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Alongside the leaves changing colour and early morning mists appearing, a key indicator for many these days is hearing who this year’s contestants will be, as the annual Strictly Come Dancing sequin-fest once again sashays onto our screens!

With thanks to: The Shed Shop, Joan Munns, Olive Tree Law, Vine Law, Stephenson Smart, Eileen Le Voi, March Podiatry, Lucy Briggs, Lin Stanton, Peter Wright, Trevor Langley, Diamond Byte, The Light Cinema, Steve Barclay MP and Chris Donald.

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Deadline details: Copy deadline for the September issue is Monday, 12th September 2022.

Welcome to your September issue... E ven as we enjoy/endure these steamy summer days, there are signs that the cooler, darker and wetter months aren’t too far away.

This month sees families facing up to the new academic year. Whether that involves seeing your little ones in their first primary school, your older ones embarking on a new secondary school regime, or your even older ones stepping out into higher education (presenting you with “empty nest syndrome” along the way!) wish you all the very best for the months and years ahead. You do come through on the other side … believe me! I recently had cause to purchase a new suit. An upcoming wedding led me to survey my current ones which unfortunately looked a bit tired and to be honest, old-fashioned. When I worked in a daily newspaper office, I wore suits all the time but in recent years they only really come out for funerals (unfortunately) and the odd customer visit. I thought this would be a relatively straightforward exercise. How wrong I was. For I found in numerous stores that in the unlikely event of there being a jacket I liked in my size there was little chance that there would also be a matching set of trousers. In the old days you would get mobbed by over enthusiastic staff like those that used to feature in TV’s Fast Show’s ‘Suits You’ sketches but now help was not at hand. However, I did eventually get fixed up – in shop number eight or nine – but was then unable to find any suitable size eleven shoes. Perhaps I’m just


/ DELIVERY, INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL SERVICE AVAILABLE / FRIENDLY, FREE ADVICE / FREE IN-STORE DEMOS 26-28 BROAD STREET, WHITTLESEY, PE7 1HA Open Mon - Fri 9am - 4:30pm | Sat 9am - 1:30pm | 01733 208787HOME LAUNDRY£219.99 from REFRIGERATION£189.99 from COOKERS£239.99 from KITCHENS • HOME APPLIANCES • TELEVISIONS Dive into the world of immersive picture and sound The best of entertainment with Sony TVs

• Spinach.

September is a good time to plant several crops which are hardy enough to withstand the winter and they will provide a steady supply of fresh leaves through to next spring.

• Spring greens – seeds can be sown in modules for planting out in October.

T o help reduce water evaporating in these hot conditions, firstly remove all weeds, as they will compete for moisture, then add a mulch of at least three inches depth and do not water during the heat of the day. The best time to water is early in the morning when water will soak into the ground, and if plant foliage gets wet, it will dry off, helping to avoid diseases.

• Earth-up or stake Brussels and remove any yellowing lower leaves or those that have fallen off as these are ideal homes for pests to shelter. Tall growing varieties may need staking against autumn winds.

• Turn the compost heap and water if it is dry.

• Prune blackberries when picking is over – cut out all the canes that carried this year’s fruit, leaving new canes unpruned.

• Ripen pumpkins and squashes by removing leaves to allow sunlight in.

• Lamb’s lettuce and oriental leaves.

• Onion sets and garlic.

• Winter lettuces – “Valdor”, “Arctic King” or “Winter Density” are good varieties to choose.

• Plant new strawberry plants and those propagated from runners.

• Cut down asparagus to 2.5cms (1in) above the ground.

• Clear the soil of spent crops; leaving them to rot on the soil may spread diseases. You could then rough dig and cover the ground for the winter or you could sow “green manures”, such as field beans, annual rye grass or phacelia. If you have a light soil, they can be left in over winter but those with clay soils benefit from digging them in when you do your autumn/winter dig.

Your Garden SPONSORED BY THE SHED SHOP SHEDTHESHOP QUALITY GARAGES & SHEDS AFFORDABLE PRICES • Timber & Concrete Garages • Workshops • Sheds • Glass • Felt ANY SIZE, ANY STYLE MADE TO ORDER 32 Market Street Whittlesey PE7 1BD HOUSESSUMMER 01733 350218

A few jobs that need doing this month include:

Now would be a good time to make or buy a composter as there is plenty of dead or dying material available. If you have one, add any material that isn’t diseased, turn it, water if it is dry and cover to keep warm. Don’t forget to add “brown” materials such as: autumn leaves, cardboard, egg boxes, eggshells, and sweetcorn husks, to name but a few. The proportion of “greens” to “browns” should be 50/50, with no dairy products, meat, fish, or non-degradable materials.

It’s time to lift onions and potatoes before the arrival of cold damp days. Onions should be kept in the light; you can string them and then hang in a cool frost-free place such as a shed. Potatoes, however, should be stored in hessian or paper sacks in a dark, dry, frost-free place, such as a garage or shed.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 5 A CONTEMPORARYDESIGNSRANGEFANTASTICOFFROMTOCLASSIC A WORLD OF CHOICE AT REEDS UNBEATABLE PRICES FROM A FAMILY BUSINESS YOU CAN TRUST! Check out our website | Find us on facebook for the latest updates REEDS Furniture, Flooring, Bed Centre & Homestore, Bridge Street, Downham Market PE38 9DS T: 01366 382213 REEDS Furniture, Flooring & Bed Centre, Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely CB6 3NX T: 01353 669754 SOFAS | CHAIRS | FURNITURE | BEDS | MATTRESSES | FLOORING | CURTAINS | BLINDS AND MORE! Opening Times: Mon – Sat 9am to 5pm in Downham and Ely | Sunday 10am to 4pm in Ely only Visit the café in our Downham Market Store where delicious food and drink awaits you.

Next Gault Wood Work Party is Saturday, October 1st at 10am. If you'd like to support our work at the wood as a volunteer, please contact the Woodland Trust using this

All of this is good but it is also bad because the plant colonises so easily, other plants are swamped. For management in nature reserves or gardens it is a constant battle to keep it under control. Seeds germinate anywhere and any bare soil will soon have the odd bramble seedling that will soon be hard to deal with. Then we come to the ugly. Every bit of the plant is armed with some sort of spine even the centre vein on the underside of the leaves has barbs. Picking blackberries can be guaranteed to draw blood; but it’s worth it. Fresh fruit salad, blackberry and apple pie, with cereal for breakfast, jam or jelly, summer pudding the list is endless and they freeze well.


The plant grows into a large shrub with very tangled stems making an ideal habitat for nesting birds. The sprawling stems grow flat along the ground and root easily along its whole length. As these new roots establish themselves, the size of the clump increases providing more nesting places. Its large pink or white flowers provide pollen for bees and nectar for a vast range of insects. Most flowers self-fertilise but visiting insects pollinate others. The fruit ripen from mid-August and are a feast for nature, being eaten by small mammals, larger mammals like badgers, many birds, countless insects, slugs, snails and, of course, us. Birds that eat the fruit will spit out the pips and they will grow easily, helping to spread the plant. With so many insects visiting the plants there are many spiders hoping to prey on them. Even early fruit can have ‘visitors’, usually the grubs of raspberry beetle or raspberry moth. Look at the break off point when a fruit is plucked and if it is clean and white it is fine but if it is wet and juicy reject it. This is not infallible but if there is a grub inside, it is only made of blackberry! Later in September some of the fruit will begin to go mushy so wasps and butterflies such as commas, speckled wood and red admirals will feed on them.

Old folklore says blackberries should not be eaten after Michaelmas (September 29th) because the Devil spits on them! This is good advice but it’s not the Devil; it’s flesh flies that spit on them. They dribble saliva on the fruit and then can suck up the juice.

Alternatively, the Nature's Calendar project, which focusses on phenology, which is the study of plant and animal reaction to climate change. Nature's Calendar (

T his familiar hedgerow plant can easily be regarded as ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’. There are more than two thousand varieties, which means the plants are slightly different in all areas.


By Joan Munns, of March Wildlife Group & March & District Woodland Group

Photo: Bramble Rubus fruticosa agg 2000 microspecies


Fenland Timber supplies high-quality design, build, and installations for sheds, fencing, decking and other bespoke timber based products to customers throughout the region.

Sam said business has slowed down recently after the surge in trade due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Quality Made Order

Units 1-3, Sandbank Barns, Wisbech St Mary PE13 4SE

T he Wisbech St Mary-based company has been supplying domestic and commercial customers throughout Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire since 2016, and enjoys a fine reputation for the quality of its craftmanship.


Now owner Sam Frankham is keen to build on this success by developing trade through the company’s timber yard.


The 36-year-old said: “Sheds and fencing are our most popular types of work, but I would now like to build up the timber yard side of the business. We are really a timber yard and landscape merchants where people can get whatever they need to complete a job.”

Check out Fenland Timber Limited at Units 1-3 Sandbank Barns, Sandbank, Wisbech St Mary Cambridgeshire PE13 4SE. Tel: 01945 410177; Email:; Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm; Friday, 7am-5pm; Saturday, 8am-3pm; Sunday, appointment only.

Sam, who is helped in the business by his wife Maryann and has five permanent employees plus casual staff, said there is a wide variety of services and timber products to choose from, much of which is sourced locally, with new lines added all the time.


Timber Products

Builds & Installations


Call us on 01945 410177


“It was crazy during COVID, but work has died down a bit now because people have now had all the work done on their home gardens and are now worried about the current economic situation and are running short of money.”

Property Protection Trust

Stop the House from Being Squandered

A PPT could be just the ticket, but you need solid legal advice before you start adding things to your will, willy-nilly.

A PPT (or Property Protection Trust) is a trust built into your will. It can do three things for your beneficiaries: Prevent Step-Family Takeover

If your partner struggles with making good financial decisions, it's best to take your half of the value of the house and put it into trust where both they, and their potential creditors, cannot use it.

At Olive Tree Law, we can help you with that.

At least as far as the house is concerned. You can designate your beneficiaries, and they will be the ones who benefit from the sale of the house that you own. And no-one else.

