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the Power See JT-40D All the features of the JT-50. Smaller and designed for single tank use. The air cell is extremely streamlined and the frontal width in swimming position is barely wider than an average person’s shoulders. Style: Buoyancy capacity: Bladder material: Shell material: inflator length: mounting grommetS diStance:

Circular doughnut 30lbf (13.6kgf) / 40lbf (18.1kgf) 420D TPU coated nylon 1680D PU coated ballistic nylon 16” (tech elbow) 11”

Automatic pressure relieve valve/pull dump at left waist side Low pressure BC hose included For single back mounted tank only (100cuft / 15L internal volume) 2

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Dive News Magazine is committed to promoting the sport of scuba diving in the Northeast and Midwest. We will present a practical, unbiased point of view regarding all aspects of the sport of scuba diving. The Dive News Magazine believes in honesty and integrity in business and will support all efforts related to this. We encourage readers to participate in determining the content of this publication by giving us their opinions on the types of articles they would like to see. We invite letters to the editor, manuscripts and photographs related to diving or diving-related business. Send us your stories and photos! IMPORTANT NOTICE The Dive News Magazine reserves the right to refuse service to anyone it chooses. The contents of Northeast and Midwest Dive News are opinions of individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher, editor or any of its staff. The publishers and contributors assume no responsibility for any mishap claimed to be a result of use of this material. Diving is an adventure sport and contains inherent risks. Improper use of diving equipment or improper diving techniques may result in serious injury or death. Readers are advised to use their own best judgment in each individual situation. MOVING? In order to continue receiving your magazine uninterrupted, please notify Northeast Dive News when you change your mailing address. To ensure uninterrupted service, please contact us six to eight weeks before the change of address occurs. You can call us at 360-240-1874 PST or email us at or mail at: Bedrock Publications P.O. Box 1494 Oak Harbor, WA 98277

Cover Photo by Adam Weisblatt The front cover photo was taken near the Pump House entry at Dutch Springs in Bethlehem, PA. Photographer Adam Weisblatt took it of his friend Mark Vergalito of Stockholm, New Jersey. Mark is a friend/dive buddy who is also an SDI Instructor, Dive Master and co-owner of a northeast dive club called Dark Water Divers. Adam is an amateur photographer and took the photo with his Nikon D700 with a Sigma 15mm Fish Eye Lens, Aquatica Housing, Aquatica Dome Port and 2 Ikelite DS161 Strobes.

Cover Photo by Warren Lo What appeals to Warren so much about scuba diving is the way it allows him to clear his mind. As a long time land based photographer, he quickly learned that he could integrate his old hobby with his new hobby. His underwater photography has mostly been self taught, relying on resources such as Scubaboard, dive buddies, and trial and error. He originally started with an Olympus C5050 point and shoot camera with an Olympus housing. Feel free to ask him about his current gear at his website

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Northeast US DIVES 14 Lake Erie: Grab a Line and Dive

The central, and in particular the western basin, of Lake Erie is not known for pristine visibility but is known for having dedicated sport divers who have supported an extensive mooring project to protect shipwrecks and the diving public. By Georgann & Mike Wachter

MIDWEST DIVES 20 Ontario: A Shipwreck a Day Keeps the Diver “O.K.” No one really understands just how big the Ontario area is but there are so many wrecks a diver could dive 25 different shipwrecks in three days and only have seen 20 percent of the shipwrecks available for diving. The truth is, a diver could spend more than a year diving the Ontario area and still just scratch the surface of the entire Ontario diving experience. By Alec Peirce

TROPICAL DESTINATIONS 24 Curaçao: Tropical Diving at its Best Curaçao offers clear, bath-water warm diving to divers of all levels where they will discover reefs, easy to dive and abounding with marine life. There are wrecks and multi-level reefs to test a divers’ skills and speak to the adventurer’s souls. Divers come back with stories on end about the ocean around Curaçao and about the island itself. By Jeff Hirschman

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he Dive News Network continues to build on our premise to Encourage, Educate and Inspire divers and non-divers to stay active, learn about, and discover the amazing world of diving. Through our shared passion, we can build a stronger community and hopefully inspire others. Sharing your stories will foster a healthy, active dive family. Help us build this community – Share your passion! Divers are passionate…passionate about their diving, their equipment, their environment, their pictures, their stories. With that passion is the desire to share those stories, those adventures, photos, videos, lessons learned and boasting rights. We harness the magnitude of the internet and the power of print to tell your stories by providing you a simple forum where you can submit your passion. Our website is no ordinary site; it is filled with interactive pages, videos of dive sites, incredible glossy photos and amazing articles. But that is not all, we invite YOU to submit your experiences. We have unlimited space online to share what you have to say about dive events, dive site and gear reviews, adventures, upcoming activities, and club meetings. We can share your story with the dive community. Share your best stories, videos and photos and you may find yourself published in print! That’s right, we take the best and publish those stories in our printed magazines! Visit us online We want you to send us your news, events, stories, photos, videos and announcements and we will do the rest. Share your best with the dive community! This is really about passion and sharing our collective experiences. We want to share your stories and become part of your community. Help us build, foster and encourage other divers and non-divers to share these experiences and drive the desire to become an active dive member. ■

Rick Stratton

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Exclusively located in the heart of Bunaken National Marine Park, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia on the lush tropical island of Pulau Siladen offers you an elegant and relaxing atmosphere and unforgettable dive experience.

Siladen Island • Indonesia Bunaken National Marine Park Manado, North Sulawesi


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I enjoy reading Northeast Dive News and pick up copies when available at my local shop, Scuba Venture, near Reading Pa. I enjoy reading about local diving and where other local divers spend their time.  There are a lot of places like this if we only knew where they were.  Let’s face it, warm water vacations are nice but are limited to most of us due to time and money.  If you want to keep wet and keep your skills up, your choice is local diving.  I’ve found over the years when warm water dive operators see you actively dive the northeast (which are often not the best of conditions) they tend to regard your skill level a little higher unlike divers who only dive during vacations.   Your magazine promotes local diving by local divers in local diving locations.  PADI is also promoting this.  In the past, you asked for articles on local diving.  Are you still interested in article submission to consider for publication?  I’d like to submit an article about our local group of divers (not a club) who meet regularly on a particular evening during the week throughout the year at a local dive spot in PA (who advertises in

LETTER TO THE EDITOR your magazine) and promotes local diving by keeping divers wet and having fun. The article would discuss the group, what we do, and the site.  The group even has a nickname bestowed by the former quarry owner.  Please let me know if you have any specific guidelines as far as article size or photo requirements.   Thanks, Paul Miller


Yes, of course we would like to see the piece you have written. We are always excited when one of our readers is interested in contributing. We are a local magazine for local divers so what better way to inform locals but through the locals themselves - whew! As for guidelines, anyone can submit a brief summary (approximately 200-300 words) and we’ll be happy to review and see when we can fit in your story. We don’t always have print space, but like my note this month shares, even if we can’t print your story, we can share it online! We need your articles to help share the passion with new and future divers. So share your ideas by sending them to We look forward to hearing your about your diving escapades!


Dear Rick

I would like to congratulate you and your staff. Nearly every store I went into had Northwest or Midwest or Northeast Dive News proudly displayed. You even have your new Southeast magazine out there too. Keep up the good work! Thanks! Donna Lattin


Thank you so much for sharing with us! We love sharing our passion for diving with local divers, warm water divers, professionals and dive shops. It’s not always just about the diving, it’s about the community! We are humbled to be a part of an amazing group. Keep looking Rick for us “in the wild”!

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Donna Lattin recently returned as President of South Pacific Island Travel in Seattle. After one year working for Aggressor and Dancer Fleet, Lattin has to step back in to once again take the helm of the Seattle based travel company. For more info visit

We are an Apple in a world of Oranges... The same old way is not working! We invite you to experience the difference Education Equipment Experience 1765 Silas Deane Highway Rocky Hill, CT 06067 (860) 563-0119 We support local divers - Local divers support the industry.



