovered confidence. “Control Techniques is, and always will be, a specialist company. We make drives, and drive-related technologies, and we have 45 years of heritage based on that. The idea of working with another British specialist who has competed – and won – on a global stage appealed greatly to us. “Since 1973 we have a history of making bold decisions, and working with Eddie is the latest in a long line of firsts

from Control Techniques. We’re looking forward to seeing people’s reactions when they see what we have in store with Eddie.” Eddie added: “Control Techniques is, like me, a specialist in its chosen field. It understands the importance of identifying your strengths and working hard to achieve your goals. “I’m excited to be the face of a British success story in Control Techniques, and I look forward to helping the team there make the right impact.”

About Control Techniques, Control Techniques, a Nidec company, is a world leader in the design and production of electronic variable speed drives for the control of electric motors. Founded in 1973, the company has headquarters in Newtown, Wales. It has dedicated production and R&D sites globally, along with Automation Centres in 45 locations around the world.

For more information,


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AI has conducted pre-feasibility survey of five sites in Mandi district for setting up an international airport in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The authoriity has zeroed on to Balh valley of Mandi district. Around 698 acre of land will be acquired for the airport in the Ner Chowk area. The international airport is expected to boost tourism activity in the state. The site for the airport will be finalised after satellite survey is carried out of the identified location.”

Place: Mandi District Himachal Pradesh Industry: Airport/ Aviation Airports Authority of India (AAI) “V A Chourey, GM Operations, Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-110003, Delhi. Tel : 011-24632950, E-mail: | JULY 2018






uto component maker plans to double up production capacity of prod- ucts and equipment supplied to railways over the next 2-3 years. Place : Haryana Industry: Automotive Component Jatender Mehta, CMD Omax Autos Ltd “Tavinder Thakur, WTD & Head - Supply Chain & Materials, Plot No. 26, 4-Bays, Institutional Area, Sector - 32, Gurgaon - 122001, Haryana. T: 0124-4343000 / 4341000, F: 2580016, E-mail:,

unicipal Corporation of Gurugram is considering plans to undertake cooperative housing project for its staff and councillors. Around 10 acre of land is identified in sector 109. The land belongs to the corporation. The project is currently in the preliminary stage. The cost of the land and construction would be worked out soon. Place: Gurugram Haryana Industry: Housing Municipal Corporation of Gurugram “Raj Kumar Singh, City Town Planner, 25, Jharsa Road, Opp. Civil Hospital, Police Lines, Gurugram, Haryana 122007. T: 0124-2370911, M: 9971498700, in(Yashpal, Honorable Municipal Commissioner,


lans to construct a 10-km bridge across river Ganga in Allahabad. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has recently approved the project. The completion is targeted by 2021. Place: Allahabad Uttar Pradesh Industry: Roads/ Highways/ Bridges Ministry of Road and Highways “Sunil Kumar Gupta, Chief Engineer Allahabad Zone, Allahabad,Uttar Pradesh. T: 0532-2440036, M: 9621703500,


lans to assign the rehabilitation, operations and maintenance of one 29 MLD sewage treatment plant in Salori. Place: Allahabad Uttar Pradesh Industry: Sewage Treatment Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam “P K Agarwal, General Manager, Ganga Pollution Control Unit, Allahabad-211001, Uttar Pradesh. T: 0532-2684896, 2684691,2684179, M: 9473942672, JULY 2018 |

lans to assign the rehabilitation, operations and maintenance of one 50 MLD sewage treatment plant in Numayadahi. Place :Uttar Pradesh Industry: Sewage Treatment Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam “P K Agarwal, General Manager, Ganga Pollution Control Unit, Allahabad-211001, Uttar Pradesh. T: 0532-2684896, 2684691,2684179, M: 9473942672, lans to assign design build rehabili- tate finance operate and transfer sewage treatment plants (STPs) of capacities as set out below along with associate infrastructure with operation and maintenance period of 15 yrs under Hybrid Annuity Based PPP Model in Allahabad. Place : Allahabad Uttar Pradesh Industry: Sewage Treatment Jal Nigam, Uttar Pradesh “V P Yadav, Project Manager, Ganga Pollution Control Unit, Up Jal Nigam, Allahabad-211007, Uttar Pradesh. T: 0532-2684179, 2684691


lans to assign the construction of 42 MLD sewage treatment plant in Naini. Place :Allahabad Uttar Pradesh Industry: Sewage Treatment Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam “P K Agarwal, General Manager, Ganga Pollution Control Unit, Allahabad-211001, Uttar Pradesh. T: 0532-2684896, 2684691, 2684179, M: 9473942672,


agged a contract for planning, designing & construction of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) at Kothipara in Bilaspur District. The contract is awarded by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GoI under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY). AIIMS will come up over 205 acre of land and comprises a a Hospital with capacity of 750 beds which will include Emergency/Trauma Beds, AYUSH Beds, Private Beds and ICU (Specialty & Super Specialty) Beds. Place : Bilaspur District Himachal Pradesh Industry: Healthcare NBCC (India) Ltd “B.Bhattacharya, DGM (Corp Comm), NBCC Bhawan, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003. T: 011-24365593, 24367314-15, F: 24366995, M: 8527556046,, (Dr. Anoop Kumar Mittal, CMD)




