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June 12 - June 18, 2014

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Volume 13 Issue 43



Are we discarding our youth?

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2 | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | District Chronicles

Summer employment for youth has been down over the past decade and has impacted minorities disproportionately.

By Julianne Malveaux ( – As young people graduate from high school, or finish the school year as sophomores and juniors, they begin to search for summer jobs. For the past several summers, the jobs have not been there, and this summer will be no different. It is true that economists are projecting a better employment situation for the college graduates who are entering the labor market now. At the same time, those high school graduates who must save money for college incidentals or for other needs will have a hard time fining work. According to the Brookings Institution, in the years between 2000 and 2011 in the top 100 metropolitan areas, White youth had an official unemployment rate of 15.9 percent in April, while African-American youth had a rate of 36.8 percent, more than twice that of Whites. These are just the official numbers. The unofficial numbers would suggest that a third of White youth, and about 70 percent of Black youth, are out of work. Many have little concern, choosing to focus on adult unemployment. And certainly, when adults are supporting families their employment situations are of greater concern. But in addition to earning money, the 16-19 year old population benefits from summer jobs because they learn work habits, such as promptness and appropriate dress, when they are exposed to the labor market. Many who do not find summer

employment will find that later an employer will prefer someone who has worked to someone who had not. In the past, some city governments have provided resources to help put young people to work. In economic hard times (though some say they are improving), it is often easier for young people to find unpaid opportunities than those that generate income. That’s fine for those who can afford to work free, but there is a definite class bias when unpaid internships are considered. Those whose parents are moderate earners are more likely to be willing or able to work without pay. Yet unpaid internships are often stepping-stones to lucrative paid employment opportunities. The youth employment situation is dire, and it is all the more dire when our rhetoric about valuing youth is examined. How often have you been to an event focused on youth issues that played the Whitney Houston song, “The Greatest Love of All.” The song begins with the words, “I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” What are we teaching our youth when we fail to provide opportunities for them. We have made it more difficult for young people to find summer work, and more difficult for them to attend college, but very easy to fast track them into the criminal justice system. We are determining our nation’s future tomorrow by our actions today. All youth are not in the same

position. Race, class, and ethnicity shape the opportunities that young people are presented with. The offspring of the one percent certainly don’t have to worry about summer jobs or college costs. And some children of the one percent can murder with impunity. A Texas teen got probation for killing four people when he was so drunk that his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit. His defense said he suffered from “affluenza,”which means he had too much money to have any sense. The judge bought the bizarre argument. This summer, some will complain that young’uns playing with fire hydrants will bring water pressure down (so open the pools), or that youngsters gathering in the street are a nuisance (so open a playground). We’ll hear about literacy challenges (keep libraries open longer hours), and other ways that the young people who are out of school occupy themselves. Job creation, summer programs, and other links between school and work possibilities are all ways to connect our young people to opportunities. Our beloved ancestor Dr. Maya Angelou wrote “A Pledge to Rescue Our Youth” at Essence editor Susan Taylor’s request and it was read at the 2006 Essence Music Festival. These are the last lines of her charge, “You are the best we have. You are all we have. You are what we have become. We pledge you our whole hearts from this day forward.” We can’t afford to discard our youth.


Wanda’s on 7th hair salon reborn at Progression Place

Mayor Gray and Wanda Henderson cut the ribbon for the grand opening of her salon on 7th Street.

By Umarah Mughnee Contributing writer


n the Shaw area of Northwest D.C., 7th Street is changing. High rise condos, solidcore workout studios, chic bars and restaurants are pushing out old chicken joints and hair salons. But longtime Shaw businesswoman Wanda Henderson is seeing new opportunities. In June, she re-opened her salon as, Wanda’s on 7th Salon and Spa, right next to other new businesses catering to affluent young professionals taking residence in the Shaw Howard neighborhoods. Located at 1851 7th Street, NW, Wanda’s has the look of a chic luxury salon equipped with eight stylist stations, three barbers and provides spa services like facials and waxing, a make-up bar and manicure and pedicure services. This is the second time Henderson has done hair business in the same spot. From 2003 to 2010, Henderson was waving around flat irons and hair rollers in a two-story building. But city officials and developers decided to renovate every building at 7th and S Streets, NW, adjacent to the Shaw-Howard Metro station to make way for mixeduse high rises of office, retail, condos and apartment spaces. They dubbed the new development Progression Place.

