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Aug. 6 - 19, 2010

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Another dead dolphin found in Nathon beach

Protesters across Samui rally against offshore oil drilling

Another dolphin, already the 10 this year, was found dead along the Nathon Beach near the Ban Nathon pavilion in Ang Thong district July 24. The Samui Rescue said that the 200-kilogram black Irrawaddy dolphin may have died two to three days before it was found. The mammal’s tail has wounds and scratches with a serious wound on its left fin. The Fisheries Department believes that the dead dolphins may be part of a pod that lives in the Gulf of Thailand, but a determination of the cause of death of the dolphins has not been made. th


Emma Watson spotted on Samui Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang

English actress Emma Watson who rose to prominence playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie series, was visiting the region for her work with People Tree. Emma has worked closely with this organic and fair trade fashion pioneer. She has been heavily involved in the design and look of the company’s Spring/Summer range 2010 and is credited as Creative Adviser. In this trip to Asia, Emma also visited a college in Bangladesh.

Thousands of concerned locals, expatriates and tourists on the island showed up on the main ring road around Samui from 10am to 12 noon on July 31 in opposition to drilling for oil in the Gulf of Thailand by NuCoastal (Thailand) and other petroleum companies. Called “Hands around Samui 52km,” the protest aims to decry the policies and decisions made by the Ministry of Energy. Opened by Suratthani governor Montree Perchkhum, the protest was deemed very important. “Without it, the concession will become a law by default,” the organizers said. Island-wide protest organizer Rak Aao Thai Network Group has been recently formed to oppose any and all government concessions in the Gulf of Siam adjoining Koh Samui, Koh PhaNgan and Koh Tao. It

had also presented a letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand to call for the withdrawal of these concessions that will cause a negative impact to the tourism industry in the region. Chaired by Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang, it also asks the government to reconsider other concessions. The letter iterates that, according to section 67 of the Thai Constitution, all companies which received concessions from the national government have to complete all public hearings. Beside the concessions given to NuCoastal and Salamander Energy to drill for oil 42 kilometers and 65 kilometers off Samui and Koh Tao, Chevron Petroleum (Thailand) and Pearl Oil (Amata) have likewise been granted concession to drill for oil in the Gulf.

“The oil drilling project might cause a leak in the Gulf of Thailand. It will surely destroy the island’s tourism industry. It will also be a nightmare for the marine environment,” said protester Michael Cebe, a Samui resident of two years. Supporters of the network include the Koh Samui Municipality, Thai Hotel Association (Eastern South Part), Tourism Association of Koh Samui, Suratthani Trade and Commerce Association, Spa Association of Koh Samui, Green Island Foundation, Rak Phangan Club, Rak Koh Tao Club, Suratthani Rajabhat University, Marine Resources, Khanom Shores Preservation Club, Lipa Yai Preservation Group, Lamai Preservation Group, Samui Local Fishery Group, and Samui Mermaid Group.

2 Charity football match in Maenam


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


Several teams from Samui and neighboring provinces went to the pitch on the weekend of July 24 for a charity football game. Twenty three teams competed in the first round to raise money and repair a view deck pavilion located at the Maenam intersection. The matches were organized by the Koh Samui Tee Rak Group and supported by the government and private sectors. Koh Samui Tee Rak is composed of Maenam villagers who would like to help the community. It was established by Rachan Phusiriwat and his best friends, Silpachai Wanichjaroen, Santichai Watcharasin, Phasakorn Meepien, Sumate Kaouthai and Sarawuth Sae-Lim. Luk Phor Bua A won the championships beating The World Tire 2-0. Samui Tee Rak, on the other hand was the second runner up while Sampakorn settled at fourth place. The champion won Bt20,000. Runner ups got Bt10,000, Bt5,000 and Bt3,000 and trophies.

Villagers resort to putting chemical substance in trees. Once the tree is dry and dead, it can be cut down legally.

Watershed unit: forest encroachers will be evicted By Cherdchai Taweemuang

The Watershed Unit is taking steps, such as setting up road blocks, to keep forest

encroachers off the 300-rai Lipa Noi protected zone. Complaints of illegal logging on the Mai Pai and Khao Tai Kwaay mountains were received by the Koh Samui District Operation Center. The investigation team which included Watershed Unit chief Wutthikul Ngampanya, Samui assistant district officer Somchai Wutthikul Somwong, Samui District Ngampanya, Operation Center repreChief of Koh Samui sentative Plusri Meedech Watershed Unit found that villagers grafted the trees and put chemicals in them to cause the trees Samuijaroensin lobbied for to die. “That way, they have the community and called the right to cut down the for the cooperation of evetrees,” Wuttikul said. The rybody to help protect the team found a number of island’s forests. dead trees waiting to be cut The Watershed Unit down. removed the road blocks Additionally, more than after negotiation and the 30 rais of the reserve were chief said “the forest is the used by the villagers around country’s property. Evethe area to plant durian and ryone has to respect the mangosteen trees. Forest Act of 1941. Respect Twenty Lipa Noi villagers the law and do not destroy protested against the road the island’s nature.” blocks. Village chief Precha

Respect the law and do not destroy the island’s nature.


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


Prachup municipal league meets at Nora Beach Resort By AKANEE THONGTARA PRACHUP ATTRACTION: Phraya Nakhon Cave

The municipal league of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province held its 4th conference on Samui to discuss the province’s budget management schemes and look at the issues of the tourism industry of the island. Prachuap Khiri Khan, or commonly called Prachup, is a province located in the lower central region 93 kilometers south of Hua Hin. It connects with the south of Thailand and offers various interesting tourist attractions such as beaches, islands, forests and mountains. The conference, chaired by municipal league president and Tab Sakae mayor Surachat Luk-In, was held July 18-20 at the Nora Beach Resort and Spa. “At the moment, the municipalities are facing budget deficits, even with the amounts the national government provided. It is necessary to properly manage the budget we have

and make this clear with our constituents,” remarked Surachai. The league leaders said that the national government had been made aware of the current situation. Solutions are being drawn up so as not to affect the services delivered to communities. An exchange was also held to study the tourism industry and environment of Koh Samui. Prachup mayor Suthichai Kedraksa and Hua Hin mayor Jira Phongpaiboon both agreed that the conference was timely for the authorities to determine budget management plans. Fifty representatives from all 14 municipalities of Prachup attended the conference. Participants were from Prachuap Khiri Khan, Hua Hin, Nongphlab, Paknampran, Rai Kao, Rai Mai, Kui Buri, Klongwan, 5 km community, Tab Sakae, Kumnunrdnoppakkhun, Ban Krud, Ronthong and Bang

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Island News Bophut hills lashed, power cut 4

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aug. 6 - 19, 2010


Several households lost power, trees and power lines fell as rain and wind lashed the Bophut hill area July 15. The residential areas of Soi Khao Phra and Bophut hills lost power for almost 24 hours when the high capacity lines serving the upper Bophut area fell and blocked the road. A 30-foot tree crashed, power lines at the junction after the dirt road, severed the electric lines and pulled the concrete

poles down, at about 6pm. At the scene, the live wires were at the sides of the streets, often setting fire to the bushes and exploding. Traffic was re-routed. Allan Kelso, a witness to the incident said that he was going back to his house uphill but there were some Thai people standing and blocking the road. “It was on the tight bend before the golf course. People were saying the road was blocked

by two broken electric poles.” The Provincial Electricity Authority of Koh Samui arrived at the scene around 10pm but was not able to do much because it was already too dark to work. They cleared the road of the fallen debris but were not able to restore electricity to the area. The lower Bophut area however continued to receive electric services. Assistant operation man-

Power lines fell after a strong bout of wind and rain.

ager of the Provincial Electricity Authority Surasak Ruengsri and his men came back the following day to fix the damage. Power was restored in the afternoon of July 16.

Four days of Samui food & fun This August, the Koh Samui municipality will bring the island’s local culinary talents together in the 8th Samui Food Festival. To be held at the Nathon Pier, the festival will showcase the unique local Samui food through a food market and street fiestas. The festival will take to the streets of Nathon and explore the spicy flavors of the South. Booths offering seafood, local cuisine, and standard dishes will be set up. Highlight of the event is a cooking competition of the best Thai noodle with curry, pad mee kati and Thai sweets. There will also be a contest to prepare Samui-style food and international dishes using local ingredients. Other highlights include a photo contest, beauty pageant, and a bartending competition. Samui mayor Ramnet Jaikwang said “the event would encourage people to look at the standards of sanitation when preparing food, following the concept ‘Clean Food, Good Taste’ project.” The Clean Food, Good Taste project certifies restaurants, food stalls, and canteens that preparation and handling of food were up to government standards. The event is open to the public.


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


That was my best spa treatment in a loooooong time.



Magnolia spa

A lot has been said about spas on Samui, and rightly so because there really are excellent places that offer all kind of treatments. I found out about Magnolia Spa recently and it definitely stands out with its unique combination of both luxury and affordability. They offer oneof-a-kind treatments you cannot find elsewhere. They have been cited no less by Thomas Cook Travel as one of the 21 best new spas in the world. The truth is I found Magnolia Spa in while looking for “things to do” on Samui. They have likewise been awarded as one of the Top 10 Relaxation & Spa Destinations in Asia, as Travelers’ Choice in 2010. I got curious and booked a Dead Sea Mineral package for the full 2.5 hours, just to check if Magnolia Spa can deliver. And I give Magnolia this: that was my best spa treatment in a loooong time!