lans to set up manufacturing unit with a capacity of 3,415 tonne per month for producing technical grade pesticides at the Dahej-III Industrial Estate in Bharuch. The environment clearance is in place. Place : Bharuch Gujarat Industry: Agrochemicals Dhanuka Agritech Ltd “Harsh Dhanuka, Vice President (Marketing), 14th Floor, Building 5A, Cyber City, DLF Phase III, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana. T: 0124-3838500,”


ndian multinational car manufacturing corporation plans investment towards expanding its electric vehicles portfolio at it’s Chakan plant, Maharashtra. The company plans to invest another Rs 400 crore in its other plants across the country. Place : Pune Maharashtra Industry:Automobile Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Mohan Nair, Sr General Manager (Communications), Automotive Sector, Mahindra Towers- 3rd Floor, Akurli Road, Kandivali (East), Mumbai - 400101, Maharashtra. T: 022-28468510, 28468525, F: 28468523, M: 9004012237, E-mail:, (Pawan Goenka, Managing Director)


he company plans investment in the current financial year to acquire land and set up grinding units in Odisha, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and West Bengal Maharashtra Industry: Cement Shree Cement Ltd “Diwakar Payal, President (Marketing), Bangur Nagar, Beawar - 305 901, District - Ajmer, Rajasthan. T: 01462-228101-06, F: 228117/228119,, shreebwr@shreecementltd com,,

(H M Bangur, Managing Director)”


onstruction of EWS Housing scheme on plot 40 to 45 46S and 47 to 60 in Sector 6 of PCNTDA. Place :Pune Maharashtra Industry: Housing Pimpri- Chinchwad New Town Development Authority “Satishkumar Khadake, CEO, Admin Bldg of PCNTDA, Akurdi Pune-411044, Maharashtra. T: 020-27652934/35


onstruction of LIG housing scheme on plot number 30, 31, 32s, 33 to 39, 61 to 76 in Sector 6 of PCNTDA. Place : Pune Maharashtra Industry: Housing Pimpri- Chinchwad New Town Development Authority “Satishkumar Khadake, CEO, Admin Bldg of PCNTDA, Akurdi Pune-411044, Maharashtra. T: 020-27652934/35”


lans to assign construction and development of housing project with multi storey fats of various categories through PPP at Aravali Vihar Bhiwadi distt Alwar in Rajasthan. Place : Alwar Rajasthan Industry: Housing Rajasthan Housing Board “Kishor Chand Dhaka, RE Bhiwadi, Awas Bhawan Rajasthan Housing Board Janpath Jyoti Nagar Jaipur-302005, Rajasthan. T: 01493-230484, M: 9983993868,, rebhiwadi.,, (K C Meena, Chief Engineer II, M: 7665111165 2,”


onstruction and development of housing project with multi storey fats of various categories through PPP at Vatika Jaipur in Rajasthan. Place : Jaipur Rajasthan | JULY 2018


Housing Rajasthan Housing Board K C Meena, Chief Engineer II, Div - V, Jaipur, Rajasthan. T: 0141-2973848, M: 7665111165 2,,,


he company is considering to invest in Maharashtra to develop logistics parks using ADIA funding. Place: Maharashtra Industry: Logistics Park DP World Capt. Ravinder Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Operation

Center, Container Gate, Sheva, Navi Mumbai-400707, Maharashtra. T: 022-27243500,


lans to undertake tunnel / subway construction from Sanganeri Gate to Jorawar Singh Gate. Place: Jaipur Rajasthan Industry: Roads/ Highways/ Bridges Jaipur Smart City Ltd Sureshkumar Marola, CEO, JSCL, Nagar Nigam Campus, Lal Kothi, Tonk Road, Jaipur-302016, Ra- jasthan. T: 0141-2741346



lans to double the number of bays for night parking of aircraft at the airport. Seven more parking bays, including two helipads are likely to come up. Place: Madurai Tamil Nadu Industry: Airport/ Aviation Airports Authority of India (AAI) “V V Rao, Airport Director, Madurai Airport Madurai - 625022,Tamil Nadu. T: 0452-2690717, 91-4522690612, F: 2690305,2690151, M: 9442111325, E-mail:


uto major plans to set up manufacturing unit at Hosur and Chennai. The unit will focus on manufacturing and supply of powertrains. The initial production capacity will be 200,000 units per year. Place: Hosur Tamil Nadu Industry: Automotive Component PSA Peugeot Citroen (Groupe PSA) Emmanuel Delay, Executive Vice President India & Pacific, Groupe PSA, Rueil Management Centre 7, rue Henri Ste Claire Deville, 92563 Rueil-Malmaison. Tel: +33 (0)1 55 94 81 00, E-mail: JULY 2018 |


he State-owned coal mining company plans to setup 300 MW power units in the coal mining belt. The proposed projects include setting up a 60 MW solar plant at Yellandu, a 50 MW plant at Ramagundam, a 30 MW plant at Manuguru and a 10 MW plant at the Singareni Thermal Power Station.” Place: Ramagundam Telangana Industry: Power Singareni Collieries Company Ltd “Nagabuhan Reddy, General Manager (QM), Kothagudem Collieries, Bhadradri, Kothagudem - 507101, Telangana. Tel: 08744-243108, Fax : 08744-242305, M: 9491144195,, (N. Sridhar, CMD)


