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Volume 2 * Issue 2 * March –April 2011 Events Restaurant Basket Ball Social Media College Choirs Financial Solutions Breast Cancer Survival 1st Class Men’s Clothing Store 1203 S. Holden Rd. Suite F 336.632. 1290 Robert Harris, Manager

CEO of Divine Connections, Deloris Williams 336.965.0366 Email: Greetings, from the CEO of Divine Connections. Ms. Deloris Williams here grace and peace to all of you. It is a privilege and honor for you to hold this vision in your hand. Divine Connections is my baby. For the bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 ,”Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it..”

Giving birth is a process however you have to keep your eyes on the expected end. God has a plan for all of us and in Genesis 1:1 its says, “God created...” and if he created and we are to be like him ask yourself this question. What are you creating? Divine Connections is mine what is yours? This magazine was published because I focused on these three points Focus, Follow through, and Faith. It has not always been easy but you can’t stop in the process. When a natural pregnancy is in progress you can’t stop that baby from growing. When it is time to come out, ready or not here it comes. However, while your vision/baby is growing you have to make good choices so your baby can be as healthy as he or she needs to be. FOCUS on how your vision is going to create a win-win situation for everyone. FOLLOW THROUGH, a lot of time we start and stop things for various reasons but here is a nugget for you to get to the end. The bible says in Job 8:7, “ Though your beginning was small yet thou latter end shall greatly increase.” One more nugget from Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Last, but not least, FAITH, if you believe you will receive. Believe in God and believe in yourself. I will end on this Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” I pray this encouraged someone not only to birth your vision or business, to connect through Divine Connection Magazine, but most of all that you connect to the one and only Divine Connection, Jesus Christ.

2. From the Publisher 3. Contents 4. “Divine” Events: where were you? 5. Pink4Chee: Breast Cancer Survival 6. Mentors and Memories 7. Nichole Higgins/Tynisha Fordham 8. Charnelle Green: The 1-Woman Show 9. All Things Services/Pastor Ronnie Chrisp 10. You Grow, Girl! 11. Fanpage Evangelist 12. Business 101 by Brandon Lewis 13. Greensboro Urban Ministry 14. “A Dream Deferred…” 15. Network! 16. Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network 17. Streaming Inspiration Broadcast Network 18. Divine Connections Network Event 19. Kevin Scott/Elon Gospel Choir 20. Divine Harmony 21. Business 102 by Brandon Lewis 22. DFT: Financing for Churches 23. Array of Events 24. Chews 4 Health 25. AK Sound Engineers 26. Le’Pri Promotions 27. GROW YOUR BUSINESS! 28. C & C Cleaning 29. Consulting and Printing 30. Support our Advertisers! 31. Ecclesiastes 3:1 Salon 32. Palmetto Low Country Cuisine


Breast Cancer Survivor and an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness. PINK4CHEE is committed to raising awareness in our community about the impact of this devastating disease. Early detection through self examinations and annual exams for women and men can save a multitude of lives, especially in our African-American Community. Much research is needed on “Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy for TripleNegative Breast Cancer. Fundraising events of PINK4CHEE will help to provide breast health research, diagnostics, screening, treatment, services and education for uninsured or underinsured women.

Reaching out to communities spreading awareness "Simply Me PINK4CHEE"

Cheena Wright 336.254.4202 Email:

