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june/july 2018

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june/july 2018 business edge

Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Chamber of Commerce currently represents over 1,000 member businesses. Membership of Sussex Chamber of Commerce offers access to invaluable business advice, money saving benefits, networking opportunities and provides a voice for businesses at a local, regional and national level. Business Edge is delivered free of charge to all Sussex Chamber of Commerce members as well as key business decision makers across the county. It has a circulation of 4,000 copies per issue. Business Edge is a Sussex Chamber of Commerce publication. If you have any stories you would like to tell us about or any comments please drop us an email at enquiries@

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Welcome to our Business Edge magazine! Ana Christie

Chief Executive Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Earlier this year the national Chamber network launched a national campaign to identify mobile coverage “not spots” which impact businesses on a daily basis. Mobile coverage is essential for linking people and communities and for accessing new and existing customers, suppliers and employees. We need to identify gaps in coverage and to resolve issues locally. Register your “not spot” and share the campaign via Twitter #ShareYourNotSpots This issue focuses on land, sea and air. We all rely on our infrastructure to travel, get

to work or business and to move supplies. With Newhaven and Shoreham ports and Gatwick airport, we are able to travel, transport goods, materials and supplies and attract tourists to the beauty of the Sussex county. Sussex is richly diverse and contributes extensively to the South East economy. The Sussex Chamber seeks to grow the economy through its unique reach globally, by helping exporters, bringing business ideas through its networking events, developing skills through training courses, and influencing government and local business policy. We launched our first “Maximise Your Membership” earlier this year for all members. This event is a great opportunity to find out more about your membership and the benefits available to expand your profile and enhance your business further. Our next “Maximise Your Membership” event is in September. It’s free, so come along and find out more about the services we provide. Please book your place by calling the office. I look forward to seeing you at one of our events or training courses. For further information please contact the Sussex Chamber on 01444 259259.

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june/july 2018 business edge

#ShareYourNotSpots national campaign A national campaign for ‘No More Not Spots’ was recently launched with the aim of ending not spots for voice coverage where UK phone users live, work, travel and play. What is the issue? Access to mobile voice call services is a basic requirement of business today: it’s essential to consumers and for linking people and communities. From the time that cell phone services were first introduced in the UK to the present day, the locations with signal coverage have grown from a handful of urban areas to around 98% of UK premises. The UK’s four Mobile Network Operators EE, 02, Vodafone and Three, have invested heavily to deliver against their licence obligation of 90% geographic coverage for voice and text by the end of 2017. Despite welcome progress, the actual experience of mobile phone users differs from the scale and consistency suggested by these numbers. With about 30 million residential and commercial properties in the UK, 98% of premises would still leave around 600,000 buildings without coverage; with only 10% of Britain’s landmass ‘developed’ – 90% geographic coverage still leaves not spots in areas like dense commercial centres, road and rail corridors where access issues, the built environment, and the economics of new infrastructure can combine to weaken coverage and frustrate network rollout. Results from a national British Chamber infrastructure survey, conducted in February this year showed that a majority (53%) of responding businesses perceived the reliability of the UK mobile phone network to have improved over the last five years. But a substantial number (21%) did not agree that the network meets its needs for accessing new and existing customers, suppliers, and employees.

What are we campaigning for? The reasons for patchy coverage are many and varied: from building and vehicle design to the number and location of masts and cells; from the topography of the built and natural landscapes to the technologies in phones. Through this campaign, the national Chambers of Commerce will mobilise the business community to identify gaps in coverage and to work constructively with


industry and government to resolve issues locally. Launching the campaign at DP World London Gateway, a sea port and logistics hub that suffers from mobile not spots, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: “A reliable mobile phone signal is one of the most basic requirements for any business, as more and more conversations and transactions take place while people are on the go. Unfortunately, dropped calls and poor signal remains an issue in many areas across the UK. “From today, we’ll be campaigning for an end to mobile phone ‘not spots’ all across the UK, so that businesspeople can connect to customers, suppliers and staff – and so that local communicates can better connect, too. “Our campaign will be constructive and focused on solutions. While we’ll press for investment and services improvements, we’ll work with mobile operators and all

parties with a stake in getting this right across the UK. Working together, business, communities and operators can identify key gaps in coverage and find shared solutions to resolve the real-world connection problems many business communities face. “Our message to all businesses is simple: share and report mobile not spots – so that together we can take action to improve reliable coverage for the future. The UK’s future prosperity depends on getting the fundamentals right here at home – and a push for reliable, dependable and consistently improving mobile connectivity is the perfect place to start.”

Action you can take Mobile not spots hinder business’ ability to connect with customers, suppliers and employees. Register your not spot on the British Chambers of Commerce website and share the campaign via Twitter


tel: 01444 259 259

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june/july 2018 business edge

Brighton Business Expo… Mike Monk

Director of Monk Marketing

Director of Monk Marketing and organiser of the West Sussex and Brighton Business Expos, Mike Monk is back again with tips on how to profit from trade exhibitions If you want to grow your business, face-toface marketing is the way to go. It has many advantages over other forms of promotion and provides great brand exposure. As well as offering a personalised approach, it is more engaging than often impersonal email and social media advertising. That is why more and more businesses are choosing to promote their brands at trade exhibitions. Mike says, the benefits of connecting with customers in person include on-the-spot sales, quality lead generation and valuable networking. Taking a stand at a local trade exhibition also raises awareness about a brand and gives it instant credibility. Another way of gaining exposure for your business at a trade exhibition is to sponsor it.

Before the event Tell people you are exhibiting. Share information about your stand and the show on social media, in newsletters and on your company blog. Use the run-up time to connect with other exhibitors. Grow your audience by following other exhibitors. Time a special offer or discount to coincide with the show. You can make it exclusive to those who visit your stand, or those who respond to online promotions. Be careful to ensure your offer is relevant, will grab

people’s attention and offer real value. An expiry date and a compelling call to action will prompt people to act quickly. Decide to hold a competition or giveaway on your stand and promote it. Offer something that complements your business. More people will visit your stand and remember your brand. Think about your stand and how you want it to reflect your brand. Make it relevant and interesting, so that people will want to stop and talk to you. Make sure it looks professional and gives people the right impression of your business.

During the event Don’t waste a single minute. Have a pen and paper handy to collect visitor contact information. This is a great opportunity to sign up people to your company newsletter or for email promotions. Put out a bowl to collect business cards – this will ensure you collect data even when you are busy.

“If you want to grow your business, face-to-face marketing is the way to go. It has many advantages over other forms of promotion and provides great brand exposure. As well as offering a personalised approach, it is more engaging than often impersonal email and social media advertising. That is why more and more businesses are choosing to promote their brands at trade exhibitions.”

It really is good to talk. Make people feel welcome when they visit your stand. Avoid giving the wrong impression – switch off your mobile phone (after you have taken a picture of your stand and posted it on social media using relevant hashtags). Talking is networking. The more people you talk to the better. Don’t forget to hand out your own business cards throughout the day. If you don’t quite know where to start, talk to those exhibiting next to you. Take a break. Eating and drinking at a trade stand is considered very unprofessional. Find a cafe area where you can relax, make calls, reply to emails and enjoy a quick drink and bite to eat. You will go back to your stand feeling refreshed and ready to sell your brand.

After the event Share your success on social media. Include images of your business at the show, and don’t forget to mention competition winners. Follow up leads with an email shot, perhaps offering a post-show special offer. If you are not sure how to go about this, many trade exhibition organisers provide free email templates. Follow new connections on social media and stay in touch. Don’t wait. Hot leads can go icy cold in a matter of weeks. Therefore, you should follow up leads within two weeks’ of the show. If a follow-up does not produce an immediate sale, keep the details in your database and follow up the lead again.

The Brighton Business Expo is on Thursday October 11th at Brighton Racecourse…



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june/july 2018 business edge

From no English to star supervisor: milestone achievement for cleaning company employee A star supervisor from BioProductions has reached a milestone achievement with the cleaning company this month. Olga Cepukoit-Kulmatytska is celebrating ten years since she joined the business, which manufactures environmentallyfriendly cleaning products for professional, janitorial and industrial use, after moving to England from Lithuania in 2008. Unable to speak any English at the time, Olga was thrown in the deep end at the company’s purpose-built factory in Burgess Hill. Working as a line operator, she and her colleagues ensured the smooth operation of the Wets Department but Olga also set to work devising strategies for waste reduction. “From the start, we knew she was special,” says Phil Karn, Olga’s then-supervisor and Operations Director at Bio-Productions since 2014. “We joke about the first time I trained her because back then, with little or no English, she still had strong ideas about what we could do to maximise our efficiency and we’ve since gone on to adopt those methods to great effect.” Only able to understand ‘good morning’ and ‘goodbye’, Olga – who lives in Crawley - started learning English in her spare time while Phil provided grammatical guidance.


“He’d help me to refine my sentences and correct my mistakes,” Olga remembers. “He really took me under his wing so that I became fluent and was more than generous with his time. I’ll always be so grateful. The level of support was even more than you’d expect from a close friend.” Within months, Olga became proficient in English and soon made the transition from line operator to supervisor, where she looked after some members of staff who had actually worked at the company far longer than her. She has since climbed the ladder with supervisory stints in the Gels Department, as well as the Sanitare and Powders division. In 2015, she welcomed her mother Nina to the business as an operator in the Finishing Department. “Sometimes I can’t quite believe how much trust the team at Bio-Productions have placed in me,” says Olga. “I’d worked in similar roles back home but here, they gave me the opportunity to prove myself and little by little, I’ve advanced. In return, I’ve worked hard to improve our operations and it really is more than I ever hoped for.” Last year, Olga took home the ‘Rising Star’ award at the inaugural BHBiz Awards. Her next big step involves taking on a production supervisor role in the Finishing Department, and she will also join Managing Director, Angela Gill, in Amsterdam for this year’s Interclean exhibition.

“We’re immensely proud of Olga,” Angela says. “Over the years, there’s been some stigma attached to workers from outside of the UK but Olga’s story stands testament to the way our European neighbours can really enrich our country and our workplace. “Her commitment to improving her abilities as well as our production line has been truly inspirational. I feel privileged to have seen Olga flourish over the past decade and I’m sure she’ll continue to impress for many years to come.”

“I’d worked in similar roles back home but here, they gave me the opportunity to prove myself and little by little, I’ve advanced. In return, I’ve worked hard to improve our operations and it really is more than I ever hoped for.”

tel: 01444 259 259

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june/july 2018 business edge

Land, Sea and Air When considering this broad subject, featured this month, one is tempted to think of holidays jetting away to faraway places, cruising on the high seas or packing up the family car for a UK road trip. However, these three sectors contribute a great deal economically to our region and it is worth reflecting on how important they are.

New Sister Firm! With Spring in the air, these are very exciting times for Acumen as March saw the launch of ACUMEN PEOPLE, the brand new sister firm of the awardwinning business specialist law firm, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW with offices in Hove and Gatwick. ACUMEN PEOPLE specialises in legal matters for private individuals and the first area of expertise in action is Residential Conveyancing. To mark this special occasion the firm threw a party in true Acumen style, celebrating with new and old friends of the Acumen family at Ten Green Bottles in Jubilee Street, Brighton. Spearheading the conveyancing offering of the firm is our expert Harriet Hamilton-Orr. Harriet is passionate about helping people get their dream home and is very excited about building the conveyancing offering of ACUMEN PEOPLE to its full potential. Harriet said, “I’m so proud to be officially launching the conveyancing department of the firm and am very excited for the future. We have a passion for people and making their “moving home” experience seamless and successful in every case. It’s a very exciting prospect and I can’t wait to see the firm grow and develop its tribe.” On this momentous occasion, it was great to see so many join in the celebrations, the drinks and conversations were flowing, a good time had by all. Acumen Law Founder, Penina Shepherd, said on the night “This is a very special occasion and I’m so happy to see the launch of our brand new sister firm for the private client in the tenth year of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW. I feel proud and privileged to see the Acumen group expand and prosper.” ACUMEN PEOPLE is a different kind of Law Firm for the private client, following the Acumen ethos of being unique and innovative. Having broken away from the aloof culture that is associated with the legal profession, ACUMEN PEOPLE, like its sister firm ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW is democratically run creating an extraordinary passionate bunch of people keen to make a difference. Approachable, accessible and unpretentious, the firm prides itself on the personal touch it offers and, of course, a dazzle of zebras for all to enjoy!


For land I am reminded of Ricardo Ltd. my old company based in Shoreham. They remain one of the world’s leading automotive consultants and have branched out in recent years into the rail and environmental sectors. Not many people realise that McLaren sports car engines are designed and built there and it was the manufacturing home of the UK Army’s most sophisticated land vehicle, the Foxhound fast patrol vehicle. With our extensive coastline we can hardly forget the sea and the industries that are built along it. Newhaven and Shoreham ports with their specialist cargo and freight handling and the legions of seaside based leisure, tourism and care facilities that bring in so many clients and goodwill to the county from Rye through to Bognor and Brighton in between. Don’t forget EDF’s Rampion wind farm offshore from Worthing to Brighton with support facilities in Newhaven, as one of the most extensive and visible growth areas for the coast. In air we are blessed with the location of Gatwick airport for personal and cargo transport and the tremendous amount of employment and local economic activity it provides. Strategically located next to Gatwick is the Manor Royal business district, where another of my old companies is located. Thales, part of the Airborne Systems and Simulation division of the French defence conglomerate, design and manufacture high tech airborne electronic systems for the worldwide defence market. Thales has a long heritage through former incarnations in Philips, MEL and Racal, of providing highly skilled technical jobs servicing the UK and International markets. These and a thousand other companies linked to land, sea and air are active participants with the Sussex Chamber of Commerce and with us seek to grow the prosperity of the region by creating an environment where business ideas and opportunities are shared and government and local business policy can be influenced.

David Sheppard

Chairman Sussex Chamber of Commerce

tel: 01444 259 259

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june/july 2018 business edge

Helping YOU with YOUR energy Lower Cost – More Efficient – Better Informed

Tired of endless broker calls, “guaranteeing” endless savings via high pressure selling? Why not speak to a genuine, specialist and fully transparent consultancy based in the heart of Sussex, with over 50 years of experience? No hard sales, just Common Sense in a Complex Market Power, Gas and Water Procurement Invoice Checking, Validation and Recovery Call Paul Matten, for a free, no obligation, Utilities Health Check on 07305 073223 Paul Matten email:

Twitter: @edenutilities


Operation MUD is back! Last summer, Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice introduced Operation MUD to its events calendar, and over 150 people took on the muddy 5km course to raise money for children and young people with life-shortening conditions. Now the charity is seeking brave individuals and teams to take on the UK’s muddiest obstacle course again this summer. Back due to popular demand, this year’s Operation MUD will take place on Sunday 8 July at the

award-winning Nuts Challenge course at Henfold Lakes near Dorking. Not one for the faint-hearted, the 5km military-style course has over 60 natural and man-made obstacles, and involves climbing, crawling, scrambling, and a lot of mud! Evie White, Events Fundraiser at Chestnut Tree House said: “we received so much positive feedback after last year’s event, and are delighted that we can offer people the chance to take part in Operation MUD again. Chestnut Tree House

needs to raise £6,850 every day to provide all the specialist care services at the hospice and in families’ own homes, so whether you’re racing against the clock, taking it on as a team-building exercise, or just enjoying getting muddy, you’ll know that you’re doing it to raise money for a worthwhile cause. Fundraising events like Operation MUD are vitally important to us, both in terms of raising funds and awareness.”

