UCC Undergraduate Degree Programmes for International Applicants

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LIST OF COURSES BY COLLEGE College of Medicine and Health

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

College of Science, Engineering & Food Science

Honours Bachelor Degrees

Honours Bachelor Degrees

SCIENCE & ENGINEERING - Honours Bachelor Degrees BFAGR

Agricultural Science - BAgrSc (Hons) - CK412


Architecture - BSc (Hons) - CK606


Biological and Chemical Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK402


Dentistry - BDS (Hons) - CK702*


Dentistry (Graduate Entry) - BDS (Hons)*


Medical and Health Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK707*

Applied Mathematics, Archaeology, Asian Studies, Celtic Civilisation,


Medicine - MB, BCh, BAO - CK701*

Chinese Studies, Computer Science, Economics, English, European Studies,

BSc (Hons) Applied Plant Biology


Medicine (Graduate Entry) - MB, BCh, BAO - CK791

Folklore, French, Geography, German, Greek, Greek and Roman Civilisation,

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry ++


Midwifery - BSc (Hons) - CK740


Nursing (Children’s and General Integrated) - BSc (Hons) - CK712


Nursing (General) - BSc (Hons) - CK710


Anthropology - BA (Hons) - CK123


Nursing (Intellectual Disability) - BSc (Hons) - CK730


Applied Psychology - BA (Hons) - CK120


Nursing (Mental Health) - BSc (Hons) - CK720


Arts - Music - BA (Hons) - CK104


Nursing Studies - BSc (Hons) 1 Year Top Up


Arts (International) - BA (Hons) - CK108


Occupational Therapy - BSc (Hons) - CK704


Criminology - BA (Hons) - CK113


Pharmacy - BPharm (Hons) - CK703


Digital Humanities and Information Technology - BA (Hons) - CK118


Public Health Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK706


Early Years and Childhood Studies - BA (Hons) - CK111

Speech and Language Therapy - BSc (Hons) - CK705

BSc (Hons) Applied Plant Biology



English - BA (Hons) - CK109

BSc (Hons) Ecology and Environmental Biology


Film and Screen Media - BA (Hons) - CK105

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science


Gaeilge - BEd (Hons) - CK124

BSc (Hons) Geosciences

* ** ***

Apply through our designated agents.


Arts - BA (Hons) - CK101 Subjects available in Arts

History of Art, History, Italian, Latin, Mathematical Studies, Mathematics,

BSc (Hons) Biotechnology ++

Philosophy, Politics, Portuguese, Religions and Global Diversity, Studies in

BSc (Hons) Chemistry +++

Music, Spanish, Sociology

BSc (Hons) Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds ++ BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Forensic Science BSc (Hons) Microbiology ++ BSc (Hons) Neuroscience ++ BSc (Hons) Physiology BSCR

Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK404


Government and Political Science - BSc (Hons) - CK122

International Transfer Programmes (note: applicants assessed on a case by case basis).


Psychology and Computing - BA (Hons) - CK121


Social Science - BSocSc (Hons) - CK102

BSc (Hons) Chemical Physics

International Diploma programmes available to applicants from approved partner institutions. Other applicants may apply on a


Social Work - BSW (Hons) - CK115

BSc (Hons) Chemistry +++


Physical Education, Sports Studies & Arts - BEd (Hons) - CK125


Theatre and Performative Practices - BA (Hons) - CK112


World Languages - BA (Hons) - CK110


Youth and Community Work - BSocSc (Hons) - CK114

case by case basis.


Work Placements offered during this programme.


Study Placements offered during this programme.

BSc (Hons) Zoology BSCCM

Chemical Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK406

BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Forensic Science BSCSF

Computer Science - BSc (Hons) - CK401 BSc (Single Hons) Computer Science BSc (Single Hons) Computer Science (Software Entrepreneurship)


Data Science and Analytics - BSc (Hons) - CK411


Engineering - BE (Hons) - CK600 BE (Hons) Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering / ME ++/+++ BE (Hons) Electrical and Electronic / ME ++/+++ BE (Hons) Energy Engineering / ME ++/+++ BE (Hons) Process and Chemical Engineering / ME ++/+++

Quick Tip

FOOD SCIENCE – Honours Bachelor Degrees

Type “UCC + programme code” into any Internet


Food Science - BSc (Hons) - CK505

search engine to bring you to that programme page.