The treatments come with the ambience, professionalism, attractive décor, allaround comfort and private rooms as found only in the high-priced spas. The Spa is spacious, attractive and climate controlled throughout. Oh, yeah, the music is just right. Did I mention the therapist? Well, go have a treatment and you will know. Mind you, local falang, as we like to call ourselves Samui

expats, Magnolia’s prices are incredibly reasonable, and finding better value for money at a spa on Samui is not easy. As I finished my treatment, I was served the tasty hot tea (recipe is a secret but I suspect ginger is involved) and the best cookies I ever had. Ask anyone who has tasted those unbelievable homemade Dali’s cookies! I confess that I have not inspected all the new spas

in the world, but I’m ready to accept the Thomas Cook decision, especially after my personal experience. Special and unique to Magnolia Massage Spa is the range of Dead Sea Mineral treatments and full range of Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics for individual sale. The Dead Sea is a unique inland sea located in lowest point on Earth. It is filled with the world’s highest concentration of minerals (12 of which are found only in the Dead Sea), and salts which were created by nature during the course of 25 million years. ‘Magnolia’s Dead Sea Spa Cosmetics’ includes the purest, most active ingredients - using nature’s best treasures. The products contain the highest levels of 21 minerals. They are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin and activating the circulatory system, actually increasing the moisture level and permeability of the skin, thereby allowing the minerals to penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis. This process replaces essential minerals and contributes to healthy cell growth and maintains well-being. Traditional Spa and Massage treatments available in Magnolia Spa include aroma therapy, hot oil massage, back neck and shoulders, head

massage, pra kop massage, deep tissue massage, scrub, sun care, traditional foot, Thai and oil massage, and Magnolia’s manicure and pedicure. Next to the Spa, you will find the new Magnolia Café, and, should I suggest some? Well, just to mention a few: New York cheese cake, chocolate fudge cake, almond cake, eggplant or cheese or spinach quiches, cheese or spinach lasagna and amazing salads. Remember to stock on the breads which are homemade by Dali. Magnolia Spa & Café are definitely a welcome concept, introducing a luxury massage and café center, with a unique relaxing atmosphere which offers high end, one-of-a-kind treatments and food, all that at very affordable prices. WOW. Now, the introductory promotion for Samui expats -- come 2, pay for 1. This allows you to bring your girlfriend, friend, family, visitor or whoever you wish to enjoy the spa together and pay for one. Don’t miss it because, for example, if you’re on a tight budget and choose a Thai massage, you will end up paying a street massage price but getting the Magnolia Spa treatment and that simply is irresistible! The promotion is until end of August.



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

First time offenders get jailed.


Two arrested in purse-snatching The snatchers tried to turn around but crashed their bike. By Cherdchai Taweemuang

Burmese fishermen found dead.


Burmese boat crew found dead off marine park “There was a heavy downpour and thunder storm.” By Cherdchai Taweemuang


hree Burmese crew members on a fishing boat died when the vessel capsized and sank near the Ang Thong National Marine Park July 16. The bodies were found by a fisherman four days after. One of the locals said that during the night of the accident, there was a heavy downpour and thunder storm. The unidentified bodies were

found floating three miles off the national marine park. The Koh Samui Marine Police Station, led by Pol. Lt. Col. Sirichai Kerdsiri, and the Samui Rescue team found the bodies naked. The investigation team did not find any obvious signs of trauma to the bodies but marine creatures have started to eat the swollen victim’s organs. Victims were brought to the Koh Samui Hospital where the victims’ families claimed the bodies.

Two young men, arrested for snatching the bag of Susanne Adolpe Anthony while operating on a motorbike, blamed their lack of money for their action. According to the 48-year-old German victim, she was walking towards Bangkok Hospital Samui when the two men snatched her bag July 26. Anusorn Kawmai, 19, did the snatching, while his partner Banjong Chaibandit, 21, rode their getaway Honda motorbike. Anthony, frightened by the incident,

immediately called the 191 emergency hotline and asked for help. A checkpoint was set up by the Bophut Police at around 12 midnight near the Fair House Beach Resort in Chaweng ring road with orders from Pol. Lt. Col. Sayan Satrasri. When the police spotted the black Honda bike before the checkpoint, the suspects tried to throw the stolen bag away. In their haste to turn around and run away from the police checkpoint, the suspects lost control of the bike and crashed. The police arrested the alleged snatchers. Claiming to be first time offenders, the duo pleaded guilty of snatching the purse. The police found Anthony’s bag with her camera, mobile phone, two room keys and cash still intact.


German couple robbed at gunpoint A German couple touring the Hin Rad waterfall area in Lipanoi was robbed at gunpoint at around 5:30pm July 18. Police investigators said that Joana Gadeky, 21, and her boyfriend went to hike to the waterfall attraction where a group of tourists were already gathered. Before sunset, the group packed up to leave the area. The victims lagged behind the group during the walk when two unidentified men, armed with a knife and a pistol, came out of the

woods and forced the couple to lay face down. The suspects, wearing red masks, got Gadeky’s bag. They fired warning shots for the couple not to call for help. Inside the bag were valuables including the victim’s passport, camera, mobile phone, credit card and Bt7,000 in cash. Twenty volunteer villagers and the Koh Samui police investigation team searched the area but were not able to locate the suspects.


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Chemical barrels float on the Songhua River after they were washed away by the flood in Jilin city in northeast China’s Jilin province. (AP Photo)



Easing of FBI Internet access sought The Obama administration reportedly wants to make it easier for the FBI to obtain records on individual Internet activities without first obtaining a court order when it involves terrorism or intelligence investigations. The Washington Post reported on its website Wednesday night that the administration wants to add to the list of items that can be obtained without a judge’s permission any “electronic communication transactional records.” The report said this new category of information could include e-mail addresses, times and dates that e-mails are sent and received, and possibly an Internet user’s browser history. The newspaper said the data would not include actual content of e-mails and other communications.

Floods wash chemicals into northeast China river “Rains should begin to slow down in August, but it is hard to predict now what exactly will happen.”


By CHI-CHI ZHANG, Associated Press Writer

EIJING (AP) — Workers began cleaning up a chemical spill in northeastern China on Thursday after more than 3,000 containers of chemicals were washed into a river by the worst floods to hit the country in more than decade. The buckets, containing a flammable chemical used to make rubber and adhesives, tumbled into the Songhua River near Jilin city in Jilin province after a flood swept through a local factory, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. Only about 400 buckets had been recovered as of Thursday morning. The Jilin environmental protection agency and water bureau fanned out around the city testing water sources and checking for possible leaks in the barrels, said an official with the Jilin Water Bureau. She refused to give her name as is common with Chinese officials.

“Some residents are worried, but we have yet to find any leaks in the barrels of chemicals, so they should not be worried about their water quality,” the official said. The Songhua has had environmental problems before. In 2005 carcinogenic chemicals, including benzene, spilled into the river, forcing the northeastern city of Harbin to sever water supplies to 3.8 million people for five days. Floods this year have killed at least 928 people, left 477 missing and caused tens of billions of dollars in damage, the State Flood Control and Drought Prevention office reported. More heavy rains were expected for the southeast, southwest and northeast parts of the country through Friday. That included about 30,000 residents trapped and left without power in their homes in Jilin after torrential rains drenched the town of Kouqian, Xinhua reported. Flooding has hit areas all over China. Thousands of workers sandbagged riverbanks and checked reser-

voirs in preparation for potential floods expected to flow from the swollen Yangtze and Han rivers, an official with the Yangtze Water Resources Commission. He gave only his surname, Zhang, as is common with Chinese officials. “Right now, the Han river in Hubei province is on the verge of breaching warning levels,” Zhang said. The Han is expected to rise this week to its highest level in two decades, Xinhua reported. The flood threat was greater than usual because the Yangtze, into which the Han flows, was also reaching peak levels, it said. Although China experiences heavy rains every summer, flooding this year is the worst in more than a decade because the floodprone Yangtze River Basin has seen 15 percent more rain than in an average year, Duan Yihong, director of the National Meteorological Center, said in a transcript of an interview posted on the Xinhua website. “Rains should begin to slow down in August, but it is hard to predict now what

Luiz Hara of The London Foodie, prepares for a supper club gathering. exactly will happen,” said Duan. “We have to be vigilant and closely monitor the weather ... do a better job of forecasting.” Floods have also put China’s massive Three Gorges Dam to the test. On Wednesday morning, the dam’s water flow reached 1.96 million cubic feet (56,000 cubic meters) per second, the biggest peak flow this year, with the water level reaching 518 feet (158 meters), Xinhua said, about 10 percent less than the dam’s maximum capacity. Chinese officials have for years boasted the dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric project, would end centuries of devastating floods along the Yangtze. Around China, a total of 875,000 homes have been destroyed, 9.61 million people evacuated, and 22 million acres (8.76 million hectares) of crops ruined in this year’s flooding, according to the state flood control office. China’s worst flooding in recent years occurred in 1998, when 4,150 people were killed, most along the Yangtze.


London takes its food scene underground On a balmy summer Sunday, Tim Scorer and his girlfriend Emma Jarvis welcome brunch guests to their spacious London flat. After greeting them, the couple direct their visitors to the garden — a stunning space outfitted with a woodfired oven — for cocktails and mingling. The scene looks like a typical gathering among friends, except that none of the guests has ever met the young hosts before. Scorer and Jarvis run The Old Hat Club, one of London’s latest underground restaurants. These supper clubs, which grew from a handful a year ago to close to 100 today, are becoming a favored way for London hipsters to satisfy their exacting palates. They are part of the British capital’s vibrant underground scene, which ranges from word-of-mouth dance clubs to booze-filled nights where trendy Londoners play Rebel Bingo, a raucous version of the old-fashioned game, on a dance floor throbbing with heavy metal music.



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


Santiburi, home of Samui golf By GEOFF WHITLIE

Santiburi Samui Country Club, the island’s championship 18-hole golf course recently appointed Somboon Chativong as their sales and marketing manager. Having started in the golfing industry in the 1980s as a cart attendant, Somboon has truly climbed the corporate golf club to find himself holding this prominent position. His ultimate love for sports and travel has taken him around the world and as fate would have it, back to home his country of birth. The Thai nationalist from Korat moved to Bangkok in his teen years and lived next door to a world class boxing champion. Every afternoon after the school, Somboon would frequent the gym where the champ taught him boxing techniques. The champion proved to be a huge inspiration towards Somboon’s love for sports. Somboon found himself traveling once again with a rare opportunity to take his secondary education in the Lake District in Perith, England. After completing a degree in arts photography, Somboon worked managing a bar at the Royal Festival Hall for six years where his budding man-

Somboon will utilize his wealth of experience to promote Santiburi as a world class golfing destination. aging skills evolved. Young Somboon’s love for travel brought him back to Thailand to work as a tour guide in a very posh hotel. After a number of years, he opened his own travel agency in Bangkok called Concorde Travel which catered to the elite class traveler visiting Asia. With his worldwide contacts among other travel operators, he was offered a position in Sacramento, California as an itinerary planner for Far East travelers. In 1985, he traveled briefly to Maui, worked as a bartender and played a round of golf every chance he could get. He went to

San Francisco where for 13 years his love for golf and skillful swings developed. He was elected president of the Thailand Golf Association. With a certificate for golf teaching from the United States Golf Teaching Federation, Somboon taught golf at the Pebble Beach Company in Monterey. Somboon traditional roots have brought him back to Thailand where he intended to retire from teaching. Still inspired to continue to work in the golf industry, Somboon worked as operations manager and golf instructor at Chonburi’s Burapha golf course.