For more information visit Chestnut Tree House opened its doors on 11 November 2003 and currently provides care and support to around 300 children with life-shortening conditions and their families across Sussex and South East Hampshire – both at the hospice and in families’ own homes. The cost of providing this vital service is over £3.5 million per year, yet the hospice receives less than 7% central government funding so relies heavily on the generosity and support of the community to continue providing vital care to children and families.



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june/july 2018 business edge

New modern era for Gunnebo

Gunnebo Entrance Control Ltd is part of the Gunnebo Group, a Swedish company listed on the Stockholm Stock exchange. The Gunnebo Group has three main activities within the field of Security. Safes and Vaults where Chubb Safes is one of the brands, Cash Management with closed cash handling equipment, mainly for retail, and then lastly Entrance Control. Gunnebo Entrance Control offers a wide range of Turnstiles, Speedstiles and Entrance gates to regulate and control access into or within office buildings, metro systems, airport and stadia’s to mention a few targeted markets. Gunnebo is the world’s second largest manufacturer of turnstiles according to an international study and the business has had a strong growth over the last 5 years, almost doubling its turnover.

from around the world can be brought and demonstrated the various ranges of entrance control products. The search for a suitable building was not as easy as we thought, despite good efforts by Lawson Commercial and Chris Lawson in the area of Uckfield since we wanted to retain the existing skilled work force. After quite a lengthy process we finally came to the current solution with a brand-new building and through the excellent support of Mike Barber and Sam Bilsby from MJB architects together with great cooperation from Doug Stewart our property developer from Salmon Properties.

The Business Area Entrance Control is managed from the office in East Sussex and in March 2018 a move was completed into brand new offices in the recently developed Ashdown Business Park in Maresfield. Robert Hermans, SVP of Gunnebo Group and head of the Entrance Control business explains the reasons behind this relocation. “In 2014 we were faced with capacity issues in our manufacturing for the European market. We had two plants in Europe, one in Lavis in northern Italy and one in Uckfield on the Bellbrook Business Park where the larger one was in Italy. When looking at restructuring our manufacturing base we really had no choice but closing the one in Uckfield but I would like to point out that this choice was not performance related but purely linked to the facility itself.” The manufacturing in Uckfield was completely closed in 2015 and at the same


time the business was restructured in centralising more of the corporate functions into the UK operations. R&D development was seen as a key area to centralise along with the global market support in Customer Service, Technical Support and Business Development. This positive support in the UK organisation meant the company needed a facility to meet this new need, with an environment suitable to host and provide training seminars and with a quality product show room where customers

“We have now been in our new building for nearly three weeks and what a fantastic uplift this has meant to us. Our staff are very happy with our new premises and it has really given a morale boost to the whole organisation” Robert Hermans explains. The business is continuing its growth path and the plan for 2018 is to beat last year’s record sales by at least 10% explained finance director Dave Taylor, “we now have a working environment suitable for the modern era and are looking and investing in further recruitments.” The official inauguration of the new building will be on the 1st of June 2018.

tel: 01444 259 259

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june/july 2018 business edge

5 ‘everyday’ Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions There are many IHT reliefs available and while individually the exemptions are not huge, if they are used extensively during your lifetime they can result in significant tax savings; here are five you may wish to consider:

Jo White

Tax Consultant, Kreston Reeves

The exemption limit is £5,000 from a parent on the marriage of a child, £2,500 from a grandparent or remoter ancestor and £1,000 to another relative or friend. The gift must be made in advance of the marriage and the marriage must actually take place.

1) Annual exemption You can give away up to £3,000 in any one tax year free from IHT. If you haven’t utilised your exemption in the previous year then you can carry it forward to the next year, giving a limit for that year of £6,000. The annual exemption cannot be carried forward for more than one year and it should be noted that the limit is £3,000 per donor so husband and wife can gift £6,000 tax free in total each year.

2) Small gifts You can make gifts of up to £250 per person to as many people as you like in a tax year, as long as you have not claimed another exemption such as the annual allowance in respect of the same person.

3) Gifts upon marriage A gift made in contemplation of marriage can be exempt from IHT. The amount of the exemption is dependent upon the relationship between the parties involved.

4) Regular gifts out of income If you have excess income in any tax year you can give it away free of IHT. The main conditions include: n The gift must be made from surplus income; n the gift must form part of your normal expenditure; and n it must not affect your normal standard of living. A regular pattern of gifts is required, with your intentions being important. It will be necessary to be able to show that the exemption conditions have been met so it will be important to document and retain information which demonstrates the level of surplus income, the regular gift pattern in operation and your intentions when the gifts were made. If you are unsure about the level of regular payment to make it is possible to make

smaller regular payments (perhaps monthly or quarterly). Each year you could then look to make a ‘top up’ payment based on your actual surplus income for the year. This ‘top up’ should also fall within the exemption providing it is evidenced in the correct way. The gift should not be detrimental to your standard of living. For instance, if you regularly took three holidays a year and then could only take two because you had made a gift, then the gift would not be exempt due to its detrimental effect.

5) Potentially Exempt Transfers Even if you make gifts in excess of the above limits it does not necessarily mean that you will have an IHT liability, for many gifts are treated as Potentially Exempt Transfers (“PETS”) and as such no IHT is due at the time of gift. If you survive a PET for seven years then it falls outside of your estate. Care needs to be taken with regard to gifts as other taxes, for instance, Capital Gains Tax, could be in point. The above is a brief summary of the various exemptions. You should seek professional advice, specific to your circumstance, before taking any action in connection with your estate as there may be other taxes to consider.



ask the expert

june/july 2018 business edge

Ransomware, cyber attacks and prevention strategies Daniel Oviawe, from Cyber security specialists Blue Cube Security, reminds us about shutting the door before the horse has bolted The rapid and devastating proliferation of high profile ransomware attacks namely “Petya” and “Wannacry” last year emphasises that many organisations are still not adequately prepared for such incidents. The interesting observation that we have seen is that lessons are not being learned quickly enough – and mass disruption is likely to continue unless major steps are taken to improve not only defences, but also processes and procedures that are required to protect an organisation against the next wave of attacks that are of a nature unknowable both in method and effect. We have seen a huge surge in ransomware activity with a reported 638 Million instances of attacks in 2016. Comparing this to 3.8 million in the previous year highlights the significant challenge the industry faces and demonstrates what a lucrative attack vector ransomware has become. Undoubtedly we will continue to see further increases in this type of attack and businesses large and small are going to continue to have their data held for ransom. Recently the Cyber Threat Alliance,


cited CryptoWall v3, as having cost users worldwide more than $325 million to date. Interestingly many industry experts now believe that most ransomware attacks are not in fact intended to generate revenue by holding data to ransom, but in fact cause disruption and destroy data – with no intention of offering to restore it. Within our customer base we saw an immediate priority evaluation of ransomware awareness at a senior level – with many businesses accelerating projects-focussed areas such as patch and vulnerability management. However, the outbreak of more attacks suggests that many organisations are not learning their lessons and are still not fully prepared for such outbreaks. The problem appears to be that while the awareness is raised, it is only keeping the attention of Senior Management for a short period of time. Additionally one of the key foundations of security, patch management, is not sexy and can be complex in its delivery, this has inevitably led to a situation where it STILL may not receive the attention it requires.

what procedures to follow to protect your organization from being the subject of an attack. There can be no doubt that organisations need to take steps to stop malware from entering their environments, executing, and spreading – while also attempting to manage the impact if an outbreak does occur, and recover after the event. So, what steps should you take? Blue Cube Security is the trusted cyber security advisor for a number of international brands in sectors ranging from telecoms to car manufacture. Whether it’s a giant like the global network of the Volkswagen Group or a local SME, we work with companies large and small and create a tailored approach. Let Blue Cube Security be your trusted advisor and together identify your issues and concerns. We have a wide range of free trials and assessments we can offer.

A Date for your Diary

With the much hyped EU GDPR on the horizon, responding to and reporting on any breach will become an increasingly important issue for companies and organisations of all sizes.

Blue Cube Security, together with Sussex Chamber of Commerce, has a series of Cyber Security forums throughout 2018 and 2019 to educate Sussex businesses on cyber security and how to stay protected against the latest threats.

Understanding how confusing the market place has become for end users, Blue Cube Security has endeavoured to review the differing approaches being offered by the industry to provide best practice advice on

The first Cyber Security Forum will be a breakfast event at the East Sussex National Hotel in Uckfield on Tuesday 17th July, call the chamber to book your place, we look forward to seeing there.

tel: 01444 259 259

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june/july 2018 business edge

Extraordinary Influence: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others By Tim Irwin PhD, published by Wiley

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd wins highly prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation Peter Webb MBE

Managing Director of Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd

It is with enormous pleasure and pride that Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd is able to announce that Her Majesty the Queen has granted a Queen’s Award for Enterprise within the category of Innovation, the fourth Queen’s Award for the company since gaining its first in 2012. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the UK’s most prestigious awards for business performance which recognise and reward outstanding achievement by UK companies. The Awards are made each year by the Queen, on the advice of the Prime Minister who is assisted by an Advisory Committee that includes representatives of Government, Industry & Commerce, together with the Trade Unions. On receiving the news of the award, Peter Webb MBE, Managing Director of Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd commented: “I feel immensely proud and honoured to have received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for a fourth time. We have always prioritised investment in research, development and innovation and the Queen’s Award for Innovation recognises our continued commitment to providing our customers with pioneering temperature measuring solutions using the latest technology. I am lucky to have such a dedicated and supportive workforce, who without their hard work and commitment this honour would not have been possible. By keeping our manufacturing and Research & Development in the UK we have been able to support our local economy whilst successfully continuing to grow the business.” Trading for 35 years, since 1983, Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd is the UK’s largest digital thermometer manufacturer and exporter of electronic thermometers and temperature probes. Thermapen thermometers, manufactured by ETI Ltd are used worldwide for many different applications and are the UK’s number one selling food thermometer. Offering a combination of speed, accuracy and convenience of use, the SuperFast Thermapen 4 uses advanced technology and incorporates a number of innovative features including a patented 360° self-rotating display. Various models complete the Thermapen range including the new Thermapen IR infrared and Thermapen Blue with Bluetooth technology.

“We must declare a world-wide ban on the phrase, ‘Constructive Criticism’. It’s a true oxymoron,” argues Dr Tim Irwin Recent research shows that the right kind of positive affirmation sets in motion huge positive changes in the brain. It releases certain neuro chemicals associated with well-being and higher performance. On the other hand, criticism creates just the opposite neural reaction. The most primitive part of the brain goes into hyper defence mode, compromising our performance, torpedoing our motivation and limiting access to creativity and ability to innovate and solve complex problems. In most organisations, the methods used to provide feedback to employees, such as performance appraisals, accomplish the exact opposite of what we intend. Brain science tells us that these methods tend to engage a natural “negativity bias” that is hardwired in us all. In EXTRAORDINARY INFLUENCE Dr Tim Irwin details a new approach to align an organisation’s mission, strategy and goals, and a worker’s aspirations, hopes and dreams through Alliance Feedback. Leaders can speak Words of Life that truly transform those they lead. Combining recent scientific research, decades of personal experience and the wisdom of top CEO’s across the globe, EXTRAORDINARY INFLUENCE shows leaders how to foster intrinsic motivation so that the individuals they lead become better employees, better students or better athletes.

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd will be officially presented with its Queen’s Award for Enterprise at a ceremony that will take place at the company’s Worthing headquarters during the summer.



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The One-Stop-Shop vs The Specialty Retailer

When you’re looking at apps for your business, there is an argument for both.

A proper single, integrated solution, especially in this day and age, is often the preferred solution for the business owner. Yes you might not get that specialisation, but other benefits can far outweigh that individual draw back.

With a specialty app, you get a depth of functionality and that industry (or process) expertise. Which is great. It’s often hard to get a single product that has the depth of functionality available from ‘best of breed’ applications that might be available.


Going with a single app with integrated functionality, of course, gives you less specialisation, but you’ve only got to train people on one piece of software and there is less confusion over “where” any particular bit of information is stored. In my experience (speaking as someone who has been selling integrated software solutions for longer than I care to admit), SME’s in particular often struggle to be able to find the time to understand, integrate and afford many separate applications. In addition to the issue of training users on multiple applications, there is the added pressure on time and resources, upkeep of multiple systems, and the internal knowledge or software/hardware required to plumb these solutions together. So even though the theory of a singular, specialised solution with multiple applications sounds appealing, it is often not translated into the reality within the business. Saying all that, though, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that going for a “one-stop-shop” application is settling for something as a way to save money.


A single application is easier to manage, that’s the obvious one. You’ve got joined up writing and terminology when you move from one part of your business to another. It keeps the context of data and information, after all, it’s all there in the same place. This allows you to make better use of the knowledge you gain.

The whole customer journey Being able to see all of the interactions you have with your customer, from the first enquiry through the sales cycle and acquisition phase, in one place is great for the team on the ground. But it is also a great way for the Management to get deep insights into the ongoing relationship…and pinpoint trouble spots so you can zero in and fix them.

Integration options These days it’s hard to find a system that doesn’t integrate with other applications and that’s especially true for the bigger software out there. It’s good to integrate sometimes, so yes you need a system that has the capability to reach out into other systems when needed. Industry specific applications may be mandatory but also complex, so consolidating this information into a central touchpoint system makes the data available to a wider audience.

GDPR easier to manage It would seem you can’t have an article nowadays without mentioning GDPR. But I’m not just mentioning it for the buzz word. Having a single, auditable system makes the process of managing the data and compliance so much easier. You know where everything is and you can find (and correct) the data that needs the attention.

Using the right tool for the job is really important Regardless of whether you want specialist software for your business or a single integrated solution, the most important thing is that you get the right tool for the job. The first steps when you start your search is to map out what you ‘really’ need. Be clear about the ‘would likes’ as well, though. That will help you find the system(s) that will grow with your business, expanding into new departments and processes without financial or user stresses. To talk to a member of OpenCRM team about how CRM software can benefit your brand, just call 01748 473000 or visit the website: www.

tel: 01444 259 259

Graham Anderson, is the CEO and founder of OpenCRM, one of the UK’s leading customer relationship management systems.

