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Roots Grow Deep for Legacy Businesses Companies hit the century mark.

18 Business Leaders Make a Mark on Frederick Local visionaries talk about Frederick’s talent for promoting opportunities.

28 Forward Frederick County


The Frederick County Office of Economic Development presents its 2020 annual report.

38 Profiles of the Top 50 x 2 Legacy Businesses A look at the top companies that continue to thrive through the years.

82 Part of Their DNA The Frederick area boasts numerous multigenerational businesses.


94 At a Glance A look at the Frederick County Office of Economic Development.

Âť Frederick County is very fortunate to have an amazing business community, especially those that have been in business for over 20 years. We understand that there are more than 100 legacy businesses in Frederick County, but unfortunately, we were not able to include all these businesses in the Top 50x2. The businesses included were selected from responses submitted to a business survey. OED staff verified the responses and then selected the businesses on a first come first serve basis. If your business would like to be included in future opportunities, please email Some photographs included in this publication were taken pre-Covid. OED encourages everyone to follow precautionary guidelines set forth by the Frederick County Health Department.

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What accounts for longevity in businesses? Although there are exceptions to every rule, many would credit emphasizing innovation and reinvention as the important factors for survival. Others would say that retaining talent and practicing good governance through an advisory board or board of directors are key factors. However, all the companies profiled below, regardless of how many shareholders or owners they may have, started the same; all began by growing their roots deep and starting small. Most began as family-run operations. They also faced and overcame unexpected hurdles, a situation they currently find themselves in with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, they all focused on a central belief in the product or service they

were offering, which was not tied solely to making a profit. Along with the central tenant of producing a high quality product or service, there was an overarching commitment to community service. Frederick County salutes these centenarians for their contributions to the Frederick community and beyond.

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Keeney & Basford—1848 One of the oldest companies in Frederick is the longest continually operating funeral home in the county and one that has arguably had COVID-19 make the greatest impact on their customers over this past year. Keith Roberson, co-owner with Rick Graf since 2007, explains how COVID-19 has changed the

With 80 percent of families choosing to cremate or bury without a service and instead do a memorial at a later date, Roberson acknowledges that this past year has been challenging for everyone, “Families need to grieve and find closure,” he says, “’It’s all a part of experiencing death in our society. They need grief support, and that involves friends and family.”

Keeney & Basford way families are allowed to remember their loved ones and pay their respects. “Right now, families are limited in the number of family members allowed to participate in the service, visitation and burial,” says Roberson. While the virus has modified the way Keeney & Basford handle arrangements, they are grateful for technology like Zoom which allows families to be together during the planning and memorial services.

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As leaders in the death care industry, Roberson says the goal is not to change people’s perspectives, but to provide compassionate service to families during an extremely stressful and difficult time. “While COVID has changed what we at Keeney & Basford are doing, it doesn’t change the grief families are going through. We plan on continuing to provide the best possible care for families.”

Gladhill Furniture—1915 At the beginning of their 105th year in business, Gladhill Furniture in Middletown, closed for six weeks due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Jim Nicholson, who purchased the business in 1998 from original owner, Lola Gladhill, says that although the business had to pivot and adapt to keep operations running, he’s feeling optimistic about retail and consumer spending today. “We’re going into 2021 with our eyes wide open,” says Nicholson. “We have a tremendous customer following and the home furnishing market across America is very strong and demand is high.” Far from resting on his laurels though, Nicholson notes that Gladhill continues to evolve and improve. Last year Nicholson put a new front on the original building, and did some remodeling. From the original three employees, the business has grown to a fivestory showroom, a modern warehouse, and a staff of design consultants. Gladhill continues to provide Frederick County residents and beyond with quality home furnishings that are enjoyed generation after generation.

Jim Nicholson Nicholson, who started his career in home furnishing 38 years ago as a delivery man, credits the longevity and success of Gladhill with great employees, high quality American made furnishings at a fair price, and unmatched customer service. For Nicholson, however, at the core of Gladhill’s success is their commitment to strong community involvement and charitable giving. “It’s what I call being part of Frederick’s ‘givers and helpers’” he says. Gladhill makes its community impact known through continuing work with the YMCA, local foodbank, Rescue Mission and involvement with schools, to name a few. Woodsboro Bank—1899 In 2016, when Steven Heine decided to come back to community banking as the president and CEO of Woodsboro Bank, he knew that a focus on small business and residential



Woodsboro Saving Bank was started by a diverse group of businessmen. Over the years as the needs of the community changed and grew, Woodsboro Bank emerged with a focus on residential and commercial mortgages, yet always maintained its independence as a community bank. “Caring about clients and the community, a new strategy and the right culture and purpose changed how we operated as a bank.”

Steven Heine mortgages was the direction he wanted the bank to take. “Great bones,” Heine describes the operation he took over at that time, “but we needed to evolve quickly.” Over the last 3 1/2 years, Heine has doubled staff and become more vertically integrated. Woodsboro bank considers itself the boutique shop of banks. “It’s all about the client experience,” Heine says. “Frederick needs a community bank—it’s the fabric of our community.” Originally housed in the Rosebud building in downtown Woodsboro, the then

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As an essential business, Woodsboro Bank never closed when the pandemic hit. Management stepped in immediately to keep staff and clients safe with some shifts in branch operations through lobby closings and modifications inside for social distancing. Now customers make appointments with a specialist, allowing staff to know all the needs of the customer before they even walk in the building, helping to facilitate a more efficient and effective banking experience. While Heine acknowledges that clients are more comfortable today with technology designed to keep them safe, he doesn’t believe it will ever replace personal interactions. “It shows how important it is to talk to a person who understands their community and what they are going through,” he says. “The secret to Woodsboro Bank’s success is in continually evolving and listening and focusing on the community.” Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farms—1918 With only 3 percent of all family businesses operating in the fourth generation or beyond,

Winterbrook Farm Taylor Huffman is a rarity as a fourth-generation farmer. Along with her husband Brandon, and young daughter Jana, Taylor owns and operates Lawyer’s Winterbrook Farm, the 102-year-old operation that her family started in 1918. Originally a hay and crop farm, Huffman’s parents began diversifying in 2000 to include the area’s very first corn maze. After purchasing the farm from her dad’s estate in 2013, Huffman continued to diversify the farm with their only event, a fall festival, along with being open to the public eight weekends per year. Taylor and Brandon Huffman also won the 2020 Young Farmer of the Year. Not unlike the experience of most businesses, COVID-19 brought changes. “Every weekend is unpredictable and brings a new set of challenges,” says Huffman, “but we’ve been able to change and adapt through the season.” As attendance grew, Winterbrook

has had to add signage to address COVID-19 rules to keep staff and customers safe. Huffman explains it this way, “COVID changed the vision for what the future looks like. Basics, including supplies of local food, can be scarce.” Plans for 2021 include the summer opening of U-pick blueberries and a CSA program with an ‘on farm market’ component. While Huffman credits Winterbrook’s success with hard work and adapting to agritourism trends and demands, she also is modest in their commitment to not only educating the public to the importance of buying locally grown, but of their fall fundraisers which have garnered over $40,000 towards charities focused on cancer, in memory of her father, Jan Lawyer. Rosebud Perfume Co., Inc.—1895 As a granddaughter of the founder of Rosebud Perfume Company, vice president

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Linda Pruitt is part of 36 percent of womenowned businesses in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration, along with having outlived the 24 year average life span of family owned businesses.

When COVID-19 hit, Rosebud initially had to drastically curtail production and operations. Pruitt found herself and one other staffer labeling, packing and shipping. While COVID-19 caused some orders with Anthropology and Urban Outfitters to be cancelled, they continue

Rosebud Perfume Building Statistics aside, the 30 shareholders and relatives who own shares in Rosebud Perfume Company credit the company’s longevity to the secret formulas founder and pharmacist George F. Smith concocted from imported French essential oils in 1895. The all-purpose salves and ointments have continued to be popular throughout generations. Pruitt puts a more modern spin on Rosebud Perfume’s success. “We’ve continued to have measured growth and excellent customer service,” she says. “We communicate with our buyers and we have always stuck to our roots.”

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to have a presence in retailers such as Sephora, and sales to Hong Kong and Taiwan have continued. Pruitt’s strategy of sticking to their roots seems to be working. Plans for 2021 include an upgrade and expansion of the original Rosebud Building, built in 1857, and an exciting partnership with existing customer Ulta Beauty, to be launched nationwide the second half of the year in ‘Ulta Beauty at Target,’ a 1,000square-foot store within 100 Target retail stores. From humble beginnings in a drugstore across the street from the Rosebud Building, to global

distribution of lip balms and salves, Rosebud Perfume Company continues to be a favorite with customers far and wide. Dairy Maid Dairy—1894 As the oldest dairy in Frederick, Dairy Maid Dairy continues to provide high quality milk products to the surrounding area. Now owned by Dairy Farmers of America, a 16,000member milk cooperative, the original dairy began in 1894 under the name The Excelsior Sanitary Dairy. In 1946, Joseph Vona purchased the dairy and in 2013 national milk cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America, acquired Dairy Maid Dairy, retaining all employees. Sales manager Dwayne McMahan explains how Dairy Maid Dairy was committed to making the initial COVID lockdown work for employees and customers, “Putting employees first was the number one concern of management at Dairy Maid when COVID-19 hit,” he says. In order to create a healthy environment for employees, the company built partitions to enable social distancing, enabled remote workers where possible, and began temperature testing staffers daily. “We had a very big change in the way everyone works,” says McMahan. “The whole process had to be slowed down, including loading and unloading trucks to maintain social distancing.” Helping keep their staff safe is not the only part of Dairy Maid’s commitment to their employees. Every payday a truck is parked out front and employees receive two gallons of their choice of milk, including eggnog around the holidays. “This way employees limit their exposure,” explains McMahan, “they don’t have to stop at the grocery on their way home.”

Lloyd Lumpp, General Manager, Dairy Maid Dairy Looking forward to 2021, Dairy Maid has plans to continue to grow and serve their customer base. “We’re excited for the future,” says McMahan. “We are providing product to families during this tough time and to families in need through the local and federal programs” McMahan says, speaking of Dairy Maid’s participation in the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program that supplies family-sized boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat to food banks, community and faith-based organizations, and other non-profits.



40 Years

We Add Value We have forged ahead for more than 40 years to continually evolve and innovate making our company somewhat of a legend in the value added manufacturing industry. Established Core Values Makes For A Solid Foundation To Grow On. Using a set of solid core values has been a strong guide in sustaining our success. We strive to keep these 4 in place: • We will never compromise our integrity. • Our only product is superior customer service. • We succeed or fail as a team. • We relentlessly seek ways to add value. Offer a Partnership that Fits As a value added manufacturer we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by offering a complete solution from concept to completion, it’s not just about an off the shelf enclosure or standard size mechanical component.

301-696-9411 Frederick | Maryland PHOENIXMECANO.COM


Make a Mark on Frederick tour around Frederick reveals richly preserved 18th, 19th and early 20th century architecture blending seamlessly with new buildings housing technology and biotech industries. Yet, within a 15-minute drive of Downtown is a countryside that offers rural splendor, farms, housing developments and boundless recreational opportunities.


It’s that charm, that mix of 21st century vision with old-fashioned preservation values, that attracts today’s business leaders to Frederick County. But it’s nothing new. There was always a cadre of visionaries that found opportunity among the Clustered Spires and green hills of Frederick County. Bert Anderson came to Frederick in 1973 to start an antique importing business after living all over the country and in Europe. But he quickly expanded his attention to the process of adapting crumbling industrial buildings to modern business needs.

George Delaplaine played a large role in modernizing The Frederick News-Post and expanding Frederick County’s communications footprint with one of the early cable companies. Today, he focuses on philanthropy. Gary Rollins started the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home nearly 30 years ago when there were no Black-owned funeral homes in Frederick. He now serves a diverse clientele and is expanding his business from a traditional funeral home into a life celebration center. Julie Maynard helped her father expand the reach of The Brunswick Citizen into a community newspaper chain that also served Middletown and much of western Frederick County, covering parades, craft shows, graduations and homecoming events that didn’t receive coverage elsewhere. Here are their stories:


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Bert Anderson devoted his attention through the years to adapting crumbling industrial buildings to modern business needs.

Bert Anderson Anderson, a Texas native, was fresh out of the U.S. Navy when he chose Frederick for his new business, Antique Imports. The city’s location along I-70, within easy driving distance of I-95 and I-270, connected it to within a day’s drive of many major cities. When he arrived, Anderson sensed an energy about Frederick, an untapped potential. “Frederick had a lot of natural attributes,” he says. “Container shipping had just

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become reality” and could ship antiques from England and Scotland to the Port of Baltimore with no water damage thanks to the secure containers. “The transportation network here was an incredible boost,” he says. “Couple that with the Downtown area.” Unlike many older, small cities, Frederick’s Federal, Greek Revival and Colonial Revival architecture remained mostly intact. “It had survived by not being on the

main line,” Anderson says. “The bucolic setting wasn’t disturbed.” Rail lines passed to the north and south of Frederick, but not through the center of town. In the mid-20th century, when many other cities were demolishing old buildings in favor of new structures, Frederick resisted. By the 1970s, Anderson says, “Frederick was considered one of the finest naturally preserved examples of Federal architecture in the nation.” Anderson’s vision, along with the work of local contractors, turned Shab Row and Everedy Square into a series of shops, offices and restaurants that has been thriving for more than 35 years. Anderson also served for a time on the city’s Historic Review Commission, which guided the placement of new buildings along Carroll Creek Linear Park, a flood control project that threads through Downtown. Frederick now has four parking garages, a new library, new and renovated county office buildings and banks. “Without the flood control project, Downtown Frederick wouldn’t be seen as a prime opportunity for a hotel,” Anderson says. Carroll Creek connects the East Street area to the center of town. Everedy Square once churned out pots and pans, but since the 1980s has been home to 65 to 70 businesses, retail stores and restaurants. The four parking garages, providing more than 5,000 parking spaces, still make it convenient for people to live, work and visit Frederick today, Anderson says. “It’s hard to single out any one thing, but the circumstances have aligned in Frederick to create an ideal community.”

