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Innovation to meet the challenges of farming Economic Focus speaks to Mr Omar Dwaikat, Technical & Sales Manager, Middle East & North Africa, Alvan Blanch, a member of the ABCC. Kindly introduce the company to our readers, providing details of its origins, expansion and some landmarks in its history. Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines and integrated systems for the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials. We are proud of the reputation we have gained over more than 60 years for the quality of our innovative and reliable products and for the personal service that we give to all of our customers. An exceptionally wide product range encompasses some stages of mechanical processing for most of the world’s crops, varying in scale from individual machines to largescale industrial projects. The company's founder, the late, Alvan B. Blanch OBE, 1916 -1991, started his working life as a farmer and agricultural contractor. Through his prowess at sheep shearing he became head demonstrator R.A. Lister Co. (famous for diesel engines), which even involved him in a televised display of sheep shearing for a very early BBC farming programme in 1938. His really notable skill however was as an engineer, who, by applying a fresh and often very simple approach to problem solving, was able to substantially improve many of the farm machines that he encountered. Alvan’s inventive talents clearly needed a more challenging outlet and so it was that in 1946 he started his first business, A B Blanch Ltd, to design and manufacture new farm machinery. Then, after selling the original business, he founded Alvan Blanch Development Co Ltd in 1952. The 'development' part of the new company’s name made its

Flaking plant

purpose clear, innovation to meet the challenges of farming that was then undergoing rapid transformation. As is implied by the new company’s name, its objective from the very outset was to develop innovative engineering solutions to meet the needs of farmers and agroindustrialists. The design ethos was that no machine should be more complicated than functionally necessary and that the machines, while being easy to repair, should be built to last for a generation. Sales took off rapidly and those early design concepts for grain driers and feed mixers have evolved into the equivalent machines of today. A new factory was built on farmland and barns were converted into offices. The on-site farm became the test bed for all new products. The opportunity to assist in the mechanisation of agriculture elsewhere in the world was grasped with enthusiasm and an export team was established, with Alvan Blanch himself travelling worldwide.

He quickly recognised that agricultural traditions, dictated by culture, climate and economic factors varied enormously. Machinery should be just as varied - to meet the actual requirements in a country or region. He set his design team some very diverse challenges, leading to the creation of a range of products of extraordinary strength in depth. This was the foundation to the company’s success in international trade that was given official recognition in 1969 when Alvan Blanch was honoured with the award of the OBE by H M the Queen. He remained at the helm of the business right up until his death in 1991.

What are your key markets in the Middle East and the products most in demand? The Middle East has been a key market for Alvan Blanch where we have been active for over more than 40 years. Alvan Blanch have handled hundreds


Mobile fruit processing plant

of Feed Mills, Environmental & Organic Waste, Flaking Lines and Fruit Processing projects to both private and state sectors covering the storage of grain and the processing of every type of crop that is grown in the region.

Are there any notable awards and accolades that Alvan Blanch has achieved? We are twice winners of the Queen’s Award for International Trade; which is the ultimate recognition of achievement for any British exporter.

Can you tell us about some of the most important contracts, projects and successful ventures undertaken in the Mideast? Through years of feed processing experience and expertise, Alvan Blanch have achieved successfully the awards of numerous contracts to design, manufacture and the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials and we have reputable dairy farms in the Middle East, Reputable customers such as Al Marai, Al Safi, Nadec and others have since repeated

through time their demand especially for additional flaking lines from Alvan Blanch to meet their production growth.

Can you explain about the mobile fruit processing machinery manufactured by the company? Alvan Blanch custom designs and manufacture static and complete mobile fruit plants with washing, milling, blending and pasteurising for the fruit and vegetable processing industries. Alvan Blanch are experienced with processing tomato, pineapple, papaya, mango, apple

Seed cleaning plant – Egypt continued page 8


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Key Company Information • Exporting has been a key activity for Alvan Blanch for over 50 years. • More than 80% in turnover is to over 100 export markets worldwide. • This success attributed to our understanding the specific needs of our clients and selecting the most appropriate equipment. • Sales managers and service engineers travel widely from UK. • Local technical support offered through Approved Dealers in many major markets. • Regional Alvan Blanch offices have been established in UAE and Australia - and now under planning for East and West Africa.


and passion fruit. We guarantee operation to specific client requirements and constraints. We provide engineering and consulting services to help you achieve the simplest and most cost-effective solutions, to increase your efficiency and increase your profits. Alvan Blanch offers complete project management capability for process installation. Total project activity from initial consultation and design, through engineering to manufacture, installation, pre-commissioning, supervision, support to final start-up and commissioning.

Are there any wider “social” dimensions to your company’s business activities in the region, such as the education and training of local staff, or other work in the community, that could be noted? Alvan Blanch have long recognised the importance of effective training to the success of any new project. We offer product and process training on site and/ or in the UK for both clients and dealers.

More extensive training programmes covering a wide range of subjects include modern manufacturing systems, design and development, crop processing etc. are run by our sister company - Alvan Blanch Overseas Ltd. As an International company, Alvan Blanch have been processing the world's crops covering the Middle East and North Africa through our regional branch in Dubai; South Africa through our AB offices in Nigeria and of course Europe, Russia and many other countries.

Contact Alvan Blanch Middle East Office Omar Dwaikat Technical & Sales Manager in Middle East & North Africa Platinum Tower, Office 4310, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai – UAE UAE Tel: +971 4 4205357 Email: omar.dwaikat@alvanblanch.

• Twice winners of the coveted Queen’s Award for International Trade; the ultimate accolade for a British exporter. • ln-house manufacturer of most products ensures high standards of quality are maintained and yet are competitively priced to match the reality of competing in world markets. • Company's 10,000 m2 factory utilises the latest production and management systems, including CNC/CADCAM laser cutting, punching, pressing and machining. • £2 million invested in production facilities in 2012 -13 alone. • Suppliers are carefully selected for their proven ability to maintain our rigorous quality standards.

Whatever your viewpoint...

it’s a land of opportunity! The Saudi British Economic Offset Programme brings together overseas companies with local Saudi partners to develop new profitable business opportunities. British Offset offers a unique package of advice, support and project financing to companies interested in starting new joint ventures in Saudi Arabia Wherever you might be from, if you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

In the United Kingdom

In Saudi Arabia

British Offset Office 4th Floor, Cromwell House Dean Stanley Street London SW1P 3JH Tel: +44 (0)30 6770 2349

British Offset Office P.O. Box 1003 Riyadh 11431 Tel: 00966 (0) 11 445 9400 ext 3436 Fax: 00966 (0) 11 445 9406


OFFSET Opportunities through Economic Co-operation in Saudi Arabia


Mr Mohamed Alamouri, president of the Moroccan association of strawberry packers and exporters (AMCEF)

Moroccan fruit producers seek UK market entry A trade mission of small fruit producers from Morocco visited London in September to raise the profile of their produce within the UK market. Kingdom which in recent decades had developed a highly modernised agricultural sector.

The main aim was to inform British importers of the high quality fruits produced on farms across Morocco and to explore the potential for increasing their exports.

The trade mission was organised by Morocco’s export control body, EACCE with the seminar and meetings taking place at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, on Park Lane.

The product range consisted of fresh and frozen strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, all in high demand by the British consumer. The delegation consisted of representatives of top producers and industry associations from the agricultural industry in Morocco. Large quantities of fresh produce made in Morocco are already imported into the British market, with strawberries as the lead import, but substantial potential for expansion has been identified. Members of the delegation took part in a full programme of activities over the two days of 26 and 27 September

including a business seminar in Mayfair. A site visit to Colchester hosted by Tiptree, Britain’s leading brand of quality jams produced by Wilkins & Sons, also formed part of their itinerary. One-on-one meetings with UK importers were held with the object of winning more orders for exports from the

EACCE is an independent agency representing private sector producers and operating under the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. The agency is responsible for improving the export potential of fruit and vegetables. EACCE states that exports from Morocco stood at 2.6m tonnes in 2015-16, of which fruit and vegetables accounted for a massive 1.5m tonnes. The numbers have grown markedly within the last five years, in part as a result of successful worldwide


Mr Brahim Hammadi, from EACCE, Morocco’s Agency for the Control and Coordination of Exports

promotional campaigns organised by EACCE in the target markets of the Middle East, Asia, the UK, Germany and Russia, and helped by market analyses of countries including China and Brazil. Mohamed Alamouri, president of the Moroccan association of strawberry packers and exporters (AMCEF), told the London seminar that the aim of the trade mission was to promote wider awareness in the British market of the quality and range of soft fruits grown in Morocco and to expand exports. “We have the climate and the closeness to the European market to be able to deliver very good quality,” Mr Alamouri said, stressing that the future of Moroccan soft fruit was not just about strawberries, but increasingly concerned blueberries and raspberries. “In the next 10 years, big investments will be made in soft fruit.” Abdellatif Bennani, president of the Moroccan association of berry producers (AMPFR), laid greater stress on the social and environmental aspects of berry production in the Kingdom, highlighting the use of protected production and drip irrigation to optimise water use and the close control of pesticides. Mr Bennani emphasised the potential of penetrating the UK market for frozen fruit and for matching the success of Morocco’s fresh berry exports. In 2014-15, exports of fresh Moroccan strawberries to the UK stood at 5,620 tonnes, while frozen strawberries totalled only 44 tonnes. Over the same period, the UK imported 2,424 tonnes of raspberries and 1,175 tonnes of blueberries. “The fresh berries that come to the UK from Morocco are of a very high quality,”

Bennani said, “and it is the same growers that produce the berries that go into the frozen segment, which are mostly exported to the US. Our mission is to make our frozen berries a success here in the UK, as we have achieved with fresh fruit.” He explained that all Moroccan exporters were regulated by EACCE and their production processes were also monitored to maintain consistently high standards and produce quality. Internationally recognised specifications were used to ensure product standards. Committees of industry experts have been established for each subsector of the agriculture, including berries, to constantly monitor production processes. He informed the gathering that an average 5% growth in exports of Moroccan fruit had been achieved over the period from 2010-11 and 2015-16. A principle aim of the trade mission was to boost exports of frozen produce. Mr Alamouri stressed that the Moroccan companies wanted to develop closer contacts with UK importers. Morocco’s top quality produce was mainly exported to the European markets with Morocco able to capitalise on its strategic location close to the continent. The majority of the country’s fruit production is for export with 98% destined for the EU markets, the major bulk of it passing through Spain. Strawberries, along with raspberries and increasingly blueberries too, were now important products for which there was rising consumer demand across all European markets.

One-to-one business meetings

The official explained how the sector in Morocco had evolved over recent years and stressed that only those producers that have been certified are permitted to export their produce. Mr Alamouri indicated that a good working environment was enjoyed by employees working on the farms and packing units throughout Morocco. Some 45% of strawberries exported from the country were in frozen form, but only a very small amount of these were sent to the UK. He believed that this meant there was an opening in the UK for more frozen fruit. A vital aspect of the process of preparing fruit for export was the packaging techniques used. Moroccan industry had benefited from the presence of European investors which had helped to develop the country’s infrastructure and production units, including the freezing and packaging processes. He stressed that Moroccan exports had by no means reached their full potential especially with regards to raspberries and blueberries. Blueberries had only recently become a popular product among consumers and exports had grown from as recently as 2008-9. The UK was on track to becoming a top market for fresh and frozen blueberries, which opened up opportunities for Moroccan suppliers to substantially increase their exports. The UK was already one of the top overseas markets for Moroccan raspberries. Mr Bennani said that the mission was seeking to consolidate cooperation with continued page 12


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Moroccan delegation visit Tiptree fruit farm

the UK and strengthen the market going forward. He described the nature of the industry in Morocco as a largely familybased farming structure with some 79% of farms of less than 5 hectares in size and only 4.7% of over 30 hectares. The production of berries was very new with strawberry growing being the most established as it started in 1975. Blueberry production began as recently as 2008. Raspberries and blueberries are grown by the larger farms while the more traditional smaller farms tend to be devoted to strawberry growing. Cooperation with the UK had been an important factor in improving standards and production facilities. Morocco’s standards of production remained exactly the same whether the end product was delivered to customers fresh or frozen.

Angela Stuart of the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), which is the main trade association for the UK industry, believed that Brexit could open up new opportunities for exporting countries that are outside the European Union to supply to the British market. Morocco was already an important supplier to the UK and was well placed to meet the increased demand for fresh produce from British consumers who were looking for more variety and affordable prices. Ms Stuart, who is Business Liaison Manager at the FPC, pointed out that the UK would remain heavily reliant on fruit imports because domestic producers alone could not satisfy increasing consumer demands. She believed there were significant opportunities for Moroccan growers to

increase their exports and pledged the cooperation of the FPC. Mr Larbi Bouattaf, Economic Counselor at the Moroccan Embassy in London, stated that the Embassy had been working closely with the fresh fruits industry on the planning of the trade mission and thanked the FPC for all its assistance. Delivering a briefing on the UK market, he explained that small fruits were only one aspect of the broad range of goods and services traded between the UK and Morocco, which consisted of cars and car parts, oil products, electrical goods, steel and textiles. Reflecting on the potential impact of Brexit (Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union), Mr Bouattaf expressed the view that this would allow Morocco to negotiate a new trade deal with the UK. His briefing on the UK market for fresh food was primarily directed at informing members of the delegation. British consumers, who demand high quality and healthy produce, were an important market for food exports. Consumer buying trends were influenced by healthy diet campaigns conducted by the country’s health service such as the “5-a-day” campaign which advised people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. As a result, fresh fruit consumption was growing and berries were much sought after as an alternative to sweets, biscuits and confectionary, Mr Bouattaf said.

Members of the delegation in discussion with British importers

This situation provided new opportunities for Moroccan exporters


whose produce was fully compliant with international food quality standards. He explained the “just-in-time” delivery process operated by importers and leading supermarkets as a means of reducing storage and increasing the shelf life of produce. Speed was essential in modern industry to extend the life of a product and ensure that goods are fresh and of the best quality when they reach the consumer. The UK consumer market was also looking for a broader variety of produce and consumer habits were changing with the rise of the organic market and increased demand for ethical products.

Current consumer trends such as the rise in ethical consumerism mean that consumers are now more concerned about the use of pesticides and the conditions of employees who are on the farms and involved in the entire production process. The seminar concluded with meetings between members of the delegation and importers and as follow up action, visits to farm producers in Morocco by British company representatives would be organised.

Visit to Tiptree During the second day of the mission, the Moroccan delegation paid a visited to a fruit and jams production farm

located in the village of Tiptree, and was received by its Manager, Mr Andrey Ivanov who conducted a guided tour while presenting the history and various activities of the farm. Then, the delegation visited the campsite that provides accommodation for seasonal workers. Finally, Mr Ivanov led a visit to a new experimental project of strawberry plantation. The site visit proved to be very instructive, since the Moroccan operators had the opportunity to observe during their tour the different varieties of fruits grown in the farm, and also to discuss with Mr Ivanov the techniques of plantation and gathering. The ABCC was pleased to help facilitate this visit.

Moroccan Fruit Producers – who took part in the recent delegation to the UK Moroccan Association of Strawberry Conditioners and Exporters (AMCEF) Cité de l'ORMVAL Boîte Postale 305 92150 Ksar El Kebir Morocco Contact Mr Mohamed Al Amouri President M Abdeslam Acharki, Director Tel: +212 (0) 539 904 438 Email: Agrogailes SARL Mr Abdellatif Bennani Managing Director Tel: +212 (0) 537 44 44 51 Email: DIRA DIRAFROST Frozen Fruit Industry NV Klaverbladstraat 11 B-3560 Lummen Belgium Contact Roeland Trossard

Business Development Manager Tel: +34 681 04 28 28 Email: FRELITE Mr Ankoud El Ouazzani Managing Director Tel: +212 (0) 6 66 89 30 46 Email: Fresouer 132 Lot Al Maghreb Al Jadid B1 92000 Larache Contact Mr Larbi Chaib Managing Director Tel: +212 (0) 537 90 40 68/78 Email: Cooperative Loukkos Douar Laghdira BP99 Larache Contact Mr Mohamed Hargal Managing Director Tel: +212 (0) 539 92 56 69 Email:

Palmafrut LLC Rue Cadi Ayad Residence Rencontre Bloc G 1 etage N552 90000 Tanger Contact Mr Mohamed Alamouri Managing Director Tel: + 212 (0) 539 90 42 63 Email: SOCALMAR Rue Cadi Ayad Residence Rencontre Bloc G 1 etage N552 90000 Tanger Contact Mr Mohamed Alamouri Managing Director Tel: + 212 (0) 539 90 42 63 Email: UK Fresh Produce Consortium Ms Angie Stuart Business Liaison Manager Tel: 00 44 7584 995924 Email:




PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. In the GCC, PepsiCo has heritage that stretches back for close to six decades. We work closely with local suppliers, manufacturers and distributors to bring our consumers products tailored to local tastes. Over the past five years, PepsiCo, along with our bottling partners, have made significant investments in the region. These investments have helped to build new plants, upgrade the capability of existing plants, open an innovation center for the region and invest in local communities. In the GCC, PepsiCo employs thousands of workers, both women and men and create jobs for thousands of people in parallel sectors linked to our business and industry. PepsiCo is focused on much more than just business. We are committed to ‘Performance with Purpose’, the corporate vision and philosophy that guide our decision-making, strive to align what is good for our business with what is good for society and the planet. In the GCC, like in all our other global markets, PepsiCo is creating social value. We source locally. By selecting the best potatoes for our snacks, we provide an income for thousands of farmers. Last year, PepsiCo saved millions of litres

of water in our operations and in our suppliers’ potato farms. We encourage diversity and we value the role of every employee. For that reason, in some of our GCC plants, we trained hearing-impaired employees, along with their co-workers, to communicate in specially adapted sign language. Across the region, women work in diverse roles from manufacturing to management. In our operations, we drive nationalization by inclusion of local talent and invest significantly in skills building and talent development to build the next generation of leaders. As GCC nations diversify their economies, the role of major firms like PepsiCo in creating supply and demandside activity will be key in unlocking the economic potential of the region. That exercise will have profound positive social implications, too. It is here, at this nexus of society and economy that PepsiCo will push for progress that benefits all.

Omar Farid President, PepsiCo Middle East and North Africa


Goonhilly Earth Station

Investing in Cornwall By Sophie Tregenna, Invest in Cornwall Marine Renewables, Aerospace, Space, E-health, Agri-Tech, and the Digital and Creative sectors. Many investors have already made the decision to set up, or expand into Cornwall and in doing so they have joined a business community driven by innovation and creativity.

Within the last six years the connectivity and infrastructure of Cornwall, the UK’s most southerly region, has undergone an impressive transformation. In 2010, the Superfast Cornwall project established the world’s largest rural fibre broadband network, bringing superfast connectivity to 95% of Cornwall. This is transforming the competiveness of local business, stimulating the economy and increasing local prosperity.

What Cornwall Offers

“Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are blazing a trail which many other areas want to follow. They are leading Europe with this pioneering initiative,” comments Bill Murphy, Managing Director, Next Generation Broadband, BT. More than £1bn has been invested in Cornwall and in the Cornish Isles of Scilly since 2000; revolutionising the infrastructure, connectivity, transport links and education. This commitment to the area’s economic development, a burgeoning talent pool, and high quality business premises has resulted in some of the highest growth SMEs

in the UK. Cornwall’s offering is further strengthened by its unrivalled natural environment. When combined with its existing business infrastructure Cornwall provides a diverse, robust and sustainable economic platform for

Cornwall’s geographical position is a key differentiating factor from other regions across the UK. Uniquely positioned, its north facing coastline has the potential to harness the terrific wave power of the North Atlantic. It is also the location of WaveHub, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced site for the testing and development of offshore marine renewables technology. Moreover, the calmer water of Cornwall’s south coast provides the optimum conditions for early-stage testing. Fab Test is an award winning, preconsented nursery facility located just off Falmouth Harbour. Developers are able to test components, concepts or


Scenic Cornish coastline

full scale devices in a moderate wave climate with the support of extensive nearby port infrastructure and excellent accessibility. Cornwall’s diverse coastline when considered in combination with these industry leading facilities means that the region’s marine renewables offering is one of the best in the world. This offering is further strengthened by a globally operating, well-developed, and flexible supply chain underpinned by a diverse talent pool. Cornwall is committed to ensuring its infrastructure matches its unique natural assets. Cornwall Airport Newquay is one of the fastest growing regional airports in the UK. With daily flights to London Gatwick, commuters can be in London in just over an hour. There are also services to other major UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool, as well as scheduled services to Europe (Dublin, Alicante, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt-Hahn) and access to worldwide destinations such as Dubai and New York through a Code Share agreement with Flybe, Emirates, British Airways, Finnair, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic. When it comes to roads and rail, ongoing improvements and investment means there are first-rate opportunities for passengers and freight options. Finally, as an area of the UK renowned for its coastline, Cornwall’s ports remain an integral part of the area’s economy. Falmouth is the third largest natural harbour in the world and its deep water facilities ensure it continues to serve a wide-range of traffic. Cornwall is home to Aerohub; a single Enterprise Zone located at two locations, Cornwall Airport Newquay and Goonhilly

Earth Station. Aerohub at Cornwall Airport Newquay offers investors one of the largest planning free development sites in the West of England, 100% business rate relief for five years and Enhanced Capital Allowances. With access to Superfast Broadband, the Enterprise Zone is one of the best connected places in the world. Uniquely positioned, Cornwall Airport Newquay offers companies unrestricted and uncongested airspace, one of the UK’s largest runways and direct maritime access, making it a highly attractive proposition for companies looking to gain a foothold in the UK, to operate or train on aircraft of all types. In

Cornwall Airport Newquay

particular it offers a safe and regulated environment to operate unmanned aerial systems and other experimental aircraft, the airport is the only airspace in Europe to offer such broad facilities. The site is also on the shortlist to become the UK Spaceport. Goonhilly Earth Station is a world renowned site which has been at the forefront of space technology since the first transatlantic satellite communications over Telstar in 1962. Building on this rich history, Goonhilly

Large containers arriving at port in Cornwall

Earth Station (GES) Ltd is now taking the site even further by providing a full range of commercial satellite communication services including Broadcast, TT&C and carrier monitoring. GES is readying Goonhilly to play a major role in communications for future deep space missions to the moon and Mars. It hosts technical training courses for delegates from all around the world. As Piran Tresize, Director of GES, says, “The Goonhilly site has the perfect geographical location for satellite communications. It boasts high speed, uncontended connectivity, and hosts the UK landing site for many of the UKs sub-sea cables.” Businesses operating in Cornwall can benefit from three Innovation Centres. Like all premises in Cornwall, these outstanding new developments benefit from the advantages of the UK’s open and dynamic property market: stable rents and flexible lease arrangements. Within the centres there is a strong commitment in particular to companies from the media, creative, eco, environmental and health and wellbeing sectors. Support is offered to businesses at all stages of their journey from incubation through to mature enterprises looking to innovate and grow. Each centre offers private investment opportunities, dynamic office space and tailored business support, as well as a thriving and collaborative business community. Aided by the European Centre for Environmental and Human Health, which is part of the University of Exeter Medical School, Cornwall also provides a unique hotbed for businesses looking to invest in medical research and development. Launched in 2011, the continued page 18


from page 17

One of Cornwall’s Innovation Centres

centre conducts world-class research into the complex connections between the environment and health. It is home to experts from diverse disciplines that include epidemiology, policy analysis, systematic reviews, health economics, psychology and microbiology.

Cornwall’s talent pool is underpinned by numerous higher educational institutes that offer a range of academic and vocational courses, such as: l

Falmouth University, a specialist creative multi-arts institution


University of Exeter, ranked 13th in the UK in the Complete University Guide 2017


Plymouth University which includes the Marine Institute designed to integrate expertise in marine and maritime research to train new scientists, engineers and policy makers

Talent Pool Access to skilled labour and dedicated experts in specific sectors is of course a key consideration for business leaders. Cornwall is recognised as a European leader for its approach to higher education, underpinned by a commitment to support the region’s people and businesses. It is one of the fastest growing study destinations within the UK and 9 in 10 people within the working population of Cornwall possess a qualification, putting it above the national average. There are tangible reasons why so many graduates choose to stay in the region after completing their degrees – the opportunities that are available and the work-life balance.

Truro Cathedral


Cornwall College, which has supported more than 10,000 apprentices over the last decade


Truro and Penwith College, which was the first Further Education or Tertiary College in the UK to be awarded 'Designated Outstanding Status'.

Funding in Cornwall Over the last decade, Cornwall has benefitted from large-scale EU investment to help transform the regional economy. The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Growth Programme is the European Economic Regeneration Programme for the region. Running until 2020, it will contribute to the EU ambition to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Whilst life after Brexit for the whole of the UK is yet to be determined, there are a number of EU funded programmes which are ringfenced to support Cornwall. It is also likely that existing private companies will

Falmouth Docks

support new investors into the region, particularly those in specialist sectors. Ambitious investors and business leaders should be able to see the incredible scope within Cornwall. There is no doubt that Cornwall offers unrivalled qualityof-life. The area capably incubates such a plethora of businesses because of its varied landscape. Cornwall is rich with resource and it is this natural brilliance, combined with excellent skill that makes it a vibrant community ripe for investment. Navigating local nuances can be challenging. Whether it’s starting a new business or seeking to expand operations, Invest in Cornwall is a resource dedicated to supporting investors. The team provides a range of support from finance to premises, to recruitment and market insight. The project has received £1,698,286 of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Union’s Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. The Fund helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regeneration.

Contact Invest in Cornwall Tel: 01872 326727 Email:




In Naglaa’s World the outlook is sunny, the meaning crystal clear on how the British speak every day and that’s important if you’re visiting on business or pleasure. It’s essential to understand what they mean as much as what they say.” Friendly, personal interpreting and translation that recognises the importance of everyday English alongside the more formal written word is what makes Naglaa’s World great value and puts a smile on your face.

Supporting Businessmen and Women “The British have a special way of describing me, they say I have a ‘sunny disposition’! It means I smile more than most and always see the brighter side of life. They have lots of little sayings or terms like this and it takes time to get to know their many colloquialisms. (Yes, they even have a special word for that too!) Unless you’ve lived here for ‘quite a while’ (a long time!), you don’t pick up

Naglaa’s many years of experience, providing translation in both the Arab and British corporate sector, means you have confidence when she helps you prepare for meetings, assists with business correspondence, guides you through dealing with customs, tax, revenue and more. Naglaa is fluent in Arabic* and can interpret in realtime for those important face-to-face discussions with British colleagues, clients and suppliers.

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UK property investment and the changing tax landscape By Andrew Sneddon, Partner and Head of Tax at international law firm Trowers & Hamlins LLP

The tax landscape for inward investment in UK real estate has undergone unprecedented change during the past few years. It is no exaggeration to say that the sector has been under sustained fiscal attack by the UK government. Those looking to invest will therefore need to navigate what is now a very complex tax code. In this article I will focus on some discrete areas of the present tax regime for UK real estate, as follows: l

Recent changes to the taxation of UK real estate


SDLT on residential real estate – the 3% surcharge


Property trading


Comparison between residential and commercial investment for nonresident and non-domiciled investors

Recent changes to the taxation of UK real estate Set out below are some of the major changes in the taxation of UK real estate since 2012.

the extent the property was subject to ATED. In general, only the growth in value as from April 2013 is captured. l

April 2015 - Non-resident Capital Gains Tax (NRCGT) came into effect. This is a tax charge on capital profit on disposal by non-residents, to the extent the property was not subject to ATED. In general, only the growth in value as from April 2015 is captured.


April 2016 – SDLT– a 3% surcharge was imposed on the purchase of additional dwellings. This is intended to catch buy-to-let investors, although its effect is wider than that.


July 2016 – the UK corporation tax base was expanded to include a wider class of UK real estate trading.


April 2017 – Inheritance Tax (IHT) at 40% will be imposed on the value of offshore vehicles (e.g. companies) owning UK residential real estate.

Residential l


March 2012 – a punitive 15% rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) was introduced where the purchase price is over £2 million and the property is purchased by a "non-natural person" (e.g. a company). April 2013 – the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) was introduced. This is an annual tax charge based on the value of the property, with some business related reliefs.

At the same time, ATED-related Capital Gains Tax was imposed. This is a tax charge on capital profit on disposal, to


Property value (freehold) Up to £125,000

should not be caught. The rate of tax is 25% i.e. higher than the 20% rate of UK corporation tax mentioned above.

Total SDLT cost 3%


£3,750 plus 5% between £125,001 and £250,000


£10,000 plus 8% between £250,001 and £925,000


£64,000 plues 13% between £925,001 and £1,500,000


Going forward, proper planning and modelling will be more important than ever, including classification of property for different taxes and the availability of reliefs. For example, there is a relief from NRCGT for qualifying student accommodation. Investment through corporate structures remains attractive for commercial real estate, and long term investment can still generate tax free gains (unlike trading).

£138,750 plus 15% on £1,500,001+

Existing structures for residential real estate should be reconsidered now, since restructuring may be required before the introduction of IHT in April 2017.

Figure 1

Contact Residential and commercial l

April 2015 - Diverted Profits Tax (DPT) was introduced, a tax charge on property trading.

SDLT on residential real estate – the 3% surcharge As mentioned above, a 3% SDLT surcharge was introduced in April 2016. The surcharged rates are therefore as follows: See Figure 1. The surcharge will apply to virtually all purchases of residential properties by corporate vehicles, and to individuals in specified circumstances. For example, in the case of individuals, the surcharge will apply if the individual owns a dwelling other than the new dwelling; the other dwelling has a market value of £40,000 or more and is not subject to a lease with more than 21 years to run; the new dwelling is not is not subject to a lease with more than 21 years to run; and the new dwelling is not a replacement for the buyer's only or main residence and is being bought for £40,000 or more.

Property trading The UK's corporation tax base has been expanded to include profits on UK real estate trading notwithstanding that the trader is a non-UK tax resident, and regardless of whether there is a "permanent establishment" in the UK. The changes, which apply as from 5 July 2016 (with retrospective anti-avoidance

measures) will apply equally to residential and non-residential real estate. The rate of tax is 20%, which will fall gradually to 17% from 1 April 2020. A new tax, called Diverted profits Tax (DPT), was introduced to catch a limited range of UK real estate trading transactions as from 1 April 2015. Therefore, pure investment transactions

Andrew Sneddon Tel: +44 (0)20 7423 8053 Email: Trowers & Hamlins LLP is a member of the ABCC

Comparison between residential and commercial investment for non-resident and non-domiciled investors Tax Issue



More compex tax code


Higher rates

Commercial Less complex tax code Lower rates

Income tax on rent Offshore (nonresident) companies


ATED (corporate)

Yes, lower rate than individuals - potential limits on relief for loan interest

Yes, lower rate than individuals - potential limits on relief for loan interest

Yes, higher top rate than companies - from 2017 reduced relief for loan interest

Yes, higher top rate than companies

Yes, but reliefs apply


ATED-related CGT (corporate)

Yes, but some reliefs available


NRCGT (corporate and individual)

Yes, but some reliefs available




IHT if held in offshore company



Expanding into and investing in Western markets – IP risks and opportunities Robert Lind, Partner and Patent Attorney (UK and European), Marks & Clerk Michael Chester, Trainee Patent Attorney, Marks & Clerk Maintaining a clear Intellectual Property (IP) strategy can be challenging for businesses operating only in their home markets. Formulating an international strategy can seem overwhelming. This is particularly so when the home market has a developing legal and commercial IP framework, and the market to be entered is a Western market where IP is aggressively protected and enforced.

(preferably before making any significant investment) for IP rights in the target markets that might pose a threat: patents, design rights, and trade marks could all be infringed. If any third party rights are identified, the risk needs to be assessed by an expert. Work arounds might be available – for example, risk may be reduced by rebranding, or by simple changes of appearance or function.

The key to success is education, knowledge and expert advice. Understand IP rights: what kinds of rights exist, e.g. patents, trademarks, copyright etc, how these can be enforced and attacked. Understand what rights your potential competitors have, especially their limitations, and understand what rights you have and take steps to protect your IP.

The entrepreneur should identify their own IP. Does the product contain some technical innovation that can be protected by patents? Is the appearance novel and is there a company or brand name that can be protected by trade marks? Obtaining patents (and to some extent registered designs) requires early action. In many cases it will be too late to act once sales have begun. Patent applications and registered design applications should be filed before details are published even in the home market. This may require the filing of applications abroad at an early stage. Again, professional advice should be sought at the outset. Protecting your own IP is not only important when it comes to stopping competitors from copying your products, it can also be used to defend against third party rights, e.g. by cross licencing.

Two examples might be helpful here: the investor and the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is ready to start exporting a product which has sold successfully in his home country. The investor is interested in investing in a promising Western tech start-up. The entrepreneur might not have experienced any IP threats so far and so may believe that exporting is safe. However, few Western companies will have registered their IP in that home market, but are likely to have done so in the target export markets. These competitors may even be aware of the entrepreneur, and ready to act quickly when exports begin, e.g. by seeking an injunction. In Western countries injunctions can be obtained quickly, and companies can even register their IP to allow for seizure of products at ports and airports. Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches should be carried out prior to exporting

The entrepreneur should also consider the territorial scope of any IP licences. Do these allow operation only in the home market or do they cover the foreign market? If only the former, renegotiation may be needed. Strong IP protection and a proper understanding of the FTO position will only enhance the company’s value. In many cases, registered and properly valued IP can appear on the balance

sheet, enhancing the attractiveness of the company to investors. For the investor, IP may be important in valuing the target company. In many cases, IP will be the target company’s chief asset. A patent or patent application can have little or no value if it has not been drafted correctly or if prior art has been found that already discloses the idea. As such, the investor need to check not only that the claimed IP exists, but needs to understand the potential monopoly that it affords, e.g. does a patent actually protect the product: you would be surprised how often this is not the case. The risks posed by any third party IP should also be examined. Has the target company carried out an FTO search in the markets where it plans to sell? Who prepared the FTO opinion and what was its scope? The investor might want to obtain a second opinion, depending upon the value of the investment. In most cases, assessing a target company’s IP portfolio and the FTO risk will not produce a definitive result. However, the results can certainly be used to determine the potential value and risks of any investment. For an outlay of just a few $Ks, the investor’s negotiation position may significantly improve. Local knowledge will be crucial, as IP laws and practice vary from region to region. By taking early advice, both risk and costs can be minimised.

Robert Lind

Michael Chester

Wherever you are going‌ We can take care of your intellectual property needs. Whether you are looking to invest in foreign business, or you are a company looking to expand abroad, we can guide you through the international IP landscape and ensure maximum protection. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


Saudi Arabia adopts GCC Trade Mark Law Rob Deans, Partner, Clyde & Co and Saba Al Sultani, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co, look at the legal and practical implications for doing business of the Kingdom’s adoption of the new trade mark law. The Saudi Trade Mark Office has confirmed that it has adopted the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations with effect from 29 September 2016. This article considers the current status of the GCC Trade Mark Law and Implementing Regulations in Saudi Arabia. We then take a look at how the main ways in which the new Law and Implementing Regulations are likely to have an impact in Saudi Arabia.

The status of the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations The GCC Trade Mark Law has been a long time coming in Saudi Arabia. On 19 May 2014, the Saudi Official Gazette included an announcement that the GCC Trade Mark Law had been approved and that a Royal Decree had been drafted in this regard. This was shortly followed by Royal Decree No. M/51 dated 27 May 2014, which provided that the GCC Trade Mark Law would come into force 90 days after publication. We then heard nothing further until the GCC Trade Mark Law (together with the Implementing Regulations to the Law) were published in the Official Gazette on 1 July 2016. The usual procedure for enacting legislation in Saudi Arabia is for the relevant Royal Decree to be published in the Saudi Official Gazette. However, Royal Decree No. M/51 has not been published in the Official Gazette (a copy of the decree is publicly available through the website of the Saudi Bureau of Experts to the Council of Ministers, but it has not been published in the Official Gazette, as would normally be the case). In the circumstances, it was not clear until recently that the Law and Implementing

Regulations would be coming into force. However, the position has now been clarified with the Saudi Trade Mark Office taking steps to adopt the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations with effect from 29 September 2016 (90 days after the publication of the GCC Trade Mark Law on 1 July 2016). Accordingly, it is now confirmed that the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations are being adopted by the Trade Mark Office in Saudi Arabia and with effect from this date.

Impact of the new Law and Implementing Regulations in Saudi Arabia The introduction of the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations will possibly have more impact in Saudi Arabia than in any other of the GCC states. This is because the new Law and Implementing Regulations contain a number of provisions that are not

present in the old Saudi Trade Mark Law (which is repealed by the GCC Trade Mark Law) and it also introduces some important procedural changes. The changes introduced by the GCC Trade Mark Law include:

Changes to official fees The official fees being charged by trade mark offices in the GCC states have attracted significant attention. The official fees set out in the Implementing Regulations (published in the Saudi Official Gazette on 1 July 2016) showed some increases and some decreases in official fees, as follows: l

Registering a trade mark (from filing through to registration): Decreased by 7%, from $1,865 to $1,735;


Renewing a trade mark: Increased by 8%, from $1,600 to $1,735;


Opposing a trade mark: Increased from zero to $270.

These changes in official fees are far less substantial than the changes which were applied in Bahrain and Kuwait when the GCC Trade Mark Law came into force in those countries. However, there is no guarantee that there will not be further changes. Now that the GCC Trade Mark Law and Implementing Regulations have been adopted by the Saudi Trade Mark Office, it is possible that further changes in official fees will be introduced.

