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ISSUE NO. 3 / APRIL 2018

TIME IS MONEY Have more of both with TEN and Eye on Spaces plus WINNIPEG BUSINESS SUCCESS STORIES

come home to a stocked fridge and errands completed after a long day at work and driving the kids to and from activities? The focus of Eye On Spaces service is to enhance and balance the lives of their clients.

Our aim is to give people their life back!” states McKee, “Life is for living, not stressing and running, we encourage our clients to off load the overwhelming and gain valuable time for their business and family”. Whatever your needs, Eye On Spaces has you covered, from personal shopping, moving, house sitting, party and vacation planning, business assistance and much more.

STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES Joanna McKee of Eye on Spaces


any clichés impart great sentiments that never go out of style, such as “stop and smell the roses” or “there’s no place like home”. These sayings conjure up images of relaxation, contentment, and a simpler time. However, these days the pace of life leaves little time for such reflections. In fact, for many of us “home” can serve as an unkind reminder of chores or errands left undone and perhaps the consistent pressure of not enough hours in the day.

But where do the roses come in? Believe it or not they’ve got that angle covered too! A relatively new addition to this entrepreneurial couple’s portfolio is Enchanted – luxury premium roses and chocolates. Exquisitely boxed and delivered with white glove service this stunning gift is sure make the recipient feel truly rich and famous. Available for corporate and personal giving in a variety of customizable options let Eye On Spaces take care of all life’s details.

According to Forbes, a recent study conducted by Groupon indicated that 60% of people surveyed reported they had an unhealthy work-life balance and 46% admitted to having no free time to relax. “These are staggering results”, says Joanna McKee of Eye on Spaces personal concierge service. “As a society, stress and rush have taken over.” Statistics like these are what prompted Joanna and her husband Clive to start a personal concierge service in Winnipeg. “It used to be that this type of service was just for the rich and famous but not anymore,” McKee comments. “With today’s brisk schedules everyone can benefit from a helping hand”. What would it be like to



Advice from Celebrity Entrepreneur Bruce Croxon changes Today’s Executive Network into the ‘Lavalife for Business’


was November 2015, and Glen Buhler, Winnipeg-based entrepreneur and founder of Today’s Executive Network (TEN) was enjoying an experience that few of Winnipeg’s entrepreneurs have before - the undivided attention of a ‘Dragon’. Bruce Croxon, tech visionary, entrepreneur and panelist on CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, had invited Buhler out to his trendy Toronto office for an opportunity to pitch his business for a potential investment. The two had met when Buhler booked Croxon as one of 22 speakers for TEN’s Manitoba Executive Summit event in September 2015. “When (Bruce) came out to Winnipeg for our event, we had the opportunity to connect and get to know each other. I was a year into this business (TEN) and had grown to about 1,200 members with about 20 networking events under our belt, but I wanted to get some perspective on the concept from outside of Winnipeg.” Glen recalls. “I was not prepared for what he said: business networking is great, but it passed its ‘prime’ over twenty years ago. This was pretty startling for me, because my whole business was based around the premise that networking events are one of the most effective ways to building relationships and driving new business.”

Croxon went on to explain that the world of dating and business networking are eerily similar: whether you are going to the night club or a networking function, first you have to decide that you’re going to go out and put yourself out there. Then you have to get dressed up, brave the traffic and the parking. Once inside, the you navigate the hordes of people to find a beverage, and build up the courage to work your way into a crowd of people you don’t know to find a match! Your chances of meeting ‘the one’ - whether that’s a potential customer or your future spouse - are slim, but if you work the room hard enough, you may just meet that person. “That’s essentially why Bruce (Croxon) started Lavalife - so you no longer had to go out and endure the process of finding your match; you could sit on your couch in your sweatpants and have prospective matches introduced to you. As a business owner, who doesn’t want customers to just fall into their lap?” Buhler and his team spent the next two years developing and testing their concept of match-making in the business world. “Increasing sales is one of the top priorities of any business, if not the top priority. It’s funny – Henry Ford once said that ‘if you asked people

what they wanted, they would have said they wanted faster horses’. This was kind of our Henry Ford moment, where we thought the answer to more effective business networking was better events – it isn’t. We knew we were on to something, but how do we execute?” The secret sauce came down to two pieces: a proprietary onboarding process, and a team of resourceful match-making sales reps.

