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Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 15

Offer better service, jet ski operators told By CHERDCHAI TAWEEMUANG

RESPONDING to a letter by the British ambassador complaining about “unfair jet ski service” on the island, the Koh Samui police force led by Koh Samui Police Station director Pol. Col. Samran Majaroen and heads of the Tourist Police and the Marine Police invited jet ski operators on Samui recently and asked them to improve their service and repair the bad image they have created among tourists. In a dialogue held at the Koh Samui Police Station meeting room last March 1, Col. Samran said February to May is the high season for the jet ski business and stakeholders must make Samui a better place for tourists, especially those wishing to avail of the jet ski rentals during their holiday. Numerous complaints about expensive rentals, impolite talk when tourists encounter a problem with the rented jet ski and the charging of excessive money when jet skis are damaged were discussed. Among the ideas proposed was the possibility getting jet ski owners to provide first class insurance for their equipment. Authorities had earlier received a letter from the British ambassador regarding complaints from tourists who alleged receiving Turn to page 3

ADDRESSING THE JET SKI ISSUE - Koh Samui Police Station director Pol. Col. Samran Majaroen (center), chairs a meeting among jet ski operators and heads of the Tourist Police and Marine Police on the island to discuss ways of addressing the complaints of tourists regarding exorbitant jet ski rentals and excessive charges for damages when accidents occur. REACHING OUT TO THOSE IN NEED - Khun Chanai from the Koh Samui municipality (right) and Namcha Tea House owner Michelle Ho (left) hand to Samui Learning Centre for Kids with Special Needs president Khun Dalin (middle) Bt20,000 as donation for the students of the school. e school, located in Bangrak, was chosen as beneficiary of the “Street Art Competition” and “Painting Exhibition” recently held at the Fisherman’s Village in Bophut. e event was a joint community project and supported by Khun Wisan, Khun Nopphatep, Khun Panat, Khun Chalo and Khun Chrismas, businessmen and leaders of the Fisherman’s Village community.



Grocery store owner arrested for selling marijuana POLICE investigators in Koh Phangan arrested a grocery store owner recently for smuggling Kratom leaves (marijuana) into the island and selling them to teenagers and other locals. According to police, 36-yearold Pimchanok Petchlek had a small grocery shop in front and was smuggling Kratom leaves to sell in the back of the shop. Police arrested her while unloading the Kratom leaves from a boat that came from Suratthani. 13 kilograms of Kratom leaves were found during the incident that took place in the morning of March 3 . During questioning, Pimchanok admitted she has been doing this business for a long time. Police earlier received a report that she was smuggling drugs in the form of Kratom leaves in a boat loaded with construction equipment from Suratthani to Koh Phangan and that they were kept in her shop. Police investigators found a large cardboard box in the shop labeled as glass noodles which was still closed. Ms. Pimchanok was questioned about the contents inside. However the shop owner claimed it was filled with snacks and she seemed very nervous. e police then insisted she opened the box and found the Kratom

Ms. Pimchanok with the Kratom leaves being questioned at the police station.

leaves in separate packages. ey also found 13 kg of fresh Kratom leaves. Police seized the contents of the box and escorted Ms. Pimchanok to Koh Phangan police station for further investigation. Ms. Pimchanok admitted that she was the owner of the shop and purchased the Kratom leaves from Suratthani. She also admitted to transferring the money to the supplier of the Kratom leaves on the 2nd of March. e supplier of the Kratom leaves filled the box labeled as glass noodles to hide from police and sent them on the boat the night before. She then

took the box and left it in her shop for further distribution on the island. She also admitted that she has been doing this for many years. According to police, Ms. Pimchanok was arrested once before in the middle of December for selling Kratom leaves and the case is still pending. She was also an agent distributing to other shops in Koh Phangan. She will be charged for the possession of drugs for distribution and selling under category 5 of the Narcotics Acts (1979). e case was sent to koh Phangan police department for further investigation.

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Haze in North critical, dust particles rising THE haze situation in the north of Thailand is still critical, with the amount of dust articles reportedly still rising, particularly in the province of Chiang Rai where particles were measured at over four hundred micrograms / cubic meter. In Mae Sai district, dust particles of less than 10 microns were measured as high as 437.6 micrograms / cubic meter last March 10. Such levels can be dangerous, according to the Pollution Control Department. The number of particles have been found to be less in Lampang, Mae Hong Son, and Phrae, while there were heavy downpours in the northern province of Phichit, causing car accidents in the provincial capital. Meanwhile, in the Northeast, continuous thunderstorms in Nong Khai due to

summer rainfalls in the province have flooded roads in the provincial capital. Nong Khai Meteorological Office warned of thundershowers, strong winds, and hailstorms in some areas of Nong Khai and Kalasin provinces. Summer thunderstorms have also hit Si Sa Ket, another northeastern province, since March 8 destroying households in Chan Mueang district and over blowing out some 20 roofs. Concerned Si Sa Ket officials are to report damages to the provincial governor for further assistance. (MCOT online news)

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Driver killed in car accident A MAN, believed driving while intoxicated, smashed his speeding car into a utility pole in Chaweng recently, causing his death and serious injury to a female companion. Police identified the accident victim as Preecha Pomsri, 25 years old and from Khon Kaen province. He was found dead behind the wheel. Police say inside the car was a strong alcohol smell and a bottle of whisky. His companion, was identified as Chatepriya Chanthad, 34, was unconscious and badly injured and had to be rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Samui by the rescuers. The front of the black Mazda car, with a red license plate and registered in Suratthani, was completely destroyed. A staff at the 7-11 store in Ban Chaweng reported the incident at around 4:40 a.m. last Feb. 27 before sunrise, he heard a high speed car and saw it lose balance before crossing the lane and smashing into the utility pole that caused a very loud noise. The staff said it was then he



GRIM REMINDER - The dead body of the driver which was trapped behind the wheel of his car after the smash-up in Chaweng recently.

called the police. Relatives of Preecha said he sold papaya salad in Chaweng and recently bought the new car two weeks ago. On the day of the accident he allegedly went with his female friend for a night out drinking in many different

places and was apparently drunk and driving at high speed and crashed into the utility pole on the way home. The disaster recovery unit of Koh Samui took away the car and sent Preecha to the hospital to perform an autopsy.

Offer better service. . . From Page 1 unfair jet ski services from operators. e meeting was arranged between government agencies, tourism organizations and jet ski rental owners to create a proper understanding, and resolve the problem and to finally resolve the issue as well as undo the bad image caused by some unscrupulous jet ski rental owners. e letter from the English embassy stated that tourists weren’t receiving proper and fair services from some jet ski operators on Samui’s beaches, who collect high charges for rental services and also requesting for overpriced repair fees when accidents or damage occur. e issue has caused many problems in the past resulting in a bad image for tourism on the island. Authorities say addressing the problem is crucial to improve the image of Samui especially during the high season when many tourists come and visit the island. In the meeting they concluded that jet ski rentals should be provided with first class insurance in case of accidents or damages while tourists are renting them to so there

will be no need for negotiations and overcharging the tourists can be avoided. Col. Samran said the police force will do more research on this matter to make sure that all jet ski rentals are registered and insured and will also gathering information from the jet ski club in Phuket. e problem of jet-ski disputes between operators and tourists in Phuket had been solved according to Phuket's Marine Office 5, in a meeting with the island's honorary consuls recently. Phuket's jet-skis are now all insured and there is no longer a need for tourists and operators to negotiate the cost of damages when crashes occurred, an official said. An Australian honorary consul, Larry Cunningham, earlier pointed out that there were times when the jet-skis that were taken out had already been damaged, and that one group of Australians handed over money last year after being ''surrounded, pushed and shoved'' by as many as 20 jet-ski operators. ''ey were so scared they handed over the money,'' he said.


Samui resident Kung adds her charm to further enhance the natural allure of Koh Similan in Phang Nga province during a recent visit for holiday there.

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SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Interior ministry adviser meets Samui execs to address island’s problems THE adviser to the Minister of the Interior, Mr. Whuttichai Chaisaeng, visited Koh Samui recently to discuss issues affecting tourism on the island. Among the problems discussed was the scarcity of water supply during the dry season and Whuttichai said the problem needs to be sorted out quickly in the most sustainable way. e adviser and the board travelled to Samui to offer potential policies that can help the island community, listen to problems and advise possible solutions in resolving them. Other problems facing Samui are the environmental issues and the garbage problem. ey also discussed the issue of a new airport. Wutthichai reiterated that these issues need to be resolved urgently and that they must be sustainable. e meeting was held on the 20th of February at Samui Diamond meeting room, Koh Samui, Suratthani. Whuttichai is adviser to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Yongyut Wichaidit, ey were welcomed to the meeting by Suratthani governor Teerayut Iamtrakhul, along

Interior Ministry Adviser Whuttichai Chaiseng with members of the government hotels being built on public land, and private institutions. garbage issues that are causing e topmost issue was scarce problems for the public due to water and how to resolve this unpleasant smells, and transportaproblem, sustainably and to be tion facilities. ready for the ASEAN economic A new airport in Amphoe community. Donsak, Suratthani will be furere has also been a lack of ther discussed. Because Koh drinking water during dry season Samui is a tourist destination, it which had an effect on both locals was agreed that there is a strong and tourists. is is a crucial mat- need to create a self-sufficient and ter that needs to be fixed in order pleasant destination for tourists, to have access to water at all therefore these issues must be retimes. solved, urgently. Whuttichai also mentioned No results of actions were reother problems Koh Samui is fac- ported, as a result of these meeting such as; environmental issues, ings.

GREEN WINNER Mr. Christoph Albrecht, executive assistant manager (right) and Mr. Joe Clasby, leisure and environment manager (left) of Centara Grand Beach Resort, Samui hold the ASEAN Green Hotel Award the Chaweng-based hotel won at the ASEAN Tourism

Forum in Manado Indonesia recently. Centara Grand Beach Resort, Samui was one of only 10 hotels in ailand that were recognized. e prestigious award is given to properties that lead the tourism industry in implementing green principles in their operations.

UNIVERSITY TRIP - Arjan Choosak Choosri, a teacher at the Prince of Songkhla University Suratthani campus recently organized an educational trip to Samui. While visiting Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui for lecture with demonstration and

practice for dining etiquette in Europe and mixing cocktails, they received a warm welcome from Khun Kritchawat Kritchawat Kittipiroon, Executive Assistant Manager for Food & Beverage and the management team of the hotel.

arrange the wedding on Samui. ey also have plans of doing similar events in Ampawa, Ratchaburi and Chiangmai to promote tourism in ailand and to give Taiwanese an everlasting memory. ey believe that there will be at least 100 couples in these weddings and will also be under the concept “Pai nean hao her” meaning eternity love 100 years, which is a common blessing used by Taiwanese for couples. Other than that Taiwanese believe that this is a very fortunate

year because it’s the dragon year. ey believe that couples that get married and have children in this year will have a good and long lasting life together e Taiwanese couples were very impressed by the wedding ceremony and the sceneries of the island, especially Mr. Ming and Mrs. Chun Mai Wan, who have been living together with two children but haven’t had the opportunity to get married as they have been working to support their families.

