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Northern Road Upgrade Begins Federal Member for Lindsay, David Bradbury, earlier this month joined representatives from Lend Lease to announce the beginning of construction on a $5 million upgrade to the Northern Road. The Federal Labor Government delivered $5 million funding for major upgrades of the Northern Road to be undertaken, which includes the installation of traffic lights on the corner of Sherringham Road. “This is a significant upgrade that will decrease travel time and improve the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians,” Mr Bradbury said. “Sherringham Road has been a notorious black spot and after having secured the funding for this project several years ago, I am delighted to see these works commencing. “I congratulate Lend Lease on committing to extend the widening of the Northern Road all the way to Borrowdale Way.” Continued Pg 3

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r David Bradbury ‘On The Job’

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1 August 2013

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Australia Post Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital 255 Seventh Road, Avenue, Llandilo 377 Wentworth Orchard Hills Lakes Drive Medical Centre IGA 112 The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park 255 Seventh Avenue, Llandilo Glenmore Park Takeaway Llandilo School FloribundaPublic Ave Glenmore Park Seventh Llandilo Centre GlenmoreAvenue, Park Community Floribunda Quality Ave Glenmore Park Llandilo Fruit Market Regentville Public School 312 Third Avenue, Llandilo


Penrith Police Station 4721 9444 (Police, Ambulance, Police Assistance LineFire) 131 444 Lifeline 24-Hour Counselling 131 114 Penrith Police Station 4721 9444 Graffiti Hotline Line 1800 022 Police Assistance 131 182 444 Blue Mountains Lifeline 24-Hour WIRES Counselling 4754 1312946 114 Graffiti Hotline 1800 022 182 Churches Blue Mountains WIRES 4754 2946 Anglican Church Churches Cnr Barker St , Cambridge Pk 4731 6060 Anglican Church St Davids Llandilo Cnr William Howell Dr Pritchard Pl 4733 1635 Seventh Avenue, Llandilo Catholic Church St Mary & St Marina William Howell Drive 4737 9735 Coptic Orthodox Church Uniting Church 363 Ninth Ave, Llandilo 4777 5577 Cnr Mulgoa Rd & Stuart Rd Penrith 4721 1295 Christ Church at the College Community Groups 4736 8100 Breastfeeding Group 1800 686 2 686 Extended Hand Church Scouts 0409 429 198 1/11 Robertson Pl, Jamisontown 4733 8945 Probus Club Penrith Sth 0414 861 390 Riverlands Church Penrith Suicide Bereavement 535 High St,Group Penrith 4722 Support 0402 6276422 696 Salvation Army 48 Luttrell St 4733 1178 Sports Clubs Vineyard Church Baseball 0434 1163139 940 RegentvilleClub PublicPenrith School 4732 Karate Goshin Ryu 0411 136 237 Community Groups Swimming Club Nepean 0416 311 453 Sitters Club 0419 219 572 Triathlon Club Panthers

Breastfeeding Group 1800 686 2 686 Glenmore Park Guides 4737 8373 Scouts 0409 429 198 Probus Club Glenmore Pk 4733 8745 Probus Club Penrith Sth 0414 861 390 Penrith Suicide Bereavement Support Group 0402 627 696 Community Centre 4733 1499

From the Editor Welcome our second edition of the From thetoEditor Jordan Springs Gazette. We received an Here we are in ofAugust already! And amazing amount phone-calls, emails wasn’t July a busy month?about For me, was and wonderful feedback ourit first a month ofmonth. reflection and reminiscing. edition last I spent thinking about already! friends ofAnd the Here time we are in August past and life getsFor some, busy but wasn’t Julypresent, a busy month? it was replace the memories and anothing month can of reflection and reminiscing. we have spent loved Ispecial spent times time thinking about with friends of onespast overand thepresent, years. It’s the lifenice getstosotake busya trip nothing down memory lanethe and remind but can replace memories ourselves of times all thewe special that and special have friends spent with have held partthe in our lives at one time loved onesaover years. orIt’s another. nice to take a trip down memory Thisand month, our ourselves resident experts in lane remind of all the Money friends Matter$that on have page held 8 raise some special a part in interesting points about comparing our lives at one time or another. apples apples comparing This with month, our when resident fitness home Denver loans. Certainly a read expert Oliveaux worth highlights the if you are ofcurrently importance water inassessing your diet,your on mortgage. a new regular page 9. We We alsowelcome have a delicious winter article from Pastor Paul10Marshall of warming recipe on page that’s sure Foothills to please. Vineyard Church on page 6 Spoil and your of course, delicious winter dad nexta month as Father’s warming recipe 10 that’s sure Day falls on the on 1st page September; please to please. spare a thought for those that will Spoil daddifficult next month as Father’s find thisyour time for one reason Day falls on the 1st September; please or another. spare a thought thosecommunity that will For now, enjoy thisfor month’s find this one you reason news andtime this difficult month for I urge to or another. take a moment to appreciate just how For now, enjoy this month’s community wonderful you are! news and this month I urge you to take a moment to appreciate just how wonderful you are!