Dating and Networking are pretty much the same thing. LavaLife changed the dating scene, and TEN needs to change the business networking scene. - Bruce Croxon Founder of LavaLife

“My team and I don’t just work for TEN,” Buhler explains, “we actually work for all of our different members (currently over 2,000), so we’ve got to use technology and data to anticipate matches and maximize the value we can bring to our customers. Our onboarding process is key, because it allows our members to teach us how to sell for them, and then translate the value that customer brings into a

process we can systematize. It’s quite something.” Since launching this program in late 2017, TEN has experienced a significant growth in members. But that doesn’t mean it’s been easy. “Believe it or not, as much as businesses need and want what we do (selling our members’ services and products on their behalf), it almost sounds too good to be true. Business owners just can’t believe that we will go out and do all of this work for them, without them having pay a salary for a sales person.” Buhler explains that the only way around this was to offer a guarantee. “If we can’t pay for ourselves, we give our members half their money back. Which other business group offers that guaranteed return on investment? Nobody.” It’s only been a few months since launching this new program, but members are seeing results. David Quon, partner of break-out digital marketing firm Gustin Quon has been pleasantly surprised by the results. “Since joining (TEN’s new program), we have received 4 smoking-hot leads, and had an opportunity to buy a competitor we didn’t even know was for sale. It’s great, every week or so you get an email (from TEN) with another customer who wants to meet with us. They are qualified and ready to do business!” The need to network and build

relationships will never go away, so TEN has continued to do its unique networking events for executives and entrepreneurs in Winnipeg. But for those who are busy and want someone else to do all the networking for them, TEN offers the only game in town. “We only hope that we can be responsible for as many great relationships Lavalife. Until then, we will keep hustling for our members and make business happen.” says Buhler.


The average value of sales opportunities brought to TEN members in the first 100 days of 2018

Bruce Croxon, co-star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, sharing business advice with Winnipeg-based entrepreneurs at TEN’s September 2015 Manitoba Executive Summit at the RBC Convention Centre

The TEN Magazine is a regular publication to feature TEN’s members and tell their story. All content is copyright Today’s Executive Network Inc. All rights reserved. Photography by Peggy Venter Design and Layout by Symbicore Inc. Writing by TEN Staff

Today’s Executive Network Inc. 620-1445 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3G 3P4 (204) 809-3500


Stephen Ishmael, Strategic Accounts Manager, Creative Office Furniture

A PLACE FOR CULTURE TO GROW Technology has changed the way we work - but is your office stuck in the past?


hat if you could improve work culture and environment through furniture? The creation of bright open office environments and collaborative workspaces are certainly on trend in today’s work culture. This is the focus of the Winnipeg-based Creative Office Furniture. “Our goal is to creating distinctive welcoming work environments that foster employee well-being”, says Stephen Ishmael, Strategic Accounts Manager. “We are currently rolling out two new lines of quality Canadian made office equipment that will enable us to create a custom ‘flow between people and spaces’ while dramatically improving work culture and productivity.”   The possibilities in the new furniture lines are endless, regardless of your space or limitations. Changes to your space can be subtle or highly customized. Value your staff’s health

with the addition of “sit-stand” workspaces featuring height adjustable table and seating that reflects the collaborative work and meeting spaces and are ergonomically designed. Or perhaps an all-out transformation is what you are looking for. Consider reworking your spaces so all employees have the benefit of natural light. The new collaborative workstation systems offer an open airy feel while still maintaining the level of privacy required. Get ready to see improvement in the productivity and well-being of your team.

Creative Office Furniture’s new product lines are not only functional and innovative they are durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, and boast a lifetime warranty. Made in Canada with attention to detail, these units are built to last!

The in-house space planning design the team at Creative Office Furniture will transform your work environment with a stunning new look that’s tailored to your requirements. Office solutions are available for break rooms, shared/ cubical, private offices, board rooms and more. “Making room for this fabulous new line of furniture as been a big undertaking,” remarks Ishmael, “there are amazing deals to be on our existing showroom models.” Let Creative Office Furniture and their 34 years of experience, create an innovative work environment that is inspired by your company values. Creative Office Furniture is pleased to offer an exclusive opportunity for TEN Members to receive a complimentary space planning session up to 4 hours. Call Stephen Ishmael at (204) 914-8839 to arrange your consultation today!