READER OFFER 50% OFF ALL PROTECTIVE PROPERTY WILL TRUSTS throughout the month of September. Just let us know you read all about it in Discovering March and want to know more.


“Everything was explained clearly and we had more than one opportunity to ask questions or for clarification which was very helpful.” Mr & Mrs Dodd “Nothing could have been improved. You kept us updated at each step of the process. Efficient and friendly service.” EB


Get your PPT set up now and avoid seeing it used to pay for the future care costs of your surviving spouse. The local council will do an asset test.

Keep your portion of the house out of it.

Remove Their Inheritance from Future Care Costs Calculation

“Such friendly people. Chris put me at ease straightaway. Nothing too much trouble. He took his time and listened to me. Excellent service.” N Worthington

You can’t always get what you want... but with a Property Protection Trust, you can get what you need to keep more of your biggest asset in the hands of your intended beneficiaries.

Get a free consultation about Protective Property Trusts today. Contact us on 01487 474352 or


Do you have protection against unintended beneficiaries, care costs, and financial mistakes?

You have homeowner’s insurance to protect your house from things like floods, fires, and burglary.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 9 garagefifor£895From*afullyttedelectricdoor. Garolla garage doors are expertly made to measure in our own UK factories, they’re strong and solidly built. The electric Garolla door rolls up vertically, taking up only 8 inches inside your garage, maximising valuable space. Our expert local installers will fit your new door and they’ll take away the old one too, so there’s no mess. Give us a call today and we’ll come and measure up FREE of charge. CALL US TODAY ON: 01354 800 026 MOBILE: 07537 149 128 *Offer valid for openings up to 2.4m wide & including 2 remote controls, 55mm white slats, internal manual override. Acole Plumbing Services Ltd Colin Ovenden 97 Nene Parade | March | Cambridgeshire 07759 768060 | 01354 650502 Service List • All general plumbing repairs undertakenbig or small. • All domestic heating repairs undertaken. • All domestic boiler fault finding undertakenboth gas and oil. • Landlord Gas Safety certificates • House purchase inspections of plumbing and heating • Boiler replacements. • Central heating power flushing. Acole is the answer to all your plumbing needs Acole Plumbing Services Ltd is a new business that has been set up to deal with Fenland homeowners‘ plumbing and heating Itrequirements.hasbeenlaunched by March-based Colin Ovenden who has more than thirty years’ experience in the business, primarily carried out in London. Colin moved to the town from the capital five years ago and after being employed locally has now decided to venture out on his own. He said: “I love living in March and felt the time was right to start my own business. “I am looking to focus on all general domestic plumbing and heating work, predominantly repair and refurbishment, in the March, Wisbech and WhittleseyContactarea.”Acole Plumbing Services Ltd on (01354) 650502; or 07759 768060; Email:

10 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 “We chose ColourFence 15 years ago and it looks as good as new. ” Mr & Mrs P. Stringer Choose 25 years maintenance free metal fencing*. Choose ColourFence. Brown Cream Blue Green 25 YEAR guarantee For a free, no-obligation quote, find out more via: 01354 800 *T&C’s apply – see website for details Unique ColourFence GUARANTEE ◆ Virtually, maintenance FREE for 25 years* ◆ Won’t warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel ◆ Withstands gusts up to 130mph Why choose anything else? ◆ Metal fencing available in four colours ◆ Established in the UK for over 15 years ◆ Professional installation Forget fence worries for good.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 11 9.8/10 UK MANUFACTURED MODERN CLASSIC TRADITIONAL CONTEMPORARY 3 Cambridgeshire,Godmanchester,Causeway, PE29 2HA Call us now for a free estimate: 01480 411 500 THE UK’S #1 KITCHEN MAKEOVER EXPERTS › Up to 50% less than a new fully fitted kitchen › From simple door replacements to complete fitted kitchens › Fully installed by local professionals in just a few days › Choose from a large selection of doors, worktops and appliances QUALITY ›››PROFESSIONALSMAKEOVERSBEDROOMBYLOCALBespokeslidingwardrobesStylestosuiteveryhomeWiderangeofcoloursandfinishestochoosefrom


12 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 South Brink, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 1JA (01945) 898090 | | • Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers Of Attorney • Property • Employment Law and HR Services • Civil Litigation – dispute avoidance and resolution • Legal assistance for start-ups and SMEs

It is at this point that we think we can be most useful. We appreciate that some people can find dealing with the administration a useful part of the grieving process but we also know that others can find it too much to deal with. We therefore tailor the assistance we offer depending on your needs. We can:

W e understand that when someone close to you dies it can be a very tough time. You are suddenly having to deal with not only the emotions but also the administrative tasks that need to be sorted.

2 Prepare the papers for the application for the Grant of Probate if you need to obtain one.

3 Deal with the whole administration if you would prefer someone to deal with it on your behalf.

4 Offer ad hoc advice and assistance if something comes up during the administration that you would like advice on.

Those first few days seem to be filled with a neverending list of jobs to do and things to arrange but where should you start?

1 Help by reviewing the will for you or by guiding you through the Intestacy Rules where there isn’t a will.

If you would like to discuss the services we offer please contact us on (01945) 898090.


Once you have registered the death then your attention will be focused on making the funeral Youarrangements.maywant to check the deceased’s will before making those arrangements to check whether there were any instructions about the funeral in it. If the deceased was living alone then you will also want to ensure that their property is secure and their personal belongings safe. A good step to take early on is to contact their insurers to let them know the stage will be to deal with the administration of the estate. If there is a will then it should say who the deceased chose to deal with their affairs, the executor. If the deceased hadn’t made a will then there is a strict set of rules that set out who should deal with matters.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 13 Conservatory blinds • INTU blinds (no screws used) • Black-out blinds Vertical / Roller / Pleated / Roman blinds • Venetian blinds, Wood and Aluminium Fly screens • Motorisation and child safety devices availab le on all blinds Fly screens • Awnings and Canopies • Made to measure and Handm ade Curtains • DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL Come & visit our showroom at 15 Market Place, Whittlesey, PE7 1AB Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm Telephone 0800 028 2942 or 01733 840258 • Visit us at ww w.blindsinharmo n k SPECIAL OFFER 20% OFF When 2 or more vertical blinds are purchased! Blinds in Har mony For all your Blinds, Awnings and Curtains TOM WESTBROOK Installation & Repairs Specialist NEW WINDOWS & DOORS • MISTED WINDOWS • DROPPED DOORS • REPLACEMENT LOCKS & HINGES • CAT AND DOG FLAPS • Call today for a free no obligation quote on 01354 653445 or 07949 457029 Find us on Facebook TRUSTED IN THE TRADE FOR OVER 25 YEARS

Key decisions need to be made, and there are many factors to consider. Chris Goad, partner at our March office, highlights some of the key areas.

Getting a grant is also an option. There are many different small business and start-up grants available depending on where your business is based, how large it is and what you do.


Business Plan

A significant task for a new business owner is ensuring that the business complies with the extensive tax, legislation and insurance requirements that are imposed by various authorities. To avoid problems, penalties and – in some cases – legal action, it is important to understand your obligations.

Embarking on a new business venture is both an exciting and a challenging task, which carries with it an element of risk.

“Chris has been brilliant. I can literally send him a text with a quick question, and he is always so helpful. With each start-up I have worked on Chris has guided me through the process and helped me with the business model. I haven’t had the need to worry about anything because I know Chris is always at the end of the phone with an answer” – Sean Brown, owner, Cambridgeshire Hair, and Beauty.

Stephenson Smart are specialist business start-up advisors. We can guide you through the decisionmaking processes, help you make the appropriate registrations, assist with cash flow forecasts, and offer regular updates to enable you to monitor the performance of your business. Please get in touch if we can support you on your new business start-up journey.

Finance Business financing can take two forms: debt or equity. Debt means borrowing money. Loans may come from family, friends, banks, other financial institutions, or professional investors. Equity relates to selling an ownership interest in your business. Such a sale can take many forms, such as the admitting of a partner or, if you are in a company, issuing of additional shares to investors.

Taxes, Legalities and Insurance

A business plan is an essential document that will guide you in establishing and growing your new venture; helping you focus your thoughts, providing you with targets and goals as well as giving you an indication of your cash requirements.

MARCH 01354 653026 WISBECH 01945 463383 KING’S LYNN 01553 774104 FAKENHAM 01328 863318 DOWNHAM MARKET 01366 384121 EAST COAST 01493 382500 Finance Are you getting ready to START A NEW BUSINESS?

01354 655200 174 Station Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 8NG 10 YEARS I N S URANCEBACKEDGUARAN T E E Choose a SupaLite Tiled Conservatory Roof installed by a SupaLite Recommended Installer. Temperature Regulation Weather Resistant Noise Reduction uPVC Windows COMPOSITE Doors BI-FOLD Doors CONSERVATORIES GET A FREE ONLINE QUOTE

16 Benwick Road, Doddington, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0TU Tel: 01354 742022 WEHERE!ARE HOSPITAL GLASSHOUSE PLANTS ORGANIC VEG PLUGS SEASONAL BEDDING PLANTS HANGING BASKETS RETAIL SHOP for special offers and competitions SHOP SUMMER OPENING TIMES MONDAY SATURDAY 9am 4pm SUNDAY 10am 4pm NORMAL OPENING HOURS DURING BANK HOLIDAY WEEKENDS Winter ChrysanthemumViolaPansiesCyclamenBasketplantsDianthusWallflowersMyosotisRosesConifersAndmuchmore - Buy the best quality- Buy direct from the grower -

He said: “I can carry out all types of general building work; literally anything and everything. There’s nothing better than carrying out work for someone, be it on their bathroom or living room or doing an external job, and seeing a smile on their face and knowing how happy they are with my work when it has been completed.

“My interest in building work started when I was a young lad and I used to help out my uncle Geoff and I have been doing it all my working life. So far business has been good although recently things have slowed down a bit because of the general economic climate, however I love what I do and eventually would like to expand into commercial work.”



