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Rady Lady is Encouraging Women Everywhere

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When the words are tough or simply not there, Rady Lady and her friends are 'Encouraging Women Everywhere' by sending a poetic message of support, security, etc., to a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Rady Lady also eases the anxiety of a mammogram. The name, Rady, was derived from the Radiology profession. Rady Lady came to existence as a soft, plush lamb with ribbon shaped horns representing, Ladies Aware of Mammogram Benefits. Since Rady Lady's creation, other dolls representing breast cancer research and awareness have joined Rady Lady, each with a poem attached describing its cause. Rady Lady comes with a choice of three tags: Awareness, Fighting for Ewe!, or Celebrating Ewe! Sir Ramse is Rady Lady's hopeful supporter, as described in his poem. Sir Ramse is Raising Awareness of Mammograms in Support of Ewe... and me! Rylan came along representing Rady's Young Ladies Aware Now! She teams up with for research seeking a biological earlier detection test. Another known cancer women battle, ovarian cancer, is represented by Ms. Vennie. Ms. Vennie displays her teal colored horns in support of research and awareness of ovarian cancer. Vennie Ramoz was a resident of Archdale, NC, who lost a 20 year battle to ovarian cancer. The inspiring story of her positive influence lives on through Ms. Vennie. Rady Lady and her friends can help your organization, Relay team, etc., raise funding for your cause. These dolls have been described by women diagnosed with breast cancer as 'watching over me', 'protecting me', you name it. Comfort, security and relief are words and feelings that run deep in the minds of those diagnosed, their families and friends. Make the difficult journey a little more tolerable by allowing Rady Lady to become a part of it.

Rady Lady, LLC Sherry Nance, Owner 336.302.4528 Encouraging Women Everywhere!

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NC Fit Moms ROCK


Full Time Fitness is inviting all moms 4008 Mendenhall Oaks Pkwy and everyone in the Suite 109 community who enjoys High Point, NC 27265 a good walk or run! 5K Trail Walk-Run-Race

Pre–register by Oct. 12 Event: October 26, 2013 Check in 8am/ Start 9:30am

336.841.0322 or call Kit Ferguson MA, LCAS-P 336.841.0233



Full Time Fitness & Wellness Foundation The purpose of Full Time Fitness and Wellness Foundation, Inc. programs are to improve the physical, social, emotional, and mental health of all people. We are committed to providing holistic health and wellness programs to meet a wide range of personal health needs. It is our beliefs that improving morale and instilling a greater personal commitment to optimal health in individuals will likely transfer into a broader commitment to health and wellness within the

community at large. Our ultimate goal is to develop a culture that is focused on improving the quality of life for all people regardless of age, race, or social economic status

where individuals do not have the finances for health and wellness services that we offer. Not only is your generous donation appreciated, but necessary.

Full Time Fitness and Wellness Foundation, Inc. is solely a charitable organization. Specific goals are to reach underprivileged individuals and underprivileged communities; to target the school system, families and corporate venues

My Trainer - Specialty Certified Personal Trainer Jamaal Johnson brings a spicy mix of faith-based principles and comedy to the Full Time Fitness gang. Jamaal received a B.S. in exercise and sports science from Winston Salem State University, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and brings 12 years of sports specific polymeric training as well as 5 years of experience in competitive sports to our facility. Jamaal helps his clients achieve their goals by inspiring positive thought and by encouraging his clients to laugh through their challenges until they inadvertently reach their health and wellness goals. Stay tuned to Divine Connections Magazine for an interview with my trainer. Email me if you have a question for my trainer

FREE Tour/ FREE Consultation

Full Time Fitness 4008 Mendenhall Oaks Pkwy Suite 109 High Point, NC 27265 336.841.0233


Tell us your fitness goals and health concerns and we will arrange a FREE trial with a personal tour of our facility, a FREE consultation with one of our certified personal trainers and nutrition consultants. Give us a call or come in to see us!


ONE-ON-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING - Full Time Fitness, LLC is a trend setting personal training entity. We take pride in being the most professional, most knowledgeable and most result driven of any personal training staff. Our staff uses the most advanced techniques accompanied with top notch customer service. We offer an intense 1 on 1 program that will get you feeling good and looking great. We offer 30 minute and 1 hour sessions and have the staff that is flexible to work around your busy schedule so there are no excuses to pull you away. We also provide a Kids Corner for small children.