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Vac Techniche – making waves on the South Coast The world of Vacuum Science welcomed a new member in 2012, with the formation of Vac Techniche (VT) located on the outskirts of Hastings. The company was founded by Ray Whitehouse who with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, was keen to expand into the areas of research and technology as well as commercialisation. Working with Universities and laboratories worldwide, Vac Techniche has been involved in a variety of research and commercial projects. Graphene has generated huge interest over the last few years resulting in the demand for high quality equipment provided by VT/ Planartech UK to assist with the continuing development of this exciting and multipurpose material. Ray was invited to speak on this subject at the Annual Vacuum Conference and Exhibition in Coventry in 2016 which generated great enthusiasm and subsequent enquires. Last year at the Coventry Show VT introduced and exhibited a new compact desktop coater which created an enormous response due to its size and cost. The versatility of its application which includes coating plastics, metals, optics and samples for SEM provides a flexible tool for both Industry and research.

In this year’s Coventry show, at the Ricoh Arena, October 10th and 11th, VT will be exhibiting and demonstrating Recirculating Chillers. These chillers are becoming more popular for industry and laboratories, allowing water cooling of appliances in a controlled manner without water waste. VT re-circulation chillers, water to water heat exchangers and air blast coolers are designed to optimise performance and reliability of industrial applications. With

Ray’s experience as a scientific glassblower, VT also design and supply specialist laboratory glassware. Vac Techniche provide a range of Vacuum Science related products including deposition systems, button heaters, flexible hoses, RF and DC power supplies and standard laboratory glassware. To visit the Vac Techniche website go to

Do you need help to understand and use your technology? or a problem you want solved? Step by step help with no ‘gobbledygook’ and on-going support. Every aspect of technology covered: n Servers, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones n Software, Networks, Microsoft, Apple n Using the Cloud n Security, Backups, Data Protection n Connecting all your devices and access from anywhere


We believe in making our IT work the way we want it to. Over 30 years expertise in the technology, IT and software industry. There isn’t much we haven’t come across and fixed.

Integrated Business



Call Richard for a no obligation discussion to see how we can help.

solutions are our universe Tel: 020 3318 3260





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Get two-factor security ASAP Two-factor authentication is now essential to beat cyber criminals. method perhaps because they haven’t yet been stung by a cyber-attack. Rest assured, if you have poor security you will be targeted. Hackers are always developing more sophisticated ways to attack us and a breach of security can have devastating consequences for your company.”

Instead of relying on a username and password to log-on to a network or access online services, a second separate level of security should be used. Many online banking customers already use it when they make a payment to someone new by inserting their bank card into a reader which generates unique codes to use when authorising the payment.

Lack of interest The alarming lack of interest in two-factor authentication is confirmed by research from Duo Labs which estimated that only 28 per cent of Americans actually use 2FA regularly.

The need for strong passwords has been advocated by IT security experts for a long time.

More exposure However, the problem is the growth of social media and the rapid expansion of digital commerce making us all much more visible to hackers and increasing the number of passwords we need. Human nature kicks in and people get lazy by using the same passwords for different accounts. This increases the risks because hackers can quickly narrow down the password possibilities. Numerous combinations can be tested out in minutes. The only solution is to have a second factor that cyber criminals can never guess. But be careful, not all types of “2FA” are 100 per

cent safe. Authentication via a text message, for example, can be intercepted or imitated by hackers. Gary Jowett, from CNC in Brighton, says: “One highly secure method is to use an app on your smartphone which generates random codes hackers cannot see. Unfortunately, many businesses continue with the standard username and password

IBM is concerned by such statistics and is advising people to use 2FA even for the most insignificant online activities. IBM’s head of identity and access management claims that all major recent breaches of security around the world would have been prevented by using good quality two-factor authentication. Gary says: “All businesses should adopt twofactor authentication as soon as possible as it greatly reduces the risk of exposure to a cyber-attack. At the same time, it’s important to review your overall security on a regular basis and refresh the awareness of employees about the correct protocols.”

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified

SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW IT DEPARTMENT. The benefits of outsourced IT You gain access to a whole team of highly skilled people that are always available, and right up to date with all the latest technology, knowledge and trends. Alongside online monitoring and management tools, we can provide 24x7 cover with regular strategy meetings. We would love to talk to you and offer a complementary systems check-up with no obligations to use our services.

— 01273 386 333 — —


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Practical Compliance Ian Ashleigh

Compliance Matters

If you are a member of a company pension scheme, these flexibilities may not be available to you and you should think very carefully before looking to make use of them. If your fund is worth in excess of £30,000 you will need to seek regulated financial advice before you will be able to release the funds from the scheme.

What does this mean for you If you save into a personal pension, from age 55, you are allowed to access your pension savings in a number of different ways that may be suitable dependant upon your individual circumstances, your goals and objectives, how much you may have in other investments and your personal tax position.

Above all

Briefly, you may make use of any or all of the following:

Be aware, avoid scams. If someone approaches you with an idea that looks too good to be true, it probably is and if they don’t appear on the FCA register, they will not be authorised to give financial advice.

n take up to a quarter of your fund as a tax free lump sum;

How can we help

Pension Freedoms In April 2015, the Chancellor announced sweeping changes to the way people could access their pensions in a series of measures that became known as pension freedoms. There were fears that people would withdraw their pension funds and spend their hard-earned savings on luxury cars rather than carefully fund their retirement. Three years on and it is believed that this didn’t happen and the majority of pension funds are being used sensibly and for the purpose for which they were intended.

Whichever route you wish to take, the importance of seeking advice from a regulated financial adviser cannot be stressed enough.

What are the options

n convert the fund into an income for the rest of your life (known as an annuity); n keep the fund invested and draw a variable level of income to meet your needs;

Compliance Matters UK Limited offers cost effective and practical guidance in respect of governance, risk and compliance to firms regulated by the FCA.

n leave the fund invested and take a series of lump sums, a quarter of which will be deemed as part of your tax free lump sum, the rest will be taxed; n withdraw the entire fund, be careful of the tax implications of doing this and consider your other assets and how you will fund your retirement if you do this.

Cowan Architects is an established, local practice with over 30 years’ experience across the South East offering creative design solutions and a high level of personal service, from an experienced and enthusiastic team. What We Offer: • Over 30 years’ experience of working with local planning officers, conservation officers and building control • Sectors include Health, Residential and Education combined with supporting specialist expertise in Conservation and Heritage architecture and in sustainable design of low energy buildings including Passivhaus design. • Project Values from £500,000 to £10M+ • Experience in unlocking difficult planning applications Services we offer include concept/ feasibility, planning, building control, detailed design, cost planning and project management. COWAN ARCHITECTS LTD | London | West Sussex Tel: +44 (0)1342 410 242



DEGREE APPRENTICESHIPS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICHESTER Degree apprenticeships bring together the best of vocational training and higher education and enable apprentices to combine university study with valuable ‘on the job’ training. The University of Chichester offers a range of degree apprenticeship options to suit the needs of local businesses. Our Degree Apprenticeships: n Chartered Manager n Chartered Manager (Schools Business Professional) n Digital Marketer (subject to Standard approval) n Digital Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) n Digital Technology Solutions (Cyber Security Analyst) n Electrical/Electronic Technical Support Engineer n Mechanical Engineer n Postgraduate Teaching n Senior Leaders Masters Level (MBA) (subject to Standard approval)

FIND OUT MORE Find out about the University of Chichester’s degree apprenticeships at Interested businesses should get in touch at

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From garden shed to formidable global brand

Gregory Spink founded ValetPRO in 2005. He started working from his garden shed with just £1,000 and a wealth of car care experience taken from more than ten years’ experience working as a car valeter. Since these humble beginnings the company has grown by up to 50% year-onyear and at the beginning of April moved, for the third time, into a new 12,000 sq feet facility in Newhaven. Having outgrown the premises in Hailsham, the new premises presents the opportunity to develop even more products in-house and more space will allow increased production and improve deliveries to the company’s worldwide network of stockists.

interest and enquiries generated through marketing, various motorsport sponsorships and social media feeds are directed to their stockists - this way we support them and don’t compete with them. The focus is on growing a network of independent stockists and not working with the big retail chains.

Greg Spink, ValetPRO Founder and MD loyal customer base go much deeper than memorable names.

As demand for our products continues to grow Greg has been able to develop some unique and specific products for the car care marketplace. With increased knowledge and resources we have developed more of our products in-house. The new premises are also home to a new laboratory facility with all the kit required to develop and test future generations of products. The company now employs 16 people, and the headcount is growing year on year.

Greg’s hands-on experience as a valeter has enabled him to lead the development of our product range, at times introducing improvements to existing offerings while also bringing completely new products to market. Many of the products in the range were specifically designed to solve common issues experienced by amateur and professional valeters alike. The company has been able to examine some of the less technical formulations out in the market and produce new products that are PH-neutral. Previous products in the market rely on alkaline for their cleaning power, however, these alkaline based products can cause damage to paintwork and plastic trim if used regularly. With our in-house chemist, we have been able to create PH neutral formulations which have the cleaning power of an alkaline, but not the harmful downsides.

ValetPRO’s products are easily recognisable on the shelves of retailers and with names like ‘Dragon’s Breath’, ‘Black To The Future’ and ‘Mad Wax’ it’s quite difficult to forget them, but the reasons for the products enduring popularity and strong

Beyond a great product range, ValetPRO’s success lies in the relationship it develops with its worldwide team of distributors and retailers. The company has made a very strong commitment that it will not sell its products to the public, thereby all the

The new site has provided the opportunity to invest in an automated filling line. This will replace the current manual operation with a maximum capacity of between 1500 and 2000 bottles of product per day. Once commissioned the new line will take this up to between 5000 and 6000 bottles per day.

New ValetPRO facilities in Newhaven

Although we do not sell directly to the end user, the team at the new Newhaven head office will always gladly support retailers and get involved in customer conversations should the need arise. Doing so helps us develop and provide stronger products for the retailers to sell. From this customer feedback, the company has designed new labels for its products to present the clearest understanding of each product’s use and application. This, in turn, makes the products easier for retailers to explain and sell to their customers. We have developed a passion for motorsport which has led to the development of some rewarding partnerships. ValetPRO is a headline sponsor of the Lotus Europe Cup and a partner of the Lotus Driving Academy. Over the last twelve months, we have worked with the Bentley Drivers Club and Abarth Owners Club. The next twelve months will see us and our company branding at many MSV (Motor Sports Vision) events. The team have also been able to support some charities that are dear to them: ben - the automotive industry charity; Raystede, a charity that provides shelter for unwanted animals and the Crowborough First Responders who save lives by responding to emergency situations providing first aid until the paramedics arrive. The company has come an awfully long way from the early days in Greg’s garden shed. We’ve grown massively in recent years. We have generated resellers in thirty-four countries across the globe and have established a very strong presence in Europe. Product labels are translated into eight additional languages and most importantly the company has created relationships with invaluable stockists and distributors worldwide who will help boost ValetPRO’s success even further.




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Your future, our focus Forward-thinking investment management Whatever your investment objectives, and whatever your circumstances, when you’re looking for expert individual investment management that’s focused firmly on your future, talk to Rathbones. For further information, please contact Greg Mahon on 01243 775 373 or email @Rathbones1742 Rathbone Brothers Plc

The value of investments and income arising from them may fall as well as rise and you might get back less than you originally invested. Rathbone Investment Management is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

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15/12/2017 11:16

tel: 01444 259 259

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your guide to R&D tax credits

Research and Development Tax Relief – Case Studies I hope you have enjoyed our first two articles, as promised we’ll now look at a couple of case studies, which might get you thinking about either your own projects or perhaps if you are an accountant or another business advisor about one of your client’s projects. I have chosen these two case studies as they reflect the cross section of R&D Tax Relief scenarios. A loyalty scheme app Back in 2013 a client created an innovative mobile app that created a mobile wallet to support a loyalty scheme solution for smaller retail businesses that enabled consumers to earn points whilst they shop, without the need to show a specific reward card, keyring, or app. With the advent of beacon technology, it became possible to iterate their loyalty card app by incorporating this technology into their clients’ premises, where passing customers who held a loyalty card would receive a message through the app offering them a deal to come into the shop. Both parts of this initial project were advances in the field and allowed them to claim Research and Development Tax Relief, they were however not hugely scalable and certainly couldn’t compete with the likes of Nectar or Tesco’s Clubcard. As a result of this lack of scalability, the company undertook a second pivot and applied for a grant from Innovate after initial discussion with Visa garnered some interest in the loyalty card app. The plan was simple, if the customer registered their Visa card to their loyalty card, then the customer would merely need to use their Visa card and the loyalty scheme would register purchases at the relevant outlets automatically. The application of the plan however has been a significant technological challenge and required many iterations of a solution that would allow for the linking of bank cards with reward services. The Research and Development behind this project was complex and involved a large collaborative effort from Visa and ultimately MasterCard, who as soon as they heard about the project wanted to be involved, to connect the software to their data feeds.

So, what could they claim for? The bulk of the cost has been related to labour costs for staff, there have been some software purchases to support the project and utilities were consumed in the development process.

How much did they claim? The company have made several R&D Tax Relief claims with our specialist team. So far despite recording losses the company has benefited over £50,000 through R&D Tax Credits under the SME Scheme. However,

their work on the current iteration with Visa will be less rewarding, the grant funding from Innovate is EU State Aid, and they will be claiming under the Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) which will generate relief at around 8.8% of the spend.

A high tech manufacturer The Sussex Weald is home to a cluster of businesses operating in the photonic and high and ultra-high vacuum industries. The company specializes in the photonic industry and has solutions that are involved in University research, manufacturing and the defence industry. They have been involved in multiple projects, one of which was an EU Funded project under their Factories of the Future plan. The company were engaged with a number of other businesses across Europe. The project was trying to provide the industry with reliable, robust and inline controlled manufacturing processes for plastics and electronics converging technologies. Their part of the project was to create a device that would scan products from the production line for the smallest of imperfections. Their solution incorporating an X-Ray Scanner, a high-tech camera with specialist sensor technology and cabinet capable of mounting and rotating and adjusting the position of both the camera and the subject matter.

the testing of their innovations in a “Dark Room”.

So what could they claim for? A majority of the cost is labour again, but the company were also able to claim for the cost of materials incorporated into prototypes, the costs for developing firmware to run their solutions and the cost of light, heat and water consumed in the development process. Unfortunately, we arrived a year too late to help them make a more significant claim for Research and Development Tax Allowance for their new building. A strict two-year time limit prevented a slightly larger claim.

How much did they claim? So far they have claimed almost £400,000 for their innovations across the SME scheme and RDEC for the costs funded by the EU for the Factories of the Future project. If you think you might have a project that qualifies or you have a client you think we should talk to, then please do get in touch with us. Give us a call today on 01424 225345 to discuss your project.