While construction was going on, Henderson re-located her hair salon and barber shop to 2624 Georgia Ave, NW. Now that Progression Place is open for business, residences and entertainment, Wanda’s Salon and Barber Shop is back, too. It opened to returning and new customers June 5, with Mayor Vincent Gray cutting the ribbon. Wanda’s grand opening was part of Mayor Gray’s ribbon-cutting marathon that day involving new businesses along 7th and 9th street, including Fishnet Restaurant at 1819 7th St., NW and Appioo’s African Bar and Grill at 1924 9th St., NW. It was hard to tell what made the salon more comforting: the golden yellow walls or the joyous smiles that lined the faces of Henderson’s family, friends and business consultants that were there for support at the grand opening. Everyone was dressed to the nines, and it was obvious the warmth was not from the D.C. heat but from the hugs and laughs that were shared inside the salon. The salon is open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Prices for the services are set by individual stylists. Many residents around the area are excited to have Henderson back in the Shaw area. Close friend and interior designer, Trystin Kier

Francis, expects slight but positive change to the salon. “It went from a two-story salon to a salon of little over 1900-square feet,” said Francis. “It is a scale down, but also a scale up for the salon in terms of the services that she is going to be offering.” Long-time customer D. White expects the same excellent customer service Wanda’s is known for. Wanda’s always made him feel right at home, he said. “Wanda’s is an awesome choice for quality styles and cuts,” said White. “The stylists and barbers are great. This has been my spot for many years.” Gladys Kamau, business development specialist, has been working with Henderson for 10 years and was impressed by how far the salon has come. “I came in here last week, but seeing it today is remarkable to see it open with the power and the air on and all the equipment in here,” he said. “Especially, all the people in here to support her. “ Kamau took special note of the 10 new jobs at the new location. Tears streamed down Henderson’s face as she expressed her thanks to the many people that showed up to her grand opening. She even joked, “I hope that this won’t be the last time I see you in my place.”

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Neighborhood Metro Briefs: Notable news in and around Washington District of Columbia

Make Sunday a Fit Father’s Day in Silver Spring

Rain delays first Lunchtime Music on the Mall performance

ilver Spring, MD – On Sunday, Fit Fathers Day will have little to do with ties, socks and cologne and will instead focus on the tools and mindset needed for long-term life enhancement. It’s important on Father’s Day, and each subsequent day, that dads and male role models spearhead this call to action by taking time out to engage in physical fitness and employ healthy food choices with their families. “The time has never been better for Fit Fathers Day to manifest, said and Fit Fathers Day founder Kimatni D. Rawlins. It’s time for men to step up in a new way to lead the ones they love. Powered by Fit Fathers Foundation and a host of sponsors, Fit Fathers Day asks the following commitment from fathers: < On June 15th, enjoy one hour of energetic activities with your family such as a 5K to 10K run, family bike ride, soccer, hiking, ball games, swimming or a simple walk through the park with nature. < Watch the Fit Fathers Day video PSA and post a picture and statement on our Facebook page on why you are committed to Fit

To mark the start of this season’s Lunchtime Music on the Mall, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) on Tuesday introduced a resolution honoring Lunchtime Music on the Mall, sponsored by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and the National Park Service. D.C. native Amadou Kouyate’s kick-off performance, originally scheduled for Tuesday, was postponed due to rain until Thursday from noon until 1:30 p.m. on the National Mall, by the Smithsonian Metro Station, at 12th St. and Jefferson Dr. SW. The performances, which will take place every Tuesday and Thursday during the lunch-time hours in the summer, will include gypsy jazz, indie pop, traditional North Indian classical music, acoustic soul, traditional Irish folk, West African percussion, classic rock and much more. The full list of the first month’s performers will be released shortly. “[Tuesday’s] rain notwithstanding, our Lunchtime Music on the Mall performances have begun the process of bringing the Mall

District of Columbia Health care, financial security top African American seniors concerns An AARP survey released last week shows that health care, education, financial security and the digital divide are among the most important social issues for African Americans aged 50 and older. The national survey, which included phone interviews with 650 respondents, demonstrates that while many older African Americans are optimistic that the country is moving in the right direction when it comes to issues such as health care, education and the digital divide, they are significantly less optimistic about finances, employ-


Fit Fathers founder Rawlins wants men to step up and make better health choices.

