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Corporate Vice President, Strategic Accounts

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Education: BSEE, Arizona State University Company Name: Advanced Micro Devices Industry: Semiconductor Company CEO: Lisa Su Company Headquarters Location: Santa Clara, California Number of Employees: 12,600 Your Location (if different from above): Scottsdale, Arizona Words you live by: Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today? Who is your personal hero? My Father, Johnny J. Nunez Jr. What book are you reading? Target Alex Cross by James Patterson What was your first job: Picking table grapes in the Arizona desert Favorite charity: Goodwill Interests: Downhill skiing, golf and off-roading

The Best Business Advice I Ever Got Surround yourself with your replacement(s) ... I was given this advice very early in my career by a very wise sales leader at Motorola Semiconductor, and I have heeded his advice and passed it on many, many times to my teams and peers. Never fear being replaced … As counterintuitive as it may seem, never fear being replaced, but rather look at those you compete with from the perspective that they will only drive you and challenge you to be better. Gain buy-in … With the belief that success is driven from within, a sales leader and his or her team must buy-in


2021 First Quarter

and execute accordingly. The best way to inspire this buy-in is to provide the best members of your team the opportunity to achieve their personal goals, while achieving the goals set for the team. So, always hire the best, and teach them everything you can, so they become even better. Also, let them know you believe in their success, and therefore, the team’s success. Hire the best … I have had the privilege of hiring and mentoring many high-technology sales professionals here at AMD. I have also hired more than a few right out of university. Toward the end of my tenure at Motorola Semiconductor I was given the opportunity to lead their then very successful Sales Engineering Recruiting Program

(SERP). Motorola believed that hiring the best engineering graduates with the most potential would pay off for the company in the long run. I was hired into this program after graduating from Arizona State University with my BSEE, as were many others who became semiconductor industry top sales and business executives. Self-fulfilling prophesy ... Additionally, this very wise (and accomplished) leader drilled into me that achieving success is rarely easy. Keeping this in mind when assembling your teams, from new grads to established industry leaders, lends itself to a self-fulfilling prophecy. The best-in-class team you have surrounded yourself with will help exceed even your loftiest goals for success.


Jay Carlos Nunez