oRTH aims to implement the construction of proposed 4 lane ROB and its approaches in lieu of existing level crossing No. 45C at Km 93/400 (Railway chainage 70/903) on NH-205 in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Place: Andhra Pradesh Industry: Roads/ Highways/ Bridges Ministry of Road Transport and Highways “M Sivakumar, SE (R&B), NH Circle, Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh. Tel: 08554-274199, M: 9440818032,



lans to set up cable stayed bridge across Ponnani Estuary in Malppuram district, Kerala. The detailed project report preparation is on. Place: Malppuram district Kerala Industry: Roads/ Highways/ Bridges “Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd Alex Josph, DGM , 2nd Floor, Preethi Building, M.V Road, Palarivattam, Kochi-682025, Kerala. T: 0484- 2338205, E-mail:,, Asha Thomas, IAS, Managing Director


lans to assign design, providing of sewer network, constructing, erecting and commissioning of intermediate sewage pumping stations, lifting stations, sewage treatment plant of 2 MLD capacity based on SBR technology and tertiary treatment plant of 2 MLD capacity based on fibre disc filtration technology at Wellington Cantonment Board, Wellington, Tamil Nadu. Place: Wellington Tamil Nadu Industry: Sewage Treatment Wellington Cantonment Board “Mabel Christian, Office superintendent, Wellington-643232, Tamil Nadu. Tel: 0423-2230213, Fax: 0423-2234431,,, (Harish Varmaa P, Chief Executive Officer, T: 0423-2230213,


lans to undertake construction of Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 50 MLD on DBOT basis for UGSS in Vellore Corporation under Package-3. Place: Vellor Tamil Nadu Industry: Sewage Treatment Vellore City Municipal Corporation “Suresh Kumar, Assitant Executive Engineer, Infantry Road,Vellor-632001, Tamil Nadu. T: 0416-2220578, M: 7397389319, Dr. C Vijay Kumar, Commissioner


IAL has awarded the Ground Handling license to airport ground handling service provider Çelebi Airport Services for 10 years. The contractor will offer modern & state of the art passenger and aircraft handling at Bengaluru International Airport. Place: Bengaluru Karnataka Industry: Airport/ Aviation Bengaluru International Airport Ltd (BIAL)



lans to set up a new cement plant with 8 million tonne per year capacity in the state of Odisha. The company will also set up a waste heat recovery system. Funding is planned through a mix of debt and equity.The work is likely to start soon and completion is targeted in two years. Place: Odisha Industry: Cement Orient Cement Ltd Nikesh Kumar, rsr. GM (Marketing Communications), 5-9-22/57/D, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor, G P Birla Centre, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad-500063, Telangana. T: 040-23688600,,, (Deepak Khetrapal, MD and CEO)


he PSU is going ahead with its plans to set up ethanol plant at Baulsingha in Bargarh district. Land and environ- mental clearance are already in place. The work is likely to start in a couple of months. Place: Bargarh District Odisha Industry: Ethanol Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) “Ajay Kumar Gupta, DGM Projects (Biofuels), Mahul, Chembur, Mumbai-400074, Maharashtra. Tel : 022-25533346, | JULY 2018



lans to assign the implementation of Greenfield street Lighting Project for 113 Urban Local Bodies in Odisha on PPP basis. Request for Proposal was recently invited. Place: Odisha Industry: LED Lighting Odisha Urban Infrastructure Development Fund, Government of Odisha “Sudeep Shaurya, Procurement Expert, OUIDF Trust, Zone A/2, Fourth Floor, Fortune Towers, Bhubaneswar-751023. T: 0674-2300396, 2300397,”


lans to set up a 1,600 (2x800 MW) uItra-supercritical thermal power project at Godda in Jharkhand. Place: Jharkhand Industry: Power Adani Power (Jharkhand) Ltd “Dr Rajiv Kumar - Associate Vice President - Corporate Affairs, Achalraj, Law Garden, Ahmedabad-380006, Gujarat. T: 079-25557555, F: 25557177,, (Rajesh Jha, CEO)”


lans to assign construction work on two main bridges at Darbhanga. Place: Darbhanga Bihar Industry: Roads/ Highways/ Bridges Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority R.S. Srivastav, IRS, Managing Director, 1st Floor, Udyog Bhawan, Poorvi Gandhi Maidan, Patna-800004, Bihar. Tel : 0612- 2675296/2675998, Fax : 2675889, E-mail:


lans to assign design build and finance two sewage treatment plants 100 mld in Digha and 50 MLD in Kankarbagh including scada and online monitoring system effuent channels and interception and diversion workswithin 21 months and operate and maintain the complete works for 15 years and their transfer at the end of concession. Survey and review and redesign and build sewerage network of 303 km in Digha and 150km in Kankarbagh including construction of four pumping stations and scada and all appurtenant structures and allied works within 31 months and and operate and maintain the complete work still end of concession and their transfer at the end of concession. Place: Patna Bihar Industry: Sewage Treatment Bihar Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd Madan Mohan Kumar, Chief General Manager, Second Floor, Khadya Bhawan, Road No-2, Daroga Prasad Rai Path, R. Block, JULY 2018 |

