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Meet the Divine Connections Founder & CEO

Ms. Deloris Williams

Divine Connections Marketing Starting in April 2012, Deloris Williams, Divine Connections TV show will air new shows. We have twenty-five minute time slots available for shows that promote positive things going on in the community. We are looking for shows that promote a positive image and provide obtainable solutions that improve the quality of life. Topics include health & wellness, afterschool programs, how to build healthy relationships, and how to write a successful business plan. We are actively seeking businesses, churches, and individuals for sponsorship opportunities in 30 or 60 seconds commercials. We provide a cutting edge spotlight of your business or church to over one million viewers worldwide with our global platform. “Don’t be a victim of life circumstance, but be victorious by using wisdom”, Deloris Williams. Contact us today at 336.965.0366


2012 Pricing for Divine Connections Magazine Advertisement Fee Schedule 1/8 business card size $25 Ÿ ( 4 by 6) $35 ( business cards and 100 word count) ½ page $50 Full Page $100 Center Page $250 Back Page $300 Cover $500 Front Inside Cover $200 Inside Back page $200 To Procure Ad Space, Inclusion of Upcoming Events and Subscriptions Phone: 336.965.0366 or Email: | Yearly Subscription: $45 (Includes 4 Quarterly Magazines and 8 Newsletters) Internet Show Fee Schedule (viewership of 1 million people per day) 30 second commercial $30 60 second commercial $60 25 minute show $100 Need recording done additional cost contact me to set up an appointment for recording

The Kyani Health Triangle - Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset, and Kyani NitroFX - works synergistically to defend, repair, and maintain your best health. These products provide unmatched nutrition and optimal health in the form of Wild Alaskan Blueberries, tocotrienols, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Nitric Oxide with one easy to use system.

H. Celeste Turner

Independent Distributor (919) 901-0295

3 | DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 Dear Cali Pearl, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Facebook stock that will be out in a few months and now my friend tells me he has a deal where we can buy stock before it’s issued to the public. I am definitely interested in all the money I can make but I’m not sure if the opportunity is really real. Is it possible to buy stock before it’s listed on the stock market? Do you think I should? I have been handling calls from interested potential Facebook investors since Facebook announced their IPO. Most investors want to get in on the ground floor, buy Facebook stock while it’s “cheap” and sell it once it becomes public for a huge return. Who wouldn’t want the “next hot stock?” Unfortunately, however, there is no Facebook stock available to the public at this time. Fraudsters would have investors believe that virtually anyone can get in on pre-IPO deals of small, little-known startups as well as those of large, popular companies. One sure-fire way to avoid being taken in by an unsolicited offer is to ignore it—regardless of how you heard about it. Someone claiming to have shares of Facebook or some other social networking company may very well be a paid promoter or, more likely, a con artist trying to take your hard-earned money. To steer clear of potential scams, follow these tips: • Consider the source. If you received an unsolicited offer to invest in a pre-IPO opportunity—by any means— don’t take the bait. The stories a con artist might spin are innumerable but share one trait—they are all built on lies and deception. • Always ask: “Why me?” An unsolicited offer to buy pre-IPO shares raises the obvious question: Why would a total stranger tell you about a really great investment opportunity? The likely answer is that there is no such opportunity. • Be alert to persuasion. Virtually all pre-IPO scams dangle the prospect of exclusive access to eye-popping returns (an example of the “phantom riches” tactic) at a discount (the “reciprocity” tactic) if you act quickly (“scarcity”). Many scams also exploit “source credibility,” trying to build your trust by claiming falsely to be with a reputable firm. And others, such as those purporting to involve well-known companies, use “social consensus” to suggest that everyone wants in so the deal must be good. • Verify whether the person touting the stock or investment is licensed. A legitimate investment salesperson must be properly licensed, and his or her firm must be registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the SEC or a state securities regulator—depending on the type of business the firm conducts. • Determine if you’re being conned by a convicted criminal. Check the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator to determine if a solicitation is coming from someone who has served time in a federal prison. • Be a search engine sleuth. Use search engines to learn as much as you can about a solicitation and those behind it. For instance, if the individual promoting the investment has a history of fraud or criminal activity, you might find news reports and court documents with details. • Never send money to an individual or firm that you are hearing from based on an unsolicited communication. Even if you have met or spoken directly with someone selling an investment, never write a check out to the individual. Your money is apt to end up in a personal bank account, never to be seen by the investor. • Get an unbiased second opinion. The only way to verify whether a particular pre-IPO opportunity is legitimate is to conduct in-depth due diligence. To fully understand the terms of the deal and any restrictions that apply, you will likely need to enlist the aid of professionals who are in no way connected to the deal. (Source: FINRA) Cali Pearl is a NC registered investment advisor committed to financial literacy and investment education. For more information about Cali Pearl please visit:


