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Your favourite community lifestyle magazine – PRICELESS INSIDE THIS ISSUE Striding Forward NC FOOT HEALTH CARE GLADWELLS PET & COUNTRY STORE Open at Waterside LOCAL HISTORY The Bull at Market Deeping & s u r r o u n d i n g v i l l a g e s Issue 108 / June 2024

Open Evening Thursday 20 June 17:30- 20:30

Welcome to your June issue...

Those longed-for sunny days and warm evenings could at last be here, so let the outdoor fun and games begin! Let’s all make a big effort to support those hard-working volunteers in both the Bourne Round Table, (with their ‘Bourne Festival’ on the weekend of May 31st to June 2nd) and in the Bourne Events Team, (whose ‘Picnic in the Park’ and Classic Car Show will follow on June 16th). What’s more, to commemorate eighty years since the D-Day landings in World War Two, there will also be events on the Wellhead Park on June 6th; details for all the above are inside this issue.

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing on April 19th of Belinda Neumann (known in her capacity as a first-rate lawyer as Belinda Smith). Her contributions to our magazines have been much valued, whilst her inspirational take on life will be sorely missed.

4............. Vine House Farm Shop and Café.

6 Food and Drink – English sparkling wines.

10 Deep-in Aesthetics.

Claire x

A reminder to you all that June 16th also happens to be Father’s Day, so love and best wishes go to my dad, Bill; father-in-law, Rich; and my husband, Chris.

“By the time a man realises that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong”, according to the American, Charles Wadsworth. Does that ring true with all you dads out there? This month of course includes Father’s Day (June 16th), the day when we can be expecting to be spoilt rotten (yes, it applies to grandads too!) However, here’s the chance to treat yourself, just in case they’ve forgotten. Go to YouTube and the alto saxophone cover by James E Green of “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens ought to make you well up – it certainly does with me!

The recent rare appearance of the sun to dry up months of rain brought smiles all round. Let’s hope these “little groaners” will do the same.

Her cheating boyfriend claimed he’d slept upright for five years – she soon discovered he’d been lying all that time. What’s more, he told her he worked as a watchmaker, but she could see he was just a ‘wind-up merchant’. John

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11 ............ NC Foot Health Care.

16 ........... Will & Probate Services.

18-19 Your Finances: The Liberty Partnership.

20 Rethinking Financial Planning: Finova Money.

24 .......... Path Mortgages.

30 Community Matters.

32-33 Gladwells Pet & Country Store.

36 Legal Issues: Dementia awareness.

38 .......... Gardening Tips for June.

42-43 Consumer Advice from Safe Local Trades.

44-45 Lincs Resin Drives.

46 .......... Local History: The Bull at Market Deeping.

47 School News.

48 Nature Notes with David Denman.

50 The Quiz Inquisition.

52-53 ... What’s on: Events guide.

54 Volunteers’ Week 2024 with CamSight.

60-62 Businesses directory.

With thanks to

Richard Ash, Peter Baker, Rob Schwarz, Deepings Heritage, David Denman, Nick Ash, Vine House Farm, Jay Shah.

Deadline details

Copy deadline for the July issue is Friday 14th June 2024.

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JUNE 2024 3 Deepings
Inside Highlights

What’s available in June...

We’re loving the change in temperature with more & more seasonal produce becoming available. We’ve fresh local strawberries, homegrown asparagus, new potatoes & broad beans. We’re also serving fresh milkshakes, made with Bassingthorpe Dairy milk, available in the Café. There’s fresh fish from Phil’s Grimsby Fish Emporium on some Thursdays & daily egg deliveries from our happy chickens in Tallington. Our full range of bird food & feeders is always available & don’t forget live mealworms are the best food to put out during the breeding season


Café hours: MON-SAT 8.30AM - 4.30PM SUNDAY 9AM - 3.30PM






JUNE 2024 5 Deepings 0800 564 2266 INVEST IN THE ■ The Catchwater ■ Open plan living ■ Two bedrooms ■ Two bathrooms ■ Lakeside plots available ■ £140,000 LODGE OF THE MONTH Watersports
Paddleboarding • Kayaking
Open Water Swimming
Ski Slope
Wall and so much more

WWINES SOME OF ENGLAND’S Sparkling Favourites

ines produced in England have many years of experience and knowledge in their productions, which show through for the final delectations. During the last century, the English wine industry became much more developed, with producers being appreciated and recognised internationally.

Wines from England now gain many prestigious awards, at a good number of competitions. Be it still red or white (maybe a ‘pink one’) or a sparkling wine that is loved and required (possibly for a celebration, event or just to enjoy, perhaps when dining with family or friends), there are now several producers in England releasing high quality wines.

The multi-award winning Denbies Wine Estate (established in 1986) is in Surrey and their wines, which utilise several grape varieties, to a great advantage, have won numerous awards.

Denbies Whitedowns Brut – Cellarmaster’s Choice –(12% vol) is very popular and graces many dining tables regularly. Produced using a blend of grape varieties, this bottle-fermented wine satisfies a lot of requirements and tastes. Fresh, ripe fruits are evident for the mouthfeel, and I found it crisp, with a very good perlage. Great for pre-dining and, notably, with cheeses.

Denbies Greenfields – Vineyard Select – (12.5% vol) I would describe as an excellent example of a bottle-fermented, sparkling wine. The golden straw colour entices to the aroma, which, in turn, tempts to the mouth’s pleasures. The grape varieties of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier are perfectly balanced (I feel) in this production. Crisp and most pleasurable, with an extended palate –what more can I say?

Denbies Cubitt Blanc De Noirs – Vineyard Select – (12.5% vol) is a much sought-after sparkling production from this company. Quality and enticement abound in this most excellent delectation, which is appreciated by many. The bouquet is very pleasant, with a hint of sweetness, perhaps honey, for the nasal senses. The mouthfeel delights in the full-bodied pleasures of this wine, which has a grand finish.

For all details and information about the full range of sparkling wines, plus other still wines produced by Denbies, along with particulars regarding tastings, wine tours and much more, please contact and/or visit their very informative website.

Denbies Wine Estate Ltd., Dorking, Surrey RH5 6AA Email:

6 JUNE 2024 Deepings 48 DISCOVERING Whittlesea
Food & Drink
JUNE 2024 7 Deepings THE & HORSES WAGGON LANGTOFT Father’s Day Carvery Please call 01778 343200 for more information and to book your table 1 Peterborough Rd Langtoft, PE6 9LW DINE WITH YOUR DAD 2 Courses £21.75 3 Courses £27.95


■ Sore throat

■ Earache (children)

■ Infected insect bite

■ Impetigo

■ Shingles ■ Urinary tract infection (women)

Offering A Fast Friendly Service Visit Your Pharmacy We can help you with seven common conditions without needing a GP appointment Ask us for more information about this free* NHS Service
Glinton T: 01733 253433
T: 01778 349646
*NHS Prescription charge rules apply where
prescribe antibiotics where necessary. ■
FREE Blood Pressure Monitoring Service 4 Rectory, Lane, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7LR 21 Rycroft Avenue, Deeping St James PE6 8NT We offer blister pack medication to patients who meet the criteria. FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERY



If you’re about to travel outside of the UK, you may need to be vaccinated before you set off for your trip. The childhood vaccination programme in the UK protects you from a number of diseases, but you may need extra vaccinations or antimalarials if you’re planning on visiting certain parts of the world.


Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting ill if you’re exposed to diseases which we don’t normally have in the UK. We can help you understand how to keep your risks low while abroad and help you work out which vaccinations and antimalarials you may want to consider depending on things like:

• Which regions you’ll be visiting

• What activities you’ll be doing

• Your age and general health

Some travel vaccinations may be needed several weeks before departure. Ideally you should see us six to eight weeks before travelling, but we may still be able to help if you’re leaving sooner, even days before you travel.


● Cholera ● Hepatitis A ● Hepatitis B ● Japanese encephalitis



● Meningitis ACWY ● Rabies ● Tick-borne encephalitis

● Typhoid ● Yellow fever ● And many more

PRICES! Appointments can be booked direct by calling 01733 253433 or pop in for a walk in appointment.

4 Rectory Lane, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7LR 01733 253433

JUNE 2024 9 Deepings JANUARY 2021 59 DISCOVERING Deeping





Masseter jaw clenching

Anti-wrinkle 1 area

Anti-wrinkle 2 areas

Anti-wrinkle 3 areas


Profhilo neck

Profhilo face

Hand rejuvenation


I have been seeing Julie and Alistair for just over a year now and I am so grateful for their care, attention and flexibility during all my treatments. I just recently had my hay-fever injection for the second time as last year, it made me able to enjoy spring and summer without sneezing and itchy eyes constantly!"