Patna - 800001, Bihar. T: 0612-2506109, 2506208, F: 2506132, M: 8544413102 Amrendra Prasad Singh, MD, M: 8544413101, E-mail:


lans to undertake developoment of Sewage Treatment Plants on Hybrid Annuity PPP basis in Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) area, state of West Bengal. Place: Kolkata West Bengal Industry: Sewage Treatment Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) “Tapas Chowdhury, I.A.S. Special Municipal Commissioner (Development,General & Personnel), Conference Room-1, First Floor, 5. S N. Barer Road, Kolkata-700013, West Bengal. T: 03322861271, 22520003, 22861000, Extn. 2603, jmc_dev@, (Khalil Ahmed, I.A.S., Municipal Commissioner, T: 033-22861234


he civic body plans to set up a plant to convert municipal waste into compost and electricity. The earlier contract is cancelled and fresh tenders will be foated soon. Place: Patna Bihar Industry: Waste-to- Energy Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) T: 0612-2223791, M: 9661553089,, Anupam Kumar Suman, Municipal Commissioner


agged a contract from Bihar Government in joint venture with BLPL for the execution of restoration and lining work of Sone Western Link canal on EPC mode. Place: Bihar Industry: Canal/ Dam/ Irrigation C & C Construction Ltd, Manager (BD), T: 0124 4536666, F: 4536799,, Charanbir Singh Sethi, Managing Director


agged an order from Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA), Government of Madhya Pradesh, for the execution of Narmada - Kshipra multipurpose project to lift 15 cumecs of water from the Omkareshwar reservoir, of which 10 cumecs will help bring 30,000 Hectares of land under irrigation. Place: Khandwa district Madhya Pradesh Industry: Canal/ Dam/ Irrigation L&T Construction “Lawrence Mohan, DGM (Corporate Communications), L&T House, 2nd Floor, N M. Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai-400001, Maharashtra. T: 022-66965379, 66965232, 67525656, 66965271,



and dependable, Prime is the intelligent door for medium and large entrances. High Speed Doors for external entrance are

equipped with spring steel wind lock in curtain pocket that ensures silent door travel, higher wind loads and curtain stability.

For more information Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd Chawda Commercial Centre Link Road, Malad (W) Mumbai – 400064, India Off : +91 22 66720200 / 66720300 Fax : +91 22 66720201 Email : Website:

High Speed Doors designed and manufactured by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and are the ideal solution for medium and large entrances. The doors are manufactured with European collaboration and technology with innovative and creative engineering. Fast moving functional and reliable doors are needed in industrial and commercial contexts. Gandhi designed and manufactured High Speed Doors are versatile and solid ensuring long-lasting reliability. The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminium extrusions, provides for a wide range of polyester sections available

Sheet Metal Stamping Presses

in a variety of colours. Wide, full-width window panels ensure a safer traffic and allow more light in. Their fast and easy replacement, in case of accidental tearing, saves money and time. The alternating metal tubular structure there inserted ensures high windresistance. Prime High Speed Doors are the ideal solution for internal and external entrances and effectively operate in any situation, even when strong winds are blowing and in rooms with high volume traffic. Sturdy

Marvel Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.- Mumbai offers good quality sophisticated preowned CNC & Conventional Metalworking & Sheetmetal Machine Tools such as Press Lines, C & H Frame Presses, High Speed Presses, Hot Forging Presses, Trimming Presses, Knuckle Joint Presses, Vertical & Horizontal Machining centres, Turning Centres, Drill-Tap Centres, Vertical & Horizontal Borers, Vertical & Horiztonal Lathes, Milling, Grinding machines etc of reputed international makes from around the world from ready stock. Featured is a 300 Tons Capacity Straight Side Double Crank Press of KOMATSU JAPAN make.

Machine is in excellent condition. Technical Specifications: SSDC Press Model-E2P-300,Cap - 300T, Stroke – 450mm, Bed -2500 x 1300mm, Die Ht – 840mm, Adjustment -350mm, SPM -15~30, with Die Cushion.

For more information Marvel Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. 304~306, Himalaya House, 79, Palton Road, Opp. J.J. School Of Arts, Mumbai – 400 001 (Maharashtra) India. Tel.: 022-22657481 – 82 | JULY 2018


The new Gast 86/87R Series of oil-less rocking piston compressors and vacuum pumps While other manufacturers have been busy selling rocking piston compressors that produce a lot of noise and lessthan-ideal pressure, Gast has been quietly setting the new standard by re-engineering our oil-less rocking piston from the ground up. The result is a unit that delivers quieter performance, higher pressure, a longer life and greater application flexibility. The sleek, new 86/87R Series is not just another pretty product. It’s beauty runs deep as it performs in ways not yet seen in the industry. The patented crossover chamber design regulates and controls airflow to dampen sound and optimize performance, while delivering a wide range of pressure level options. Because the 86/87R Series can easily retrofit into an existing footprint, it’s also a smart, flexible solution for a wide range of markets and applications, viz. Environmental, General industrial, medical, printing & packaging, food and beverage, transportation, laboratory, and material handling.

Designed to performs “When we set out to re-engineer our rocking piston compressor, we aimed to do more than just increase pressure. We set out to dramatically reduce sound, enhance flow, create a standard footprint for easy retrofit anywhere in the world and improve the compressor’s aesthetics,” says Gast. The inherent design of rocking piston technology makes it the optimal choice for applications requiring high pressure or vacuum and air flow in a small package. The flexible cup is made with superior materials and mounted on top of the connecting rod, creating vacuum or pressure while maintaining a tight seal against the cylinder walls in a rocking motion. The forgiving design has fewer components, causes less friction and has a low exhaust temperature, for greater reliability and durability for the life of the product. Despite it’s small size, the versatility of 86/87R means this is the right product to deliver quality air solutions.