George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ: CEO/President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ, G. Christopher Jackson has a Bachelor of Science degree from NC A&T State University in Applied Engineering Technology in Manufacturing Systems. He is currently enrolled in Graduate School at North Carolina A & T State University studying for his Master of Science in Technology Management in Applied Engineering Technology. Additionally, he is a Motivational Speaker. He has served as the key note speaker for National Black Child Development Organization for Greensboro for three years, and spoken in California, Michigan, Chicago, and various schools in the Triad area. “I like doing things that glorifies God” He is also a Minister of the Gospel at Mount Zion Baptist Church Inc. under the teaching of Bishop W. Brooks and First Lady Edna G. Brooks. Vice President of George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ, D. White is a native of Greensboro. He is the son of James and Lucy White. D. White has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from North Carolina A & T State University. As an aggie he was a member of the Blue and Gold Marching Machine and played with jazz greats, Max Roach and Lionel Hampton. After graduation from college , he taught eight years as a band director in North Carolina, Louisiana and Washington, D.C. Currently he serves as an assistant band director at James B. Dudley High School. He is also a member of Sports Management World Wide, serving as a sports agent advisor G. Christopher says that “GAGT BBQ” vision for the company is to have Healthy Turkey BBQ for everyone to eat globally. Their motto is: “The Healthy Way To Eat BBQ” also they have been very active in our community partnering with several businesses to name a few: 1. American Red Cross Nussbaum Blood Center 2. Dr. Roosevelt Smith/ Health Source Chiropractor 3. WE Program for Homeless Men 4. Red Hatters of Greensboro/Breast Cancer Organization We have donated our Turkey BBQ to each of these Organization during their events. As a company, we want to give back and show how important it is to support the Health and Taste of people. G. Christopher and D. White have great direction on where they are taking George’s Awesome Gourmet Turkey BBQ.


Lindley Habilitation Corporate Office 4214 Beechwood Drive Suite 101 Greensboro, NC 27410 Phone: 336-987-8465 Fax: 336-855-3363 Email:






Rolinda Crump Rolinda Crump is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. She attended Winston Salem State University for four years where she studied Early Childhood Education/Psychology. She also attended Brookstone College studying High-Tech Secretarial and Business. She was on the President’s List and received her Business Degree 1993. She worked at NC One Call as a Database Manager and as a Team Lead manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage before starting her own business, Judah Dance Academy April 4, 2004; which she later incorporated and evolved into Judah Academy of the Arts, LLC in 2008. Rolinda has danced over 15 years with her forte being tap, ballet, modern, and jazz. At Judah, she offers classes for all ages in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop, mime, modeling, sign language, and zumba. Judah has ministered all over North and South Carolina for all types of events. Rolinda works with the teenage dance ministry at her church, Love & Faith Christian Fellowship. She also works with other organizations, churches, and individuals in developing and perfecting others through the gifts of arts. She has worked with over 250 people within the 6 years that God has called her into the ministry of dance. Rolinda is married to Ray Crump and they have 3 children; Cedric, Jamal and Grace Crump whom she adores. Her goal is to see others develop their gifts in ministry to glorify God.

It Works! It will change your life! The Ultimate Body Applicator Company. Tighten, Tone, & Firm wherever you choose! Instant Results in 45 Minutes. Successful, Long-Lasting Results for Men and Women! It Works! Started in 2001 and is now debt-free and expanding all over the world and is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. It Works! Offers the world’s first naturally based body contouring line that delivers maximum results in minimal time. You simply won’t find anything like it in the world today. Our website is: or

Judah Academy of the Arts, LLC Vision Statement The vision of Judah Academy of The Arts is to teach the art of movement in all forms of expressions in a non-traditional setting, as an educational center for all ages. This vision is designed but not limited to; reaching the community’s underprivileged, handicapped, youth, and seniors in order to provide nourishment and development. The activities will include song, dance, mine, tap, sign language, step, poetry, and other creative talents in an effort to focus on education of the arts. Mission Statement This ministries mission is to teach and provide an atmosphere of praise and worship to all participants and reach others through the ministry of dance and music interpretation. Motto “Praise is what we do” Classes Offered: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Mime, Cheerleading, Modeling, Step, Sign Language, and Exercise We accept students age 4 years old to Adults.

