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Overview of DIT Research Professor Ellen Hazelkorn Director of Research & Enterprise Dean of the Graduate Research School

DIT Research •

Use-inspired research and innovation that advances human knowledge and makes a real impact on the Irish economy and people’s life experience;


Nationally relevant, globally competitive and strategically important;


Strong collaborative links with society and industry.

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Facts and Figures •

Consistently in top 3% of universities worldwide;

Despite the economic collapse;

Doubled annual research earnings;

2006 (€10.2m) to 2010 (€23.5m);

Increased direct European research funding;

40% each year since 2009.

Impact •

3% of research activity BUT 20% of licenses and options;

Impact in particular key fields far outweighs our size;

High efficiency value of DIT activity.

Citation Impact for Irish Universities 1981—2010

DIT Innovation Chain •

Graduate Research School – Graduate Research School;

Research community – Research Support Office;

Commercialisation – Hothouse: Technology Transfer Office;

Entrepreneurship – Hothouse: Incubator.

4 Research Pillars – Cross Disciplinary •

Environment & Health;

Information & Media Technologies;

New Materials and Technologies; Society, Culture and Enterprise.

Environment and Health Focus: interventions and policy solutions •


Water quality;



Lifestyle & Policy.

Cites per document Pharmacology and Toxicology Research 1981—2010

Information and Media Technologies •


Digital media

Electrical engineering

Electronic engineering


Cites per document, Electrical, Electronic and Informational Engineering 1981—2010

New Materials and Technologies Surface Materials •




Cites per document Nanotechnology 1981—2010

Society, Culture and Enterprise •


Social and public policy;

Creative arts;

Media materials.

Relocating to: Grangegorman, Dublin May 2012 — An Bord Planeåla Approval June 2012 —Design Team Appointed July 2015 —Estimated Occupation

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Focas Research Institute PRTLI Cycle 1 — ₏10.44 million; PRTLI Cycle 4 — ₏8 million; 3200m2 Interdisciplinary, Research Facility; Open Access, One Stop Shop, State of the Art Spectroscopy & Microscopy 100—120 Researchers.

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Environmental Health Sciences Institute PRTLI Cycle 5 — ₏11.5 million new state-of-the-art research building.


Scientific evidence base to develop practical solutions to environmental health problems. Healthier Lives for Children, the Elderly and Vulnerable Populations

Science & Innovation



National Relevance Based on collaboration between: • Dublin Institute of Technology • Dublin City Council • Health Service Executive An all-island initiative: • University of Ulster • Dublin City University • Institute of Public Health in Ireland

Specific Areas of Research Focus: • Water • Energy • Food Safety & Quality • Bio-monitoring • Lifestyle & Policy Cross-Cutting Research Activities: • Teaching, Learning & Outreach  Technology Development/Commercialisation  Infection Control Technologies  Assistive Technology  Monitoring Technologies  Healthcare Technologies • Maths & Computational Methods

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Award Winning Innovation and Technology Transfer Office Tom Flanagan, Head of Commercialisation

Company Highlights •

Profitero winners IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year in San Francisco;

TCAS Online winners best-start-up ICT Excellence Awards 2012;

Niall Harbison finalist Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012;

Recently sold digital marketing agency Simply Zesty to UTV;

Movidius Fabless mobile multimedia chip company, raised €9m equity.

Company Highlights •

Mick’s — one of UK and Ireland’s leading online car-part retailers;

Decawave — pioneering fabless semiconductor company;

HQ in Dublin with operations in California,Toulouse, South Korea;

Ultan Technologies winners of Bolton Trust Innovation Award 2012;

Significant inroads to US market with novel CRM software for utility company.

Hothouse Programme •

10 Years in Existence;

272 Entrepreneurs,180 Sustainable Businesses;

€94m Equity Raised;

1,055 Smart Economy Jobs Created;

New Frontiers Programme — Next Intake September 2012.

DIT Hothouse Commercialisation Performance Gluten free production    

Information & Communications Technologies •


Gluten free • ChIPs-Mobile Learning Application for students of Chinese production •     FLUENT-Natural Dialogue Learning software for students of English




3D Character Animation


Projectable-Interactive Touch Table


IMAAS-Interactive Music Archive Access System


PCrypstic-Multi-Algorithmic Encryption for Storage Devices


Compact UWB Antennas


Stegocrypt-eDocument Security System

Life Sciences •

Cell Detection and Analysis in cytopathology;

Holographic DNA Detector;

Cervical Cancer Analyser;

Skin Cancer Screening System;

DNA Targeted Copper Anticancer Agents;

Antioxidant Rich Food Ingredients;

Light-Activated Anti-Bacterial Powder;

• •

PProduction Analyser for Industrial;

Fermentation Processes.