15 Taiwanese couples wed in Samui TOURISM Authority of ailand and Tourism Authority of Surathanni recently arranged for 15 Taiwanese couples to have a group wedding ceremony on the island. All of the brides and grooms were from Taiwan who were impressed with ai culture. e wedding was under the eternity of love 100 years concept to promote tourism in ailand. e event was held o Feb. 24 at the Cultural Center and Arts and Crafts Hall in Koh Samui. Mr. Suwanchai Rittirak adviser to Tourism Authority of ailand, Mrs. Jamnong Chunapiya, and Director of the Asia Pacific Region in coordination with the Tourism Coordination Center of Koh Samui arranged the group weeding ceremony for the couples. e wedding was conducted in the ai tradition. e brides and grooms were dressed in traditional silk with modern designs. Nine monks were invited to

give a holy prayer of prosperity. en the couples received garlands and were anointed on their foreheads by Mr. Prasert Jitmung, Koh Samui district sheriff. e ceremony was followed by the water blessings from adults and elders. After the ceremony the tourism coordination center led the newly weds to plant coconut trees together as part of a coconut plantation program. Coconuts also symbolize

tourism in Koh Samui. Everyone who attended the ceremony was impressed and astonished with the group wedding. Tourism Authority of Taipei, Taiwan said they look forward to promoting wedding and honeymoon packages in ailand for young Taiwanese couples. An event like this had been done in Phuket in 2009, 2010 and good impressions were received by the Taiwanese. is year the tourism authority decided to

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012



Samui Rescue gets donation from Sisters On Samui

SOS TO THE RESCUE - SOS’ Sue Holehouse (2nd from left, standing) hands over the donation to Samui Rescue Foundation leader Khun Tammarat Darernsook for the purchase of emergency equipment by the volunteer group.

NEW EQUIPMENT - Volunteers of the Samui Rescue Foundation try out the new equipment donated by the Sister On Samui they can use when responding during emergencies.

SISTERS ON SAMUI or SOS was established many years ago by Sue Holehouse, who is still the dynamic CEO of the organization. SOS is a social group, for women only, who gather every third Wednesday each month at different resorts and restaurants on Samui to meet old and new friends and raise funds for local charities. Part of the luncheon fee and raffles and auctions augment the charity funds and then several times a year the funds are donated to a needy cause on Samui. SOS has been very generous with their support of the Samui Rescue Foundation on several occasions. Samui Rescue is the largest and most prestigious and effective emergency response service on the island. With over 300 volunteers, located at eight standby stations around the island, they are the first responders in over 85 percent of Samui’s emergencies. Whether it is a vehicle accident, a waterfall mishap, a snake on your property, rescuing a beached dolphin or simply transporting patients….and much more….Samui Rescue is there, and all of their services are free. So, SOS again came to the rescue with donating numerous emergency equipment items to meet the needs of Samui Rescue Foundation. is month, Sue Holehouse made a generous SOS donation of Bt50,000 which provided two KEDs (full body braces) five hand radios, a full set of inflatable splints, adjustable neck collars/braces and ambulance safety equipment. e presentation was Turn to Page 6



SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Miscarriage drives woman to steal baby

KIDNAPPED INFANT - Ms. Patcharin Jaijaroen, 25, was so thankful after her kidnapped baby was returned to her safe and sound after a woman who lost her own baby due to miscarriage decided to steal the barely past one month old child.

A case of mistaken identity

Man shot, seriously wounded TWO men in a motorcycle barged into a private residence in Tambon Maret recently and shot a man six times injuring him seriously. Police later found out the gunman shot the wrong man and the real target of the shooting was the owner of the house. Alleged motive was because of some illegal transaction. e incident took place last Feb. 24 when police received a call about a shooting in Taopao St and that someone was injured. e scene was full of people. e police went to investigate the crime scene at the house at 86/1 Moo 5 Maret, Koh Samui, Suratthani. Police had to direct the people away from the crime

scene fearing that they wouldcontaminate the evidence. Found in the crime scene were a pair of sandals, drops of blood from the victim and six .22 mm shell casings. ey were collected for evidence and the victim was sent to Bangkok hospital by his relatives. Further investigation by the police on witnesses revealed that Mr. Natthawut Kasaemrungsarit, 21, was a friend of the household owner who was at the house for a painting project. He was sitting with the owner in front of the house before two men age 18-22 drove a black motorbike into his property. ey drove close to the house with the front lights off and parked five meters away from the victim. e person

behind the driver brought out a gun and fired six times before escaping. e shots hit only Natthawut. e two escaped after the shooting. Natthawut was taken to the hospital. e police involved in the case went to investigate at the hospital and found out Natthawut was shot at the left side of his neck and one bullet went through his back causing severe injuries. It was alleged the gunman was trying to shoot the owner of the house, Mr. Pum, but ended up shooting his friend. Pum was said to have a conflict with a group of teenagers in the area and was being threatened by them. e policemen have apprehended a suspect and will process the case further.

Samui Rescue gets 50k. . . From Page 5

made at the lovely Tongsai Bay Resort to Samui Rescue Foundation leader Khun Tammarat Darernsook and volunteers from Maenam, Bophut and Plai Laem standby stations. Samui Rescue greatly appreciates all donations and especially

the support and generosity of the terrific ‘Sisters on Samui’. For those Samui ladies who have not yet enjoyed the SOS activities, simply contact Sue Holehouse at to get on their mailing list

so you can join the monthly fun and learn more about the island’s most dynamic, social, charitable group. No membership fees or requirements…. you just need to be a ‘giving’ lady!

A YOUNG woman who lost her child due to miscarriage was arrested by police after she stole the baby of another woman. Ms. Somluck Kianghoon, 20 years old, with the help of her sister-in-law, Anantaya Paewchana, 15, abducted Surachai Jaijaroen, who was only one month and seven days old at the Koh Samui Hospital in Nathon last March 13. Ms. Patcharin Jaijaroen, the mother, discovered the disappearance of her baby and reported the matter to the hospital authorities who in turn reported the incident to the police. According to Ms. Patcharin, her baby got sick, having some kind of a skin problem, and took the infant to the hospital to be treated. She said she met Somluck there and talked to her and even allowed her to hold the baby. She found out later Somluck and Anantaya took her baby and drove a motorbike

out of the hospital which they found out later went to Koh Phangan. A review of the hospital’s CCTV confirmed Somluck taking the infant out of the hospital. Koh Samui police immediately dispatched a team to Koh Phangan and coordinated with the police there to search for Somluck and Anantaya. The two were soon found in a rented house in Phangan and were arrested and brought back to Samui along with the kidnapped baby. Patcharin was in tears when Samui district chief Prasert Jitmung gave her back her child. During questioning, Somluck alleged she was eight months pregnant but had a miscarriage. She added that after the miscarriage she was afraid to tell her husband of her baby’s death and she with the help of her sister-in-law, decided to steal a baby.

Pub parking lot shooting, man dead A MAN was shot and killed in a parking over a pub quarrel in Chaweng recently. Police identified the victim as Mr. Wuttichai Chaiyuntoe, 20, from Khon Kaen province who died from four gunshot wounds while being taken to Samui International Hospital. The gunman, who was with a female companion, had earlier engaged in a fight with the victim inside the pub in an argument over a woman. After the shooting, the gunman and his companion drove away in his pick up truck. The incident occurred at 04.30 am, the 21st of February. The 191 Samui radio station received a call about a shooting in a parking lot of the pub in Chaweng, Bophut, Koh Samui. Four policemen were dispatchedto investigate the crime scene. Witnesses had already called emergency services and sent the victim to Samui International hospital.

Police found out that the victim had been arguing with a woman in the pub. The woman came in with a man, aged 28-30, who had a large build, short hair, wearing jeans, a white top and sneakers. The victim and the gunmangot into a fight before the shooting. The victim didn’t feel good about the situation. He then decided to leave around 4.20 am. After that, the couple walked to their pickup truck and the man pulled a gun from the truck, went after the victim and shot at him seven times. The victim fell to the ground in front of tourists and locals. People were screaming and panicking. The couple ran away in their bronze colored Nissan pickup truck and escaped the scene. The couple drove towards the Sawangarom temple intersection. The police were unable to apprehend them.

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012



Great campaign launches in Los Angeles with celebration of British film minister for trade and “e UK has a truly world-class film industry, with amazing UK investment visits Thailand THE UK’s Minister of State for people both in front of and behind the camera. is not Trade and Investment visited only contributes to the enormous success of Hollywood film ailand on 17 February, as part studios but has a hugely positive impact on the British econ- ofAsia.a four-day visit to South East omy. As the UK gears up for e Queen’s Diamond Jubilee He has also visited Singapore and Malaysia during his visit. and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, All three countries have been there’s no better time to celebrate the best Britain has to offer identified by the UK Trade & as high-growth marin film and creativity.” - UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt Investment kets and all are enjoying strong UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt and British Consul-General Dame Barbara Hay hosted a reception to congratulate British nominees for the Academy Awards. Entertainment industry VIPs attended the event in Los Angeles. At the reception, Oscar nominees including Gary Oldman, Christopher Plummer and Kenneth Branagh were joined by Hollywood elites to celebrate all that is GREAT about British film. At this year’s Academy Awards, Britain is represented by nominees in films such as Hugo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, War Horse, Jane Eyre, e Iron Lady and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and categories

including Best Picture, Costume Design, Makeup, Sound Editing, Visual Effects, Adapted Screenplay and Documentary Short Subject. Ahead of the event in LA, UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: “e UK has a truly worldclass film industry, with amazing people both in front of and behind the camera. is not only contributes to the enormous success of Hollywood film studios but has a hugely positive impact on the British economy. As the UK gears up for e Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, there’s no better time to celebrate the best Britain

(L-R) Actress Fiona Shaw, British Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt, actor Kenneth Branagh, designer Victoria Beckham, actor Gary Oldman and Consul-General Dame Barbara Hay attend the GREAT British Film Reception to honor the British nominees of e 84th Annual Academy Awards at the British Consul Generals Residence on February 24, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Todd Williamson/WireImage)

has to offer in film and creativity.” e UK will be in the world spotlight this year, and the GREAT campaign is part of the

UK Government’s drive to make the most of this opportunity as the Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee and the country hosts the 2012 Olympics and

growth rates. is was Lord Green’s first visit to ailand in his role as Minister of State. He called on the Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom to discuss opportunities for ailand and the UK to work together, combining both country’s respective skills through partnership work and the interchange of expertise. Lord Green also met British businesses already working in the market as well as those interested in bidding for work developing the country’s infrastructure. e need is greater after last year’s floods damaged large parts of the country. Lord Green said: “ailand has long been a key partner to the UK and we want to build on these ties and respective strengths. Our relationship with ailand goes back some 400 years and it is one that I expect to flourish and prosper for decades to come. “British visitors have long admired the resilience and energy of ailand’s businesses and their reaction to the floods last summer is something that we can all learn from. ey have shown that, at times of adversity, adaptability is key to recovery”. ailand is a growing market and it is the UK’s 37th biggest export market and the 28th biggest importer to the UK. Trade between the UK and ailand is vibrant and the UK goods exports to ailand in the first 11 months of 2011 was £1.25bn, an increase of 32 percent increase on same period last year. UK imports from ailand over the same period were £2.3bn, up 0.1 per cent.