Contact Info:


Destiny’s W A R D R O B E

DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 | 11 Destiny’s Wardrobe, Founded in 2009 in High Point, NC, is a Speciality Boutique which encompass the whole man and woman with fashion apparel and accessories from head to toe. ‘We Want You Walking In Your Destiny In Style.’ We pride ourselves on giving personable and extraordinary customer service by providing unique fashion apparel and accessories to enhance your wardrobe. Destiny’s Wardrobe is a unique boutique which specializes in exclusive fashion apparel and accessories; from one of a kind dress hats to savvy scarves and designer suits. We shop for you. Services include image consulting and wardrobe planning. Let us enhance your existing wardrobe with unique fashion accessories and custom designer catalog ordering. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will create that special outfit, so you don’t have to. Location: High Point, NC 27265 Phone: 336.887.2060 Hours Mon - Fri: 11:00 am-6:00 pm and Saturdays: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Email: Website:





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When You Let Your Greed Get in the Way, Don’t Call God a Liar! “The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.” Proverbs 21:20

Ann and John had been praying for a new home for two years. They have been married three years and were expecting their first child so naturally they need more space. The tiny apartment was okay in the early stages of their marriage but they were quickly outgrowing it. Ann and John loved the Lord and they knew that He would work it out in their favor so they prayed about it and waited on an answer from On High. After a few weeks it seemed like their prayers had been answered. Their banker called and said they prequalified for a $153,000 loan. They were ecstatic! They couldn’t believe it! The home they wanted was only $110,000 but since they were preapproved for more they could look at bigger homes in other neighborhoods. Their monthly mortgage payments would be $1034 which was actually a little more than they felt they could afford. They knew that they could only afford to pay $850 comfortably but Ann and John felt like since this opportunity was allowed to come into their lives it must be what God wanted for them. They said “yes” to the deal and looked forward to their new beginnings. Fast forward one year and one child later, being new homeowners was not what they expected. Since the home they purchased was in a much nicer neighborhood than they originally planned, they decided to buy brand new furniture and a brand new car. They felt like the new furniture and new car matched their new home and elevated their image a bit. Making the mortgage payments took everything they had without much left over for the other expenses associated with homeownership. It was becoming stressful. And suddenly without warning, John loses his job. Ann cannot afford to keep up with the mortgage, car loan, and credit card payments. I was listening to the radio broadcast of a sermon the other day when I heard the pastor make the statement that people struggle because struggle is the will of God. And the reason why God allows us to suffer is to strengthen our relationship with Him. I think making that kind of statement is totally opposite of what God says in the Bible. God said that He came that we might have life and have life more abundantly (John 10:10). We are children of the most High God, the One who created heaven and earth and everything in it, and it is my opinion that we are not supposed to live lives full of struggle and disappointment in order to experience holiness or enjoy a richer relationship with Our Father. Have you ever wondered where personal responsibility fits into the equation when you experience struggle and disappointment? I mean, aren’t we responsible for some of the decisions we make. For example, if Ann and John were obedient to what God had already blessed them with, the ability to pay an $850 monthly mortgage comfortably, why would they opt for a payment they couldn’t afford and inevitably blame God for their failure to maintain their home? We are spiritual beings living in a natural universe and unfortunately we allow ourselves to behave naturally and not spiritually when we should behave spiritually in this natural universe. We must not forget that we have a personal responsibility in how we handle what we have been given. It’s not fair to say that you’re out of favor with God when you lose a house or your car is repossessed. If you honestly assess the situation, you would confess that maybe God didn’t actually put you in this precarious predicament. You knew when you made the decision that it wasn’t the right decision and you were hoping that God would just come through for you and work it out in the end. However you must remember that God said that when we are faithful over a few things He will put us in charge of many things (Matt. 25:23). God’s word is true but it’s your own actions that are making Him out to look like a liar. Continue to do your best and work within your means and blessings are sure to come your way. God will send people along and create situations in your life that will open doors and create peace. He will not add burden. Sherri Brown is Managing Partner with the investment advisory firm Cali Pearl in Greensboro, NC. Cali Pearl empowers its clients through objective and comprehensive financial advice, educational services, and financial tools for families to build and maintain financial health through all financial market cycles and major life events.


