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Why Nelson might have been born in October. ADVERTISING FEATURE

Nelson’s birthday is, of course, 29th September 1758 but for a massive change to the way we approach dates, then Nelson would, indeed, have been born in October. The change came in 1752 when in Britain we abandoned the use of the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar, is much more accurate than the Julian calendar which was 365.25 days long. In the Gregorian calendar we have a leap year every four years, which keeps our year very close to the astronomical year. So, in 1752 it was decided to adopt the Gregorian calendar and a consequence of this was that the 3rd September instantly became the 14th September. Add the 11 days that were lost in the change to the slightly longer year length and 6 years later Nelson would have been born on the 12th October.

September can be a bad Month! People took to the streets to protest against the loss of 11 days outraged by the taxes they would pay and lose. The 2nd to the 6th September in

1666 saw the Great Fire of London with a loss of 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches, St Paul’s Cathedral and most of the buildings of the City Authorities. September the 11th 2001 saw the horrific and tragic events in New York when terrorists flew two planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre with the loss of almost 3,000 people. What is interesting about these losses is not so much the losses themselves, (tragic though they were), but the time it took to recover. Take, for example, the change of the calendar from the Julian to the Gregorian, people protested so much about the loss of 11 days, that the Treasury had to move the beginning of the tax year from the 25th March to the 5th April, and it wasn’t until 1800 that they had to move it again to the 6th April to cater for a leap year that would have existed in the old Julian system. Following the Great Fire of London it took 10 years for most of the area where the fire had taken place to be rebuilt. Some parish churches were built some time later, but the main sites and houses had been rebuilt. The horrific events of 9/11 are still being felt today. The construction of the replacement buildings is not scheduled to be completed until 2016 and the project is currently running late.

Recovery Time is Important So why is the recovery time important? The treasury lost a lot of money when changing the beginning of the tax year because they effectively lost 11 days of tax. The Great Fire of London made 65,000 people homeless and, whilst most were found accommodation


very quickly, the costs of rebuilding over 10 years were huge. The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security estimates that 9/11 cost $2 trillion! In business, recovery time is incredibly important. It is said that 80% of businesses that are affected by a major incident never reopen, or close within 18 months. That’s quite a statistic! Disasters come in many forms, are rarely a ‘smoking hole in the ground’, and more often happen somewhere else, but affect your business. At MigSolv, our customers choose to colocate with us because we are experts at mitigating the impacts of disaster. Some customers choose to put their IT equipment in our facility because it is an environment built specifically for this reason, others as a disaster recovery provision and others because they see huge business potential in trading with others in our community. Whatever your reasons for coming to us, your data is safe in our hands. If you would like to know more about how we can help you make the most out of our data centre, why not call us on 0845 251 2255 or email us at



Big and small Norfolk Chamber members are driving the local economy. Examples of their exciting news can be found throughout this magazine. In addition in this issue we are highlighting the successes of our smaller members page. The Chamber has an exciting new events programme starting in September to suit businesses both big and small. Our new Chamber Sessions series launches with our September Session ‘be better@online’, followed by our new style Sessions over breakfast from October . The new and very exciting B2B Exhibition shows how you can do business better, so you need to be among the best. Influencing Government Minsters is a key role of Chamber members and an Audience with a very Senior Government Cabinet Minister is organised for November, no prizes for guessing who this will be! Finally our new style November Business Conference - with attitude. BIG THINKING is an event not to be missed if you feel your business has what it takes. Full details page 45. A change of leadership is always exciting and we hear in our interview slot from the new British Chamber of Commerce President, Nora Senior. Nora is a very dynamic business woman and brings with her great energy. We are delighted that she will be one of a very strong line up of keynote speakers at the Norfolk Chamber Big Thinking conference in November. Apprenticeships are at last getting positive press comments and for good reason. We are extremely fortunate in Norfolk that the County Council are supporting local smaller businesses by supplementing the national funding from the National Apprenticeship Service. If additional resource could help your business, taking on an apprentice makes good business sense. We can help make it easy through our broker scheme. Find out how page 41. We can help you do business, better.




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Caroline Williams CEO Norfolk Chamber of Commerce





New Gold Patron for Chamber.

Ian Hacon President-Elect of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

I can’t believe two years have nearly passed since Davina Tanner took over as President of the Norfolk Chamber, and here I am writing my first article as I am about to take over. I would personally like to thank Davina for her hard work and passion during her presidency. I’ve been involved directly and indirectly with the Chamber for many years now and have been on the board since 2009. During that time we have seen a lot of change in both the wider economy and within the Chamber and the business support arena. As a Chamber we need to continue to be nimble and make sure that we offer the very best value to our members, but also be able to evolve in this ever changing space. In my own organisation, Blue Sky Leisure, we are going through our own journey, as we have launched our famous burger brand, Zaks, for franchising, and also need to take care to not take our eye off the ball of the rest of the business. I can correlate that journey with that of Norfolk Chamber. Franchising is about systemising your approach so that a very small team can deliver an enormous amount and deliver a consistently high quality without damaging the brand. That is the likeness I compare to the Chamber. Caroline works with a very small team, but they have to think and act like a big company and are constantly in the eye of lots of businesses who have very high expectations. This is where I think I can add the most value in my presidency working with Caroline and the team to maximise the opportunities and help keep the Chamber at the forefront of peoples’ minds as the first choice for networking and business support. New Anglia LEP have recently released their Towards a Growth Plan for consultation and I look forward to seeing how Norfolk Chamber can work with them in delivering some of their ambitious plans. There are some very exciting times ahead and I look forward to working with you all as the Norfolk Chamber continues to deliver. Ian Hacon

Howes Percival has become the latest company to become a Chamber Gold Patron. The other Norfolk Chamber Gold Patrons are Aviva, Bernard Matthews, EDF, Greater Anglia and Norse. Andrew Barnes, Senior Partner said “We are delighted to support the Norfolk Chamber and the crucial work it does in so effectively representing the business community in our area and helping businesses to succeed.” “I especially admire the Chamber’s commitment to young people, and the unlocking of their potential, by its championing of apprenticeships and its focus on developing the link between business and education to create the skills base we need for the future.” Chris Perry, Membership Manager for the Norfolk Chamber said “We are delighted to welcome Howes Percival as a new Gold patron of the Norfolk Chamber. Their business passions and values match very closely our own objectives and with their support we can continue to champion apprenticeships and grow the opportunities for young people.”

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


Thetford firm reveals involvement in Robbie Williams’ tour.

As Robbie Williams’ Take The Crown Tour entered its final month, Thetfordbased engineering company Warren Services announced its involvement in the spectacular set. The company was commissioned to supply a series of trucks and structures, designed by Brilliant Stages, upon which were mounted seven iconic sculptures of Robbie Williams’ head, some over seven metres high. Warren Services has been chosen to be involved in the manufacturing and build process for the stage set of one of the UK’s greatest artists.

This is Robbie Williams’ first solo stadium tour since 2006 and it’s been described as “a two-hour, riproaring, high-octane live show.” William Bridgman, Managing Director at Warren Services, said: “We didn’t see the full plans to start with and once we were under way the project was rapidly added to.”

Chamber Staff BBQ.

“Because a lot of the build was carried out at our assembly site, we were able to see the true scale of the project, which was very exciting for our team. Our client Brilliant Stages, and parent company Prolyte, chose us for this high profile project because of our track record of delivering complex engineering solutions in short time frames. It was a real team effort.” Commercial Director Clive Poyner added: “We’ve got a fantastic team of 90 staff and most of them worked on the project at some point, day and night 24/7. We have a can-do mentality here at Warren Services that means our customers get great service and product.” Warren Services was established in 1989 and has an annual turnover in excess of £6m. It has recently purchased an additional 50,000 sq ft factory in Thetford to accommodate additional manufacturing processes and training facilities.

Glorious sunny weather and a Friday afternoon what else could we do... hold a Chamber Staff BBQ! Held at The Rivergarden in Norwich, the Norfolk Chamber staff relaxed and enjoyed a tasty treat.



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39



we speak your language‌

and we write it, too.

Technical expertise, years of experience, and a passion for language. These factors, allied to our attention to detail, ensure we deliver first-class foreign language documentation – translation at its best. Every year, we translate thousands of pages for the renewable and nuclear energy industries. Our customers know they can depend on our expert, efficient and friendly service. For your next translation project, please contact us.

After all, language is our business.

LINEA Network (UK) Ltd Beacon Innovation Centre Gorleston, Great Yarmouth NR31 7RA Tel. 01493 446520 Fax 01493 446521 LINEA Language & Information Network for Europe Kelterstr. 97 D-73266 Dettingen/Teck Germany Tel. +49 7021 509 6714 Fax +49 7021 509 6715


Tales from Westminster.

College in a class of its own.

John Longworth, Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, has never been one to pull his punches. He acts as the voice of business nationally and is not afraid to critique the Government when they fail to deliver.

Norwich architects Feilden + Mawson has helped put the West Norfolk-based National Construction College top of the class – and has a diploma to prove it.

An F+M team, led by partner Emily Barnston won the non-residential section of the 2013 Norfolk Association of Architects’ Craftsmanship Award for the high quality of work on the £5.2m first phase of the NCC redevelopment. It means another certificate for a well-decorated honours wall at F+M’s Ferry Road, Norwich offices. There were also certificates for main contractors Morgan Sindall and the college itself. Phase 1, consisting of two accommodation blocks, with state-of-the-art rooms for students and an energy centre with a cutting-edge biomass boiler, was opened by Henry Bellingham, MP for North West Norfolk. Emily Barnston was thrilled to be presented with the award by NAA President Philip Bodie at a presentation dinner at Barnham Broom Country Club. She said: “The funding process has been particularly challenging and it has taken several years of determined work to get the first phase completed. I am delighted the college and the county can now boast world-class facilities which are the envy of colleges everywhere.” “I’m very pleased we’ve been able to help a college which teaches and upholds the highest standards of modern construction to

demonstrate those principles in the way its own buildings are crafted.” Each student who stays in college accommodation will enjoy a modern airy en-suite room in which to work and relax, with quality furnishings including a desk, wi-fi access and flat-screen TV. Distinguished architect Mike Innes, on behalf of the judges, described the scheme as “well executed and coordinated…both in specification and execution.” “It was a tough environment where the care and thought put in was already paying a dividend in increased respect and tidiness for the rooms,” said Mr Innes. Emily Barnston’s F+M team has also produced the detailed drawings for Phase 2 – a third accommodation block – which is currently under construction. Funding is currently being sought for Phase 3, the provision of student support services. The National Construction Centre is the largest provider of construction training in Europe. The £27m masterplan for the redevelopment of the NCC’s former World War 2 airfield site was prepared by F+M.

In a statement John claimed that the key to economic recovery in 2013 lies at the feet of the Government and in order to make Britain dynamic again he gave the Government five changes to radically improve the business environment and deliver the confidence boost needed to kick-start growth. John commented: “We need a clear, agreed and long-term push to improve Britain’s business environment before we reach a point of no return – leading to decades of stagnation and further decline. Businesses around the country have the talent and innovation to deliver. The Government must adopt a belt and braces approach: support those businesses that are looking to venture into new markets by improving access to finance and reducing red tape, and focus on the businessmen and women of the future, through a training system that increases the employability of the young. Otherwise it could be a case of too little, much too late.” Hear John talk at our next Norwich business breakfast on 11 October at Norwich City Football Club as he tells us his Tales from Westminster, what's being discussed in our corridors of power at a national level and how this affects business locally.

Norfolk Chamber AGM.

The breakfast, sponsored by Steeles Law and hosted by their Managing Principal Stephen Drake, will provide a glimpse of what’s behind the closed doors of Westminster’s political scene for Norfolk businesses.

Notice is hereby given that the 117th Annual General Meeting of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be held at Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich on Friday 11 October 2013 with registration at

This breakfast will be followed by the Norfolk Chambers’ AGM from 09:30-10:30 and is open for all members to attend. Full details on this event can be found on

9.30am for commencement of the meeting at 9.45am. The Agenda and all relevant documentation will be posted on the Norfolk Chamber website 28 days prior to the date of the AGM.


The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition #B2B2B



ON01324 CoC B2B Exhibition 185x30 FP.indd 1

29/07/2013 14:38 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER JULY/AUGUST 2011 2013



MP encourages businesses to New challenge locate at Norwich Research Park. for Deborah. Norwich management consultancy, US2U Consulting Ltd, has been working closely with Clare College Cambridge to recruit a new Buildings Manager to provide an effective repair and long term maintenance programme for their buildings, some of which date back to 1326.

Mid-Norfolk MP George Freeman encouraged fledgling companies in the food, health and environment sectors to seize the opportunity to grow their businesses at the new Centrum building on Norwich Research Park.

The building could soon be home to twenty companies of up to ten staff. He made the call while standing on the top floor of the new £11.5 million building, due to open in Spring 2014. Centrum will form the hub of commercial research and development at the Norwich Research Park, Europe’s leading centre for research in food, health and the environment. Mr Freeman said: “The NRP is fast being recognised as a global centre of research and innovation in the ‘Life Sciences’; food, medicine and energy, three of the fastest growing markets in the world. By 2050 the world’s population will be at nine billion and we will need to nearly

double world food production with half as much energy, land and water. The NRP is pioneering the innovations and companies that will help us feed, fuel and heal the world.” “With Centrum at its heart and strong backing from the Government, Norwich Research Park could grow more than 5000 new jobs over the next twenty years.” Mr. Freeman was shown round the building under construction by Alan Giles, Project Director at Norwich Research Park. Alan said: “Centrum is going to be a superb meeting place for research and business. I have no doubt that some major breakthroughs in food, health and environmental sciences will become global success stories as Centrum helps to make NRP more attractive to investors, businesses and a world-class workforce.”

Deborah Hoy, pictured with Rachel Blackburn, Director of US2U Consulting, was appointed after a thorough recruitment and selection process. She is only the second female Buildings Manager to be appointed to such a role at a Cambridge College. Mick Petty, Steward of the College, said: “The College community is delighted with the result and consider that we have broken new ground in the way that we recruit key members of staff. I know that other Cambridge bursars are keen to see how the whole process went, including the psychometric assessment, and I will debrief them in due course.” Deborah said “I am excited to begin my new role in such a friendly College, having the chance to lead a team to manage such a diverse portfolio of old and new buildings and plan for the future.”

In 2011, the Government awarded BBSRC £26m to invest in Norwich Research Park to deliver innovation from the research base and generate economic growth and job creation. The investment will help to create and support new companies and jobs based on world-leading bioscience. Developments to the Park include: n New Centrum building and commercial space n New Enterprise Centre n Enhancements to the Innovation Centre n Improvements to the car parks, lighting, roads and IT infrastructure n Improvements to the highways around the Park n The addition of low-cost commercial space

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


Are the 2D black and white cubes taking over our cities due for a re-think?. Traditional QR (quick response) codes have had mixed reviews since rising to fame in modern day advertising. Haunting our streets, magazines and everything in-between, some people like them, many ignore them and others mistrust them. The question is: are the 2D black and white cubes taking over our cities due for a re-think?

Customised & Colourful Customised QR codes, a creative and colourful adaptation of the original QR code, help achieve a much better link-through rate than traditional codes. Colour and branding beats the ‘everyone’s got one’ look and gives scanners a much better indication of where the link is leading to. Customised QR codes also look a hundred times better within advertising - especially when colour and design integrates with the look and feel of a campaign. Despite this, pitching any sort of QR codes has been a challenge in a market rife with uncertainty, mixed awareness and negative PR (widespread stories of hoax codes linking to computer viruses for example).

