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february/march 2013



New challenge for Stuart Wallace

Successful hairdresser champions a new approach to business

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04 New challenge for Stuart Wallace

Recent examples of how this can work include the launch of the Council’s Economic Strategy where the focus on jobs touches every business.

08 Be the best

Edinburgh Chamber is actively involved in developing even stronger relationships and partnerships across the city to make sure that we present a united front.

12|15 Members done good!

Inspiring Connections As we embark on a new year with mixed economic data, the benefits of working together are becoming more important than ever if we are to survive and thrive. Edinburgh is rightly proud of the strong partnerships across business community and with the Public Sector and, more than ever, we must focus on ensuring that such partnerships work. That means setting out a clear vision - putting together clear plans, sharing ideas and collectively promoting our great city.

We are involved in key business development groups and representing members’ needs at all levels of government. Our affiliation with the British Chambers of Commerce representing over 100,000 businesses ensures we are also at the heart of decision making in Westminster and Brussels.

David Birrell chief executive

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February/March 2013

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Chambernews New challenge for Stuart Wallace Stuart Wallace has become Divisional Director – Scottish Operation for Edinburgh based Ports Group after more than ten years with the company.

Stuart Wallace

Forth Ports owns and operates seven commercial ports on the Firth and the Tay plus the Port of Tilbury on the Thames and, after spending the past two years at the company’s London port, Stuart is pleased to be back in Scotland. He said: “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Port of Tilbury, which is a fantastic operation, but it’s great to be based back home and working across the Scottish ports again.” Forth Ports operations are a key artery in Scotland’s economy, handling a significant volume of the countries imports and exports across a number of industries, including agriculture, whisky exports, oil and gas. Stuart is responsible for the commercial marine and port operations in Scotland – which include the ports of Leith, Rosyth, Grangemouth and Dundee, as well as the statutory aspects of navigation for all vessels on the River Forth and Tay. One of the key assets is the Port of Leith. The Port is one of Scotland’s oldest registered businesses, having been given Royal assent in 1329 as Edinburgh’s port, and is the largest enclosed deep water port in Scotland, handling almost 1.5m tonnes of cargo last year. The Port handles a huge range of commodities on a daily basis, from wheat and maize to steel pipes, cement and motor vehicle imports. Last year, more than 28,000 tonnes of salt passed through the port to help keep Scotland moving through the cold winter weather. Leith is also a key player in the North Sea Oil and Gas industry with a number of support vessels regularly visiting the port. Stuart said: “I’m very much looking forward to working with businesses in and around Edinburgh. There are a vast amount of


BC February/March 2013

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opportunities to continue to grow economic activity at the Port of Leith in direct support of local businesses, both in and around the city. As a thriving port, Leith is already a key economic driver for the city. “For me, it’s not just about the vast volumes that go through the ports day in and day out, but also about the businesses that are located within the port. We have a large amount of space and significant facilities available, which helps support local employment in the area.” The Port of Leith is also the gateway to Edinburgh for the ever popular cruise industry, offering easy access to one of the most famous cities in the world and bringing significant economic benefit to the region. 2012 was a particularly busy season for Leith,

and 2013 looks to be just as productive. In addition, the Port has been identified as a key asset in the National Renewable Infrastructure Plan (NRIP), highlighting it as a key location for the development of renewable energy in the coming years, providing Leith with an extremely positive long term future. Stuart said: “We envisage numerous future positive opportunities to secure the commercial activities at the Port of Leith for the years ahead and we look forward to working with the Chamber of Commerce to help achieve this goal.”

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Edinburgh Airport: Where Scotland meets the World Edinburgh Airport has marked an exciting new chapter in its history with the unveiling of its new brand, sharing its vision to become the place ‘where Scotland meets the world.’ The new logo reflects the iconic Airport control tower, topped with a historic twist reflecting both the airports’ dynamic future and referencing the city’s heritage and history. The individual sections of the tower can be used dynamically and overlapped to create a modern tartan, whilst the colour palate reflects Edinburgh and the local area. Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive, Gordon Dewar, explained:“We love the new design, but brands and logos are only as good as the products they represent. It is our job to live up to the mark, to provide great service to customers every day,

to build confidence in the airport and promote it relentlessly around the world.” Following a competition run by Edinburgh Airport between design agencies in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Airport chose Taste Design to create the new brand and logo. Designer Gus MacIntyre explained the creation of the brand following research involving airlines, passengers and staff.“One thing people felt strongly about was that Edinburgh is a destination, not just an airport, and take a lot of pride in the culture and heritage of the city.”

The new owners have a simple philosophy aiming to improve the passenger experience and build growth through existing and new routes, particularly to long haul destinations. Gordon Dewar and his team are working hard to secure new routes to Europe, North America and beyond, delivering a world of opportunities to the people of Edinburgh and of Scotland and tempting many more people from around the world to visit Scotland and its capital city. Since the acquisition in June, new routes from easyJet, Ryanair and Virgin Atlantic have been announced as well as a new transatlantic route to Toronto with Air Canada.

The acquisition of Edinburgh Airport by Global Infrastructure Partners in June 2012 is one of the most radical changes in the airport’s history and has changed the dynamics of Scottish aviation forever. The creation of a new visual identity signifies the change in ownership during this exciting time.

Seeds fund offers further opportunity to Edinburgh firms By Simon Burton, Tax Director, Johnston Carmichael (Edinburgh)

The introduction last year of the new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), which is primarily targeted at small, early stage companies, presents an opportunity for many new businesses here in Edinburgh where we have a thriving life sciences and tech sector.This is a potentially very valuable initiative, designed to stimulate and incentivise SME funding amongst what are referred to as ‘qualifying investors’. In broad terms, this means someone who is not an employee of the company in which the investment is being made or does not hold a significant shareholding. Investments of up to an annual limit of £100,000 will attract income tax relief at 50 per cent. On top of that, any future sale of the shares can be completely tax free. For the first year of the scheme there is also a one-off opportunity to use the investment to exempt any other capital gains


– potentially increasing the value of the relief to a heady 78 per cent. As these rules are intended to benefit new companies, there are some stipulations to be followed. It is aimed at companies with gross assets of less than £200,000, making it primarily focused on start-up companies. Other key requirements include a condition that firms applying for SEIS must be unquoted and must not have been carrying on the trade for more than two years before the qualifying shares are issued.The company must also be solvent at the date of issue of the shares with fewer than 50 employees and it cannot control another company nor be controlled by another company. It’s also important to be aware that the SEIS relief can also be withdrawn if the investor receives


n Free Collection Service n Inserting & Collating n Labelling & Sealing n Mailsort Services n Postage Discount* n Database Management n Mailmerge Services n Response Handling n Next Day Local & National Deliveries * Depending on mailing meeting criteria

‘value’ from the company during the three year qualification period.There are a number of additional detailed considerations surrounding SEIS which an experienced adviser can steer you through. Overall, it is a great incentive which has potential to help encourage investment into a range of businesses across Edinburgh, especially amongst start-up companies and university spin-out firms, of which there are many in the capital city. SEIS provides powerful tax breaks for investors and it should provide some help to encourage more investment into SMEs. It should certainly be considered carefully as part of any investment deal but handled carefully and ideally with some professional advice as it remains fiendishly complex and requires extreme care.

EDINBURGH MAILING SERVICES LTD Tel: 0131 552 4085 Fax: 0131 551 5145 24 New Broompark Edinburgh EH5 1RS For more information or a Free Quotation don’t hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 0131 552 4085 February/March 2013

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AdVertoriAl not, on its own, produce quality candidates. In addition, CVs only tell part of the story and a headhunter will not just evaluate people on what information they provide but, by applying a thorough screening process, truly judge their suitability for a role. In this day and age people are too focused on doing things faster, cheaper and better. Finding, recruiting, evaluating and selecting real talent takes time. Faster and cheaper does not equate to better.You should have high expectations but be wary of quick fix solutions to your recruitment needs. Not all recruiters are created equal! A search should be extensive and bring the vacancy to the attention of a large target group of suitable candidates. In addition, the search can double as an intelligence gathering exercise allowing the client to gauge people’s reaction to them and ascertain how they are perceived by others, including competitors. Headhunters should be considered your ambassadors in the market and a way for you to manage public relations. Appointing a headhunter who presents the vacancy in a positive, yet candid, light from the outset will avoid the danger of disgruntled candidates in an increasingly concentrated corporate world. Headhunters take the time to understand the culture fit of their clients. Only by spending time with you can we understand the type of candidate best suited to your organisation. Finding the right person goes beyond fulfilling a tick-list of role requirements. We are not afraid to ask the difficult questions to make sure we get you the right fit. We can advocate for our clients because we understand them. Headhunters are seen by some to be expensive, manipulative and secretive. If you take the time to consider what you can obtain from executive search, headhunters can provide you with a wealth of information at a competitive price. It is not in our interest to cajole candidates into a role they are not suitable for. As for secretive, we might not always reveal our ‘tricks of the trade’ but confidentiality and tact are key when engaging senior talent. leonora gilliat Managing Director Gilliat Moray Ltd

Great Expectations There is a wonderful buzz surrounding 2013. People are enthused by the start of a fresh year and seem genuinely optimistic about what lies ahead. I have always liked the phrase ‘the past might be a mess but the future is still immaculate’. We can reflect on the year just gone and decide what direction we want the new one to take. It is imperative for corporates and individuals alike to maintain this optimism. If we set the bar high and have greater expectations for 2013 we will reap the rewards.

So, why not consider engaging with an executive search firm and be an organisation driven by talent?

Leonora Gilliat Managing Director Gilliat Moray Ltd +44 (0)771 434 2388

Gilliat Moray are an Edinburgh based search and selection company who work across a diverse range of industries, both in the public and private sector, assisting companies engage senior talent as well as helping individuals through the recruitment process.

There seems to be several common misconceptions about Executive Search and headhunting. With the increased amount of information available via the internet, social networking sites and the likes of LinkedIn, you would be forgiven for thinking that accessing candidates is easier than ever. The difference is executive search accesses the great candidates. “Search” does not just mean identifying those active in the job market. Looking for the best people available in the market, including those that are not looking to move or do not have an online presence, requires the skills of a headhunter. Posting an advert online will

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Capitalview Edinburgh businesses can help guarantee young people a bright future In 2010, 500 young people left school in Edinburgh with no job and no further education to pursue. Another 500 followed in 2011. I believe the business community needs to play a bigger role in stopping this trend and tap into the value and talent that our young people can offer. The Edinburgh Guarantee scheme that Edinburgh City Council runs is the kind of initiative that can help achieve this. It gives many of the Capital’s school leavers their first taste of the world of work, and throughout 2012 I’ve seen first-hand just how rewarding it can be for all involved. I know that in this prolonged climate of fragile economic growth, hiring just one extra person is a big decision. We need to work together and help others understand more clearly how giving young people their first experience of work can be as rewarding for the employer as it is for the individual. It’s a big focus for our company in 2013, especially among small and medium-sized businesses, and we have one of our customer services managers on secondment at the Council to help support this work. Our second group of Guarantee interns are currently working across our sites in

Edinburgh and we’ve committed to a third and fourth intake this year. What I’ve seen in all these young people so far has been their drive, their talent and the difference they bring to the workplace. It’s been particularly refreshing to see the confidence they’ve developed too, in the way they work and communicate. With the right support, talent brings fresh perspectives and added value to our business. They’ve also created a real buzz in our offices. I believe that Edinburgh businesses have a responsibility to show the city’s young people what’s possible. Real long-term opportunities and some they wouldn’t have ever thought they’d get from certain industries. Financial services is a great example. Of course, it takes the right attitude to make the most of these opportunities, and it’s certainly something I’ve seen from our Guarantee interns. They’re now making big strides in their careers that, without the programme, several of them might have thought would never come. Can we make 2013 a year when youth employment in Edinburgh makes big strides of its own? I think the signs are already pointing in the right direction.