Most recently, his travels brought him to the beautiful Santiburi Golf Course on Koh Samui. Originally holding the position of Operations Manager, Somboon is now appointed as the director of sales and marketing for the Santibury Golf Course. This will allow him to utilize his wealth of experience and knowledge of the travel industry to promote Santiburi as a world class golfing destination. Equipped with abundant marketing concepts and his hands on approach, Somboon will be initiating incentive programs to attract golf package vacationers to Samui. Additionally Somboon would like to

work closely with local resorts and tour operators. Somboon formally invites interested representatives to visit him at the course to discuss the promotion incentive programs and view first hand this magnificent five-star golf course. For local residents of Samui interested in a round of golf, there are the “super special twilight Promotion” and “play two rounds get one round free” packages which are are just some of the exciting specials offered. Members of the Golf Association will receive 50% off the green fees every day. For more information, contact Somboon directly at 077-421709.

Hansar Samui: The newest beachfront boutique resort in trendy Bophut bay Hansar Samui is a stunning 74 room beachfront property located on the tropical stretch of golden sands and turquoise waters of Koh Samui’s up market Bophut Bay. With every room offering a full seafront view, the resort offers a front seat to the idyllic island life. A leisurely stroll down the quaint cobblestone ‘walking street’ adjacent to the resort, is the vibrant Fisherman’s Village, with its antique wooden shop fronts, chic cafes and atmospheric seaside bars. STAY Hansar Samui offers luxurious, beachfront, spacious accommodation with unobstructed sea views from every room, and super-size private balconies and over-

size daybeds for outdoor living and entertaining. Open plan yet intimate, each room has been artfully finished with teak floors, stone bathroom fittings and local textiles to provide a sense of place. Chic custom furnishings, large flat screen TVs balance the design’s natural touches with a modern flair. Walk-in rain showers and free-standing tubs are additional highlights of the Hansar Samui room experience. TASTE Overseeing the culinary team at Hansar Samui is Executive Chef, Stephen Jean Dion. Stephen has created an epicurean experience for resort guests where they can appreciate the authentic taste of French

Mediterranean Cuisine, in addition to a Thai menu at the beachfront H Bistro Restaurant. Menu highlights include fresh Maine lobster and oysters flown from Canada, Japan, and France, complemented by a carefully handpicked list of International wines and champagnes. Sunset cocktails and canapés are best enjoyed at the elevated Chill Lounge - overlooking the golden sands and turquoise waters of Bophut Bay, The chic and trendy Chill Lounge showcases a carefully hand picked International wine list and innovative cocktail menu. Alternatively guests can enjoy snacks and refreshments poolside or beachside, and relax and the

beach bar which is hugely popular during happy hour. FEEL The LUXSA Spa sets the mood for total relaxation offering a tranquil sanctuary that welcomes and embraces each guest. Interiors are finished in warm woods and organic materials and textures that enhance the natural herbs and extracts used in treatments, known for their soothing and relaxing properties. Treatments cater to those who seek to naturally regain an internal balance of body and mind and soothe the soul. An array of holistic treatments are also available at LUXSA Spa, including aromatherapy with pure Thai essential oils, spices and aromas; body wraps, such

as The After Sun Wrap; massages; and facials using the natural Thai products. PLAY Guests can relax in the 15 x 30 metre saltwater infinity edge saltwater pool which is just a few steps from the beach, or chill out on the beachfront sun lounges. A modern fitness centre and 24-hour lobby library with free internet access are also available. The friendly resort team can arrange a variety of activities around the island including golf, yachting, diving, sightseeing and much more. BOOK Rates start at Bt6,500 inclusive of VAT, full American breakfast for two and complimentary two way airport transfers.

Business&Finance samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


TCC Land invests Bt1 billion in Banyan Tree Koh Samui By AKANEE THONGTARA

TCC Land, a subsidiary of Thailand’s largest and most successful conglomerate TCC Group, announced it invested Bt1 billion to build Banyan Tree Samui. The group, which already built The Imperial Samui Hotel and Imperial Boat House Hotel, developed Banyan Tree Samui’s 78-pool villa on a 95-rai land plot located in a private hill clove in Lamai Beach. The highly-anticipated Banyan Tree Samui welcomed its first paying guests July 1, 2010 offering highly personalized service, spacious and modern pool villas, and award-winning spa facilities that are the hallmarks of the Banyan Tree brand. TCC Land belongs to the TCC Group, owned by Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi. The group currently operates in four principal business areas: beverages, property, industrial trading and consumer products, and insurance and leasing business. Exclusively designed by Banyan Tree’s in-house Architrave team, each of the spacious pool villas measures from 130 square meters. The individual pools in the villas are amongst the largest for a hotel on Koh Samui measuring 35sqm, and invitingly accessible from the living room and the bedroom in true holiday style. Interesting architectural features include rotated square columns inspired by an old temple design, and the use of coconut palms and coconut shells as materials, to evoke the sense of old Samui, which was based on its coconut industry. Soothing earth tone

shades and local artwork combine to further accentuate the feeling of a tropical home away from home. The resort is offering an introductory rate under its Unbeatable Thailand promotion, which starts at Bt18,200++ per night, inclusive of daily breakfast for two. Guests will receive hotel credits equivalent to the second night’s room rate – a minimum of Bt18,200 – to use on dining occasions, spa treatments and retail purchases within the hotel. The promotion is valid for reservation from now to September 29 2010, and stays from now to September 30, 2010. “We realize that the political unrest in Thailand had much impact on the country’s economy. We have arranged the “Banyan Tree Road Show” in England, Germany and France. With our promotion package, we also expect feedback from target groups in Asia such as Korea, Hong Kong and China,” said Banyan Tree Samui’s sales and marketing department. Banyan Tree also offers three new stunning restaurants: the beachside Sands Sands Sands Sands restaurant, as well as two cliff-hugging outlets, The Edge and Saffron. Banyan Tree’s signature Saffron restaurant, perched on the highest point of the resort, features three private dining rooms for exclusive groups of 10 each, as well as an elegant wine cellar for sophisticated events. Its cuisine is modern Southeast Asian, with emphasis on authentic, rich Thai flavors. The Edge offers Asian and international cuisine with

a sweeping view of the bay, imbuing each moment with additional memories. Located on the beach, Sands is the ideal spot to enjoy the sun and waves, where guests tuck into char-grill and wood-fired dishes of local seafood and gourmet selection of steak and pizza. Dinner of the Legend: Samui Episode is the destination dining experience, located exclusively for one couple each night on the soft sand beach, where a degustation dinner of fresh local seafood takes place over candlelight and starlight, accompanied by live instrumental music. Koh Samui also welcomes its first Banyan Tree Spa and hydrotherapy facility, The Rainforest . The Rainforest is designed as a hydrothermal circuit, comprising alternating hot and cold thermal cabins, for couples to embark on a trail of wellness treats. Walk through The Rainforest Trail, offering different hydrothermal therapy experiences such as Rain Walk, Steam, Rasul, Sauna, Bucket Drench Shower, Ice Fountain, Swiss Shower and Vitality Pool. Spa-goers will also look forward to signature treatments delivered by professional spa therapists, trained at the exclusive Banyan Tree Spa Academy in Phuket, Thailand. Holistic Asian-inspired spa experiences are delivered in 10 spacious indoor spa pavilions with beach views. Banyan Tree manages and/ or has ownership interests in over 20 resorts and hotels, over 60 spas, in excess of 70 retail galleries and three golf courses.

Bringing pool tables on Samui to new heights


fter over a decade of operation in Phuket (as Phuket Pool Tables) and the surrounding provinces, Pool Tables (Thailand) has just opened its first Samui branch, the Samui Pool Tables. Samui Pool Tables aims to bring the billiard game on Samui to a higher level, with their wide range of home use tables to suit all homes and villas. Commercial coin-operated tables for hotels, bars and restaurants around the island are likewise available to entertain guests while making good profits from the table. Samui Pool Tables, is a one-stop shop for Pool Tables aficionados. They do all kind of professional table repairs and restoration, moves, re-felting, and other services. They also have an outstanding range of accessories, and state of the art cues, not available yet in any other store in Thailand. The managing director Khun Ying and her team of professionals, are willing to serve everyone with their Samui branch motto being “Yes we can!” This makes you confident that their service and attention to detail is second to none. Samui Pool Tables offers tables for sale, rent and profit Sharing. If you are looking to add a table to your exclusive home or business, their showroom is located at Boonjumnong Project (next to Tesco), or you can contact them at 088-5302828 and 088-5302929 or visit their website: www. or email samui@thailandpooltables. com.

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samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

The first issue has come and gone. It wasn’t perfect, far from it actually. The constructive criticisms are appreciated and all efforts will be used to improve each issue. Gratitude goes to all the supporters and advertisers for putting their faith in this new publication. We’ve said our piece on the one thing that should unite all of us, Thai, ex-pat, and tourist alike-- the ecological preservation of our little slice of heaven, Samui. Little did we know how quickly this issue would jump to the front and give us an opportunity to unite, as the issue of attempting to “Stop the Oil Drilling” has done. Organizers did their best to get everybody outside, 35,000 strong, hands around the island, to show the world we are united against allowing oil or gas drilling platforms to be erected near our paradise. While the turnout was not nearly up to the 35,000 people hoped for, the number of people was significant enough to be considered a strong expression of the will of the people in this region to “Stop the Drilling.” This issue, preserving our ecology, is an issue that will keep reappearing on our collective radar screens for years to come, whether it be oil drilling platforms; wastewater treatment that protects the ocean water, reefs and aquatic organisms around our shoreline; cleanliness of our beaches; treatment of coconut trees to keep the from being killed by pests; open burning of refuse which pollutes our air (to say nothing of the ozone layer). The size of our little island gives us a unique opportunity to either be a glorious example of success at keeping at bay the ecological perils that other places have encountered, but at the same time it’s size and shallowness of the ocean waters surrounding it means that it could also be a dismal failure, due to lack of interest, and become an unattractive little disaster. We hope the result is success. It is bothersome, however, that after the oil protest preparatory meeting, many of the attendees (the Gazette included) piled into our oversize, gas (or diesel) guzzling cars, trucks or motorcycles to drive home. There we were, trying to stop the guys who were trying to get the fuel to energize our vehicles. It felt kind of like we were helping to arrest the drug suppliers even though we were drug users who were regularly buying our fix from them. Where are all the electric vehicles we should be using? Where are the affordable solar panels, or winds turbines that should be being used in Thailand or, at least, on our island? You can visit cities in China where practically everyone, and we mean everyone, was tooling around on quiet, fast, electric motorcycles that cost them maybe Bt7000 to buy. These electric vehicles could make it all around this island on one charge. Users could then charge them on the solar electricity they had stored up during the day. The island needs these innovations brought to our island, at affordable and economic prices, preferably Made in Thailand! Call us dreamer, but wouldn’t it be nice to not hear all these gas (or diesel) motors blaring around the island? The technology is available but is the economic, political, and finally the individual willpower around to make this a reality? We will never give up that dream, because we hate feeling like hypocrites.