Better, Faster, Stronger? In response to the QR code situation, several experts and tech-giants Samsung are paying close attention to an alternative: NFC (Near Field Communication) to rival QR codes. Technologically superior, NFC is a hot-topic right now among tech-circles and is demanding to be noticed. Superior – yes but there’s still the problem of education. In terms of consumers knowing what it does and what is can do for business. NFC wins on so many levels. Your QR code has a number of standard mobile challenges. Not all mobiles have inbuilt scanners and your consumer may well be challenged with ‘one step too far’ by not immediately being able to scan your carefully designed custom code with their phones’ scanner. Until all smartphones have a scanner feature, sadly you will always be up against it on this one. Enter the NFC tag. It looks like nothing else, comes with a short call to action (‘Tap Here’) and once you’ve tapped sends you to a destination associated with the original information. From a marketing perspective it’s brilliant and for an on-going basis – a cost saver.

There are endless possibilities. The user doesn’t have to search for info. No more wasted print costs. There’s an immediate two–way gratification - information shared and received. It’s win-win. With the technology improving by the day, NFC has the power to connect the public and for businesses to employ a quicker, more cost effective means of providing the customer with the information they are keen to share.

n You’re reading a promotional poster and NFC takes you to a promo video

Whatever you want to share with your customer, NFC can make it easier, quicker and cheaper.

n You’re at a meeting and NFC lets you download an event guide

Tap your business into the power of NFC.

n You’re at a railway station and NFC rings the local taxi service

Company stages another charity initiative. Norwich based industrial supplies company ESE Direct conducted its second charity day website poll of the year, and this time the winners were Peterborough-based Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus charity, SHINE. SHINE won a very close online poll and receieved a percentage of all ESE Direct online sales for Friday 28th June, adding up to a donation of £500. Each year, SHINE offers several opportunities for families and individuals to meet together so that they can receive training and share their experiences of living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

These events are held over a day or weekend, and are often the beginning of significant, lifelong relationships between participants. ESE Direct sells a vast range of products from workshop and storage equipment to site safety products, first aid kits and signs. Sales from their extensive e-commerce site www.esedirect.  and business mail order catalogue make up over 80% of their sales. The company has quadrupled its customer base over the last three years and plans are in place to reach £10 million turnover.



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39



Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex Customer Testimonials

Supporting Growth in Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex NatWest funding helps Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex Businesses Advance Vehicle Rental Norwich Asset finance

Advance Vehicle Rental provides car and van hire to private and business customers all over the UK. Expanding rapidly, the company needed to purchase more vehicles for the fleet and turned to NatWest and Lombard, the bank’s dedicated asset finance division, for funding assistance.

Totes Isotoner Billericay, Essex NatWest arrange lending facility provided by RBS Invoice Finance

Totes Isotoner, famous for Totes umbrellas, toasties socks and Isotoner slippers and gloves, has switched to NatWest to consolidate its financial support and increase facilities in line with the growth of the company.

Drove Orchards

North Norfolk Funding for the creation of two further retail units on-site, and also for the acquisition of a new chiller for the business’s apple juice production facility.

Based on the North Norfolk coast, Drove Orchards grows 150 different types of apple. Alongside its farm shop, the business also accommodates a number of independent retail outlets. Looking to expand and diversify further, with a butchers and an outdoor clothing shop, proprietor Andrew Jamieson sought funding through NatWest.

CH Carter Chelmsford

£70,000 business loan provided via the bank’s participation in Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme, making it free of any arrangement fees

Harvey Jones is a partner in the family farming business trading as CH Carter. In June 2012 he installed a 50kW solar power plant on his farm buildings and a 4kW domestic unit on an additional building to provide electricity for his mother’s house. The installations were achieved with funding from NatWest and, one year on, Harvey was celebrating his first solar ‘harvest’.

For further information, please contact Your Relationship Manager Please note that the FLS cannot be applied to overdrafts, or business credit cards. Usual lending conditions apply. Structured Finance and Real Estate Finance are excluded. The funding is available due to our participation in the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) and is limited to £2.5 billion, offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Security may be required for which a fee may apply. Over 18s only. ANY PROPERTY USED AS SECURITY, WHICH MAY INCLUDE YOUR HOME, MAY BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON A MORTGAGE OR OTHER DEBT SECURED ON IT Asset Finance is provided by Lombard North Central PLC. Registered Office: 3 Princess Way, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1NP. Registered in England No. 337004. Invoice Finance is provided by RBS Invoice Finance Limited. Registered in England No. 662221. Registered office: Smith House, Elmwood Avenue, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7QD

Anglian Archives can help with your document and data management.

Work inclusion - A corporate responsibility issue.

Are you running out of space? Secure offsite document storage and management with a rapid file or box retrieval service can save you precious time as well as valuable space. When you have finished with them, boxes or files are accurately re-filed or re-stored. When you have several colleagues who need regular access to the same files, then scanning of your documents in bulk is very effective. Alternatively offsite storage and scan-on-demand could be an economic method as only those documents needed are scanned as they are required. Scanning can be from large format A0 down to A4 and smaller, in black & white or full colour at a resolution to suit you. Typically documents are scanned to pdf format. Contact us today to benefit from our rapid bespoke service. Telephone: 01603 766404 18 Paddock Street, Norwich, NR2 4TW

Peter Hawes

With employment the undoubted key to sustainable prosperity in our communities, any business’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment should include removing barriers to work for those who have difficulty finding or maintaining employment. 50 Years transparency integrity

50 Years

surance specialists

insurance specialists


1958value 2008



Local Insurance Brokers offering a personal service to local businesses - large or small Free Advice & Consultation For All Types of Business Including Restaurants Shops n Guesthouses n Hotels

Offices Liabilities n Tradesmen n Motor Trade

Property Owners Fleets n Manufacturers







Helping Local Business Since 1958

transparencySmall, medium or large businesses can all get involved through the number of excellent programmes run by government agencies and integrity

value charities.

Barriers to work exist in a diverse range of groups, and a proactive approach in relation to employment and training is important, particularly for people in hard-to-reach groups such as those ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ (NEETS), the long-term unemployed, those with dependency issues, ex-offenders, care leavers and young people in the 18-24 age group with learning difficulties. Programmes vary but will typically include providing a work placement lasting anything between two to four weeks and a year, which, though immersion in the workplace environment and culture, help integrate education and the development of employability skills. Business may also be asked to provide mentors, coaches or work buddies to support individuals during their placements. Providing a robust and sustainable approach to supporting people into work and, importantly, keeping them there should surely be a responsibility of all employers. The commitment brings with it real business benefits such as reduction in recruitment and training costs, as the placements are often paid for or subsidised by national funding. It is also tangible and laudable recognition of a business’s commitment to the wider community.

Authorised & Regulated By The Financial Services Authority

01263 733313

0800 731 2449

38 Red Lion Street, Aylsham NR11 6ER |

Peter Hawes Managing Director Norse Commercial Services




Norfolk businesses give their opinions to Shadow Business Minister. Iain Wright, the Shadow Minister for Competitiveness and Enterprise at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills visited the Norfolk Chamber recently to listen to the views of Chamber members on topics including: access to finance; the proposed British Investment Bank; and what is holding back economic growth for Norfolk businesses. Overall the group thought that the idea of the British Investment Bank was good, but they stressed the importance of local infrastructure to ensure local market intelligence was taken into account and the new bank should be complementary to the existing banking system. The general consensus was that the British Chambers of Commerce proposed model, which recommends that the current banks be offered first refusal on the requested finance and, should they not be willing/able to facilitate the loan, then the British Investment Bank would consider the request. Everyone was adamant that the new bank should not be run by politicians. Asked about how valuable meeting local businesses was to him, Iain Wright said, “I am grateful to the Norfolk Chamber and businesses for meeting with me to discuss proposals for a British Investment Bank. Labour is keen to see firms with great ideas and business potential seek the access to finance they need to grow and produce more profits and employment

opportunities. We want our proposals to be business-focused and deal with the concerns that businesses have to deal with, and so the time I spent with the Norfolk Chamber was invaluable in ensuring that a British Investment Bank meets the needs of Norfolk businesses for the long-term.” Members also highlighted that many profitable local businesses were struggling to access finance, as the current banking regulations could prove to be very onerous and credit decisions often took too long. Members felt that the

changes in staffing levels/structures in the banks, meant that local bank managers no longer had regular interaction with the business community and therefore lacked key local knowledge. Caroline Williams, CEO of Norfolk Chamber highlighted the determination of Norfolk businesses to continue to forge ahead in challenging economic times - through innovation, hard work and diversification to ensure economic growth in Norfolk continues to flourish.

BFG calls for central funding point and expert advice to be made available. At a recent meeting of the Chamber’s Business & Finance Group (BFG) members noted that despite talk of ‘green shoots’ and ‘economic recovery’, it was still difficult to see where this was happening on a widespread basis in Norfolk. The high street banks advise that lending is increasing, but the overall feel from local businesses is that this was happening in isolated pockets. Businesses are still finding it very challenging when talking to their banks regarding overdrafts, particularly as the majority of applications are based on credit scores and there is less personal discretion from the local branches of banks.

A discussion took place regarding the myriad of funding options that are available to Norfolk businesses and how accessible and understandable that information was. It was noted that there are many funding options, all with different eligibility criteria, which can lead to confusion amongst the businesses as to which was the right option for them. The BFG members discussed the ‘Towards a Growth Plan’ document from the New Anglia LEP (NALEP), particularly the Access to Finance section which was covered under the Supporting Business chapter. The BFG suggested that all the funding option data should be available

from a central hub, for which the NALEP would be ideally placed, and this ‘hub’ could be the first port of call for businesses looking to access finance. However for the hub of information to be effective, it would need to be as up-to-date as possible and it would be essential that the funding providers updated their information regularly. The BFG members felt that the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’, was a resource to analyse and interpret the many and varied funding options available and recommend the right solution, based on an individual business’ in needs. This resource should be ‘expert’ at understanding businesses needs.

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


One year on: Norfolk Chamber calls for more rail improvements. n Completion of the improvements to Ely North Junction

Reduce your costs and increase competitiveness?

n New Rolling Stock n Priority loops at Chelmsford to create more capacity n Electrification of the Norwich to Cambridge line The four-county East Anglia Rail Summit met in Westminster recently, one year on from the launch of the East Anglia Rail Prospectus chaired by Chloe Smith MP. Representatives from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge; together with Network Rail and Greater Anglia Rail Franchise all attended the summit. Norfolk’s delegation included the Norfolk Chamber, the majority of the Norfolk MPs, Norfolk County Council and the New Anglia LEP. The summit reviewed the improvements that have been approved for Ely Junction, Bow Junction and the West Anglia three tracking system. The improvements to Ely junction will allow more capacity and will facilitate a half hourly service from King’s Lynn to London, as well as providing another step in the right direction for Norwich to London in 90 minutes.

Delegates at the East Anglia Rail Summit with Norfolk Chamber being represented by Nova Fairbank.

New Rolling Stock – the existing rolling stock will no longer be compliant by 2019, however to ensure new rolling stock is deliverable in good time, it must be called for now.

Despite the good progress, the group agreed that more rail improvements were necessary:

Electrification of the Norwich to Cambridge line – Huge advances have been made in bio and life sciences in both Norwich and Cambridge. Long term, there is an economic case to be made for electrification of the line to ensure that both cities can benefit from linking science and innovation with ease of access.

Improvements to Chelmsford to create a priority loop which will provide additional capacity, that will benefit all four counties and create economic benefits across the region.

Norfolk Chamber on behalf of its members will continue to lobby for these improvements directly and through our Westminster office of the British Chambers of Commerce.

A robust mortgage market if further improvements further in the house building market is to be achieved, which at present does not appear to be happening on a large scale, despite Government initiatives. There is however optimism within the Housing industry with respect to the Governments new Mortgage funding initiative NewBuy. The NewBuy scheme

Capital Grants are available up to a maximum of 28% of eligible capital expenditure (up to £6,300 or more). What kinds of things could a Grants4Growth capital grant support? n Investment in technology or processes that facilitate growth, improve resilience or create/safeguard jobs n Efficiency initiatives in the form of waste water or energy efficiency, recovery or reduction n Investment in technology and processes that reduce the environmental impact of your operations

Signs of improvement. At a recent meeting of the Chamber Planning & Development Group, members advised that there has been a small improvement in the development market. Although some development projects were underway, the housing market showed more signs of improvement than the commercial property market Commercial developers were being very cautious and had little appetite for development without guaranteed end users.

Grants4Growth is a two year package of free, confidential and impartial support for SMEs providing practical help and financial assistance to help them reduce costs and increase competitiveness and resilience. Simple, straightforward grants and quantifiable action to improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and help your business invest to grow. Grants4 Growth is being delivered by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Breckland Council.

helps people bridge the deposit gap, allowing people who only have a 5% deposit purchase a new house, it is proposed that NewBuy will be rolled out to existing houses in 2004. It was felt however whilst this may stimulate the market in the short term care should be taken that it did not artificially raise prices and create more of a problem in the mortgage market long term. Jonathan Cage, Chair of the Chamber Planning & Development Group and Managing Director of Create Consulting Engineers said: “The market is still very challenging, however there does appear to be some small improvement in the house building sector. Clearly we need a focussed effort to ensure that Norfolk makes the most of the opportunities for inward investment, both in terms of housing and the commercial sector.”

Revenue Grants are available up to a maximum of 30% of eligible revenue expenditure (up to £1,666) What kinds of things could a Grants4Growth revenue grant support? n Specialist consultancy and/or support and studies related to the promotion, marketing or mainstreaming of low carbon and environmental goods and services (LCEGS) sector products and services – clean tech and/or green tech To book an appointment with your local Business Broker, Lindy Warmer, contact Cassie Mant on Tel: 01362 656 235 / Email: cassie.mant@ or for more information visit the website:



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Great Yarmouth Company uses novel way to help preserve publications. The League of Guardians is a Great Yarmouth company specialising in the conservation and preservation of paper-based materials, photographs, film and sound. Here, Senior Conservator, Lorraine Finch, uses her alter-ego ‘Comic Book Girl’ to get her message across! Have you seen Norfolk’s super-hero? Sighting of a lab coat clad crusader fighting the evils of Mela-X and his henchmen, the Agents of Destruction have been reported all over the county.

kept safe for generations in plastic bags. This is the worst thing you can do. World expert in un-plasticification, Comic Book Girl says “Plastic bags are destroying your comics. Un-plastify them now!” She continues “Inside the plastic bag agents of destruction are building up making your comic books fall apart faster.” Join Comic Book Girl’s campaign and un-plasticate your comic books.

Comic Book Girl has launched a campaign to rescue precious and valuable comic books from the nefarious ways of Mela-X and the crafty Agents of Destruction. The accepted wisdom is that valuable and collectable comics will be

Comic Book Girl is a member of the League of Guardians. Headed by Professor Betsy, the League of Guardians are Comic Book Girl, Helios and Captain Archives. Helios fights to protect your photographs from the ravages of time and Captain Archives saves your precious family papers from destruction. You can follow Comic Book Girl’s campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

MyTech Global announces a strategic partnership with Recycle IT Europe. reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and through refurbishment activities, much of this equipment can be reused, often providing charities and not for profit organisations with cost effective IT .”