Sam Calladine

Sam is based in Whittlesey and after leaving college worked on a number of local building projects including the conversion of The Hero Of Aliwal public house to Whittlesey Veterinary Centre before starting his own business.


is a new


Cambridgeshire Renovations & Maintenance can be contacted on 07802 430583; ; or on Facebook and Instagram. Maintenance company that has been formed by local man Sam Calladine to tackle all domestic building jobs.

Sam started the company last December to offer a general building service to people throughout the county.


DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 19 01733 663 207 Household and utilities bills are rocketing, so now is the time to consider insulation as the answer to inflation! According to the Energy Saving Trust in an uninsulated home up to 25% of heat is lost through the roof space! We can supply and install insulation to save your pocket and the planet – and you’ll be surprised how cost-effective our solutions are. No waiting around. We arrive on time, every time Lifetime guarantee • Reliable, local company working in your home • Extra confidence because we are accredited by Which? Trusted Traders • Absolutely no mess and no fuss. We are specialists in loft boarding and insulation – we also supply and install loft ladders and hatches ALL ASPECTS OF PLUMBING AND HEATING – NO JOB TOO SMALL! LOCAL & RELIABLE • FULLY INSURED • BOILER REPAIRS & INSTALLATIONS SERVICE MAINTENANCE • POWER FLUSHING • UNDER FLOOR HEATING RENEWABLE ENERGY AIR SOURCE HEATING INSTALLATIONS & SERVICING FULL BATHROOM INSTALLATIONS • LANDLORD SAFETY CERTIFICATES CALL REECE ON: 07469 248400 | 01354 461345 EMAIL: | 78 ELM ROAD, MARCH PE15 8PG

Resin, Block Paving & Landscaping Specialist in Lincolnshire See the reviews on our webpage from our happy customers At Lincolnshire Resin Drives Ltd, we create resin driveways, resin paths, block paving and pathways. Resin driveways and paths give the finishing touch to your property. We are trained in resin bound surfacing and understand that any work undertaken can be a big decision. Our work is always to the highest standard. With many years experience helping customers design and create their perfect driveways/patios hassle free. 22 Church St, Holbeach, Spalding, PE12 7LL DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Call us for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Find us on Facebook 01406 308201 10 WARRANTY (New customers only)


Verification Code Scam: If you receive a text message with a six-digit WhatsApp code that you were not expecting, you may be a target of the scam. It’s the kind of code you would need if you were setting up a new account or logging in to your existing account on a new device. If you have not initiated this request, you should see this message as a red flag. It could be a fraudster trying to log in to your account.

3) Never share your account’s activation code (that’s the six-digit code you receive via SMS).

Target Parents

The “Mum and Dad Scam”: involves con-artists convincing parents their children are in trouble and need a cash transfer. The scammer will typically begin the conversation with “Hello Mum” or “Hello Dad” and say that they are texting from a new mobile number as their phone was lost or damaged and will go on to ask for money to purchase a new phone or claim that they need money urgently to pay a bill. The criminal will supply their bank details for payment, with some coming back on multiple occasions until the victim realises that they’ve been scammed.

4) If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud online at or by calling 0300 123 2040.

As a parent, one of your worst nightmares is receiving a mobile phone message from your child telling you they are in trouble. Hundreds of parents are being caught out by the current WhatsApp scam doing the rounds –the number of these scams has rocketed by more than 2,000% in the last year, according to Lloyds Bank.

How to protect yourself

1) If a family member or friend makes an unusual request on WhatsApp, always call the person to confirm their identity.

2) You can report spam messages or block a sender within WhatsApp. Press and hold on the message bubble, select ‘Report’ and then follow the instructions.

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WhatsApp Scams Reach All-time High as Texting Tricksters

Supermarket Scam: Scammers send out fake Tesco, Asda, and Marks & Spencer vouchers on WhatsApp. The messages look like they have been sent by a thoughtful friend and designed to trick you into clicking on the link to claim the voucher. There are two classic signs that this is a scam: the spelling and grammar mistakes and, if you type in the URL mentioned in the offer, you will see that the page does not exist.

By Eileen Le Voi at Safe Local Trades

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 23 Tear out page and keep NEED A RECOMMENDATION? FREE and EASY service Serving the PE Postcode community since 2008 The ONLY Police Checked recommended register of local approved traders Recommended & Appro ed ® ✃ To see our full list of members and read all reviews just go to ... 0800 014 1832 Here are some of our members … Drivewayswww.cambridgeshiredriveways.com01733810063Callusont&Patios Tel: 01733 123456 TradesmenPainter,Decorator & mattc2901@gmail.comDIY07702407908CallMatthewont Tel: 01733 123456 TradesmenNewGarageDoors & Repairs RIDGEWAYGARAGEDOORS 0800 1577 958 07378 260725 07414 292188 Call Chris on Call Colin on Call Steve on t t t UPVC Window & Door Repairs Gutter Cleaning & Repairs Building & Carpentry Services Much more than just a recommendation ... Over 70 different trade categories and over 16,900 local reviews The safest way to source local traders Steve Deprez & Son Building • Brickwork • Carpentry Preserving the past, Building the future


DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 25 We install top space!perfectcreateLetFreeVisitGrassArtificialqualityourshowroomsitevisitsourteamyouroutdoor 01354 Unit 1, Commercial Road, March Cambridgeshire PE15 8QPDISCOUNTLOCAL CALL NOW SelfInternalStoreRooms March Self For further information please call us on: 01354 661 999 THREE ACRES BUSINESS PARK • CREEK ROAD • MARCH • PE15 8SW Outdoor storage Various size units ACCESS Sundays07:00am-20:00pmEVERYDAY&BankHols09:00-20:00 CCTV and ANPR Cameras 24 hour onsite security CompoundFloodlit availableForklift £5.95 Please call for more details STARTING FROM AS LITTLE AS WEEKPER EASY OPEN DOOR HANDLES

Residents are reminded that the March Armed Forces Fair (MAFF) will take place on Sunday, September 4th.

If there is something you’d like us to cover or you have something to say please get in touch at: Discovering March, PO Box 164, Bourne PE10 1ET

We bring you items of interest for your home and community.


The winners of the March Garden Competition 2022 have been announced at a presentation at the Masonic Lodge, March. They were: Large gardens, sponsored by Amical Veterinary Centre, 1st John Broadbent, runner-up James Kisby; Medium gardens, sponsored by Haart Estate Agent, 1st Janice Williams, runner-up The Alms House; Small gardens, sponsored by Caldwell Masonic Lodge, 1st Tony Smith, runner-up Wendy Baxter; Hanging baskets and tubs, sponsored by Stone Cross Masonic Lodge, 1st Wetherspoons, runner-up Anne's Thai Kitchen.

Aria Court Care Home in CambridgeshireMarch, has hosted a coffee tasting session for residents which also included cake! As part of the session, the South East Coffee Company talked through some of the characteristics of coffees from different parts of the world, to help give residents interesting insight on how coffee can vary in flavour so notably depending on where it’s from.

The event will take place between 12 noon and 6.30pm.

This one-off, free event – centred on West End Park – will feature attractions including: Military vehicles and displays; WW1, WW2 and Post-War era; Military and Veteran with stalls; Armed Forces’ Organisations; Armed Forces’ Support Organisations; Recruiting Stands; Food stalls and bars; Brass and Military bands; Parade of Standards; Act of Remembrance.


The winning coffee chosen by residents was a single-origin coffee called Indian Monsoon Malabar which is grown in the South West of India at altitudes of 1100-1200 metres.

Lisa Vile, sales and hospitality manager at Athena Care Homes, said: “We are passionate about ensuring the residents are at the heart of everything we do so we were grateful to South East Coffee for taking time out their day to engage with the residents and get their feedback. We all had a lovely afternoon and it was great to see residents from all communities join in this activity. We even had some relatives join in the fun too.”


Everyone is welcome, railway enthusiasm an advantage but not necessary. Doors open at 9am.


March Lions Club has been even busier than usual over the past few weeks. The annual Lions Peace Poster competition again went ahead this year, with the theme ‘Lead with Compassion’. Entries were received from all of March’s primary schools, and after careful deliberation, the top three posters from each school were presented with a prize. The quality of entries this year was exceptionally high, and the Lions thanked the schools for their support in running this competition.

“So, we are extremely proud not only that the council has maintained excellent public services and pushed forward with ambitious plans for the future, but that we’ve done this while freezing our portion of the Council Tax for four years in a row.”

Following the success of a breakfast meeting at March Con Club, the club has offered to repeat the event on behalf of The B17 Steam Locomotive Trust on Tuesday, October 4th. Tickets for breakfast cost £5, issued at the door, and tea/coffee £1. Some unusual items of local history will be on display for inspection as well as photographs and displays showing progress with the new B17 project.

Meanwhile, outgoing Lions Club president Alexander Groome has handed over his chain of office to the club’s new president Ruth Martin. Ruth previously served as president of the club between 2014 and 2016.

And Saturday, October 8th, will see the return of the March Lions Autumn Fete at St Peter’s Church, March. There will be stalls from a number of local charities and businesses around the church, and bacon butties provided by March Lions. All of the money raised at the event will help the Lions continue to support local charities.


An insight into the breadth of work Fenland District Council undertakes for local people has been detailed in its annual report for 2021-2022.


If you are interested in having a stall, please contact Rev Jenny Webb by email, or phone (01354) 650855.


The report, now available online at www.fenland., charts the progress the council has made across a wide range of key service areas, outlines what has been achieved in the past year and how it has spent the income it Cllrreceives.ChrisBoden, leader of Fenland District Council and cabinet member for finance, said: “We are living amid the worst cost-of-living squeeze since the 1970s, with soaring bills hitting everyone’s pockets.

Guest speaker for the meeting will be local railway manager Alan Neville who from about 11am will talk about his career and review the recent improvements at March station.