For more information Shavo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Shavo House, S.No.21A/10B, Plot No,394 South Main Road, Hotel Cozy Inn Chowk Koregaon Park, Pune - 4112 001 Phone: 020-2615 9641 Email:

JULY 2018 |

Pioneer in intuitive programming • Offer the easiest-to-use & most adaptable alternative Automation Solution for specialized & demanding needs • An experienced technical team • A pioneer in the simplification of programming

em4 - MORE THAN JUST A PLC • All-in-one fully connected nano-PLC • Remote management & maintenance on a PC & mobile devices • Accurate & performant sensor measurement

Millenium 3 - Logic Controller • Compact & expandable • Easy to program • Multiple configuration options.

Specialist in electromagnetic & electronic technology • Specialist in time management with an extensive automation components offer that includes timers, monitoring relays • In addition to highperformance products, advice and support, offers tailor-made solutions for any application

TIMERS: • Simple to use • Multi voltage • Multi or mono function

MONITORING RELAYS: • Close-up protection for total availability of equipment • All anomalies are detected • Optimise continuity of service.

For more information InnoVista Sensors India Pvt Ltd Div 1, BNR Complex, Plot No.92/1A, 1st Floor, H P Avenue Road, Konappana Agrahara, Electronic City –Phase 1, Bangalore – 560100, India E-mail: Web:


Welding Fume Extractor, King Extractor-II-MU 3 Welding Fume Extractor, King Extractor-II-MU 3 is a mobile mechanical high efficiency self-cleaning filter designed for workplaces. The filter cleans air from different kinds of dry dust, welding aerosols & other dry contaminants from most industrial processes. The filter cartridge is cleaned automatically without interrupting the filtration process. The cleaning extends the cartridge service periods and minimizes maintenance.

The Filter is designed for continuous indoor operation under the following climatic conditions: • Air temperature from +10 deg. C to +45 deg. C. • Relative humidity : 80% at 25 deg. C • The compact construction integrates the filter, extraction arm and fan

• The filter can be used at workplaces unreachable to other ventilating equipment, & • The filter requires connection to a general compressed air supply. The standard delivery set includes Built-in fan, Control console, Filtering cartridge of respective type, Spark arrester, Oil separator with reduction box for compressed air system, and Electrical grounded cable L= 5 m with plug.

For more information : Ador Welding Ltd. Akurdi, Chinchwad, Pune 411 019 Phone: 020-4070 6000 , Email: Web:

Nexgen Refrigerated Air Dryers The Nexgen Refrigerated Air Dryers from Gem Equipment are known for engineering excellence, innovation and reliability.The heat exchangers are designed to provide worry-free, highly efficient heat transfer whether you are processing simple

exchanges, with stainless steel demister moisture separator, robust non-corrosive grade aluminium, & larger heat transfer area for higher efficiency. The rugged electronic panels display both inlet and dew point temperatures. They incorporate a Tripper module with alarm for compressed high discharge pressure, compressed low suction pressure, expansion valve malfunction, auto drain valve function and fan motor cycling. Introduction of speed control is one of the major developments towards the optimization of refrigeration systems based on average load. For periods of high cooling demand, the compressor speed can be increased which results in a higher refrigerant flow and thus higher cooling capacity and vice versa during periods of low cooling demand. Compressed air purification equipment must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability while providing the right

balance of air quality with the lowest cost of operation. As a quality-centric group, Gem ensures that its dryers are test at each stage of assembly as per ISO 7183 or relevant standards. It maintains stringent engineering practices throughout the production process to achieve higher reliability. Gem’s state-of-the-art ISO 9001-23008 certified facility is equipped with dedicated men and machines to chisel out products of impeccable quality and reliability.

For more information GEM Equipments (P) Ltd. SF No.103, Avinashi Road, Arasur, Coimbatore 641 407 Tel : 0422-2363800 / E-mail:

New transmission elements

fluids, viscous solu8tions, or particulates. They feature honey comb construction of aluminium fins, true crossflow for greater effective temperature differences, nonclogging larger cross-sectional area for air flow, integral air-air and air-refrigerant | JULY 2018


The brand-new transmission elements are now online included in the wide group of machine elements. Glass-fibrereinforced polyamide-based technopolymer and grey colour. Transmission elements count two families: cylindrical spur gears (pressure angle 20°) with straight teeth (ZCL) and racks (pressure angle 20°) with straight teeth (ZCR). Spur gears modules are from 0.5 to 3.0 and racks

from 0.5 to 4.0. Racks are available in square section, with or without metal core, with mounting bracket or “T” shaped. Main function of transmission elements is the transfer of a speed and torque in a mechanical system. Over the last few decades, the evolution in engineering plastics and technopolymershas led to the availability of spur gears in plastic material featuring high mechanical strengths in

For more information Elesa and Ganter India Pvt. Ltd. A-54, Sector -83, Noida 201 305 (U.P.) INDIA Tel. +91 120 472 6666 Fax +91 120 472 6600 Web:

“KUSAM-MECO” 2000A AC TRUE RMS AUTORANGING DIGITAL CLAMP METER (MODEL 2772) “KUSAM-MECO” having 14 Models of Clamp Meters in their range for diverse applications, have introduced a new Digital Clamp Meter with the latest technology. It is a Clampmetercum- Multimeter. It is packed with features not available in other contemporary instruments. The display is 6000 counts. It has Auto check (Automatic V & A selection)