Service group secures finance deal as it seeks to expand Edinburgh-based Fountain Court Group has appointed HSBC as its sole banking partner, following the agreement of a multi-million pound deal which will enable the business to significantly expand its operations in the capital. The serviced apartment provider, which has recorded year on year growth, has secured a £15m borrowing facility from HSBC, marking one of the largest transaction values arranged by the bank’s commercial division in Scotland.

The Fountain Court Group was founded in 1998 to offer leisure and corporate clients a range of fully equipped apartments in prime locations across Edinburgh. Now employing 60 staff, the company has 180 apartments within its portfolio and reported a turnover of £4 million in 2011. Peter Whitelaw, Director at The Fountain Court Group, said: “We believe the demand for serviced apartments will continue to grow and we are focusing on securing other locations in Edinburgh and other cities in the UK.

Sandy Begbie

Group Operations Officer, Standard Life

“It was crucial that we chose a banking partner that could support our long term business plans.” Colin More, Area Commercial Director for HSBC in Scotland, said: “The Fountain Court Group is exactly the type of business we’re seeking to support, and we are delighted to be providing them with full banking facilities and funding. Their business model has been hugely successful in Edinburgh, with a great demand from both leisure and corporate clients all year round.” The provision of HSBC’s banking facilities was supported by national accountancy firm PKF. Reference Point Advisory worked alongside Fountain Court to secure a successful outcome for all parties.

February/March 2013

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BetheBest Is your web content doing what your web content should do? There’s no doubt that it takes practice to write in an engaging style that will draw your audience into your website, helping you promote your business and sell your products or services. However there are plenty of hints and tips that can help you become more effective as you focus on your intended audience and your key marketing objectives. Once again this year, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is running the popular Writing for the Web course which will introduce you to the basics of this key marketing skill,

providing an ideal opportunity for you to learn some essential techniques and spend some time honing your skills. The course focuses on: n Engaging your reader n The psychology of selling n Writing for an online audience n Working with the search engines. The next course is on Wednesday 20th February. For more details, and to book your place on the programme, please visit www. Training_Courses or contact Carrie Wilson, Chamber Business Solutions Executive, at the Edinburgh Chamber, on 0131 221 3191, or by email:

Hilary Phillips, Cygnus Extra

Engineering students strike gold Two students struck gold in a national skills competition.

The pair were awarded with laptops from Siemens, with the company’s Scottish Business Development Manager, David Richardson, attending a presentation at the University’s Merchiston campus.

Edinburgh Napier University engineering students Meghann Butler and Tim Graham took the top prize at this year’s World Skills UK event.

Their Lecturer James McWhinnie said: “This is a great achievement for the students and for the University. It was a great opportunity to be invited by Siemens to take part in the competition and to represent Scotland on a national stage.”

The third year students excelled in the Industrial Control section of the three-day technical challenge after being invited to compete in the competition, held at The NEC Birmingham by sponsors Siemens. Meghann, from Alves near Inverness, said: “I was completely in shock I didn’t expect to win at all.” Tim, who is from Dewartown in Midlothian, said: “I was so surprised to win - the three days were a great learning experience.”


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 8

During the three days of The Skills Show, more than 500 people took part in 61 WorldSkills UK National Competitions in skills ranging from Aeronautical Engineering through to Landscape Gardening. For more information visit:

29/1/13 12:23:17

the local authority. In the most part it will be business as usual, with a continued emphasis on commitment to communities and performance. As we guide the Force through the transition phase I am keen to take the opportunity at every step to re-engage with the communities of Edinburgh to gather public opinion on the issues affecting residents and workers within their local areas. The information gathered will help inform the 2013/14 Policing Plan for the City. I recently tasked a team of officers to carry out this work and they have witnessed an unprecedented level of engagement at city and neighbourhood levels. Over 2300 surveys have been completed with local residents along with a series of community events and a number of meetings with key partners and sectors. For the first time in the city’s policing history the 2013/14 plan will reflect the policing priorities at a very local level, making deployment of officers more responsive to need and ensuring we do more and better work with precious taxpayers money.

Police chief maps out future for vibrant city By Chief Supt Malcolm Graham, Divisional Commander for Edinburgh Edinburgh is a cosmopolitan city and one of the world’s most popular places to live, work, study and invest. This diverse nature poses a unique set of challenges when trying to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents, workers and visitors. With an annual influx of more than 13 million visitors to the city and a comprehensive and growing programme of events, festivals and demonstrations it is essential we strike the right balance in terms of strategy, engagement and visible policing presence within the business districts and neighbourhoods of the city.

My aim is to ensure that people - no matter their age, outlook, background or locality - have a real opportunity to influence this plan and police focus in their locality. I look forward to facing the challenges ahead of us in 2013.With a renewed mandate from the people of Edinburgh and a well-informed Police Plan I believe we have the template for success. We also look forward to working with the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and its member companies to help make the City of Edinburgh a safe and secure place of business. If you have any questions relating to the Edinburgh Police Plan please contact the team on 0131 226 5054 or


Edinburgh is ranked as one of the safest cities in Europe, and rightly so as we report a drop in recorded incidences of crime over the past year, and in particular a drop in violent crime. Although keen to promote this good news message we must always acknowledge that the vibrant draw of Edinburgh increasingly provides opportunities for expolitation and crime. To counter this, the Force follows an active crime prevention strategy and actively engages and advises on elements of personal safety and public protection. Business safety messages - to safeguard enterprises from threats of fraud, cyber crime and theft – are pivotal to the wider public safety approach to policing the capital. Last year we also carried out a series of successful operations to address specific crime trends such as the ‘Made from Crime’ campaign which saw over £68,000 of cash and £6.5 million worth of assets seized from suspected criminals. Operation Aristotle highlighted the importance of working with partners to target and apprehend individuals involved in bogus workman type crimes. In addition, Operation Airborne recently received awards for its innovative approach to reducing the resale of stolen goods. Using the experience of council and second hand dealership staff, the Airborne team retirieved over £100,000 of goods and a further £1m in asset recovery is under consideration. Resale of stolen good remains a major motive for robberies, housebreakings and thefts. As we move towards April and ‘day 1’ of the new Police Service of Scotland - and a new organisational structure - we are fortunate that the City of Edinburgh will maintain its existing boundaries and links to

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February/March 2013

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23% 23% Benefit Benefit in Kind in Kind Up to Up51.4 to23% 51.4 mpg mpg (Combined) (Combined) Benefit in Kind 23% Benefit in Kind 145g/km 145g/km CO2CO2 UpUp to 51.4 mpg (Combined) to 51.4 mpg (Combined) 6+29 6+29 months months 145g/km CO2 145g/km CO2

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29/1/13 12:23:27

Chamberawards Chamber members done good! The autumn of 2012 was a memorable time for our members who won a number of awards.We would like to congratulate them all.

Grayling Scotland secures four awards Grayling Scotland and its clients scooped four awards at the CIPR PRide Awards in what is only its third year of trading. The agency showed its unparalleled credentials in corporate communications by winning the Gold and Silver awards in the category for work with Lloyds Banking Group and Ecebs. Grayling Scotland also scooped another Gold award in the Best Campaign Under £10,000 for a social media campaign with Aberdeen shopping centre Union Square, and was recognised as one of the agencies of the year with a Silver award for Outstanding PR Consultancy. Billy Partridge, Director of Grayling Scotland, said: “These awards are testament not only to the hard work of everyone on our team, but

The Grayling team celebrate success

also to the fantastic working relationship we have with our clients. We represent them as we would wish to be represented ourselves. “Grayling now has the same reputation in Scotland that is has internationally – we are known for our intelligent, commercially relevant approach, and for thinking differently.” The result reaffirms the position of the business as Scotland’s leading communications agency, a claim further emphasised by recent wins of prestigious contracts such as The 2014 Ryder Cup, The Borders Rail Project and Marks & Spencer.

Ross Laird, Director of Grayling Scotland, said: “Our clients have clearly benefited from the merger of Trimedia and Grayling three years ago. We are genuine exponents of the integrated offer here in Scotland – we can infuse any public affairs campaign with high impact media work, or any PR initiative with political strategy.” “In truth, it is second nature to us now and with the spectre of independence looming large, we expect more businesses to see the benefit of that approach in 2013 and 2014.”

Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce proudly present the 2nd Annual Business Awards helping businesses in Edinburgh shine! The awards dinner is on Thursday 21st of March 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel, 7.00pm – 11.30pm. Please contact Nicola Melrose for sponsorship opportunities or to book your place on 0131 221 2972 / 2999.

Yvonne rewarded for determination to learn Yvonne Miller, of Edinburgh firm Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers, has been given the UNITAS Achievement Award 2012 to recognise her work within the firm’s Renewable Energy team. Yvonne’s aim is to not only be an expert in the insurances for renewable energy projects, but to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the sector including financial, technical and legal.


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 12

She has attended training courses on renewable energy projects including windfarms, hydro electric plants, solar PV, biomass and anaerobic digestion and wave and tidal. Yvonne has also engaged with specialist lawyers and bankers to understand the processes and risks. Over the past three years, she has passed her Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, gaining The W P Campbell Award from the British Insurance

Brokers Association Scotland in 2011, and is progressing towards her Fellowship qualification. Derek Skinner, Director at Bruce Stevenson, said: “Everyone within Bruce Stevenson is delighted with Yvonne’s recognition. We were aware of a significant number of applications this year and we are delighted to celebrate Yvonne’s fantastic achievement.”

29/1/13 12:23:28

officially recognising Vegware’s green business ethics, fast growth, and support for Scottish non-profits through the Vegware Community Fund. To round off 2012,Vegware won Scotland’s top innovator in the British Chamber of Commerce Awards, and a Commendation in the prestigious VIBES Awards.

The vegware team celebrate their Chamber award on the night

Vegware packs five awards and a Parliamentary motion into 2012 It has been a highgrowth year for Edinburgh Chamber’s 2012 Green Company of the Year, Vegware.

Commerce, who named the manufacturer Green Company of the Year, with a commendation in the High Growth category.

From its global HQ in Polwarth by the Union Canal,Vegware creates compostable foodservice packaging made from plants, not plastic. As well as being low-carbon,Vegware is zero-waste, as its eco catering disposables are designed for food waste recycling after use. This helps Scottish caterers comply with new regulations in force from 1st January 2014.

2012 saw the firm launch its new zero-waste initiative, the Food Waste Network www., a free service to matchmake any UK business with its ideal food waste recycling. This innovative fullcycle service impressed the judges of both the Footprint Awards and the WRAP-backed BCE Awards for Environmental Leadership. Vegware’s video entry for the BCE Awards was a lively bluegrass song written and performed by Vegware management, which has now had over 1,000 views on youtube. com/vegware

Vegware’s innovative approach has gained widespread recognition, the first award of 2012 being from Edinburgh Chamber of

The Scottish Parliamentary Motion, ‘Congratulations to Vegware’ was supported by dozens of Scottish MSPs last Summer,

Sustainable approach reaps dividends for venue Family owned venue The Caves has won the SBC Small Medium Enterprise Tackling Poverty Impact Award 2012. The Caves, in Niddry Street South, Edinburgh, was founded in 2006 by brother and sister Lisa and Norman Rowan and caters for events ranging from corporate dinners and parties to private celebrations, weddings, live music and theatre. The award was open to SMEs who could demonstrate that they are tackling poverty through sustainable business and employment practices. The Caves focus on two main areas for staff and suppliers; * It believes that staff should be rewarded for their hard work. This results in a loyal, committed and dedicated work force paid above the national minimum wage * The Caves uses independent local suppliers wherever possible.