Celebrating 2 Years of helping businesses connect to their potential through networking events, marketing, and solving financial problems.

Our Special Treat A men’s panel having a discussion about Real Men, Real Issues, and Reality

DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 | 17 BISHOP SHELDON M. McCARTER is the senior bishop of the Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina. He was born April 10, 1961 to Dr. R.T. and Lady McCarter in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Bishop McCarter is the third of four siblings, all of whom serve God as ministers of the Gospel. He is married to the love of his life and his partner in ministry, Co-Pastor Joyce N. McCarter. They are blessed with three children Xavia, Alana, and Alaya. Bishop McCarter said yes to his call into the ministry in 1982 under the pastoral leadership of Dr. R.T. McCarter. He began as pastor of Cleveland Avenue Christian Church in August 1988. The tremendous anointing on his life, his zeal to serve God in excellence, and his heart for people led this ministry into phenomenal growth. The church grew from 200 members in 1988 to more than 3000 members today. The vision and wisdom of God inspired Bishop McCarter to embark upon undoubtedly the most significant accomplishment to-date in his ministry-the completion of what is now the Greater Cleveland Avenue Christian Church. We celebrated the completion of the 33,000 square foot ediface in October of 1999. In September 2001, we celebrate the completion of the Signs and Wonders Learning Academy and the 32,000 square foot S.M. McCarter Family Life Center in January 2002. Bishop McCarter has ministered the Word of God all across the United States. His anointing to teach and preach the Gospel changes lives everywhere he ministers. Even though his ministry as Bishop of one of the largest churches in Winston Salem and his many duties in the community keeps him extremely busy, he remains touchable to his members. He remains humble so that God can continue elevating him to new levels. His hearts desire is to challenge and change lives through the Word of God.

Chris Adams is currently serving as the Regional Director of Operations for CN Hotels based out of Greensboro, NC. In a career spanning over 25 years, he has served in a number of capacities in brands such as Marriott, Hilton, Omni, as well as several independent and boutique facilities. Chris has been involved in a number of community related organizations, serving on the boards of the Guilford Merchants Association, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau, where he served as Board Chair, the Guilford County Hotel Motel Association, where he is the current President, the Guilford County Workforce Development Board. Greensboro College Pride One, and the Guilford College Board of Visitors. Chris is the proud father of two children, John and Sierra, and an even prouder grandfather of two. He enjoys outdoors activities, jazz music, avid reader, and a dedicated and faithful member of the Embassy International Church where he serves as a Minister in Training.

Antonisha Polite is an independent distributor of UsBorne Books & More. She has a son named Christian and who is the reason behind everything she do. A full time online student majoring in Elementary Education who absolutely loves reading and hopes to instill that love of reading and learning into other children. Contact Her For More Information NiNi Polite Educational Consultant-Usborne Books & More

18 | DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 Demarcus Scales has worked with youth in various capacities throughout his adult life. He has been a mentor to teens/youth in foster care that dealt with a range of diagnoses and life situations. Demarcus has been a member of the Guilford County chapter of the Red Cross since October 2010 and goes all over the state of North Carolina training people in Adult/Child CPR and First Aid. This is his way to give back because in May 0f 2008 he himself was a recipient of trained responders knowledge of First Aid as a result of a life altering car accident. Demarcus also is very active at his local church in which he has attended since childhood. He is a member of the Usher Board, and also serves as a Youth Advisor for the youth usher board. Demarcus also serves as his Pastors Armor bearer, which involves traveling with him on preaching engagements, taking care of certain needs around the church and attending meetings. Demarcus is a graduate of Dalton L McMichael High School in Mayodan, NC class of 1995. Demarcus has attended Rockingham Community College and the University of Phoenix. Demarcus loves to spend time writing. He began by just writing for a hobby and went on to create an inspirational writing website. Demarcus is currently in partnership with George Evans and have written two books titled “Thoughts From Within” and “Released.” They call themselves “EevanScalez” a play on their last names, Evans and Scales. Their motto is “Balance, Knowledge, and Inspiration.” Demarcus, a native of Rockingham County born in Eden N.C at Morehead Hospital on June 18th, 1977 to Ms. Brenda K. Scales. Married to Sherika Hairston Scales. Demarcus lives by this saying, “Everything that happens has significance and if it didn’t kill you and you made it through it, then it wasn’t for you, it was for you to go back and help someone else.”