Eric Johannson, President of Carlyle Printers, Service and Supplies Ltd.

HAPPY CUSTOMERS E ric Johannson knows that you are tired of being treated like a number. That’s why his mission is turning customers into raving fans.

“Our employees are empowered to go above and beyond every day - no needing to ‘speak to the manager’ to get issues resolved.”

“At Carlyle, we have five core values that include creativity, determination, caring and accountability, and all of them revolve around giving our clients the best experience possible,” says the President of Carlyle Printers, Service and Supplies. “But our number one value is creating happy customers. Everything else flows from that one goal. And our core values are not lip service to us; they define how we treat our customers as well as our staff who interact with customers day in and day out.”

Carlyle offers its customers HP, Lexmark and Canon desktop printers and MultiFunction Printers (MFP’s). Their trained team of service technicians has over 100 years of combined experience. So that is the Carlyle Printers, & Service, which leaves the Supplies. Carlyle offers supplies for all makes and models of desktop printers and MFP’s from Samsung to HP, Lexmark to Brother. If you have a centralized copiers doing high volume in your offices, they offer their customers HP and Canon Copiers from 25 - 105 pages per minute. For highvolume offices, Carlyle offers centralized copier machines from HP and Cannon that can print up to an incredible 105 pages per minute. “We only carry the best products in the industry,” says Johannson.

Carlyle’s customer service starts with instilling that passion into their employees. “We definitely look for people that have a desire to make happy customers in their DNA, and I personally have a conversation with every new team member at Carlyle and talk about how the customer experience is our top priority,” notes Johannson.

Beyond that, they offer automatic toner delivery to take the onus of monitoring your toner levels off your plate, and eliminate situations where customers run out of toner. They take every opportunity to collect feedback on how well they’re

meeting the high bar they’ve set for themselves. “We value all feedback, positive and negative, because it helps us grow and improve as a business, as well as giving us the opportunity to make things right for the client immediately,” says Johannson. The hard work is paying off - Carlyle has one of the highest Net Promoter Scores in the industry. “It’s extremely satisfying to see the overwhelmingly positive response to the question, How likely are you to refer Carlyle to a friend,” says Johannson. “Happy customers mean a job well done. And that’s how you make raving fans- one happy customer at a time.”




ype ‘travel deals’ into Google, and you will be faced with 250 million results to sift through. The dizzying volume of potential savings could keep you searching for hours, and in the end, will you really get the best deal?

be set up in 48 hours. Your personalized platform gives you access not only to exclusive hotel rates, but virtually any travel need you may have, including flights, car rentals and event tickets. The private label website is branded with your own company logo and can be made available to your members or employees. The onetime fee associated with this service starts as low as $199. “There are no minimums and no booking fees,” assures Omichinski. “The platform is streamlined and simple to navigate, and you know you’ll get amazing deals.” Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, Trip Elite has you covered. Give up the Google searches, and start packing.

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, Trip Elite has you covered. Give up the Google searches, and start packing.

“Hotel deals are pretty hard to find and often so limited that they don’t apply to a lot of people,” says budget travel blogger Nomadic Matt. So where do you start looking for the best values for hotel stays and travel for your business? Believe it or not, the solution is right here in Winnipeg. Local entrepreneur Marnie Omichinski has used her vast knowledge of the industry and partnered with Priceline Partner Network, the world’s largest online travel company to create Trip Elite. “This partnership enables us to offer exclusive hotel inventory from some of the world’s largest travel companies for as low as 60% off,” states Omichinski. “These wholesale rates are not available on other major online travel sites or to the average online customer. In the competitive OTA market, certain brands offer similar discounted rates but do not release the name of the hotel until after you purchase and you’re stuck. With our platform only being accessible behind a login, we allow our clients private access to both the rich discount and details of the hotel prior to booking. There’s no guessing, only great savings in the hotel of your choice.” So how can you start saving? Once you call or email Trip Elite, your company’s ‘private label’ website will

Marnie Omichinski, Founder of Trip Elite



mproving fuel economy while boosting the bottom line of your diesel-powered equipment just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the globally recognized XP3 Fuel Enhancer. Marc Palud, President of Repstar Agencies Inc. is responsible for introducing this valuable technology to the Canadian marketplace. XP3 is an industrial-strength, commercial grade, multi-functional fuel upgrader that only contains purely concentrated active compounds.

