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CHEMUK2020 13th & 14th May 2020, EventCity, Manchester, UK




CHEMUK BACK IN 2020 – BIGGER AND BETTER The CHEMUK 2020 supply-chain expo and speaker programme returns on the 13th & 14th May 2020 at EventCity in Manchester. CHEMUK 2020 will bring together the UK’s chemicals, chemical processing and chemical product formulation industries, providing an intensive 2-day supply chain sourcing, business networking, intelligence gathering, best-practice and strategy development experience.


270+ specialist supply chain exhibitors spanning 6,000+ sqm of floor, more than 30 hours of free expert conference programmes, panel & feature programmes, unique sector wide networking opportunities and lots more await 2020 attendees, over TWO packed days.

NEW FOR 2020 will be the ‘CHEMSOURCE’ Zones that will see an expansion of the exhibits space and speaker programme coverage, relating to Specialty Chemicals, Ingredients & Raw Materials supply chain & sourcing.



2-DAY CHEMICALS INDUSTRY SUPPLY CHAIN EXPO CHEMUK 2020 will provide visitor groups with a diverse and impressive showcase of 270+ specialist exhibitors showcasing latest plant, equipment, materials and services supporting the chemicals industries, driving product innovation, plant & process performance, future-proofing, supply-chain fulfilment, safety, compliance and more. Key exhibition focus streams, featuring latest industry solutions, technology, innovations, partners and specialist services include: Plant, Process, Flow & Control

Including: Process Plant & Equipment / Process Engineering / Process Control / Process Automation/ Flow Management / Plant & Asset Mgmt / Plant Optimisation / Process Intensification/ Digitalisation & QC

Chemicals, Ingredients, Raw Materials

Including: Industrial & Supply Chain Chemicals / Chemical & Formulation ingredients & additives / Raw Materials – for Chemicals processing & product formulation sectors/Green Chemistry

Heath, Safety, Environment, Regulatory

Including: HSE/ Process Safety / Hazard Management / Environment Compliance & Regulatory Management / Responsible Care/Risk & Asset Mgmt / Security

Logistics, Storage, Handling & Fulfilment

Including: Logistics & Transport / Supply Chain Mgmt / Warehousing & Storage / Loading & Handling / Industrial Packaging /Contract Processing& Fulfilment Services

Laboratory, Research & Development

Including: Laboratory chemicals / Lab Equipment, Apparatus & Instrumentation / Lab Testing/ Research & Development Services, Sector Innovation

Business & Operations Management

Including: Engineering & Technical Services / Business Support Services / Trade & Business Performance / Operational & Asset Mgmt / Brexit & Regulatory Mgmt

Skills, Training, HR & Recruitment

Including: Chemical /Process sector Careers, Skills, Training & recruitment

More than 100 ‘brand new exhibitors’ join the show floor for 2020 More than 100 ‘brand new exhibitors’ join the show floor for 2020 Major industry players through to niche solutions & services suppliers, from all sides of the sector, have joined into the packed www.chemicalukexpo.com

exhibitor line up for the CHEMUK 2020 Supply Chain Expo, benefitting from new biggest venue of ‘EventCity’ in Trafford Park, Manchester.


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Connecting the Chemical Industry Fully confidential outsourcing of your whole supply chain. From storage, packing, blending, QC testing, transportation to Samples Management: All provided by the 2M Services Company, all confidential. We provide customers with flexible solutions to their outsourcing needs. Outsource your entire supply chain to 2M Services and obtain more business with greater ease. 2M Services brings together SampleRite UK, SampleRite China and MP Storage and Blending together under the 2M Services umbrella. 2M Services Company understands that confidentiality of our clients is critical and enter into confidentiality agreements when negotiations with a prospective client begin. 2MServices.com

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MHT Technology Ltd digitally transforms operations. They are a global supplier of tank gauging, terminal automation and stock management solutions for bulk liquid storage and handling. MHT recently launched a new solution called ‘Safe Ops’ that digitises paper-based checklists but with the human element still at the core of its design. It enables operators to carry out their operational checks quickly and efficiently with an easy to use smartphone app. MHT welcomes you to stand E32 and will be running demonstrations all day, contact them today to arrange a free demonstration for your site www.mht-technology.co.uk

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Tradition and innovation for the future. The two keywords ‘tradition’ and ‘innovation’ provide a precise definition of Gericke’s self-concept and performance bond. The concept of tradition is not only backed by Gericke’s 120 years of experience but also by a continuous business policy with an orientation to long-term customer relations. And innovation itself is a Gericke tradition with trendsetting solutions for the requirements of the customers having been developed since 1894. The excellent services offered also indicate that a Gericke system is an investment in a successful future. Gericke machines can be specified to suit a wide range of applications with maximised run-time, minimal down-time and optimised process operations. www.gerickegroup.com/en

See us at stand Excellence in fluid technology As a worldwide leader in dosing technology, sera ProDos is a system provider of high quality products and services for the dosing and feeding of chemicals and fluids. Indeed, with 75 years of experience, sera ProDos is renowned for its excellent customer service and leading German engineering, offering some of the most robust pumps available on the market to customers involved in the chemical industry, food and beverage, pharma, and water and wastewater treatment.





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Lauda Technology Ltd provides classleading expertise for applications requiring precise temperature control in the range -150°C to +550°C for industrial heating, cooling and measuring. These solutions can apply to multiple processes and product stages, from research and development through to pilot plant, full production lines and quality control. Serving a diverse range of industry segments, LAUDA Technology Ltd focuses particularly on Chemical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical application solutions. The primary focus is on robust and feature-rich products that allow operators to easily become familiar with the equipment, whilst giving customers a reassuringly low total cost of ownership throughout the equipment life. lauda-technology.co.uk


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Filtration Group Ltd. Process Systems Process Systems is a part of Filtration Group, the fastest growing filtration company in the world. We are specialists in designing, engineering, manufacturing and delivering systems that will maximise the efficiency of your plants filtration processes. Our product portfolio includes world-leading brands, such as Amafilter® and LFC Lochem®, which are renowned for their world class designs and filtration efficiencies. Our range includes our patented Cricketfilter®, seawater filters, self-cleaning filters, horizontal and vertical pressure leaf filters, cartridge and bag filters and process filtration spares and consumables. Our service team deliver world class service and support across the globe. We can assist you with any requirements you may have, using our expertise and technical knowhow to optimise your filtration process. www.filtrationgroup.com


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Lechler Ltd – Precision Spray Nozzles & Engineered Solutions for Process Applications Chemical industry processes are extremely complex and mutually dependent, each adjustment extending far beyond its immediate scope. Lechler Spray Nozzles have been providing excellent results for over 140 years. Our parts are meticulously designed and are readily available at a reasonable price for various applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Lechler also provides special engineered solutions for large industry framework conditions. Amongst others Lechler customised products and solutions for the chemical and petro-chemical industry include pump and control skid units, lances, special nozzles, gas cooling and conditioning systems. www.lechler.com

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Glassflake Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture of glassflake; an engineered, performance enhancing additive. Glassflake Ltd uses an innovative manufacturing process which has enabled accurate control of glass composition and the production of thinner flake (as low as 100nm), with uniform thickness and exceptional consistency. Glassflake is typically produced from 4 core glass formulations, though specific glass types can be formulated to accommodate customer requirements. Glassflake is a platelet, high aspect ratio material which imparts unique properties in a wide range of products such as coatings, engineered polymers, and decorative effect pigments. www.glassflake.com

Combination GHS Labelling Use a single label instead of buying multiple labels to comply with GHS Regulations. Print your product information, transport diamonds, company branding and much more on one large format label - the perfect solution for drums and IBCs. The Neuralabel 600e handles continuous media, from a roll-to-roll format to fanfolded or sheet-fed media.