The company have also constructed a purpose-built extension to their existing property to support their R&D team and



Tailor-made solutions We offer a high quality service to both corporate and individual customers, coupled with a flexible and innovative approach. We start from a blank canvas and build a bespoke solution, with all key decisions made locally by the branch. Hove branch | Simon Nicholson - Branch Manager Tel: 01273 721814, email: Brighton branch | Simon Howe - Branch Manager Tel: 01273 779937, email: Crawley branch | Simon Briggs - Branch Manager Tel: 01293 525895, email: Haywards Heath branch | Dave Barden - Branch Manager Tel: 01444 450189, email: Eastbourne branch | Neil Hooper - Branch Manager Tel: 01323 736061, email: Handelsbanken is the trading name of Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ). Registered Office: Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ), 3 Thomas More Square, London, E1W 1WY. Registered in England and Wales No, BR 000589. Incorporated in Sweden with limited liability. Registered in Sweden No, 5020077862. Head Office in Stockholm. Authorised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) and the Prudential Regulation Authority and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Details about the extent of our authorisation and regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request.

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Taking global solutions, personally Grace Overseas Logistics, one of the first freight forwarding companies in the UK to receive the prestigious BS5750 accreditation in 1992 and with offices now in Crawley, explains the key role of the freight forwarder in today’s global marketplace. Paul Moffett

Director, Grace Overseas Logistics)

If you’ve ever needed to move goods from one place to another, particularly overseas, chances are you’ve worked with a freight forwarder to get the job done, but what exactly is Freight Forwarding? In this article we give a quick and simple overview of what’s involves in freight forwarding. If you haven’t worked with a freight forwarder before, we explain how a Company like Grace Overseas Logistics could save your company time, hassle and money.

Freight forwarding in a nutshell. In very simple terms, a freight forwarder coordinates the movement of goods from one place to another, whether that’s

by road, sea, air, rail, or a combination of methods. The key word there is “coordinates”; a freight forwarder doesn’t actually move goods itself. Rather, it acts a bit like a middleman, arranging transportation with suitable carriers to ensure the most efficient, timely and costeffective flow of goods. As you might have guessed, ensuring goods get where they need to be, safely and on time, relies heavily on logistics. Freight forwarders must be proficient at negotiating freight tariffs, handling customs regulations and other bureaucracy, and managing risk and security issues. – in other words, freight forwarders must be logistics masterminds.

Making business easier Clearly, there’s a huge logistics burden involved in moving goods from one location to another, particularly across borders or to dangerous or remote places. It’s not just the logistics that are complicated. Freight forwarders need an extensive network among carriers if they’re to secure the most

efficient route at the best possible price. (Grace Overseas Logistics have access to shipping discounts that aren’t always available to regular companies) this has been built up over many years of trading. A freight forwarder also has excellent relationships with on-the-ground officials if they’re to get goods moved safely and in line with the various regulations. Working with an experienced freight forwarder, such as Grace Overseas Logistics, relieves these pressures, thereby saving businesses an awful lot of time and hassle. Not only that, it’s the best way to guarantee the most reliable, efficient modes of transportation at the most affordable rate.


Tel: 01444 400830 Mairon Freight Management UK LTD Rock Business Park,The Hollow Washington West Sussex RH20 3DA

Proud to be secondary shirt sponsors of Hampton & Richmond Borough F.C. 2016/17 & 2017/18 and Cuckfield U19 20/20 side



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Chris Cooper explaining the mission

Photos © Alan Wright Photograpy

New era for Billingshurst and Horsham Chamber of Commerce Billingshurst Chamber of Commerce has long been a dynamic, thriving and successful local Chamber with a strong membership and a regular calendar of well attended events. But with increasing interest and membership from nearby Horsham, earlier this year (and after considerable research), the Billingshurst Chamber took the decision to relaunch and became Billingshurst & Horsham Chamber of Commerce, in what is set to become an exciting new era for members. At the helm of this new and larger Chamber is chairman and local businessman Chris Cooper who explained a little more about the mission and purpose behind the expansion: “Our aim is to build on the huge success of the Chamber in the Billingshurst area. We want to focus on our new and larger community, working more closely with the council in order to improve support for the business community. We’re also looking forward to working with and complementing existing groups and bodies that have been created in order to foster development in certain areas. More specifically, the aim of the Chamber is to make it easier for those in business and those just starting out, to find support,


assistance and guidance. Ideally, I’d like the Billingshurst and Horsham Chamber of Commerce to become a central hub where businesses can come for all manner of support in the many different sectors we have in our region. Horsham and Billingshurst both have growing business communities, with organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. But there was a clear need for additional business support and professional networking opportunities. It’s a fantastic place to do business and what we want to do is make it even better!” The new Chamber is already attracting both new membership and business with listings on the Chamber website, a resources page, regular monthly lunches at Rookwood Golf Course and support programmes like Billipeers and the Small Business Launchpad. Both these last two initiatives share the skills of experienced business people to help others grow or start their business and affordable workshops are providing local businesses with the tools that they really need.

Chamber will be the place Councils and Planners can come to garner feedback from the business community of plans and developments that may affect them. Finally, Chris explained that the local community is also important and forms part of the new Chamber’s plans. He hopes to ensure that the Chamber is a place where local community projects can make the business community aware of what is going on and of any sponsorship opportunities. The new look Chamber relaunched with a dynamic new look, logo and website and an enthusiastic and hardworking committee. The networking lunches are proving extremely successful, with large numbers attending and the guarantee of an interesting speaker at every event. If you’d like to be part of this exciting new journey, just visit for more information or book in to one of the networking events and come and meet the team and some of our members.

The new Chamber has also already forged some important relationships with key members of the Local Council and with local MP Jeremy Quin. The aim is that the

tel: 01444 259 259

town chamber news

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Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce celebrates 80 years of business


An exciting year for Crawley & Gatwick Chamber of Commerce, a vibrant and active part of the local business and community environment, being first established in 1938 and this year celebrating its 80th year of working with local businesses. Paul Roe, President of the Chamber and Partner at Kreston Reeves accountants comments “The Chamber has lots of exciting new plans to help celebrate its 80th year including a brand-new website, lots of new events are planned for the coming months including round tables discussions being introduced around topical themes and a vibrant summer BBQ planned for July.” Crawley is ideally placed in an everexpanding regional business hub for commerce, leisure and development. The transport links for the area are excellent for national and local travel with Gatwick Airport being on the doorstep and fabulous rail and road links to both to the City of London and to the South Coast being easily accessible and just 40 minutes away.

As an organisation we represent the views and aspirations of members both locally and on a regional basis The Chamber offers opportunities for members to present their business at events to other members. Members are encouraged to trade locally with many offering preferential rates to other members of the Chamber.

The area boasts major international and national businesses which have based their office here, such as Thales UK, Virgin Atlantic and Nestle.

A regular newsletter contains updates for our members and, in addition to this, we hold monthly breakfast meetings where members can learn of developments and action plans to the town by the local authority. Members are given the opportunity to comment and influence local decisions being made and invited to attend events where members can directly debate, ask questions and make constructive criticisms and voice support for local initiatives.

The Chamber holds regular monthly meetings where members are encouraged to network and do business in addition to having relevant topical guest speakers at events.

The chamber regularly contributes to and supports the overall wellbeing of the local community and our members are encouraged to take an active part in

contributing to voluntary and community initiatives. We are affiliated with Sussex Chamber of Commerce, which brings additional benefits for our members.

The next member meetings are as follows: 23rd May – 8.00am – Crawley College 27th June – 8.00am – Barclays Bank (Crawley)

13th July – 5.30pm – Summer BBQ – Copthorne Gatwick Hotel – Guest speaker is Jonathan Sharrock CEO of Coast2Capital. Please contact: or book via the website to book your place to attend one of our upcoming events.



cover feature

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My inspirational lesson in employee diversity Jane Middlemiss

Director of Organisational Development, ILG

Throughout my career, I have been involved in many exciting and inspiring HR initiatives – but one stands out. Since 2015 we have been working with Sussex-based charity Aldingbourne Trust, to help adults on the autistic spectrum and/or with a learning disability to reach their potential through employment. Having had my doubts when the Trust first approached us, I can now look back on three years that have produced some of the most rewarding outcomes of my working life.


So what were my concerns? Well, like any business, ILG is only as good as its people. We are a fast-growing delivery and fulfilment business with clients including Jimmy Choo and Charlotte Tilbury. We turn over approximately £25million and employ 220 staff. We have a responsibility to all of them to keep the business profitable and I had some reservations about how an employee with autism or learning difficulties would cope with a full-time role and getting to work for 9 o’clock every morning. I also wondered how they would cope with a relatively stressful environment and how they would get along with his warehouse colleagues. Aldingbourne Trust is used to such concerns. It places over 50 people in paid employment each year, plus another 100 in

voluntary work. I had been approached on behalf of Kyle, who has aspergers. His only previous employment had been as a parttime school cleaner but his employment consultant, Liz Miles, convinced me that he could be a valuable employee at ILG. Moreover, she would support us and him throughout, helping with training, communication and any issues that might arise. I talked it through with my MD, Mike Stephenson, and managed to get his buy-in. Having the support of the person at the top is invaluable for any new initiative because obstacles will arise and that authority will help to remove them. So we welcomed Kyle to ILG. We started him off on a casual trial basis but he learned quickly and progressed to a

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Michael Jones

Sussex Chamber’s export documentation service is invaluable to ILG

40 hours contract as a trainee warehouse assistant. We felt confident enough to ask Liz about other roles she might be able to help us fill. Liz has since helped us to place people she supports in a variety of roles, including kit assembly, caretaking and cleaning. In all we have taken on 13, 10 of whom are still with us. That’s higher than our overall retention rate. So what about my concerns? We’ve had some issues, sure, but nothing that we’ve never experienced with other employees. And they are far outweighed by the benefits. I could have foreseen the reputational enhancement it has given us; more remarkable has been the effect on employee engagement. At every site where we employ people through Aldingbourne Trust our warehouse staff are amazingly supportive and accepting (no-one touches Kyle’s radio!) and they have positively embraced the whole initiative. Productivity has improved too. The caretakers and cleaners we’ve employed through Aldingbourne have enabled other employees to concentrate wholly on the job they were trained to do, as well as helping to cut our outsourced cleaning costs.

extraordinary: he is never late, has never had a day off sick and has never had a picking error (he picks the items off the warehouse shelves as orders come in). The whole workforce has recognised the contribution of colleagues like Adam and Kyle too. Adam was part of the Charlotte Tilbury team that won Team of the Year in our annual awards and last November Kyle won Employee of the Year – not because he has aspergers, not because he was employed through Aldingbourne Trust, but because he did a really good job for us. Kyle is loving his role in the team too. “Joining ILG was a fresh start for me and I was determined to do well,” he says. “I’m enjoying it and coping very well with the changes, like new contracts, managers and rotas. I’ve sorted out my sleep pattern and I feel more responsible. I’ve trained to be a fire warden, I look after some big clients, I feel more confident and that this job will secure a better future for me.” That’s the sort of feedback that makes my job most rewarding. I’m so pleased we took the decision to work with Liz and Aldingbourne Trust. It has been a valuable learning experience for all of us.

More than this, though, these are good workers. Take Adam. He was unemployed for five years before joining us. Twoand-a-half years on, Adam’s record is

ILG serves over 700 clients worldwide and a documentation service is just one part of the bespoke service we offer. As our customer base continues to grow it is vital that we keep up to date with the latest services and documentation on offer to continue striving towards our mission: ‘to make our customers more successful’. We’ve been using the Chamber’s export documentation service for nearly 10 years and we continue to receive a great level of service. We apply for a wide variety of documents, the most common being EC COOs, EUR1s, ATRs and attested invoices, and the export team are always on hand to provide guidance and useful information to help us with challenging situations. The variety has grown over the years and it has been a real advantage for ILG to be able to offer these documents as part of the service we provide for our customers. The reliability of the service is important too. Over the time we’ve been using the Chamber’s documentation service, there has never been a question over the quality of the documents produced and it gives us great comfort knowing the accuracy and detail are there. Michael Jones Head of Delivery, ILG

“There are always barriers to break down when we approach companies for the first time. I wrote 56 letters trying to get work for Kyle; ILG was one of just two companies that replied. There has to be a level of support and that’s where I come in. People on the autistic spectrum like routine and are best suited to jobs that are repetitive and analytical. Their attention to detail can be amazing. Like Adam, who has never made a picking error, they can be highly valuable employees. And we are always on the end of the phone to help when support is needed.” Liz Miles, Employment Consultant, Aldingbourne Trust



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Why innovation is the key to success In this issue of Business Edge, we speak to Tim Clover about taking the reins at Rayner, a Sussex-based lens manufacturer with a heritage dating back over a century – but first we’ll take a step back in time to look at the invention with which Rayner has become synonymous – the intraocular lens (IOL). Where accident and invention meet The accidental nature of discoveries and inventions is something that’s been much written about over the years, and nowhere is this more the case than in the invention of the IOL. What came about quite by chance, has led to an invention that is utilised by millions of people around the world as a treatment for their cataracts. It is all the more resonant that we should mention this medical breakthrough in the RAF’s centenary year as it was the problems encountered by a Battle of Britain pilot, that led to the invention of the IOL.

The hurricane and ophthalmic surgery Harold Ridley was an eye surgeon working with pilots during WWII, when one such pilot, Gordon Cleaver was found to have an eye spattered with fragments from his Hurricane cockpit’s Perspex canopy. Ridley noticed that the young Pilot’s eye was not reacting as it usually would to a foreign body – in fact, there was no adverse reaction at all and it was this observation which was to lead to a breakthrough in ophthalmic surgery. Ridley set to work with optical scientist John Pike of opticians Rayner, to develop

“We have a culture of innovation that makes us stand out from the crowd – we focus on one thing (the IOL), and do it better than anyone else.”


a lens from the very same Perspex, and in 1949 Ridley performed the first implant of an artificial lens. The Ridley/Rayner lens was to lead the way in the treatment of cataracts in the UK, the US and elsewhere; and today Rayner remain an integral part of the industry.

Controversy and acceptance Like many innovators before him, Ridley’s medical breakthrough proved controversial and it was sometime before the procedure was fully accepted by the medical profession in the UK. Today, however, lens implantation is the most common surgical procedure performed on eyes, with an estimated 25 million lenses implanted annually. Pike and Ridley were to work on a number of projects together, and Rayner as a company has now worked with cataract surgeons for longer than any other company in the world – over 65 years focusing their sights on ensuring a good clinical outcome for patients and surgeons alike.

Rayner in the 21st Century Today, Rayner leads the way in the manufacture of IOLs and related products, and the person at the helm of the company is CEO Tim Clover. Tim joined the company four years ago, at a time of change, when Rayner was set

to make the move away from their high street opticians shops to focus entirely on developing new ophthalmic products. Originally engaged as a non-executive director with a remit to oversee a single strategic project, Tim soon became CEO, bringing over 30 years of commercial experience to the company. Rayner’s competitors include some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, huge multi-billion pound operations, yet, as Tim observes, the fact that Rayner is smaller, can work to their advantage.