Belinda Belinda

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AFL 0425 202 038 Baseball Club Penrith 0434 116 940 Basketball Glenmore Park Public School Lakes Drive, Glenmore IfTheyou would likeParkto have the Jordan BMX 0407 497 606 Glenmore Gazette Park High School Cricket 0410 416 692 Springs available for collection Glenmore Parkway, Glenmore Park Hockey 4737 8420 at your place Penrith Anglican Collegeof business, please Junior Rugby Union 0425 351 715 338/356 Wentworth contact us. Rd Orchard Hills Karate Goshin Ryu 0411 136 237 Surveyors Creek Public School Call Us! Netball 0407 234 360 St Andrews Dr Glenmore Park Rugby League 0430 049 189 4733 0792 Bethany Catholic Primary School . 0404 052 469 Soccer irth g 34-38 William Howell Drive, Glenmore Park n i al .b tis Softball 0 loc 4733 8873 ents dver Kids Academy Preschool com rdable a an 45,00 p u . g 12-14 Womra Cres, Glenmore Park September Swimming Club 453 c h Nepeanbl0416 m ee 311 es ffo locanounce1st . . com spreadin ories . up ore t l rth Fresh ng . ccaal l stori ents . aTriathlon s i e m a p s biFarm l i OrchardtsHills . o c u t . Club Panthers t b n .l o o s a g a r l l h t n ver g n t h ws t cem a 0 lolo i .

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Happy Father,s Day, Dads! xxx Every effort is made to print correct information but no 2 August 2013 responsibility can be taken for errors or omissions.

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PET HOME CARE PENRITH All animals Long or short term care

*In your home or ours *Free maIl & paper collectIon

*ReFerences avaIlable

Waitress Front Service Kitchen Hand Local restaurant based in Warragamba

Experience necessary

Phone: 0407 431 043 Northern Road Upgrade Begins

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Mr Bradbury thanked the community and especially the residents of Cranebrook for their patience as the delivery of this project has been delayed as a result of a number of bureaucratic challenges and planning challenges at the State Government level. Lend Lease Communities General Manager, NSW, Simon Basheer, explained the value to the community in delivering world class infrastructure for the Penrith region. “The road upgrade works will deliver to the community an attractive and modern road appearance with safer and more efficient access to the local road network. Our commitment to deliver the upgrade works in one stage will ensure that disruption to local residents will be minimised and the community will benefit from the road upgrade much sooner.” The Northern Road is being upgraded from a one lane undivided road to a two lane divided road from north of

3 August 2013

We provide a familiar environment for your pets. Whether it is just overnight or for several weeks. We will walk your dogs, change litter trays, feed pets, collect mail, put your bins out & anything else required.

*Starting from $20 per pet per day (Price reduces with extra pets)

Call Debbie for a free consultation:

0404 494 260

Andrews Road to 250m north of Borrowdale Way intersection. Traffic lights will also be installed at the intersection of the Northern Road and Sherringham Road. The upgrade works will also include: • Dual lane carriageways with shoulders in each direction; • Upgrade to intersections and installation of traffic signals (except Watkin St, Jordan Springs); • Concrete retaining walls along the western side of the upgrade; • Noise attenuation barriers (walls and earth mounds) on the western side; • Tree Retention along western side of the corridor that is not affected by the works; • Adjustment and/or protection of utility services; • Installation of Street Lighting. Work is planned to begin in August and scheduled for completion by mid-2015.


Rev Andrew Kukulka • Corner of Barker & Oxford Street, Cambridge Park. • Phone: 4731 6060

Service Times Sundays. Traditional Service @ 7.45am, 9.30am Family Service with Sunday School, 6.30pm Evening Service. Other groups throughout the month for Seniors, Mothers Groups and Youth Groups.

What is Sin? What is sin? Many people like to think about sin as a trivial list of “naughty” things we do. But the Bible describes sin much more seriously. Sin affects every person. We are all born with a natural spiritual desire to rule ourselves. We don’t like anyone telling us what to do. The Christian faith describes the universe where God is the creator. He has created the universe and is the ruler over all things. But sin has caused every human being to reject His authority over us, and to rule ourselves. As a result, God is angry with our world. Just like parents who give birth and lead their children, so God has a right to lead us. As parents, we guide our children, instructing them on how to live in this world. No parent wants an unruly, disobedient child. So God is angry with human beings because we too have become disobedient children who ignore Him and hurt others. The good news is that God has provided us a way back. Like any good parent, He wants to restore the relationship. But as the perfect judge, He can’t let the bad things we do go unpunished. We don’t want people who hurt us to get away with it. And God feels the same way. And so in love, God takes the punishment upon Himself. He saves us from His own anger by dealing with the consequences of our actions. But that doesn’t leave us with a free pass. We need to engage God, and fix the original problem. Who is going to be the boss of us? God or ourselves? Rev Andrew Kukulka

“I am a resident of Jordan Springs and have received your new publishing. Thank you for the new Jordan Springs Gazette - it is a great read and has a lot of great useful and handy information in it. I was wondering if you could possibly do me and my partner a favour. My partner, is currently deployed. He created a Facebook page approximately 2 years ago for all Jordan Springs residents that has been going really well and a lot of the other residents have been joining and helping one another out. It has created a great family and friendly environment within Jordan Springs with neighbours all helping one another out and welcoming residents that are still yet to move in. I was wondering if you could possibly mention it within your Gazette to try and help further residents who may not be aware to join the page. It is called 'Jordan Springs Community Page'. “

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What is EFT?