AROUND THE ISLAND Patrick G. Caviness, DrPH

Fog clearing Driving around the island in my black pickup truck, I observe roadside activity while dodging motor bikes, three wheelers and unhurried trucks blaring out “tonight, tonight.” I wonder what those long black pipes stacked like firewood by the side of the road are. Water pipes? Drainage? Up the road, workers bury the pipes in trenches along the roadside. I’m guessing water pipes. This new tarmac road is smooth, with clean borders and wider than the concrete road. I wonder when and where the next phase will start. Turning off the ring road I cut through to Chaweng. This section of road is full of twists, turns, ragged edges, deep pot holes, narrow turns with frequent flooding. It’s heavily traveled. Cars, trucks, motor bikes all jam together. It gets my vote for the worst section of road on Samui. Later over a beer and conversation with long time islanders, I ask the same questions. “Not sure” and “haven’t heard much” are the responses. After a week of more questions, I realize most of us don’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on around us. And why should we? Things change

slowly. Not much information actions? I got some eye openout there. Not much happening responses I think you will ing, anyway want to know more about. Then I talk with some folks In future columns, driving in our municipal government around the island, I will keep -- the new administration wondering. I welcome readers that’s all of two years old this to send me your “wonderings” October. It is a breath of fresh too. In one way or another, we air. I’m told, “those aren’t all care about the future of this water pipes!” Those huge island. One of the kinder propipes are the first part of a tests heard frequently, “I don’t gigantic underground conduit want to see Samui become anall the way around the island. other Phuket.” Well, things are Eventually all the wires we see happening that could create an hanging in perverse clumps alternative future. from concrete posts -- telMost of us want to know ephone and electrical -- will be what’s going on; maybe even threaded through those pipes. be a small part of it. This And some cables we don’t see administration has a different today, like fiber optic, will all future in mind for our island. be in the pipe, out of sight and I want to learn more about it. protected. Someone’s thinking Even if you’re skeptical, come years, even decades, ahead. along; explore, and discover The twisting road to Chait. Maybe we can all benefit weng? Soon a much straighter from fog clearing and gain wider tarmac road with good some insight about this island’s drainage will take drivers into future destiny from “Around the most popular beachfront the Island.” on the island. I ask about plans for a less costly year Patrick taught, consulted and wrote round reliable water supply. in the field of strategic and financial planning for most of his professional This administration has some career. After receiving a doctoral in health care, he moved to Hong Kong concrete plans, expensive and helped a venture capital firm buy but doable. And when will and oversaw a number of medical in Asia. He lived and the next part of the new Ring companies worked in Hong Kong for the next 14 years. Six years ago he and his Road start? All those illegal Frederique, built a holiday signs spreading like wild fire partner, home on Samui where they have along the road. Any planned lived full time for the last 4 years.

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samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Letters to the Editor Love us? Hate us?

Send letters to or 124/524 Moo 3 Lamai Centre Unit 6 1/2 Lamai Beach Road, Koh Samui

Gateway to the soul

Kudos from the International School of Samui ternational School of Samui can work closely with you in the coming future. Anyway, one suggestion I did think was the possibility of showing the cinema schedule as I know a

number of people who miss out on movies as they are not aware they are being shown. -- Mr. Michael Cook, Headmaster, International School of Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui organizations Congratulations on the first edition of Samui Gazette. I like the way the different sections of the paper are clearly organised e.g. The World, Police, Opinion, etc. As a newcomer and now a permanent resident of

Samui, I would like to become involved in some of the community activities. Could you list these various organizations with their phone numbers, email addresses and contact person? Also a brief mention of what each group does. Or

it could be a longer article on what the groups do. I am sure there are many other newcomers who would like to volunteer their time, energy, and skills, but we don’t know who to contact. Thank you. -- Heather Reid, Ban Makam


Looking at the long term It’s all too easy to berate local government when things are not perfect. Although in some instances, criticism can be constructive, it is also important to understand and recognise progress when it is being made. In the last two years, Samui’s local government has been working hard to find long term solutions for the island’s main maladies, while at the same time engaging local people in the process of development. When the current Samui administration was elected they faced a serious dilemma. Left with a legacy of fundamental infrastructure problems to deal with, but lacking the necessary budget to carry out major improvements, they had to make considered, long term choices rather than simply patch up the scars of the past. After assessing the mountain of issues facing the island, the Mayor’s Office decided to seek greater autonomy when it came to identifying solutions and finding funds. This meant commissioning detailed studies and preparing reports to be presented to the central government in Bangkok, as well as putting pressure on key

Ministries to recognize Koh Samui’s importance not only as a flagship for Thai tourism, but also as a major contributor to the national economy. After a year’s preparation, various reports were presented and leading members of the government were invited to the island to assess the situation themselves. This approach recently reaped benefits when a special budget of Bt800 million was allocated by Bangkok to deal with issues such as road improvements, drainage and waste disposal. Much of these funds will go towards cleaning up Samui’s existing waterways, particularly in the Chaweng area, as well as creating better drainage channels in key locations to prevent flooding during the rainy season. Further improvements will also be made to the island’s roads to guarantee smooth access for visitors while at the same time improving safety and helping Samui deal with an inevitable increase in traffic to and from popular tourist locations such as the airport and Chaweng. Implementing such projects not only requires funds but also the support of the local community. In order


Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

I have had a perusal of the complimnetary copy and thought it was an excellent read. It certainly is nice to read more stories about Samui than everywhere else. I sincerely hope the In-


to build a better understanding of the issues facing the island, officials have also been working hard to gain the support of Samui people. Plans and ideas are discussed at village level through regular meetings and special events like the recent Coconut Fair on Chaweng Lake brought island residents together for the first time in almost a decade to discuss the issues that affect them most and compare their experiences of today’s Samui from their own perspective. Taking on the future requires time and intelligence. Samui’s somewhat chaotic development is a clear reminder that instant solutions often turn out to be temporary. Communication is key to long term success and the current government is keen to share and learn from the island’s citizens and residents. If you have constructive suggestions, make them heard. We welcome your letters and emails. Jules Kay has lived on the island for 10 years and regularly contributes to a number of publications and websites about Samui. He also volunteers as a media representative for the Samui Mala and Green Island Project. Email Jules at

A few years ago my eye was caught by a photograph in a magazine. It showed an old man from the nineteenth century, and the caption underneath gave the gentleman’s name, but followed that with “The founder of homosexuality.” This seemed rather odd because the old gentleman looked about as gay as Sean Connery, and also because I always thought homosexuality had been around since the dawn of time. My curiosity soon turned to bewilderment as I read the attached article, because it just went on and on about alternative medicine. Only when I reached the end and turned back for a second look at the photograph did I realize my mistake. The old gentleman was in fact the founder of homoeopathy. For some time I had suspected that my eyesight was beginning to fail and that investing in some spectacles might be a good idea, but the thought of letting anybody muck about with my eyes makes me feel physically sick. I can’t watch medical documentaries about eyes, and the thought of a retinal scan brings up the hair on the back of my neck. Contact lenses are not an option because if you can’t see, how are you supposed to find them if they fall out. How many times have you seen some poor soul scrapping around on the floor with their arm in the air shouting, “NOBODY MOVE!”? So given the choice of putting in a pair of contact lenses, or being bitten in the scrotum by a snake, I’d have my shorts off in the blink of an eye. Therefore, not wishing to spend the rest of my life muddling up homosexuals with homoeopaths, with time to kill at Heathrow while travelling back to Thailand, I wandered into a shop and decided to buy some reading glasses. I selected the weakest lenses, and set myself in front of the mirror to see what they looked like. It was hard to say for sure because of all the sales paraphernalia hanging like Christmas decorations in

front of the lenses, and just to make things worse the lenses were covered in stickers. How stupid is that? After I ripped and peeled everything off, I went for a second look. Looking back at me was a face about three miles wide that was covered in huge pulsating spots, they hadn’t been there in the morning when I shaved, and yet now I looked like I had been attacked with a half pint of sulfuric acid. As if that wasn’t enough there was a huge tree growing out of my nose. How come my wife had never mentioned this, I always make a point of telling people when they have loo roll sticking out of their trousers, or their skirt tucked into their knickers, so why had nobody taken me to one side and explained I had a giant coconut tree growing from a puss-filled crater on my nose? I hurriedly removed the spectacles and as if by magic everything went back to normal. Small wonder then why people who wear glasses live in a permanent state of fear. Like vampires they are frightened that they may catch sight of themselves in a mirror. A gentleman might go into town looking for companionship, but for reasons of vanity leave his glasses at home. He thinks he is spending the night with Joan Collins, wakes up, puts on the specs only to discover he has in fact spent the night with Phil. Spectacles, then, make books and menus easier to read, but in the process they also bring into pin sharp focus our own mortality. David was born in Suffolk, England and was a surveyor for a large civil engineering company until the recession in the early eighties. He then had many jobs, sometimes two at once, ranging from cleaning toilets to area sales manager. He came to Thailand in 2004 with his wife. They bought a piece of land and built a house and are now looking to stay full time.



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

“I believe this is what ISS will always be about; a school that can adapt, can listen and can continue to offer an incredibly rich mixture of learning opportunities for its children.”