Delaplaine Arts Center

George Delaplaine As a young man, Delaplaine saw Fort Detrick transition from biological warfare research in the 1940s to biological defense and infectious disease research by 1969. He knew that meant big changes for Frederick County, and he was right. In the 20th century, Frederick County had the most dairy farms in Maryland. While the county still is the largest producer of dairy products in Maryland, farming is but one part of the county’s economy. “When I was a kid, people wanted to go into farming,” he says. Farms in Frederick today are different. “What has come in is more specialized farming, such as growing hops and making beer,” he says. “That’s got to be a positive factor in Frederick County.” Other farms specialize in organic produce, grapes for wine, and even crops for animal feed.

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The philanthropy of the Delaplaine family to the Frederick community includes the Delaplaine Arts Center, 40 S. Carroll St., which includes galleries, educational outreach and a venue for public gatherings.

But Delaplaine’s family was tied to an industry of a different kind. The Delaplaine family started The News, the predecessor of today’s Frederick News-Post, in the late 19th century. When George Delaplaine joined the family business in the mid-20th century, he also had his eye on a different kind of communications business. While serving as a radio operator in the U.S. Navy, he learned about radio waves and coaxial cables. “We had to get the radio phones working so the ship captain could be able to communicate,” he says. Similar technology helped to spawn the cable television industry. “I learned enough in the Navy to know what was going on,” he says.

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By the early ’60s, cable TV flourished in small towns, and Delaplaine observed the process. His family started Frederick Cablevision in 1966, the same year The Frederick News-Post moved to Potomac Edison’s former headquarters on Patrick Street to accommodate its brand-new offset press. The growing community would need access to clear TV pictures the cable company could provide for $3 a month. Eventually, Delaplaine took over both businesses, moving the cable operation into the newspaper offices in 1971. “The newspaper was growing, but cable was growing and growing and growing,” he says. In the early 1980s, Cablevision moved into its own space in a former A&P on West Patrick Street. The company grew to 100,000 subscribers in four states, and in 2000, was sold. Today, it’s a part of Comcast.

The newspaper grew steadily through the mid1990s, topping out at nearly 50,000 subscribers. Although the population of Frederick continued to grow, the newspaper circulation dwindled as people began getting news from other sources. The FNP was sold to Randall Family LLC, in 2001, with Delaplaine’s sister, Frances Randall and her family at the helm. The Randalls subsequently sold the paper to Ogden Newspapers in 2017. Since the two sales, Delaplaine has focused on philanthropy. The Delaplaine Foundation awards grants to fund arts, education, health, human services, historical preservation and spiritual enlightenment. As Frederick continues to grow, Delaplaine, now in his 90s, continues to find ways through local relationships and through his faith to make Frederick a better place to live.

Gary L. Rollins Rollins was a young man with a lot of ambition when he started his own funeral home business in 1993. He learned the trade working in Baltimore. Richard Basford and Robert Dailey, both funeral home proprietors in Frederick, offered him guidance when he launched his business. Rollins opened in a small

Gary Rollins, owner of the Gary L. Rollins Funeral Home, opened his business nearly 30 years ago and is in the process of expanding from a traditional funeral home to a life celebration center.

building on West South Street, the structure expanding along with his business. Rollins, 65, now attracts business from beyond Frederick County, with his reach extending from Montgomery County and Baltimore to

West Virginia. Frederick’s growing population, however, has meant even more local business. The funeral home business is changing, too, Rollins says. “We’re doing many different types of services. Our cremations have picked up, but most families still have services prior to cremation.” His business has become more diverse over the years and has included Muslim and Greek Orthodox funerals. “We’re getting Hindu services,” he says. “It’s not just the same old Catholic and Methodist and Baptist.” Rollins expects that so-called “green” funerals, emphasizing an eco-friendly approach, will become more common. Rollins sees a bright future for his business as it moves from South Street to 330 Catoctin Ave. The new location, expected to open in the spring, will feature a brand-new 9,200 squarefoot building, about the same size as his current location, but all on one floor and with high ceilings, a lighter, brighter appearance and polished concrete floors. “We don’t want it to look like a funeral home where you have to be sad,” he says. “It’s going to be called a life celebration center.”

towns to begin their own publications without the expense of linotype printing. In 1990, Maynard and her husband, Scott Edie, started The Middletown Valley Citizen to bring a local newspaper flavor to other communities in western Frederick County. Both areas were seeing population spikes as Brunswick transitioned from a railroad community to a commuter community, and Middletown added new subdivisions. What kept The Citizen unique was its hyperlocal coverage of town governments, local events and local people. The paper covered Brunswick’s opening of its first shopping center on the edge of the community. It was home to an A&P supermarket, shoe and clothing stores, and a pharmacy. Julie and her staff covered the closing of the grocery store, by then called Super Fresh, in 2011. The community was left without a supermarket until Weis opened in 2016.

His wife, Denise Hall-Brown Rollins, has a background in grief and family counseling, and the business offers grief services. “We want families to help understand grief and start the process of closure,” he says.

Julie Maynard Maynard’s father, the late Peter Maynard, started The Brunswick Citizen in 1974. New offset printing technology allowed small

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Beans in the Belfry

New developments, along with local businesses Beans in the Belfry, Smoketown Brewing and other new restaurants, have helped inject new life into Brunswick. There is now, Roots & River Yoga, and Brunswick Family Campground is popular with campers and visitors who rent small cabins. Maynard, who lives in the shadow of South Mountain near Jefferson, says Middletown also has new life with restaurants, a fitness center, barber shop, dance studios and numerous small businesses. Gladhill Furniture and Middletown Sportsland have been Middletown mainstays for decades.

Julie Maynard took over The Brunswick Citizen from her father, Peter Maynard, who started the weekly newspaper in 1974. Maynard and her husband, Scott Edie, started The Middletown Valley Citizen in 1990.

Just four years shy of its 50th anniversary, The Citizen is no longer publishing in either Brunswick or Middletown, a move that saddened those who were proud of the towns having their own newspapers. Brunswick Mayor Jeff Snoots was quoted in published reports that “Many residents look forward to the weekly newspaper. It’s our hometown newspaper.” Although she is no longer a working member of the press, Maynard still believes there’s an opportunity for someone else to carry on what’s been started.

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9460 Liberty Rd. Frederick, MD 301.898.1200

700 E. Diamond Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 301.670.9300

1115 Baltimore Blvd. Westminster, MD 410.848.5000

Frederick County Office of Economic Development (OED) is the catalyst for commercial growth. OED’s mission is to increase the overall economic health of Frederick County through attracting new businesses in key industries and helping existing businesses be more successful.




Helen Propheter & Jan Gardner Executive Director of Economic and Workforce Development and County Executive

“20/20 vision” took on new meaning during the year 2020. The past 12 months forced us all to focus on what matters most. We see and appreciate the importance of healthcare and the heroic Photo taken prior to Covid-19 frontline workers who risk their lives to keep our residents healthy. We see the vital role that teachers play in shaping our children, as many parents find themselves now teaching from home. We see the essential workers and understand more fully the large variety of jobs that are necessary to keep our community running each day. We see the innovative spirit of many of our manufacturers that quickly moved to produce important and in-demand items. Experiencing this economic challenge has helped us see how important our restaurants, local shops, small businesses and entrepreneurs are. We see the community spirit of so many who have, and continue to join together to help businesses in need. The year has restated the importance of all of us to see that everyone deserves equal opportunity in their jobs, in business and in life. At the Frederick County Office of Economic Development and the Office of the County Executive, we are amazed by our businesses and the strength, resiliency and community spirit that they have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate. We are grateful to serve this community of businesses that have proven they are resilient, flexible and innovative. Frederick County businesses have experienced the need to pivot their business plan in different ways in order to survive through these difficult times—from looking for new ways to keep and increase their customer base, keeping their employees safe and meeting the changing schedule needs by adjusting the shifts of their employees while they continue to contribute to Frederick’s economy. We have seen restaurants pivot to outdoor dining and curbside pickup, retailers offer live video shopping, and manufacturers making PPE, just as some examples. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our companies and organizations are still hard at work and a number of local compa-

nies are stepping up to show their support for the Frederick County business community. Despite experiencing their own financial impacts of the pandemic, many businesses quickly came together to support the needs of our community. In the earliest stages of this crisis, businesses within the local craft beverage industry worked in unison to switch their focus to create hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners. Many of these products were donated to support local and regional hospitals and first responders. Other businesses have been sharing their expertise in marketing, legal, information technology and financial matters. Firms contributed time and resources to our local businesses to provide extra help with the very real and sometimes daunting new challenges of safe and reliable virtual communication. Others helped with navigating the highly complex landscape of state and federal relief programs. So many other local businesses in the food service and retail sectors, despite strict restrictions on their operations, embraced the challenge and coordinated fundraising events that benefited the most vulnerable members of our community. And within the agriculture sector, our county farmers have continued to work to ensure we have a safe and healthy food supply chain. And finally, we see the enduring spirit of courage and determination in business owners who have opened new businesses in 2020. Perhaps more than we could have ever imagined, 2020 has shown us a vision of the tremendous responsibility our businesses hold. They have responded to an unprecedented challenge with an unfaltering commitment to their employees, their customers and this community. Finally, we would like to thank the organizations and businesses that have made this year’s Top 100 Legacy Businesses. In this special edition of Frederick Top 50 x2, we are recognizing Frederick County’s most resilient businesses that have been serving our community for 20 years or more. These companies prove that Frederick County is a great place to do business. The Frederick County Office of Economic Development is here to support existing and new businesses, to grow their markets, grow their brands and grow their opportunities. Our hope is that in 2021 we see our business community begin to recover and regain strength. TOP50x 2


2020 Success Stories The Kroger Co. High-Tech Customer Fulfillment Center eCommerce Facility The Kroger Co., the nation’s largest grocery retailer, in partnership with the Ocado Group, the world’s largest online grocery retailer, purchased land in Frederick to revitalize a vacant distribution facility and construct an industry-leading High-Tech Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC). The automated facility will be equipped with robots that move along the top of a grid system, selecting grocery-filled crates that are later sorted and assembled into orders. The CFC will allow Kroger to tackle the online market, providing automatic fulfillment and home delivery to customers throughout the East Coast. "Kroger is incredibly excited to construct one of our industry-leading Customer Fulfillment Centers in Frederick, MD, in relationship with Ocado, to bring fresh food to our customers faster than ever before," said Robert Clark, Kroger's Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Sourcing. "Through our strategic partnership, we are engineering a model for the region, leveraging advanced robotics technology and creative solutions to redefine the customer experience."

Frederick Health Village Hospice, Call Center, and IT Services Frederick Health, one of Frederick County’s major employers, purchased the 387,000 square foot former State Farm campus in a strategic purchase that ensures that Frederick Health can effectively and efficiently meet the growing needs of our community for years to come. Located 30 TOP50x 2

approximately 3 miles from the main 7th Street location, the new location will be named Frederick Health Village and will initially host Frederick Health Hospice, Frederick Health Call Center and components of the Information Technology services. According to Tom Kleinhanzl, CEO and President of Frederick Health, “Healthcare innovation and technology continue to evolve at a rapid pace and Frederick Health Village will be a key platform for us to launch future initiatives.” Frederick Health will continue developing the property over the next 10 years to make room for growth and to continue to better serve community demand.

Warehouse Cinemas Movie Theater Frederick has a new place to kick back, relax, and watch the latest movies. Located on the Golden Mile, this 10-screen premium movie theater features luxury recliners and a quick serve restaurant with a menu of creative comfort foods. The theater also features a full service bar with 28 beers on tap, including a number of locally-crafted brews from right here in Frederick. Movie-goers get the full experience from a state-of-the-art sound and projection system, down to the seat warmers built into the cozy recliners. “We chose this location because it had good bones. We looked for years and this opportunity was brought to us and we thought it would be a great location,” says Rich Daughtridge, President and CEO of HighRock Group.

The Bottling Plant Mixed Use Development Originally built in 1947, the Coca-Cola bottling plant in the City of Frederick had been vacant since 2008. GTM Architects revitalized the abandoned structure and transformed it into a vibrant mixed-use development, to include a restaurant on the first floor and office space on the second. This notable building features a new 4-story luxury apartment building at the rear of the site. This development pays tribute to the city’s local history and industrial roots as it integrates its past with its future. “Brick Lane was attracted to the property partly because of its location, which provides easy access to the neighborhoods along Md. 26 and to Downtown Frederick, as well as to the Rose Hill Manor property,” said Jeff Gross. “This was a passion project,

because we love historic revitalization projects. Everyone in Frederick has been fantastic to work with and very welcoming.”

Goodwill Industries & Veteran’s Service Project Nonprofit Administrative Offices, Retail, and Service Center Part of a larger expansion of Riverside Tech Park, this 72,680 square foot project involves a partnership between Goodwill and non-profit Platoon 22 that will see not only the addition of the Goodwill administrative offices and a store, but the addition of a veteran’s service center that will be a first of its kind in Frederick. The center will fill part of a 40,000 square foot building and will include job training and placement help, counseling, mental and physical health assistance, transportation services, financial education, and help with benefits and housing.

Modavar Pharmaceuticals Life Science Manufacturing Facility Modavar Pharmaceuticals chose to locate and build their stateof-the-art 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility on Md. 85 in

AROUND THE CORNER » OED, in partnership with the Maryland National Capital Region Economic Development Alliance (MNCREDA) has contracted Westat, a survey research firm, to conduct a three year survey of over 1,300 local businesses to assess the impact of COVID-19 and identify resources needed for recovery.

» After a successful 2019 partnering with Downtown Frederick Partnership and the City of Frederick DED, OED is bringing School of Food back next year. This year-long program teaches students the business side of working in the food & beverage industry.

Frederick County. Modavar Pharmaceuticals, a sister company of Cadila Pharmaceuticals, plans to produce life-saving products for a variety of health problems. They will be able to specifically serve pediatric and geriatric patients adopting the new concept of individualized treatments. According to Khurshaid Kazmi, Head of Engineering of Modavar Pharmaceuticals, “We chose Frederick County to be our new base for research and manufacturing of new and existing therapeutics because of the unmatched support we have received from the local government and also because of the infrastructure of the area. We have noticed a speedy growth in Frederick’s technology hubs and that will attract scientists to come and settle in Frederick.”


» After surveying the commercial real estate community, OED will be creating new services to assist in highlighting the companies and people that make up the commercial real estate development industry. These services will include a new webpage, a realtor’s roundtable, and a virtual continuation of the REALShare networking event.

» OED’s Diversity and Inclusion » OED will be adding a podcast room to its ROOT building for businesses and industry professionals to utilize for content marketing.

Pilot Program will host B2B networking events, webinars and more.

» The Agricultural Innovation Grant opens in January and July, 2021.

