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Peacock Press Vol 2. | April 2018

Flaunting with Service

Table of Contents Page 3 ………. LTG Elect First Greetings Page 4 ………. Recognition Nomination Page 5 ………. Division 31 Events Page 6 ………. Division 31 Events Page 7 ………. Board Transition Page 8 ………. To Nancy Page 9 ………. March District Newsletter Page 10 ….…. Closing

First Greetings Hello DIvision 31! I hope the beginning of your term is going well. My name is Vivi Nguyen, I am currently a junior at Helix Charter High School, and i serve Division 31 as Lieutenant Governor for the 2018-2019 term. I am extremely excited to work with each club in order to build a stronger division with increased service, cooperation, and leadership opportunities. A little about myself: I have been involved in Key Club all though high school and I believe communication is the KEY to success. I hope to build strong relationships with every D31 member during my term. Vivi Nguyen Lt.G 2017-2018 Page 3 Page 3

Recognition Nominations! Monte Vista Nomination:

Ms. Hoover “She’s always on top of things and recently helped out organizing a Kindness Rocks project on campus our key club led.”

I am not currently sure what I will be doing concerning recognition but I will definitely be informing club officers of how Division 31 can ensure continued recognition for all of our amazing members and advisors.

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Division 3 1

Club Fe


atured: West Hi lls In February, West Hills visited the Friends of Cats shelter and helped sort donations, clean, and help clients. I’m glad they got to do service and make some cuddly friends!

West Hills also performed a clean-up at Mast Park followed by a brunch provided by the officers.

West Hills partnered with Santana Key Club for this event! Nothing makes me happier than interclub service. Page 5

Division 31 Club Fea


tured: He lix

In March, Helix Key Club volunteered at Oak Park Elementary School’s Literacy Night to encourage reading and writing in the community.

They even partnered with their school’s Interact Club!

Each member ran their own booth which ranged from games to activities.

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Board Transition Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition for your club board! ● ● ●

Have a general training to educate your new board on general matters such as communication and ethics. Have separate meetings for each officer to individually teach their successor. Officers should create Slides or a Doc with special tips and instructions for their successor to refer to in times of need. Make sure the new board knows how important DCMs and monthly submissions are.

To the 2017/18 board: a smooth 2018/19 term depends on you and your help! To the 2018/19 board: you will always have your sponsoring Kiwanis, the CNH cyberkey, and myself to help you whenever you need it.

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To Nancy I would like to dedicate this page to Nancy Pham, Division 31’s 2017/2018 Lieutenant Governor. Not only has she personally helped me find my place in Key Club and be brave enough to assume this position but Nancy has also dedicated a lot of her time and energy into insuring Division 31’s continued growth in members, spirit, and service.

And most importantly, without Nancy, Division 31 would not be Peacocks, flaunting with service. I hope continue her legacy or dedication in serving this division Page 8

The District Newsletter The March issue of our District Newsletter, The Buzz, has been published! You can read it on Issuu: or at > News > Newsletter. District News Editor, Zoe Yao, works very hard in order to provide the district with such an informative and aesthetically pleasing newsletter every month so I hope you guys will check it out!

Featured This Month: -DCon and ICon -Service: CMN -Mr. Cunning -First Dude’s Project -Jaspar Wang -Kiwanis Family Expo -PTP Grants 101 -Key Leader: Camp Ojai -Kiwanis Love Story Page 9

CONTACT INFO Lieutenant Governor Vivi Nguyen

Division News Editor n/a

Thank You for Reading!

Division 31 of the CNH District LTG Vivi nguyen |

Peacock Press | April 2018  

The table of contents includes; LTG Elect First Greeting, Recognition Nomination, Division 31 Events, Board Transition, To Nancy, March Dist...

Peacock Press | April 2018  

The table of contents includes; LTG Elect First Greeting, Recognition Nomination, Division 31 Events, Board Transition, To Nancy, March Dist...