MyTech Global Ltd, an IT consultancy firm based in Thetford, Norfolk, has announced a strategic partnership with Recycle IT Europe ltd, to extend IT recycling and refurbishment activity to customers under the Waste Electrical and Electronic (WEEE) directive. MyTech Global managing director James Gorzelak said: “The timing of this alliance is perfect as a number of our customers have been asking how they can dispose of old IT equipment in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner. “Recycle IT Europe, who share our values on corporate environmental responsibility, provide that service and are fully registered with the environmental agency for the collection and refurbishment of IT equipment. We all need to

Redundant or unwanted electrical equipment is the UK’s fastest growing type of waste. The WEEE Directive became law in 2007 with the requirements applying to all businesses irrespective of size with no exemptions for small and medium sized companies. Its aim is to reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment that ends up in landfill where hazardous substances can leak out and cause soil and water contamination - harming wildlife and also human health.

In the UK, the WEEE directive is enforced by the Environment Agency who work closely with companies like Recycle IT Europe on collection and re-use, education and training and as a last resort enforcement, with those companies not recycling their WEEE correctly liable for fines of up to fifty thousand pounds. Recycle IT Europe are fully certified by the environment agency and hold the necessary accreditations for the safe handling of our customers WEEE and provide waste transfer notes on collection for our customers to confirm they have met their obligations under the directive.

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


Better Exporting. Windfarm looks to Great Yarmouth. Great Yarmouth’s Gardline is celebrating becoming the main provider of offshore transport for the London Array, currently the world’s largest windfarm. Gardline’s Coastal Services Division, which was awarded a three-year contract to provide the transport of personnel to the windfarm, expects to be busy in the coming months as it ships technicians out to the 175 turbine project in the Thames Estuary. Michael Martins, Business Manager at Gardline Environmental, said: “We are extremely pleased to play a part in the success of the world’s largest windfarm. As we are the main provider of offshore transport, our three vessels are available 24 hours a day, as and when required. “We have a reputation in the offshore windfarm industry for safety, reliability and punctuality. To be chosen as the leading provider of offshore transport is great news for Gardline and great news for Great Yarmouth.” The London Array windfarm is a collective venture between Denmark’s DONG Energy, Germany’s E.On and Abu Dhabi investment firm Masdar. Boasting a capacity of 630MW. Which enough to power almost half a million homes is estimated to save up to one million tonnes of CO2 every year. At the opening of the windfarm Prime Minister David Cameron said: “This is a great day for Britain and a big win for renewable energy. London Array shows you can build large-scale renewable energy projects right here in Britain. This is because when it comes to clean energy, the UK has one of the clearest investment climates globally.”

Norfolk Chamber is delighted to bring you “Better Exporting” - a series of six International Trade Events, launched at the Lord Green Business Lunch in July. The FREE TO ATTEND events will cover the high growth markets of India, Brazil, Qatar, Russia, South Africa and Vietnam. These countries form part of the 20 markets highlighted by Lord Green as having the most potential to UK exporters, for long term business. Lord Green, the Minister of State for Trade and Industry, has visited many countries over the past 12-18 months, in order to make trade easier. He advised us that he has found that there is a worldwide demand for the products and services produced in Norfolk. So come and join us at these events and learn more about the markets that he has visited and how you can start trading there. Delegates can expect to receive a great deal of useful information on each country such as the stability of the market and the business opportunities available there. The important cultural aspects that need to be known when speaking to and visiting prospective clients, will also be covered.

Venue Dunston Hall, Ipswich Road Norwich NR14 8PQ

Timing 3.45pm – 6.00pm followed by a networking buffet

Dates and Topics Better Business in India Tue 15 October 2013

Better Business in Brazil Tue 12 November 2013

Better Business in Qatar Tue 03 December 2013

Better Business in Russia Tue 28 January 2014

Locals firms who are already trading in these markets will also provide delegates with their own personal experience of dealing with the country, and will offer tips and advice on what to look out for. Better Exporting is sponsored by UK Trade & Investment. Further sponsorship opportunities are available. Call Tracey Howard on 01603 729711 for more details.

Better Business in South Africa Tue 25 February 2014

Better Business in Vietnam Tue 25 March 2014



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They want us, we need to and we can!.

On 11 July the red carpet was out at Sprowston Manor, with over 80 delegates waiting to be given an insight into government plans for export growth in the UK. The Lord Green Business lunch, sponsored by PwC, Sprowston Manor and Barclays featured an International Trade review and Q&A session with Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Lord Green. Lord Green opened with the statement that “We need to rebalance our economy in a way that

shifts towards the International” and went on to explain further with three key points as to why; “They want us, we need to and we can!”.

demand all around the world and we know that companies that export grow faster and survive longer than those that don’t.”

One of the key messages Lord Green has encountered from overseas in respect to British exports was: “We wish we saw more of you” followed by a call from Lord Green for British companies’ need to showcase themselves more, particularly in places such as Indonesia, where Britain’s market share is lower than France or Italy.

Tracey Howard, Norfolk Chamber’s International Trade Director said “It was fantastic to see so many local firms attending the lunch today and clearly with a vested interest in International Trade. We have seen an increase in the export documents that we have approved this year, so Norfolk is definitely charging ahead as far as exports are concerned.”

Looking at the UK, Lord Green affirmed there was “no shortage of ability in UK companies to take on exporting. Companies from every sector are starting to, in short we need to, they want us, we can!” “It’s a marathon, not a sprint!” After the lunchtime event, Lord Green said “There are export opportunities for every business, no matter what their size. The goods and services produced by Norfolk firms are in

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY

Tracey Howard, International Trade Director


Lord Green launches new Advisory Group. Issues such as accessing new markets, language barriers and finance issues - whatever the problem, the group will be able to share best practice and steer you in the right direction. The Group consists of: Norfolk Chamber of Commerce – Tracey Howard, International Trade Director UK Trade & Investment – John Tingle, Trade Team Manager Mark Gaskin, Tracey Howard and Lord Green

HSBC – Martin Simpson, Senior International Commercial Manager Steeles Law – Richard Bailey, Principal

We are delighted that Lord Green, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, launched our new Norfolk International Trade Advisory Group (NITAG), when he spoke at our ‘Lord Green Business Lunch’ in July. The Group, has been established to provide the local business community with a panel of experienced exporters and trade experts, who will be there to help you navigate through any problems you may encounter, when trying to export.

Lawtronic Ltd – Mark Gaskins, Business Development Director Bernard Matthews, Richard Southgate, Group Procurement Director The Group will be chaired by Mark Gaskins of Lawtronic Ltd, a local electronics firm who are fully aware of the standards and regulations that exporters face. Mark said, “I’m delighted that Norfolk Chamber has invited me to Chair the new Norfolk International Trade Advisory Group. As

Lord Green said during the launch of the Group, this is exactly what Chambers should be doing. The real aim of the group is to help the business community increase their export confidence and output. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience of what is needed when exporting.” Tracey Howard, International Trade Director said, “By creating this group, we are expecting local firms who are not currently exporting, to feel a little more confident in taking those first few steps. Companies who are already exporting still come across issues and the group members will be there to guide everyone through these obstacles.” Lord Green said, “The fact that the Norfolk Chamber has an export group is excellent and it is exactly this sort of thing that Chambers need to be doing.” For more help and advice on how to export visit International Section on, contact the International Team on 01603 625977, or email

Two new membership benefits for exporters… Norfolk Chamber has recently launched 2 brand new benefits, available to all members who are exporting or looking to start exporting.

DHL Express Service – Chamber Discount Scheme Norfolk Chamber and DHL Express want to help you hit the ground running. That's why shipments are half-price for all our members, in their first year of exporting with DHL. This exclusive offer*, aimed at Chamber members, is designed to help businesses get started in global trade. The offer, along with the ability to collect Nectar points on every shipment, helps make exporting even more rewarding. When you open an account with DHL and start using them for the first time, if you are a member of Norfolk Chamber, you will automatically receive 50% discount on EVERY SHIPMENT for 12 months.

To be eligible for the offer you must: n Be a member of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce n Be a UK business

n Not have used DHL more than five times in the last 12 months *Terms and conditions apply

n Reduced transfer fees n Free currency accounts n Fast, secure online transactions

Chamber FX – Treasury and Foreign Exchange Service Through the buying power of the British Chambers of Commerce, we are able to offer a leading Foreign Exchange and International Payments Service with exclusive discounts and services to our members. Currency fluctuations can have a significant impact on companies engaged in international trade and hinder ambitions for growth. ChamberFX, provided by currency specialists Moneycorp, can help you to protect your business against adverse rate fluctuations and make the most of any positive movements, whilst giving you access to exclusive offers and highly competitive rates of exchange.

n Free foreign exchange health check worth £250! n Personal MSTA qualified dealer to help make more informed currency decisions, keeping you abreast of the markets, and help with FX budgeting n Access to market orders, to target specific rates of exchange and secure prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week n Fast, worldwide transfers, including same-day settlement To find out more on these two services, please take a look at

Why not make the most of the following benefits? n Highly Competitive exchange rates whenever you trade



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THE BIG INTERVIEW New President for Chambers of Commerce. British Chambers of Commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) announced the appointment, in July, of Nora Senior as its new President, succeeding Martyn Pellew who stands down after two years in the post.

British Chambers continue to work closely with the many thousands of member and nonmember businesses around the country to ensure that the local Chamber remains relevant and engaged, and a focal point in the local community. Starting up a new business was what brought me into contact with the Chamber network as a source of advice, help and contacts – first through Edinburgh Chamber. I was a member of the Council for four years and was then proposed as a non-exec to the Scottish Chambers of Commerce Board. I was proposed as Non exec to British Chambers of Commerce in 2009 and elected Vice President in 2011. Took over office of President in July 2013

Some biography into yourself and how you reached your current position. After graduating with an MA Hons in Languages, I joined the Marketing Department of an UK construction company as the first woman to join in an executive position.

What skills do you bring to the job? Experience of running both a small business as well as a larger organisation and awareness of challenges and barriers facing business. I currently have responsibility for P & L; business development; people management and training)

I joined a Saatchi & Saatchi subsidiary in Scotland as PR Executive and was promoted to MD within two years, leaving to set up PR Centre as a start-up business which merged into global PR and public affairs consultancy,Weber Shandwick, in 1998.

Knowledge of doing business globally and exporting (in my case, services). Sector knowledge of a wide range of business areas and geographies.

I am now Executive Chair of UK Regions and Ireland specialising in corporate, public sector and government communications and crisis management, advising both FTSE 100 organisations as well as start-up companies.

Experience of working with UK civil servants, government officials, politicians and media.

I am responsible for day-to-day coordination of a number of international client accounts, building brands and market share via UK, North America, Middle East and Pan-Asia. I have worked with brands such as Coca Cola; Microsoft; Oracle; RBS; Lloyds; Siemens; Glenmorangie; Whyte and Mackay; Invitrogen; Bausch + Lomb; Deutsche Bahn; Shell; Viking Energy; Land Securities and Grosvenor. I have been recognised as Scottish Businesswoman of the Year and am a member of the Regional Advisory Group to the London Stock Exchange. In June I was awarded the First Women UK Media Award 2013.

We are driving our ‘Business is Good for Britain’ campaign – this campaign seeks to emphasise the vital role played by business in communities, individuals’ lives and the national recovery.

Speaking my mind – and not afraid to represent the voice of business to ensure the UK offers an enterprise friendly environment What is your view of the major challenges facing chambers nationally? There are challenges around membership, as there are with the majority of membership organisations since the start of the recession. In recent months, the British Chambers of Commerce, in partnership with the Chamber Network, has developed an innovative membership strategy aimed at attracting and retaining members. Part of that strategy is around strengthening the accredited Chambers brand.

Are you optimistic that we have seen the end of recession? Every time we survey our members, there is continued optimism and confidence that comes through. We know that exports are at record levels, particularly in the service sector, and businesses are looking to take on staff and expand. We have long said that talk of a new recession is unnecessary, but we do need to see a realistic economic strategy that combines a serious commitment to cutting the fiscal deficit with policies that enable the private sector to drive a lasting recovery. At present the growth on GDP seems to be driven by consumer spending – we need to keep an eye on that to ensure that does not fuel inflation. Good news from Mark Carney and the Monetary Policy Committee with a long term view to keep interest rates low. What are the main challenges facing businesses and what can you do to help meet them? There is still not enough support for businesses looking to export, or for those companies who export already who are looking to break into new markets. Chambers of Commerce across the UK are ready to help provide export advice and practical help to businesses looking to take their goods and services overseas. At a national level, the British Chambers of Commerce will continue to put pressure on the government to provide more on the ground support for UK exporters and will be working closely with UKTI on key initiatives to get local businesses across the country get into exports. For all businesses, there is the challenge of coping with increasing administrative and regulatory burdens. Local Chambers and British Chambers strive every day to represent the views of businesses.

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


By John Dean

n We work with local authorities to help create the right business conditions locally n We work to influence the course of new legislation that has an impact on the business community ( some successes are the creation of a new Business Bank – which provided a once in a generation improved access to finance; prevented health and safety directive; achieved relaxation on employment laws; new capital investment allowance) n We give businesses a voice in Parliament, a voice with the media and with decision makers Our Quarterly Economic Survey is one of the main ways that BCC gets the voice of Chambers heard The QES is Britain’s biggest, and longestrunning, private business survey. It’s provided consistent data since 1989, and regularly receives more than 7,000 business responses – compared to the average business survey which garners a few hundred responses. It’s a leading indicator – often picking up big changes in the economy long before other surveys or official statistics. The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee uses the QES as one of its key benchmarks when setting interest rates. What hopes do you have for 2014 - where does the organisation want to be at the end of the year? Chambers of Commerce are the largest private sector providers of international trade support, so the British Chambers of Commerce is working closely with local Chambers to make the Chamber Network as a whole ‘famous’ for international trade. We believe that a sustainable economic recovery will rely heavily on UK exports, so the BCC and individual Chambers of Commerce will be leading a number of trade missions to fast-growing markets overseas to help firms that are new to exporting get a ‘foot in the door’ and allow existing exporters to extend their reach even further. By the end of 2014, our ambition is to be front of mind as the ‘go to’ organisation to assist in driving exports from the UK, globally. Nora Senior will be a key note speaker at the BIG THINKING Business Conference on 22 November at Open.

Nora Senior President, British Chambers of Commerce



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Celebrating 50 years of history - marked by a passion for speed and motor sport. OYSTER PERPETUAL COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA


When Paul Newman and his team achieved the GTS-1 class victory at the Rolex 24 At Daytona in 1995, the watch he was awarded at the end of the race was a Rolex Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA chronograph. An appropriate trophy for a man who had worn this legendary OYSTER model since he developed a passion for motor racing in the early 1970s. The COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA accompanied him throughout his dual career as an actor and racing driver, becoming as durably associated with his name as with the Daytona race track.

A key part of the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA’s identity is its CERACHROM ceramic bezel with a tachymetric scale, making the watch the ideal instrument to measure average speeds of up to 400 miles or kilometres per hour. The numerals and graduations are perfectly legible thanks to the deposition of a thin layer of platinum via a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process.

At BASELWORLD 2013, Rolex introduced a new prestigious version of the Oyster Perpetual COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA, the emblematic model launched in 1963, exactly 50 years ago this year. This legendary chronograph is proposed for the first time entirely in 950 platinum, the noblest of precious metals. It is equipped with a chestnut brown monobloc CERACHROM bezel and an ice blue dial.