The functional benefits of XP3 resolves 99% of all fuel related problems faced by fleet operators. In 2017, lab and field testing in Manitoba indicated up to 8.5% improvement in fuel efficiency and a significant reduction of CO2 an CxHy emissions. “XP3 Fuel Solutions are being adopted as ‘best practice’ by global companies in every market and industry,” says Palud. “There are endless applications for this versatile industrial strength fuel upgrader.” The heavy equipment, agriculture and trucking industries have embraced XP3 for its ability to increase torque and horsepower while increasing combustion efficiency with superior water dispersal and carbon detergency. XP3 has also gained popularity in the Marine industry with marked advantages to engines, fuel tanks and

Marc Palud, President of Repstar Agencies Inc. injection systems that are exposed to the harsh sea environment. All industries relying on gas and diesel-powered machines have experienced maximum reliability by making XP3 their #1 choice in fuel performance solutions. In the retail marketplace, purely concentrated, industrial-grade fuel additives are difficult to source and are usually expensive. With XP3, you get better results from 100% pure, active and functional compounds and no fillers - unlike consumer-grade additives which can contain 40-90% filler agents, which are non-active ingredients added to give consumers a false sense of value when purchasing due to the larger physical size of the bottles. Whether you are a recreational performance enthusiast or a fleet manager, you can count on XP3 to increase reliability and economy for your engines. Join thousands of informed users and start experiencing the benefits of XP3 today! Call 1-800507-4107 or go to for your free “Pro Grade Fuel Performance Best Practices White Paper Report”.




n the ever evolving maze of day-to-day business, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be the secret sauce for increasing efficiencies and company profits. The Winnipeg based company, NEXT 10 YEARS strives to implement custom solutions for small to mid-sized businesses with the use of Artificial Intelligence tools. “We help firms to identify gap areas and implement procedures where AI-based solutions can be the drivers of change”, says co-founder Jose Lopez Bueno. “Until now, business decisions relied on summaries of limited information. AI and Machine Learning (ML) processes can digest billions of data points in minutes without human biases or errors. While the final decision will often still rely on a person, the quality and scope of those decisions will be much improved given the sheer volume of alternative scenarios considered in recommending a decision”, Lopez Bueno notes. But good decisions are not enough. To make the most of enhanced decision-making support from AI solutions, changes in business processes, systems integration and organizational change management are also needed in order to fully realize optimal business opportunities. “Embracing AI will lead to changes, but it is just the beginning” says Lopez Bueno. In order to provide a full suite of services to realize the benefits of AI solutions, Next 10 Years is partnering with Decision Works, a Winnipeg-based consulting firm specialized in facilitation, visualization, decision-making, digital transformation and change management. Combined, Next 10 Years and Decision Works ensure their clients realize all of the benefits a

Jose M. Lopez Bueno, PhD, Principal at Next 10 Years fully implemented AI solution has to offer. AI is delivering significant business differentiation by dramatically reducing overhead, enhancing decision-making and instilling an inherent adaptability to change. The traditional differentiators for business no longer apply. Instead, the successful organizations of the future will be those that are able to recognize and adapt faster than their competitors. Change is the only constant. AI will be a cornerstone of recognizing and recommending what organizational, product and service changes are needed to respond to changing market and customer demand.


Bruce Allen Hendricks MPA, F.Ph, F/PPOC-BC, CPP Master Photographer, Impact Photographic Design

A PICTURE IS STILL WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS T he evolution of photography is swift and ever changing, as digital advancements continually evolve. “We are living in an era where more pictures are taken daily than in any other time in history” comments award winning photographer Bruce Hendricks. However the average quality of those photographs is now getting worse for the first time in history, despite all the technological advancements. The issue is there are people thinking they can just do it on their phone instead of going to a professional. “It’s a strange time in history”, Hendricks admits, “Everybody uses the same A, B and C’s that Shakespeare did, but that doesn’t make us all great play-writes. Having the tools without the knowledge and skill of how to use them properly is worse then not having the tools in the first place. It gives people the false hope of being able to produce something good.

Are selfies and shots taken from a willing bystander really the way we want present or preserve our “best self”?