7 Answers to the question….What Makes a Man A Man? • • • • • • •

Acceptance of the responsibility of being made in the image of God Acceptance of the fact that strength is connected to compassion The ability to say you are wrong when you know you are wrong and put your pride on the back burner The realization that Character is the key to the doors that God wants to open for you The ability to humble yourself and follow even when you know that you are a leader Wisdom to be quiet and wisdom to speak Confidence and Balance

7 Things a Man Needs to Know About His Identity Purpose: How God is shaping him to fulfill the destiny and meaning of his life. Plan: The direction and blueprint designed to make his life has the intended meaning. Progress: How man is gauging the results in his journey and a means to determine necessary steps to stay the course of his destiny. Priorities: What is most important for man to pursue and the order in which he chooses in making decisions. Perspective: What is shaping man’s decision making process? What direction is he basing his ideals? Position: What role is man willing to assume and take ownership of in his professional and personal existence? Potential: Does man really attempt to look within to be the best he can be at any given moment?

DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 | 19 Master Trainer and Founder of Full Time Fitness, LLC, Hilton Ferguson is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Dietary Counselor with extensive knowledge and experience. Hilton received his B.S. in Exercise Physiology from East Carolina University’s College of Health and Human Performance. Hilton has trained and maintained an extensive number of clientele from all walks of life, all ages, and even those with health and fitness challenges. He will help you set goals, stay focused and get results. Hilton’s training style will challenge you, motivate you and inspire you. The company’s explosive growth is contributed to the power of testimony from satisfied clients who trained one on one, in groups, boot camps and corporately. Hilton’s philosophy on exercise is: Nothing will work ...unless YOU work” Full Time Fitness, LLC is owned and operated by partners in marriage and business, Hilton and Kit-Tena Ferguson. Full Time Fitness, LLC is a professional fitness entity dedicated to meeting individuals from all walks of life where they are in terms of fitness levels and goals. We are dedicated to enhancing wellness and overall quality of life though exercise prescription testing and training. Full Time Fitness, LLC is passionate about exercise and believes firmly in its ability to change lives of individuals, families and organizations.

Pastor Rick Brooks was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He grew up not attending church. He graduated from North Forsyth Senior High School, where he lettered in several varsity sports. After high school, Rick moved to Cleveland Tennessee, where he attended Lee College. Later, he earned degrees from Logos University and several other biblical colleges. Pastor Rick Brooks is one of the dynamic and enthusiastic pastors in the church today. He first accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior at the tender age of sixteen, and committed his life to full-time Christian service at the age of twenty two. Since that time, Rick has served as an evangelist, youth director, assistant pastor, worship leader and senior pastor. Pastor Rick is the founding pastor of the Free Church and serves in this role today. He met his wife, Penny, in Winston-Salem in 1982, and they were married in that same year. After just two years of marriage, God began to deal with them about going to the Washington D.C. area to help build a church. Fourteen years later, the Lord called Rick and Penny to go again and this time to go and help revive a struggling church in Greensboro, North Carolina of 20 people. In just 9 short years the church grew in number and became home to nearly 100 precious families, with two worship services on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. . After much prayer, fasting and hearing the call of God, Pastor Rick resigned his church in June 2007 and began a new work in the western Greensboro area called, Free Church International.

20 | DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 Angel Guerrero is a professional speaker, Multi-preneur, evangelist in training and owner of A.S. Web Pros. He has helped countless of start-ups, small and midsized businesses thrive by teaching and empowering them with both offline and online marketing strategies that allow them to be successful and stand out above their competition. He has been most successful in the area of Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. The results have been millions of dollars being poured into the Triad economy. Angel’s focus is to be consistently consistent in service, integrity and character. He has served on several boards and councils in the Greensboro community to aid in civic awareness, education, homelessness, and youth empowerment. He has been blessed with 2 daughters Angelina, Nora and son Angel Gabriel and his lovely bride of 9 years Sharon. His motto of life is “Help a lot of people get what they want and need and you will be blessed.�

Ahmad J. Francis Sr. aka Bloodwashed 28 Years old and Fire for God Ahmad is a living testimony to the Delivering Power of the Lord. Overcoming many things meant to steal, kill and destroy his life he has embraced the ministry to help those bound by the mindset of bondage to their situations. Raised in New Jersey and being exposed to both the urban and suburban lifestyles, he has been exposed to the ups and downs of both lifestyles. Although his life reflects one as a believer he always did not live such a life. He began to struggle with many things from drug use at the age of 11, promiscuity from the age of 12, drug dealing from the age of 16, and even gangbanging at the age of 17. Being a BLOODS gang member and drug dealer the true BLOOD of Jesus protected and kept him unto his day of salvation. After his mother went home to be with the Lord at the age of 46 Ahmad felt lost, alone, and unable to make it another day. Being raised in church but never embracing God he was faced with many choices concerning the direction of his life. God had used the death of his mother to stop the confusion and disarray which his life had been in. It was at that point on December 28,2002 that Ahmad surrendered his life to the Lord with the mindset to become more than he had been. Embracing the ministry he began to preach the gospel of Jesus not only behind the pulpit but also in the streets with the ministry most commonly known as Gospel Rap. Married to Jessica Francis and a father to 3 children he now looks to change the world and the lives of the ones that no one else wants to deal with. Through Bloodwashed ministries God has opened up many doors with names not as comparable to the Glory of Jesus.

DIVINE CONNECTIONS - MARCH 2012 | 21 Mishel Goldsmith is the Founder and leader of S.O.U.L.O.U.T., an acronym for “Saints Of Uncompromising Living Over Unrelenting Trials” which means that we are Christians that will not compromise our walk with God no matter what. So it's not just a name of a group, but it's a Lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage everyone that we come in contact with to trust the creator. And if you trust him you will always win. We will use our music to feed the hungry in spirit, encourage those that may seem to believe that there is no hope and assemble together a S.O.U.L.O.U.T. Nation that is ready to disassemble the plight of the enemy. Rhonda Crowder was born and raised in Monroe, NC. I am the daughter of Roy and Revonda Crowder. My brother’s are Daryle L. Crowder (Briana), Jaime M. Huntley (Stephanie) and Detrick L. Crowder along with three nephews and one niece. Most of all, I am a proud mother of one daughter Kaila Symone Crowder and one son Jaydn Dajuan Newkirk. My hobbies are shopping, singing, acting and spending time with my family. I am an outgoing person and love to see the scenery of a beautiful atmosphere. I attended Monroe City Schools and after graduating with the class of 1999 at Monroe High School; I attended North Carolina A & T State University, which is where I received my Bachelors of Arts and Science degree in Journalism Mass Communications. I am currently a 3rd year lateral entry English teacher at Dudley High School. I am inspired daily by the students I teach and the students I don’t teach, but come in contact with. I enjoy helping others dreams come true and get them to another level in their education. Moreover, I am a fun loving person and am very excited to what my future holds for me. I strive for the best and I believe in working hard to fulfill my goals. My children inspire me the most and due to this I will continue to stay focus while reaching for higher heights. Raymond and Kim Larkin ‘The Couple’ are best friends, worship partners and a happily married couple, which God has blessed to have a music ministry of their own inspired genre of ‘Christian Love’. Raymond & Kim have such a unique sound, flavor and style of their own that immediately captures the hearts of listeners. They reside in Winston Salem, North Carolina and are raved as a dynamic duo in the Triad and many surrounding areas. Since 2005, they have been singing together for various venues such as weddings, social events, church events, funerals, birthday dinners, banquets, etc. Their debut opportunity came in July 2005 as they led praise and worship for a large outreach service at Lake Norman in Charlotte, NC. Later, in April 2009, they released their first double-single cd entitled ‘Love Defined’ which showcases 2 hit songs ‘All I Need’ and ‘Real Love’ (Produced by Houze of Phat Productions/Roderick Carter). The upcoming full cd project of ‘Love Defined’ will incorporate songs illustrating a love relationship with God and in marriage. Their ministry purpose is to exemplify two things: Revealing God’s abundant love and favor toward everyone through their music; and the importance of simplicity in love and marriage relationships. In other words, ‘keeping love lite’. They have a passion for singing together in assurance of traveling worldwide.


Peeler Directory 2011 - 2012

March Issue 2012  

Come and meet some successful business owners and supporters of Divine Connections events. Prepare for your visions to come to pass. Prepa...

March Issue 2012  

Come and meet some successful business owners and supporters of Divine Connections events. Prepare for your visions to come to pass. Prepa...