Fatherhood. Also, engage with Fit Fathers on Instagram, Twitter and Flickr using hashtags #FitFathersDay and #FitFathers. < Join Fit Fathers and Majic 102.3 for the Fit Fathers Day Social Workout on Sunday at 11am at the Silver Spring Civic Center (Veterans Plaza) in downtown Silver Spring (8525 Fenton Street). The free event, targeting the entire family, features exercise, games, activities, healthy snacks and a car and bike show presented by Auto Fit, Throttle Life and Automotive Rhythms. The fitness session will be led by Kimatni Rawlins and will include 100+ families interacting socially and physically for Fit Fathers Day. RSVP at < After Fit Fathers Day, continue to motivate your family with daily exercising, replace chips, cookies

and soda with fruits, water and freshly homemade juices. Cook more meals at home and eliminate fast food entirely. < Statistics show that over one third of children in the United States are obese and recent studies suggest that fathers have the most influence over what children eat and what they do. “Ultimately, nutritional eating, a conscious focus on overall wellness, and regular exercise will keep us all breathing easy, running further, swimming faster, cycling longer, and laughing harder,” added Rawlins. Fathers will be able to win prizes from BOSE audio and Mothers car care by posting pictures and videos of family fitness activities on Father’s Day using #FitFathersDay. For more information visit

ment and workforce discrimination. Lower levels of optimism related to finances and employment could directly impact their future retirement security. “In light of rapid population growth among multicultural communities, studies such as our African-American Social Issues Survey allow AARP to address the unique resource and service needs that have resulted from the demographic shift,” Edna Kane-Williams, AARP Vice President, Multicultural Markets and Engagement. “We realize that decisions like knowing when to claim retirement benefits, making health care choices, seeking employment and financial planning can be complex and different for everyone. AARP is working to provide all people with enough information to make the right choices for themselves and their families.”

Among the survey’s findings: < While the majority of African Americans 50+ considered all of the social issues AARP asked about as being important, access to quality health care (91%), financial security (91%) and health care information (89%) were seen as most important. < When respondents noted more than one issue as extremely or very important, they were asked which of the issues was the single most important one. Access to high-quality health care was overwhelmingly viewed to be the single most important social issue-by one third (32 percent) of those who gave multiple responses. < Having a financially secure retirement was considered the second most important issue (cited by 16 percent of those with multiple answers), while access to high quality

4 | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | District Chronicles

Montgomery County

Kouyate will perform on the Mall on June 12.

alive for us – D.C. and regional residents who work near downtown,” said Congresswoman Norton. “Of course, we welcome the tourists too, but we especially want office workers, as well, to see the Mall as theirs and as a respite during lunch hours from the typical hustle and bustle of the Washington workday.” Norton’s resolution acknowledges the work of National Parks Service in bringing weekday musical activities to the Mall, a provision originally in Norton’s National Mall Revitalization and Designation Act, which the NPS has implemented administratively. The resolution also recognizes the Mall as a national treasure and a natural showcase for D.C. and regional musical acts.

The report showed that seniors in the area were also concerned about the digital divide.

education was the third most important issue (cited by 14 percent of those with multiple answers). < Optimism is lowest for employment-related issues, with employment discrimination based on age (44 percent) and race (45 percent), access to better employment opportunities (48 percent) and having a financially secure retirement (a byproduct of employment) garnering lower optimism levels relative to health, technology and education-

related issues. Complete survey results can be viewed here. AARP currently offers extensive resources, including free webinars on Social Security and retirement planning, employment search and networking through Life Reimagined for Work, health care information through the AARP Health online portal and technology training at AARP TEK. For more information on AARP tools and resources, visit