New Headmaster, new name for newly licenced International School of Samui


luewater School formally changed its name on July 3, 2010 to the International School of Samui. When considering this significant change in school status, founder and principal, Jeremy Lees, thoughtfully said: “In thinking back over the last three years of the incredible journey Bluewater has been for all involved, from the original 22 children who started in our three classrooms to the 230 children now housed in an incredibly beautiful and high spec campus… it does feel sad to lose the school’s original name. However, Bluewater can be proud of

what it gave to Samui and the name change reflects the status the school now holds as the only international school on Koh Samui. I believe it is an exciting time to look to the future.” The prestigious award signifies ISS is now accredited as an International School by the Thai Ministry of Education, The Council of British International Schools (COBIS), Edexcel International Examinations and the Independent Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). “The Licence from the Thai Ministry of Education means we are the first and only school in South East Thailand to be

licenced to teach the National Curriculum of England. Parents can feel secure in the knowledge that the school is not only operating properly and to international school standards; but also that it is the only school on Koh Samui formerly regulated to do so by the Thai Government”, notes Mr. Lees. ISS now joins 75 other schools throughout Thailand as a full member of the International Schools Association of Thailand. The founder is not one to stand still and reports he is always seeking for new and rewarding growth in studies and activities for students, better ways to run the school and new ideas to implement. He says, “I believe this is what ISS will always be about; a school that can adapt, can listen and can continue to offer an incredibly rich mixture of learning opportunities for its children.” As the new name is celebrated and school once again opens August 30, 2010, Mr. Lees hopes all will look to the future as he and the new Headmaster and teaching staff continue to ensure the children of Samui have the very best opportunities to learn and mature in an internationally licensed and internationally managed school - the International School of Samui. Following the accreditation of the International School licence in South East Thailand, the International School of Samui (ISS) is continuing to develop its facilities and resources during the summer break. Improvements are underway of the school’s

playground and sports facilities, expansion of Chinese, Thai and Extra English Classrooms, car parking and the school office and the school infirmary. Mr. Lees reports, “ISS will offer the very best international standard of education to all our students be it Kindergarten, Primary School or Senior School - where we offer the IGCSE examinations, whilst continuing to offer a popular and wide range of extracurricular activities and sports.” ISS begins the new academic year with a new, but recognisable Headmaster. The new headmaster, Mr. Michael Cook, has been at the school from the start and has played an integral role in the development of the school over the years. His new role within the school will be to manage the day to day running of the school and too continue the development of the excellent standard of teaching provided whilst Mr. Lees, the previous headmaster, takes on the new role of principal. Mr. Cook’s focus will be on the future development and expansion of the school, which has developed considerably over the past few years. Mr. Cook noted, “It is a real honour to have been given the role of Headmaster of the International School of Samui (ISS). Parents, teachers and pupils of the school are aware of my passion for the quality of education the school offers. I intend to continue the development of the school over the coming years to ensure that ISS provides the latest teaching resources

and educational strategies.” ISS will continue to be part of the community that cares for and about the environment. The school has announced they will join for a second time with the Samui Mala team to set up an event to take place on “Education Day” at ISS. More details will be forthcoming regarding the event, open to the public, to take place September 25, 2010. ISS is also continuing with its successful scholarship programme during the coming academic year. The ISS Scholarship programme is aimed to ensure that children in the local community unable to afford the school fees, or have a particular sporting or academic talent, are given the opportunity to study at the school. Children on scholarships currently attending the school have benefited greatly in both their academic and sporting skills made available to them from teachers and the excellent facilities the school offers. Scholarships are funded through donations made by Mr. Lees, by private individuals living on Samui and abroad and by companies operating on Samui or abroad. If you or your company have an interest in donating; or if you wish to apply for a Scholarship, please contact Khun Jae at ISS on +66 (0)77 484 548; or email For information please visit and for inquiries call 077-484548, 077–245560. Visitors are welcomed at the school after checking in with the ISS reception office.


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


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samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Your stars by Omesh

Universal Crossword

by: Omesh Langmann ARIES. Now things will change a little slower again. But Jupiter is in your sign. It is the perfect combination for successful movements. TAURUS. August is traditionally the month for ice-cream. You are chosen to open the season with any vanilla mix. Don’t forget the fruit sauce and the cinema afterwards. GEMINI. You don’t have to make a decision. If you can decide not to make any decision you are on the golden path. Who would have thought that? What’s your decision? CANCER. Sometimes also you have to look somewhere else as the usual. The south node in cancer now says “congratulations.” You have mastered your subject. Now is time to present that and to succeed. LEO. Playful creativity. There is no mountain to climb. You are already there. It may be the creation of playfulness. The king enters the game and is celebrating its role. Don’t deceive yourself: it’s a play! VIRGO. Now is the time to write the letter to your ex on nice paper and don’t forget to buy a beautiful stamp. That’s not all, now is also the time to buy the new laptop (I am not joking.) And that’s not all, now is the time to make the date (yes that one) and still that’s not all. Mercury is dancing through your sign, enjoy and be delighted. LIBRA. What about stealing the show from the lion? Enter the stage and show us the high art of relating. Don’t ask me what it means. Who would, if you could not demonstrate it? SCORPIO. For you we have chosen to be ordinary. No hell to be transformed. No difficult task this time. Just nothing. Don’t tell me it’s extraordinary to be ordinary. SAGITTARIUS. I don’t talk about beer on the beach in a faraway country. I don’t talk about the bright moon behind the dark clouds. And I don’t talk about pleasure and pain. Maybe we are talking simply about happiness. CAPRICORN. Tough times. But out of the chaos, stars are born. Don’t fall into the trap to repair the old rotten staircase. Why not build a new one? Now. AQUARIUS. Age of Aquarius sure needs your vision. Don’t fight against windmills. Neptune is still in retrograde. Don’t be trapped by yourself.

Mood of the week

PISCES. These days, Uranos is coming back to Pisces once more. It’s good company for you. The rebellious spirit will be until next year. I call it departure to the other shore. Saturn left Virgo. Nothing will be the same.

ACROSS 1. Middle Eastern inhabitants 6. Pod dweller? 9. *slang for inked body markings 13. Matisse’s given name 14. Ash container 15. *It puffs with pride? 16. Bristle-like structures 17. Once around 18. Orderly arrangement 19. *Ring ______ 21. Type of pools at the Y 23. *Often used to mean gender 24. Happy 25. Sculpture or painting, e.g. 28. One with pants on fire? 30. Short for bicarbonate 35. All-American desserts 37. A Russian, e.g. 39. “_____ beaver” 40. *Used to dispose of the dead in ancient Greece 41. To narrow toward a point 43. Stress-reducing herb 44. A tree with deciduous needlelike leaves 46. Transformers star LeBeouf 47. Small ornamental case 48. Fills with optimism 50. India-related prefix 52. Poetic spelling of “even”

53. Swank 55. Family, class, or kind 57. *Result of iodine deficiency 60. *Bean-shaped organ 63. Duplicate, informal 64. Bristlelike plant appendage 66. Ulysses Grant’s first name 68. Entomb 69. Definite article 70. Alight 71. Porgy’s love interest 72. *Give up this for an eye 73. Dogma DOWN 1. *”Open up and say ___,” pl. 2. Coral structure 3. *____-bodies fight infection 4. Whole grains get to keep these 5. Gangster Bugsy 6. Contented cat sound 7. Poetic “before” 8. *One of middle ear bones 9. Informal or literary for “through” 10. Air-relating prefix 11. Ivan the Terrible, e.g. 12. *Eye infection 15. PGA player’s right-hand person 20. Live or be

22. Take into custody 24. Type of art used in advertising 25. *Adam’s _____ 26. Saudi Arabian money 27. Sailor’s cry: “_____ firma!” 29. By bad luck 31. “Have your ____ and eat it too” 32. Popular gemstone 33. Variety show 34. *Contents of skull 36. Dissenting clique 38. *Becomes enlarged when varicose 42. Distances from center to perimeter of circle 45. Shel Silverstein’s “______ the Collector” 49. *Female pronoun 51. Old-fashioned and overused 54. Very angry 56. Piece of cutlery 57. *DNA segment 58. Chooses an alternative 59. Wraths 60. *ACL location 61. A poetic name for Ireland 62. Quick to move 63. *Woman’s biblical origin 65. “___, you ask?” 67. Got together


All is about relating. We have to find a new way of relating. This would be the most precious achievement. It is a perfect time to see the worn out relationship patterns from the last century. It’s time to forgive and forget. We don’t have to carry the old stuff around for the rest of our lives. It is possible to be easy, to relate, without making the other one dependent, without becoming dependent yourself. This is joy! No need to drag yourself through it. You can dance through it. At least it’s possible. This is the time to be aware of the obsessive structures and to let them go.

Omesh may be contacted at 080-7183351.

Joke corner A guy is sitting at home when he hears a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees a snail on the porch. He picks up the snail and throws it as far as he can. Three years later, there’s a knock on the door. He opens it and sees the same snail. The snail says “What the hell was that all about?

15 samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes


For better or for worse

Cul de sac



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

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Angelina Jolie stars in Salt, a contemporary action thriller from Columbia Pictures. As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt (Jolie) swore an oath of duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt’s effort to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the turth behind her identity continues and the question remains: “Who is Salt?” Actors: Angelina Jolie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Liev Schreiber, Yara Shahidi, Zoe Lister Jones Director: Phillip Noyce

Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 welcomes Woody (voice of Tom Hanks), Buzz (voice of Tim Allen) and the whole gang back to the big screen as Andy prepares to depart for college and his loyal toys find themselves in day care! These untamed tots with their sticky little fingers do no play nice, so it’s all for one and one for all as plans for the great escapte get underway. A few new faces -- some plastic, some plush -- join the adventure, including swinging bachelor and Barbie’s counterpart Ken (voice of Michael Keaton), a thespian hedgehog named Mr. Pricklepants 9voice of Timothy Dalton) and a pink, strawberry-scented bear called Lots-o--Huggin’ Bear (voice of Ned Beatty). Actors: Don Rickles, Joan Cusack, John Ratzenberger, Ned Beatty, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Wallace Shawn Director: Lee Unkrich




Cable highlights

Aug. 1 Aug. 2 Aug. 3 Aug. 6

Singled Out (Channel V Thailand) Squawk Box (CNBC 95) Adventures of Old Christine V (True Series 63) Mythbusters S7 (Discovery Channel 20)

Aug. 15 Inglorious Basterds (HBO HD 112) Aug. 21 Barbie as Rapunzel (Cartoon Network 32) Aug. 24 Losing it with Jillian (Hallmark 51)


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aug. 6 - 19, 2010




Soi Solo, Chaweng Just by its name, this bar doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s a real Samui treasure and probably what many a theme pub tries to aspire to be. The resident DJ spins the best in rock, indie and forgotten 80s classics. He’ll take requests and even bump you up the request list if you buy him a drink!