EFT is a combination of acupressure and psychotherapy, based on the TCM model of acupuncture. It quickly, gently and easily releases the negative emotions and beliefs that are at the root of most of our problems and pain, by releasing stress in the body. Stress is known as the silent killer. It leads to a multitude of health problems including high blood pressure, depression, anxiety disorders, mental illness, heart attack and stroke. Many experts believe that the number one killer on the planet is STRESS! Up to 95% of all physical and nonphysical health problems have stress as their origin. Every time we have a health problem we should be asking, “What stress is causing this, and how can I eliminate it?” EFT is one of the very few Complementary Therapies with clinical trials which prove its effectiveness. It is stress relief right at your finger tips.You owe it to yourself and your family to get your life back on track.

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Harmonising Health is located at Seventh Avenue, Llandilo. Appointments necessary. Contact Rhonda on

0430 047 421 or

visit the web site

4 August 2013


With David & Leonie Jackson Great Aussie Dream Open 7 days Ph: 4733 8592 Email:

Comparing Glenmore Apples Park with Apples

When comparing home loans most people look at the interest rate and then maybe at the fees, but very few will check the Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Appointment System LMI is an insurance policy that is required if you take out a home loan for more than 80% of the Bulk Billing value your home, paid for by the borrower but protects the lender. The premium is calculated as Lady Doctor Available a percentage of the loan amount and this increases proportionally to the loan amount and the loan to valuation ratio (LVR). 4733 0222 Like other- insurance policies, the premium also depends on the number of claims made by 8.30am 8pm Weekdays the8.30am lender-which that LMI can be vastly different depending on the Lender. For example, 4.30pmmeans Saturdays a 90% LVR loan on a $450,000 home attracts LMI from $4,860 through to $17,533 depending on 9.00am - 4.30pm Sundays the Lender. Shop 17B Town Centre Shop 17B Townhome Centreloans based on Interest Rates and Fees alone, then you’re comparing If you’re comparing apples with oranges and may be paying thousands more than you need to.



Thinking of You, Dad!

Delivered monthly to Glenmore Park & Regentville

Issue 112

133 Russell St, Emu Plains

“TOP QUALITY AT LOW PRICES ” A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again.

Ph: 4735 4500

Father’s Day is less than a month away, so kids, it’s time to start planning a very special day for that superman in your • Tune & Service Registration Inspections • Puncture Repairs life. September 1st is the day when• men, women and children all over Australia celebrate their dads for all the love, joy and • Wheel Alignments • E-Safety Checks • Child Restraint Fitting excitement they bring into our lives. Of course it goes without • that Brakes & Suspension • Female & Family Friendly saying we appreciate our dads • 365Fleet daysService of the year, but this is the one day that you can actually tell him just how much he means to you. One unknown author wisely proclaimed, “A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” So show your dad this Father’s day just how much you look up to him. Spare a thought for the kids who, for whatever reason, don’t have a dad around. For some, it’s a lonely and isolating day at school when the rest of the kids have their dads with them for the customary Father’s Day school activities. For others, it’s a bittersweet day, with memories of dads who passed too quickly Accountants and Tax Accountants and Professionals from this world – no longer here to share our triumphs and tragedies, but always sharing a special place in our hearts!

24 Hour Truck Tyre Roadside Assistance - 0428 354 500

Small Business Accountants Specialising in


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Rhonda Rolfe – Harmonising Health

Self Managed Super Funds

Harmonising Health is a Complementary Medicine Practice established by Rhonda Rolfe. Rhonda has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years but has always had a passion for Complementary Medicine. She believes that both Eastern & Western medicine can work hand-in- hand, and as the name suggests, complement one another. It was with this passion that Rhonda studied the Diploma of Health Sciences, specialising in Holistic Kinesiology. With increasing interest & ongoing research into other methods of helping people, Rhonda was introduced to RITM SCENAR therapy with which she has seen many clients achieve wonderful results. However it is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which Rhonda is most passionate about as she has seen people achieve huge changes in their lives. Located at Llandilo, the clinic offers a warm, friendly quiet environment From where you can feel comfortable working through your issues, in complete confidentiality. With summer just around the corner and the “silly season” coming up, Visit Us eating under wouldn’t it be great if you had your cravings and emotional In G L E control. Could eliminate your stress, anxiety and exam nerves. address N M Is the generic tax advice you are currently getting costing you thousands? ORE PCould Is the generic tax advice you are currently gettingyour costing you thousands? A R K fears and phobias. Could reduce your pain. Contact Rhonda for more • Special release from • Popular sizes from 450m2 on page 4. At Outrunnew Accountants, wePh: use 0430 the $314,000 latest innovative tax planning Harmonising Health 047 421 information or see her advertisement At Outrun Accountants, we use the latest innovative tax planning strategies to legally maximise tax refunds for our clients! Our clients have BradleyOur Street, offhave The Northern Road, Mulgoa. • Elevated with BluetaxMtn views strategies tolots legally maximise refunds for our clients! clients

Trust Accounts

land with


1300 651 682

Email: access to the highest level of tax advice. Our Team has over 30 years of

access to2013 the highest level tax advice. Ouran Team has over 301300 years272 of 300 5 Sales 2013 8 August Office open Thurs - Sunof10-4 or call for appointment experience in the field. experience in the field.