The introduction of new forms of non-traditional trade marks, such as colour, combinations of colour, sounds and smells The old Saudi Trade Mark Law allowed for three-dimensional marks to be registered, with the definition of 'a trade mark capable of registration' including shapes. The GCC Trade Mark Law extends this definition so that it now includes some forms of non-traditional trade marks, such as colour, combinations of colour, sounds and smells. Of course, as practitioners elsewhere in the world have found, the existence of legislation which confirms that such non-traditional marks may be registered does not necessarily mean that significant obstacles to obtaining registrations will not remain.

Opposition period decreased to 60 days The opposition period under the old Saudi Trade Mark Law was 90 days. This decreases to 60 days, with no extensions of time being available.

Oppositions to be heard within the Trade Mark Office Under the old Saudi Trade Mark Law, oppositions are filed before the Board of Grievances, which is a form of administrative court), with appeals against the refusal of trade mark applications being heard by the Minister of Commerce and Investment. The GCC Trade Mark Law and Implementing Regulations now requires oppositions to be heard within the Trade Mark Office.


The Implementing Regulations to the GCC Trade Mark Law also set out a basic procedure for dealing with oppositions: l

Once an opposition has been filed, the Trade Mark Office is to notify the applicant of the opposition within 30 days;


The applicant then has a nonextendable period of 60 days from receipt of the notification to submit a counter-statement;


The Trade Mark Office may fix a hearing to receive the statements and evidence of the parties;


The Trade Mark Office is to issue its decision within 90 days of the date of the hearing.

In practice, this means that opposition proceedings in Saudi Arabia should become significantly shorter and less expensive than they have been in the past, where it has been common for the Board of Grievances to set and adjourn numerous hearings over the course of several months or even years.

Changes in examination practice The GCC Trade Mark Law includes an express provision that "goods or services listed in the same class may not necessarily indicate similarity. Likewise, goods or services listed in different classes may not necessarily be dissimilar". As with other trade mark offices in the GCC region, it has been common practice at the Saudi Trade Mark Office not to take into consideration goods / services in different classes when examining a trade mark application. It has also been common practice to treat goods / services in the same class as being similar, without consideration of the specific goods or services. The introduction of this concept could lead to a significant change in examination practices in Saudi Arabia, and it will be interesting to see how examiners make use of this provision.

The protection afforded to well-known marks is extended The GCC Trade Mark Law prohibits the registration of marks which constitute

a "reproduction, an imitation, or a translation of a well-known mark or an essential part thereof" in relation to identical/similar goods and/or services. The Law also prohibits the registration of such marks in relation to dissimilar goods and/or services where the use of the mark would indicate a connection between those goods and/or services and the owner of the well-known mark, and would be likely to damage his interests. The express statement in the GCC Trade Mark Law that an application for a mark which is identical or similar to an 'essential part' of a well-known trade mark (and, arguably, not necessarily to the trade mark as a whole) goes further than the Saudi Trade Mark Law which does not refer to parts of marks. The GCC Trade Mark Law also goes further than the Saudi Trade Mark Law (which is silent on this point) by setting out the criteria for determining whether a mark is well-known stating that "the duration and extent of any registrations or use of the mark, the number of countries where it has been registered or recognised as a well-known mark, the value associated with the mark and the extent to which such value helps promote the goods and/or services to which it applies" shall also be considered. In addition to the above points, there are further positive provisions in the GCC Trade Mark Law and Implementing Regulations, such as an enhanced ability to cancel wrongfully registered trade marks and improved enforcement provisions. As a result, the introduction of the GCC Trade Mark Law in Saudi Arabia is a positive step and, after a period of adjustment, there should be real benefits for brand owners with an interest in Saudi Arabia.

Contacts Rob Deans, Partner, Clyde & Co Saba Al Sultani, Senior Associate, Clyde & Co



The country has made great strides in achieving sustained economic growth

The UAE now boasts some of the world’s top branded companies. Four out of 10 top companies in the Arab world are from the UAE, namely Etisalat, Emirates NBD, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and First Gulf Bank, according to the latest Forbes Middle East ranking of 100 leading regional corporates Khaleej Times 1 June 2016.

Business Confidence Research carried out for The National newspaper revealed that 72% of UAE respondents surveyed felt the region could survive the effects of a long period of oil prices at US$50 per barrel without slipping into a recession. A majority of companies in Ajman expect either stability in economic conditions or higher growth rates with the construction sector sounding most upbeat, according to a business

confidence index for the first quarter 2016 released by the Department of Economic Development in Ajman. This optimism among domestic UAE firms is matched by that of foreign operators active in the market, according to the report in Khaleej Times, 31 May 2016. Foreign companies operating in Ajman are optimistic about the growth of business with many stressing lower operating costs and the friendly legislative environment as the most important attractive factors.

Innovation in Retail Dubai has long been known for its shopping malls, but the shopping experience in the emirates is expected to undergo a transformation in coming years with the growing popularity in online purchases. Online shopping is still comparatively little used among consumers in the UAE but is expected to drive wider growth in the retail sector in future.



Digital retail is expected to account for 21.5% of global sales by 2018, according to data from the Centre of Retail Research, with Dubai on course to post some of the strongest e-commerce growth in the region. Currently, online shopping accounts for less than 2% of Dubai’s total retail sales by value, according to Dubai Chamber of Commerce. This is significantly lower than in US and European markets, where the figure is between 17% and 20%. High penetration rates for smartphones and tablets in Dubai, along with greater use of credit and debit cards, have laid the foundation for rapid expansion of online retail, according to a report issued by Dubai Chamber. Medium-term growth for internet retailing is forecast to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 34%. Dubai’s wider retail industry, meanwhile, is projected to expand by 7.7% this year, before growing at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2017 through to 2020. This should see sector turnover rise from an estimated $35.4bn in 2015 to more than $52bn by the end of the decade, according to Dubai Chamber, reported OBG, 17 May 2016.

Leisure and Tourism The UAE has numerous plans for new theme parks, resorts, hotels and leisure attractions which apart from driving economic growth and enhancing the tourism sector, offer opportunities for business. The multi-billion pound projects in new large-scale attractions, entertainment and cultural projects including Expo 2020 Dubai - that are planned involve new transport links, hotels, retail developments and tourist and leisure attractions. According to UKTI, all these activities are expected to generate significant opportunities for companies which are capable of demonstrating their ability to offer specialist skills to the country’s developing visitor attractions sector. Abu Dhabi has been channelling investment into the development of its sports facilities and recreational tourism offering. The push to become a sports tourism destination has seen Abu Dhabi invest heavily in facilities for a wide range of sports, including motor racing, yachting and water sports, cricket,

football, tennis, basketball, cycling and golf. Abu Dhabi is to host the 2019 Asian Cup, one of world football’s largest events, which brings together 24 leading Asian football clubs. The following year the country will stage the 2020 FINA “Short Course” World Swimming Championships, OBG reports. Tourism is playing a big part in diversifying the economies of the emirates. Sharjah, for instance, boasts of success in this sector. “Sharjah has successfully diversified its tourism sector, providing tourists with unique options, such as cultural tourism, environmental tourism, agro-tourism, eco-tourism, leisure tourism and archaeological tourism,” H E Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Department of Government Relations in Sharjah, has said, Sharjah Update, 29 May 2016. The exceptional forthcoming development project in this sector must be Expo 2020 Dubai whose importance extends beyond Dubai to all the emirates. The implementation of projects in preparation for the Expo is opening up many new opportunities for partners and investors.

Expo 2020 Dubai Offers Partnership Opportunities International companies from various sectors including aviation, technology,

finance, logistics, telecommunications, travel and tourism have entered into discussions to explore how they can play a role in supporting the delivery of Expo 2020 Dubai. Expo 2020 Dubai takes as its theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, which recognises that generating sustainable solutions to global problems demands collaboration across cultures, nations and regions. The theme is intended to be a reflection of the modern world, connected as never before, and changing at great speed. Expo 2020 Dubai aims to host more than 180 countries and for the first time in the history of World Expos, each country will have an individual pavilion, enhancing the ability of each nation to showcase itself. Participant countries will directly engage with an estimated 25 million visitors at the event, generating a wide range of business opportunities and access to regional markets through the collaborative platform that the expo offers. The expo will contribute a lasting global legacy to the local and regional economy as the first mega-event in the region. In the run up to the start of infrastructure works on the expo site in July, over 4 million cubic metres of earth has been moved as the site was levelled in preparation for construction. continued page 28


ADVERTORIAL from page 27

Reem Ibrahim Al Hashemi, UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director-General of Bureau Expo Dubai 2020, stated: "Global mega events offer significant opportunities to businesses, and the World Expo, in visitor terms, is the biggest of them all. Expo 2020 Dubai offers a unique proposition. It's the first World Expo to be hosted in the Middle East, Africa or South Asia. Connections through Dubai have already made the world closer, and the connections that Expo 2020 Dubai will promote will allow global businesses to get closer to a dynamic region of almost three billion people."

Improved Public Transport The push to upgrade both technological services and infrastructure has been galvanised by Dubai’s rising population, which has doubled in the decade to 2016 to nearly 2.5m, as well as preparations for hosting the six-month Dubai Expo 2020 which demands a smooth-flowing transport system to accommodate the millions of expected visitors. Ridership on the emirate’s public transport network rose by more than 8m passengers in 2015, according to

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which is leading the drive to increase bus, taxi, rail and marine transit in Dubai. Public transport as a share of all travel in Dubai rose from 6% in 2006 to around 15% last year, the RTA said, putting the emirate on track to meet a target of 20% by 2020. The emirate is looking to boost the contribution further to 30% by 2030, reports OBG, 22 April 2016.

Healthcare A new health strategy aimed at helping Dubai become a regional medical hub was launched by the Dubai’s ruler His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in January 2016. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA)’s Health Strategy 2021 is a five-year blueprint for improving the quality and cost effectiveness of health services in the emirate. It envisages closer collaboration between the public and private sectors. In particular, the DHA is looking to encourage private investment in medical tourism and related real estate development, along with key e-health services, OBG reported 24 March 2016.

In an effort to build on growth in the local private healthcare market, one of Dubai Health Strategy 2021’s key objectives is to develop Dubai as a regional and international destination for medical tourism. The shift towards private health services is supported by the full implementation of compulsory medical insurance, which is gradually being extended to cover all nationals as well as expatriate residents and workers. Dubai officials estimate that medical tourism could generate up to Dh2.6bn ($708m) per annum by 2020. Recognising the potential for medical tourism revenues, investment in the sector has expanded, with 22 new health facilities – 18 private and four public – scheduled to open in the coming years. Private real estate developments targeting the medical tourism segment offer another avenue for investment. To realise its aims to become a regional medical hub Dubai will require the expertise and investment of reliable business partners.



Dubai expansion crucial to company’s growth plan Scottish company Synergie Environ Ltd is expanding into Dubai with the opening of a new office to build on its growing global reputation. Established in 2009, the Glasgow-based company has rapidly gained a reputation for high quality, specialist technical advice to clients, underpinned by the development of engineering solutions. As an energy engineering firm, they work in a variety of sectors including large-scale de-centralised district heating and cooling, anaerobic digestion development and industrial/commercial energy efficiency. All of this work is underpinned by the development of energy, waste and other strategies to help drive their clients business forward in the most efficient and cost effective way. Synergie Environ, which is proud of it's high level of repeat business, sees expansion into Dubai as an important step in its development. The opening of the new office supports the company’s main business objectives, which saw an increase in turnover of 83% in the financial year 2015/16 and an increase in staff of 250%, which has been achieved through targeting two main business areas, large-scale district

heating and cooling development and anaerobic digestion (with gas to grid).

of low carbon energy solutions to new construction and refit programmes.

In both sectors they have rapidly established themselves as one of the leading players in Scotland, if not the UK, regularly winning contracts in competition with global consultancies.

“With a highly skilled range of expert engineers in house we are in an excellent position to advise the client on best options for energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions, along with the potential for deployment of renewables technologies.”

Following a presentation by representatives from Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) to Glasgow Chamber of Commerce members in May 2016, Synergie Environ owners Marina and Uisdean Fraser took the opportunity to visit the DAFZA premises to check out the facilities with a view to opening an office in Dubai. The new office will act as a base for their potential business interests in the Middle and Far East. Uisdean, Managing Director, said: “We believe there is a great opportunity in the Middle and Far East area for our in-house engineering experts to apply our market leading success in district heating and cooling to this region. “We see our target markets as predominantly being in the development

The company’s success has been acknowledged by its recent selection as finalists for the “Best Performing Business” awards run by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. More information about the company can be found on You can contact the company at or +44 141 263 0020



Start your business in the UAE today from only £2500 We Are Here To Help Setting up your business in the UAE can be a demanding and frustrating. However it doesn’t present major challenges to UK companies wanting to develop trade. Each Emirate retains control of regulatory powers. The interaction of federal laws, individual emirate laws and free zone laws can be complex and confusing. Our Office, located just off Deansgate, in the heart of Manchester are the only representatives for the UAE Free Zone Ajman Free Zone for the UK and Europe. Our prime business objectives are to help UK businesses establish a presence in the UAE and to trade with the UAE. We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to establish your business, obtain relevant licences, office/warehouse space etc. Our in-depth knowledge of establishing a business both in the UAE, both in offshore/lBC formation and free zone company formation has enabled us to assist in the incorporation of over 500 UK companies in the UAE Free Trade Zone.

We believe in delivering a comprehensive service to our clients after understanding their exact requirements. We are proud to say that with our professional and client centric approach we have been able to build long lasting relationships with our clients. The expertise and dedication shown by our team will ensure you will have smooth sailing as far as your company incorporation in the UAE is concerned. We take care of the finer details so that you can focus on your core business and in growth. We are passionate in our work and take pride in delivering customised solutions that not just meet client expectations, but exceed them. l l l l l l l l

Fully Connected Work Station Computers, Hospitality Area Free Wi-Fi, Access Card Business Centre Usage Utility Charges Rent Included, Licence Fees Maintenance and General Services Fully Included Zero-TAX- No Corporation Tax, No VAT, No Capital Gains, No Income Tax

Atif Malik is the UK partner for Ajman free zone UAE, part of the UAE Government, the Young British born entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Atif Malik has been involved in the middle east for almost half his life. This hungry entrepreneur from Manchester has successfully built a portfolio of businesses. Atif Malik’s skills and expertise include Investment Properties, Overseas Investment.



It has never been easier to do business in the UAE UK and UAE trade Its strategic geographical location – the UAE is regarded as a regional hub and commercial capital for the Middle East, North Africa and beyond

Diverse economy continually growing and expanding Proximity to other Gulf markets - acts as an entry route to other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries Important market for re-export into other countries Ranked 31st overall in World Bank’s ease of doing business report, but first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region English is widely spoken and accepted as the language of business The UAE is the perfect base for multinational companies to target markets in Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Asian Subcontinent and the Eastern Mediterranean, with access to a varied export market of over 2 billion.

l The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the UK’s largest civil export market in the Middle East and 12th biggest globally. UK-UAE bilateral trade in goods and services reached £12.4 billion for 2013. l In 2014, UK exported goods totalling £6.4 billion to the UAE. It is the UK’s largest export market

One of the most liberal trade regimes in the Gulf attracting capital from across the region In the UAE there are the Offshore and Free-Zone areas in which you can incorporate your company, British companies are extremely active in these.


l The UAE is an important entry port for a £150 billion regional market with a significant percentage of UK exports to the UAE being re-exported, particularly to Iran and Saudi Arabia

Gulf region The Gulf region has enjoyed continued growth. This has been driven by rising public sector spending, especially on physical and social infrastructure, as well as buoyant private sector activity. The UAE’s proximity to other Gulf markets acts as an entry route to other GCC countries The UAE is the gateway, not the destination. While the population of the MENA region is around 400 million, the UAE is home to only 6 million people. With all the aforesaid advantages in mind, the UAE is not the primary target audience but the most suitable spot for regional logistics hub. However, the GCC is a good target for introducing premium quality products as its GDP per capita are higher than other countries in the region.

l There are over 5,000 British companies operating in the UAE, including BP, Shell, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, Mott McDonald, SERCO, Standard Chartered, HSBC and Fortnum and Mason. 779 commercial agencies and 4,762 British brands have invested in the UAE. l The majority of the UAE population is made up of expatriates, with around 120,000 UK residents. In 2014 over 13 million people visited the UAE, of which 1 million were from the UK. l It is a diversified market with wide import market requirements and opportunities for suppliers. l It is an open market with no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers. l Imports have doubled since 1989 whilst regional economic growth and liberalisation is set to boost demand. l It is an affluent market with a strategic location at the heart of the world’s richest region.

Venture Alliance Consultancy UK REPRESENTATIVES FOR AJMAN FREE ZONE AUTHORITY Call us today: 0161 830 8838 Email: 65 Bridge Street, Manchester M3 3BQ

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l No Income Tax – No VAT – No Corporation Tax – No Capital Gains Tax l The economy of the UAE is a dynamic and constantly growing one, which is why it is so attractive to companies from all over the world who are interested in company incorporation in an offshore location. The wealthy Emirates have a stable financial climate which helps a wide range of businesses from start-ups to multi-million dollar conglomerates to operate successfully.


Non-doms – pitfalls, opportunities and what you need to do now By Tim George and Giuseppe Guerreri, Withers LLP On 19 August 2016 further details and draft legislation were published in relation to the Government’s proposal to change the tax regime for people who have a domicile outside the UK (‘non-doms’) so that individuals resident in the UK for 15 years will have to pay UK income tax and capital gains tax on their worldwide income and gains, as well as UK inheritance tax (‘IHT’) on their worldwide estate, in the same way as individuals who are domiciled in the UK. The rules will take effect from 6 April 2017. Before setting out the details of the new regime, it is worth noting that individuals born in the UK with a UK domicile of origin will no longer be able to claim non-dom status for tax purposes while they are living in the UK, even if they had previously left the UK and acquired a domicile of choice in another country. For those not born in the UK with a UK domicile of origin, the latest announcements significantly restrict the ability of non-doms to benefit from a preferential rate of taxation. However, they also offer opportunities for effective planning. The proposals, as they stand currently, are summarised below:

Limit to ability to claim remittance basis of taxation Non-doms will be deemed to be domiciled in the UK for all tax purposes once they have been resident for 15 of the past 20 tax years (the ‘15/20 test’). Once deemed domiciled they will be subject to UK income tax and capital gains tax on their worldwide income and

gains as they arise and subject to IHT in relation to their worldwide assets.

Rebasing For those individuals who will become deemed domiciled in the UK on 6 April 2017 under the 15/20 test (and not those who become deemed domiciled at a later date), there will be the opportunity to rebase non-UK assets that are directly held to their 5 April 2017 market value provided: (a) The assets were held outside the UK on 8 July 2015; and (b) The individual paid the remittance basis charge in any tax year before the 2017/18 tax year.

This is essentially a tax-free uplift for foreign assets owned since 8 July 2015. Where the original funds used to purchase the asset were clean capital, the entire gains can be remitted to the UK tax free.

Mixed fund cleansing During the 2017/18 tax year, there will be a one-time opportunity to separate mixed funds (funds that contain a mix of one or more of capital, gains and income) into their different constituent parts. This allows individuals to move the part of a mixed fund that represents clean capital to a separate account, giving them the opportunity to remit funds from this account to the UK

tax free not only in that tax year but in future tax years. This cleansing will only apply to bank deposits and only if the individual can determine the precise component parts of the mixed fund. Where the mixed fund takes the form of an asset, (for example, a valuable painting), it will not qualify for this special treatment. However, the proceeds of sale of overseas assets sold during the transitional window can be separated.

Trusts Trusts established by non-doms before they become deemed domiciled under the 15/20 test will be ‘protected’ and will remain outside the scope of IHT. They will also not be subject to the rules that tax UK domiciled settlors on the income and gains of non-UK resident trusts. Accordingly, a modified form of the remittance basis will continue to apply to non-UK trusts settled prior to the settlor becoming deemed-domiciled. However this ‘protected’ status will only last until an addition is made to such trusts or such trusts are used to benefit the non-dom settlor, his spouse or minor children.

IHT on UK residential property UK residential property owned directly by non-UK domicilaries or non-UK residents has always been subject to IHT but shares in a non-UK company which in turn owns UK property have not. In this way, many owners of houses in the UK have fallen outside the scope of IHT. Now, non-doms (and non-residents) owning UK residential property through a non-UK company will be subject to IHT on such property. Non-doms will need to pay IHT on the value of any interest (however held) which consists of a residential property in the UK. However, debts relating exclusively to the property (such as mortgages) will be deductible when calculating the IHT due. All other overseas assets of a non-dom will remain excluded from an IHT charge unless and until they become deemed domiciled under the 15/20 test. Where non-UK company shares are held in trust, trustees will be subject to IHT at the rate of 6% every 10 years.


Opportunities While these long-trailed announcements represent a significant tightening of the rules relating to non-doms, there remains significant planning opportunities, particularly in the transition to the new rules. What can be done to make the most of them? Firstly, individuals who will become deemed domiciled in the UK on 6 April 2017 as a result of the new rules should strongly consider rebasing the assets that qualify for the preferential tax treatment. This is a significant concession which should be fully exploited if possible, so an asset-byasset approach should be taken to determine its availability. Secondly, all mixed fund bank accounts should be segregated into their constituent parts insofar as possible to allow the tax-free remittance of clean capital to the UK during all future tax years. Ideally, this should be combined with the rebasing of assets to maximise the tax advantages. Thirdly, one should review any existing asset holding structures in light of these changes and plan accordingly. In particular, one should ensure that the trusts retain their ‘protected’ status and should plan any addition or distribution from the trust accordingly before next April’s deadline. Potentially beneficial transactions could include extracting funds from trusts, importing trusts, creating trusts for family members, making loans to trusts or creating multiple trusts for separate assets.

If becoming deemed domiciled from 6 April 2017 l

Create an excluded property trust ready for funding before 6 April 2017;


Consider requesting distributions from existing trusts;


Consider splitting existing trusts;


Evaluate assets to determine whether they should be retained and rebased or whether they could be added to trust;


Retain foreign assets owned on 8 July 2015 until next April when at all possible to benefit from rebasing;


Consider selling assets after 6 April 2017, once rebased, to allow proceeds of sale to be cleansed.

If already deemed domiciled l

Consider requesting distributions from existing trusts;


Consider making loans to trust or adding Business or Agricultural Property to trust;


Consider selling assets after 6 April 2017, once rebased, to allow proceeds of sale to be cleansed.

If occupying residential property held through a non-UK company l

If holding a residential rental portfolio through a non-UK company l

What can you do now? Depending on your individual circumstances, there are a number of actions that you should take immediately. If remaining a non-deemed domiciled person

You should almost certainly wind up the holding structure immediately.

Consider transferring shares to other family members, or to a family partnership, to spread the IHT burden.

Contact Tim George, Partner, Withers LLP


Identify accounts most appropriate for cleansing;

Giuseppe Guerreri, Trainee Solicitor, Wealth Planning & Tax, Withers LLP


Consider selling assets to benefit from cleansing;



Consider re-evaluating earlier years’ residence position such that you may be treated as becoming deemed domiciled from 6 April 2017 and can therefore benefit from rebasing.

Withers LLP is a member of the ABCC


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British Economic Survey KEY FINDINGS Q3 2016


Key Findings Q3 2016

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Quarterly Economic Survey – Britain’s largest and most authoritative private sector business survey, based on more than 7,000 responses from firms across the UK in Q3 2016 – shows divergence between the manufacturing and services sectors in the period following the EU referendum result, with QES balances for the manufacturing sector overtaking the service sector for the first time in four years.

Although it is important not to take one quarter’s figures in isolation, our survey does show that growth has slowed further since the EU referendum, most noticeably in the services sector. Boosting business must be a key task for government in the months ahead, particularly as forward confidence on turnover and profitability has flagged for firms across the UK. The Prime Minister has given businesses some clarity on the timetable for Article 50, and on short-term regulatory and legal issues. This is helpful, but needs to be followed up by a firm demonstration that the government has a clear and coherent strategy to defend the UK’s economic and business interests in the negotiations that lie ahead.

Firms are concerned over investment, hiring, and profitability. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is a crucial opportunity to incentivise business investment and overseas trade. Final and irrevocable decisions on infrastructure projects, both big and small, would also boost business confidence and support investment all across the UK.

Dr Adam Marshall Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

Domestic Sales


Positive balance (+) = growth | Negative balance (-) = contraction


0% +25%













...of manufacturers reported improved domestic sales in Q3 2016, up from +9% in Q2 2016

...of service firms reported improved domestic sales in Q3 2016, down from +24% in Q2 2016


Export Sales












-40% +100%


GDP % Growth (ONS) 2008


Service Sector QES



-1.0% -1.5%


Manufacturing QES

Balance of firms reporting improved export sales 50%



QES % -60% Balance 2004 2006 GDP Growth

0% +25%


Employment Growth

UK GDP Growth vs. QES Domestic Sales +25%


40% -50%




30% 20%






10% +75%

0% -10%





...of manufacturers reported improved export sales in Q3 2016, up from +9% in Q2 2016

...of service firms reported improved export sales in Q3 2016, down from +11% in Q2 2016






2012 2014 Service Sector QES

Balance of firms expecting to grow their workforce

0% +25%


-20% QES % -30% Balance 2004 2006 2008 2010 Manufacturing Sector QES

40% 30% -50%











0% +75%

-10% -20% -30%



...of manufacturers reported an increase in their workforce in Q3 2016, up from +12% in Q2 2016



...of service firms reported an increase in their workforce in Q3 2016, down from +19% in Q2 2016

-40% QES % Balance -50% 2004 2006 2008 2010 Manufacturing Sector QES

2012 2014 Service Sector QES





The Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) examines business sentiment on a range of forward looking indicators, including investment intentions, turnover confidence, and prices. In Q3 2016, the forward looking indicators saw a clear slow down in growth within the service sector, the number of service firms expecting employment growth and business confidence. 0% -25%

Firms facing pressures to raise prices from the following factors

0% +25%


Manufacturing Sector



Service Sector

60% -50%










50% 40%


30% 20%





...of manufacturers expect their prices to increase, up from +10% in Q2 2016

...of service firms expect their prices to increase, down from +22% in Q2 2016



Other overheads




Pay Raw materials Financial costs settlements

Balance of firms increasing investment in training

0% +25%



Employment Expectations


40% -50%











0% -10%



...of manufacturers intend to increase investment in plant & machinery, down from +16% in Q2 2016




...of service firms intend to increase investment in training, down from +23% in Q2 2016


2012 2014 Service Sector QES


50% +25%



-30% Balance 2004 2006 2008 2010 Manufacturing Sector QES

Balance of firms expecting to grow their workforce


0% -25%

40% 30%





20% 10%








-10% -20% -30%



...of manufacturers expect to grow their workforce over the next three months, down from +19% in Q2 2016



...of service firms expect to grow their workforce over the next three months, down from +28% in Q2 2016













-40% QES % Balance -50% 2004 2006 2008 2010 Manufacturing Sector QES

2012 2014 Service Sector QES


UK GDP Growth vs. balance of firms confident 80% turnover will increase

0% +25%



10% +75%













-40% -100%


...of manufacturers are confident turnover will increase in the next 12 months, down from +40% in Q2 2016



...of service firms are confident turnover will increase in the next 12 months, down from +44% in Q2 2016

QES % -60% Balance 2004 2006 GDP Growth

GDP % Growth (ONS) 2008


Service Sector QES



-1.0% -1.5%


Manufacturing QES | @britishchambers continued page 36




This heat map shows the percentage of service sector firms attempting to recruit staff in Q3 2016 by region:



North East


Yorks & Humber

North West



Northern Ire

East Midlands



East of England






West Midlands


South West


South East


In the service sector, the regions which saw the highest percentage of firms which had attempted to recruit in Q3 2016 were the South East at 79%, followed by the North East at 77%, and the East of England at 76%. The regions and nations which saw the lowest percentage of service firms attempting to recruit included London at 38%, Northern Ireland at 59%, and Scotland at 63%.

This report has been prepared by the British Chambers of Commerce.


Continued uncertainty in the financial markets is predicted after the US Presidential result As the world comes to terms with the shock victory by Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election, leading foreign exchange experts, Infinity International, have said that the main effect on the financial markets will be uncertainty. Analyst Perry Asforis says that the result comes at a time when markets were beginning to come to terms with the uncertainty caused by the narrow vote for the UK to leave the European Union in June. The way investors see it Trump and his economic positions are less predictable than Hillary Clinton's and do not always follow Republican Party orthodoxy, and so he is perceived as more of a political risk. That, as well as the fact that major forecasters thought a Clinton win was more likely ahead of the result, have created a surprise for investors and uncertainty for financial markets. It's worth reiterating the idea that markets see Trump as a political risk. And so, perhaps it's useful to also consider what happened in the markets after other political shocks. Specifically, we focus on Brexit — whose populistmovement underpinning draws at least some parallels to the rise of Trump. In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, in June. On the Friday after the British People voted to leave the EU, the S&P 500 and the Dow both wiped out all of

their gains for 2016, while Nasdaq fell by over 4% —the biggest one-day drop since 2011. The Pound dropped 13% against the USD. That sort of emotional response to a political shock is actually quite typical of investors’ behaviour (and more broadly human behaviour). Unexpected and potentially destabilising political events tend to make traders and investors nervous, which then sometimes leads to volatility in financial markets. But as history has shown time and time again, these events generally do not have a sustained impact on markets. Donald Trump (Republicans) was returned as the winner of the 58th US Presidential Election on Tuesday 8th November, this after the Opinion Polls had been pointing towards a Hillary Clinton (Democrats) victory right up until the final weeks of the campaign. Seeing how the US Dollar had been trading a month or so ahead of the Election, the markets appeared to be pricing in a Clinton (Democrats) victory, then as the polls began to doubt this outcome, US Dollar volatility

increased. When Trump was announced as the winner in the early hours of 9th November, there was an initial sharp retreat for the US Dollar, but this was short-lived and the US Dollar has subsequently enjoyed widespread gains. Three weeks on and the US Dollar remains firm. But can this be sustained? Does the US Dollar still offer good value, or might there be a case to consider booking some profits? US Dollar Trade-Weighted Index aside, the US Dollar is now in an uptrend against all other major currencies. However, it is overbought and starting to look at risk of a setback to partially unwind its recent advance, before possibly being set to head higher still towards year-end. Infinity International, as a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment services to companies and individuals based around the globe, is well placed to observe the dramatic changes that major political events can have. For more information


Volaw Group: 30 years experience and expertise in Islamic Finance volaw group FP Volaw Group have created a strong reputation in developing and managing innovative financial structures including complex commercial transactions using Jersey entities. Private Wealth Management – establishment and administration of trusts, foundations and companies as either conventional or Shari’a-compliant vehicles for the preservation and enhancement of family wealth.

Funds and Capital Markets – conventional and Shari’a-compliant real estate and private equity funds, securitisation and Sukuk structures, listing of securities and specialist investment structures.

Fifth Floor, 37 Esplanade, St Helier, Jersey JE1 2TR, Channel Islands. Tel: +44 (0)1534 500400 Fax: +44 (0)1534 500450

To see how over 30 years of experience and awardwinning expertise in Islamic finance can make all the difference, contact one of our experts today: VOLAW GROUP

Trevor Norman – or Richard Fagan –

Details of the legal and regulatory status of Volaw Group’s members may be found at




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National Bank of Egypt (UK) Ltd

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank of Egypt – Cairo, the largest and oldest bank in Egypt. With total assets approaching USD55 billion, it is also one of the largest banks in Africa and the Middle East.

providing the normal range of banking services, National Bank of Egypt (UK) Ltd can also help you with:

NBEUK is a British bank with major connections in Egypt and around the world and, with origins dating back to 1898, is also amongst the oldest banks operating in London.


Business Contacts


Trade Finance


Documentary Credits


Guarantees and Bonds


Foreign Exchange


Introduction to Local Capital Markets

If you are looking to do business in Egypt, you’ll need the benefit of an experienced guide. In addition to

We invite you to visit our website for more information about our services at or contact us now at: +44 (0)20 7389 1280 to speak to a member of our Business Development Team 11 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AU telephone: 020 7389 1200, fax: 020 7930 8882, swift nbeggb2l, telex: 916625 nbeldn g


Uptown School Dubai UAE – one of the Taaleem schools

Opportunities expand for International Education in the Middle East By Nalini Cook, International School Consultancy (ISC) Research Consultant for the Middle East The insatiable appetite for Englishmedium, Western-style education continues to expand around the world; no region more so than the Middle East. In the past five years alone, 458 new international schools for pre-school, primary and secondary age children have opened in the Middle East. The region has more international schools than any other region of the world with a current total of 1,504. Of these 43% are British in their orientation, and the most popular curriculum choice is the National Curriculum of England. 21% of schools in the region offer IGCSE qualifications, and 13% offer A levels.

An insatiable demand The reason for the insatiable demand of international schools is two-fold.

Expatriate families require places for their children at international schools to ensure continuity of curriculum, examinations, orientation and language of learning. Secondly, as economies improve and incomes increase, so does aspiration for Western higher education among the national populations of the regions. To achieve a place at university in Britain, the US, or Canada, international students face increasingly tough competition and so seek more than just good grades from their local national school. To acquire high competency of the English language, an international mindset that will help prepare them for life in a Western university, and recognised qualifications such as A levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or the US Advanced Placement, students and their families turn to international school

within their vicinity for the solution. As a result, enrolment in international schools around the world is increasingly dominated by children of local families; mostly the children of the richest 5% of non-English-speaking parents. An average of 80% of students attending international schools around the world today are children from such families. This increasing demand has seen the international schools market expand significantly in recent years. Data that has been collected on the market for over twenty years by the International School Consultancy (ISC) suggests there were 2,584 international schools located around the world in the year 2000, teaching fewer than 1 million students. Today there are more than 8,500 international schools, teaching in excess of 4.5 million students.

UAE leading the world The United Arab Emirates has been the leading country for English-medium K-12 (a combination of primary and secondary education that children receive from kindergarten until 12th grade) international school education for over ten years, although today, it is followed closely by China. There are 589 schools in the UAE, compared to China’s 555. The Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi dominate the region with a staggering 276 international schools in Dubai alone, and 154 in Abu Dhabi. Several more schools are in various phases of development. In terms of student enrolment, the UAE leads the world decisively with almost 584,900 students aged between 3 and 18. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia follows with 267,000, and China has 241,000 students enrolled. There are several reasons why student enrolment is so high in the UAE. Major factors include the wealth of the country, an extensive expatriate population, demand for high quality, English-medium education by both expatriates and wealthy locals, plus the fact that the governments of Dubai and Abu Dhabi allow unlimited enrolment of local children at international schools. Government support for international school development is evident as part of UAE Vision 2021 which was launched in 2010 and aims, among other things, to transform the UAE’s education systems. According to ISC data, Emirati students comprise the single largest student nationality attending international schools in the Middle East (with the exception of Dubai where they are outnumbered by Indian children), although in no Emirate do local children exceed 50% of the student population. With Dubai’s population projected to grow by 13% during the next two years, and further expansion in Abu Dhabi, demand for international school places in these two Emirates looks likely to continue to increase. The Northern Emirates, which currently have 29 international schools, represent a potential growth market for the UAE where new developments have been emerging over the past two years. Egypt and Qatar are also countries of note within the Arab region. Egypt has


191 international schools and Qatar 159. Although the market in the Middle East is extremely healthy, it is nevertheless facing challenges.

Impact of fall in oil and gas revenues Some international schools in the region, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are currently being impacted by the fall in global oil and gas prices as a significant number of families employed by the sector and in related industries did not return to expatriate postings following the school summer holidays. The schools most affected are those that had a particularly high percentage of enrolments from families working in the oil and gas sector. Many schools have reported that they are been able to fill these gaps through their existing waiting lists. Clive Pierrepont, Director of Communications at the Taaleem group of international schools in the United Arab Emirates, said, “The oil price led to significant redundancies across industries associated with the oil and gas sector. However, the outflow of expatriates as a result of this has been balanced by an influx of people coming into the country to support initiatives related to Expo2020 and future finance, commerce, travel, tourism and leisure sector growth.” Needless to say, most international schools within the region took proactive steps to respond to the impact. “We identified some cost cutting measures and advertised for the first time,” says Deann Hays, Director of Finance at The American Community School of Abu Dhabi. However, she adds: “Enrolment has held steady and we still have waiting lists at most grade levels.” Some schools have reported a 1-2% decrease in student enrolment this year.

Teacher recruitment: a growing challenge for schools Another challenge for international schools in the Middle East is the recruitment of teachers. Ensuring that international school standards remain high, which justifies the school fees and maintains the high demand for student places, requires the employment of teachers who have the skills and experience to teach globally recognised

curricula such as the National Curriculum of England and the International Baccalaureate, and internationally recognised approaches to teaching and learning. This is why so many teachers originate from Western countries such as the UK and US. Because of the huge growth of schools within the region, the number of fulltime teachers currently employed by international schools in the Middle East has increased from 74,000 to 112,000 in just five years. 86% of all full-time staff at the international schools in the Middle East are Western teachers, and in the premium international schools (those that typically have the highest enrolment and tend to demand the highest fees) this percentage increases to 92%. According to ISC intelligence, the international schools market in the Middle East will continue to grow. The question for the expanding number of schools is, can they continue to attract enough skilled Western teachers to meet their needs?

A healthy market for education investors and suppliers Regardless of these challenges, the future continues to look extremely bright for international schools and for future investment within the Middle East and beyond. 70 new international schools are due to open this year and in the near future in the region alone. As for the global forecast, ISC predicts that by 2026, the global K-12 international schools market will reach close to 17,000 schools teaching 10 million students, and generating a total fee income of $91 billion. Nalini Cook is the Middle East regional consultant for The International School Consultancy (ISC). She visits, surveys and interviews the international schools throughout the region for ISC market intelligence and benchmarking reports. ISC has been the leading provider of research on the international schools market for over twenty years. For more information see




A Helping Hand Choosing a boarding school is difficult enough when you live in the UK. When you live overseas, it makes selecting and visiting schools a huge task. “Fantastic service! Anderson Education listened to us, advised us and found a perfect match for our son who has just finished his 3rd year exams with 6 Grade A’s and 5 Grade B’s.” “Thank you very much – we could not have done this without you!”