Soi Green Mango, Chaweng THE DEAL: Each night features a different music policy. I’d recommend Thursday’s Deep Blue featuring deep and jackin’ house. This is probably Samui’s smallest and most intimate club, normally fills up around 11pm. Great for a knees up with your mates! Friday’s are always great if you’re looking for good party music and if breaks are what you’re looking for then pop on down there on Sunday.


Chaweng Beach

Almost an institution in itself. Extremely busy with the 18 to 30 something crew, fantastic atmosphere and a great place to hang out if you’ve just arrived on the island. Party every Wednesday with free BBQ from 4pm and DJs spinning funky house and classics.


Fisherman’s Village

If you fancy a detour from the craziness of Chaweng, check out The Terrace upstairs at Starfish. The music policy takes a less serious excursion in to funk, soul, and disco and Good Times party music. Why not grab a bite to eat before in the Bedouin-styled restaurant?


Bophut Hills Open from 10am ‘til 3am. Climb above it all and chill to some of the coolest sounds on the island. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner.




Lipa Noi

THE DEAL: Opens everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner and amazing sunset cocktails. Set on the quieter side of the island Nikki beach is ideal for getting away from it all even for just one day. From jet setters parting for the weekend to the local sexy sunbather, you’ll find it all here. Kick back and relax on their king sized daybeds enjoying endless brunch buffet, refreshing Miami mojitos and poolside entertainment for the ultimate beach club experience. DJ Andy Vier is spinning soulful US each and everyday to get that body grooving round that extremely curvy pool! Amazing Sundays is the big day at Nikki with one of the largest buffets I’ve seen for a long time. The champagne seems to flow endlessly and anything within the realms of possibility can happen!



Solo Bar welcomes back the “Latino Bro’s” for their weekly Monday night percussion and sax party with DJ Simon Solo. Party Nights on Friday and Saturdays.

Opens everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner and offers a rather large beach side pool and spa. Soulful Saturdays: Drinks and tapas specials. Music policy anything from northern soul to house. Sunday Sessions: groove on down to the resident DJs playing some cool beachside vibes. Massive buffet brunch from 11.30pm ‘til 3.30pm. August 11: DJ Mistyk (France) Afternoon pool party Noon – late Tickets: Bt200 August 22: Sunday Sessions feat. Summer season fashion show by Paul Ropp August 29: Beach Republic’s CD Launch Party.

If live music is your bag then upstairs at Tropical Murphys is where it’s at! Every Thursday & Saturday you’ll find The Ovada band cranking out the rock classics from the likes of U2, ACDC and many more.

THE DEAL: Samui’s largest club with one huge main dance floor looking up to the heavens. Music policy: upfront electro house and remixes Room2: Very cool and dark, great for getting some AC action and out of the thick of things: music policy R&B and hip-hop


Soi Solo, Chaweng



Soi Green Mango, Chaweng

Solo Club is refurbished and rocking once again from 2am, with DJs Kevin Es, DJ Aeh!, DJ Pick and Simon Solo. Great for getting down to some pumping techno and house music until the sun rises, then it’s off next door to one of Solo’s smaller and darker rooms if you have the stamina!

THE BLACK MOON PARTY Lakeside Chaweng Samui’s largest party without a doubt and it could be argued that it’s Samui’s equivalent to The Full Moon Party, although with just one huge sound system it’s a little easier on the ears. Usually starts to fill up around midnight and goes on until the sun rises. Resident DJ A is one of Asia’s best DJs and full moon legend!

THE MOVEMENT PARTY Saturday, Aug. 14, 2010 Get down for some groovilicous dance action with live drums and guitar. DJs spinning the best in up front funk, disco and house.Starts 9pm ‘til late.



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


The tall tale of the Bangrak ghost road

So here we go on our little adventure around the world. For anyone who missed what this column is about, it’s something a little different, it’s about the stranger side of the world we live in, or be it ghosties, nasty aliens with their probes! It could be about the latest conspiracy theory. It’s either a little light entertainment for you if you’re a non believer or it’s another story to add to your nightmares, if you’re a believer! Before I go on with this week’s little knee-trembling tale, I have to tell you about an email I received from a guy in Missouri, USA about two weeks ago. He asked me, and offered to pay flights etc., to go over and regress him. For those who do not know what a hypnotic regression involves, it’s about bringing lost or forgotten memories to the forefront of the mind, in order for people to deal with psychological disorders that may be caused by these memories. Some people ask about pastlife regression as it interests them to know if they have lived before, but never in my life have I been asked to do a regression for alien abductees. I said no obviously. I have to keep the crowds rolling in the aisles at Bar Ice Samui every evening, but even if that was not the case I doubt I would have done it. Watch the movie called “The Fourth Kind” and you will see why! Anyway, a local tale for everyone here on the beautiful island of Samui. During the day, it’s a sun kissed paradise with pearly blue seas, early evening it offers a romantic sunset or a wild party. But once the island starts to sleep, a more sinister presence may make itsself known! BANGRAK GHOST ROAD I lived beside this road for a short time and I thought it was called the ghost road due to it being an old service road or something. Not so. The story goes that a local bar owner had been in Chaweng until around 3am. As this gentleman made his way down the road, he noticed a person walking towards the temple in Bangrak. This person appeared to be an old lady and on her head was a “khacheu” with food and various offerings on it. A khacheu was a tray used a long time ago. As the local passed on his motorbike, the old lady stepped aside to let him pass. He turned to thank her and also out of curiosity because walking to the temple at this time was unusual and also because the tray had not been used in offerings for around 50 years. As he looked, he noticed the woman had a huge evil smile with red betel juice all over her teeth, big black rings around her eyes and a face covered in powder. This apparition gave the local lad one big scare and he raced off on his motorbike to tell his tale. As word spread, the road became known as THE GHOST ROAD. Next time you head up that road at some early hour, look out, she may be behind you… A nice local one to start us off. Next week I am going to take you to London, UK, a city with a rich history of dark and grisly goings on, and we will visit a house which has a very sinister and violent force within its walls, until then, sleep well!

Samui Film Festival 2010

Reliving the Thai open air cinema tradition Saturday, Aug. 7 Tamarind Springs Shining Spirit

(Canada/India/Tibet, 2009, 34 mins.)

Shining Spirit, filmed in Canada, India and Tibet (20062009) documents a recording project that brings together the family of Jamyang Yeshi, through music and the use of multi-tracking recording technology. With the help of western friends, Jamyang, in exile in Canada, and his brother, Tsundue, in exile in the United States, join voices with the family they left behind in Tibet. For the first time in over a decade, they sing together once again. Shining Spirit is a testament to the power of music, the resilience of the Tibetan culture, and the enduring bond of a family separated by politics and geography.

All In This Tea

(USA, 2006, 70 mins.)

Flower Films presents All In This Tea, a feature documentary by directors Les Blank and Gina Leibrecht that follows the world-renowned American tea importer, David Lee Hoffman, to some of the most remote regions of China in search of the finest handmade teas in the world. Not since Robert Fortune clandestinely made his waythrough the tea growing districts of China in 1843 to steal plants and seeds for the British Empire has a westerner attempted to gain access to the hidden world of tea, where farmers have been making it for generations. As the Chinese open their doors to the global marketplace, Hoffman opens their eyes to their own ancient tradition that links them, and all of us, to the distant past, while introducing the west to one of China’s cultural gems — the artistry and exquisite taste of fine, handmade tea.

Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love (Senegal, 2008, 102 mins.)

Sunday, Aug. 8 Tamarind Springs Stories from the North (Thailand, 2005, 88 mins.)

Stories from the North is a collection of short documentaries made by director Uruphong Raksasad over a number of years. Now re-edited into an expansive feature, the footage forms a cinematic collage of life in the northern Thai village where he grew up. The film captures the details of everyday situations from the most fundamental and commonplace – from the village to city life – to more intriguing moments such as the bicycle club formed by the village elders. Uruphong’s root in the village allows him to achieve a rare intimacy with his neighbours – while some footage are contemplative and observational, at other times his camera gets both literally and emotionally as close to his subjects as it could be.

Food Fight

(USA, 2008, 81 mins.)

When we walk into a supermarket, we assume that we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods. But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food system has been co-opted by corporate forces whose interests do not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy, and sustainably-produced food. Fortunately for America, an alternative emerged from the counter-culture of California in the late 1960s and early 1970s, where a group of political anti-corporate protesters — led by Alica Walkers (who later founded Chez Panisse) — voiced their dissent by creating a food chain outside of the conventional system. The unintended result was the birth of a vital local-sustainable-organic food movement, which has brought back taste and variety to our tables.

Addicted to Plastic - The Rise and Youssou Demise of a Modern Miracle N’Dour: I Bring (Canada, 2008, 85 mins.) What I Love is an uplifting, From styromusic-driven foam cups to journey into the artificial organs, power of one plastics are perman’s voice to inspire millions. haps the most Senegalese pop sensation Youssou N’Dour has spent the last 20 years in the spotlight as a ubiquitous and world-renowned musician and the iconic repre- versatile matesentative “voice of Africa.” At the height of his rial ever invented. No invention in the past 100 career, Youssou, became frustrated by the nega- years has had more influence and presence than synthetics. But such progress has had a cost. tive perception of his Muslim faith and composed Egypt, a deeply spiritual album dedicated For better and for worse, no ecosystem or segment of human activity has escaped the shrinkto a more tolerant view of Islam. Part explosive documentary, part stirring wrapped grasp of plastic. Addicted To Plastic drama, I Bring What I Love is an unforget- is a global journey to investigate what we really table musical journey with an artist whose know about the material of a thousand uses and why there’s so darn much of it. On the way we courage and conviction shook the music industry and ultimately awakened the world. discover a toxic legacy, and the men and women dedicated to cleaning it up.


samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

The quest for the fountain of youth

From the Mayfly to the magnificent oak, it’s a fact, everything in nature ages. Longevity of course, is relative. The Mayfly lives for just one day and the oak lives for decades. Each unique life form has its own healthy lifespan and that of humans is increasing. We have an aging population suffering from all manner of degenerative diseases. Medicine is extending the length of our lives, but what about the quality of our lives? What is aging? There are many theories. One is that when a cell divides a portion of it is lost, however a special enzyme steps in to allow its replacement, without which, a cell will reach its old age. Other theories point to cell DNA damage and changes in cell protein structure. Many studies have shown that longevity is promoted when calorie intake is reduced. The Okinawan people of Japan have been extensively studied for their longevity. The average Okinawan eats around 1,200 calories per day. Calorie restriction encourages the body to go into self preservation mode, causing it to produce more DHEA, a hormonelike substance responsible for slowing down the aging process. Getting radical Free radicals cause cell damage and contribute to aging. They are unstable molecules running havoc around our bodies pinching electrons from healthy cells. This is a natural part of the body’s activity, however much of the damage occurs due to poor diet, smoking, stress, heavy metals and other environmental factors. Anti-aging superheroes Antioxidants. They protect our cells and generously sacrifice themselves in the process. They are our cellular Superman “mopping up” free radicals, ending the chain of damage. Plants are loaded with them and their pigments contain different ones. As they work better as a team, getting many colors into your diet will enhance their synergy and potency.