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Butcher Shop On-Line

Country Fresh Grass Fed Beef/ Lamb “ A Healthier Choice”

“Delivered ” “Deliveredfree freetotoJordon JordanSprings Springs” . Bulk Meats . Meat Packs. Stir-Fries. Gourmet Sausages. Riverlea Pork. Milton District Beef/Lamb. Cockel Bay Chicken

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(02) 9627 6940 15 Garfield Rd E, Riverstone NSW 2765 6 August 2013



Ginger Golden Syrup Pudding

Warm up your winter cooking and spice up your life with a hint of ginger.

• Serves 6 Ingredients 5cm piece fresh ginger, peeled 150g butter, softened 2/3 cup caster sugar 2 eggs 1 1/2 cups self-raising flour, sifted 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, sifted 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/3 cup milk 1/2 cup golden syrup Custard, to serve Method 1. Lightly grease a 6 cup-capacity pudding basin (with lid). Using the lid as a guide, cut a circle from baking paper. Set aside. 2. Finely grate 1cm of the ginger (1teaspoon). Slice remaining ginger into matchsticks. 3. Using an electric mixer, beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating to combine. Add grated ginger. Stir to combine. Sift half the flour, baking powder and cinnamon over butter mixture. Stir to combine. Add half the milk. Stir to combine. Repeat with remaining flour, baking powder, cinnamon and milk. 4. Combine golden syrup and sliced ginger in a bowl. Spoon mixture into bottom of prepared basin. Top with batter. Smooth surface. Cover with baking paper. Secure with lid. Place an inverted saucer in a large saucepan. Sit basin on saucer. Pour boiling water into saucepan until halfway up side of basin. Cover saucepan. Bring to a simmer over medium heat. Reduce heat to medium-low. Gently simmer for 1 hour 30 minutes, adding more boiling water as needed. 5. Carefully lift basin from saucepan. Remove lid and paper. Turn pudding onto a serving plate. Serve with custard and enjoy!

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Kobhi (3yrs) and Flynn (6yrs) with Fireman Sam at the Ropes Crossing Winter Market last2013 month Present original coupon by 30th November to redeem

Christmas Catering Orders Floribunda

3 Hour Workshop Choice of 4 Gorgeous Bouquets Make your own Father’s Day Bouquet Catered Afternoon Tea Step By Step Training All Equipment and Supplies Provided

BOOK NOW 1300 664 661 OR EMAIL *Minimum participant numbers required

s t S h g i e p i r i t H u a u l m C E ONE THOUSANDentr e Presents their

Psychic Fair

single sided business cards 310gsm matt or gloss laminated includes design + print + delivery

$199 4733 0792



Out and About

ONLY $70


4733 5268

Send us your photos out and about in the community. Avenue Email:

7 August August 2013 2013 8

Saturday 7th September

Emu Plains Community Centre, Lawson Street, Plains For all your Emu Conveyancing Needs (opp. Lennox Shopping Centre)

Versatile Conveyancing Offers – 4.00 pm efficient conveyancing • Personal attention10.00 • Affordable rates • FAST, • Complete protection $15.00 with perprofessional readingindemnity insurance If you can’t come to us, we will visit you at your home or work

$10.00 per healing $20.00 for p:Reading and m: healing 4773 2014 0448 354 751

For more details contact Nadja e: 4759 1575 or 0439 453 430

Enter Via The Northern Road


Tel: 4777 4885

Third Av Seventh Av

Jordan Springs

Support the STORE that SUPPORTS your community

Opening Hours

255 Seventh Avenue


Opposite Llandilo Public School

Llandilo Terrybrook Rd

For all your Grocery, Continental Deli and Fresh Fruit & Vegetable needs


Second Av

Come and friendly staff The Northern Rd


How the locals like it

Mon-Fri 7.30am - 6.30pm Sat/Sun 7.30am - 6pm



28/06/2013 7:53:09 PM

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The Key To Success It’s rare to find an individual who is truly passionate about their career. And finding a team of people with this passion is even harder! But not for Christine Taylor, founder of Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog Wash. Chris and her team are living proof, with the passion they have for their businesses and the dogs in their care. It’s what sets them apart, and makes them highly successful in any economic climate. “I have seen many businesses come and go in the 22 years I have been operating in the pet care industry and I can honestly say that the success of Aussie Pooch Mobile Dog wash is due to our commitment to quality, outstanding customer service and good old fashioned work ethic,” says Chris. “Our number one priority is delivering the best possible service for the family dog. You can have peace of mind that we will care for your dog as if it was our own.” “We have so many dogs wanting to be washed, that we can’t keep up,” says Chris. So if you love dogs, this is a career definitely worth considering. For further information please contact Mark Welham on 0411 553 796 and visit