NATION 8 Protect and preserve environment, King advises

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

BANGKOK – His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej recently urged the government to plant a mix of fast-growing and slowgrowing trees which could help mitigate the growing flood crisis while harsher punishment should be implemented for deforestation. HM the King granted an audience to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and members of the Strategic Formulation Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) and the Strategic Committee for Reconstruction and Future Development (SCRF) at Siriraj Hospital recently, where he has been staying since September 2009. e Prime Minister and the committee reported on develop-

ments for water management, rehabilitation and flood prevention plans to HM the King and listened to his advice and recommendations. HM the King said that forests would play a major role in flood prevention efforts and that deforestation has caused landslides in southern and northern regions. He said the slow-growing trees which yielded high-quality hardwood were attractive to poachers, but when they are cut down, it takes a long time for them to grow back. HM the King advised the government to plant mixed forests of fast- growing and slow-growing trees to put deep roots firmly into the ground, helping to prevent landslides. He said that last year's

flood crisis occurred because water could not flow to the sea or be absorbed by forest so the two different kind of woods should be scattered in reforestation efforts to help avoid such problems in the future. e monarch said deforestation partly occurred because of greed of some people, including government officials who wanted money. He said harsher punishment should be implemented to discourage deforestation. Ms.Yingluck, on her Weekly TV and radio program, "Yingluck Government meets the People," said that the government would heed HM the King's advice to protect forests and prevent deforestation as measures to tackling future floods. (MCOT online news)

Joint parliamentary session vote in support of 3 charter change bills BANGKOK - e Joint Parliamentary Session of House of Representatives and Senate recently voted in support of three bills seeking to amend the Constitution as the government's version would be the main draft for consideration by the vetting committee. After 32 hours over two days of hotly-debated deliberation amid protests, the Joint Parliamentary Session voted to approve on the first reading by a vote of399 to 199 with 14 abstentions. At least half of the members of the two Houses, or the 324, were needed to pass the motion. e government managed to do so with support from many senators and some opposition MPs from the Bhum Jai ai Party. ai Bhum Jai MP Chai Chidchob, the former House Speaker, abstained. Opposition MP Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin, Matubhum Party Leader, who led the 2006 coup to overthrow the government of aksin Shinawatra when he was the Army chief,

was not present during the voting. ree draft Constitution amendments were separately proposed by the Cabinet, the ruling Pheu ai Party, and the coalition Chart ai Pattana Party. All three drafts proposed theaAmendment of only Section 291 of the 2007 Constitution, each seeking to set up a Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA), but with differing numbers of members and dif-

ferent selection processes. After the vote, a committee was appointed to the45-member vetting prepare for the next readings of the amendment bills. e panel consists of 10 senators and 35 MPs would complete work within 30 days after its next meeting. House Speaker Somsak Kiartsuranond, who is also the Parliament exofficio president, declared the meeting closed afterwards. (MCOT online news)

Poll shows concern over charter change BANGKOK - A plurality of poll respondents or 38 percent are afraid Constitutional Amendment may result in conflicts among many parties, according to the Suan Dusit Poll, conducted recently. After a Joint Session of Thai Parliament, debating a proposed Constitutional. Amendment last Feb 23-24, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University conducted an opinion survey among 741 people regarding the debate. According to the poll, the largest percentage or 38.88 percent

of respondents were afraid this may bring about contentious issue with rifts among many parties. Differing opinions, said they will keep monitoring the political situation and hoped the revision of Constitution will benefit the majority rather than any individual. Meanwhile, 48.11 percent said they were uncertain if the Constitution should be amended because they did not have adequate or. Clear about it. About the twenty seventh percent of those surveyed said it should

not be revised due to concerns over disturbances and disorder in the country, whereas 3.24 percent thought that changes should be done to improve Thai politics and the nation. The poll revealed that 43.57 percent of the respondents believed that the charter amendment will significantly affect Thai politics because it might lead to conflict while 38.92 percent said it will have a tremendous impact on the politics due to strong disagreement.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej granting an audience to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at the Siriraj Hospital recently. HM the King advised her on the need to protect and preserve the environment.

Rainmaking operation ordered to urgently solve haze problem BANGKOK - His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, worried about the haze which continues to besiege a number of ailand's northern provinces, ordered the Bureau of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation to urgently solve the problem, according to the deputy secretary-general of the Royal Household Bureau Dissathorn Vajarodaya. Mr. Dissathorn said the King is concerned for the well-being of the people of the northern provinces, particularly their health, because dust particle levels exceeding safety standards can cause respiratory illnesses. e monarch ordered a follow up from the operation of the Bureau of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation which is responsible for the country's artificial rainmaking operations. He said the past week's operation was successful as

rain helped ease the haze in many provinces. However, the problem in Mae Hong Son persists and remains critical as the dust particle level remains high. e monarch assigned the Northern Royal Rainmaking Centre in Chiang Mai to conduct rainmaking in Mae Hong Son and said he expected the situation to gradually improve soon. Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra recently met the governors of Chiang Rai, Chiang. Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son, Nan, Phrae, Phayao, and Tak Conference to follow up the video by haze situation in the North. Ms. Yingluck told the governors that her government is closely monitoring the situation and is worried. e premier ordered the agencies concerned to solve the problem as quickly as possible. (MCOT online news)

9 BUSINESS Cabinet OKs Bkk-Nong Khai railway project SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

UDONTHANI - e Cabinet has endorsed the construction of a double track railway for the Bangkok-Nong Khai route to be completed by 2019, ahead of its earlier schedule which is 2025. is, according to deputy government spokesman Anusorn Lamsa-Ard, who said the project will use part of the Bt140 billion budget earlier approved by the Cabinet for nationwide railway development. e dual railway construction was proposed by a joint public and private sector committee tackling economic problems in the northeastern region. e construction of Bangkok-Nong Khai line Is expected to facilitate goods transportation and travel to neighboring countries of Laos and China.

Another project to build a 336-mile railway route from Khon Kaen to Nakhom Phanom is expected to become operational in 2017, serving about millions of passengers and handling transportation of goods of about 250,000 tons per year, the deputy government spokesman said. Railway construction is part of logistics developments to link ailand and neighboring countries in preparation for the establishment of Asean Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. Moreover, expansion of road traffic lanes for routes 211 and 212. Budget of the Mekong River with a Bt50-60 billion was considered. e Cabinet meeting assigned the transport ministry to consider logistics investment in development projects where

Bt620 billion is to be allocated. A special economic zone encompassing Mukdahan, Nong Khai and Nakhon Phanom was discussed to boost trade and investment along the border. Opening hours of the border checkpoint in Nakhon Phanom will be extended from the current 6am to 6pm to 6am to 10 pm. Meanwhile, Chalitrat Chantharubeksa, deputy government spokesman, said that the Cabinet gave the green light to a project to develop water resources in Udon ani, with the budget of Bt964 million to solve flood problems. A budget of Bt5 billion for 119 water management projects was also considered following the Prime Minister's trip to flood-hit provinces last week. (MCOT online news)

Land Transport Dept to adopt new method to control speeding passenger vans BANGKOK - Don Mueang Airport lost Bt200-300 million (US $ 6.6-10 million) in revenue during the flood crisis last year which forced the airport to halt its services, Don Mueang airport general manager group captain Kanputt Mungklasiri said. Capt. Kanputt of Airports of ailand (AOT) said executive vice president flight operations at the airport after its runways were ceased on October 25 flooded. e closure affected income by Bt50-60 million monthly with an accumulated loss of Bt200-300 million for four consecutive months. He said the airport has expenditures of around Bt70 million per month which AOT would shoulder. Civil Aviation Department

(CAD) director-general Woradet Hanprasert said that the CAD and AOT would jointly officially reopen Don Mueang airport on March 2 to show the facility's readiness for

commercial use and that flights would begin on March 6, as for the progress on commercial use of the airport, he said. Business development depart-

Thai-Laos to expand trade and investment BANGKOK - ailand and Laos People’s Democratic Republic have agreed to collaborate on trade and investment to further increase trade between the two countries from currently EUR $ 4 billion to EUR $ 8 billion in the 2015th e agreement came after a meeting chaired jointly by home deputy finance minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and Laos minister of industry and commerce Nam Viyaketh. e meeting took place for the fourth time was held Feb. 22-23 in the ai capital. Both countries aim to ease trade and investment barriers, particularly at border checkpoints and immigration. e collaboration will also include a One-Stop Point for customs processing, local product exhibitions, and academic cooperation. ailand for the past year ranked third for invest-

ment in Laos, following Vietnam and China, while aiLaos trade volume reached EUR $ 3.9 billion. ai imports from Laos stood at EUR $ 1.1 billion, whereas exports to the Neighboring country was over EUR $ 2.7 billion (mainly petroleum products, automobiles, spare parts, and iron components). Obstacles regarding routes to link ailand and Laos PDR will be further discussed by transportation ministries of both countries. e Laos PDR will be hosting another meeting between the ai finance, industry and commerce and its counterpart sometime next year. (MCOT online news)

Bt30-B fund needed to build riverside flood walls BANGKOK - Following the Constitution Court ruling on Feb. 22y in favor of the legality of two executive financial decrees, one urgent task is to construct riverside flood prevention walls with a budget of at least Bt30 billion, said deputy prime minister and commerce minister Kittiratt na Ranong. Construction of flood prevention walls along the rivers are aimed at mainly replacing sandbag embankment used during the flood crisis last year. The decrees will allow the government to borrow Bt350 billion in loans and transfer debt from the financial institutions development fund (FIDF)

to the Central Bank. It is the duty of the House Speaker to present the motion to parliament for consideration and the government is ready to clarify that while administrative work on water management will be done in parallel, Mr. Kittiratt said another Bt60 billion of budget will be allocated to implement a floodway project with two million rai (800,000 acres) of land to be used as water retention areas, he said. The government has conducted a survey and found the appropriate 15-million rai (600,000 acres) plots of land. The budget has already included compensation money to

be paid for residents in those areas. The deputy prime minister said the government does not have to shoulder the burden of the FIDF of Bt60 billion a year, so the government will have more budget left for developing the country. In the 2013 fiscal year, the government does not need to allocate the budget of Bt20 billion for water management. As a result, the government can use Bt80 billion to cut the budget deficit target to Bt300 billion from the projected 2012 deficit budget of Bt400 billion. (MCOT online news)

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SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012



Improved roads and other concerns

Stephen Larkin

WHAT’S so noticeable wherever you go on the island these days, especially on the main roads, are heavy equipment and traffic and men and women doing road works. e inconveniences, brought by these works, however, easily turns to appreciation once you see how the roads on the island have remarkably improved over the last few months. e municipality seems to have gone really serious in their effort to make Koh Samui more enticing to tourists and visitors and none reflects this changed attitude more than seeing the infrastructure having a face lift. e island has had many problems in the past and still most persists to this day but seeing the government address them surely provides a welcome relief for most of us, locals and expats. After attending to the improvement of the roads it would be nice to see the Tessaban look into the environmental issues, waste, water supply and others which are all as important and can have a strong impact efforts to attract tourists come here. ese issues, in fact, were the subject of the recent visit of a high government official from Bangkok and show the national government’s concern over matters affecting Samui’s tourism industry. Water supply on the island seems to have gone down with some residents in high areas experiencing lack of water due to dry wells. e lack of rainfall for sometime may be a factor that contributed to this happening but it would be better to prepare and address this matter before it gets worse. en there is the waste problem, especially one area in Chaweng, where the stench can be too much to bear for people and can cause tourists to avoid passing through that place. Samui is so much dependent, totally dependent on its tourism business that these issues that could affect them are always a matter of serious concern and should be addressed immediately. e government have made a big step in fixing the roads, hopefully they don’t stop there and continue to find workable solutions to the island’s other problems. Tourists as well as residents of this island, both ais and expats, deserve no less.