Agility and innovation “We have a culture of innovation that makes us stand out from the crowd – we focus on one thing (the IOL), and do it better than anyone else,” explains Tim. “We are also agile and small enough to deliver these innovations efficiently meaning we are quicker and smarter than many of our competitors, yet we are large enough to deliver our products worldwide. We focus on the visual outcome of the patient and believe we are the best in the world at producing products for that application. “Innovation and new technology are the lifeblood of the business and if you are not launching new products every year you are not growing with the market. Our team

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is targeted with bringing 11 new products to the market over a 3-year period and they are on track to achieve this target. Innovation is the key to delivering revenue.”

Tim Clover CEO, Rayner

Tenacity and creativity “We’ve followed our own route and found the right balance between tenacity and creativity. There is a good case for encouraging thinking that is a little less conventional and for people to follow their passions and beliefs. Success is probably 80% perspiration, plus 20% emotion and creativity,” observes Tim.

Our focus “Our clear focus as a business is to deliver better visual outcomes, we are driven by science and by being a great business partner; that’s why we are often the partner of choice for surgeons and academics wanting to bring their products to the market,” explains Tim. “We also have access to external sources of capital, helping to bring these innovations to the public.” Terms like ‘innovation’ pepper promotional copy today and are often very loosely used – but in the case of Rayner, the phrase is wholly justified. Just as Benz invented the motorcar, so Rayner was there at the invention of the IOL, and they remain stalwarts of the industry today – a rare feat indeed. Step into their head office, and you might be lucky enough to see both the world’s first and the ten millionth IOL.

Our people and values Tim is adamant that the secret of Rayner’s success is the people that make up their team – “It is all down to the people. This business is not just about economics; it is about everybody who works here. We invented this technology and we are on a mission to put Rayner at the front of the world stage, where we should be – it is a matter of national pride.

Customer feedback is crucial

“Our business is underpinned by a set of values by which we all live and work,” explains Tim. “Patients trust us to provide the technology that transforms their vision, and hence their lives – so integrity is paramount, we want people who take responsibility for their actions and are accountable. Respect and support for each other and our customers is crucial.

Transforming the business

“We also look for people with ambition, who are driven to continuously improve their work and our products. Hand in hand with this comes an openness and positivity towards new ideas and change; both of which are vital in an industry where innovation is the catalyst for our business.”

Celebrating success “Each quarter we celebrate people in the team who have displayed these values and publically reward them. We also keep these values in mind when we are recruiting, looking out for people who exhibit similar values. You can’t be afraid of bringing in new people and you need to spend as much time as humanly possible ensuring that those you hire are good.”

“We also pay close attention to the feedback we receive from our customers,” explains Tim, “holding regular focus groups with them so we can measure their attitude to us. We are mindful of the fact that as a business we have a reputation that stretches back over a century.”

When Tim joined Rayner, the company stood at a crossroads and it was his job to steer the company in a new direction focusing on ophthalmic product development, rather than their opticians’ shops – which were sold. Tim took the drastic step of cancelling the dividend and buying out some of the minority shareholders so that all of the profits could be reinvested in the business.

Transforming lives around the world Cataracts affect 70% of 70 years olds, a staggering amount, meaning most of us will have cataracts at one time or another, and fortunately, today, the operation typically takes no more than 15 minutes under a local anaesthetic - yet the results are profound, restoring patients’ clear vision. Rayner’s products are now used globally in 84 countries. Annually over 800,000 Rayner intra-ocular lenses are implanted each year which means that 400,000 people are given the gift of sight again.

A Sussex success story Founded in Brighton in 1910, Rayner remains a company with strong links to the region, with both their head office and manufacturing plant in Worthing.

This additional investment meant a new state of the art manufacturing plant could be built for Rayner and the company could ramp up their research and development, ensuring new products were brought to the market, helping to secure the future of the business.

“We could have moved anywhere in the world,” explains Tim, “but we made a conscious decision to back UK manufacturing and base our manufacturing plant here in Sussex. We believed we could build the best possible technology, right here.”

Today, Rayner remains an independent company, though private equity firms own a minority of the business, which Tim believes have played a significant role in facilitating their development of new technologies.

It’s good to know that a company with firm roots in our region is having such a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.



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Exciting times ahead for Horsham District Welcome to Horsham District – a place where you can realise your business success and be optimistic about the future, with the support of a progressive District Council. Glen Chipp

Chief Executive at Horsham District Council

April 2018 saw the arrival of a new Chief Executive at Horsham District Council. Glen Chipp has substantial local government experience having previously worked at Epping Forest, Bath and North East Somerset. Before moving into local government, Glen was Managing Director of Thomas Cook Airlines and Assistant Managing Director of Scotsman Publications. Glen said: “I am delighted to be joining Horsham District at a point where the Council has ambitious regeneration plans which will attract inward investment and create much needed employment opportunities for our residents. I am looking forward to working with partners and our communities to bring the plans to fruition.” Located close to Gatwick Airport, between London and Brighton, Horsham District is the location of choice for companies competing at the top of their global markets. It is an area which offers an enterprising culture and a fabulous lifestyle Horsham District is regularly named among the top places to live in Britain.

Development Underway The past few months have seen a significant investment in the regeneration of key town centre sites and a huge step forward in the development of a strategic site at North Horsham. Liberty Property Trust is bringing forward plans for a mixed-use, sustainable new community at North Horsham. The Council has given approval for the scheme which will deliver a new 45,000 sq.m business park that will create up to 4,000 job opportunities, as well as deliver 2,750 new homes. Two exciting developments in Horsham Town Centre will see the investment of

£42m in the regeneration of Piries Place. The existing Piries Place car park is being replaced with a new larger car park on the same site. The new car park will create additional spaces and will deliver an improved environment for motorists. Horsham District Council has also approved planning permission for a £35m regeneration development. The scheme, put forward by a joint venture between property development and investment company Reef Estates and Arcus-PCD, will regenerate the area with a new independent three-screen cinema, a 92bed hotel, shops and restaurants.

District up to 2027 – Think Horsham District – a first choice business and visitor destination. Key priorities were identified which sought to ensure that we supported our existing businesses and promoted the area to new investors.

New Employment Sites in the Pipeline

The scheme will also deliver improvements to the public realm with new seating and paving. The shops will be improved and updated with a new entrance, existing office space will be enhanced. Some 150 new jobs are set to be created when the redevelopment is complete and operational. This year also sees a multi-million pound investment in the redevelopment of the Swan Walk shopping centre bringing new retailers and a gym into the town centre.

The District Council is also reviewing its Local Plan and in April 2018 published an issues and options document relating to Employment, Tourism and Sustainable Rural Development. In an area which has seen very limited new commercial development, the document identifies those sites across the district which have the potential for employment use. We have seen a steady increase in the number of enquiries from businesses looking to expand or relocate to the district but few opportunities available. The issues and options document demonstrates the Council’s commitment to improve the offer to our existing and potential businesses.

The investment at North Horsham and Horsham Town Centre represents a great boost for the local economy with the creation of so many new jobs for the district.

We want to raise the profile of culture and heritage within the District, with 2019 being the Horsham District Year of Culture. This is a year of cultural celebration, with a focused programme of events.

Last year a new Economic Strategy was adopted, setting out the vision for the

Horsham district offers exceptional opportunities for business, making it the perfect choice for new investment and business growth. It has an excellent quality of life, with a highly skilled workforce. We do face economic challenges, such as the need to attract inward investment and provide new commercial floorspace but we have already taken significant steps forward in investing in our area and progressing new opportunities for economic growth.

I am delighted to be joining Horsham District at a point where the Council has ambitious regeneration plans which will attract inward investment and create much needed employment opportunities for our residents. I am looking forward to working with partners and our communities to bring the plans to fruition.” Glen Chipp Chief Executive at Horsham District Council


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Roffey Park Venue – one that stays with you long after you leave Finding the right venue for your meeting, event or conference can be daunting with a large array of different types of venue available to you. There are decisions to be made over location, budget, facilities, services and the space itself that can make it overwhelming. But if you’re looking for an outstanding venue for your next training course or event then Roffey Park Venue can help you. Roffey Park is an international institute which delivers high impact training and development programmes, organisational development, qualifications and research customised to the needs of clients. Their work means that they truly understand people – how they work together, play together, create together – and they have poured this knowledge into a venue designed with learning in mind.

What does this mean in practice? n A range of meeting rooms to suit any occasion, from small interviews or coaching sessions through to large scale networking events or conferences.

n Plenty of space for individuals to reflect or talk with 40 acres of grounds, comfortable lounge and seating areas with leisure facilities for those wanting to unwind at the end of the day. n Food created by our in-house team of chefs who are passionate about food, prepare all meals fresh and, wherever, possible, use locally sourced ingredients including from our own kitchen garden.

n An all-inclusive delegate package with flexible pricing offering real value-formoney. But beyond all of this, there is something about the space, grounds and the welcome people receive at the venue which makes it especially rewarding and memorable. Visit the website to find out more including viewing a virtual tour of the building and grounds.


MEET • LEARN • INSPIRE • CELEBRATE A friendly welcome when you arrive, excellent service and stunning surroundings are a few hallmarks of our exceptional service which makes our venue a space to bring people together which you’ll want to return to again and again. • 20 contemporary, well-equipped training and meeting rooms for 8 to 120 people for as long as you need. • Every type of private event, dinner, networking, wedding or celebration is catered for.

Explore our venue from the comfort of your office or home with our new 3D, virtual venue tour on our website

• Menus prepared fresh, onsite, using high quality ingredients from local suppliers and our own kitchen garden.


• Set in 40 acres of grounds, just five minutes from the M23 and 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport with ample free parking.

Visit or telephone 01293 851644

Private events activity is undertaken by Roffey Park Services Limited, a Company Limited by Shares Registered in England No 5025908, a wholly owned subsidiary of Roffey Park Institute Limited

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Alternative dispute resolution – an essential management skill In our last article we indicated that employment cases were set to rise dramatically as a result of the Supreme Court ruling of July 2017, which effectively abolished employment tribunal fees. The latest research by CIPD show that such cases have risen by 90% and employers urgently need to consider how they minimise the impact of this trend. This situation has its roots in the adversarial ACAS grievance and disciplinary solutions for managing conflict situations which are outdated, increasingly ineffective and are in need of review. There is a recognised body of evidence, supported by CIPD and ACAS themselves, that alternative dispute resolution has much to offer in this area, providing a more cost effective and longerterm solution to workplace conflict. Employers may turn to mediation when difficult cases arise, either through trained internal mediators or external experts. However, we believe that arming managers with the skills and tools to deal with conflict or difficult situations is a key element in improving productivity and employee engagement, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly and lengthy processes.

Much like coaching skills, we see mediation skills as a core competency of line managers who are best placed to deal with emerging employee issues or difficult situations including performance management, poor behaviour, conflict and absence. Whilst mediation has a place in dealing with workplace conflict, we encourage a wider, more holistic approach which considers the benefits for the employer and employee of effective early dispute resolution, as opposed to just minimising the risk of ending up in an employment tribunal.

to executives or teams interested in the benefits of alternative dispute resolution and can include a low-cost resolution audit to assist employers identify risks and solutions. If you have a difficult workplace situation, would like to improve your organisational approach to conflict management, raise managers skills or just want to know more then please contact us. Visit or contact us on 01444 401487

We are a locally based provider of industry leading training and consulting solutions which reflect our broad knowledge, skills and experience. We are happy to provide free, no obligation ‘eye opener’ inputs

Visitor Information Centre 9 Causeway Horsham West Sussex RH12 1HE Tel: (01403) 211661 Fax: (01403) 282594 Email:


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An Introduction to the Economic Development Team at Horsham District – what we do Independent Retail Business Support There is more good news for independent retailers across the District. The Council has also secured £20,000 for bespoke training and support of that sector. Horsham District has a wide range of independent shops which really add to the attractiveness and unique appeal of the market towns. We want to support that sector in going from strength to strength and will therefore be rolling out this programme of training and support throughout 2018. Additional money will be available to those taking up the training, for shop improvement grants.

The Visitor Economy The importance of the visitor economy in creating and supporting growth and employment is well documented and Horsham District Council is proactive in its support for this crucial sector. The District’s recently published Visitor Economy Strategy highlights the need to increase visitor spend and dwell time through a programme of co-ordinated activity. We are now engaging the sector through a number of initiatives including: a small grants programme called LEAP (see below), which is designed to support tourism businesses take the next step in their development; an annual ‘Sector Forum’ event which brings the sector together to share expertise, best practice and the latest industry news; a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the district’s wonderful natural, cultural and experiential attractions; and ongoing support for businesses through bespoke training and support. Our aim is to promote our unique location as the ideal “Hub and Host” from which to explore the wonders of Sussex and beyond.

LEAP The economic development team secured a second year of funding to support small businesses. In 2017 a small business grant scheme was launched. The LEAP programme supported 48 businesses, with the funding used to develop their marketing campaigns, websites and the purchase of equipment. A further £71,000 was awarded for 2018 and the scheme this time round is specifically aimed at the District’s small visitor economy businesses. Round 1 opened in February and closed at the end of March. Three businesses were awarded £12,000 to deliver projects that would increase the number of visitors to the area. Round 2 will open on 31st May, with a final round launched at the end of September. The application process has been designed to be easy to complete and decisions on the applications are turned around quickly.

Employability The third Jobs and Skills Fair was held in Horsham in September 2017. Over 400 visitors looking for work came through the doors to meet 36 employers that had taken stands at the fair. As a result more than

into the District to support our businesses. This year there is an impetus to draw down as much EU funding as possible before BREXIT. The LEADER programme managed locally by West Sussex County Council is aimed at rural businesses and we have been working with a number of sectors, including farms, community groups and visitor economy businesses to make sure they know about and successfully apply for this. Horsham District has fared really well in the programme with 22 projects securing over £270,000 of LEADER funding, with a total project investment of over £620,000 into the District. The other main EU source of funding is the EAFRD Programme via DEFRA. Projects across the Horsham District have attracted a significant proportion of funding and are on track to draw down a further £1,000,000 through projects in development.

Town and District Events Programme The events programme in Horsham Town and across the District continues to go from strength to strength. In 2017 the ED Events Team facilitated 20 events and ran 5 directly. Businesses are involved every step of the way to maximise their revenue opportunities. These activities all add high street footfall and support many independent local businesses.

100 people gained employment. The next Jobs and Skills Fair will take place on 19th September 2018 and is an ideal opportunity for businesses to recruit and raise their profile. Over 1,000 people flocked to Horsham District’s first Apprenticeship Fair on 10th March. Nearly 30 exhibitors, including apprentice employers, training providers, colleges, and universities, provided information and advice as well as over 300 opportunities on the day. There were some major employers from the area including Gatwick Airport and Nestlé as well as some new companies offering apprenticeships for the first time. The Fair was even referred to in Prime Minister’s question time. The second Apprenticeship Fair is planned for March 2019. We will be looking to build on the success of this year’s event and expand the number of businesses taking part.