February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 13


13 29/1/13 12:23:35

Chamberawards Companies celebrate after success at green awards Winton House, based near Pencaitland just outside Edinburgh, beat off stiff competition from businesses across Scotland to win the Best Micro Business Award at the VIBES 2012 awards ceremony held at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel. Now in its thirteenth year, the VIBES (Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland) awards programme recognises the achievements of Scottish companies in reducing their impact on the environment. The Best Micro Business is chosen from all the entries submitted to the VIBES Awards 2012 with less than ten employees. The exclusive private and corporate events venue was one of nine winners selected from 34 shortlisted organisations. Winton House was also shortlisted in the ‘SME Management’ category. Sir Francis Ogilvy, Owner and Factor at Winton House, said: “The Winton team is really delighted to have won this award. We are committed to a management style that encourages environmental diversity across all our products, often exceeding best practice. Our long term ambitions are to have a

Accountancy firm scoops top prize Christopher Lamotte, Marketing Manager, and Morag Morrison, Deputy Manager, from Winton House receiving the VIBES award

prosperous estate which supports businesses and communities, and plays a constructive part in the county.” VIBES is a strategic partnership between: Scottish Water, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Zero Waste Scotland, Carbon Trust, CBI Scotland, Co-operative Development Scotland, Green Business Partnership, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government and Energy Saving Trust, Scotland.

Dunfermline accountancy firm Thomson Cooper won its category at the British Accountancy Awards 2012, beating stiff competition that included global accountancy firm KPMG. Judges awarded the firm the Community Award for its Business Development Programme and extensive charity work, at a ceremony in London. Thomson Cooper’s Managing Partner, David Walker, said: “We are immensely proud to be recognised as a leader in our field, especially at a national level against one of the big four global firms.These awards have created a benchmark against which all accountancy firms aspire to and we are deeply honoured to have won our category in the first year we have entered.”

Hard work adds up to success for Financial Planner Carbon Financial Partners’ Financial Planner Paul Gibson lifted the Money Management Retirement Planner of the Year 2012 award at a dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. The Financial Times personal finance magazine Money Management has been running the awards since 1996. They run in association with The Institute of Financial Planning and are sponsored by Schroders.The host was television broadcaster John Inverdale who presented the awards. Paul said: “Naturally, I’m delighted and honoured to win this award particularly as this is the first year I have entered the competition.”

From left, Mike Miller, National Account Director for Partnership Assurance, Paul Wilson and John Inverdale


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 14

Carbon’s Managing Director Gordon Wilson said: “Paul is a deserved winner. He is a true professional and he has worked incredibly hard to win this accolade. Paul is one of the top financial planners in the UK and I am delighted that this has been recognised in this way.”

29/1/13 12:23:42

Scottish dentist is honoured again Dr Elaine Halley, of Cherrybank Dental Spa, in Edinburgh, has been recognised as the Best Employer in Scotland at the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2012 Cherrybank also received Best Marketing at the awards, which were held at Gleneagles Hotel and was a finalist in seven other categories. This is the second year the awards have run, having been set up by Dentistry Scotland Magazine.

Dr Elaine Halley, Cherrybank Dental Spa accepting the award for Best Employer from Derek Gordon, Motara Dolby.

Steve Philip and Elaine Halley, Cherrybank Dental Spa accepting the award for Best Marketing from Gary Moore, Independent Care Plans

Dr Halley, who set up Cherrybank Dental Spa in Perth in 1995 and started a second practice in Edinburgh in 2009, said: “We’re so proud to be awarded the Best Employer and Best Marketing awards. It has not been easy to expand in the current economic climate and our success is absolutely down to our great team.” Steve Philip, Business Development Director at Cherrybank, said “Our marketing strategy

is concerned with helping people who are not happy with their current dental situation to find us. There are more and more dentists now recognising that great dentistry is about clinical excellence, and outstanding customer care.” The two practices employ a team of more than 35 dental professionals, as well as a number of visiting experts.

Quality service secures award for company Capital Document Solutions has won a prestigious award for the high level and quality of its services in the Scottish public sector. The office equipment specialist collected the Best Service Award at the Government Opportunities (GO) Awards Scotland, held at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.

delivery has on organisations in the public sector.The Best Service Award was the only award given to an external supplier on the night.

The winning team celebrate their award The GO Awards recognise companies that focus on the positive impact their service

Tom Flockhart, Founder and Managing Director of Capital Document Solutions, said: “We pride ourselves on providing a level of service that exceeds our clients’ expectations and delivers real added value. This award clearly acknowledges that publicly.” For further information visit:

February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 15


15 29/1/13 12:23:47





BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 16

29/1/13 12:23:50



06 04


Premier Series Dinner

Photos by Graham Carnie, Tuskite Photography

On the 28th of November over 130 delegates attending the dinner with Carolyn McColl, Chief Executive at Easyjet, who shared her experience of managing one of the leading airline brands in Europe.


Guests relaxing at the dinner and listening to the opening remarks


Alex MacLeod from Skanska with Carolyn McColl, our speaker from Easyjet with Gordon Dewar from Edinburgh Airport and David Birrell from the Edinburgh Chamber.


Luke Hayhoe from British Airways with Liz McAreavey from the Edinburgh Chamber and Mark Wigmore from British Airways.


Fiona Vesey from Vesey Creative Ltd and Grieg Jamieson from Skanska

Christmas Party Our members brought in the Christmas cheer at the Bonham Auction house on the 6th of December


Siobhan Tyrrell from Tandem Digital with Brendan Johnstone from Fourth Craw, Gail Mullard from Mash Marketing and Pauline Platt from Pauline Platt Marketing


Danielle Kavanagh from Thrive for Business with Julie Adamson from Tandem Digital


Alexis Tortolano from Bonhams with Alana Cumming from MLM Solutions

February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 17


17 29/1/13 12:23:58

Inspiringconnections Upcoming events and training courses Leith After Hours

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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Thursday 28 February 2013

5.30pm - 7.30pm

Edinburgh Chamber office, Festival Square

Malmaison Hotel £33.00 (Chamber members and member guests) Why not join us for our popular After Hours in Leith? There aren’t any demonstrations, speakers or sales promotions, just everybody mingling and chatting. Remember it’s not always what you know, but who you know, so with a room full of business people, this is a fantastic opportunity to meet potential new customers and suppliers.

£97 & VAt (Chamber members) Google Analytics is a free, state of the art web analytics suite that can be used by any website owner to measure how well their website is performing. Easy to set up, it provides reports on a huge range of areas of a website, such as which pages visitors enjoy most, what brought them to the site, whether they visited on a mobile or PC, whether they bought anything and where in the world they came from.

Edinburgh Chamber business awards

For more details on our training courses or to book please visit or contact Carrie Wilson, on 0131 2213191, or by email:

Thursday 21 March 2013

7.00pm – 11.30pm The Sheraton Grand Hotel £85.00 (Chamber members and member guests) After the success of our inaugural 2013 awards, we are pleased to host the 2013 business awards dinner on Thursday 21st of March 2013. We will honour our members in a number of categories including member of the year and high growth company of the year. For further information or to book onto an event call the events team on 0131 221 2972 / e-mail or visit

Social Media Series 15, 22 February and 15, 22 March 2013 Edinburgh Chamber office, Festival Square £97 & VAt per training course (Chamber members) We have developed a series of social media training courses which look at all of the sites and tools required to maximise your sales. If you are a business owner, or an employee with any responsibility for attracting and retaining clients, you should be using social media. Whether you are experienced, a novice or an absolute beginner at using Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, our Social Media Series is for you.


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 18

29/1/13 12:23:59

60seconds Name: Bob Jeffrey Company Name: Thomson Bethune Ltd Website: q In five words or less, what do you do? A Property & Construction Consultants q How long have you been a Chamber member? A Since 2005

q Why did you join? A To make contact with like-

q What’s the best business/benefit you have won through the Chamber?

A Re-kindling a business relationship with someone that I had lost touch with; we met at a Premier Series Dinner.

q Are there any additional services or

minded professionals and increase our networking and marketing opportunities.

q What services do you use? A Primarily the Premier Series Dinners and the excellent networking introductions and opportunities provided by our Chamber Executive Sharon Ritchie.

information you’d be particularly interested in? A I cannot think of any just now but the more the members make use of the Chamber the more we will get out of it.

q If you were telling another business person about the Chamber, what’s the first thing you would say?

A An excellent forum for meeting new people where there is no pressure on networking – everyone is doing it.

q Where do you read your copy of Business Comment?

A Usually on the train as I travel between our Edinburgh and Glasgow Offices – it makes a change from the Metro!

Sir Robert McAlpine is proud to be helping shape a new future for Scotland through projects including the delivery of a new stadium for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Scott House, Mid New Cultins West One Business Park Edinburgh EH11 4DH

Tel: 0131 458 4255 Fax: 0131 458 4254 Email:

Military Tattoo Stadium

February/March 2013

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19 29/1/13 12:24:01


Recognising Scotland’s Skills The global skills challenge is an increasingly important issue for nations around the world but Scotland has recognised that success is not simply about developing a highly educated workforce.

thinking skills at every level of achievement. This approach helps learners develop confidence in their abilities enabling them to adapt successfully to change throughout their career.

and quality assured to the highest national standards. Our qualifications are also rated on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, helping learners and employers understand the demands of each award.

Achieving sustainable growth will only be possible by ensuring individuals have the skills they need to become successful lifelong learners.

Alasdair explains businesses benefit from having from a qualified workforce that is able to adapt to new situations. “If staff are trained and qualified then they tend to be motivated and more productive. But if they also have the skills to learn how to do new tasks and cope with new demands at work, there’s a greater likelihood their improved abilities will have a positive impact on bottom-line performance.”

Working together

Alasdair MacRae, Head of Business Development at the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), talks about how learners should be encouraged to develop skills which will benefit them over the course of their career and how a qualified and skilled workforce can benefit employers and the economy. skills are good for business As Scotland’s national awarding and accreditation body, SQA has developed robust, internationally recognised qualifications which meet employers’ expectations. SQA qualifications validate individuals’ learning and help employers recognise standards of achievement. They are underpinned by the principle of developing important skills for learning, life and work at every level they are available. This means learners are encouraged to improve their literacy, numeracy, employability, entrepreneurship and critical


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 20

qualifi cations for all SQA qualifications reflect the appropriate level of learning required to complete them, yet they are flexible enough to support different learning styles and individual needs. From Scottish Vocational Qualifications and Modern Apprenticeships through to our Professional Development Awards, we have qualifications suitable for those starting out at work right through to those seeking to advance their career at a senior level. The breadth of SQA’s portfolio stretches across a number of Scotland’s key industries, from Energy and Marine to Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare. There’s a real depth in the quality of our Courses as each qualification is created in partnership with subject specialists and industry representatives

Alasdair explains: “We work extensively with Scotland’s network of further education colleges and training providers, who offer our qualifications across the country. “If employers are interested in offering SQA qualifications themselves, we can work with them to become SQA centres in their own right, delivering our qualifications directly to their employees. “We are closely aligned to industry representatives and regulators to ensure our qualifications meet industry expectations” Alasdair concluded: “SQA is ambitious for Scotland, determined to play a full part in ensuring our people have the skills they need to contribute successfully to the economy now and in the future.” For more information on SQA qualifications and how they can benefit your business, visit .

29/1/13 12:24:03

sPeCiAl FeAture

Leadership and development Nurturing talent the key to business success It has often been said that the best companies are the ones who value their people above everything else and that is certainly the case when it comes to developing strong leadership. Good leadership within a company sets the stage for growth and developing the next generation of effective leaders is perhaps the most important undertaking of any forwardthinking company, particularly at a time of such change in so many market places. According to those working to encourage good leadership, the key is unlocking creativity and involving leaders, making them feel part of the process and encouraging them to put forward their own ideas in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously. Indeed, the best companies are the ones who value ideas and accept that sometimes they will not work but that lessons can be learned from trying.