Below photo: Outgoing Lions Club president Alexander Groome (left) hands over his chain of office to the club’s new president Ruth Martin. Photo: courtesy of Lion James Martin

Top photo: Lion Derek Rutter with the winning posters at March’s Burrowmoor School

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DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 29 | 07875 745125 Upvc Windows and doors Aluminium Windows and doors Bi-folding doors Fascia, soffits and guttering Supalite Warm Conservatoriesroofs The window and door business ltd March 2021.indd 1 17/02/2021 14:18 ASPECT F I R E S Est .1977 01733 202220 37 Market Street, Whittlesey, PE7 1BA Gas Fires Full Installation Service Wood Burning Stoves Electric Fires Flue Systems Fireplaces Chesneys Charnwood Stovax Gazco Heta Capital Rais Wanders Flamerite & more


30 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 Opening hours: Mon 9am-7pm, Tues 9am-5pm, Weds 9am-7pm, Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-1pm MICROWAVE THERAPY FOR SKIN MRK25, Issue 2

Microwave energy is widely used in a number of medical fields to elevate tissue temperatures and create precise, localised cell destruction. Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose. As microwaves travel into the tissue, water molecules begin colliding and creating localised heat energy – quickly destroying all infected tissue within a predetermined depth. In just seconds the treatment is complete, leaving the body to absorb and replace the treated tissue.

For more information www.treatwithswift.comvisit

Infected tissue can exist several millimetres below the surface and can often be difficult to treat using traditional methods, resulting in either untreated tissue or significant damage.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 31 WE’RE HIRING! We’re looking for Care and Support Workers to join us in a variety of settings including extra care, supported living, younger person’s accommodation and supporting those with learning difficulties. If you’re passionate about making a difference to people’s lives, this could be the role for you. THECAREROLE AND SUPPORT WORKER FIND OUT MORE AND APPLY ONLINE Your new career is only a click away! Scan the QR code or visit to search for our vacancies. Pay from £9.90 per hour Flexible hours   Up to 26 days annual leave Free DBS check   Excellent pay and benefits, including:

Activities can be booked via an App which is free to download. Please search for 'Freedom Leisure' on your App store and then select George Campbell. They can also be booked over the phone on (01354) 707292 or at reception.


Although there is no café, the George Campbell does have soft drinks available from its vending machines and snacks and ice creams available in the reception area.

Andy added: “You have to be ten years old to use the gym. We run our junior gym sessions called, 'Energetix' for 10-13 year-olds on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 4pm-5pm and 1pm-2pm on Saturday and Sundays.”

The swimming pool is open every day with the timetable being available online, via an App or from the reception.

Free parking is available on site at the leisure centre and there are bus stops close by in the centre of town.

T he MarchinCentreCampbellGeorgeLeisureissituatedthecentreofandboasts

The Little Gem in the Centre of March

The gym is open for anyone over the age of fourteen from 6.30am-9.30pm weekdays and 8am-4pm at weekends.

Described as a “little gem” by centre manager Andy Cornwell, it is open to both members and non-members who can pay as they go and are always made welcome.

top-class facilities including a gym, fitness classes and a fantastic six-lane, twenty-five metre swimming pool.

Andy said: “We have run a very successful Swim School for junior and adult swimming lessons. We are currently teaching 840 children every week how to swim. “We have recently trained up four new Level 2 swimming teachers which has allowed us to open up over two hundred extra spaces on our swimming lessons ready for September. You can get booked in right now.”

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 33 In the interest of safety for my clients - I have taken the decision to work from home in my purpose builttreatment room - please call me to arrange an appointment to suit you. For more information or to book an appointment contact: Mobile: 07780 608343 Helping you to find balance • Aches and pains • Allergies • Infertility • Strengthens the immune system • Balances the emotions • And numerous other conditions BSc (Hons), LicAc, MBAcCToni Wilkes Acupuncture Toni Wilks Acupuncture 1/2 page - March 22.indd 1 15/02/2022 21:48 Monday 9.30am or 11am at Wimblington Village Hall: Contact Dawn on 07515 557803 Wednesday 9am, 10.30am, 5.30pm or 7pm at 2nd March Scout Hut: Contact Helen on 07711 985276 Thursday 6pm or 7.30pm & Saturday 8.30am or 10am at St. Mary’s Church Hall: Contact Nik on 07566 216933 If you are aresident Cambridgeshireof orPeterborough and wouldlike to lose weight, youmay be eligible for aFREE 12 REFERRAL!WEEKVisit the websitefor details


September means one thing for most of us – back to school! It may be that you are embarking on a new year of learning at school, college, or university.


One of my favourite phrases is: ‘You cannot drink from an empty vessel’. If you are feeling depleted, how can you be expected to give?

Many people think that therapy and self-help books are reserved for those who are struggling. But what if we were to prevent a looming burnout? As someone who has experienced a major burnout myself – one, unfortunately, where I had to leave my job – I believe that the best course of action is prevention! It could be implementing something as simple as switching off your phone and going for a walk every evening. Or perhaps setting aside some time to light some candles and have a bath. Our phones can be such a cause of anxiety. Why not flip that around, and use it to actually help our mental health? Just type “Mental Health” into the Google Play or Apple store, and hundreds of brilliantly rated self-care apps will pop up. “Headspace” and “Calm” are great for relaxation and guided meditations. Or perhaps a mood tracker may suit you better?

Whatever your situation, September brings a new beginning, similar to January, or a birthday. Looking to make some changes? Who says you must wait until January? Now is a great time! With our busy modern lives, how many of us actually pay attention to our mental health? It is so easy to get bogged down with our daily chores, notifications on our phones, or those rising bills arriving on our doormat.


There is no shame in reaching out. If you want to just talk something over, the Samaritans are available to call or text, 24/7 on 988. Your GP will be able to advise on local agencies that may be able to help you, such as “Steps2Change”, the “Psychological Wellbeing Service”, or local charities such as Don’t Lose Hope. Here’s to breaking down the stigma, making time for ourselves, and a happy and healthy ‘new year’!

[ by Lucy Briggs Follow me on @itslucybriggs ]

For many of us, it is our children, and perhaps a stark reminder to us of how fast they are growing. Teachers may be experiencing a serious jolt back to reality, after a long, hot, few weeks off. Or, for some of us, it may just mean that the rush hour traffic is back to its worst!

Stephen, who is a qualified practitioner and is fully insured, has been practising holistic therapies for the past five years. He said, “it will be a radical change in my life, spending more time delivering holistic treatments.”

He has spent many hours researching holistic therapy, spending time at Stephen Rayner Rayner

Stephen Rayner is transforming his life by turning his passion into a business and becoming a full-time holistic therapist.


Reiki | Crystal Healing | Gong Baths Colour Therapy | Massage | EFT Spiritual Counselling | Singing Bowls Stephen

07949 rayoflightspiritualhealing@gmail.com2773517EllinghamAvenue,March,PE159TA

He has formed Ray of Light Spiritual Healing to offer a range of therapies from a custom-built studio at his home in Ellingham Avenue, March. He said, “I have been carrying out holistic therapy treatments during evenings and weekends and have decided to dedicate more time to the business.

“I have decided to move away from mainstream work to deliver holistic therapies. I offer a range of therapies to make people feel relaxed, less stressed and relieving anxiety by using Reiki and gong baths - which include a range of relaxing sounds using gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes to name a few.

“Many of the people who come to me have aching joints or various medical conditions and want to try something different. They find the vibrations that are generated have a relaxing and healing effect on them.”

36 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 Helping you to live well

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 37 PLEASE CALL NOW FOR A FREE QUOTATION FOR REMOVAL OF ALL YOUR ITEMS 01733 963031 Look out for our regular auction dates: • We offer stress free house clearances • You will receive the best possible price for your items • Your belongings will still be owned by you until auctioned by ourselves Unit 16, Springwater Business Park Station Road, Whittlesey PE7 2EU OPENING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm Saturday: 9am-5pm. Sunday CLOSED AT GLYN JONES AUCTIONS WE PUT OUR CLIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES FIRST 6-8 Dartford Road, March, Cambs PE15 8AD Tel: 01354 651499 Email: • associationinwith Independent Family Funeral Director 24 hours personal care Private chapel of rest All funeral arrangements catered for including Eco-friendly/green burials Agent for Golden Leaves Funeral Plans Professional and Experienced Advice

On September 10th, 2022, people up and down the country will be observing World Suicide Prevention Day. Evidence suggests that providing support services that give people the opportunity to talk about mental health actively helps move people away from suicidal thoughts.

Start a conversation

Know where to get help

It sounds obvious, but we can never really know what someone is thinking without asking them. If you’re concerned about someone then be honest and tell them that and ask them how they are really feeling. Let them know that they can talk to you without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Supporting someone who is having suicidal thoughts can quickly take its toll on your own mental health. Knowing someone close to you is contemplating suicide can be distressing. If the upset stays with you, it’s important to recognise you need support, too. As you show compassion and encourage others to reach out and ask for help, remember to have compassion for yourself in the process.

World Suicide Prevention Day: How You Can Help

By Lin Stanton, Centre Manager for Fenland CAP

Be kind to yourself



it, we can help bring hope and save lives. So how can we as individuals play a part in bringing about this change? We’ve followed some advice from where you can also find additional support. Know the warning signs For most people, talking to their loved ones about how they’ve been feeling is incredibly difficult. Knowing the warning signs means that you’re more equipped to start a conversation. Find out what kind of conversations, feelings and behaviours may indicate that someone may be thinking about suicide at protective-factorssuicide/

Listen Make it clear that you are listening by giving the person who is sharing your full attention. Don’t interrupt and give them the space and time they need to articulate exactly how they feel. Someone simply talking about how they’re feeling can provide relief and make them feel less isolated. Be mindful that you’re not there to advise or judge them. Aim to ask open, non-judgemental questions such as, ‘Why do you think that might be the case?’ and ‘Would you be happy to tell me more about that?’

The Stay Alive mobile App is a good resource for those at risk of suicide and people who are worried about someone else. It offers useful information about services and support in your local area, along with national helplines and online resources.