For those parents with little experience of boarding schools it can be a daunting prospect; most rely on friends and family for help and advice. Each child is different and each school is different. With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential. I know exactly how it feels, I lived overseas for many years, moving frequently due to my husband’s job and having four children all with very different needs and aspirations, makes finding the right school a very challenging task. Ask yourself, would a single sex school or a co-ed school best suit my child, has your child got a special talent in music, drama or sport, one of mine was a natural sportsman and went on to do a degree on Sport s Science, finding a school that can stretch and develop these talents is important.


Let’s be honest not all of our children are outstanding A Grade students, selecting a school that will ensure that every child achieves their best is vital for happy successful children and parents. I always say that I want these children to be top of the pile not struggling at the bottom of the class. “Your optimism and encouragement has kept us going ….. We would like to thank Anderson Education very much for their time and effort and most of all for their exceptional moral support and advice whilst choosing a school for our children. Your optimism and encouragement kept us going and helped us tremendously in putting things into perspective. Words cannot express our gratitude.”

Selecting the best school Our job as Education Consultants is to identify and match your child’s individual talents, skills and aspirations to a school that will challenge, encourage and develop, to ensure that each child reaches his or her full potential. The

purpose and aim of the Education Consultant who specialises in school placement is to work on behalf of the family, to offer help and guidance in the selection of the ‘best’ school for their child. The education of each and every child is one of the most important decisions we make, time spent in early exploration and research is wise. Families living overseas are looking for reassurance that their children will achieve their full potential, in a happy, safe, secure environment. Working closely with the team at Anderson Education, the boarding school specialists, ensures free help and advice and peace of mind. We recommend early planning, allow at least 18 months to two years, this gives you time to do your research, visit schools and prepare the family for the change, don’t underestimate the emotional impact that having your child living a seven hour flight away has on everyone. The other point we stress is to involve your child in the process from the very beginning; many children are excited about the idea of boarding school, especially after having read Harry Potter!

The school location is another point to keep in mind: would you be looking for a school near family and friends? What areas of the UK would you consider? We have visited over 350 boarding schools across the UK; when visiting a school we are looking for what is special and unique about each school and match that to the child and family requirements.

education FP

The British boarding school system is first class, we have a wide range of schools welcoming students from around the world from different cultures, languages and religions. We have schools that cater for children with Special Needs either mild or severe, Dyslexia, ADHD, a range of medical conditions – learning and physical difficulties and for those who require intensive English language provisions, we have specialist language courses either at full time boarding schools or residential summer camps. One final point, have copies of the child’s school reports available, and inform their present school or your intentions; the principal will be required to supply a reference. We wish you every success on this exciting journey, and investment well worth your time and money. Please remember we are here to help you every step of the way and are always available to answer your questions. Email: Tel: UK head office +44 (0)1474 815450 Mob: +44 (0)7877 772255

anderson education FP

Friendships for life Day & boarding school for girls aged 3-18 ‘Excellent in all areas’ ISI Report 2016

“We are like sisters. One big family.” Melissa, boarder

l l l l l l l

Boarding from the age of 9 An ambitious academic education with excellent results Homely boarding community with dedicated house-families Buy weekends full of activities, trips & study Outstanding facilities and enrichment opportunities Full, weekly & flexi options available Beautiful rural location, 40 mins outside central London by train

Meet us in Dubai at the Sue Anderson Education Fair: 10th & 11th February




Community is at the very heart of the school’s success. Kent College is a vibrant and exciting school with a strong sense of community and excellent pastoral care. The close-knit boarding community is at the very heart of the school’s success. Girls thrive in the beautiful, rural grounds and they are nurtured on all levels. Our two boarding houses are known for their family atmosphere and we are careful to ensure that each girl has a balance of space and company appropriate to her personality type and needs. Our boarding Houses are arranged by age and we are mindful of the need for girls to live in a calm and warm environment where they can study effectively. Kent College is a leading boarding and day school, known for its happy atmosphere and academic success. One of our core beliefs is that a child’s ability is not fixed. In the right atmosphere, all have the potential to grow, develop and excel. The task of our teachers is to work carefully with each girl and her family to understand and cater for her changing

family atmosphere and we are careful to ensure that each girl has a balance of space and company appropriate to her personality type and needs.

strengths and needs. We are proud to offer your child a bespoke learning experience. Our girls work hard, but we also provide them with a rich and varied extracurricular programme so that they can take time outside the classroom to do what they enjoy, as well as achieve their personal best in all areas of school life. The close-knit boarding community is at the very heart of the school’s success. Girls thrive in the beautiful, rural grounds and they are nurtured on all levels. Our two boarding houses are known for their

Annually, we enjoy welcoming ex-KC students back to the school to talk about their experience of the world of work. Again and again, we are impressed by their level of composure, as well as the commitment they show to their chosen careers. They speak warmly of the friendships they made at Kent College, fondly of good teachers, and we are delighted that those who often began as shy Year 7 girls so often leave us as highly aspirational young women. Their work frequently takes them abroad and we hope that something of their enthusiasm for travel began at school, where we are fortunate to be able to offer them a range of opportunities to visit other countries and engage with the global community. Above all, Kent College is a vibrant, welcoming, original school where laughter abounds and individuality is celebrated.

Senior School (11-18) Boarding and Day • First-class education in a fantastic rural location, easily accessible by rail (two hours from London by train) and air (20 minutes from nearest regional airport). • Full range of generous scholarships available. Please email or ring +44 (0)1884 252543 for more information.

Tiverton • Devon • EX16 4DN • UK •



Bellerbys Way


ellerbys College has been helping students to turn dreams and ambitions into brilliant results for more than fifty years. We deliver the British curriculum from GCSE and A Level through to university preparation. Our small, personalised classes are taught by teachers trained in developing students from the UK and around the world. We treat our students like adults, not schoolchildren. But we also know that when you are away from your family, it is detailed, personal support that really counts. Our prestigious city locations (Brighton, Cambridge, London and Oxford) enable students to tap into the heart of British cultural, commercial and intellectual life.

As part of our dynamic multicultural communities, students also develop global perspectives and international connections that will last them for the rest of their lives. Our specialist college system allows students to focus rapidly on the subjects and ideas that truly excite them. Every young person gets to progress. No one is left behind. Our unique, Bellerbys Way approach gives our students the support and confidence they need not just to achieve the best results but, even more importantly, to let their ambition flourish.



Principal Simon Mower explains how an inspiring, supportive and caring environment leads to excellent results. From my experience, living and studying alongside young people from across the globe helps students develop their cultural intelligence. Being an international boarding school, we see this benefit at Bellerbys Brighton every living and studying day and the alongside young excellent people from across the results that globe helps students follow. develop their cultural At the age intelligence of 13 and 14, it’s difficult for students to decide what GCSE subjects they want to study. That’s where our GCSE programme is different: by teaching each subject as a mini project in Year Nine, we are able to ensure our students really get a feel for their subjects. We then guide them towards the best combination depending on their desired field of study at university.


Our college for science and engineering is the answer to the STEM skills shortage, writes Principal Nicholas Waite. Technology is an essential part of our everyday lives and a major contributor to the economy, so nurturing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is vital. What is more, those in the field are in high demand among prospective employers. Bellerbys

Each of our GCSE and A Level subjects are linked to unique enrichment activities that inspire students both in and outside the

College Cambridge teaches the engineers, doctors and scientists of the future. And as a specialist college for science and engineering, we provide excellent facilities and laboratories, highly experienced teachers and strong links with leading universities. I’ve seen for myself that students thrive when they can focus their efforts into courses that are tailored to their strengths and interests. So a specialist college, home to like-minded students, and all with the same drive and ambition is

classroom. We believe that supporting

the ideal place to develop. The College also

academic learning through exciting new experiences is one of the greatest benefits a British boarding school education can offer.

offers a balanced structure of enriched education and an active social life set within the cultural hub of Cambridge.

students thrive when they can focus their efforts into courses that are tailored to their strengths and interests


Principal Alison Baines says there is no better location for a specialist college for business than at the heart of one of the world’s financial capitals. Even as a young as 15 and 16, your children are thinking about what subjects they enjoy and the careers they relate to. Students choose Bellerbys London because it is a specialist business school, one that is located at the heart of the world’s greatest business capitals: London. Our A Level and Foundation subjects include enrichment activities that directly complement our courses. It’s opportunities such as learning how the Bank of England sets interest rates, hearing speakers from HM Treasury

opportunities such as learning how the Bank of England sets interest rates, hearing speakers from HM Treasury and entering national business competitions make our college exciting and different

and entering national business competitions that make our college exciting and different. It’s about more

than just top qualifications and the best teaching, it’s about letting students take charge of their careers and progress to the top UK universities.


A specialist college for art, humanities and law, situated in one of the cultural capitals of the UK, is the best way to stand out writes Principal Charles Runacres. Creative and ambitious students are drawn to Bellerbys Oxford. Specialising in art, humanities and law, we are privileged to nurture such enthusiasm, debate and innovation in our college. imagine working We know with professionals in that it can media, law, art and be difficult to design, plus hearing understand from visiting university how academic lecturers and members skills relate to of parliament the working world, so we believe tailored enrichment programmes and expert teachers are the key to sparking and encouraging young imaginations. Imagine working with professionals in media, law, art and design, plus hearing from visiting university lecturers and members of parliament. By immersing students in their subject through real-life projects, they not only become specialists, but also develop key soft skills – just the areas that make their student university applications through UCAS stand out and be noticed.




The price of mathematical abuse in financial markets By Dr Anandadeep Mandal, Academic Lead in Accounting, Finance & Economics at UDOL Anandadeep joined the University of Derby Online Learning after completing his PhD from the Cranfield School of Management at Cranfield University. His primary research interest is in the field of quantitative finance. Overall, he has more than five years of academic and industry experience in the field of research and consulting, and a wealth of publications.

As an investor, you have two choices: you can either lend money to a borrower or invest in credit default swaps (CDSs). CDSs are insurance in the event of a loan default from the debtors to whom you can directly lend money. In both investment strategies, you earn a regular stream of income. For the first option, you receive interest payments, and in the second, you receive insurance payments. Yet, for both these options, you lose money if the debtor defaults. But, are the returns different for the two different investment options? The answer is no - the returns are almost identical. Then why should one invest in CDSs, if they can directly lend money to a borrower instead? Since unlimited CDSs can be issued against each borrower, the supply of these swap options are less constrained than the bonds. This led to exponential growth in the popularity of CDS as an alternative investment during the late 1990s. One question has always intrigued the investors – what is the risk involved when investing in these CDSs? While the absolute risk involved is difficult to estimate, the prices of the CDSs provide an informative indication. When the price of the CDS rises it indicates that the default risk has increased. Nevertheless, estimation of risk in quantitative terms was still essential for investors as well as practitioners for portfolio construction.

One possible method of estimation was to rely on the actual historical defaults of these instruments. But, knowing that the instruments were relatively new in the market, the historical data of the actual defaults were rare in the real world. The academics and practitioners, therefore, had no other avenue but to rely on complex mathematical algorithms for a possible solution. Eventually, the breakthrough came with the development of a mathematical model based on the copula functions,

which played a critical role in understanding and estimating the risk of CDS. This was based on their prices, rather than their actual defaults. In order to facilitate a negotiable swap and enable banks to diversify their loan portfolio, addressing a key question was essential: what is the joint default probability of a pool of loans to many institutions? It was evident that probability of default on loans of different firms cannot be statistically independent. David X Li’s (2000) work on

l Reference: Li, David X. (2000), “On Default Correlation: A Copula Function Approach”, Journal of Fixed Income, 9 (4): 43–54



Dr Anandadeep Mandal

Gaussian copula provided a solution to this, demonstrating a statistical estimate of the probability of joint default for a portfolio of loans. The algorithm was widely accepted in the financial services sector, and firms modified the formula to suit their desired risk calculation requirements. This was a Midas-model which brought in revenues and managerial bonuses, alongside increasing the confidence of the investors who were simply overwhelmed with the mathematics involved, without trying to understand the underpinning assumptions of the developed model. However, this model relied on an unrealistic assumption: the Gaussian copula assumes normal credit default probabilities. However, the probability of default is skewed and heavily dependent on both macro and microeconomic factors. For the sake of research, the normality assumption has several

advantages. It is easier to calibrate and makes the process simpler. The calculations fall into place and if the period of analysis is adequate, the results match the desired expectations. But, it is important to note that the normality assumption does not usually relate to everyday practice – this assumption was central to the recent economic crisis of 2007-2009.

We provide structured and supported undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and short courses that can be studied part time online from anywhere in the world. Online learning offers you a flexible way of completing a University qualification, equipping you with the practical skills and knowledge to further your career.

The credit crisis provides evidence for the misuse of mathematics and negligence of researchers and practitioners in forcefully implementing quantitative algorithms without stress testing them in an economic environment with abnormal distress. This emphasises the need for increased attention and improved critical examination of these techniques, from within both academia and industry.

For further information, please call us on +44(0)1332 594000 or email

The University of Derby Online Learning is one of the UK’s leading providers of online distance learning.

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Al-Maktoum College offers dynamic Islamic Economics and Finance Programme The Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee is currently preparing and recruiting students for its Professional Diploma in Islamic Economics and Finance programme, now in its third year. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the College pinpointed an increasing need among scholars of economics and those working in the field to identify and understand what Islamic economics is, and how it can contribute to the western system of finance and multiculturalism. In establishing the programme critical questions arose such as: “What is the difference between the concept of ‘Islamic economics and finance’ and that of pure ‘economics and finance’?” Another was whether “Islamic economics and finance” were capable of contributing to a secular society? The carefully-devised Professional Diploma in Islamic Economics and Finance programme has set compulsory units – Islamic Economics and Finance, Islamic Commercial Law, Applied Islamic Banking and Insurance, Islamic Accounting and Auditing plus Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Islamic Studies. These enable students to apply the core concepts of Islamic finance in an Islamic banking and insurance operation, to review and assess the commercial performance of Islamic financial institutions according to underlying Islamic principles, and critically compare the ideal concepts and practical implementation in Islamic and western banking and insurance. The programme, available on a part-time or full-time basis or offered intensively, is aimed at students seeking a qualification in the field of Islamic economics, finance and banking. It is also designed to help promote students’ career development in

both the private and public sectors. Students learn appropriate skills such as critical analysis of different concepts and approaches in specific subjects, networking and teambuilding, communication skills, problem-solving, negotiation and influencing skills plus written and oral presentation skills. The College, with assistance from Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, is now looking for placement opportunities in accountancy, banking, finance, insurance and legal services’ businesses for students from the programme, one of six it offers, formalised in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications’ Authority (SQA). Principal and Vice Chancellor of AlMakotum College, Dr Hossein Godazgar, said: “This challenging, contemporary programme is proving successful. “I am pleased overall that the students have studied with great enthusiasm and, as a result, their level of performance is very much comparable to postgraduate students at other UK institutions.

“As an independent centre of excellence for teaching and research in the study of Islam and Muslims we structured our six, full-time programmes in such a way as to appeal to as wide a selection of potential candidates as possible.” The courses currently available, in addition to the Professional Diploma in Islamic Economics and Finance, are: l

Advanced Diploma in Islamic Studies


Advanced Diploma in Arabic Language


Diploma in Arabic Language


Certificates in Arabic Language


Introductory Certificate in Arabic Language

Students who qualify can open up professional career options in the public and private sector at local, national and international levels, plus the voluntary sector, social and charitable organisations, and other multicultural contexts.




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Second GCC – British Economic Forum His Royal Highness, The Duke of York

The Second GCC-British Economic Forum organised by the Chamber took place on 21st July 2016 at Lancaster House, London, with some 250 delegates from the Gulf countries, Britain and around the world in attendance. The high-level forum was widely hailed as a success. The event provided a unique platform for British and Gulf decision makers to discuss common challenges and topical issues such as the UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union. The discussion identified new areas of cooperation and productive engagement. Formally opening the Forum, Dr Afnan

Al-Shuaiby, Secretary General & CEO, ABCC, expressed gratitude to all the supporters, sponsors and partners who had made the event possible. Dr Al-Shuaiby especially thanked His Royal Highness, The Duke of York, for his presence and His Excellency Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, for his participation.

A special mention was made of the Chamber’s main commercial partner, Pepsico, for its generosity as sponsor. All the strategic partners including the GCC and UK Trade & Investment, now the Department for International Trade, had been crucial to enabling the Chamber to deliver the important and topical conference.


H E Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General of the GCC

H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment

The programme, Vision, Challenges and Ambitions: Integration Prospects for a Better Future, focused on economic reform, entrepreneurship and innovation, the role of public-private partnerships and the implications of “Brexit”. The Forum built on the success of the 1st GCC-Britain Economic Forum held in December 2014.

HRH The Duke of York, the Forum’s first keynote speaker, praised the strong respect and cooperation shared by the UK and the GCC. He believed that the challenges of security, lower oil prices and job creation were opening up new opportunities for Britain and the Gulf to work more closely together.

Its success reflected the goodwill and close ties of friendship enjoyed by Britain and its partners in the Gulf. Dr Al-Shuaiby described the Forum as “a chance to explore new openings and kick start new productive partnerships in the future.” By organising the Forum, the Chamber was fulfilling its strategic role in enhancing cooperation and deepening friendship between the UK and the Gulf, she said.

The second keynote was delivered by HE Dr Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, Secretary General of the GCC, who was thanked by Dr Al-Shuaiby for his continued support. Dr Al Zayani praised the UK government for acting quickly to address the issues facing the country following the Brexit vote. He stressed that the GCC would remain firm friends with the UK whether it was a member of the EU or not. Dr Al Zayani stated that the GCC had the resources at its disposal to stimulate economic growth and achieve prosperity. The Gulf remained safe for investment, he stated.

Rt Hon Baroness Symons, Chairman, ABCC, remarked on the impressive number of Gulf delegates at the Forum. Baroness Symons said that the event was taking place as the Gulf countries were developing ambitious new strategies to diversify their economics by stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation. The UK, meanwhile, had a new government determined to develop the country’s global trading relations. The Forum was privileged to welcome, the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, the newly appointed Secretary of State for International Trade, as a keynote speaker. The Forum underlined the view that the UK now had a new opportunity to develop new bilateral trade links with the GCC and individual countries.

In his keynote, H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, Minister of Commerce and Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stated that the GCC was addressing the challenges of the modern global economy through national and regional initiatives. H E Dr Al Qasabi stressed that the successful implementation of the Vision 2030 strategy would be achieved through cooperation with the Kingdom’s key foreign partners. To attract foreign investment, 100 percent ownership was now permitted. He looked forward to greater cooperation with the UK. The next keynote speaker, H E Mr Zayed Rashid Al Zayani, Minister of Industry,

H E Mr Zayed Rashid Al Zayani, Bahrain Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism

Commerce and Tourism, Kingdom of Bahrain, mentioned that 2016 marked 200 years of relations between the UK and Bahrain. A new tourism and exhibitions authority, under his ministry, was seeking to develop heritage and business tourism. In conclusion, the Minister urged UK investors to look to new opportunities in Bahrain’s airport development and aluminium expansion. The final keynote speaker, Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, reaffirmed the UK government’s strong commitment to relations with the GCC and indicated that he would soon be visiting the region. The Secretary of State wanted to turn the UK into the most open trading nation in the world through new initiatives such as digital trading. Rt Hon Dr Fox concluded by thanking the ABCC for

Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade continued page 56


from page 55

Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby, ABCC Secretary General & CEO

The Rt Hon Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, ABCC Chairman

Session One

banks would see their activities reduced.

Session One, Economic Reform: The Driver in Building a Strong and Balanced Economy and Sustainable Growth, had a panel that consisted of H E Dr Abdullah El-Kuwaiz, Chairman, Advisory Board, Acwa Power, James Sproule, Chief Economist & Director of Policy, the Institute of Directors, H E Yahya A Alyahya, Executive Director, Gulf International Bank, and Rupert Gather, Chairman, Invest UK.

James Sproule welcomed the enormous opportunities that are available for business in the Gulf. Describing himself as an optimistic economist, Mr Sproule recognised that the UK was faced with huge challenges following the Brexit vote, but believed that the UK government had demonstrated a sense of purpose in order to make a success of the new situation for the country.

H E Dr Abdullah El-Kuwaiz, who was the first to speak, had some observations on the possible impact of the Brexit vote on the economy and on UK-GCC relations. He speculated whether London would lose some of its status as a global financial centre and whether city-based

H E Dr Yahya A Alyahya expressed the belief that economic reform was fundamental to the success of any economy. Structural reforms were regarded as key to stimulating growth especially since the onset of the financial crisis. The KSA’s Vision 2030 strategy

hosting the Forum and pledged to work towards deepening UK-GCC commercial relations. The Forum continued with five sessions devoted to specific topic. Each of these sessions was moderated and chaired by a senior member of the House of Lords: the Rt Hon Baroness Morris of Bolton OBE (Economic Reform), the Rt Hon the Lord Howell of Guildford (Social and Economic Reform), the Rt Hon the Lord King of Bridgwater (Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Lord Clement-Jones CBE (PublicPrivate Partnerships) and the Rt Hon the Lord West of Spithead (Brexit). The distinguished chairs had all previously served as British government ministers.

Rania Rizk, Senior Vice President, PepsiCo (AMENA Sector)

The Baroness Morris of Bolton OBE (speaking) with (from left) H E Dr Abdullah El-Kuwaiz, James Sproule, H E Dr Yahya Al Alyahya and Rupert Gather


From left: Prof Jan Toporowski, Philip Wood CBE, QC, the Rt Hon Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC (session chair), H E Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Sayed and H E Abdulrahman Rashed Al Rashed

marks an ambitious overhaul of the economy and similar initiatives were being implemented across the GCC region. The final speaker in this session, Rupert Gather, examined the main drivers of a strong economy and in particular the situation that faced the UK following Brexit, which was the UK public’s response to globalisation and a shock to relations between the people and the government.

Session Two Session Two, Social and Economic Development, consisted of a panel including H E Marwan Al Sarkal, CEO, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), Professor Richard Murphy, Practice in International Political Economy, City University, Rania Rizk, SVP & General Counsel AMEA, PepsiCo and Oliver Cornock, Managing Editor, ME, Oxford Business Group. Session chairman, Lord Howell, opened this discussion by stating that the speakers would be looking at the UK’s new relationship with its Gulf partners in connection with the joint challenges of lower oil prices and the wider issue of a

post-fossil fuels future; the new digital economy was a central concern. The first speaker, H E Marwan Al Sarkal, highlighted the priority sectors that Sharjah had targeted for growth and attracting investors; namely, travel and tourism, healthcare, transport and logistics, environment and energy efficiency. Professor Richard Murphy began by looking at how the petrodollar had shaped much of the world economy, but the economic benefits of using oil had not been without costs and fossil fuels would not last forever. Prof Murphy urged more creative thinking among the top policy makers to create more opportunities for people to enable them to use their skills and talents. Rania Rizk explained that PepsiCo was investing in innovation and helping with job creation in the local markets and stressed that it would remain fully committed to investing in talent and innovation in the region in the future. The final speaker, Oliver Cornock, believed that the private sector needed to take a larger part in the development of the new economy based on a thriving ICT sector.

Session Three Session Three, Youth Entrepreneurship, Innovation, as Engines of Economic Growth and Employment, consisted of Lubna Qassim, Group Chief General Counsel and Company Secretary, Emirates NBD, Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Advisor and Board Member, CEBR, and Professor William Scott-Jackson, Chairman, Oxford Strategic Consulting. Session chairman, Lord King, was introduced by Baroness Symons as the Prime Minister’s trade envoy to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia among his many distinguished roles. He opened the session by stating that youth entrepreneurship was a central issue facing all the GCC countries in their attempts to achieve future prosperity. First speaker, Lubna Qassim, began by remarking on the successful record of the UK in employment creation and compared this with the formidable employment challenge in the GCC. She was keen to see more youths in the Gulf involved in either training or education. Vicky Pryce reflected on the experience of Greece in the recent period where high continued page 58


from page 57

H E Dr Abdullah El-Kuwaiz, Chairman, Advisory Board, ACWA Power

unemployment during the recent crisis has led to many young people leaving the country in search of opportunities abroad. She believed that enterprise education needed to begin at school and the right teaching was essential to help unleash the talents of young people. The concluding speaker in this session, Professor William Scott-Jackson, addressed the question why the GCC needed to support young enterprise.

Session Four Session Four, The Role of PPP in Securing Investment, was addressed by a panel made up of H E Khalid Rashid Al Zayani, OBE, Honorary Chairman, ALzayani Investments Group, Nick Prior, Partner, Global Head of Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Deloitte and Tony Smith, Head of Legal Department, Altra Capital Ltd.

From left: Nick Prior, Tony Smith, Lord Clement-Jones (session chair) and H E Khalid Rashid Al Zayani, OBE

Chairman for this session, Lord ClementJones, opened the discussion by stating that PPP had proved to be effective in delivering infrastructure in the UK. The country’s significant experience and expertise with PPP was attracting interest all over the world. First speaker, Tony Smith, who had 25 years’ experience of working with PPP projects, explained that PPP had started in the UK and had since been adopted in 108 countries worldwide. Nick Prior also explained that PPP gives a government access to finance not otherwise available in order to deliver these vital projects and this offers new opportunities for business. H E Khalid Al Zayani began by stating that trust was a crucial factor in the relations between the public and private sectors in the Gulf. He believed that PPP could

H E Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, CEO, Shurooq (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority)

help give extra incentives by focusing on quality, efficiency and on-time delivery of projects.

Session Five Finally, Session Five, ‘Brexit’: What it Means and How it Will Impact the GCC, involved a panel of H E Ahmed bin Mohammed AlSayed, founder & CEO, Sharq Capital, Philip Wood CBE QC, Special Global Counsel and Lawyer, Allen & Overy, H E Abdulrahman Rashed Al Rashed, Managing Partner, Rashed Abdul Rahman Al Rashed & Sons Group, and Professor Jan Toporowski, Economics and Finance, SOAS. Session chair Lord West began by posing the questions about how businesses are responding to the prospects of Britain withdrawing from the EU after over 40 years of membership and the impact on bilateral trade.

Lubna Qassim, Group Chief General Counsel & Company Secretary, Emirates NBD (speaking), Vicky Pryce, Chief Economic Adviser, CEBR, the Rt Hon Lord King of Bridgwater CH and Prof William Scott-Jackson, Chairman, Oxford Strategic Consulting


Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby greets HRH The Duke of York

Professor Toporowski said that the likely impact on his own university, SOAS, would mean fewer admissions. Brexit would also have a negative impact on the funding of research from EU sources and create obstacles for Europe-wide collaboration.

and investment were bilateral and not dependent on the EU. He felt that the UK would be encouraged to take more steps to reach deals with the GCC and elsewhere around the world as a means of replacing its contacts with the EU.

Philip Wood stated that an incredible body of law had been accumulated over the past 45 years would need to be unravelled and that this would have an impact on both the UK and the EU.

H E Abdulrahman Rashed Al Rashed stated that the UK and the Gulf should grasp Brexit as an opportunity. He was encouraged that the UK government appeared to be aware of the importance of this and was intending to focus on developing UK-Gulf relations.

H E Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Sayed expressed the opinion that GCC-UK trade

The Rt Hon Lord Howell of Guildford (left), H E Marwan Al Sarkal, CEO, Shurooq, Prof Richard Murphy, City University and Oliver Cornock, Managing Editor, Middle East, Oxford Business Group

Conclusion On behalf of the Chamber, Baroness Symons expressed thanks to all the speakers and delegates for contributing to the success of the Forum. She warmly thanked Dr Al-Shuaiby and her team for organising the very timely event. All the session chairs were thanked for expertly coordinating the discussions. The key sponsor PepsiCo was thanked for its vital support.

HRH The Duke of York confers with HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the UK


Business Roundtable with H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, Minister of Commerce and Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment, addressing the audience of UK business executives

On 22nd July, the Chamber hosted a business roundtable with H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, the Minister of Commerce and Investment, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Minister was accompanied by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the UK. The Minister and Ambassador were warmly welcomed to the Chamber by Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby, Secretary General & CEO, ABCC. Rt Hon Baroness Symons,

the ABCC Chairman, described it as an honour for the Chamber to be visited by the Minister so soon after his appointment. She informed the audience that the Minister’s portfolio had now been extended to cover investment.


Rt Hon Baroness Symons speaking with HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Saudi Ambassador (third left), H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment (second left), and Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby

Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby

corporates. The Minister described the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy as a “vision for change” which was seeking to highlight interest from investors in the country’s resources such as minerals and mining.

not been developed. The Red Sea region was another major natural resource that would be developed under the strategy by creating industrial zones and opening new seaports to attract industries to set up. The Minister stressed that all these programmes open up major opportunities for investors in various sectors. H E Dr Al-Qasabi urged potential UK investors to contact the commercial attaché at the Saudi Embassy in London to obtain assistance. The Minister responded to questions from delegates on an extensive range of issues.

H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi delivered an extended presentation which explained how the Kingdom was moving towards a more diversified economy with a strategy that was motivated by recognition of the need to move away from oil dependency. The Kingdom was seeking to attract smart investment from leading global

The Kingdom possessed substantial quantities of copper, gold, silver and other precious metals which had so far

In conclusion, HRH the Ambassador remarked that the Kingdom was looking to the future and wished to develop closer relations with its key partners in the UK and western world. Rt Hon Baroness Symons concluded the meeting by expressed thanks to the Ambassador and the Minister for participating in the informative discussion.

HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Saudi Ambassador

In the afternoon the senior management team at the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) headed by its CEO Mr Xavier Rolet, received Dr Majid Bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, accompanied by the Ambassador, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby.


HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, H E Dr Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasabi and Mr Xavier Rolet

H E Dr Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasabi receives a memento marking his visit to the LSE from Mr Xavier Rolet

Saudi ministerial visit to the London Stock Exchange The senior management team of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), led by Mr Xavier Rolet, CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group, on 22 July 2016, received H E Dr Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, the Minister of Commerce and Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, accompanied by His Royal Highness, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Ambassador of KSA in the UK and Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby, Secretary General and CEO of the ABCC. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a hugely important partner for the LSE and this meeting sent a strong message about the financial links between the UK and the Kingdom, and the importance of the Saudi economy on the global stage. H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi signed the official visitor’s book and to receive the institution’s glass memento which was followed by brief speeches from both the LSE CEO and H E the Saudi Minister. A closed meeting then followed on the 7th floor of the LSE, which gives impressive views of St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London, where key representatives from LSEG’s senior management team discussed how

to provide coverage and develop partnerships with Saudi Arabia. The senior executives taking part from the LSE side were: Xavier Rolet, Nikhil Rathi, CEO, LSE Plc and Director of International Development, Ibukun Adebayo, CoHead, Emerging Market Strategy Unit, Tom Attenborough, Head of UK Large Caps- Primary Markets, Jasmine Arora, Head of India, Africa and Middle East for Primary Markets- Equity and Debt, Liz Stevenson, Head of Government Relations and Regulatory Strategy, Europe and Adam Scheuer, International Government Relations Manager. Mr Rolet opened the meeting by briefing the ministerial delegation on the activities of the LSE. He explained how the LSE could support Saudi

Arabia’s Vision 2030 and its national transformation programme. Mr Rolet applauded the Vision 2030 and hoped that London could leverage its expertise as a global financial centre to support the programme in terms of capital markets, regulation, skills, experience and technology. He also welcomed the opportunity to engage with the Kingdom on the IPOs of Saudi Aramco and others in coming months. For his part, H E Dr Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi warmly thanked Mr Rolet and his LSE team for receiving him in the prestigious institution. The Minister agreed that the LSE had a role to play in working with the Kingdom and encouraged the LSE to visit the Kingdom to hold talks with all the relevant parties.


HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Ambassador of the KSA in the UK (right), H E Dr Majid Bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, Minister of Commerce and Investment in the KSA (centre), Mr Xavier Rolet, CEO, London Stock Exchange Group, Dr Afnan AlShuaiby (second left) and Ms Jasmine Arora as Head of India, Africa, and Middle East for Equity and Debt Primary Markets, LSE

The Saudi Minister signs the LSE visitors’ book as Mr Rolet looks on


Opportunities in Tunisia

H E Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi, Tunisia’s Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation (left), with Dr Slim Feriani, Tunisia’s Special Economic Envoy to the UK

The main strengths of Tunisia’s emerging economy were brought into clear focus at the Opportunities in Tunisia event hosted by the Chamber on 12th October. An audience of business executives, fund managers, entrepreneurs and diplomats, gathered at the Chamber’s Mayfair premises to listen to a high-powered panel of speakers deliver a strong and positive message about the future of the Tunisian economy and its attractions for investors. The country had set itself a clear achievable target of reaching a 3-4% growth rate by the year 2020 and it was aiming to attract investment from various sources to reach an estimated $60 billion over the next five years. The speakers, headed by H E Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi, Tunisia’s Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, highlighted the positive features of the Tunisian market such as its diversity, the wellestablished IT sector, the potential

of renewable energy and its skilled workforce. Opening the event, Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, ABCC Director of Trade Services, stressed that the Chamber was very keen to see a strong British trade delegation to attend Tunisia 2020 – Road to Inclusion, Sustainability and Efficiency, a major international conference due to meet in Tunis on 29th and 30th November. A video prepared by the country’s investment promotion agency, FIPA, screened at the start of the event described the rebirth of the country following its adoption of a new constitution and the election of a new coalition government that reflected the diverse opinions within the country. By restoring the confidence of investors Tunisia could look to a more promising

future, was the key message of the event. Rt Hon Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, ABCC Chairman, stressed that Tunisia was seeking to re-establish close relationships with Britain. It was an important emerging strategic market offering new opportunities for investors, she said. H E Nabil Ammar, the Ambassador of Tunisia to the UK, informed the delegates that the level of security in the country had improved enormously over the past 18 months and companies no longer needed to hold back and wait for stability. The Ambassador said that 3,000 foreign companies were already operating in the market including many from the UK. H E Mr Fadhel Abdelkefi outlined the main achievements and challenges that


From left: H E Nabil Ammar, Ambassador of Tunisia to the UK, H E Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi, Tunisia’s Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, Dr Slim Feriani, Tunisia’s Special Economic Envoy to the UK, HMA Hamish Cowell, Britain’s Ambassador to Tunis, and Mr Mehdi Ben Abdallah, President of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce

the country was facing five years after the December 2011 revolution. The Minister praised the political support that Tunisia had received as it navigated its successful transition to democracy but indicated that now was the time for to supplement that with economic support. He wanted to emphasise that Tunisia was not looking for donors but for genuine partnerships with investors for mutual advantage. He said that a newly adopted investment law would fast track decisions and a new emergency economic law would help attract FDI. A major aim of the Tunisia 2020 conference was to improve awareness of the country’s potential as an emerging economy. A Development Plan will be unveiled at Tunisia 2020 giving details of the key infrastructure projects that were in need of investment. Mr Hedi Sellami, CEO, One Tech Holding, described the technological expertise of the company’s highly skilled workforce which had enabled it to succeed in the competitive environment for the IT industry in Europe and globally. The diverse Tunisian economy was certainly not dependent on one sector alone, such as tourism which only represented 7% of GDP, virtually the same as the IT sector, stated HMA Hamish Cowell, the British Ambassador to Tunis, whose posting was coming to an end after more than three years. The Ambassador believed that Tunisia was now more open to partnering with

Rt Hon Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, ABCC Chairman, in discussion with H E Mohamed Fadhel Abdelkefi (centre) and Mr Mehdi Ben Abdallah

the UK and it offered significant new opportunities for doing business which British firms should firmly grasp. The appetite for innovation and IT showed that there were many similarities between the UK and Tunisia. Britain should also be able to share its own experience of issues such as PPP with Tunisia, HMA Mr Cowell stated. Mr Mehdi Ben Abdallah, President of the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce, called on investors to discover the potential of Tunisia and pledged to assist companies seeking to enter the market. He said that Tunisia was at a crossroads and was laying the basis for a prosperous future. But bilateral trade between Tunisia and the UK was well below its true potential and real commitment was needed to raise the levels of trade and investment. Mr Ben Abdallah called on the UK authorities to look at the visa policy in order to ease the restrictions on Tunisian business travellers. The final speaker, Dr Slim Feriani, who had been appointed by Tunisia to act as the Special Economic Envoy to the UK, said it was a privilege to serve his country after having spent many years working in the UK. He said the one million Tunisians resident overseas wanted to help their country make a success of its transition. Dr Feriani said that the Tunisia 2020 conference would be a showcase for the country to the world and urged as many business people as possible to take part. The conference will bring all the key players

in the Tunisian economy together under one roof. He was greatly encouraged by the new government in Tunis which was made up of a new generation of young ministers determined to achieve their goals of stability and prosperity. The meeting was held in collaboration with the Tunisian Embassy in London, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA), the Tunisian-British Chamber of Commerce and the UK’s Department for International Trade. It formed part of an international roadshow for the promotion of Tunisia 2020.

Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, ABCC Director of Trade Services


Members and friends gather before the formal business of the member presentations gets under way

Members’ Networking Event A members’ networking event was held at the Chamber on the afternoon of 28th September 2016. The event was extremely well attended by new and established members who were joined by many executives from non-member companies along with diplomatic staff and others. The meeting heard short presentations delivered by representatives of nine members of the Chamber who described their business activities in the Arab markets and their services to Arab clients. Delegates were welcomed by Dr Lamya Al-Imara, ABCC Membership Officer, who chaired the proceedings and introduced the speakers. Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, Director of Trade Services, began with a briefing on the Arab markets and an introduction to the services provided by the Chamber. He remarked that the Arab Gulf States had achieved remarkable development over the past few decades and in large part this was thanks to their close

collaboration with the UK. He pointed out that there had been a continuous growth in UK-Arab trade over the past 15 years and advised British business to pay more attention to the opportunities in these markets. Mr El-Idrissi flagged up the new one-year visa now available for business visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which the Chamber was pleased to be able to deliver. Finally, he highlighted the Chamber’s forthcoming Opportunities in Tunisia event taking place on 12th October and urged companies to sign up for it. The first member to introduce her services and activities was Ms Naglaa Mustafa, from Naglaa’s World Limited, which offered interpreting, translation and related services to clients. She said that the company was able to provide efficient business translations

at competitive rates and interpreting in modern standard Arabic. The second presentation was from BBS Consultants, a training and recruitment firm covering a wide range of industry sectors. Mr Mohammad Miah said the company delivers in-house courses for global clients and had a partnership with the House of Consulting for its work in the MENA region. BBS also offers human resources services and conducts headhunting for skilled personnel to work in the Middle East. Mr Miah stated that the company values the support it has received from the ABCC since it became a member. The next speaker was Dr Peter Smith, AlMasader Al-Dualiyah for Environment and Quality Systems Co, which was established in Riyadh in 2002 to develop local expertise and ensure technical standards in the KSA.


Dr Smith explained that the firm worked with the public and private sector as well as global certification body, BSI. Its clients included government ministries and Saudi Aramco. The next speaker, Mr Khaled Abdel Majeed, MENA Capital, said the firm was set up to invest in the stock markets of the region and had been responsible for the launch of the MENA’s first hedge fund in 2006. He said it was a small company in terms of its number of staff but handled large funds. Its focus was on the whole MENA and believed that the assets of the region did not just lie in its oil wealth. As a financial consultancy it was highly alert to new opportunities emerging in the markets. Ms Suniya Qureshi from Lifestyle London Design & Build Ltd described her company as a family-run boutique property firm that offers a bespoke service for the sourcing of high-end properties for individuals and overseas investors. Its main focus was on residential and commercial real estate in London and the South East. The company worked closely with accountants and architects as its strategic partners and was able to provide full refurbishment services for clients. Ms Quereshi said she was a relatively new member of the Chamber and recommended others to join. Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones, Vita-Life (UK), informed the meeting that his company

Reception following the presentations

offered health and wellness treatment for personal wellbeing that enable clients to achieve better performance.

real estate projects and arranged joint ventures for clients.

The firm’s “genesis wellness” services offered personal screening to clients in order to identify serious illnesses that are often difficult to predict at the early stages of development. Its courses of treatment assist with better mental health, high risk cases and anti-ageing.

Mr Shah mentioned some of the firm’s current projects such as the 50-room Ibis Hotel in Greenwich, where there is an undersupply of hotel accommodation and which is up for sale at £12 million. He also referred to the Hoola residential development on the Royal Docks and Sky Gardens, Nine Elms.

Mr Zeeshaan Shah, One Investments Global Ltd, described his firm’s activities in property development in London. It gave advice on investments in high-end

Mrs Shaima Jillood, Boodle Hatfield LLP, stated that her firm was a provider of expert advice on residential property deals to Middle East clients. The company had been in the property business for 300 years mainly concentrating on the UK market, she said. It was specialising in both residential and commercial real estate of interest to investors from the MENA region for which it had a team of Arabic speaking lawyers and tax advisors. The final presentation was delivered by Ms Kay Shelford of the Rembrandt Hotel, a luxury establishment in an attractive central location directly opposite the V&A in South Kensington. The 194-room hotel was seeking to develop its business by attracting more corporate clients from the Middle East, Ms Shelford stated.

Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, ABCC Director of Trade Services, addresses the members’ networking session

Dr Al-Imara closed the meeting by thanking all those who had made presentations and the event concluded with a reception.


Exhibition of the Work of Alfred Basbous 1924-2006 A reception to mark to launch of an exhibition of the work of celebrated Lebanese sculptor, Alfred Basbous, was held at the Chamber premises on the evening of 15 September.

Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, Director of Trade Services, ABCC, Mr George Asseily OBE and Mr Fadi Alfred Basbous, formally open the exhibition

Mr Fadi Alfred Basbous, standing beside a fine example of his late father’s work on display at the Chamber

Some outstanding examples of modernist sculptures from the Basbous collection were displayed in boardrooms of the Chamber and viewed by a specially invited audience.

Finally, Mr Fadi Alfred Basbous, Alfred Basbous Foundation, explained the importance of his father’s legacy as a sculptor and important place in the history of Lebanese art.

The exhibition was opened by Mr Abdeslam El-Idrissi, Director of Trade Services, ABCC, who welcomed the guests and dignitaries present, praising the magnificent achievements of Basbous, which were clear for all to see.

Basbous was born the small village of Rachana, in northern Lebanon in 1924 and held his first exhibition in Beirut in 1959. In 1960 he won a scholarship to study in Paris.

The ABCC was honoured to be able to show such precious and stunning works which illustrated Basbous’s remarkable talents as an artist.

He was to win many international awards for his work which follows the tradition of Rodin and Henry Moore, using material such as bronze, wood and marble to express the sensuality of the human form.

Mr George Asseily, OBE, a senior member of the ABCC Board of Directors and leading Lebanese businessman, paid tribute to the celebrated Lebanese artist whom he had been proud to have known.

Examples of Basbous’s work can be found in public and private collections throughout the world, including Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and the Musée Rodin in Paris. Alfred Basbous died at the age of 82 on 1 January 2006.


Member Profile

One Investments Global Limited One Investments is a leading international property investment company and the sales and marketing arm of One Capital, one of the UK’s first specialist property investment developers. Headquartered in London, the unrivalled capital of the world, One Investments offers investors the opportunity to invest in prime London and commuter belt town property along with a collection of carefully researched prime global capitals. The company’s expertise is born of its years of experience in assembling property investment opportunities both in the UK and overseas. It has helped thousands of property investors build diverse property investment portfolios, carefully crafted with a hybrid of high rental yields and strong capital growth potential.

International Property Investment In this modern age trade and investments are carried out across the globe 24/7 with the single click of a button. In pursuit of opportunity the 21st century has seen the obliteration of geographical limitations allowing investors to not only benefit from opportunities at home but in any corner of the world with ease and simplicity. One Investments offers its clients the opportunity to invest in an exclusive collection of international properties in prime global capitals.

Service One Investments delivers a personalised property investment service, tailored to the needs of each individual client. Whether it is a property development of its own or a reputable developer partner the company offers nothing but the best opportunities to its clients, undertaking thorough due diligence so that clients can make their investment choices with confidence. We provide an expert property portfolio manager for every client. The property

Zeeshaan Shah, CEO

portfolio manager works with the client to share market data and intelligence, as well as the latest property investment opportunities. The result is that our clients are empowered to make educated property decisions and investment choices.

Market Leaders One Investments has a dedicated team of expert property analysts. Their role is solely to research fresh opportunities and carry out due diligence on new developments. Thanks to their efforts, we are recognised by our clients as being one of the most reliable property investment companies in the sector. The motto of One Investments is ‘growth with security.’ We take this very seriously and it underpins every part of our business. Our team of analysts forms a core part of this commitment, ensuring that our clients are presented with only the best property investment opportunities across the globe.

Security One Investments works only with the most credible partners, as security of our clients’ investments is paramount. Our network of partners includes some of the most respected global financial institutions, construction companies and property developers, whom we have carefully selected to ensure our clients’ interests remain at the heart of everything we do. ‘Growth with Security’ is more than just a motto to us – it’s the backbone of our entire business. To book an appointment to see one of our Portfolio Managers at our West London sales office, please contact us.

Contact Maria Saroya Business Development Executive Tel +44(0)845 548 5454 Email:


New members of the chamber Abacus Global Enterprises

Abacus House 144 New Walk Leicester LE1 7JA Contact: Mr Saad Tasneem, Director Tel: +44(0)116 3260 299 Email: Website: Activities: Business consultancy for international trade

Arabakhtar Shipping & Transportation Public Joint Stock

58-60 Vicarage House Church Street Kensington London W8 4DB Contact: Mr Parvis Shokrani, Director Tel: +44(0)20-8621 3310 Email: Website: Activities: International shipping and transportation

Bradman-Lake Limited

Common Lane North Beccles Suffolk NR34 9BP Contact: Mr Tony Debenham, Production Support Engineer Tel: +44 1502 470 500 Email: tony.debenham@bradmanlake. com Website: Activities: Manufacturer of packaging equipment; part of the Bradman Lake Group

City Forex

146 Leadenhall Street London EC3V 4QT Contact: Mr Adam Cobbold, Senior Corporate FX Tel: +44(0)20 7621 0090 Email: Website: Activities: Foreign exchange, international payments, travel currency and international bank transfers

Education Partnerships UK Ltd

129 Deansgate Manchester M3 3WR Contact: Ms Saeeda Ahmed, Director Tel: +44(0)161 214 7925 Email: saeeda@ Website: www.educationpartnershipsuk. Activities: Training, leadership and management, accreditation and certification

I.S. Ameen Limited

43-45 Portman Square London W1H 6HN Contact: Mr Iman Sidyot, Managing Director Tel: +44(0)20-7969 2820 Email: Website: Activities: Chartered quantity surveyors

Khalil Mid East Enterprise Ltd

213 Crown House North Circular Road London NW10 7PN Contact: Mr Khalil Abdulghani, Director Tel: +44(0)799-9555 266 Email: Activities: Fresh food exporter

Metaenterprices Ltd

50 Cambridge Road Barking IG11 8FG Contact: Mr Mohammed Mohsin, Managing Director Tel: +44(0)20 8591 4446 Email: Website: Activities: Purchase and supply of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and zinc commodity

Moore Stephens LLP

150 Aldersgate Street London EC1A 4AB Contact: Mr Diego Fajardo, Marketing Manager Tel: +44(0)20-7952 4590 Email: diego.fajardo@moorestephens. com Website: Activities: Accountancy services

Naglaa's World Limited

Venture 382 382-386 Edgware Road London W2 1EB Contact: Ms Naglaa Mustafa, Director Tel: +44(0)752-833 4094 Email: Activities: Interpreting, translation and secretarial services

Napier Watt Ltd

52 Berkeley Square Mayfair London W1J 5BT Contact: Mr Jonathan Adams, Director Tel: +44(0)20-7935 0011 Email: Website: Activities: Property consultants, specialising in the sale, rental and acquisition of residential properties within prime central London

National Philanthropic Trust (UK)

City Point Suite 1510 1 Ropemaker Street EC2Y 9HT Contact: Mr John Canady, CEO Tel: +44(0)800-133 7540 Email: Website: Activities: A UK-registered charity dedicated to providing philanthropic expertise to donors, financial institutions, foundations and charities, enabling them to realise their philanthropic aspirations

One Investments Global Limited

Crown House 72 Hammersmith Rd Kensington London W14 8TH Contact: Ms Maria Saroya, Business Development Executive Tel: +44(0)845 548 5454 Email: Activities: London property development and investment

Opera Regional General Trading Co t/a l’Opera

Fahad Al Salem Street Al Qebla Al Safat Tower Floor 17 Kuwait Contact: Mr Mohammed Abuslaib, Chairman Tel: +965 2295 8960 Email: Activities: cafĂŠ and restaurant

Plena Capital Limited

5th Floor Centric House 390-391 Strand London WC2R 0LT Contact: Mr Sami Mathlouthi, Investment Manager Tel: +44(0)20-7379 1110 Email: sami.mathlouthi@plena-group. com Website: Activities: Investment management specialist in cross border acquisitions in emerging markets

Randox Laboratories Ltd

55 Diamond Road Crumlin County Antrim Ireland BT29 4QY Contact: Ms Jeanette Doherty, Finance Administration Tel: +44(0)28 9442 2413 Email: Website: Activities: Clinical diagnostics

Rayner Essex LLP

Tavistock House South Tavistock Square London WC1H 9LG Contact: Mr Laith Hilfi, Executive Manager (Tax) Tel: +44(0)20 73882641 Email: Website: Activities: Accountancy services


The Rembrandt Hotel

11 Thurloe Place London SW7 2RS Contact: Ms Kay Shelford, Director of Sales Tel: +44(0)20-7661 1672 Email: Website: www.sarova-rembrandthotel. com Activities: Luxury hotel services

Rooks Rider Solicitors LLP

Challoner House 19 Clerkenwell Close London EC1R 0RR Contact: Mr Matthew Ball, Partner Tel: +44(0)20-7689 7000 Email: Website: Activities: Boutique legal firm with expertise in corporate law, dispute resolution, employment law, real estate and wealth planning

Sepam UK Limited

201 Qwest Great West Road Brentford TW8 9BS Contact: Mr Alan Keogh, General Manager Tel: +44(0)20-3176 0167 Email: Website: Activities: Engineering, project management and construction

Sovereign Group Services Limited

40 Craven Street Charing Cross London WC2N 5NG Contact: Mr Shervin Mellegard, Business Development Manager Tel: +44(0)20-7389 0555 Email: Website: Activities: Fund management services

Taylor Howes Designs

49-51 Cheval Place Knightsbridge London SW7 1EW Contact: Ms Karen Howes, CEO Tel: +44(0)20-7349 9017 Email: Website: Activities: International luxury interior design practice

The Heart of Europe Real Estate Development LLC

PO Box 126732 Arenco Tower, 20th Floor Dubai Media City UAE Contact: Ms Dakshita Kumar, Sales Manager Tel: +971 4 279 87 60 Email: Website: Activities: Luxury real estate developer

United Pharma Limited

Office 12 Jenner Avenue London W3 6EQ Contact: Mr Zaher Almahmoud, General Manager Tel: +44(0)20-8993 3818 Email: Website: Activities: Pharmaceutical wholesaler and distribution

Volaw Group Holdings Limited 37 Esplanade St Helier Jersey JE1 2TR Contact: Mr Damian Harrison, Marketing Coordinator Tel: +44(0)1534 500400 Email: Website: Activities: Fiduciary services, acting for individual, family, corporate and institutional clients

XDS Solutions Ltd

Unit 5 Elm Farm Elm Lane Roxwell Essex CM1 4NJ Contact: Mr Chris Rowe, Director Tel: +44(0)1245-249 002 Email: Website: Activities: Export compliance for the Middle East and Africa

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e x p e r t



We provide a wide range of translation services to cater to your specific needs. From legal documents to technical translation, from marketing brochures to medical reports, we work with any type and size of documents. We only rely on a network of qualified and experienced translators who combine their language fluency with excellent writing skills, cultural understanding and the technical expertise required to help you convey your message with accuracy – and timeliness.

We offer transcription services of audio/video files in English as well as foreign languages. We accept a variety of formats – including DVD and USB – that will be converted by our team of experts into consistent text. Over the years we have provided time-coded transcriptions of police interviews, immigration tapes, court hearings, documentaries, just to name a few and comparisons of audio and video materials. Our transcription process is meticulous, fast and certified for use in courts.



Professional interpreting is a critical component in ensuring the success of any business working across different languages. We have the capacity to guarantee professional, personalised language service for any setting and all venues, including courts and prisons.

We understand that certain translations have to be formally verified for official uses. We can guide you through the process of certifying your documents, and offer notary translation services according to the nature of each document and their uses.

Whether you require to facilitate multilingual communication simultaneously or consecutively, face-to-face or over the phone, our team will assist you in determining how to best meet your needs.

Should you require a sworn certification, an Apostille legalisation or any other notarisation services please do not hesitate to contact us!

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‫يف حــن أن اإلعــالن عــن هــذه التغ ـرات املتعلقــة‬ ‫بفئــة “غــر املقيميــن” والتــي ســتأخذ وقتـاً طويـالً‬ ‫لتطبيقهــا عــى أرض الواقــع‪ ،‬فإنــه ال ت ـزال هنــاك‬ ‫فرصــاً كبــرة لتنظيــم األوضــاع‪ ،‬ال ســيا خــالل‬ ‫الفــرة اإلنتقاليــة وصــوالً إىل تطبيــق القواعــد‬ ‫الجديــدة‪.‬‬

‫ما الذي ميكن عمله‬ ‫لتحقيق االستفادة القصوى‬ ‫من هذه التغريات؟‬

‫أوالً‪ ،‬األفــراد الذيــن ســوف يصبحــون مــن‬ ‫“املقيمــن” يف اململكــة املتحــدة اعتبــارا ً ومــن غايــة‬ ‫‪ 6‬أبريــل ‪ 2017‬نتيجــة للقواعــد الجديــدة‪ ،‬يجــب‬ ‫عليهــم التفكــر جديـاً بإعــادة موضعــة بعــض مــن‬ ‫أصولهــم الســيا تلــك املؤهلــة أو التــي ستشــمل‬ ‫باملعاملــة الرضيبيــة التفضيليــة‪ .‬وهــذا األمــر يعــد‬ ‫امتيــازا ً كب ـرا ً ومــن الــرضوري اســتغالله بالكامــل‬ ‫إن أمكــن‪ .‬ولهــذا ينبغــي دراســة وفــرز كل األصــول‬ ‫لتحديــد توفــر اإلمكانيــة لتنظيمهــا‪.‬‬ ‫ثانيــاً‪ ،‬يجــب فصــل جميــع الحســابات املرفيــة‬ ‫املختلطــة املوضوعــة يف صنــدوق واحــد وفرزهــا إىل‬ ‫األج ـزاء املكونــة لهــا قــدر اإلمــكان وذلــك للســاح‬ ‫بالتحويــالت املاليــة املعفاة مــن الرضائب مــن أصول‬ ‫رأس املــال األصــي املوجــود يف اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫وخــالل جميــع األعــوام الرضيبيــة املســتقبلية‪ .‬مــن‬ ‫الناحيــة املثاليــة‪ ،‬ينبغــي أن يتــم هــذا جنبــاً إىل‬ ‫جنــب مــع إعــادة موضعــة األصــول وذلــك مــن أجل‬ ‫تحقيــق أقــى قــدر ممكــن مــن املزايــا الرضيبيــة‪.‬‬ ‫ثالثــاً‪ ،‬ينبغــي للمــرء أن يراجــع ويــدرس أوضــاع‬ ‫األصــول املوجــودة يف ضــوء هــذه التغيــرات‪،‬‬ ‫وإعــادة تنظيمهــا وفقـاً لخطــة مدروســة‪ .‬عى وجه‬ ‫الخصــوص‪ ،‬ينبغــي للمــرء التأكــد مــن أن الصندوق‬ ‫واألصــول يف وضع ـاً “محمي ـاً”‪ ،‬ويجــب أن تخطــط‬ ‫أي إضافــة أو توزيــع مــن الصنــدوق وفق ـاً لذلــك‬ ‫وقبــل املوعــد املحــدد يف ‪ 6‬أبريــل عــام ‪.2017‬‬ ‫وعــى ضــوء هــذا‪ ،‬فإنــه مــن املحتمــل أن يتــم فــرز‬ ‫واســتخراج بعــض األصــول مــن الصناديق‪ ،‬واســتراد‬ ‫مــن بعضهــا‪ ،‬وإيجــاد صناديــق تخــص أفـراد األرسة‪،‬‬ ‫وكذلــك تقديــم لبعــض الصناديــق أو تكويــن‬ ‫صناديــق متعــددة ألصــول منفصلــة‪.‬‬

‫ماذا ميكنك أن تفعل اآلن؟‬

‫تبعـاً للظــروف الفرديــة الخاصــة بــك‪ ،‬وهنــاك عدد‬ ‫مــن اإلجـراءات التــي يجــب أن تتخــذ عــى الفــور‪.‬‬ ‫إذا كنــت ســتبقى مــن فئــة “غــري املقيميــن” يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪ ،‬ميكنــك إجــراء اآليت‪-:‬‬

‫• فكــر يف تقديــم القــروض لصناديــق أو إضافــة‬ ‫بعــض األعــال أو إنشــاء صناديــق يف امللكيــة‬ ‫الزراعيــة؛‬ ‫• النظــر يف بيــع األصــول بعــد ‪ 6‬أبريــل ‪،2017‬‬ ‫والتــي أعيــد موضعتهــا وتقديرهــا‪ ،‬وذلــك مــن أجل‬ ‫الســاح للعائــدات بالتطهــر والتنظيــم‪.‬‬

‫• تحديــد الحســابات األكــر مالمئــة للتنظيــم‬ ‫وإعــادة الفــرز (التطهــر)‪.‬‬

‫إذا كنت تسكن يف عقارات‬ ‫سكنية مملوكة من قبل‬ ‫رشكة غري مسجلة يف‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة‪ ،‬ميكنك‬ ‫إجراء اآليت‪-:‬‬

‫إذا كنــت ســتصبح مــن فئــة “املقيميــن” يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة مــن غايــة ‪ 6‬أبريــل عــام ‪،2017‬‬ ‫ميكنــك إجــراء اآليت‪-:‬‬

‫إذا كنت قد عقدت اتفاق‬ ‫عى مجموعة اإليجار‬ ‫عقارات سكنية من خال‬ ‫رشكة غري مسجلة يف‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة‪ ،‬ميكنك‬ ‫إجراء اآليت‪-:‬‬

‫• فكــر جديـاً يف بيــع بعــض األصــول لالســتفادة من‬ ‫التطهر‪.‬‬ ‫• فكــر يف إعــادة تقييــم موقفــك املــايل للســنوات‬ ‫الســابقة‪ ،‬بحيــث ميكنــك أن تتعامــل معهــا عندمــا‬ ‫تصبــح مــن فئــة املقيمــن اعتبــارا ً ومــن غايــة‬ ‫‪ 6‬أبريــل ‪ ،2017‬وبالتــايل ميكنــك االســتفادة مــن‬ ‫إعــادة التموضــع‪.‬‬

‫• إنشــاء صنــدوق ملكيــة جاه ـزا ً للتمويــل قبــل ‪6‬‬ ‫أبريــل ‪2017‬؛‬ ‫• النظــر يف طلــب توزيعــات مــن الصناديــق‬ ‫املوجــودة لديــك؛‬ ‫• النظر يف تقسيم الصناديق املوجودة لديك؛‬ ‫• تقييــم األصــول املوجــودة لديــك لتحديــد مــا إذا‬ ‫كان ينبغــي االحتفــاظ بهــا‪ ،‬أو إعــادة تقييمهــا أو ما‬ ‫إذا كان ميكــن إضافتهــا إىل الصنــدوق؛‬ ‫• االحتفــاظ باألصــول األجنبيــة اململوكــة يف ‪ 8‬يوليو‬ ‫‪ 2015‬حتــى شــهر أبريــل املقبــل‪ ،‬لحــن يكــون‬ ‫باإلمــكان عــى اإلطــالق لالســتفادة مــن إعــادة‬ ‫التموضــع؛‬ ‫• النظــر يف بيــع األصــول بعــد ‪ 6‬أبريــل ‪،2017‬‬ ‫والتــي أعيــد موضعتهــا وتقديرهــا‪ ،‬وذلــك مــن أجل‬ ‫الســاح للعائــدات بالتطهــر والتنظيــم‪.‬‬

‫إذا اعتربت بالفعل من فئة‬ ‫“املقيمن”‪،‬ميكنكإجراءاآليت‪-:‬‬

‫• النظــر يف طلــب التوزيعــات مــن الصناديــق‬ ‫القامئــة؛‬

‫• يجــب عليــك وبالتأكيــد إنهــاء عقــد اإليجــار عــى‬ ‫الفور‪.‬‬

‫• فكــر يف نقــل األســهم إىل أف ـراد األرسة اآلخريــن‪،‬‬ ‫أو إىل رشاكــة األرسة‪ ،‬لتوزيــع عــبء رضيبــة املـراث‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة عــى تلــك األصــول‪.‬‬

‫ملعلومات أكر عن املوضوع‪ ،‬يرجى اإلتصال‬ ‫ تيم جورج‪ ،‬رشيك ‪ -‬رشكة يذرس ‪LLP‬‬‫‪‬‬ ‫ جوسيبي غوريري‪ ،‬محام ‪ -‬رشكة ويذرس ‪LLP‬‬‫‪‬‬


‫‪ .3‬تنقية األصول املختلطة‬

‫خــالل الســنة الرضيبيــة ‪ ،2017/18‬ســتكون هنــاك‬ ‫فرصــة ملــرة واحــدة لفصــل األمــوال املختلطــة‬ ‫(الصناديــق التــي تحتــوي عــى مزيــج مــن واحــد‬ ‫أو أكــر مــن رأس املــال واألربــاح والدخــل)‪ ،‬حيــث‬ ‫ميكــن فصلهــا إىل األجـزاء املكونــة املختلفــة‪ .‬وهــذا‬ ‫سيســمح لألفــراد لتحريــك جــزء مــن األمــوال‬ ‫املختلطــة التــي متثــل رأس املــال يف حســاب‬ ‫منفصــل‪ ،‬ومنحهــم الفرصــة لتحويــل األمــوال مــن‬ ‫هــذا الحســاب إىل ســاح رضيبــي (تفضيــي)‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪ ،‬ليــس فقــط يف تلــك الســنة‬ ‫الرضيبيــة ولكــن يف الســنوات الرضيبية املســتقبلية‪.‬‬ ‫ســيتم تطبيــق فصــل األصــول هــذا فقــط عــى‬ ‫الودائــع املرفيــة‪ ،‬وفقــط إذا كان بإمــكان الفــرد‬ ‫تحديــد املكونــات واألصــول املختلفــة بشــكل‬ ‫دقيــق‪ .‬وحيــث متثــل األصــول املختلطــة ودائــع أو‬ ‫أشــياء غاليــة (عــى ســبيل املثــال لوحــة مثينــة)‪،‬‬ ‫فإنــه لــن تكــون مؤهلــة للحصــول عــى هــذه‬ ‫املعاملــة الخاصــة‪ .‬ومــع ذلــك‪ ،‬فإنــه ميكــن فــرز‬ ‫حصيلــة بيــع أصــول يف الخــارج واملباعــة خــالل‬ ‫الفــرة االنتقاليــة‪.‬‬

‫‪ .4‬الصناديق‬

‫الصناديــق التــي انشــئت مــن قبــل شــخص “غــر‬ ‫مقيــم” وقبــل أن يشــمل ذلــك الشــخص باختبــار‬ ‫‪ ،15/20‬ستشــمل بـــالـ “حايــة” وســتبقى خــارج‬

‫نطــاق قواعــد رضيبــة املـراث يف اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫(‘‪ .)’IHT‬وإنهــا أيض ـاً ســوف لــن تخضــع لقواعــد‬ ‫الدخــل واألربــاح التــي تخــص األشــخاص “غــر‬ ‫املقيميــن” يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وبنــاءا ً عــى‬ ‫ذلــك‪ ،‬فــإن صيغــة معدلــة مــن أســاس التحويــالت‬ ‫سيســتمر تطبيقــه عــى غــر املقيمــن يف اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة‪ ،‬وقبيــل أن يصبح الشــخص مــن املقيمين‪.‬‬ ‫ولكــن هــذه الحايــة سيســتمر العمــل بهــا حتــى‬ ‫يتــم إجــراء إضافــة إىل الصناديــق أو أن تلــك‬ ‫الصناديــق تســتخدم لصالــح املكلــف غــر املقيــم‪،‬‬ ‫أو زوجتــه أو أوالده القــر‪.‬‬

‫‪ .5‬رضيبة املرياث يف‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة (‘‪)’IHT‬‬ ‫عى العقارات السكنية يف‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة‬

‫يف الســابق‪ ،‬العقــارات الســكنية يف اململكــة املتحدة‬ ‫اململوكــة مبــارشة مــن قبــل غــر املقيميــن وكذلــك‬ ‫مــن الذيــن ال يتخــذون اململكــة املتحــدة موطن ـاً‬ ‫تكــون دامئــاً خاضعــة لرضيبــة املــراث املعمــول‬ ‫بهــا يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وهــذا ال يشــمل أســهم‬ ‫يف رشكــة غــر مســجلة يف اململكــة املتحــدة والتــي‬ ‫بدورهــا متتلــك عقــارات يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬ ‫وبهــذه الطريقــة‪ ،‬فــإن العديــد مــن أصحــاب‬ ‫العقــارات الســكنية يف اململكــة املتحــدة مــن هــذا‬

‫الصنــف ال يشــملون بقواعــد رضائــب املـراث عــى‬ ‫العقــارات يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬ ‫أمــا اآلن‪ ،‬فــإن الوضــع قــد تغــر بالنســبة للشــق‬ ‫األخــر‪ .‬فقــد أصبحــت هــذه الفئــة مــن الذيــن‬ ‫ميتلكــون عقــارات ســكنية مــن خــالل رشكــة غــر‬ ‫مســجلة يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪ ،‬مشــمولون بقواعــد‬ ‫رضيبــة املــرات عــى املمتلــكات والعقــارات يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وســيكون عــى غــر املقيميــن‬ ‫دفــع رضيبــة األربــاح املســتحصلة واإليجــارات‬ ‫املتأتيــة مــن العقــارات الســكنية يف اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة‪ .‬ومــع ذلــك‪ ،‬فــإن الديــون املتصلــة حـرا ً‬ ‫مبلكيــة هــذه العقــارات (مثــل ديــون الرهــون‬ ‫العقاريــة) ســيتم خصمهــا عنــد حســاب رضيبــة‬ ‫املــراث عــى هــذه العقــارات عنــد اســتحقاقها‪.‬‬ ‫وســتبقى جميــع املوجــودات الخارجيــة األخــرى‬ ‫التابعــة لغــر املقيميــن مســتبعدة مــن رضيبــة‬ ‫امل ـراث يف اململكــة املتحــدة مــا مل وحتــى يصبــح‬ ‫الشــخص حامــل صفــة املقيــم حســب اختبــار‬ ‫‪.15/20‬‬ ‫وحيــث تكــون أســهم الرشكــة غــر املســجلة يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة موضوعــة يف صنــدوق‪ ،‬ســيخضع‬ ‫األمنــاء إىل رضيبــة املــراث مبعــدل ‪ %6‬كل ‪10‬‬ ‫ســنوات‪.‬‬

‫ ‬


‫التغيرات الضريبية لفئة "غير‬ ‫القيميي" في الملكة التحدة‪:‬‬ ‫مطبات وفرص وما الذي يجب‬ ‫عليك فعله‬ ‫‪Non-doms – pitfalls, opportunities‬‬ ‫‪and what you need to do now‬‬ ‫بقلــم تيــم جــورج وجوســيبي غوريــري‪ -‬رشكــة‬ ‫ويــذرس ‪LLP‬‬ ‫يف ميزانيــة اململكــة املتحــدة املعلنــة يف صيــف‪/‬‬ ‫يوليــو ‪ ،2015‬أعلنــت حكومــة اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫عــن نيتهــا تغيــر النظــام الرضيبــي لألشــخاص‬ ‫الذيــن لديهــم محــل إقامــة خــارج اململكــة املتحدة‬ ‫(‘‪ )’non-doms‬بحيــث ميكــن لألف ـراد املقيمــن يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة ملــدة ‪ 15‬عامــاً دفــع الرضائــب‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة عــى الدخــل املتــأيت مــن أي‬ ‫مــكان يف العــامل وعــى األربــاح وبنفــس الطريقــة‬ ‫كــا األفــراد املقيمــن يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وقــد‬ ‫أصــدرت املزيــد مــن التفاصيــل بهــذا الشــأن يف ‪19‬‬ ‫مــن شــهر أغســطس ‪ ،2016‬وكذلــك بعض مشــاريع‬ ‫القوانــن‪ .‬ومــن املتوقــع أن يبحــث مــرشوع القانون‬ ‫يف ‪ 4‬مــن شــهر ديســمرب ‪ ،2016‬وذلــك بهــدف‬ ‫إرســاء قواعــده العامــة وتطبيقاتــه اعتبــارا ً مــن ‪6‬‬ ‫أبريــل عــام ‪.2017‬‬ ‫وقبــل التطــرق إىل التفاصيــل النهائيــة للنظــام‬ ‫الجديــد‪ ،‬تجــدر اإلشــارة إىل أن األفـراد الذيــن ولــدوا‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة مــن الذيــن يتخــذون اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة موطن ـاً لهــم مل يعــد لهــم الحــق طلــب‬ ‫بتطبيــق رضيبــي لوضــع غــر املقيــم (ألغــراض‬ ‫الرضيبــة) بينــا هــم يعيشــون يف اململكــة املتحدة‪،‬‬ ‫وحتــى لــو كان فيــا ســبق قــد غــادروا اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة واتخــذوا محــل إقامــة يف بلــد آخــر غــر‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬

‫وألولئــك الذيــن مل يولــدوا يف اململكــة املتحــدة مــن‬ ‫الذيــن يتخــذون مــن اململكــة املتحــدة موطنــاً‪،‬‬ ‫فــإن التغيـرات األحــدث يف النظــام الرضيبــي يحـ ّد‬ ‫بشــكل كبــر مــن قــدرة غــر املقيميــن يف اململكــة‬ ‫(‘‪ )’non-doms‬مــن االســتفادة مــن املعاملــة‬ ‫التفضيليــة يف الرضائــب‪ .‬ومــع ذلــك‪ ،‬فقــد وفــرت‬ ‫لهــذه الفئــة فــرص جديــدة ومقرحــات مهمــة‬ ‫لتنظيــم أوضاعهــم‪ .‬ومــن ضمــن هــذه املقرحــات‬ ‫اآليت‪:‬‬

‫‪ .1‬الحد من القدرة عى‬ ‫املطالبة بالسامح الرضيبي‬ ‫عى أساس تحويل األموال‬

‫ســيعترب غــر املقيــم يف اململكــة مشــموالً بقواعــد‬ ‫وقوانيــن الرضيبــة للمملكــة املتحــدة وكافــة مــا‬ ‫يتعلــق بأغــراض الرضيبــة إذا مــا كان الشــخص‬ ‫مقيــاً يف اململكــة ملــدة ‪ 15‬ســنة مــن ضمــن‬ ‫‪ 20‬عامــا املاضيــة‪ ،‬أو مــا يطلــق عليــه (اختبــار‬ ‫‘‪ .)‘ 20 / 15‬واســتنادا ً عــى هــذا تعتــرب اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة موطنــاً لهــذا الشــخص‪ ،‬وانــه ســيكون‬ ‫خاضعــاً لرضيبــة الدخــل يف اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫والرضيبــة عــى األربــاح وعــى رأس املــال‬ ‫والدخــل واألربــاح املتأتيــة مــن أي مصــدر يف‬ ‫جميــع أنحــاء العــامل‪ ،‬كــا أن ذلــك الشــخص‬ ‫سيشــمل بقواعــد رضيبــة املــراث يف اململكــة‬

‫املتحــدة (‘‪ )’IHT‬وألي مــن األصــول اململوكــة يف‬ ‫جميــع أنحــاء العــامل‪.‬‬

‫‪ .2‬إعادة التموضع‬

‫ألولئــك األفــراد الذيــن ســوف يعتــربون مــن‬ ‫املقيمــن يف اململكــة املتحــدة مــن غايــة ‪ 6‬أبريــل‬ ‫‪ 2017‬وطبقــاً الختبــار (‪ ،)15/20‬وليــس ألولئــك‬ ‫الذيــن ســيعتربون مــن املقيمــن يف وقــت الحــق‬ ‫عــن ‪ 6‬أبريــل ‪ ،2017‬ســتكون هنــاك فرصــة إلعــادة‬ ‫موضعــة (‪ )rebase‬األصــول غــر الربيطانيــة والتــي‬ ‫حافظــت عــى قيمتهــا الســوقية لغايــة ‪ 5‬أبريــل‬ ‫‪ 2017‬وبالــرشوط التاليــة‪:‬‬ ‫(أ) تواجــد األصــول خــارج اململكــة املتحــدة يف ‪8‬‬ ‫يوليــو ‪2015‬؛ و‬ ‫(ب) أن يكــون قــد تــم دفــع الرضائــب عــى أســاس‬ ‫تحويــل األمــوال يف أي ســنة رضيبيــة قبــل الســنة‬ ‫الرضيبيــة ‪.2017/18‬‬ ‫هــذا هــو يف األســاس ميثــل رفــع اإلعفــاء مــن‬ ‫الرضائــب عــى األصــول الخارجيــة اململوكــة منــذ‬ ‫‪ 8‬يوليــو ‪ .2015‬وإن كانــت األمــوال األصليــة‬ ‫املســتخدمة لــرشاء األصــول مــن رأســال قانــوين‬ ‫(غــر مشــوب )‪ ،‬فــإن املكاســب كلهــا ميكــن‬ ‫تحويلهــا إىل إعفــاء رضيبــي يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬


‫عي�‬ ‫القص�‬ ‫ومعاىل الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫ي‬ ‫الدكتورة أ أفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫وسمو اال يم� محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‬ ‫افتتــح االجتــاع الســيد خافيــر روليــه ‪ -‬رئيــس‬ ‫مجلــس إدارة مجموعــة بورصــة لنــدن بكلمــة‬ ‫أكــد فيهــا إمكانيــة ســوق لنــدن لــألوراق املاليــة‬ ‫عــى توفــر الدعــم الــذي يتطلبــه برنامــج “رؤيــة‬ ‫الســعودية ‪ ،”2030‬وكذلــك مــا يتعلــق بربنامــج‬ ‫اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية الخــاص بالتحــول‬ ‫الوطنــي‪ .‬وأشــاد الســيد روليــه برؤيــة الســعودية‬ ‫‪ ،2030‬وذكــر أنــه “ســيكون مــن دواعــي فخــره‬ ‫الشــديد أن يحصــل عــى فرصــة ليكــون جــزءا ً مــن‬ ‫هــذه الرؤيــة‪ .‬وعـ ّـرب عــن اعتقــاده أن دعــم برنامــج‬ ‫رؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬بشــقه املــايل مــن شــأنه أن‬ ‫يزيــد خــربة لنــدن كمركــز مــايل عاملــي خاصــة فيــا‬ ‫يتعلــق باملســائل التنظيميــة واملهــارات التقنيــة‪.‬‬ ‫كــا ر ّحــب بفرصــة التعــاون مــع اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية يف العــروض العامــة األوليــة لرشكــة‬ ‫أرامكــو والــرشكات األخــرى التــي ســتليها‪ ،‬والتــي‬ ‫تصــب مــن مصلحــة دعــم رؤيــة اململكــة ‪.2030‬‬