Fabulous service and really welcomimg people. I have previously had the Vitamin D injection which helped with my low mood through the winter. I am now 3 injections into my course of Vitamin B12 and can honestly say that the change has not only been super fast but also truly amazing! I sleep better, am waking before my alarm in a morning, I have so much more energy and motivation and best of all my mind fog has lifted. I wish i had known about this 10 years ago. Thank you Alistair"

I have been going to Julie and Alistair for my B12 and Vitamin D injection since August last year. They're both very welcoming, and caring, make you feel comfortable straight away. Both very knowledgeable in what they do and great at giving advice. Always flexible at making appointments to suit. Couldn't recommend enough. Thank you" FAT DISSOLVING

10 JUNE 2024 Deepings JUNE 2024 Deepings BESPOKE TREATMENTS AVAILABLE Check Out our Treatment Price List E-mail: Tel: 07957 373162 CALL NOW FOR ALL PRICES AND PACKAGES
filler £150
filler £250
lip filler £175
cheek filler
eye treatment £125
1 area fat dissolving £100 2 areas fat dissolving £150 3 areas fat dissolving £200 Lemon bottle for chin £100
Vitamin B12 injection £30 4 Vitamin B12 injections £100 Vitamin D injection £50
Vitamin H injections (Biotin) £250
Seventy Hyal 1 treatment £100 Seventy Hyal 3 treatments £275 ANTI-SWEAT Hyperhydrosis treatment for under arms £350

NC Foot Health Care Taking Giant Strides Over Six Years!

Having been established by Ryan Clements and James North in Bourne, NC Foot Health has become one of the leading providers of foot care in the area. In the last year, diversification on a grand scale has taken place, with sports massage, reflexology and ear wax removal services being added to this thriving company’s offering.

The day-to-day operation and overseeing a team of seven professionals in their respective fields, is entirely in the capable hands of Ryan. The original clinic, located within North Shoes shop on North Street in Bourne is now one of three, as premises in North’s Oundle store and in Sleaford cater for an increasingly wide client base.

Clinic Director, Ryan Clements trained at the SMAE Institute and is one of four qualified Foot Health Practitioners.

Claire Neal qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in February 2020. Her decade of experience in healthcare means that she is confident in treating more senior patients with other ongoing medical conditions.

Julie Hancock trained at the SMAE Institute in 2008 and is now an established Foot Health Practitioner.

Julie Walton joined the team in March 2022 and specializes in foot health care.

Alex Atkinson graduated in Podiatry in 2015 and now splits her time between clinical work, Care Home and home visits.

David McKee is a seasoned sports therapist and reflexologist who brought his wealth of experience to NC Foot Health in March 2023.

Julia Brown is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professionals Council) and boasts a rich career as a Hearing Aid Audiologist, with an additional five years specializing in ear microsuction.

NC Foot Health Bourne 18 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AB 01778 422886

Monday - Saturday

NC Foot Health Sleaford 40 Westgate, Sleaford, NG34 7PN 01778 420324

Tuesday - Saturday


Diabetic Foot Checks  Thickened and Fungal Nail Treatment  Removal of Corns and Calluses  Verruca Treatment  Ingrowing Toenail Removal  Nail Surgery

Verruca Needling

Gait Analysis

3D Printed Bespoke Insoles


Ear Wax Removal

Sports Massage


NC Foot Health Oundle 7 Market Place, Oundle, PE8 4BA 01832 272534

Wednesday - Thursday

JUNE 2024 11 Deepings
Appointments can be made by phoning or booking online at First class practitioners in foot health, sports therapy & ear micro suctioning.
Ryan Clements Claire Neal Julie Hancock Julie Walton Alex Atkinson David McKee Julia Brown

With Prime Comfort... home visits are free

Why our customers love Prime Comfort:

Mobility Scooter Service & Repairs; Replacement Batteries; Punctures; Replacement Tyres; Body Work; Electrical Components: Free collection and delivery back to your home.

Setting up one of our adjustable beds or comfy recliners - all installation work is free and carried out by one of our trained engineers. We also provide free home surveys for stair lifts. Free next day delivery on all stock items. Simply call 01476 560044.

Mobility Scooters · Wheelchairs · Power Chairs · Riser Recliners · Sofas · Comfy Footwear · Stairlifts Profiling Beds · Mattresses · Rollators · Shopping Trolleys · Sanitary Wear Walking Sticks · Grab Rails and lots more! 1 Market Place | Grantham | NG31 6LQ | Telephone 01476 560044 Recliner Chair Centre | 67 High Street | Grantham | NG31 6NR | Telephone: 01476 833210 Bentley Nursing Supplies | 2 Benedict Sq | Peterborough | PE4 6GD | Telephone: 01733 555838 OPEN: Mon - Fri. 9:00am - 4:30pm You’ll just love Prime Comfort
JUNE 2024 13 Deepings Rani Pannu SAC Dip RFHP Corns • Calluses • Fungal Nails Thickened Nails • Ingrowing Nails Verrucas • Athlete’s Foot • Nail Cutting Cracked Heels • Diabetic Foot Care 07540 448683 FOOT HEALTH PRACTITIONER Rani’s Mobile Footcare FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME Foot Healthcare Practitioner TREATMENT ROOM AT Feathers Holistic Centre Hards Lane . Frognall . PE6 8RP 5 mins drive from Market Deeping Free Car Parking HOME VISITING MOBILE SERVICE. 07889 798370 For all your foot Healthcare needs. Corns, Verrucas, Callus reduction/removal. Toenail cutting, ingrown toenail. Diabetic foot care. Home visits and treatment room prices start from £30 Foot Healthcare ‘Heel The Sole’ Sue Willcox Sac Dips RFHP NOW OPEN Deepings Community Centre 2 Douglas Road Market Deeping PE6 8PA Trouble hearing? Then contact us today! DISCO GET IN TOUCH TODAY! E. T. 01778 421427  M. 07837 499061 Expires: 3 1 0 7 .202 Print your print order • Business Cards • Flyers • Menus • Stationery 25% OFF & much more

Discovering Magazines is giving you the opportunity to pay tribute to a loved one who has sadly passed away.

We will be running obituaries in the magazine so you can honour the life of a cherished family member or friend.

If you would like to honour a special person in your life then please supply 100 words including their name, age, occupation, family and funeral details and a short tribute, plus a head and shoulders image, and we will feature it in the magazine for just £29 an insert.

For more details, contact Paula Kirtland on 07903 776211 or email:


• Sensitive caring attention given at all times with advice provided on all aspects of funeral arrangements.

• Arrangements made in the pleasant surroundings of our funeral home or in the comfort of your own home.

• Offering a full range of funerals at very competitive prices.

• Ample parking and easy access for the disabled.

• Jaguar funeral vehicles available.

• Golden Charter Pre-payment Funeral Plans available and accepted.

JUNE 2024 15 Deepings FREE ASSESSMENT DAY, LIVE-IN OR NIGHT CARE AVAILABLE 01733 347474 for 24 hour help and advice Church View House, 75 High Street, Fletton, Peterborough, PE2 8DT Email:
Smiths Funeral Directors Service without compromise
Independent family owned funeral home serving Market Deeping and the surrounding villages DW Smiths Funeral Directors 1/2 Page H Advert DECEMBER17.indd 1 15/11/2017 14:38 Your favourite community lifestyle magazine – PRICELESS BowlingClubOpenDayforanynewbowlers MG SKIP HIRE Cost effective disposalsolutions Your favourite community lifestyle magazine – INSIDE THIS ISSUE NATURE NOTES: Springis springing! Issue 105 / March 2024 &
Proprietors: Ruth & Ian Smith Dip.FD Mark & Naomi Smith Dip.FD
Your favourite community lifestyle magazine – PRICELESS INSIDE THIS ISSUE Hay Fever Problems Solved BY DEEP IN AESTHETICS BIRCHGROVE GARDEN CENTRE Outdoor Living INTRODUCING FINOVA MONEY Financial Advice & s u r r o u n d n g v a g e Issue 107 / May 2024 With over 10,000 copies of the magazine delivered free to homes and businesses each month, it’s the perfect time to advertise. Ready to promote your business or event? Email your interest to Sallyanne on
Delivered to Deeping, Deeping Gate, Deeping St Nicholas, Frognall, Langtoft, Maxey, Northborough, West Deeping, Glinton, Helpston, Peakirk, Etton

How Do I Save Inheritance Tax?


Once asked, the conversation tends to go one of two ways. We can delve into planning strategies and mechanisms to ensure that all of a person’s allowances are maximised and that their investments are structured correctly, or we can have a much more fun conversation along the lines of “spend it or give it all away”!

A sad truth is that many older people are sitting on huge piles of assets that they are scared to spend because of a ‘rainy day’ that might never arrive. Many feel obliged to curtail their lifestyles so that they can pass wealth on to the next generations, who often don’t want it or need it. This means that, often, the best advice I can give is to enjoy your life, spend the kid’s inheritance, live for today.

But there is another way to give your wealth away that is massively tax-efficient and will make you feel good about yourself and the fact that you are making a difference in the world. Give your money to charity. Any gift to a charity is free of Inheritance Tax, and if you leave more than 10% of your estate to charity, then your Inheritance Tax rate on the rest of your estate will be reduced to 36% from 40%. This can make a big difference for your beneficiaries and the charities you wish to benefit.

If you would like to have a conversation about saving Inheritance Tax, talk to one of our experts by booking a consultation today on 01778 252301.