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Passport Party & Season Reunion

Diver’s World in Erie, PA will present Georgann and Mike Wachter in a presentation of “The Dynamic Dozen – 13 Lake Erie Shipwrecks”. The Wachter’s will take attendees on a tour of newer Lake Erie shipwreck locations. There will be a dozen sites, ranging from sport depths to technical. Including two historic side-wheel steamers, a steamer involved in the third worst disaster on the open waters of the Great Lakes and a pristine schooner totally intact in 60 ft. of water. They will also share stories and facts surrounding the wrecks. For more info visit

Indian Valley Distribution Announced as Olympus Authorized Distributor

The Northeastern University 2011 Marine Science Center Open House

Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Northeastern University will hold their 2011 Marine Science Center Open House. This includes a guided tidepool, Geology walks, Marine Research Exhibits, Marine Life Exhibits, Touch Tanks and tours of the Vertebrate Studies Center, WWII Bunker, and Solar Observatory. All ages welcome, and the event is free and open to the public. For more info visit

Indian Valley Scuba PADI’s Newest TecRec Instructor Training Center

Indian Valley Scuba in Harleysville, PA has been deemed one of PADI’s first TecRec Centers in the Northeast as well as a PADI Instructor Development Center offering professional level training of PADI Technical Courses. The team at IVS, headed up by PADI Course Director/Technical Instructor Trainer David Valaika & PADI Master Instructor/Technical Instructor Avery Chipka, offer the full range of TecRec courses from Discover Tec through to TriMix including both Diver and Professional levels. For more info visit

Take a Dip with the Harbor Seals

Olympus Imaging America Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Indian Valley Distribution, based in Harleysville, PA, as a new distributor of Olympus products, specializing in the outdoor channel. This relationship will offer underwater and binocular customers a knowledgeable staff to support these niche segments of Olympus’ accessory business. The Indian Valley name is well established in the scuba industry and the partnership between Olympus and Indian Valley is an ideal marriage between two companies. For more info visit

Lehigh Valley Dive Center is Adding to Their Website

Lehigh Valley Dive Center will be adding another page to their website. They will offer some of their gently used dive shop items for fabulous discounts. If you are a new diver who does not want to spend big bucks until you decide exactly what you want or an experienced diver trying to save a few bucks on something in great condition, try the site first. It is slated to be operational mid-November. For more info visit

Tropical Fish Rescue in Jamestown

There will be a tropical fish rescue Sunday, Oct. 9, which is Columbus Day weekend, at Ft. Wetherill State Park in Jamestown, RI. The tropical fish in the area are usually more abundant and larger this time of year. Mark from Biomes of RI and Faith from DUI will be on site as well as other manufacturing representatives. There will be a tropical fish tank display, a nice BBQ, a touch tank, music, volleyball and seining, snorkeling and diving for the tropical fish. For more info visit 6

New England Aquarium in Boston, MA is sponsoring a chance for folks to get up close and personal with harbor seals. The program runs thru October 11-11:30 a.m. every day. Visitors 13 years old and up can interact with the harbor seals in a number of ways including an escorted behind-the-scenes tour of the Harbor Seal Exhibit where you’ll put on waterproof waders and learn how to safely interact with the seals. For more info on this program visit

Sea Squirts: Programs for Toddlers and Preschoolers

New England Aquarium has a number of programs slated for toddlers and preschoolers. On Tuesdays and Fridays, Oct. 11-Nov. 4 the NEA is sponsoring Ocean Motion, a chance for your toddlers to learn about marine life. From Nov. 8-Dec. 9 they will be sponsoring the Polar Animals program where kids will learn about penguins, walruses and, of course, polar bears! For more info on these classes visit

Waterfront Diving Center SPLASH! was a Success

The 3rd Annual Splash! event held Aug. 27 at Oakledge Park in Burlington, VT was a huge success. The event benefitted the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and raised more than $5,600! Attendees participated in many activities including a Poker Run both above and below the water and a snorkeling clinic. There were activities for the kids as well. For more info visit

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November Nov 1: Central Maine Muck Divers, 7

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Find more activities on our facebook page! Midwest Activities

Oct 11: Dive Club of Rhode Island, 7 p.m., Giant Stride Dive Shop, Warwick, RI. Oct 11: MetroWest Dive Club, 8 p.m., Courtyard Marriott, Natick, MA. Oct 11: SeConn Skin Divers, 7:30 p.m., Olympic Pizza, Norwichtown, CT. Oct 12: Chesapeake Bay Barracudas Dive Club meeting, 6:00 PM at Chesapeake Bay Diving Center, Portsmouth, VA. Oct 12: NYC Sea Gypsies, 7 p.m., McGees Irish Pub, New York, NY. Oct 13: Maine-iac Divers Club, 6:30 p.m., Maine Divers Scuba Center, Portland, ME. Oct 13: North Shore Frogmen meeting, 8 p.m., Palmers Cove Yacht Club, Salem, MA. Oct 14: Fathom Divers Dive Club meeting, 7 p.m., VFW Post #7916, Occoquan, VA. Oct 14: The Atlantis Rangers Dive Club meeting, 8 p.m., Odiorne State Park, Rye, NH. Oct 15: Aquatic Voyagers Scuba Club of NY, 1 p.m., Gym at Guy R. Brewer & Liberty, Jamaica, NY. Oct 19: In Too Deep Dive Club, 7 p.m., Don Antonio’s Bar & Restaurant, Union, NJ. (908) 687-7020 Oct 19: Long Island Divers Association, 8 p.m., Brookhaven Town Community Center, Blue Point, NY. Oct 19: New England Aquarium Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., New England Aquarium, Boston, MA. Oct 20: North Shore Frogmen Club Picnic, Stage Fork Park, Gloucester, MA. Oct 20: Pioneer Valley Dive Club, 7 p.m., At the Water’s Edge, Westfield, PA. Oct 20: United Divers of Central Mass, 7 p.m., Slattery’s Back Room, Fitchburg, MA. Oct 21: Risk Management for Public Safety Professionals, Lake Rawlings, Rawlings, VA. Oct 22-23: DOG Rally & Demo Tour, Lake Ralings, Rawlings, VA. Oct 27: North Shore Frogmen Club Picnic, Stage Fork Park, Gloucester, MA. Oct 27: The Gillmen Club, 7:30 p.m., Marco Polo, East Hartford, CT. Oct 31: Divers Anonymous Scuba Dive Club meeting, 7:30 p.m., Mario’s Restaurant, Clifton, NJ.

Midwest Activities

Find more Northeast activities on our facebook page! Northeast Activities


p.m. Ground Round Restaurant, Augusta, ME. Nov 1: Monadnock Divers Club, 7:30 p.m. The Pub Restaurant, Keene, NH. Nov 1: South Jersey Dive Club, 7 p.m. The Taproom on West Crystal Ave, Haddon Township, NJ. Nov 1: South Shore Neptunes Skin Diver’s Club, 7 p.m., Quincy Emergency Management Dive Team Headquarters, Quincy, MA. Nov 1: The Dive Club, 8:30 p.m., Molly Malone’s Bayshore, NY. Nov 1: The Innerspace Explorers Dive Club, 7 p.m., On the Border Restaurant, Rocky Hill, CT. Nov 2: Hammerheads Dive Club, 7 p.m., Salty Dogs Eats & Drinks, Virginia Beachy, VA. Nov 2: Mass Bay Divers, 7 p.m., South Shore Divers, Weymouth, MA. Nov 3: North Shore Frogmen, 8 p.m., Palmers Cove Yacht Club, Salem, MA. Nov 3: Olney SCUBA Adventure Dive Club, 7 p.m., Olney Swim Center, Olney, MD.

Nov 4: Deep Six Divers meeting, 7 p.m., Inland Divers, Leicester, MA. Nov 8: Buxmont Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Bones Grille, Lansdale, PA. Nov 8: Dive Club of Rhode Island, 7 p.m., Giant Stride Dive Shop, Warwick, RI. Nov 8: MetroWest Dive Club, 8 p.m., Courtyard Marriott, Natick, MA. Nov 8: SeConn Skin Divers, 7:30 p.m., Olympic Pizza, Norwichtown, CT. Nov 9: Chesapeake Bay Barracudas Dive Club meeting, 6:00 PM at Chesapeake Bay Diving Center, Portsmouth, VA. Nov 9: NYC Sea Gypsies, 7 p.m., McGees Irish Pub, New York, NY. October October is pumpkin carving month at Haigh Quarry. They provide the pumpkins you provide the divers! Oct 1: DUI Dog Rally & Demo Tour, St. Lawrence Park, Brockville, ON. Oct 4: Michigan Seasnoopers, 7:30 p.m. Detroit, MI. Oct 5: AquaMasters meeting, 8:30 p.m., Lakewood YMCA, Lakewood, OH.