‫الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫خافي� روليه‪ -‬رئيس مجلس‬ ‫القص� والسيد‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫إدارة مجموعة بورصة لندن‬

‫عـ ّـرب صاحــب الســعادة الدكتــور ماجــد بــن عبدالله‬ ‫القصبــي عــن شــكره الحــار لخافيــر روليــه وفريــق‬ ‫عملــه وعــى االســتقبال الحــار الــذي تلقــاه يف هذه‬ ‫املؤسســة املرموقــة‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أهميــة التعــاون‬ ‫القائــم بــن بورصــة لنــدن واململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية إال أنــه أكّــد عــى أن يتم هــذا من خالل‬ ‫زيــارة اململكــة وعقــد اجتاعــات مــع األطــراف‬ ‫املعنيــة (وقــد ذكــر قس ـاً منهــا)‪ .‬ولتحقيــق هــذا‬ ‫الهــدف‪ ،‬قـ ّدم الوزيــر دعــوة خاصــة لخافيــر روليــه‬ ‫وفريــق عملــه لزيــارة اململكــة بهــدف تطويــر‬ ‫الفــرص املتاحــة واستكشــاف جديــدة والتعــرف‬ ‫عــى الواقــع عــن قــرب‪ .‬كــا و ّجــه الوزيــر دعــوة‬ ‫لخافيــر روليــه لينضــم إىل املجلــس اإلستشــاري لـــ‬ ‫“الهيئــة العامــة لالســتثار (‪ .”)SAGIA‬ويف املقابل‪،‬‬ ‫قــدم الســيد خافيــر روليــه شــكره للوزيــر وتقديــره‬ ‫الكبــر وأعــرب عــن تلبيتــه لــرشف الدعــوة‪.‬‬ ‫انتهــى االجتــاع باإلتفــاق عــى البــدء يف خطــوات‬

‫أ‬ ‫خافي� روليه؛‬ ‫اال يم� محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود؛ والسيد‬ ‫ي‬ ‫والدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫عي� والسيدة‬ ‫بي‬ ‫القص�؛ والدكتورة أفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫يف‬ ‫جاسم� أرورا‬

‫زيــارة فريــق عمــل بورصة لنــدن للمنطقــة والعمل‬ ‫عــى وضــع مذكــرة تفاهــم بحلــول خريــف ‪.2016‬‬ ‫ماحظة‪:‬‬ ‫تســتحوذ بورصــة لنــدن التــي تقــع يف قلــب‬ ‫األســواق املاليــة عــى بيانــات تجاريــة ال ِعــ َوض‬ ‫عنهــا وتقدمهــا حســب احتياجــات العاملــن يف‬ ‫األســواق املاليــة‪ .‬وقــد ابتكــرت بورصــة لنــدن‬ ‫مجموعــة مــن املنتجــات للمســاعدة يف تلبيــة‬ ‫اإلحتياجــات املتعــددة للمعلومــات والتحليــالت‪.‬‬ ‫ومتثــل غرفــة مقاصــة لنــدن العامليــة أيضاً جــزءا ً من‬ ‫مجموعــة بورصــة لنــدن وتقوم بــدور غرفــة املقاصة‬ ‫الرائــدة عاملي ـاً للمنتجــات املاليــة خــارج البورصــة‪.‬‬ ‫وتصــل املبالــغ اليوميــة املتداولــة يف ذلك املجــال إىل‬ ‫‪ 450‬مليــار دوالر؛ وقــد بلــغ إجــايل املبالــغ املتداولة‬ ‫ســنويا حتــى اليــوم ‪ 88.8‬ترليــون دوالر‪.‬‬

‫الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫خافي�‬ ‫القص� يتسلم تذكاراً من السيد‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬

‫ ‬


‫الزيارة الوزارية السعودية‬ ‫لسوق الوراق الالية ‪ -‬لندن‬ ‫‪Saudi Ministerial Visit to London‬‬ ‫‪Stock Exchange‬‬ ‫الرســمي‪ ،‬وأُهــدي لــه تــذكارا ً رســمياً خاص ـاً مــن‬ ‫املؤسســة‪ ،‬وتــى ذلــك قــراءة كلــات الشــكر‬ ‫واإلمتنــان مــن قبــل الطرفــن‪.‬‬ ‫وفيــا بعــد‪ُ ،‬عقــد اجتــاع مغلــق أتخــذ مــن‬ ‫الطابــق الســابع يف بورصــة لنــدن مكانـاً لــه‪ ،‬حيــث‬ ‫يتميــز بإطاللتــه الرائعــة عــى كاتدرائيــة ســانت‬ ‫بــول ومدينــة لنــدن‪ .‬ومــن ضمــن مــا تنــاول‬ ‫االجتــاع‪ ،‬أفــكارا ً جديــدة طرحهــا الفريــق اإلداري‬ ‫للســوق بشــأن كيفيــة توفــر تغطيــة للـرشاكات مع‬ ‫الســعودية وتطويرهــا‪.‬‬ ‫أســامء فريــق بورصــة لنــدن اإلداري الــذي شــارك‬ ‫يف االجتــامع‪:‬‬ ‫أ‬ ‫اال‬ ‫دريس� والدكتورة‬ ‫سمو اال يم� محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود؛ والسيد عبد السالم إ‬ ‫يي‬ ‫عي�‬ ‫أفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫يف ‪ 22‬متــوز (يوليــو)‪ ،‬قــام معــايل الدكتــور ماجــد‬ ‫بــن عبداللــه القصبــي ‪ -‬وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثار‬ ‫يف اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية وبرفقــة صاحــب‬ ‫الســمو امللــي األمــر محمــد بــن نــواف بــن‬ ‫عبدالعزيــز آل ســعود ‪ -‬ســفر الســعودية لــدى‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪ ،‬والدكتــورة أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي ‪-‬‬ ‫األمــن العــام والرئيــس التنفيــذي لغرفــة التجــارة‬ ‫العربيــة الربيطانيــة بزيــارة خاصــة إىل ســوق‬ ‫لنــدن لــألوراق املاليــة‪ .‬واســتقبل الوفــد الســعودي‬ ‫فريــق عمــل قيــادي رفيــع املســتوى يف مجموعــة‬ ‫ســوق لنــدن لــألوراق املاليــة (‪ )LSEG‬بقيــادة‬ ‫خافيــر روليــه ‪ -‬رئيــس مجلــس إدارة مجموعــة‬ ‫بورصــة لنــدن‪ ،‬حيــث تــم الرحيــب الحــار بالوفــد‬

‫الزائــر مــن عــى رشفــة البورصــة وأمــام الشاشــات‬ ‫اإللكرونيــة وشاشــات التــداول‪ ،‬والتــي حملــت‬ ‫رســالة ترحيــب خاصــة بالوفــد الزائــر‪.‬‬ ‫تُعتــرب اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية رشيــكاً هام ـاً‬ ‫جــدا ً بالنســبة لبورصــة لنــدن‪ ،‬وســتكون هــذه‬ ‫الزيــارة مبثابــة رســالة قويــة فيــا يتعلــق بالروابــط‬ ‫املاليــة بــن اململكــة املتحــدة واململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية‪ ،‬وتعكــس يف الوقــت ذاتــه أهميــة‬ ‫االقتصــاد الســعودي عــى الســاحة الدوليــة‪.‬‬ ‫وقــد تـ ّم دعــوة صاحــب الســعادة الدكتــور ماجــد‬ ‫بــن عبداللــه القصبــي للتوقيــع يف دفــر الــزوار‬

‫• الســيد خافيــري روليــه‪ ،‬رئيــس مجلــس إدارة‬ ‫مجموعــة بورصــة لنــدن‬ ‫• الســيد نيكيــل رايث‪ ،‬رئيــس مجلــس إدارة رشكــة‬ ‫بورصــة لنــدن العامــة املحــدودة ومديــر قســم‬ ‫التنميــة الدوليــة‬ ‫• الســيد إبوكــون أديبايــو‪ ،‬مســاعد رئيــس وحــدة‬ ‫إس ـراتيجية األســواق الصاعــدة‬ ‫• الســيد تــوم أتنبــورو‪ ،‬رئيــس إدارة رؤوس األموال‬ ‫الكبــرية ‪ -‬األســواق الرئيســية يف اململكــة املتحدة‬ ‫• الســيدة جاســمن أرورا‪ ،‬رئيــس األســواق‬ ‫الرئيســية ‪ -‬األســهم والديــون يف الهنــد وأفريقيــا‬ ‫والــرشق األوســط‬ ‫• الســيدة ليــز ستيفنســون‪ ،‬رئيــس العاقــات‬ ‫الحكوميــة واإلســراتيجية القانونيــة‪ ،‬أوروبــا‬ ‫• الســيد آدم شــوير‪ ،‬مديــر العاقــات الحكوميــة‬ ‫الدوليــة‪.‬‬


‫معاىل الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫القص� يلقي كلمته‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫األولويــات أصبحــت متيــل أكــر للدراســات العملية‬ ‫مثــل الهندســة والطــب والعلــوم الطبيعيــة‪ .‬وإن‬ ‫الســعودية تريــد العمــل بشــكل وثيــق مــع‬ ‫جامعــات اململكــة املتحــدة عــى توفــر أفضــل‬ ‫فــرص التعليــم العــايل للطــالب الســعودين‪.‬‬ ‫صاحــب الســمو امللــي األمــر محمــد بــن نــواف‬ ‫بــن عبدالعزيــز أشــار إىل أن اململكــة فخــورة مبــا‬ ‫يحققــه الطلبــة الســعودين يف اململكــة املتحــدة‪،‬‬ ‫حيــث يصــل عــدد الطلبــه إىل ‪ 20‬ألــف طالــب‬ ‫ســعودي‪ ،‬وإن كل ســنة يتخــرج مــن ‪ 4,5 – 4‬ألــف‬ ‫طالــب يف مختلــف االختصاصــات مــن الجامعــات‬ ‫الربيطانيــة‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة لالســتثار يف مجــال‬ ‫أمــن املعلومــات يف الســعودية؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬أن هــذا ميثــل تحديــاً عامليــاً وأن الســعودية‬ ‫تأخــذه عــى محمــل الجــد‪ ،‬حيــث ممكــن أن تتأثــر‬ ‫مبخاطــره الكثــر مــن األنشــطة التجاريــة الســيا‬ ‫الــرشكات الصغــرة واملتوســطة وكذلــك الــرشكات‬ ‫الكبــرة‪ .‬وإن اململكــة تشــجع املســتثمرين‬ ‫املتخصصــن يف مجــال حايــة األمــن املعلومــايت‬ ‫لزيــارة البــالد الستكشــاف فــرص التعــاون إليجــاد‬ ‫حلــول ملعالجــة هــذه القضايــا املهمــة‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة يف مجــال النفــط‬ ‫والغــاز؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬هــاذان القطاعــان يشــكالن جــزء مهــم مــن‬

‫جانب من الحضور ف ي� الندوة‬

‫رؤيــة اململكــة ‪ 2030‬حيــث تســعى اململكــة‬ ‫لتطويــر صناعاتهــا التحويليــة‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬ماذا عن املجاالت يف التدريب مهني؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬أن اململكــة تعمــل عــى تطويــر سياســة فعالــة‬ ‫يف مجــال التدريــب املهنــي واكتســاب املهــارات‪،‬‬ ‫وهــي بحاجــة ماســة للمواءمــة مــع احتياجــات‬ ‫القطــاع الخــاص‪ .‬وأعــرب عــن اعتقــاده أن اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة متتلــك الخــربة للمســاعدة يف تدريــب‬ ‫أفضــل للمواطنــن الســعودين إلكســابهم املهــارات‬ ‫الالزمــة لشــغل الوظائــف تتطلــب مهــارات أعى يف‬ ‫االقتصــاد الحديــث‪.‬‬ ‫صاحــب الســمو امللــي األمــر محمــد بــن نــواف‬ ‫بــن عبدالعزيــز أشــار الســفر إىل أن اململكــة يف‬ ‫هــذا املجــال تتطلــع إىل املســتقبل حيــث الت ـزال‬ ‫بلــدا ً شــاباً وهــي تحتــاج لــكل املهــارات ملواطنيهــا‬ ‫مــن الشــباب‪ ،‬واململكــة تتطلــع لرشكائهــا التاريخن‬ ‫ال ســيا اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وأكــد ســموه أن اململكة‬ ‫يف الوقــت الحــايل تخطــو خطــى حثيثــة نحــو النمو‬ ‫والتطــور واالزدهــار‪ ،‬وتســعى إىل تطبيــق رؤيــة‬ ‫جديــدة وطموحــة للمســتقبل وبرنامــج التحــول‬ ‫الوطنــي‪.‬‬ ‫يف ختــام االجتــاع‪ ،‬ونيابــة عــن الغرفــة‪ ،‬قدمــت‬ ‫البارونــة ســيمونز أســمى عبــارات الشــكر للســفر‬ ‫والوزيــر للمشــاركة يف االجتــاع واإلجابــة عــى‬ ‫االستفســارات‪.‬‬

‫وعقــب حفــل االســتقبال توجــه معــايل الدكتــور‬ ‫ماجــد القصبــي وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثار يف معيــة‬ ‫صاحــب الســمو امللــي األمــر محمــد بــن نــواف‬ ‫بــن عبــد العزيــز ســفر اململكــة‪ ،‬يف زيــارة خاصــة‬ ‫نظمتهــا غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة مــع‬ ‫بورصــة لندن (‪ ،)London Stock Exchange‬حيث‬ ‫إلتقــى صاحــب الســمو وصاحــب املعــايل بــكل‬ ‫مــن الرئيــس التنفيــذي ملجموعــة بورصــة لنــدن‬ ‫والرئيــس التنفيــذي لرشكــة ســوق املــال ومديــر‬ ‫التطويــر الــدويل‪ ،‬رئيــس الوحــدة اإلســراتيجية‬ ‫لالســواق الناشــئة‪ .‬واســتعرض معاليــه خــالل اللقاء‪،‬‬ ‫التعــاون االقتصــادي بــن البلديــن وســبل التعــاون‬ ‫يف ظــل رؤيــة اململكــة ‪ ،2030‬واســتمع معــايل‬ ‫الوزيــر وســمو الســفر األمــر محمــد بــن نــواف‬ ‫إىل رشح مفصــل عــن التــداوالت والتعامــالت التــي‬ ‫تقــوم بهــا بورصــة لنــدن‪.‬‬

‫ ‬


‫من اليسار‪ :‬الدكتورة أفنان الشُ عي�؛ ومعاىل الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله القص�؛ وسمو أ‬ ‫اال يم� محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود والبارونة سيمونز‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫س‪ :‬كيــف ميكــن للقطــاع املــريف يف اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة أن يســاعد عــى تحقيــق أهــداف رؤيــة‬ ‫‪2030‬؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬القطــاع املــريف يف اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية‬ ‫متطــورا ً ومنظـاً تنظيـاً حديثـاً وألكــر مــن ثالثــة‬ ‫عقــود‪ ،‬وإن البنــوك األجنبيــة تعمــل بالفعــل يف‬ ‫الســوق الســعودية‪ ،‬وهــو يعتقــد بــأن الســوق‬ ‫مســتوفية لحاجتهــا مــن حيــث عــدد البنــوك وإن‬ ‫اململكــة ال تريــد أن تــرى ســوقاً مكتظــة بالبنــوك‪،‬‬ ‫إن البنــوك تقــع ضمــن مســؤولية مؤسســة النقــد‬ ‫الســعودية وليــس يف ضمــن صالحيــات وزارتــه‪.‬‬

‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة يف مجــال الطاقــة‬ ‫املتجــددة يف اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬مجــال الطاقــة املتجــددة متثــل بحــد ذاتهــا أحــد‬ ‫الصناعــات اإلس ـراتيجية حيــث أنهــا تعتمــد عــى‬ ‫الطاقــة الشمســية املتوفــرة جــدا ً يف الســعودية‪.‬‬ ‫أنــه مجــال مفتــوح للمســتثمرين األجانــب‪ .‬إال‬ ‫أنــه ليــس مبقــدور الوزيــر تقديــم مزيــدا ً مــن‬ ‫املعلومــات كــون هــذا ال يقــع ضمــن مســؤوليات‬ ‫وزارتــه‪.‬‬

‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة يف اململكــة يف قطــاع‬ ‫التعديــن؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬هــذا القطــاع ميتلــك فرصــاً مثينــة وفيــه‬ ‫اســتعدادات عاليــة لعقــد رشاكات ناجحــة وفريــدة‬ ‫مــن نوعهــا‪ ،‬وميكــن االســتفادة مــن خـربات اململكة‬ ‫املتحــدة الواســعة يف مجــال التعديــن‪ .‬أن مجــال‬ ‫التعديــن يف الســعودي حيــوي جــدا ً ويتطلــب‬ ‫الكثــر مــن رأس املــال املســتثمر‪ .‬وميكــن أن يكــون‬ ‫هنــاك دور لغرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة‬ ‫للمســاعدة عــى توثيــق التعــاون بــن اململكــة‬

‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة يف قطــاع امليــاه‬ ‫والزراعــة واألمــن الغــذايئ؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬الســعودية حريصــة عــى التمييــز بــن الزراعــة‬ ‫واألمــن الغــذايئ‪ .‬وقــال إن اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية مل تكــن يومــاً بلــدا ً زراعيــاً أو منتجــاً‬ ‫رئيســياً بهــذا املجــال وذلــك ألن الزراعــة يف‬ ‫الســعودية تســتهلك كميــات هائلــة من امليــاه وإن‬ ‫مــوارد امليــاه محــدودة يف اململكــة وهــي لذلــك‬ ‫ذات أهميــة كــربى‪ .‬وأضــاف بــأن اململكــة اختــارت‬ ‫أن تذهــب باالســتثار الزراعــي إىل الخــارج‪ ،‬يف‬

‫املتحــدة وصناعــات التعديــن الســعودية‪.‬‬

‫أماكــن مثــل أفريقيــا وأمريــكا الجنوبيــة‪ ،‬للتعــاون‬ ‫يف مجــال تطويــر املــوارد الزراعيــة كوســيلة لتعزيــز‬ ‫األمــن الغــذايئ ملواطنــن‪ .‬وســلط الضــوء عــى‬ ‫إمكانــات تطويــر صناعــة األســمدة يف اململكــة‪،‬‬ ‫ودعــا إىل االهتــام مــن قبــل املســتثمرين الجادين‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي الفــرص املتاحــة يف تكنولوجيــا الرعايــة‬ ‫الصحيــة؟ ومــا إمكانيــة وأوجــه التعــاون مــع‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬أن هــذه املنطقــة توفــر فرصــاً كبــرة‬ ‫للمســتثمرين يف اململكــة املتحــدة الســيا يف‬ ‫عالجــات أمـراض الســكري كأحــد املجــاالت الهامــة‪.‬‬ ‫ودعــا العاملــن يف مجــال الصحــة لزيــارة اململكــة‬ ‫لإلطــالع عــن كثــب مــع املختصــن واملهنيــن يف‬ ‫القطــاع الصحــي الســعودي‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي أوجــه التعــاون يف مجــال التعليــم‬ ‫العــايل؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬أن اململكــة أصبحــت أكــر انتقائيــة بخصــوص‬ ‫أنــواع األختصاصــات التــي يختارهــا الطــالب‬ ‫الســعودين والتــي يجــب أن تراعــى مــن قبــل‬ ‫الطلبــة عندمــا يريــدون الدراســة يف الخــارج‪ .‬أن‬


‫يف اململكــة‪ ،‬وتــزداد أعــداد الخريجات الســعوديات‬ ‫مــن الجامعــات كل عــام وباختصاصــات عــدة‬ ‫الســيا الطبيبــات واملحاميــات وغــره‪ .‬وإن‬ ‫الحكومــة الســعودية تبــذل جهــودا ً كبــرة يف‬ ‫تعزيــز وتشــجيع عالــة اإلنــاث‪ ،‬ومنتلــك حصيلــة‬ ‫ونتائــج إيجابيــة تؤكــد زيــادات يف أعــداد النســاء‬ ‫الســعوديات العامــالت يف مجــال العلــوم والقانــون‬ ‫والحيــاة األكادمييــة‪ .‬وأشــار بــان شــباب اململكــة‬ ‫واعــي جــدا ً بالتقنيــات الحديثــة حيــث أصبــح‬ ‫عــامل الرقميــات وتكنولوجيــا املعلومــات جــزءا ً مــن‬ ‫حياتهــم كــا هــو الحــال يف العــامل بــأرسه‪.‬‬ ‫وقــال ســعادته “أن اململكــة تتحــرك بخطــى حثيثــة‬ ‫وثابتــة نحــو اقتصــاد أكــر تنوع ـاً‪ ،‬وهــي مصممــة‬ ‫عــى إتبــاع إس ـراتيجية مدروســة لغــرض تخطــي‬ ‫حقبــة االعتــاد عــى النفــط إىل مــا بعــد حقبــة‬ ‫النفــط”‪.‬‬ ‫وســلط معاليــه الضــوء عــى دور الهيئــة العامــة‬ ‫لالســتثار يف تشــجيع االســتثار والتســهيالت‬ ‫التــي تقدمهــا للمســتثمر األجنبــي لجعــل الســوق‬ ‫الســعودية أكــر جاذبيــة للمســتثمرين‪ ،‬الســيا‬ ‫التعديــالت الترشيعيــة األخــرة التــي منحــت‬ ‫للمســتثمر حــق ملكيــة ‪ %100‬مــن اســتثاراته‬ ‫ويف العديــد مــن القطاعــات‪ .‬ووصــف معاليــه‬ ‫التدابــر املتبعــة حاليـاً لتحفيــز التنميــة الصناعيــة‬ ‫يف جميــع أنحــاء البــالد مــن خــالل تقديــم الدعــم‬ ‫املــايل وحوافــز أخــرى مغريــة‪ .‬وتســعى اململكــة إىل‬ ‫جــذب االســتثارات الذكيــة مــن كبــار الــرشكات‬ ‫العامليــة‪ ،‬وتتخــذ خطــوات عمليــة وفعلية لتشــجيع‬ ‫توظيــف املواطنــن الســعودين يف تلــك املشــاريع‪،‬‬ ‫وكذلــك مــن خــالل صنــدوق تنميــة يتــم دفــع مــا‬ ‫يصــل إىل ‪ %50‬مــن رواتــب الســعودين املعينــن‬ ‫حديث ـاً‪ .‬وذكــر الوزيــر بــأن اململكــة تعمــل بنظــام‬ ‫رضيبــي ذو معــدالت وصفهــا بأنهــا “تنافســية‬ ‫للغايــة”‪ ،‬وأعــرب عــن اعتقــاده أنــه مــن املرجــح أن‬ ‫يتــم إدخــال العمــل بنظــام رضيبــة القيمــة املضافة‬ ‫قبــل عــام ‪.2020‬‬ ‫وأشــار إىل أن اقتصــاد اململكــة ملــا لــه مــن جاذبيــة‬ ‫وقــوة قــد متكــن مــن اســتقطاب عالمــات تجاريــة‬ ‫لــرشكات كــربى وكثــر مــن العالمــات التجاريــة‬ ‫العامليــة الرائــدة التي تنشــط يف الســوق الســعودية‬ ‫ولعــدة عقــود‪.‬‬ ‫وعــن رؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬اإلســراتيجية فقــد‬ ‫وصفهــا الوزيــر بأنهــا “رؤيــة للتغيــر” التــي‬

‫تهــدف إىل أخــذ البــالد إىل منعطــف جديــد مــن‬ ‫التنميــة املســتدامة‪ ،‬وقــال بأنــه يف هــذا االجتــاع‬ ‫ســيحاول “تســليط الضــوء عــى املســائل التــي‬ ‫تهــم املســتثمرين”‪ .‬وأشــار أوالً إىل قطــاع الصناعــة‬ ‫واملعــادن حيــث تعتــرب الســعودية منجــم هائــل‬ ‫لكثــر مــن املــوارد الطبيعيــة واملعــادن وبــكل‬ ‫أنواعهــا مبــا يف ذلــك كميــات كبــرة مــن النحــاس‬ ‫والذهــب والفضــة واملعــادن الثمينــة األخــرى التــي‬ ‫حتــى اآلن مل يتــم تطويرهــا‪.‬‬ ‫ووصــف معــايل الوزيــر املوقــع الجغــرايف‬ ‫اإلســراتيجي الــذي تحتلــه اململكــة “بالغنــي‬ ‫عــن التعريــف”‪ ،‬حيــث تطــل الســعودية عــى‬ ‫شــواطىء الخليــج والبحــر األحمــر الــذي يزخــر‬ ‫باملــوارد الطبيعيــة والتــي ســيتم وضعهــا يف إطــار‬ ‫اإلســراتيجية للرؤيــة ‪ 2030‬وذلــك مــن خــالل‬ ‫إنشــاء مناطــق صناعيــة وفتــح املوانــئ جديــدة‬ ‫لجــذب الصناعــات والتعديــن‪.‬‬ ‫واســتطرد الوزيــر لــرشح األهــداف الرئيســية لرؤيــة‬ ‫‪ ،2030‬مثــل اعتــاد الحكومــة اإللكرونيــة مــن‬ ‫أجــل تعزيــز الكفــاءة يف عمليــات صنــع القــرار‪.‬‬ ‫وستشــارك اإلصالحــات التــي يتــم تبنيهــا بتبســيط‬ ‫عمــل الــوزارات كجــزء مــن حملــة رفــع الكفــاءة‬ ‫مؤسســات الدولــة وتوابعهــا‪.‬‬

‫املتعلقــة وخاصــة يف املــدن الرئيســية‪ .‬وهــو أيض ـاً‬ ‫مــا يتعلــق بتطويــر البنيــة التحتيــة للســياحة يف‬ ‫اململكة وتســتهدف الرؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬زيادة‬ ‫الطاقــة االســتيعابية للســياحة الدينيــة حيــث تعترب‬ ‫الســعودية وجهــة املســلمن يف العــامل يف موســم‬ ‫الحــج كل عــام وإداء العمــرة عــى مــدار العــام‪،‬‬ ‫مــن ‪ 8‬ماليــن إىل ‪ 30‬مليــون معتمــر ســنوياً‪ .‬وأكــد‬ ‫الوزيــر أن جميــع هــذه الربامــج تفتــح فرصـاً كبــرة‬ ‫للمســتثمرين دون أي متييــز وعــى أيــة أرضيــة‪ ،‬ويف‬ ‫مختلــف القطاعــات‪.‬‬ ‫وحــثّ الوزيــر املســتثمرين املحتملــن يف اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة لإلطــالع عى الفــرص الهائلة التــي تطرحها‬ ‫الســعودية ونصحهــم باإلتصــال مبكتــب امللحــق‬ ‫التجــاري يف الســفارة الســعودية يف لنــدن للحصــول‬ ‫عــى املســاعدة والتســهيالت التي يريدونهــا‪ .‬وأعلن‬ ‫عــن رسوره لالجابــة عــى كل االســئلة املوجــه لــه‬ ‫مــن قبــل املؤمتريــن‪ ،‬كــا رحــب بالــرشكات التــي‬ ‫تنــوي زيــارة الســعودية ونصحهــم بــأن ال يــرددوا‬ ‫باالتصــال مبكتبــه وبــه شــخصياً يف حالــة الحاجــة‬ ‫لذلــك عنــد مجيئهــم للمملكــة العربية الســعودية‪.‬‬

‫أ‬ ‫ت‬ ‫الــ�‬ ‫وهــذه بعــض أهــم االســئلة ي‬ ‫منــدو�‬ ‫وجهــت للوزيــر مــن قبــل‬ ‫بي‬ ‫ش‬ ‫الــرسكات وكذلــك اجابــة معاليــه‬ ‫وأشــار إىل أن رؤيــة ‪ 2030‬تتضمــن مفص ـالً يخــص عليهــا‪:‬‬

‫تعزيــز دور القطــاع الخــاص‪ ،‬واالســتعانة بالرشاكات‬ ‫بــن القطــاع العــام والخــاص بشــقيه املحــي‬ ‫واألجنبــي ويف الكثــر مــن القطاعــات االقتصاديــة‬ ‫التــي مل يكــن ســابقاً مســموح للقطــاع الخــاص‬ ‫العمــل بهــا‪ .‬وســيكون هنــاك دورا ً هامـاً للــرشكات‬ ‫الصغــرة واملتوســطة والتــي ينظــر لهــا كمحــرك‬ ‫للنمــو االقتصــادي واالجتاعــي‪ .‬ومؤخـرا ً قــد أجرت‬ ‫اململكــة دراســة باالشـراك مــع مجموعــة بوســطن‬ ‫االستشــارية فيــا يخــص الــرشكات املبتدئــة‪ ،‬لوضع‬ ‫إس ـراتيجية للــرشكات الصغــرة واملتوســطة يف كل‬ ‫قطــاع مــن قطاعــات االقتصــاد‪ ،‬وتعمــل الحكومــة‬ ‫عــى وضــع الحوافــز الالزمــة لتحفيــز النمــو يف‬ ‫الــرشكات الصغــرة واملتوســطة‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار الوزيــر بــأن تحســن نوعيــة ومســتوى‬ ‫املعيشــة للمواطنــن الســعودين هــي أحــد‬ ‫األهــداف الرئيســية يف الرؤيــة ‪ ،2030‬وهــي مــن‬ ‫االعتبــارات املهمــة للقامئــن عــى شــؤون اململكــة‪.‬‬ ‫وقــد انعكــس هــذا عــى األهميــة التــي توليهــا‬ ‫اململكــة لتطويــر مرافــق الرفيــه والبنيــة التحتيــة‬

‫س‪ :‬مــا هــي القطاعــات ذات األولويــة الرئيســية‬ ‫لالســتثار األجنبــي يف اململكــة؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬قطاعــات مثــل الرعايــة الصحيــة والتعليــم‬ ‫وتكنولوجيــا املعلومــات واالتصــاالت والنقــل‬ ‫(الخدمــات اللوجســتية) متثــل مجــاالت مهمــة‬ ‫للمســتثمرين األجانــب‪ .‬وأعــرب عــن اعتقــاده بــأن‬ ‫هنــاك تجربــة كبــرة لــدى الــرشكات الربيطانيــة يف‬ ‫هــذه القطاعــات الســيا يف مجــال الرعايــة الصحية‬ ‫والتعليــم واالبتــكار‪.‬‬ ‫س‪ :‬مــا هــو دور أســواق رأس املــال يف اململكــة‬ ‫العربيــة الســعودية؟‬ ‫ج‪ :‬أســواق املــال تعتــرب تجربــة جديــدة نســبياً يف‬ ‫اململكــة‪ .‬إال انــه يتــم تعزيزهــا مــن خــالل ترشيــع‬ ‫القوانــن الالزمــة لتطويــر ســوق ماليــة ثانويــة‬ ‫للــرشكات الصغــرة واملتوســطة‪ ،‬واالنفتــاح عــى‬ ‫املســتثمرين األجانــب‪ .‬وأشــار أيض ـاً إىل االكتتــاب‬ ‫يف رشكــة أرامكــو الســعودية التــي كان قــد فتــح‬ ‫للمســتثمرين مؤخــرا ً‪.‬‬

‫ ‬


‫الدكتورة أفنان الشُ عي�؛ وسمو أ‬ ‫القص�‬ ‫ومعاىل الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫اال يم� محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود؛ والبارونة سيمونز‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫الربيطــاين الثــاين الــذي انعقــد يف ‪ 21‬متــوز (يوليــو)‬ ‫‪ ،2016‬وملــا لــه مــن أهميــة يف الوقــت الراهــن لكل‬ ‫مــن الســعودية وذول مجلــس التعــاون ولرشكائنــا‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة الســيا مــن ناحيــة االســتثار‬ ‫والتفاهــات مــع الهيئــة العامــة لالســتثار يف‬ ‫اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية (‪.)SAGIA‬‬ ‫وذكــرت أن الغرفــة قــد تكرمــت مبشــاركة وزيــر‬ ‫الدولــة الجديــد للتجــارة الدوليــة‪ ،‬الدكتــور ليــام‬ ‫فوكــس‪ ،‬بأعــال املنتــدى االقتصــادي الثــاين حيــث‬ ‫أكــد عــزم الحكومــة الربيطانيــة عــى املــيض قدمـاً‬ ‫يف عقــد صفقــات تجاريــة جديــدة مــع دول مجلس‬ ‫التعــاون وتعزيــز العالقــات التجاريــة القامئــة‪.‬‬ ‫وأســتهل معــايل الدكتــور ماجــد القصبــي كلمتــه‬ ‫بإمتنانــه الكبــر عــى التنظيــم الراقــي للمنتــدى‬ ‫االقتصــادي وعــى تنظيــم هــذا االجتــاع وأشــاد‬ ‫بجهــود الغرفــة وإدارتهــا يف هــذا االســتقبال‬ ‫الحافــل‪ .‬وأوضــح بأنــه ســيقوم اليــوم بــرشح‬ ‫بعــض مــن أهــم مفاصــل رؤيــة الســعودية ‪،2030‬‬ ‫ومــا ميكــن أن تســتفاد منــه الــرشكات الربيطانيــة‬ ‫الســيا تلــك التــي تطمــح ب ـرشاكات إس ـراتيجية‬ ‫مــع اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية‪ .‬وأبتــدأ معاليــه‬ ‫باإلشــارة إىل أن “الســعودية متـ ّر يف مرحلــة إنتقاليــة‬

‫بــكل معــاين الكلمــة‪ ،‬فهــي تشــهد تحديثـاً وتجديدا ً‬ ‫يف الســبل والقيــادة والوســائل وكذلــك األهــداف‪.‬‬ ‫وهــي مرحلــة إنتقاليــة صعبــه ومليئــة بالتحديــات‪،‬‬ ‫لكنهــا أيضـاً مفعمــة بــاإلرصار واإلرادة عــى املســر‬ ‫فيهــا والوصــول لألهــداف املنشــودة”‪ .‬وقــال “ان‬ ‫إســراتيجية رؤيــة ‪ 2030‬تأسســت عــى أرضيــة‬ ‫تعطــي أهميــة غــر مســبوقة لألنشــطة االقتصاديــة‬ ‫غــر النفطيــة وزيــادة مســاهمتها يف إجــايل‬ ‫إيــرادات للدولــة”‪.‬‬ ‫وتحــدث معاليــه بشــئ مــن التفصيــل عــى‬ ‫االقتصــاد الســعودي وخطــط الســعودية لحقبــة‬ ‫مــا بعــد النفــط حيــث تواكــب هيئــات مختصــة‬ ‫أسســت لهــذا الغــرض ملتابعــة الخطــط ومتابعــة‬ ‫األهــداف‪.‬‬ ‫وأوضــح معاليــه بــان اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية‬ ‫تحتــل املرتبــة التاســعة عــرشة مــن حيــث االقتصاد‬ ‫األضخــم عــى مســتوى العــامل‪ ،‬والرابعــة مــن حيــث‬ ‫النمــو حســب احصائيــات مجموعة العرشيــن‪ ،‬وإن‬ ‫الســعودية لديهــا معــدل منخفــض جــدا ً مــن الدين‬ ‫يف حــن بلــغ الناتــج املحــي اإلجــايل ‪ 653‬مليــار‬ ‫دوالر‪ ،‬وبلــغ مســتوى اإلنفــاق نحــو ‪ 250‬مليــار‬ ‫دوالر‪ ،‬لعــام ‪ .2015‬وأشــار إىل أن اململكــة تحتــل‬

‫املرتبــة التاســعة والعرشيــن كأكــرب املســتوردين‬ ‫والسادســة عــرش كأكــرب املورديــن عــى مســتوى‬ ‫العــامل‪ ،‬مــا يؤكــد ريــادة اململكــة يف مجــاالت‬ ‫اقتصاديــة كثــرة‪ ،‬وعــى انهــا تشــهد حالــة منــو‬ ‫ممتــازة رغــم كل التحديــات‪ .‬وألقــى الوزيــر عرضـاً‬ ‫موســعاً باإلشــارة إىل أن اململكــة بصدد تغيــر إيقاع‬ ‫وتــرة عمــل الهيكليــة الحكوميــة‪ ،‬وهــذا مــا يتــم‬ ‫متابعتــه مــن قبــل هيئــات ومؤسســات متخصصــة‪،‬‬ ‫واســتجابة ملتغ ـرات األوضــاع االقتصاديــة العامليــة‬ ‫ومتطلبــات االقتصــاد‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار ســعادته‪ ،‬بــأن عــدد ســكان اململكــة يبلــغ‬ ‫‪ 31‬مليــون نســمة‪ ،‬وإن األغلبيــة مــن فئــة الشــباب‬ ‫حيــث ميثــل الشــباب دون ســن الـــ ‪ 25‬عامـاً نســبة‬ ‫‪ ،%49‬ومــن هــم دون ســن الـــ ‪ 35‬عامــاً نســبة‬ ‫‪ ،%60‬وهــذا يعكــس حجــم الطاقــة البرشيــة التــي‬ ‫متتلكهــا اململكــة والتــي تســتثمر بهــا وبطاقاتهــا‬ ‫خدمــة لصالــح الشــعب والوطــن‪ .‬وأكــد أن فئــة‬ ‫الشــباب هــي املحــور الــذي تركــز عليهــا رؤيــة‬ ‫الســعودية ‪ 2030‬مــن حيــث التعليــم والتدريــب‬ ‫والصحــة والتشــغيل وكل مــا يتعلــق بالحيــاة‬ ‫الكرميــة‪ .‬كــا أن املــرأة يف الســعودية تشــارك يف‬ ‫مواقــع مهمــة يف ســوق العمــل وتبلــع نســبة عالة‬ ‫املــرأة الســعودية ‪ %18‬مــن إجــايل القــوة العامللــة‬