Samaritans provide urgent support around the clock, every single day of the year, on 116 123. Or, if someone doesn’t feel able to pick up the phone, they can have a text conversation by texting SHOUT to 85258.

Suicide is a complex issue, with many contributing factors. Money problems and their effects on mental health is often an overlooked issue. Christian Against Poverty (CAP) say that more than one in three of the people who approach them for help (36%) have attempted or considered suicide as a way out of debt. If you or someone you know is struggling with finances, CAP is on hand to offer free practical, emotional and holistic support.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is a UK charity working with more than 800 affiliated churches to deliver debt help, budgeting guidance, support to find work, life skills groups and more. Visit to find out more or call 0800 328 0006. Contact Lin Stanton, Fenland CAP on 07503 641844 linstanton@capuk.orgor

B y starting

The problemsbetweenrelationshipmoneyandsuicide


Mobility scooters

Unit 15, Peterborough One

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Mobility scooters

needs including folding travel

Park, Eye Rd, Peterborough PE1 4YZ or call 01733

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40 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 andRollatorswalkingaidsforasaferwalkinsideoroutside.Unit 15, Peterborough One Retail Park, Eye Rd, Peterborough PE1 4YZ or call 01733

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Park, Eye Rd, Peterborough PE1 4YZ or call 01733 511104

folding travel

somethingscooters,topopintotownonortohandleaccessiblecountrywalks. Retail

andRollatorswalkingaidsforasaferwalkinsideoroutside.Unit 15, Peterborough One


DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 41 Professional Foot Health Practitioner • Nail trimming/reduction • Verrucae • Callus/corn removal • Ingrown toenails • Fungal nail/athlete’s foot • Cracked heels • Thickened nails • Diabetes foot care • Neurovascular assessment Peter Stanley MAFHP, MCFHP Call Peter on 07842 553554 Email VISITSHOMEONLY FREE parking HOME visitsavailable FREE aftercare 5YEAR warranty Hear CLEARLY again... Nevermissoutonthesoundsyoulove withthelatestcomfortableandinvisiblehearingaids * INVISIBLE RECHARGEABLE &SPECTACLE HEARING AIDS FREE HEARING TESTS *onselectedproducts INDEPENDENT familybusiness 5YEARFREE batteries * WAX REMOVAL SERVICE TROUBLEHEARINGTHEN CONTACTUS TODAY! 37MarketPlace,MarketDeepingPE68EA AIDTRIALSHEARINGFREE * BRINGTHIS ADVERTINTO CLAIMYOUR SPECIAL HEARING AID DISCOUNT * orquoteref DISMA t: 01778 301220,18BroadSt,Whittlesey Sound Advice Hearing Centres Hearing aids don ave to be seeWe are now open again & Covid-19Compliant


B17 No. 2811 'Raynham Hall' speeds the 'Eastern Belle Pullman' in the London area

The Eastern Belle was a remarkable success and the sight of the chocolate and cream Pullman cars added a touch of glamour to East Anglian railway lines until war intervened in 1939.

Local History DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022

T he GER introduced Pullman car services in 1920 and during November, the first-class car 'Arcadia' was put onto Cambridge services. The next year this was extended to Hunstanton but the experiment was a total flop. Other services introduced by the LNER fared little better and, by the mid-1920s, the company owned an embarrassingly large number of expensive Pullman cars for use on a limited number of viable routes. It was, perhaps, to find a use for these otherwise redundant vehicles that on Sunday, June 2nd, 1929, the LNER introduced its celebrated Eastern Belle summer Pullman trips. The Eastern Belle ran from Liverpool Street every day except Saturdays when it would have competed with regular holiday trains. The train formation varied, but there were typically seven or eight coaches, one of which would be first-class. In the mid1930s these were often ‘Albion’, ‘Calais’ or ‘Fontuna’. The rest of the train was composed of third-class vehicles. This underlines a significant point; The Eastern Belle was designed, not for high class patrons, but for average family groups.

The train was not confined to any one route, but ran instead to a varied programme, taking excursionists to a range of holiday resorts throughout East Anglia. This programme changed from season to season, but a typical week began with a Sunday trip to Clacton which would be visited again in mid-week, while on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays the train would visit Cromer, Felixstowe, Aldeburgh, Harwich, Hunstanton, Frinton and other East Coast resorts. In addition to these main destinations, various intermediate resorts might also be served. Harwich trips, for example, would call en route at Dovercourt Bay, while an Aldeburgh service might also serve Thorpeness. Occasionally the Eastern Belle would pass through March on a run to Skegness, though East Anglian resorts remained the more usual destinations. In 1931 no fewer than eighteen different resorts were covered throughout the season. Hunstanton was visited, on average, perhaps every two weeks – usually on a Tuesday. Fares were not by any means exorbitant by 1930s’ standards and, in retrospect, the concept of a luxury excursion must be seen as a stroke of genius. What better than a trip to the seaside in an ostentatious Pullman express. A third-class weekday return trip to Essex and Suffolk resorts would cost only 6/6d. More distant destinations, such as Cromer or Hunstanton, cost 7/6d, inclusive of the Pullman supplement. Weekly season tickets could be purchased for 37/6d, first-class, and 25/-, thirdclass. Lunch, in the 1930s, cost 3/- in first and 2/6d in third-class while on the homeward journey, supper was available for both classes for 3/-.

(Photo: Ian MacCabe collection – courtesy The B17 LocomotiveSteamTrust)

The Belle

ByPULLMAN Peter Wright on behalf of March & District Museum



Demerara sugar, to sprinkle Recipe from

450g cooking apples (such as Bramley) ½ lemon, juiced 280g golden caster sugar 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla extract

3 Bake for 45-50 mins until golden and springy to the touch. Leave to cool for 10 mins, then turn out of the tin and remove the paper. Cut into bars or squares.

2 Put the butter, caster sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour and baking powder into a large bowl and mix well until smooth. Spread half the mixture into the prepared tin. Arrange half the apples over the top of the mixture, then repeat the layers. Sprinkle over the demerara sugar.


Cut this simple-to-make cake into bars or squares for a tasty treat the whole family will love!

225g butter, softened, plus extra for the tin

350g self-raising flour 2 tsp baking powder

AppleTray Bake



1 Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Butter and line a rectangular baking tin (approx 27 x 20cm) with baking parchment. Peel, core and thinly slice the apples, then squeeze over the lemon juice. Set aside.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 45 Phone: 01354 655855 Email: Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 8am-2pm BY APPOINTMENT TO H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II Delicious hot & cold food Eat-in or takeaway Celebration cakes for all occasions Freshly made buffets to order. 4bDartfordRoad | March|PE158AQ Traditionally made bread & cakes 75 THE AVENUE, MARCH PE15 9PS T: 01354 655258 SERVING GREAT FOOD WITH A WIDE SELECTION OF ALES & GOOD VARIETY OF LAGERS & SPIRITS FOOD ON&&12–2.30PMSERVED5–8:30PMTUES–SAT12–3.30PMSUNDAYS THESEVENSTARSMARCH@GMAIL.COM • FIND US ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM TUES–SATOPEN12–11PMSUNDAYS12–8PM THE SEVEN STARSSTARS Family-friendly pub with outdoor play area – dogs welcome too!

As enjoy!always,

Some Favourite Rosé Selections WINE

If Co-op membership is of interest, then customers gain rewards on selected purchases and products. The Co-op also supports Fairtrade. For all details

R osé wines are very popular for drinking in the withmonthssummerNow,several styles being available, made using a wide variety of grapes, they can be enjoyed throughout the year. Many countries, worldwide, now produce these wines, which incorporate some of their colour from the grape skins and their popularity speaks volumes. Always adding colour to a dining occasion and great for al fresco dining too, these wines are a fabulous choice. Sophisticated and elegant, they continue to gain in popularity every year.


If a ‘sparkler’ is required (great to welcome guests with and for parties), then LES PIONNIERS CHAMPAGNE (12% vol) hits the spot. Champagne needs no introduction, I am sure, and this production certainly does not disappoint. Fine bubbles greet the eye, and the bouquet is delicate, evoking thoughts of red, summer fruits. This delight continues to the mouthfeel and palate’s sensation, splendidly. These are just a selection of the wines available in this category. Take time and have pleasure in finding your favourites. Rosé wines pair with a lot of cuisine and are very capable of being enjoyed on their own. I located these wines at a Co-op store where the choices of aworthyCo-opmakebeveragesandspirits,wines,beers,othertheveryofvisit.

SOLAR (12.5% vol) is from France and produced using organic cultivation methods. I found this rosé production to be fresh, fruity, and utilising the Grenache grape variety to great advantage. The sunny south of France brings out the floral notes and ripe red fruits in the grapes, for this impressive wine.

By Trevor Langley

Food & Drink

BABICH (13% vol) wine comes from New Zealand, and now has many pink wine lovers around the world. Founded during 1916, the Babich, family-owned winery produces this excellent wine, with overtones of orchard fruits, having citrus and red fruit flavours forward.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 47 THE ROOKSWOOD CLUB members only club: For more information or a new membership form please call in and see us 27 west end, march pe15 8dp 01354 652233 regular Quiz & Bingo Nights, open mic nights Discos, Karaoke and EntertainmentMusicEvenings function rooms available to hire for anniversaries,weddings,parties,christenings and wakes enjoy our outside seating area in a south-facinggarden opening hours: tues thurs7-10.30pm7-10.30pmfri6-10.30pmsat12-11pmsun12-8pm Sun 28th aug Summer BBQ & Prize draw – from 2pm thurs 1st sept Open Mic Night – 7.30pm Sun 4th sept Open day from 12 noon: New members welcome Thurs 8th,15th, 22nd & 29th sept March Camera Club 7.30pm – New members welcome thurs 15th sept Acoustic Folk night – 7.30pm Sat 17th sept Quiz night Thurs 8th & 22nd sept Chess Club – 7.30pm Sat 24th sept Singalong Disco – 7.30pm Tuesday 27th sept ‘MUGS’ March ukulele group 7.30pm – New members welcome Fri 30th sept Bingo – 7.30pm We also welcome our Pool teams on Tuesday nights and Darts Teams on Friday nights coming events august/september

Check the weather Again, simply type in Wisbech Weather or March Weather to see the temperature, rainfall and wind expected in the next seven days.