Genetics - BSc (Hons) - CK405


Mathematical Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK407

e.g. UCC + MAINTR = International Relations

BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences BSc (Hons) Mathematical Sciences and Physics Nutritional Sciences - BSc (Hons) - CK504


Physics and Astrophysics - BSc (Hons) - CK408 BSc (Hons) Chemical Physics BSc (Hons) Mathematical Science and Physics

Discover a vibrant place, immersed in culture; where creative and innovative minds meet, and ambitious people make a difference. Visit wearecork.ie for more information

BSc (Hons) Physics

College of Business and Law BUSINESS - Honours Bachelor Degrees

NON-EU UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSIONS: International Office Roseleigh, Western Road, Cork, Ireland. Phone: +353 (0)21 490 4734

Fax: +353 (0)21 490 4735

Email: internationaloffice@ucc.ie

Website: www.ucc.ie/international


Accounting - BSc (Hons) - CK202


Business Information Systems - BSc (Hons) - CK203


Commerce - BComm (Hons) - CK201


Economics - BA (Hons) - CK212


Finance - BSc (Hons) - CK204


Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship - BSc (Hons)- CK213


International Business with Languages (Chinese, French, German, Irish, Italian, and Spanish) - BSc (Hons) - CK215


International Development - BSc (Hons) - CK214

LAW – Honours Bachelor Degrees

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UCCInt


Law (Pathways) - BCL (Hons) - CK301

Twitter: twitter.com/UCCInt


Law and Business - BCL (Hons) - CK307


Law and French - BCL (Hons) - CK302


Law and Irish - BCL (Hons) - CK304

Publication September 2020


BSc (Hons) Astrophysics

Independent Thinking Shared Ambition International Undergraduate Degree Programmes

UCC has been voted Sunday

Continuing your studies in Ireland

Times Irish University of The

A land with a rich history of education and learning

Year a record 5 times

Education is richly embedded in the history of Ireland. We are today, as we always have been, attempting to push the boundaries of learning and innovation. Take the step to study overseas in Ireland, and unlock a world class education, with so much more to discover:

UCC is one of the top 1.1% universities in the world (QS World University rankings)

the world to be awarded the international green flag for environmental friendliness

Fees vary per course. Non-medical programmes range

For students who want to embrace everything university life has to offer, University College Cork (UCC) is the right choice. University College Cork —

from €12,400 to €22,000. Living costs range from

a world-class university was founded in 1845 and combines a rich tradition of

€8,000 to €12,000 per year. UCC is US FAFSA

teaching, research and scholarship.

approved so your loans can transfer directly. Check out the full list of tuition fees at: ucc.ie/en/financeoffice/

UCC is unrivalled in the quality of academic programmes, the beauty of its

A warm welcome – voted

to the friendliest of Irish people, means that a warm welcome awaits every


Friendliest people (Lonely

student. And that’s not all – Cork has been named a UNESCO Learning City,


one of only twelve cities in the world to hold this title. Defined by UNESCO as ‘a city which effectively mobilizes its resources across all sectors to maximise

Post degree Working Visa up Ireland is ranked first in

the opportunities for lifelong learning for all its citizens’, Cork and UCC are

Europe in terms of graduates

symmetrical in our ambitions for our students.’

per 1,000 inhabitants

inspired by great thinkers, writers, artists and musicians

Ireland is ranked first in Europe in terms of

Strong ties with the US -

how employers rank our

bound by shared history,




UCC degrees are internationally recognised and, when you come here, you’ll join a vibrant campus community of over 24,000 students from over 100 countries. Through our world-class degree programmes and