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Established in the UK in 1990, Perry Process Equipment Ltd buys & sells high quality used process plant and equipment. With equipment immediately available from stock and competitively priced, we are one of the leading dealers of used machinery worldwide. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff are able to assist with equipment sourcing, mechanical refurbishment, worldwide export packing and logistics, equipment disposal, and support with the dismantling and removal of plants, lines and equipment. Browse our entire inventory of process equipment online, which includes: centrifuges, dryers, filters, heat exchangers, mixers, reactors, tanks & vessels. www.perryprocess.co.uk

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Since our foundation in 1982, Ram Universal Ltd has been the UK’s leading distributor for high quality fluoropolymer lined valves. Our Richter range of German engineered products are used to transport and manage highly corrosive, environment critical, high-purity and other difficult to manage fluids in the most challenging applications. Richter products are generally used in the base chemical industry which would typically include Chemical Waste, Bromine, Acid Production & Treatment, Chloralkali electrolysis, MDI-Production & TDI Production, Titanium Dioxide Production and Fertiliser Production. www.ramuniversal.co.uk

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Dura-ID Solutions are the exclusive European distributor for the Neuralabel 600e. Speak to our Chemicals experts today to discuss your current labelling needs. Call us on: 0114 242 2111 Email: chemicals@dura-id.com Visit us: www.labels-for-chemicals.com

Example Label:

Dura-ID Solutions are a specialist identification solutions provider that assist chemical manufacturers and processers in finding solutions to labelling and identification issues. Our media is BS5609 3-part approved when used alongside select printers from our range. Our chemical labelling experts are always on hand to provide you with advice on GHS, CLP and REACH legislation. As a manufacturer, Dura-ID can produce unique product that allows the company to be solutions-led. Meeting your requirements every step of the way. We offer thermal transfer and full colour in-house identification solutions to your unique problems. www.dura-id.com


Kanon Loading Equipment B.V. are a worldwide supplier of Liquid Transfer Systems, particularly suited to the Chemical & Petrochemical market where safety is of paramount importance. The range includes Marine, Rail & Road Loading Arms, along with Loading Platforms, Folding Stair/Safety Cages, and Swivel Joints capable of handling cryogenic and highly toxic products such as chlorine. Kanon Liquid Handling Ltd, a sister company of Kanon B.V., provide sales support & servicing facilities for Kanon equipment in the UK. Kanon UK also manufacture a wide range of bespoke Drum and IBC Filling Systems, including fully automated robotic versions. e: info@kanon.uk.com www.kanon.uk.com



BIG BANG THEORY pays dividends ChemUK founder Ian Stone tells Helen Compson about the massive expansion of the expo in what is only its second year It arrived with a bang last May and a formula worthy of the chemical industry itself. And there’s no two ways about it, ChemUK will be even bigger and better this year. While the fledgling expo-cum-conference took place in Harrogate last year, Manchester’s EventCity venue - the largest such space available in the North - will play host to the event this year. Founder and managing director Ian Stone said: “It has almost doubled in size in terms of the number of exhibitors and stands. We had 140 last year and this year we’ve got circa 270, with over 100 companies on the waiting list. “What you can draw from that is a massive appetite among suppliers and partners in the chemical industry to be part of ChemUK.” The event is described by Ian as providing an intensive two-day supply chain sourcing, business networking, intelligence gathering, best-practice and strategy development experience, designed to introduce new relationships and strengthen existing

ones throughout the intersecting layers of the UK’s chemical sector. “It is designed essentially to empower attendees with knowledge, contacts and inspiration vital to making future decisions for their chemical sector businesses and operations,” he said. Ian is ambitious. By year three he expects to have around 350 exhibitors and attract some 4,000 or so visitors, but then he is sure of his market. Having already founded one of the largest UK industry events of the past decade, the Advanced Engineering trade show at Birmingham’s NEC, he then spotted the gap in the market in the chemical industry.

To say the first ChemUK was well-received is an understatement. The platform it provided for companies to meet, talk and do business was heartily embraced. Ian said: “As we started to discuss our intended development of the new event, we proactively reached out to a cross section of the industry’s headline trade, technical and professional bodies, embracing the industrial chemicals, formulated products, and wider process industries, to provide industry-wide clarity on the event’s ‘purpose’ and at the same time anchor in baseline support and input.

“The lack of a dedicated event which would unite all of the various interconnected and interdependent layers of one of the UK’s absolutely crucial industrial sectors was evident,” he said.

“They were all quick to acknowledge the value of a forum that would allow for the interchange of ideas, technologies, best practice, supply chain options and crucial intelligence between all of these national and international groups.”

“The chemical industry contributes £17bn a year in added value to the UK economy at a time it is also going through profound change - two very good reasons for providing a national forum that brings together all the different elements under one huge roof.”

As last year’s expo sharply demonstrated, chief among the beneficiaries were the hugely diverse ‘industrial chemicals’ manufacturing & supplier groups, reliant on tight relationships between their various segments – from petrochems & base chemicals, to fine & speciality chemicals,

“It has almost doubled in size in terms of the number of exhibitors and stands. We had 140 last year and this year we’ve got circa 270, with over 100 companies on the waiting list. What you can draw from that is a massive appetite among suppliers and partners in the chemical industry to be part of ChemUK.” 6


BIG INTERVIEW to chemical intermediates & additives, to polymers, inorganics, dyestuffs, process chemicals and so on..