THE OYSTER CASE, SYMBOL OF WATERPROOFNESS AND ROBUSTNESS The COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA’s 40 mm OYSTER case, guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet), is a paragon of robustness, proportion and elegance. The characteristically shaped middle case is crafted from a solid block of 950 platinum. The fluted case back is hermetically screwed down with a special tool exclusive to Rolex watchmakers. The winding crown, fitted with the patented TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system, screws down securely against the case. It is protected by a crown guard that forms an integral part of the middle case. The pushers also screw down securely against the case. The crystal is made of virtually scratchproof sapphire. The waterproof OYSTER case provides optimal protection for the COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA’s high-precision movement.

CALIBRE 4130 CHRONOGRAPH AND SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER The COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA is equipped with calibre 4130, a self-winding mechanical


chronograph movement with a column wheel entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Like all Rolex PERPETUAL movements, the 4130 is a certified Swiss chronometer, a designation reserved for high-precision watches that have successfully passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) tests. Its design and quality manufacture provide peerless precision and reliability. The oscillator, the true heart of the watch, has a blue PARACHROM hairspring patented and manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy. Insensitive to magnetic fields, the PARACHROM hairspring offers great stability when exposed to temperature variations and remains up to 10 times more precise in case of shocks than a traditional hairspring.

SOLID-LINK BRACELET WITH SAFETY CLASP This new COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA is fitted with a solid-link OYSTER bracelet in 950 platinum, with an OYSTERLOCK safety clasp that prevents accidental opening. The clasp also features the ingenious Rolex-patented EASYLINK rapid extension system that allows the wearer to easily increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm, for additional comfort in any circumstance. 01603 620638


Restaurant chain seeks to expand. You’ve got to B2B2B there! Because...

One of Norfolk’s bestloved restaurant chains is looking to expand by launching a franchise scheme. The Great Yarmouth company behind the authentic American restaurant, Blue Sky Leisure, revealed details of how fans of the brand with an eye for business can buy into its new Zaks franchise at an American themed event, which took place on July 4 at the Zaks Waterside Grill and Bar on Barrack Street, Norwich. The brand, which has been trading in the Norwich area since 1976, currently has three restaurants: Zaks Waterside Grill and Bar, Zaks Mousehold Diner and Zaks Poringland Diner. But with business booming, the Zaks team aims to open around 30 diners in the next five years moving the local brand towards national success

The B2B Exhibition is the essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition. Why? and sharing its ethos for ‘customer love’ with new neighbourhoods. “We believe we have a winning formula of a great brand with a great team supporting it and this gives us a real opportunity to succeed in the franchising world,” said Ian Hacon, Chief Executive Officer - Zaks. “We’re looking for likeminded franchisees, who share our vision and enthusiasm for the brand and want to bring the authentic America dining experience to their neighbourhood.”

Through expert knowledge of hydraulic control systems and strong project management experience, SMS were able to decrease leadtime by increasing their pool of labour, working additional shifts and expediting suppliers for improved delivery times; this in turn guaranteed the tight schedule could be accomplished, providing the client reassurance, along with exceptional customer service. The contract was awarded by OneSubsea GmbH (Formerly known as Cameron GmbH) in September 2012 and consisted of two Topside Umbilical Termination Units (TUTUs) and a production Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) for

Because we’re all aiming to do better business, and we’re all doing more digitally. But, being with the best, and meeting face to face, is something that never fails to deliver. Because we’re making sure that you’ll have the opportunity to meet the very best of the region’s businesses, and discover the outstanding products and services they have to offer.

Expertise sees systems delivered in record time. Specialised Management Services Ltd (SMS) successfully delivered a topside control systems package for the Panyu Field in China in record time by accelerating the manufacturing time by four weeks to meet the client’s fast-track delivery request.

Because is not just about business on the day, but about promoting your business before the event, at the event, leading to business sales and connections long after the event. It’s business to business, leading to business to business and beyond!

Because it’s where business communicates best. The networking opportunities at this year’s B2B have never been better.

installation on the Panyu 34-1 platform. The Panyu Field is located in the South China Sea approximately 200km south of Hong Kong in the Pearl River Basin. Dave Howlett, General Manager of SMS, said: “SMS has built a strong relationship with OneSubsea and has worked with them for the past 5 years with year on year growth. The development of this relationship has been underpinned by the hard work of the SMS team and great communication between the two companies.” SMS previously supplied the South China Sea region when OneSubsea awarded a contract for a topside controls package consisting of 2 off TUTUs a HPU and a Testing and Flushing HPU for the Liwan 3-1 platform in the Liwan field located about 300km southeast of Hong Kong in March 2011. The systems were designed, manufactured and tested at SMS’s Great Yarmouth facilities.

Because it’s about being there to better your business. Three topical, interactive workshops delivered by national experts packed full of top tips & advice to help you become better in key areas for your business. New for 2013 “Best Practice” sessions take place every half hour when Norfolk’s best will share the secrets of their success. Free to enter and full of opportunities B2B is essential for all businesses, from start up to start players. To meet the best, and get yourself up to date with the latest developments, you need to be at B2B. For more details please visit our website


The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition #B2B2B



ON01324 CoC B2B Exhibition 185x30 FP.indd 1

29/07/2013 14:38 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER JULY/AUGUST 2011 2013




Commercial property sees upturn in confidence as economy recovers. ADVERTISING FEATURE

As the economy recovers from hard times, so the signs of confidence in the commercial property sector continue to grow.

Among the latest evidence was the British Property Federation’s annual conference which heard that those working in the UK real estate sector believe there are signs of improvement not just in London but across the UK. In addition, recent figures suggesting the recession was not as deep as once thought, and that the economy is recovering anyway, have persuaded many companies that the time has come to invest in property again. So, given this growing confidence, where does Norfolk stand? The answer is that the county is well placed to take advantage of the upturn and offers an exciting and expanding commercial market in its towns and cities and in its rural area. All over Norfolk, new development areas are being opened up and old sites are being transformed as the county continues to develop its commercial offer.

The range is extensive, from newly-constructed modern office blocks to plenty of refurbishments of historic buildings being converted for new uses. Away from built-up areas, the rural economy is witnessing growth as well as companies respond to economic upturn and start to invest. Recent surveys of businesses seeking to expand or relocate have suggested that the main considerations when it comes to investing in new property remains the need to keep costs under control and the impact a purchase or lease may have on company cash flow.

Often, bringing in expert help can make it easier to get the answers right. The role of the property consultant when a company has decided to invest is to take as much of the hassle away from the process as possible and address all these issues.

That is true of all companies but particularly so for small businesses taking their first tentative steps towards expansion and such considerations play a key role in selecting the right property. To address those concerns, the number of companies seeking lease arrangements rather than buying outright remains strong, although there are still companies that prefer the idea of owning their own premises, seeing it as an investment for the future. Location is also a key consideration for companies moving into new properties - can customers find them, can their staff and clients link to the transport network? This is a key consideration in Norfolk because, despite recent improvements to transport networks, there is still a perception that communications are slow in some parts of the


county. Any company embarking on property development needs to factor that into its thinking. Often, bringing in expert help can make it easier to get the answers right. The role of the property consultant when a company has decided to invest is to take as much of the hassle away from the process as possible and address all these issues. That starts with locating the kind of sites that would appeal to a client then laying out clearly concisely the pros and cons and advising on nex steps. Their knowledge can save a lot of time.


South Norfolk Council: Open for Business ADVERTISING FEATURE

South Norfolk Council is an ambitious authority that works hard to deliver the very best for local businesses. Through its innovative approach to supporting local firms and its direct financial investment into the construction of local homes and commercial premises, it is creating jobs and contributing to the economic recovery.

A thriving local economy Located to the south of Norwich and with direct access to the A47, A11 and A140 and a fast, regular train service direct into London, South Norfolk is an ideal location to set up a business. In fact, businesses in South Norfolk are bucking the national trend and thriving. According to a recent Experian report, the district is one of the top ten places for business start-ups in the country and the Council offers new businesses free support and advice. South Norfolk is well-known for its high tech and advanced engineering and manufacturing businesses. The acclaimed Hethel Engineering Centre, near to the home of iconic Lotus Cars, provides bespoke space for small and growing engineering companies, whilst the area’s pioneering life science businesses based

at Norwich Research Park are world renown. Caterham Cars, based at Hingham, and BF1 Systems at Diss further highlight South Norfolk’s appeal as a business location of choice. Last year, the Council helped secure Norwich Research Park a £26 million grant from the Government for an ambitious expansion programme and has recently granted planning permissions for an additional 162,000 square meters of new commercial accommodation at the Park. Market towns across the district are also thriving and the Council is working with businesses, community groups and residents to further increase visitor numbers and boost trade.

Where to do business in South Norfolk The Council manages two successful business centres, which provide high quality, good value small business units on flexible terms to a range of tenants. Diss Business Centre, on the edge of the market town, is just minutes from the A140 connecting Norwich and Ipswich and has a managed reception service, free parking and onsite meeting facilities. The Council also operates a similar centre in the bustling Southern Broads village of Loddon.

In addition, South Norfolk Council owns a variety of commercial units that are available on longer-term standard leases. These include retail, light industrial and office accommodation in the market towns and villages of Diss, Harleston, Loddon, Long Stratton and Wymondham.

Investing in the future of South Norfolk Working in partnership with a local construction company, the Council is about to start building new homes and commercial premises in Poringland, an expanding village just outside Norwich. They are also set to submit a planning application for a similar scheme opposite their HQ in Long Stratton. Both schemes will create jobs and provide attractive homes for local people to buy or rent and offer high quality offices and other commercial space. If you’re thinking of starting a business or moving premises, take a look at what South Norfolk Council can offer. Visit or call the Commercial Property and Conferencing Manager on 01508 533951.

Business space to let in South Norfolk Looking Looking for for affordable, affordable, high high quality business space? quality business space?

Whether you need office, retail or industrial space, we offer Whether need office, retail or space, of wealloffer a range ofyou commercial property to industrial suit businesses a range of commercial property to suit businesses of types and sizes. Whatever your requirements, talk to all our types and sizes. Whatever your requirements, talktotofind our Commercial Property and Conferencing Manager Commercial Property and Conferencing Manager, out how we can help. Christopher Hewitt, to find out how we can help. 01508 533951 01508 533951

Promoting Promoting aa thriving thriving local local economy economy




Manor Farm Barns

50% off storage for up to 8 weeks Plus an additional 10% off for as long as you stay. Head for the Village for a really tranquil working environment

Quote: BYSS 4N

Manor Farm Barns in Framingham Pigot is the ideal business location – just 5 minutes off the A47 Southern Bypass. Formerly a thriving mixed farm which has been converted into unique high quality office accommodation in a beautiful rural environment. Winner of CLA Award in 2006 & Green Apple Heritage Award in 2007. Restaurant & event venue facilities on site and close to local post office and shops.

Big Yellow Norwich Canary Way, Riverside Norwich Norfolk NR1 1WY

Office suites are currently available - contact Ben Du Brow at the Estate Office on 01508 492086 or 07770 918290 for further information.

01603 666430

Get some space in your business


TO LET Breckland Business Centre (Thetford), St Nicholas Street, Thetford. – Offices ranging from 229 sq ft – 1898 sq ft (21.3m² – 176.3m²) CONTACT US:

– Prestigious serviced offices – Viewing highly recommended – Centre of town location – Excellent access to A11 – Flexible terms – Available for immediate occupation – EPC Rating: D

TO LET Breckland Business Centre (Dereham), St Withburga Lane, Dereham. – Offices ranging from 57 sq ft – 1410 sq ft (5.3m² – 131m²)

– Prestigious serviced offices – Viewing highly recommended – Centre of town location – Excellent access to A47 – Private & public parking – Flexible terms – Available for immediate occupation – EPC Rating: D

01362 656293 / 656210



Planning for change

Creative services for the property industry

Planning and development solutions for rural and urban environments in East Anglia

Intelligent solutions Professional marketing Inspirational design

Development planning Rural development Residential planning Business and commercial uses Conservation areas and Listed buildings

EJW Planning

01953 850643

Centas 01953 850643





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Unit 58 Hellesdon Park Road Norwich NR6 5DR

C7800 HIGH PRODUCTION COLOR PRINT SYSTEM The KIP C7800 is a hybrid black-white & colour high production print system solution for wide format printing taks that require the highest levels of quality and performance.

Application Versatility Display Graphics l Business Communications l Technical Documents l

CMYK Dry Toner System l l

Lightfast Waterproof/images

Expanded Range of Applications Indoor/Outdoor Media l Backlit Graphics l Billboard Display l

etc.. To find out more from

etc..East Anglia

Tel: 0800 1444 313 Email: Web:

special introductor y offers Quoting CCM


You say ‘big’ or ‘small’. We don’t. This question of what constitutes a ‘small business’ started me thinking further. My research has been enlightening. It showed that it’s a case of ‘all things are relative’.

These labels we use, ‘Big’ and ‘Small’, have deep rooted connotations. Take a look at some dictionary definitions for the word ‘big’. You’ll find it means, ‘Great. Of considerable magnitude. Of conspicuous importance’. All pretty positive stuff. Now look up ‘small’. You’ll see, ‘Little. Petty. Limited in degree or scope’ . Not exactly motivational is it? But it fuels our perceptions.

However, as Edward de Bono said: “90% of error in thinking is due to error in perception.” So let’s do some rethinking. Firstly, many big businesses have grown from being small businesses. They started small and became bigger, employing more people, selling more goods and making a bigger contribution to the economy. However they started, many big businesses need smaller companies as suppliers. That might be because of a need for a specialist product or service; it could be that a small company has just come up with a new solution to a problem that has been a thorn in the side of a big company. It might of course be because a small company, with its lower overheads, preparedness to go the extra mile and with a real hunger for growth has offered outstanding service at a very competitive price. None of the negative connotations there then. But let’s be fair. Those positive definitions of ‘big’ are exciting too. They might seem unfair when directly contrasted with those for ‘small’ but there is good news here. The stability that comes with being a big organisation offers not only employment, sales and development, but a market place for smaller companies to sell in to.

What’s more, a large company may well identify a significant market sector in selling to small businesses. When it comes to the roles of different size companies there’s another, important, sociological point. The big companies meet mass demands. There is a real place for smaller businesses to serve the local communities. In other words, the perceptions of big and small are dangerous. The reality is that big and small businesses are of equal importance in commerce and society, which is precisely why they are of equal importance in the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce. We’re not interested in how disparate size makes companies different to each other. We’re far more excited about how, despite their difference in size, they have the same attitude as each other. The same ability to think as big as they dare, and do business with who does it best. Interestingly, Edward de Bono also said: “If you can change your perception, you can change your emotion and this can lead to new ideas’. When it comes to the question of big and small businesses, we see that as the right attitude.”

What’s in a name?. There is a lot of talk about the need to support SMEs (in English that stands for Small and Medium Enterprises) who are the engine of growth for the UK economy. Government statistics define small as employing less than 50 staff and Medium fewer than 250. Interestingly, 99.5 per cent of all Norfolk businesses employ less than 200 staff with 85 percent employing less than 10. As an aside, in public sector speak, businesses employing less than 10 are defined as micro – a term disliked intensely by small businesses who fall into that category.

So does size matter? Well yes and no. If you are after Government funding it matters a lot as if you don’t fit the number of employee and turnover criterion set by the different funders you do not qualify.

of our business and the expectations of our members has many of the structures of a larger business i.e. accreditations such as ISO9001 and IIP. This combination of accreditations and versatility works for us as a differentiator.

However, what is more important to an individual business is their size in relation to their own sector. A firm could be small in relation to one sector where the market is large and there are many competitors, whereas a firm of similar proportions could be considered large in another sector with few players and/or generally smaller firms within it.

What is clear is that our Norfolk Chamber smaller members are living up to their reputation of being dynamic and successful.