‫أجتماع الطاولة الستديرة مع‬ ‫معالي وزير التجارة والستثمار‬ ‫السعودي‬ ‫‪Roundtable with HE the Saudi Minister‬‬ ‫‪of Trade and Investment‬‬ ‫واالســتثار‪ ،‬ومناقشــة اإلمكانــات التــي تطرحهــا‬ ‫الســعودية لخلــق اقتصــاد أكــر تنوعــاً تحقيقــاً‬ ‫ملســتقبل زاهــر”‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــارت الشُ ــعيبي ونيابــة عــن غرفــة التجــارة‬ ‫العربيــة الربيطانيــة أنهــا تتقــدم بالشــكر الجزيــل‬ ‫ملعــايل الوزيــر عــى تلبيتــه الدعــوة لحضــور هــذا‬ ‫االجتــاع رغــم انشــغاله الكبــر مــع الــرشكات‬ ‫والتعاقــدات املنتظــرة‪.‬‬

‫عي�‬ ‫القص�‬ ‫ومعاىل الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫ي‬ ‫الدكتورة أفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫أقامــت غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة يف ‪22‬‬ ‫متــوز (يوليــو) ‪ 2016‬اجتــاع وزاري موســع عــى‬ ‫رشف حضــور معــايل وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثار‬ ‫الســعودي‪ ،‬الدكتــور ماجــد بــن عبــد اللــه القصبــي‬ ‫وبحضــور صاحــب الســمو امللــي األمــر محمــد‬ ‫بــن نــواف بــن عبدالعزيــز آل ســعود ‪ -‬ســفر‬ ‫اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية لدى اململكــة املتحدة‪،‬‬ ‫وبحضــور البارونــة ســيمونز – رئيــس مجلــس إدارة‬ ‫الغرفــة ونخبــة مرموقــة مــن ممثــي نحــو ‪ 40‬رشكة‬ ‫مــن كربيــات الــرشكات الربيطانيــة‪.‬‬

‫أفتتحــت االجتــاع الدكتــورة أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي –‬ ‫األمــن العــام والرئيــس التنفيــذي لغرفــة التجــارة‬ ‫العربيــة الربيطانيــة‪ ،‬حيــث رحبــت ترحيب ـاً حــارا ً‬ ‫بالضيــوف الكــرام‪ ،‬وقالــت “أنــه حقــاً لــرشف‬ ‫عظيــم يل أن أرحــب بكــم ســعادة الوزيــر الدكتــور‬ ‫ماجــد بــن عبداللــه القصبــي وســمو األمــر محمــد‬ ‫بــن نــواف بــن عبدالعزيــز وبالضيــوف الك ـرام يف‬ ‫هــذا االجتــاع الطاولــة املســتديرة املوســعة‪ .‬أنهــا‬ ‫فرصــة مثينــة ملناقشــة الفــرص الطموحــة التــي‬ ‫تطرحهــا رؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬لألعــال والتجــارة‬

‫وقالــت الشُ ــعيبي‪ ،‬أنــه “منــذ تــويل معاليــه منصب‬ ‫وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثار يف اململكــة‪ ،‬يف آيــار‬ ‫(مايــو) هــذا العــام‪ ،‬أبــدى جهــودا ً كبــرة ونشــاطاً‬ ‫منقطــع النظــر وعمــل بجــد عــى تعزيــز الرؤيــة‬ ‫االقتصاديــة الحديثــة للمملكــة”‪ ،‬وإن هــذا‬ ‫االجتــاع “ســيلقي الضــوء عــى بعــض جوانــب‬ ‫هــذه الرؤيــة ويعطينــا فرصــة ملعرفــة املزيــد عــن‬ ‫خطــط اململكــة الطموحــة وخارطــة طريــق لخلــق‬ ‫اقتصــاد مزدهــر وتحقيــق التنميــة املســتدامة”‪.‬‬ ‫كــا ورحبــت البارونــة ســيمونز مبعــايل الوزيــر‬ ‫وســعادة الســفر الســعودين‪ ،‬وقالــت “نحن نتطلع‬ ‫إىل ســاع كلمــة معــايل الدكتــور ماجــد القصبــي‬ ‫حيــث ســيعرفنا بأهــداف رؤيــة اململكــة ‪2030‬‬ ‫وآليــات التنفيــذ التــي وضعتهــا وزارة التجــارة‬ ‫واالســتثار‪ ،‬كــا وســيفتح بــاب الحــوار مــع ممثي‬ ‫الــرشكات املوجوديــن يف االجتــاع حيــث ســيجيب‬ ‫معاليــه مبــارشة عــى كل االستفســارات”‪ .‬وأشــارت‬ ‫ســعادتها إىل املنتــدى االقتصــادي الخليجــي‬

‫ ‬


‫من اليسار‪ :‬السيد أحمد بن محمد السيد والسيد عبد الرحمن راشد‬ ‫الراشد‬ ‫الربوفســور توبورســيك‪ :‬أوضــح أن التأثــر املحتمــل‬ ‫خاصــة عــى الجامعــات الربيطانيــة الســيا يف‬ ‫قدرتهــا عــى اجتــذاب الطــالب مــن الخــارج‬ ‫والحصــول عــى متويــل البحــوث‪ ،‬فإنهــا ســتكون‬ ‫كبــرة‪ ،‬وإن اآلفــاق غــر مبــرشة بخــر‪ .‬وهــو يعتقــد‬ ‫بــأن مغــادرة بريطانيــا لالتحــاد األورويب عــى قطــاع‬ ‫التعليــم يف اململكــة قامتــة الســيا عــى متويــل‬ ‫البحــوث مــن مصــادر يف االتحــاد األورويب حيــث‬ ‫وضعــت مغــادرة بريطانيــا العقبــات أمــام التعــاون‬ ‫بهــذا النطــاق‪ .‬وأضــاف بــأن اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫ســتفقد الكثــر مــن رشكاء يف مشــاريع مشــركة‬ ‫عديــدة‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار الســيد فيليــب وود إىل تجــارب تاريخيــة‬ ‫يف االنفصــال يف أماكــن عــدة يف العــامل مثــل الهنــد‬ ‫وأيرلنــدا والســودان‪ ،‬حيــث متــت بنجــاح بدرجــات‬ ‫متفاوتــة‪ .‬وهــو يعتقــد بــأن مغــادرة بريطانيــا‬ ‫االتحــاد األورويب ســتوثر إيجابيــاً عــى العالقــات‬ ‫بــن بريطانيــا ورشكائهــا يف الخليــج‪ .‬وتحــدث مــن‬ ‫خــالل خربتــه القانونيــة‪ ،‬وقــال بــأن هنــاك تجــارب‬ ‫قانونيــة قــد تراكمــت لــدى االتحــاد األورويب عــى‬ ‫مــدى الســنوات الـــ ‪ 45‬عامــاً املاضيــة يف حاجــة‬ ‫إىل تحليلهــا الســيا بعــد مــا حــدث مــن التفــكك‪،‬‬ ‫وهــذا مــن شــأنه أن يكــون لــه تأثــر عــى كل مــن‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة واالتحــاد األورويب‪ .‬ويف ختــام‬ ‫كلمتــه‪ ،‬أكــد بأنــه يشــعر بــأن الهــدف يجــب أن‬ ‫يكــون يف التوصــل إىل إتفــاق بكفــاءة وبــأرسع‬ ‫وقــت ممكــن‪.‬‬ ‫وأعــرب الســيد أحمــد بــن محمــد الســيد بأنــه‬ ‫يــرى أن العالقــات الربيطانيــة مــع دول مجلــس‬

‫من اليسار‪ :‬اللورد ويست أوف سبيت هيد؛ السيد أحمد بن محمد السيد‬ ‫والسيد عبد الرحمن راشد الراشد‬

‫التعــاون الخليجــي لــن تتأثــر بشــكلها األســايس‬ ‫بخــروج بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب ذلــك‬ ‫الن عالقتهــا كانــت دامئ ـاً وســتبقى تســتند عــى‬ ‫الروابــط التاريخيــة‪ .‬وأكــد بــأن عالقــات التجــارة‬ ‫واالســتثار بــن دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي‬ ‫واململكــة املتحــدة ال تعتمد عــى االتحــاد األورويب‪.‬‬ ‫وأضــاف بأنــه يــرى أن بريطانيــا ســوف تتشــجع‬ ‫عــى أتخــاذ مزيــدا ً مــن الخطــوات للوصــول إىل‬ ‫اتفاقــات مــع دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي‬ ‫وغرهــا يف جميــع أنحــاء العــامل باعتبارهــا وســيلة‬ ‫بديلــة وفعالــة الســتبدال مــا خرتــه مبغادرتهــا‬ ‫االتحــاد األورويب‪ .‬وتوقــع رؤيــة املزيــد مــن فــرص‬ ‫العمــل الناشــئة عــن اتفاقــات تجاريــة جديــدة‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد عبدالرحمــن راشــد الراشــد‪ :‬ذكــر بــأن‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة ومنطقــة الخليــج يجــب أن‬ ‫تتقبــل بــأن مغــادرة عضويــة االتحــاد األورويب هــو‬ ‫مبثابــة فرصــة‪.‬‬ ‫وإنــه يعتقــد بــأن الحكومــة الربيطانيــة تعلــم‬ ‫بأهميــة هــذا املوضــوع‪ ،‬وإن هــذا الوضــع ســيكون‬ ‫مــن صالــح تطويــر العالقــات الربيطانيــة الخليجية‪،‬‬ ‫والتــي يجــب الركيــز عليهــا حالي ـاً‪.‬‬ ‫يف املناقشــة‪ ،‬كان هنــاك شــعورا ً بــأن الوضــع يف‬ ‫لنــدن كمركــز مــايل عاملــي مــن شــأنه أن ال يتأثــر‬ ‫بشــكل كبــر‪ .‬ورمبــا أن املخــاوف كان مبالغــاً‬ ‫فيهــا‪ ،‬حيــث كانــت بعــض املخــاوف تحــوم حــول‬ ‫إمكانيــة أن تنتقــل الخدمــات املاليــة إىل مــكان آخر‬ ‫يف القــارة األوروبيــة‪.‬‬

‫وإنــه صحيــح ســيكون بعــض املســتثمرون أكــر‬ ‫تــرددا ً لحــن تتــم تســوية البيئــة االســتثارية‬ ‫وتهيئــة أرضيــة جاذبــة جديــدة يف مرحلــة مــا بعــد‬ ‫‪ .Brexit‬كــا أن هنــاك الكثــر مــن التقاريــر قــد‬ ‫ذكــرت بــأن االســتثار يف صناعــة البنــاء والتشــييد‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة كان قــد تراجــع قبــل مغــادرة‬ ‫بريطانيــا لالتحــاد األورويب‪ .‬وإن تأث ـرات املغــادرة‬ ‫عــى املــدى الطويــل ســوف لــن تظهــر معاملهــا‬ ‫بوضــوح قبــل مــرور عــام مــن غايــة اليــوم‪.‬‬ ‫وكان لــدور القطــاع املــايل يف اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫قــوة خاصــة الســيا دور بنــك إنجلـرا حيــث وضــع‬ ‫إج ـراءات فعالــة للغايــة يف التدخــل للمســاعدة يف‬ ‫اســتقرار األســواق‪ .‬وأعــرب املتحدثــون عــن آراء‬ ‫مفادهــا أن اململكــة املتحــدة ميكــن أن تتــرف‬ ‫بحريــة أكــرب يف الســعي إىل اتفاقيــة التجــارة الحــرة‬ ‫مــع دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي‪ .‬وكان االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب حتــى اآلن غــر قــادر عــى التوصــل إىل‬ ‫اتفــاق مــع دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي عــى‬ ‫اتفاقيــة التجــارة الحــرة‪ .‬وفيــا يتعلــق مبســألة‬ ‫التعليــم‪ ،‬أن ملغــادرة بريطانيــة لعضويــة االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب ميثــل دافعــاً للجامعــات يف اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة لتعزيــز التعــاون مــع دول الخليــج لجــذب‬ ‫املزيــد مــن الطــالب مــن دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫الخليجــي‪.‬‬ ‫أختتمــت اعــال املنتــدى مبجموعــة مــن االســئلة‬ ‫أظهــر اهتامــاً منقطــع النظــر مــن قبــل‬ ‫الحارضيــن‪.‬‬


‫توبورسك؛ السيد‬ ‫ال�وفسور السيد يان‬ ‫الجلسة الخامسة – من اليسار‪ :‬ب‬ ‫ي‬ ‫فيليب وود؛ اللورد ويست أوف سبيت هيد؛ السيد أحمد بن محمد‬ ‫السيد والسيد عبد الرحمن راشد الراشد‬ ‫• اســتقطاب املقاولــن األجانــب للدخــول يف‬ ‫مناقصــات يف دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي؛‬ ‫• البقــاء لفــرة أطــول يف عمليــة التنميــة املســتدامة‬ ‫ويف إطــار نهــج متكامــل شــامل وناجــح‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد خالــد راشــد الزيــاين‪ :‬تســاءل كيــف ميكــن‬ ‫أن تالمئنــا سياســة الرشاكــة بــن القطــاع العــام‬ ‫والخــاص يف دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة؟‬ ‫أشــار إىل أن هنــاك بعــض مــن حالــة عــدم الثقــة‬ ‫بــن القطاعــن العــام والخــاص يف دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجــي‪ ،‬ذلــك أن الحكومــات كانــت‬ ‫عــادة مــا تقــوم باســتدانة مبالــغ ماليــة مــن التجــار‬ ‫يف القطــاع الخــاص حيــث تقــرض منهــم يف األيــام‬ ‫الصعبــة‪ .‬ثــم حدثــت الطفــرة النفطيــة وأصبــح‬ ‫القطــاع الحكومــي غنيــاً جــدا ً وتغــر الحــال يف‬ ‫تعاملــه مــع القطــاع الخــاص‪ .‬واآلن وبراجع أســعار‬ ‫النفــط بشــكل كبــر‪ ،‬تعــود الحكومــات مــرة أخــرى‬ ‫للقطــاع الخــاص لالقــراض منــه‪ .‬أن دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون متتلــك اآلن العديــد مــن املشــاريع وخاصة‬ ‫مشــاريع البنيــة التحتيــة مشــركة مــا بــن القطــاع‬ ‫العــام والخــاص‪ .‬املثــال األخــر مرشوع “الســوق” يف‬ ‫البحريــن حيــث يشــارك يف متويلــه القطــاع الخاص‪،‬‬ ‫لهــو برهــان عــى نجــاح هــذه اإلســراتيجية يف‬ ‫تحقيــق النمــو املســتدام يف هــذه الظــروف‪ .‬وأكــد‬ ‫معاليــه عــى أن هــذا الوقــت ميثــل فرصــة ذهبيــة‬ ‫للــرشكات الربيطانيــة للعمــل مــع مثــل هــذا النــوع‬ ‫مــن املشــاريع يف دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة‪،‬‬

‫السيد خالد راشد ف‬ ‫الزيا�‬ ‫ي‬

‫وإن أغلــب املشــاريع التــي تطرحهــا دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة هــي ذات أهميــة إس ـراتيجية‬ ‫وتــدوم لوقــت طويــل‪ .‬أن موضــوع الرشاكــة مــا بن‬ ‫القطــاع العــام والخــاص ال بــد لــه أن يكــون هنــاك‬ ‫بيئــة مســتقرة وأمنــة يك تجــذب التمويــل مــن‬ ‫القطــاع الخــاص‪ ،‬وعــى الحكومــة تهيئــة ترشيعات‬ ‫وسياســات مناســبة لجــذب القطــاع الخــاص‪ ،‬وعــى‬ ‫الحكومــات أن تكــون عــى اســتعداد لوضــع بعــض‬ ‫املــال قبــل كل شــيئ‪.‬‬

‫الجلسة الخامسة (‪)5‬‬

‫“مغــادرة بريطانيــا لعضويــة االتحــاد‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ورو� (‪ )Brexit‬ومــا يعنيــه‪ ،‬وكيــف‬ ‫اال ب ي‬ ‫ســيؤثر عــى دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫الخليجيــة”‬

‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬اللــورد ويســت أوف ســبيت هيد‬ ‫‪GCB DSC‬‬


‫الســيد أحمــد بــن محمــد الســيد‪ :‬املؤســس‬ ‫والرئيــس التنفيــذي ‪ -‬رشكــة الــرشق كابيتــال‬ ‫الســيد فيليــب وود‪ :‬املستشــار العاملــي الخــاص‬ ‫واملحامــي ‪ -‬ألــن آنــد أوفــري‬

‫الســيد عبــد الرحمــن راشــد الراشــد‪ :‬املديــر‬ ‫الرشيــك – مجموعــة راشــد عبــد الرحمــن الراشــد‬ ‫وأوالده‬

‫الربوفســور الســيد يــان توبورســيك‪ :‬اســتاذ‬ ‫بروفســور االقتصــاد واملاليــة ‪ -‬الدراســات الرشقيــة‬ ‫واألفريقيــة يف جامعــة لنــدن‬ ‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬تحــدث عــن بريطانيــا وقرارهــا‬ ‫مبغــادرة االتحــاد األورويب حيــث اعتــرب بالنســبة‬ ‫للــرشكات مصــدرا ً رئيســياً للقلــق‪ ،‬وكذلــك للفــرص‬ ‫الجديــدة للــرشكات الربيطانيــة يف األســواق‬ ‫األوروبيــة والعكــس صحيــح‪ .‬أن حالــة القلــق‬ ‫وعــدم اليقــن الكامــل املرتبطــة بهــذا الوضــع غــر‬ ‫معلومــة بالكامــل حتــى اآلن‪ .‬وهــذا ســوف يكــون‬ ‫لــه آثــارا ً متباينــة عــى دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫الخليجــي‪ ،‬تتوقــف قوتهــا عــى متانــة العالقــات‬ ‫التجاريــة واالســتثارية لهــذه الــدول مــع بريطانيــا‪.‬‬ ‫وجــاء يف النقــاش يف هــذه الجلســة املفتوجــة بــأن‬ ‫مغــادرة بريطانيــا لعضويــة االتحــاد األورويب كانــت‬ ‫مفاجئــة ومثــرة للجــدل‪ ،‬فبعــد أكــر مــن ‪ 40‬عامـاً‬ ‫عــى االندمــاج بقوانــن مشــركة مــع االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب‪ ،‬تواجــه بريطانيــا حالــة جديــدة عليهــا أن‬ ‫تخــرج منهــا بأكــر قــوة وثبــات ومنــو‪.‬‬ ‫وبــدأت الجلســة بطلــب رئيســها مــن املتحدثــن‬ ‫إلقــاء الضــوء عــى الكيفيــة التــي ميكــن للــرشكات‬ ‫االســتجابة آلفــاق مغــادرة بريطانيــا لعضويــة‬ ‫االتحــاد األورويب‪ ،‬ومــا هــي التأثــرات املحتملــة‬ ‫عــى التجــارة الثنائيــة‪.‬‬

‫ ‬


‫السيدة ف‬ ‫لب� قاسم‬

‫السيد نيك براير‬

‫بلــدان مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي باســتحداث‬ ‫واســتخدام إســراتيجية رشاكات القطــاع العــام‬ ‫والخــاص كوســيلة أساســية إلدارة منوهــا االقتصــادي‬ ‫وكآليــة لتعزيــز قدراتهــا يف جميــع القطاعــات مــن‬ ‫أجــل تحقيــق أهــداف النمــو املســتدام‪ .‬وأشــار إىل‬ ‫أنــه خــالل الفــرة القريبــة مــن الســنوات املاضيــة‪،‬‬ ‫أصبحــت رشاكــة القطــاع العــام والخــاص ظاهــرة‬ ‫واضحــة يف العــامل وذلــك ســعياً وراء املزيــد مــن‬ ‫االســتثارات إضافــة إىل رضورة تخفيــف أعبــاء‬ ‫الضغــوط املتزايــدة عــى امليزانيــات الحكوميــة –‬ ‫وانخفــاض أســعار النفــط يف الــدول املصــدرة للنفط‬ ‫ باإلضافــة إىل القلــق العــام تجــاه عــدم كفــاءة‬‫الخدمــات التــى تقدمهــا املؤسســات والــوكاالت‬ ‫الحكوميــة‪ .‬ومــن هنــا فهــي سياســة وإس ـراتيجية‬ ‫ناجحــة لــدول مجلــس التعــاون لتنتهجهــا يف رؤيتها‬ ‫للمســتقبل‪.‬‬ ‫وذكــر بــأن رشاكــة القطــاع العــام والخــاص تطبــق‬ ‫بشــكل رئيــي يف مجــاالت البنيــة األساســية‬ ‫االقتصاديــة مثــل (االتصــاالت الالســلكية والطاقــة‬ ‫وامليــاه والطــرق)‪ .‬وكــا بــدأ مؤخــرا ً تطبيــق‬ ‫الرشاكــة يف مشــاريع البنيــة األساســية االجتاعيــة‬ ‫مثــل (الصحــة والتعليــم والخدمــات األخــرى)‪.‬‬ ‫مــن املتعــارف عليــه أن هــذه الخدمــات كان يتــم‬ ‫تقدميهــا بشــكل أســايس مــن قبــل القطــاع العــام‪،‬‬ ‫إذ يســتلزم الكثــر منهــا ضــ ّخ اســتثارات كبــرة‪،‬‬ ‫كــا تحتــاج مثــل هــذه املشــاريع إىل وقــت طويــل‬ ‫قبــل أن تبــدأ يف إعطــاء عائــد اقتصــادي‪ ،‬وعــادة‬ ‫مــا تكــون الحكومــات راغبــة يف أن تســتمر قدرتهــا‬ ‫يف الســيطرة عــى تقديــم تلــك الخدمــات نظــرا ً‬

‫اللورد تيم كليمنت جونز‬

‫لرضورتهــا للمجتمعــات الحديثــة‪ ،‬والعتبــارات‬ ‫اجتاعيــةـ إال انــه بســبب انخفــاض درجــة كفــاءة‬ ‫بعــض الخدمــات البنيويــة األساســية املقدمــة مــن‬ ‫قبــل القطــاع العــام وارتفــاع أســعارها‪ ،‬إضافــة إىل‬ ‫ندرتهــا‪ ،‬تتزايــد أهميــة اعتــاد مبــدأ الرشاكــة بــن‬ ‫القطــاع العــام والخــاص مــن أجــل الوصــول إىل‬ ‫تنميــة أكــر كفــاءة واســتدامة‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد تــوين ســميث‪ :‬تحدث عــن تجربتــه الخاصة‬ ‫يف العمــل يف رشاكات القطــاع العــام والخــاص حيث‬ ‫قــى ‪ 25‬ســنة مــن الخــربة يف هــذا املجــال‪ .‬وهــو‬ ‫كمســتثمر يف اململكــة املتحــدة ويعمــل يف مجــال‬ ‫التصديــر لباقــي أنحــاء العــامل‪ .‬وعمــل يف اململكــة‬ ‫العربيــة الســعودية يف املــدن الصناعيــة‪ .‬وأكــد عــى‬ ‫أن التمويــل هــو العامــل األســايس يف إســراتيجية‬ ‫العمــل املشــرك بــن القطــاع العــام والخــاص‬ ‫ويف جميــع أنحــاء العــامل‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أن الرشاكــة‬ ‫بــن القطــاع العــام والخــاص تعنــى بالدرجــة‬ ‫األســاس بأوجــه التفاعــل والتعــاون العديــدة بــن‬ ‫القطاعــن العــام والخــاص ومنهــا األمــور املتعلقــة‬ ‫بتوظيــف اإلمكانــات البرشيــة واملاليــة واإلداريــة‬ ‫والتنظيميــة والتكنولوجيــة واملعرفيــة عــى أســاس‬ ‫مــن املشــاركة‪ ،‬واملســؤولية املشــركة واملســاءلة من‬ ‫أجــل تحقيــق األهــداف االقتصاديــة واالجتاعيــة‪.‬‬ ‫وهــذا مــا يجــب أن تهتــم بــه دول مجلــس التعاون‬ ‫الخليجيــة يف املديــات القريبــة والبعيــدة مــن أجــل‬ ‫تحقيــق التنميــة املســتدامة ومواكبــة التطــورات‬ ‫املعــارصة‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد نيــك برايــر‪ :‬تســاءل يف بدايــة حديثــه‪ :‬ملــاذا‬

‫الرشاكــة بــن القطــاع العــام والخــاص؟ وكيــف‬ ‫لهــذه الرشاكــة أن تنجــح؟‬ ‫وأردف شــارحاً أنــه مــن أهــم العوامــل لتحقيــق‬ ‫والحفــاظ عى التاســك االجتاعــي واالقتصادي يف‬ ‫الوقــت الراهــن هــو القيــام مبشــاريع فعليــة جــادة‬ ‫وتحقيــق نتائــج مهمــة‪ .‬أن لــكل النــاس الحــق يف‬ ‫املشــاركة يف الرفاهيــة االقتصاديــة للبلــد والتمتــع‬ ‫بالنمــو االقتصــادي‪ .‬أن الرشاكــة بن القطــاع الخاص‬ ‫والعــام متنــح مســاهمة يف عمليــة التنميــة وعــى‬ ‫مديــات أطــول‪ ،‬كــا أنهــا تحقــق منــو اقتصــادي‬ ‫ملديــات أطــول مــن الزمــن مقارنــة بعدمهــا‪ .‬أن‬ ‫الحكومــات باســتخدام إسـراتيجة العمــل املشــرك‬ ‫بــن القطــاع العــام والخــاص مينحهــا القــدرة األكــرب‬ ‫عــى تحمــل التكاليــف يف الوقــت ذاتــه تحقيــق‬ ‫معــدالت منــو جيــدة‪ ،‬كــا وأن الرشاكــة مــن شــأنها‬ ‫تعزيــز دور القطــاع الخــاص يف تطويــر املشــاريع‬ ‫وعمليــة التنميــة‪ .‬وطــرح ســؤال‪ :‬هــل أن الرشاكــة‬ ‫بــن القطــاع الخــاص والعــام تالئــم واقــع دول‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي؟‬ ‫الجواب‪:‬‬ ‫نعــم‪ ،‬فإنهــا تعطــي مزيــدا ً مــن الفــرص لالســتثار‬ ‫يف البنيــة االقتصاديــة للبلــد يف الوقــت الــذي تطــور‬ ‫فيــه البنيــة االجتاعيــة؛ وخاصــة‬ ‫• تشجيع دور القطاع الخاص؛‬ ‫• تحقيق املزيد من الشفافية وتحسينها؛‬ ‫• تشجيع العمل بالنظام الرضيبي؛‬


‫وال�وفيسور ويليام سكوت‬ ‫ب‬ ‫جاكسون‬

‫اللورد كينج أوف بريد ووتر‬

‫أكــر اســتدامة للمســتقبل “ونحــن أيضـاً يف حاجــة‬ ‫إىل الشــعور باننــا فع ـالً يف حاجــة ملحــة‪ ،‬ولدينــا‬ ‫تصميــم جاعــي لتحقيــق النجــاح”‪ .‬وأشــار أيض ـاً‬ ‫إىل فئــة الشــباب يف دول مجلــس التعــاون وعــن‬ ‫التحديــات التــي تواجــه املنطقــة ورضورة دعــم‬ ‫وتشــجيع الشــباب ومرشوعــات القطــاع الخــاص‬ ‫وخاصــة املشــاريع الصغــرة واملتوســطة‪.‬‬ ‫الســيدة لبنــى قاســم‪ :‬تحدثــت عــن الواقــع‬ ‫الحقيقــي الــذي تعيشــه بلــدان املنطقــة حيــث‬ ‫يوجــد أكــر مــن ‪ 14‬مليــون عاطــل عــن العمــل‬ ‫يف دول مجلــس التعــاون‪ ،‬أي إن أكــر مــن ‪%27‬‬ ‫مــن مواطنــي هــذه البلــدان غــر عاملــن‪ .‬هــذه‬ ‫وغرهــا مــن الحقائــق تشــكل مســؤولية كبــرة‬ ‫عــى الحكومــات يف املنطقــة وكيــف ســتتمكن مــن‬ ‫إحــداث تغيـرا ً إيجابيـاً نحــو األفضــل‪ .‬وأشــارت بأن‬ ‫انخفــاض أســعار النفــط جــاء ليزيــد مــن تدهــور‬ ‫الوضــع أكــر فأكــر‪ .‬ويف دولــة اإلمــارات تقــوم‬ ‫الحكومــة ببــذل جهــودا ً كبــرة مــن أجــل دعــم فئة‬ ‫الشــباب وتشــجيع إدارة األعــال والقيــادة الشــابة‪،‬‬ ‫وأكــدت بأنــه ينبغــي أن تقــدم برامــج التنميــة‬ ‫مــن قبــل الجامعــات جنبـاً إىل جنــب مــع التعليــم‬ ‫العلمــي واملهنــي وذلــك مــن أجــل الحصــول عــى‬ ‫التكامــل املنشــود لتحقيــق التوظيــف والتنميــة‬ ‫ســوية ويف آن واحــد‪.‬‬ ‫الســيدة فيــيك برايــس‪ :‬تحدثــت عــن األزمــة املالية‬ ‫االقتصاديــة األخــرة وكيــف أثــرت كثـرا ً عــى فئــة‬ ‫الشــباب يف العــامل كلــه‪ ،‬وكيــف أصبحــت فــرص‬ ‫تشــغيل الشــباب أســوأ مــن الوقــت الســابق‪،‬‬ ‫حيــث منعــت أعــداد كبــرة مــن الشــباب لدخــول‬

‫ف‬ ‫تو� سميث؛ اللورد‬ ‫الجلسة الرابعة ‪ -‬من اليسار‪ :‬السيد نيك براير؛ السيد ي‬ ‫تيم كليمنت جونز والسيد خالد راشد ف‬ ‫الزيا�‬ ‫ي‬

‫ســوق العمــل دون صعوبــات كبــرة‪ ،‬وأصبــح مــن‬ ‫الصعــب عــى الشــباب العثــور عــى وظائــف مــا‬ ‫اضطــر اعــدادا ً كبــرة منهــم للهجــرة إىل بلــدان‬ ‫أخــرى‪ .‬ففــي اليونــان قــد هاجــر أكــر مــن ‪400‬‬ ‫ألــف شــاب وشــابة إىل اململكــة املتحــدة مــن‬ ‫أجــل الحصــول عــى عمــل‪ .‬وقالــت “لقــد فقــدت‬ ‫اليونــان هــذه الــروة الوطنيــة”‪ .‬ويف الوقــت ذاتــه‪،‬‬ ‫فــإن فــرص الكســب والعمــل وريــادة األعــال‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة مل تكــن ســهلة بتاتــاً‪ ،‬لكنهــا‬ ‫أفضــل مــن مــا هــو عليــه يف اليونــان‪ ،‬مــا دعــى‬ ‫إىل هجــرة الشــباب منهــا للبحــث عــن ظــروف أقل‬ ‫صعوبــة مــا هــو عايــه يف بلدهــم األصــي‪ .‬وأكدت‬ ‫عــى رضورة أن تســاهم الــرشكات الكــربى يف دعــم‬ ‫ومتويــل مجــاالت التعليــم واملدارس ذلــك ألن هناك‬ ‫قــدرات هائلــة يجــب رعايتهــا وتشــجيعها ودعمها‪.‬‬ ‫وأكــدت عــى أهميــة أن تقــوم الــرشكات الكبــرة‬ ‫بتمويــل بعــض املرشوعــات الشــبابية ودعــم‬ ‫املبــادرات يف الجامعــات واملــدارس واإلطــالع عــى‬ ‫األفــكار وتنميــة اإلبتــكار واإلبداعــات الشــبابية‪.‬‬ ‫وقالــت “أنهــا مســؤولية الــكل‪ ،‬وعــى الــكل رعايــة‬ ‫ريــادة األعــال وتشــجيع القــدرات الناشــئة عــى‬ ‫القيــادة”‪ .‬واختتمــت بالقــول “الجهــود املشــركة‬ ‫ميكنهــا فقــط أن تحــدث التغيــر”‪.‬‬ ‫الربوفيســور ويليــام ســكوت جاكســون‪ :‬تحــدث‬ ‫عــن أهميــة أن تقــوم دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫الخليجيــة باعــداد برامــج من شــأنها تشــجيع ودعم‬ ‫املشــاريع الصغــرة واملتوســطة وإجـراء اإلصالحــات‬ ‫االقتصاديــة واملاليــة الالزمــة لدعــم ريــادة األعــال‬ ‫مــن خــالل التعــاون املؤسســايت واإلقليمي‪ .‬ويشــمل‬ ‫ذلــك تحليــل السياســات وتقديــم املشــورة‪ ،‬ورصــد‬

‫وتقييــم تنفيــذ اإلصالحــات‪ ،‬وتحســن بيئــة األعال‬ ‫للــرشكات الصغــرة واملتوســطة ورواد األعــال‪،‬‬ ‫وشــحذ روح املبــادرة ودعــم وتشــجيع النمــو‬ ‫املشــاريع الصغــرة واملتوســطة مشــجعة وجعلــه‬ ‫أكــر فعاليــة وكفــاءة‪ .‬وأكــدت عــى أن أهــم مــا‬ ‫يجــب عــى الــدول الخليجيــة عملــه هــو رســم‬ ‫السياســات وتحســن فــرص الحصول عــى التمويل‪.‬‬ ‫وكــا أن دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة تكثــف‬ ‫جهودهــا مــن أجــل تنويــع االقتصــادي والعالــة‬ ‫مــن أجــل تحقيــق النمــو املســتدام‪ ،‬فــإن أهــم‬ ‫األولويــات هــي تشــجيع وتطويــر قــدرات القطــاع‬ ‫الخــاص‪ ،‬مبــا يف ذلــك تشــجيع الــرشكات الصغــرة‬ ‫واملتوســطة وريــادة األعــال‪.‬‬

‫الجلسة الرابعة (‪)4‬‬

‫ـ� القطاعـ ي ف‬ ‫“دور الـ شـرساكات بـ ي ف‬ ‫ـ� العام‬ ‫والخــاص (‪ )PPP‬ف ي� ضمان االســتثمار”‬

‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬اللــورد تيــم كليمنــت جونــز‬ ‫(‪ - )CBE‬الرشيــك يف دي ال ايــه بايــرب‬


‫الســيد خالــد راشــد الزيــاين (‪ :)OBE‬الرئيــس‬ ‫الفخــري ملجموعــة الزيــاين لاســتثامر‬ ‫الســيد نيــك برايــر‪ :‬رشيــك والرئيــس العاملــي لرأس‬ ‫املــال ومشــاريع البنيــة التحتيــة ‪ -‬رشكــة ديلويت‬

‫الســيد تــوين ســميث‪ :‬رئيــس اإلدارة القانونيــة ‪-‬‬ ‫الــرا كابيتــال املحــدودة‬ ‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬تحــدث عــن رضورة أن تقــوم‬

‫ ‬


‫فيك برايس‬ ‫السيدة ي‬ ‫مشــهودا ً لهــا‪ ،‬اســتطاعت اســتقطاب أكــر مــن ‪26‬‬ ‫ألــف طالــب وطالبــة مــن مختلــف أنحــاء العــامل‪،‬‬ ‫ومــع تنامــي هــذه النجاحــات يف قطــاع التعليــم‬ ‫تــم تأســيس رشكــة األعــال التجاريــة للجامعــة‬ ‫األمريكيــة يف الشــارقة‪ ،‬التــي أطلقــت عــددا ً مــن‬ ‫املشــاريع التعليميــة والبحثيــة املختلفــة الناجحــة‪،‬‬ ‫وفتحــت أبــواب االســتثار يف القطــاع عــى‬ ‫مرعيهــا أمــام املســتثمرين مــن شــتى أنحــاء‬ ‫العــامل‪ ،‬ونجحــت يف اســتقطاب اســتثارات ورشكاء‬ ‫جــدد‪ .‬وأكــد عــى اهميــة املســتثمرين الربيطانيــن‬ ‫ورضورة مجيئهــم إىل الشــارقة وإطالعهــم عــى‬ ‫الفــرص املتاحــة‪.‬‬ ‫الربوفســور ريتشــارد مــوريف‪ :‬تحــدث الربوفســور‬ ‫مــوريف عــى الــدور الــذي لعبتــه مــوارد النفــط يف‬ ‫تحديــد معــامل الــدول الخليجيــة يف الوقــت الحــايل‪،‬‬ ‫حيــث وصــف انعكاســات ذلــك عــى الحيــاة‬ ‫واالقتصــاد يف دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة‪.‬‬ ‫كــا ذكــر بــأن هــذا قــد أثــر أيضـاً عــى العالقــات‬ ‫مــع اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وقــال بأننــا “نســتطيع أن‬ ‫نخلــق مواردنــا املاليــة بأنفســنا ومــن خــالل ذلــك‬ ‫ميكننــا أن نخلــق مســتقبلنا‪ .‬ولكننــا يجــب أن‬ ‫نعمــل هــذه مبهــارة ودقــة يك نتجنــب األخطــاء”‪.‬‬ ‫وذكــر بــأن أهــم األمــور يف عمليــة خلــق الحــارض‬ ‫واملســتقبل هــي الركيــز عــى األمــور املهمة الســيا‬ ‫تحريــر طريقــة تفكــر النــاس وتهيئــة الفــرص لهــم‬ ‫إلكتســاب املهــارات والتعليــم والتدريــب الــكايف‪ ،‬يك‬ ‫يتمكــن الشــباب مــن االزدهــار والتطــور‪ .‬يف الوقت‬ ‫ذاتــه يعتــرب االهتــام بالصحــة مرافقــاً جنبــاً إىل‬ ‫جنــب مــع التعليــم‪ ،‬وهــي مــن أهــم أولويــات‬ ‫الشــعوب التــي تريــد النجــاح والتطــور‪ .‬وأشــار إىل‬