16 JUNE 2024 Deepings Will & Probate Services
W & P Legal Unit 4 | The Stirling Centre | Market Deeping | PE6 8EQ Telephone: 01778 252301 E-mail:
of the most common questions I am asked by clients is “how do I save Inheritance Tax?”

Handmade Blinds & Curtains

Domestic and Commercial

Vertical, Roller, Pleated, Vision, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Wood and Aluminium, Fly Screens

Conservatory Blinds and Sails

Perfect Fit and INTU Blinds Awnings and Canopies

Child Safety Devices, Motorisation and Connectivity


JUNE 2024 17 Deepings Come & visit our showroom at 15 Market Place, Whittlesey, PE7 1AB Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 1.00pm
0800 028 2942 or 01733 840258 • Visit us at ww w.blindsinharmo n k Blinds in Har mony For all your Blinds, Curtains and Awnings
Elsea Drive, Northorpe, Bourne PE10 0HL 01778 39 48 30 or 07802 50 26 20 Fed up
hard water and scale? Then you could benefit from a water softener!
Tracks and Poles supplied and
We supply, install
repair all types of water softeners
you want to prolong the life of your appliances and save money?
• Do
Salt deliveries available A NAME YOU CAN TRUST 30 years experience Do you have sensitiveskin/eczema?

We offer highly qualified Financial Advice on a wide range of planning areas including: Investments ✦ Pensions Mortgages ✦ Wills Lasting Powers of Attorney ✦ Inheritance Tax Business Planning ✦ Cashflow Modelling

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with every one of our clients. We take the time to get to know our clients and to understand their objectives and priorities. We know that the world of financial services is complex and can sometimes feel daunting. We will work for you in simplifying the process and we will communicate with you in terms that you will understand.

If you would like to speak to one of our advisers regarding any of these areas of financial planning, then please contact our office to arrange a FREE initial discussion as follows:

Phone: 01778 342291


Your Finances
Libert y
nershi p E: T: 01778 342291 W: Liberty Partnership … for all of your financial services requirements
Chartered Financial Planners


Why do I need a will?

Wills are important to ensure that your assets pass to those you would like. If you are not married, your partner will not automatically inherit your estate.

If you have children, you can also use a will to nominate guardians to ensure they are looked after if the worst may happen.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

What are they?

Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs) are documents that allow someone that you nominate as your attorney, to deal with your financial or health affairs on your behalf.

These are used when you lose mental capacity but must be created while you can still make decisions. If you do not create these in time, then unfortunately the solution is more costly and time consuming.


What is it?

When a person sadly passes away, some banks and institutes require a Grant of Probate to enable you to collect in their assets. If you are selling a house, a solicitor will require this to complete the sale.

We are licensed to assist with the probate application on your behalf, as well as distribute the estate, making everything simpler at this difficult time.

JUNE 2024 19 Deepings Please contact us to arrange a FREE initial discussion Call 01778 342291 104 Church Street, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8AL ● Wills ● Lasting Powers of Attorney ● Probate ● Estate Planning ● Trusts ● Inheritance Tax Matters ● Deed of Variation ● Care Cost Advice

IRethinking Financial Planning

n this month’s edition, I’m exploring financial planning and how it differs from traditional financial advice. In my opinion, the approach of traditional financial advisers has given our profession a bit of a bad rap…

+ Only accessible by the wealthy

+ Focused on selling products

+ An expensive and opaque service

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for traditional financial advice firms as well as, most recently, co-founding my own financial planning business, Finova Money Ltd.

But what is it?

In its simplest form, proper financial planning can be described as…

“Planning ahead, so that you have enough money to live your desired lifestyle forever, without the fear of your money running out.”

It’s about tailoring a financial roadmap for you and your family, so that you know you’re on track to achieve the things that are most important to you.

Whilst a financial planner does all the things a financial adviser can do, the financial planner goes one step further by helping clients answer big questions like…

+ Am I going to be okay?

+ When can work become a choice?

+ Can we afford to do the things we love?

Who is it for?

Unlike financial advice firms who may have big barriers to entry (£500,000 minimum investment, for example), proper financial planning is much more accessible.

It's for anyone seeking financial stability, whether you’re just starting out and need guidance with budgeting and saving, or whether you’re a seasoned professional, planning for life after work. As such, the level of service you require should be determined by your unique circumstances, not by how much wealth you have accumulated or ‘assets under management’.

How can it help you?

Building a roadmap which shows you where you are today and how to get to where you want to be will give you complete clarity over your financial future.

I’m happy to say that proper financial planning is on the rise and becoming more accessible.

This may involve…

+ Getting organised and tidying up your existing plans

+ Agreeing a bespoke savings plan to fill any gaps

+ Ensuring your plan is well-protected if anything happens to you

Armed with this information, you’ll feel confident about your future, knowing you have a robust plan in place to support it.

What next?

If any of the above sounds of interest, I’d be delighted to offer a free initial, 30-minute call to see how I may be able to help – just scan the QR code below. See you next month!

*Investments carry risk. 0207 941 8577 ~ 07495 783 004

20 JUNE 2024 Deepings Financial Affairs
JUNE 2024 21 Deepings Conservatories Windows Doors Fascias Flat Roofs ‘A’ RATED WINDOWS FITTED AS STANDARD Unit G & H Bentley Park, Blenheim Way, Northfields Industrial, Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8LD. www.s& • Fascias & Soffits • Double Glazing OPEN MON-FRI 9AM-5PM SAT 10AM-4PM CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF BUSINESS THE BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS AT VALUE FOR MONEY PRICES
22 JUNE 2024 Deepings Visit our extensive showroom for expert advice and to see our large range of displays Complete design and fitting service with free site surveys Stunning modern and traditional fireplaces, multifuel, woodburning stoves gas/electric fires and bespoke made to measure fireplaces Unit 1 Manning Road • Bourne • Lincs • PE10 9HW Telephone: 01778 424841 Email: Showroom Opening Times Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm ● Saturday 9.30am - 2.30pm Late afternoon showroom appointments available PLEASE CALL 01778 424841 FOR MORE INFORMATION
JUNE 2024 23 Deepings 01733 663207 Call Matt to book a FREE survey & quotation Scan the QR Code for a free quote today. Skips from £94 01778 426565

The Blueprint of Exceptional Customer Service: A Mortgage Adviser’s Guide

In the labyrinth of real estate transactions, few things are as pivotal as securing the right mortgage. It’s not just about numbers and percentages; it’s about trust, guidance, and a seamless journey towards homeownership. Enter the Mortgage Adviser, the unsung hero in the realm of property acquisition, who goes above and beyond to ensure their clients not only get the best deal, but also navigate the complex terrain with ease and confidence.

Setting the Foundation:

Agreement in Principle (AIP)

A great customer service experience with a Mortgage Adviser begins with understanding the client’s needs and financial situation. This is where the Agreement in Principle (AIP) comes into play. It’s not just a formality; it’s a strategic move. A knowledgeable adviser will assist you in obtaining an AIP before you even start house hunting.

Why is this important? It’s like having a golden ticket in your pocket. With an AIP, you have a clear idea of how much you can borrow, giving you a solid foundation to explore properties within your budget. Moreover, having an AIP in hand positions you as a serious buyer in the eyes of sellers, giving you a competitive edge in a bustling market.

Guiding You Through Negotiations

Once you’ve found your dream property, the negotiation stage can be daunting. This is where a stellar Mortgage Adviser truly shines. Beyond crunching numbers, they serve as your trusted advocate, leveraging their expertise to negotiate favourable terms on your behalf.

From negotiating the purchase price to advising on potential incentives or contingencies, a proactive adviser is by your side, ensuring every aspect of the deal aligns with your best interests.

Providing the Essential Checklist

Securing a property involves more than just signing on the dotted line. There are essential elements that need to be in place, and a top-tier Mortgage Adviser ensures you have everything you need to proceed smoothly. These typically include:

1Agreement in Principle (AIP): This demonstrates your creditworthiness and outlines the amount you can borrow, streamlining the buying process.


Evidence of Deposit: Proof of your financial capability to cover the initial deposit is crucial. Your adviser will guide you on gathering and presenting this documentation effectively.


Solicitor Details: Your adviser can recommend trusted professionals or liaise directly with your chosen solicitor to facilitate a seamless process.

4Identification (ID): Providing valid identification is a standard requirement in property transactions. Your adviser ensures you have the necessary forms of ID ready to comply with legal regulations.

Beyond the Transaction: Building Relationships

A reputable Mortgage Adviser understands the significance of fostering long-term relationships built on trust and reliability. They continue to be a resource for you, offering guidance on mortgage management, refinancing options, and any future property endeavours.