Oct 5: DiveQuest Scuba Club meeting, 7 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library,


Valparaiso, IN. Oct 6: Buccaneers Dive Club, 7 p.m., Edwardo’s Pizza, Wheeling, IL. Oct 6: Columbus Sea Nags Scuba Diver meeting, 8 p.m., Plank’s Restaurant, Columbus, OH. Oct 6: Extreme Sports Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Extreme Sports Scuba, Joplin, MO. Oct 6: Kansas City Frogman Club, Inc., 7 p.m., Skin N Scuba, Independence, MO. Oct 10: Circleville Landsharks Dive Club, Gibby’s Restaurant, Circleville, OH. Oct 11: Buckeye Divers meeting, 8 p.m. Tommy’s Pizza, Arlington, OH Oct 11: Deep Blue Divers meeting, 7 p.m. Chicagoland Scuba, Lake Zurich, IL. Oct 11: Neptune’s Dive Club, 7 p.m., Green Bay, WI. Oct 12: Aqua Amigos Scuba Club meeting, 8 p.m. Euclid Family YMCA, Euclid OH. Oct 12: Four Lakes Scuba Club, 7:30 p.m., Babe’s American Grill, Madison, WI.

Oct 13: Stingray Dive Club, 6:30 p.m., Bullseye Bar, Lee’s Summit, MO. Oct 18: Kittyhawk Dive Club meeting, Elsa’s Restaurant, Centerville, OH. Oct 19: Great Lakes Aquanauts, 7 p.m., Location Varies, Farmington, MI. Oct 20: Gavia Scuba Club meeting, 7:30 p.m., Twin Dragons Restaurant, West Chester, OH Oct 25: Fort Wayne Dive Club, 7 p.m. Deep Blue Divers, Fort Wayne, IN. Oct 26: Amigos Aqua Scuba Club, 8 p.m. Euclid Family YMCA, Euclid, OH. Oct 26: Canadian Sport Divers Scuba Club, 7:30 p.m., Canadian Sport Subs Dive Shop, Belleville, Ontario, Canada. home. November Nov 1: Michigan Seasnoopers, 7:30 p.m. Detroit, MI. Nov 2: AquaMasters meeting, 8:30 p.m., Lakewood YMCA, Lakewood, OH.

Nov 2: DiveQuest Scuba Club meeting, 7 p.m., Valparaiso Public Library, Valparaiso, IN. Nov 3: Buccaneers Dive Club, 7 p.m., Edwardo’s Pizza, Wheeling, IL. http:// Nov 3: Columbus Sea Nags Scuba Diver meeting, 8 p.m., Plank’s Restaurant, Columbus, OH.

More online at 7


Supporting those who support diving

Northeast Diving Equipment Group

ge e a vinta y to div mercial air d a e r gets om Kieffer AH-2 c EDEG. Sharon ral Aquadyne courtesy of N e n to e G Pho helmet. NEDEG members Darren Stross, Ray Tucker, Bill Pfeiffer, Fred Barthes and Gary Yip congratulate Lynda Cole on her successful dive in a vintage Russian Special Forces SCUBA rig. Photo courtesy of NEDEG.

By: Bill Pfeiffer s hurricanes and tropical storms continued to slam the eastcoast the prospects for off-shore wreck diving were looking pretty bleak. In fact, the torrential rains and massive flooding made a mess of the beaches and inland lakes as well, reducing visibility to something more suited to public safety than recreational diving. It was starting to look like our local divers would not be getting in the water at all over the Labor Day weekend. As luck would have it, there was a big bright spot on the horizon, in the form of the Northeast Diving Equipment Group’s (NEDEG) annual Labor Day Weekend Vintage and Working Equipment rally. NEDEG is a working equipment group, meaning its members collect, restore and dive all types of military and commercial diving gear, and welcome recreational divers to join in on the fun. They gather every year; a couple of times a year, at Dutch Springs, the Northeast’s favorite underwater amusement park. The timing could not have been more perfect this year and conditions could not have been better. Even though the water level was at least 5 ft. higher than normal, visibility exceeded 50 ft., allowing us to dive all weekend long, and more importantly, offer the opportunity for anyone with a c-card the opportunity to dive their choice of the most unique selection of diving gear you have ever seen, under the watchful eyes of the topside and underwater safety crew. One of the highlights of this year’s event was a collection of vintage Russian military diving rigs from the private collection of NEDEG member Fred Barthes and previously on display at the New


Lynda Cole prepares to test dive a 1960’s vintage Russian Special Forces rig. Photo courtesy of NEDEG.


We support our local dive shops - without them we will not have a dive industry.

Serving Long Island Diving Community for More than 25 Years  Jersey Maritime Museum in Beach Haven. Hardy souls had the opportunity to dive an authentic Russian surface supplied three bolt hardhat rig made in 1976 and a very unusual Russian Special Forces Frogman suit from the 1960’s. They featured self-contained double-hose open circuit scuba and a fully integrated suit with mask. It quickly became very clear that Russian Special Forces divers were a breed apart; their gear certainly was not designed for comfort! As always, there was a full array of hardhat and commercial diving gear of the surface supplied air variety, including the venerable U.S. NAVY MK V hardhat rig and an assortment of Kirby Morgan Superlite helmets, along with a wide selection of specialty helmets from the military and commercial diving fields. Did we mention you could dive in anything you wanted? The hardest part was choosing what you wanted to dive! Fortunately, the highly experienced topside crew can rotate divers through pretty quickly, some divers were able to try as many as four different types of equipment over the course of the weekend and it was free with your paid admission to the park. In between hardhat dives you were free to enjoy all of the incredible attractions making Dutch Springs the Northeast’s favorite underwater amusement park. It’s pretty hard to beat a deal like that!

HARDHAT DIVERS Just a note: NEDEG will be back at Dutch Springs on Oct. 14-16.

US Navy MK V diver practices rescue skills. Photo courtesy of NEDEG.

All of the helmets were complete with full communications, allowing the divers to communicate freely with the topside crew and the safety divers, assuring that all participants were safe and had a comfortable experience, along with some absolutely incredible photo and video opportunities. While you may have

missed out on this particular opportunity, don’t despair! NEDEG will be back at Dutch Springs for Memorial Day weekend in 2012. What better way to start the dive season than with a walk around the park in a U.S. NAVY MK V? You’re right, I can’t think of anything either… ■

Long Island Divers Association Serving the Long Island and Greater New York Diving Community for More Than 25 Years! Captain Mike’s Diving City Island, NY 718-885-1588

RV Garloo Captree Boat Basin, Long Island










Hampton Dive Center Riverhead, NY 631-727-7578 Swim and Scuba Rockville Centre, NY 516-872-4571

QC Scuba Wantagh, NY 516-826-7222 Kings County Divers Brooklyn, NY 718-648-4232

LIDA is a not-for-profit regional organization dedicated to the promotion of local diving and is staffed completely by volunteers.

Seascapes USA Syosset, NY 631-433-7757 Horton Point Lighthouse image courtesy of Steve Neumann

LIDA is a valued sponsor of local diving! Read more about what they are up to at



Carving Pumpkins


hing the finis carves his design. y ll fu care s on on. touche Bob Michels A diver of y s e rt cou Photo

A diver’s hollowed-out pumpkin is ready for carving carving. Photo courtesy of Bob Michelson

Your home for recreational and technical Dive training, equipment, rentals and repairs!

Full Recreational and Technical Dive Training Programs for all levels provided by a full staff of 11 Instructors specializing in every area of diving. Check our website for class schedules.

(610) 746-4016 231 Nazareth Pike (Route 191 North) Bethlehem, PA 18020

One Mile From Dutch Springs

Visit us now at 10

Divers display their cool designs. Photo courtesy of Bob Michelson.

By Bob Michelson Guest Writer, Dive News Network


ortheast divers are a pretty resilient group. Some will even try their hand at catching their dinner such as “Lobstah” (a New England favorite), harvesting scallops, spear fishing flounder and Tautog, or, while in Rhode Island, spear fishing for Striped Bass. They will try almost anything once and that includes some of the “traditional” holiday stuff. These are adventurous guys and gals, who love a good challenge, and have

Dive Locally - Where It Really Matters

typically carved a pumpkin or two in their lifetime for Halloween, whether it be for a kid or just for fun. They traditionally finish the act above water, in a dining room, with proper carving materials but what kind of a challenge is that? These folks explore shipwrecks and brave sharks so it is no surprise they prefer to carve their pumpkins underwater. People would not generally assume that carving a pumpkin underwater would be possibilities, or even fun! Those who do, have their personal strategies and are not

HOW TO CARVING TIPS One Year Subscription To Northeast Dive News

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A diver works on carving while trying to secure the bouyant pumpkin. Photo courtesy of Bob Michelson.