LOOKING GOOD & FEELING GREAT Is Water Essential To Lose Weight? Water and Appetite Regulation Sometimes we can mistake mild states of dehydration for hunger. When we don’t drink enough fluids, our body gives us signals which resemble hunger pains. When this happens, many of us start eating unnecessary calories because we have misunderstood what our body is trying to tell us. By staying well-hydrated throughout the day, we minimise the chance of unnecessary eating and maximize our chances of achieving our weight loss goals. Hunger Buster Recent research is also revealing that drinking water before a meal may be a smart strategy for weight loss. A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association has shown that overweight participants who drank 2 cups of water before breakfast consumed significantly less kilojoules than study participants who did not drink the water. The researchers propose that drinking water may slow down or delay the emptying of the contents from the stomach. This in turn promotes a feeling of fullness for longer and reduces hunger at the meal. It’s also been proposed that feelings of thirst and hunger can be confused by the brain, so it pays to start a meal well hydrated. Drink up • Carry a small reusable water bottle in your handbag, car and gymbag. • Start each meal with a glass or 2 of water and place a family water jug on the table. • Wake up to a drink of hot water and sliced lemon each morning. • If your restaurant or coffee shop doesn’t provide water for the table, ask every time. • Remember that you’ll need extra fluid in hot weather and when exercising for prolonged periods (over 1 hour) at a high intensity. Denver Oliveaux Looking Good & Feeling Great Ph: 0403 691 855

We Go the Extra Mile!!

1300 834 778

Treadmills – HIRE – NEW – USED Spare Parts for all Models Electronic Repairs Gym Cable Replacements Gym Upholstery Repairs Preventative Maintenance Specialists Gym & Treadmill Relocations & Removals



9 August 2013

• Domestic Fitness Equipment Sales & Rentals • MMA and Boxing Gear • Supplements and Nutrition Specialists • Group and 1 on 1 Personal Training available 6-9am, 4-8pm • Easy Equipment Financing ie Certegy, GO Getta.. Fitlease!

“Fitness Starts with U!” Your ONE STOP shop for body transformations, at home or on the go!

1300 734 834 Unit 2 66 Preston St, Penrith NSW 2750

Mamre Anglican School is a co-educational

Prep-12 day school with Year 11 beginning in 2015 and proceeding to Year 12 in 2016. The school is committed to achieving high academic outcomes for its students in addition to growth in understanding of the Christian faith.

Mamre Anglican School Talented Cricket Program aims to support the school’s strong academic endeavours by having a high quality, co-curricular cricket program for talented and developing players. For more information on how to be considered for selection in the MAS Cricket Program, please download and complete the MAS Cricket Program Registration Form from our website ( • The school provides programs in all Key Learning Areas from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 • MAS Private Bus servicing the area • Exciting extra curricular programs including Music, G&T, Football, Gymnastics, and Futsal • Creative Arts groups: ensemble, choir, dance • Other In-school activities

Mamre Anglican School ph: 9834 1881


10 August 2013

PARENTS’ CORNER Article by: Narelle Smith (Family Worker) NepeanStudent-Wellbeing Worker – Mulgoa Public School Nepean Community & Neighbourhood Services Ph: 0409 986 121 Centre: 4721 8520 Blog:

“If I had my child to raise all over again, I’d build self-esteem first, and the house later. I’d finger-paint more, and point the finger less. I would do less correcting and more connecting. I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes. I’d take more hikes and fly more kites. I’d stop playing serious, and seriously play. I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars. I’d do more hugging and less tugging.” – Diane Loomans Which do you do most of – hugging or tugging? Touch is so very important for humans. Psychotherapist, Virginia Satir, says that we need four hugs per day for survival, eight hugs per day for maintenance, and twelve hugs per day for growth. Tiny babies that have all of their needs attended to but don’t receive touch, affection, and attention are at risk of dying from ‘failure to thrive’. It’s so easy to touch and hug our little ones because they are so cute and climb all over us a lot of the time. But older kids need hugs too, just as much as the little ones. They need hugs and positive attention more than they need iPads, iPods, and Minecraft. Humans are first and foremost social and emotional beings, not logical or rational. We are very good at building bridges, and spaceships, and super computers, but essentially we all have the need to belong – to other people. I see so many kids, lost in the technological world, but struggling socially and emotionally because what they really need is their parents’ attention and affection. The Commonwealth government recommends that children aged between 5 and 18 years should have no more than 2 hours of screen time (from all sources) per day (http://raisingchildren. Attention is a good thing. It’s a survival mechanism. If your child can’t get attention from the most important person in her world (that’s YOU), who is he or she going to get it from? How much of that attention is positive and how much is negative? For every negative way of parenting there is a positive way of parenting. As Diane Loomans so eloquently says, she would do less correcting and more connecting. What is filling your children’s hearts and minds?

Upcoming Workshops (see http://handsheartsminds.wordpress for descriptions of these groups)

Special Playtime 4 Sept South Penrith Neighbourhood Centre

Mulgoa Fair

Sweet Partnership of Support

10am – 12:30pm

Triple P Avoiding Parent Traps 8 to 15 Aug 10am – 12pm Floribunda Community Centre ... For parents who have completed Triple P For other parenting groups and workshops visit

WHAT’S ON @ Floribunda Community Centre 1 Floribunda Avenue, Glenmore Park

Kids Fun & Fitness

A programme for kids 5-14, builds confidence and skills, while having lots of FUN. Only $5 per week, on Wednesdays, from 4pm to 5pm.

FREE Tax Help

Need help with your tax? Earn under $50000 last year? We can help you prepare and submit your tax return free of charge.