As a young child I was always around one special person. This special person molded me and created me. The person I am talking about is Calvin Hunt, which is my father. At a young age he instilled important skills in me, which I use to this day. The skill he instilled in me was the ability to play basketball. My father has made me the young man I am today. He’s more than my mentor he is my father, friend, coach, and the person I look up to. My father has given me life lessons at an early age that could make me successful as a man. This one man has been the reason for my success at an early age. This is why I call my father, Calvin Hunt, my mentor. Over hand lay-up! Don’t go underhand, do it the right way! A man with rolled up paper in his back pocket, yelled those words. The man that yelled those words went by the name of Mike Harris. Mike Harris or for me Coach Harris, was my second father. He loved me like I was his own son. Coach Harris was my first AAU basketball coach. He also has an affect on my success in basketball coach. He also has an affect on my success in basketball too. He taught me to work hard, and strive to do what I want in life. Even when my father couldn’t work me out, Coach Harris would. The most painful thing that I went through, was when he passed away. I knew I had lost my coach and another father. Even though he passed he still remains with me till this day. Preach short man preach!! That phrase has been yelled at one man for many years. Pastor Anthony Q. Knotts, is the man that takes on that phase. Pastor Knotts is a man that has a loud bark but it matches his bite. This man has spoken over my life many of times and what he says is not a joke. He has truly been a blessing in my life. Pastor Knotts has also given me life lessons as well as spiritual lessons. This man might not be first or second father, but he is my spiritual father. I have too much heart, to let you win! That is what I told a man that stands at 6’4, 230lbs. This man’s name is Duane Fisher. He’s my hardest critic besides myself. Duane has never let me be satisfied with anything I do. This is the man that keeps me mentally and physically sound. If I ever felt like I did something great, he wouldn’t tell me that, instead he tells me what I did wrong. Duane is more than my mentor he is my trainer, friend critic, supporter, and brother. What you see is a young man by the name of Kevin Samson Hunt. This young man has had his ups and downs, but his downs never last. The reason for this is because of Calvin Hunt, Mike Harris, Pastor Knotts, and Duane Fisher. These men picked me up from my lows and guided me to the high points in my life. With these men on my side I know the sky is the limit to my success. These men are part of my family and these men are my mentors.

Hair Care Lounge Nichole Higgins 2883 Suite E Immanual Rd. Greensboro, NC 27404 336.255.0358 Mention you seen this ad in Divine Connections Magazine and on your 1st visit you will receive $10 off Chemical Service and $5 off Shampoo/Style

Tynisha Fordham TaNisha Shavonne Fordham is a recent alumna of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University having received a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications. "No matter where you go take: Love, Joy, Peace, Faith, Long-suffering, Meekness, Goodness, Gentleness and Temperance; you will be just fine."

Fordham has performed in many stage plays directed and created by others. These stage plays include, but are not limited to, Mad at Miles (which she is currently a cast member in), The Black Nativity, Pretty Fire and Dreamgirls. She is recently directed "36 DDDs, 19 Stretch Marks and One Male Virgin" an original screenplay written by Fordham - herself. She also wrote and directed “Coonology: The Science Behind Our Oppression,� a stage play produced summer 2009. She aspires to be an actress, writer, director and producer; most importantly she gives all glory and honor to God her father in heaven.

Email:, Visit: Friend me on:


Mobile detail, landscape, cutting trees, and more. Call today and don’t delay! Email:


Pastor Ronnie Chrisp New Birth Missionary Baptist Church 336.965.0620 1901 Lendew Street Greensboro, NC

1507 Jordan Place High Point, NC

Services: Thursday 7PM Saturday 4PM Sunday 11AM

Services: Wednesday 7PM Sunday 6PM Corner of Jordan Place And Mill Drive off of Green Street

Tonya “Tee” Nichole Faulkner

Event Coordinator 704.807.3891

Tammy Holyfield CEO, Holy Field International "You Can Get There from Here!" Angela” Nikki” Knox 8 Steps to Achieving Results The Vine Catering 336.338.9245

Shandi Starks Executive Regional Vice President Arbonne International “Growing From the Inside Out!”