afraid to share them with those of us who might not be able to visualize the process. We spoke with Steve Whitford, the web master of New England Aquarium Dive Club in Boston, and he explained while it’s an odd activity, it’s fun. “Personally, I do it to have something strange and unique to brag about,” says Whitford. I have known Steve for many years and know him to be of sound mind, but really? “I get odd looks when I tell people I just carved a pumpkin underwater. Plus, it makes a great souvenir to display for the next few weeks,” Whitford says. “You have the option to light the pumpkin with a tank marker or strobe to complete the experience. It really is kind of cool.” Pumpkin carving may be as basic as making a scary face, or as detailed as photos of infamous paintings, musicians, or a marine mammal or two. Having the capability to perform this act underwater is extraordinary to say the least but the best part is you don’t need to have a degree in art to complete the job. You just need a sizable pumpkin, diving attire and equipment, and some motivation! “I have almost no artistic skill, so my pumpkins are pretty basic,” says Whitford. “But it’s fun and something different to do underwater.” The tools needed are primarily your dive knife, but Whitford has seen some people bring down real pumpkin carving tools with them. “To me it looks like more of a hassle to try and use the small tools with cold-water gloves,” Whitford says. “Just about every diver carries a dive knife, but seldom gets to use it. The knife is used to saw, or chisel out the designs, which is harder than it sounds.” Uncut pumpkins are very buoyant. For this reason divers usually remove the top and hollow out the pumpkin the night before. “When they are filled with water, they are

about neutral and I put a dive weight inside to keep it stable,” explains Whitford. “When you’re carving the pumpkin you still have to hold it steady, or brace it against the ground or underwater platform.” He also adds while doing so; always make sure your area is safe and relatively clear of any critters who may want to help with the excavation of your masterpiece. The dives Whitford has been on, have taken place on an underwater platform at about fifteen feet in a fresh water pond on Cape Cod. He says there is no formal training, but he receives a lot of helpful suggestions from other divers. “What works for me is to pound my dive knife blade into the pumpkin in a line to make a design rather than cutting,” Whitford adds. “After I have a rough cut, I can use the serrated edge of my knife to clean it up”. There are many different techniques. Some divers draw a design on the pumpkin before going underwater with a permanent marker while others freehand it. Be careful though when choosing a spot to dive, Whitford says he has always done his carving dives in the same pond, but when carving in the ocean the currents or choppy conditions can make it difficult to keep the pumpkin steady and diverd can actually cut themselves. And what about the mess usually left behind in pumpkin carving? With a large group and clear water you will notice a lot of floating pumpkin bits all around you once the carving is complete but it is all biodegradable and/or food for the marine critters so it’s easy clean-up. This Halloween try something different when carving your pumpkin…it’s a challenge but, in the end, what a story to have to tell! ■

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The SchoobaBridging Academy Science and Scuba

tructor, uba ins . their sc rizons Scuba h it w y ts o Studen o of Ocean H ooba Academ ch ard Paul B to courtesy S Pho

JW he Photo lping out. courte sy Sc hoo

ba Ac



Group shot before our departure. Photo courtesy Schooba Academy.


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cience has come a very long way over the years. No longer are students subjected to sitting at a desk in a classroom dissecting frogs and worms…now science is interactive; learning is truly an adventure. Recently, a new program threw their fins in the ring as another way to bring science to students. The Schooba Academy is making the science connection and throwing the kids in the water! Diver and teacher Zack Rome have created a program to help bridge science and scuba diving for students from low income communities. “The Schooba Academy is a nonprofit, out-of-school, credit-bearing program with a mission,” says Rome. “We wanted to help make a sustained connection to science for students from low-income communities through the learning of SCUBA diving. We figure the best way to learn is while having fun so why not.” Rome graduated from the University of Miami with a BSC in Marine Science and Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. “I spent 18 months in 11 different countries working as a journalist,

photographer and SCUBA Instructor,” Rome said. “When I returned to the states, I became a NYC Teaching Fellow and spent two years teaching middle school science at Lyons Community School – a small, progressive, Title-I school in Brooklyn, NY. When I ended up the Grand Prize Winner of the ‘2041 Teacher’s Contest’ and was awarded free passage aboard the 2041 International Antarctic Treaty Expedition with world famous polar explorer, Robert Swan. I was hooked on the idea of bringing science to my students through interactive play. I am a PADI OWSI Instructor and I have a Masters in Adolescent Science Education from Pace University so I had all my ducks in a row; I just had to create the program. Scuba diving is an engaging and exotic action sport and in order to participate in it, one must have an understanding of many middle and high school science concepts. The Schooba Academy nurtures the connection between scuba diving and the learning of science with close intergenerational support. Students receive private science tutoring,

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The support crew. Photo courtesy Schooba Academy.

scuba training, weekend field trips and one on one mentoring. Rome created the Schooba Academy in January 2011 and was selected as a finalist in the 2011 Oceana Ocean Heroes Contest presented at the 2011 World Science Festival. He was on the right track and knew it. “There are a lot of kids out there never get the chance to learn scuba diving,” Rome says. “I know I personally love it and see it would be a great vessel through which to teach this great sport. I am hoping to see it continue to grow and even, perhaps, have branches on the West Coast as well.” Currently Rome and his crew continue to build the Schooba Academy while learning how to make it better. The Schooba Academy is fiscally sponsored by Urban Workshop, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Rome welcomes help, donations for the academy and even volunteers to help with future events. For more info visit ■

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lake erie Grab a Line and Dive

Mike & Georgan around n Wa th nowhere e world since chter have be the mid en divin e ls e in the kin 1 d of p the world hav 970’s. Howev g er, e they shipwrec ristine d k Lakes. R s that lie in the and perfectly iscovered p e fr re a served www.erie d more about esh waters of wrecks.c th the Wac om. hters on e Great their site

City of Concord. Photo courtesy of Georgann & Mike Wachter

By Georgann & Mike Wachter Guest Writers, Dive News Network he central, and in particular the western basin, of Lake Erie is not known for pristine visibility. It is known however, for having dedicated sport divers who support an extensive mooring project to protect shipwrecks and the diving public. nder the auspices of the Maritime Archaeological Survey Team, (MAST),



ten shipwreck sites have received lighted US Coast Guard approved moorings. These ten tie-in lines have been placed on various vessels located from Fairport, Ohio west to Kelleys Island. A variety of boat types including tugs, schooners, barges, a sidewheeler and propeller steamers were chosen for the moorings and three of the moorings are new additions to the 2011 season.

The Hickory Stick

A wooden crane barge, Hickory Stick, was being towed from Sandusky to Rocky River, Ohio in November 1958 when she was overcome by a storm packing 75 mph winds. According to the captain of the towing tug, Black Marlin, the hawser connecting the two boats parted about 11 p.m. Recognizing the futility of saving the tow, the Black Marlin, was turned toward the safety of

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Lake Erie Shipwrecks and Lighthouses by Mike & Georgann Wachter

We take care of everything so you can relax & enjoy hassle-free diving! We offer the best selection of scuba diving equipment, expert training, equipment repair & servicing and scuba dive certification Chicago’s Finest DiveFlorida. Charter programs in South

Windy City diving

245 shipwrecks, 30 lighthouses, gps coordinates, loss stories, descriptions of the wrecks and lights.


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The City of Concord

Another new mooring in 2011 is to the City of Concord. This steamer was constructed in 1868 and is 135 ft. long. On September 29, 1906 the City of Concord left Cleveland for St. Clair, Michigan towing the coal laden consorts Montpelier and Donaldson. She stopped in Lorain to pick up a third tow, the barge Neguanee. Only a few hours had passed when a Gulf

Hybrid 1 - Monostar P4H

Go Hybrid Foto: Bruno Van Saen - HugyCup 2010

Lorain Harbor but her engines faltered. Coastguardsmen from Lorain Station rescued the captain and first mate leaving the tug at anchor. The tug went missing and has never been located but debris from the foundered barge was scattered east along Avon Point. The Hickory Stick lies in 55 ft. of water on a hard mud bottom. The mooring block is located towards the west end of the barge which was constructed of wood with metal girders. A trail line snakes southwest to the steam crane, while another goes to the barge. Next to the cab of the derrick is a large boiler. The clamshell bucket, metal girders, a J-hook and other debris are located to the southwest of the crane. Between the cab and the barge a metal box of unknown origin is evident on the sidescan image. Tools, cookware, barrels and other items may be located in the silt surrounding the barge.