TOP50x 2


top 10 E C O N O M I C


HIGHLIGHTS IN 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Pilot Program— OED has partnered with Platinum PR to build a Diversity and Inclusion pilot program to promote economic diversity, equity, and inclusion in Frederick County. Major Initiatives

» Increased and sustained out reach efforts to underrepresented business owners.

» Broader education programs on inclusivity aimed at employers, employees, and

underrepresented peoples in the business community.

» Enhanced support for existing underrepresentedowned businesses and partnership projects with local organizations.

Kite Pharma, Inc. Wins 2020 MEDA Economic Development Project Award— Kite Pharma, is a division of Gilead Sciences in California, focusing on developing cancer treatments. Their Maryland manufacturing facility, under construction, is in Urbana. “Frederick County is noted for its bio-medical industries and research, and Kite Pharma is an exceptional addition to their roster,” says Pamela Ruff, MEDA executive director.

Frederick County 2020 Champions of Maryland Manufacturers— OED partnered with the Regional Manufacturing Institute to highlight those that have demonstrated leadership, innovation and resiliency. Chosen as this year’s Champions of MD Manufacturing: AstraZeneca, Canam Steel, Carter Controls, First Response Custom Sewing, Lonza, McClintock Distilling, Patriot Technologies, Phoenix Mecano, Rinker Materials, RoosterBio, STULZ Air Technology Systems and Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies. Rinker Materials won RMI’s People’s Choice Award for resiliency. 32 TOP50x 2

Downtown Frederick Partnership Small Business Resiliency Series— A partnership between Downtown Frederick Partnership, the County’s Office of Economic Development and the City of Frederick’s Department of Economic Development. The Small Business Resiliency Series provides Frederick County businesses with educational workshops, professional support, and access to a Small Business Lending Library hosted at the ROOT Building through OED.

20 Years of Business Appreciation Week— OED celebrated 20 years of BAW. During the week, over 100 of Frederick County’s legacy businesses, those that have been in business for 20 years or more, were visited. » 106 Legacy Businesses Visited » 18 Legacy Businesses 100+ Years » 30% of participating businesses plan to expand (adding employees, sf, or both) » 65% of participating businesses chose Frederick County for quality of life

Agricultural Innovation Grant Program— Frederick County is a leader in agriculture with more than 188,000 acres of farmland and over 1,300 farms creating an economic impact of $1.6 billion. OED has developed a grant program to improve the economic viability of the agricultural industry by encouraging Frederick County’s agricultural producers to expand or diversify their business operations by creating value added products.

Regional Economic Development Organizations Join Forces – OED is one of the founding partners of the Maryland National Capital Region Economic Development Alliance, joining forces with Anne Arundel, Charles, Howard, Prince George’s and Montgomery counties. MNCREDA signed a Joint Statement on Regional Collaboration committed to growing a stronger Maryland Capital Region.

2020 Selected Company Locations & Expansions:

#StillFrederickCo— This successful social media campaign highlighted Frederick County businesses that are Still Making, Still Innovating, Still Serving, Still Farming, and Still Hiring. » 80 Businesses Featured » 46,000+ People Reached

Best Places to Work— The Frederick County Best Places to Work Awards – hosted by Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Frederick County Workforce Services, The City of Frederick, and the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce– have recognized the following: » Small Employer Category (1-10 employees)- Datakwip » Small to Medium Employer Category (11-30 employees)Frederick Mutual Insurance » Medium to Large Medium Employer Category (31-50 employees)- VaLogic LLC » Large Employer Category (51-200 employees)- The Emmes Company

Frederick County Minority Business Executive Development Program— OED partnered with Hood College and Mount St. Mary’s University to offer a program that teaches management executives and business owners to enhance and acquire new tools and techniques to further skills in accounting and finance, marketing, promotion and advertising, leadership and management.



The Kroger Co. High-Tech Customer Fulfillment Center (L)



Frederick Health Village (E)



The Bottling Plant (L)



Rainforest Distribution (E)



Goodwill & Veteran’s Service Project (E)


Charles River Labs (E)



Fusion Car Wash (L)



Green Leaf Medical (E)



Thacker Caskets (L)



Carter Controls (E)



Urban Air Adventure Park (L)



Warehouse Cinemas (L)



Common Market (E)



Modavar Pharmaceuticals (L)



StageBio (L)



SignaGen Laboratories (L)



Attaboy Brewery (E)


Accuflow (E)



Envistacom (L)





(L): Locations, (E): Expansions

Additional Company Locations and Expansions » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » » »

4 The Love of Sweets –Frederick Celebration Cellars Winery –Frederick Cucina Massi –Frederick Dairy Maid Dairy –Frederick Dunkin Donuts –Emmitsburg East Patrick Barbershop –Frederick Edgewater Federal Solutions –Ijamsville Essential System Soultions –Frederick Harmonia Home Decor & Gifts –Frederick HealthWell Foundation –Frederick Hometown Harvest Kitchen –Frederick Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard –Frederick Ibiza Café –Frederick Idiom Brewing Co. –Frederick Jerk 'N Jive Caribbean Kitchen –Frederick Jug Bridge Brewery –Frederick Key Therapeutic Solutions –Thurmont Maxwell’s Burgers & Shakes –Frederick

» Mykey Technology –Frederick » NFM Lending –New Market » Opossum Pike Vet Clinic & Animal Hospital –Thurmont » Pediatric Movement Center –Frederick » Platinum PR/Octavo Designs –Frederick » Poochon Scientific –Frederick » Puerto Rico Distillery –Frederick » Sisters In Style –Frederick » Smoketown Brewing –Frederick » Steinhardt Brewing Company –Frederick » Thacher & Rye –Frederick » The Cutting Board –Frederick » The Original Popcorn House –Frederick » Transdermal Specialties –Frederick » Truth and Beauty Bar & Kitchen –Frederick » Tsunami Ramen –Frederick » Zoltan Design Company –Frederick

TOP50x 2


$12.4B Frederick County’s Gross Domestic Product


Numbers T W O - T H O U S A N D


Job Growth 106k



Frederick County’s Unemployment Rate


Maryland 7.3%, National 7.9%


106,266 People Employed in Frederick County

98k 2015



Frederick County ended 2019 with 106,266 jobs, representing 5,867 additional jobs since 2015 and an overall increase of 5.8% over the past five years. Maryland’s five-year job growth rate was 3.8% during the same time frame. Frederick County added 2,178 jobs from 4Q-2018 to 4Q-2019, representing an increase of 2.1%. As of 4th quarter 2019, there were 6,594 businesses in Frederick County, representing 201 net new businesses since 2015.

34 TOP50x 2



6,594 Businesses in Frederick County

Commerical and Industrial Permits Issued 2016 2017


2018 2019

Square Feet Leased


The amount of commercial space businesses leased in the last 12 months.




Frederick County 3rd quarter data



City of Frederick 3rd quarter data

Small Business Growth FISCAL YEAR


2020 2019









Business Starts







Jobs Created







$5.65B Frederick County’s Annual Wages

Source: Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Maryland Women’s Business Center



Value of Commercial and Industrial Construction Costs

Commercial Asking Rent per Square Foot

as of 3rd quarter 2020

Compared to $12.45 5 years ago.

7.6% Overall Commercial Vacancy Rate Includes Office, Industrial, Flex Costar 3rd Quarter

TOP50x 2



ACCOLADES People, Projects and Companies Honored

MOST VALUABLE PARTNER Frederick County Division of Planning and Permitting and Frederick County Division of Utilities and Solid Waste Management, Fast Track Permitting Ag Awards

FARM FAMILY OF THE YEAR Lambert Farms Inc. » The Lambert Family

AG ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2020 Frederick Real Estate Dealmakers (FRED) Awards DEAL OF THE YEAR The Kroger Co. High-Tech Customer Fulfillment Center » The Kroger Co. » JLL » The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company » Providence Engineering Corporation » Bohler » Luckett & Farley » Paragon Engineering Services » Ocado Solutions

Kelli Wilson

AG BUSINESS OF THE YEAR Eddie Mercer Agri-Services, Inc.

YOUNG FARMER OF THE YEAR Taylor and Brandon Huffman ROOT Video Pitch Competition

JUDGES’ CHOICE & PEOPLE’S CHOICE CarrTech LLC Municipalities Impact Awards

MOST CREATIVE DEAL Warehouse Cinemas » HighRock Group » Coldwell Banker Commercial » VCRE

BUSINESS ATTRACTION » Town » Town » Town » Town

of Middletown of Mount Airy of New Market of Woodsboro

MODERN MASTERPIECE AWARD The Bottling Plant » Catoctin Overlook LLC » Brick Lane » Oculus Realty, LLC » GTM Architects » ReVite Construction » Morgan-Keller Construction

DEALMAKER OF THE YEAR Seamus Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Realty Group Inc.

EMERGING DEALMAKER OF THE YEAR Chris Kline, Jr., Frederick Commercial Real Estate

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Jim Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Realty Group Inc.

36 TOP50x 2

BUSINESS RETENTION AND EXPANSION » The City of Frederick » Town of Thurmont

INFRASTRUCTURE AND LARGE PROJECTS » The City of Brunswick » Town of Walkersville

SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP » Town of Emmitsburg » Town of Myersville

Frederick, MD #4 Best Business Climate (small) Business Facilities’ 2020 Metro and Global Rankings Reports has listed Frederick, MD as the 4th Best Business Climate

Stay Connected FREDERICK COUNTY EXECUTIVE Jan H. Gardner FREDERICK COUNTY COUNCIL M.C. Keegan-Ayer, Phil Dacey President Jerry Donald Jessica Fitzwater Michael Blue, Kai Hagen Vice President Steve McKay FREDERICK COUNTY OFFICE OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Helen Propheter Executive Director, Economic and Workforce Development Jodie Bollinger Director of Business Retention and Expansion Katie Stevens Associate Director of Agriculture Business Development Beth Woodring Director of Business Attraction and Marketing Solash Aviles-Montanez Senior Business Development Manager Troy Bolyard Senior Business Attraction Manager Sherman Coleman Business Development Specialist Cindy Harris Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator Sharon Hipkins Special Events Coordinator Amanda Lee Manager of Market Research and Data Analysis Britt Swartzlander Communications and Marketing Coordinator FREDERICK COUNTY WORKFORCE SERVICES Michelle Day Director of Frederick County Workforce Services Patty McDonald Business Services Manager MARYLAND WOMEN’S BUSINESS CENTER Karen Kalantzis - Business Counselor/Trainer SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER Grier Melick - Frederick County Consultant Diane McFarland - Training Manager, Maryland SBDC MAIN STREET MANAGERS Brunswick - Carmen Hilton Frederick - Kara Norman Middletown - Becky Axilbund New Market - Maria Tryfiates-Dalton and Pat Faux Thurmont - Vickie Grinder 118 N. Market St., Suite 300 Frederick, MD 21701 | 301.600.1058 |

Connect with us at Discover Frederick, MD, Homegrown Frederick and ROOT Frederick.

Covid-19 REsources Business Grants– designed to provide financial assistance to Frederick County for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, full-time farmers and sole proprietors (with commercial space) that have experienced significant financial loss caused directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

» Jumpstart Grants (small business, micro and farmer)$4,965,400 distributed

» Child Care Provider Grants– $2,049,025 distributed » Outdoor Dining Heater Grant- $261,900 distributed » Restaurant and Food Service Relief Grant- $2,582,644 distributed Workforce Services– Frederick County job seekers can now take advantage of these virtual services.

» Virtual Resume Review » Virtual Mock/Practice Interviews » Reopening Frederick County: The Local Landscape Career Pathway Exploration Tool

» Virtual Recruitment and Information Sessions » Online and Remote Based Computer Training in partnership with FCC

» Virtual Summer Jobs– Career Academy Program » Virtual One on One Job Search Assistance and Training » Career Advice Podcasts COVID-19 Resource Webpage– OED created a COVID-19 webpage in March offering the latest news regarding financial assistance, unemployment, webinars and more.

» OED saw a 43% increase in web traffic (YoY). 4-H & FFA Online Livestock Show– To promote agricutural education, OED worked with the Great Frederick Fair to create a video on the history and importance of the Youth

Parkside Pickup Support local restaurants as you enjoy our county parks, by having food delivered to you at one of the designated delivery locations! Parkside Pickup is sponsored by OED, Visit Frederick, Frederick County Parks and Recreation, and City of Frederick Parks and Recreation. Participating Locations:

» Baker Park

» Old National Pike Park

» Whittier Lake Park

» Pinecliff Park

» Hillstreet Park

» Rosehill Manor Park

» Ballenger Creek Park

» Utica District Park

» Urbana District Park

Livestock Show during the pandemic. The show featured live broadcasting and an online auction. Frederick County Financial Tool– To help businesses navigate the ins and outs of State and Federal funding programs, OED created this live document in partnership with Orases, TechFrederick and other local leaders. COVID-19 Joint Information Center (JIC)– OED is an allied agency of the committee formed by The Frederick County Government that ensures consistent coordinated messaging regarding the COVID-19 response. Temporary Outdoor Dining Permits– Working with businesses and the Frederick County Division of Planning and permitting, OED was able to assist businesses seeking to temporarily expand their seating options. The process was expedited and moved to an online format to meet the needs of the businesses. Economic Impact Survey– In March, OED immediately created an Economic Impact Survey to get a better understanding of the needs of the business community and followed-up by initiating virtual business retention meetings with the 300+ businesses that responded. TOP50x 2



Top 50 L E G ACY B U S I N E S S E S FOR 2020

Square Corner, circa 1920



Frederick County enjoys a long and rich history and with that comes a phenomenal number of businesses and institutions that have been operating and thriving for 20 years or longer. Many have spanned multiple family generations, and some have been on the scene for a century and beyond, keeping up with the changes in their businesses to stay vibrant.

» Abloom, Ltd. Flowers and Events

» Frederick Country Day Montessori & Arts School

» R.W. Warner, Inc.

» Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

» Frederick County Humane Society

» Red Horse Steak House

» Frederick Health

» Red Lobster

» Bach Real Estate

» Galaxy Control Systems

» Reliable Recycling Center, Inc.

» Beans & Bagels

» Gladhill Furniture Co.

» Rosebud Perfume Company, Inc.

» Bettie Jane’s Center of Dance Art

» H.C. Summers, Inc.

» RR Donnelley

» Hankey’s Radio, Inc.

» Satellite Media Productions

» Brookfield Pumpkins, LLC

» Heritage Frederick

» Savage Soaps

» Business Management Company, Inc.