Professional photography is so much more than just a digital or printed image; it’s the ability to capture light, emotion and character. “Capturing character and developing a personal brand is something that cannot be ignored in today’s world”, insists Hendricks, owner of Impact Photographic Design. As one of the most decorated and award winning photographers in Manitoba, Bruce Hendricks understands the importance of “self-branding” and putting your best foot forward. “It’s a competitive world out there. Whether you’re a business owner or in the job market, having a professional look is paramount”.

Bruce creates the right environment to convey brand. Whether it’s a photo session in his spacious studio or an off-site location of your choice, the skill and creative suggestion invested in each project is sure to impress. With social media as a main catalyst for introductions, don’t let your first impression be left to chance. Create a personal brand that helps you stand out in a crowd - remember a good picture is still worth a thousand words!

Bruce Hendricks is a threetime winner of the Manitoba Photographer of the Year - just one of many awards Hendricks and Impact Photographic Design have won




ou can’t get a second chance at making a first impression! While this is usually true for social settings, the same can be said for the first impression that your office space makes on customers.

Positive emotions occur when a person enters an engaging space and in-turn reflects and impacts the decision they make to do business with you. What emotion is that first impression your office space conveying? Tired, Neutral, or Engaging? Well Refined Renovations excels at designing and building your office space to reach optimal levels of entrant satisfaction. “Unique and custom is what we are

all about” says owner Dave Pollock. Transformations and redefined spaces impact not only customers and but staff as well. “It’s important for companies to reflect their brand and values in their workspaces”, notes Pollock, “too often space is underutilized making it difficult to be productive.” Specializing in interior renovations, Well Refined Renovations take pride in making the renovation process easy and stress free. They take the guess work out of your project by providing innovative design solutions, clear outlined timelines, complete project management, and the highest quality workmanship. Looking to make a great first impression? Look no further! Well Refined Renovations, specializing in commercial and residential renovation, is the one stop shop to visit to build your brand.

A recent commercial project: Gustin Quon Offices

If you are one of the hundreds of Manitoba businesses that don’t have the time to manage their credit, and are tired of being 10 steps behind on your cash flow, DMG has real-time solutions for you. Whether its writing credit policies and credit approval forms, to running credit history checks, to receivable management and collection, DMG will manage your credit so you can run your business. With over thirty years’ experience in credit and collections, they provide companies with the benefit of experience for a fraction of the cost of a fulltime employee. It’s time to start minimizing your risk and maximize your sales potential. Let DMG introduce you to the world of proactive credit management and make positive cash flow your reality.

David M. Goldenstein, CIM, CCP DMG Commercial Credit Counsulting

PUTTING MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET Remember the days when a simple handshake all but guaranteed payment? When a person’s word meant something? Of course, back then we only had three channels and a computer took up an entire room. These days, the world of credit has become much more complicated. The reality is that every day countless businesses are left holding the bag with unpaid invoices. When combined with the statistics and chance of recovering debt based on the amount of time lapsed, the issue of maintaining a positive cash flow becomes very real. The good news is that managing credit risk is possible. Offering credit does not have to be like playing Russian Roulette. DMG Commercial Credit Consulting offers a new kind of credit solutions for small to medium sized businesses. “We believe you can have your cake and eat it too”, says owner David Goldenstein. “Resolving outstanding issues while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers is at the forefront of our service.”

Three easy ways DMG Commercial Credit Consulting can but more money in your pocket: Credit Manager for Hire -Provide input to establish credit policies -Develop Credit Application form -Credit application review and approval -Negotiate security if there is a credit risk -Accounts Receivable contact/follow-up tailored to meet your cash flow needs. -Dispute reconciliation -Pre-screening of potential new accounts. -A balanced approach to minimize risk while maximizing sales potential Collection Specialist -Collection of delinquent accounts -Option of a friendly, firm or demanding approach -Liaise with solicitor as required Credit Seminars -Provide informative and interactive credit and collections seminars for your staff and/or customers to better educate them in the world of credit -By hiring DMG Commercial Credit Consulting to assume your credit, collections responsibilities, we can minimize risk while maximizing sales potential reality.


Dennis and Lindsey Fancy, Deb and Scott Lockhart (left to right)

FAMILY TAKING CARE OF FAMILY H aving first-hand experience with the hardships families face when a loved one’s health makes it too difficult to maintain their independence has prompted a Winnipeg family to become professional home care providers.