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hurricane caught up to the train of vessels off Huron, Ohio. Abandoning her tows, the aging Concord fought to keep afloat. After the rising water put out the boiler fires Captain Charles McEcheran ordered the crew to abandon ship. Two of the crew refused to board the yawl boat and died when she foundered. Another crewman who had fallen in the water was rescued by the Donaldson. Fighting monstrous waves, the City of Concord’s crew made it to shore east of Cedar Point. The Neguanee was driven ashore nearby and though the vessel was a total loss, her crew survived. The wooden City of Concord is 45 ft. deep in an area pockmarked with illegal dredge dumpings. The Concord’s boiler, steering gear and engine can be explored, often in the relative warmth, above a thermocline. Some decking is present which should be avoided if there is limited visibility. The large windlass has been pulled towards the port side of the vessel. In the debris field on the vessel’s starboard side are barrels and an overturned capstan. The mooring block is located on the starboard side near the stern.

The F.H. Prince

As the keeper of the Marblehead Lighthouse looked north one hot August day in 1911, he could see a boat on fire some six miles north of his station. It was the steamer F. H. Prince and it was so engulfed in flames Captain Parsons drove her onto the rocks east of Kelleys Island. Two sandsuckers, the Mary H and the Albert Y. Gowan came alongside to pump water on the steamer to save her but

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Georgann on FH Prince. Photo courtesy of Georgann & Mike Wachter






r s qu bc ks a ga d s, sn lity Ug - r or a es eg ke nd va an ul ls lu d at - f e mo or in re s s ...

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Ohio Mooring Project

Here are the actual locations of the 10 shipwreck moorings in Ohio waters: The Steamer Queen of the West 41.50.768 81.23.135

The Tug North Carolina 41.43.808 81.22.885

The Schooner Dundee

FH Prince and inset photo courtesy of Georgann & Mike Wachter

attempts to free the vessel failed, and the sand company who owned the boats that fought the fire, filed a salvage claim against her. The smoldering vessel caught fire again several days later and was totaled. The F.H. Prince is located less than a mile east of Lake Erie’s Kelleys Island. The remains of the 240 ft. long steamer are a popular dive. The engine and boilers were removed in 1914 however there are lots of metal parts including some machinery that comes to within two ft. of the surface since the depth here is less than 20 ft. Other hazards are the heavy boat traffic, and monofilament from numerous fishermen looking for schools of bass. The buoy project is ongoing and supported by dive shops and divers. For more

The Caribbean of the Midwest

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41.41.330 81.50.634

info on the buoy project divers can contact Ken Marshall at ■ Special thank you to Mike & Georgann Wachter. Their passion has resulted in the discovery or rediscovery of over 25 wreck sites. What was once a part time hobby became a full time investigation of the myths and realities behind the thousands of shipwrecks in the Great Lakes. In addition to their books, Mike and Georgann have published numerous magazine articles, and are actively involved in creating diver access to and preserving Great Lakes maritime history. With over 2,000 ships known to have sunk in Lake Erie, we can look forward to many more articles, books, and shipwreck materials from this husband and wife team. Check out their site

The Tug Admiral

41.38.244 81.54.197

The Sandsucker Sand Merchant 41.34.428 81.57.524

The Barge The Craftsman 41.31.942 82.00.375

The Barge Hickory Stick 41.32.301 82.06.236

The Sidewheel Steamer Morning Star 41.36.813 82.12.531 The Steamer City of Concord 41.32.728 82.32.811

The Steamer F. H. Prince

41.36.240 82.40.520

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Our-World Underwater has announced their 2012 show will be held Feb. 17-19 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. The event will include in-depth workshops, special speakers, including Cris Kohl and Cathy Church, and Our-World Underwater’s annual photo contest. For more info on the event visit

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Meeting

MIDWEST DIVE NEWS Diveheart Luau and Dance

Diveheart will hold a Luau dinner and dance Nov. 12 at the Downers Grove American Legion Post #80 in Downer Grove, Ill. from 6 – 11 p.m. There will be a raffle as well as a silent auction. All proceeds will go to benefits Diveheart, a program that helps folks with disabilities enjoy scuba diving. For more info visit

Bay Area Divers Shipwrecks and Scuba Conference A meeting of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council on Oct. 18 from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. The Thunder Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council was established in 1997 and has fifteen members and fifteen alternates; five seats represent local community governments, and the other ten represent facets of the sanctuary community, including education, research, fishing, diving, tourism, cultural resources, economic development, and the community at large. The council meets bi-monthly, with informal coffees and lunches scheduled for non-meeting months. The meetings are open to the public. For more info visit

Treasure Dive AND Underwater Pumpkin Carving with Scuba 2000

Scuba 2000 is sponsoring a Treasure Dive and Underwater Pumpkin Carving event Oct 16. The annual event will be held at Centennial Beach in Barrie and promises a day of fun on shore and in the water. There will be prizes, food, and an underwater pumpkin carving contest. For more info visit

CNN covered Diveheart

Diveheart was recently profiled on CNN’s Leaders with Heart segment. CNN host Robin Meade interviewed Jim Elliott about Diveheart’s beginnings and what kinds of things they do for the folks who are helped. What a great testament to Jim and his Diveheart crew! To watch the segment visit

Gales of November Blow

The 24th Annual Gales of November will be held Nov. 4 - 5 at various locations in historic Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota. LSMMA is finalizing many details for the 24th annual event. As with the past 23 years, the Gales of November event will feature speakers from all over the world, workshops and exhibits as well as a silent auction. This year students of all ages can attend. Students will enjoy a variety of educational presentations in the new Maritime Activities Area. For more details visit 18

The Bay Area Divers are gearing up for their 28th Annual Shipwrecks and Scuba Conference to be held Nov. 19 at the Sawmill Creek Resort in Huron, Ohio. This year the event will feature a presentation on Black Beard the Pirate’s Flagship, Queen Ann’s Revenge. Speaker Chris Southerly will share stories of the history of the ship and how the project to revoer it is progressing. There will be a number of workshops and presentations throughout the weekend. For more info visit or

Shipwrecks and Technology at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum A Shipwrecks & Technology event will be held on Oct. 29 beginning at 9 a.m. at the Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum in Muskegon, Michigan. There will be vendor booths, the chance to build and operate an ROV, underwater pumpkin carving, the chance to operate an ROV in Florida through the internet, experts talking about shipwrecks, how they are found and documented and an evening film festival. For more info visit

Fox Valley Scuba Club Pumpkin Dive

On Oct. 22 beginning at 4 p.m. there will be a pumpkin dive at the West Point Dive Quarry in Lohrville, WI. Everyone is welcome. For more info visit


On Oct. 8 from noon-6 p.m. there will be a pumpkin dive at the Menominee Marina in Menominee, MI. There will be pumpkin carving, diving, food and prizes. For more info contact Bob Berg at (906) 863-7330 or visit

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n Dec. 12, 1940, the snow was flying fast and furious in high winds when an aircraft on a training flight from the Royal Canadian Air Force base in Borden went missing over Lake Muskoka. The next day two aircraft took off to search for the missing plane. Hours later, the planes, Northrop A-17A Nomads, collided and plummeted into the deep, icy waters of Lake Muskoka. One plane was found within weeks and the bodies of the two pilots recovered; the other plane and its pilots, Peter Campbell, 24, and Ted Bates, 27, were never located. The question of the plane and the airmen’s whereabouts haunted their families for years, until June 2010 when Matt Fairbrass president of Lost Airmen in Muskoka Project and his team took to Lake Muskoka with sonar equipment. The LAM project is a group dedicated to finding missing aircraft. While researching the Muskoka crash they learned a family of trappers living beside the lake had seen the crash when it happened. Using the eyewitness accounts and military maps of the crash site Fairbrass and his team set out to find the plane. They spent hundreds of hours, looking for the Northrop A-17A. Nomads, originally built as two-seater “attack bombers,” were huge planes with a 16-meter wingspan but still looking for it with sonar equipment in a lake over 30 meters deep in places was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. After a lot of patience there was finally a ping on the sonar. An underwater Midwest’s premier underwater photo center

Open license photo of a Northrop A-17A Nomad.

search soon located the planes exact resting place. The Nomad has spent the last 71 years resting at the bottom of the lake near Browning Island, a few kilometers west of Bracebridge. The LAM team is still working with the Department of National Defense and the Ontario Provincial Police in the investigation of the aircraft. The bodies of the two airmen have yet to be recovered but Tom Bates; brother of pilot Ted Bates has

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been quoted as having said that his family feels a little peace now. According to the Royal Canadian Air Force there are still over 400 aircraft missing from the WWII era and some may be in the waterways around Ontario. As for Fairbrass and his team, they will continue to use diving and sonar as a way of attempting to locate some of the missing aircraft. For more info on this amazing story, please visit: ■

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ontario A Shipwreck a Day Keeps the Diver “O.K.”