At the Chamber, we feel is it not necessarily the size, shape and age of a business that matters as much as their attitude, although we do realise that the number of employees does often determine the structure of the business.

We recently asked them “What is particularly exciting about your business right now?” A selection of the answers are printed in the pages that follow and, as the economy starts to show promise, it is really great that Norfolk’s smaller businesses are alive and very much kicking. The future will continue to be challenging but there is no doubt this sector of our business community is up to the challenge.

Although a small business ourselves, employing 12 staff, Norfolk Chamber due to the nature

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


by Caroline Williams, CEO Norfolk Chamber of Commerce. The reality is that big and small businesses are of equal importance in commerce and society, which is precisely why they are of equal importance in the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39




In their own words… The Chamber recently asked a range of business members with less than 30 employees what is particularly exciting about their business and what is stopping them growing as fast as they would like to.

1. What is particularly exciting about your business right now?

Rachel Paul Director – Consult East, Norwich Our business is all about helping people to be more resourceful and challenge or grow themselves – some people are really getting this message.

Andrea Cornes Creative Director - Tin Can Island, Norwich TCI started trading in March this year, so it’s early days for this start up. We are in production on our first TV series for the BBC called, THE WILD WEST WITH RAY MEARS. It’s staffed almost entirely by a Norwich / Norfolk team. It’s exciting to see all the talent that this region offers both creative (producers, directors, editors) and technical (digital media teams) come together to make it happen.

Ian Hetherington

Terminal Manager - Asco Fuels & Lubricants, Great Yarmouth Staying ahead of the competitors and developing new strategies in new areas to keep there. Renewables is an exciting challenge and should play a big part in it. The fact that we work with new and existing suppliers and clients to develop the business adds new and exciting facets to developing and managing new strategies.

Stephen Chadd

Mike Harris

The industry in which I am involved, the scope of work we are asked to carry out, the huge potential for real growth / profit and being able to train apprentices.

a. Huge Growth over last year

Chris Wheeler

d. Recently qualified for ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation.

We are one of the fast growing online marketing companies in the country and our reputation is second to none. Working with Dragons and one man band startups is equally thrilling when we get them a result.

Andy Penman

Managing Director – Kiss Works Ltd (Marine Engineering), Walsingham

Director – Metalfrog Studios, Norwich

Simon Reynolds

Director – B2B Cashflow Solutions Ltd, Norwich

Managing Director – Cabins and Containers (UK) Ltd, Great Yarmouth b. Re-Branding, new fresher logo c. New website about to go live

Group Managing Director – Conductor Installation Services Ltd, Great Yarmouth CIS is growing at a very fast rate and moving into lots of additional countries around the World, from Angola to Turkmenistan to name but two.

Mark Northway

Our business is helping to bridge the funding gap for local businesses which are finding acquisition of working capital and funding for growth support from their banks and traditional lenders increasingly challenging to secure.

Director – Deltic Training Ltd, Norwich

I believe intermediaries are playing an increasingly key role in helping perfectly viable businesses find the funding they need to exist and develop.

Directors – Rightangle Events, Norwich

Becoming established in the local business environment as a brand associated with supporting the local business community which in turn impacts on its people, employment, and the economy is the ‘exciting’ bit.

Ali Clabburn

Managing Director – Liftshare, Norwich Signing up some huge new clients like Vodafone, Serco, nPower. Launching a new service, myPTP, that can help companies of any size to reduce their parking issues and save money. Getting our first client in South Africa. Seeing the office fill up with a great team.

Peter Lloyd

Director – Forage4it, Norwich Getting new customers and growing.

Increasing amount of business overseas - plenty of opportunities there.

Kate & Steve Gaskin

We are currently in a state of excellent growth and have taken on new personnel. In addition we have formed a sister company www. which has been successfully trading for one year. This company is driving corporate team building and entertainment into Norfolk and East Anglian firms (mainly hotels). The company is trading abroad with the Chinese and Italian governments. Our turnover, with increasing profits, is predicted to be more than £500k in the next year.

Michael Spicer

Managing Partner – Read Spicer Architects, Norwich Having spent our first year, setting up, putting essential business systems in place, networking, launching the website, establishing new contacts (and re-establishing old), the benefit of this effort appears to be working, with new enquiries, bidding opportunities and commissions now arriving on a weekly basis.

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


Wayne Copsey

Andrew Page

The exciting part of our business right now is that it is relatively new and developing into a well structured, professional concern. The meeting of local businesses in the Norfolk area has been a great way to use ideas to develop our own business. We, as a company, are very passionate about the county we live in, and believe the success of local businesses is the foundation to wider economic growth.

Suitable premises and cost of equipment and lack of grants to expand.

Michael Saunders

Jane McCall

Director – Ardua Training, Norwich

Managing Director – Boswell Financial Services, Norwich We have a lot of new introductions being made to us and lots of firms and individuals want to engage with us.

Manager – Asams, Great Yarmouth

Mike Harris

Managing Director - Cabins and Containers (UK) Ltd, Great Yarmouth Nothing really, we are currently 110% up on last year for the same time.

Partner – Highways to Training, Norwich Red tape and the lack of support from officials

Kate and Steve Gaskin

Directors – Rightangle Events, Norwich

Michael Spicer

Managing Partner – Read Spicer Architects, Norwich Nothing, other than cautious optimism. We realise that client confidence is a driver and with pressure on the government mounting to kick start the construction industry and ease procurement opportunities for SMEs, we are hopeful.

Director – Ardua Training, Norwich

Creative Director – Tin Can Island, Norwich There is definitely a recession out there! The broadcasters have less money to spend, so projects have to be financed through international sales and co-production deals between several different broadcasters and/or distributors. This takes time to set up.

Ali Clabburn

Managing Director – Liftshare, Norwich Finding brilliant people to fill IT and senior finance positions. Getting super high speed broadband into Norwich via BT infinity would revolutionise our operation. It was due in January and we are still waiting.

Inward investments from financial institutes to larger scale projects. Without this some major projects are unable to proceed within the construction industry.

Leo Hambro

Director – Tidal Transit, Docking

Andy Fisher

Managing Director – iPatter, Norwich Our biggest restriction at present is access to capital for on-going site development. We are effectively competing with multi million pound businesses and with more investment would be in a much stronger position to do so.

Susan Ferguson

Commercial Director – AFA Projects, Dereham The budget uncertainty within every public sector (& publicly funded) organisation.

Tracey Tunaley

Account Controller - Britannia Fire Ltd, Ashwellthorpe Investment and space

Jonathan Cage

Managing Director – Create Consulting Engineers, Norwich

Wayne Copsey

Andrea Cornes

Practice Manager – Paul Robinson Partnership, Great Yarmouth

Access to finance to build new boats.

Lack of investment. We don't even bother approaching financial institutions. With investment, we could take on more staff which is good for both the local and national economy.

2. What is stopping you growing your business as fast as you would like to?

Ellen Webster

The main problem we have, being a First Aid Training provider, is trying to get businesses to look at smaller training providers in their local area, who provide just as good, if not a better service than our main competitors in this field, ie The Red Cross and St John Ambulance.

Michael Saunders

Managing Director – Boswell Financial Services, Norwich Ongoing plans to restructure the firm’s shareholdings, caution about cash-flows in the next 6-12 months, uncertainty about tinkering with regulation and taxation which may impact the areas in which we operate.

Still uncertainty in the market. Whilst there is improvement it is still too stop start, therefore forward workload is difficult to predict which results in delayed investment decisions and cautious approach to overall growth

Jacob Barreth

Sales Director – Migsolv, Whyteleafe, Surrey & Norwich The only thing holding us back is the general concern of moving IT infrastructure from an internal computer room to our facility. Being Norfolk, businesses tend to appreciate a more community connected approach, which means decisions are taking longer compared to e.g. City of London. There is a bit more emphasis on relations and local credentials.



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39




Making an exhibition of yourself as economy recovers. ADVERTISING FEATURE

The improving economy offers great opportunities for many companies and that has a knock-on effect on the conferences and exhibitions sector.

event organisers and are prepared to be flexible, be it for a conference or an exhibition. One trend increasingly being observed is the arrival in the market of venues previously not considered for such events. Hotels and business centres have always hosted conferences and exhibitions but increasingly other venues are becoming involved. From football grounds to cathedrals, such venues offer something a little different in terms of visitor experience.

It’s already a resilient sector thanks to its ability to constantly try out new things while never losing touch with the needs of its clients.

One approach for conference originators is to bring in a specialist company to identify the best venues and do the organising, working in liaison with staff at the event venue.

That has been underlined by several sources, including the report compiled jointly by the Events Industry Forum and the Business Visits & Events Partnership.

The staff at these outsource companies will have encountered just about every problem presented by the process and take all the worry away from the company originating the event.

It highlighted opportunities for growth in the UK Events Industry, which it suggested can grow from its existing £36.1 billion, to £42.2 billion in 2015 and £48.4 billion in 2020.

Linked to the conferences and exhibitions market is the need to offer corporate hospitality as part of the package and many conference and events organisers are integrating such attractions as added value for their events.

So as companies start to release funds to organise conferences and exhibitions, what are they looking for when it comes to selecting a venue? One of the key factors is a good location, somewhere that is easy to reach and attractive for delegates. When assessing the venue you are looking at other factors as well. Can it cope with the numbers expected to attend, has it got a good meeting room, will it provide equipment like projectors and Internet access, are the staff friendly and flexible in helping you meet your needs? The good venues are the ones that can tailor themselves to providing the exact needs of the

A recent report by Market Intelligence provider Key Note said that, although the economic downturn had resulted in a drop in activity in the corporate hospitality sector, some companies still saw good reasons for continuing with the investment, recognising that strengthening the relationships between client and business partner during tough times is more important than ever. Spectator sports remained the most popular choice for provision of corporate entertainment, including everything from a trip to the races or a visit to see a football match. As a result, the company believes that the corporate hospitality industry will increase by 8.5% to reach a value of £1.34bn in 2016.


Hospitality at Norwich Cathedral. Located in the heart of Norwich within 44 tranquil acres of Cathedral Close, Norwich Cathedral provides a prestigious and unique venue ideal for both business and private use. Set within the shadows of the Cathedral, and combining medieval and modern architecture, the hospitality facilities are guaranteed to create a lasting impression for you and your guests. The function rooms, with their high oak ceilings, are able to accommodate up to 150 guests and are full of natural light. State-of-theart AV equipment is provided making the venue ideal for a variety of events, including meetings, conferences, dinners and receptions. Norwich Cathedral is within easy access of road and rail network and free on-site car parking is available making the venue suitable for all types of business events. To find out more and to book, please visit, call 01603 218321 or email



at Norwich Cathedral

A unique and prestigious venue in the heart of Norwich. For further information and to book contact 01603 218321, or visit

We design conference and exhibition branding developed from a clear marketing strategy. All our designs are expressed naturally – that’s why we are sugarfree. SPECIAL RATES FOR NORFOLK CHAMBER MEMBERS

email: Tel: 01263 586187






The home of English country life and the great outdoors An elegant 16th Century Manor House nestled in Norfolk’s natural beauty of unspoiled beaches, stately homes, and historical surroundings. An inspirational retreat to savour time, do nothing, do everything. Enjoy hearty food in 1559 restaurant or a relaxed game of golf on the Manor Championship course.

We will inspire you with timely, manor house traditions in a fresh and playful way. The hotel will deliver the highest standard of service in a relaxed environment. A perfect venue for groups of up to 40, rooms, balls and banquets up to 300, product launches, away-days, ‘blue sky thinking’, team meetings and training. Flexible and unique – that’s Sprowston Manor.

Sprowston Manor a Marriott Hotel, Sprowston Park, Wroxham Road, Sprowston, Norfolk NR7 8RP


T: 01603 418087 E:


Because technology never stops


Making business meetings a success! Meeting and conference Venue on the Norfolk / Suffolk Border

n n n n n n n

Five purpose built meeting rooms available with a varying capacity of 2 to 72 delegates, all offering a variety of easily configurable layouts All rooms served by top quality on-site catering AV equipment included in the cost of room, Wi-Fi Hotspot Ideally located between Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and Kings Lynn in the town of Thetford just off the A11 Thetford train station within an easy walking distance On site parking Office space available to rent

T: 01842 768300

E: Keystone Innovation Centre, Croxton Road, Thetford, Norfolk IP24 1JD



For business or pleasure. ADVERTISING FEATURE Holding a conference can be difficult enough to arrange, so why not let Ufford Park Woodbridge take care of the arrangements, allowing you to focus on the delegates. Set in 120 acres of beautiful Suffolk countryside, within easy access from the A12 and the train station, Ufford Park is the ideal venue. Regularly able to cater for a variety of conferences, all tailored to suit your needs, whilst maintaining the highest of standards. All conference rooms provide FREE Wi-Fi and are air-conditioned, with most overlooking the Deben Valley. There is ample free parking available on site. The Deben Suite is the largest conference room and has it’s own bar and balconies and is able to accommodate up to 300 delegates in a theatre style layout. If you are looking to hold smaller conferences, Ufford Park has a variety of smaller rooms available. Each room contains comfortable chairs, which can be configured in various layouts such as boardrooms, classroom and U shape. Ufford Park is able to provide the meeting essentials including pens, paper, jugs of water, flip charts and multi-media projectors upon request.

Book 1 more d 0 or elegate before s 31s 2013 a t December nd eve ry 10th delega te will b e FRE Please quote re E! f: NCC13

Day delegate packages start from as little as £39pp and includes tea/coffee, finger buffet with dessert and afternoon cake. Ufford Park Woodbridge, a unique conference venue, offers an onsite 18 hole golf course and luxury thermal spa suite which can used by delegates when attending conferences or board meetings. (Terms and conditions apply).

Take advantage of the special promotion Ufford Park are offering at the moment – book for 10 or more delegates before 31st December 2013 and get every 10th delegate FREE! To find out more information or to make a booking, please contact our Events Team on 0844 477 1823.

Let us entice you at... Ufford Park Woodbridge in Suffolk, where we offer more than just a choice of great conference rooms - we uniquely offer packages to refresh both your mind & your body. Air conditioned banqueting & conference rooms Tailored corporate golf & conference packages available (4-300 delegates) Restaurant & Bar

90 bedroom hotel 2 storey driving range Health Club & Luxury Spa 18 Hole, Par 71 golf course Team building available

For more information call 0844 477 1823 or visit Yarmouth Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1QW





What to look for in Modern Finance Director. The face of The Modern Finance Director (FD) is changing rapidly. Successful FD’s now play an ever increasing role in not just accountancy functions but also the senior leadership team, proactively supporting business growth and the development of a longterm vision, traditionally more solely the preserve of the Managing Director. As a business owner or entrepreneur entering the market to recruit a new FD, it is important that you find someone you can get along with. It is likely that you will spend a lot of time together and go through some challenging times so it really helps if everyone gets along well and understands each other. When reviewing candidates for a FD position, Sam offers the following tips:

High quality candidates will bring with them a network of contacts and existing relationships with key suppliers that can be relied upon by the business – cross reference these to the business needs.

How to build and grow an online community.

A top candidate should have more than just job skills – they need to be able to demonstrate business skills and an aptitude for strategic thinking too alongside appropriate inter personal strengths

So you’ve realized you need an online community for your brand or business, but you’re not quite sure how to get started?

To read the full article visit the Knowledge section on – Managing Finance

It goes without saying that you must make sure they have the appropriate qualifications.