Event Host

Tara Dunnigan Opulence Independent Buyer 336.456.2931

Anissa Joy Taylor Event Coordinator 336.255.8630

Will Hall Chief Entrepreneur "How Social Media is Leadership"

Sandra Hughes Formerly of WFMY News 2 Sandra Hughes Communications "Claim Your True Life"

Fan Page Evangelist provides turn-key social media solutions that empower businesses to build brand awareness, sell products and engage their audiences with messages that matter most. We consult, train and manage social media channels and fan page campaigns by combining our technical expertise and business building experience. So whether it's to build grassroots support, launch a business or service, or just stir awareness, our comprehensive approach delivers results. Let's create something of value together!

| | Twitter @FanPgEvangelist | Facebook - | 336.451.0242

Do You Know How Well Your Marketing Dollars Are Working? Do you spend money on marketing and advertising to get more customers? How many new customers did you receive from your investment? What type of marketing or advertising resulted in the most new customers for your business? Which type resulted in the least? Did you receive a positive return on investment? If so, what was your return? Can you answer these questions? If you are not able to answer these questions, you should. When you spend money on marketing and advertising, you should always track and measure your results. Why spend money to get new customers and not track and measure to see if it actually worked and how well it worked? If you advertise in the yellow pages, you should know how many customers are finding you in the yellow pages. If you advertise in the newspaper, on radio, or on the Internet, you should know how many customers found you from each type of media. If not, you will not know where you are wasting money and where you should be reinvesting. You should have systems in place to determine how your customers find you. There are several systems you can use. The most basic way is to ask your customers how they found you. Another way is using tracking phone numbers if you are advertising in print media, such as newspapers or magazines, or even online. Tracking phone numbers are phone numbers you can buy that will forward customers to your main line notifying you on where they found you. So if you advertise in the newspaper and give your tracking phone number, every time you receive a call from that number, you will know the customer found you in the newspaper. Another way to track where customers are coming from is telling customers they must mention a promo code to take advantage of the special deal or promotion. Use a different promo code for each type of media you advertise in. When a customers mentions the promo code, you will know where they came from. Another basic method is coupons. When a customer presents a coupon, you know where they came from because you know where you distributed the coupons. There are many ways to track and measure where your customers are coming from. Always make an effort to do this. Keep a record of what works and what doesn't work. Otherwise how do you know whether or not you are wasting your money? How do you know whether or not you should reinvest? Let's say you advertise in three different places and you are happy because you get 50 new customers. But you didn't track where customers came from. What if all of your customers came from one advertisement and the other two advertisements didn't work at all? Because you didn't use tracking, you may decide to advertise in all three places again, not knowing which one really worked, wasting your money on the two that didn't bring you new customers. What if none of them actually worked and one of your customers just so happen to tell their rotary club about you? Hopefully you see the importance of making an attempt to track and measure the results of every marketing and advertising dollar you spend. It's one of the smartest things you can do to grow your business.

- Brandon Lewis

Greensboro Urban Ministry 2011 Calendar of Events Founded in 1967, Greensboro Urban Ministry is an ecumenical outreach agency supported by more than 200 congregations representing Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish faith traditions. Not only does Greensboro Urban Ministry provide crisis intervention and emergency services through the basics of food, shelter, and clothing, but we also help many individuals and families break the cycles of poverty, hunger, addiction, and homelessness. Event

When March 26

Where Greensboro Coliseum

Leadership Greensboro Seniors Food Drives Festival of Service

March 25 & 26 Participating grocery stores April 1 & 2 April 3 Downtown Greenway behind GUM