Glow from the inside

• Make your plate a rainbow – eat blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries, goji berries and colorful vegetables • Increase omegas such as raw nuts, seeds, avocados and oily fish. They plump up the skin by building the cell walls and protect the brain • Eat foods in their natural state. Processed foods cause free-radical damage • Avoid over-eating • Eat high fiber foods to clean the bowels for increased energy and less toxicity, making you feel and look youthful and vibrant • Stay hydrated – water not only plumps up skin, it allows all body cells to function effectively • Stay active – exercise promotes health and increases DHEA production, increases blood flow to the skin flooding it with nutrients and flushing out toxins • Build strong family and community relationships. Research shows that those with emotional support live longer, healthier lives • Address your stress. Overworked adrenal glands reduce vitality. • Detox regularly. Toxicity makes us sluggish and look old and tired. • See a nutritionist to address your specific lifestyle and nutritional needs – anti-aging supplements include COQ10, alpha lipoic acid, astaxanthin, acetylcholine, beta carotene, vitamin E, selenium, lutein, lycopene and vitamin C Healthy lifestyle changes can add years to your life and make you feel great NOW. You know the age-old (excuse the pun) adage – prevention is better than cure. And remember, be happy! Being youthful is not just about the way you look, but facing the world with childlike wonder, embracing change and seeing the world anew each and every day.

Jo Rowkins dipNT MBANT is a nutritionist and the executive health adviser at The Spa Resorts, Lamai. She is available for one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle consultations (or online). Contact 082-2813078 or


LIVING WELL Neal Hoptman

Components of an effective exercise program

PART 1 of 2 Given the focus on sensitivity to the body and moderation in exercise, your exercise routine should have the following four components: attunement, warm-up phase, continuous rhythmic exercise within your heart range, and cooling-down phase. All four components are equally important and none should be neglected or rushed. Body Attunement The attunement exercise is the beginning of the routine and involves two minutes of withdrawing your awareness from external distractions such as sounds, other people, smells, and visual objects. Just close the eyes and focus on the breath. Then scan the body and alert yourself to any subtle signals the body may be trying to communicate to you before you engage in your exercise routine. By doing this practice regularly, you can develop your awareness of the internal intelligence of the body and trigger a greater sensitivity to it in order to avoid strain or injury. If a symptom comes up, do not dismiss it but keep it in your awareness so as not to overtax that part of the body during your routine. Mentally try to visualize that part of the body and release any tension or stiffness by relaxing the area and breathing in slowly and deeply. By attuning to these signals on a subtle level, we can often avoid injury. Warm-up Phase The warm-up phase of activity is an essential part of your routine and should last for about 10 minutes. The ideal sequence is to

warm the body up and then do some gentle stretching to avoid injuring cold muscles. Your warm-up can be as simple as slowly jogging in place, using a stationary cycle, or a gentle rehearsal of the sport or exercise you’re about to perform. Once the body is loose and warmed up, it is appropriate to begin the aerobic portion of the fitness routine. Remember the three A’s of aerobic exercise: Appropriate, Accessible, Agreeable. Appropriate exercise The distinction between aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise is an important one to remember. Anaerobic exercise, such as weight lifting and sit-ups, involves short bursts of activity, and burns glucose (sugar) stored within the muscle for fuel. It helps to build muscular strength but has limited benefits for the cardiorespiratory system and does not lead to fat loss. Aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming, and jogging, involves continuous rhythmic movement over an extended period of time, and uses oxygen for fuel. Aerobic exercise benefits the cardiorespiratory system and leads to fat loss, as the muscles burn a percentage of fat for fuel. While both activities are beneficial, it is important to ensure that you incorporate aerobic exercise into your routine. To determine whether your aerobic activities are appropriate, they should meet the following criteria: • If you have not exercised for a long time, are under medical supervision, or are suffering from a disability,

you should consult with your health-care professional. • Your chosen activity should meet the four conditions of the FITT principle, which are frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise: o Frequency (how often to exercise) -- This will obviously vary according to your level of fitness and the type of activity chosen, but should eventually be three to five times per week. o Intensity (how hard to exercise) – The exercise should fall within the pulse rate range, which you calculated as being between 60 and 75 percent of your maximum pulse rate. o Time (how long to exercise) – The exercise should be sustained for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on frequency. o Type (what type of exercise) - The exercise should involve continuous rhythmic movement of large muscle groups, and walking, jogging, aerobic dance, and bicycling are all suitable. • You should experience no unusual symptoms, during or after exercise, such as extreme shortness of breath after mild exertion, dizziness, fainting, nausea, cold sweating, confusion, pain or pressing in the chest, neck, shoulders, arms, throat or jaw, or abnormal heart activity such as an irregular heart rhythm. Neal Hoptman is the author of the book ‘HELP YOURSELF TO HEALTH’ and creator of the Health Enhancement Lifestyle Program. Enjoy his website: www. Feel free to send Neal comments and questions at beingresilient@gmail. com



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010


Steak photo from

“In the early days, I grilled all the food myself.” -- Larry Snyder Ask a local who is their favorite restaurateur on Koh Samui, and the one of the names certainly to be listed is Larry Snyder, “proprietor” of The Shack Bar and Grill, a jazz and blues infused open air barbecue restaurant in Fisherman’s’ Village, Bophut. The Shack is not only a restaurant, it’s an institution, filled with locals and tourists (it’s also listed in the Lonely Planet Guide). “Whenever I leave Koh Samui and return, the Shack is the first restaurant I go back to,” says part time is-

land resident Rob Newman. “I love the place. And I love Larry.” I tell people who come to the island that they have to have dinner at The Shack and meet Larry, who I describe as an ‘amped up but loveable New Yorker’” said Newman. Other folks frequently describe Larry as “Rodney Dangerfield like.” And it’s true. Actor Owen Wilson, who frequented The Shack during a visit to Koh Samui is said to do a dead on Dangerfield-like impersonation of Larry. Larry, certainly not a

candidate for the “Healthy Living Hall of Fame,” challenges the limits. Running the always busy restaurant from the back of the bar, one eye on his customers and one eye at the front door, he misses nothing as he commands his staff and enjoys his shooters. Occasionally on a health kick, but usually lapsing, he has developed a huge and loyal customer base. “Watching Snyder work is like watching performance art…” said island resident Marco Maki. “…It’s dinner theatre at it’s finest,” said

Maki. “The food is fantastic. Excellent.” said one local. “But watching Larry and spending time with Larry takes it to another level.” Larry, a lover of music, has jazz and blues playing through the night and the restaurant is decorated with prized jazz memorabilia that he has collected. Larry, originally from New York, ended up on Koh Samui eight years ago. “I always loved to cook,” he said “but usually it was a few steaks on a Weber grill. “I never had a restaurant before the Shack, but at a friend’s suggestion I moved to Koh Samui and before I knew it, I had opened The Shack. In the early days, I grilled all the food myself. But now I’ve had most of my same staff for over five years. They know how to do it better than me, so I don’t get in the way. I work out new menu items and then turn it over to them.” And how’s the food? Larry takes great pride in everything he serves. For appetizers, try the fantastic muscles with Pernod Sauce (the pernod sauce is perhaps one of the best sauces on the island). Another favorite is the butter garlic prawns (the garlic butter is perfect to be dipped in bread later). How about the garlic scallops? Brand new on the menu are oysters with zesty honey mustard dressing which is a new fa-

vorite. The ribs appetizers are also a perennial hit. For the main course, there are delectable lamb chops and steaks of every kind and size, from Australia and New Zealand, plus he now serves the ever so tender Wagyu beef from Japan. If you only want seafood, try the excellent salmon or Alaskan king crab legs. Larry also serves delicious barbeque chicken. And his burgers are arguably the best on the island with sautéed onions and peppers. The menu is varied and interesting, and has something for everyone, including some Thai dishes. Like to drink? Larry has a fantastic wine cellar, and is only happy to open a specially-chosen bottle for you. And if he knows you well enough, he’s happy to bring his own wine glass to your table himself and to pour himself a glass of wine -- or two -- from your bottle to make sure your wine is “just right.” It always is. Anything upset Larry? “Yeah,” a birthday party with a lot of kids,” Larry says. “Kids don’t drink! It’s hard to make a good cover on a kiddie birthday party when all they’re drinking are 7 Ups and Shirley Temples.” Actually, I love kids… err… well… let’s just say I really like them.” The Shack Bar and Grill is open everyday for dinner from 6PM and closes when Larry feels like it.


samui gazette | aug. 6-19, 2010


Something’s fishy in Lamai Lamai has enjoyed a new dining hotspot with the opening of Sydney’s Fish & Chips in March this year. The neighborhood restaurant, conveniently located in Tesco Lotus, is continuously picking up in terms of business and serving hungry travelers or expats longing for a taste of home. Owned by Mark and Apple Krueger, the food joint is named after their four-year old sweetheart of a daughter, Sydney. “It was a gift for her fourth birthday,” said Mark who is also the executive chef of Six Senses Samui. Mark brought his expertise in creating the menu which is mainly composed of fish and chips, burgers and salads. What not to miss The burgers – homemade using premium beef and the freshest ingredients, the burgers are not to be missed. The burger with

the lot, quickly becoming a best seller, is complemented with cheese, a thick cut of bacon and egg. A set, with chips and soda, goes from Bt180 to Bt200. They also serve “Thai” burgers called pad kra prow pla, choo chee pla, and tod mung goong burger if you are in the mood for a local taste. Fish and chips – A big portion of fish is lightly breaded and fried to perfection. You can choose from a variety of fish available such as sea bass, red snapper, Spanish mackerel and sole. Mark shares that the secret to the perfect fish batter is in the frying temperature and clean oil. Malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce are likewise available to complete the dish. The chips are also a highlight. Imported from Holland, the chips are thick, pre-cut portions that are fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside and seasoned lightly with salt. Other menu items include homemade salads, desserts and milk shakes. The couple invites all to try an alternative to fast food regulars McDonald’s and KFC. Mark said that what they offer is simple, done right, and full of flavor. For details, contact Sydney’s Fish and Chips at 077-256575.