24 JUNE 2024 Deepings
01778 428158 Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
26 JUNE 2024 Deepings BEFORE AFTER DO YOU HAVE A LEAK? • New Roofs • Flat Roofs • Tile & Slate Roofs • Leadwork • Re-pointing Chimney Stacks • All Roof Repairs • Valleys Repaired • New PVC Fascias & Gutters • External Painting • Moss Removal We specialise in: 10% OFF NEW ROOFS 20% OFF ALL FLAT ROOFS HALF PRICE New Fascias & Gutters 50% OFF ALL DRY VERGE CAPPING TIRED OF ROOFERS LETTING YOU DOWN? NEED A QUOTE? NEED AN EMERGENCY REPAIR? NEED A TEAM YOU CAN TRUST? Look no further. We guarantee to attend your request within 48hrs. SPECIAL OFFERS New Roofs & Roof Repairs Durable has it covered! 01733 855001 | 07307 248422 ✓ All Work Guaranteed ✓ Quality & Reliability ✓ Competitive Prices 01778 775012 | 07340 325661
JUNE 2024 27 Deepings 01733 785 125 HIGH STANDARDS ♦ WELL-ESTABLISHED BUSINESS ♦ COMPETITIVE PRICES HOME IMPROVEMENT EXPERTS IN PETERBOROUGH When it comes to home improvement services, make Prestige Home Improvements your first choice. We serve Peterborough, Huntington and the surrounding areas. A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES AT AFFORDABLE PRICES ♦ Extensions & New Builds ♦ Loft & Garage Conversions ♦ Windows & Doors ♦ Conservatories & Fascias and much, much more! We offer insurance backed guarantees! Contact us today. ROLLER ● VERTICAL WOODEN ● VENETIAN ● PERFECT FIT ROMAN BLINDS ● OUTDOOR CANOPIES 26 WINSOVER ROAD, SPALDING, LINCS PE11 1EJ T 01775 760620 E
28 JUNE 2024 Deepings Makes choosing a BATHROOM a PLEASURE t: 01778 420868 e: Visit us at: 3 Victor Way (off Cherry Holt Road), Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PT Monday - Friday 9 am - 5.00 pm Saturday 9 am - 4.00 pm, Sunday CLOSED 01778 393311 Unit 2 Holt House Business Centre, Cherry Holt Rd, Bourne PE10 9LH CHERRYHOLT MOBILTY Quality support, sales & services for all your mobility needs A wide selection of foldable rollators and other walking aids Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday 9-4 and Sat 10-12:30

Our beautiful bedroom range covers everything from cool and contemporary to the classic and timeless. High sheen finishes, natural wood veneers, mirrored doors and sliding wardrobes. The options are endless and we now manufactor for our own carcasses enabling us to offer complete flexibility when it comes to size and function. Brilliantly designed, expertly crafted, every piece of furniture is made to measure for your own room. Storage has never looked so good.

JUNE 2024 29 Deepings T 01775 712973 M 07538 997460 E Well-established local family run business Fitting windows, doors bi-folds and warm roofs Full repair service misted units, locks, hinges and handles etc Find us on Facebook and Instagram Call us on: 01778 420700 Large Showroom: Unit 6 Hereward Estate, Off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LA (Opposite Branch Bros) Showroom open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sun by appointment only FITTED • SLIDING • MODULAR • FREE STANDING FREE DESIGN AND MEASURING SERVICE HIGHLY TRAINED TEAM OF IN-HOUSE FITTERS


We bring you items of interest for your home and community. If there is something you’d like us to cover or you have something to say please get in touch with Tori : 01778 421427 or 07498 588487

£2,500 Friendly Donation to Improve Mobility

Nene and Welland Oddfellows, has provided The Deeping Men’s Group with a £2,500 funding boost to help improve the mobility of patients of the Deepings Practice. The friendship group, which has over 450 mostly older and retired local members, presented a cheque to the charity during its regular ‘Cold Pudding Club’ at its hall on Church Street in Market Deeping on May 7th. The money was raised through various activities since last February, including raffles, a tabletop sale and games held at local carnivals.

Each year, the Chairman of Nene and Welland Oddfellows chooses the charity they want to fundraise for. Chris Briance, now the outgoing Chairman, said, “I chose the Deeping Men’s Group because of the brilliant work they do in supplying wheelchairs, electric scooters, and other mobility

Winner , Winner Chocolate Dinner !

Congratulations to four-year-old Poppy Pick from Deeping St James who won this year’s Easter Egg Hunt. Poppy successfully matched all twenty-six Easter Egg pictures in our April issue with the participating shops and businesses in the Deepings. Now she looks set to launch into her winnings – a fabulous “chocolate explosion”. As ever, a big thank you to everyone who took part, also the businesses happy to become involved in this most popular of school holiday challenges. Until the next time …

aids for patients of the Deepings Practice. It’s a great initiative, making sure those who need it can retain their independence.”

Brian Thornthwaite, Chairman of Deeping Men’s Group, said: “We are so grateful to receive this £2,500 donation from the Nene and Welland Oddfellows. The money will go towards replacing several of our older wheelchairs which were reaching the end of their usefulness. However, we have passed these older wheelchairs on to another charity who will refurbish them and send them to Ukraine.”

More information about the Oddfellows can be found at

We Have a Winner!

In our April issue, we invited our readers to enter a competition where the prize was a pair of tickets to see one of the four Stamford Shakespeare Company plays being staged at Tolethorpe this summer, starting on June 4th.

We are delighted to announce that Tracey Geeves is our winner, having successfully answered “Jane Austen” to the question, “Which of the four plays being performed this summer is the only one not to have been written by a man?”

Congratulations Tracey and we hope you enjoy the show.

(Don’t forget to take your rug – it is the English summer, remember! – Ed.)

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31 Deepings Insurance10yearGUARANTEE BACKED


Welcome to Gladwells Pet and Country Store! We have stores across Kent and East Anglia, and we are very excited about our newest addition in the Waterside Garden Centre. Our regular and first-time customers can choose from a great range of pet and animal accessories and supplies, designed to keep your animals happy and healthy in their environment. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be keen to help you find what you’re looking for in-store. With dedicated off-road parking, it’s never been easier to pick up your feed and accessories whilst visiting the garden centre – open seven days a week.

animals. Dogs are allowed in the Gladwells store but please be aware that they are not permitted in the rest of the garden centre. Please use the signposted pet entrance at the back of our store if you are visiting us with a pet.

Gladwells Pet and Country Stores are part of the Copdock Mill family. Established in 1912 in Suffolk by Herbert George Gladwell, Copdock Mill originally started as a country mill. The family-run business continues today, whilst diversifying to produce and supply premium quality animal food supplies and accessories to customers nationwide. With four generations of the Gladwell family having played a part in the business, customers are assured of a firstclass personal service.

At Gladwells Waterside you will find “all things pet and animal”! From equine feed to a great range of smallholder feed to keep your livestock and poultry happy, with an enormous range of pet supplies, feed and accessories for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, and caged birds. If we don’t have it in stock, we will do our best to get it for you! And what would a country store be without plenty of supplies for your garden, including wild bird seed?

Our stores offer a FREE one-on-one harness fitting service for dogs, plus expert advice on different feeds and dietary requirements for a range of

Our grand opening weekend on May 4th – 6th was a lovely way of meeting new friends and faces and our whole team looks forward to meeting more of you soon! If you have an enquiry ahead of your visit, please just email And don’t forget to bring along your exclusive voucher from this magazine for £5 off your next shop with us! (Terms and conditions apply).

You can follow our store on our social channels: Facebook (@ gladwells.waterside) Instagram (@ gladwellspetandcountrystore).

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Whether you are moving home, experiencing a change in family life such as divorce, need advice on making a will, or are having problems at work, our supportive and experienced legal experts are here to help.

Working across Peterborough, Stamford, Oakham and Market Deeping, contact Hegarty for legal support you can rely on. Call 01778 230 120 or email Legal support for business, for family, for life

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Rated Excellent on
Legal support for you and your family Large Showroom: Unit 6 Hereward Estate, Off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LA (Opposite Branch Bros) Call us on: 01778 420700 Showroom open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sun by appointment only SUPPLY & FITTING SERVICE • FREE QUOTATIONS • FREE DESIGN SERVICE Visit our showroom to be inspired by our beautiful kitchens, where you can see and feel the quality for yourself SUPPLIED AND INSTALLED

Dementia Awareness

Dementia Action/Awareness Week is the Alzheimer’s Society’s annual awareness-raising campaign which took place this year from May 13th - 19th. Dementia Awareness Week encourages people who are worried about dementia to confront their worries by addressing dementia directly and speaking to the Alzheimer’s Society or their GP for information and support.

Dementia is a disease of the brain. Some of the symptoms include loss of memory, mood changes, and problems with communication and reasoning. There are many types of dementia and it can affect everyone differently. If you are worried that you, or someone close to you, may have dementia, then the Alzheimer’s Society says it’s important to talk about it.

Dementia can be scary, and many people don’t know where to turn or how to deal with dementia.

How Can My Solicitor Help?

We can advise you and your family on legal and

practical issues that can help make dealing with your personal, legal, and financial affairs easier.

One of the most important things you should think about is a Lasting Power of Attorney. This enables you to appoint who you want to deal with your finances and affairs or your health and welfare, when you become unable to do so.

If you do not have a Power of Attorney and you become mentally incapable of managing your affairs, then an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection who will appoint a Deputy on your behalf. This procedure is quite costly and can take up to twelve months to put in place.

You should ensure that your will is up-to-date, and maybe discuss with your solicitor any possible ways of protecting your family’s inheritance from care home fees.

Dementia can turn you and your family’s world upside down but, by sorting out your legal and financial affairs and putting them in order whilst you can, ensures that in the future, they will be dealt with in the way that you want.