By Alec Peirce Guest Writer, Dive News Network



oint. P

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ighth dy at L

o one really understands just how big the Ontario area is. Most divers dive a specific area and never realize they are barely grasping the vast cache of shipwrecks and dive sites within the Ontario area. The truth is, a diver could spend more than a year diving the Ontario area and still just scratch the surface of the entire Ontario diving experience. Ontario itself, a province of Canada, is vast. It is quite literally top hat to the Great Lakes area. Divers often look at the Ontario region as four distinct dive sections; Tobermory, the Kingston-Brockville area, the inland lakes and rivers, and Thunder 20

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urtes oto co

Bay. Each of these areas offers diving but each is also diverse; there are not many regions where divers can find this much diving all in one place. The sheer amount of diving in the Ontario area is amazing. I began diving in 1958 in the Ontario area and have explored many of the small lakes, rivers, and dams, as well as shipwrecks, in the area. In a lifetime you couldn’t dive them all. Lake Huron and Georgian Bay are deep, clear and cooler, and they were, and still are, major shipping channel. Lake Michigan has a port in every city, so there is a lot of traffic. And Lake Superior is named so because it is…well…Superior in terms of shipping lanes and access to Canada. All of the waters along Ontario hold diving treasures unmatched elsewhere in the

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A Trip to

Toberm o

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rely be a

bad idea

! Photo



Scuba 2


world. Some of the shipwrecks were caused by traffic, but others were caused by weather, notoriously unpredictable on the Great Lakes or sheer navigation problems. In fact, there are so many wrecks that a diver could dive on 25 different shipwrecks in three days and only have seen 20 percent of the shipwrecks available for diving. Tobermory is an area all its own and is quite popular with divers on both sides of the border. It is located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula and is 300 km northwest of Toronto. The waters at Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula are a very active dive area and appeals as much for Americans as for Canadians. There are tons of well-known dive services and shops as well as some great charter services. Home to a World Biosphere Reserve, the area is a place where divers can discover the beating heart of the planet, the massive cliffs of the park while thousand-year-old cedar trees stand guard over the crystal-clear waters of Georgian Bay. The world famous Edmund Fitzgerald rests here as well as hundreds of freighters and old sailing vessels to explore. The Kingston-Brockville area offers divers a bevy of dives. There

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Photo Courtesy Scuba 2000

RAJA AMPAT, .......where all the fishes live!

are plenty wrecks, walls, drifts, submerged power stations, locks and other terrestrial structures. Some sites divers can access from the shore. However many of the really exciting dives require a boat. Depths range from 30 – 100 ft. The deep sites and wreck penetrations are recommended for the more experienced, technical divers. Many divers head straight to Rockport known for its deep sites. The Rockport Wall, for instance, dips to 240 ft. and the wreck of the Jodery starts at 130 ft. but divers can expect to bottom out at 240 ft. Shore dives are Rothesay, Conestoga and Prescott docks while popular boat dives include Wolf Islander, Marsh, Keystorm, Kingshorn, America and the Vickery. For the truly adventurous there is the old Mille Roches hydro-electric generating power house. There is also a real concentration of wrecks from Kingston to Cornwall so no matter where you end up in this area there is something to dive. One doesn’t have to dive into the Great Lakes for diving fun either because there are thousands of inland lakes and quarries.

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to e. Pho anyon a 2000 t a h d ub Har sy Sc Courte

diving without mentioning Thunder Bay. Alpena is home of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The sanctuary was established to protect the water’s shipwrecks and was the first Great Lakes sanctuary that focused solely on a large collection of shipwrecks. It covers 448 square miles of northwest Lake Huron, off the northeast coast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. One of the draws to making this area special for divers is Lake Huron’s cold, fresh waters. The combination of cold and fresh has created a great environment for preserving the hundreds of shipwrecks that litter the

lake. Divers can literally see many of the wrecks as they were when they sank. The area is really rich in diving. Just off shore there is an island called Isle Royale and it is literally a ship graveyard. Storms come up suddenly and ships would hit the shoals so there are a lot of different types of freighters around the island. If you are looking for a place offering you so many opportunities to dive you may not hit them all in your lifetime, head for the Ontario area. It is a place as diverse in dive sites as it is in history and, trust me, you will never run out of fun. ■


Personally, I enjoy diving the lakes because of the many cars divers will find. There is a little gambling game many Canadians play where they park a car on the ice and take wagers on how long it will take the car to break through the ice. I have dove more than a few of those. There are nearly 100,000 bodies of water from pond size to a lake with a surface area of one million acres. Divers can explore Lac Seul, Lake of the Woods and Red Eagle all located in Ontario. The famous river systems such as the English, Sturgeon also offer a different type of diving with history dating back to the Pleistocene glaciation 10,000 years ago. Divers often find fossils as well as old homesteads in some of the larger waterways. The lower St. Lawrence river offers a lot of diving. There are forts along the waterway so there is a lot of shipping back and forth. There is an enormous amount of history in those waters. Finally, you can’t talk about Ontario

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Tropical Diving at its Best



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eff Hirs


Photo courtesy of Jeff Hirschman

By Jeff Hirschman Guest Writer, Dive News Network uraçao is a dive destination offering amazing tropical diving and I should know… I run trips there every year and go as often as I can! Curaçao offers clear, bath-water warm diving to divers of all levels. A new diver will discover reefs, with easy diving and abounding with marine life. Neophytes will find wrecks and multi-level reefs to test their skills and speak to the adventurer in their souls. Our divers come back with stories on end about the ocean around Curaçao and about the island itself. This is the one tropical destination that always keeps them wanting more. I own QC Scuba in Wantagh, New York. Having been in the Scuba business for more than two decades, I have seen numerous destinations come and go in terms of diver interest. However, Curaçao keeps making the list of ‘most desired destination’ year after



year. For cold water divers like we have in my neck of the woods, Curaçao offers a different type of diving altogether; water temps are in the mid to upper 80’s, no thermocline (until approx. 180 fsw) and 80+ foot visibility. It is a true underwater paradise. Located in the southern Caribbean Sea, just off the Venezuelan coast, Curaçao is the largest of the three ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao). Divers come to swim with Whale sharks and manta’s, all while exploring the reefs. Just outside of the hurricane belt, 12 degrees north of the equator, Curaçao offers year round sun and easterly trade winds. The reefs around Curaçao are pristine and divers will discover an abundance of soft and hard corals. The area is protected and is a mecca for underwater photographers. The abundance of marine life on the reefs is miraculous. We typically stay at Breezes Resort and even their house reef is an amazing dive. QC Scuba works with Ocean

we are looking for more stories - contact us at


western caribbean

Photo courtesy of Jeff Hirschman

Encounters Curaçao whenever we travel to our tropical home-away-from-home. Our friends at Ocean Encounters make the trip seamless in terms of the diving experience. Ocean Encounters was recently named as “One of the World’s Best Dive Operators” in the 2011 Top 100 Gold List. Ocean Encounters is known for its professionalism, safe boats, rental gear (they keep in great condition), and their helpful, friendly dive staff. While we opt for the all-inclusive family oriented Breezes Curaçao, there are many other great choices such as the Lions Dive and Beach Resort, the Hilton Curaçao and the Hyatt Regency Curaçao. Whenever my divers stay at one of these resorts, they come home raving about how the resort catered to them (and their families, even those with infants). Their boats are in great shape and the staff is attentive. The Ocean Encounters Breezes Resort also sits on a 1500 ft. long beach, where you can dive the house reef just outside the man-made breakwater. There are many dive sites in and around Curaçao. Beacon Point and The Lost Anchor are two popular dive sites. The currents at Beacon Point make this destination an intermediate to advanced dive site but is well worth the effort with its large pillar coral formation. The blue large jacks, grouper, and barracuda go to church here in a cathedral of beauty.

Welcome to Breezes Curaçao The Playful Side of Paradise The first and only Super-Inclusive resort on the island of Curaçao. World-class scuba with free basic instruction, one shore dive per day is included in an underwater park, adjacent to the resort.