The District Council is committed to attracting and retaining businesses, with our Economic Development team here to support you on 01403 215387 or

External Funding Our team works with partners to maximise the amount of external funding brought



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and take your business up, up and away! As business owners, technological development can help or hinder us, but change is inevitable and as such, we need to move with the times. We know the difficulties that face our clients and understand that they need to focus on the business and not the changing world of financial management. Here at James Todd we embrace technology to deliver dynamic, streamlined bookkeeping solutions providing key financial information. Financial information underpins any successful business. With this in mind, we work with clients to develop tailored bookkeeping services to suit individual needs, providing regular financial data including:• • •

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have a dedicated team of fully trained experts to advise you enjoy a smooth transition from your current processes whether automated or manual experience no fuss, no bother - just more time for you to concentrate on what you do best


Tel: 01243 776938 / 01273 470123 Email: Website:

Offices: 16 Northgate, Chichester, PO19 1BJ 1&2 The Barn, Oldwick, Lavant, PO18 9AA The Mews, St Nicholas Lane, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2JZ

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Commercial Leases: Top Tips for Tenants Taking out a lease on a commercial unit can be a formidable prospect. Leases can often run to over thirty pages and so finding your way round the complicated terminology can be daunting. Sophie Burton QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke

Here are a few of the most important things to look out for when considering your new lease:

How long will the term be? A typical commercial lease term is around five years but a different period can be agreed between the parties. The term required needs to be carefully considered when entering into a lease and will very much depend on the business. You may require the security of a fixed location for the foreseeable future or perhaps you’re planning to expand after a year or so. This will need to be considered in negotiations before anything is signed.

Will there be a break clause? The inclusion of a break clause in a commercial lease can be very valuable should your business venture not go strictly according to plan. This type of clause will allow a tenant to end a lease at a certain time before the full term ends. For example, you could take out a lease of a retail unit for five years with a break clause which can be triggered after two years. If sales are not as good as expected you could end the lease at the two year mark. In order to include such a clause the rent demanded by the landlord may be higher, but the flexibility afforded by this clause could be invaluable. However, it is also important to bear in mind that if the landlord has the mutual benefit of this break clause, then your lease could end sooner than initially expected.

Will I have security of tenure? Ideally you will want to be protected by Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This will ensure that you have the legal right to renew the lease automatically when it expires, and the landlord can only object on limited grounds. If you only want to lease the premises for a very short period then you may decide to exclude the provisions of the Act. However, if the business grows and you decide you want to remain in the property at the end of the lease, if you are not protected by the 1954 Act then the landlord will be within his rights to ask you to leave. This is an important feature of the lease to take legal advice on.

What can I use the property for? Leases will normally have a clause that specifies the type of activity that the landlord will permit the tenant to carry out at the premises. It is important to check this part of the lease very carefully to make sure that the type of business you want to carry out on the premises is permitted as specific ‘classes’ will often be mentioned in the lease which your solicitor will be best placed to advise you on.

“A typical commercial lease term is around five years but a different period can be agreed between the parties. The term required needs to be carefully considered when entering into a lease and will very much depend on the business.”

If you fail to comply and breach this clause you will place your tenancy at risk.

What are my repairing obligations and can I make alterations? A commercial lease will often contain a term that places an obligation on the tenant for ‘full repairs and insurance.’ Remaining liable for such repairs can be very onerous on the tenant as you could find yourself in the situation whereby you may be responsible for major works to the property completely disproportionate to the term of your lease. It is important to negotiate this point to ensure that any obligations you do have are proportionate to the length of the lease and the state of the property when you take out the lease. If you think you will want to make minor changes to the property you should try to negotiate that the landlord’s consent will not be needed for such alterations.

What are the next steps? Each point listed is an important clause to look into when you take out a lease for commercial property - but is not an exhaustive list. If you breach any of the terms the landlord will often be able to end the lease by forfeiture and take back their property. Therefore, it is vital that you seek legal advice before signing a commercial lease so that you can ensure that you have the right property, for the right length, with the right protections in place




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Staff member discount of 10% for all our services: Physiotherapy Services: n Physiotherapy appointments, including a free phone or email consultation

Massage Therapy: n Sports massage, Therapeutic massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology

Pilates: n Scheduled Mat and Reformer classes, Private lessons with a Pilates teacher, Private classes from 2 to 8 people

Business services: n Ergonomic Workstation Assessments Guidance on a co-ordinated return to work n Rehabilitation programme if a condition requires the person to have time off work n Staff training and presentations on posture, back care and ergonomics

Business Private Pilates Classes: n Staff Pilates classes

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n Mat classes – maximum 8 people n Reformer class – maximum 5 people

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Making Tax Digital (MTD) Denny Carr Director Honey Barrett Chartered Accountants

‘Making Tax Digital’ was unveiled by HM Revenue & Customs in July 2017, and once implemented will have a dramatic impact on the UK tax system. MTD will become mandatory for VAT registered businesses over the VAT threshold (unincorporated businesses, companies, LLPs, and charities) from April 2019 with all other taxes (income tax and corporation tax) having to follow suit from April 2020. The new regulations will emphasise the need for businesses to keep digital records and update HMRC on a quarterly basis. It is therefore vital for businesses to establish how they will comply with these new regulations now, in readiness for these changes. Those that already maintain financial records on software packages such as Quickbooks or Xero are already on the way to being MTD compliant. but businesses that still maintain records via a manual cashbook or excel spreadsheets will need to review their options in advance of April 2019. Landlords receiving income from property will also be required to maintain electronic accounting records and update HMRC quarterly from April 2020. MTD for individuals will be centred around the online HMRC Personal Tax Account, which will enable taxpayers to interact with HMRC directly to review their tax records and liabilities. It is likely that some exemptions will apply, such as annual turnover below a certain threshold (not yet announced) or those that are deemed as ‘unable’ to engage with digital compliance. Some business owners have raised concerns in regards to the additional administrative burden and the cost that compliance will bring, however, rather than seeing these new regulations as a negative they should find that this is a positive step with many potential advantages. Those businesses that embrace these digital changes and requirements will unlock benefits such as identifying key issues earlier, with the ability to delve deeper into the business to focus on how it is doing in real time. Early warning of future tax obligations allows planning for these to be effective, especially when combined with cash flow forecasts and budgets. Be passionate about reviewing systems and analysing data to improve your business, enjoy the mobility that cloud accounting can bring, and make the change today so you are ready for MTD. For further advice call 01892 784321 or visit

MTD will become mandatory for VAT registered businesses over the VAT threshold (unincorporated businesses, companies, LLPs, and charities) from April 2019 with all other taxes (income tax and corporation tax) having to follow suit from April 2020.



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june/july 2018 business edge

Making payments overseas? From payroll to invoices and even receiving funds, a currency specialist can help you protect your bottom line. The British Chambers of Commerce has partnered with exchange experts moneycorp to provide an exclusive service to all Chamber members which could cut your business costs and limit your exposure to currency exchange fluctuations. Matthew Crate

Head of Inbound and Corporate Partnerships, Moneycorp

Bank-beating exchange rates If you’re using a high street bank, you may not be receiving the best possible rates on your currency exchanges. moneycorp are on average more competitive than most high street banks and particularly when you’re converting large sums of money, even a few percentage points can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Low fees and no hidden charges If you stagger payments throughout the year, you may find that foreign exchange fees are also creating a significant cost. Again, a high street bank may not offer the cheapest option, often charging up to £40 per payment and those charges can quickly add up. Chamber members can enjoy a low rate of just £5 per transfer with moneycorp and that could make a big difference in the long term.

Secure online account for 24/7 transfers

Global expertise for Sussex businesses

Access and manage your international payments any time via a secure online moneycorp account. Even if you’re working outside office hours, you can access live rate information and opt to buy and sell up to 35 different currencies, make payments or download your latest statement to make sure your budget is on track.

From market updates via email to expert support on the phone and a range of tools to manage your international payments, moneycorp can help companies manage their foreign exchange risk. We’re looking forward to hearing from members of the Sussex Chamber for their no-obligation free foreign exchange health check. Our team are keen to work with each company on developing ways they can save money. Sussex is a diverse and thriving region and our expert service, together with our guaranteed low fees and bank beating exchange rates could help to keep Sussex businesses competitive on the world stage.

Currency exchange tools to manage your risk A forward contract allows you to fix the exchange rate for a set period of time which can help with managing overseas resource costs and international pricing. (Please note that a forward contract may require a deposit.) A market order allows you to target a specific exchange rate better than currently available in the market. A stop-loss order can also be set up to establish a “worst-case” rate , allowing you to limit the extent that a major foreign exchange market movement might have on your bottom line.

TTT Moneycorp Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (reference number 308919) for the provision of payment services.

Expert guidance and free foreign exchange health check The expert moneycorp team work with businesses across the UK and are available over the phone for guidance and support. As a Chamber member, you’re also entitled to a free foreign exchange health check; the moneycorp team will take a look at your foreign exchange requirements and offer ideas of where you could improve your margins.


tel: 01444 259 259

Quality Coach Hire

Worthing Coaches’ vast fleet of luxury, modern vehicles provide comfortable and efficient travel, and unrivalled levels of flexibility, 24/7.

Large, flexible & modern fleet

Short & long term contract hire 24-hour support

Award-winning engineering & maintenance

Tailor made group travel - we can help make planning your itinerary hassle-free!

Great value day trips& door-to-door holidays




01903 505805

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june/july 2018 business edge

Reduce VAT to 5% on property conversions By Nigel Marcoolyn

Director of Architecture, Cowan Architects

In the Spring of 2016, as part of a shakeup of planning legislation to facilitate the shortfall of residential properties, the Government extended the Permitted Development laws to cover a change of use from light industrial and commercial buildings to residential. In the South East, this has seen many smaller office spaces successfully being turned into flats. However, there is a double incentive as these conversions can also qualify for partial VAT relief. Many people don’t know that a reduced rate of VAT is available on residential conversion and renovation projects and it isn’t often included in the financial viability assessments as it is still widely unknown. However, applying 5% rather than 20% VAT can dramatically reduce the construction cost and overall project budget. The conversion of an office or other non-residential building into a house or apartments will usually qualify for the 5% VAT rate. As an example, a former agricultural barn building that is converted into a house at a cost of £250k would only incur a VAT charge of just £12.5k rather than £50k.On larger scale projects, difference

Cowan Architects used Permitted Development to convert Churchward House, Chertsey from offices into 12 one and two bed flats can be even more attractive. For example, an office block that is converted into 15 flats at a cost of £1m, would only incur £50k VAT rather than £200k. This rate also applies to conversions that result in a change to the number of dwellings, for example, converting multiple residential units into one, or dividing a single property into multiple apartments. Additionally, if a residential building has been empty for two or more years, the 5% is also available for most renovation and alteration works. Not only does the reduced rate cover a wide range of residential construction services, it

also covers most building materials supplied by the contractor. The services of architects and other professionals could also be applicable to the reduced rate, for example, if they are supplied as part of a design and build contract. This may also apply to a DIY builder, assuming that the same criteria apply to the type of property. Cowan Architects has more than 30 years’ experience across the South East and has many examples where the VAT reduction has led to great savings for clients. Please contact them on 01342 410242 for an initial conversation and feasibility of your property before you begin your project.

The construction sector in Sussex It’s been an exciting and prosperous first third of 2018 for me. After 28 years in the construction industry, and almost 20 years in main contracting, I decided to take the plunge and form my own construction consultancy / project management business namely TT Consulting. Sussex is very important to me not just for business, its where I live with my family so I’m keen to ensure that my business contributes to the local economy and has a positive impact on everyone living in Sussex, in tandem with ensuring that my children also are proud to be part of, and also contribute to the success of Sussex. Brexit has had an impact on the local economy which includes the construction industry. Clients, government bodies, and other major contributors to the Sussex construction economy seem nervous to commit to budgets for certain schemes with the current uncertainty of a clear


plan to leave the European Union. This has delayed the commencement of some critical projects within the Sussex districts, which in turn will bring prices down throughout the construction food chain as designers, consultants, contractors and their supply chain will be competitive when tendering to ensure that their head of work is filled in the coming months. There is also nervousness around the lack of skilled migrant workers that will be available when the Brexit leave is finalised. With an already stretched number of competent and skilled workers it is something we should invest in now to ensure that the construction industry in Sussex doesn’t suffer. It’s not all negative though, I have seen a big increase in developers willing to invest in many derelict / unused properties, and pieces of land for both residential and commercial schemes which is bringing in valuable income into

the Sussex areas. They are also keen to use local labour and experienced subcontractors as costs are competitive and workers are willing to work a full shift as there is less travelling, which is pleasing for everyone within the industry, and a great boost for the local economy. I would like to say thank you to everyone at the Sussex Chambers for their continued support, especially since commencing my new business venture. They like me understand the importance of continued relationships and the success this can bring to the Sussex economy.

TT Consulting

tel: 01444 259 259

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february/march april/may 2018 business edge

Productivity boost of £10 billion waiting to be unlocked by South East businesses Businesses in the South East have the potential to tap into an extra £10 billion GVA (gross value added) in 2018 if they can overcome key barriers and exploit opportunities, according to a new report from Grant Thornton UK LLP. By Ellen Walsh

Business Leader – South Region, Grant Thornton UK

The report, Planning for Growth, found that across the UK the potential GVA to be unlocked amounts to a staggering £72.5 billion – this level of growth could translate in to 1.4 million jobs. With the UK economy expected to grow just 1.5% in 2018, missed growth could prove game-changing in making the UK a more vibrant economy. For businesses to succeed, they need to emulate the attributes of ‘Growth Generators’: a group of sustainable, high growth companies identified by Grant Thornton, who have recorded growth of 20% or more in the last year and sustainable growth for the last three. The importance of the economy in the South East to the UK’s overall fortunes is clear – the region represented 15% of the nation’s total GVA in 2016, second only to London. However, the rate of GVA growth (2.5%) was in fact the second lowest in the country and at its lowest level since 2011. Grant Thornton’s research found a clear sense that a climate of uncertainty with regards to the future is holding back growth. Only 53% of South East business leaders are confident that they will achieve their growth plans for the next 3-5 years, with over a third (35%) agreeing that political uncertainty has made them more risk averse. The impact of this wider uncertainty has been to reduce the level of investment for growth over the last couple of years: only 3% of South East businesses have made their most recent strategic investment in revenue growth in the last year, compared to 24% in the previous one to two years and 70% in the previous three to five. While political uncertainty has not been identified as the biggest challenge for businesses, a drop-off in recent growth ambition is visible, although businesses do still harbour growth plans for the future. The key is to take advantage of opportunities and overcome existing challenges identified, without taking on too much risk. The Growth Generators that Grant Thornton identified – 13% of whom are based in the South East – have four key characteristics that other businesses need to try to emulate. They are purpose-driven, invested in growth, tech confident and networked.

