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ABOUT US was established in Puerto Rico in 2012, highlighting some of the most spectacular vehicles. This event is designed to promote the interest of all ages and give the people of Puerto Rico the opportunity to express their talents and abilities in car showmanship. Hellaflush. pr is when a car is fitted with insane offset and camber so the wheel is “flush” with the fender flare. Also includes slamming the car so low that it is almost flushed with the ground. This event, also known as the “meet” and happens all across the world and becoming increasingly popular.


HELLAFLUSH PR AUTO SHOW applauds the success of their last event held on September 2, 2012. This drew over 1,600 people. The event took place at “Martinez Nadal” train station, 400 cars signed up and participated in showing off their spectacular craftsmanship and unique out the door designs. A judgment panel was created to choose the most innovative, creative and as we would say “slamming” car. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third categories. has gained such popularity that cities like New York, California, and Chicago are all on board with this car extravaganza.


EVENT PROPOSAL We would like to extend an invitation to one of the most exciting and innovative events growing in popularity. This is a great year to get on board with an uprising and increasingly popular event that will bring your organization excellent recognition and visibility. Our next event will take place on SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2014 at “El Coliseo Raymond Dalmau, in Quebradilla, Puerto Rico. Don’t miss this opportunity to come on board! This is an excellent way to demonstrate continued commitment and progressive business climate by motivating and enhancing creativity and ways to express our auto culture through “modifying our cars”. A Sponsorships package has been attached for an opportunity to come on board with this exciting and ground-breaking event. We are planning an amazing auto show event, with the target audience being teenagers and adults between the ages 18 & 35yrs. The Event will be held either indoors or outdoors. Will have auto clubs from Puerto Rico, Orlando and more. Also grafitti artists, art paintings allusive to cars and music by the best of hip hop and electronica DJS on the island LADY LQIUID, WOVLES CAN RIOT, VELCRO, XTASYS and SIRK.

Venue Capacity 2,500 ppl




-3,000 Flyers with Primary Exposition. -Flyers at the gas stations, malls, universities, parking lots etc. -Product Exposition (Projector of images or video) -Priority on Sales of the Product. (Happy Hour) -Banners, Standing Banners. -Mention of the Product each hour by the MC. -Aggressive Promotion before on real time and after the event on Social Media. * Facebook, Twitter and Instagram * (This reaffirms our compromise with the public and the product that we are representing for a high quality event.)


We are interested in financing, promotion (Radio, Billboards,Flyers) and/or product making your brand the main or secondary sponsor for the event. We are open to negotiations.

CONTACT For more information contact Rey Ortiz at (787) 638-7738. You can also check us out at Facebook Fan Page: (Low&Wide), I can be emailed at

Rey Ortiz

CEO Founder HELLAFLUSH.PR “Dropped” as low as you can PO Box 14487 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00916

Hellaflush PR Proposal  
Hellaflush PR Proposal