Golden Afternoons

Like movies? Like meeting new people? Like yummy afternoon tea? Come along to our FREE movie afternoons. Second Thursday of each month, from 1.30pm, for over 55s. Call Julie for more information on 4733 1499

11 August 2013

The Luke Priddis Foundation is proud to announce a new partnership with Lollylicious, an independently owned, award winning ‘gift experience’ based in Sydney, offering a convenient online gift solution with that special WOW! Winner of the 2012 Local Business Awards and Finalist in the 2013 Australian Business Awards, Lollylicious pride themselves on their strong commitment to quality, creativity and perfection! The aim of the Luke Priddis Foundation is to maximise the Country Market Day o Family Fun Event services and opportunities available to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The focus of the Foundation has in recent times narrowed specifically towards looking at ‘social skills’ of children on the Autism Spectrum, with a network of services aimed at providing an age appropriate pathway to learning and developing invaluable skills that unfortunately, unlike other children, the ASD child does not naturally develop. Lollylicious have designed a ‘Signature Luke Priddis Foundation Chocolate Ferrero Rose’, in which they will make a donation to the Luke Priddis Foundation for every Signature Rose purchased Mulgoa Public School atMulgoa events.Road As an extension to this, Lollylicious have also designed a new Chocolate Bouquet ‘All My Love’ in which a donation will be made from each bouquet purchased online, by telephone or email. More information can be found at Lollylicious and Luke Priddis Foundation are excited at the opportunity to work together as both organisations continue to Major Sponsor: Fernhill Estate support and service the local community. Front Edge Photography, Jadco Homes, Superb Landscaping, The Luke Priddis Foundation is proud be an official charity Shipways Effective Plumbing, Nadato Concrete, Essential partner of Lollylicious and we look forward to a successful long Bodyworks, Penrith Professionals Real Estate, APM term partnership. Communications, Anytime Fitness Emu Plains, Penrith Mazda Centre, Mulgoa Veterinary Clinic


t un


Sunday 25th August 10am - 3pm

Market/ Food stalls Jumping Castle Face Painting Live entertainment Arts and Crafts Kids Activities Pony Rides Putt Putt Golf

Thank you to our sponsors

From the Principal’s Desk

Llandilo Public School Principal: Bruno Zuliani “BUSY” is the buzz word for our school at this time of the year and provides an accurate snapshot of the many activities available to our students. So far this term our girls and boys have spread their wings from our local Wilson Park for the running of our Annual Athletics Carnival to the iconic Sydney Opera House where our recorder group students have attended rehearsal for a major production to be held later in the year. Our Chess Club students have competed in a competition at Penrith RSL and our talented musical performers have entertained visitors to the school during Education Week as well as “bringing the house down” at the Cranebrook Music Festival. In late July NRL Game Development Officer Kate Parkinson visited us making a presentation to the school of footy jerseys for our Rugby League players. We are thrilled with the support given to our students by the NRL and the Panthers Club. Kate’s expertise, organisational skills and commitment are always welcome and appreciated by school staff and our students and their families. Watch out Manchester United and Liverpool FC. Our soccer teams are doing well and up for the challenge. Not to be outdone our netball teams are also firing on all cylinders. Just a reminder to new and local residents that we welcome enrolments to Llandilo Public School for 2014 and, we are happy to take enquiries and show you around our beautiful school. August 2013 13

PAWS A WHILE We are Expanding!!!

With Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital 377 Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills Ph: 4736 2027

Thank you to all of our clients and furry friends who have helped us to expand our business. It is hard to believe that only 3 and 1/2 years ago, we were a one veterinarian practice! We have steadily built up the business to employ a second veterinarian (Erin) and extra nurses. We are now about to employ a third veterinarian. To accommodate the new veterinarian, we will be building a new consultation room. So the builder and plumber will be hard at work to build the new room within the next month. Feel free to drop in and check out the new facilities. Again, thank you for your patronage, we truly appreciate the friendships and referrals to your friends. Without you we would not be growing!

Open Day 2013

We are starting to organise this year’s Open Day. Our celebrity guests in past years have included Dr Chris Brown in 2011 and Dr Katrina Warren in 2012. They are hard acts to follow. I wonder who will be coming to this year’s Open Day?? You will have to wait and see!! We are planning the same fun things as the previous years, including jumping castles, sausage sizzle, dog competitions, face painting, hospital guided tours and lots of stalls. Watch this space for the celebrity and the date.

RSPCA Cupcake Day

A Cupcake Day is a great way to raise awareness and money for the RSPCA. We are hosting a Cupcake Day at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital on Monday 19th August 2013 between 9am-7pm. Pop in to enjoy a cupcake (or two!) and even a ‘pupcake’ for your beloved pet. We have made ‘pupcakes’ which are dog friendly and do not contain any chocolate which is toxic to dogs. If you are unable to make it here on the day, then you can still contribute to the RSPCA via an online donation.

Vote for Us in the 2013 Penrith City Local Business Awards!

Yay! We have been nominated in the Penrith City Local Business Awards. Vote for us by voting online at, the category is Pet Care. Or come in and fill in a voting form at the hospital.

