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Senior Director, Supply Chain

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Daniel Chavez

I Look Forward to What Is Yet to Come My career path has largely been driven by the following:

Education: MBA, global management, Thunderbird; business administration, University of Washington Company Name: Advanced Micro Devices Industry: Semiconductors Company CEO: Dr. Lisa Su Company Headquarters Location: Santa Clara, California Number of Employees: 15,500 Your Location: Austin, Texas Words you live by: Run towards the hard things. It will make you better. Who is your personal hero? My grandfather What book are you reading? Master of The Senate by Robert Caro What was your first job: Cook Favorite charity: Alzheimer’s Association Interests: Reading, running, travel, and time with family and friends Family: My wife, Betty Ann; three daughters, Gabrielle, Emilia, and Natalie; and one son, Daniel


2022 First Quarter


Willingness to assume responsibility and take ownership


Desire for diverse experience (walk in the shoes of others)


Seeking challenging opportunities (do the hard things)


Building relationships

From the start of my career, when there was a challenge that cut across organizations and ownership was unclear, I took on the responsibility. That approach advanced my career and provided great learning opportunities. One could argue that it was “not my job” (and some told me that), but I’m a believer your job is as big or small as YOU make it. This does not mean you take on the functions of others—you must hold other groups accountable for their deliverables. But sometimes, especially in new territory with a high degree of ambiguity, it requires courage and conviction to step up, take action, and do the right thing. The desire for diverse experiences, to better understand how other groups work, also shaped my career. I wanted to see the world through different functions and geographies. That led me to make a dramatic career change, where I worked in IT, HR, acquisition integration, operations, direct imports, and proprietary brands, in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and China. That experience taught me I could quickly adapt and thrive in different functions and disciplines. More important, it allowed me to walk in the shoes of others and made me a better business partner. Seeking the difficult work helped drive my career. I recall key points in my career, where I chose to run to a problem or a difficult situation. What drove me was the desire to make a difference and grow. Of course, there are moments of doubt, but I believe it is vital to push on, persevere, and surround oneself with those who share the determination to win. I do not waste time and energy on the negative actors. Remember, you cannot do it alone. Relationships matter. Be a genuine partner. Help your teammates and others win and celebrate. It’s amazing how problems can be solved and opportunities identified, when you pull together key talent from different parts of the business. Additionally, those relationships will help you all get through the most difficult moments. One of the many wonderful things about working at AMD is that I have the privilege of collaborating with super-talented people who desire to improve and win every single day. I joined AMD in 2012, and this summer will mark a decade of service. I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together and look forward to what is yet to come.