Prepare now save later. Four reasons summer is the perfect time to start saving energy:

Marketers are not the only people that use the letter “P” as part of an acronym. Philip Kotler’s 4P’s of marketing certainly has its place when considering events, but the more salient acronym where exhibiting is concerned might be the rather lengthier 7P’s that people in the military use: Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

n Warmer weather. Have your heating and ventilation system serviced while you’re not using it and make sure your system will be running as efficiently as possible through the winter.

Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor or undertaking your first exhibition, the above applies. The best exhibitors constantly address their success and failings every time they attend an event and refine their offering to ensure the best opportunity. Others just turn up. The start point for most things in business has a lot to do with price and, given the significant cost of exhibiting (see my last article on this), getting the best value for money, for what is often the largest single marketing cost, is important. To read the full article visit the Knowledge section on – Marketing & PR

Howard Frost Director, Spurgo

Unfortunately, starting and growing an online community can be very difficult! But don’t worry, I’ve put together a list of pointers that will help you start and then grow a budding online community.

Start Narrow! By Sam Holt Big Sky Additions Ltd

How to be pitchperfect at exhibitions.

Pass on your best practices and expert knowledge by submitting your articles to the Knowledge Section

n Longer days. More daylight means your lighting costs are lower. Invest the money you save on new energy efficient light fittings. n You can retrofit after hours. Business downtime is unaffordable in the current economic climate. It’s hard to take a break – not even for energy efficiency upgrades. That means retrofitting out of trading hours. n It’s a chance to develop long-term energy strategies. Energy prices are going to continue creeping up, so energy efficiency should be a priority for your business To read the full article visit the Knowledge section on – Sustainabilitiy

By Rachel Scott Utilitywise

Never try to cater to the needs of all your potential users or customers at once. Always try to build a community out of a small aspect of your business or organization. What you’ll need to achieve is something called ‘criticalmass’ (the point at which your community grows by itself). Once this has been achieved in your target area, this momentum will spill over into other aspects of your site.

It’s The Platform, Stupid. Right? WRONG. Another common mistake is to focus on the platform. In reality the ‘look’ of your website can have little bearing on community activity and growth. Forums are some of the most budding communities on the web, but most forums are not visually attractive at all! Design-wise it’s important to cater to your user’s needs. But It’s Vital For The Community To Have A Great Platform, With Dozens of New Features Right? - Wrong Again. Let’s take Twitter as an example. In reality Twitter is a pretty basic platform with a whole stack of irritating limitations! Photos are often only displayed as links, and then there’s the 140 character limit. To read the full article visit the Knowledge section on – Marketing & PR

By Daniel Banks Square Social

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


A week in the Life of...

Jessica Coburn Membership Administrator Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Monday

Another week, another Monday! After a morning of meetings and catch ups from the previous week, I collated Chamber packs for the

newest members of the Norfolk Chamber, welcoming them via our Twitter account and organising their Online Directory. Once completed, it was on to creating the certificates and letters to our members who have renewed for another year. The afternoon was spent organising the Membership Manager’s diary for members wishing to discuss the opportunities with our new Apprenticeship Brokerage Scheme, meetings with Gold Patrons and larger companies interested in joining the Chamber. Once organised, I concentrated on our customer service scheme, drawing up members to get in touch with.


Ah, Tuesday. I fondly refer to it as the Post Office queue day of the week. One cannot get to the end of the week without getting through Tuesday. First meeting of the day is to discuss and put in order our next Meet the Chamber event which is free to non-members to attend and find out what the Norfolk Chamber

can do for their business. Once resolved a quick site visit to view the venue where the event is held is completed just in time to assist the Membership Manager in a meeting with Archant to discuss the EDP Business Awards.


The first job of the day was ensuring I caught an early morning train to London to attend the British Chamber of Commerce Commercial Academy. This event was held at The Work Foundation in London, only a hop, skip and a jump away from Westminster and incorporated the theme Developing the Chamber Profile. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with other Chamber colleagues sharing ideas and offering advice.


Today is tied to the office which is a relief from the travel to and from London. As much as I’m still a tourist when it comes to London, it is a respite to be in the office after travelling

the Tube. A morning meeting with one of our Gold Patrons with the Membership Manager discussing strategic development, and attending meetings with the Events team with admin intertwined. My afternoon is with our Membership Advisor with some of our members at the Chamber Refresher event held at the Chamber which goes in depth on how to maximise the benefits of the Chamber.


My day is spent getting in touch with members who are business owners and directors to discuss working more closely with the Chamber. These calls are a fascinating way to hear from the horses’ mouth the exhilaration and frustrations Norfolk businesses face especially in this current economic climate while ensuring that they know that the Chamber is here to advice, support and assist. My afternoon is spent managing the admin for the Membership team and preparing for next week’s hurricane of activity.

Introducing our Specialist Small Business Team. The Norfolk Chamber’s membership has grown over the last two years and as a result we has created a new team that specialises in supporting our smaller business members to ensure they get the very best out of their membership, by offering a more personal and specialised service. Jason Williams and Jessica Coburn make up the new team and take a proactive approach to guide small business members through the membership journey, helping them engage with the events and services that benefit a small growing business. Membership Manager Chris Perry said “When I took over the membership in 2011 I was keen to bring a personal approach to the membership and bring the Chamber to its members. We have now come to the point where more resource is needed to provide the quality of customer care members expect from us.

“As our membership diversity has grown over the last two years it’s vital that we provide a personal service that understands the needs of our smaller members as well as still being able to provide a valuable service for our larger corporate members. Jessica and Jason will specialise in providing support to our smaller members, both face to face and online, so they get the very most out of their membership experience.“ The team will be holding regular ‘Refresher’ events for members at the Chamber office in Norwich, where they will run through all the benefits including how members can make use of all the free PR and promotional systems available to them. If you wish to come along to one or just want to pick up the phone and talk through the benefits then Jessica and Jason can be contacted on the details below: Tel: 01603 625977 or E-mail=



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39





Green technologies provides glimpse of the future. ADVERTISING FEATURE

They are the technologies that are providing remarkable opportunities for business interested in investing in the green revolution.

Over recent years, the country has been developing an expertise in renewable technologies which create energy without the pollutants associated with fossil fuel. Many of the workers who once worked in more traditional areas have turned their hand to new challenges. For instance, men and women skilled in the engineering industry have been able to turn those skills to solving the problems that accompany wind turbine technology and industrial chemists are coming up with new ways to reduce waste and generate ‘green’ power. And everywhere you look, you will find Norfolk companies and Norfolk specialists involved.

Technologies under development include: Wind: The first renewable technology to really become in vogue, wind power is now moving onto the next stages in its development. Around this area can be found examples of companies supporting the work to press ahead with ever more efficient wind farms. Tidal power: Sometimes also called tidal energy, converts wave power into electricity and has been developing in this country since the mid to late 1960s. However, it is only in recent years that the technology has started to attract more attention and, although not yet seen as a major source of energy, there are more and more projects under way. Solar: Generating power from the Sun is gathering pace as a popular renewable technology. It’s a genuine ‘sunrise industry’. Based on the idea that the power of the Sun can be captured and transformed into electricity, solar power can operate on a large scale with huge panels or on a very small scale with ones that can fit on a house roof and heat the domestic water supply.


Biofuels: The race to invent vehicle fuels that do not produce pollutants is what has created the biofuels industry. Biofuel is made from the likes of vegetable oils and wheat and is low on pollutants, which is seen as crucial because car exhausts are a major source of greenhouse gases. Anaerobic digestion/biomass: Some companies are investigating ways of turning organic materials into energy. For instance, anaerobic digestion (AD), which uses bacteria to break down waste to produce ‘biogas’ ,which can be used to generate energy. Its advantage is that the use of bugs means it is a natural process which lends itself as easily to back-yard concerns as it does to industrial-scale operators. In the UK, more and more AD plants are being created and the same is true for biomass, where power stations generate power by burning waste wood and the likes of specially grown willow trees. Waste minimisation: in addition to finding new ways of generating energy, many companies are experts in the reduction of waste and can advise on ways of making businesses more energy-efficient.

Great Yarmouth’s best kept secret A local company with a global presence

Despite Gardline Shipping being Great Yarmouth’s largest employer, Gardline may be an unfamiliar name to many people in Norfolk. Gardline has been trading for forty years mostly in the offshore energy sector as well as other areas such as satellite communications, property, security, boat building and boat repair. Founded by local businessman George Darling, the company headquartered in Great Yarmouth is still privately owned by the Darling family but has now grown into a global operation with over £200m annual turnover and employing over 1500 staff. Gardline has a number of overseas offices in locations such as Singapore, Perth (Australia), Houston (Texas), New York, Rio de Janiero (Brazil) & Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The core activity of Gardline is the execution of offshore hydrographic, geotechnical, geophysical and environmental surveys for clients in the oil & gas, offshore renewables, telecommunications and governmental sectors. The group owns and operates a fleet of almost thirty vessels working on a worldwide basis. Survey data is gathered, interpreted and analysed as part of engineering and design work, usually associated with the installation of floating or fixed installations offshore.

Amongst over forty subsidiary businesses, the Gardline Group also includes ship building and repair through Alicat Workboats Limited and Southboats (IOW) Limited. These companies manufacture specialist crew transfer vessels used in the offshore wind industry and the group has to date manufactured more vessels in this sector than any other business. Gardline is heavily involved with the developing offshore renewable energy sector. Since 2001, the company has worked on most of the offshore wind farms around the UK including Scroby Sands on the Great Yarmouth coast, Greater Gabbard, Sheringham Shoal and the East Anglia Offshore Wind Farm which is currently being planned. With other well-known local brands like AST, CADesign, Howards and

GSL Dardan taking their place in the Gardline Group, Gardline continues to develop and diversify it’s business and is keen to maximise the potential of it’s Norfolk-based business, in particular in it’s need to continue a programme of recruitment from the local area. For further information regarding Gardline please contact the Corporate Communications Department on 01493 845600.



Green funds for growing businesses. ADVERTISING FEATURE

The Low Carbon Innovation Fund is a venture capital fund for businesses in the East of England which has stimulated over £20m investment into a variety of sectors in the region. LCIF supports the region’s low carbon economy through venture capital investment in growing SMEs. It invests in companies making operational changes, and provides financial support for the production of low carbon goods and technologies, and the provision of expert services. It can invest in any growing business aiming to

reduce its carbon emissions. Often operational changes targeted at reducing carbon emissions will have a knock-on result of reduced business costs and increased efficiencies. LCIF can invest between £25-£750k per investment. This must be invested alongside an equal or greater amount from co-investors. This can lead to multi-million pound investment rounds when such large amounts are required. For companies at the other end of the scale, LCIF has recently set up the Smaller Investments Scheme. This offers a route to funding for early stage companies seeking between £50-150k, which have limited resources to expend on a very rigorous due diligence process. LCIF understands that small businesses will occasionally require additional support throughout the investment review process. To address this, LCIF will be holding a number of Investment Readiness workshops across the region for companies who have submitted their initial enquiry.

To find out more and to access case studies of current investments, visit the LCIF website at LCIF is part of the University of East Anglia’s Adapt Low Carbon Group and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It is managed by Turquoise International.

Applications to the Fund can be made at any time via the LCIF website.

£1000 grant to support your low carbon transport innovations Why do I need to innovate? It is vital for all businesses to innovate and develop new ideas to stay ahead in a competitive market. With greater emphasis increasingly placed on reducing carbon in transport related areas, there are significant opportunities for new products and services in this field.

Innovation Voucher grant support

The vouchers provide easy-to-access funding, supported by the European Union, to encourage innovation and business growth. The vouchers allow businesses to access specialist consultancy up to the value of £1,000; this consultancy can be provided by universities, research institutes, consultancies, or one of your own suppliers, to support innovation by your business.

EValu8 Transport Innovations are running an innovation voucher scheme in the East of England to encourage the region’s companies to develop new products, services and ideas across the broad area of low carbon transport.

Who can apply for funding?

01707 28 4742

Any SME or sole trader in the East of England is eligible to apply for a voucher

What types of project are eligible for voucher funding? The aim of the scheme is to encourage and accelerate innovation in and around the low carbon transport market.


If you have a great idea which you are not sure qualifies, please get in touch with us anyway. We would be delighted to have an informal discussion with you about eligibility.

How do I apply? All applications for vouchers from companies will be managed by EValu8 through the short, and easy to complete, application form available on their website – Applications are open from 18th April 2012 Full details of the scheme and application guidance can be found at For more information: contact us at 01707 284742 or email


We’ll take the time to help you get the right cover for your business. Call 01760 724888 for a quote or pop in

NFU Mutual Office, Beacon House, Turbine Way, Swaffham, Norfolk, PE37 7HT

NFU Mutual is The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. A member of the Association of British Insurers. For security and training purposes, telephone calls may be recorded and monitored.


Diary Dates. September


The September Session: be better@online

The Working Lunch Where: Sprowston Manor, Norwich When: 4th October 12:00 – 14:00 What: Featuring guest speaker Wendy Bowers, a successful enterprise ambassador from So Business Solutions, ‘The Working Lunch’ is an opportunity to bring together for a couple of hours the region’s influential business women to discuss and debate what we can do differently to raise the profile of women and their achievements. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Open to all businesses.

Where: The Forum, Norwich When: 19th September 08:00 – 12:30 What: Understanding how the internet works is one thing. Now learn how to make it work better for your business. Communicate more effectively; Increase visitors to your website; Convert hits to sales; Have an online strategy. Learn all this and more in an unmissable session for businesses who want to succeed. This half day event will show you how to make online activity mean business. Sponsored by HP & The Forum. Open to all businesses.

Tales from Westminster: A Norwich Business Breakfast

Meet the Chamber Where: Norfolk Chamber, Norwich When: 20th September 15:30 – 16:45 What: This free, informal event for potential members is a great chance to meet the Chamber Membership team and learn how to tap into the resources of the Chamber, how to use the free PR/ marketing facilities available and how to raise your profile.

Bank of England Business Lunch with Chris Salmon

Where: NCFC, Norwich When: 11th October 07:30 – 09:30 What: Tales from Westminster: A Norwich Business Breakfast is sponsored by Steeles Law and will feature guest speaker John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce. The business breakfast will provide a unique opportunity for delegates to hear John’s Tales from Westminster, what’s being discussed in our capital at a national level and how it affects business locally. Members only event. The Norfolk Chamber’s AGM will follow the breakfast from 09:30 to 10:30.

The B2B Exhibition 2013

Where: Norwich City Football Club, Norwich When: 24th September 12:00-14:00 What: Please join us as our guest for the Bank of England Business Lunch where you will hear from our guest speaker Chris Salmon, Chief Cashier of the Bank of England. Chris will lead the debate on the subject of staying ahead of the counterfeiters and the impact of technology on the Bank’s note issue. Enjoy the discussion over a two course networking lunch. Free to attend members only event.

Where: NCFC, Norwich When: 17th October 10:00 – 17:00 What: B2B 2013 is the essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition. Taking place over two floors and into six zones, The B2B Exhibition is easy to navigate and full of exclusive on-stand promotions. Free to enter and full of facts B2B is essential for all businesses. Exhibition opportunities and early bird stand offers available. Free to attend & open to all business.

Look the Business: Work Hard, Play Hard


Where: John Lewis, Norwich When: 26th September 17:30 - 20:00 What: Following on from 2012’s sell-out event, Look the Business is back with a new season and new ideas to help your business look and think smart. Join experts in beauty and fashion along with like-minded businesses for an evening of informal networking and connections. Members only event.