The application process Apply online and upload your transcripts, references, and a personal statement. The application fee is payable online. Minimum academic requirements apply. See: ucc.ie/en/international/studyatucc/ undergraduateprogrammes/

award-winning student supports, you will be equipped with the intellectual

Extra-curricular activities

curiosity to continuously create and share your learnings to benefit society

With over 100 societies and sports clubs to choose from, we encourage

Irish universities are ranked

and global and local economies. You will have the ability and agility to think

wellness of body and mind in our students. Activities range from trampolining

in the top 1% of research

differently, challenge and disrupt the status-quo and create and add value.

to the Science Fiction society, with something for everyone. Students can also

institutions globally

You will be empowered to begin, belong and become the person you want

make use of excellent free sporting facilities and join teams which help with

to be.

integration into our university. Cork City provides endless entertainment in the

kinship, common values and

Well connected to Europe – an English speaking nation

UCC has 23 subject areas


Lighting the fire of education

Sophisticated Knowledge

Rich arts and culture,

UCC was the 1 university in

campus and its vibrant student life. Our location in picturesque Cork, home

to 12 months


Studying at University College Cork

in the EU

form of plays, concerts, exhibitions, shopping and festivals.

featuring in the top tier globally

What will you study?

(QS World University rankings by subject)

Student Support International students seeking support while at UCC can firmly rely on our various academic and personal support services. For more information on

We will empower you to develop graduate attributes and

specific support groups and facilities on campus, please visit the following

alues, and life-wide, lifelong and life-deep skills, enabling

link: ucc.ie/en/international/studentinfohub/

you to become future-ready, now. You will be actively supported to embrace opportunities to identify, devise and

Ranked 1st in Ireland for Overall Satisfaction, Career

implement innovative, equitable and sustainable solutions to real-life problems in our communities and at a global level.

Goal Preparation, Overall

Living in Cork

Support, Overall Happiness

A vibrant, cosmopolitan city.

(2021 International Student Barometer)

Surrounded by stunning landscape.

UCC is organised into four colleges: College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, College of Business and Law, College of

A thriving, international environment We encourage diversity of thought, ambition and knowledge sharing. International students feel right at home here. UCC enjoys an international reputation which draws 4,000 students from over 100 countries across the world.

Science, Engineering and Food Science and the College of Medicine and Health. Each of these colleges offers a wide variety of

Cork is Ireland’s second largest city and is located near the south coast

undergraduate programmes which encourage our central themes,

of Ireland. It offers students all the advantages of a bustling, vibrant and

and spark independent thinking.

cosmopolitan city, with parks, galleries, shops, restaurants, theatres and historical buildings in abundance. Simultaneously it possesses a small-town

Many programmes have paid work placements built into the degree

familiarity and students can navigate the city on foot or by bicycle with

or periods of study abroad which is hugely beneficial to students

ease. If you step away from the city, County Cork provides some of the most

when they are looking for employment post-university. For students

stunning coastlines and walks in Europe, and all right at your doorstep as a

taking a language, their proficiency is strongly improved with a

student of UCC.

study abroad option in a country of their chosen language.

Cork also provides excellent career opportunities once you graduate. Apple’s

Please visit the following link to view the undergraduate

EMEA HQ is based in the city, with other leaders in industry such as Pfizer,

programmes on offer at UCC: ucc.ie/en/international/studyatucc/

BNY Mellon and Dell EMC based there. There’s no limit to the post-education


opportunities provided to UCC students in Cork.

Living in the heart of Cork UCC is an integral part of the city of Cork, and students play an important role in the community at large. A wide range of accommodation options are


available, from campus accommodation to private houses or apartments.

We offer a number of scholarships for international

Either way, you will have the city and Cork County on your doorstep. For

undergraduate students. Please visit the following link to view

more information, please see: ucc.ie/en/international/studentinfohub/

scholarship offerings: ucc.ie/scholarships


While at UCC, I made friends by joining societies and sports clubs. You will meet people with the same interests as you, and also people with an interest in your culture J I E Y UA N B S C

X U E ,



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