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& Megson 11 Market Place, Market Deeping Tel: 01778 341494 “Our Business is Minding Yours” Legal Corner

Imagine Dry Carpet Cleaning

JUNE 2024 37 Deepings If you are not 100% satisfied with our service you will receive a full refund
No fuss, windows open or heating on – we leave your carpets clean, fresh and ready to use. “nosoggycarpetsorwetdogsmell.” We have dry cleaned carpets and upholstery in over 100,000 homes • Spills & spots – gone • Smells & odours – removed • Deep cleans & lifts carpet pile – like new FREEspot&stainremoverwitheveryclean Locally based You can call us for FREE on 0800 180 41 57 Have 3 PIECE SOFA CLEANED & get one FREE room cleaned of your choice + Free Stain Guard You will ❤ our dry cleaning syste m! D.W.Needham Motor Engineer LTD EST. 1980 9 STIRLING WAY ● NORTHFIELDS IND. ESTATE MARKET DEEPING ● PE6 9AS For more information visit Please call for our current offers... 01778 347694 For all makes of cars and vans! ✸ M.O.T. testing ✸ Servicing & repairs ✸ Tyres - fitting & puncture repair ✸ Tracking & wheel balancing ✸ Diagnostic & systems testing ✸ Air conditioning servicing ✸ Clutches, Batteries and Exhausts

Not only do crops benefit from the warmer days but so do the weeds and it is so important to keep them at bay.

It is best to hand weed near young seedlings but, when established, hoeing between the rows is advisable, preferably when the soil is dry – leave the young weeds on the surface to dry out and die.

Mulches such as garden compost, well-rotted manure, or bark chips, can suppress weeds, or use lightproof membrane to kill more established weeds. This will also help prevent moisture loss in dry weather. More importantly, make sure that you do not let weeds flower; you will only get new crops of weeds from their seeds.

The warmer weather and the prospect of a good meal entices a variety of bugs; three of the main “pests” are:

• Cabbage root fly – these attack the roots of brassicas and can cause a lot of damage. The female lays her eggs on the ground next to the stem so to prevent damage, place a “collar” (a piece of old carpet, cardboard or fleece) around the plant.

• Aphids – spray a mild concentrate of soapy water on the plant.

• Carrot fly – cover with fleece or surround the bed with a 60cm high polythene or fleece barrier.

You could also consider siting some bug boxes or insect hotels on your plot to attract friends such as hoverflies, lacewings, and hoverflies.

Other jobs this month:

• Plant out vegetables that you have grown from seed but make sure you harden them off before planting out in their final position.

• Sweetcorn can be planted out and, as it is self-pollinating, it is better sown closely in a block. Mark out a square or rectangle and plant at about 35-40cm (14-18inches) apart in each direction.

• Earth up potatoes and, towards the end of the month, harvest earlies.

• Protect strawberries by mulching around them with straw to keep mud splashes off and keep birds off your ripening strawberry crop by covering your plants with netting.

• Cut down broad beans just above the surface and use for compost but leave the roots in the ground as a useful source of nitrogen.

• Feed tomatoes with a high potash feed.

• Once you are sure that frosts are over, you can plant out the more tender crops such as aubergines, peppers, chillies, courgettes, marrows and squashes.

• Succession sow beetroot, salad crops, carrots.

• Sow Florence fennel. Traditionally, this is sown after the longest day, June 21st, as it is less likely to bolt – sowing in succession is a good idea.

• Brussels sprouts, leeks, sprouting broccoli and the last of the summer, autumn, and red cabbages and the first of winter cabbages can also be planted.

Happy planting!

Your Garden
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JUNE 2024 39 Deepings FENTONS OF BOURNE LTD FENTONS OF BOURNE LTD SALES • PARTS • SERVICE • HIRE T: 01778 560466 / 560425 E: KATES BRIDGE, THURLBY, BOURNE, LINCS, PE10 0EN Powerful compact rider offers superb efficiency and manoeuvrability. Bio clip cutting deck Available in 2WD or 4WD Battery Trimmer Automower. Robotic mower Call today to arrange FREE site survey Low weight high efficiency domestic battery hedge trimmer M. 07732 938662 T. 01778 342785 E. PASSION FOR YOUR PROPERTY Discover how a new living space can make a real difference to any home Windows Doors Conservatories Bathrooms Kitchens Bifold Doors Roof Lanterns Soffits and Fascias Garden Rooms Warm Roofs Carpentry
NEW Water Features NEW New season garden furniturenow in Opening times Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun: 10am-4pm Surfleet Road, Pinchbeck, Lincs, PE11 3XY NEW Grillstream Barbecue range NEW Royce CubePergola NEW Chiminea & Firepits SUMMER’S SORTED COFFEE SHOP OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Find a wide selection of pet food, treats, toys and accessories, for your cat, dog and small pets as well as wild bird feed and accessories. Everything for horse and rider, including bedding, feed, and new spring/summer equestrian clothing range Second Sunday of the month Apr-Sept. 9am start.

ith rising energy costs, modern stoves offer an economically sound alternative with low fuel consumption, efficiently converting wood into warmth.

At a time where environmental consciousness is paramount, wood burning stoves can provide both low-cost and low-carbon heating. Modern stoves adhere to stringent environmental standards, with significantly lower emissions than older stoves and up to ninety percent less than open fires, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

To maximise the efficiency and environmental benefits of a wood burning stove, it's crucial for stove users to adopt responsible practices, ensuring the sustainability of this age-old tradition. Properly seasoned wood, optimal burning techniques, and regular maintenance are all key factors.

Wood burning stoves can be cosy, cost-effective, and conscientious. Environmental responsibility doesn’t have to sit on the back burner.

Established in 1977, Aspect Fires has spent decades nestled at one end of Whittlesey’s Market Street. We are a third-generation, familyrun business specialising in everything concerned with fires and fireplaces, offering the complete package from survey through to design and installation.

JUNE 2024 41 Deepings 48 DISCOVERING Whittlesea FEBRUARY 2024 Fireplaces - Flues - Wood Burning - Multi-Fuel - Gas - Electric Est .1977 ASPECT F I R E S Est .1977 Market Street, Whittlesey, PE BA 37 7 1 01733 202220 aspectfires Visit our showroom at W
For the savvy homeowner, a wood burning stove isn't just a source of warmth –it's a strategic investment that translates into tangible savings on heating bills. INVEST IN A WOOD BURNING STOVE AND SAVE MONEY £500 OFF Come and browseextensiveour showroom Simply visit our website for your discount voucher. Terms and conditions apply. WHEN YOU BUY A COMPLETE BATHROOM OR KITCHEN WE UNDERTAKE ALL THE WORK, FROM DESIGN THROUGH TO INSTALLATION 8-10 Syers Lane, Whittlesey, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE7 1AT CALL US TODAY ON 01733 206733 OPENING HOURS Tues 9-5pm | Weds 9-5pm | Thurs 9-5pm | Fri 9-5pm | Sat 10-4pm

Solar Panel Cleaning

Five Million Over-50s Fear Answering the Phone

Solar Panel


Imagine being fearful or anxious of answering the phone in case you are confronted by a scammer on the other end. Sadly, this is a real problem, with Age UK’s latest research discovering that almost a fifth of over-50s (equivalent to 4.9 million people) fear picking up the phone due to scams.

It also suggests that, for some older people, the fear of being scammed is restricting their lives, preventing them from using smartphones (8%) or the internet (7%). This can also increase withdrawal from society, by putting them off going outside (6%).

Fraud is easily the most common crime affecting people in England and Wales, accounting for 40% of crime, according to estimates by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Though fraudsters unfortunately take aim at everyone, older people are more vulnerable to certain types of scams. According to National Trading Standards, 90% of victims of doorstep scams, such as a rogue trader or fake charity worker, are aged 65 and over. The average age of a postal scam victim is 75. Phone scams also feature heavily in reports to ‘Which?’ from older members of the public, often related to investment fraud or scammers impersonating banks, telecoms providers and tech support specialists. Criminals may misuse 'number spoofing' technology so that they appear to be calling from genuine phone numbers, or trick victims into downloading screen-sharing tools to hijack their computers over the internet.

Age UK shared the following top five tips to help you avoid being scammed:

1 Stop: never do anything you don’t want to or make any decisions on the spot.

2 Check: always check their credentials.

3 Ask: always ask someone you trust for a second opinion.

4 Mine: do not give away personal information.

5 Share: share your experience with others to lower their risk of being scammed.

Would you know if someone was trying to defraud you? One of the best weapons against fraud is knowledge. Once you know the tactics fraudsters commonly use and the signs to look out for, you have more chance of avoiding them.

Go to for all

information you need.