Managing a loved one’s needs while still meeting your own needs requires balance, and in many cases, family caregivers decide they are out of options. “We believe a better solution exists” says Scott Lockhart, President of Home Care Assistance. “Our professional service provides many options to families in crisis; we are available any time of day or night and seven days a week”. Not only is this dedicated family available around the clock, but they are committed to changing the face of care. “Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to change the way the world ages” comments owner Scott Lockhart, “we provide older adults with quality care that enables them to live happier, healthier lives at home. Our services are distinguished by the caliber of our caregivers, the responsiveness of our staff and our expertise in Alzheimer’s and dementia. We embrace a positive, balanced approach to aging centered on

the evolving needs of older adults”

“Our system is based on the Balanced Care Method™” says Dennis Fancy, Client Care Manager. “This is an evidence-based program built on studies demonstrating that only one-third of our healthy longevity is based on genetics and twothirds on lifestyle factors within our control.” Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in the Balanced Care Method, offering the first senior care solution with an emphasis on balance and longevity. By working with specific lifestyle behaviors such as healthy diet, physical activity, sharp mind, social ties, calmness and purpose, Home Care Assistance caregivers extend and enhance the lives of seniors, helping them live longer, happier, more balanced lives.

We all recognize the need for physical exercise in maintaining health. Less well-recognized is a similar need for brain exercise. The Home Care Assistance program includes the proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Program™, an exclusively “brain exercise” aspect of their personalized care program.

A proactive approach to brain health, our caregivers are trained to work with our clients in stimulating the brain on a daily basis. Dependability is the backbone of Home Care Assistance’s service. You won’t ever experience disruption of care, or get an answering machine on the weekend and be left to your own devices. They also pride themselves in never sending a strange caregiver to a senior’s home. When life situations like illness, accident or vacation require a backup caregiver, they strive to always have one of their care managers personally introduce the backup caregiver. Seniors love the reassurance of not having strangers show up at the front door.

“We pride ourselves our being the most personal and reliable service provider in the business,” comments Care and Planning Administrator, Lindsey Fancy. “Let our family take care of yours!”


boundaries.” Innovation and forward thinking come naturally to Kiss, who says s h e d e v e l o p e d h e r d r i v e a n d entrepreneurial spirit from observing her father. “Growing up in Hungary, I watched him and learned from him. His inventiveness and attention to detail, his work habits have shaped how I look at a lot of things today.”

Eva Kiss, Founder of ibdigital

WHAT DO A DRAGON, A SAILOR HAT AND RICHARD GERE HAVE IN COMMON? Innovation and forward thinking have always be a large part of the business model for local entrepreneur Eva Kiss. These efforts have afforded her some interesting experiences during her one-and-a-half decades as a Winnipeg business owner. “A few years back we were asked to embroider a large dragon for Stanley Tucci’s costume in Shall We Dance?, which starred Richard Gere in 2004”, recalls Kiss. “When the filming was wrapping up, the production crew thought that it would be hilarious to steal Richard’s sailor hat that he never parted with and have us embroider “Captain” on it. The crew had to sneak it out during filming and sneak it back later.” That was during Kiss and her husband’s time in the embroidery business. Nowadays, they’re embracing new branding technology with their company, ibdigital. What makes ibdigital stand out? “In my opinion, our business model is innovative,” says Kiss. “Digital printing on apparel is very new compared to traditional decorating like screen printing and embroidery. It certainly feels like new innovations pop up in just about every month. We’re always looking to find new methods, new looks, new processes that innovate and push

ibdigital’s state-of-the-art digital printing technology allows for picture-perfect reproduction of their customer’s images onto a wide variety of products. They also offer an online store concept for teams, organizations, artists or individuals that requires no upfront investment or inventory minimums, and simplifies distribution. “Individuals can order and pay for their team’s or group’s products online, and they’re shipped directly to them. No more collecting money, transposing order forms, tracking people down,” says Kiss. “We’ve all been there!” ibdigital is looking to make waves in branding. But Kiss is quick to note that the most important and rewarding part of her business is the relationships she cultivates with her customers. “The best thing about running ibdigital is the people I meet. I’m always very interested in finding out how others run their business, what kind of challenges they face, learning about the nuts and bolts of their operation and making a connection that goes deeper than just being a supplier to someone. Our philosophy is not about pushing sales, but helping our clients in whatever small ways we can and building a long-lasting relationship.” Is that hard to do with famous, unwitting customers? “Richard was very gracious about the whole thing,” Kiss laughs. “I can only hope that he was truly happy with the surprise.”