From left to right, Jon Maile, Ellen Walsh and John O’Mahony South East businesses perform well at instilling a sense of purpose: over 90% of leaders believe that their staff and management understand and support it. However, only 52% who identified purpose as an accelerator are confident they can implement purpose as an accelerator of growth – compared to 82% of Growth Generators nationally. When it comes to investing in growth, 70% of Growth Generators see M&A as their number one strategic growth priority in the next 3-5 years, while in the South East it was significantly lower at 54%. Of business leaders who have identified technology as an accelerator to growth, Growth Generators are more confident in their ability to implement this (59%) than businesses in the South East (42%). Tech was the area of highest investment to reach the next stage of growth for 14% of Growth Generators compared to only 7% of South East businesses. Like Growth Generators, a minority of South East businesses are active internationally. But both recognise the importance of growing international activity, with 37% of Growth Generators and 33% in the South East citing it as one of their top five strategies for the next 1-2 years.

We believe that if more UK businesses adopt a Growth Generator mindset, we can unlock the UK’s full growth potential and the private sector can lead the way in shaping a vibrant economy. There is no doubt that businesses in the South East have the capabilities to drive up their growth performance and move nearer to claiming that £10 billion productivity prize. It is a question of having the confidence when the right opportunities arise and being clear about the strategy for the future. Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading independent assurance, tax and advisory firms with more than 50,000 people across more than 130 countries. Proactive teams at our Gatwick office, led by partners Ellen Walsh, John O’Mahony and Jon Maile, help dynamic organisations to unlock their potential for growth, by providing meaningful, forward-thinking advice. We are focused on making a difference to clients, colleagues and the communities in which we live and work. Read the full report - www.grantthornton.




june/july 2018 business edge

Events & Training Diary A lot of business people simply want to meet new clients directly and a cost-effective way of generating new business is networking. Networking is a great way of building your connections quickly at a very low-cost. Our networking events will bring you face to face with some of the brightest business minds this county has to offer. They will give you the chance to grow your contacts through our 100+ annual events and get you shaking hands with the right people. Please see below a selection of events which are now available for bookings.

Training isn’t just important to your company, it’s vital. Training across your workforce can improve competitiveness, morale, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction and company reputation. In these uncertain times training increases your ability to respond effectively to change. We are proud to announce the expansion of our training programme, please see the next page for a selection of current and new courses which are now available for bookings.

Events June 7th

Business Networking Lunch - Equality in the Workplace

Tottington Manor, Henfield

12.00 - 14.30


Evening Reception - Chandlers Worthing BMW

Chandlers Worthing BMW, Worthing

18.00 - 19.30


Connect with Sussex Chamber - Non Members Only - Brighton

Malmaison, Brighton

09.00 - 11.00


The Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby Meeting

Hickstead Showground, Hickstead

10.30 - 17.30


Business Networking Breakfast

Lindfield Golf Club, Haywards Heath

08.00 - 10.30


Business Networking Lunch - R&D Tax Relief – Claiming and the common mistakes to avoid

Hastings Centre, Hastings

12.00 - 14.30


Grow Your Connections

Random Hall, Slinfold

08.00 - 10.00


Connect with Sussex Chamber - Non-Members only Crowborough

The Crow & Gate, Crowborough

15.00 - 17.00



Cyber Security

East Sussex National Resort, Uckfield

8.00 – 10.30


Connect with Sussex Chamber - Non-members only Chichester

Rathbone Investment Management, Chichester

14.30 - 16.30


Breakfast & Networking with Newhaven Chamber

Peacehaven Golf & Social Club, Peacehaven

07.00 - 08.30

Hilton Avisford Park Hotel, Arundel

12.00 - 14.30

August 1st

Speed Networking with our Neighbours


Business Networking Breakfast

Buxted Park Hotel, Buxted

08.00 - 10.30


Business Networking

Lunch University of Chichester, Chichester

12.00 - 14.30

Please check the website for the full 2018 Calendar -


tel: 01444 259 259


june/july 2018 business edge

Business Courses

Tailored Group Training

With a wide new range of courses Sussex Chamber of Commerce can unleash your own business potential and develop your staff to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Sussex Chamber of Commerce can also provide on-site bespoke training courses. We can design our training courses to specifically suit your business needs. This is a cost-effective way of training a group of your employees at the same time, on a date that suits you and at the premises of your choice.

A variety of short courses are available throughout the year. Typically, half day, one day or two day duration, the sessions are always interactive and presented by experienced trainers.

Scheduled Training Courses All scheduled courses are held at the Kings Church, 33-35 Victoria Road, Burgess Hill RH15 9LR

Sales & Customer Service 6th June

Selling Skills for Results – 1 Day Course

28th June

Effective Negotiation Skills – 1 Day Course

5th July

Great Customer Service – 1 Day Course

Communication & Personal Effectiveness 26th June

Building Client Relationships – 1 Day Course

28th June

Effective Negotiation Skills – 1 Day Course

11th July

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness – 1 Day Course

Business Skills

Management & Leadership Skills

8th June

The Gig Economy – self employed or part time, flexible, employee? – Half Day

13th June

Protecting Your Intellectual Property – Session Two of Two – Half day

19th June

Developing a Saleable Business – Even if you don’t want to Sell! – 1 Day Course

2nd August

Building Resilience for Wellbeing and Performance – 1 Day Course

6th Sept

Managing Change

12th Sept

The Gig Economy - self employed or part time, flexible, employee?

4th June & 5th June

Essentials of Supervision & Team Leadership - 2 Day Course

2nd July

Stepping Up to Senior Management – 1 Day Course

Human Resources & Development

12th July

Ten Steps to Successful Business Growth – 1 Day Course

15th June

Mindfulness – 1 Day Course

17th July

From Concept to Delivery - Setting up a New Business – 1 Day Course

18th July

Can’t get the staff? A guide to finding, and keeping, the right people – 1 Day Course

3rd Sept

Introduction to Supervision and Team Leadership

19th July

Dementia Awareness – 1 Day Course

11th Sept

Employee Engagement

26th July

Interviewing Skills - 1 Day Course

9th August

Workplace Stress – 1 Day Course

International Trade 11th June 9th July

Using Documentary Letters of Credit, Drafts & Bills – 1 Day Course Exporting – Understanding the Paperwork – 1 Day Course

Personal Development 20th June

Presentation Skills – 1 Day Course

7th June

Are You Being Heard? PR Training – 1 Day Course

3rd July

Media Training – Half Day Course

For more information visit our website to book please call us on 01444 259 259.



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june/july 2018 business edge

Kimberly-Clark new importexport leader Helen Dowling recently joined the UK & Western Europe Supply Chain as Import/ Export Leader at Kimberly-Clark. In this role, she is the functional lead for the Import and Export movement of products and materials into and out of Europe and for European Freight & cross border transport movements. In addition, she is tasked with developing new ways of working, standardisation of operational activities and further improving service levels for Kimberly Clark customers. Helen has 11 years of experience in KimberlyClark, primarily in the Sales & Operations organisation, covering a variety of planning roles from transport planning, demand and manufacturing planning (in-house and 3rd party) before moving on to her last role in S&OP as the Strategic Planning Manager for Huggies Baby Wipes. Through her experiences in these roles Helen has developed a strong background in planning, project management and execution, LEAN problem solving, and has worked with teams across Europe, Middle East and Africa in rolling out the S&OP process in the South African Business. Helen says: “What I enjoy most about my role is the day to day variety that Import/ Export offers. On one day I may be

facilitating a Simple Problem Solving session to improve our deliveries from Switzerland, the next day I am discussing customs regulations with border agents. Managing a team has also been a great experience. I did not expect it to be as fulfilling as it is.” When people in my team move on and up, I am so proud to have been able to be part of their development. Another important aspect of her current role is, of course, preparing for Brexit. As customs and compliance for Freight and Shipping fall under Helen’s remit, ensuring a continuous flow of goods into and out of Europe after Brexit is a key focus. Shaping Kimberly-Clark’s Brexit strategy, together with other functions within the organisation, is a once in a lifetime experience. Helen says: Finding the right approach to the different Brexit scenarios will ensure that Kimberly-Clark thrives in this new environment.

Helen Dowling

HSBC appoints new area director in Surrey & Sussex HSBC UK Commercial Banking today announces the recent appointment of Andrew Steer as Area Director for Business Banking across Surrey and Sussex.

Andrew Steer


Andrew has held a previous senior leadership role at HSBC since joining in 2010 and has over 20 years’ commercial and corporate banking experience at both Lloyds Banking Group and the Bank of Scotland. Andrew will lead a team of Relationship Managers supporting owner-managed businesses with a turnover of £2 million to £6.5 million across Surrey and Sussex.

Brian Weare, Regional Director for South and East, HSBC UK said: “Andrew brings extensive experience to the team and I look forward to the role that he can play in supporting businesses across Surrey and Sussex. This new role is created at an exciting time as HSBC completes the creation of the ring-fenced bank in the UK and continues to support SME businesses throughout the South East.” Andrew Steer commented: “I am delighted to take on the role of Area Director for Surrey and Sussex. I am passionate about the role that HSBC can play in supporting businesses across all sectors. I believe that both international trade and emerging technology make it a very exciting time to be working with small and medium-sized businesses in Surrey and Sussex to help them reach their potential.”

tel: 01444 259 259

women in business

From top left clockwise: Susanna Vomero, Julie Roff, Alison Harding, Mandy Holbrook

june/july 2018 business edge

Making it work in a man’s world

ABC Translations – 21 years young

With over 30 years’ experience in building, Sarra started as an indentured management trainee, moving on to become a site engineer and then one of the first female site managers for an established national building contractor.

Julie Roff started ABC Translations almost 21 years ago, in the summer of 1997. With a background in languages and previous experience with another translation company, she decided that having two children under the age of 2 was no bar to setting up in business, so with the support of her husband and her business partner/ sister-in-law Lesley, ABC was born.

“I have grown up in the building environment, working with my plumbing engineer dad as a little girl, seeing the transformation that can happen from some mud and bricks. I get a kick out of being part of the production of a structure big or small, it gives me such a sense of achievement.’’

From the outset, the company has provided translation and interpreting services for law firms and patent agents, so the team are highly experienced in all types of legal and technical translation; however, ABC also works for commercial companies, both in Sussex and nationwide, and thus regularly handles advertising and marketing texts, websites, press releases, brochures, packaging and training materials.

I have had some interesting experiences being the only female on site, with up to 70 men on one occasion, literally one of the boys sharing one Portaloo. You had to have a strong constitution!

Julie explains the ethos behind how ABC Translations works: “We aim to make life as easy as possible for our clients: we offer best practice advice and guidance, take ownership, and produce high quality work – first time, every time. We go well beyond the literal translation of words, focusing on the right fit between translator and client, and delivering faithful, accurate interpretations of written and spoken language.” Helping ABC deliver its friendly, efficient service are Alison, Mandy and Susanna, who have been with the company for a combined total of 31 years! They liaise with our large team of experienced translators and interpreters to deliver nothing less than a gold standard service to our clients.

I have lost track of the times when a man would walk into my site office and ask any man in there at the time questions about their work and the site, who in turn would just point to me and watch their reaction. Every day was different and brought its own challenges and victories, regularly pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Samantha Sullivan CMgr FCMI, CBIFM Our people deliver building and electrical maintenance and refurbishment services to clients across the south of the UK; and it is our people that are the key to our business success, delivering exceptional individual qualities that enrich our team. As the Operation Director at W.S. Wright, my position has always been reinforced by the support of the Executive Board; W.S. Wright trusts in gender equality to support and inspire women to work within construction at every level. Over the past 20 years I have worked in construction at a senior level. My previous director role started during a time when women faced countless obstacles; frequent disregard for ability, capability and knowledge. Women who succeeded during this period relied on a greater need for broad shoulders, thick skin and determination. Contempt for gender lessened overtime. By 2000 client and industry board invitations for PQA, H&S and Employer Awards became a regular part of my career. Not surprisingly, woman historically, have only made up a small percentage of construction sector workers. Over the years very little has changed; 2018, 14% of construction industry professionals are women.

I have 3 children which has also brought its own set of challenges running an expanding business.

With the industry still falling short to close the gender gap W.S. Wright’s management framework supports a wide variety of roles for everyone, encouraging and providing openings for all genders.

Hawes Building Ltd are experts in commercial refurbishments, residential, health and education. We also specialise in diamond drilling and concrete cutting… visit us at or

“Having Sam as a Director of a construction company was a fantastic experience, Sam encouraged the whole team, her professionalism brought new opportunities to the business. She is a great example of a successful leader in traditionally a man’s sector.” Andres Ortiz. Quantity Surveyor


1 9 4 0



tel: 01444 259 259

women in business

june/july 2018 business edge

Angela Gill

Fresh outlook from cleaning chemicals company Diversity is the name of the game for cleaning chemicals manufacturer, Bio-Productions from Burgess Hill. After a successful management buy-out in 2014, the company has undergone a renaissance spearheaded by MD Angela Gill, FD Avonia Bridge and OD Phil Karn, who joined forces to revamp their production line and reinvigorate their team’s dynamic. The results have paid dividends, with sales on the rise and new products on the market. Last year, the company released a revolutionary non-hazardous Lemon Floor Gel and continues to lead the biotechnology industry with pioneering urinal blocks and washroom cleaners. Another top-seller is Citra Clean, a pH neutral cleaner and degreaser, made with natural solvents present in orange peel. It’s powerful enough to remove oil from concrete yet gentle enough to pre-spot laundry. The company has continued to diversify, appointing Linda Nardizzi as National Account Manager in January. She has since recharged the company’s sales with a new training programme to re-educate clients about key products. “As a manufacturing company, we are delighted that the majority of our senior leadership is female,” Angela says. “We’re proud of the diversity on our team and I’ve no doubt we’re stronger because of the varied voices and experiences we bring to the table.” If one thing’s certain, it’s that BioProductions show no signs of slowing down. “We’re all excited to come to work every day,” Angela continued. “We honestly believe in the power of our products and I think customers know by now that our quality and efficiency are unbeatable.”