42 JUNE 2024 Deepings 16 DISCOVERING March JUNE 2024
Protect Your INVESTMENT And Maintain MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY Regular cleaning will maintain performance Removal of dirt & bird droppings Allow maximum light
optimum Output Solar panels are prone to bird droppings and a build-up of dirt which block light to your solar panels and in turn reduces output. TEL: 01778 423489 EMAIL: CONTACT US FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE Part of The Sandall Roofing Group
BIRDS NESTING Under Your SOLAR PANELS? You Are Not Alone Our bird-proofing system solves this problem, protects your investment and helps output. This is a problem that can reduce the performance and output of your solar panels. TEL: 01778 423489 EMAIL: TEL: 01778 423489 CONTACT US FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE
No drilling Best products Installed to last Professional local company All aspects of tiled, flat & fibre glass roofing
JUNE 2024 43 Deepings Here are some of our members … ✃ Tel: 01733 123456 Tradesmen 01778 345046 Call David on t Untitled-3 1 17/07/2012 13:54:55 Electrician Call Jeremy on 07709 491337 t 07709 337647 Call Dave on t New garage doors & repairs 01778 393862 Call Gavin on t Blinds & Shutters 07368 133623 Call David on t Locksmith Your LOCAL Locksmith Conservatory, Driveway & Patio Cleaning 01733 577750 Call Andrew on t Aerial & Satellite Specialist Tear out page and keep 07878 314562 Call Leanne on t 07771 568932 Call Dave on t Painter & Decorator, Kitchen Specialist & Property Maintenance NEED A RECOMMENDATION? FREE and EASY service The ONLY Police Checked recommended register of local approved traders Much more than just a recommendation ... To see our full list of members and read all reviews just go to ... 0800 014 1832 The safest way to source local traders Digital Aerial & Satellite Installations Loft Insulation & Boarding, Cavity Wall Insulation Thousands of Reviews Keeping it Local Serving the PE Postcode community since 2008 Over 70 different trade categories and over 17,500 reviews Recommended & Appro ed ®

Create ‘Kerb Appeal’ and Add Value to Your Home

This Holbeach-based firm are establishing a very impressive reputation for the quality of their work and the service they provide, across a wide area of South Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties. This can be clearly confirmed by the huge number of very favourable recommendations from satisfied customers on their website,, but especially on their Facebook pages.

Resin driveways are a long-lasting and easy-tomaintain option to transform the front of your home. An eco-friendly alternative, thanks to the non-toxic materials used, and available in a range of colours, a resin driveway is naturally draining, meaning no more puddles from heavy rainfall. They are highly resistant to rust, oil, corrosion, salt, and cracking, and are also the safest option, being resistant to abrasion, slipping, indentation and ignition.

The business owner explains how important it is to have a sound foundation, upon which the resin is to be applied. He recommends


❝ … the men worked very hard, they were polite and very tidy and were able to answer all questions we asked them - a big thank you to Mark and his staff - well done!” (C.H.)

❝ From my very first meeting I felt I could trust Mark to ensure a professional job would be done. The team were very hard working and a pleasure to work with.” (P.H.)

❝ Mark’s team were very professional, tidy, and really friendly - cannot fault any aspect of their work from start to finish. They have transformed the front of our bungalowcannot recommend highly enough.” (S.S.)

to his clients the method which involves the excavation of the existing surface and installation of a permeable, tarmac sub-base, before a mixture of stone aggregate and a resin bonding solution is to be applied.

Whether you are looking for something subtle or eye-catching, Lincolnshire Resin Drives Ltd are confident you will find a driveway, path or patio that fits your requirements and complements your home. Their prices are very competitive, and their service is friendly, professional, with high quality, experienced installers.

To discuss your requirements or for a free quote, please call 01406 308201 and check out their gallery at for examples of their work.

Resin, Block Paving & Landscaping Specialist in Lincolnshire See the reviews on our webpage from our happy customers At Lincolnshire Resin Drives Ltd, we create resin driveways, resin paths, block paving and pathways. Resin driveways and paths give the finishing touch to your property. We are trained in resin bound surfacing and understand that any work undertaken can be a big decision. Our work is always to the highest standard. With many years experience helping customers design and create their perfect driveways/patios hassle free. 22 Church St, Holbeach, Spalding, PE12 7LL DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Call us for a NO OBLIGATION QUOTE Find us on Facebook 01406 308201 lincsresindrivesltd YEAR 10 WARRANTY

Long Ago, at The Bull

In June 1791, John Byng arrived at The Bull Inn, Market Deeping, with his horse and a dog. Taking a break from London life, he was touring round Lincolnshire on horseback, and noting his impressions in a diary. His verdict on the county’s inns was not flattering! Although the landlord of The Bull was civil, his red wine was not drinkable, and the bedroom cold and miserable!

Mr Byng consoled himself with half a pint of brandy and, after a hasty breakfast, was glad to leave, describing Deeping as “a very low, damp situation”. The landlord at the time was Seth Smith, aged sixty, who was also a farmer and churchwarden. The Bull had been trading in the Market Place for at least two hundred and fifty years, outliving three other Tudor inns.

Its yard and stables were kept busy with up to eight stagecoaches changing horses there every day. Re-harnessing was done at speed, so that passengers had no time to alight, and waiters carried out trays of refreshments.

In the early 1800s, The Bull hired out post chaises - four-wheeled vehicles, painted yellow, pulled by a pair of horses. A driver rode on one of the horses, with passengers seated inside the carriage. They were faster and more comfortable than stagecoach

travel, but the charge of one shilling (5p) per mile was beyond the means of most people. In 1804, the inn’s stables were renovated and could accommodate forty horses. The main building contained “a very handsome dining room” and two other public parlours, with rooms upstairs for around twenty beds. The New Inn (Stage Hotel) had recently been built, offering more modern facilities on the opposite site of the Market Place, and was competing for wealthy customers and stagecoach trade.

Landlords at The Bull changed frequently, while still offering “every convenience for gentlemen travellers and others”. In 1818, William Lawrence advertised a fixed price meal at 2 o’clock every day. Known as an “Ordinary”, it was eaten at a communal table where joints of meat and fruit pies were set out for customers to serve themselves. Especially on market days, farmers and traders would gather there to eat and exchange news.

One regular at The Bull for over twenty years was John Banks, who died at the inn in 1823. He was a popular but eccentric man, who insisted on sleeping in the stables, despite relatives offering him a home. He was so attached to the place that, during his final illness, the innkeeper had difficulty persuading him to be carried from the stables into a bed!

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Local History
Flags flying for the 1911 Coronation of King George V celebrations

Deeping St James Community Primary School

Deeping St James pupils were lucky to invite Emily Hill, a Community Coach from Lincolnshire County Cricket, into school for a day of cricket fun. Although it was a cold dreary day, the pupils had a wonderful time playing energising warmup games and working cooperatively together.

For some pupils, it was their first experience of cricket, but all pupils relished the

‘cricket experience’ and had a go at both batting and fielding. Pupils loved the fun elements of the caterpillar game and cone game; many of the more experienced cricketers are excited for the forthcoming cricket season with hopefully some sunshine!

Presently, there are limited places available at Deeping St James CPS – please contact the school office for details on 01778 342314.

Linchfield Community Primary School

The Lions Club of The Deepings has donated £500 towards a local school’s playground fundraiser. The school originally opened in 1980 and there have been many changes over the years. The playground areas have been much loved by so many pupils and, unfortunately, the wear and tear has taken its toll with old playground markings being no longer visible. An “injection of fun” was required to reengage the children once more. The staff at the school have worked with the children through class discussions, to come up with ideas and they have agreed on four new markings that will provide them with interactive opportunities to encourage physical activity, creativity, teamwork, and communication.

Katie Brockington, Headteacher, said: “We are very thankful to The Lions Club of The Deepings for their kind donation. Play is as important to a child’s

development as their classroom lessons. With children playing outdoors less and less outside of school, it is more important than ever that we provide an exciting space for them to play. To complete our playground project, we need to raise £3,500 in total, and this £500 donation has kicked our efforts off nicely!”

If anyone would like to support Linchfield’s Playground Fundraiser, please visit their fundraising page here: https:// community-inclusive-trust-/ linchfield-playground.

Linchfield Community Primary School

“With huge thanks to our amazing PTA (the FLS), Linchfield’s Forest Area has been transformed! The work could not have been achieved if it was not for Network Rail donating volunteer time, materials, and equipment. We also received help from local groups, a farmer and other small businesses.

The idea to create an outdoor learning space was originally suggested by Rebecca (Chair of FLS) and the FLS have given up lots of time to fundraise for this project. The results are outstanding! A special mention needs to go to Owen (Vice Chair of FLS) for organising the troops and materials to get this project complete.

The children are exploring the new outdoor area and have even introduced tadpoles into our new pond. They are enjoying coming up with names for our new visitor to the Forest School area - ‘The Bear with no Name’.

JUNE 2024 47 Deepings
School News

Summer Stars and Short Nights

A gradually warming June countryside has replaced what has been a wet and cold start to spring.

Afamiliar feel to the countryside which is now populated by a range of strange birds to confuse the observer, including young goldfinches which look very drab with just a gold wing bar and no colourful head bands, young robins which have the erect posture but no red breasts, and immature starlings which are brown not black!

On a recent fine day, we had a long walk along the Welland embankment to the east of Deeping St. James, accompanied by terns who are back in Lincolnshire following their epic journey from West African coastal waters. The terns feed by “plunge fishing” into the water. It was great to be walking at the same level with the terns to see their many course corrections, with subtle tail and wing flicks to get the perfect alignment with their prey.