Lloyd Fell of Baass Business Solutions

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE Technology veteran Lloyd Fell of Baass Business Solutions has seen a lot of technology come and go over the years, but ROI never goes out of style


hink back to the first day you stepped foot into your current place of business. What did your business card say on it? What did the office look like? What were the names of your direct reports or employees? Fast forward to the end of your first month – how did you know that you were going in the right direction? It was hard to quantify, wasn’t it? Whether you were using a piece of software or an abacus, you were probably facing the same challenge most businesses face – getting a good handle on the operational as well as financial health of their company. “I’ve been doing this for over thirty years. And over that period of time, I’ve seen it all.” Says Lloyd Fell, who heads up the Winnipeg office for Baass Business Solutions. “Many companies struggle with too much overtime, missing or lost inventory, time wasted, and too few touch points with their customers. And yet, they decide to hire more people, rather than implementing the systems and processes to empower their existing people to work more efficiently. Automating repetitive

tasks and giving people better access to the correct data will always be far more effective for the bottom line than increasing payroll.” With over 100 software consultants across Canada and serving over 5,000 companies throughout North America, Baass has a track record for successful accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implementation including products by Sage and – something that can be unfortunately uncommon in that industry. For Fell, this is a shame. “Too often, companies look at the features of a software platform. They don’t consider how the software will adapt to their business needs, how user-friendly the software is, and whether the reseller can even deliver on what they promised. We’ve been doing this (business software implementation) since 1988, and I’ve been in the industry longer than that. You don’t get this type of longevity unless you are doing something right. Not in any industry, but certainly not in the technologyindustry.”

What’s the key to long-term success in the technology industry? “It can be summed up in three letters: R O I. Return on Investment,” Fell shares. “businesses don’t buy software, people buy from people. When I sell software to someone, I am putting my reputation on the line; they have to trust me that the software will do what I said it can do, and that it will put more money in (the business owner’s) pocket. We treat our customers right and deliver. That’s how we have stuck around this long.” As much as some things never change, most things do. Technology, and specifically the software and systems a company uses, can be a key competitive advantage in any industry. “When you take a company with the level of experience that Baass does, and our understanding of technology – where things are going – we are the perfect partner for any company looking to stay relevant and run a better business.” And when Lloyd Fell says this, you can take it to the bank, just as his customers have been doing for over 30 years. PAGE 19

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP, Founder of the Wellness Improvement System and Director, Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

WORLD-CLASS COACH TRAINING WINNIPEG’S WORKFORCE A Winnipeg entrepreneur is helping revitalize workplaces by transforming high stress situations, building resilience, and relational well-being to improve collaboration and maximize productivity at work.

Joyce Odidison provides leadership development, designs workplace wellness systems, facilitates resilience building, wellness assessment, and coaching conversations, so people can work well together. Joyce is Canada’s leading Interpersonal Wellness Improvement Expert. She is a Strategist, Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author of 5 books, and a Certified Coach who has done extensive work and research on coaching for interpersonal success and relational well-being. Joyce has a passion for life and for helping people resolve difficult work, business, and life challenges. Joyce has owned and operated Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., a learning and development institute, for more than 21 years. She believes that one of her key giftings is a unique ability to create dynamic programs

to help organizations and teams overcome interpersonal challenges. She has experience helping organizations respond to bullying and harassment incidents, designing curriculums, developing workplace wellness systems, facilitating groups, and leading change management and organizational development processes. Through her work, Joyce says, “I have grown personally and professionally”.

Joyce is an innovative entrepreneur, who has created Manitoba’s first internationally-recognized Coach Training Certification program. Through this coach training institute, Joyce has trained and certified many professionals and leaders in Manitoba and across the globe in such areas as leadership, wellness and life coaching. Joyce is also a former instructor with several postsecondary institutions including Red River College, University of Winnipeg, Menno Simmons College, and the University of Manitoba Continuing Education Department. When asked about her achievements,

Joyce says she is especially proud of her work in developing the Workplace Wellness Improvement Academy, branded as the “WIS@ Work” Academy; where she leads a team that helps organizations institute holistic workplace wellness systems in 90 days or less. Her unique framework allows workplaces to build resilience, revitalize low morale, and respond to the psychological, physical, social and mental wellness of their employees, as well as other dimensions of wellness in her holistic wellness framework. Joyce has been featured in many media outlets such as Fast Company (a highly rated online editorial), CJOB, and CTV. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for Performance and Learning. Get fast results to improve relationships, mental and emotional well-being, or productivity at work. Call Joyce or visit her company’s website at

all-in-one solution. You can computerize your entire practice with one program. Electronic charting and medical records, automatic email and text reminders for patients, digital radiography… your entire practice can go completely paperless. You save money. You save time. You spend that time with patients. And dentists feel empowered, feel more confident in running their practices.”