‫ف‬ ‫فيك برايس؛‬ ‫الجلسة الثالثة ‪ -‬من اليسار‪ :‬السيدة لب� قاسم؛ السيدة ي‬ ‫وال�وفيسور ويليام سكوت جاكسون‬ ‫اللورد كينج أوف بريد ووتر ب‬ ‫أهميــة اإلصالحــات االقتصاديــة والترشيعــات التــي‬ ‫مــن خاللهــا ميكــن تحديــث االقتصــاد وتعظيــم‬ ‫مــوارد الدولــة الســيا فــرض الرضائــب‪ ،‬التــي مــن‬ ‫شــأنها رفــع مســتوى املعيشــة وتطويــر االقتصــاد‪.‬‬ ‫وخــص بالذكــر الــدور املهــم الــذي يضطلــع بــه‬ ‫القطــاع الخــاص يف العمليــة االقتصاديــة الناجحــة‬ ‫حيــث البــد لــدول مجلــس التعــاون مــن االقتــداء‬ ‫بالتجــارب الربيطانيــة يف هــذا املضــار‪.‬‬

‫أن نجــد األســلوب األفضــل لنجعــل شــباب دول‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة مهتـاً أكــر بالتدريــب‬ ‫يف القطاعــات املســتقبلية مثــل تكنولوجيــا‬ ‫املعلومــات وغرهــا قطاعــات العلــوم الحديثــة‬ ‫والتكنولوجيــا الرقميــة املتقدمــة”‪.‬‬

‫الجلسة الثالثة (‪)3‬‬

‫ش‬ ‫“مرسوعــات الشــباب واالبتــكار‪،‬‬ ‫الســيدة رانيــا رزق‪ :‬تكلمــت عــن دور القطــاع محــركات النمــو االقتصــادي‬ ‫الخــاص برســم اقتصــادات الــدول الحديثــة‪ ،‬وقالــت وا لعما لــة ”‬ ‫عــن تجربتهــا يف رشكــة البيبــي كــوال وهــي الرشكة‬ ‫املتواجــدة يف دول مجلــس التعــاون ومنــذ ‪ 60‬عاماً‪،‬‬ ‫وتعمــل مــع العديــد مــن املؤسســات املحليــة‬ ‫ورواد األعــال يف هــذه الــدول‪ ،‬ولهــا اتصــاالت‬ ‫مبراكــز تشــغيل الشــباب كــا أن رشكتهــا تســتثمر‬ ‫يف قطاعــات عــدة منهــا الصحــة ومشــاريع التنميــة‬ ‫املســتدامة والتــي مــن شــأنها توفــر فــرص عمــل‬ ‫ناشــئة للشــباب يف مجــاالت مثمــرة لهــم ولالقتصاد‬ ‫بشــكل عــام‪.‬‬

‫الســيد أوليفــر كورنــوك‪ :‬تحــدث عــن الفــرص‬ ‫الكبــرة التــي تزخــر بهــا دول مجلــس التعــاون‪،‬‬ ‫وأن هــذه الــدول قــد أحدثــت رؤيــة جديــدة يف‬ ‫االقتصــادات العامليــة الناشــئة‪ ،‬وما رؤية الســعودية‬ ‫‪ 2030‬إال مثــاالً عــى ذلــك‪ .‬وقــد وضعــت هــذه‬ ‫الرؤيــة هــذه املنطقــة املتميــزة عــى نهــج التحــول‬ ‫مــن حقبــة االعتــاد عــى النفــط والغــاز يف التنمية‬ ‫أكــر التنميــة الحقيقيــة واملســتدامة مــن خــالل‬ ‫إجــراء إصالحــات جوهريــة يف قطاعــات حيويــة‬ ‫مثــل التعليــم مــن أجــل املســتقبل‪ .‬وقــال “علينــا‬

‫رئيس الجلسة‪ :‬اللورد كينج أوف بريد ووتر‬


‫الســيدة لبنــى قاســم‪ :‬مستشــار عــام ورئيــس‬ ‫مجموعــة وســكرتري الرشكــة ‪ -‬بنــك اإلمــارات ديب‬ ‫الوطنــي‬ ‫الســيدة فيــيك برايــس‪ :‬املستشــار االقتصــادي ‪-‬‬ ‫‪CEBR‬‬ ‫الربوفيســور ويليــام ســكوت جاكســون‪ :‬رئيــس‬ ‫أوكســفورد لاستشــارات اإلســراتيجية‬ ‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬تحــدث اللــورد كينــج عــن األزمــة‬ ‫االقتصاديــة العامليــة التــي رضبــت االقتصــادات‬ ‫العامليــة بشــدة يف الفــرة املاضية‪ .‬وذكر بــأن اإلرادة‬ ‫يف الخــروج منهــا وأن نكــون أقــوى وخاصــة يف مثــل‬ ‫هــذه األوقــات الصعبــة‪ ،‬حيــث نحــن بحاجــة أكــر‬ ‫مــن أي وقــت مــى لتحفيــز روح املبــادرة والنمــو‬ ‫االقتصــادي الــذيك‪ ،‬وتعزيــز املعرفــة‪ ،‬وتشــجيع روح‬ ‫االبتــكار‪ .‬وهــذا هــو الســبيل الوحيــد لبنــاء اقتصــاد‬


‫السيد مروان الرسكال‬

‫الجلسة الثانية (‪)2‬‬

‫“التنمية االجتماعية واالقتصادية”‬ ‫رئيس الجلسة‪ :‬اللورد هاول أوف جيلدفورد‬


‫الســيد مــروان الــركال‪ :‬الرئيــس التنفيــذي لهيئــة‬ ‫الشــارقة لاســتثامر والتنميــة (رشوق)‬ ‫الربوفســور ريتشــارد مــوريف‪ :‬أســتاذ يف االقتصــاد‬ ‫الســيايس الــدويل ‪ -‬جامعــة ســيتي لنــدن‬ ‫الســيدة رانيــا رزق‪ :‬نائب الرئيس األول واملستشــار‬ ‫العــام‪ ،‬رشكــة بيبــي كــوال الدوليــة املحــدودة ‪-‬‬ ‫الــرشق األوســط وشــامل أفريقيــا‬ ‫الســيد أوليفــر كورنــوك‪ :‬مديــر التحريــر‪ ٬‬منطقــة‬ ‫الــرشق األوســط ‪ -‬مجموعــة أكســفورد لألعــامل‬

‫ف‬ ‫مور�‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ال�وفسور ريتشارد ي‬

‫الجلسة الثانية – من اليسار‪ :‬اللورد هاول أوف جيلدفورد؛ السيد مروان‬ ‫ف‬ ‫مور�؛ السيدة رانيا رزق؛ السيد أوليفر‬ ‫الرسكال؛ ب‬ ‫ال�وفسور ريتشارد ي‬ ‫كورنوك‬ ‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬أشــار اللــورد هــاول إىل عمــق‬ ‫وأهميــة العالقــات بــن بريطانيــا ودول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة‪ ،‬وتطــرق إىل التحديــات التــي‬ ‫تواجــه املنطقــة مــن ناحيــة انخفــاض أســعار‬ ‫النفــط والغــاز وكذلــك األوضــاع األمنيــة التــي‬ ‫تعيشــها بعــض دول األقليــم‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد مــروان الــركال‪ :‬تحــدث الــركال عــن‬ ‫إمــارة الشــارقة ومميزاتهــا االقتصاديــة الجاذبــة‬ ‫وموقعهــا الجغــرايف املمتــاز‪ ،‬وأشــار إىل املشــاريع‬ ‫التــي تشــهدها الشــارقة واالهتــام الكبــر التــي‬ ‫تخصــه الجهــات املســؤولة واملرشفــة عــى تطويرها‬ ‫وتحديــث بنيتهــا التحتيــة لتــوازي بذلــك مــا هــو‬ ‫عليــه مدينــة ديب‪ ،‬وذكــر باإلعفــاءات الرضيبيــة‬ ‫التــي تتمتــع بهــا كل أنــواع األعــال يف هــذه‬ ‫اإلمــارة‪.‬‬

‫السيدة رانيا رزق‬

‫وذكــر الســيد الــركال أن مميــزات االســتثار‬ ‫يف الشــارقة‪ ،‬واقتصادهــا املتنــوع والفــرص‬ ‫التــي يوفرهــا منــاخ الشــارقة االســتثاري أمــام‬ ‫املســتثمرين‪ ،‬الســيا ضمــن أربعة قطاعات رئيســة‬ ‫تتضمــن‪ :‬التنميــة البيئيــة‪ ،‬والرعايــة الصحيــة‪،‬‬ ‫والنقــل والخدمــات اللوجســتية‪ ،‬والســياحة‬ ‫والرفيــه‪ .‬وذكــر التأثـرات اإليجابيــة ملشــاريع هيئة‬ ‫الشــارقة لالســتثار والتنميــة (رشوق) يف كثــر مــن‬ ‫القطاعــات إىل جانــب العديــد مــن االســتثارات‬ ‫األجنبيــة التــي متكنــت الشــارقة مــن احتضانهــا‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار الســيد الــركال بــأن الشــارقة أدركــت يف‬ ‫وقــت مبكــر مــن تاريــخ دولــة اإلمــارات أهميــة‬ ‫االســتثار ودعــم االبتــكار والتقــدم االقتصــادي‬ ‫والثقــايف وهــو محــرك مهــم يف دفــع عجلــة‬ ‫االقتصــاد‪ ،‬وكذلــك االهتــام بالتعليــم وتطويــره‬ ‫مدينــة جامعيــة مركزيــة تضــم رصوحــاً علميــة‬

‫ ‬


‫الدكتور عبد الله القويز‬

‫السيد جيمس سبورول‬

‫املتحــدة قــد برهنــت عــى اإلحســاس باملســؤولية‬ ‫الكبــرة امللقــاة عــى عاتقهــا مــن أجــل إنجــاح‬ ‫الوضــع الجديــد للبــالد‪ .‬وقــال إن األســواق قــد ردت‬ ‫عــى االســتفتاء لكــن أســوأ املخــاوف مل تتحقــق‪.‬‬ ‫وخاصــة يف مــا يخــص النظــام املــريف‪ ،‬عــى ســبيل‬ ‫املثــال ال الحــر‪ ،‬وإن التحديــات تواجــه جميــع‬ ‫أنحــاء العــامل ليــس بريطانيــا فحســب بــل واجهــت‬ ‫التحديــات جميــع الحكومات ورســمت مســؤوليات‬ ‫جديــدة‪ .‬وذكــر بــأن األولويــات هــي تعديــل‬ ‫امليزانيــة حيــث يجــب أن يتــم مراعــاة الظــروف‬ ‫املتغــرة‪ .‬وأكــد عــى رضورة االهتــام بالتعليــم‬ ‫وتهيئــة الفــرص األفضــل للشــباب املتعلمــن‬ ‫حيــث هــم املســتقبل‪ ،‬واالهتــام بتدريبهــم عــى‬ ‫أحــدث التكنولوجيــا املعلوماتيــة‪ .‬ويف الختــام‪ ،‬رأى‬ ‫أن اململكــة املتحــدة ســتظل ناجحــة اقتصادي ـاً يف‬ ‫املســتقبل بســبب وجــود ثقافــة العمــل الحــ ّر‬ ‫والتــي ال زالــت قويــة وعــى مــدى قــرون عديــدة‬ ‫مــن تاريــخ اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬ ‫الدكتــور يحيــى اليحيــى‪ :‬قــال بأنــه ســيكون‬ ‫كالمــه مختــرا ً ومركــزا ً يف موضــوع اإلصالحــات‬ ‫االقتصاديــة‪ ،‬والتــي هــي مــن أهــم األمــور واألشــياء‬ ‫الجوهريــة التــي تعتمــد عليهــا التنميــة االقتصادية‬ ‫املســتدامة‪ .‬فمنــذ ظهــور األزمــة املاليــة العامليــة‬ ‫التــي شــهدها العــامل يف عــام ‪ 2007‬دخــل العــامل‬ ‫يف حقبــة جديــدة اســتدعت إجــراء الكثــر مــن‬ ‫اإلصالحــات الجوهريــة وتعديــالت مهمــة مــن‬ ‫أجــل تحســن وحايــة االقتصــاد‪ .‬واليــوم فــإن دول‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون تدخــل يف مرحلــة جديــدة مــن‬ ‫تاريخهــا حيــث تســتدعي وضــع خطــط شــاملة‬

‫السيدة باتريشيا موريس‬

‫وفعالــة للخــروج مــن هــذه املرحلــة االنتقاليــة‬ ‫ودخــول حقبــة مــا بعــد النفــط بــروح جديــدة‬ ‫وتطويــق التأثــرات االقتصاديــة واالجتاعيــة‬ ‫النخفــاض مــوارد هــذه الــدول مــن النفــط‬ ‫والغــاز‪ ،‬وهــذه “معركــة حقيقيــة”‪ .‬وقــال الدكتــور‬ ‫اليحيــى “أن مرحلــة عــدم اليقــن التــي متــر‬ ‫بهــا دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة تســتدعيها‬ ‫لوضــع خطــط ورؤيــة واضحــة إلجــراء الكثــر‬ ‫مــن اإلصالحــات والتعديــالت ووضــع الكثــر مــن‬ ‫الترشيعــات‪ ،‬ومثــاالً عــى ذلــك مــا فعلتــه اململكــة‬ ‫العربيــة الســعودية مــن خــالل رؤيــة ‪ ،2030‬وهــي‬ ‫مبثابــة رؤيــة شــاملة لرســم االقتصــاد فيــا بعــد‬ ‫حقبــة النفــط”‪ .‬وذكــر الدكتــور اليحيــى‪ ،‬أن مــن‬ ‫أهــم األمــور لــدول مجلــس التعــاون أن تقــوم‪-:‬‬ ‫• وضــع إسـراتيجية متكاملــة وشــاملة لإلصالحــات‪،‬‬ ‫والتــي مــن األفضــل أن تتشــابه يف كل دولــة‬ ‫خليجيــة مــع األخــرى‪.‬‬ ‫• وأن تقــوم الدولــة بإلغــاء أو تقليــل الدعــم‬ ‫الحكومــي الــذي تقدمــه لبعــض القطاعــات‬ ‫االقتصاديــة‪.‬‬ ‫• إلغــاء بعــض املشــاريع غــر املهمــة وغــر ذات‬ ‫جــدوى اقتصاديــة‪.‬‬ ‫• وضــع ترشيعــات رضيبيــة جديــدة والعمــل‬ ‫بنظــام رضيبــة القيمــة املضافــة‪.‬‬ ‫• أن تقوم بتحديد دور القطاع العام وتقليصه‪.‬‬ ‫• تحديــد وتقليــل حجــم اإلنفــاق العــام‪ ،‬خصوصـاً‬ ‫عــى بعــض القطاعــات بأســتثناء القطاعــات‬ ‫االجتاعيــة‪.‬‬

‫السيد روبرت جاثر‬ ‫• تقديــم الدعــم لقطاعــات الصناعــات غــر‬ ‫النفطيــة‪.‬‬ ‫• تنويــع االقتصــاد الســيا مــن خــالل توســع ودعــم‬ ‫دور القطــاع الخاص‪.‬‬ ‫ويف الختــام‪ ،‬تطــرق فيــا بعــد إىل العالقــة الوثيقــة‬ ‫والتاريخيــة التــي تربــط دول مجلــس التعــاون مــع‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة وحجــم التبــادل التجــاري والثقايف‬ ‫بينهــا‪ ،‬وحجــم االســتثارات الخليجيــة الهائلــة يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬ودعــى املســتثمرين الربيطانيــن‬ ‫للقــدوم إىل دول مجلــس التعــاون‪ ،‬ورســم رشاكات‬ ‫اســتثارية وتجاريــة أعمــق‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد روبــرت جاثــر‪ :‬أشــار الســيد جاثــر إىل‬ ‫توقيــت إقامــة هــذه املنتــدى املهــم حيــث يتزامــن‬ ‫مــع قـرار بريطانيــا الخــروج مــن االتحــاد األورويب‪،‬‬ ‫وقــال “أنــه وقــت مهــم إلقامة مثــل هــذا املنتدى”‪.‬‬ ‫وذكــر بــأن “قــرار خــروج بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب ســيحدد مــن الــذي يقــود بريطانيــا‪ ،‬ومــن‬ ‫هــو الرئيــس ومــن هــو املــرؤوس”‪ .‬وأشــار بــأن قرار‬ ‫خــروج بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب كان مبثابــة‬ ‫ردة فعــل بريطانيــة عــى ســوء اســتخدام العوملــة‬ ‫االقتصاديــة مــن جهــة وعــى سياســة اإلندمــاج‬ ‫االقتصــادي العامليــة مــن جهــة أخــرى‪ .‬وتطــرق‬ ‫إىل رضورة التغيــر يف دور دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫يف الفــرة القادمــة والتــي تســتدعيها الــرضورات‬ ‫االقتصاديــة وغرهــا‪ ،‬إضافــة إىل رضورة تعميــق‬ ‫العالقــات الثنائيــة بــن هــذه الــدول مــن جهــة‬ ‫وبريطانيــا مــن جهــة أخــرى‪ ،‬وتطويرهــا ودفعها إىل‬ ‫مديــات أخــرى‪.‬‬


‫الجلسة أ‬ ‫االوىل‪ -‬من اليسار‪ :‬السيدة باتريشيا موريس؛ الدكتور عبد الله‬ ‫اليح�؛ السيد روبرت‬ ‫يح� ي‬ ‫القويز؛ السيد جيمس سبورول؛ الدكتور ي‬ ‫جاثر‬ ‫إضافــة إىل املشــاركة بالخــربات واملهــارات التــي‬ ‫تســاعد عــى التطــور والنمو‪ .‬واختتــم كلمتــه‬ ‫بشــكر غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة عــى‬ ‫تنظيــم واســتضافة املنتــدى وتعهــد بالعمــل عــى‬ ‫تعميــق العالقــات التجاريــة بــن اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫ودول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة‪.‬‬

‫الجلسة األوىل (‪)1‬‬

‫“االصــالح االقتصــادي‪ :‬المحــرك ف ي�‬ ‫إ‬ ‫بنــاء اقتصــاد قــوي ومتــوازن والنمــو‬ ‫المســتدام”‬

‫رئيــس الجلســة‪ :‬الســيدة باتريشــيا موريــس‪:‬‬ ‫وزيــرة املــرأة ســابقاً يف حكومــة الظــل‬


‫الدكتــور عبــد اللــه القويــز‪ :‬رئيــس املجلــس‬ ‫اإلستشــاري لرشكــة أعــامل امليــاه والطاقــة الدوليــة‬ ‫(أكــوا بــاور)‬ ‫الســيد جيمــس ســبورول‪ :‬كبــر االقتصاديــن ومدير‬ ‫السياســات ‪ -‬معهد اإلدارة‬ ‫الدكتــور يحيــى اليحيــى‪ :‬املديــر التنفيــذي ‪ -‬بنــك‬ ‫الخليــج الــدويل‬ ‫الســيد روبــرت جاثــر‪ :‬رئيــس رشكــة االســتثار يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫أفتتحــت البارونــة موريــس الجلســة بالقــول‬ ‫“أن كل يشء خاضــع للتحديــات”‪ ،‬وأضافــت بــأن‬ ‫نحــو ‪ %60‬مــن األطفــال اليــوم ســيعملون عندمــا‬ ‫يكــربون يف وظائــف غــر موجــودة حاليـاً‪ ،‬وإن هــذا‬

‫الدكتور عبد اللطيف ف‬ ‫الزيا� يلقي كلمته‬ ‫ي‬

‫الزمــن هــو زمــن اإلبتــكار والتحديــات‪ .‬وأشــارت إىل‬ ‫الــدور املهــم الــذي تلعبــه دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫وإىل الرؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬ملــا يتناســب مــع‬ ‫مرحلــة مــا بعــد النفــط‪ .‬كــا أشــارت إىل أن الــكل‬ ‫يف بريطانيــا ويف دول مجلــس التعــاون نرقــب إداء‬ ‫قطــر يف دوري كأس العــامل ‪ .2022‬وأشــارت إىل أن‬ ‫كل مــن األردن واملغــرب يتمتعــون بعالقــة خاصــة‬ ‫مــع دول مجلــس التعــاون وكذلــك مــع اململكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة‪ ،‬وإن اململكــة املتحــدة تدعــم االســتقرار‬ ‫واالزدهــار يف منطقــة الــرشق األوســط‪ .‬ويف نهايــة‬ ‫كلمتهــا قدمــت البارونــة موريــس نبــذة عــن‬ ‫املتحدثــن يف هــذه الجلســة‪.‬‬ ‫الدكتــور عبــد اللــه القويــز‪ :‬تحــدث الدكتــور‬ ‫القويــز حــول موضــوع خــروج بريطانيــا مــن‬ ‫االتحــاد األورويب وتأثراتــه املرتقبــة عــى األوضــاع‬ ‫االقتصاديــة وأســواق املــال‪ ،‬وعــى عالقــة بريطانيــا‬ ‫مــع دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة‪ .‬وتوقــع أن‬ ‫تحــدث نتائــج إيجابيــة عــى هــذه العالقــة‪ ،‬وميكن‬ ‫أن يكــون خروجهــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب تفعيــالً‬ ‫لدورهــا (الوســطي) ولعــب دورا ً أكــر فعاليــة يف‬ ‫التجــارة العامليــة خــارج حــدود االتحــاد األورويب‪.‬‬ ‫وبخصــوص الســعودية واألســباب التــي جعلتهــا‬ ‫تضــع رؤيــة ‪ ،2030‬وضــح الدكتــور القويــز‪ ،‬بــأن‬ ‫اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية تــدرك أهميــة وضــع‬ ‫خطــة فعاليــة ومحكمــة لحقبــة مــا بعــد النفــط‬ ‫واألســعار املدعمــة مــن قبــل الدولــة‪ ،‬حيــث هــذا‬ ‫مل يعــد باإلمــكان االســتمرار بــه‪ .‬كــا أن الرؤيــة‬ ‫تتنــاول أهميــة تفعيــل دور القطــاع الخــاص الــذي‬ ‫هــو بالواقــع يخلــق فرص ـاً للعمــل لكنهــا‪ ،‬بــدون‬ ‫شــك‪ ،‬غــر كافيــة بالواقــع وال تفــي بالغــرض‪ .‬وقــال‬ ‫“نحــن نعتقــد بــأن “رؤيــة ‪ ”2030‬ســتنجح ذلــك‬

‫ألنهــا تضــع أهــداف معينــة ومحــددة كــا أنهــا‬ ‫تضــع الوقــت املحــدد لتنفيــذ تلــك األهــداف”‪.‬‬ ‫كــا أن اململكــة متتلــك القيــادة الحكيمــة والتــي‬ ‫تتســم بــاإلرصار والعزميــة عــى أتخــاذ القــرارات‬ ‫ورســم األهــداف وتنفيذهــا يف الوقــت املحــدد‪،‬‬ ‫وهــي قــرارات صعبــة‪ .‬وذكــر الدكتــور القويــز‬ ‫بــأن اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية وبســبب‬ ‫انخفــاض أســعار النفــط فقــد حــدث عجـزا ً لديهــا‬ ‫يف امليزانيــة يقــدر بنحــو ‪ 80‬مليــار دوالر‪ ،‬وقــد‬ ‫اضطــرت الحكومــة أيضـاً إىل إيقــاف الدعــم الــذي‬ ‫تقدمــه لقطــاع الطاقــة وغرهــا مــن القطاعــات‬ ‫التــي كانــت تتمتــع بدعــم مــن قبــل الدولــة‪ ،‬كــا‬ ‫قامــت الدولــة أيض ـاً بإلغــاء بعــض املشــاريع غــر‬ ‫الرضوريــة‪ .‬وأشــار بــأن رؤيــة ‪ 2030‬ترســم برنامجـاً‬ ‫متكامـالً للتحــول مــن حقبــة االعتــاد عــى النفــط‬ ‫إىل مــا بعــده‪ ،‬وتحتــوي الرؤيــة أيضـاً عــى مشــاريع‬ ‫إدخــار كبــرة يف الوقــت الــذي عملــت عليــه الرؤية‬ ‫عــى زيــادة املــوارد املاليــة للدولــة وعــى األخــص‬ ‫قطــاع الســياحة بشــقيها الدينــي والرفيهــي‪ ،‬حيــث‬ ‫أدخلــت تعديــالت وإصالحــات كبــرة مــن شــأنها‬ ‫رفــع كفــاءة هــذا القطــاع وتطويــره ألســتيعاب‬ ‫أعــداد أكــرب مــن الحجــاج واملعتمريــن وتشــجيع‬ ‫الســياحة املحليــة واإلقليميــة الوافــدة إىل اململكــة‪.‬‬ ‫الســيد جيمــس ســيورول‪ :‬تحــدث عــن موضــوع‬ ‫خــروج بريطانيــا وتأســيس الحكومــة الجديــدة‪،‬‬ ‫ورحــب الســيد ســبورول بالفــرص الهائلــة املتوفــرة‬ ‫لرجــال األعــال يف منطقــة الخليــج واصفــاً‬ ‫نفســه بأنــه خبــر اقتصــادي “متفائــل”‪ ،‬ويعــرف‬ ‫بالتحديــات الضخمــة التــي واجهتهــا وتواجههــا‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة عقــب التصويــت عــى خروجهــا‬ ‫مــن االتحــاد األورويب‪ ،‬ويعتقــد أن حكومــة اململكــة‬

‫ ‬


‫و الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله القص� الدكتورة الشُ عي� أ‬ ‫واال يم� محمد‬ ‫بي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫سف� المملكة العربية السعودية لدى‬ ‫بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود ‪ -‬ي‬ ‫المملكة المتحدة‬

‫وأضــاف الوزيــر بــأن مملكــة البحريــن متتــاز مبنــاخ‬ ‫إســتثاري منفتــح وبنيــة تحتيــة قويــة وترشيعــات‬ ‫جيــدة تحمــي االســتثارات األجنبيــة‪ ،‬وقــد وضعت‬ ‫البحريــن يف صــدارة الــدول الجاذبــة لالســتثارات‬ ‫األجنبيــة‪ ،‬حيــث أصبحــت البحريــن اليــوم مقــرا ً‬ ‫إقليميــاً لعــرشات املشــاريع العامليــة الكــربى‪،‬‬ ‫وهــو األمــر الــذي شــجع الحكومــة عــى تقديــم‬ ‫املزيــد مــن التســهيالت إلســتقطاب املزيــد مــن‬ ‫االســتثارات واملشــاريع العامليــة التي ســوف تعمل‬ ‫يف بيئــة إســتثارية مالمئــة وصديقــة يف اململكــة‪.‬‬ ‫وكذلــك يف مجــال الســياحة بــن البلديــن حيــث‬ ‫وقعــت مملكــة البحريــن عــدد مــن التفاهــات‬ ‫بهــذا الصــدد‪.‬‬

‫من اليسار‪ :‬السيدة إيمان الدورسي؛ السيد زايد راشد ف‬ ‫الزيا�؛ الدكتور‬ ‫ي‬ ‫الزيا�؛ صاحب السمو الملك أ‬ ‫عبد اللطيف راشد ف‬ ‫اال يم� آندرو – دوق‬ ‫ي‬ ‫ي‬ ‫أ‬ ‫يورك؛ الدكتور ماجد عبد الله‬ ‫الملك اال يم�‬ ‫القص�؛ صاحب السمو‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫محمد بن نواف؛ البارونة سيمونز؛ السيدة أماندا ثريسك – المساعدة‬ ‫أ‬ ‫عي�‬ ‫الخاصة لال يم� آندرو‪ ،‬والدكتورة أفنان الشُ ب ي‬

‫الدكتــور ليــام فوكــس‪ :‬تحــدث عــن أهميــة العالقة‬ ‫التاريخيــة واإلسـراتيجية التي تربــط بريطانيا ودول‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون وأكــد بــأن هــذه العالقة مــا فتأت‬ ‫تــزداد بأهميتهــا‪ ،‬وهو شــخصياً ينــوي القيــام بزيارة‬ ‫دول مجلــس التعــاون قريبا‪ .‬وأشــار بأنــه والحكومة‬ ‫الربيطانيــة تريــد أن تــرى منطقــة الخليــج تنعــم‬ ‫باالســتقرار واألمــن واإلزدهــار كونهــا منطقــة‬ ‫حيويــة ومهمــة جــدا ً لربيطانيــا والعــامل‪.‬‬ ‫وتعهــد الدكتــور فوكــس بالعمــل عــى تحويــل‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة إىل دولــة تجاريــة أكــر انفتاحـاً يف‬ ‫العــامل مــن خــالل مبــادرات جديــدة مثــل التجــارة‬ ‫الرقميــة‪ .‬وقــال فوكــس “ان التجــارة متثــل جانب ـاً‬

‫االم� آندرو – دوق يورك يتحدث مع أ‬ ‫أ‬ ‫أ‬ ‫واال يم�‬ ‫اال يم� محمد بن نواف ي‬ ‫محمد بن نواف بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‬

‫حيويـاً مــن عالقات اململكــة املتحــدة ودول مجلس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة‪ ،‬وكانــت اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫اعتمــدت صنــدوق الخليــج الجديــد لدعم النشــاط‬ ‫العمــي يف مجــاالت مثــل األمــن املعلومــايت”‪ .‬وذكــر‬ ‫بــأن االســتثارات عمليــة ذات اتجاهــن وذات‬ ‫أهميــة إىل كل مــن اململكــة املتحــدة ودول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة‪ .‬ورصح أنــه انتهــى مــن اجتــاع‬ ‫مــع مجموعــة مــن البنــوك للتوقيــع عــى أكــرب‬ ‫عمليــة للتحــول اإللكــروين‪ ،‬التــي ســتجعل مــن‬ ‫بريطانيــا أكــر انفتاحـاً عــى التجــارة وتتيح ســهولة‬ ‫أكــرب للــرشكاء واملتعاونــن معهــا‪ ،‬وأكــد عــى التـزام‬ ‫حكومتــه عــى دعــم اقتصــاد قــوي ملنطقــة الخليج‬ ‫مــن خــالل العالقــات التجاريــة واالســتثارية‪،‬‬

‫البارونة سيمونز تلقي كلمتها‬


‫الدكتور عبد اللطيف ف‬ ‫الزيا�‬ ‫ي‬

‫القص�‬ ‫الدكتور ماجد بن عبد الله‬ ‫بي‬

‫متلــك الســعودين للمنــازل لتتعــدى مســتوى‬ ‫‪ %52‬بحلــول عــام ‪ .2020‬كــا تضمنــت الرؤيــة‬ ‫املســتقبلية رفــع نســبة مشــاركة املــرأة يف ســوق‬ ‫العمــل‪ ،‬وزيــادة مســاهمة املنشــآت الصغــرة‬ ‫واملتوســطة يف إجــايل الناتــج املحــي وتخفيــض‬ ‫معــدل البطالــة الســيا يف فئــة الشــباب‪.‬‬ ‫كــا وتهــدف الرؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬زيــادة‬ ‫الطاقــة االســتيعابية للســياحة الدينيــة حيــث تعترب‬ ‫الســعودية وجهــة املســلمن يف العــامل يف موســم‬ ‫الحــج كل عــام وإداء العمــرة عــى مــدار العــام‪،‬‬ ‫مــن ‪ 8‬ماليــن إىل ‪ 30‬مليــون معتمــر ســنوياً‪.‬‬ ‫وتتضمــن الرؤيــة أهــداف أخــرى مــن بينهــا رفــع‬ ‫مســاهمة القطــاع غــر الربحــي يف إجــايل الناتــج‬ ‫املحــي‪ ،‬ورفــع نســبة مدخـرات األرس مــن إجــايل‬ ‫دخلهــا‪ ،‬إضافــة إىل تطويــر الحكومــة اإللكرونيــة‬ ‫يف اململكــة‪ .‬ويتطلــب تنفيــذ رؤيــة ‪ 2030‬ارشاف‬

‫السيد زايد بن راشد ف‬ ‫الزيا�‬ ‫ي‬

‫حكومــي قــوي عــى القطاعــات التــي تتناولهــا‬ ‫الرؤيــة‪.‬‬ ‫يف الختــام ذكــر معاليــه “نحــن يف الســعودية لدينــا‬ ‫عالقــة خاصــة مــع اململكــة املتحــدة ونحــن نتطلــع‬ ‫إىل التعــاون يف تنفيــذ الرؤيــة”‪ .‬وتقــدم معاليــه‬ ‫بالشــكر والتقديــر عــى منظمــي املؤمتــر والقامئــن‬ ‫عليــه ودعــا الحضــور للقــدوم إىل اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية‪.‬‬ ‫الوزيــر زايــد راشــد الزيــاين‪ :‬رحــب بالحضــور‬ ‫وتقــدم بالشــكر للحضــور والقامئــن عــى املؤمتــر‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــاد معاليــه بالعالقــات املتميــزة بــن مملكــة‬ ‫البحريــن وبريطانيــا يف كافــة االصعــدة‪ ،‬حيــث‬ ‫تحتفــل مملكــة البحريــن واململكــة املتحــدة هــذا‬ ‫العــام مبــرور ‪ 200‬عــام عــى العالقــات البحرينيــة‬ ‫الربيطانيــة التــي بــدأت منذ تأســيس الرشكــة األوىل‬

‫الدكتور ليام فوكس‬

‫ الهنــد الرشقيــة بالبحريــن عــام ‪.1616‬‬‫وذكــر معاليــه بــأن البحريــن تحتضــن املئــات‬ ‫مــن الــرشكات الربيطانيــة وكذلــك ‪ 11‬ألــف مــن‬ ‫الرعايــا الربيطانيــن مــن الذيــن يعملون ويعيشــون‬ ‫كضيــوف معززيــن يف البحريــن‪ ،‬ووجــود أعــداد‬ ‫كبــرة مــن البحرينيــن مــن الطلبــة واملقيميــن يف‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪.‬‬ ‫وتطــرق معاليــه إىل العالقــة التاريخيــة التــي‬ ‫تربــط بــن البحريــن وبريطانيــا‪ ،‬مشــيدا ً مبــا يربــط‬ ‫البلديــن الصديقــن مــن عالقــات تاريخيــة وثيقــة‬ ‫ومتميــزة‪ ،‬وبالرشاكــة القامئــة بينهــا‪ ،‬وهــي رشاكــة‬ ‫تــزداد منــ ّوا ً وقــو ًة مــع مــرور الزمــن‪ ،‬مؤكــدا ً أن‬ ‫هــذه العالقــات تتميــز بعراقتهــا وخصوص َّيتهــا يف‬ ‫ظـ ّـل مــا يربــط البلديــن مــن تعــاون وثيــق وروابط‬ ‫متميــزة مــن أجــل دوام التقــدم واالزدهــار‪.‬‬

‫ ‬


‫عي�‬ ‫الدكتورة أفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫والتكنولوجيــا الحديثــة وهــي املســائل املهمــة‬ ‫التــي يجــب أن نركــز عليهــا ألنهــا تحــدد مســتقبلنا‬ ‫وحارضنــا كذلــك”‪ .‬وأضــاف “أننــا مــع رشكائنــا‬ ‫يف اململكــة املتحــدة نعمــل ســوية مــع الرشيــك‬ ‫الربيطــاين مــن أجــل تقديــم الدعــم والتقنيــات‬ ‫الحديثــة والتدريــب عــى ريــادة األعــال‪ ،‬والتعلــم‬ ‫مــن الخ ـربات الربيطانيــة يف إج ـراء تغ ـرا ً جوهري ـاً‬ ‫يف طريقــة التفكــر يف األعــال واســتخدام التقنيــة‬ ‫الحديثــة‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أهميــة دعم وتســهيل عمليات‬ ‫القطــاع الخــاص وتأســيس األعــال الســيا للفئــات‬ ‫الشــابة مــن ذوي الريــادة والقيــادة‪ ،‬وهــو جانــب‬ ‫ذو أولويــة وأهميــة خاصــة الســيا يف عــامل‬ ‫البنــاء واإلنشــاءات والرشاكــة مــا بــن القطــاع‬ ‫العــام والخــاص‪ .‬ونحــن بحاجــة لخــربة رشكائنــا‬ ‫يف بريطانيــا الســيا يف مجــال التعليــم والتدريــب‬ ‫عــى التكتولوجيــا الحديثــة‪ .‬كــا نحــن نريــد أن‬ ‫نــرى مســتثمرين بريطانيــن أكــر يف دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون وخاصــة يف هــذه املجــاالت”‪ .‬وأختتــم‬ ‫كلمتــه بالقــول “أن وقــت التغيــر هــو وقــت‬ ‫الفــرص”‪.‬‬ ‫الدكتــور ماجــد بــن عبــد اللــه القصبــي‪ :‬ابتــدأ‬ ‫كلمتــه يف املؤمتــر بالقــول “إن مل يكــن هنــاك‬ ‫رؤيــة‪ ،‬فليــس هنــاك أمــل”‪ .‬وقــال “أنــه مــن‬ ‫األهميــة مبــكان أن تكــون لدينــا رؤيــة يف عملنــا‬ ‫وحياتنــا‪ ،‬وإننــا يف اململكــة العربيــة الســعودية‬ ‫خاصــة ويف دول مجلــس التعــاون عامــة لدينــا‬ ‫رؤيــة إسـراتيجية‪ ،‬ونحــن فخــورون بذلــك”‪ ،‬وأشــار‬ ‫إىل أهميــة التعــاون بــن دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫وبريطانيــا يف املجــاالت الحيويــة الســيا يف قطــاع‬ ‫التعليــم والتدريــب والصحــة والتجــارة واالســتثار‬ ‫واألعــال معت ـربا ً أن الرشاكــة بــن بريطانيــا ودول‬