Ian Stone, founder and managing director

He observed: “It is often said the biggest customer of the industrial chemicals market is the industrial chemicals market itself, and that is what we picked up on, that huge interdependence. As important was the unlocking of a networking platform between the industrial chemicals and the ‘downstream’ formulated chemical product companies that were suddenly in the position of being able to tell their upstream suppliers exactly what their needs were, face to face. “Industries such as paints, coatings, fuels, lubricants, adhesives and sealants, cosmetics & personal care, household & industrial cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, agritech… just some of the formulated products that are, of course, very tied to the upstream industrial chemicals providers – were able to talk on their future supply chain requirements, supporting their product development, product performance and regulatory compliance needs. “There was nothing like this before ChemUK. It provides the opportunity for a unique dynamic.” It also gives attendees the ‘big picture’, bringing them up to date in terms of new technology and developments. This year, the conference side of the event will field around 100 speakers drawn from all areas of the industry. Key themes they will be covering include process improvement & intensification, green chemistry, sustainability and circular economy, plant and supply chain management, process safety and the regulatory landscape, sector logistics and outsourcing, global trade and, inevitably, “the infamous B word”. “We had around 70 speakers last year, so that has grown,” said Ian, “but we have also introduced a whole series of new, themed sessions on hot topics tailored to particular sectors.

conference will be the challenges inherent in transitioning to sustainability and digitisation. “They are by far the two biggest topics and areas of change,” he said. “A third key subject is process intensification, which is also affecting and influencing every level and sub-sector of the chemical industry.”

“Case in point, the pest control products industry: this year we’ll have a dedicated session looking at the major trends and developments there and, in the process, give this sub-sector of downstream formulated products market a chance to address the whole industry to say ‘this is where we are headed, these are the products we want to produce and these are the ingredients we need’ “

Cyber-security, the use of data and reducing energy costs are just three of the many other topics that will be aired.

“In short, this is what we need from the upstream chemical industry and supply chain to support our ambitions.”

“You can only really breathe once you are in the theatre on the night and you can see the audience’s reaction and hear the clapping and cheering.

Reflecting the subjects testing the industry at large, the dominant themes of the www.chemicalukexpo.com

This year’s conference will boast three stages instead of two in order to satisfy the palpable thirst for knowledge and debate. Indeed, Ian describes the whole exercise as being akin to mounting a West End production. “It’s all in the planning,” he laughed.

“For me, I need to stand in the middle of

the exhibition hall in the middle of the first day to look for the signs an event is working the way I intended it to, from the type of introductions taking place to the intensity of conversations to the expressions on people’s faces.” Such has been the recognition of the value of ChemUK that multiple government departments, attendees from global chemical industry leaders, national centres of research, leading consultancy groups, trade, technical & professional bodies and a cross section of the sector’s technology, equipment & specialist service providers will again be represented at this year’s event. And fresh off the blocks as it was, ChemUK was also shortlisted in last year’s EN Indy Awards, a scheme designed to recognise the crème de la crème of independent shows. All things considered, 2019 proved a solid launch-pad for what has already turned into the chemical industry’s ‘must go to’ event.


CHEMUK2020 See us at stand

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Delta Containers is an IBC specialist with more than 30 years’ experience. We have all type of IBC’s and any spare part you might need. • UN approved stainless steel IBC’s and bespoke stainless tanks • New, Rebottled and Reconditioned 1000ltr IBC’s • We purchase your used Industrial Packaging and provide laundry services • IBC jackets (heated/insulated/UV filter) • Drum & IBC bunds, spill pallets and much more… BUY ONLINE for next day delivery - www.deltacontainers.com For further information call us on 0161 231 2875


Moeschle’s strong commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and innovation make us one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel tanks and containers in Europe. This makes us an ideal partner for the Chemicals Industry, where attention to detail, high quality manufacturing, materials and quality control are paramount. We take pride in every project, large or small, and offer professional advice to ensure the correct design is achieved for each vessel or system. • Storage tanks • PED compliant vessels • Agitation or mixer systems • Internal heat transfer coils • External heat transfer jackets • Insulated tanks • Vessel top access systems • On-site assembly of vessels up to 1 million litres www.moeschle.com

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Diaphragm pumps - outstanding performance for demanding applications. Our pumps start with your specs and are designed to fulfil the demands and complex challenges of industrial process conditions. • Uncontaminated transfer, compression and evacuation of valuable and hazardous processing media at temperatures up to 240ºC • ATEX compliant design • Sample gas pumps for mobile/stationary process gas analysis KNF provides extensive advice, reliable service and customised flexible solutions. We work with you to design customised project pumps that give you a competitive edge. From configuration to testing conditions and packaging, your project pump is tailored to your needs. Visit stand E7 during CHEM UK for more information or visit www.knf.co.uk

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ZOOK and Flexachem – Proud Partners in Pressure Relief and Control Safety can’t be left to chance, so meet today’s demanding pressure control challenges with the latest technology. Flexachem have been supplying pressure relief and process valve solutions for over 30 years, let us use this knowledge to help you pick the right solution for your application. ZOOK manufacture a complete range of innovative metal and graphite rupture disks and associated products. Manufactured at our own factories these can reduce plant down time and increase operational efficiency. Join us at stand F15 to find out how we can assist. zookdisk.com | flexachem.co.uk


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Safety, value and reliability are being delivered to the chemical industry by VEGA through innovative, high quality level and pressure instrumentation. They manufacture different measurement technologies for level, pressure, interface, density and other specialist control applications. Their products are certified, tested and approved to meet safety (SIL ) and hazardous area (ATEX/IEC) standards for the demanding environments of chemical manufacturing. Backed by engineering experience and customer partnership, their transmitters and systems are proven in achieving both cost savings and process improvements. VEGA understand that modular, easy to use devices with a 5-day build time, 3-year warranty and optimum customer support, are services highly sought by end-users . vega.com


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The Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle University is the largest “P.I.” research group in the World, with over 70 active researchers. Process intensification means reducing the size of process technology by a factor of 10 - 100. This drastically reduces capital costs, running costs, safety hazards and improves process control. The group develops technologies for reactions, separations, mass transfer and mixing for a range of partners in the chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals industries. We also specialise in laboratory-scale process development using 3D-printed process units. pig.ncl.ac.uk | adam.harvey@ncl.ac.uk


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RAS Ltd is an independent firm of risk experts specialising major accident hazards. RAS work with a number of the leading companies in the oil and gas and specialist chemical sectors to help them manage their safety, environment and business risks. RAS has specialists from a variety of backgrounds, enabling us to develop bespoke solutions to any risk problem. Our services span the breadth of risk management, from helping our clients to understand their risks through hazard identification and risk assessment, to helping them prevent, control and mitigate these risks according to the principles of ALARP and emergency response planning. ras.ltd.uk

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RETSCH is the leading solution provider for size reduction and particle sizing technology. We focus on customer requirements and providing leading edge technology. This is reflected in our solutions with quality components which are designed for perfect interaction. RETSCH products not only guarantee representative and reproducible results for grinding and particle analysis but also allow for easy and comfortable operation. www.retsch.co.uk


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Manrochem specialise in ENGINEERING DESIGN, PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT. Established in 1990, Manrochem have completed thousands of projects across the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Nuclear, Coatings, Food and Allied industries. Our Engineering Services include: Feasibility Studies • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) • Detailed Engineering Design • Process Flow Development (PFD) • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) • CDM Regulations • HSE Regulations • Procurement • Control • Instruments • Project Management • Electrical • Scheduling • Commissioning • Process Control • Relief Studies • Heat Transfer Optimisation • Energy/Mass Balances • 3D/ 2D Modelling www.manrochem.co.uk