» Hillside Turkey Farms, Inc.

» Scenic View Orchards

» His Place, Inc.

» Servpro of Frederick County

» Hood College

» Spectra Auto Services

» House in the Woods Farm

» Spherion Staffing Group

» Irwin Stone of Frederick

» Stadler Nurseries

» Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal

» Stauffer Funeral Home, P.A.

» Dairy Maid Dairy, LLC

» Keeney & Basford PA Funeral Home

» Summit Anchor Company

» Dancing Bear Toys and Gifts

» Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions

» Davis Studio

» La Paz Mexican Restaurant

» Donald B. Rice Tire Co.

» Linganore Winecellars

» Donald L. Lowe & Sons, Inc.


» EDCO Fabrication

» Make N Music, Inc.

» Elower-Sicilia Productions of Dance and Music, LLC

» Maryland Heritage Tours

» ADTEK Engineers

» Canapes, Inc. » Carriage House Inn » Christ & Associates, Inc. » Colonial Jewelers » Corporate Exposure Promotional Products

» Engage USA » Farm and Home Service, Inc.— Brunswick » Federated Charities » Firestone’s Culinary Tavern » FJB Engineering » Flatdog Media » Fogel’s Asphalt » Foot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic

» McCutcheon’s Apple Products, Inc. » Middletown Valley Bank » Minuteman Press » Molly’s Meanderings » Morgan-Keller Construction » Mount Airy Ace Hardware » Mount St. Mary’s University » Mountain Gate Family Restaurant » Octavo Designs » Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort

» Frederick Air, Inc.

» Patriot Technologies, Inc.

» Frederick Brick Works, Inc.

» Phoenix Mecano, Inc.

» Frederick Coffee Co. and Café

» Plamondon Companies

» Frederick Community College

» Pleasants Construction, Inc.

» Ramar Moving Systems, Inc.

» Stulz-ATS (USA) » TAG/The Artists Gallery of Frederick » The Centers for Advanced Orthopedics- MMI Division » The General Engineering Co. » The Trail House » The Wormald Companies » Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities » Tuckers A/C, Heating & Plumbing » Tuscarora Tennis Club » United Way of Frederick County » VISIONS extraordinary eyewear, etc. » Werres Corporation » WF Delauter & Sons, Inc. » Winterbrook Farms » Wonder Book & Video » Woodsboro Bank » YMCA of Frederick County



ABLOOM, LTD. FLOWERS AND EVENTS 51 Maple Ave. | Walkersville

Abloom Florist, locally owned and operated and proudly serving Frederick County since 1992, offers unique floral arrangements, backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Abloom staff enjoys creating beautiful custom floral designs for any event, wedding, funeral or memorial, for your personal needs or business. They pride themselves on their creative style, incorporating the freshest floral product from local, national, and world-wide sources. What is your advice to a young company? Watch your pennies and make smart spending choices. Consistently educate yourself.


ADTEk ENGINEERS 150 S. East St. #201 | Frederick |

ADTEK Engineers, Inc. (ADTEK), is a consulting firm with more than 50 design professionals firm-wide. ADTEK has offices in Virginia, Maryland and Michigan and offers broad-spectrum civil engineering, structural base building design, and specialty engineering services. ADTEK uses AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit Modeling software for the vast majority of design projects. Their design team embraces the application of sustainable design concepts, and is committed to understanding the environmental consequences of their design and implementing conservation oriented technologies and materials. What is your advice to a young company? Be engaged with the local community.



Since 1939, AOPA has protected the freedom to fly by creating an environment that gives people of all ages the opportunity to enjoy aviation and all it offers. AOPA is the world's largest community of pilots, aircraft owners and aviation enthusiasts with representatives based in Frederick, Washington, D.C., and seven regions across the United States. They provide member services, including advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels, legal services, flight training, safety programs and award-winning media.

BACH REAL ESTATE 5340 Spectrum Drive, Suite G Frederick |

An independent, award winning, locally owned real estate company dedicated to excellence and superb customer service. Because staffers are long time local residents, knowledge of the marketplace and neighborhoods is extensive. Their agents offer an average of more than 20 years of real estate experience and they are engaged in the latest technologies. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The county is growing and changing but the one constant is the support of the community and our local government. The community supports local businesses and between the Chamber of Commerce and Office of Economic Development there are people and programs to support your every need.


Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The city and county have been solid partners for us, as we continue to represent the interests of pilots and aircraft owners everywhere.




BETTIE JANE’S CENTER OF DANCE ART 6408 Mount Phillip Road | Frederick |

When you dance at BJCDA, you will feel like you're with family. It is a happy place giving quality dance education in an environment that is energetic and inspirational. They

49 E. Patrick St. | Frederick

They are a local downtown coffee shop serving the best bagels in town. They offer a full breakfast menu and deli sandwiches all made to order. They are known as the "Cheers of Frederick" knowing a majority of clientele by their first names. When you come in you are greeted and treated liked family. You are important and they want you to know it. What is your advice to a young company? We believe that you should treat your customers like they are a part of your family, because they are. They’re the reason we’re here and they’re the reason we are successful. This should be a rule of thumb for anyone who is in business. Income is important as well, but if we don't treat our guests like we want to be treated then we shouldn't be in the people business.


hope to build confidence along with developing technique and talent in tap, ballet, pointe, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, musical theater and Irish. They give back to the community through Annual Benefit Dance Recitals. Describe something significant in your company’s history. In 2008, Bettie Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery, chemo and radiation, the love from my students and their families, as well as my own family was overwhelming. The Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation was founded and became a 501(c) 3 in 2011, helping more than 200 cancer patients through the generosity of supporters. We have held 12 successful walks so far. My foundation has also donated $100,000 to Frederick Health Hospital with a focus on the James M. Stockman Cancer Institute.



BROOKFIELD PUMPKINS, LLC 8302 Ransburg Road | Thurmont |

They are a pick-your-own pumpkin patch located on a six-generation cash crop farm with a beautiful view of the Catoctin Mountains. Many customers start their visit with a hayride to the 15-acre patch to explore fall produce and pick the perfect pumpkin. They have multi-generations of families returning each fall. Describe something significant in your company’s history. In 2005 Mary Jane Roop was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. We decided to include a "Corn Maze for the Cause" with 50 percent of proceeds going to breast cancer awareness and research. We later decided there were many charities we wanted to support, changing it to “Corn Maze for the Cause,” with 100 percent of proceeds donated to five charities each year, selected by our customers.


42 TOP50x 2



Business Management Company, Inc., a full-service accounting firm, has been serving the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and D.C. area for more than 30 years. BMC offers a full range of accounting services, including monthly books, payroll, accounts payable, professional income tax preparation, business and financial consulting and business management services.

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The thing I love most about Frederick County is the people, especially the people in the business community. The Frederick business community really feels like a family to me. Folks are helpful, encouraging and everyone seems to know everyone.



CANAPES, INC. 550 Highland St., #103 | Frederick |

Canapés is a highly regarded full-service catering and event planning company. Chefowned and quality driven, Canapés is known for unfailing consistency, organized attention to detail, creative exceptional food, outstanding personalized service and imaginative displays. This rare combination is what sets Canapés apart, motivating them to create, conceptualize and complete your most memorable affair. Canapés location in Highland Tech Park in a 7,600-square-foot space, includes a central kitchen, warehouse, laundry, office, showroom and the 550 Grab&Go Café & Bakery.

200 S. Seton Ave. | Emmitsburg

The Carriage House Inn offers full service catering, as well a restaurant, serving a new, all day menu, in a historic building. They are proud of their talented team and family for the hard work put into exceeding their guests' expectations. The passion for food and love of the company shines through, with topnotch friendly service and high quality food that guests experience each time they dine. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County has so much to offer everyone that lives around this area, as well as what it has to offer to travelers. From all its wonderful history, to the beautiful land including the Catoctin Mountains, to the wineries and so much more, there is truly something for everyone and we love being a part of that.


Describe something significant in your company’s history. ML Carroll has appeared on Food Network’s CHOPPED. You can view her in episode 3108, Hearty Party. ML along with Canapés' pastry chef, Marie, both appeared on Cooking Channel's CAKE HUNTERS. You can view them in episode 202, No Cake on Deck.



TOP50x 2



1 S. Market St. | Frederick |

They are a fourth generation retail fine jewelry store located in the heart of Downtown Frederick. They specialize in engagement

5711 Industry Lane, Unit 5 | Frederick

rings and wedding bands, as well as fine jewelry, in all price ranges. They have operated with integrity and an emphasis on great customer service and good value. Committed to Frederick, they make it a priority to give back to the community. They are proud of their friendly professional staff, who always work hard to help the customer find the perfect piece of jewelry.

For years, Christ & Associates, Inc., which is family owned and run, has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. Their expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more indepth services such as financial statements and financial planning. By combining their expertise, experience, and the team mentality of their staff, they assure that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve. Their dedication to high standards, hiring of seasoned tax professionals, and work ethic is the reason their client base returns year after year. Their mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals.

Describe something significant in your company’s history. In 1999 we moved from our small location on West Patrick Sreet to the Maryland National Bank building across the street at 1 S. Market St. We doubled our retail space and increased our staff. They are proud of their friendly professional staff, who always work hard to help the customer find the perfect piece of jewelry.



CORPORATE EXPOSURE 6728A Deer Spring Lane | Middletown |

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? It is convenient to the surrounding areas and communities.


Corporate Exposure has been in business since 1991, providing promotional products for the business community to use for marketing, advertising, recognition and communication purposes. Items include a wide range of products starting with apparel such as jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, hats and face masks, bags, drinkware, including products made from wheat straw, folding chairs, stadium blankets and umbrellas, as well as stuffed animals and beach balls—nearly anything a company can put its name on. What is your advice to a young company? Apply the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated as it relates to your customers and you will reap the rewards.

ESTABLISHED 1991 44 TOP50x 2

DAIRY MAID DAIRY, LLC 259 E. 7th St. | Frederick

4-Ti To me Hon p50 oree !

Dairy Maid Dairy partners with local farmers to produce fresh milk. In their state of the art facility located just outside of the heart of historic Frederick, Dairy Maid Dairy uses the best tech-nology and old school know-how to deliver great tasting milk. They are constantly monitoring, testing and validating to make sure that their customers are pleased.

Describe something significant in your company’s history. When founder Joseph Vona returned from serving in the U.S. Army in World War II, he was looking for a business opportunity when he answered a one-and-a-half-by-oneinch ad in The Frederick News-Post. Perhaps he took it as a good sign when he learned the “business opportunity” for sale was a proven quantity: The Excelsior Sanitary Dairy, the oldest in Frederick, founded in 1894.




4602 Old Swimming Pool Road | Braddock Heights |

15 E. Patrick St. | Frederick

Dancing Bear is an independent toy store specializing in no-tech toys and games that spark imagination and build creativity. Their mission is: “Put some play in everyone’s day.” Some of their core values include making their store one of the happiest places in Frederick, going above and beyond for their customers, supporting Downtown Frederick and giving back to foster non-profits that help children in need. What advice would you have for a young business? Be yourself and be true to your mission. Get to know your community and give back as much as you can to make your community a place where all people are welcome and can thrive.


Davis Studio is a second-generation photography business in Frederick that began at a studio on East Patrick Street, by specializing in individual and family portraits. Over the years the business has grown to include not just portraits and family portraits, but also wedding photography, passport pictures, photo restoration, custom framing, digital services, digital photography, senior portraits, and pet portraits.

What is a cool fact about your business? Davis Studio now offers photo booth photography, complete with a wardrobe of hats and other amusing accessories for added fun and excitement at your wedding or special event.


DONALD B. RICE TIRE CO. 909 N. East St. | Frederick |

Rice Tire is a multi-location tire dealer located in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. The company has 13 locations servicing commercial and consumer customers with brands including Goodyear, Michelin, Continental, General, Falken and many more. In 2019, the fourth generation of the Rice family joined the company ensuring they will be around for many more years. They believe in hiring good people and letting them do their jobs. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? It has a great sense of community. We've been in business here for over 60 years and the community is as tight knit now as it was when we started.


46 TOP50x 2


DONALD L. LOWE & SONS, INC. 4937-H Green Valley Road | Monrovia |

They are a family-owned and operated full service heating, air conditioning and ventilation company, ready to meet your needs. They have more than 50 years of experience working on residential and new construction, as well as providing a full range of HVAC equipment sales, service and installation to make your surroundings comfortable. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? We absolutely love having our company in Frederick County. It is a great place to work, live and play. We love that it serves as a great hub to the surrounding counties as well, making it truly a great community in which to belong as a company and as individuals.



EDCO Fabrication 100 Thomas Johnson Drive | Frederick |

EDCO has two divisions comprised of EDCO Fabrication, which is a regional provider of manufacturing services, including laser cutting, forming, welding, powder coating, CNC machining, and assembly, and also a division in which EDCO branded construction products are sold nationally to the rental and contract industries. Their products include floor grinding, demolition, drilling, and sawing equipment.


Since opening their doors in 1969, the mission has been to provide students of all levels with more than dance classes, but also a unique experience to grow both mentally and physically as a dancer. Highly trained and certified instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines. They have a passion for the art of dance and helping others discover their inner dancer. Describe something significant in your company’s history. Going on 52 years of being in business, there are so many wonderful moments. One of the highlights is our 50th anniversary recital. Without my prior knowledge, many alumni attended the show and walked on stage after the finale, sharing their memories. It was a touching moment showcasing the many wonderful friendships developed over the years.


What is your advice to a young company? Hire trustworthy people and give them the freedom to do what they do well. EDCO discovered our teams create real solutions when they have room to apply their abilities towards problems. We strongly believe that growth comes from teamwork, not micromanaging.



TOP50x 2


ENGAGE USA 880 N. East St. | Frederick |

Engage USA offers a suite of services including donation processing, database marketing, donor relations and analytics to national nonprofit organizations that raise money through direct mail. They use the latest technology to scan, record and analyze donations and can develop customized software to produce the analytics for your business. The company prides itself on personalized service.

48 TOP50x 2

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? One of the best benefits of working at Engage is working in Frederick, one of the best places on earth. Frederick has the amenities of a city and the charm of a small town. Recreation, history, the arts and fine dining are all right here.