Putting the Land of Smiles to the test FOR a place or country to earn itself a nickname, then in my opinion it should be justified. Israel is known as the Holy Land, Chicago the Windy City, Florida the Sunshine State; all are familiar to the ears and in all three cases there is sound evidence to support the name. But how do you go about proving that a country has earned the right to be called the Land of smiles? The answer is simple. We need to go back to basics. And so I conducted my own survey. I actually came up with the idea last year in England. It was during my lunch break from work on a sunny September day. I was sat in Sheffield’s scenic Peace Gardens watching the fountains put on their usual fine display and, as is often the case when I’m alone with my thoughts back home, I was thinking about my girlfriend and how much I wanted to be back with her in Samui. Most of all though I was

thinking about her wonderful smile. One thought led to another and soon enough I had the idea of counting smiles – as you do. At this point you may be thinking I need to get a life, which is fair enough, but believe me, compared to the tedium of my day job at the bank, counting smiles teeters on the cutting edge of entertainment. Anyway, I observed the next fifty people who walked past – not intensely, just a snapshot of each individual, and made a mental note of how many were smiling as they passed me by. Some were old, some were young, some were strange, some were nubile women on whom my gaze may have lingered just a moment longer than was necessary; but after five minutes or so I had completed my random sample of fifty English people, and I had all the data stored in my head. Of course my idea was to

test how happy the Thai people are, to see if their country deserves its nickname, so I decided then that I would conduct the same survey on the Thai people when I got to Samui, and then compare the findings. In truth I forgot all about my little experiment for five months, and then last Sunday, quite out of the blue, the idea leapt from the dim recesses of my brain and bit me on the arse – or maybe that was a mosquito – anyway, the idea resurfaced and I got to work again. I was sat on my guesthouse balcony which is slap bang in the middle of Lamai Walking Street Market, and from there I had a bird’s eye view of the tide of people flowing past – below me were the subjects for the second part of my experiment - more Thai people than you could shake a stick at. And so I counted smiles again, fifty Thai people at random

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SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 26, 2012


DIVER IN LAMAI The beautiful woman SHE was beautiful. Her shiny long black hair, strong and full, bounced like you see in the adverts. She was very sexy. Other feminine attributes of hers bounced between her shoulders and waist, something not seen so much in the East. You couldn't ignore her. This was a woman and more. I just had to speak with her when she looked in my direction. She was perched on the seat next to me, her shortish dress just enough to emphasise her willowy womanliness winding its way down the white tall stool. Not every day does one get so close to such a stunning example of the beauty of the opposite sex. We talked about Bangkok. She knew Bangkok well, just as I expected an angel would in the City of Angels. I said I had visited the main tourist attractions when I had first visited the city. But I now realised there was still a lot I had not seen which was well worth a visit. Exactly what were the best things to spend time doing when I next go to the city, at what times of day they were accessible to tourists, and how best to get to them, I did not know. She said she could help me. She would think about it. Our conversation glided forward in an easy manner. It was clear that we were getting on. She was comfortable with me and she could see that I was comfortable being with her. I began to flirt a bit. It did not seem to be unwelcome. We were soon talking about gender issues but we kept off personal relationships between man and woman. I remember we spent quite a while discussing the recent news at that time that some schools or colleges north of Bangkok had introduced separate toilets for all three sexes. It was a recognition that transsexuals are common in at least some areas in Thailand and needed equal provision to accommodate them. Suddenly she looked me straight in the eyes. She

was clearly going to say something important. She slightly closed her eyes. Her beautiful dark pupils looked even more alluring. Let me be your guy, she said. It took my breath away. For a moment or two I stopped breathing. I moved my head backwards a bit and looked hard at her. It is well known that Thailand has more than its fair share of katoeys. Many are here in Lamai. Transexuals who commonly are called ladyboys. Sometimes they are exceptional people. Many will remember Lisa, of Zodiac the Lamai Cabaret. Probably the greatest third-gender resident this island has ever had. And a kind person. So tragic how her career was cut short last year. I was astonished that Lovely could be one of them. Lovely was her name and lovely she was. I could hardly believe she was on a different wicket. She did not talk like a ladyboy stereotype. She did not look like a ladyboy stereotype, though yes she was taller than the average Thai woman. And there was no sign of a revealing bulge at the front of her throat, or square strong shoulders. Her dress was not overly sexy although one could see there was a lovely shape under it. Certainly it was a womanly figure. Slim, but not too slim. ... My eyes quickly looked down the rest of her frame, right to her feet, but observed none of the signs which shout out warnings to a long-time sojourner in this land like me. Perhaps she was just too pretty, I thought, to be female. More than any woman, those who choose to create the illusion of feminine beauty make greater efforts to do so, they have to, because they have to raise their game further than their competitors. I could not say anything. I was at a loss for words. Despite how dramatically I had been thrown, Lovely was chatting on. She had this idea and that. She could do that for

me. And that too if I wanted. It really depended on what I wanted her to do. Gradually I realised she was talking about Bangkok again. The sights I had not seen. How she would take me there. How she would be my "guy". And suddenly, to my great embarrassment with myself, I realised she was offering to be my guide, not my guy. I had once again been the victim of Tinglish speech, the way so many Thai people speak English. It's Thai-English. English spoken with the Thai habit of not sounding not only the "s" at the end of a word to denote plural but also not sounding the last consonant of the word. You never hear a Thai say Phuket. It is always Poo-ke. Or more precisely, Bpoo-ge. This is probably the best identifier that the person speaking English is a foreigner. A Thai person may tell you they have been to their uni today. No, not their university. They have just bought a small shop unit, to start up a business. If they say they have been out and bought some rai, don't be misled that this is someone with money investing in land. He might just have bought some rice. If they say it's nigh (a good old English word) they might really mean it is night-time, or alternatively it's 9pm. They could mean they like something, it's nice, Christmas for example, but for sure they do not mean Christmas actually is near, making the correct use of the word they have spoken (nigh). Have some fun. Tell them you've just had a holiday in Egypt and brought back a Nile knife and ask them to say this: last month I used the nice Nile knife on nine nights. See how it comes out. Sounds like a pop song from a few decades ago. Last month I used the nigh nigh nigh on nigh nigh. Totally unintelligible.

Putting the Land of Smiles. . . From Page 10 walking past. I’d had a few Changs by then so I had to keep a written tally of my findings, but soon enough the second half of my experiment was complete. And so, without further delay, the results. Drum roll please. In England, out of 50 people, just 14 had been smiling. That’s 28 percent. In Samui, the result was a whopping 32 out of 50 people – 64 percent. So what can we deduce from this? Had I had too many Changs last Sunday?

Had I mistakenly included farang who were on holiday and whose skin had darkened to an oriental hue? Is my entire life just a waste of time? Quite possibly. On the other hand, we could conclude that the average Thai, at any given moment, is more likely to be thinking about the nicer things in life, than he or she is to be fretting about subjects such as unemployment figures, pension forecasts or whether or not they can get a foot on the coveted property ladder.

At this point I would like to inform you that I have an A-level in Maths and Statistics (A grade no less), so I’m going to stick my neck out and back my results, and conclude that the Thai people, with all available modesty, have every right to name their country the Land of Smiles. Ps. Rest in peace Whitney Houston – quite simply the greatest female singer there has ever been.


Great tips for expecting parents

NEW parents have a lot to think about. From setting up the nursery, to picking out a name, there are so many details to consider, both small and large. Here are some tips to make your baby’s arrival easier: Prepare your household Bringing home a baby is going to shake things up for every member of your household, so you should get everyone ready for the change. Doctors suggest exposing pets to the smells and sounds of babies in advance of your child’s arrival. Playing a recording of baby noises, and letting your pooch smell baby lotions will help him know what to expect. If you have an older child, have an age-appropriate discussion with them about what it will mean to be a big brother or sister. Don’t forget to have your house clean and ready for the new arrival. Do laundry in advance of the due date so you won’t worry about having plenty of fresh clothes and towels, and prepare several meals that can be frozen and stored so you won’t have to cook.  row a shower e single best way to make sure you have everything you’ll need and want for your new baby is to throw a shower. Motivate your guests to come bearing beautiful gifts for your little one by inviting them with unique baby shower invitations from an online stationery store like

Be sure to mention your registry, so attendees don’t double up on presents. Aside from big ticket items like cribs, and strollers, consider adding the little essentials you’ll need, like baby wipes, diapers, and bibs. While these items aren’t as “fun,” they are just as necessary. Be informed You may think you know everything there is to know about being a parent, especially if this isn’t your first child. But new research often improves health and safety recommendations for newborns. For example, did you know infants should sleep on their backs in a crib with no pillows or stuffed animals? According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 11 million cribs have been recalled since 2007. So if you’re planning to use a hand-medown, make sure it’s safe. After the baby arrives Don’t forget to keep a camera ready for all those “firsts.” Photos are a great way to share your memories with your loved ones. A cute picture of you and your newborn will make an excellent birth announcement. New parents should also remember to eat right, get rest and exercise daily. Healthy habits will make you a more effective parent. Whether it’s your first child, or your fifth, the exhilaration, and the stress, of welcoming a new baby into your home never goes away. However, you can make life easier.