Serving Greensboro Together

May 3

Participating restaurants

NALC Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

May 14

Place canned food near your mailbox

Dance for Hope

June 12


Stephen Ministry Training

September 7

Grace Community Church, 643 W Lee St

Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk Feast of Caring

October 23

NewBridge Bank Park, Downtown Greensboro

November 17

First Baptist Church, 1000 West Friendly Ave

Mrs. Callie Williams was the daughter of a sharecropper born May 9, 1948 in Roxboro, NC. Born as 1 of 4 siblings to Christian parents, Victor and Roxie Newman, she was raised in a family to love God with their whole heart, soul, mind and body. Her dad, Victor Newman, was a strong and courageous man who worked on the farm for the white man often times hauling what they call “pulpwood” along with other duties. His children also performed duties needed by the white owner but was reminded that, “They will work for you and do what you ask but DON’T TOUCH MY KIDS”. Later on in life he went and became an owner of a hotel, restaurant, and laundry mat. Her mother, Roxie Newman, was a good cook. She went to work in restaurants as a chef. In the later part of her life she worked at UNC memorial hospital until God called her home. As a child, she was taught to get a good education. She graduated from High School in 1967 from Little River High School in Bahama, NC. After completing that she went to work at Mount Vernon Day Care for a couple of years. Mrs. Williams started working on a paper route where she met and married our dad after dating for only 3 months, in 1973. Shorty after they raised 3 children, Miranda Antoinette, Everlina and Deloris Williams. As a child, Mrs. Williams always wanted to work in the school system. So in 1980, she accepted a position working as a Teacher Assistant for the Durham Public School System. In 1985, she gave birth to her last child, Victoria Desha Williams. Shortly after she decided to go to school to pursue her teacher’s license. She started by taking some courses at Durham Tech for 2 years. In 1987, she transferred from Durham Tech to North Carolina Central University. Taking courses here and there she decide to leave school to take care of her kids and insure she was there for them to pursue the careers they decided. Although she put aside her education to raise her kids, becoming a teacher was always a big dream for her. With determination, after her kids were establish in the careers of their choice she decided to go back to school to complete her education. She pressed her way forward worked very hard and now her dream has become a reality. This is the reason we are here today to help celebrate her accomplishments, to help celebrate in her dreams, and to celebrate her hard work. We, your children, and your husband, along with friends, co-worker, and church family would like to say to you – Thank you for your encouragement, Thank you for your sacrifice, and Thank you for your guidance.

Kevin Scott & I.V. Kevin Scott and I.V. started out as the Inspirational Voices of WSSU. However God had more in store for them. The group left WSSU in April of 2009 and were blessed to record their first CD entitled "My Time, My Turn". As recording artists, they have been blessed to minister in Tennessee, Pineville, Charlottesville, Concord, and many other areas. The group has also opened up for Artists such as John P. Kee, Kim Burrell, and Byron Cage, just to name a few. God has truly blessed Kevin Scott and I.V. and continues to move in extraordinary ways. The group was invited to participate in the Walt Disney Gospel Choir Fest in September of 2010. The group gives God All of the glory and is excited about what God has done, is still doing and for what He will do in the future.

For Booking Call: 336.813.0755

Elon University Gospel Choir The Elon University Gospel Choir is a song ministry. The Gospel Choir also operates with smaller groups doing different kinds of worship. Praise Team is a smaller group of singers that requires auditions. Urgent Message is a Christian dance troupe consisting of three types of dance styles: Hip Hop, Mime, and Liturgical. One of the newest additions is the Order My Steps a faith based step squad. The second newest addition is Potter's Poet, a faith based poetry/spoken word group. This year's theme is SWAG: Singers Walking in Authority with God. Our verse is Psalm 44:5-8 Zebedee Talley, Marsha Hughes Grayson and Wesley McLaughlin, along with a small group of students who had a desire to sing the praises of God, formed the Elon University Gospel Choir during the year 197677. The Choir is composed of students of different religious denominations. These students over the years have represented many states along the eastern seaboard, gulf coast, as well as Antigua, Haiti, and Liberia. The Gospel Choir has performed in Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York, North Carolina, and Montego Bay, Jamaica. Two performances stand out among the many. The first was singing a cappella in the Martin Luther King Jr. Center in Atlanta, Georgia; the second was performing in the hills of the Lambs River community, Montego Bay, Jamaica where young children were amazed to meet black college students from the United States. This experience had a dramatic effect on the entire choir. The choir has performed with "Street Sounds" and with the east of the national play "Mahalia."