Divine Intervention

NAACP’s Brooks will walk thin line on same sex marriage

( -The newly selected NAACP president, the Rev. Cornell William Brooks, indicates he will walk a thin line in order to defend the NAACP’s stance on same-sex marriage and keep his ordination as a minister in the African American Episcopal Church (AMEC). That’s because while the NAACP’s 64-member board, two years ago, voted to support “marriage equality” -- marriage between people of the same gender -- the AME church’s Board of Brooks (left) says he does not see a conflict between the NAACP’s position on same-sex marriage and his religious views. Bishops has voted emphatically against it. When the NAACP followed by to eliminate discrimination in this Brooks, a fourth generation officially announcing its position country, and we will always welordained minister who is an as- May 19, 2012, at least one NAACP come diverse voice at our table.” sociate minister at the Turner president, an ordained minister, The AME Church Discipline Memorial AME Church in Hyatts- resigned because of it. states as follows: “The AMEC beville, Md., said he sees no conflict The Rev. Keith Ratliff, then lieves that unions of any kind bebetween the opposing views and president of the NAACP Iowa- tween persons of the same sex or that he will be prepared to fully Nebraska conference and pastor gender are contrary to the will of address his position during the of Maple Street Missionary Baptist God. Therefore, the AMEC strictly NAACP annual convention in Las Church in Des Moines, Iowa, re- prohibits and forbids any AMEC Vegas July 19-23. signed from the organization “due clergy person, licensed and/or or “This role is one of civil rights to the NAACP’s position and sup- dained from performing or particileadership; not necessarily one of a port of same-sex marriage,” quotes pating in or giving any blessing to theological authority,” Brooks said Charisma News in June 2012. any ceremony designed to result in an interview in any pairwith the Trice ing between Edney News persons of the Wire. “I want same sex gento be clear that der, including, people of faith but not limited are still citi– Roslyn Brock, NAACP Chairman on marriage equality to, marriage or zens of this Recivil unions.” public and it is In an not inconsistent to recognize the NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. interview days after his appointrights of gays and lesbians under Brock, responded then in a state- ment, Brooks who leaves his role the Constitution that protects Af- ment issued to Charisma: “The as president and CEO at the New rican Americans, Latinos, Asians NAACP strongly affirms his per- Jersey Institute for Social Justice and everyone else.” sonal convictions as we do the re- based in Newark, ticked off a list of He concluded, “I don’t find any ligious conscience of all people as civil rights, educational, economic irreconcilable differences between protected under the First Amend- and criminal justice issues that are me honoring my faith tradition, ment … The constitution of the high on the NAACP agenda, he which prohibits me from marrying NAACP states that our mission is indicated that he looks forward to – not only people of the same gen- to ensure the political, educational, further discussion on the issue of der – but people who are in fact social and economic equality of all marriage equality. divorced.” He pointed out that the people. He stated: “I just don’t see a AMEC discipline is also against re- “ … We affirm that civil mar- conflict ... If we are willing to talk marriage of divorced people. But riage is a civil right, and our to conservatives who disagree divorce and remarriage is not an support for marriage equality is with some of the NAACP’s posiissue before the NAACP. consistent with equal protection tions or liberals who disagree with The same-sex marriage issue under the law provided by the some of the NAACP’s positions, has been a stickler in the Black Fourteenth Amendment of the why can’t we be in conversation community; especially in the Black United States Constitution,” said and in dialogue with people who church, particularly since Presi- Brock. “We understand that there disagree with our position on mardent Obama announced his sup- will sometimes be differences of riage equality even as we defend port for it in the spring of 2012. opinion in our ongoing struggle it?”

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           

By Hazel Trice Edney

We affirm that civil marriage is a civil right ...




         

    

   

     

     

                           

                    

               

                

                  

          

                       

                      

        

                                   

            

                                                                           

   


 


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District Chronicles | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | 5

Cover A broken home doesn’t mean I’m broken By Amylia Johnson Howard University News Service