Orchard Hills

Veterinary Hospital

Please feel free to pop in anytime and meet the team at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. Call 4736 2027 to make an appointment. Check us out on Facebook & online at

For Appointments call

4736 2027

Camille Brandt BVSc(Hons 1), MVS(SAP) Erin Short BVSc(Hons 1)

Consulting Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-7pm Saturdays: 9am-12pm Check out our website for more information or Join us on Facebook

Services provided include: • General Surgery (desexing to orthopedics) • Vaccinations, in-house pathology, • Radiology, Dentistry, • Visiting specialist radiographer & ultrasonographer, • Puppy preschool, • Grooming, hydrobath, • Home visits, • Cat boarding, kitten adoption, • Secure off leash dog park

377 Wentworth Road, Orchard Hills – 4736 2027 12 August2013 2013 8 August

Community Noticeboard Sunday 25th August

Monday August 19

Thursday August 15

9am – 2pm Lollylicious POP UP SHOP

Glenmore Park Town Ce ntre Chocolate Bouquets for all occasions Order online & collect OR choose from our collection instor e on the day

1300 664 661

Thursday August 15 South Penrith Probus Club

Glenmore Park Community Centre 10:00am Visitors welcome Social Club for active retirees Contact Merle Blatch ph: 4733 1614 fax: 4733 0986

Saturday August 17 (3rd Saturday each month)

Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Clu b

Monthly Markets Glenbrook Infants School, Ross Street, Glenbrook. Rotarians helping their commun ities.

Saturday August 17 7.00pm for 7.30 St Marys’ Band Club Great Western Highway, St Marys Tables of 8 @$120 per table at To book your table, please register t. pan rtici mPa /tea drf.o alk.j ://w http asp?participantID=24 and click ‘donate’ More info, ph: Julie – 0402 109 602 or Shane – 0408 230 894

Nepean / Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group 6.30pm. Lecture Room 1, Learning & Development Unit, SWAHS 2 building Nepean Public Hospital Tonight we have as our guest speaker Dr Anthony Lowe the CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia who will speak on “Recent Advocacy Success for treatments by the PCFA”. All meetings are available to males and their partners who are seeking information on this cancer, and who live in the Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Hawkesbury and Penrith areas. Come along and experience the caring and benefits offered by our Support Group whose moto is ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Alan Moran OAM, President 1300 133 878 www.

Monday August 19

Nepean Evening VIEW Club Nepean Evening View Club will be holding its Dinner meeting at Panthers Penrith 7:00pm. Cost $25 . Women of VIEW support the Smith Family’s Learning for Life project. New members warmly welcom ed. Details & bookings: Joyce 473 1 2851

Tuesday August 20 (3rd Tuesday of each month) Solo Circle of Friends Club for Over 55’s who enjoy social interaction through weekly outings, lunches, dinners etc. – South Penrith. To join, send self-addressed envelope and contact details to Secretary, PO Box 7557, South Penrith 2750

** Fortnightly

Events **

Senior Ladies Train Travellers 2nd & 4th Friday each month Retirees 60 and over looking to find ways of travelling using Seniors Concession Rail ticket $2.50 combined with unaided walking for exercise. Guest speakers, discover new places and friendships, group meetings. Enquiries– send stamped, self addressed envelope & phone contact to: Senior Ladies Train Travellers PO Box 7710 South Penrith NSW 2750

Friday & Saturday Augu st 30, 31 9am – 5pm Lollylicious POP UP SHOP

Southlands Shopping Ce ntre Maxwell Street, South Pen rith

Offering A HUGE collecti on

for DAD this FATHER’S DA Y!

Wednesday September 11 Arthritis NSW Penrith Branch Meeting


Mulgoa Public School 017 Enquiries: Sarah 0438 390 Glenmore Park Monthly Market Last Sunday of Every Month

r Sunday, 1st Septembe

Ropes Crossing Markets

c/- St Marys & Mt Druitt Rotary Clubs Community Hub - Pulley Ave Ropes Crossing Rotarians helping their commun ities.

1300 664 661

Sunday August 25 Country Market Day 10am – 3pm

10am – 2pm Glenmore Park Community Centre Cnr Luttrell Street & Town Terrace

(Last Sunday each month) 9am - 2pm

CWA Hall Tindale St, Penrith Coffee available from 9:30am Further details – Diane 9623 9789

Thursday September 12 h Meeting Red Cross Penrith Branc CWA Hall Tindale St, Penrith 0am Coffee available from 9:3 3 9789 962 ne Dia – s tail de Further

FREE LISTING for local events and meetings Send your details to:

13 August 2013

Your Local BUSINESS DIRECTORY Advertise your business here and online for just $10.00 (single) per month; $20 (double) per month Phone: 4733 0792 email: AWNINGS & CARPORTS


AMAZING CARPORTS & PATIOS • Colourbond Carports and Patios Flat, Gable and Dutch Gable roofs • Free Measure & Quotes • Hail Damage / Insurance Work • DIY Kits Available

Louis McLachlan Licenced Electrical Contractor Lic no 39282

Unit 3 / 55 York Road, PENRITH

Call Mark on 0404 163 158

p: 0247 325091 m: 0434 552 807



Lic No. 169819C


Builders License No. 159595C

Home Improvements ! !

- Deckings - Carports and awnings - Screen enclosures - Extensions/ renovations - Glass rooms - Insulated roof panels - Interior fit out - General carpentry and maintenance


Specialising in garden lighting and all purpose ambient lighting All types of work

Mobile 0414 351 987 ELECTRICIAN

Matcan Electrical • Domestic & Commercial • Installations & Renovations • Telephone & Computer Networks

Call Shane for a FREE quote on 0422 316851 or 02 47742 610

Open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday : 9am - 2pm Shop INSTORE OR ONLINE

If anyone can ... Matcan!