1. Founder- Marcus Young, Music Education Major; Founded on January 3, 2010 on the campus of UNCG 2. Meaning of the organization Divine- of God, Holy Harmony- an arrangement of two or more tones together in a chord Divine Harmony- a Holy Appointed Sound (1 Chronicles 16:4) 3. Purpose of the choir · To provide an opportunity for vocalists, as well as instrumentalists, to enhance their musical abilities · To teach vocalists how to preserve the voice · To help develop leadership skills for future music educators · To provide a support system within specific degree programs · To set a positive example for our campus, community, family, and friends · To provide the members with more knowledge of music using different genres and aspects of the art form (classical, gospel, jazz, etc.). · To minister · To promote operating in your calling and using your talents · To promote accountability for one another through empowerment and spiritual experiences · To inspire everyone we meet through encouraging words and uplifting songs Divine harmony is made up of 30 vocalists and 3 musicians currently. We have rendered music at various churches and colleges. We are anointed and appointed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the programs we have performed at or will perform at.

The Fallacy of 'Doing What You Love' in Business Many aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs are advised to start a business 'doing what you love'. That is bad advice, especially when you are advised to make that your only focus in the beginning. There is nothing wrong with doing what you love. Starting a business doing something you love has a number of benefits. But if you are trying to decide what type of business to start, focusing only on doing what you love is bad. Some people will argue against this. I'll make it clear why it is bad. The right foundation for a successful business is not doing what you love. The right foundation is offering a product or service that fulfills a demand in the marketplace. Your business must provide people with something they want. If it doesn't, your business will not succeed. Doing what you love is a bad foundation. Here is why. Let's say you want to start a seafood restaurant in your city because you love to cook seafood. You should not start a seafood restaurant only because you love cooking seafood, not if you want to assure your success. First you need to understand the restaurant market. What if the demand for seafood restaurants is steadily declining at a fast pace? What if fishermen are steadily raising prices and seafood restaurants are struggling to remain profitable? What if your city already has too many seafood restaurants, further decreasing your chances of success? You may have the time of your life cooking seafood in your newly established restaurant while trying to figure out how to pay your bills because of the industry's sinking demand and profits. And just because you love to cook, doesn't mean everyone loves to eat it. That's just reality. Speaking of reality, you have probably watched American Idol at least once. How many of those horrible singers do you think love to sing? Just because they love to sing doesn't mean we love to listen to them. Of course many of them are faking just to be seen on television, but some are dead serious. Someone probably told them, “Don't worry about what people think. Just do what you love�. You have to be skilled at what you do. Just loving what you do is not enough. Some people love repairing small electronics. That doesn't mean they should start a business repairing small electronics. That may have been a good business idea 20 years ago, but not in this 'throw away' society where most people would rather buy new than repair. When deciding what type of business to start, there are many things far more important than whether or not you will love what you do.

Once you have some business ideas based on the right foundation, the time is right to consider if you would actually enjoy what you do. Most business owners work more than people with a 9 to 5, especially when starting out. So you definitely want to do enjoy what you do to some extent. But focusing on doing what you love in the beginning will cloud your thinking and your judgment, blinding you to more important matters. Business is not about you and what you want. Business is about other people and what they want. It's about serving and helping others based on their desires. It's about providing something of value that other people are willing to pay money for. It's about providing something that is in demand. This is the right foundation for a successful business, as well as taking into account your personal talents, skills, and abilities. - Brandon Lewis

Churches - Income Ideas

DFT’s FREE Affiliate Program for Churches Every one of DFT’s products (Bible Based & Secular) and services is designed to “help people solve their financial problems”, resulting in their financial freedom! This generally equates to increased giving to your church. DFT believes that if your members had more they would give more.

DFT’s FREE Affiliate Program allows you, your organization, church or ministry to earn commission by referring customers to our website and they make a purchase. DFT rewards you for placing banners or links to our products on your website or newsletter. Through these links or banners, visitors from your site have the opportunity to buy our products. When a product is purchased by a customer using a link or banner from your website, we pay you a commission for the sale!

College Funding System Most students graduate with debt, BUT with this system your child graduates with MONEY! Products/Services we offer: * The College Funding System Videos (4-set series) * The College Funding System 1-on-1 * The College Funding System Seminar for Churches/Groups

Array of Events is a full service event planning business. We specialize in weddings and decor, from which we go above and beyond to take your event to the next dimension. We will design and execute your dream day with elegance and perfection!