Industrial Technologies •

Advanced Surface Treatment for Protection against Wear & Corrosion;

Gluten free • Mass Produced Individualised Anti-Counterfeit Hologram; production • Humidity Sensitive Holograms;    


Desktop Pholithography;


Disposable Fibre Temperature Sensors.


Clean Technologies •

Hot Water Energy Saving Device-Warmer Wedge;

Gluten free • Wind and Wave Power Predictor; production

• Chromate Free Sol-Gel Pre-Treatment & Primer for Aluminium;    


Energy Efficient HVAC System;


Energy Efficient Data Centre Cooling System;


Integrated Switchable Mirrors for Solar Panels. P

Innovation Vouchers •

EI fund €5k;

EI fund up to 50% of €10k max;

IP assigned to company.

Innovation Partnerships • • •

EI fund up to 80% of €250k for a large company; EI fund up to 80% of €120k for SME; PIP licensed or assigned to company.

Events throughout the year for Researchers and Industry

DIT Inventor Competition Annual Showcase Be Inspired Seminar Series

Keep in touch‌ Visit DIT Hothouse online at latest licensing opportunities, events, commercialisation workshops, seminars.

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Doctoral Education at Dublin Institute of Technology Professor Mary McNamara Head of the Graduate Research School


Unemployment rate of young people >21%;

Employment rate of women and older workers are particularly low;

~80 million people have low or basic skills;

By 2020, 16 million more jobs will require high qualifications;

Demand for low skills will drop by 12 million jobs.

OECD Labour market needs difficult to predict, lifelong learning is critical.

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Advisory Council for Science, Technology & Innovation Role of PhDs in the Smart Economy Examined skills that enterprise requires;

Formal consultation with enterprise in development of PhD programmes;

PhD programmes to embody “Inverted T” model. Expertise

Generic Skills Broad Discipline Skills

Structured PhD at DIT Environment & Health;

Information & Media Technologies



Health & Independent Living;

Future Networks & Communications;

Food for Health;

Data Analytics, Mgt. Security & Privacy;

Food Production & Processing;

Digital Platforms, Content & Applications;

Marine Renewable Energy.

Smart Grids & Smart Cities.

Structured PhD at DIT New Materials and Technology

Society, Culture & Enterprise



Therapeutics Synthesis, Formulation,

Manufacturing Competitiveness;

Processing & Drug Delivery;

Innovation Services & Business

Process Technologies & New Materials; Processes. Medical Devices; Diagnostics.

Organisation •

4 yr programmes incorporating the traditional PhD model;

Central element remains original research;

Thesis remains the basis for award;

Built-in training in generic and discipline skills;

Designed with enterprise partners;




Discipline Skills •

Learning aligned to National Framework of Qualifications;

Modules can be shared with other HEI.

Generic Skills Learning aligned to: •

EU Salzburg Declaration;

Advisory Council for Science, Technology & Innovation.

Outline Research Skills and Awareness •

Ethics and Social Understanding

Communication Skills

Personal effectiveness and development

Team-working and leadership

Career Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

National PhD Programmes Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance: DIT, DCU, NUIM, TCD, UCD, IT Tallaght Biomedical Sciences Chemistry Physics Engineering

National Research Platforms

Enterprise-based PhDs The academic-professional interface is consummated through; •

Enterprise-based Research;

Leading to Doctoral awards from DIT.

Projects will; •

Be jointly supervised by DIT & Enterprise personnel;

Address a focused research question;

Be synergistic with the daily work of graduate student.

Past Experiences Sharon Kennelly 

PhD graduate (2012) while working a Senior Community Dietician;

Annual spend on Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS) €27m in 2008;

Are ONS prescribed ‘unnecessarily’?;

Led to development of interventions to improve the prescribing of ONS.

Results •

15% reduction in the number of patients prescribed ONS;

Reduction in expenditure of 3% on ONS by GPs who took part;

Compared to an increase of 60% in those who did not;

Project nominated for Taoiseach’s Public Service Award 2010.

Eimear McCall •

PhD student in the Public Analyst’s Laboratory;

Chemical analysis of specific kitchen utensils;

Result — some utensils not fit for use according to EU regulations;

EU-wide notification and recall of the products.

Overview of DIT research  

An overview of DIT's research profile, strategy and key outputs.