0414 490 386 or 4774 2576


& Upholstery Cleaning Chris Carpet 0405 107 506 Tile & Grout Cleaning

Helen & Dianne

Balloon Decorators

0408 667 916 ons - Decks / Pergolas • Decks / Pergolas • All 0437 Carpentry 970 513 • Bathrooms • Insurance Work 557 548 or 4774 9618 burbs • 30 Years work Experience • 1300 oms - Insurance BUILDER BUILDER CELEBRANT bs 30B &Yrs Experience Pamela Noal ABN 41586176397 Licence 238922C M DAVIES BUILDING PTY LTD Locally owned & operated. On time, every time. Quality work at competitive prices.

Specialising in all Residential Work 5 107 506






Reflections To Share, 4/06/2013 Celebrancy Services

Weddings Namings Celebration of Life: Funerals

0447 778 870

‘Ensuring you a personal and sincere service’


DESIGN • INSTALL• MAINTAIN • Lighting & Power Points • TV & Phone Outlets • Smoke Alarms • 3 in 1 Heaters & Ceiling Fans • Stove & Hot Water 4:33:18• PM24 Hr Emergency Service Available Visit our website for detailed information about our services

Call 4737 9990 or 0423 877 630 Lic No 205620C

Seniors Card accepted!



- Extensions / Renovations - Decks / Pergolas - All Carpentry - Bathrooms - Insurance work Free Quotes All Suburbs 30 Yrs Experience

Chris 0405 107 506 Licence 238922C ABN 41586176397

Licence 238922C

FLYER DISTRIBUTION “Spread the Word” Glenmore Park & Regentville Letterbox Distribution

0416 334 226


1 Hr. = 3 in Logbook

Manual / Auto Vehicles Pre Test Evaluation and Report Late Model vehicles Dual Controlled Structured Lessons Air Conditioned, Packages Available Patient and Hassle Free 6 am till 6 pm

0410-727-890 Safety Is No Accident

14 August 2013

less than $1 per day Phone: 4733 0792




FLYER DISTRIBUTION “Spread the Word” Glenmore Park & Regentville Letterbox Distribution

• Garden design • Hedges & pruning • Landscaping • Weed control • Lawnmowing • Fertilising • Edges to envy • Free quotes • Rubbish removal • Friendly service • Domestic & commercial jobs • Over 20 years’ experience

Call Glen on

0404 216 727

logo.pdf 1 16/07/12 “I treat your garden like my own.”

PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY – WORKSHOP/LESSON Join Harry on a Photography WorkShop/Lesson and learn how to use your DSLR Camera to take great photos. 11:10 PM

For more details please contact Harry on 0425 828 955 or visit his website.




0416 334 226


Your Lawn Care Specialists Save water with Coochie and enjoy a healthy green lawn Your Lawn Care Complete Specialists balanced liquid lawn fertiliser

Weed Control eg. bindi, clover etc and army worm control logo.pdf

Services: Handyman High Pressure Cleaning Painting Building Repairs Window Cleaning Carpentry Work

0425 204 130

Phone: 4733 0792



11:10 PM

with Coochie and enjoy a healthy green lawn

Fabian Gemin 0401 701 322 Services Reflex Plumbing Freecall 1800 245 955 251075C C



Fabian Gemin

0401 701 322

Freecall 1800 245 955

Southern Sun Painting & Decorating

All painting work domestic & commercial

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Fully Licensed & Insured FreeKowalczuk Quotes - No Paul Lic.Obligation No. 191875C Paul Kowalczuk Lic No. 191875C Mb: 0408 741 548 Mb: 0408 741 548 C





• Consultation • Construction - design • Stone Mason • Retaining Walls • Rockeries • Water Features • Paving • Pergolas • Maintenance • Timber Decks


We treat all types of lawns. Talk to us about our lawn care program. PLUMBING

We treat all types of lawns Talk to us about our lawn care program


less than 50c per day


Complete balanced liquid lawn fertiliser grub Weed Control eg. bindi, cloverBeetle, etc Save Beetle, grub and army worm control water

PEST CONTROL • Pre-purchase & Termite Inspection • Termite Specialist • Domestic & Commercial Pests • Friendly, local pest controller with 15years experience


Tim Franklin p: 4774 0802 m: 0430 334 186 e: CMY






Licenced Plumber, Drainer, Gasfitter/ LPG/backflow/TMV

All aspects of plumbing maintenance • local plumber • leaking taps • toilets • hws • broken pipes • blocked drains • camera tests • pensioner discounts • • FREE quotes • 24hr service • For all your plumbing needs call... (m) 0404 478 487 (p) 4737 8302 (e)


• 8 sizes of bins available from 2m to 9m cube • 1.5m Asbestos Hazibags available • Credit card & mobile eftpos for your convenience • $10 off any bin or bag when mentioning this ad

Free Call 1300 654 006



4733 5513 0418 645 582 Licence 140803C & 155424C

Member of Landscape Contractor’s Association of NSW

15 August 2013


TAROT READINGS In store $35, Party 8+people $25pp 283 Great Western H/W Emu Plains 2750

Deirdre 0406 171 879


4777 4898





1kg tub


a bottle





(Squeezed from 100% Australian Oranges)

312 Third Ave, Llandilo 16 August 2013


a bunch

Jordan Springs Gazette August 2013  

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