Feeding strategies do vary. Following a commotion in the garden, I was surprised to find a jet-black carrion crow trying to raid a starling’s nest under the roof eaves. It left without a meal which is more can be said for a magpie I spotted on one of our Deeping roundabouts who was carrying something red and obviously still alive!

As our walk was ending, a marsh harrier flew overhead. The largest of our harriers, it nests in reedbeds and, although most are summer visitors, an increasing number overwinter in the UK. They have increased their numbers in recent years, and it is hard to comprehend that there was only one breeding female in the entire UK in 1971!

I recently visited a favourite habitat of mine – not rolling heathland or a woodland … but a nettle bed! Although “just nettles”, all habitats have a variety of functions for different species. Early damselflies, sporting temporary brown markings (indicating that they have recently emerged from their aquatic habitats) were hunting a fantastically wide and long nettle verge at Kate’s Corner. The nettles were grazed by many groups including snails, which climbed to the top of individual plants for fresh growth.

Hunting spiders roamed the leaves with countless fly species flying carefully between the leaves with the occasional mottled-winged scorpion fly (neither a fly nor a scorpion!) taking up position on a prominent stem. Delving deep into the base of the bed, many slugs, micro-moths and beetles could be found sheltering in the moist micro-climate. As June moves towards the shortest night, the nettle bed will provide commuting and foraging bats with a variety of flying insects on which to feed.


Family owned & run since 1957, Islawrffordd Caravan Park offers the very best in quality.

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Family owned & run since 1957, Islawrffordd Caravan Park offers the very best in quality.

Situated at the southern end of the magnificent Snowdonia National Park coastline in the village of Talybont, Islawrffordd is an award winning, 5 star luxury caravan park with 201 holiday homes and 75 fully serviced hard standing touring caravan/motorhome plots, all benefitting from the very best facilities, including a heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, restaurant and bar, children’s activities and adventure play area.

2 Bedroom Luxury Holiday Home

• Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach

Situated at the southern end of the magnificent Snowdonia National Park coastline in the village of Talybont, Islawrffordd is an award winning, 5 star luxury caravan park with 201 holiday homes and 75 fully serviced hard standing touring caravan/motorhome plots, all benefitting from the very best facilities, including a heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, restaurant and bar, children’s activities and adventure play area.

• South-facing decked balcony with stunning mountain and sea views

• Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom

• Smart TVs with DVD in every room

• Fully insulated and double glazed

2 Bedroom Luxury Holiday Home

• Available for weeks/mini-breaks

• Fully centrally heated

• Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach

• Decked balcony with stunning mountain and sea views

• Available for Weeks /Mini Breaks/ Weekend Breaks

• Free wi-fi, (including Amazon Dot)

• Master Bedroom with en-suite bathroom

• Smart TV’s with DVD in every room

• Fully Insulated and double glazed

• Fully Centrally Heated

• Free wi-fi, (including Amazon Dot) Quote ‘Discovering’ when you

JUNE 2024 49 Deepings
For more information visit Call 01341 247269 or Email Islawrffordd Caravan Park, Talybont, Barmouth, Gwynedd, LL43 2AQ
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For more information visit Call 01341 247269 or Email
us to enquire
book! 20% DISCOUNT for stays during June, quoting ‘DISCOVERING’
JUNE 2024 51 Deepings 1940s WEEKEND Commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, Operation Market Garden and Battle of the Bulge 2024 CROWLAND AND THORNEY • The Crowland Buf falo • Vehicle displays • Battle reenactment • Fly past • Living his tor y groups • Vehicle displays • Vintage trader s • 1940s dance, music and enter tainment • Food, drink and more... Sat 22 & Sun 23 June 2024 Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 10am - 4pm Accompanied children under 16 are free Day tickets £10, excludes entrance to dance. Available online or at the entrance. See website for details. Park Farm, Thorney, Peterborough PE6 OTF 8 6 9 6 0 7 5 6 8 6 9 6 0 7 5 6 ADMIT ONE £10 Search for ‘Crowland Buf falo’ See more overleaf

What's On

Events: June 2024

1st, 8th and 22nd - St Michael’s Church, Langtoft, open for coffee, tea, and biscuits 10.30am - 12.30pm.

1st and every Saturday - Bourne Wheelers ‘Social ride’ leaves Coggles Causeway at 9am ‘Beginners’ ride’ leaves Bourne Leisure Centre at 9am.

2nd and every Sunday - Bourne Wheelers ‘Club ride’ leaves the Bourne Post Office car park, Burghley Street at 9am.

2nd- Deeping Lakes Open Day 10.30am–4pm. A chance to enjoy this Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust wetland reserve with guided walks, activities for children. Trust sales, refreshments, excellent home-made cooking, and locally grown plants will be on sale. Entrance just south of Deeping Exotic Pet Refuge. Free.

3rd and every Monday – 6pm - 7pm. Bourne Wheelers Cycling Club are running British Cycling Go Ride sessions at the Recreation Ground in Bourne. These include skills-based cycling activities for riders aged 7-12 and are led by qualified British Cycling coaches. They are ideal for keen young cyclists who would like to progress their cycling abilities and increase their confidence on a bike. You will need a bike and a helmet. Come and join in the fun. Cost is £2 for non-members and £1 for members of Bourne Wheelers. Membership for under 16s is £5 per year. Contact or on Facebook.

4th - Ploughman’s Lunch with a brief talk by the Carers Sitter Service at 12noon, Oddfellows Hall, 57 Church Street, Market Deeping. PE6 8AN. 12noon. £4. Book with David on 01778 347876.

6th - Langtoft, The Deepings and District British Legion will be laying a wreath on D-Day, at 10am at the Remembrance Garden (next to The Boundary).

7th-9th - Beer @ The Priory, charity beer festival at the Priory Hall and Gardens, Deeping St James. 7th: 6pm-10pm; 8th: 12noon-10pm; 9th: 12noon -9pm. For further information re music and beers, visit

8th - Delaine Bus Museum, Spalding Road. PE10 9LE. Open 12noon-4pm. Admission: Adults £2.50, accompanied U16s free. Heritage Bus Rides at 1.15pm & 2.45pm. Further details at:

11th - Nene and Welland Oddfellows Business Meeting. Oddfellows Hall at 10.30am. Open to all members. Further details from Karen on 01778 342006.

11th - Deeping Ladies Coffee Club meeting in the Priory Church Hall, DSJ. Doors open at 10am for a 10.30 start. The speaker will be Martin Lander with a talk entitled “Once upon a time”. Visitors are welcome. Please call Sue on 01778 344195 for more information.

12th - A Crafty Cuppa. Oddfellows Hall, 57 Church Street,

Market Deeping. PE6 8AN at 10:30am. Bring your own project with you and join likeminded people, while enjoying the included refreshments for £1. Contact Janice to book on 01778 560059.

12th to July 3rd - Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery have two new exhibitions: “Paintings and Drawings” (local landscapes by Simon Davies) and “A Mosaic Odyssey” (glass mosaics by Karen Mann. Each piece of glass is hand cut to give a unique mosaic that can be placed in the garden for colour or hung in the home.) Open from 12 noon – 5 pm. Tuesday to Sunday, Moreley’s Lane, Corby Glen, NG33 4NL. Admission Free www.willoughbygallery. com.

13th - Deepings Bowling Association (Spalding Road) is hosting a Coffee Morning from 10am – 12noon in aid of St Barnabas Hospice. Home-made cakes. Raffle. Parking. Please come along and support us.

15th - Monthly Cake and Bacon Butty Morning at St Michael’s Church, Langtoft. 10am -1pm. Lucky dip table.

15th - Join the St Peter’s Singers for their spectacular concert in the Vanbrugh Hall at Grimsthorpe Castle. 7.30pm, including a glass of fizz and canapes. For details visit

15th - Midsummer Melodies in the Abbey Church Hall: 7.30pm. A Glebe Singers concert with music for everyone. Tickets: Adults £10 and children under-16 free which includes a drink and light refreshments available from 01778 423232, choir members and on the door. Proceeds to Glebe Singers and Bourne Abbey Church.

16th - Grimsthorpe Castle. Visit on Father’s Day for a hands-on approach to history! See The Sealed Knot in costume, ask questions and handle equipment. Learn about cookery, education, politics, and battle strategies. Included in your ‘Park & Gardens’ ticket.

16th - “Alice in Wonderland Experience” by Rhubarb Theatre at Irnham Hall Walled Gardens, NG33 4JD.Bring a picnic, lay back and enjoy. Performances 10.30am –12.30pm – 2.30pm. Tickets children £5, adults £10 from For further information, phone Terry 07801 865780.

18th - Degree Workshop: 10:30am - Oddfellows Hall. Members only. Please confirm attendance with Christine on 07714 096801.

18th - Deepings Flower Club will be welcoming Clare Thompson with a floral demonstration entitled ‘Off the Cuff’. We meet at Priory Church Hall, Deeping St James, 7pm for 7.30pm. Visitors are very welcome to join us for a relaxing evening. Tea and coffee,and raffle. Visitors £8. Enquiries Sue Boardman 01778 349419.