Alex Zlatin MBA, B.Sc, CEO of Maxim Software Systems


Maxident is in use in dental offices from coast to coast to coast, and 50% of dental clinics in Manitoba are currently clients. But Zlatin wants to do even more to help dental practices reach their full potential. In addition to his work at Maxim Software, in 2015 he founded the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada to connect office managers, provide resources, and strive toward standardization of the field. He has also written a book on the subject: Responsible Dental Ownership: Balancing Ethics and Business Through Purpose.

s Winnipeg begins to emerge from yet another long, cold winter and we go from icy to pot-holed streets, sub-zero temperatures to mud-caked cars, and scroll through our friends’ sunny vacation photos online, many of us face that age-old question: What am I still doing here? Not Alex Zlatin. “I love it in Winnipeg!” says the CEO of Maxim Software Systems, a Winnipeg-based software company that focuses on dental practice management. “I’ve traveled to many major cities, and there is no place like it.” Originally from Israel, Zlatin moved to Canada five years ago. Winnipeg was his first stop, and he sees huge potential for the growing city. “I feel like it’s easier to make a bigger contribution in Winnipeg than in larger centers. It’s easier to do business.” Alex Zlatin has a passion for Winnipeg, and a passion for helping dental professionals streamline their practices. He thinks Maxim Software Systems’ flagship program, Maxident, fills a gap in the market and has the potential to maximize efficiency, minimize stress, and increase profits for dental practices. Most importantly, it will help dental professionals provide the absolute best care for their patients. Since the beginning of 2018, Alex has been disrupting the dental software industry in Canada by providing a free license of their Maxident program to all Canadian dentists. “There’s no school for dental management,” says Zlatin. “Many dentists and administrators are learning to run their practices as they go. Maxident provides an

“The book has been well received,” says Zlatin. “It’s important to run your business efficiently, but you can’t compromise on ethics. People always have to come first.” And, as a person who has experienced many alternatives to Canadians winters, what does Zlatin think about more tropical destinations? “Oceans are beautiful, but other cities don’t appeal to me. I feel good about Winnipeg. It feels like home.” PAGE 21

FINALLY, THE GREAT OUTDOORS The disappearing snow on Manitoba’s landscape with the promise of spring in the air excites everyone to new possibilities. As you meander about your property, the melted snow either reveals wonderful outdoor living spaces, or serves to remind you of last summer’s unrealized landscaping dreams. If you are like many homeowners you long for transformed outdoor spaces that inspire body and soul, but alas, struggle to unlock the curb appeal potential of your property. “It’s hard for people to visualize the potential of their spaces” says Winnipeg’s top landscaping contractor, Tyler Ethridge. “Professional design and installation are the keys to creating well-crafted landscapes that capture the imagined look and feel”. Tyler’s company North Coral Landscaping

boasts some of the most creative solutions for residential and commercial markets, offering a wealth of experience in hardscape and softscape applications. Consider choosing a stunning pergola, interlock stone, natural rock walls or custom wooden deck to start your inspired outdoor living spaces. Whatever the choice North Coral Landscaping will plan and build the property of your dreams. Whether you’re simply looking for features to help redefine your outdoor living space or are planning a comprehensive design implementation, the investment is well worth it. Landscaping is one of the few home improvements that not only adds value immediately, but increases as the years go by. Interior decor and design concepts regularly go out of

style and mechanical systems are sure to expire. “Our mandate is to optimize landscaping investment through quality products and superior workmanship” comments Ethridge, “and our comprehensive warranty guarantees customer satisfaction.”

Tyler Ethridge Owner North Coral Landscaping


Profile for TEN

TEN Magazine - April 2018  

TEN magazine profiles local Manitoba businesses and their stories.

TEN Magazine - April 2018  

TEN magazine profiles local Manitoba businesses and their stories.