Robert Eubanks/District Chronicles

t 7 years old, I ran to my mother with a bright smile. Anticipation and satisfaction curled in my stomach as I handed her a picture I drew. She turned to me, pausing from her cleaning to look at the drawing of us with my father as awkward brown figures holding hands. I remember having watched a show where a young girl drew a similar picture. She ran over and showed it to her fictional parents who smiled, laughed and hugged the girl. Instead, my mom sighed. “I wish we could be like this for real,” my mother said before turning back to her cleaning, humming a gospel song as my father silently walked past the room and toward the basement. With startling numbness, I silently stalked off to my room and slowly crumpled my picture with shaking, marker-stained hands. Like many adult children on Father’s Day, I find myself reflecting on my life and my relationship with my father. Growing up, I have always been painfully aware of the strained relationship between my parents. They never married, but lived together from my birth until I was 10. They wanted to create a traditional family environment for my development that was healthy and wholesome. But, the cracks in this

arrangement were always visible: eating in silence, dodging questions about why they never slept in the same bedroom. When I was in fifth grade, I moved with my mother to Silver Spring, Md., feeling uncertain of what the separation would mean for my relationship with my father. I finally felt as if I could breathe when this happened, but a new fear replaced my old sadness. I stayed with my father every other weekend, a routine I still practice while studying at Howard University. Whenever my father said, “I’m sorry your life is so difficult,” I felt resentment and deep sadness. I wanted to shout: “If you don’t like it, why not help? Why not try and give me a proper family?” In high school, I realized that his words weren’t meant to be cruel or callous; they were just his way of saying he wanted better for me. Growing up in an estranged environment caused me to become anxious during tense situations and push away feelings of sadness rather than dealing with them. I escaped by locking myself away and reading or watching a movie. I’m fortunate that my father has always been part of my life. About 38 percent of fathers are denied any visitation with their children, according to Common Sense & Domestic Violence newsletter. Growing up in fatherless homes can lead to an increased chance that the child will face mental health is-

Amylia Johnson holds a drawing of an ideal family and reflects on how she copes with growing up in a broken home.

sues like depression and anxiety, according to Common Sense & Domestic Violence newsletter. The newsletter also notes that children who live in fatherless homes are likely to develop dysfunctional behavior and are:  4.6 times more likely to commit suicide;  6.6 times more likely to become teenaged mothers;  24.3 times more likely to run away;  15.3 times more likely to have behavioral disorders;

 15.3 times more likely to end up in prison while a teenager. Tricia Bent-Goodley, a social work professor at Howard University, points out that social workers commonly see children in environments with “really high stress and really low support.” “Anytime a child grows up in a house with these kinds of tense environments, how the child may view relationships, their ability to trust others -- and themselves to be quite honest -- are common issues children may develop,” said BentGoodley. Shaniece Andrews, a 20-yearold college student, experienced

her parents divorce and it gave her an unholy view on marriage. “The separation made me realize that it doesn’t matter if you marry someone or not; a man can walk out of your life any day,” she said. Although a dark shadow follows the words broken home, it does not mean that I’m broken. Like Bent-Goodley explained, every person’s healing will be unique, just as every experience and perception is unique. Adult children like me or Andrews should never feel shame for being born into my parents’ battle. Amylia Johnson is a junior majoring in public relations at Howard University.

Time to break the cycle of absent fathers For many adults, the times spent with their fathers are among their most treasured memories. Today, however, as many as one in three children in America live in a home where a biological father is not present. The reasons for paternal absence can vary. Fathers may stay distant from a child out of fear of being inadequate or failing the child. Despite difficult circumstances, in many cases there are solutions that allow fathers to maintain an important presence in their children’s lives. The following are many of the common reasons for fathers’ absences along with guidance on how to help resolve the situation,

provided by Dr. Janet Taylor, an author and community psychiatrist. Guilt: Many fathers have guilt for not having the financial means to buy things for their kids. Fathers need to understand their children love them because they are their father and not because of the “things” they give them. “A father’s time and involvement in a child’s life is a true gift,” said Taylor. “Give the gift of your time and it will mean the world to them.” Family Conflict: Disputes among family members may also keep a father away. When conflicts arise

6 | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | District Chronicles

with a mother, grandparents or other family members, a child should know he or she is not the problem, cautioned Taylor. Doubts about paternity can be an especially trying source of family conflict. A paternity test can help eliminate this uncertainty. To help address paternity questions, Identigene offers an affordable DNA paternity test kit that is sold in drug stores and supercenters and is 100 percent accurate. Taylor advocates for fathers to make an effort to spend time with their children in the midst of conflict, even if circumstances dictate that time together is in a group setting rather than one-on-one.