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Hibiscus Plc has been the UK’s leading chemical label manufacturer for nearly 40 years. As specialists in providing high-quality labelling solutions for the chemical industry, they manufacture a wide range of bespoke warning labels and develop software specifically for the classification and labelling of chemicals and the production and management of Safety Data Sheets. Hibiscus offer a thorough understanding of GHS/CLP requirements and unrivalled expertise of sourcing approved materials and adhesives for the production of waterproof BS5609 compliant labels that can withstand the harshest environments. Visit Hibiscus at Stand H27 to discuss your labelling requirements Tel: 0113 242 4272 Email: enquiries@hibiscus-plc.com



TALKING THE TALK The 2-day speaker programme hosted across three open stages will deliver some 30+ hours of free to attend expert intelligence, case studies, best practice and tech-insight ‘snapshots’, to inspire and assist next level investment and operational strategies for attending industry groups across the UK chemicals & chemical product sectors. Centre stage will be critical themes such as process innovation, improvement & intensification, sustainability & responsible care, digitisation, new technology, plant & supply chain management, process safety & regulatory landscape, global trade, sector skills, Brexit and more. FOCUS – Chemical Business & Operations management FOCUS – Raw Materials, Ingredients & Chemicals FOCUS – Laboratory/Research & Development FOCUS – Plant, Process, Flow & Control FOCUS – Health & Safety/Environmental, Regulatory & Compliance FOCUS – Logistics/Fulfilment FOCUS – Skills/Training/HR 10



DIGITISATION & SUSTAINABILITY By far the two ‘standout’ themes across 2020 2-day conference address the crucial topics of the sector’s transition towards ‘digitalisation’ and separately the challenge of stepping up to the demands of ‘sustainability & circular economy’

Sustainability/Circular Economy Green Chemistry 2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

Digitalisation/Industry 4.0: 2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

Digital Transformation for the Chemical Industry-

Digital/Connected workforce

predicative maintenance /predictive intelligence data

IOT and site instrumentation

Digital solutions addressing safety, security & reliability

Security of critical operational data

Affordability of digital technology/ digital investment

Risk mitigation - harnessing technology for more effective asset management

Digitally connected packaging

Robotic tanker loading

Networked digital technologies & cyber risks

Digital twinning of chemical processes

Cyber security, challenges & opportunities in the industrial digital world

Tank Storage industry Cyber Security

Drivers for next level digital tranmsformation (sustainability/transparency)

From Data Collection to Actionable Insights ….. and more


Biobased raw materials

Consumer led demands/extended producer responsibility

Life cycle approach for manufacturers

Demands for zero avoidable waste

Circular economy demands for debonding, dismantlability and re-use of materials

Tackling the plastic pollution challenge

Role of bio-based plastics, the potential for chemical recycling, and innovative plastic substitutes

Material Circularity and Recycling

Minimising waste ion chemical formulation

sustainable chemical packaging


Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)

Sustainability and transparency as drivers of next level digital transformation

Carbon capture ….. and more


CHEMUK2020 See us at stand

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Find outsourcing partners for your chemical projects Grundfos, the world’s largest dedicated pump company, is focussed on sustainably delivering pumps and pumping solutions with in-built reliability, energy efficiency and intelligence for process industry and chemical applications. Their in-depth knowledge means they can supply a bespoke range of pumps, drives, sensors and controls that deliver energy and process optimisation through system integration. With over 70 years of experience and expertise, the Grundfos Group employ 19,000 people in sales and production roles in 83 companies worldwide. Founded in Denmark in 1945, the Group now has an annual turnover of £3 billion+ and produces 17 million pumps per year. www.grundfos.co.uk

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Labtex on stand E25 will show a selection of leading laboratory products including HUBER baths, circulators and chillers, DIEHM batch glass reaction systems, POPE wiped film or short path evaporators, Nutsche filter dryers, BOLA labware in PTFE and other technical plastics, Vacuubrand vacuum pumps. On our stand you will be able to meet experts from Labtex, Huber and Vacuubrand. We provide scale up equipment for Process R & D in the pharmaceutical, chemical defence, aerospace, biochemical and other industries including Reaction systems, Process Automation, Distillation and Evaporation, Liquid Temperate Control and Hazardous Material Storage Solutions www.labtex.co.uk

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The danger of static electricity in hazardous atmospheres is always present. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals and paints and coatings, where powders and solvents are used in key processes, are at risk due to the hazardous nature of the materials and the generation of static throughout the processing operation.


Newson Gale’s range of certified Earth-Rite®, Bond-Rite® and Cen-StatTM static grounding systems offer the appropriate level of protection required to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity. Don’t Risk it – Ground it! Visit us on Stand D16 at ChemUK 2020. Contact us on +44 115 940 7500 or visit our website www.newson-gale.co.uk


Whether you’re searching for companies to help with formulation, blending, tolling, filling, repacking from bulk, export packing, distribution ... there is bound to be a BCMPA member who can help. Search our database of members and the services they provide on bcmpa.org.uk

BCM573_Chem_Ad_sm.indd 3

See 18/12/2019 us at stand


Suurmond designs, manufactures and delivers, with a dedicated team, sustainable solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, polymer production and polymer processing industries, by an interactive approach with our customers. Suurmond wants to have long term relationships with its’ customers and supported by a network of highly qualified suppliers, Suurmond is in the position to serve customers at a continuous high level. Suurmond exhibited at ChemUK in 2019 and following a successful exhibition and outcome we have chosen to participate in ChemUK 2020. Come and say hi! suurmond.com

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Providing large-scale gas heat recovery for chemical processing HRS recently supplied a K Series large gas heat exchanger to a Belgian chemical plant to cool exhaust gases from a catalytic reactor (at 500°C). A large tube area maintains a small pressure drop and unit contains 2,900 separate tubes (total length 21 km). Other features include expansion bellows to absorb thermal dilations and stresses, and reinforced impingement rods at the shell inlet to absorb the kinetic charge of the incoming flow; preventing tube vibrations. Inside segmental buffers support the large tube bundle and improve thermal efficiency. www.hrs-heatexchangers.com



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iCenta Controls is an independent flow and level specialist based in Salisbury, UK. We manufacture and distribute a range of industrial flow meters, turbines and paddlewheel products made from high grade materials such as stainless steel and other exotic alloys, PTFE, PVDF, Polypropylene, Ryton and other plastics to the chemical industry. Typical chemical handling includes acids, alkalines and hydro carbons deployed within a number of different markets such as petro-chemical, automotive, water and wastewater. Our quality assured products can be installed ‘standalone’ or as part of a bespoke solution, shipped fully calibrated and ready for operation. We’re so confident in our products we offer a performance guarantee. www.icenta.co.uk +44 (0)1722 439880


Established over 50 years ago, Marshall Pump Systems are ‘pump engineers’ offering solutions, not just pumps. Based in the North West our engineering background and state of the art facilities give us a unique position in today’s market place. You may know us as the leading distributor for many of the best known pump manufacturers, but did you also know that we build, install, repair, and adapt pumps too? Moreover, we specify, design, build and install pumpsets and packages to meet our clients’ exacting requirements Marshall Pump Systems were the first pump distributor to be fully accredited with BS5750 and are currently ISO 9001:2015 accredited, ATEX compliant, founder members of the Pump Distributors Association and are CHAS approved. We offer a facility few, if indeed any, other pump distributors can offer.


