Diversity Journal - September/October 2014 - Women Worth Watching

Page 40

“Social issues and climate change were not common discussion points at traditional Wall Street …”

Mary Jane McQuillen

The Managing Director for ClearBridge Investments found a role that lets her give back. Early in my career, I was fortunate to be introduced to a dynamic investment team that provided opportunities for growth with merit. I began in a research capacity, but was transitioned to portfolio management and then, head of an investment strategy that centered on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into the fundamental research and stockselection process. Given my lifelong desire to give back, the ESG investment approach

has been a perfect way to express both my personal and professional ambitions. Social issues and climate change were not common discussion points at traditional Wall Street investment firms when ESG was first introduced, yet I felt strongly that ESG issues could not be extricated from the investment process, and were important factors for many of our clients. Our investment approach had to prove itself through strong portfolio performance and our ability to make

an impact as shareowners. At ClearBridge Investments, our ESG program seeks to improve society and protect the environment by promoting corporate best practices. Through ESG investing, I believe I have been able to make a significant impact by staying true to my passion to give back. PDJ

Madonna Bolano

This Group VP of HR at Applied Materials juggles her way to success at work and in life. Discover and exploit your strengths. Often we set unrealistic expectations and think we have to do it all and do it our way. Don’t be so hard on yourself or focus only on what you could have done better. Give yourself credit and reflect on your accomplishments, strengths, and knowledge, so that you can build on them. I’ve learned as a mom, wife, and HR executive that it’s impossible to achieve



“balance.” Instead, I constantly hone my ability to “juggle.” Sometimes family or personal obligations are higher priorities. At other times, work becomes the main focus. Luckily, Applied Materials helps enable technology that makes mobile devices faster and more power-efficient, which makes it easier for me to juggle all the areas of my life! Learn to use the resources around you. This is a valuable skill in our work