A glimpse at some of the technology companies will suffice to underline the point; the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google thrive because they encourage invention and leadership, not just in the higher echelons of the company but all the way down. They remain open to ideas from relatively junior staff who may show a sense of innovation and a willingness to take on more responsibility. Top companies see this infusion of talent as crucial to their success because it constantly renews them and they are unrelenting in their approach to bringing through that talent. Every Executive had to start somewhere. They are also the companies who see the true value in bringing in specialist training companies which know how to encourage new ways of thinking. Such companies pride themselves on the way they spot talent and develop those leaders early on and they see the use of outside consultants as vital to create a sense of vibrancy; everyone in business knows that a company that ignores new ideas

very often ends up fighting for its survival as competitors take advantage of new opportunities. The highly successful entrepreneur James Caan, who has been involved with many of the planet’s best-performing companies, is one of those who prizes leadership. He summed it up in an interview which he gave several years ago when he said: “I’ve met a lot of very successful entrepreneurs but many of them haven’t been balanced individuals because they haven’t been prepared to listen to others they’ve met along the way. Recognising the value of others around you and what they have to offer is vital in life.“ It’s that kind of mentality that has made James Caan a success and continues to keep the world’s highest performing companies at the top of the pile. As their executives will say, leadership is all in the cut-throat business world and the more leaders within a company’s ranks, the better its performance.

February/March 2013

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21 29/1/13 12:24:07

AdVertoriAl outstanding commitment to the improvement of skills development for the Scottish economy. In partnership with Limelight Careers, Bright Purple won the Modern Apprenticeship – Small Employer category. The apprentices worked alongside inspirational mentors and got involved in challenging UK and international based projects giving them access to the world of business and new skills. They also took part in learning activities delivered by Limelight Careers – Teamwork, Presentation Skills and Communication – to support a smooth transition from school to the working world. In partnership with Limelight Careers, McEwan Fraser Legal were one of the three finalists of the Modern Apprenticeship – Newcomer of the year category.

Stepping into the Limelight! Following 20 years of experience in the training industry, Limelight Careers is celebrating yet another year of connecting modern apprentices with Scottish business opportunities. Limelight work with a variety of Scottish businesses recruiting young people into junior administrative, financial services and customer service roles. With a success rate well above the national average of achievement, Limelight has supported hundreds of candidates to achieve Modern Apprenticeships and sustainable employment. How limelight Careers can support your business For 2013, they want to encourage employers to consider creating employment opportunities and/ or work experience for young adults.They say the enthusiasm, energy and creativity that can be brought into businesses through young Scottish talent is to be encouraged. It drives excellent team dynamics as the experienced staff get the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge. For employers, it ensures sustainability of their


business as skills and knowledge is passed on to the workforce of the future. Throughout 2013 they will continue to work with Scottish businesses offering employability certificates and Modern Apprenticeships in: n Providing Financial Services n Customer Service n Business Administration

McEwan Fraser Legal is a dynamic, forward thinking Scottish estate agents and legal practice and has been a true ambassador for Modern Apprenticeships over the last two years. They say the achievement of Modern Apprenticeships has meant confident young adults in business and promotion within the organisation. opportunties If you are an employer: n Looking to recruit a young adult into a

Business Administration, Customer Service or Financial Services role n Who already has a young adult in one of

these positions who would benefit from Modern Apprenticeship qualification or, n Can provide work experience to a young

adult Please contact Veronica at Limelight Careers on 0131 516 9111 to discuss your recruitment and training requirements. Funding is often available through Skills Development Scotland and we want to ensure that this funding benefits your business.

n Management and Leadership

Modern Apprenticeship Awards The recent Skills Development Scotland Modern Apprenticeship ceremony in November 2012 saw two of Limelight’s clients as finalists for awards: Bright Purple Resourcing and McEwan Fraser Legal.The awards showcase those who have, through their involvement in Modern Apprenticeships, demonstrated initiative, enterprise and

BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 22

29/1/13 12:24:09

NEW YEAR, NEW START! Achieve your New Year business goals with a Leadership and Management Qualification The Business Partnership Centre at West Lothian College is inviting you to explore the opportunities that a leadership and management TXDOLÀFDWLRQFRXOGRSHQXSLQ The beginning of a new year is the time we set out goals and ambitions, so why not make getting a management qualification one of your resolutions! Since it’s launch 5 years ago, West Lothian’s College’s Business Partnership Centre has been instrumental in responding to the training needs of over 800 local businesses providing, demand led training, both on and off site as well as professional awards accredited by lead Industry bodies. West Lothian College has teamed up with Edinburgh Napier University to offer the BA Business Management at the College Campus in Livingston.

The prices for these courses are also very attractive, in addition, often funding can be secured depending on personal circumstances. Make sure you continue to develop through 2013 and explore how West Lothian College can help you to bring prosperity and growth to your business. For the full range of courses visit Business Partnership Centre Almondvale Crescent, Livingston, West Lothian EH54 7EP T: 01506 427955 F: 01506 409980 E:

Professional Courses in Management

The degree in Business Management is aimed specifically at those working full time, who now wish to add to their knowledge and expertise, gaining the skills necessary to the development and success of any business.

Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Diploma

As this course is the equivalent of the third year of undergraduate studies, participants need to have a prior level of experience and learning to access the course. Additional feeder courses are also available through West Lothian College to enable this to be achieved.

SQA Level 4 Scottish Vocational Qualification in Management

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 Certificate in Management or the SVQ Level 4 Qualification in Management are both accepted for the purpose of entry to the degree course. Candidates with relevant business experience can study towards these qualifications regardless of their academic background. So even those with no formal qualifications can become degree qualified in just two years through the college route.

Worldhost Training Frontline Management Solutions - Retails/Hospitality

BC issue 21.indd 23

Evening course 3 hours per week 36 weeks.

Chartered Management Institute Diploma in Management at SCQF Level 8 Blended learning approach.

No requirement to attend college.





BA Business Management

Evening class at West Lothian College. Awarded by Edinburgh Napier University.

One Day Course ILA

Individual Learning Account - £200 available

£1830 ILA

£120 Part-time Fee Grant - £500 available

Conditions apply. For details call 0808 100 1090.

For further information call Daniel Evans on 01506 427557 For the full range of courses on offer visit

29/1/13 12:24:10


Successful hairdresser champions a new approach to business Charlie Miller OBE is a businessman with a very clear philosophy; one that has driven and inspired his well-known hairdressing brand for 47 years and one that emphasises values above everything else.

and we deliver it with warmth, kindness and friendliness. Seeing the look in a client’s eyes saying ‘how did he know that is exactly what I want?’ is a special territory and very enriching.”

It’s a philosophy that can be traced back to the hairdressing company that he started with his wife Janet in 1965 when the couple opened a small salon in Prestonfield, Edinburgh which, for its contemporary vision and groundbreaking styling, quickly drew people in from all around.

Today with wife Janet, his sons Jason & Joshua (Managing Directors), daughter-in-law India (Director) and long-standing family friend Ian Blyth (Director), his eponymous company has grown to include five Edinburgh salons, a Hair Academy, 115 staff and a host of industry accolades. He himself was awarded an OBE for services to the industry.

He said: “Our philosophy is something that was there right from the very beginning although it was only articulated in the early 70s after a psychologist client give me a booklet by Carl Rogers in which I found three words that perfectly described how I worked; with genuineness, empathy and noninvasive warmth.” “These values have been the core of our business and have continually inspired our teams to focus on looking after their clients with vision, care, passion and inspiration.” “We genuinely know how to create the full range of styles. We put ourselves on a client’s wavelength to find the style that they need


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 24

Charlie said: “I have a very talented wife who came up with great ideas for which I gained the credit. I could not have achieved what I have achieved without my family.” “Everything we do is organic; we don’t have a plan and never have. For example, we never decide ‘let’s open a salon’, we work the other way round. We wait until we have trained a good manager then open the salon.” “Staff are key to our success and we always aim to employ people with values similar to ours to ensure that we can continue to develop them to a higher level, which ultimately impacts on their clients.”

“Some staff shoot to the top whilst others are slow starters and our approach is to ensure that we recognise the different rates of development. It is important to give young talent recognition, encouragement and opportunity in the areas in which they shine. For the ones that don’t make it quickly, we simply add patience and loving kindness.” “Everything we do has been about style and quality and most of all the people. All the Charlie Miller salons are fundamentally the same.” It’s an approach that has worked and which has gone international. In the early 80s, he formed the Charlie Miller Artistic Team now led by the partnership of his son Jason and daughter-in-law India. Following an international debut at IBS New York in 1986, the beginnings of a global reputation was born. Over the past 25 years, the Charlie Miller Artistic Team has been recognised from Europe to America, South Africa to Korea and the Middle East as one of the UK’s leading hairdressing brands and delivered educational and choreographed hair shows and motivational seminars/ workshops.

29/1/13 12:24:12

His career has diversified through talks to local schools, colleges and business organisations where he shares his business and spiritual experiences with organisations including Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Anderson Strathern, Standard Life in Edinburgh and to consultants at The Royal College of Physicians in London, at Shawfair Park Hospital in Edinburgh and to doctors and students at the Western General in Edinburgh. He said: “I give talks on my philosophy and the words are simple but the message is deep. I think people get the significance of it. ” “However, there is something happening in Scottish business. Others are emerging, independent of me, who think the same way and are on the same journey. It’s happening in a small way but it is happening. “

Since 2007, Charlie has become increasingly involved in personally cutting and styling wigs for teenagers and young people undergoing cancer treatment through the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT). With a string of industry accolades to its name, the company holds 14 British Hairdressing Awards, more than any other salon outside London. Charlie is a founder member in the British Hairdressing Hall of Fame due to the number of times he has received Scottish Hairdresser of the Year, also won Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year and was nominated twice for the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year. As well as receiving the National Hairdressers Federation ‘Hairdresser of the Year’, ‘World Master of the Craft’ New York and a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from The Guild of Hairdressers, he has received the honour of ‘Fellow of Distinction’ from the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

He is regularly called upon to judge major industry events and competitions including the prestigious Global Salon Business Awards, the British Hairdressing Awards and L’Oreal’s Colour Trophy. Charlie has also been invited to judge the Japanese, Norwegian and Dutch Hairdresser of the Year titles. After hanging up his scissors in 1998 Charlie focused on the company’s marketing, PR and business development. His lifelong interest in spirituality and the psychology and theory behind human development has led him to areas of understanding the diversity of people and how they do, or don’t, interact with each other.

He was instrumental in the launch of the wig initiative ‘Hair 4 U’, now managed by the TCT. The long-term aim of the project is to ensure that every young person with cancer under the care of a TCT unit has the opportunity to have a stylishly cut, real hair wig free. The project began in the East of Scotland and expanded across the country when he enlisted the help of top wig experienced stylists from Aberdeen to the Borders. It has been such a success in Scotland that Charlie and the TCT have begun to spread it across the rest of the UK and there are now top stylists offering this service in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Southampton, Winchester and St Albans.

February/March 2013

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25 29/1/13 12:24:17



Planning: mixing tradition with innovation It’s the age-old challenge that affects cities like Edinburgh. How do you bring about development and support expansion without damaging their unique character? The answer in Edinburgh, according to some of those directly involved in the process, has to be achieved through a mixture of respect for the city’s heritage while also acknowledging that progress is necessary. City councillors and officers have enshrined their views in a strategy that identifies a number of areas which require support, including development of the BioQuarter, its financial services sector, a strong focus on renewables including manufacturing projects at Leith Docks, encouragement for the business park area to the west of the city and support for the international gateway based on the airport.


