Profiles in Diversity Journal First Quarter 2021

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Vice President, Business Banking




Education: Bachelor of Science, business administration, finance management, Goldey Beacom College Company Name: PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Industry: Financial Company CEO: William Demchak Company Headquarters Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Number of Employees: 52,000 Your Location (if different from above): Wilmington, Delaware Words you live by: “Great Leaders are always easy to follow, and you are a leader” – Pedro Viera, Jr. Who is your personal hero? My parents and my family; I wouldn’t be able to name just one hero. What book are you reading? The Bible What was your first job? Cashier at a local supermarket Favorite charity: Too many to name! Interests: Spending time with my children, wife, family, friends, and the people in my community Family: Thank you Christie, Christian, Sienna, and Nathan for your support.

My Joy Comes from the Happiness of Everyone around Me Faith, a strong belief or trust, is the word I think about most when describing and demonstrating my definition of success to everyone I meet. When I think about today’s leaders, I’m reminded of our ancestors who paved the way for us, and who have given us the opportunity to honor and respect their efforts. It is that awesome responsibility that motivates me every day to try to achieve success, while lifting the hearts and minds of the people around me. My career has been built around enjoyment/felicidad and about helping others and finding ways to collaborate and focus on unselfishness. My joy comes from


2021 First Quarter

the happiness of everyone around me. I take pride in building teams, ensuring the people around me recognize—and are recognized for—their contributions, advancing careers, and driving inclusive engagement. A positive outlook that influences positive, forward-looking action is what motivates me most. Community development and volunteerism leads to so many great opportunities. My hope is that when we think about what we want for ourselves, we remember that we are successful because of the aid and support of wonderful mentors, allies, and sponsors—or as we say in Spanish, M.A.S. I’m thankful for this honor and for being one of many people who could have received this award. I represent

every one of you. I think about the many wonderful friends, family, team members, mentors, mentees, and leaders who have helped shape my future, and who give me hope for a better one. You motivate, energize, and inspire me. You give me the passion and incentive to strive for more, learn more, and keep moving forward. Let’s continue to not only dream, but take action. Let’s make sure we remain proud of who we are, but also include others in our journey. Share your story with others, demonstrate what motivates you, and allow yourself to be inspired by those who are sharing your journey. Always remember… Great leaders are always easy to follow, and you are a leader.


Pedro Viera, Jr.