See us at stand AxFlow has over 70 years history in the UK operating from 5 locations across the country from which it supplies a large range of process pumps and comprehensive pump service and repair packages. AxFlow has the widest process pump portfolio in the UK which includes AODD, vane, rotary lobe, progressive cavity, peristaltic, gear, eccentric disc, turbine, piston, axial flow, mixed flow and numerous types of centrifugal pumps including ISO 5199, API 610, mag drive, canned and lined ranges. AxFlow have recently developed a state-of-the-art remote pump monitoring system that utilizes wifi, 4G and a cloud server. www.axflow.co.uk

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Pulsar Process Measurement is a world leader in non-contacting level measurement with tens of thousands of installations worldwide. The success of the business has been built on reliable repeatable measurement systems that have made difficult or seemingly impossible measurements a reality. RADAR and non-contacting ultrasonic measurement are complementary non-contacting technologies, measuring level by signal analysis but excelling in different situations. A major benefit to Pulsar customers is that they can choose between mmWAVE RADAR and dB ultrasonic measurement, without having to make any compromises in terms of functionality. Pulsar also offers customers a range of online and technical support, for more information visit our website: www.pulsar-pm.com

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Maker and Rakem are part of the Rakem Group, a group of companies specialising in chemical distribution and manufacturing. Rakem have distributed quality chemicals and pigments to the coatings, plastics and construction industry for over 20 years. Experts in white pigments, Rakem supply the coatings industry with Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Carbonate, Blanc Fixe and water-based polymers. Maker is Rakem’s complementary sister company. Maker are experts in blending white pigments and powders. Servicing the paint, paper and technical coatings sector their water-based blends are of the highest quality. Offering solutions to the coatings industry Maker are an established toll manufacturer. www.rakem.co.uk | www.maker.co.uk


Maelstrom is a leading supplier of high-performance fluid mixing, blending and dosing equipment for inline process intensification. Based in the UK’s North West region, we have been supplying advanced mixing solutions to a number of the world’s largest process companies for over 20 years. From simple, standalone laboratory mixers through to complex, integrated production system installations, Maelstrom offers proven performance using its patented technologies. At CHEMUK 2020, Maelstrom will be showing a selection of its latest dispersion and emulsification equipment, highlighting system solutions to difficult mixing problems. Visit stand G12 to find out how Maelstrom can transform your mixing processes.





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Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) is a leading product safety and chemical management consultancy providing valued product regulatory compliance services, tailored solutions and original information to help our clients gain competitive advantage. CIRS offers professional assistance through reducing business risks associated with regulatory affairs and removing barriers to entry. With its headquarters based in Hangzhou, China and subsidiaries located in Ireland, the USA, and Korea. CIRS utilizes its technical expertise, various resources and global network to provide comprehensive compliance services such as: chemical notifications, global GHS compliance, pesticides and biocides registration, cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration, medical device registration, food and food-related products compliance services, testing, regulatory update monitoring and training service. www.cirs-reach.com | e: service@cirs-reach.com | t: +353 1 4773710

Since opening its doors, CDR Pumps (UK) Ltd have gone from strength to strength bringing you a company which has the product, service and knowledge to support the chemical, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries on a global scale; small enough to give you the individual care and attention you need yet big enough to support multi-site, multi-national blue-chip chemical companies. Our global manufacturing facility in Milan is strategically located to support our customers across the world. Visit us on stand G13 to find out more about our patented lining technology, our solids handling seal-less pump and the popular electric diaphragm pump. t: 01933 674777 | e: sales@cdrpumps.co.uk | www.cdrpumps.co.uk

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IMCD is a leader in the sale, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals ingredients. Representing major global producers, our salespeople are market focused technical experts who offer solutions for customers’ problems utilising our comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. We provide our partners with optimum tailored solutions for multi-territory distribution management. Through our people, their expertise and the creation of open and lasting partnerships, IMCD is able to provide advice on formulation, production process and application, thus generating unrivalled growth for our partners. IMCD had a turnover of EUR 2,379 M in 2018 and employs over 2,800 professionals in more than 45 countries. www.imcdgroup.com

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The Industry’s Leading Independent Systems Integrator Industrial Technology Systems Ltd (ITS) works in partnership with industry leading system suppliers to design and implement effective solutions for chemical manufacturers, including: • Industry 4.0 Systems • Cyber Security Solutions • Management Information Systems • Process Control Systems (SCADA, DCS, PLC, Batch Control) • Safety Systems (F&G and ESD) ITS’ service portfolio includes everything from consultancy, engineering design and validation, through to project implementation, 24-7-365 support and training. t: +44 (0)1642 222232 | e: sales@its-ltd.co.uk | www.its-ltd.co.uk


SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency products Raytec are the global technology leader for Hazardous Area LED Lighting. We manufacture a full range of globally certified SPARTAN Ex luminaires to provide a solution for any application where there is risk of an explosion due to gas or dust. Raytec have two offices located in Northumberland, UK (HQ) and Ottawa, Canada, and all Raytec products are UK designed and manufactured. All Raytec products are ISO9001 and IS014001 certified and are distributed to over 70 countries world-wide. We’re so confident in the quality and performance of our products that they all come with a 5-year warranty.


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Whether studying the chemistry of life, or developing the advanced science behind modern technology, chemical scientists use their expertise to improve our health, our environment and our daily lives. Collaboration is essential. We connect scientists with each other and society as a whole, so they can do their best work and make discoveries and innovation happen. We publish new research. We develop, recognise and celebrate professional capabilities. We bring people together to spark new ideas and new partnerships. We support teachers to inspire future generations of scientists. And we speak up to influence the people making decisions that affect us all. We are a catalyst for the chemistry that enriches our world. www.rsc.org


Kinetrol extends its product range with the addition of the Model 60 Kinetrol Limited, the UK manufacturer of quarter-turn pneumatic actuators, has further increased its product portfolio with the introduction of the Model 60. The new unit, which joins the wide range of actuators already manufactured by Kinetrol, increases the company’s torque output coverage to over 40,000Nm (350,000 lbf.in.)This broadens applications to include 400mm (16") ball valves and 2000mm (80") butterfly valves.

Compared to traditional actuator types of this size, Kinetrol’s Model 60’s output torque, in double acting applications, is uniform across its operating cycle, facilitating more optimal sizing and providing a very compact solution. In addition, Kinetrol’s spring design, for single acting applications, results in much lower torque output losses - further enhancing compactness and eliminating spring fatigue failure.