Kids Poetry Basketball Kids Poetry Basketball was created by local Greensboro poet Clement Mallory while watching some of the greatest NBA players participate in many basketball challenges during the 2010 NBA All-Star weekend. Mallory’s idea was to bend poetry words in the midst of the basketball passing, dribbling and shooting activities. The whole premise (Mission) behind Kids Poetry Basketball is to make a child’s learning experience exciting, engaging, and enriching while promoting creative and critical thinking skills. In other words, he wanted kids to look at reading in a more fun way! It is also Mallory’s goal to lend his hand in the fight against childhood obesity by encouraging every youth participate to exercise more and eat more healthy foods. Presently, Kids Poetry Basketball is a literacy-enhancing program designed for children ages 4-13. Kids learn about poetry, reading, grammar, proper formation of sentences, and more while playing basketball games. The aim of Kids Poetry Basketball is to: Teach young people the many forms of expression that are articulated through poetry including music, written words, spoken words, art, and dance. -Help develop a child’s public speaking skills -Improve youth literacy and reading comprehension

-Increase student Benchmark scores -Give kids a better understanding about how to create healthy lifestyle

For more info about Kids Poetry Basketball, visit the website and if you have any questions, contact the Executive Director at the addresses below. Clement Mallory 336.988.0793 C37WORDS, Owner

Divine Healing (Author Yolanda Caesar) Divine Healings is a guide to the world of true divine healing and deliverance. From a holistic point of view, man is dissected and evaluated to establish truth based on scriptures on how disease, illness, and other ailments trespass into our physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. I encourage, provoke, and empa-

thize with each individual to take hold of this sword sharpened with experience, knowledge and revelation and use it to once and for all eradicate trespassing, disease, illness, and conditions that are presently inhabiting your bodies and emotions. Come feast, indulge, and share the table of meat through

me, God has prepared for his children. It is time that we as Christ’s joint heirs walk in our fate of divine health and represent the glorious kingdom of God.

What is Mrs. Pattie Hinson up to….. Three years ago I went in for what I thought was a routine Dr's Appointment. After the results from the blood work were received a return appointment was scheduled. I was informed of the following I was diagnosed with: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and High Protein Level in my blood. Who goes into for a routine check-up feeling like you are the picture of health and walks away with all of this at one time and a series of specialty Dr's that you will soon meet. I immediately knew the time had arrived not just for short term change, but lifestyle changes. Equally important to me, was to study the medications that were prescribed and the possible side effects. After becoming informed about the medications, I prayed and put all of this on the Alter. After much prayer and talking to God I made a decision to activate aggressive faith and to go with, what has been for me some of the most phenomenal supplements I have ever used. I knew my hearts' desire was and is to live a life that is free from sickness and disease. I strongly believe that when you seek God on anything that He is there with the plan that is custom made for you. I felt confident that it was time for me to take a step of faith and go with the promise that I am healed because the price for my health and well being has already been paid for and there was no need to reinvent the wheel. As I continue to stand and depend on my Maker and Creator. I can only tell you that I praise God every morning when I wake up that I stand without excruciating pain. This is a very short version of a big story. Please stay tuned to Divine Connections Magazine next addition as I will share with you how God allowed me to be introduced to supplements that are truly, to me, bar-none above the rest. I look forward to sharing the rest of the story with you! In the meantime if anyone has questions, please contact me at: or 540-656-3272.

Pattie Hinson ia also the Host of “Owe no Man Nothing” Conference Call Be encouraged listen to this Hour of Empowerment Every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 8:30pm


You Can DO It! Make it Happen & Handle your Business. Advertise your business, organization, or event with Divine Connections.


Special Guest on Oct 3rd Thursday at 8:30pm Deloris Williams, CEO of Divine Connections & author of “You Can Do It! Make It Happen & Handle your Business.” Call 712.432.6100 code 259013 KIDS POETRY BASKETBALL

Next Publications are November’s Newsletter and last quarter for 2013 Divine Connections Magazine. Contact 336.965.0366 to advertise Email:

NC Moms ROCK Trail

CALL IN & BE ENCOURAGED 1st & 3rd Thursday at 8:30pm 712.432.6100 code 259013

October 2013 Newsletter  

People making it happen, find out how you can encourage some one with breast cancer with Rady Lady Encouraging Women Everywhere. Mom's are y...

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