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SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012








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How to register a marriage Guidance for British nationals wishing to marry in Thailand THIS information on marriage in ailand is provided as a general guide and is based on the information provided to the British Embassy by the ai authorities. e British Embassy cannot guarantee that the information is accurate and will not be liable for any inaccurate or incomplete information. British nationals wishing to marry in ailand must contact the ai authorities to be sure of the requirements that they need in order for their marriage to take place. e British Embassy in Bangkok is not authorized to perform marriages. Any marriage in ailand should be performed according to ai law and detailed questions on the procedure should be addressed to the appropriate ai authorities. Some guidance is provided on the website of the Royal ai Embassy in London. e ai authorities require that any foreign national wishing to marry in ailand must obtain an “affirmation of freedom to marry” document. e affirmation must be made in person at the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Bangkok or Honorary Consuls. It is not possible to obtain the affirmation from the United Kingdom in advance. e marriage will only be recognized under UK law if it is valid under ai law. For it to be valid in ai law, the marriage must be registered with the Registrar at an Amphur office (District Office). A religious ceremony on its own is not recognised as being valid under ai law. In ai-

land, wedding ceremonies/parties can be held separately from the marriage registration. e ai marriage certificate will be in ai language only. You may wish to commission a “sworn translation” of the marriage certificate from license translators, so that you can use the document for legal purposes in the U.K. Please note the certificate is a legal document and should not be modified e.g. by laminating. Consular Section can arrange for your marriage certificate to be deposited with the General Register Office (GRO England / Scotland / Northern Ireland) in the United Kingdom. is not a legal obligation and has no bearing on the validity or otherwise of the marriage. It simply means that you are able to obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate directly from the GRO, should you need to do so in the future. Please ask us for further details if you wish do this. A foreign national does not automatically acquire British nationality through marriage to a British national. If you marry a ai national, he or she will require a visa to visit or settle in the UK. Further information on how to apply for a visa can be obtained from the UK Visa Application Centre. ey can be contacted directly on +66 (0)2800 8050 or by A step-by-step guide to the procedure on getting married in ailand is as follows. We

are not able to answer any individual enquiries about the procedure to marry in ailand. 1. Affirmation of Freedom to Marry in ailand Please retype the affirmation including your details on one page in the same format as the attached sample and bring it in person to the Embassy to sign before a British Consular official. We accept affirmations during normal consular public hours on Monday to ursday at 08:00 - 11:00 hours and collections only at 13:00 14:00 hours, and on Friday at 08:00 - 11:00 hours and collections only at 11:00 - 12:00 noon. An appointment for this service is not necessary. e affirmation which is submitted before 11:00 hrs will be ready for collection in the afternoon. We provide this service to British nationals only. e fee of Bt2,725 per affirmation is payable. Please bring with you to the Embassy your passport, as proof of identity, and evidence that any previous marriages have been dissolved/terminated (death certificate or divorce certificate(s) as appropriate. Certificates issued in a ird country outside UK and ailand must be certified by the relevant British Embassy/Consulate or its respective Embassy in ailand). Only the original evidence or a certified copy will be accepted – photocopies will not be accepted under any circumstances. 2. Have the affirmation translated into ai

Once the affirmation has been signed, you will need to have it translated into ai. e British Embassy does not undertake the preparation or translation of documents. Many reputable translation companies advertise on the internet as well as in the ai local press, and there are a number of companies within a short walk of the Embassy. Our staff are not allowed to recommend any particular firms in the private sector to the public. 3. Have the affirmation authenticated and translation certified All ai Registrars will require authentication of the British Consular Official’s signature and certification of the ai

translation. is must be obtained from: e Legalisation Division Department of Consular Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs 123 Chaeng Wattana Road, Laksi District, Bangkok 10210 Tel : +66 (0) 2 575 1056–59, 0 2981 7171 Fax : +66 (0) 2 575 1054 Email : (08:30 – 15:30 hrs) 4. Submit the document to the Registrar e affirmation and translation are then ready for submission to the registrar, who, if satisfied, will register the marriage and issue a ai marriage certificate.

Priority Visa Service in Bkk extends to tourists and family visitors THE British embassy will be extending the priority visa service in Bangkok from 1 March 2012 to include applicants applying for tourists and family visitor visas. e priority visa service is only available to applicants who meet criteria and who pay an additional fee to

have their visa application processed ahead of others. We will aim to process all applications using the priority visa service in ailand within 3 working days of receiving them. For more information please see the UK Border Agency in ailandwebsite.

15 FEATURES Thai-India investment opportunities strong

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

PRIME Minister Yingluck Shinawatra traveled to India on 24 January 2012, as the Chief Guest for India’s Republic Day celebrations, accompanied by an investment delegation that included her government’s newly appointed Industry Minister M.R.Pongsvas Svasti, BOI Secretary General Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, and a group of industry leaders from ailand’s private sector. e two countries have been increasing their bilateral trade and investment over recent years, and the BOI is keen to assist ai businesses locate manufacturing facilities overseas while at the same time attract more investment from India into ailand. In late 2004 bilateral trade between ailand and India began to increase significantly following the signing of the ailand- India Free Trade Agreement Framework and later when the Early Harvest Scheme of 82 items of goods went into effect. Recognizing the value of such agreements to ailand, the prime minister stated that “In my discussions with Prime Minister Singh, we will work together to finalize the FTA by the middle of this year. is will include a plan to cut the tariffs of remaining products to zero.” During the trip ailand’s Commerce Minister signed the Second Protocol to Amend the Framework Agreement between India and ailand whereby third country invoicing would be allowed for gear boxes made in India and two-door refrigerators would be added to the list of products traded under the Early Harvest Scheme. Trade between ailand and India reached about US$8.2 billion last year, which constitutes an annual increase of 34 percent, with expectations of a more than 50 percent increase in 2012 and with a goal set for doubling by 2014. ailand already ranks as India’s 28th largest trading part-

ner and India has become ailand’s 16th largest trading partner. Investment between the two countries does not however reflect the size of their respective economies. Only thirteen applications were submitted by Indian companies to ailand Board of Investment in 2011, with total investment value of US$106 million. While those applications increased the value of Indian investment in ailand by 67 percent compared to 2010, Indian investment still ranked only 13th among other foreign investments that submitted the projects to Board of Investment. e accompanying members of ailand’s Board of Investment also traveled to Faridabad, where they held meetings with the Faridabad Industries Association. Speaking at the ailandIndia Business Forum,co-organized by the CII, FICCI and ASSOCHAM, held in Delhi, on 25 January, Industry Minister Svasti underlined the importance that ailand attaches to strengthening trade and investment with India. e work underway in ailand to improve infrastructure and water management was also conveyed, and is seen as an area for increased ai investment in India. One idea expressed by the BOI during the India trip was to establish an India-ai Investment Forum comprising public and private sector representatives from both India and ailand. Beyond the work now being done by the India- ai Business Council, the new forum could focus more on investment. ere is clearly a strong momentum building for ailand to enhance economic relations with India, which presents numerous opportunities for investors and enhances the potential of new markets.



Rosanne Turner relocated to Koh Samui from Africa, a year ago, and is relishing the adventure. She is a trainer at Samui TEFL, as well as being a travel writer for several international publications. Share Rosanne’s discoveries of all things Eastern, curious and extraordinary.

Samui locals – Christine Perry THIS is the first in a series of columns on interesting locals or expats that add to the colourful community and mix of people that inhabit Samui. e Rocky theme tune is one of those tracks that is impossible to get out of your head. It’s hard to miss the Muay ai marketing pickups driving around the island blasting this tune from oversized speakers and announcing who will be challenging whom at the stadium. Being over-commercialized, I hadn’t been overly enthusiastic to watch a fight before, but when a friend was recently one of the fighters, I decided to go and support her. Yes, that’s right, I said her.

Christine Perry (left) with her trainor Christine Perry is an English teacher by day at the Samui Centre of Learning, and aspiring ‘Million Dollar Baby’ by night. Christine is beautiful and a gentle soul. Should you meet her outside of her ‘boxing mode’ you would never guess she has this alter ego. I call her a coconut: soft and sweet inside, but hard as nails on the outside. After seeing her fight, it is easy to see why her nickname in Muay ai circles is ‘Pitbull Perry’. Christine is dedicated and disciplined, be it her commitment to her students, or her daily training sessions at Jungle Gym Samui with ai trainer, Nuch and Hungarian trainer, Leslie. I was in two minds about watching Christine fight, both wanting to support her, but not wanting to see a friend hurt. Well I need not have worried about that. On Tuesday 6 March, we went to the new Chaweng Stadium, behind Solo Bar. e stadium itself appears to be more of a night club than a boxing stadium, and to be honest, has lost the ‘traditional’ element of ai boxing. at aside, it still makes for a good night of entertainment. Christine’s fight was scheduled as the 6th of 7 fights for the night. Arriving at 9:30pm, we first watched a couple of teenagers battling it out, then a pair of locals in their early 20’s that were pretty energetic, followed by a couple of ‘has beens’ that to be honest, looked pretty bored up there. Watching what is going on around can be as entertaining as the boxing itself, which seems to be frequented by some rather interesting characters. In one corner, a group of locals were taking unofficial bets, and a fair amount of cash seemed to be changing hands. e band of local musicians playing ai music added some element of tradition, although this was soon crushed by disco lights and club music between fights. Before each fight, contestants perform a ‘Wai Kru’, a Turn to page 17

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Iodine “Iodine if you don’t know where, what and why, prescribe ye then K & I.” (old medical saying) IN clinical practice, the number of women easily identifiable as thyroid deficient has grown to epidemic proportions. Many have gone to their doctors, have had the standard test; are reassured they are fine, but are not. It seems the test is unreliable. Dr. David Brownstein in his book; “Iodine why you need it, why you can’t live without it”, quotes from a NHAES study showing iodine levels in the USA have dropped by 50 percent over the thirty years spanning from 1970 until 2000. Iodine plays a key role in thyroid health. More frighteningly he also points out low iodine levels in pregnant women have increased by 690 percent. Something is wrong, and we need to ask what! In spite of massive spending on health care; money that mostly goes on pharmaceutical products, overall health is declining. True, acute disease has lessened significantly, but chronic illness has risen. Maybe, many of the things we are told that are beneficial for us, are not! As a population, we have been misinformed, but why? Most people have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones. e structure, also known as “e American Stonehenge”, is located in Elberton, Georgia. e center cluster of the stones was erected in 1980; the site is dedicated to, “e Age of Reason”. On the tablets are written ten guidelines in eight different languages. e first principle states: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.” Today, the world’s population is a little over seven billion; to reach half a billion requires culling six and a half billion! Conspiracy theorists tell you this is the intention of the Illuminati or New World Order. As I consider the drastic consequences of poor health, it seems that the conspiracy theorists might be right after all! We were told the thyroid problem was solved by the introduction of iodized salt in the 1920s. Women, who lived remote from iodine rich soil, usually found near the life-giving influence of the sea, suffered thyroid enlargement. As the deficient gland had to overwork it increased in size producing a strangulating goiter. ey found adding a 5% potassium iodine solution to table salt, gave just enough iodine to prevent goiters growing, but not enough to remedy more subtle thyroid dysfunctions. Sadly, the refining also removed most of the minerals in sea salt. Table salt is now found widely around the world. Seventy-nine percent of households in ailand, for example, use it. Until 1950 underactive thyroid was treated with iodine supplementation. No, this is not the product you buy in the pharmacy to dab on wounds!

is form is poisonous because it contains alcohol which must never be ingested. Instead, Iodine and its relative iodide are available in liquid and tablet variety. e popularity of iodine, hit a brick wall when the “Wolff-Chaikoff” study emerged from the University of California, Berkeley in 1947. It flew in the face of contemporary thinking; stating any iodine intake in excess of 2 mgs was excessive and potentially harmful. ey claimed greater amounts caused hypothyroidism. is was not a scientific fact because hormone levels were never measured to support the argument. is warning then entered the annals of medical knowledge. So doctors stopped prescribing iodine for thyroid conditions. e other successful treatment option is by means of protomorphogens this translates as a substance taken from an animal source, normally porcine. Armor Labs have been producing their animal derived extract from as early as the 1930s. When the pharmaceutical companies started producing synthetic thyroid extract in the late 1950s, they swamped the market. Physicians stopped prescribing the natural thyroid extract: now it is pretty difficult to find. At the same time, bromide ingestion has grown tremendously. Bromide is an iodine antagonist. It is to be found in soft drinks, white bread, toothpaste, fluoridated drinking water, beauty products and hair dyes. Up until the 1970s potassium iodide was added to bread, thanks to Wolff-Chaikoff the practice ceased; it was replaced by potassium bromide. No wonder the thyroid problem has blown up like a balloon. Oh, I haven’t mentioned increased radiation levels either! ere is also the question of fluoride and chlorine added to drinking water. ese halogens are iodine antagonists, too! In view of all of this information, everybody needs to increase iodine intake. Eating Wakame seaweed is an excellent remedy, as is eating mussels and seafood. But you require quite a lot as a recommended daily dose to prevent low thyroid and excessive radiation, would be in the region of 30mg. If you have any doubts, it is never recommended to self-prescribe but instead go and see your health care practitioner who will check the problem out for you.


SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012


Stem cells for Samui? ONE of the main drawbacks about current medicine, is that most doctors are far too busy to be able to research the latest developments and findings. e most one can hope for, is that they keep abreast of up to date findings within their own area of expertise. With G.Ps, some are eventiming consultations with their patients and allowing a maximum of 3 minutes per patient, unless of course there is a real life and death emergency. Doctors in the U.K., USA, and many other countries araound the world, have to take out medical insurance in order to be able to practice. is is of course a good thing in the main, but there is a potential downside, in that carelessness or a missed diagnosis, might have been avoided, if indeed the doctor in question knew that he was going to have to be liable personally in a court of law. Not long ago, a colleague of mine's son, aged 18, suffered an unexplained paralysis in his neck. He went immediately to one of the best teaching hospitals in London, where the consultant concerned missed the correct diagnosis, and he received totally inappropriate treatment. e result was that he got worse, and as a junior tennis champion, had to give up the game entirely. His parents sued the hospital, and received $100,000 in compensation in an out of court settlement. I, and many other rsearchers, are lucky in that we owe allegiance to no-one; not even to the large pharmaceutical companies who are only too happy to take over the role of the state, and fund doctors working in general practice, so they feel a moral duty to prescribe drugs emanating from that source. It may not seem a major issue, but it involves many billions of dollars every month. Unhappy with being branded as working in 'alternative' or 'complementary' medicine, conjuring up ideas of homeopathy or plant remedies, treatment with a plethora of vitamins and minerals etc, not there there is anything even in the slightest bit wrong with such methods, I hope that some of the other advances with which we are working, would not be bracketed under this banner. We are not allowed to call it conventional medicine, so what is it? I personally, would like to see it labelled as 'new medicine'. e one example I would like to call on in this issue, is that of stem cell therapy. Under George Bush in the USA, stem cell technology was virtually outlawed 'in toto', and a goahead clinic planning to offer such treatment in Miami, was raided by armed police, and warned that they would be closed down unless the notice at the

reception desk offering such future services, was withdrawn immediately. I personally had been looking forward to such treatment myself, instead of having to undergo a hip replacement for overdoing things on the ski slopes many years earlier. e doctor in charge of the clinic, however, referred me to a consultant and potential Nobel Prize candidate working in California, for an appointment three days later. I jumped in my car, and drove the 4,800 km across to California, and turned up somewhat querulously to the meeting, wondering what was the point of driving so far if such a procedure was banned by the Federal government anyway. I was not to find out the answer until the following morning. We set out in a powerful minibus, stopping only to collect some frozen canisters from a hospital in San Diego, and were soon at the Mexican border. ere we went swiftly to a modern clinic, where the American doctors carried out the necessary work, paid the Mexican doctors, who just stood watching with their arms folded, until it was time to be paid for the use of their clinic for a couple of hours. We then drove back across the border into the USA, with the procedure carried out perfectly legally. So what are stem cells? ey first occur in the umbilical cord as undifferentiated cells, and as 'blank' cells, they can be used to 'stand in' for specific cells, where, for instance there has been damage to tissue or a certain area in the body. e problem is supply. New research enables specific cells in the body, to be effectively wiped clean, and converted into stem cells for use where required. is potential for medicine in the future is enormous. Just in the last few weeks, a new medical company has come on board, offering a special plant extract, which stimulates the production of up to four million stem cells in the bone marrow, which can then be used for repair. is technology may be supplied to other parts of the world, so why should not Samui elect to be a pioneer? It has the space, the climate, the expertise, the hospitals - in fact all they have to do, is ask!

“ I, and many other researchers, are lucky in that we owe allegiance to noone; not even to the large pharmaceutical companies who are only too happy to take over the role of the state, and fund doctors working in general practice, so they feel a moral duty to prescribe drugs emanating from that source. It may not seem a major issue, but it involves many billions of dollars every month.”

17 Are you getting enough vitamins? WE can’t control every aspect of our health, but we can help protect ourselves against many common ailments and diseases simply by getting the recommended daily essential vitamins and minerals. With the stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to get regular exercise and maintain a balanced diet. So many doctors advise their patients to take daily dietary supplements to ensure they get the nutrients needed for optimum health.

“ While striving to improve the quality of the foods we feed ourselves and our families is paramount, adding nutritional supplements is a valuable and easy way to enhance our ability to stay healthy,” says Dr. Andrew Myers, an expert in nutrition and preventive medicine and co-author of “Health is Wealth, 10 Power Nutrients that Increase Your Odds of Living to 100.” Myers offers these tips to anyone looking to stay in tip top health: Protect Your Heart ere are many preventive ways to help keep your heart healthy, such as eliminating stress, maintaining a healthy diet, staying trim and exercising regularly. You can also consider a supplement such as fish oil, which contains omega-3, a “good fat” vital to heart health. Be sure to pick high-quality, trusted products such as Sam’s Club Simply

Right Triple Strength fish oil which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Additionally, Co Q-10, a naturally sourced cardiovascular antioxidant, can help support healthy heart function. Avoid Common Colds e common cold is one of the leading causes of missed work and school, making it all the more important to take steps to strengthen your immune system. Washing your hands often, eating foods high in vitamin C such as citrus and taking a supplement such as vitamin D may help you ward off colds. Vitamin D has been shown to support a strong immune system and can be found through sun exposure. However, for those who are fair-skinned or just simply don’t have time to be outside, you can take a supplement like Simply Right’s Vitamin D3 5000IU. Protect Your Joints Many Americans experience joint pain and assume it is a normal aging process they have to live with. However, there are a number of treatment options ranging from exercise to surgery that can help manage joint pain and improve mobility. A simple option can be taking a supplement such as Simply Right Triple Strength Glucosamine. Get a Check-Up Even if you don’t have a regular doctor, there are ways to get a professional exam. Many pharmacies have periodic health and wellness screenings. For example, Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. host free monthly screenings that include bone density screenings, and testing for cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure. Learn more about these screenings and the Simply Right line of affordable vitamins available at Sam’s clubs nationwide by visiting . By taking preventive steps now to improve your health, you can save yourself trouble down the road.

Samui locals. . . From Page 16 beautiful dance-type routine to honor their trainers. is can be as intricate as the fighter wants it to be, and Christine’s was truly beautiful, an obvious testament to the high respect she has for trainers Leslie and Nuch. It’s just as well that Christine’s Wai Kru lasted so long and offered supporters something to see, as the fight itself lasted all of 30 seconds. Christine’s local opponent was no match and a few swift punches and kicks later, a technical knockout was declared as the crowd went wild. Christine’s love of life is infec-

tious, and children at the Samui Centre of Learning are lucky to have her as a teacher. She is inspirational and lives life to the fullest. Unlike some other expats that settle on Samui and only mix in expat circles, Christine has many ai friends, is pretty articulate in ai after only a year, and makes the most out of island life. She has been trying to convince me to join Jungle Gym Samui for evening training sessions, but I always seem to have some excuse. But it is hard to say no to Christine, and as this year is the big ‘40’ birthday... maybe it is time to get fit, or is that just the midlife crisis talking?



SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Conrad koh Samui’s bespoke wine program sets new benchmark among 5-star resorts “Does wine go with Thai cuisine? Absolutely! Show me a wine and I will find you an element of spice or herb infused within it," says veteran sommelier Curtis Marsh, the wine program director at Conrad Koh Samui, setting a new benchmark for wine appreciation among Thailand’s 5-star resorts. THE ‘Wandering Palate’ wine guru is renowned for designing wine lists for a legion of celebrity chefs – from legendary Paul Bocuse in France to Asian Food Channel’s Samia Ahad and Australia's revered Tetsuya Wakuda. Now he has been charged with putting Conrad Koh Samui, the newest luxury resort on the idyllic ai holiday isle of Koh Samui, on the wine lovers’ map. And his first priority is to debunk the myth that wine and spicy cuisine don’t mix. “Most grape varieties intrinsically display a multitude of spice nuances in aroma or flavor,” he notes. “Clearly such nuances and characteristics are synergistic with ai cuisine.” For example, the tangy Austrian white grape Gruner veltliner, with a unique white pepper spicy character, “seems almost tailor made for ai salads.” Similarly, Riesling’s powerful core of lime and lemon and natural sweetness “partners extremely well with tangy lime juice and lemongrass-influenced dishes, as well as spicy curries”. Iconic reds such as syrah (shiraz) – along with Southern Rhone Valley blends of grenache, syrah, mourvedre and cinsault – are equally complementary with an inherent and pronounced peppery spiciness and mélange of exotic spices and profound red berry that are “the perfect foil for spicy meat dishes and red curries.” Pinot noir, with its berry-fruit sweetness, warm, spicy mouthfeel and soft texture, “seems almost made for ai cuisine!” While firm tannins in some red wine can clash with salads and seafood, certain rosé and pinot noir wines “can be very versatile throughout an entire meal.” Also notably, “a little sugar or richness in white wines and champagnes can be appropriately soothing when it comes to livelier, spicy heat in certain ai flavors.” “Yet there still exists some dis-

veteran sommelier Curtis Marsh

belief that wine does not pair well with ai cuisine or spicy Asian food,” he laments. e celebrity sommelier is now devising unique strategies to put the record straight – while also putting Conrad Koh Samui on the wine lovers’ map at the hub of the debate. To demonstrate his conviction, Curtis Marsh has assembled an extensive and diverse list of some of the very best new and old world wine producers focused on varieties and regional styles that “complement the exceptional produce and expertise in ai cooking”. “ere are no set rules for matching wines with ai food,” he says. “Although the key element is to choose wines with vibrant acidity that freshen the palate and stimulate the appetite, whether white or red.” At Conrad Koh Samui’s signature modern ai-Mediterranean fine dining restaurant Jahn, his campaign extends to a revolutionary format to the wine list itself. Avoiding the orthodox listing of wines by country, layout specifically flows from racy Riesling and crisp whites at the beginning, to increasing texture and richness through the pages, “enabling appropriate pairing with the textures, flavors and weight of the food.” Likewise, rosé and light reds