Failed Personal Connections: Another reason a father might stay away is the result of a lack of a father figure in his own life. Taylor calls parenting the ultimate “onthe-job training.” She recommends working to make a connection to break the cycle from repeating in the next generation. “Fathers also need to recognize their value in their kids’ lives,” said Taylor. A recent survey sponsored by Identigene found that most Americans who are looking to address a paternity issue understand there are many benefits of having a biological father in a child’s life, including providing the child with a sense of family and self (73 per-

cent), enhancing the child’s self-esteem (70 percent) and offering the child with a masculine parental figure (69 percent). According to, children who do not have a father figure in their life are more likely to endure financial hardship, use drugs, quit school or engage in criminal behavior. “This data serves as a testament that a father’s active participation does make a difference,” said Taylor. “Hopefully it encourages those fathers who have not had a role in their child’s life to develop a bond that can truly re-shape a young person’s entire childhood.” For more information, visit www.


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President Johnson signing the Medicare bill, one of several legacy efforts to assist the poor that are under attack today.

By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. ( -- Fifty years later, former President Lyndon Johnson got the tribute he more than earned. Four presidents praised his contribution. The Great Society, the War on Poverty, Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act opened doors that had been locked. “I lived out the promise of LBJ’s efforts,” said President Obama, rejecting the cynicism of those who would dismantle Medicare and food stamps, signature LBJ achievements. Bill Clinton praised LBJ for demonstrating “the power of the presidency to redeem the promise of America.” Getting our history right is vital. For decades, LBJ’s achievements have been slighted. Liberals scorned him because of the war in Vietnam, and finally drove him to not seek re-election. Conservatives loathed him because of the Civil Rights achievements, with Republicans moving to displace Democrats as the party of the South. The War on Poverty, which dramatically reduced poverty in America, was dismissed as a failure, as the anger of the cities exploded. New Democrats dismissed him for believing in big government, as they tacked to a conservative era. In fact, as the Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas, recognized last week, Johnson was a giant, standing with Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln as presidents who saved

America. Under Johnson, the scourge of segregation was finally ended, and equal protection under the law moved from a lie to a promise. Millions were lifted from poverty, as the poor were provided a ladder up out of despair. Johnson’s reforms -- civil rights, voting rights, immigration, Medicare, child nutrition, food stamps and more -- were nearly as great as those of FDR, and never matched since. Johnson was propelled by a massive movement for civil rights, as Americans moved at the courage and dignity of ordinary heroes willing to stand up or sit down, protest or march, suffer abuse and jail for their rights. He was helped by allies like Rev. Martin Luther King. In the wake of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, he had a legacy that he could invoke. But his leadership, passion, energy and skill were indispensable. President Obama invoked one of LBJ’s famed lines: “what the Hell is the presidency for if not to fight for causes you believe in?” Acknowledging Johnson’s greatness in our rearview mirror is important in part because it may help our vision looking forward through the windshield. Today, America is more unequal than ever. Our schools are segregated, by race and by class, separate and unequal. We rank second to the lowest among industrial nations in the assistance we provide to the poor. In LBJ’s time, we enjoyed a

broad middle class — for many, there were good jobs and good benefits. Now the middle class is sinking; we suffer mass unemployment with the jobs that are being created too often low pay and part time. The millennial generation is graduating into the worst economic straits since the Great Depression. And across the country, basic rights are under assault. State after state, particularly across the South, are passing measures to suppress voting -- limiting voting days, ending Sunday voting, demanding voter ID, stripping the right to vote from people charged with nonviolent drug offenses who have served their time, and more. The Supreme Court has weakened the Voting Rights Act, and is rolling back affirmative action. Republicans in the Congress want to turn Medicare into a voucher, gut Medicaid and turn it into a block grant, slash food stamps, Pell grants and other support for the vulnerable. A detailed analysis by the Center of Budget and Policy Proposals finds 69 percent of the cuts in the budget just passed by Republicans in the House come from programs from poor and low-wage workers. We do well to honor President Johnson. He understood the power of government to make America better. But it is not enough to honor his legacy. It is time to stir ourselves, as he pushed himself, to not simply defend his contributions, but to extend them to meet the challenges of our day.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 52 weeks a year. Visit

Call 202-806-9401 to advertise in the District Chronicles. District Chronicles | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | 7


Digital ‘spring cleaning’ tips help prevent cyber crime

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8 | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | District Chronicles

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There are steps you can take to reduce your cyber footprint online and your chances of being a victim of cyber crime.

