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Education: Associate degree, hotel restaurant management, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute Company Name: Keystone Alliance Mortgage Industry: Finance Company CEO: Megan Marsh & Andres Munar Company Headquarters Location: State College, Pennsylvania Number of Employees: 24 Your Location (if different from above): Puerto Rico Words you live by: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Who is your personal hero? My mom and dad for being willing to give up their entire life in Colombia to give their sons a chance at a better opportunity in the States What book are you reading? Flipping the switch…: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ by John G. Miller What was your first job? Busboy Favorite charity: The Sato Project Interests: Travel, volleyball, road trips, beach, paddle boarding, and working out Family: Mom, dad, brother, and dog named Bogota

How Putting Our Team First Made 2020 Our Best Year Ever Almost a year ago today, I had to choose respect, loyalty, and belief in my team when COVID-19 became a crisis and began shutting down business across the country. This is something I think many can relate to. When small businesses began letting people go, we refused to allow such a scenario to happen to any of our team. Just two weeks before the COVID-19 shutdown, Keystone Alliance Mortgage hired six new team members. For most small business owners this would have meant disaster. My business partner and I could not fathom the thought of laying off people we just hired. Real estate was shut down throughout Pennsylvania, which meant new home purchases were at a standstill. New


2021 First Quarter

purchases are a large part of our business. For new loan officers, getting new purchase business is literally all of their business. Megan and I stepped up to the plate and put our team first. I stopped “running” the business and got back to selling. We opened our personal database of past clients to the loan-officer team. Together, we called as many past clients as possible and started filling up our pipeline with refinances. In doing so, our team-first approach to business literally allowed each and every one of us to keep our jobs. Keystone Alliance Mortgage has an exceedingly rare and unique culture you won’t find at any other business. We believe that providing unmatched customer service and a

low-stress experience to our clients, referral partners, team, and community is the secret to their fast growth. For our team, Megan and I have created a safe, inclusive, and diverse atmosphere that promotes personal and professional growth, along with a commitment to excellence. In my mind, success in business means putting the client’s needs first, while ensuring that our team succeeds in business, life, and the community. Megan and I have led Keystone Alliance Mortgage during this pandemic to its best year ever. In the last year, the company has seen exponential growth. Keystone has expanded into helping homebuyers not only in Pennsylvania but also in Illinois, Ohio, Puerto Rico, and Florida. And we will soon enter several other states.


Andres J. Munar