The Model 60 is currently the largest actuator in the Kinetrol collection, adding to the sixteen units already available, starting at 0.1 Nm. The unit is a single vane actuator, giving ‘direct drive’ rotary control. The one moving part construction minimises side loading, eliminates axial loading and increases life expectancy. The Model 60 also utilises Kinetrol’s preloaded, doubleopposed, polyurethane lip seal and air consumption reducing/energy absorbent side plate technologies. This, coupled with a new end-stop design, extends the actuator’s life, reduces its energy consumption and maximises its operating speed.

A technical data sheet for the new Model 60 is available on the company website. The unit will also feature in the company’s new look product catalogue, which gives complete technical details on the full range of Kinetrol products - to be published in January.

As with their existing actuator range, the new Model 60 benefits from Kinetrol’s popular modular concept of control accessories. This allows the customer to choose from a range of options such as the AP (pneumatic), EL (electropneumatic)

and DP3 positioners, safe and hazardous area limit switch boxes and the company’s distinctive clock-type spring fail-safe packs. Geoff Burton, Sales and Marketing Manager at Kinetrol, said ‘This new addition to the Kinetrol range will allow us to expand into new markets, offering customers an alternative actuator solution for their larger valves with all of the proven benefits of Kinetrol’s quarter turn rotary design. The new unit is subjected to our rigorous quality and test procedures and carries a guarantee for up to 1 million cycles.’

Further information is available from Kinetrol and its extensive worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors. Kinetrol Limited Tel:+44 (0)1252 733838 sales@kinetrol.com www.kinetrol.com

Kemutec - a Schenck Process Brand for Chemical Processors Stand G41 » Sifters for de-risking & classification » Mills for de-lumping & milling » Mixing & Blending machines for consistent results » See Schenck Process ProFlex Feeders More Information www.kemutec.com | www.schenckprocess.com





PANELS & FEATURES CHEMUK 2020 attendees will get the opportunity to sit in on a range of feature ‘panel sessions’ – addressing crucial headline topics including , ‘Tackling the plastic pollution challenge?’, Material Circularity & Recycling’, ‘Digitisation’ & ‘Innovation’ hosted with the support of major organisations such as BioVale, BASF & GAMBICA Other notable extended feature sessions include a BioValehosted ‘live’ pitch-event to investors from a selection of UK green start-ups targeting the chemicals industry. GAMBICA will host an extended session on optimising your lab work, offering step by step advice from international experts in laboratory equipment on how to minimise waste in key areas. Attendees can additionally catch daily scheduled ‘Emerging Technologies’ focus sessions, hosted by The Royal Society of Chemistry, showcasing from its ‘Emerging Technologies competition’, embracing five major challenge areas.

SECTORS IN FOCUS Programmes will address the needs of the diverse industrial chemicals development, processing & distribution sectors, from commodity to fine & speciality chemicals, intermediates, dyestuffs, additives, bio-based chemicals etc. Downstream formulated-product sector coverage will include Cosmetics & Personal Care, Surface Treatment products, Adhesives & Sealants, Plastics, Lubricants, Pest Control Products, Composite materials, Paper & Pulp sector, Cosmeceuticals, Paints, Inks & Coatings, Solvents, and more, as well as key ’breaking markets’ Major Contributing companies & bodies

Major Industry bodies unite under one giant roof…

Just some of the big names & leading sector bodies down to present or host special sessions in 2020 include the likes of: Royal Society of Chemistry, BioVale, Chemical Business Association, Chemical Industries Association, BTC UK, Knowledge Transfer Network, Hazchem Network, Accenture, BASF Plc, Siemens, ABB, Emerson Automation Solutions, BASA, Defra, CPI, IChemE Safety Centre, Yokogawa, Brenntag, Cogent Skills, NCEC …. just to name a few…

Building on 2019, the 2020 programme it set to see some 20+ major trade, technical, industry, technology transfer & professional bodies actively contributing keynote presentations and feature session content over the 2 days, creating a unique knowledge hub from across all sides of the chemicals, biochem , formulated products, processing, logistics, HSE & wider innovation communities.

Full 2-day programmes will be available soon, at www.chemicalukexpo.com 16


WHERE AND WHY EVENTCITY, MANCHESTER Hosted at the largest exhibition space in the North, EventCity, CHEMUK 2020 is located in the heart of the UK’s largest chemical region whilst providing excellent connectivity for the rest of the UK and Europe. With FREE ENTRY into all exhibits, features & presentations, plus on-site FREE PARKING, as well as easy access by rail and air, the venue provides an easy experience for all visitor groups.

WHO SHOULD VISIT? CHEMUK 2020 reaches out to all key chemicals/ chemical product & chemical using industries, targeting Chemical Process Engineers, Operational, HS&E, Control & Instrumentation, Test & Inspection, Manufacturing, Formulation, Logistics, Procurement & Supply Chain, R&D & Scientific professionals plus Chemical industry business teams. Organisers are anticipating attendee groups from across the broad industrial chemicals manufacturing & distribution sectors, from petrochemicals & base chemicals, to fine & speciality, intermediates & additives, polymers, inorganics, dyes, pigments, green chemicals, process chemicals and more. Equally, the event provides chemical-based formulated product industries, from the cosmetics & personal care industries to paints & coatings, household & industrial cleaning, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, plastics and others, with crucial access to supply chain raw materials, chemical product processing plant, technologies & support services.

HERE’S WHAT THEY SAID... “Given the importance of the chemical sector to the UK economy, it is vital that the sector is represented by one integrated, supply chain event which is why CHEMUK is so key to the way in which we present our industry and engage with our regulators, suppliers and distributors.” David Wright, Director General, UK Lubricants Association UKLA “Exciting new event that gives companies the tools to ensure they are complaint with the regulations. A fantastic line up of speakers who provide such valuable insight into the regulations.” Caroline Raine, Consultancy, Chairman, British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals

DATES FOR THE DIARY CHEMUK 2020 takes place on Wed 13th & Thu 14th May 2020 Venue: ‘EventCity’, Phoenix Way, Off Barton Dock Road, TRAFFORDCITY, Manchester. M41 7TB (Sat Nav: M17 8AS)

“A standout UK chemical event in particular for the quantity, quality and variety of the speaker program which resulted in an informative and inspiring two days.”

Opening Times:

Paul Spencer, Product Development Manager, Gurit UK.