are listed ahead of more full-bodied, firmer wines. Quality wine is also paramount – mostly from dedicated, artisan producers, with an emphasis on organic and biodynamic viticulture. “We are not purchasing cheap, non-descript wines and applying extortionate mark-ups to make profit,” he insists. With ailand’s prohibitively high taxes on wine, guests are also encouraged to savor better wine by the glass, and not necessarily an entire, pricey bottle. To enable this, technology developed by WINESAVE is integral to the resort’s wine program strategy. It utilizes the inert, color-

chefs Konrad Inghelram and Joe Diaz

less, odorless and flavorless gas argon to displace harmful oxygen in opened bottles – forming an impenetrable layer between air, keeping wine in perfect condition. As a result, the resort can offer a much more extensive range of wines by the glass than usual, “perhaps more than any other hotel on Koh Samui or even ailand”, he suggests. “I doubt if many hotels or resorts are going to the lengths we are to ensure wines by the glass are served in optimum condition.” Two highly-qualified resort sommeliers, Khun Cha and Khun Sabu, are meanwhile overseeing

overseeing day-to-day functioning of the wine initiative and are “at the head the game” among contemporaries in ailand. Khun Cha, in particular, was named “Sommelier of the Year” on the influential ‘Wandering Palate’ website. Curtis Marsh ultimately pays tribute to resort owner, Lyon Lau, for the initiative, inspired by his personal dedication to fine dining and love of wine collecting. “It was his desire to instill a ‘wine culture’ at the resort, synergistic with exceptional cuisine raising the bar not only on Koh Samui, but all ailand,” he notes. Complementing this effort, one of five fine dining outlets is established in a cellar at the property, “e Cellar,” housing an exceptional range of vintages. Also exceptional is the cuisine, led by celebrated chefs Konrad Inghelram and Joe Diaz, who previously worked together at one of London’s top

restaurants, Quaglinos. Between them are decades of experience at some of the world’s most acclaimed Michelin-star restaurants. Belgian chef Inghelram has worked at no less than four Michelin starred kitchens, and collaborated with legendary Albert Roux at the Sofitel St. James in London. Chef Diaz was voted Best Young Chef of the Year 2006 in Spain, and trained under a veritable “who’s who” of the culinary world under superstars such as Ferran Adria at El Bulli in Spain, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Atheneein Paris, omas Keller at French Laundry in California, Nobu Matsuhisa at Nobu in Florida, and Sergi Arola at La Broche in Madrid. As Conrad Koh Samui’s general manager Justin Phillips puts it: “Our combination of an inspiring wine programme and culinary excellence puts us at the forefront of gastronomy, not only on Koh Samui, but across ailand.”

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

ACROSS 1. Jasmine's kin 6. Former Soviet Socialist Republics, acr. 9. Fancy marbles used as shooters 13. Are you _ ____ or a hawk? 14. One of Indiana Jones' quests 15. Having three dimensions 16. Same as mesotron 17. ___ Patrol 18. *First network TV soap ____ debuted in 1950 19. *Overthrown Cuban 21. *Arthur Miller's wife 23. Jones' Wall Street partner 24. What Rumpelstiltskin did 25. School support organization 28. Reduced Instruction Set Computer 30. Boiling pot 35. Globes and eyeballs 37. *Site of Egyptian Crisis 39. Dominion 40. Italian currency, pl. 41. Ringworm 43. Lover's strike 44. Prayer leaders in mosques 46. *One of Ike's two 47. Pitched at Occupy Wall Street 48. Os 50. Be agitated 52. Sushi sauce 53. Offensively curious 55. Sin over tan 57. *Its launch started the Space Race 61. umbelina's raft 65. Smallest number in a crowd 66. "___ we there yet?" 68. Late Saddam Hussein, e.g. 69. Helped 70. Sheep not yet sheared 71. "Swan Lake" skirts 72. Brooding 73. A.k.a. Tokyo 74. In vertical position





DOWN 1. Mary's little pet 2. Light bulb over head? 3. ABC's adventure, 2004-2010 4. Stay clear 5. Book burner, e.g. 6. Mine is yours 7. Irritate 8. Save money on rent, e.g. 9. South American Indian people 10. Cain's victim 11. Lean like an athlete 12. PET or CAT 15. Little Jack Horner's spot 20. Do this and shout 22. Black and white sea bird 24. *New York in "Guys and Dolls," e.g. 25. *Jonas Salk fought it 26. Decorates Christmas tree 27. Biblical Abraham's original name 29. *"e Man in the Gray Flannel ____" 31. Exam 32. Stories "from the Crypt" 33. Treeless plain 34. E on dashboard 36. 18-wheeler 38. Freezing temperature in Celsius 42. Friends in Italy 45. What cat did on the window sill? 49. Me in Paris 51. *Humbert Humbert's interest 54. Edible ray 56. Maple tree treat 57. Dateless male 58. *is Yankee was MVP in 1950 59. Pakistan's official language 60. To abound or swarm 61. Toy building block 62. Liver delicacy 63. Greenish blue 64. Floppy storage device 67. *Color of Scare (Answers on Page 20)



SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Spa Cenvaree shares a smile with children on its 10th anniversary SPA Cenvaree, the luxury spa brand within the Centara Hotels & Resorts family, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by unveiling a new spa menu and donating part of its income to two Bangkok orphanages. Under the Shared Smile project, Spa Cenvaree branches at Centara hotels throughout ailand that are introducing the new menu will donate 3 percent of their net income for the month of March to the Rangsit Babies' Home and Sotsuksa Prachinburi School. e new spa menu will be featured on, Spa


Cenvaree’s newly revamped website with enhanced features and a more interactive structure for guests to navigate through individual outlets and spa treatments. "In the 10 years since Spa Cenvaree was introduced, it has emerged as one of Asia's leading spa brands," says Suthikiati Chirathivat, Chairman of the Board, Centara Hotels and Resorts. "Centara as a group has a very strong policy on social awareness and responsibilities, and we felt it appropriate that we should mark the anniversary by raising funds for a very

worthwhile cause." A Shared Smile limited edition retail line will be available for sale during this event to help raise awareness of the programme. Partnering with Spa Cenvaree’s preferred supplier, these gift sets were developed exclusively by Donna Chang, the industry leader in providing the finest quality of spa products. In addition, Spa Cenvaree is encouraging bookings by offering a free upgrade to all guests taking 60-minute spa packages and massages. Distribution of the funds will take place in April.

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10 Year Anniversary




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Sunbelt Asia L E G A L



e donations will go directly to the two orphanages to provide essential supplies. e Spa Cenvaree branches that are introducing the new spa menu and participating in the Shared Smile project are Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin, Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi, Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket, Centara Villas Phuket, Centara Villas Samui, Centara Kata Resort Phuket, Centara Karon Resort Phuket, Khum Phaya Resort & Spa, Centara Boutique Collection, Centara Duangtawan Hotel Chiang

Mai, and Centara Anda Dhevi Resort & Spa Krabi. Established in year 2000, SPA Cenvaree is a member of Centara Hotels and Resorts, a leading group of first class hotels and resorts in ailand. Recognized as an innovative spa operator in the Asia Pacific region, the SPA Cenvaree experience can be found through an elite network of 27 outlets, and will expand its presence to new destinations including Mauritius, China, Sri Lanka, Bali by 2012, bringing its portfolio of spas to 40 across nine counties.

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SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012



1st Ace Tennis Club tourney

S c an di c ’s Joha n take s i n a u gu r a l t i tl e THE first Ace Tennis Club Tournament concluded on Sunday 11th March with Scandic Restaurant’s Johan winning the inaugural title over Jimmy Scott of the International School of Samui. e tournament was a great success with 26 exciting games played over two days. Players from all over the world competed in the event with the singles title going to Johan whose restaurant is located above Trend Fashions tailor shop in Chaweng. For those who don’t know, Ace Tennis Club is a newly opened tennis facility located between Bophut and Maenam. e club currently consists of one hard court but the Swiss management is in the process of upgrading facilities with floodlights, club house and a second tennis court. Coaching for all levels is available for individual and group sessions in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and ai. Equipment sales and rental is available as is a top of the range stringing machine and expert advice. is first tournament was held to establish a ranking for the island’s many tennis players to be included in the brand new Ace

Tennis Club Ladder. e ladder is a way for players of all levels to challenge each other in a competitive but friendly league. e rankings will be updated on a weekly basis and displayed on the information board at the Ace Tennis Club House. Everyone is welcome to join the ladder. e first Ace Tennis Club Tournament saw players of all levels compete in the doubles and singles events. e doubles event was a very tight battle which saw the eventual team of David (Sweden Bar and Restaurant) and Andrew emerge victorious against Jimmy and Nick. In the singles final, Johan (Scandic Restaurant) who was tournament favorite proved too strong for Jimmy Scott a teacher from International School Samui in a 6 - 2 match. Jimmy was definitely the tournament dark horse and man of the tournament starting the competition slowly but improving dramatically with every one of his nine matches to eventually compete in two finals. Due to the success of this first Ace Tennis Club Event, the management is planning more events in the near future. If you are interested in learning to play tennis,

Johan of Scandic Restaurant serving on his way to winning the inaugural title of the Ace Tennis Club tournament.

competing or joining the Ace Tennis Club Ladder please contact Ace Tennis Club Team on 0901700960 or drop by the club house which is located on Soi Kalkin in Maenam on the way to Mantra Hotel.

Tam’s Bar, 15 other teams advance DEFENDING champion Tam’s Bar in Chaweng squeezed past tournament dark horse Spicy Bar, 11 - 8 rcently to set the team on course for a back to back title of the Knockout Cup competition of the Monday Pool League. Last season’s runner up, Aussieland, were not as fortunate bowing to Lord’s Bar, 11-10, in a separate encounter played in Choengmon last March 5. Another first round upset victim was perennial title contender Bamboo, which got the axe from its second team, Bamboo2, 11-8, in Bangrak. Division 3 newcomer Queen’s Pub also booted out Premier Sports Bar 11-10 to advance into the next round. Newcomer Hush Bar also eliminated Tam’s2 by the slimmest of margins in their own encounter while Samui Rock Café

moved to the second round with an 11-5 trashing of White Bar. Jack’s Bar also earned a slot in the 2nd round draw with an 11-8 victory over e Hut. In another match, e Office lost to visiting International, 1-

11, to end their Knockout Cup campaign. Eight teams; Barbs; Chillin Bar; Cosmic; Jordan’s; My Bar; On’s Livewire; Ostaria; and Tropical Murphy’s all earned byes in the first round draw.

A ge g roup swimm ing pits Oonr ak v s. ISS FOLLOWING on the success of the Primary Football matches between International School of Samui and Oonrak School in Maenam, a Primary School Swimming competition was also held last March 15 among students of the two schools. e two best boy and two best girl swimmers of each class from year 1 to year 6 from both schools were qualified to join which started at 1p.m. in Maenam. e event, according to organizers, is part of the development of ongoing sporting fixtures between the two schools. Races included Freestyle boys and girls races in the under 6s, under 7s, under

8s, under 9s, under 10s and under 11s age categories. Backstroke and Breaststroke races for selected age groups will be held following the freestyle races. ere will also be boys and girls mixed age group relays to complete the afternoon’s events. ere will be refreshments available and presentations will be made following the completion of the races. ere will be points awarded for every finishing place in each race. ese points will contribute to an overall school score and a winning school will be announced at the end of the presentations to race winners and runners up.



SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

Muay ai boxing

KOs mark fights at new Chaweng stadium By PATRICK ROXAS THREE promising Muay ai fighters ended their matches in convincing fashion, knocking out their respective opponents, during the recent fight night held at the new Chaweng Stadium along Chaweng Beach Road. e first match of the 7match schedule ended in the second round when Phetdam Kiatkorvit hit Sitaek Soonkribaanle with a strong kick in the abdomen sending him down to the canvas and unable to stand up for the first abbreviated fight of the night in the 115 lbs category.

In the second fight at 125 lbs, Lampangchai Kiatkorvit was simply too strong for Yodtong Sitpanot and the latter was taken out in just the first round. In the 110 lbs category, Pichitchai Sor. Banlangtong outpointed Daradet Wetpinyomuaythai in five tough rounds to win the match. In another 125 lbs category encounter, Telek Aor. Bunchvoy could not handle Yoddoy Sitpanot’s powerful kicks and was knocked out in the first round. In the fifth match of the evening, Nontachai Kiatkorvit was in full control and

easily dominated Phettaksin Sitchangyoon in the 126 lbs category for his 50 win overall. e 6th match, one of the most anticipated because the protagonists were both champions and a grudge match, it was Rakangtong Sanpalangchai who prevailed over Phetaek Jetoopolmaisod to win the rematch after five grueling rounds. e final match was at 130 lbs and Sakadlek Seezanferry, the champion, imposed his class over a fighting but outclassed Mekdam Sitpanot.

TRAVEL NEWS Lose yourself on Samui

SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

(An article by JOHN BORTHWICK, e West Australian) KOH SAMUI floats in the Gulf of ailand like a tiny Tasmania that's gone troppo. If you visited years ago as an island-hopper, packing not much more than a sarong and a change of mind, be prepared for a shock - Samui's past, present and future, telescoped into now, greet you as you step off the ferry or plane. GULF OF THAILAND "Our first tourists had free accommodation. ey had to sleep at the temple because we had no hotel," Khun Ruengnam, past president of the Koh Samui Tourism Association, told me as he recalled the first backpackers who crossed from the mainland in the early 1970s and found an island without even roads. So much for the past. In just four decades, this once-forgotten fishing settlement 55km off Surat ani in the western Gulf has become, after Phuket, ailand's second most popular island destination. Last year Samui drew almost 800,000 visitors, 75 per cent of them foreigners, and some 9000 aircraft arrivals. THE BEACHES So, you arrive, draw breath and, slipping between the sepia past and the Seven-Eleven present, head for what drew those original trippers - the beaches. Samui still has them galore, with the east coast ones generally the best. Long, broad Chaweng Beach and the smaller Lamai are the most popular. eir waters are clear and calm, although the sands are thronged with tourists and hawkers. e west coast is quieter but the shallows are often coralstrewn. Uncrowded Lipa Noi is for

ThepieratBophutisthegatewaytoatown thathasbeencompletelytransformed.

me the standout western beach, but keep exploring side roads and you can find less trammelled shores such as Laem Nam or Natien. ere's a 51km round-island road which, eventually, you'll want to take because there's just so much of Chaweng Beach's cafe-boutique-massage- pizzeria-pirate clobber culture that one can handle before needing to get back in touch with ailand. HIRE YOUR TRANSPORT Self-driving here is a breeze (while the taxis are pure banditry) so rent a car, then head off to Samui's hideaway bays and other attractions. But who needs a car? Why not rent a motorbike and rip along barefoot and bare-brained? Helmets are mandatory but no-one wears one, so it must be safe, yes? No. Samui has one of the worst road accident records in ailand, a country with appalling annual fatalities, so if you're on two wheels, drive defensively and sober, and have very good insurance. Wear a lid. And jot down a quick will. You can drive around the island in a couple of hours (it's just 25km long by 21km wide) but try exploring instead.

SECRET GARDEN Head inland to the Secret Garden. Tucked in a hilltop jungle gorge, this grove of Ramayana characters, dancers and angels was sculpted in concrete by a Samui native, Nim Tongsung, who began his task at age 77 and worked until his death at 91. It's a labour of love in a place of peace and worth leaving the beaten track to find. Also in the interior are several waterfalls such as Na Muang 1 (10km south of Nathon) with a 15m cascade and pool popular with ais. TEMPLES It wouldn't be ailand without temples so pay your respects at the island's most popular tourist attraction, Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple) with its 12m golden Buddha statue surrounded by noisy stalls and eateries. is landmark sits on the north shore not far from Bophut. At the southern tip of the island is the smaller Laem Sor Buddha pagoda. Elsewhere are a so-called Buddha Footprint and two very desiccated "mummified ai eravada Buddhist temple architecture is represented by Wat Nikrodharam and Wat Kaphang Surin. Both are close to the still waters of Kaphang Surin, a lake popular for picnics to the north of town. More heterogeneous, and a

fine symbol of Trang’s cultural ‘unity in diversity’, Wat Matchimaphum – known locally as Wat Na Khao – brings a Mahayana element to the eravada tradition by housing a large laughing Buddha, the much-venerated Phra Sangkajjayana image, and a golden Guanyin Goddess of Mercy statue on a tall plinth that overlooks the entire town. Kantang Port Just 22 kilometres southwest of Trang at the mouth of the Trang river, the old port town of Kantang, founded by Governor Khaw Sim Bee at the end of the 19th century, still houses Trang’s lak mueang (city pillar), the traditional spiritual heart of the city, monks", none of which are real must-sees. BOPHUT e former fishing village of Bophut is a case study in transformation at the hands of tourism. e first time I saw it, Bophut was little more than a seafront main street lined with two-storey teak shop-houses and a rickety pier, home to trawlers and discarded fish-heads. During subsequent visits I've seen the shop-houses made over, if they were lucky, as restaurants, small bars and lodges such as the Red House. e unlucky ones were demolished to make way for some concrete folly housing, or another day spa or boutique. Bophut's transformation is almost complete and now, minus the fish-heads and crab-pots, it is indeed an elegant little spot to trawl for gifts, a room with a sea view and a deck upon which to sink the perfect sundowner. "Would you like to buy the shop," asked snowy-haired Irishman Jim O'Grady when I wandered into his second-hand bookshop in the island capital, Nathon, some years ago. I was trying to find a novel but almost left with the business. Jim had owned the shop for 15 years. "It's been long enough," he reflected before launching into a signature Irish anecdote about his decades spent in Australia. "I'm eligible for the Australian old age pension. ey could easily verify my residency there by just looking up my drink driving record in the 1960s and 70s." RESORTS A main driver of Koh Samui's transformation up-market from a budget destination has been the establishment of top-quality resorts which now dot the coast. With their numbers increasing,

23 lush enclaves such as Baan Taling Ngam, Six Senses, Tongsai Bay, Anantara and e Scent represent the future of the island. My local driver ep has a less sanguine view of other developments. "In 10 years all the coconut trees will be gone," he says, pointing to ridges that have had the arboreal equivalent of a Brazilian wax. In place of trees, subdivisions of boxy "villas" - aka bungalows - sold principally to expats, now hang off shaved hillsides and make parts of Samui look not unlike the home suburb you just left. CHAWENG Chaweng, the tourist "capital", is a kilometre-long mash-up of sports bars, Paddy pubs, hotels, stalls and malls. Here you can reap a pirate's harvest of faux-designer everythings - jeans, sunglasses, DVDs and ai silk goods. Indian tailors of the quasi-Versace cut are in abundance while numerous stores sell gems - which is no guarantee that the necklace you buy will contain any. For dining, Prego Restaurant (beside the Amari Resort on Chaweng Beach Road) has some of the best Italian fare on the island. For sunset with seafood, Big John's at Ban Lipa Noi does a fine lobster massaman. Elsewhere are hundreds of eateries, offering the gamut from TexMex to Royal ai degustation feasts. NIGHTLIFE Most of Samui's nightlife happens in Chaweng and Lamai. Wander the gauntlet of Chaweng's beer bars and cocktail lounges or head to Soi Green Mango, a full-tilt bar zone which specialises in loud music, cold beer and dancing. Bophut, the quiet alternative, offers the Siam Classic Dance Restaurant and various beach bars. Or, if a bit of the old ultraviolence is more your style, check the Muay ai kick-boxing at Chaweng Stadium. To glimpse a version of how Samui once was, head offshore to Ang ong Marine National Park or resort islands such as Koh Pangan, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. Failing that, just kick back. e medium is still the massage and in Samui there are $10an- hour treatments everywhere although I draw the line at one promising "Pink Lady Live Piano Massage."



SAMUI GAZETTE | Mar. 16 - 29, 2012

T h e Ba y o f f e rs din i n g w i th a v i e w THE Bay is exactly what its name implies, a restaurant with dreamy views over the bay of Chaweng, on the island ofSamui, and serving a selection of fine foods all day, from breakfast through to dinner. Set within the adults-only Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas Samui, A Centara Resort, e Bay is situated on a pleasant breezy hillside and offers both indoor and outdoor dining options. e restaurant features a healthy buffet breakfast, and an extensive a la carte of Royal ai cuisine and international dishes served at lunch and dinner and throughout the day, such as the signature dishes of salt and pepper squid, sweet and sour salmon, and keang phed ped yang. Open every day from 06.30 am to 10.30 pm. e restaurant seats 120 persons and can be reserved for private dining parties with varieties of ai, Western or barbeque buffet menus. For more information or reservations; please call Bhundhari Spa Resort& Villas Samui, A Centara Resort at 077 915000 and ask to speak to e Bay restaurant Or visit our website at

Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas Samui

SAFE DRIVING CAMPAIGN - As part of its going on “Traffic Knowledge & Safe Driving Skills Campaign,” the management team and staff of Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui welcomed Capt. Sitthisak Lekchoochart and Pol. Sr. Sgt. Maj. Pongsak Boonmart from Bophut Police Station recently for a training session held at the hotel.

Keang Ped Ped Yang “WE LOVE COFFEE” - Khun Kritchawat Kittipiroon (center), executive assistant manager for food & beverage of Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui, recently congratulated Khun Wipha Sookkham (left), restaurant supervisor - Piccolo and Khun Waraporn Nookasook (right), restaurant supervisor – Deli Shop, winners of the mystery shopper “We Love Coffee Program” from Sara Lee Coffee & Tea (ailand) Ltd., Points are given based on taste, latte art and perfection of recipes.

BLOOD DONATION -Khun Kanyaporn Kongfoo (1st from left), director of human resources of Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui led management team and hotels’ staff to welcome Centara sister hotels and members of local community to participate the blood donation organized by Koh Samui Hospital and Koh Samui Red Cross at Lamai Meeting Room.

Samui Gazette Edition 41  

the Samui Gazette. Your First stop for News, Island Politics, sports and Entertainment on Samui

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