JULY 2018 |

function; L0-Z voltage measurements (to eliminate ghost Voltage); E-F detection. It has a fast update rate of 5/second. It can measure TRUE RMS 2000A AC Current, DC 600.0 V, AC Voltage upto 600V AC; Resistance upto 6.000MW, frequency upto 50KHz; Capacitance upto 2000mF & Continuity. It has Data Hold, Backlight & Auto Power Off facility. It has transient protection upto

6.5KV lighting surge (1.2/50mS)and meets the requirements for CAT III 600V AC & DC. It meets E.M.C. requirements and IEC 61010-2-032 2nd Edition (2002), UL3111-2-032

(1999). It takes conductors upto 45mm Max. Diameter. These meters are very light (approx. 225 gms.) in weight. It is supplied with Carrying Case, Operating Manual, Test leads(pair) & Batteries.

“KUSAM-MECO” MOISTURE METER (MODEL KM-8040) Model KM8040 “Moisture Meter” is desi an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. It is a very handy gadget for the measurement of the percentage of the Moisture content of the material with temperature also. Its measurement selection is based on the type of material. In this instrument the measurement can be done with the selection option of different types of materials. The materials are categorized into 7 types. Material 1, has is suitable for measurement of Hard wood such as Beech, Spruce, Larch, Birch, Cherry, Walnut with 8.9 to 95.7%, Material 2, has options for measurement of Soft wood such as Oak, Pine, Maple, Ash-tree, Douglas fir, Meranti with 7.1 to 80.0%, Material

3, has options for measurement of Cement or Concrete plane, plaster produce with 1.0 to 2.5%, Material 4, has options for measurement of Anhydrite plane to a 0.0 to 3.3%, gned by “ KusamMeco” Material 5 has options for measurement of Cement mortar to a 0.7% to 3.8%, Material 6 has options for measurement of Lime mortar to a 0.5 to 7.4%, Material 7 has options for measurement of Bricks to 0.0% to 23.4%. This instrument has a Conductivity measurement accuracy of +- 2% & Temperature Measurement Accuracy +-1*C, its measurement range is between 0.0% to 95.7% & -10 to +50*C. It has a Resolution of 0.1%,0.1*C & 0.1*F. It has a 3 digit digital display.

“KUSAM-MECO” DIGITAL LUX METER (MODEL KM-8051) Kusam-Meco Model KM8051 Digital Lux Meter is introduced by “Kusam-Meco”

an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. This Digital Lux Meter has a Double Parameter


Measurement like Lux in (lm/m2)& Foot Candle (lm/ft). It has a range of 0 to 3000 Lux with a Resolution of 1 Lux ie. 0 to 3000 Lux. It has an Accuracy of ±4% + 50 digits. It has a Sample Rate of 1 time / sec. It has Auto Off of about 20min idle. It also has Low Battery Indicator. The Operating Environment of this Digital LUX Meter is 0*C to 50*C (32*F to 122*C), with Relative Humidity of 0 to 80% RH. Its Storage Environmentis -20*C to 60*C

(-4*F to 140*C) with Relative Humidity of 0 to 80% RH. It has Auto Power Off with Disable Feature, Data hold & MAX Min setting with Back Light. It Is Operated with Power Supply of DC 1.5V (AAA Battery). The Dimension of this meter is 121*60*30mm (L*W*H). Its weight is 180g. With Free 1.5V (AAA Battery), Free Carrying Case with Hardened & Contoured Foam, Free Wrist Strap, Operation Manual & Cover.

For more information KUSAM ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES LTD G-17, Bharat Industrial Estate, T.J. Road, Sewree (W), Mumbai :- 400015. India. Sales Direct :- 022-24156638, Tel :- 022-24124540, 24181649, 27750662 Fax :- 022-24149659, 27751612 Email :-, Website :-

Precision Regulators Janatics India Private Limited recently launched its light weight, compact, diaphragm operated, relieving type (Exhaust) Precision Regulators. Janatics Precision Regulators are designed to provide a constant output pressure with high degree of accuracy to ensure that the output pressure

JULY 2018 |

is maintained precisely irrespective of fluctuations in the inlet pressure. Janatics offers Precision Regulators in 1/4” Port size, with supply pressure of maximum 10 Kg/cm² and regulating pressure range of 0.1 to 8 Kg/cm². The sensitivity of the Precision Regulator is ≤ 0.02 Kg/cm² and

repeatability is within ± 0.04 Kg/cm², with a flow of 1100 lts /min. Janatics Precision Regulator has wide use in

applications like Metrology Gauging Systems, Printing, Textile, Packaging and Medical Equipments and many more.

For more information JANATICS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED E-25, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Kurichi, Coimbatore - 641 021 INDIA. Tel: +91 422 2672800 Fax: +91 422 2672304 E-mail: Web:

Digital Tachometer (Non-Contact Type) Model: R-2034A “MECO-G” has introduced a new Digital Tachometer a Model R-2034A. This unit has 5 digit display and the display height is 18mm LCD. Test Range is 2.5 to 99,999 RPM with accuracy of ± (0.05 + 1digit). The detecting distance is 50 to 500mm. It has autoranging range selection Max. Value, Min. Value and last Value are stored in memory. Accuracy is maintained with a 8MHz time base Crystal oscillator. It has a Micro Controller based LSI circuit. It has a wide measuring range and high resolution 1.5V AA size 3 batteries are required.