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 26

According to the strategy: “Investment in development and regeneration is central to sustainable growth in the city. Such investment helps improve the attractiveness of Edinburgh by providing excellent transport links, better public spaces, affordable housing and encouraging the development of new industries. In our approach, we aim to look for innovative ways of using the Council’s resources to bring new investment into the city.” Councillor Frank Ross, Convener of the Economy Committee, agrees that the key is striking a balance between respecting the past and embracing the future.The key, he believes, lies in co-operation between everyone involved. He said: “We always have to remember that our city centre is a World Heritage Site and we

have to be cognisant of that in all the decisions we make. However, at the same time we cannot exclude business.” “We have to all work together to develop our economy. For example, three years ago we signed the Edinburgh Planning Corcordat with the property development sector which set out the ideals which we feel all parties should exemplify.” “We have a lot of companies who have been vibrant and flexible in coming forward with schemes which have respected the heritage of the city.” “I am very optimistic for the future. Edinburgh has shown itself resilient during the past couple of years since the downturn with current new developments topping £3.5 billion, including Waverley and Haymarket

29/1/13 12:24:20

stations, the EICC, and the Atria development. There are a lot of initiatives in the pipeline, for example Fountain Quay, and the Quartermile which provide exciting opportunities to develop the office, retail and hotel sectors in the city centre. And the Hotel Missoni is a great example of integrating modern development into a historic setting.” “I am also very encouraged at the quality of some of the companies from all over the world that are expressing an interest in coming to the city.” Also agreeing that the economic development and planning process needs a mix of vision and commitment to quality, is Dr Ali Afshar, one of the principal founders of the AMA group of companies which develops period buildings and now diversified into new-build and commercial development.

George IV Bridge - Missoni Hotel

Created in 1983, AMA (New Town) Ltd is Scotland’s foremost property developer and its founders agreed from the start that their work would be imaginative and inspiring with schemes that complemented the heritage of Edinburgh. Dr Afshar, who is Chair of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Property Policy Group, he said: “AMA has been active in the city for thirty years and our belief throughout that period has been that planning must preserve but also enhance the city.” “I think the problem with the planning process is that it‘s fear of the unknown; people perceive that developments will change the world in which they live.” “However, the city cannot stand still.This is not a museum to be preserved unchanged. It needs to change.” “The planning process will always be a struggle because of the perceptions surrounding it. The general attitude can be a problem when people see development as a negative. However, we take the view that development can be integrated into the city.” “Educating the public is of paramount importance. People need to realise that

a development can be important to the prosperity of the city. Some people like the idea that nothing happens but we argue that things cannot stay as they are.” “It is important, though, that developments are of high quality, high enough to match the aspirations of the city.We have a jewel here and any development must enhance it.”

Dovecot Studio

“One of the other problems linked to the planning process is the time scale involved in politics. Councils can change every five years

whereas planning needs to look 30 years ahead. As a company, we look at what a development will be like in three decades because it can take a development that long to mature. Politics does not think like that. It is more about the short term.” Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce continues to play a leading role through both the member policy groups and key developments across the City.Working together through the Chamber continues to prove a key catalyst for change.

February/March 2013

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27 29/1/13 12:24:22


Setting a global standard for the MBA Association of MBAs accreditation

An MBA can boost your career and professional networks. It gives you the management toolkit and confidence to climb the ladder to leadership in your own profession, switch careers, or be entrepreneurial and start up a new business. To make a success of this professional, financial and personal investment, you need to be sure you are enrolling in a quality MBA. Your shortlist to success is to choose an MBA from a business school that has received accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Setting the global standard for accrediting MBAs, DBAs and MBMs, AMBA accredits more than 700 programmes in 70 countries. In Scotland the business schools with AMBA accreditation are Aberdeen Business School, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, Strathclyde Business School and the University of Edinburgh Business School.

AMBA accreditation ensures that an MBA programme is of the highest quality and relevant to the changing world of business.The criteria for accreditation ensure the MBA programme meets rigorous standards of management training and that the faculty, students and curriculum are of the highest quality.The Association of MBAs detailed assessment process is conducted by an independent panel of senior business school academics who focus purely on the business school’s MBA programme. The criteria upon which MBA programmes are judged are constantly revised and updated by the Association’s International Accreditation Advisory Board to reflect the changing nature of management and business.

As an impartial authority on postgraduate business education, AMBA is committed to the development of the MBA. Its accreditation ensures that an MBA programme is of the highest quality, relevant to the dynamic world of business, and that the programme reflects the latest social, environmental and cultural management requirements, plus the trends and innovation in management training. To find out more about the Association of MBAs accredited business schools and MBA programmes go to

DEVELOP YOURSELF & YOUR ORGANISATION UWS Business School offers a range of flexible educational and training courses for managers so that you can continue to work full time while you develop yourself and your organisation. Key features of our programmes are: real-world workplace emphasis, flexible content, flexible delivery and our client-centred approach to service excellence. As well as UWS and Chartered Management Institute accredited courses available on an open basis, we work flexibly with organisations to create customised solutions that meet their individual requirements. These can range from a two-day performance management course to a two-year Executive MBA. Executive MBA Diploma in Public Service Leadership Diploma in Management & Leadership An Introduction to Marketing Research

Communication & Consumer Behaviour Marketing of Services Selling and Negotiating for Profit Not-for-Profit Marketing: Changing Behaviour Developing Client Relationships

To enrol for these programmes or to discuss bespoke development solutions for your organisation, please contact West of Scotland Management Centre on: telephone: 01292 886400 email:

University of the West of Scotland is a registered Scottish charity. Charity number SC002520.


BC February/March 2013

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29/1/13 12:24:24

The New Edinburgh Executive MBA.

What’s on your agenda? Delivered in 36 hours x 24 months

Got a smartphone? Scan this QR code to visit the Executive MBA site.

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336

You don’t have to travel to London, Boston or Paris to attend an exceptional business school. Just get off at Queen Street. International accreditation and ranking place Strathclyde Business School in the top ten in the UK and top 20 in Europe. From our bespoke Executive Education programmes to our portfolio of innovative master degrees, from our high calibre graduates to our research excellence, it’s not surprising that many of our former students can be found in the boardrooms of major companies across the world. So if you’re in Scotland, the start of a successful international business career could be just a short journey away. Check our website for details on our Postgraduate open day, Wednesday 13th March.

The University of Strathclyde is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, number sc015263

February/March 2013

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29 29/1/13 12:24:25

108320 BC issueErskine 21.inddBus 30Comment 270x210.indd 1

20/11/2012 09:20 29/1/13 12:24:37

12 09:20

Don’t find yourself up the creek. Don’t find yourself up the creek.

Law At Work are your expert partners in employment law, HR and health & safety. We know that time consuming and expensive legal issues can take your business into dangerous waters. By delivering theyour highexpert qualitypartners service Law At Work are you expect from a leading law firm,&at in employment law, HR and health an affordable, all-inclusive price, we will safety. We know that time consuming guide you safely through the rapids. and expensive legal issues can take your business into dangerous waters. By deliveringyour the high quality service Minding business. you expect from a leading law firm, at an affordable, all-inclusive0141 price, we5555 will 271 guide you safely through the rapids.

Minding your business.

BC issue 21.indd 31 G12346 Law Creek BI Repro.indd 1

0141 271 5555

29/1/13 12:24:41 10/12/2012 14:35

sPeCiAl FeAture

The pension revolution is under way The biggest change in pensions for more than a hundred years started in October when automatic enrolment began to roll out.

Development (CIPD), based on a survey of more than 1,000 employers across all sectors of the economy.

Beginning with the largest firms, employers will be required by law to pay into a workplace pension for staff who do not opt out.

The CIPD also surveyed more than 2,000 employees and found that 62% of those not currently saving through a workplace pension plan to stay opted in when they are auto-enrolled. As a consequence, the CIPD predicts that if the rest of the UK workforce behaves in a similar fashion to those surveyed the overall percentage of those in a workplace pension could increase from 52% to 82%.

It was estimated that by the end of 2012, about 600,000 more people in the UK will be saving into a workplace pension and by May 2015 about 4.3 million people will be saving for their old age. Steve Webb, Minister for Pensions, said: “We will start seeing large firms, such as banks and big supermarkets, automatically enrolling their staff into a workplace pension. Between now and 2018, more and more employers will come on stream - right down to the smallest ones. If we can get between six and nine million more people saving in a pension by the time all employers are in, that’s a genuine savings revolution.” A recent report suggested that 88% of employers are fully aware of their requirements to auto-enrol staff into a pension scheme, but only 51% have looked beyond legal compliance and taken steps to ensure their pension arrangements meet the needs of the business and employees. The finding came in research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and


Charles Cotton, CIPD Rewards Adviser, said of the information contained in the report Labour Market Outlook: Focus on pension auto-enrolment: “It looks likely that automatic pension enrolment will significantly boost the numbers of employees saving for their retirement.” He added: “Some organisations may feel forced to offset some of the additional costs by reducing wage growth or cutting other benefits, but it is important that employers examine how they can turn these costs into an investment that will bring a return to the organisation in the form of higher employee engagement, as well as aligning their pension scheme with the organisation’s business strategy, brand and culture. Our survey reveals that while much has already been done in this regard employers still need to do more.”

Getting your returns right in Real Time HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have published guidance on late and inaccurate PAYE returns for 2012-13 and 2013-14 under the ‘Real Time’ initiative. There will be no change to the penalties for late filing of returns for the tax years 2012-13 and 2013-14. The current penalty regime will continue to apply at the tax year end. There will be no penalties if in-year Full Payment Submissions (FPSs) are submitted late. Employers and pension providers must submit an FPS on or before they pay an employee or pensioner. If they still have information to send after 5 April, they can send this on an FPS until 19 April, then on an Earlier Year Update after that. HMRC has now started contacting employers with apparent underpayments to help them get up-to-date. More information is available at http://www.

BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 32

29/1/13 12:24:53

Sage 200 200 Business Business Partners Partners offer offer professional professional RTI RTI advice advice Sage The biggest change in the operations The biggest change in the operations and submission of Payroll in over 60 and submission of Payroll in over 60 years comes into force in April 2013. years comes into force in April 2013. Real Time Information (RTI) will require Real Time Information (RTI) will require employers to send data about their employers to send data about their PAYE, NIC, student loans and other PAYE, NIC, student loans and other deductions to HMRC every time they deductions to HMRC every time they pay their employees and it is essential pay their employees and it is essential that your business is ready for these that your business is ready for these important changes. important changes. This information needs to be This information needs to be submitted electronically on or before submitted electronically on or before the employees payment date the employees payment date increasing the demands on the increasing the demands on the employer. employer.

BC issue 21.indd 33

Whether you wish to continue to Whether you wish to continue to handle Payroll in-house or would like to handle Payroll in-house or would like to explore the possibilities of explore the possibilities of Out-sourcing your Payroll, Acumen Out-sourcing your Payroll, Acumen Accountants and Advisors Limited, a Accountants and Advisors Limited, a Sage Business Partner for over 20 Sage Business Partner for over 20 years, can provide years, can provide you with all the you with all the information and information and assistance needed to assistance needed to ease the transition. ease the transition. Director Lisa Bruce Director Lisa Bruce said: “We have had a said: “We have had a lot of enquiries regarding RTI already lot of enquiries regarding RTI already and are now in a position that we are and are now in a position that we are

prepared for the change, being able to prepared for the change, being able to offer the friendly and professional offer the friendly and professional advice sought. advice sought. “The changes will definitely come with “The changes will definitely come with teething issues as well as an additional teething issues as well as an additional administrative burden to businesses. administrative burden to businesses. “Acumen are happy to provide anyone “Acumen are happy to provide anyone with advice and assistance in preparing with advice and assistance in preparing for the new RTI requirements and can for the new RTI requirements and can also offer training and support on also offer training and support on existing Payroll software or new existing Payroll software or new software, should it be required.” software, should it be required.” Call your nearest office today on one of Call your nearest office today on one of the contact numbers below to find out the contact numbers below to find out more. more.

