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PEACOCK PRESS August Newsletter

Table of Contents 02 Message from Lt. Governor, Lana Doan

03 Message from DNE, Kaylah Nguyen



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Hellooo Peacocks! I hope you’re having a fantastic summer and enjoying it with the people you love! Sadly, I’m taking a couple college courses over summer… so the vacation vibe has NOT really sunken in yet… Aside from that, I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE EVERYONE AT OTC! I hope you all had fun! Now stay tuned for an amazing news article :)) Signing off, Lt. Governor, Lana Doan

Hey peacocks! It’s been about halfway through our summer and congrats to those who are taking and survived summer classes!!! Now that the worst part of summer is FINALLY over, I hope the rest of your summer will be relaxing and enjoying! Your Amazing DNE, Kaylah Nguyen

Table of Contents Cont. 06 Monthly Recognition s

08 Contact Information

10 Division Social Media

DCM DCM Training Training Conference Conference

Recap! Thank You to those who went to the DCM and helped make dog toys!!!

We are currently searching for a free indoors place to hold our DCMs, if you have any ideas, please contact us! Thank you.

Please join our Key Leader Camp to gain leadership experience!!! It’s not too late to sign up!! LIMITED AMOUNT OF SPOTS Please contact our region advisor, Mr. Tobias, is you are interested

Upcoming Upcoming Events Events

July July Recognitions Recognitions -Club of the MonthMonte Vista

-Member of the MonthAmber Carreno

-Officer of the MonthKeala Macias

-Faculty Advisor of the MonthMs. Morrison

-Kiwanis Advisor of the MonthKeith Warner W O W

Important Important Contacts Contacts Lieutenant Governor, Lana Doan: Region Advisor, Geoff Tobias: Executive Assistants, Andrew and Nam:

Division News Editor, Kaylah Nguyen:

Division Media Coordinator, Jaeda Drew: Spirit Coordinators, David, Jeffrey, and Kelly:

Feel free to email us at any time!

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By Kaylah Nguyen

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Peacock Press | Vol. 3 Iss. 4  

Peacock Press | Vol. 3 Iss. 4