‫البارونة سيمونز‬ ‫املجلــس إســراتيجية تاريخيــة ومتطــورة‪ ،‬وقــال‬ ‫“نحــن يف دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجيــة ننظــر‬ ‫دامئـاً إىل اململكــة املتحــدة لتلقــي الخــربة والنصــح‬ ‫واإلرشــاد وكذلــك األفــكار‪ .‬وإن اململكــة املتحــدة‬ ‫لديهــا الخـربات املتطــورة والتكنولوجيــا الحديثــة”‪.‬‬ ‫وإن رؤيــة دول مجلــس التعــاون املشــركة هــي‬ ‫تحقيــق النمــو االقتصــادي وتشــجيع وتطويــر‬ ‫االقتصــاد واملجتمــع ســوية‪ .‬ولتحقيــق هــذا البــد‬ ‫لهــذه الــدول مــن العمــل مــع الرشيــك الربيطــاين‪.‬‬ ‫وأن دول مجلــس التعــاون تســتثمر يف الشــباب‬ ‫والتعليــم والصحــة والقطــاع الخــاص‪ ،‬وتســعى إىل‬ ‫تطويــر البنيــة التحتيــة من خــالل مشــاريع عمالقة‬ ‫تخــدم األجيــال القادمــة‪ .‬وقــال “أن كل هــذا ال يتم‬ ‫إال مــن خــالل العمــل ســوية مــع رشكائنــا‪ .‬وأشــار‬ ‫معاليــه إىل أن رؤيــة عاهــل اململكــة‪ ،‬امللــك ســلان‬ ‫بــن عبــد العزيــز تتلخــص يف بنــاء البلــد وبنيتــه‬ ‫التحتيــة وتطويــر وتشــجيع مــوارده البرشيــة مــن‬ ‫الشــباب مــن خــالل التعليــم والتدريــب‪ ،‬وتشــجيع‬ ‫ودعــم القطــاع الخــاص مــن حيــث التســهيالت‬ ‫والتمويــل واملســاعدة‪ ،‬ومحاربــة الفســاد اإلداري‬ ‫واملــايل‪.‬‬ ‫وتحــدث معاليــه عــن الســعودية واإلصالحــات‬ ‫الجديــدة التــي تنــوي القيــام بهــا وتأثرهــا عــى‬ ‫االقتصــاد‪ ،‬وأكــد عــى امتــالك الســعودية للمــوارد‬ ‫الكافيــة لدعــم املشــاريع االقتصاديــة وإقامــة املدن‬ ‫الصناعيــة ودعــم قطــاع التعليــم وقطــاع الســياحة‬ ‫الدينيــة والرفيهيــة‪“ ،‬أن رؤيــة ‪ 2030‬وبــإرشاف ويل‬ ‫ويل العهــد األمــر محمــد بــن ســلان‪ ،‬تعمــل عليها‬ ‫مؤسســات عــدة أنشــأت لهــذا الغــرض ويف كل‬ ‫القطاعــات ابتــداءا ً مــن الصناعــة والتجــارة والنقــل‬

‫والتعليــم والصحــة والســكن والطــرق والجســور‬ ‫ومشــاريع البنيــة التحتيــة األخــرى مثــل مشــاريع‬ ‫املــاء والكهربــاء واملوانــئ وغرهــا”‪.‬‬ ‫وذكــر معاليــه بعــض النقــاط األساســية التــي‬ ‫تضمنتهــا الرؤيــة الســعودية ‪ 2030‬مبــا يف ذلــك‬ ‫خطــط عدة مفصلــة وبرامــج اقتصاديــة واجتاعية‬ ‫وتنمويــة تســتهدف تجهيــز الســعودية ملرحلــة‬ ‫مــا بعــد النفــط‪ .‬وتضمنــت “رؤيــة الســعودية‬ ‫‪ ”2030‬التــي أعدهــا مجلــس الشــؤون االقتصاديــة‬ ‫والتنميــة برئاســة ويل ويل العهــد الســعودي‪ ،‬األمــر‬ ‫محمــد بــن ســلان‪ 3 ،‬تقســيات رئيســية هــي‬ ‫اقتصــاد مزدهــر‪ ،‬ومجتمــع حيــوي‪ ،‬ووطــن طمــوح‪.‬‬ ‫وذكــرت الرؤيــة أن الســعودية متتــاز بوفــرة‬ ‫بدائــل الطاقــة املتجــددة‪ ،‬مبــا يف ذلــك املعــادن‬ ‫الثمينــة مــن الذهــب والفوســفات واليورانيــوم‬ ‫وغرهــا‪ .‬وتتنــاول الرؤيــة بجانــب مهــم أيضــاً‬ ‫الــروات واملــوارد البرشيــة الســيا فئــة الشــباب‬ ‫الطمــوح الــذي يعتــرب ثــروة كبــرة للبلــد‪ .‬وذكــر‬ ‫معاليــه بــأن الســعودية يف رؤيتهــا ‪ 2030‬تســعى‬ ‫“لتحقيــق اقتصــاد مزدهــر حيــث تهــدف الرؤيــة‬ ‫‪ 2030‬رفــع نســبة الصــادرات غــر النفطيــة‪،‬‬ ‫وتقــدم ترتيــب اململكــة يف مــؤرش أداء الخدمــات‬ ‫اللوجيســتية لتتصــدر اململكــة الصــدارة إقليميـاً يف‬ ‫هــذا الصــدد”‪ .‬كــا تســتهدف الرؤيــة رفــع نســبة‬ ‫االســتثارات األجنبيــة املبــارشة مــن إجــايل‬ ‫الناتــج املحــي‪ ،‬ورفــع مــؤرش الســعودية يف‬ ‫مــؤرش التنافســية العاملــي إىل أحــد املراكــز الـــ ‪10‬‬ ‫األوىل‪ .‬وفيــا يتعلــق باالســتثار فــإن املســتهدف‬ ‫هــو رفــع قيمــة أصــول صنــدوق االســتثارات‬ ‫العامــة‪ ،‬وتســتهدف رؤيــة الســعودية رفــع نســبة‬


‫عي� تصحب الدكتور ليام فوكس لصالة المؤتمر‪ .‬ف ي�‬ ‫الدكتورة أأفنان الشُ ب ي‬ ‫دريس�‬ ‫اال‬ ‫الخلف‪ :‬االستاذ عبد السالم إ‬ ‫يي‬ ‫األط ـراف حيــث أن الــكل ســيكون رابح ـاً يف نهايــة‬ ‫الطريــق‪ .‬وأختتــم كالمــه بالقــول “أنــا عــى ثقــة‬ ‫بــأن املســتقبل ســيكون لنــا وســيقوي العالقــة فيــا‬ ‫بيننــا‪ ،‬وأنــا واثــق مــن ذلــك”‪.‬‬ ‫الدكتــور عبــد اللطيــف بــن راشــد الزيــاين‪ :‬شــكر‬ ‫معاليــه الحضــور ورحب بالســمو امللــي دوق يورك‬ ‫والضيــوف الك ـرام‪ ،‬كــا خــص بالشــكر الدكتــورة‬ ‫الشُ ــعيبي والبارونــة ســيمونز عــى كلــات املديــح‬ ‫والثنــاء التــي قيلــت مــن قبلهــن‪ ،‬وأعــرب عــن‬ ‫ســعادته باملشــاركة يف املنتــدى الــذي تنظمــه غرفة‬ ‫التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة وكل الحضــور مــن‬ ‫أهــل السياســة واملــال واالقتصــاد‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار الدكتــور الزيــاين بـــان هــذا املنتــدى هــو‬ ‫مبثابــة دعــم الرشاكــة االقتصاديــة والثقافيــة بــن‬ ‫دول مجلــس التعــاون وبريطانيــا‪ ،‬ذلــك ألنــه ميثــل‬ ‫منصــة مهمــة ملناقشــة القضايــا املشــركة وتســليط‬ ‫الضــوء عــى الفــرص واملحف ـزات وكذلــك مناقشــة‬ ‫املعوقــات التــي ميكــن أن تواجــه األط ـراف خــالل‬ ‫عمليــة االســتثار والتجــارة إنطالقــاُ مــن كــون‬ ‫لنــدن البيــت الثــاين لرشيحــة كبــرة مــن مواطنــي‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي‪ .‬وخــص بالشــكر غرفــة‬ ‫التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة وبشــخص الدكتــورة‬ ‫أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي‪ ،‬عــى جهودهــا ومثابرتهــا يف‬ ‫عملهــا وعــى دور الغرفــة املحــوري يف تطويــر‬ ‫وتقــدم العالقــات مــا بــن بريطانيــا ودول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون وعــى كافــة الصعــد‪.‬‬

‫الجلسة االفتتاحية ‪ -‬أ‬ ‫اال يم� آندرو ‪ ،‬دوق يورك يلقي كلمته‪ .‬ومن اليسار‪:‬‬ ‫إ‬ ‫البارونة سيمونز؛ الدكتور عبد اللطيف بن راشد ف‬ ‫الزيا�؛ الدكتور ماجد‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بن عبد الله القص�؛ السيد زايد راشد ف‬ ‫عي�‬ ‫أفنان‬ ‫والدكتورة‬ ‫الزيا�‬ ‫الشُ‬ ‫ي‬ ‫بي‬ ‫بي‬

‫وأشــار بــأن املؤمتــر يــأيت يف وقــت خــاص جــدا ً‬ ‫لربيطانيــا‪ ،‬واختيــار رئيــس وزراء وكابينــة وزاريــة‬ ‫جديــدة‪ ،‬وقــال “بــأن مجلــس التعــاون لــدول‬ ‫الخليــج العربيــة وأنــا شــخصياً أمتنــى لربيطانيــا‬ ‫التوفيــق يف مســاعيها الجديــدة وطريقهــا الخــاص”‪.‬‬ ‫وأكــد بــأن “عالقاتنــا مــع اململكــة املتحــدة مبنيــة‬ ‫عــى الثقــة املتبادلــة وهــي حصيلــة عقــود مــن‬ ‫الزمــن مــن عالقــات متميــزة عــى كافــة الصعــد‬ ‫الســيا االجتاعيــة واالقتصاديــة والسياســية”‪ ،‬وإن‬ ‫حضــوره شــخصياً لهــذا املؤمتــر هــو مبثابــة مجيئــه‬ ‫“لبيتــه الثــاين”‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــار إىل مســألة انخفــاض أســعار النفط ســتفيض‬ ‫عــى العالقــة مــع اململكــة املتحــدة بعــدا ً جديــدا ً‬ ‫أكــر عمقــاً مــن الســابق حيــث ان دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون تطمــح إىل عالقــات تســاهم فيهــا بريطانيا‬ ‫بعمليــة التنميــة املســتدامة مــن خــالل رشاكــة‬ ‫حقيقيــة ملنفعــة الطرفــن‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أن عالقــة‬ ‫دول مجلــس التعــاون واململكــة املتحــدة عالقــة‬ ‫إســراتيجية وإن “الحــوار اإلســراتيجي سيســتمر‪،‬‬ ‫ونحــن نتشــارك بالرؤيــة االقتصاديــة والسياســية‬ ‫واألمنيــة وغرهــا”‪.‬‬ ‫وأكــد بــأن دول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي بصــدد‬ ‫تأســيس اللجنــة االقتصاديــة الخاصــة باملجلــس‬ ‫والتــي ســتضطلع مبهــام اقتصاديــة وتتنــاول األمــور‬ ‫املهمــة يف هــذا الشــأن الســيا عالقــات دول‬ ‫املجلــس مــع الــرشكاء االقتصاديــن وعــى رأســهم‬ ‫اململكــة املتحــدة‪ .‬وذكــر بالرويــة الســعودية‬

‫اإلســراتيجية ‪ ،2030‬الســيا مواضيــع االســتثار‬ ‫والتجــارة ومشــاريع البنيــة التحتيــة واإلصالحــات‬ ‫الجذريــة التــي تعمــل عليهــا اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية‪ ،‬وقــال “نحــن نعمــل عــى تهيئــة كل‬ ‫األمــور لنكــون أقــوى وعندنــا لذلــك املــوارد والرؤية‬ ‫الصالحــة”‪ .‬وأكــد بــأن كل دول املجلــس تؤمــن بــان‬ ‫تشــجيع الشــباب وتنميــة روح الريــادة والقيــادة‬ ‫املؤسســاتية فيهــم يــأيت مــن خــالل إج ـراء بعــض‬ ‫اإلصالحــات والترشيعــات املهمــة التــي مــن شــأنها‬ ‫تشــجيع القطــاع الخــاص مــن خــالل تســهيل متويل‬ ‫املشــاريع الصغــرة واملتوســطة‪ ،‬ودعــم التعليــم‬ ‫والتدريــب املهنــي‪ ،‬واالســتثار يف العلــوم والتقنيــة‬ ‫الحديثــة‪.‬‬ ‫وعــى الجانــب األمنــي‪ ،‬أكــد عــى أهميــة العمــل‬ ‫املشــرك بــن دول املجلــس وبريطانيــا الســيا يف‬ ‫مواضيــع مكافحــة اإلرهــاب وحايــة أمــن املنطقة‪،‬‬ ‫وأشــار إىل األوضــاع التــي متــ ّر بهــا بعــض دول‬ ‫املنطقــة “نحــن نعمــل عى هــذه اآلوضــاع‪ ...‬ونحن‬ ‫نواجــه بعــض املشــاكل املعقــدة يف هــذا الشــأن”‪.‬‬ ‫ويف ســياق املصالــح املشــركة‪ ،‬أشــار معاليــه إىل أن‬ ‫مجلــس التعــاون يلتــزم دوريـاً باجتاعــات وزاريــة‬ ‫مــع اململكــة املتحــدة حيــث أصبــح هــذا تقليــدا ً‬ ‫متعــارف عليــه منــذ عــام ‪ ،2004‬وهــي أجتاعــات‬ ‫دوريــة مــن شــأنها بحــث قضايــا التعــاون املشــرك‬ ‫ووضــع اآلليــات املناســبة للتطبيــق‪.‬‬ ‫وقــال “أن زيــاريت هــذه تخــص الجانــب االقتصادي‪،‬‬ ‫والشــباب والتعليــم والتدريــب يف مجــال العلــوم‬


‫ ‬

‫البارونة سيمونز تصحب أ‬ ‫اال يم� آندرو – دوق يورك لصالة المؤتمر‬ ‫القصــوى مــن الفــرص العديــدة التــي تنشــأ مــن‬ ‫برامــج االســتثار الطموحــة التــي تــم التخطيط لها‬ ‫والجاريــة يف كل واحــدة مــن دول مجلــس التعــاون‬ ‫الخليجــي الســت حاليـاً”‪ .‬ومتنــت للحارضيــن وقتـاً‬ ‫ممتع ـاً ومثم ـرا ً‪.‬‬ ‫البارونــة ســيمونز‪ :‬رحبــت وأشــادت يف أن تتمكــن‬ ‫الغرفــة التجاريــة العربيــة الربيطانيــة مــن إقامــة‬ ‫هــذا املنتــدى الــذي يجمــع األصدقــاء الخليجيــن‬ ‫مــع رشكائهــم الربيطانيــن‪ ،‬وإن توقيــت انعقــاد‬ ‫املنتــدى يــأيت يف ظــروف تاريخيــة واقتصادية خاصة‬ ‫حيــث تتهيــئ بريطانيــا للخــروج مــن االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب‪ ،‬وهــو وقــت خــاص جــدا ً لربيطانيــا وكذلك‬ ‫لرشكائهــا يف منطقــة الخليــج حيث ترتبــط بريطانيا‬ ‫معهــم بالكثــر مــن القضايــا املصريــة‪ .‬وأشــارت‬ ‫البارونــة ســيمونز “عندمــا كنــا نخطــط لعقــد هــذا‬ ‫املنتــدى يف بدايــة هــذا العــام‪ ،‬مل نكــن نتوقــع أن‬ ‫متــر علينــا هــذه األوقــات التــي منــر بهــا اآلن‪ ،‬وهي‬ ‫الظــروف التــي ســتؤثر كثـرا ً عــى بريطانيــا وكذلك‬ ‫رشكائنــا يف منطقــة الخليــج”‪ .‬وأردفــت قائلــة “نحن‬ ‫يف بريطانيــا منـ ّر يف مرحلــة إنتقاليــة ووقــت تحــول‬ ‫وذلــك بخــروج بريطانيــا مــن عضويــة االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب‪ ،‬إال أننــا قــد اســتطعنا تجــاوز املرحلــة‬ ‫األوىل مــن هــذه الفــرة بعــد تشــكيل الحكومــة‬

‫الجديــدة وتعيــن رئيســة وزراء قويــة‪ ،‬ونحــن‬ ‫نحــث الخطــى والقــوى لتعديــل األمــور والوصــول‬ ‫إىل نهايــات مقبولــة دون االضطــرار إىل مزيــدا ً‬ ‫مــن التضحيــات‪ .‬وهــذا لــه التأثــر الكبــر عــى‬ ‫أصدقــاء بريطانيــا يف منطقــة الخليــج”‪ .‬وأضافــت‬ ‫“أن هــذا املنتــدى هــو مبثابــة فرصــة مثينــة لتقويــة‬ ‫عالقــات بريطانيــا مــع رشكائهــا يف منطقــة الخليــج‪،‬‬ ‫كــا وإن بريطانيــا تعمــل بشــكل وثيــق وحثيــث‬ ‫مــع االتحــاد األورويب بشــأن وضــع ترتيبــات أمــور‬ ‫التجــارة”‪ .‬وقدمــت البارونــة ســيمونز نبــذة عــن‬ ‫صاحــب الســمو امللــي دوق يــورك‪ ،‬األمــر آنــدرو‪.‬‬ ‫دوق يــورك ‪ -‬األمــري آنــدرو‪ :‬قــدم ســموه الشــكر‬ ‫إلقامــة هــذا املنتــدى وامتنانــه عــى الدعــوة لــه‪،‬‬ ‫وأكــد ســموه بانــه ســعيد جــدا ً لحضــور هــذا‬ ‫املؤمتــر‪ ،‬وأشــار إىل عالقــة بريطانيــا التاريخيــة‬ ‫والصداقــة والتعــاون القــوي مــع دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة العربيــة‪ ،‬حيــث يشــمل‬ ‫التعــاون كثــرا ً مــن املجــاالت الســيا يف التجــارة‬ ‫والثقافــة والسياســة واألمــن وقــال “نحــن نطــور‬ ‫هــذه العالقــة ونأخذهــا إىل مرحلــة جديــدة‬ ‫وأكــر تطــورا”‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أن بريطانيــا متـ ّر مبرحلــة‬ ‫جديــدة تشــاع فيهــا حالــة عــدم اليقــن لكنــه أكــد‬ ‫عــى تجاوزهــا حيــث قــال “نحــن يف الوقــت ذاتــه‬

‫متأكديــن بأننــا ســنخرج مــن هــذه املرحلــة أقــوى‪،‬‬ ‫وإن عالقاتنــا مــع رشكائنــا ســتنتقل إىل مرحلــة أكــر‬ ‫نضجــاً وعمقــاً”‪ .‬وأشــار إىل أن انخفــاض أســعار‬ ‫النفــط وتراجــع االقتصــاد يف الوقــت الحــارض‪،‬‬ ‫يجــب أن ال يؤثــر يف مشــاريع التنميــة كثـرا ً‪ ،‬وقــال‬ ‫“يجــب علينــا أن نــويل التعليــم أهميــة خاصــة ألن‬ ‫هــذا القطــاع ميثــل منطقة حساســة ومهمة الســيا‬ ‫مــع عالقتنــا برشكائنــا”‪ ،‬وأضــاف “أنــه يف القــرن‬ ‫العرشيــن كان النــاس يعملــون يأيديهــم ولكننــا يف‬ ‫القــرن الواحــد والعــرشون يجــب ان نعمــل بايدينــا‬ ‫وعقولنــا‪ ،‬الســيا التعليــم الرقمــي واإللكــروين‬ ‫واملهــارات املتعلقــة‪ ،‬وتشــجيع الشــباب والــرشكات‬ ‫واملؤسســات الصغــرة واملتوســطة ومســاعدتها عى‬ ‫البــزوغ والنمــو‪ ،‬ألنهــا هــي مــن محف ـزات النمــو‬ ‫املســتدام‪ .‬وأكــد صاحــب الســمو بــأن دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجيــة هــم رشكاء مهمــن للمملكــة‬ ‫املتحــدة كأهميــة االتحــاد األورويب لربيطانيــا‪،‬‬ ‫وأضــاف “ســنعمل ســوية ونتــداول فيــا بيننــا‬ ‫ونتســاعد مــن أجــل تحقيــق األهــداف األساســية‬ ‫لبلداننــا ولشــبابنا”‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــاد بالــدور القيــادي الــذي تلعبــه غرفــة‬ ‫التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة يف دعــم وتشــجيع‬ ‫العالقــات العربيــة الربيطانيــة‪ ،‬وبنــاء الثقــة بــن‬


‫أ‬ ‫اال يم� آندرو يلقي كلمته ف ي� الجلسة االفتتاحية‬ ‫واملســتجدات يف عمليــات اإلصــالح االقتصــادي‬ ‫وتأثراتــه املبــارشة يف االقتصــاد والنمــو املســتدام‪،‬‬ ‫وموضــوع التنميــة االقتصاديــة وارتباطاتهــا الوثيقــة‬ ‫بالتنميــة االجتاعيــة‪ ،‬وكذلــك طــرح اهميــة‬ ‫مرشوعــات الشــباب واالبتــكار كمحــرك للنمــو‬ ‫االقتصــادي والعالــة‪ ،‬وناقــش املؤمتــر وبعمــق‬ ‫موضــوع خــروج بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب‬ ‫ومــا يعنــي ذلــك وتأثراتــه عــى دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجــي وعالقاتهــا التاريخيــة مــع‬ ‫الحليــف اإلســراتيجي‪ ،‬بريطانيــا‪.‬‬

‫عناوين جلسات المنتدى‬

‫• اإلصــاح االقتصــادي‪ :‬املحــرك يف بنــاء اقتصــاد‬ ‫قــوي ومتــوازن وتحقيــق النمــو املســتدام‬ ‫• التنمية االجتامعية واالقتصادية‬ ‫• مرشوعــات الشــباب واالبتــكار‪ ،‬محــركات النمــو‬ ‫االقتصــادي والعاملــة‬

‫• دور الــرشاكات بــن القطاعــن العــام والخــاص‬ ‫(‪ )PPP‬يف ضــامن االســتثامر‬ ‫• خــروج بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب (‪)Brexit‬‬ ‫ومــا يعنيــه‪ ،‬وكيــف ســيؤثر عــى دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجــي‬

‫الجلسة اإلفتتاحية‬

‫معــايل الدكتــور ماجــد بــن عبــد اللــه القصبــي‬ ‫– وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثامر يف اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية‬

‫“نحــن محظوظــون للغايــة ملشــاركة معــايل الدكتور‬ ‫عبــد اللطيــف بــن راشــد الزيــاين‪ ،‬األمــن العــام‬ ‫ملجلــس التعــاون لــدول الخليــج العربيــة”‪ .‬وعــربت‬ ‫عــن أمتنانهــا الكبــر لجميــع الــرشكاء ســواء مــن‬ ‫الخليــج ويف اململكــة املتحــدة عــى الدعــم الكبــر‬ ‫مــن أجــل التنفيــذ الناجــح لهــذا املؤمتــر الهــام‪.‬‬ ‫وأشــارت الشُ ــعيبي إىل أنــه لــرشف عظيــم أن‬ ‫تتمكــن غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة وبرعاية‬ ‫جهــات مانحــة مــن إقامــة املنتــدى االقتصــادي‬ ‫الثــاين لــدول مجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي وبريطانيا‪،‬‬ ‫والــذي هــو مبثابــة فرصــة مثينــة ومنصــة مهمــة‬ ‫لإلنطــالق يف مناقشــة التحديــات املشــركة التــي‬ ‫يواجهونهــا كل الــرشكاء‪ ،‬واستكشــاف بعــض الحلول‬ ‫املشــركة للمشــاكل والقضايــا الناشــئة‪.‬‬

‫معــايل الوزيــر زايــد راشــد الزيــاين – وزيــر الصناعة‬ ‫والتجارة والســياحة يف مملكــة البحرين‬

‫وخصــت كل الجهــات الداعمــة للمؤمتــر بالشــكر‬ ‫واإلمتنــان الكبريــن‪.‬‬

‫الدكتــورة أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي‪ :‬أفتتحــت الدكتــورة‬ ‫الشُ ــعيبي املؤمتــر ورحبــت بالضيــوف واملندوبــن‬ ‫حيــث قالــت‪“ :‬نحــن فخــورون للغايــة بوجــود‬ ‫صاحــب الســمو امللــي دوق يــورك‪ ،‬الــذي يعتــرب‬ ‫عمــودا ً مهـاً يف التجــارة الدوليــة”‪ .‬وباملثــل أضافت‬

‫وأكــدت أنــه وبنــاءا ً عــى عالقــات دول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون التاريخيــة والوثيقــة مــع بريطانيــا‪،‬‬ ‫فــإن هــذا املؤمتــر يــأيت مبثابــة اندفاعــة جديــدة‬ ‫نحــو رشاكات مســتقبلية جديــدة ومثمــرة‪ ،‬وهــو‬ ‫ميثــل فرصــة أخــرى الستكشــاف آفــاق اقتصاديــة‬ ‫اســتثارية جديــدة‪ .‬وقالــت “نحــن نســعى إىل‬ ‫مســاعدة القطــاع الخــاص للحصــول عى االســتفادة‬

‫الدكتــورة أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي‪ ،‬األمــن العــام والرئيــس‬ ‫التنفيــذي لغرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة‬ ‫البارونــة ســيمونز‪ ،‬رئيــس غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة‬ ‫الربيطانيــة‬ ‫صاحب السمو املليك دوق يورك‪ ،‬األمري آندرو‬ ‫معــايل الدكتــور عبــد اللطيــف بــن راشــد الزيــاين‪،‬‬ ‫األمــن العــام ملجلــس التعــاون لــدول الخليــج‬ ‫العربيــة‬

‫معــايل الدكتــور ليــام فوكــس – وزيــر الدولــة‬ ‫للتجــارة العامليــة يف الحكومــة الربيطانيــة‬

‫ ‬


‫النتدى القتصادي الخليجي‬ ‫البريطاني الثاني‬ ‫رؤى ‪ -‬تحديات ‪ -‬طموحات‪:‬‬ ‫آفاق التعاون نحو مستقبل أفضل‬ ‫– ‪2nd GCC-British Economic Forum‬‬ ‫‪Vision, Challenges and Ambitions:‬‬ ‫‪Integration Prospects for a Better Future‬‬

‫الجلسة االفتتاحية‬

‫أفتتحــت أعــال املنتــدى االقتصــادي الخليجــي‬ ‫الربيطــاين الثــاين‪ ،‬يف يــوم ‪ 21‬مــن شــهر متــوز‬ ‫(يوليــو) ‪ ،2016‬يف قــر النكســر هــاوس األثــري‬ ‫يف العاصمــة الربيطانيــة لنــدن‪ ،‬بحضــور أكــر مــن‬ ‫‪ 250‬مــن الشــخصيات املعروفــة ومنــدويب الرشكات‬ ‫ورجــال األعــال مــن الجانبــن العــريب والربيطــاين‪،‬‬ ‫ونخبــة واســعة مــن املختصــن يف املجــاالت التــي‬ ‫تناولتهــا جلســات املنتــدى الخمســة إضافــة اىل‬ ‫تواجــد واســع مــن كبــار الشــخصيات مــن عــامل‬ ‫املــال واألعــال الربيطانيــة والعربيــة‪ .‬وهــذا هــو‬ ‫املنتــدى االقتصــادي الخليجــي الربيطــاين الثــاين بعد‬ ‫انعقــاد املنتــدى األول يف عــام ‪ 2014‬يف لنــدن أيضــا‪،‬‬ ‫ويــأيت انعقــاد املنتــدى االقتصــادي الثــاين يف وقــت‬ ‫خــاص جــدا ً لــكل مــن بريطانيــا ودول مجلــس‬ ‫التعــاون الخليجــي وذلــك عــى أثــر تصويــت‬ ‫بريطانيــا باإليجــاب عــى خروجهــا مــن االتحــاد‬ ‫األورويب إىل جنــب الكثــر مــن التحديــات التــي‬ ‫تواجــه كل الــرشكاء يف الوقــت الراهــن مبــا فيهــا‬ ‫انخفــاض أســعار النفــط واألوضــاع األمنيــة التــي‬ ‫متــر بهــا منطقــة الــرشق األوســط‪.‬‬ ‫وقــد أعــدت غرفــة التجــارة العربيــة الربيطانيــة‬ ‫نفســها لتنظيــم هــذا املؤمتــر لتنــال رشف‬

‫الكرميــة أن تحصــل عــى التقديــر العاملــي الســيا‬ ‫يف بريطانيــا وهــي تســر بخطــى ثابتــة يف رعايــة‬ ‫املصالــح العربيــة يف اململكــة املتحــدة وتقديــم‬ ‫الدعــم واالســناد للــرشكات العربيــة والربيطانيــة‬ ‫الراغبــة باكتشــاف واقتنــاص فــرص االســتثار‬ ‫والتجــارة أو تلــك التــي ترمــي تطويــر مواقعهــا يف‬ ‫األســواق العربيــة‪.‬‬

‫عظيم باســتضافة نخبــة مرموقــة مــن الشــخصيات‬ ‫العامليــة يتصدرهــم عــى الجانب الربيطــاين صاحب‬ ‫الســمو امللــي األمــر أنــدرو‪ ،‬دوق يــورك‪ ،‬ومعــايل‬ ‫الدكتــور ليــام فوكــس – وزيــر الدولــة للتجــارة‬ ‫العامليــة يف الحكومــة الربيطانيــة‪ .‬ومــن الجانــب‬ ‫العــريب‪ ،‬األمــن العــام ملجلــس التعــاون الخليجــي‬ ‫معــايل الدكتــور عبــد اللطيــف بــن راشــد الزيــاين‪،‬‬ ‫ومعــايل الدكتــور ماجــد بــن عبــد اللــه القصبــي‬ ‫– وزيــر التجــارة واالســتثار يف اململكــة العربيــة‬ ‫الســعودية‪ ،‬ومعــايل الوزيــر زايــد راشــد الزيــاين‬ ‫– وزيــر الصناعــة والتجــارة والســياحة يف مملكــة‬ ‫البحريــن‪ ،‬إىل جانــب البارونــة ســمونز رئيــس‬ ‫مجلــس إدارة الغرفــة والدكتــورة أفنــان الشُ ــعيبي –‬ ‫األمــن العــام والرئيــس التنفيــذي للغرفــة ‪ -‬ونخبــة‬ ‫مــن املتحدثــن واملختصــن العــرب والربيطانيــن‬ ‫الذيــن ت ـ ّم اختيارهــم بعنايــة بنــاءا ً عــى الخــربة‬ ‫واألقدميــة يف حقــول اختصاصاتهــم‪.‬‬

‫وانعقــد املؤمتــر االقتصــادي الخليجــي الربيطــاين‬ ‫الثــاين تحــت عنــوان “الرؤيــة‪ ،‬التحديــات‬ ‫والطموحــات‪ :‬آفــاق التكامــل مــن أجــل مســتقبل‬ ‫أفضــل”‪ ،‬وســلط الضــوء عــى بعــض مــن أهــم‬ ‫القضايــا االقتصاديــة التــي ترتبــط بصلــة وثيقــة‬ ‫يف عمليــة التنميــة املســتدامة والتــي تخطــط لهــا‬ ‫دول مجلــس التعــاون يف الوقــت الــذي تعــد هــذه‬ ‫الــدول أيضــا خطــط اقتصاديــة طموحــة لالســتعداد‬ ‫ملرحلــة مــا بعــد النفــط والغــاز‪.‬‬

‫وبانعقــاد هــذا املنتــدى قــد أضافــت غرفــة التجارة‬ ‫العربيــة الربيطانيــة نجاحـاً آخـرا ً باهـرا ً يف مســرتها‬ ‫ويف ظــل قيادتهــا والدعــم غــر املتناهــي التــي‬ ‫تتلقــاه خاصــة مــن لــدن مجلــس التعــاون لــدول‬ ‫الخليــج العربيــة وأصحــاب الســعادة الســفراء‬ ‫العــرب يف اململكــة املتحــدة والجامعــة العربيــة‬ ‫بشــكل عــام‪ .‬واســتحقت الغرفــة بهــذه الرعايــة‬

‫كــا ســلط املنتــدى الضــوء عــى موضــوع خــروج‬ ‫بريطانيــا مــن االتحــاد األورويب حيــث افــرد لهــذا‬ ‫املوضــوع جلســة كاملــة إىل جانــب االشــارة لــه يف‬ ‫كل تعليقــات املتحدثــن والضيــوف بشــكل خــاص‬ ‫الهميتــه‪ .‬وقدمــت يف املنتــدى أوراق عمــل لنخبــة‬ ‫مــن املختصــن يف مســائل مهمــة ومناقشــات‬ ‫معمقــة ألقــي فيهــا الضــوء عــى أحــدث املتغـرات‬

‫­العدد الثالث‪ ،‬مجلد ‪ ،11‬خريف ‪2016‬‬






‫غرفة التجارة العربية الربيطانية‬ ‫‪Arab-British‬‬ ‫‪Chamber of Commerce‬‬ ‫‪43 Upper Grosvenor Street‬‬ ‫‪London W1K 2NJ‬‬ ‫‪Tel: +44 (0) 20 7235 4363‬‬ ‫‪Fax: +44 (0) 20 7245 6688‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫“أضواء عىل قضايا العالقات العربية‪-‬الربيطانية”‬ ‫مجلة اقتصادية من إصدارات غرفة التجارة‬ ‫العربية الربيطانية يف لندن‬


‫تقارير خاصة‬ ‫مقابلة خاصة مع أحد أعضاء الغرفة ورشكة بريطانية رائدة يف مجال‬ ‫الهندسة والتصنيع ‬ ‫املغرب‪ :‬مزارعي الفراولة والعنب والتوت يسعون إىل تصدير‬ ‫منتجاتهم إىل اململكة املتحدة ‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة‪ :‬إمكانات االستثامر يف كورنوال ‬ ‫اململكة املتحدة‪ :‬تغريات يف النظام الرضيبي واالستثامر العقاري ‬ ‫السعودية‪ :‬اآلثار املرتتبة من القانون التجاري الجديد عىل مامرسة األعامل التجاري ة‬ ‫التغريات الرضيبية لغري املقيمني يف اململكة املتحدة‪ :‬مطبات وفرص ‬ ‫املسح االقتصادي الفصيل الربيطاين ‬ ‫الرشق األوسط‪ :‬أسواق للمدارس الدولية ‬

‫‪10‬‬ ‫‪16‬‬ ‫‪20‬‬ ‫‪ 24‬‬ ‫‪32‬‬ ‫‪34‬‬ ‫‪40‬‬

‫أخبار الغرفة‬ ‫نشاطات الغرفة ‬ ‫أعضاء جدد ‬ ‫ضوء خاص عىل أحد أعضاء الغرفة ‬

‫‪54‬‬ ‫‪69‬‬ ‫‪70‬‬

‫التقرير االقتصادي العريب‬ ‫املنتدى االقتصادي الخليجي الربيطاين الثا ن‬ ‫أجتامع الطاولة املستديرة مع وزير التجارة واالستثامر السعودي ‬ ‫الزيارة الوزارية السعودية لسوق األوراق املالية يف لندن ‬ ‫التغريات الرضيبية لفئة "غري املقيميني" يف اململكة املتحدة ‬

‫‪97‬‬ ‫‪82‬‬ ‫‪77‬‬ ‫‪75‬‬


‫حقوق النرش‬ ‫تحتفظ غرفة التجارة العربية – الربيطانية بحقوق‬ ‫النرش للمعلومات التي تحتويها هذه املجلة‪ ،‬وال‬ ‫يحق ألي جهة أخرى إعادة أنتاجها أو إعادة‬ ‫صياغتها أو إعادة توزيعها الكيل أو الجزيئ بدون‬ ‫موافقة مبارشة من غرفة التجارة العربية‬ ‫الربيطانية‬ ‫فريق املحررين‬ ‫عبد السالم اإلدرييس‪ ،‬كليف لورانس‪ ،‬ديفيد‬ ‫موركان‪ ،‬د‪ .‬ياسمني حسني‬

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