29/1/13 12:25:03

AdVertoriAl Simple-to-use, with a friendly interface and with an even friendlier team of support accountants on hand, FreeAgent uses none of the confusing accounting jargon common to traditional software.The award-winning accounting system is hosted in the cloud, making it accessible on the move and allowing users to collaborate with their accountant in real-time. But while a lot of users say how useful and time-saving the service has been for them, it’s actually the enjoyment and fun that many have got from using it that’s perhaps been the most startling revelation. Twitter feedback says it all: ‘@freeagent. Can’t imagine trying to manage things without it. It’s so good it actually makes accounting fun...’ Try it for free at Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent

FreeAgent’s 5 top tips for keeping on top of the books when you’re running a small business:

Fun by Numbers Few entrepreneurs are driven to start their businesses by a love of bookkeeping, but an increasing number are actually finding doing the books fun! What’s their secret? Edinburgh-based FreeAgent. If you run a small business, you’re probably following your passion, or putting that inspired idea you had into practice at long last. It’s unlikely that you started out so you could immerse yourself in the bookkeeping. In fact small business owners often describe managing the finances as boring, frustrating and even scary! Doing the books can feel like an unwelcome distraction from the work they love, and many end up feeling guilty about not being up-to-date but worried about how much tax they may have to pay. Employing a bookkeeper or accountant can help, but can also distance the owner from their business finances. Managing cash flow, knowing where you stand on tax liabilities, as well as tracking expenses and unpaid invoices are vital. In addition, having a handle on the profitability of individual projects or clients helps with building a successful business.


Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent compares traditional accounting to driving a car by looking in a rear-view mirror. ‘When you’re speaking to your accountant at the end of the year or quarter and finding out how you’ve done it’s all too late, having a real-time view of what’s going on lets you move your business forward and take advice from your accountant in time to be able to action it.’ This was one of the reasons he founded FreeAgent. Fed up with wrestling with spreadsheets, he felt that small business accounting was far too difficult and it didn’t have to be. So FreeAgent was born, an online accounting system designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses or freelancers managing their finances.

1. Do your books regularly - set aside a time slot each week or month. 2. Invoice your customers promptly - FreeAgent lets you email invoices with embedded links to payment providers like PayPal so your customers can pay in a few clicks; you can also set up automatic payment reminders and repeat invoices. 3. Track your costs on the go - with FreeAgent you can add expenses from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. And expense management tools, such as Receipt Bank, let you take a photo of your receipt and automatically upload it to your accounts. 4. Don’t miss out costs remember to include all your expenses and costs or you could be paying too much tax as your profit figure will be higher than it should be - if in doubt, speak to an accountant. 5. Monitor your cash flow - track current incomings and outgoings but also keep in mind future payments to be made, such as taxes - FreeAgent’s tax timeline projects what you owe the taxman and when.

BC February/March 2013

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Accounting where tax is less stressful Accounting where invoices chase themselves Accounting without the paper and spreadsheets Accounting where you’UHƪQDOO\LQcontrol

Accounting for humans.

Send professional invoices and automatically chase payments Import bank statements and sort transactions




Forecast tax commitments

Manage expenses ·


Send estimates

Submit VAT returns direct to HMRC

Try it for free at OR CALL

0800 2 888 691

FreeAgent Central Limited. Registered in Scotland No. SC316774 at 40 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH3 8JB · Subject to Terms of Service · See website for details

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We are set up to provide a bookkeeping and payroll service to sole traders, partnerships and small companies in the Edinburgh area. We can also provide management accounting and business planning service.

For any small business, we can assist you with preparation for these changes and to operate the payroll services on your behalf.

We are looking to give a flexible part-time service to those organisations that do not require full-time staff.

Grant Turner has book-keeping and accounting experience in the small business sector and administrative experience in the public and banking sectors.

We are experienced in:•

Sage Line 50 Accounts

Sage Line 50 Payroll and Other Payrolls

Nominal, Sales and Purchases Ledgers in other software

VAT returns and online filing.

Management and Financial accounts.

Budgets and cash flow forecasting.

For all businesses who employ any staff and have a PAYE reference number from HM Revenue and Customs will be aware that the deadline for RTI (Real Time Information) is fast approaching and by April 2013 will need to have the extra information needed and to have the approved computer software to implement the new additional requirements.


This family partnership has been established to incorporate the business of Robert C Turner.

Robert Turner has been in business for over ten years providing Financial Management and Business support to small and medium sized companies, partnerships and sole traders. He has thirty years experience in industry at Financial Director Level. If you feel your business can benefit from our expertise, please contact us on:

E-Mail Mobile 07732 632871

E-mail Mobile 07887 651789 Website

? u know Did yobon footprint

The car h us of a journey witwill be is and always



OUR SERVICES We provide professional chauffeur services throughout Scotland. Whether you are travelling between or around cities, to or from an airport or even touring Scotland, our uniformed, polite and friendly chauffeurs will ensure that your journey is enjoyable and trouble free.

Direct Comparison eCorporate travel can reduce CO2 emissions by over 62% with the Toyota Prius, compared to that of a Standard LTI Hackney Cab

This comparison chart is guide lined by VOSA.

T: 0131 6109810 M: 07775 504793 E: W:


BC February/March 2013

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Inthespotlight Company name: grayling scotland Who? Joanna Buggy, Associate director Website: What were you doing between 10 and 12 this morning? I was on a conference call with others from around the Grayling UK network, discussing the importance of quality client relationships and how we help our staff develop skills and behaviour that enhances these relationships.

What do you see as your job’s biggest challenge? Public Relations can be seen as a nice-tohave rather than an essential component of a company’s operations. Reputation management can, however, be closely linked to commercial success and is dependent on insightful, strategic communications. As an industry we need to address such misconceptions.

What do you consider your biggest business triumph? I am proud of the strength and quality of my client relationships.

do you have any money-saving business tips? It is increasingly important to be resource efficient as a business. As a matter of course, we recycle and print double-sided and in black and white.We also seek to reduce energy use by turning off lights, computers and all office equipment when not in use rather than just switching them to stand-by.

What do you believe are the 3 key stages on your career ladder? I started out in a London tech PR agency with clients including BT. After a couple of years, I secured a role as a journalist on a

business magazine, allowing me to appreciate things from both sides of the fence. Upon my return to Scotland ten years ago, I joined what is now Grayling. It has been through various guises since and has continuously offered new challenges.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to others trying to reach the top?

Where do you stand on work/life balance?

Who is your hero?

I have recently had my first child which really puts this issue in the spotlight. I truly believe that to allow you to be happy and productive at work you have to have a good balance.While we all sometimes have to work longer to get things done, working late all the time is not sustainable.

Stay true to yourself and take pride in everything you do.

My sister. She recently lost her husband and is now bringing up her young daughters on her own.

Any business (or other) projects you would like to plug?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

We are very proud of all our clients so I can’t single one out.We won four CIPR Pride Awards in December which is a fantastic achievement for the agency, and definitely something to shout about!

I love good company, good food and good wine. Spending time with my family and friends is always precious.

other than your current position, what would be your dream job?

What qualities do you need to see in your employees? Enthusiasm, inspiration and an ability to use initiative is essential. It’s also an advantage to have a good sense of fun.

in business, is it more important to be liked or successful? One should never be at the expense of the other. In business, success translates to profits while likeability doesn’t necessarily – in theory.That said, when I think about the truly successful people in my network of contacts – one of their common traits is their likeability.

Quizmaster on Pointless!

Who (living or dead) would you invite to a fantasy dinner party? Stephen Fry (though I imagine he’s very much in demand on the fantasy dinner party circuit). If he couldn’t make it, perhaps Alexander Armstrong could step in with his many obscure facts gleaned from Pointless.Ty Burrell, who plays Phil Dunphy in Modern Family, would be invited, simply because I love that programme and his outlook on life.

outside of business, what is the most important thing in your life? My family.

February/March 2013

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37 29/1/13 12:25:24

Goinginternational UK Government provides finance for export market

Cormack Consultancy gets award

Edinburgh firm secures award for international success Edinburgh-based Cormack Consultancy Group (CGG), which specialises in trade facilitation and knowledge transfer, has been recognised for its achievements in international markets. CCG’s accolade came at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry International Awards, held in the Emirates Arena, home of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The awards recognise the global successes of Scotland’s leading internationally-focused companies, showcasing Scotland as an outward looking and enterprising nation. The Brodies LLP International Award for Innovation in Product or Service Development was presented to CCG by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in recognition of the company’s service innovation which has made a significant impact on its ability to win work internationally. CCG comprises companies specialising in trade facilitation and knowledge transfer and employs 20 full-time staff across its UK and overseas offices in Edinburgh, Riga, Kaunas, Moscow, Bucharest and Kolkata. CCG has been helping UK companies work internationally for more than 11 years and has assisted more than 400 companies of all sizes to work successfully in the Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Russian markets.


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 38

Charles Cormack, Managing Director of CCG, said: “Cormack Consultancy Group is thrilled to have won this prestigious award. The decision we took 12 months ago to reassess our business and innovate in terms of the service we offer and the business model we use has proven extremely successful. “Those changes have allowed us to open three new offices in the last 12 months, adding Russia, India and Romania to our existing offices in Scotland, Latvia and Lithuania.” “The new focus of our business has allowed us to secure clients from many international markets, including the USA, Sweden, Poland, Australia and Germany, as well as markets where we have offices.” “The service we offer helps companies develop internationalisation strategies.We work in markets that are booming. It is working so well because we have learnt in the areas where we have global offices how to maximise opportunities through local knowledge, partnerships and investment.” Grant Campbell, Lead International Partner at Brodies LLP, said: “The Cormack Consultancy Group stands out for its focus on helping Scottish companies internationalise their business. Its recent expansions into Russia, India and Romania is proof of this commitment and its impressive list of client testimonials demonstrates that the Cormack Consultancy Group is the real deal.”

Chancellor George Osborne has confirmed that the UK Government’s funding for the new Business Bank will include support for exporters. The Government will co-invest at least £300m over the next two years, alongside private investors, which is expected to help diversify the sources of finance available to small businesses. Up to £50m will be deployed in 2013, peaking at £300m in 2015/16, then a final instalment of £150m in 2017/18. The bank will deploy £1bn of additional capital and enable UK Export Finance (UKEF) to provide up to £1.5bn in loans to finance small firms’ exports. British Chambers of Commerce Director General John Longworth said: “We are pleased that the Chancellor is listening to our call for greater investment in trade and export support, which can help companies break into new markets across the globe. Exporting businesses will welcome the commitment of new funding, as long as it is used to help them strengthen their exporting capability and to exploit opportunities in fast-growing markets overseas.” “We also welcome the fact that the Government recognises the crucial role played by Chambers of Commerce, both here in the UK and overseas, as a unique resource for exporters and as the first port of call for traders the world over.”

29/1/13 12:25:29


Team members from RSM Tenon, Sykes, Optos and O2 selling their products at the Challenge Scotland Christmas Fair.

On 20th February an awards ceremony will be held at Edinburgh Castle to celebrate the winner of Dragons’ Glen, a unique business challenge where teams are pitted against each other to use their business skills to turn an investment of £500 into £5,000+ to support the charity CHILDREN 1ST. With mentoring from panels of Dragons, the challenge has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to develop individual and group business skills as well as provide a rewarding way to raise money for CHILDREN 1ST. And with Dragons including Frank Blin CBE, Michelle Mone OBE, Sir Willie Haughey, Ken Lewandowski, Judy Wagner, Michael Laing OBE and Mike Welch, it’s no surprise that teams are feeding back what a great experience this is for them. One contestant said: “It is great to be part of this unique and worthy project. We have broken the project down to sales, marketing, financial profit and loss and project management with each person taking on a role which is out with their regular roles of responsibility, allowing the team to experience different areas of a business. It is a brilliant opportunity for us.”

The teams have all taken a different approach to the challenge, showing the great versatility of Dragons’ Glen to fit with the skills and resources available within each team. For some, innovation has led the way, as seen with O2’s augmented reality cookbook and Optos’ children’s book. O2’s cookbook comes with an app that allows you to watch a video of restaurant chefs preparing the dishes over your smartphone, whilst Optos’s clinically approved book provides fun and engaging eye tests for young children within a story book format. Others have found that the personal touch works best for them. Sykes have created a cookbook that draws on the childhood favourites of their international staff, whilst RSM Tenon’s calendar has been illustrated by children from local primary schools as well as some children from CHILDREN 1ST services.