Chews-4-Health International brings you all-natural, chewable dietary supplements formulated to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. We believe good health does not come to you, it comes from within you. Our products combine current nutritional science with nature’s finest.

Chews-4-Health, our daily nutritional supplement, helps provide valuable minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that may be lacking from your diet. It’s whole-food nutrition for the entire family! Trimulean is an all-natural weight reduction system which combines caloric restriction and expenditure with a supplement to support healthy weight. The advanced combination of ingredients helps to satisfy your appetite, maintain energy and promote a healthy metabolism*. As revolutionary chewable supplements, Chews-4-Health and Trimulean are more CONVENIENT, AFFORDABLE and FASTER ABSORBED. With so many pills and liquid products on the market, it’s time for something better!

Contact Deloris Williams 336.965.0366 Email:

AK Sound Engineering has been in business for over 15 years. We provide professional audio and video engineering services for any of your events that require audio and video recordings. Our goal is to provide you “QUALITY SOUND WITH SOUND ADVICE”

Whether you are looking for a full-service event planner, special event management, concert producer or someone to manage your corporate seminar, you've come to the right place. Let us assist you in creating your next unforgettable event. Our event center is the perfect place for any event. A luxurious facility with 15 ft. ceilings, opulent windows, beautiful spacious meeting rooms, exquisite bathrooms, gorgeous Louis XV console adorn the foyer, perfectly manicured landscaping and a hassle-free parking lot, are just a few things that will definitely make an unforgettable statement for your event. Your guests will be impressed and love the decision you made. Alleviating all stress and with this elegant setting, you will be able to relax and enjoy the ambience. Whether you need space for 50 or 400 know that our event center is designed to accommodate you.

Denise Little - Event Planner 336.883.7025

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DBG Consulting Company Motivation is key to Manifestation DBG Consulting Company (aka Designed By God) is a company designed to meet needs, solve problems and add value that will enhance the vision of others.

Description: Basic bookkeeping procedures – accounts payable & accounts receivable Organization help Time Management Proofreading of documents Typing – documents, reports, memos , meeting notes, etc. Margaret L Jones, Owner 336.638.5480


1st Class Men’s Clothing Store Robert Harris 1203 Holden Rd. Suite F Greensboro, NC 27407 A Bold Impression 2806 Randleman Rd. Suite N Greensboro, NC 27406 Greensboro Urban Ministry 305 West Lee St. Greensboro, NC 27401 Wee’s Fashion and Accessories 1205 Fairview St. Greensboro, NC New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Ronnie Chrisp 1237 Randolph Ave. Greensboro, NC 27406 Greater Waltown Holiness Church

706 Belvin Ave. Durham, NC 27704 Unlimited Hair 309 Suite G West Lee St. Greensboro, NC 27406 All Save Auto Insurance 200 – H Worth St. Asheboro, NC 27203 Salon Eclectic Stephanie Kitchen, Hair stylist 1325 South Eugene St. Suite 107 Greensboro, NC

The Embassy Church Pastor Anthony Knotts 135 Industrial Ave. Greensboro, NC 27406 Lindley Habilitation Neil Lindley, CEO 4214 Beechwood Ave., Suite 101 Greensboro, NC 27410 C & C Cleaning Solutions 5505 Pearview Dr. Greensboro, NC 27405 Chosen Personal Care Service 126 Woodside Dr. Danville, VA 24540 Real Talk 200 Old Statesville Rd. Huntersville, NC 28078 Ecclesiastes 3:1 Hair Care Joy Young, Owner-Hair Stylist 2804 Randleman Rd. Unit W Greensboro, NC 27406 Borders 3605 High Point Rd. Greensboro, NC 27407 Styles for You Mrs. Nina Lewis (Owner- Hairstylist) 2603 North Main St. Danville, VA 24540

“Specializing in Healthy Hair Integrity” 336.772.0831 336.378.0040

Joy Young, cosmetologist 2804 Randleman Road Suite W

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven”

Carlos Brown (Executive Chef) 223 South Elm Street Greensboro, NC 24401 336.285.5530

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