Profiles in Diversity Journal First Quarter 2021

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Corporate Vice President of Finance




Education: Master of Business Administration, operations management, St. Edwards University; Bachelor of Science, industrial distribution, Texas A&M University Company Name: Advanced Micro Devices Industry: Semiconductor Company CEO: Lisa Su Company Headquarters Location: Santa Clara, California Number of Employees: 12,600 Your Location (if different from above): Austin, Texas Words you live by: There are many paths to success but all require hard work and determination. Who is your personal hero? My parents; they have always been my source of inspiration and great examples of hard work. What book are you reading? Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey What was your first job: Forecast Analyst at Motorola Inc. Favorite charity: Mobile Loaves and Fishes Interests: Spending time with family, traveling, and listening to live music Family: Three children: a son, Carson (21); a daughter, Chloe (18); and a daughter, Claire (14)

Trust Yourself and Say Yes Open-mindedness is by far the trait that has been essential to my success. Throughout my career, I have embraced many different roles within each company I have been a part of and used each of them as an opportunity to learn and grow. While the roles have required me to step out of my comfort zone, each allowed me to learn, grow, and develop new skills. My willingness to embrace new and challenging assignments allowed my career path to evolve beyond any predetermined roadmap or playbook I could have imagined. My professional career path has been a nontraditional route for sure, but has advanced my overall development and given me the perspective that many paths lead to success. As I consider my overall experiences, I believe each provided an opportunity to navigate large matrix organizations, learning to connect concepts and build a network of resourceful contacts.


2021 First Quarter

I started my undergraduate career focused on engineering and technology, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Texas A&M’s College of Engineering in 1998. I joined the workforce in an entry-level role focused on demand planning and rationalization with Motorola, Inc. After approximately one year, the finance controller approached me, and I joined his team as a financial analyst supporting a key business unit. That decision changed my career trajectory. Over the next eight years at Motorola (later Freescale), I rotated in and out of five critical finance support roles, including supply chain, IT, corporate accounting, and external reporting. My open-mindedness and willingness to tackle roles beyond my area of expertise compelled me to rapidly develop new technical, business, and leadership skills. This learning style and my ability to adapt had a tremendous impact, unleashing my potential

and confidence to continue to take on new challenges and opportunities that may have never been on my direct career roadmap. In May 2011, I joined AMD in one of its largest business units as a frontline manager, which allowed me to understand the business and learn how to navigate the new environment. I have continued with the same mindset of learning, growing, and developing without boundaries throughout my time at AMD. It has now been almost ten years, and I have held five different roles within the company, which has allowed me to continue the growth and development of my skills, style, and brand. My promotion to corporate vice president of finance in July 2020 defined a moment of success and demonstrated that my career path has required the utmost faith in myself and the ability to see beyond today’s role and challenges.


Christopher Aguilar