Roll the dice

Search by date Google will deliver search results that it thinks are most relevant, however they may date from some time ago and therefore be out of date. It’s possible to search for results from just the current year or maybe from a specific period of time. For example, if you search for Windows 10, when you see the results, click ‘Search Tools’ at the top, then from the ‘Any time’ drop down menu, select ‘Custom range.' In the pop-up box enter a start and end date and Google will display only the results published within that timeframe.

Check a flight Simply type in a flight number and Google will tell you when the flight is due to leave (or when it left) and when it will arrive and at which airport terminal.

Limit results to the UK You may wish to search for places to visit in Washington. The most obvious results will suggest you take a tour of The White House or the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, USA. However, if you wish to look for places to take the kids in Washington, Tyne and Wear, click on Tools and select ‘Country: the UK’ from the Any country dropdown menu. Use a hyphen to exclude words If you find yourself searching for a word with an ambiguous meaning, for example Mustang, you may get results for both the car and the horse. If you want information only on the horse, type in Mustang -cars. Using a hyphen tells the search engine to search for mustangs but to remove any results that have the word ‘car’ in it.

Finally, for a bit of fun, if you can’t find your dice when wanting to play a board game, type ‘roll a die’ into Google search bar and it will roll a virtual dice for you on the screen. Click ‘roll it’ to throw it again.



48 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 The Technology Site Millions of people use Google search every day. But many may not be using it to its full potential. Here are some tips and tricks to increase your Google search efficiency. Use the tabs The first tip is to use the tabs in Google Search. Just underneath the search bar are tabs such as All, Maps, Web, Images, News, Shopping and More. By using these tabs, you can help define what kind of search you want as well as cut search time dramatically. If you need images, use the Image tab. If you are looking for a recent news article, use the News tab.


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DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 49 For all your self-drive hire requirements CARS • VANS • LUTONS MINI BUSES (7 to 17 seats with seatbelts) 7.5 TONNE WITH TAIL LIFT T: (01945) 582458 or 465059 Daily, Weekly & Monthly Rates Contract Hire • Continental Hire RAC Cover • Collection & Delivery Competitive prices include: Unlimited Mileage, VAT & Insurance Waiver LYNN ROAD, WISBECH, CAMBS PE14 7AL COMPUTERTheMan INDEPENDENT I.T. SPECIALIST FOR ALL YOUR COMPUTER NEEDS Computer problems fixed | Laptops repaired Internet and network issues resolved Network cable installations Server installations Network installations Business call outs Home call outs | Maintenance & servicing And much, much more Contact Stuart Saberton: T: 07914 614513 E: WANTEDALLCARS,VANS,TRUCKS&4X4s New or old • With or without MOT High or low miles • Top prices paid Also camper vans and motorhomes bought Call Wayne on 07778 057991 Flourish & Grow Helping children learn to grow & cook healthy meals • Grow veggies from seed • Learn to cook healthy meals • Includes a recipe card created by a professional chef so kids can make a meal with the veggies they grow SUBSCRIPTION BOX FOR CHILDREN To learn more and sign up, please visit:

Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare’s muchloved comedy of new beginnings comes to the big screen on September 8th. Watch an epic stage production filmed over three ground-breaking nights at the world-famous Royal Festival Hall on September 22nd. Tubular Bells 50th Anniversary Tour reinvents the album with an incredible cinematic score, live musicians and performers with dance and acrobatic feats that create not only a visual spectacular, but also a musical tour-de-force. With so many films to choose from why not sign up to our Infinity membership and watch all the 2D and 3D films you can handle for just £15.99 per month? Our members also receive 25 percent off favourite cinema treats, all day, every day (excluding alcohol), discounted Event Cinema tickets, and invites to member only screenings.

The Light Cinema, Cromwell Road, Wisbech PE14 0RG Tel: 01945 640000 instagram lightcinema_wisbech  Light Cinema Wisbech Twitter-square @LightWisbech

Top Picks A serial killer is on the loose in London’s West End and Sam Rockwell and Saoirse Ronan are on the case in star-studded murder mystery See How They Run, showing from September 9th. It’s a terrifically long list of talent and an imposing list of suspects for our detectives, but every one of them is also a potential victim in this creative take on the classic Agatha Christie-esque whodunnit that promises plenty of twists and turns. We move onto the 1960s in psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling on September 23rd. Harry Styles plays the role of Jack alongside Florence Pugh as the film’s protagonist and Jack’s wife Alice. The film is directed by, and also stars, Styles’ off-screen partner Olivia Wilde. Everything in their experimental utopian community is not what it seems, and Pugh’s character soon starts to question the secrets that her husband’s company may be hiding. We head back to the 1950s for the release of Mrs Harris Goes To Paris on September 30th. The feel-good comedy of a humble, hardworking housekeeper and war widow who dreams of one day owning a Dior dress. When she discovers she is entitled to a significant sum of money, she jumps at the opportunity to put the days on her hands and knees behind her and plans a grand adventure to Paris to purchase the Dior dress she’s always dreamed of. There are highs and lows as we follow Mrs Harris on her grand European adventure with plenty of fish-out-of-water fun, heaps of emotion, and an eclectic cast of characters.


Sensational September Movies

NT Live:

More blockbuster films coming your way include Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Lyle Lyle Crocodile and Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical Keep an eye on our full film listings at

Event Cinema Escape to the Italian Riviera to the legendary Hotel Messina and follow two very different stories of love, misunderstandings, and deception.

To find out more head to our website or ask a team member for details.

Mrs Harris Goes To ParisDon't Worry DarlingSee How They Run NT Live: Much Ado About Nothing


DISCOVERING MarchJUNE 2022 51 GER AND SocialSportsClub


DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 53 For more information contact the Club on 01354 653150 or go to the Club Facebook page and just search for March Con Club. If you like thepage you will get all the updates for what’s going on. NEW MEMBERS ALWAYS WELCOME 14 Creek Road, March PE15 8RD Why not come and see what the Club has to offer? Our live music events are second to none in the local area, with comfortable, spacious and wellrooms.decorated We know it’s Septemberonlybut... We are now taking bookings for our Work Christmas Party on Friday 16th December! Three Course Christmas Dinner with disco for £18pp. Book your workplace or school Christmas bash with us now! PLEASE NOTE: All functions are ticket-only which must be purchased before the event. This includes our carveries which must be pre-paid. What’s Coming Up WEDNESDAY LUNCHES Every week, served between 12 & 2pm Meals from £6 and desserts from £2 JUST WALK IN EVERY THURSDAY: PUB QUIZ NIGHT 7.30pm start, FREE entry, all welcome SATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER LADIES DAY HORSE RACE NIGHT In aid of Peterborough Breast Care Unit. FREE entry. Open to all. Dress up for the races and bring a picnic if you wish FRIDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING from 10am SUNDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER TRADITIONAL SUNDAY CARVERY With desserts and tea/coffee, only £16pp. Served from 1pm SUNDAY 23RD OCTOBER PINK AFTERNOON TEA WITH GEMMA B In aid of Peterborough Breast Care Unit Upcoming Music Nights SATURDAY 8TH OCTOBER JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE PLUS CLUB CLASSIC NIGHT FRIDAY 21ST OCTOBER ELVIS TRIBUTE NIGHT FRIDAY 28TH OCTOBER UB40 TRIBUTE WITH REGGAE & SKA CLASSICS SATURDAY 5TH NOVEMBER OKTOBERFEST WITH OOMPAHLIEVABLE

A s a child, I can remember the excitement of a new book – something about the smell and cracking open those first crisp, clean pages. It was clear that many Year 4 youngsters in North East Cambridgeshire felt the same when we handed out the books from my annual Read to Succeed campaign.

Barclay MP News

It is always great to see new businesses opening in the constituency. So it was particularly good to visit and see the work that Tony Weaver and his team has done at the Oasis Grill Bar in Wisbech. Good luck to Tony and the team on their future plans.

 @SteveBarclay  @SteveBarclayOfficial  @SteveBarclayOfficial

I’d like to thank all the businesses, organisations, individuals that donated and I hope you will continue to support this worthy cause for years to Elsewhere,come.

I have continued to campaign against proposals for an incinerator in Wisbech. You can see my latest letter to the Planning Inspectorate at – I will continue to do all I can to stop this scheme.

Out and about, I was back at The Retreat Hair Salon in Wisbech to follow up after their problems with antisocial behaviour, see their new replacement windows and enjoy a cup of coffee with visitors and staff.

I very much hope that the children were inspired to keep reading throughout the summer break and take advantage of the many and varied books available in our libraries. Children often begin to read more independently around the age of eight or nine, which is why we focus the campaign on Year 4s. Reading is a gateway into whole new worlds – both real and imaginary.

Every year the campaign aims to raise enough money to purchase a book for every Year 4 child in the constituency to have at the start of the school summer holidays. This year’s theme, in association with the Summer Reading Challenge in libraries, was Gadgeteers – encouraging children to discover the amazing science and innovation behind the world around us.



Also, it was an honour to open the brandnew £3 million West Norfolk Eye Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at Kings Lynn with my colleague James Wild MP. We saw the next phase of building work and had an opportunity to see first-hand the ageing estate and work being done. My son was born at the hospital, so it does mean a huge amount to me and my family and I understand just how much the hospital matters to the community. Steve

To find out more about my work in Parliament or local campaigns, visit my website or follow me on social media:

March United Services Club 1 New Road, March PE15 9AN Telephone: 01354 657271 Email: Facebook: @marchunitedservices THE FUNCTION HALL IS AVAILABLE TO HIRE FOR PARTIES & WEDDINGS ETC PLEASE CALL US TO ENQUIRE SAT 3RD DoorsTheSEPTEMBERFabsopen7.30pm £5 Members, £8 Non-members FRI 7TH CompleteOCTOBERMadness £12 Members £15 Non-members SAT 19TH NOVEMBER Live music from LEON Details TBC SAT 29TH OCTOBER All Glammed Up £8 Members, £10 Non-members SAT 29TH OCTOBER Kid’s Halloween Party With Entertainer – £3 per child

He had both his shoulders dislocated. It sounds very painful; he would need to go to A & E immediately. Only this was in the 1800s and there was no A & E. Read on and you will find out what happened. So, this month we are going to look at what happened if you were ill years ago.