FARM & HOME SERVICE, INC. 630 Sounder Road | Brunswick |

A family owned and operated retail farm supply business, Farm and Home Service consists of five locations in the MidMaryland area of which the Brunswick location is one. The Brunswick store was established in December, 1925, primarily as a grain and coal retail supplier and feed mill. Currently the store focuses on livestock and pet feeds and supplies, lawn and garden supplies and is a well-stocked source of fencing supplies. Knowledgable, helpful employees round out the offering. What advice would you give to a young company? Take care of your customers. Learn your business as completely as you can, and see things from the customer's point of view. Make sure you actively listen and send customers out with the right product.


FEDERATED CHARITIES 22 S. Market St., Suite 1 | Frederick |

As a nonprofit center, the organization has ensured that individuals and families in the community have their basic needs met, receive quality health care and educational opportunities, have access to healthy food, obtain emergency assistance and benefit from cultural and quality of life programs for more than 100 years. Tenants share a beautiful space, but more importantly, below-market rent and backbone services are a social investment to ensure that more resources go toward their missionbased services.

FIRESTONE’S CULINARY TAVERN 105 N. Market St. | Frederick

Firestone's Culinary Tavern represents the classic combination of upscale bistro and friendly neighborhood gathering place. Every dish, whether it’s a hamburger with fries or a foie gras mousse, is prepared by experienced kitchen staff dedicated to quality. The restaurant has become an integral part of Frederick’s popular restaurant scene and has expanded over the years into other buildings nearby to include Market on Market, for specialty grocery items and takeout, and The Raw Bar, which features oysters and charcuterie. What advice would you give to a young company? Be good to your employees and stay active in the community. The benefits will return tenfold.


Describe something significant in your company’s history. The gift of our building to our organization in 1930 from Margaret Williams ensured that there is always a home for charitable work in our community.




FJB ENGINEERING FLATDOG MEDIA 1319 Bucheimer Road | Frederick

20 W. 3rd St. | Frederick |

Flatdog Media is North America's leading source of news and information in the geospatial world of precision positioning and measuring. xyHt is a monthly magazine, in print and on line, published along with several e-newsletters and special publications.

FJB is a provider of precisionmachined, high accuracy components for today’s most demanding instruments and technologies. Serving the private and public sectors, and supplying the highest quality parts for applications including biotech, defense, aerospace, robotics, telecommunications, satellite, medical and communication test instrumentation. FJB’s commitment to quality is evident in precision craftsmanship, combining the latest manufacturing technology with the most demanding production controls and quality assurance techniques. What advice would you give to a young company? Ensure you have a strong financial plan and take courses if you need to understand the financial side of your business. Take advantage of opportunities when they come up and be nimble. Plan ahead for new employees, treat them well, and plan for the bad times because they will come.


Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Doers. I had never lived in a place where so many people don't just talk about their dreams and aspirations, but instead pursue them. In Frederick, there seems to be an endless supply of innovative, hardworking entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks to achieve personal satisfaction. It's inspirational to live and work in a community with so many living life to the fullest. I hope people view me as one of these risk takers, who found Frederick County to be fertile ground to grow his or her dreams.



FOGEL’S ASPHALT 14044 Harrisville Road | Mount Airy |

Fogel’s Asphalt is a premium asphalt maintenance and installation company. The company offers a higher level of service than anyone around when it comes to new or old asphalt. They install it, seal it, stripe it, replace it, plow it—anything that can be done with asphalt, they proudly do it. Their 50th anniversary was in 2013, coinsiding with a move from oil based sealer to latex based sealer wihich is more in keeping with their environmental concerns. The company appreciates being in Frederick County which they consider an historic and growing community. What advice would you give to a young company? Keep building something for your children to cherish.

ESTABLISHED 1963 50 TOP50x 2



Specialists in the medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle offering the full range of care from conservative nonsurgical options to surgical intervention with the goal of returning people to activity as fast and painless as possible. Describe something significant in your company’s history. Opening my practice on March 15, 1989, was the most significant day of my professional life. Becoming a part of the community and building my practice all started on that day. Without the support of many people along the way, I would not have been able to reach this point in my career or practice.I believe you should do work that you love. Watch it grow as you feed it and nurture it every single day. Before you know it, 31 years will have passed faster than it seems possible.



FREDERICK AIR, INC. 3 King Ave. | Frederick |

Whatever the season, whether it’s the swelter of summer or the chill winds of winter, Frederick Air, Inc. provides whole home solutions to the residents and businesses of Frederick County and surrounding areas by delivering the highest quality service, maintenance and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, while maintaining a family-friendly work environment for the company’s employees; and do it so well that it is profitable.


1731 Monocacy Blvd. | Frederick

They are a leading, local retailer of masonry supplies, patio materials, stone veneer and other construction materials. The company has a rich and colorful history, not least being the manufacturing of the hard and dark bricks known as “Frederick Reds.” Not only were the bricks used for homes in Frederick, but also Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. The old Frederick High School, recently razed, required 1.2 million of these bricks. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County is a crossroads, not only of major roadways, but of the past, present and future. It is a place of farmland and towns, bringing together a diverse group of needs and the businesses to support them.


What is a cool fact about your company? Frederick Air is Frederick County’s only Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. The designation means that the dealer has met the highest standards for superior skills, service and a promise of 100 percent satisfaction, according to the Bryant website.





FREDERICK COMMUNITY COLLEGE 7932 Opossumtown Pike | Frederick |

Frederick Community College (FCC) is distinguished by its quality and affordability for local students. With a focus on teaching and learning, FCC provides affordable, flexible access to lifelong education while responding to the diverse needs of learners and the community. For more than 60 years, the

100 N. East St. | Frederick

FCCC has been a staple of Everedy Square & Shab Row for 30 years, its location originally a Sinclair Gas Station and then several other businesses before becoming FCCC. Daily roasts are featured, as well as breakfast and lunch items available all day. Sand-wiches, bagels, soups and salads accompany the multitude of lattes, espresso, and cappuccino drinks. It has an extensive selection of pastries, biscotti, cakes and more for your sweet tooth. Ample free parking on site with both indoor and outdoor seating. Why is Frederick Couty a great place to do business? Frederick County offers everything a small business owner needs to thrive. A sense of community, great access from major cities and highways, a beautiful landscape, a strong commitment to preservation of history, and at the same time a commitment to growth and revitalization.


accredited programs and comprehensive services the college offers have supported students as they pursue their goals of acquiring job skills, earning degrees and enriching their lives. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County has a vibrant history and a burgeoning future. As our community evolves, Frederick Community College remains committed to delivering the best learning opportunities for all community members.



The Frederick Montessori and Arts School is the only Montessori school in the area that offers a rich, comprehensive fine arts curriculum, including music and dance. Unlike traditional educational settings, the Montessori approach is child-centered, versus teacher-centered. The Montessori educator is trained to guide, rather than teach. In unison with Maria Montessori’s vision of children becoming world citizens, Frederick Montessori and Arts School also supports many outreach programs in the area. What is a cool fact about your business? Teaching children that they are part of something bigger than themselves, and that they, too, can make a difference is part of our everyday approach. Peace education and community outreach is built into our daily experience.

ESTABLISHED 1997 52 TOP50x 2

FREDERICK COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETY 550 Highland St., Suite 200 Frederick |

The Frederick County Humane Society advocates for animal welfare in the community and provides affordable services, resources and programs to help responsible pet owners keep their pets healthy, happy and in life-long homes. Among their many services is the spay and neuter program, promoting compassionate humane education and serving as a resource within the animal welfare community. They are a private, non-profit that does not receive any city, state or federal funds, instead relying on grants, private donations and fundraising events. What advice would you give to a young company? Don't jump too fast or take on more than you can handle. Know your limits, and grow into things.




GALAXY CONTROL SYSTEMS 3 Main St. | Walkersville |

Galaxy Control Systems is a manufacturer of access control and security management systems. Their products are designed, developed and produced in house by their engineers and delivered to customers in over 70 countries globally.

400 W. 7th St. | Frederick

Frederick Health provides a full range of healthcare services to the residents of Frederick County, including Frederick Health Hospital, Frederick Health Medical Group, Frederick Health Employer Solutions, Frederick Health Home Care, and Frederick Health Hospice. With over 3,000 employees, Frederick Health provides a full spectrum of healthcare and wellness services to support its mission to positively impact the well-being of every individual in our community. Frederick Health strives to be the trusted choice for superb quality, service and value. Describe something significant in your company’s history. As a result of unwavering compassion and an ongoing community commitment during COVID-19. We are proud our team received the 2020 Good Samaritan of the Year award.


Galaxy is a market leader in the Cloud/Hosted access control space, as well as offering traditional on-premise solutions. They partner with the best of breed companies to offer a “total facility security solution.” Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? We like the sense of community and spirit of small town America with nearby access to several major metropolitan markets. As a company that travels globally, being in Frederick County offers us access to three major airports all within a 60-mile radius.



GLADHILL FURNITURE Co. 10 Walnut St. | Middletown |

Since 1915 Gladhill Furniture has been a staple in Frederick County and the tri-state area. From La-Z-Boy to Stickley, they carry more than 50 manufacturers and offer complimentary, in-home design for every budget. A fun, family-run business that believes in giving back to the community by dedicating time and treasure to various organizations. Stop by and say “hi.” They would love to show you around the five floors and share their story with you. What is a cool fact about your business? Interestingly enough, Calvin began his professional career as a funeral director. Calvin Gladhill was well-known as a fine supplier of custom handmade wooden caskets. Then, in the early 1920s when Calvin visited Highpoint Furniture Market, he and Lola expanded the casket making and catalog sales business into a greater array of custom-made quality furniture.


54 TOP50x 2


H.C. SUMMERS, INC. 4002 Jefferson Pike | Jefferson |

H.C. Summers, Inc is a feed and farm supply store with lawn and garden and pet supplies. They also have a power lawn and garden division. Its history dates back to the early 1900s when L.E. Summers began the store as a means to serve the needs of the local agricultural community. They have been family owned and operated for more than 100 years, with a knowledgeable sales staff. They are proud to sponsor many local and civic community events such as horse shows, hunt clubs, high school athletics and clubs, plus 4-H and FFA. They support the Jefferson Fire Company and local food bank. What advice would you give to a young company? Make customer service a cornerstone of your business and always treat people like you would like to be treated.




HERITAGE FREDERICK 24 E. Church St. | Frederick

Heritage Frederick is a dynamic educational and cultural organization that recognizes the impact of Frederick County, Md., on the state, nation and world. Heritage Frederick excels in engaging and interactive experiences that are relevant, accessible and meaningful to all people. The community has been welcoming to its efforts as is Visit Frederick, the tourism initiative. The walkability of Downtown, the accessible history, shops, food and attractions also contribute to their success.

275 Evergreen Place | Frederick |

Hankey's Radio Inc. was founded in 1922 by Isaac L. Hankey, and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. They have always maintained a reputation for outstanding customer service and an unsurpassed quality of work. Hankey's Radio Inc. became an Authorized Motorola Service Station in 1961 and is recognized as a Motorola Service Elite Specialist, as well as a Certified Service Center. They have had the honor to work with federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as commercial and personal customers.

What advice would you give to a young company? Interconnectedness—there are so many ways to get connected to the community (businesses, people and resources). Stay connected as much as possible.


What advice would you give to a young company? Customer relations are the most important part of being in business. A small community and word of mouth can be impactful.



TOP50x 2



birds and sold them that Thanksgiving. Seeing the opportunity the family eventually went into turkeys full-time.

30 Elm St. | Thurmont |

Hillside is a multi-generational family business that produces an excellent variety of turkey, chicken and other meat products. The smokehouse is the crown jewel of their operation and has been supplying delicious smoked turkey products for decades. Fresh, locally produced, quality food with great prices and fantastic customer service since 1939. The operation began as a producer of beef and dairy, but when Pauline received a few turkey eggs, she put them under a chicken to hatch. She raised the

56 TOP50x 2

What advice would you give to a young company? It’s all about foundation. You need to create something solid that future generations will be able to build on.


HIS PLACE, INC. 20 Creamery Way | Emmitsburg |

Fifty years is a long time for anyone to be in business. And just how do you do it for 50 years in the repair industry? Mostly by repairing customer’s cars quickly, right the first time, and for a fair price. Bill Kuhn III, owner, not only takes good care of his customers, but keeps up with needed technology. He employs technicians that are ASE Certified and constantly involved in classes. His Place also specializes in the diagnosis and repair of light diesel trucks, is an authorized AAA Repair Facility, an approved NAPA AutoCare Center and an official Maryland Inspection Station. What advice would you give to a young company? Stay focused on your community and their needs. Being a part of a community is more than just offering services, it is also about giving back and investing in the people and the places that make it work for everyone.



HOOD COLLEGE 401 Rosemont Ave. | Frederick |

Founded in 1893 in Frederick, Hood College is a coeducational, independent, liberal arts college. Hood offers 30-plus bachelor’s degrees, 25 concentrations, 45-plus minors, and pre-professional preparation in medicine, veterinary science, dentistry and law. Students receive individual attention from supportive faculty. Hood’s Graduate School offers 19 master’s degrees, two doctorates and 11 graduate certificate programs. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The College’s proximity to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and the I-270 technology corridor gives students access to countless internships and research opportunities. Downtown Frederick is within walking distance of Hood’s campus, so students have easy access to a vibrant downtown.

HOUSE IN THE WOODS FARM 2225 Park Mills | Adamstown

House in the Woods Farm is a certified organic, national award-winning farm, celebrating 20 years in production with a mission to connect you to the food, the land and the community. Their CSA/farm share program offers a 20-week growing season of organic produce and member-only U-Pick rows, all grown on the farm and featuring heirloom varieties. Extended season produce available. Phil and Ilene have a passion for education, inspiring families to explore the farm through U-Pick, kid-friendly farm-to-table experiences and harvest events. Describe something significant in your company’s history. The Crop Mob is a favorite annual event co-hosted with The Common Market. Participants get their hands in the dirt, help get some spring tasks done and learn how an organic farm operates.






275 Interstate Circle | Frederick

5726 Industry Lane | Frederick |

Irwin Stone has been supplying homeowners, professional landscapers, masons and home improvement contractors for more than 60 years with a large variety of stone products, specializing in natural building stone, flagstone, decorative gravel, boulders, landscape stone, masonry supplies, and concrete products. Products are displayed throughout their stores. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Up until 1998, our Rockville location was delivering a substantial amount of material to the Frederick area due to the increased development occurring here. We were looking to expand our business and we felt that Frederick was the perfect place for us. Frederick was close enough to Rockville to help each store support each other, but far enough away as to not cannibalize each other's business.


Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal is one of the top 10 roofing contractors in the country and strives to maintain a progressive vision for the future. Kalkreuth specializes in complex commercial exterior envelope applications in various markets throughout the country. The company boasts an extensive project portfolio including clients in the automotive, chemical, government, education and healthcare industries. With a wealth of resources and an extensive construction industry network, Kalkreuth has the capabilities to complete any project according to specifications. What advice would you give to a young company? Structure is important. Holding meetings are crucial and help keep everyone accountable and on the same page.



KEENEY & BASFORD PA FUNERAL HOME 100 E. Church St. | Frederick |

The Keeney & Basford Funeral Home, P.A. was established by John Garrison Etchison in 1848. Originally called M.R. Etchison and Son, the establishment had several different locations in Downtown Frederick, including East Patrick and North Market Street addresses before moving into its current location at 106 E. Church St. in 1939. The building that now houses the funeral home is known as the Trail Mansion. Built in 1852 by Col. Charles E. Trail, it is a beautiful example of classic Italianate architecture. What is a cool fact about your business? The building that now houses the funeral home is known as the Trail Mansion. Built in 1852 by Col. Charles E. Trail, it is a beautiful example of classic Italianate architecture. Of particular note are the front entrance area with its Italian-designed windows and the beautiful flower beds.

ESTABLISHED 1848 58 TOP50x 2



They are a total car care facility. They repair and provide maintenance services for all makes and models and also rebuild and replace transmissions. They can provide

services for small and diesel trucks as welll as alignments, Maryland state inspections and tires. They have a three-year/36K mile warranty on most general repairs and a three-year/50Kmile warranty on most transmission repairs/rebuilds. Features shuttle service, pick-up and/or delivery, convenience in making appointments by text, email or phone. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? We opened our doors on West Patrick Street the same year as the Great Frederick Flood. Watching this community recover and grow into what Frederick is today has been such an honor. To be a part of a community, in both giving back, volunteering and servicing our neighbors, is what keeps us thriving.



LA PAZ MEXICAN RESTAURANT 51 S. Market St. | Frederick |

La Paz Mexican Restaurant is a familyowned business serving the Frederick community since 1978. They are known for their fresh, homemade salsa, legendary margaritas and beautiful outside patio dining along Carroll Creek—the patio is dog-friendly. They offer personalized service, and customers become part of an extended family. The mission is to provide a one-of-a-kind experience filled with amazing, homemade Mexican dishes, drinks and a place to relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family.

13601 Glissans Mill Road | Mount Airy

In 1972, amidst rolling hills, dairy cows and cornfields, a small vineyard was planted in the fertile soils of an old dairy farm. That has proudly become Linganore Winecellars. Now operated by the founder’s children, they welcome you to share in a growing family tradition. Linganore Winecellars cordially invites you to partake in an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon, tasting our awardwinning wines produced by our fertile soils, abundant sunshine, and skilled winemakers. What advice would you give to a young company? Share your ideas with your fellow businesses in the community and remain humble in accomplishments. We are all stronger and more successful when we work together.


Describe something significant in your company’s history. La Paz has been fortunate to call two locations in Downtown Frederick home. Moving from 18 Market Space to 51 S. Market was a pivotal moment in our history. The move gave us more visibility, and expanded our dining to include creekside.






201 Thomas Johnson Drive | Frederick

7504 N. Market St. | Frederick |

Individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations throughout mid-Maryland and the D.C. metropolitan area depend on the exceptional tax, audit, accounting and business advisory services provided by LSWG’s team of specialists. From business start-up to development, valuation and succession planning, Frederick’s businesses count on LSWG to guide them through good times and bad. Named to Inside Public Accounting’s Top 400 accounting firms, LSWG is locally-owned and operated. Established in downtown Frederick in 1965 as Linton, Shafer & Company, a 2005 merger resulted in what is now LSWG and a move to the current location on Thomas Johnson Drive. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? We like to say, “We don’t just work here, we live here, too!” There is a spirit in this community that is reassuring and neighborly.


Since 1984, Make 'N' Music has been Frederick's premiere music store. Featuring top brands in the music industry, this one time "Mom & Pop" shop has grown into Frederick’s largest instrument, lesson and musical equipment sales and rental store. They carry more than 50 different manufacturers and are known for their personal one-on-one customer service. They have done installations for churches, gyms and businesses. Describe something significant in your company’s history. Make ‘N’ Music holds the very popular and successful Rock N Roll Yard Sale. Held twice a year, this sale is marked on the calendar and appreciated by our local musicians and many other musicians from around the metropolitan and tri-state area. They attend the event to trade, sell and network.


MARYLAND HERITAGE TOURS 124 N. Market St. | Frederick |

Maryland Heritage Tours provides history tours, ghost tours and cemetery tours in Frederick City, presenting Maryland and Frederick history. Master storytellers dressed in period attire from Frederick's past lead visitors through the city's dark street and alleyways in search of the infamous, the unknown and the unexplained. Serving over 24,000 people on tours throughout Frederick, Maryland Heritage Tours is a win/win for tourism in Frederick, and partners with local businesses. It is Maryland’s oldest operating ghost tour. What advice would you give to a young company? Hold on to everything as long as you can. You must build a foundation, strong customer base and market. It's not going to be a success overnight.

ESTABLISHED 2000 60 TOP50x 2

MCCUTCHEON’S APPLE PRODUCTS, Inc. 13 S. Wisner St. | Frederick

McCutcheon's Apple Products is a family owned and operated business that has been in historic Frederick since 1938. McCutcheon's produces and distributes over 300 products nationwide, including their famous apple butter, apple cider and fruit preserves. Every product is made with the finest quality ingredients and prepared in small, closely supervised batches. Today, McCutcheon's is run by fourth and fifth generation family members, along with many long-term employees who are also considered part of the family. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County has always been a great place to live and work. The business community is vibrant and collaborative, not competitive.




MINUTEMAN PRESS 917A W. 7th St. | Frederick |

They specialize in making your business look fabulous through print and marketing materials but what makes them stand out is the relationship with their clients. They

24 W. Main St. | Middletown

Since 1908, Middletown Valley Bank has been the cornerstone for financial planning for residents and businesses alike. Though many advances of the 21st century have made the financial world more competitive, Middletown Valley Bank continues to provide the flexibility and responsiveness only a true community bank can offer. Exceptional customer service combined with state-of-the-art technology, provides customers with the best banking experience. What is a cool fact about your business? Over the years, MVB has expanded to seven branch locations, and is proud to be a part of Middletown, Jefferson, Myersville, Boonsboro, Hagerstown and their surrounding communities.


pride themselves in their ability to make your life easier and a positive client experience is their top priority. Services range from standard paper print to wide format print/signage, as well as custom branded apparel and promotional goods. They also offer mailing services and have graphic designers on staff to create anything you need. They truly print everything and can take your job from start to finish. Describe something significant in your company’s history. During the COVID crisis, we have been able to provide protective products to the community— sneeze shields, masks, hand sanitizer, instructional materials and isopropyl alcohol. It was important for us to find ways to serve during these uncertain times.



MOLLY’S MEANDERINGS 17 N. Market St. | Frederick |

Fashion is their passion, serving women locally, nationally, and globally with the unique and beautiful styles that make them feel extraordinary. Fashion should be fun, reflect your own personal style, and make you feel like your best you. The beauty of shopping at Molly's is their curated selection and the care given to each customer. Personal attention lends a feeling of friendship in a relaxed shopping environment. It's all about style and care. Describe something significant in your company’s history. Oscar winner Rita Moreno shopped in my store. What a thrill! She was charming and a joy to talk to. I shipped her purchases, some of which would decorate her dressing room on the set of One Day at a Time. She insisted I give her my details to put in her cell phone contacts because she loved the store so much.


62 TOP50x 2


MORGAN-KELLER CONSTRUCTION 70 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 200 | Frederick |

Established in 1955, Morgan-Keller Construction is a privately held general contracting and construction management firm. By providing exceptional construction services for over six decades, they have built their reputation as one of the region’s most respected commercial builders. As your building partner, they are prepared to become involved in the earliest stages of the project to ensure a seamless experience. What advice would you give to a young company? Always remember to focus on your clients, team members, and community. We provide our clients with top-notch service and quality, we see our team members as our most valuable asset, and we have always believed in giving back to the community that has given us so much.


MOUNT AIRY ACE HARDWARE 1312 S. Main St. | Mount Airy |

The mission at Mount Airy Ace is to be the best, most helpful hardware store on the planet. In their store, the customer is the number one priority. They strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere where they are greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable team member who is ready to assist them. Their customers are neighbors, friends and members of the area they serve. They have deep family roots here and are dedicated to making a difference in the community, supporting local causes that benefit those in need.

MOUNT ST. MARY’S UNIVERSITY 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road Emmitsburg |

Mount St. Mary’s University is a private, liberal arts, Catholic university in the Catoctin Mountains near historic Emmitsburg, with a satellite campus in Frederick. The university offers more than 80 majors, minors, concentrations and special programs for traditional undergraduate students, and in excess of 20 adult undergraduate and graduate level programs, as well as 24 NCAA Division I athletic programs. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County is strengthened by the partnerships between colleges and universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations, stimulated by the Office of Economic Development and Chamber of Commerce.


What advice would you give to a young company? Everything you do will make an impact on your business. Be well informed. Search out advice. Sleep on big decisions. Where will I be in 10 years? But remember the most important often overlooked item on your list. Your employees. You are nothing without them.



TOP50x 2


MOUNTAIN GATE FAMILY RESTAURANT 133 Frederick Road | Thurmont |

They are a family restaurant, featuring a country style buffet, with a tradition of providing homestyle classic food in a warm, friendly environment at a reasonable price. They are also one of the largest catering services in the region, specializing in fully customized packages for any event, from back yard BBQ to formal wedding receptions.

64 TOP50x 2

Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The part of Frederick County where we are located has such a great atmosphere and is the perfect location for this type of business. We are blessed to be nestled here in the Gateway to the Mountains. We draw local families and tourists. I can't imagine us being anywhere else.


OCTAVO DESIGNS 50 Citizen's Way Suite 403-1A | Frederick |

Octavo Designs, an award winning graphic/ web design firm, has been in operation since spring 2000. Octavo specializes in small, niche pieces that are fun, dynamic and unique and offer a broad range of creativity from corporate to specialty looks. They are eager to learn about and really understand your business or industry and get excited about every project, no matter how large or small, because they love exploring new concepts and pushing the creativity buttons. What advice would you give to a young company? Belive in yourself and what you are doing. Go for it. Be smart and watch your spending on the onset. Work hard and enjoy what you are doing.



OLD MINK FARM RECREATION RESORT 12806 Mink Farm Road | Thurmont |

Wonderful memories await you at Ole Mink Farm Recreation Resort in the Catoctin Mountains of Thurmont. A unique resort offering luxury log cabins, seasonal campsites and a meeting space. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the comforts of home while getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Yearly campsites offer seasonal getaways with winter storage on your site. Amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, playground, game room, fishing, hiking, and more.

PATRIOT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 5108 Pegasus Court, Suite F Frederick |

Patriot Technologies has over 24 years of experience in creating customized electronic solutions for commercial, military, defense and intelligence programs. Patriot continues to apply its expertise and creativity for innovative cybersecurity solutions to support a wide variety of mission goals with special expertise in mobility and public safety for emergency personal and first responders. Patriot brings decades of wireless product design and systems experience for Homeland Security, emergency personnel, as well as cellular and PCS communication networks. What advice would you give to a young company? Know your strengths, weaknesses and what you really enjoy doing. Do what you love to do, not what has to be done. Hire others who are good at what you're not.


Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Frederick County is a great place for businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry. Support from local Main Streets, Frederick County tourism agencies, and inter-business cooperation are keys to success. Location and diverse landscapes appeal to a variety of travelers: mountains, history, downtown attractions, wineries, orchards, and so much more.






4991 New Design Road, Suite 109 | Frederick and

The hospitality company includes a restaurant division, Roy Rogers, and a hotel division, Plamondon Hospitality Partners. They are the franchisor for Roy Rogers and a franchisee for the Marriott and Hilton brands. The family’s hospitality roots

7330 Executive Way | Frederick

Phoenix Mecano Inc. is the North American sales and value-added manufacturer of the Swiss-based holding company Phoenix Mecano Group. Through their Rose Industrial Enclosures, Bopla Electronic Enclosures, and RK Rose+Krieger product lines, they’ve been protecting and moving the world’s innovations for over 30 years, from machining to screen printing to milling anodizing and much more. With their technical understanding and expertise, you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems or delays in getting a custom solution. What advice would you give to a young company? Always focus on your customers, not only with your products, but with your processes. Aligning with customer needs will drive your success.


4-Ti To me Hon p50 oree !

began in the 1940s with a hotel in Vero Beach, Fla., opened by Peter Plamondon Jr. and Jim Plamondon’s grandfather. Their father, Peter Plamondon Sr., was executive vice president at Marriott, later starting Plamondon Enterprises. What advice would you give to a young company? Be involved in the community, both personally and professionally and give back your time and resources.



PLEASANTS CONSTRUCTION, Inc. 7700 Grove Road | Frederick |

Pleasants Construction is a family owned and Maryland based, full-service turnkey construction company. Core services include earthwork, site development, demolition, paving, soil stabilization, site utility installation, material processing and trenchless underground utility repair. There are approximately 370 employees. They are proud to be one of Frederick County’s Top 25 Employers, which includes government and large corporate companies. Pleasants Learning Academy offers nearly 200 training courses to their employees. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? It is a thriving and growing county and the county's administration staff is willing to assist businesses when in need. The county offers a great employment base to draw from and is a wonderful place to live.

ESTABLISHED 1964 66 TOP50x 2


R.W. WARNER, INC. 217 Monroe Ave. | Frederick |

What began as a small service-oriented plumbing business in 1937 has grown into a multi-faceted construction company comprised of five specialized divisions— major mechanical, sheet metal, HVAC and plumbing service and general construction. Now into its third generation of family ownership and operation, the company remains committed to its core values: Trust, respect and value. Moving their operations in 1982 to a new building on Monroe Avenue gave them room to grow into the company they are today. What advice would you give to a young company? Stay true to your business, stay conservative financially, and don't stop trying to improve everything you do every day.