Great Yarmouth Business Breakfast Where: The Imperial Hotel, Great Yarmouth When: 6th November 07:30 – 09:30 What: Join us in Great Yarmouth for a morning of business networking over breakfast whilst you make those important business connections. Member only event.

An Audience with a (very) Senior Cabinet Member Where: Dunston Hall, Norwich When: 7th November 15:00 - 18:00 What: The Norfolk Chamber are delighted to announce that we have created an opportunity for you to meet and question a Senior Member of the Cabinet and to show him just what Norfolk has to offer. Member only event.

HR Forum Where: Dunston Hall Hotel, Norwich When: 13th November 14:00 -17:00 What: Join the Norfolk Chamber for an afternoon of accessing specialist knowledge essential for any HR Professional or business owner. Sponsored and delivered by Cozens Hardy LLP. Open to all businesses.

Meet the Chamber Where: Brook Hotel, Norwich When: 14th November 15:30 – 16:45

BIG THINKING: The Business Conference with Attitudeऀ Where: OPEN, Norwich When: 22nd November 08:00 – 14:00 What: Whether you want to hear some big thinking or you want to better your business. Anybody can ‘think big’. BIG THINKING is not about your aspirations. It’s about practical, strategic, thinking that will help you achieve them. BIG THINKING is for businesses with the attitude to achieve. This is your chance to hear a stellar line up of nationally recognised speakers and demonstrate not just how to see the big picture, but how to be in it. Open to both members and non-members, closing with a buffet lunch and networking opportunities.

Chamber members can add their events to the Norfolk Chamber website for free. Find out more by visiting or calling the Membership Team on 01603 625 977

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY


The Business Conference with attitude.

James Dening Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Finesight

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce announce their ground breaking conference – with attitude BIG THINKING is the November 2013 Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Conference - and it’s got attitude. Taking place on 22 November at OPEN on Bank Plain in Norwich, the conference is aimed at businesses of all shapes and sizes, but with one common factor. The right attitude. Abi Charter, Events Manager at Norfolk Chamber of Commerce explains: “BIG THINKING is more than a conference, it’s a concept. ‘Thinking big’ is easy, and it’s often a pipe dream.” “We’re talking about BIG THINKING, the attitude that exciting companies have to enable them to see the big picture and shape their strategies for positive development and growth. We’ve assembled a star line up of speakers to demonstrate how it’s worked for them, and how it can work for our region’s companies.” Norfolk Chamber of Commerce has been forthright recently in establishing its role in the region’s commercial arena. Informing businesses and delivering influence on its behalf are key strategic roles but the Chamber also engages with companies to provide real, tangible, support and services. The November Conference is a

James is the man behind the EMEA presence of the streaming video specialist Widevine, recently acquired by Google. He has a passion for helping companies get the best out of their sales teams and a track record that includes being Head of Enterprise Sales for Amazon UK. James has thoughts you’ll want to hear. Amanda Mackenzie Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Aviva

significant event in the Chamber’s programme of involvement. Caroline Williams, Chief Executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, expanded on the point: “We are a membership organisation. We are our members,” she said. “The size of a business, or how long it’s been in existence are not key factors for us. What excites us are the businesses who think. The ones with the attitude to achieve. We believe that BIG THINKING characterises that attitude. It’s not about strategic theory, it’s about bettering your business.” The Chamber is displaying some attitude itself. Promotional material for BIG THINKING does not pull its punches. ‘You want to hear some big thinking?’ ‘You want to better your business?’ ask questions that set the tone. “Yes, it’s us saying that it’s time to look at things differently,” says Abi Charter. “If you’ve got the right attitude you’ll be there.” Attendance is expected to be high and booking details for BIG THINKING are available at #bigthinking

We have huge plans for our members in the coming months,” says Abi Charter. “BIG THINKING is a really significant event for the region. We want people to feel that in years to come they’ll be proud to say ‘I was there’. BIG THINGING sponsors

Introducing the BIG THINKING speakers.

BIG THINGING network sponsor

At Aviva Amanda set up the global marketing and communications function. She also oversaw the rebranding of the group. Her CV includes British Airways, BT and British Gas. It’s a career that has needed big thinking. She’s here to share her experience with you. Penny Power Gazelle Entrepreneur, published author & founder of Ecademy Big thinking was essential to set up the UK’s first social network for business. Penny has grown Ecademy into a global operation with over 600,000 members. As a Gazelle Entrepreneur she has built on the ethos of fostering a new generation of commerce. Nora Senior President, British Chambers of Commerce As a key figure in the British Chambers of Commerce, as well as being Executive Chair UK Regions and Ireland of the hugely successful public relations company Weber Shandwick Nora Senior is well equipped to talk about the need for big thinking as an essential business attitude. Share her vision. Raise your profile in the Norfolk business community by taking an exclusive exhibition space at BIG THINKING by calling 01603 625977. It’s time to look at things differently.



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Helping you do business, better. How do you keep track of the latest trends and ideas that you can put into practical use in the workplace without taking large amounts of time away from the very things you are trying to be on top of? Wouldn’t it be better if you could join a small group of likeminded people for just an hour to learn more about the topics that relate to your business? The Chamber Sessions do just that. Delivered by members for members, each weekly session focuses in on a particular area that affects businesses on a daily basis. Presented by people who are experts in their field and are dedicated to helping fellow members do business, better. ‘The Chamber Sessions’ are part of a new era of the Norfolk Chamber interacting with the business community to delivery exciting practical results oriented advice and information. They will run every month in a pre-planned programme covering different aspects of business. They will be held at the Chamber Office Norwich and are very much about members communication and sharing knowledge with other members. Open only to Norfolk Chamber members, they are free to attend, although it will be necessary to book. The Chamber Sessions scheduled for the rest of the year are:

The October Sessions Tuesday 1st October

‘Be Better at Online Networking Strategies’ with Duncan Johnston from Yodelay Duncan will be setting out at the first session of the series, a constructive plan on how to build a strategy to networking online - being connected is just the start!

Tuesday 8th October

Tuesday 19th November

‘Be Better at Building Relationships’ with Rachel Paul from Consult East

‘Be Better at Closing Deals’ with Elliot Symonds from Jarrold Training

In this session you will learn to: Refresh, review and add practical skills needed to your tool box, from Rachel in order to build even better relationships at work.

Elliot will be exploring the top 7 closing techniques and by the end of the session you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of them, as well understand what your favoured techniques would be.

Tuesday 15th October

‘Be Better at Face to Face Networking’ with Chris Liles, Business Specialist on behalf of Smith & Pinching Not so confident when networking face to face? Bring your concerns along and Chris will help you eliminate them.

Tuesday 26th November

‘Be Better at Email Marketing’ with Holly Stibbon from 101 Smart Ltd Holly will help you to learn about different targeted send techniques and how you could use these to get more from your campaigns.

The December Sessions

Tuesday 22nd October

‘Be Better at Social Media’ with James Thomas from Square Social

Tuesday 3rd December

This session is dedicated to making you better at social media. Who better than James from Square Social to show you how – starting with the question: ‘Why Social Media?’

‘Be Better at Presenting’ with Sarah Daniels from The Red Cat Partnership

The November Sessions

Sarah will give you a toolkit of top tips to ensure that your presentations are effective and really hit the mark.

Tuesday 5th November

Tuesday 10th December

‘Be Better at Growing’ with Jonathan Chapman from QMS International plc

‘Be Better with Engaging Content’ with Richard Willner from Further

Every start-up can face speed bumps on the way to growth. Join Jonathan as he highlights the importance of strategies, market research and selecting a team with skills and capabilities that can evolve as you grow. Tuesday 12th November

‘Be Better at Selling’ with Nial Adams from The Push Academy Selling is hard enough when the market is in shape, but how do you make sure you continue to sell when the climate is tough? In this session Nial will be exploring the different techniques used.

Richard will be looking at the things you should consider for your brand and what you need to think about when it comes to your digital content. Another series is planned for January 2014 onwards. Free to attend for Norfolk Chamber Members, the sessions begin with a light breakfast at 8.30am at the Chamber offices in Norwich. Due to limited space we need to restrict bookings to one person per member company per session. Book on www. The Chamber Sessions - helping you do business, better.

More Chamber members with great best practice are being sought for January 2014 Sessions. If you have knowledge that you want to pass on, please contact: Paul May in the Events Team on 01603 625977 or


The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition #B2B2B




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Edmundson Electrical Norwich Ltd has been trading for 35 years and is your local and largest stock holding wholesaler with a well established national reputation in its marketplace. Recently re-located to new premises which have a 29’500 sq ft warehouse, including sales office, trade counter, conference facilities and on site electrical vehicle charger. We are committed to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative products to keep up with the ever changing technology within the industry to include renewable, PV and LED lighting.

n Trade Counter service for collections from 7am-6pm 5 days a week n Free same day delivery service available throughout Norfolk on all

orders placed before 9.30am n Dedicated and experienced staff catering for all your electrical

requirements n Only offer high quality yet cost effective branded products from

world leading manufacturers Unit C The Frenbury Estate, Hellesdon Park Road, Norwich NR6 5DP • Tel: 01603 405 123 • Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm Sat-Sun Closed

Newman & Co

Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors

Newman & Co Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors

HMRC Targets Second Home Owners HMRC have launched the Property Sales Campaign that encourages taxpayers that have sold a second property but have not declared the capital gains tax to volunteer this information to HMRC by 9th August 2013. This can be done by email, mail or telephone. An arrangement to pay the outstanding tax must then be made by 6th September 2013. After that date, HMRC will begin contacting taxpayers that they consider may have undeclared capital gains tax on the sale of their second properties and levy the tax, interest and penalties due. Penalties that arise for not declaring the tax due within the normal time limits will be reduced if taxpayers take advantage of HMRC’s campaign.

2012-13 Tax Calculations With the 2012-13 tax year now behind us, HMRC will begin to assess individuals’ tax records and issue P800 forms, where necessary. The forms either issue tax refunds or inform taxpayers of tax underpayments to be coded into their 2014-15 tax codes. If you are in receipt of a form P800, it is important that all the details on the form be checked against your own records to ensure that HMRC have used the correct information. Estimates are often used in HMRC calculations from figures that may be out of date and irrelevant, resulting in incorrect tax codes being issued and tax deducted incorrectly. As always, if you are in doubt as to whether you are being taxed correctly, seek professional advice. Wayne Goddard FCCA (Director of Newman & Co. Chartered Accountants)


Newman & Co Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors have been serving local businesses and individuals in East Anglia for over 20 years. We offer a range of services tailored to suit our clients’ individual needs that include: Tax Returns, Advice and Planning Preparation of Annual Accounts l Bookkeeping services and Management Accounts Preparation l Payroll Services including Real-Time Processing l VAT Returns and Advice l


We provide an efficient, friendly and competent service through our professionally qualified staff and believe that there is real value in developing long-standing professional relationships with our clients. Please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation. 4b, Church Street, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 4DD T: 01379 640640 | E:


Tailored solutions for a healthy workforce! WELLBUSINESS are specialists in supporting organisational and individual mental health and wellbeing. Our experienced team can work with you to create tailored solutions to meet your specific needs and objectives. Wellbusiness can support restructuring, job loss, stress management, mentoring and employee assistance to create a healthy workplace culture within any organisation. n Employer & employee wellbeing

n Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

n Training & Practice Development

n Open Training Courses

n Workplace Wellbeing Programmes n Stress Management

n Coaching & Mentoring

n Mental Health Awareness

n Youth Mental Health First Aid

n Employment Law & Mental Health

n Cultural Competence Training

Part of Norwich & Central Norfolk Mind

Specialists in Mental Health & Wellbeing

For more information or for an informal chat please contact Sarah Ingram at or call

01603 432457



NORSE apprentices in national challenge. Nine apprentices from Norse Group were joint runners up in a nationwide challenge to find the apprentice team of the year; following a six month challenge against some of the country’s leading employers and training providers.

Local businesses that supported the team include Edmundson Electrical, Carl Bird Ltd, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies, Kimberly Clark, Select Appointments PLC, Barsby’s, Fidelity Group, P J Roofe, The Saracens Head, The Erpingham Arms Freehouse and J B Postle.

The team from Norse, consisting of nine apprentices ranging from 18 to 24, and from a variety of different disciplines, competed against over 90 other teams from across the UK.

Norse Group recently won the Business in the Community 2013 ‘Big Tick’ award, for their dedication towards apprenticeships.

The team raised the profile of apprenticeships, completed a community project, fundraised for two charities, and competed in a physically challenging series of activities at the Brathay Trust, in Windermere, in early June.

Tricia Fuller, Group HR Director, commented: “We are extremely proud of the apprentices’ achievement and winning a Big Tick in June for our apprenticeship programme. We feel that we have tapped into a talent pool which will help us build the next generation of Norse Employees. Our Brathay team have been excellent in representing all the apprentices in Norse and promoting the benefits to other young people outside the organisation.”

During the event the team competed against seven other teams, including apprentices from large national companies including Unilever, Cobham Aerospace and Innovia Films (the overall winners). The competition also had a local edge as the team was competing against local training provider Broadland Council Training Services. Norfolk’s local businesses lent their support to the team, providing them with a variety of donations and financial support for their chosen charity – Nelsons Journey, a Norfolk based charity who help children deal with and overcome bereavement. Through a variety of events, including bake sales, a sponsored walk, a charity football match and convincing two managers to Skydive on their behalf, the team raised more that £4,000 for Nelsons Journey, and £1,700 for the Brathay Trust, the organiser of the challenge, for a total of £5,700.

Hannah Codling-Thomas, the team’s leader, said: “We are over the moon at coming joint second. We’ve been working so hard and we have done so much in a short space of time – it has been a huge effort. We’re proud to put Norfolk on the map and delighted at our achievement, not only at the finals in Cumbria, but in over the whole of the past six months. To see local businesses recognise the value of apprentices and young people is inspirational, showing Norfolk’s dedication towards nurturing young talent.”

Launch of Norfolk Scholar initiative. Bidwells and the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association (RNAA) have launched an initiative designed to underpin the future of the region’s agricultural sector. The Norfolk Scholar programme will enable two people aged between 18-35, who live, work and/or study in Norfolk to attend the Oxford Farming Conference, the leading forum for discussing how the industry will develop. The initiative, which is open to people associated with the agriculture industry, will provide the two successful Norfolk Scholars with an opportunity to hear and learn from national and international speakers. To qualify for the fully funded Scholarship, applicants will be asked to submit a short précis on how their attendance at the Conference, an event which has been held annually for almost 70 years, could benefit their professional lives. James Brooke, Bidwells Partner, said: “Attending the Oxford Farming Conference will provide anyone entering our highly sophisticated sector with a deep insight into our role in feeding a growing global population, as well as the huge challenges we face - which range from climatic conditions and government intervention to the financial pressures caused by external factors.” The 2014 Oxford Farming Conference will take place between 6-8 January 2014.

Write a Will Week 25th – 30th November 2013. Write a Will week is an opportunity for people to write their will knowing that £50 of the fee will be donated to the Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House.

Home or through a limited number of beds. We support patients from 18 years upwards and our relationship with children’s Hospice services means we are able to help with the transition needed for young people as they survive their childhood. Currently The Norfolk Hospice costs £1.8 million to run each year; we receive less than 12% funding from the NHS.

The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House delivers specialist palliative care services to those with long term conditions, those nearing the end of their lives and their families. We help people live life to the full, every day, no matter how many days that person may have. The services are available through Day Therapy, at the Hospice or in people’s homes, Hospice at

Local solicitors are working with the Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House to increase their awareness and income by agreeing to donate £50 of the will writing cost to the Hospice during the ‘Write a Will Week’. To date the solicitors signed up are Fosters, Overburys, Hood Vores & Allwood, GHP, Cozens-Hardy LLP and Clapham

& Collinge with more expected to join the scheme. People who wish to write a will and support the Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House are encouraged to make an appointment with one of the supporting solicitors during the ‘Write a Will Week’, remembering to mention the Hospice when you book.