Your local food directory ICE CREAM

WINE CONNECTION Sccops American Style Ice Cream Shop is a retro ice cream parlor from the American 40s and 50s and a modern day coffee shop rolled into one venue in Lamai. Scoops serves Bud’s Ice Cream of California as well as premium coffees, each made with tender loving care by the store’s friendly staff.

Wine Connection is an expert in importing selected wines from around the world for more than 10 years. Wine Connection only imports and retails its own selection of wine. There are now over 500 different wines, as well as premium spirits, Belgian beers and wine accessories available.



Samui Homemade Food, formerly known as “Big Joes Homemade Foods,“ offers great farang food such as sausages, pudding, BBQ spare ribs, burgers, pies, pasties, sausage rolls, English-style mushy peas, pates, relishes and English-style Indian curries They recently moved shop to Bangrak.

What else needs to be said. Just walk in and you’ll delight in the smell of fresh homemade breads. Located on Lamai Beach Road in the Lamai Centre. All the freshest ingredients create the same healthy and tasty subway sandwiches you get back home.


COFFEE Bon Cafe is a producer of premium coffee blends and powdered mixes (tea and choco drinks). They likewise import and distribute fully automatic coffee machines, semi automatic espresso machines, cappuccino machines, vending machines, grinders and coffee accessories, from Italy and Switzerland.

Il Mulino, located along the ring road, has been providing fresh breads, imported cold cuts and cheese since 1994.



samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Bangkok Airways to hold 1st Koh Samui Marathon Cup, Bt3 million for prizes Bangkok Airways, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Samui municipality and Tourism Association of Koh Samui, will hold the very first Samui Island Marathon 2010 September 19, 2010. The HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Cup will give away over Bt3 million, the highest record in Thai marathon’s history. “This is the first time ever for Bangkok Airways to organize a marathon on Samui and we are so proud to receive our first cup from HRH Princess. The objectives of this marathon are to support the tourism campaign from TAT, which is to encourage Thais to travel more within the country and also to attract more regional tourists to travel to Thailand. We expect to welcome more than a thousand runners around the world,” said VP for Corporate Communications M.L.Nandhika Varavarn. Pol. Col. Siroj Pianskool,

senior vice president of the Sports Association of Thailand said “this race is by now the highest prize for Princess Cup ever held in Thailand and is internationally sanctioned by the Sports Association of Thailand and the Asian Athletics Association.” The race will start off on September 19, 2010 and will start and finish in Nathon pier. The marathon will pass the 4169 route, Lipa Yai crossroad to Lipa Noi intersection to Ban Sakes intersection and turn around at Ban Hua Thanon and follow the 4169 route back to Nathon Pier. Runners are expected to compete in the full, half, quarter and mini-marathon. The admission fees for from now until August 31, 2010 are Bt500, Bt400 and Bt300 respectively. For more information, contact Bangkok Airways Head office Tel: 02-2655678 or visit for details.

Nadal to see action at PTT Open The world’s number one tennis player Rafael Nadal, and Juan Martin del Potro will head a line-up at the PTT Thailand Open 2010 that will also feature Olympic champion Fernando Gonzalez and 2010’s break out star, Latvian Ernests Gulbis. The tennis matches are scheduled from Sept. 25 – Oct. 3 at the IMPACT Arena in Bangkok. This year, Spanish tennis sensation Rafael Nadal is in the best form of his illustrious career, having recently won

the French Open title for the fifth time and Wimbledon for the second time. Nadal has been in outstanding form, capturing an additional three consecutive Masters 1000 titles this year. The event will feature a main singles draw of 28 players, a 16-team doubles draw and 32-man Qualifying rounds. This year’s ballgirls for the PTT Thailand Open will once again be selected from contestants in the Miss Thailand World 2010 pageant.

Sports Fixtures



Aug. 7 2:35pm New Zealand -v- Australia

Aug. 14 6:45pm Spurs -v- Man City 9pm A villa -v- West Ham Blackburn -v- Everton Bolton -v- Fulham Sunderland -v- Birmingham Wigan -v- Blackpool Wolves -v- Stoke 11:30pm Chelsea -v- West Brom Aug. 15 10pm Liverpool -v- Arsenal

MOTO GP Aug. 15 Czech


Sports fixtures is brought to you by:

On theIsland

samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Why you should go out

If you have a listing or an event you’re afraid we’ll overlook, email your community events or happening to editor@ or call 077-430789.

WEEKENDS Yoga Thailand Saturday community class


Yoga Thailand invites residents to join an open community yoga class, now at 5pm every Saturday. Experience a taste of this highly acclaimed yoga center. All proceeds go to Yoga Thailand’s community projects.


Police Emergency


Every Saturday, 5pm Yoga Thailand Retreat Center, Laem Sor beach

Movie nights on Sundays Most Sundays at 6:30pm there will be something to see or hear at the Samui Town Centre by the kind consent of June’s Art Cafe. There will be either a film or a talk. A donation of Bt100 would be appreciated. The proceeds will go towards improving the facilities. Every Sunday, 6:30pm June’s Art Cafe Bophut


AUGUST 2010 Samui Mala healing circle meeting The circle is a meeting ground for sharing and inspiring others, an exchange of experience and skills, an opportunity to give and receive. There is no charge for attending the event which is kindly hosted at Kamalaya. This experiential sharing is entitled: What are you missing? Are you beside yourself? This discussion will be led by Andrea Hahn, a professional brain integration kinesiologist. She will present information about energetic core stability and show what being “out of whack” means energetically. This is not just a presentation, it will be an interactive and hands-on exchange where Andrea would like to inspire you to share also the techniques and mechanisms you use to bring yourself back to your centre. August 28, 7:30pm Yantra Hall, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, Laem Set

Nartana: An artistic journey exhibit What began for Nartana as a means of escape from war-torn Germany ultimately became a meditation that brought him around the world in search of those elusive moments and fleeting states of being that he captures so vividly on canvas. Engage in a private dialogue with the work of this extraordinary artist and seeker. Up to Sept. 30 Tawann Restaurant, Renaissance Koh Samui Resport & Spa


Top ten ways to determine if perhaps you’re too old to go to the full moon party 10. You voted for Dewey, not Truman. 9. When you get on the speedboat to come over, the guy taking your ticket says “Thanks Gramps.” 8. You like the idea of all the alcohol being in a plastic bucket with straws, as your dentures won’t clink against glass. 7. You saved all the money you made as a greeter at Wal Mart to get to Thailand. 6. Your daily wardrobe consists of white tube socks and Dr. Scholl’s flip flops. 5. You remember how upset you were the day Priscilla broke up with Elvis. 4. You inquire if the nurse at your retuirement home might have fun if she came too. 3. Bangkok Airways offers you a senior citizen discount (okay, that will never happen). 2. When they tell you that to get to Koh Phangan you have to take a boat, you mention that you skippered the first Allied boat that landed at the Omaha Beach in WWII.

1. When Rastafarian guy whispers to you on the beach if you want drugs, you say “yes, I need some Lipitor.”


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About the author Rob Newman is a television commercial producer who first fell in love with Koh Samui in 1995. With blessed thanks to his United Airline 1K status, he now commutes between his homes in Los Angeles and Koh Samui. Rob can be reached

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On theIsland samui gazette | aug. 6 - 19, 2010

Meet your neighbor Somporn Somwang

What goes around, comes around By AKANEE THONGTARA

NAME:....... Somporn Somwang AREA:..... Ban Bo Hin, Chaweng CLAIM TO FAME:.. Green Heart


n 1949, Koh Samui gave birth to a teacher and nature conservationist in Somporn Somwang. His life journey took him to Bangkok for many years but he came back and probably would spend the rest of his years fighting for his home’s natural environs. The 61-year-old environmentalist shares his philosophies and what spurred him to take this green path. Born at a time when Koh Samui was verdant and virtually a paradise, Somporn was taught by his father to love the island by conserving the environment and being proud of it. This idea stuck in his heart even as a child. He went to Bangkok where he finished his degree in Sociology. During his college

“If you cannot help, please do not make it worse.”

years at the Srinakharinwirot University, Somporn would join environmental activities to satisfy his “green” spirit. After graduation, Somporn worked as a librarian at the Agricultural Engineer Center for 17 years before he had to come back home to take care of his mother. Upon his return, the memories of his father’s teachings on why he should take care of nature flooded back. Somporn opened a handicraft shop which sold products exclusively made from coconuts. His creative masterpieces included coffee sets, shoulder bags, belts, kettles and others. “Coconut is a trademark of Koh Samui and it is what visitors want to see. The visitors do not expect to see the commercial buildings and all that urban struc-

ture. They all expect to see the real Koh Samui and its natural beauty.” His products soon gained popularity among locals. Married with two children, Somporn accepted a handicraft teaching position at the Haad Ngam School in 1992. He taught children how to create sources of livelihood through coconuts. In 1993, Somporn’s mother passed away. He had to quit teaching to tend to his inherited eight-rai land plot in Ban Bo Hin in Chaweng. Despite the lure of a steady income from leasing or selling his land plot, Somporn just built a small and simple traditional Thai house. He said he does not have the authority to destroy his land’s natural surroundings to feed his greed. “I am just a resident, respecting the nature and tiny

creatures which are the real owners of the land. I live with them peacefully,” said Somporn. Somporn, although not the activist kind, expressed his philosophy on how to live peacefully with nature. “The forest, the creatures and have existed in this world before the human being did. Therefore, the human being does not have authority to destroy them,” he said. For now, Somporn is enjoying his retired life, renting houses which he built himself. The proud Samui native pleads to his fellows, “For those who are possessed by greed, selfishness and jealousy, please help preserve the environment of Koh Samui. If you cannot help, please do not make it worse.”

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