RAMAR MOVING SYSTEMS, INC. 28 Thomas Johnson Drive | Frederick |

Ramar Moving Systems, Inc. is a familyowned business that is an agent for United Van Lines. Ramar has a team of dedicated employees including move consultants, packers, labor, customer service and professional van operators. Ramar is an asset based service provider. As part of the UniGroup global network, they have access to agents, both nationally and internationally, which provides them with the opportunity to service customers' warehousing, origin, and destination services all across the world.

RED HORSE STEAK HOUSE 996 W Patrick St. | Frederick

The Red Horse Steak House is a full service restaurant conveniently located off U.S. 15 and U.S. 40. A professional wait staff serves the finest grilled steaks and traditional seafood in a comfortable, casually elegant atmosphere. Steaks are hand cut and trimmed daily. Complete bar facilities including a diverse wine list able to accommodate all tastes. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? There are many great things about being in Frederick County. The main reason is the quality of life and customers which frequent our establishment. We have tremendous support and a strong employee base which is family oriented. Many children of present and former employees work for us. The generation to generation loyalty is great.


Describe something significant in your company’s history. We have won many awards for professionalism, have assisted several non-profits, work with the elderly, as well as small and large companies. Ramar is proud to have hosted a food drive every year at Christmas to help feed the homeless and others in need in Frederick County.






1020 W. Patrick St. | Frederick

8005 Reichs Ford Road | Frederick |

Red Lobster restaurant exhibits a passion for seafood and great people. They strive to provide a blend of everyday and special occasion meals. They embrace change while holding onto guest favorites. Cheddar Bay Biscuits and an Ultimate Feast will welcome you every time. A new Party Platter line and Family Feast are available for takeout. A smile, kind words, embracing others, and quality of food paired with service makes them stand out. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The people are what makes Frederick County great. We’ve seen new born babies grow and graduate high school through retirees deciding it's not really time to retire. The Red Lobster team in Frederick has employed and served generations of amazing residents and can't wait for what's still to come.


Originally known as Reliable Junk Company, the Reliable Recycling Center continues the legacy of Maurice Sclar with a fourth generation. The family remains committed to providing an efficient, state-of-the-art recycling facility. The company purchases scrap metals and cardboard from many different local businesses and individuals. What advice would you give to a young company? You have to love what you do enough to continue trudging through an increasingly difficult business climate. I usually enjoy the unique challenges presented by my industry making each day different from the last. I was unfortunately never able to meet my grandfather or great-grandfather, but my father would tell me their (and his) reputation was their most valued asset. It's a great feeling when the effort my employees and I place upon providing great service is acknowledged by a customer.



ROSEBUD PERFUME COMPANY, INC. 6 N. Main St. | Woodsboro |

"Rosebud" is a distributor of lip balms created from proprietary formulations. In 1892, Dr. G. F. Smith, a formulating pharmacist, began his search for oils to use in an all-purpose salve for pharmacy customers. He had studied that essential oils from plants, flowers, stems and mosses preserved their aromatic flavor and potentially healing properties. Dr. Smith developed "Rosebud Salve" by combining seven different essential oils and botanicals. What advice would you give to a young company? A business needs a goal and mission, belief in a product or idea, and dedication and communication to promote that ideal.

ESTABLISHED 1895 68 TOP50x 2


RR DONNELLEY 1 Poplar Ave. | Thurmont

For more than 150 years RRD has kept up on the latest trends in printing. Statements, notices and other business-critical communications are often the brand communications that customers interact with most frequently. RRD is there, from the utility bill received in the mail to the credit card statement that is emailed. Maybe it is a packing slip, window label, retail marketing label or price sticker in the store. Their employees are working hard to manufacture quality products that touch consumers across the globe and enable their customers to effectively communicate with their audience every day. What advice would you give to a young company? Continue to persevere and remain true to your vision.




10 E Church St. | Frederick |

8379 Inspiration Ave. | Walkersville

They are a post-production video company offering a number of editing services. They transfer 16mm and super 8mm sound or silent films, 8mm films and 35mm slides to DVD or digital computer file. They transfer the following to DVD or any computer digital format. VHS, Betamax, S-VHS, BETACAM-SP, VideoHi8, DV and DV-CAM. They also offer audio transfers of 1/4" reel-to-reel tape, audio cassettes, 8-track tapes and phonograph records of any speed in sizes up to 16" to audio CDs or a computer digital file. What advice would you give to a young company? Remember, your customer is your employer. Offer a service that is needed. Then become very, very good at what you do. Ask what the customer wants to accomplish. Then explain how you can do this for them.


Savage Soaps proudly handcrafts gourmet small batch natural olive oil soaps and body care products. Their aim is to help people looking for better natural skin care solutions. Savage Soaps are dermatologist recommended, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, palm oil free, color free and eco-friendly compostable packaging. Savage Soaps is a certified womanowned business. The owner has always had an insatiable love for soaps, aromatherapy and healing.

Describe something significant in your company’s history. Savage Soaps was selected to appear on the premier episode of ABC TV Steve Harvey's Funderdome. We were able to reach 4.1 million viewers with our products and consider this a great achievement.



SCENIC VIEW ORCHARDS 16225 Sabillasville Road | Sabillasville |

Scenic View Orchards began its operation in the mid-1800s with primarily a hay and grain operation. Through the years, different crops were raised based on product demand and to allow for proper soil management practices. The farm has remained familyowned and operated for the past seven generations. Over the past 30 years, they have expanded to include fruit trees, berries and vegetables. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? Because the community supports local produce and farms. We also have great access to market our products in the second largest city in Maryland; we attend three Frederick farmer’s markets during the growing season. Our roadside market in Sabillasville is also convenient for those looking to explore the countryside.


70 TOP50x 2


SERVPRO OF FREDERICK COUNTY 4660 New Design Road, Suite I | Frederick |

Servpro of Frederick County is a full service provider of restoration/mitigation services for water, fire, flood, biohazard and sanitizing services. They offer 24hour emergency service to make any of your fire/water emergencies “Like it never even happened.” They are a locally owned franchise serving Frederick, Gaithersburg and Germantown. Describe something significant in your company’s history. We were asked to be a part of Servpro's Storm Team and respond to hurricane damage in Florida from Hurricane Sandy. To be a part of such a big relief effort was humbling and rewarding. We traveled to the Gulf Coast with crews and supplies to respond to more than 20 homeowners in need.



SPECTRA AUTO SERVICES 324 N. East St. | Frederick |

Spectra Auto Services is a family-owned and operated business in Downtown Frederick. For over 30 years they have been proudly serving the area. Building lifetime relationships has always been the goal. The owner started working at a full service gas station in high school and wanted to apply that hometown service when opening Spectra. Their highly trained team can handle all your family vehicle's needs, oil changes, factory maintenance, tires, major repairs plus much more. All repairs come with a Nationwide Warranty.

SPHERION STAFFING GROUP 1195 N. East St. | Frederick

Spherion Staffing is a full life cycle for recruitment, servicing temporary, contract, temp-to-hire and direct hire placement level positions. They are experts in matching people with job opportunities and “We love what we do.” They are proud to have bought a woman-owned business and to be a part of the succession of continuing this as a woman-owned business locally. What advice would you give to a young company? I originally started this job through the work study program from Linganore High School and with hard work and commitment, bought into the franchise and became the owner. Anyone looking to start a business needs to be patient and committed to the highs and lows of being an owner and to always be looking at how you can grow and sustain your business model.


What advice would you give to a young company? Stay in your lane. Don't try to be something you are not. Be yourself and build relationships. The business will reflect your personality. People can easily spot a phony.



TOP50x 2


STADLER NURSERIES 5504 Mount Zion Road | Frederick |

The Stadler family began growing plants and landscaping in 1932. Almost 90 years later, Stadler Nurseries has grown into one of the largest and most respected full-service garden centers and landscape companies in the region. They specialize in the landscaping of new home construction, land development plantings, site development planning, sustainable landscapes, native reforestation plantings and water resource management solutions, which include rain gardens and bio-retention ponds. The year-round garden centers offer a wide selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, native and seasonal

72 TOP50x 2

plants. Stadler Nurseries proudly serves throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Describe something significant in your history. In 2019, Stadler Nurseries received a proclamation from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot for being a job creator and economic driver for Frederick and Montgomery counties. He, along with local elected officials, visited the garden center to honor our company’s history and commitment to the local communities that we serve.


STAUFFER FUNERAL HOME, P.A. 1621 Opossumtown Pike | Frederick |

For more than 45 years, over five generations, their focus has been to provide the very best for families in their time of need. They work to provide every possible comfort in the funeral home, and to help make arrangements that pay tribute to your loved ones in ways that preserve cherished memories and create new ones. They have constructed a private, on-site crematory at their Opossumtown Pike location, making them a full-service funeral home in Frederick County who can promise that your loved one never leaves their care. What is a cool fact about your business? At Stauffer Funeral Homes, we are still family owned and operated because we know that a funeral home with deep roots in the community and relationships with local families and friends, can best help those who are grieving.



STULZ-ATS (USA) 1572 Tilco Drive | Frederick |

Backed by over 40 years of experience, STULZ is the foremost pioneer in the field of air conditioning solutions for dependable applications and data centers. Their precision air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured in the USA, to the very highest standards of quality, and in line with exceptionally stringent testing criteria. STULZ boasts a product range that is unique

SUMMIT ANCHOR COMPANY 4507 Metropolitan Court, Suite F Frederick |

From its small beginnings as a window cleaning business, Summit Anchor Co. has had one major focus: safety. Summit Anchor strives to set the standard for safe working conditions for those in the suspended access and building maintenance industry through its anchorages and fall protection systems. The company wants to climb to new heights as a pacesetter in fall protection systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, the United States and the world – while never leaving behind its core value: respect for life. What advice would you give to a young company? Focus on what your mission is and it cannot just be about money. Be honest with yourself, do your best even when others don't.


in the world and can make optimum air conditioning a reality for practically every project. What advice would you give to a young company? Be part of the community, participate and contribute to Frederick. Partner with Economic Development and all aspects of County and City government.



TOP50x 2



The physicians and therapists at The Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics-MMI Division are recognized throughout the region for their expertise in both general and

2479 Five Shillings Road | Frederick

This is an artist-owned organization that features high quality original art for sale in its monthly solo exhibitions by members, as well as ongoing group exhibitions. A rich variety of subjects and media is always on view. As of November 2020, they are in a temporary space at 428 N Market St. as they search for a permanent home. Exhibitions are viewable online. Describe something significant in your company’s history. We host the annual Salon Show. open to all artists in the community. This exhibition is a celebration for all those that create art and enjoy the excitement of hanging and showing their art in a professional gallery. It is always well received for its inclusiveness and community spirit.


specialized orthopaedic, rheumatology, spine, sports medicine, physical medicine, and physical and occupational therapy care and provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? We enjoy practicing in Frederick County because of the wonderful community. We also enjoy giving back to our community by holding free sports physicals to the high school athletes and other events held throughout the year.



The GENERAL ENGINEERING CO. 55 S. Carroll St. | Frederick |

The company started as a supplier of replacement parts for coal burning stokers, since evolving into a manufacturer of products for underground utilities. Their principle products are SEALTITE Sewer Pipe Saddles, GENECO Cleanouts, valve box risers and covers, valve stem extensions, misc. related hand tools and custom fabrications, all of which are sold to municipalities and wholesalers nationwide. They are a waterworks wholesaler. What advice would you give to a young company? Work at something you enjoy. Don't be greedy. Look for opportunities to grow. Don't jump carelessly, but don't be afraid to jump. The sign of a good company is not that they don't make mistakes, but that they own them and correct them to their customer's satisfaction.

ESTABLISHED 1936 74 TOP50x 2


THE TRAIL HOUSE 17 S. Market St. | Frederick |

The Trail House is a specialty outdoor retail store for any outdoor activity. They can prepare you for anything from walking, hiking and camping, to climbing and many other activities, making available products including clothing, footwear, packs, tents, accessories and more. Describe something significant in your company’s history. In March 2020 Clyde and Gerry Hicks started to transition the ownership of The Trail House to their oldest son Drennan and his wife Catie Hicks. While the transition was not what was originally envisioned with the COVID-19 pandemic, with the support of the Frederick community they are confident in serving the outdoor needs of customers for another 36 years.



THE WORMALD COMPANIES 5283 Corporate Drive, Suite 300 | Frederick |

Wormald is a sixth generation Maryland family with deep regional roots, and generations of building experience. Wormald has dedicated industry professionals in the areas of field supervision, project management, architecture, engineering, sales and marketing, and administration dedicated to delivering excellence. They have particular expertise in large mixed use Planned Unit Developments, housing for the emptynester and seniors market, Class A office parks, Village-style retail environments, infill tear down homes, and a boutique residential product.

TIME BOMB TATTOOS & CURIOSITIES 26 S. Market St. | Frederick

They pride themselves on creating custom artwork to last a lifetime and beyond. Each one of their artists is incredibly talented and committed to coming up with the perfect design every time. They want to make sure that every tattoo they do will make customers happy forever, not just for the the first few days. They offer tattoos, body jewelry and curiosities and piercings. What is a cool fact about your business? If you are planning a trip to the Frederick area and are seeking lodging, Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities has two spacious suites available that are centrally located above a 1910 Edwardian-Era building in historic Downtown Frederick.


What advice would you give to a young company? Don't stop trying. Reach back to the start of business when times are tough. It’s not always easy, so you have to make sure you keep driving. Find and hang on to good people and work through hard times together.




TUCKERS A/C Heating & Plumbing

TUSCARORA TENNIS CLUB 5216 Renn Road | Frederick |

For almost 48 years, Tuscarora Tennis Club has been the place to play, learn and practice tennis in Frederick. The club features four indoor courts, as well as the only har-tru (clay) courts in the area. They

4650 Wedgewood Blvd., #102 Frederick |

They are a residential and light commercial heating, cooling and plumbing contractor focusing on the client experience. They offer the longest warranties in the industry by providing up to 12 years of parts and labor on new equipment installs. They look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and trust and have a motto that says “We pledge to exceed expectations at every turn.” What advice would you give to a young company? In aspiring to reach legacy status, we recommend that you try and look for opportunity where others might see failure. Never stop growing personally and professionally.


have a top-notch teaching staff, a wide variety of tennis programs for youth and adults, a fully stocked pro shop, and lounge for socializing or observing tennis play. The staff takes pride in meeting customers’ needs—playing opportunities, lessons, tennis gear, racquet stringing service, or just a fun social activity. Describe something significant in your company’s history. The most significant event in our history was the ribbon cutting for our new facility in September, 1975, after several years of operation as a two-court “bubble.” The opening was the fulfillment of a dream for our founders, Joyce and Aubrey Dixon.