Websites have provided other sources of inspiration, with Bellcom designing a Glasgow focused student website and Baker Tilly designing one that showcases great places in Edinburgh to take wee ones. Teams have looked at what they have within the business to use, as shown by Shepherd and Wedderburn’s low carbon education event. What all teams have done is stretch themselves and their business skills to ensure that as much money as possible goes to help Scotland’s vulnerable children. CHILDREN 1ST will be running the competition again in 2013, and will be taking applications to enter from February. If you would like any more information on the challenge or on CHILDREN 1ST, please get in touch on or visit

February/March 2013

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Free workshops to help your business grow.

Business Gateway has a range of free workshops to help you grow your business. Tuesday 05 February (6pm - 9pm) - Becoming an employer Tuesday 12 February (6pm -8.30pm) - Networking session Tuesday 12 February (6pm -9pm) - Get real results from your website Tuesday 19 February (6pm - 9pm) - VAT for new businesses Tuesday 26 February (6pm - 9pm) - Improve your search enginge ranking These workshops are all held in Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG. To book a place on a workshop visit, or call the local office on 0131 529 6644.

0845 609 6611

Business Gateway services are delivered by Local Authorities, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Government with the support of associated partner organisations. Maximum call charge from BT landline is 3p a minute. BC issue 21.indd 40

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Asktheexpert Q: I am a self-employed business consultant. One of my clients is asking me to run a training course to explain the changes resulting from the consulting assignment. I’ve never run a training course before and wonder whether I should hire a freelance trainer or do it myself. What should I consider in making a decision? A: If you were to “outsource” this, it needs to be handled carefully. Firstly, select a trainer you know, like and trust, and introduce them to your client ASAP. You should attend the training session, so you can answer any technical or detailed questions that arise. The role of “Consultant as Trainer” is 80% your experience about the subject, and 20% your skill as a trainer. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll need to go through the following seven stage process:

1: Clarify your objectives for the training with your client

2: Anticipate the likely learning styles of delegates

3: Prepare a logical “flow” of information to meet the objective 4: Plan activities and exercises around the learning styles and the logical flow 5: Create some slides and flipcharts to use in the training 6: Practice, practice, practice, to ensure you know the activities and the timescales 7: Amend your plan and slides based on the practice sessions

do this yourself, or key questions to ask potential training providers.

If you’re a consultant, looking to add provision of training as a product/service for clients, give me a call to talk through how to

Bryan Leslie, Abacus Coaching Ltd, T: 0131 344 0428, E:

GetwithIT By Bill Magee

Scottish Business Technology Writer of the Year

HBJ Gateley law firm Partner Andrew Walker has alerted me that the “Patent Box” that brings with it the opportunity to gain significant savings in your corporation tax starts operating in April, 2013. Interested? Anything that brings a chink of light amidst all the gloom in these still far-from-certain economic times - and crucially stimulate commercial creativity whilst helping to develop intellectual property assets - is to be welcomed. Ian Lewis, a Partner with Johnston Carmichael chartered accountants, describes the innovation as “possibly the single most important development for manufacturing and technology businesses.” Companies that develop and exploit their own patents (or patents for which they have an exclusive licence) will be able to elect into a regime that gradually reduces the rate of

corporation tax on profits they generate by doing so to 10 per cent. Interested businesses are urged to get their house in order, especially as regards patent-related decision making processes, in preparation for the incoming regime. Furthermore, it will only apply to companies - so now might be the time to incorporate a growing technology or manufacturing business. Groups may even consider moving high profit patents into special purpose subsidiaries. Vivien McKee, a Director with IT business solutions experts Campbell Nash whose clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays Wealth, Petrofac, BP and Wood Makenzie, thinks the “Patent Box” is long overdue.

allowed to apply a 10 per cent preferential rate of corporation tax to profits attributable to patents. “Sounds like a ‘Win-Win all round.’” * Catch Bill’s Daily TechPost (most days!) #billamagee and regular microbloat Contact Bill through

“Companies can use the technology they own and the skills they possess better, and will be

February/March 2013

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41 29/1/13 12:25:37

TENDER PAIN? Intend has some remedies to ease your bidding agony …..

“Where can we find information about lower value contracts?” You can find many lower value tender notices on (PCS) Public bodies have their own internal rules for when to publish a tender on PCS and the majority do so for anything over £30K some go as low as £10K. Make sure you are registered on PCS and have completed your Supplier Finder Profile. This is all free.


The Open Hospitality Edinburgh Chamber Members Offer

Buyers also use PCS for the Quick Quotes service for low value contracts. They will search the Supplier Profiles and select a number of companies to send a Request for Quote to. As a supplier you are not able to influence whether they choose you to participate via this system so it is important to use other marketing approaches to raise buyers’ awareness of your company as well.

Intend business development HP

Several public bodies publish Tender Registers on their websites – usually a list of recurring contracts which will include lower value opportunities not published elsewhere. Others have online supplier databases which they use to source quotes for smaller contracts.

“Where can we get help with all the policies required in tenders?” The main policies required in tenders are Health & Safety, Environment/Sustainability and Equality & Diversity. The Supplier Development Programme provides free workshops and templates to help understand what should be in your policy documents. Other useful sources are the Health & Safety Executive, Healthy Working Lives, Zero Waste Scotland, Energy Saving Trust and the Equalities & Human Rights Commission Scotland.

For confidential help with tenders and links to useful information, please contact:

0780 829 4981 Intend Business Development Ltd


To celebrate The Open Championship coming to Muirfield this year we would like to offer Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce members the opportunity to receive a 10% saving on all hospitality packages for Saturday 20th July and Sunday 21st July 2013 and see the world’s greatest golfers compete for sports oldest Major. Situated on Muirfield’s 9th hole The Official Open Hospitality Village offers the perfect setting to absorb the atmosphere, build relationships and savour fine food.The day includes breakfast, lunch and traditional Open afternoon tea as well as a complimentary bar service throughout the day. Comprising premier restaurants and exclusive and private suites the hospitality village provides a variety of options to suite all tastes including our Premier Suites, Gallery Restaurant,The 1860 Club or the Champion Bistro. To redeem this offer and book your official on-course hospitality package contact The Open Hospitality team quoting ‘Edinburgh Chamber Feb/March’ on:T:+44(0)844 371 0883 or email: or for further information, please visit

BC February/March 2013

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BC issue 21.indd 43 2070_TheOpen_Business_com_mag_advert.indd 1

29/1/13 12:25:44 01/11/2012 09:56

Gettingstarted Name: Elise MacDonald & Joanne Lynn Business name: Lux Events Start up date: June 2012 Website: q1: tell us a bit about your business?

q5: What has been your greatest business success to date?

Lux is a creative and forward thinking events company. We offer both freelance and full event management services – our clients choose the resource that best fits with them.

Being appointed the Marketing Society’s Scotland event partner. We help run their 30+ events a year.

q6: What has been your lowest moment?

q2: What gives your business ‘the x-factor’? We have over 30 years events experience between us and openly share our knowledge and expertise with our clients, partners and suppliers. For us, it’s all about collaboration. We also have a soft spot for Twitter.

q3: What motivated you to set up in business for yourself? After 6 years working together we both wanted a chance to explore new opportunities and drive forward a business that not only provides a great service but also nurtures talent and is ultimately a great place to work.

q4: What do you like most about working for yourself? Flexible hours, making the important decisions and decorating the office.

So far we haven’t had one. Its early days so we’re still in the honeymoon period.

q7: in terms of business achievements, where do you want to be within the next 5 years? To have a slightly bigger team running more and more events across the UK, Ireland and possibly Europe. Also, for the Lux team to have the reputation of knowing their stuff, always giving 100% and being nice to work with.

q8: What would be your top tip to someone thinking of starting up their own business? Surround yourself with positive, supportive people.

Proposals seek to improve access to Waverley Station Proposals to further improve access to Waverley Station have been published. The Department for Transport (DfT) has been working with Network Rail to better manage vehicle movements within stations to improve passenger safety and welfare. Following discussions between the City of Edinburgh Council and Network Rail, the proposed solution is to allow access into Waverley Station for Network Railauthorised taxis and specialised disabled organisation vehicles via a controlled entry system. At the same time, works on Waverley Bridge and Market Street are being proposed to provide replacement facilities for those previously provided within Waverley Station, mainly taxi and passenger drop-off points.This comes as a direct consequence of Network


BC February/March 2013

BC issue 21.indd 44

Rail’s proposal to manage vehicular access to Waverley Station by means of a barrier system. This controlled access will not, however, be able to accommodate the current level of taxis entering the station at peak times - three per minute. In light of the above, the Council has been working on a raft of measures designed to mitigate congestion and improve access in the area surrounding the Capital’s main railway station. These designs include: n Provision for taxi stacking on Market Street to allow controlled access into Waverley Station;

n Improvements to footways, kerb alignment and pedestrian crossingsin order to enhance the pedestrian environment on Waverley Bridge; and n Improvements to footways, surfacing and drainage on Market Street. Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener, said: “The designs the Council has produced, coupled with Network Rail’s investment into new lifts and escalators, will make it much easier for everyone to access Waverley Station as well as improving the surrounding area with resurfaced carriageway and footways and a new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Market Street and Waverley Bridge.”

n A new roundabout at the junction of East Market Street and Jeffrey Street to improve access to the new pick up/drop off bays;

29/1/13 12:25:46

Don’t let the snow and ice freeze your productivity Phil Rider, Chairman at OneStream discusses flexible working. The Pentland Suite at the Edinburgh Marriott has been transformed! With new fixtures, fittings and technology built in, we can hold 50-250 people in our refurbished Pentland Suite. We know the big picture is made of the tiniest details so you can rely on us to make your meeting a success. For smaller meetings or events our Rivers Suites provide the perfect backdrop with views over the Pentland Hills. Our fully functional spaces can fit your group and your budget, not to mention all the technology to meet your needs and help your delegates perform. The amenities are amazing. The service is superb. And the expectations will be exceeded. For further information or to arrange to see any of our space call Jennifer Campbell on 0131 334 9191.

Edinburgh Marriott Hotel 111 Glasgow Road Edinburgh EH12 8NF

Following the recent snow flurry across the UK, I must ask, did this have any effect on your business? Was your work force a little lighter than usual? Were you able to maintain the usual level of service? Here at OneStream we have ‘mobile working’ and ‘remote working’ solutions for our staff. For those that have no meetings and no reason to risk the journey to the work place they can go on about their work with no disruption. Our remote operating system enables me and many of my colleagues to operate from anywhere as if we are sat at our desks. I simply click on an icon on my laptop using a broadband facility, which could include mobile broadband with 3G speeds, tethering from my mobile device or use of a Mi-Fi device, and I am connected to my office via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is fully password protected and so, secure, taking only a few seconds to connect me. At this point I am prompted to click another icon called remote desktop, and within another couple of seconds, I am presented with my normal desktop view I would have were I sat behind my desk. As I tend to access most of my files from the server, I am straight into them and able to carry on where I left off yesterday, all with total security. At the same time my Smartphone is chirping away constantly with the latest emails, so I can switch between screens and attend to them whilst continuing working. Making and receiving phone calls is not an issue as we have Vodafone One Net which offers seamless integration between my office desk phone and my mobile with no call diversion costs and unlimited calls. In addition, we have recently adopted Microsoft 365 cloud services and our CRM database is also in the cloud – so we have all we need at our finger tips provided we have an internet or data connection. Whilst I would never under estimate the social value of working in an office environment, this is undoubtedly a very efficient way to work whilst the weather is so poor. Perhaps you would like to review the way your company stays connected via remote or mobile working solutions. Contact us to arrange a free consultation on 01506 674019 or email

Tel: 0131 334 9191

February/March 2013

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45 29/1/13 12:25:52

         

Tabbard QP

    

 

 

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Sponsor The Future! Entrepreneurial Revolution 2013

On the 20/11/13 during Global Entrepreneurship Week, We Are...The Future! is launching Entrepreneurial Revolution 2013 in Edinburgh. Aimed at Budding or Existing Young Entrepreneurs at all levels, who want to get their business off the ground, expand an existing idea or simply want to be inspired by some of the most prominent business figures in the UK. We Are...The Future! is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise organisation and cannot run these events without the kind support from the business community. Working with a range of young people from all across the UK - together we will revolutionise entrepreneurship! Sponsorship comes in many forms, financial, donating your time, a venue or your experience! If you want to help stimulate entrepreneurial activity in Scotland then please get in touch and sponsor ENTREPRENEURIAL REVOLUTION 2013!