1-877-BREEZES (1-877-273-3937)

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western caribbean







esy o

f Jeff





ff H of Je

Photo courtesy of Jeff Hirschman

The Lost Anchor dive site, located west of Sal Island, is a great dive for seeking out a variety of marine life. The goatfish, squid, as well as hundreds of tropical species make Lost Anchor their home. Curaçao is also known for its wrecks such as the Airplane wreck and the Superior Producer. The Airplane Wreck is an effortless wreck to dive because it is easily accessed from the beach at Santa Martha. Straight out from the breakwaters is a marking buoy identifying the site of the remains of the airplane. It has become home to a lot of marine life. There are public restrooms, showers, restaurants and security nearby. If you are looking for a challenge, the Superior Producer is a fantastic wreck dive. Assuming no cruise ships or military vessels are in port, this is a dive not to be missed. At over 200 feet long, and at depths of 65-100 fsw, this wreck went down in 1977 and has a ton of life on it. The Car Pile reminds me of the Belt Parking Lot (oops – Belt Parkway, a very congested parkway here in NY) but underwater! A barge carrying vehicles was sunk as an artificial reef, leaving cars and trucks (dating back to the 1940s) piled on the wall for divers to explore and photograph. While there are two Car Pile sites, QC Scuba dives the one attached to the Breezes House Reef quite frequently. 26

Ocean Encounters does a special trip to the Mushroom Forest. This is perhaps one of the most famous dive sites in Curaçao. Hard coral formations look like mushrooms that one would see in Alice in Wonderland. It is a great place for marine life to take cover and divers can spend hours just drifting through and searching between all the nooks and crannies. QC Scuba Technical Divers are always amazed at how we can do 200+ fsw dives right from the beach! The nice slope lends to training and exploring for all levels of divers. Deep less explored areas are another reason I never get bored when returning to Curaçao. At QC Scuba we don’t choose Curaçao just for its diving; there are a lot of land-based activities too. We often have families join us that have some non-divers as well. Instead of leaving family behind, our friends at Ocean Encounters also cater to the non-diver. Curaçao has a beautiful landscape with many things to enjoy such as hiking, biking, and walking tours. The beaches, intimate and secluded, offer visitors a chance to bathe in the sun or play on the beach unencumbered by crowds of people. If your idea of a dream vacation includes a lot of shopping, then Willemstad, the city capital, is your answer. Willemstad is rich in culture, and like the rest of Curaçao,

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western caribbean

Photo courtesy of Jeff Hirschman

Dive Into



has something for everyone. Families can explore the retailers, restaurants, and nightlife spots. One can visit the small store bosting the ‘World’s Best Mojito’ sign, or perhaps visit Mikvé IsraelEmanuel, a Jewish synagogue established over 350 years ago! Walking across the Queen Emma pontoon bridge or taking in the landscape of pastel colored stores should not be missed. Divers should make it a point to visit Willemstad while still saving time to explore some of the more than 60 dive sites around the island. If you are looking for a great dive destination catering to the entire family, my money is on Curaçao. Divers can explore over and over again and never experience the same dive twice while the family can take in the sights and sounds of a culture dating back hundreds of years. The culture is friendly and the diving is amazing…in fact, so amazing I take divers in groups of up to 32 as often as I can! Let’s be honest, after visiting a dive destination multiple times, anyone would think I would have found something wrong with Curaçao by now, unless there is nothing to find because it is perfect just the way it is. For more info visit - ■

800-328-2288 ALL PACKAGES INCLUDE: 7 nights accommodations 5 days of 2-tank boat diving Hotel taxes and service charges Roundtrip Airport Transfers

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6 Curaçao Packages to Cure Your Blues!

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Northeast & Midwest Dive News JANUARY 2011

27 27


The D1 Hybrid Drysuit gives new meaning to “revolutionary design”. This drysuit includes integrated silicone seals, a drybag, hose, and a 5/7MM H1 Hood. Three years were spent analyzing the problems of standard drysuits before the patented D1 Hybrid was developed. The D1 is the world’s first insulated constant volume drysuit with a 10 Butyl layer Trilaminate shell and 3-D mesh inner lining with suspenders. The suit is designed to provide a constant distance to the outer shell while acting as a vapor barrier keeping the diver dry at all times. The D1Hybrid Drysuit also provides unrestricted airflow throughout the suit so that no trapped air or squeeze is ever allowed. It also sports a warm neck valve and elastic waist band, an armored dry zipper with a chill guard and polyurethane embossed seat area for non-slip and abrasion protection. For more info visit

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http:/ /

Sea & Sea MDX-D7000 Underwater Housing

The Sea & Sea’s MDX-D7000 Underwater Housing for Nikon D7000 is a compact housing constructed from machined solid block aluminum, with corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum alloy grips. Camera features can be controlled using the ergonomic slanted controls on the rear of the housing. A built-in leak detector warms of water leakage and a 0.5x optical viewfinder is included. The housing can be fitted with an optional strobe bulkhead for hardwired strobes. Strobes can be triggered as slaves using the Fibre-Optic Cable L-Type. The housing has a Get the free mobile app for your phone corrosion- and abrasion-resistant anodized coating and features http:/ / an anti-reflection coated LCD window, a port locking mechanism, locking latches, 2 fiber-optic cable sockets, and a camera quickshoe, which makes installing and removing the camera very easy. For more info visit www.seaandseacom.

TROPICAL DIVE DIRECTORY BAHAMAS Caribbean Dive Shop 504.831.7017 Small Hope Bay Lodge 800.223.6961

BELIZE Calypso Beach Retreat 303.264.8333 Hugh Parkeys 888.223.5403 Sun Breeze Hotel 1.800.688.0191

BonAIrE Villa Makoshi Lower Level 780.483.0044

CAyMAn ISLAndS Southern Cross Club 800.899.2582 Sunset House 800.854.4767

CoZUMEL Albatros Charters 888.333.4643 BlueBubbleScuba 987.872.4240 28 28

An alphabetical listing of participating dive shops, charters, live aboards and resorts in tropical locations around the world. To be listed in our Tropical Dive Directory call 360.240.1874 or email us at Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116 Coastal Marine Diving Supply 954.815.7914

Scuba Du 310.684.5556 Sea Robin 951.824.9073

CUrACAo Ocean Encounters 800.932.6237

FIJI Beqa Lagoon Resort 800.542.3454 Beyond the Reef 691.350.3483 Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat 679.992.4001 Qamea Resort & Spa 649.360.0217 Scuba Travel Ventures 800.298.9009 Wananavu 679.669.4433

FLorIdA Amoray Dive Resort 1-800-426-6729

Crystal Lodge Dive Center 352.795.6798 Crystal River Watersports (352) 795-7033 Horizon Divers 305.453.3535 Narcosis Scuba Center 727.934.6474 Off The Wall Adventures 863.709-9253 SpruceCreekScuba 386.767.1727 The Dive Station (407) 843-3483 The Scuba Center (561) 278-7020 Walker’s Dive Charters 561.253.4294

GALAPAGoS Divencounters Alliance 877.323.DIVE

HAWAII Maui Dreams Dive Co 808.874.5332

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A robust and comfortable back flotation jacket the ScubaPro LiteHawk integrates performance features to deliver comfort and easy handling. Built with the latest back flotation technology this unit positions the air bladder in the back, providing exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders. It sports a 3-dump deflation system enabling divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions. The ScubaPro LiteHawk also includes streamlined air cell technology, automatic volume control of air cell through compression straps and rotating quick release shoulder buckles as well as adjustable shoulder straps. The LiteHawk also has a padded back pad and two movable accessory pockets. The lift capacity is 56 lbs. For more info visit Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

HondUrAS Deep Blue Resort 011.504. Utila Tours 800.668.8452 337.893.0013

IndonESIA Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116 Kungkungan Bay Resort & Spa 530.347.2300 Lembeh Hills Resort 62.812.441.18.000 Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa 62.813.384.05.335 Pindito Liveaboard 831.818.8594 Sea Safari Cruises 62.361.72.1212 Tasik Ria Resort Spa & Diving 62.431 -.824.445 Worldwide Dive and Sail 866.258.6398

MExICo Abyss Dive Center 52.984.873.2164 Aquanauts Dive Adv. 998.206.9365

Maya Palms Resorts & Dive Center 888.843.3483

nortH CAroLInA Aquatic Safaris & Divers Emporium 910.392.4386 ATLANTIS Atlantis Charters 252.728.6244 Cape Fear Dive Center 910.458.7390 Discovery Diving Co. 252.728.2265 Diver Style Scuba 704.289.2089 Divin’ Dawgs 252.638.3432 Olympus Dive Center 252.726.9432 Under Pressure Diving (June-Aug) 757.537.6524

PHILIPPInES Island DreamsTravel 800.346.6116

rEd SEA - EGyPt Fly & Sea Dive Adventures 888.995.DIVE(3483)

Seashell II Housing

The Seashell II is a customizable underwater housing suitable for almost any compact camera with a pop-out external zoom lens. These universal housings meet all the requirements for recreational divers. The Seashell II has a depth rated at 40 meters/110 ft. The patent innovative design is compatible with over 70 percent of the compact type digital cameras available in the market today. For more info visit

roAtAn CoCo View Resort Roatan 800.282.8932 888.405.8737

St. CroIx (U.S. VIrGIn ISLAndS) BVI Scuba 284.540.2222 Cane Bay Dive Shop 340.773.9913 Jost Van Dyke 800.778.8066

St. kIttS Dive St. Kitts 869.564.8914

St. VInCEnt Bequia Dive Adventures 784.458.3826

tHAILAnd Sairee Cottage Diving 667.745.6126

tUrkS & CAICoS Oasis Divers 649.946.1128 Dive Provo 649.946.5040

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29 29


                    A listing    of participating         dive shops, charters, resorts, and independent instructors NORTHEAST

CONNECTICUT Divers Cove LLC Just Scuba!!!