The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition ON01324 Coc B2B Exhibition 400x30 NEW FP.indd 1 THE MAGAZINE OF NORFOLK CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY

Jackie Cameron Norfolk Hospice


Ridley Pinstripe. Sudoku Sep-Oct

It’s 9.30am on Saturday at the offices of Barking, Madd and Madd and … yes, dear reader, you heard me right, Saturday. A day of rest for many but not in the high pressure life of a middle ranking lower middle management person like your old mate Rids. You see, it’s easy for people to assume that we office types are nine to fivers but nothing could be further from the truth. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. To Asda, as far as I can see, as there’s only me and the security guard here this morning. And he’s only here because he’s lost the keys to the bike shed. Which is a pity because today is the day of our eagerly-awaited company arts festival, which we are staging because the arts add immensely to quality of life and need supporting in these difficult economic times. And because the judge said we had to do something to atone for our misdeeds. It was, he had said loftily in his summing up at the trial, all about Corporate Social Responsibility, or Irresponsibility in our case after the unfortunate poisoning of half a dozen cats when we had that pollution leak. The judge said that, ordinarily, he would have jailed our owner but since he’s already in a Caribbean prison on fraud charges, His Lordship opted for a community service order instead. Court order or not, CSR is important to us, a chance for the company to put something into the community other than a deadly cocktail of chemicals not seen since Vietnam and which turned the grass verges of Laurel Avenue bright pink. So it is that our car park has been invaded by dancers from the South American Andes, storytellers from the Amazon Basin, clowns from rural Romania and a street theatre group from Tonga, with the twin themes of International Culture and Working Cheap. Plus, of course, Myra Cluckinthorpe, the Works Manager’s wife doing pottery demonstrations. Mr Cluckinthorpe himself has, unfortunately, not been able to attend because it is his day for dubbining his football boots. I suspect an excuse, actually. He is sixty four, after all.

Answers in the next edition

The event has not exactly grabbed the enthusiasm of the local populace either and when I went to open the gates, there were just three people waiting, a delivery man in search of directions, a bored-looking photographer from the local newspaper who looked like he was fresh out of primary school and a starchy woman clutching a large banner saying Leave our Cats Alone. She proceeded to march round the car park waggling the placard and shouting things. Quite what, I do not know as she struggled to be heard above the tinny Andean pipe music played on a clapped-out ghetto blaster that packed up shortly before lunchtime by which time the woman had gone.

Sudoku Answers July-Aug


Patience is everything on these occasions, however, and as the brightly coloured dancers cavorted round the car park and the air became thick with wet clay from Mrs Cluckinthorpe’s pottery wheel (Ghost it was not) the crowd grew. To seven. Shortly after four O‘clock, after the last disillusioned dancer had done her last whirl and an exhausted Mrs Cluckinthorpe had gone grey and collapsed over her wheel, I ushered the one remaining member of the public out. And waited for the ambulance.


“My mum has the coolest job in the world. She’s a director of human racehorses!”



@norfolkchamber 29/07/2013 14:39





Going from strength to strength. ADVERTISING FEATURE

R&C Church Engineers Ltd is a family run business, established in 1982. At present it provides a precision engineering service both locally and nationally. With over 30 years experience and a wealth of knowledge, providing customers with a complete cradle to grave package which allows the company to work closely with many contacts to provide fabrication, heat treatments, testing and coatings to compliment the machine shop offerings, which specialises in CNC turning, milling and Metal Spraying. The company’s market niche is to supply customers with a quality solution within a quick turnaround timeframe.

The company currently serves the following industries; n Oil and Gas n Offshore n Shipping n Factory n Agriculture n Transport n Prototype Engineering n 24 Hour Emergency Call Out Service (365 days a year) The company is in the process of carrying out a modernising internal restructure, and are also currently pursuing the acquisition of ISO accreditation, whilst planning an expansion and move to a larger premises. Managing director Mike Church commented: “This is a really exciting time for the company, we plan to modernise the business and bring us in line with the stringent requirements of the energy sector related companies. Coupled that with our good reputation and over 30 years of trading and we

will have a winning formula that should see the company go from strength to strength.” If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact Mike Church on 01493 858715 alternatively e-mail info@churchengineering. or visit us at


Key Person Cover

Shareholder/ Partnership Protection

Key Person protection gives your business financial strength to carry on if you lose a vital employee due to death, critical illness, or disability. Losing someone in your firm who is vital to both profitability and continued success could be disastrous. Boswell Financial Services helps firms which might lose customers and bank support as a result of death or longterm absence, to provide financial breathing space. Other risks include lost productivity, as well as costs and time involved in recruiting and training a replacement. Ask us to advise the appropriate levels of cover your business requires.


01603 626155

Carrow Hill, Norwich, NR1 2AH


Losing business owners/directors/partners can also have a major impact on your business. Using Shareholder/Partnership protection helps to ensure continued control for the remaining owners. Boswell Financial Services’ Director Martin Hewetson says the right cover will ensure that remaining shareholders have funds in place to purchase the shares from the deceased’s estate. Using this cover means that the estate of the deceased gets fair payment for their shares, and control of the firm is kept within the business. We work closely with your legal team to help draw up the necessary legal agreement and trusts. Call us to discuss how we can help you.


New Members. A-OK Monitoring Limited

01279 879240 Security Equipment

A V N Arena Limited

01553 773125 Accountancy Services

Alan Boswell Financial Planners

01603 218000 Financial Planning

Banner Business Services Limited

0845 712 5926 Office Supplies/Equipment

Barnham Broom Hotel Golf & Spa

01603 759393 Hotels

Big Yellow Self Storage Norwich

01603 666430 Storage/Warehousing

Cemea Ltd

01493 667037 Oil & Gas

Cintra Ltd

01223 346870 Translation Services

E S Bookkeeping Services

01362 860517 Book Keeping

Flood Ark Ltd

NPS Property Consultants Ltd

01603 222255

01603 879977 Property Agents/Management Flood Protection and defence

New Anglia Capital Ltd

Go Race Events Ltd

01603 510087

07986 143 399 Investment Exhibition Consultants/Organisers

Norwich Cathedral Enterprises Ltd

Harrisons Estate Agents

01603 218322

01263 511028 Hospitality Facilities Estate Agents

Hewlett Packard (Enterprise Services)

Norwich Research Partners LLP

01603 274441 Conference & Educational Facilities

Electronics Manufacture

SA Architectural Services

Hudson Architects

01603 713528

01603 766220 Architects Architects

Swinton Commercial

Iceni Academy

01553 817850

01366 728333 Insurance Companies/Brokers/Adjusters (all types) Education

Intolion Ltd

Waveney Insurance Broker Ltd

01603 630472

0845 5191681 Insurance Companies/Brokers/Adjusters (all types) IT Services

Listers Group Ltd

Wellton Energy Limited

01553 692000

01603 280466 Motor Vehicle Dealers/Leasing Energy

Mak Personnel Limited

X-Press Legal Services (Norfolk) Ltd

01493 887480

0845 026 1358 Recruitment Legal Services

Find out about the benefits of being a Norfolk Chamber member. All information can be found at or attend a Meet the Chamber event.

Norfolk Chamber of Commerce The Ultimate Business Network




R.E.G energy services

Since 1994 R.E.G. Energy Services has successfully established a client base that encompasses business users of electricity and gas covering an area of the British Isles from the Midlands to the Isle of Wight.


Services Negotiating electricity supply contracts. Gas supply contracts. l Energy monitoring system. l Negotiating with energy supply companies for new supply services, and upgrading of existing supply services. l Arrange and Project Manage electricity, gas, water and telephone services for developers and architects. l Tariff advice and analysis. l Wayleave and Easement negotiations. l Negotiate HV line diversions. l l

For more information contact

LZegdk^YZV[g^ZcYanXjhidbZg [dXjhZY]VcYhdc>HDFjVa^in BVcV\ZbZcihnhiZbh[dghbVaa VcYbZY^jbh^oZYWjh^cZhh#

IdY^hXjhh]dllZXVc]Zaendj \gdlndjgWjh^cZhhVcY^begdkZ ndjgWdiidba^cZjh^c\>HD.%%&! &)%%&!&-%%&VcY',%%&XVaajh#

Tel: 01603 510161 Unit 5, Home Farm Business Park, Norwich Road, Marsham, Norwich NR10 5PQ


SharePoint - Coming to an office near you! See the benefits of using SharePoint in your own office. Let us demonstrate what a real difference this simple software can make to your working environment. Alternatively we can even show you remotely, by sending a short presentation to your PC and talking it through via phone link. Call me today and I’ll arrange the rest.

Richard Pledger, Director – Beccles Branch


We promise no jargon just solutions for your business

Founded in 1987, The Personnel People is one of Norwich’s most established independent recruitment consultancies. We are constantly striving to move with the times and pride ourselves on providing our clients with top quality personnel that reflect the qualities we adhere to – flexibility, responsiveness and capability. We provide full coverage throughout East Anglia and offer a service that is as individual as each client or candidate that we deal with. Supplying permanent, contract and temporary staff across: n COMMERCIAL Supplying all office personnel from entry level through to senior management.

n DRIVING Supplying all classes of drivers including Forklift & mates/porters.

n T.E.C


CATERING & CLEANING All levels of catering staff, hospitality/events & cleaning (including industrial) provided.

n INDUSTRIAL Recruiting Skilled & Unskilled labour for Production, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Distribution.

Technical, Engineering & Construction staff.

React Computer Partnership 5 Deben Mill Business Centre, Old Maltings Approach, Woodbridge IP12 1BL 01394 387337 Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


For full details on our services and the vacancies we have available please visit us at: Tel: 01603 761717 Email:


Norfolk Chamber joins forces with the Norwich for Jobs Campaign. Chris Perry, Membership Manager and Chloe Smith, MP for Norwich North

The Norfolk Chamber has joined forces with the Norwich for Jobs campaign to aid in increasing the opportunities for young people in businesses in Norwich.

The Norfolk Chamber will be partnering with the campaign by implementing its already successful Apprenticeship Broker Service to help those businesses looking at taking on an apprentice and Caroline Williams CEO Norfolk Chamber is now a full member of the Norwich for Jobs steering group. Membership Manager, Chris Perry, who leads the Chamber Apprenticeship Brokerage Service said “Apprenticeships are currently very much on the minds of business leaders throughout the county. It is vital that those businesses who want to get involved with the campaign, by taking a young person into their business, are given a point of

contact that can give them all the relevant information and support they need to guide them through the whole process of taking on a young apprentice.” “Norfolk Chamber makes it as simple and easy as possible for the employer. So through Norwich for Jobs and the Chamber Apprenticeship service we can really support any business looking at taking on young apprentices. This is done by acting on a business’s behalf to ensure

they receive relevant advice on training options, grants and funding as well as helping them choose the right training provider or college.” Caroline Williams CEO Norfolk Chamber commented: ”The Chamber is very excited to be working closer with the Norwich for Jobs team as we are both passionate about ensuring that our young people get into jobs and help drive the local economy.”

Research Park brings together strengths. “This is a very exciting time to be working in science’, comments Professor Anne Osbourn who has been appointed Director of the Norwich Research Park’s newly created Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy Alliance (IBBA). Creating a sustainable bioeconomy for the UK is a key strategic objective within Government and Norwich Research Park is well placed to advance fundamental and applied research in this area. The Alliance aims to create a portfolio of expertise from across the schools of the University of East Anglia and the research institutes based on the Park, and to facilitate greater interaction with industry. Prof Osbourn, previously Associate Research Director at the John Innes Centre, explains

that the Alliance will have three major strands: fermentation of agri-food chain by-products to produce commodity and speciality chemicals; plant and microbial natural products and natural products chemistry; and bioenergy which includes bioelectrocatalysis. She says; “There are many emerging areas of work that have synergies across the Park and we will be pulling these together into a coherent strategy. “For example, naturally occurring compounds have always been exploited by humans as sources of drugs, flavourings and fragrances but we are really only scratching the surface. “The Norwich Research Park has a strong track record in natural products research, in particular

antibiotics through its pioneering research into Streptomyces, which now accounts for over two-thirds of the clinically useful antibiotics of natural origin. This work is continuing with recent groundbreaking work in genomics. For Prof. Osbourn the Alliance creates the potential to offer new career opportunities for the next generation of scientists. “The development of a research and innovation campus on the Norwich Research Park offers opportunities for new types of collaboration between science and industry and I think that it will become an increasingly vibrant environment for young people entering the field. They will have the opportunity to become entrepreneurial in their thinking at an early stage.”


The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition #B2B2B



ON01324 CoC B2B Exhibition 185x30 FP.indd 1

29/07/2013 14:38 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER JULY/AUGUST 2011 2013



The last word. Name: Carole Osborne Company: osbornenash Job title: Managing Director

What did you want to be when you were young? My mum tells me I wanted to be Prime Minister. But for as long as I can remember I wanted to be the boss, I don’t think I even knew in what industry until I started I working at a local advertising agency when I was 16. From then I just spent years learning everything I could from some of the best account directors, creatives, media planners, ऀprint buyers in Norfolk until the time was right. What could you not live without? My diary – it’s still the old fashioned paper type – but it has my life in it. I know who I’m seeing, what I’m doing, what I’m cooking the kids for tea, who’s at what birthday party. If you could invite any two people to dinner, who would they be and why? Karren Brady and Michelle Mone. For obvious reasons maybe, but I like talking to and learning from women who are mums and in business, it’s tough no matter if you’re working 2 or 3 days a week or trying to juggle a full time career and a home life. These two have done it so well, they are talented, successful, well respected and mums. How do they do it!! If I can be greedy and chuck a 3rd in it would be Keith Richards – what a talent and a man with many, many stories. If you could build a house anywhere in the world, where would it be?

What makes you angry? Bullying. I was bullied in my first ever job, fortunately I had a boss that could see it happening and put a stop to it really quickly, the reason the person gave for disliking me so much was because I asked too many questions. I never forgot this, at osbornenash we encourage everyone to have an opinion, question things, suggest new ways of doing things or point out things we could do better – it’s so important to us that anyone who works with us feels valued. If you only had a £1 left in the whole world, what would you spend it on? Without a doubt a packet of salt and vinegar crisps and a can of coke. I’m a long term planner rather than a risk taker, so a lottery ticket for me is too risky, whereas a can of coke and crisps would buy me time to think about and make my next pound or two. What is the best thing about Norfolk? It’s my home. I love everything about it. The beach, the broads, the opportunities, the shopping, the history.

In my mum and dad’s back garden. I never wanted to leave home really, and always threaten to move across the road from them, so being in their back garden would be heaven for me – not quite sure they would feel the same way though...

What is, in your opinion, the greatest invention ever? What a hard question. I would imagine my answer is the same as a lot of peoples – but it has to be the internet. I learn new things every day, I can answer any weird and wonderful question my children ask me at the touch of a button, the whole world feels a lot more accessible now. What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt in life? Your actions will nearly always impact others. Every decision I make now has an impact on someone, I used to just make decisions or say things without thinking about repercussions or effects, but as I’ve got older I try and consider other people a lot more. If you could come back as an animal in your next life, what would it be and why? A cat - Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep etc.


The essential business to business (to business to business) exhibition #B2B2B




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