(BPT) - Every day, more than 1 million people become victims of cyber crime, according to the 2013 Norton Cyber Crime Report. The Heartbleed bug, which attacked vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software, put even more people at risk of hackers accessing their personal information shared on many websites. In 2013, the Target Corporation data breach affected 110 million customers. Yet, according to Norton, nearly 50 percent of tablet and smartphone users continue to neglect basic precautions such as passwords, security software or back-up files to secure their mobile devices. It is only a matter of time until the next digital bug or retailer data breach. To protect yourself, cyber security experts recommend “spring cleaning” your cyber footprint. “Many people don’t realize that everything they do is being tracked online,” says Ed Hill, Web application consultant and professor in the College of Engineering and Information Sciences at DeVry

University. “Consumers should take precautionary steps to clean up their cyber footprint for their own cyber safety.” Hill offers tips for consumers to clear or secure their cyber footprint and avoid a cyber crime:  Delete abandoned accounts and review your apps. If you’re no longer active on a website, delete your account - and the personal data it holds - to prevent your information from being used or sold. Additionally, there is no reason for apps on your phone to have access to your information.  Use the “Do Not Track” feature of your browser. The feature informs websites you visit that you wish to opt-out of tracking. Think of this as a digital “do not call” list. This is not a perfect solution because it is up to the website managers to decide if they will honor this request. However, it can help reduce the number of websites tracking your information. For information on how to configure

your browser in this way, visit  Use your browser’s “private mode.” This makes it more difficult for sites to track your movement around the Web. Using private mode can help keep tracking cookies off your computer. Visit for additional details.  For the safest browsing, use the Tor network. Originally sponsored by the U.S. Navy for the primary purpose of protecting government communications, Tor is currently developed by a not-for-profit organization and supported by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. State Department. Tor is used to keep websites from tracking users. Visit to download Tor for free. “Taking proactive steps to manage the information available and tracked about you online is the best way to protect against cyber crime,” says Hill.






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In the Neighborhood

Metro Briefs: Notable news in and around Washington District of Columbia Howard University mourns loss of legendary professor, publisher


Jerome Reid/Richrmond Free Press

hen Howard University alumni and staff discuss legendary journalism professors, Raymond H. Boone Sr. tops the list. Boone, 76, who died on last week after battling pancreatic cancer, taught at Howard for nearly a decade before starting the award-winning Richmond FreePress in 1992. He was revered as a tough educator who challenged his students, emphasizing excellence and ethics. “We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Ray Boone, publisher, editor and teacher, who had a profound impact on the Black press, and the national media, using the printed word to convey vital information in the lives of African Americans,” said Gracie Lawson-Borders, Ph.D., and Dean of the School of Communications. A Pulitzer Prize juror, Boone received his Bachelor’s in journalism at Boston University and a Master’s in political science at Howard University. Funeral services are pending, and a memorial is being planned in Washington, D.C. Boone is survived by his wife, Jean, and two children, Regina and Raymond Jr. “Professor Boone was a luminary,” said Naomi Travers, editor-in-chief of Howard’s campus newspaper, The Hilltop. “He was the best journalism professor I had at Howard and one of the best professors I’ve had university-wide, hands down.” “I had his copy editing class while at Howard – tough class; great professor,” said Christopher Cathcart, president of the One Diaspora Group. “We can all remember a handful of instructors from our college years who made a real impact; Ray Boone was one of them for me.” Bishetta Merritt, Ph.D., interim chair of the Department of Media, Journalism and Film, said, “my

Boone started the Richmond Free Press in 1992.