One that is used a lot now is honey and lemon to soothe an annoying cough or sore throat, and one you may have heard of was the curing of a wart by rubbing it with raw meat, and then burying the meat in the garden. As the meat decayed, the wart went away. Then, there was Camphor with its distinct smell that was used for coughs and colds. But some of the medicines were revolting and the more revolting, the better they were thought to work. Here are just some of the most revolting (I do hope you are not having your lunch while reading this): -

• Mice which could be fried, baked or boiled would be given to patients suffering from whooping cough.

• If you had a boil, or breast infection or cradle cap you needed to cover it with cow dung!

• Mothers would benefit from baked hedgehog just after giving birth and the fat could be used by men to stop them going bald.

He had both shoulders dislocated!

• And if you think that was horrible, people suffering from chilblains were told to put their feet in a chamber pot full of you know what! If you broke a bone there were people who could set bones. It was a treatment that had been used for hundreds of years.

In the Fens in the early 1800s, John Mason moved from Coningsby to Wisbech where he set up a surgery for anybody needing his services as a bone setter. He mostly worked from the surgery, but he did do some house visits. It was after one of these visits to Newton that he was returning home on horseback late at night. Suddenly, a robber came up to him and pulled him off the horse. John got up, and getting to his senses, quickly grabbed the man and with his powerful strength that he needed for bone setting he grabbed the man’s arms and dislocated not one, but both his shoulder joints. The robber ran away screaming in agony.

Surprisingly, the following morning a man turned up at Mr Mason’s surgery in great pain. He had both arms dislocated! John was very kind to him and put both shoulders back in place. The robber went off rather sore but not unaware that had been cured by the same man who did it in the first place. Whether this story is true or slightly exaggerated, I wouldn’t like to say but it makes a good story.


56 DISCOVERING March Interesting and Curious Facts of Yesteryear

Unusual, fascinating and sometimes amusing, by the author of ‘Wisbech’s Secret Princess’, Chris Donald

If you couldn’t afford to see a doctor, and there were no NHS doctors then, you could always see the old lady in the village who would know many cures for common ailments and there wouldn’t be a waiting list to see her.

Some of these you might well have tried and some you haven’t tried but have heard about.

57Autumn Business DirectoryWWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK | SEPTEMBER 2022 DIRECTORY FEATURE OF THE MONTH YOU CAN RELY ON NIGEL PATIOS & LANDSCAPING Covering all aspects of garden design and installation The Pathway To Your Dream Garden Also on display Artificial Grass Visit our website at or call in to discuss your plans Telephone: 01354 661036 Email: Unit 3 Corner Lodge Industrial Estate, Knights End Road, March, Cambs PE15 0YJ MARCH PATIO CENTRE n Huge Choice of Paving n 22mm Sand Stone Paving n 20mm Porcelain Paving n 20mm Porcelain Project Packs n Circular Paving n Gravel n Hardcore n Sand n Cement n Post Mix PATIOS, LANDSCAPING & GARDEN DESIGN You can call us on 07961 662861 Email: @KDBDrainagesolutionsltd March-based Drainage Specialists • CCTV Surveys and Investigations • Domestic and Commercial Unblocks • Emergency Unblocks • Pipe Repairs • Patching of Pipe Repairs • Descaling • HPW Jetting • Manhole Frame and Cover Repairs/Replacement • Grease Trap Clearance • Cesspit Emptying DISCOUNTSFORTHEELDERLY,DISABLED&VETERANS DRAINAGE SPECIALISTS TV AERIAL & SATELLITE INSTALLATIONS ● TV Aerial Installations ● CCTV Systems ● Satellite Installations ● Data Cabling ● IRS & Commercial ● Servicing & Repairs 07512 394975 01733 691200 Other services include TV aerial and satellite installations and repairs GARDEN CARE A&A Landscapes ▪ Hedges and trees trimmed ▪ Fencing erected and repaired ▪ Sheds re-felted ▪ Sheds and fencing sprayed, painted or wood treatments applied ▪ Large trees felled & stump grinding ▪ All rubbish removed Call Freddie 07745 712934 Yourlocalhandyman Nigel’s requirements.yourcanRepairsVehicleofMarchhandleallbodywork The established business carries out a variety of body repair work on all types of vehicles, from cars and lorries to horse boxes and classic cars. The business is located at Gaul Farm, Gaul Road, March and is run by 51-year-old Nigel Green and his son Ashley (31) who can deal with: • Car restoration • Resprays and accident repairs • Welding • Alloy wheels refurbishment and much more. Nigel, who has thirty years’ experience in the trade, has been operating from the site for the past nine years over which time he has attracted many loyal customers. He said: “Business currently is very good. I have got a good name and attract a lot of repeat business. We can deal with all types of work on vehicles of any make.” You can contact Nigel’s Vehicle Repairs of March on 07907 683866. Gaul Farm, Gaul Road PE15 0YY Automatic closing gates installed; please call Nigel to gain access CAR RESTORATION RESPRAYS & ACCIDENT REPAIRS MOT PREPARATION • WELDING ALLOY WHEELS REFURBISHED TELEPHONE 07907 683866 Nigel’s Vehicle Repairs of March

58 Autumn Business Directory WWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK | SEPTEMBER 2022 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Carol’s Sewing Services Including Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids Dresses etc. SEWING SERVICES Tree Felling, Pruning, Shaping & Crowning Hedges Pruned & Shaped Overgrown Gardens Cleared Waste Fencing/Patios/Turfing/PowerRemovedpinetreecare1@gmail.comWashing All work fully guaranteed No deposits required • OAP discounts ALL TYPES OF GARDEN MAINTENANCE UNDERTAKEN PINE TREE CARE & LANDSCAPES LTD CALL STEVE TODAY 01945 898314/07780 929409 GARDEN CARE ROOFING SERVICES Ashwood Tree and Garden Landscapes Free estimates and friendly advice ✔ Patios & Paving ✔ Landscape Garden Work ✔ Fencing ✔ Tree Work ✔ Power Cleaning ✔ Moss Removal ✔ Full Garden Tidies 0800 1910467 01354 776396 ONE CALLDOES IT ALL 14 day cooling off period Steve 07393 942998 Andy 01480 877586 YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR PRIORITY ALL ROOFING WORK UNDERTAKEN Repairs & replacements • All colours supplied and tted UPVC fascias and so ts • All repair work undertaken Local family business – please call for a free estimate: ONE CALL DOES IT ALL 01480 877586 or 01354 776396 5 ★ GUTTERING & FASCIAS GARDEN MAINTENANCE DECORATING & TILING T. D. A. Services Decorating and Tiling Specialist Appearance is not everything, it’s the only thing! Call Tony on - Mobile: 07908 008007 | Telephone: 01487 815926 E-mail: | Based in March Expert interior and exterior decoration, including: • All types of painting, staining & varnishing • Wall & floor tiling • Wallpapering • FREE estimates & references available on request • Fully insured 10% OFFif you mentionthis advert ROOF REPAIRS R E ROOFING REPAIR SPECIALISTS Ridge Tiles Replaced & Repointed Tiles, Slates & Guttering Replaced Lead Work & Storm Damage Chimneys Repointed & Removed Roof Moss Removal No Job Too Small – Free Quotations T 01733 807611 M 07760 641845 E VEHICLE REPAIRS Gaul Farm, Gaul Road PE15 0YY Automatic closing gates installed; please call Nigel to gain access CAR RESTORATION RESPRAYS & ACCIDENT REPAIRS MOT PREPARATION • WELDING ALLOY WHEELS REFURBISHED TELEPHONE 07907 683866 Nigel’s Vehicle Repairs of March

59Autumn Business DirectoryWWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK | SEPTEMBER 2022 MARCH OSTEOPATHS FREEDOM OF MOTION: THE KEY TO YOUR BODY’S HEALTH AND WHOLENESS Treatment for neck and back pain. Headache and migraine. Tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. Intervertebral disc problems and sciatica. Gentle effective treatment for the whole individual. Let us solve your problem. 2 Station Approach Tel: 01354 660513 OSTEOPATH T: 01945 450082 M: 07711 897089 Folleys Drove, Guyhirn, Wisbech ALL ASPECTS OF TREE SURGERY FOR WISBECH, MARCH, CHATTERIS AND SURROUNDING AREAS: • Felling, shaping and pruning • 24hr emergency service • Stump grinding and removal • All waste removed • Fully insured CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTATION TREE SURGERY ELECTRICIANS 01354 740206 | 07770 931667 alwynf92@gmail com ✓ Domestic & Commercial installations ✓ Inspections & testing carriedA.MoutFisher Electrical Contractor March (Est 1972) SECOND HAND GOODS FURNITURE SHOP 45 HIGH STREET, MARCH PE15 9JJ We can arrange for our van to collect your items Please telephone 01354 653857 OPENING TIMES: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm GARDEN CARE All Your MaintenanceGardeningCovered: SPECIAL RATES FOR OAPS LAWN MOWING HEDGEFENCINGROTAVATINGCUTTINGETC. FREE QUOTES 01354 278244 07990 040575 Local Chatteris Father & Son Team Call Danny or Charlie Atkins: TOONOJOBSMALL ROOFING SERVICES Domestic Cleaning Tel: 01733 736986 End of Tenancy Commercial Cleaning Deep Cleaning Bronze, Silver, Gold Packages Additional extras available Own products & equipment used SPECIALIST CLEANING POND MAINTENANCE Pete’s Ponds AUTUMN POND & FISH HEALTH CHECKS New Builds & Liner Repairs 2 Queensway, Pointon, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 0NE Tel: 07393 367410 Email:  Search Pete’s Pond Clearances ROOFING Fascia, So ts & Cladding Window Boards & Guttering Dry Verge & Dry Vented Ridge Systems Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roofs Conservatory Cleaning & Maintenance ALL REPLACED OR REPAIRED NO JOB TOO BIG OR SMALL T 01733 807611 M 07760 641845 E regencyeastpms@yahoo.comREROOFINGPVCROOFLINE

Fenland Foragers runs The Little Acorns toddler group on Wednesday mornings, 9-11am in St Johns Church grounds on Station Road, March along with Nature Detectives a group for all ages 9.30-11.30am every other Friday. To book please call Hayley on 07962

March Jive Club At The Braza Club, Elm Road, March PE15 8NZ. Meets every Wednesday night 7.30-10.30pm with 1:1 personal tuition available. Every 3rd Friday in the month dance with top line groups and DJs. For more info call Andrew and Donna on 01354 776229 or Terry 07979 442920.