Caroline Ridley

A positive impact on people’s lives Sussex wide charity Impact Initiatives work with people of all ages, they provide: subsidised after-school and holiday play activities, advice and counselling for young people, supported housing for young women, advocacy and employment support for people with disabilities, health coaching and cafes and centres for older people. Each service has its own identity with Impact providing core management, Caroline Ridley took on the role of CEO 4 years ago. Caroline explains: “I was ready to take on the challenge of leading the development of the charity’s work. We have around 90 staff, a turnover of £2,000,000 and over 4,000 clients each year so run the same as a business. All the structures need to be in place to ensure we are safe, effective, responsible and accountable. We need to be able to show our funders and donors where every penny is spent. I love the variety and that we make a positive impact on thousands of people’s lives each working day. When times are financially tough and there has been a day of challenging meetings that is what makes it all worthwhile.” “2018 is our 40th anniversary which is very exciting, we have events lined up starting in National Volunteers Week and ending next March with the ‘Tour for Sussex’ staff, volunteers and friends will complete a sponsored relay across Sussex, starting in Hastings we will run, walk, horse ride, cycle, and end with children we work with scootering along Brighton seafront.” To find out more:, 01273 322940 @impactSussex

Luxury Wallpaper in Sussex Elizabeth Ockford studied Textile Design at The Chelsea School of art in the 1980s, and has worked in the textile and wallpaper industry ever since. After many years working in London, she now runs a small Sussex business, The Paper Partnership, producing wallpaper collections in her own name ( and four other brands). Her work is driven by a love of drawing and painting, and a competitive eye for business. The Elizabeth Ockford wallpapers combine contemporary colours and styles, with a comfortable sense of classic style that makes them accessible and highly useable. The business is small, with only 12 employees, but with studio, offices and warehousing all on site, they pull together well as a team and achieve an astonishing amount - selling their product in over 50 countries world wide. What sells well in Sussex also sells in countries as far afield as Brazil, Russia and Japan! “ I have always been fascinated by colour and pattern, so wallpaper is the ideal way for me to express that. I love the way that just changing a wallpaper even on one wall in a room, can completely change the character and mood of that room- can transform it” Elizabeth Ockford and The Paper Partnership wallpapers can be seen on the website They can be purchased through Brewers and as well as independent outlets, listed on the website.



investors in young people

june/july 2018 business edge

Investment in Young People Award The Business Mark for Corporate Social Responsibility Youth skills development is an important part of the UK’s industrial strategy. Are you playing your part as a business? Can your business help move the youth skills development agenda forward? Introducing Investment in Young People (IiYP). The business mark for corporate social responsibility. IiYP is a National Award that recognises the important work that businesses carry out in assisting young people aged 5 to 25 gain employability skills and assist them with the transition from education into the world of work. By gaining this Award, and proudly displaying the IiYP business mark, it will make your business stand out as an employer of choice, demonstrating that


you are making a real difference to young people’s lives in your local community. The IiYP business mark is exclusive to companies that have been successful in meeting the required standard. The Award is held by the business for a 3-year period. To qualify you will have worked with a local school, college or education provider by engaging in activity that helps students with a better understanding of enterprise and businesses whilst gaining a range of employability skills. Any sized business, both Chamber members and non-members who are working with young people can apply, as long as you can provide evidence of your activity against specific criteria. There is no specific requirement for what this support can or needs to be, but the following is a list of possible activities: n Careers events n Apprenticeships

n Work experience placements (structured longer-term activity) n Work taster events (short-term placements at/visits to employer premises) n Support for academic studies – i.e. help with BTEC courses etc. n School-led enterprise activity n Young Chamber activity n Student mentoring Sussex Chamber is now your sole delivery agent for IiYP in Sussex. The IiYP accreditation is a national initiative of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Young Chamber and makes you stand out from the crowd as a Sussex-based employer of choice. This will help to attract and promote Sussex-based jobs which are competing with London, and elsewhere giving you, Sussex employers, the tools to reduce your recruitment costs and help you satisfy your replacement staff demand.

tel: 01444 259 259

investors in young people

june/july 2018 business edge

Any business can apply (members and non-members) HOW TO APPLY



1 Register your interest online and

n There is an accreditation fee for the award which covers the employer for a 3-year period:

n Entry into the online Awards register which lists employers who have achieved the IiYP Award. This list can be viewed at www.iiyp.

complete the application form at 2 After submitting your application you will be contacted by Sussex Chamber to arrange a short onsite visit to verify your application.

3 Upon successful verification your award will be confirmed and Issued

4 Promote the good work you do

n £375 + vat - Small business (up to £5m turnover) including Voluntary Sector organisations n £750 + vat - Medium business (£5m to £49m turnover) including Public sector bodies n £1500 + vat - Large business (£50m+ turnover)

by using the IiYP standard across your business.

n An IiYP certificate which will be presented at a Sussex Chamber networking breakfast or lunch (2 free places) n Electronic copy of the IiYP Award logo for use on stationery, website and marketing materials n Press release and photos n Listing on the Sussex Chamber website

The prestigious national award recognises the important work that employers do in supporting a young person’s understanding of the world of work and helping them to gain the all-important employability skills required to gain meaningful employment in the future.

in supporting the development of a Young Persons employability skills and their understanding of work and support for their future careers and employment. Investment in Young People Award can help you to attract the best young talent to your business

Being recognised as an Investment in Young People company shows your commitment

Helping you with Apprenticeships Sarah Sawyer Marketing & Office Executive, Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP) The Sussex Council of Training Providers is a network of training providers who offer apprenticeships, work-based learning or pre-employment training across Sussex. Our members work closely with employers, helping them to use apprenticeships to meet the needs of their business. Hiring apprentices is a productive and effective way for businesses to grow their own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Employers can use apprenticeships to develop the skills of their existing workforce, or to recruit and train new employees. Apprenticeships combine working with studying to enable people to develop skills and gain qualifications in a specific field. There are many different types of apprenticeships available across a whole range of industry sectors.

As an employer, you pay the apprentice a wage, and you can get government funding to cover some of the cost of training and assessing your apprentice. Apprenticeships are open to anyone aged 16 or over and are available in various levels from GCSE equivalent up to degree level. The level that is right for your business depends on the type of job roles that you have available. Business benefits for employing apprentices: n Offering apprenticeships enables businesses to tackle skills shortages, mould their future workforce and create the future skills they need to help their business grow. n Employees who been trained in house tend to be highly motivated and loyal to the company that has invested in them. Offering an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff shows that you see them as an integral part of the workforce and are happy to invest in their future. n Apprenticeships are a great way of attracting enthusiastic new talent with fresh ideas to your business.

n Apprenticeships are boosting productivity by helping businesses to expand the skills available in the organisation. 76% of apprenticeship employers say that their productivity has improved and 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service. If you are thinking about recruiting an apprentice or encouraging one of your current employees to complete an apprenticeship, you can find further information by searching ‘apprenticeships’ on, or for more local information, on the website.





Our accredited part-time courses enable you to learn in a way that works for you. You will develop the knowledge and practical experience to accelerate your career, and widen your professional network.


This event offers you a chance to speak directly with students and staff and to find out more about our postgraduate and part-time courses in marketing, management, accountancy, human resources, law and logistics and supply chain management.


To book your place and find out more visit If you have any questions about our postgraduate courses, the course team will be happy to help. Email them at


training and development

june/july 2018 business edge

A weekend with a difference for you and your team With budget cuts and ever-increasing workloads, managers all over Sussex are constantly striving to seek out new opportunities for offsite team building, away from the desktop. Cobnor Activities Centre Trust provides an ideal setting for such an event, offering a range of affordable water and land based activities throughout the year for local organisations. Local companies are already using the outdoor activities provided by Cobnor for team-building, to strengthen their business needs and objectives. The Cobstock Summer Festival (1st-3rd June 2018) could also provide a quick, short term solution. Nestled in the beautiful Chichester Harbour, the weekend promises activities on and off the water, live music, camping, fabulous food, real ale and cider. The initial purpose of the Cobstock event was to raise funds for two local charities for young people – The Cobnor Activities Centre Trust and the Christian Youth Enterprises sailing centre. But, over the 10 years it has been running, it has grown to offer so much more in terms of a truly different weekend, focusing on everything that is good about our extraordinary area and community. Festival goers are invited to pitch their tents on Friday afternoon, before a gentle stroll

into the event field in the early evening. Local suppliers provide of a huge variety of delicious food throughout the weekend, including fresh fish and chips, locally reared pork. Activities run throughout the day on Saturday, and also on Sunday morning. The

music creates a wonderful atmosphere for all to wind down after their physical exertion. For more details about how to bring your team to Cobstock or call 01243 572791.

Placements as a means for alternative recruitment – link up with talented Sussex students Your business could benefit from taking on a University of Sussex School of Business, Management and Economics (BMEc) placement student in 2018/19. Why recruit a placement student? Placements are a great way to complement your recruitment activity, supporting gradual growth and bringing fresh thinking into your business. A placement year benefits both students and employers, providing a chance for students to gain real world experience whilst helping you achieve your business goals and try out staff in new roles. Recruitment of placement students has become increasingly competitive, as it gives employers the chance to really try out a person in a new role before committing to creating a permanent position. What makes for a good placement role? Students are keen to find roles in marketing, PR, finance, accounting, consultancy and HR to begin in summer 2018 for a minimum of 40 weeks.

Work should be of graduate level and will often bring the best benefits if you have a new role you’re thinking of introducing or if you have a specific project that the student can be responsible for. Our placement students bring learning from two years of study and hands on project work. We brief students fully before they begin their placement and our Placement Tutors are on hand to provide support to students and employers throughout the year. Contact us to find out more



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Welcome to Sussex Chamber of Commerce Membership of Sussex Chamber of Commerce can help you increase profits, get the best from your people and find new clients. Also, it saves you money, gets your voice heard and puts you in contact with even more businesses.


A & F Pilbeam Construction Ltd

Emergency Lighting Products Ltd

Luc Capital

81 Underdown Road Southwick BN42 4HA

Parbrook House, Gillmans Ind Estate Billingshurst RH14 9EZ

89 Churchwood Drive Chichester PO20 2GY

01273 593494

01403 786601

07886 279773

Aura Technology Limited


Pharian Ltd

Prospect House, 4 Meridians Cross Southampton SO14 3TJ

1 Seebeck Place, Davy Avenue Milton Keynes MK5 8FR

C7 Worth Corner Business Centre Crawley RH10 7SL

03333 208601

0800 781 6000

01293 412441

Blue Cube Security Ltd

Gallagher Insurance Brokers

Fairway House, Portland Road East Grinstead RH19 4ET

3rd Floor, Metro House Chichester PO19 1BE

0345 094 3070

01243 793 700

Care for Veterans

Honeywell Trend Controls

Gifford House, Boundary Road Worthing BN11 4LJ

Albery House, Springfield Road Horsham RH12 2PQ

01903 218444

01403 211888

DHA Planning

Ignitho Technology

The Pinnacle, Central Court Crawley RH10 1JH

Sussex Innovation Centre, University of Sussex, Brighton BN1 9SB

01293 763086

01273 311223

Driving SME Growth Ltd

Jasper & Company

20 Lingfield Road Edenbridge TN8 5DR

The Valdoe Studios, Valdoe Farm Chichester PO18 0PJ

01732 865884

01243 774411

Eagle & Beagle Video

Lloyds Bank

1 Danehurst Cottages, Church Lane Haywards Heath RH17 7EY

3rd Floor, No.2 City Place Gatwick RH6 0PA

01444 657007

tel: 01444 259 259

new members

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Rathbone Investment Management

Sodexo Prestige

Suite 3, Crown House, High Street Hartley Wintney RG27 8NW

1 Northgate Chichester PO19 1AT

Brighton & Hove Albion FC Brighton BN1 9BL

01252 213393

01243 775373

01273 878272

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

SGI Partners Ltd

Teamskills International Ltd

East Quay, Newhaven Harbour Newhaven BN9 0BN

15 Tanbridge Place Horsham RH12 1RY

90 Sea Avenue, Rustington Littlehampton BN16 2DL

01273 603721

07492 230668

01903 778977

Rap Interiors

Simple Safety Advice

Vac Techniche Ltd

Media Centre, 15-17 Middle Street Brighton East Sussex

Unit 9, Scandia-Hus Business Park Felcourt Road, East Grinstead RH19 2LP

Moondarra, Gorsethorn Way, Hastings TN35 4BQ

01273 610007

01342 836314

01424 814411



5 minutes with

june/july 2018 business edge

Image © Jonty Tacon

Dominic Mason Founder, Director and Designer at Mason Cycles

I’m a trained engineer and have been in the cycling business for about 20 years. I now own and run Mason Progressive Cycles. What was your first job and what was the pay packet? My first job was working on a farm that backed onto my childhood home, driving tractors, stacking bales and milking cows. I was about 14, it taught me a lot about fixing things and life, I got paid about £1.50 an hour.

What do you always carry with you to work? Phone, Macbook, notebook and the keys to the 300 year old barn that we work from!

What is the biggest challenge facing your business? At the moment it’s scaling up and meeting the strong demand for our bicycles. The framesets are finely detailed and finished


and made in small Italian workshops. Small volume and super high quality is our thing.

If you were Prime Minister, what one thing would you change to help business? At the moment we have no clear idea of how Brexit will affect our business, every small business owner I speak to feels the same, even our local MP pretty much shrugged her shoulders and looked at the sky when I asked her about it. So, a government task force with a clear brief to keep small businesses clued up and anxiety free in the face of Brexit would be a good start.

What can you see from your office window? Fields, trees, sheep and the farm lane winding down into the Adur Valley with the blue river Adur and rolling Downs in the distance.

If you could do another job what would it be? Trail guide in the Alps.

As a business person, what are your three main qualities? 1. I’m a little obsessed with detailing and everything has to be 100% right. 2. I focus on function and innovation rather than following trends. 3. I have a strong feeling for what is ‘right & wrong’ for the brand.

What was your biggest mistake in business? In our early days, I chose to work with a new maker for our advanced carbon fibre forks. They disappeared and left us without forks for 5 months. Healthy demand, pre-orders and a strong brand carried us through, but it was a trying time for sure.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs? Think hard about the brand, don’t just drop your beloved creation into a ‘vacuum’. Before you jump, do your research. Talk to as many people as possible! Narrow down your niche - It’s a far better idea to identify what’s not being catered for and tackle that as opposed to just taking on the world. If you can stand out in a small market and fight hard, it’s a lot better than being swamped in a big market and becoming invisible as a result.

Who do you admire most in business? I really admire Yvon Chouinard, creator and owner of Patagonia for his environmental and staff focused business model. Another big influence for me has been my friend Isla Rowntree, founder and owner of IslaBikes in the UK.

tel: 01444 259 259

The Sussex MBA

Leading management thinking Choose an MBA that recognises your ambitions and goals. Choose a university that supports, inspires and challenges you. Choose the Sussex MBA.




s s e n i s Bu

h t w o Gr t Gran

If you’ve got ideas to grow your business but not quite enough cash to make it happen, then a LOCASE Business Growth Grant is just what you’re looking for.

0 0 0 , 0 1 £ free

up to

e l s s ha

MORE GOOD NEWS: WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU APPLY! SO ALL YOU HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IS... Grants are available to small to medium sized enterprises (SME) based in East Sussex* who:

help their customers save energy eg:

plumbing electrical heating & cooling Energy management LED lighting

maintain or Landscaping & arboriculture protect the Recycling & Renewable energy environment Building technologies eg:

Water saving & treatment Pollution control

Call today for a copy of our info pack and get the ball rolling

what does your business need to


y a d o t apply 01273 641949 LoCASE is an £8.8 million project to drive green business growth across East Sussex, Kent and Essex. It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.


Growth Grant

Marketing IT & software tools & Equipment Website PLANT & MACHINERY consultancy Product development system Upgrades

* excludes Brighton & Hove