To find it out more please contact Bruce Walker on:

Tel: 07855449327 Email:

find us on

Calling all jugglers! Celebrate International Women’s Day with us on Friday 8th March. Hear from a range of ordinary but extraordinary women like you. Our host is former Corporate Lawyer and now award winning Mumpreneur Anna Louise Simpson – AKA “Mama Tea”. Take part in our wellbeing workshops, have a pamper, enjoy a glass of bubbly and a delicious lunch. Bring friends, meet new ones, network, be inspired and learn something new. Above all else, have FUN! When: Friday 8th March 2013 Where: The Merchants’ Hall, Hanover Street Time: 10am – 3pm Price: £60 per person (discount available for groups of 6) For more information and to book please contact Claire Edwards on 0131 718 6003 or

resolve – providing personalised solutions for improving mental wellbeing, including training, group work and one-to-one support. resolve is funded by the Scottish Government’s Enterprise Growth Fund and is part of Health in Mind, registered Charity: SC004128


BC February/March 2013

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New Year heralds a special birthday for Scottish homeless charity With the New Year comes the 30th anniversary of homeless charity, Bethany Christian Trust. From humble beginnings in 1983, Bethany has grown to provide a comprehensive and award-winning range of services to support homeless and vulnerable people in communities across Scotland. As well as celebrating the lives of the thousands of people who have received support in the past, the charity is very aware of the difference that still needs to be made. Bethany Chief Executive, Iain Gordon, has been clear about the focus of the charity’s work in 2013. “Our 30th anniversary marks a generation of changed lives. Now, we are preparing to address the issues facing the next generation of Scotland’s vulnerable people. From young people at risk of homelessness or families struggling to hold it together to isolated older people in our communities, we are going forward with renewed energy to transform lives in Scotland.” The charity is highlighting a range of events aimed at companies. Whether you fancy a fun night sleeping under the stars in places across the country or the opportunity for fine dining at Prestonfield House, the charity would love to hear from you if you want to make a difference in the lives of homeless people in Scotland this year. For further information about what you can do to change a life forever, please contact or call 0131 561 8926.

The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce welcomes its latest member companies: Alistair Hawkins - Architect Ltd

Invision Contractors Ltd

All Cleaned Up (Scotland) Limited

John Duncan Removals

Aviour LTD

Lemuria Life Coaching Ltd

Blake Fleming LLP

Leuchie House

Business Champions Ltd, The


Denholm Associates

MoREOF Investment Management Limited

Emerson Process Management Ltd - Analytical

NAC Networkz LTD

Evolution Property Care LTD


Face Up


Get Me Advertising LTD

Reporting for Business Ltd


Schematic LTD



Hepburn Consultancy, The

Thorntons Law LLP


Velos Energy Ltd

February/March 2013

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47 29/1/13 12:26:08

Our services Commercial Cleaning Property cleaning and hygiene Our scheduled activities include:

Do you have a need to turn around empty properties and then keep them let with a minimum of fuss? We are All Cleaned Up Scotland and we can be your ‘one stop shop’ for junk clearance, deep cleaning and repairs/maintenance works. Whether it’s managing your own or others properties, we are here to help. At All Cleaned Up Scotland we not only provide you with an affordable solution to your needs we also guarantee that it will be better value and quality than what you currently have. And that’s guaranteed! Not only that, but you can rest easy in that by supporting us as a local Social Enterprise of choice you are supporting charitable works in your area

So go on, let us take the stress out of your mess! Unit 4 7 Sandport Place Leith Edinburgh EH6 6EU

• Carpet and upholstery cleaning • Wall and hard surface washing (high and low level) • Close/stairwell and backyard cleaning • Car park and communal area cleaning e.g. litter removal • Deep cleans of commercial kitchens and toilet areas including ductwork and canopies • Hygiene Certification(if required) • High or difficult access cleaning Our reactive activities include: • Void or abandoned property cleans • Blast cleaning and graffiti removal (both steam and pressure) • Fire damage restoration • Flood damage restoration • Buy to let handover cleans Our biohazard and clinical activities include: • Police cell type decontamination • Sharps and syringe removal • Crime/trauma scenes (death or serious injury) • Drug & prostitute dens

Clearance works Do you know that as a business you have a ‘duty of care’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990? You could be committing an offence by not managing your waste appropriately. As a SEPA registered waste carrier we can safely and securely deal with; • General household or business waste including recycled material • Void property clearances • Garden, attic or garage waste • Construction or builders debris • Furniture and electrical appliances • Fire and water damage • Fly tipping removal • Garden maintenance (including parking areas) • Winter snow and ice clearing • Leaf and other windfall debris • Litter picking

Repairs and Maintenance services Using our time served trade supervisors we can supply a range of high quality trade services including: • Decorating • Joinery works • Plumbing • Electrical We can carry out both scheduled and re-active works from • Minor repairs e.g. light bulbs and door handle repairs to • Re-fits and renovations

Phone: 0131 553 2151 Fax: 0131 553 7354 E-mail: BC issue 21.indd 48

29/1/13 12:26:10

PartnersinEnterprise Professor Tangney said: “We are truly honoured and thrilled to receive this incredible accolade. Scotland is leading the way in the renewables industry and we are delighted to be part of a sector supporting jobs and boosting the economy.” The prize was awarded to the Celtic Renewables team by Adrian Gillespie, Senior Director of Energy and Low Carbon Technologies at Scottish Enterprise, who said: “Celtic Renewables is a very worthy winner of the award for Best Innovation at this year’s Scottish Green Energy Awards. The company has come a long way since spinning out from Edinburgh Napier University only two years ago and is already a leading light in biofuel innovation.” Attached picture shows: R to L – Comedian and awards host Fred MacAulay, Mark Simmers, Celtic Renewables Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Gillespie, Senior Director of Energy and Low Carbon Technologies at Scottish Enterprise and Professor Martin Tangney, Founder of Celtic Renewables.

Innovation award for pioneering biofuel fi rm A pioneering Edinburgh company has been awarded for its groundbreaking work developing fuel from whisky. Celtic Renewables – a spin out firm from Edinburgh Napier University – landed the coveted title of “Best Innovation” for its sustainable biofuel product, at the Scottish Green Energy Awards.

Founded by Professor Martin Tangney, Director of the Biofuel Research Centre at Edinburgh Napier, the company has developed a process which transforms the two main by-products of whisky production, ‘pot ale’ and ‘draff ’, in to biofuel. Unlike other biofuels, the biobutanol produced from whisky residues can be used as a direct replacement for petrol, without the need to modify a vehicle’s engine. Celtic Renewables recently signed a major deal with Tullibardine Distillery in Perthshire, which will see the malt whisky producer becoming the first in the world to have its by-products converted into commercial fuel.

The Scottish Green Energy Awards, held at the National Museum of Scotland on Thursday 6th December, celebrated the success of the Scottish renewables industry. Business Secretary Vince Cable delivered a keynote speech at the event, telling the 1,000 strong audience: “The UK is a world leader in green energy, and Scotland is at the heart of this.” “The industry supports thousands of jobs and investment is on track to top £1 billion in 2012. This has been facilitated by collaboration in our universities and research institutes, commitment at all levels of government and business to secure investment and the hard work of those drilling piles and assembling kit in the North Sea.” Other winners on the night included Highlands and Islands Enterprise, who were awarded ‘Best Public Sector Initiative’, MSP Rob Gibson SNP who won ‘Best Politician’, and founder of AllEnergy, Judith Patten, who was recognised for her outstanding contribution to the industry. Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “The winners reflect the huge strength we have in Scotland’s homegrown renewable energy sector , in our supply chain and in the individuals that have all worked incredibly hard to make it another successful year for the industry.”

december 2012 /January 2013

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Jen Ford The new recruits Carole Tomlinson

Another Scottish fi rst at Anderson Strathern Carole Tomlinson, Senior Associate at leading Scottish law firm Anderson Strathern, has become the third lawyer in the firm to gain the Advanced Certificate (with distinction) for Family Business Advising from the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). Much of the work STEP members do focuses on advising family businesses with wealth structuring and succession planning issues. The qualification aims to enhance the advisory capacity, by helping the advisor build the complex mix of competencies required to offer an effective and wide-ranging service to the family business. Carole’s success augments what is already an extremely strong team and she now joins Anderson Strathern partners Steven McDonald and Ken Gerber, who also hold the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising. Robert Carr, Chairman, said: “I am delighted that Carole has successfully completed the qualification, resulting in Anderson Strathern having the highest number of STEP Family Business Advisors in Scotland. It is an excellent achievement both for Carole personally and the firm as a whole, and demonstrates our commitment to our families in business clients.”


Firm recruits staff to strengthen private client team Johnston Carmichael has bolstered its private client team with the appointment of three new directors, all of whom have joined from ‘Big 4’ accountancy giant PWC. Alex Docherty, who spent more than five years in her role as Senior Tax Manager, has joined Johnston Carmichael’s Edinburgh office where she will advise clients on a wide range of tax and succession planning issues. Billy Cleland and Nicola Horsburgh are based in the firm’s Elgin office. Billy spent eleven years in Leeds and Newcastle, providing bespoke tax advice to entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals while Nicola was based in Birmingham with PWC for more than 17 years, advising high net worth individuals and their families on tax and succession matters. The move comes as Johnston Carmichael aims to grow its private client practice across Scotland where it currently completes more than 12,000 tax returns. Edinburgh-based Tax Partner Peter Young said: “We see our private client offering as a key area and one in which we have enjoyed growth in recent years. Alex’s appointment sees our Edinburgh private client-focused team grow to nine people, all of whom are committed to providing the highest standard of advice on issues including tax compliance, income tax and capital taxes planning. All of our new recruits come with a high standard of experience in all those areas.”

New post for Jen Ford at ENU Jen Ford has been appointed as Marketing Officer within the Commercial Services team at Edinburgh Napier University promoting the exciting Business Tailor initiative. She has taken responsibility for the Business Tailor Marketing Strategy and co-ordination of quality marketing activities that build its profile and reputation. Before her appointment, Jen held a post as Marketing Executive at West Lothian College for six years. She said “I am looking forward to the challenge this project will bring and I’m eager to hit the ground running with new ideas and maximise communications to key target markets.”

Have you recently moved to a new role? Has your company employed a new member of staff? Would you like to be included in the movers and shakers page of Business Comment? If so then send a couple of paragraphs of information and a jpeg image of the person (minimum 300 dpi) to mayan.

BC February/March 2013

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The UK’s most punctual airline offers a 30 minute check-in, free inflight food and drink, a generous luggage allowance and flights from Edinburgh to Brussels, Copenhagen, Manchester and Zurich. All in all, a service for more aerodynamic business travel. Find out more at

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The Best Advice At Your Fingertips.

At SQA, we’re in touch with your business. We work with your industry to design a range of relevant qualifications to help develop the particular skills your business needs to be more productive and more competitive. And we offer a dedicated, named SQA Contact to give your company all the advice and guidance it needs to realise its full potential. Get in touch, we’re here to help.

t: 0303 333 0330 e: w:

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