Dive Master Services Inc.

(860) 767-1960


Dive Right Scuba

(860) 303-4612


Long Island Scuba



Aqua Visions Scuba


(914) 381-1884



Abyss Scuba Center

Mount Kisco

(914) 244-3483


Anything Underwater

New Paltz

(845) 590-9721


(207) 784-7300


Leisure Pro Ltd.

New York



(207) 775-3467


Oceanblue Divers

New York

(347) 497-3483


Pan Aqua Diving Inc.

New York

(212) 736-3483



(410) 668-6866


Scuba Network (between 30th & 31st)

New York

(212) 993-6166



(410) 666-2326


Scuba Network (between 5th & 6th)

New York

(212) 243-2988


Port Jefferson Station

(631) 331-9609



(631) 727-7578


Rockville Centre (516) 872-4571




(860) 563-0119 Store/Instr./Training Garloo (203) 284-1880

Auburn Portland




Port Diver Scuba Center

Diver Jim’s / Belmont Scuba


(617) 484-5246


East Coast Divers, Inc.


(617) 277-2216


Burlington Scuba


(781) 272-5164


Blue Ocean Divers

Boston Harbor Diving Co.

East Boston

(617) 846-5151



(978) 343-6330


Andy’s Sport Shop South Shore Divers Inc

North Weymouth

(781) 331-1144


Buzzards Bay Diving Ctr.



NEW HAMPSHIRE UW Sports of New Hampshire Central NH Divers

Hampton Dive Center Swim and Scuba


(603) 357-4430



(603) 279-9099


Bainbridge Scuba & Snorkeling Dutch Springs

Diver’s World


The Dive Shop NJ

Cherry Hill

(856) 751.0308


East Hanover

(973) 887-0194


Egg Harbor Twp

(609) 641-7722


Hoboken Dive Center


(201) 795-3483


East Coast Diving Supply


(609) 646-5090


Atlantic Spear & Scuba

Point Pleasant Beach


A Water Odyssey Scuba

Ocean Spirit Aquatics


(856) 202-5402



(973) 256-0555


NEW YORK Seguin’s Scuba Center


Finger Lake Scuba


Jeanne II Diving Charters


(518) 456-8146




(516) 826-SCBA



(717) 426-2114


Uncle Joe’s Scuba


Scuba Network

(607) 757-2930

(610) 759-2270


(610) 746-4016

Store/Quarry Store Store next to Dutch Springs

Gypsy Blood Dive

Atlantic Divers



Lehigh Valley Dive


Lakeland Divers, Inc.

Private Instructor Store/Charter

(203) 327-2822

Aqua Ventures, Inc.

(845) 803-4260 (631) 225-8450


Divers Den MD


(845) 735-5550

Captain Saam’s Scuba School

Maine Divers Scuba Center

Mobile Air Fills


Rocky Hill

Barclay’s Skindivers Paradise

Long Island

The Scuba Shack LLC New England Dive Center


Indian Valley Scuba


(412) 262-2664

Erie Harleysville



(215) 256-6000

Store B & B Diving - 2 quarries


(724) 667-9448



(724) 863-0752


Lancaster Scuba Center


(717) 397-2822


Willow Springs


(717) 866-5801



(570) 326-2091


Randy’s Dive Shop

RHODE ISLAND Newport Diving Center


(401) 847-9293



(401) 560-0280


Simply Scuba


(401) 787-1517


(800) 764-3483 Store/Charter East Bay Dive Center Charter Giant Stride Dive Shop


(401) 247-2420



(401) 732-8808




Kings County Divers


(718) 648-4232


Stingray Divers


(718) 384-1280


Discover Diving


(716) 685-4557


Lynnhaven Dive Center

Virginia Beach

(757) 481-7949


Scuba Network

Carle Place

(516) 997-4864


Under Pressure Diving (Sept-May)

Virginia Beach

(757) 537-6524


Captain Mike’s Diving

City Island

(718) 885-1588


Woodbridge Scuba


(703) 878-4365


Pisces School of Dive Inc.

East Rochester

(585) 381-2842


National Aquatic Services

East Syracuse

(315) 479-5544



(802) 865-2771


Ed’s Pro Dive Center


(607) 368-2096


Lockness Dive Boat


(516) 298-2633


(309) 826-1080



Chesapeake Bay Diving Center




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MIDWEST DIVE DIRECTORY Windy City Diving Enterprise Marine


(630) 209-2445


White Star Quarry



Des Plaines

(847) 640-8113


Aquatic Adventures


(614) 889-2822


Southern Ohio Dive Academy


(937) 298-2999


Apostle Island


Sealions Dive Center

Hanover Park

(630) 289-1680


Haigh Enterprises


(815) 939-7797


Chicagoland Scuba Center

Lake Zurich

(847) 540-7211


Northland Equipment


(309) 797-9721


Wazee Sports Center Llc

Black River Falls

(715) 284-5181


Aqua Center of Green Bay

Green Bay

(920) 468-8080


Green Bay Scuba

Green Bay




Sentry Pool & Scuba Dive Right In Scuba


(815) 267-8400


Forest City Scuba Center


(815) 398-7119


Scuba Systems




St. Croix Scuba & Snorkeling

South Beloit

(815) 389-1479


Diver Dan’s Scuba


(262) 652-9399


Scuba World, Inc.


(618) 277-3483


Adventure Charter Boats



Mermet Springs



Len-Der Charters


(414) 588-6764


Pirates Cove Diving


(414) 482-1430



(219) 322-7222


Marineland Dive Center


(800) 658-9466



(574) 264-3528


Fort Wayne

(260) 207 2773


Marlins Scuba

Pearl Lake

INDIANA Goose’s Scuba Shack, Inc. Hart City Scuba ASP Diving Lake County Divers Supply Indy Mph Watersports



(219) 942-0016


LTC Scuba Center


(317) 842-1988


Scuba Shack


Advanced Diving

Burlington Instruction/Charter


(905) 660-6359



(705) 687-5879



(416) 458-5845


Scuba Adventures QCA, Inc.


(563) 324-8771


Diver’s Nook

Parry Sound

(705) 746-9757


Strac Scuba Shack

Des Moines

(800) 5321140


Scuba 2000

Richmond Hill

(905) 771-1500


West Des Moines

(515) 255-7282


Thousand Isl. Pleasure Diving


(866) 659-2334


St. Catharines



(519) 596-2363




Adventure Diving, Inc.


Dan’s Dive Shop

Thunder Bay Scuba


(989) 356-6228


Divers Den

Divers Incorporated

Ann Arbor


Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre

Aquatic Adventures of MI



(810) 225-9868


Bruno’s Dive Shop

Clinton Township

(586) 792-2040


Enveco Diving


(506) 542-1011


Anchor Bay Scuba

Fair Haven

(586) 725-1991


The Dive Shack

Saint John

(506) 634-8265


(902) 345-2215


(808) 324-4668


Sea the World

Farmington Hills

(248) 478-6400


Advanced Scuba & Paintball


(616) 392-4433


Isle Royale Charters




Great Lakes Divecenter

Shelby Township


Traverse City

(231) 947-2520



(952) 890-3483



(218) 624-7285


Bonne Terre

(888) 843-3483


Captain Nemo’s Dive Shop


(573) 442-3483


Extreme Sports Scuba, Inc


(888) 565-3483


Popular Bluff

(573) 778-3483


St. Louis/St. Charles

(314) 209-7200



(573 )774-DIVE


Scuba North

MINNESOTA Fantasea Scuba & travel Lake Superior Divers Supply

MISSOURI Bonne Terre Mine

Ozark Dive Company West End Diving Odyssey Scuba and Travel

OHIO Portage Quarry Rec. Club

Bowling Green (419) 352-9203


Scuba Unlimited


(513) 793-4747


Holiday Dive Charters


(216) 771-2628


NOVA SCOTIA Easy Dive Canada LTD

Cape Breton Is. Hawaii

Kona Honu Divers


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Oct 2011 Vol 7. Issue 10  
Oct 2011 Vol 7. Issue 10  

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