Low battery indication is displayed. The dimension are 160 x 74 x 37mm and total weight is 200gms approx. (including batteries)

For more information GOLIYA IMPEX 316, BHARAT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, T.J.ROAD, SEWREE, MUMBAI- 400 015, INDIA Tel.: 91-22-24149657, 24179467 / Fax.: 91-22-24130747 E-mail:; Web:


Digital Panel Meters – SMP48 MECO is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company offering various reliable, long – lasting and affordable instruments since 1962. Our team of skilled and trained personnel is equipped with complete in-house facility for design, development and manufacturing world class products. Many products have been designed by our R & D Department (Recognized by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, New Delhi) for which MECO HAS 30 DESIGN PATENTS.

Keeping pace with India’s growing requirements, MECO has newly introduced products are: • 3 Phase TRMS Multifunction Power and Energy Meter with M. D. & T. H. D. • Power and Harmonics Analyzer used for Testing, Monitoring, Measuring, Analyzing Quality power in Electrical System. • Digital Panel Meters – SMP48 and SMP96 with programmable Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter And A, V, W, VAR, VA and PF Meters in 72x144, 144x144 mm for LT and HT Panels. • POWERGUARD – TRMS for monitoring the power consumption of domestic and industrial loads. Its ideal for production & quality control of

JULY 2018 |

various types of electrical appliances like air conditioner, refrigeration, washing machine etc. Data logging PC Interface Digital Multimeter with USB Port, TRMS Auto ranging Professional Digital Multimeter 6000 / 6600 Count, are some of the new launches. Digital Insulation Testers – 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V. Digital Clamp meters with 1200A DC / AC TRMS and 1000A AC TRMS and various sizes, and functions. Phase Sequence Indicator, Digital Earth Tester and Transformer Turns Ratio Meter are products that complement the basket of an electrical engineer and technician. Vehicle Battery System Meter, Multifunction Automotive Meter and Digital Automotive Multimeter cater to the needs of the automotive sector. Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera and Laser Distance Meter finds application in maintenance of buildings, electrical equipment, transport industry, electronic / electrical manufacturing, archaeological study, smelting fields to name a few.

• Clamp-On TRMS Power & Energy Meter with Automatic Computation of 1 Phase & 3 Phase Parameters is useful to check mo-

tors, compressors, HVAC systems etc. • Solar Power Analyzers are useful for Measuring Power in Solar Systems.

For more information MECO Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. EL-1, MIDC Electronic Zone, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400710. (INDIA) Tel: 0091-22-27673311-16 (Sales),27673300 (Board) Fax: 0091-22-27673310, 27673330 E-mail: Web :

Toothed Double Roll Crusher from Masyc MASYC, an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, specializes in the field of Bulk Material Handling System, Conveyor Equipment, Crushers and Screens & Bag Filters, etc. Masyc Toothed Double Roll Crushers are manufactured based on proven technology and under in- house strict quality control. Masyc Toothed Double Roll Crusher is used for size reduction / crushing and material is crushed by high pressure between two rolls. The crushing starts as soon as material enters the crusher and falls on the toothed segment. High pressure on the circulating crushing tooth segment reduces the material into considerable sizes. Material, while passing through both the toothed double rolls gets crushed into desired size. Toothed double roll crusher produces more uniform produced than any other type of crusher. The crusher having separate drives has a wide range of

adjustments which makes it possible to conform to tough specifications regarding sieve analysis of the product. These Roll Crushers are used for crushing the hard coal, lignite, limestone, gypsum and other soft and medium hard material. It is of compact design, simple maintenance, high throughput, uniform material with lesser dust / fines generation. Masyc Toothed Roll Crushers have welded robust housing, roller cores in polygon shape with surface-ground supports for the tooth segment. Locking of the crushing tooth segments is by means of dovetail guide and fastening by screwed bolts. Crushing tooth segments are individually replaceable without lifting the Crusher


Roll. One roll is fixed and other is movable; this helps the uncrushable material to pass through. Masyc can offer Toothed Double Roll Crusher up to a capacity of around 800 TPH and having Roller dia. 1400mm. The

company’s major customers include Ultratech Cement, Bhushan Steel and Power, Binani Cement, Nirma, Amrit Cement, Jindal Saw and Orient Cement, just to mention a few.

For more information Masyc Projects Pvt. Ltd. 20 Community Centre, Mayapuri Phase-1 New Delhi -110 064. Tel: +91-11-28115453, 28115745, 28113383 Fax: +91-11-28116850 Email: Website:

Architectural Lighting K-LITE INDUSTRIES an ISO company, manufacturing indoor and outdoor luminaires have launched a new series of LED Architectural Lighting. Being the trend setters in outdoor lighting and inspired by the “Make in India” vision, K-LITE, through their innovative outlook, have showcased an all new product portfolio under Architectural Lighting. The application includes Facade Lighting, Pathway Lighting, In-ground Luminaire, Uplighter, Up-down Lighting, Billboard Lighting, Vertical Light Bars, Wall Washers, Area Lighting poles and above all popular sleek polar lighting solutions. The solutions offered are backed by extensive understanding of illumination in urban spaces and the expertise gained over a period of three decades. The fixture are

the series viz., the Sleek Polar Lighting Solutions is a contemporary design that is both timeless and unique in its impression. Compact without visible mounting equipment and optimised integration,

Polar Lighting is in perfect continuity with the geometric lines of the square column. These assemblies are ideal for surroundings of contemporary architectural constructions.