fondest memories are of working with him on writing a set of bylaws that would address the needs of journalists, scholars and practitioners. He was a phenomenal colleague, a dedicated newsman and an excellent teacher. He made the material come alive.” Clint C. Wilson II, Ph.D., emeritus professor of journalism and Communication, Culture and Media Studies, said, “Ray was the epitome of a journalistic advocate for African Americans and he spared no one – Black, White or otherwise – in his vigorous pursuit of justice and equality for all citizens.” Time and Black Enterprise magazines praised Boone as a pioneering role model for the Black press. Boone, who was inducted into the Virginia Communications Hall of Fame in 2000, was an international correspondent for the National Newspaper Publishers Association and also worked for the Norfolk Journal and Guide, the Quincy Patriot-Ledger and the Suffolk News-Herald, his hometown paper. “I was aware of his reputation as a no-nonsense journalist of character and integrity,” said Lawrence Kaggwa, Ph.D., who hired Boone when he was chair of the Department of Journalism. “He inspired me to start the District Chronicles,” a community newspaper serving the Washington region. “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

said, ‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,’” noted Hazel Trice Edney, president of the Capital Press Club, who teaches journalism at Howard and was part of Boone’s “boot camp” at the Richmond Free-Press. “By pushing beyond the limits, he used the pen to tear down vestiges of White supremacy, to open doors for the left out, and he fearlessly confronted injustices and racism wherever they raised their ugly heads,” said Edney. “He dedicated his life to this cause.” John William Templeton, another Boone boot camp survivor and Howard alumnus, evoked the founders of Freedom’s Journal, the first Black newspaper. “I celebrate Ray Boone on his passing for continuing to pass the torch that John Russwurm and Rev. Samuel Cornish lit in 1827 when they proclaimed, ‘We wish to plead our own cause,’” he said. Greg E. Carr, Ph.D., JD, chair of Howard’s Department of AfroAmerican Studies, put Boone’s legacy in a global perspective. “He did more than capture the spirit of our people,” Dr. Carr explained. “He held a mirror to our community so that we’d never forget what and who we are and what we must still do and be. There is no higher aspiration or accomplishment for the chronicler.”

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District Chronicles | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | 11

In the Neighborhood Metro Briefs: Notable news in and around Washington District of Columbia Teen tech wonders showcase their stuff


projects. Yohance Maquebela, executive director of (MS)2, is a staunch believer that students of color can excel in STEM disciplines if given the right opportunities. “I am very excited about this opportunity to participate in the Clearly Mobile Innovation Challenge,” said Maquebela. “Working with professionals, and in particular, entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, exposes our students to information and expert instruction that they might not otherwise get. It also gives them a chance to work on a real-world project with real-world results. This pilot is the perfect fit for our school, where the majority of our students go on to major in STEM subjects in college.” Aaron Saunders, president of Clearly Innovative, LLC, one of the few mobile solutions companies headed by an African American, is confident that he can make a last-

tudents of the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science ((MS)2) brought their ideas to life and showcased entrepreneurial skills when their school hosted the second annual Clearly Mobile Innovation Challenge (CMIC) last week. The CMIC is the culmination of the year-long Startup Middle School Program that was supported by the school’s relationships with Comcast and Clearly Innovative, Inc. The initiative grew from the collective efforts of a group of entrepreneurs and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals who wanted to create a project that could expose students of color to oppor-

tunities in tech entrepreneurship. The key technology partner for Startup Middle School is Clearly Innovative, Inc., the providers of cross-platform mobile solutions, leveraging a combination of the Appcelerator Framework, Objective-C and Java. Startup Middle School harnesses, develops and promotes the talent that already exists within American middle school classrooms to create a new generation of innovative global technology leaders. At (MS)2, the program entails the development of a custom mobile technology curriculum and competition to engage and motivate 40 middle school students from economically-challenged backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM. The students will present their ideas to a live audience and a distinguished panel of judges for the chance to win a special trip, and potentially find investors for their

Startup Middle School curriculum and competition at (MS)2 encourages student interests in the STEM field challenging them to develop mobile apps to solve real-world problems.

ing impact with his involvement in the CMIC. “When I first started my company in 2009, there was a lack of professionals of color in my field. Unfortunately, not much has changed, four years later,” said Saunders.

“However, after working with the program for over a year, I now see that the students can design and build mobile apps that solve real-world problems. In fact we are helping two of our teams to negotiate deals to produce their apps.”

Call 202-806-9401 to advertise in the District Chronicles. 12 | Jun. 12 - Jun. 18, 2014 | District Chronicles

District Chronicles V13 Issue 43  

The District Chronicles features local news and issues related to personal finance, politics, health, technology, student life, spiritual fa...

District Chronicles V13 Issue 43  

The District Chronicles features local news and issues related to personal finance, politics, health, technology, student life, spiritual fa...