UNITED WAY OF FREDERICK COUNTY 629 N. Market St. | Frederick |

United Way of Frederick County (UWFC) fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person in the Frederick County community. Specifically, UWFC supports ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) households. ALICE households are hardworking families without sufficient income to meet Frederick County's high cost of living. UWFC emphasizes its role as a community change organization that works across the county to leverage financial, volunteer and advocacy resources to improve people's lives. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? For over 80 years, United Way has been fighting for the health, education and financial stability of every person in the Frederick County community. Through good and hard times we have seen many positive things and responsiveness of donors and charitable community members which says a lot for those in Frederick County.

ESTABLISHED 1938 76 TOP50x 2

VISIONS EXTRAORDINARY EYEWEAR, etc. 16 N. Market St. | Frederick

VISIONS (originally Visionary Opticians) is an optical boutique offering prescription eyewear unlike what is available at chain and franchises. Besides exciting frame styles, they also offer personalized professional service and expertise regarding eyewear styles that are best suited to each individual customer and their optical needs — all in an enjoyable and inspiring environment. They are honored that new and repeat customers say the VISIONS experience is so unique they come here from throughout the 4-State area — and beyond. Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? The proximity of Frederick City/ County to our nation's capital brings a broad cross-section of residents/ visitors with sophisticated tastes and disposable income.




WF DELAUTER & SONS, Inc. 2 Creamery Way | Thurmont |

They are a site utility contractor that specializes in underground utility infrastructure, road, bridges, storm water management, earthwork and grading. From building the Rosemont Avenue water main in 1972 to demolishing the former Maryland State Police barrack in 2015-2016, the company has been an integral part of the local scene. “Overall. WF

807 E South St. | Frederick

Werres Corporation was founded by Paul H Werres to serve the federal government in D.C. Moving to Frederick in the 1980s, Werres has continued to grow to be a leading supplier of material handling distribution equipment to commercial customers in the Mid-Atlantic and to the U.S. government worldwide. In 2016, Werres was acquired by Raymond Corporation and became part of Toyota Industries Group Worldwide and further broadened the product offering. They are proud of their team of employees. Describe something significant in your company’s history. Werres went from being a privately held company, to having Toyota as our ultimate parent. The acquisition has reinvigorated Werres.


Delauter has installed likely more than 50 percent of all utilities in Frederick County, much of which is in the city and Fort Detrick,” says company president Kirby Delauter. What advice would you give to a young company? Engage problems head on. Surround yourself with people who are motivated and have honesty and integrity. Stay current with technology and always have a Plan B, because Plan A rarely goes as planned.



WINTERBROOK FARMS 13001 Creagerstown Road | Thurmont |

Winterbrook Farms was started by the Lawyer family in 1918. Serving as a turkey and crop farm for many years, they started the area’s first corn maze in 2000. This fourth generation family farm is known for its fall agritourism operation, consisting of Maryland’s largest corn maze with over five miles of trails and more than 10 acres of pumpkins, plus more than 25 different activities from mini ziplines to apple cannons. Describe something significant in your company’s history. In just three years of fall fundraisers at the farm, we have raised more than $40,000 toward charities focusing on cancer in memory of family member Jan Lawyer.

ESTABLISHED 1918 78 TOP50x 2

WONDER BOOK AND VIDEO 1306 W. Patrick St. | Frederick |

A bookseller since 1980, Wonder Book is passionate about books, whether used mass markets, five-figure rare collectibles, or new publisher’s overstocks. A member of ABAA and ILAB, Wonder Book believes books are not made to be disposed of—they are made to be read, collected, shared and displayed. With over four million books, Wonder Book operates three large retail stores in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and a warehouse for internet, bulk, and designer sales. In addition to books, Wonder Book sells movies, music, video games, and more. Wonder Book’s Frederick and Hagerstown stores also have movie and game rentals. What advice would you give to a young company? Be willing to adapt and remain open to explore new markets. Find unexpected opportunities and keep growing.



WOODSBORO BANK 5 N. Main St. | Woodsboro |

Woodsboro Bank is the oldest community bank headquartered in Frederick County. They are a perfect fit for families and businesses that call Frederick County home. Their vision is “to be the best bank in Central Maryland for our colleagues, clients, community and shareholders.” Why is Frederick County a great place to do business? It is a special place to do business because it is a growing, diverse community with a hometown feel. Our colleagues love being involved in the Frederick community and building relationships with community members and businesses that help everyone grow and succeed.

YMCA OF FREDERICK COUNTY 1000 N. Market St. | Frederick

The Y has served as a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities for more than 175 years. It empowers everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, by ensuring access to resources, relationships and opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. The Y’s goal is to improve overall health and wellbeing, ignite youth empowerment and demonstrate the importance of community connections. What is a cool fact about your company? The new South County Family YMCA, opening in April 2021, will create a modern, vibrant, gathering hub for Southern Frederick County providing all the modern convenience of a world-class community center.




Colonial Jewelers owner Patricia Hurwitz recalls when her daughter Sarah was 3 years old and built little stores around the house. She would cut pictures out of magazines and “sell” them. Hurwitz would often bring her daughter to the family business where she would see not only her parents work, but her grandparents as well.


The experience allowed Sarah to learn a legacy of running a business along with how to properly treat customers from the ground up. “If you are raised in a family business, it is kind of part of your DNA,” Hurwitz says. “...Those are just things that you learn from your family and becomes part of what you do and I think you don’t get that if you aren’t in a family business.” When Sarah joined the business in 2003, she became the fourth generation. “Sarah brought her kids to work when they were little and I watched them here,” Hurwitz says. “There is

that whole family continuity. You don’t just leave and go to work. You bring your kids along and they are with their grandparents and the generations are all together. For me that has been the thing that was most special in my life and now for Sarah.” The company, which marked 100 years in the jewelry business in Maryland in 2020, is one of several in the county that have multiple generations on staff. Hurwitz grew up on a family farm, so she understood the dynamics of working with relatives. Initially in the medical and social work field, she decided to join her husband’s family business while the couple was raising children. “It was really nice to have some flexibility that way and to be able to bring my kids to work and know that somebody was going to understand,” she says.

TOP50x 2


Colonial Jewelers

84 TOP50x 2

Running a multigenerational business does come with challenges. “It’s your family so you have all the family dynamics that go on in families, but you are working with them eight hours a day,” she says. “There are wonderful things about that and there are also difficult things about that. You have to have a lot of tolerance and a lot of love for the people that you

nice to be a part of that Frederick community that does value tradition and values,” she says. ‘We All Got Along’

Begun in 1938, McCutcheon’s Apple Products Inc. has more than 30 employees, including 16 family members from the third, fourth and fifth generations working together. Fourth generation and President Bob McCutcheon recalls after he graduated from “Everyone’s Ohio State University he came to work at the company and relationships go way was immediately challenged by beyond the workplace. the job. “It was nice working with all the family members In a non-family because we all got along,” he business, you can go says. “It just worked out really well for me.” home and completely

forget about whoever was there, but you really can’t do that in a family business.”

With a multi-generational business, McCutcheon notes family members can look to the past when considering the future. “You have the consistency of being able to say —Bob McCutcheon ‘OK. This is what the generation before us did. Here is what worked. Here is what didn’t’ and are working with, I think, to be implementing that and being able to pass able to make it work.” that on to the next generation. There is a lot of pride involved in that.” Hurwitz observes Frederick is a special place to be able to support so many multigenerational businesses. Many customers at her store have shopped with them throughout several generations. “It is just really

In a family business, there are limitations. “You have a lot closer knit meshing of personalities,” he says. “Everyone’s relationships go way beyond the workplace. In a non-family business, you can go home and completely forget about

TOP50x 2


McCutcheon’s Apple Products, Inc.

86 TOP50x 2

whoever was there, but you really can’t do that in a family business.” Multi-generational businesses also face a hurdle that others do not. There’s always the challenge of ‘Is the business going to go another generation?’ “Do you have enough critical mass in terms of people from that generation to eventually run the business and that is always a challenge,” McCutcheon says. “A lot of businesses may be multi-generationalowned but they are not operated. Ours is operated by the McCutcheons and that is a challenge. You’ve got to really look at who is coming up and their talents. You have to make decisions based on that.” ‘Why Don’t You Work There?’ Beginning at the age of 12, Kirby DeLauter worked in various roles in the family’s construction, grading and excavating company W.F. DeLauter & Son Inc. After graduating from high school, he joined the U.S. Army and when he came back to Frederick County, went to work at a family-owned manufacturing company. One day, the

company DeLauter worked for hired his father’s company to do work around their building. “The owner of that business came to me one day and said ‘Your father has a pretty good business. Why don’t you work there?’” DeLauter recalls. “I really

“Another benefit is being able to hand the business down to the next generation if they want it.” —Kirby DeLauter didn’t know why.” Later, his father, Russell, had some health issues and DeLauter joined the company to help him and never left. Being the third generation in a family business, DeLauter notes his favorite part is being able to put your name on a project with pride and contribute back to the community. “I probably couldn’t if I was working for somebody else,” he says. Another benefit is being able to hand the business down to the next generation if they want it. His oldest son has joined the Emmitsburg-based company which marked 65 years of service in 2020. “I would like to see what he is going to do with it beyond me,” he says.

TOP50x 2


W.F. DeLauter & Son, Inc.

88 TOP50x 2

‘The Rewards are Worth the Effort’

benefits to working in a multi-generational business says Richard Calimer, owner.

Founded in the mid-1800s, Scenic View Orchards started off as a hay and grain-based farm in Sabillasville. Over the years, the family farm has grown different crops due to

Running the wholesale division and farmers markets in Frederick and Washington counties, Calimer enjoys being outside and interacting with customers. “I think it is a challenge with any business being a small business, but I think the rewards “We all enjoy what we are worth the effort that you have to put into it,” he says. “I are doing so that is a like seeing people come back big part” of the benefits every week.”

to working in a multi-generational business.

Soon to Mark 100 Years

In 2022, Hankey’s Radio Inc. will mark 100 years serving the — Richard Calimer Frederick community. The company, an authorized Motorola service center, has remained at the same site at Evergreen Place customer demand and good and Elm Street for their lifespan. For fourth soil practices. Over the past generation brothers Justin and Josh Hankey, three decades, their farm they share an office at the site of the has expanded to include original shop. “I feel like that is a neat berries, fruit trees and aspect of our company,” says Justin Hankey. vegetables. Products are available at their roadside store and at area farmers markets. The farm has three generations working at the operation, which is on its seventh generation. “We all enjoy what we are doing so that is a big part” of the

He started at the business while he was in high school. “My father always told us he didn’t expect any of us to come into the business,” he says. “He actually tried to steer us away so that we would follow our own path and do what we wanted to do so we didn’t feel like we were pressured to continue the business or anything. My brother and I both just kind of fell into it.”

TOP50x 2


Scenic View Orchards

90 TOP50x 2

They both started putting radios in vehicles such as dump trucks, police cars and ambulances. “I just get a great feeling of pride from the work that we do,” Justin Hankey says. “It is saving people. If they can’t call the hospital on their radio or the police can’t get to somebody on the radio

members cross lines to do a variety of jobs.

“It was always very important to my father that we started cleaning bathrooms, doing the jobs that nobody else wanted to do or that kind of stuff so when we do end up running the company, I would never feel like I would ask somebody to do something I either have not done or would not be willing to do myself,” he “There are times where I says. “There are times where I still clean bathrooms if our still clean bathrooms cleaning schedule gets messed if our cleaning up and our cleaners can’t come schedule gets messed up in. I will go and clean the bathrooms or sweep up or and our cleaners can’t anything like that.”

come in. I will go and clean the bathrooms or sweep up or anything like that.”

Justin Hankey believes one of the benefits of a multigenerational business is everyone is treated like family. Employees may have to bring their kids into work or miss a day — Justin Hankey for a doctor’s appointment. “It’s just the whole more compassionate aspect of business versus a big corporation where you are kind that could be a potentially of just a number.” fatal issue.” This year, Justin Hankey will mark 20 years with the company, but he is quick to point out that most of their employees have also been there for that long. Even though the business is multi-generational, family

Being a small business is just how they prefer to operate. “We like to service our customers to the best of our ability and guarantee that everything that we can provide for them we do,” Justin Hankey says. “Our main focus is on quality and customer service versus quantity.”

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seriously good pizza. seriously. H A N D - M A D E A N D FA M I LY- O W N E D F O R 2 5 Y E A R S

Mon–Sat: 11:30am–2am Sun: 11:30am–12am HAPPY HOURS:

Mon–Fri: 3pm–7pm Sun: 12pm–12am

We here at il forno Pizzeria pride ourselves on our original recipes and homemade pizza dough. Recently we added a second Ambrogi Italian wood-burning oven straight from Naples, Italy. We feature 11 flat screens and a full bar with daily happy hours. So whether you are looking for a quiet dinner for 2 or a large group, il forno Pizzeria is your spot.

1035 W. Patrick St. • Frederick, MD • 301.846.0422 •


The Frederick County Office of Economic Development The office is guided by the following set of Strategic Priorities:

» Retain and support the expansion of existing businesses. » Attract new businesses in key industries: Bioscience, Tech, Manufacturing, Craft Beverages and Agriculture. » Create an environment where entrepreneurs and small businesses can grow. » Diversify and advocate for the County’s agriculture industry. » Identify, support and promote high impact projects. Back row from left: Amanda Lee, Britt Swartzlander, Troy Bolyard, Cindy Harris, Solash Aviles-Montanez. Front row from left: Sherman Coleman, Katie Stevens, Beth Woodring, Helen Propheter, Jodie Bollinger, Sharon Hipkins.

The Frederick County Office of Economic Development (OED) is a catalyst for economic growth in Frederick County. OED is a department within the County Executive Branch of Government and serves to increase the overall economic health of the county.

Located at ROOT, a one-stop business and technology innovation center in the heart of Downtown Frederick, OED has the resources to get businesses connected. OED can provide businesses with tools such as site selection assistance, redevelopment services, incentives and demographics. OED remains committed to the future, providing support, resources and assistance needed to navigate this economy. We continue to work more closely than ever with the business community and assist companies looking to locate and expand in Frederick County. Through it all, we are #StillFrederickCo.

118 N. Market St., Suite 300 | Frederick, MD | 21701 | 301.600.1058 | 800.248.2296 | 94 TOP50x 2

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