March Rotary Club Recycling Collection. Find us at City Road car park on the second Saturday of each month between 8.30am and 10.30am to collect your old newspapers, magazines and other paper for recycling.

March Marlins Swimming Club Meets each weekday at Manor Leisure Centre Whittlesey and George Campbell Leisure Centre March please come along and join us all abilities welcome (must be able to swim at least one length). Please contact

The Other Art Group Meets every Thursday afternoon 2-4pm at March Library. Membership fee is £25 for 12 weeks paid quarterly. For details contact March Library on 03450 455225 and your details will be forwarded to them.

Solo Club

March Probus Club Meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at March Conservative Club. We meet as a group of semi or fully retired gentlemen at 10am for a cuppa and a chat and then at 10.30am we have a guest speaker for appox 45 mins covering a wide range of topics. To find out more please contact Dr Allan J Whyte (Club Secretary) on 07979 887110 or pop in and visit us.

For people who have lost partners through bereavement. Come along and join us every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month; midday at Hot Pots Cafe – The Cricket Club, Burrowmoor Road, March PE15 9RS. Membership £5/year. For more details contact 01354 656181. Wisbech and District Flower Club Meets every third Monday of the month at St Peters Hall Wisbech from 7.30pm. Please call Yvonne on 01945 581360 for more information. March U3A For people in their third age; retired or not in full time employment. Meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Braza Club, Elm Road, March at 2pm. There are a range of activities available in groups run by U3A members. New members are very welcome. If you would like any more information please email

Every Monday starting from 7pm for 7.30pm at The Braza Club, Elm Road, March PE15 8NZ. £4/person. Please call 01354 655093 for more information.

Friends of March Library Coffee Morning. The Friends of March Library hold a coffee morning at March Library on the last Saturday of every month from 10 30am to 12 noon. Hot and cold drinks plus biscuits cost 50p and we also hold a raffle. All profits are spent on/by March Library. Do come and join us. For more details contact Maureen Malvern on 01354 658247.

Rings End Nature Reserve Family workshops for all to be involved in. Meets every second Sunday of the month in the car park for the nature reserve Rings End PE15 0BE. Conservation for all 9.30am-12 noon. Please call Hayley on 07962 337988 for more information.

March Hockey Club Training is every Thursday at Neale Wade School. 6pm-7pm Juniors, 7pm-8pm Adults. All abilities welcome. Find us on Facebook – March Town Hockey Club or visit for more details. 07549 263767 ALL AGES AND LEVELS WELCOME Call, text or email for information about a range of membership options for individuals and family groups. PAY-TO-PLAY ALSO AVAILABLE Wisbech Tennis 1-8 june 22.indd 1 17/05/2022 13:21


Fenland Foragers

March Yoga Club Meets at March Community Centre on Tuesdays 4.30pm5.45pm and 6.15pm-7.30pm and Wednesdays 10am-11.15am then Elm Primary School or Emneth Central Hall Wednesdays 7pm-8.15pm. For availability please contact Peter on 07905 601585 or email:

Intrigue Circle of Light Clairvoyance Evenings

March Family History Group Meets on the first Wednesday of every month from 2-4pm in March Library Meeting Room. A wide variety of speakers on both family and social history research. Everyone welcome. For more details contact Wendy on 01354 650932. March Town Cricket Club Burrowmoor Road, March PE15 9RS. Cricket for adults, ladies and juniors including All Stars & Dynamos (From 5 to 15 years). Regular social events and bar open most evenings. Telephone 01354 652029 or visit for more information.

March Triathlon Club Meets every Tuesday night at 8.15pm for swim training at the George Campbell Leisure Centre. All abilities welcome. £4 per person. Please contact Martyn for more details 01354 460000. March Lions Club Meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm in March Town Hall. New members always welcome. For more information visit or call 0345 833 5101.

Lunch & Film Club Meets on the first Thursday of each month in March Town Hall. Lunch is served at midday followed by the film. £14 per person. Tickets are available from Paninis.

March Parkinson's Group Meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 10.30am12.30pm at the Braza Club, Elm Road, March. This is a friendly group and everyone is welcome. £1 per session so pop along for a free taster and check us out. Please contact Wendy Summerlin on 01354 661997 for more details.

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 61 Does your caravan need a little TLC? YOUR ONE-STOP CARAVAN SHOP V&G CARAVANS A FAMILY-RUN BUSINESS WITH 30 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE REPAIR Our onsite workshop offers a fully comprehensive repair service for your caravan or motorhome. SERVICING From a minor service to a full comprehensive check, our experienced engineers will give you peace of mind for your journeys ahead. INSURANCE We are a fully, insuranceapproved repair centre for all major UK insurers and manufacturers. ACCESSORIES We’ve got everything for your camping needs in our friendly, onsite shop. SPARES Looking for a spare part? Why not get in touch? With our contacts in the industry, we may be able to order spares in for you. SALES Looking to buy? We have a range of used caravans that may suit your requirements. CARAVANSBOUGHTFORCASH T 01733 350580 M 07732 371171 107 Benwick Road • Whittlesey • Peterborough • PE7 2HD

62 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 TEL: 01354 648 500 TEL: 01354 648 To book, please contact us or download our workshop specific web App (see QR Code right). BRONZEOUR SERVICING PACKAGE OFFERS Oil & Filter Service, Seasonal Health Check, Battery Test, Antifreeze Renewed £119 INC VAT SILVER GOLD Silver + Brake Fluid & Spark Plugs (Petrol) & Full Diagnostic Check £299 INC VAT To smartphoneNowBook-Scanwithyourcamera Units A/B, Coleseed Business Complex, Coleseed Drove, Upwell Road, March PE15Bronze0DJ + Replace Air FIlter, Fuel Filter & Pollen Filter £179 INC VAT (All prices are subject to vehicle specification - prestige & specialist vehicles may incur additional fees, please check with our friendly team.) OUR LOCATION If approaching us from the town of March, proceed along the B1099 (Upwell Road), and cross the train level crossing. Approximately 1/4 mile after the train level crossing, turn right into Coleseed Drove, directly after a large red-bricked house. Proceed down Coleseed Drove and you will be presented with the Business Complex access gates. Contact our workshop team on 01354 648500 who will open the electrically operated access gates for you. Once you have driven through the access gates, follow the road round to the right, into the business complex and the workshop is located directly in front of you. ColeseedDrove Upwell Road CAMBRIDGESHIREUSEDCARSALESFENLANDAUTOSALESTEAM B1099 B1099 Binnimoor Rd ColeseedRoad ■ DIAGNOSTICS ■ MOT PREP ■ A/C SERVICES ■ SERVICING ■ CONSULTATION ■ TYRES ■ CLUTCH ■ BRAKES ■ EXHAUST ■ FREE COLLECTION & DELIVERY WITHIN 10 MILES (MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY) ■ COURTESY CAR PROVIDED (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)

DISCOVERING MarchSEPTEMBER 2022 63 TYRE FITTING ALL BRANDSMAJORAVAILABLE PLUS PUNCTURE REPAIRS BRONZE SERVICE PACKAGE (See left) PLUS MOT & FREE RE-TEST PLUS MINI VALET £149 VATINC SILVER SERVICE PACKAGE (See left) PLUS MOT & FREE RE-TEST PLUS MINI VALET £199 VATINC GOLD SERVICE PACKAGE (See left) PLUS MOT & FREE RE-TEST PLUS MINI VALET £329 VATINC £54 INCLUDES: Exterior wash/detail and up to £15.00 of repairs or replacement parts, such as wipers, bulbs, number plates etc. ■ Collection and Delivery available ■ Courtesy Cars provided, subject to availability OUR SERVICING AND MOT BUNDLES TRADING AS PART OF MOT OUR PREMIER MOT PACKAGE IN-HOUSE MOTBAY NOW OPEN! Includes free quotation of any work needed. STANDARDMOT£40OURIN-HOUSEMOTBAYISNOWOPEN! IN-HOUSEOURMOTBAYISNOWOPEN! Coleseed Business Complex, Coleseed Drove, Upwell Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 0DJ Cambridgeshire Used Car Sales are proud to launch Fenland Auto Sales Team, ensuring all your vehicle maintenance requirements are met to a superior standard. We stock a range of quality used vehicles, full dealer facilities! INCLUDED ON EVERY CAR: AA Dealer Promise, 6 Month Warranty, 12 Months AA Breakdown Cover, New MOT, Serviced TEL: 01354 648 480

64 DISCOVERING March SEPTEMBER 2022 March Residential Sales 01354 607100 March Residential Lettings 01354 607105 March Professional 01354 602030 Wisbech Residential Sales 01945 428820 Wisbech Residential Lettings 01945 428825 Wisbech Professional 01945 428830 Right up your street for over 200 years Looking forward to the next 200! For five generations we have been helping clients buy, sell, let and manage property and land in this area. Whether it be your home, farm, factory or development site, talk to the Agents with local knowledge and professional expertise, who are an established part of your community. 2022 Agent oftheFens

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