Day 2: 9.00am – 4.00pm

Day 1: 9.00am – 5.00pm

FREE PARKING for all visitors “An excellent event to meet potential new suppliers & customers, and catch up with friends and contacts.” Miles Smith, Contracts Manager, Counter Corrosion


Register NOW for your FREE entry badge PLUS to receive latest CHEMUK exhibitor & programme news at www.chemicalukexpo.com 17

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Transvac Systems Limited is a privately owned Ejector Solutions provider formed in 1973. With over 45 years of experience, backed by a comprehensive list of references, Transvac’s position as world leaders in bespoke Ejector technology is firmly established. Transvac’s product range includes Ejectors for solids dosing (carbon, lime, salt etc), Jet Compressors for ozone/chlorine dosing, Tank Jet Mixers in-tank mixing and Jet Pumps for chemical dosing/dilution. Transvac’s procedures are fully certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and we have full in-house control over process and mechanical design, manufacturing, scheduling and testing. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand, E41. Web: www.transvac.co.uk Tel: +(0)1773 831100

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OMEX Environmental Ltd are based in the UK and operate worldwide, providing biological and nutrient additives for the energy, water and transport sectors. Products include bioavailable liquid trace element solutions, enzymes, micronutrient blends to boost the availability of essential trace elements and a range of iron powders all used in the anaerobic process to help improve bacterial performance in the digestate and increase the methane content of biogas production. The OMEX support service includes a nutrient profiling service in their fully-equipped laboratory with analysis of plant influent, effluent and biomass, through which a nutrient solution will be recommended. OMEX Environmental Ltd also manufacture and supply a complete range of wastewater treatment solutions for anaerobic and aerobic systems as well as de-icers and concrete ad-mixtures. www.omex.com | environmental@omex.com | +44 (0)1553 770092

British Adhesives and Sealants Association

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Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. We provide process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperature, recording and digital communications, optimising economic efficiency, safety and environmental impact. Our offering at Chem UK revolves around the key topics of automation and digitalisation. We’ll demonstrate how we can help companies to unlock the data already produced by their instrumentation to improve plant availability, productivity and safety. We’re ready for the Industrial Internet of Things – are you? Visit us at Stand J10 to discuss our solutions and opportunities with IIOT technology. www.uk.endress.com

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WIKA Instruments Limited is the UK subsidiary of the world’s leading manufacturer of pressure, temperature, level, flow and related calibration instruments. With our expertise and reliability WIKA offers you a large selection of field instrumentation which specifically meets your requirements. Individually tailored advice and proposals, to match solutions to your needs. Come along and see our new innovative exhibition vehicle, our experts look forward to meeting you and showing you our exhibition vehicle which is fitted throughout with working products that can be seen, touched and felt and essentially seen in working operation. www.wika.co.uk

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BASA is one of the most active technical adhesives and sealants associations in Europe, providing high value and contributing to business performance for its members. With membership increasing each year, we provide a mine of information and advice on the importance of regulations and standards for the adhesives and sealants industry in the UK and Ireland. This is underpinned by an extremely active technical and business programme and every year more than 600 staff from member companies participate in BASA activities and more than half the membership are involved with our working parties. Visit Stand E48 to talk about membership basa.uk.com


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Composite hose manufacturers (1" to 10") and stockholders based in Liverpool for the Chemical/Petro-Chemical industry in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Hoses designed for standard and special chemical, petroleum and liquid petroleum, biodiesel and ethanol, high temperature, and other applications. Suppliers of industrial hoses, ducting, HVAC, and venting products from group plants in North America. Significant investment and ISO 9001:2015 ensure products meet exacting standards, are suitable for purpose, and provide long service life in application. www.novaflex.com

See us at stand K21 Poor product flow, shifting solubility and variable reaction kinetics can cause significant performance issues for the chemicals industry. This is where our world-class engineers excel, applying their hard-earned materials expertise to control consistent, repeatable particle size distribution to manage parameters such as melt rate, packing density and

+44 (0)1246 269 955

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| britishrema.com

With many year’s experience ISS Projects (UK) Ltd provide Liquid Level Management solutions to industry throughout the UK. We design, install and upgrade all types of tank gauging systems, providing planned preventative maintenance and annual calibration services. Our safety professionals can design and verify Safety Integrity Level (SIL) systems and have experience of working with the Health and Safety Executive on top tier COMAH sites. ISS can provide a complete gauging solution utilizing any type of sensor and displaying medium; allowing real time information to be shared via LAN or WAN with alerts via text or email. www.issprojects.co.uk

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British Rema know how.


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BPMA has been supporting the UK and Irish suppliers of liquid pumps and pumping equipment since 1941. Its mission has always been to influence and support its members and the pump sector through the provision of technical support, knowledge and independent pump training, including two world-class e-Learning courses and five lecturebased courses, held at our offices or delivered and on-site. In 2019, BPMA launched Flow a unique quarterly magazine packed with news, innovations, insight and applied technology for all users of pumps and pumping systems. Come along to Chem UK, see what BPMA membership has to offer and pick up your copy of flow. www.bpma.org.uk

Our know-how in milling, micronising, classifying, blending and rotary vessel engineering can meet your unique processing needs or even help you bring the process in-house for the smallest lab systems to the largest rotary kilns.

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At ChemUK 2020, Chemstore, the hazardous materials experts, will be showcasing ‘Chempli’, a software tool for hazardous materials management that improves compliance, reduces risk and simplifies maintenance. In particular Chemstore will be highlighting the tool’s remote monitoring system that enables full temperature control, fire alarm visibility and data logging from any location and at any time, which is critical for the safe storage of hazardous substances. The Chempli online portal can be accessed via a QR code found on any of Chemstore’s range of hazardous materials storage solutions including: Firevault, Corvault, Electrovault, Thermovault, Hazvault and Gasvault. Chempli can also be accessed via a web browser. www.chemstore.co.uk

tensile strength – batch after batch after batch.


Kinetrol is an independent British manufacturer of quarter-turn pneumatic actuators and controls for the process and machinery industries. Our vane actuators are available as double acting or spring return, with 17 sizes ranging from 1 to 41000Nm. With no linear to rotary conversion and one single moving part, the unit provides long maintenance free life with zero backlash for modulating service. The clock type spring has a low torque loss/stress range and is totally sealed from the environment providing total protection from corrosive atmospheres. Ideal for actuation of ¼ turn valves and gas flow damper applications. Accessories include positioners 4-20ma and 3-15psi, switchboxes,and gearboxes.

www.kinetrol.com www.chemicalukexpo.com

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Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables. The Company has been trading since 1971 and is ISO9001 accredited. We are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom-built temperature sensors at our 18,000 square foot Yorkshire plant located in Dinnington. • L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder • Thermocouple Connectors • Temperature & Humidity Transmitters • Thermocouple/PRT cable • Environmental Instrumentation & Sensors • Wide variety of Temperature sensors • Custom built sensors • Calibration www.labfacility.com | sales@labfacility.com | +44 (0) 1243 871280

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The world’s leading chemical companies partner with Yokogawa as a full scope automation partner to achieve operational excellence, reliability, and safe operations. Yokogawa is committed to delivering solutions across the entire plant lifecycle that meet the evolving needs of the market. Whether you produce petrochemicals, inorganics or intermediates, Yokogawa understands that chemical companies are under cost and margin pressures to deliver products in a timely and efficient manner while maintaining safe and compliant operations. With its extensive product and solutions portfolio, experienced systems engineers, and global sales and service network, Yokogawa provides solutions to support your operations. Meet the team on Stand M4.