For more information K-LITE INDUSTRIES D-10, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai-58 Tel: 26257710,48581950, Fax : 26257866 Cell: 95000 79797, 95000 85511 E-mail: Web:

designed to provide value technology, ideally suited to Indian Conditions. The LEDs used comply to LM 80 testing requirements and from Internationally reputed makes such as Nichia / CREE. The luminaires are RoHS, LM 79 and CE certification compliant. The luminaire efficacy (lumens/ per watt) is much above 100 for all luminaires. Varied optical options for lighting distribution and correlated colour temperature (CCT) for cool white, neutral white or warm white are available to suit specific requirements The outstanding item of

FLIR C3 - Powerful, Compact Thermal Imaging System The FLIR C3 is a fullfeatured, pocket-sized thermal camera designed to be your go-to tool for electrical / mechanical and building applications. Keep it on you so you’re ready anytime to find hidden hotspots, structural defects, plumbing issues, and more. The C3’s must-have features include MSX® real time image enhancement, area maximum or minimum temperature measurement, and Wi-Fi connectivity –

so you can quickly get to the job of finding hidden problems, sharing images, and documenting repairs. • Light, slim profile fits comfortably in any work pocket | JULY 2018


• Brilliant 3” intuitive touch screen with auto orientation for easy viewing • Radiometric image stores 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal

• • • •

measurements from -10°C to 150°C Accuracy ±2°C Focus Free Thermal sensitivity < 0.10°C 2-10 years warranty.

For more information FLIR Systems India Pvt. Ltd 1111, D Mall, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034, INDIA Tel: +91-11-4560 3555 | Fax: +91-11-4721 2006 Email: Webiste:

ITI-160(P) Portable Digital METAL Hardness Tester • Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials • Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work piece

Technical Specifications Advantages • Largest screen 3 inch, showing all functions and is the largest screen of leeb hardness tester, easy read and operate.

Main Application • Die cavity of molds • Bearings and other parts • Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment • Heavy work piece • The installed machinery and permanently assembled parts • Testing surface of a small hollow space

JULY 2018 |

• Measuring range: HLD (170~960) HLD • Measuring direction: 360° • Hardness Scale: HL、HB、 HRB、 HRC、 HRA、 HV、 HS • Display:3 inch screen , • Data memory: 600 groups max. (relative to impact times 32~1) • Printing paper: width is (57.5±0.5)mm, diameter is 30mm • Battery pack: 6V NI-MH • Battery charger: 9V/500mA • Continuous working period: about 150 hours (With backlight off, no printing) • Communication interface.

Low Cost Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge that makes set up and operation easy. Simply calibrate the gauge to a known thickness or sound velocity and begin taking measurements. This state-of-the-art Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is the most accurate way to measure the wall thickness of materials such as steel, cast iron, plastic and more. Once meant only for professionals and electrical technicians, our wholesale price makes this device available for easy around-the-house use! The simple to use and durable Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge uses ultrasonic technology to safely measure the thickness of materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass, and most other materials (as long as it has parallel top and bottom surfaces). The gauge provides basic measurement, scanning, adjustable sound velocity, and extended storage capabilities for additional flexibility. The innovate gauge design features an intuitive interface

Manufacturer Specifications • Measuring range: 1.2~220mm (Steel) • Accuracy: ±(1%H+0.1)mm • Resolution: 0.1mm • Sound velocity range: 1000~9999m/s • Working frequency: 5MHz • Minimum limit for tube measuring: F20*3mm(Steel) • Auto calibration • Auto linear compensation: this advanced software program enhances the precision by correcting the non-linear accuracy of the transducer • Data store/ Data recall/ Data delete function • Sound velocity measurement • Low battery indication • Auto power off • LCD backlight display • Power: 2x AA Batteries (not included) • Dimensions: 154 x 73 x 27mm.

For more information India Tools & Instruments Co. – BOMBAY - INDIA Tel: 022-23428862 / 9819345050 E-mail:



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Pioneer in Spring Machinery Since 2001

31 Aug - 2 Sep 2018 Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

Concurrent Show


Automovite Materials & Fabrication Expo

India’s Largest & Most Comprehensive Exhibition on

Surface Engineering, Preparation, Finishing, Coating, Environment, Corrosion Protection & Technologies


200+ Exhibitors | 6600 sqm of Display Area

Product Launches and Presentations

10,000+ Business & Trade Visitors

B2B Meetings & Networking with CEO’s

500+ Conference Delegates

International Participation & Pavilions

2 Days Conference with dedicated sessions for each sector

Training on Skill Development and Corrosion Management Technologies

1 Day Certified Training Cource by CII Corrosion Management Committee

Kazhal Vendhan M

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CNC Vertical Machining Centers

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Circular Connectors Cable Glands Cable Protection Systems Industrial Enclosures

307, Surya Kiran Building, 19, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110 001. India


Circular Connectors Cable Glands Cable Protection Systems Industrial Enclosures

307, Surya Kiran Building, 19, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110 001. India

Engineering Review July 2018  

Engineering Review July 2018

Engineering Review July 2018  

Engineering Review July 2018