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Chemical Dosing & Transfer Solutions from Lutz-Jesco Lutz-Jesco manufacture drum pumps, flowmeters, dosing pumps/ systems, chlorine dioxide & electrochlorination systems and process controllers for use within the Process, F&B, Pharma, Plating, Water, Wastewater & Leisure industries. Drum pumps for safely transferring fluids are available from stock in PP, PVDF, Hastalloy C, Aluminium, 316SS, 316SS Sanitary with a variety of motors, 110v, 230v, air with manual speed control, ATEX and newly released the B1/B2 Battery versions with rechargeable batteries and chargers for total portability. Chemical dosing pumps & Disinfection systems with multiple types of control options are available for client led specifications in today’s demanding applications including remote connectivity. www.lutz-jesco.com/en | www.lutzpump.co.uk


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Francis Ward, based in Bradford West Yorkshire, design and manufacture rotationally moulded Drums and IBC,s, complimented with our range of metallic pressure discharge containers. Francis Wards products are reusable for up to 10 years depending on product type and chemical compatibility. The safe storage and transportation of chemicals in the industrial sector is an area in which Francis Ward has extensive experience. Francis Wards containers are performance tested and certified in accordance with UN regulations. Francis Ward is part of the Rotational Moulding Group Limited, one of the leading companies in the field of Rotational Moulding in the UK. www.francisward.com

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With over 25 years of experience, WES has established itself as the leading company specialised in the design, engineering and supply of chemical dosing systems and ancillary products and services. The range of services WES offers varies from a simple component through to the complete design, build and installation of bulk chemical dosing systems, including a wide range of readily available hire systems. The company’s innovative and flexible approach enables them to be highly responsive and reactive to their nation-wide customer requirements. For further information, contact: WES Ltd., Precision House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PP. Email info@wes.ltd.uk Web: www.wes.ltd.uk

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Swan Analytical UK – Your Trusted Partner for Water Quality Analysis Swan is a global pioneering technology provider of online Water Quality instrumentation and our instruments are distinguished by their reliability, low maintenance requirements and user-friendly operation. Swan manufactures instrumentation solutions for all the Water Cycles within your plant covering applications from Inlet Raw Water, Disinfection & Sterilisation, Boiler Feedwater, Steam & Condensate, Pharma Water, Cooling Water, Waste Water through to Final Discharge. Swan is Your Trusted Partner for Water Quality analysis. https://uk.swan.ch


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Custom made lubrication systems



• Turnkey lubrication systems: 1,000 lube points, 1 pump,1 lubricant • Reciprocating compressor lubrication up to 3,500 bar (50,000 PSI) • Own test and overhaul facility for HP50 pumps. • Technical support with own engineering department • Large inventory of lubrication parts and accessories • Your partner for all lubrication related questions since 1924 ! www.lionoil.be

Fullbrook Systems Ltd specialise in the process measurement of Refractive index (Brix), viscosity, turbidity, chemical & solids concentration as well as colour. More than 30 years of experience in UK industry with applications in food, pharma, petrochemical and others. Our comprehensive range of milling, mixing and dispersion equipment for paints, inks and coatings is also widely used for R&D and large scale production. Brand names that we work with include Kemtrak, Dispermat, VMA Getzmann, Schmidt & Haensch, Wilhelm Niemann, Kreis, Turbiscan and Ametek Brookfield. Contact us at www.fullbrooksystems.co.uk Email: sales@fullbrook.com Tel: 01442 876 777

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Flexitallic is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality industrial gaskets on a global scale. We are committed to our mission of “Making the world safer and cleaner through engineered sealing solutions”. We strive to achieve our mission by providing best-in-class sealing solutions that allow our customers to operate their plants, complete projects, and start up from turnarounds safely and efficiently. Our goal is to help customers achieve leak-free startup and operation within the scheduled maintenance cycle. www.flexitallic.com

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KOBOLD Instruments Ltd KOBOLD are a German based manufacture, producing an extensive range of flow instruments including variable area, rotating vane, turbine wheel, magnetic induction, ultrasonic, vortex, differential pressure, and coriolis. Complimented with a great range of pressure, temperature, level, and analytical instruments, KOBOLD are one of the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer’s of process instruments. 2020 promises to be a very exciting year for KOBOLD with further developments and product launches. Kobold Instruments Ltd now have in house calibration and commissioning capabilities and, light bespoke panel builds. Please visit us at CHEMUK 2020, STAND H8 www.kobold.com






ISthe future of commercial bio-based chemicals now?

The future of brand management in the chemical sector UK AND WORLD NEWS • ChemUK 2019 • SUPPLY CHAIN • CBA • big interview • SIA • ctpa • reach

Atlas Copco Rental We match our speciality industry rental equipment and accessories to clients specific utility demands. Whether it’s for breakdown coverage, simple/complex projects or peak process loading requiring additional demand: Call in Atlas Copco Rental for cost-effective Steam, Compressed Air, Nitrogen and Power solutions in all industry sectors. Perfectly controlled and perfectly conditioned to your needs. www.atlascopco.com/en-uk/rental


UK AND WORLD NEWS • cyber security • chemuk2020 • CBA • big interview • chemicalsupply chain

If you would like to feature in the next editon of Chemical Industry Journal contact: David Perratt Business Development Manager Tel: 0191 5805471 email: david.perratt@distinctivegroup.co.uk www.chemicalukexpo.com


Industry knowledge


— Safe, reliable, efficient delivery, for your chemical projects With over 5 decades of experience in the delivery of complex projects within the chemical and refining industry, ABB provides products, solutions and services that enhance the productivity and energy efficiency of a broad range of chemical processes. Our work has covered the smallest batch plant to the world’s largest continuous petrochemical complex Sadara in Saudi Arabia. Whether you need chemical process consultants, batch control, modular systems, automation, electrical or telecommunication experts, ABB will support you and address your needs. Our integrated solutions offer the industry’s best availability, quality, risk reduction and information flow. For further information please visit: abb.com/chemicals

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ISO 9001


ISO 14001




Whether you are searching for companies to help with formulating new products, blending, tolling, filling, repacking from bulk, export packing – or handling your storage & distribution – there is bound to be a BCMPA member who can help. Search our database of members and the services they provide on bcmpa.org.uk

The BCMPA is a Founder Supporter of CHEMUK Come and visit us on stand L15 Exhibiting BCMPA members include: Cod Beck Blenders, Grotech Production, Hydropak (Maker-Rakem Group), Libra Speciality Chemicals

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Chemical Industry Journal 17 ChemUK 2020 Preview  

24 page Supplement for the ChemUK Expo 2020 May 13-14

Chemical Industry Journal 17 ChemUK 2020 Preview  

24 page Supplement for the ChemUK Expo 2020 May 13-14