19th - Nene and Welland Oddfellows Friendship Lunch at the Crown Inn in Surfleet at 12.30pm. Contact Christine for further details and to book on 07714 096801.

52 JUNE 2024 Deepings

Events are brought to you by Hilary Bloomer. To send in your events please contact her via or phone 01778 421427 / 07837 499061

19th - Bourne Organ Club. This month Michael Wooldridge. 7.30pm at Bourne Corn Exchange. Tickets are available on the door £7 members, £8 visitors and everyone is welcome. For more information, call 01778 424947.

22nd/23rd - Baston Church celebrates its patron saint, St John the Baptist. Flower arrangements all day Saturday. Sunday 10am Holy Communion. 2.30pm to 4.30pman afternoon of craft activities with refreshments for all. No charge but donations are invited.

26th - Nene and Welland Oddfellows “Let’s Do Lunch”, meet at Thorney Golf Club 12.30pm. Cost as per menu. Contact Barry on 01778 560059 to book.

27th - DSJ WI meeting in the Priory Church Hall, DSJ. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.40 start. The speaker will be Stephen Brown with a talk entitled “Hell on Wheels”. Your first visit is free, so why not come and give us a try? For more information, please call Sue on 01778 344195.

28th - Museum workshop 10:30am. Oddfellows Hall. Members only. Please confirm attendance with Christine on 07714 096801.

29th - Midsummer Afternoon Tea to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings and National Armed Forces Day at St Michael’s Church, Langtoft. 2.30pm - 5pm Tickets £8 for adults and children over 12, £4 for children under 12. Tickets are available from Debbie Howard 01778349576 or Claire Naylor 01778 343717 or Langtoft Village shop.

29th - The Old Town Hall Bourne Fire Service Heritage Day, a family activity day with fun activities, learn more about the fire service that was based at the Old Town Hall, and come and talk to some real live firefighters too. All welcome, free entrance. Café open.

30th - Grimsthorpe Castle - Baston Car and Bike Show. A fun day out for all the family! Vehicles including vintage, classic, road, race, sports, customised, commercial, and more! As well as traders, live music, entertainment, food and drink.

30th - Nene and Welland Oddfellows Annual City Lunch, meet at Thorney Golf Club 12.30pm. Cost as per menu. Contact Lucy on 01773 203558 to book by 3rd June.

Bourne Bridge Club meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Masonic Hall, Roman Bank Bourne, 6.45 pm for a 7pm start. All levels of Bridge players are welcome. For more information, please contact Sue on 07857 468732.


Every Wednesday morning 10am -11.30am

Keep fit classes at the Coronation Hall. For more information, call Michele 07746 828920.


Mon-Sat: 101s every 30mins throughout the day reduced evening and Sunday service


Mon-Fri: 102s every hour throughout the day all Buses call at: Queensgate Bus Station for City Centre Walton Shopping Park & New England Boulevard Retail Park

Mon-Fri: every hour throughout the day Saturdays: bi-hourly all Buses call at: Spalding London Rd/Vine St for Town Centre & Springfields Outlet Shopping Centre

Cash & Contactless accepted onboard


6 week pottery workshops for beginners and intermediate Adults� Mondays & wednesdays

6 week pottery workshops for children on sundays

One to one sessions on the pottery wheel with Alison �

JUNE 2024 53 Deepings
Call: 01778 420409 9 Wherry’s Lane Bourne, PE10 9HQ
101 102 Morton - BOURNE THE DEEPINGS - PETERBOROUGH twitter@delainebuses
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available from 1 Day • 7 Day • 28 Day • Bundles of: 3 x 1 Day • 10 x 1 Day 1 Day Duo • 1 Day Group Student: Half Term • Term • Annual purchase on your mobile phone or on a tablet and gift to another device


Anne Ife, who has volunteered for CamSight for seventeen years, says she finds the relationships with people rewarding and interesting: “I started out driving people to groups, and from there had two befriending roles; one was a lady who was in a wheelchair, so I’d take her out for our meetings, and describe the nature and wildlife around her. We would also go together to the botanical gardens, a CamSight-led activity, which she loved.

national awareness week, dedicated to celebrating the passionate and caring volunteers who give up their time, week on week, is launching on June 3rd and runs until June 9th.

Local charity, CamSight, which works tirelessly supporting those whose lives are affected by low vision and blindness, is using the awareness week to celebrate the wonderful volunteers who have been with the charity many years.

Claire Haggerty, Volunteers’ Manager, said: “It is undoubtedly the biggest week in the volunteering calendar, and with the awareness week in its fortieth year, we wanted to make a special effort to acknowledge the hard work our volunteers do to support our services users. We are hosting a party for all volunteers during the week, an afternoon tea to say a big thank you for everything they have done for services users, supporters, and our staff.

“CamSight provides advice and practical support to help the everyday lives of those who live with a life-changing, sight loss condition. As well as wellbeing services such as Pilates, rowing, climbing and art projects for example, we run support groups and one-to-one emotional support services. We require volunteers to be sighted guides, chaperone our clients to and from their activities with us. And also, many take on befriending roles with a one-to-one client.”

“Another lady I would have weekly visits with, was into family history, and through our work researching her ancestry, she found out that she had half siblings she had never met. It was an incredible discovery, and she was grateful for my support during this time.

“You can be involved as much, or as little as you would like, but with the range of opportunities at hand, I’ve found it such a lovely experience and one I continue to get a lot from personally.”

If volunteering for CamSight seems like something you would like to be involved in, please contact the CamSight Volunteer’s team, on (01223) 420033, email: or visit the ‘Volunteer With Us’ page on the website:

54 JUNE 2024 Deepings 42 DISCOVERING March JUNE 2024
Photo above: Anne’s turn on the tea rota at CamSight’s Histon and Impington Support Group!


Bridlington Leisure Day ONLY 8 LEFT Sat 1st June £29

Aldeburgh & Southwold Leisure Day Sun 9th June £32

Scarborough Leisure Day Tues 11th June £31

Hidden Hertfordshire (3hr river cruise & 2 course lunch) Weds 12th June £73

BBC Gardeners World Live & BBC Good Food Show Summer ONLY 4 LEFT Sat 15th June Adult £49 Senior £48 Child £38

Skipton & Canal Boat (includes 2 course meal) ONLY 16 LEFT Weds 19th June £65

Skipton Leisure Day ONLY 16 LEFT Weds 19th June £32

Knaresborough & The World of James Herriot ONLY 7 LEFT Sat 22nd June £39

Tower of London ONLY 2 LEFT Tues 25th June Adult £67 Senior £60 Child £51

Trentham Gardens and Shopping Village Sun 7th July £40

Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) ONLY 11 LEFT Weds 10th July £60

Buckingham Palace Royal Mews & State Rooms Thurs 11th July Adult £77 Child £55

London Leisure Day Thurs 11th July £33

Park Hotel, Barnstaple – 5 days 2 CANCELLATIONS Sun 14th July £598

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park ONLY 14 LEFT Sat 20th July £65

National Motorcycle Museum Sun 21st July Adult £38 Child £36

Bletchley Park Sun 13th October £47

North Yorkshire Moors Railway and Whitby Tues 23rd July £68

Natural History, Science, Victoria & Albert Museums ONLY 7 LEFT Weds 24th July £32

Windsor Castle ONLY 16 LEFT Thurs 25th July Adult £60 Child £46

Windsor Leisure Day ONLY 16 LEFT Thurs 25th July £33

Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter ONLY 1 LEFT Weds 31st July Adult £79 Child £67

The Deep Thurs 1st August Adult £44 Senior £42 Child £39

The Great British Car Journey & Matlock Bath Sat 3rd August £37

RHS Garden Hyde Hall and Flower Show Sun 4th August RHS Member £28 Non-member £39

Highgrove Gardens including 2 course lunch ONLY 11 LEFT Thurs 8th August £90

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Sat 10th August Adult £50 Senior £49 Child £46

Hippodrome Circus (afternoon show) Sun 11th August Adult £56 Senior £54 Child £46

Great Yarmouth Leisure Day Sun 11th August £28

Jazz on the Broads Tues 13th August £51

Houghton Hall & Gardens Weds 14th August £46

Cromer & End of Pier Show ONLY 18 LEFT Sat 17th August £52

Blenheim Palace, Park & Gardens Sun 18th August Adult £54 Senior £52 Child £43

Fawlty Towers – The Play (afternoon show) Thurs 5th September £88

Westminster Abbey including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries Sat 7th September Adult £67 Senior £64 Child £33

London Leisure Day Sat 7th September £33

Holkham Hall Estate Sun 8th September £46

Hello, Dolly! (afternoon show) ONLY 5 LEFT Weds 11th September £88

MJ the Musical (afternoon show) Thurs 12th September £106

North Norfolk Railway Sat 14th September Adult £40 Child £36

West Midlands Safari & Leisure Park Sun 15th September Adult £53 Senior £51 Child £53

RAF Museum, Cosford Sat 21st September £29

The Coronation Street Experience Sun 29th September £66

Chicago (afternoon show) Thurs 17th October £74

Eden Camp Modern History Museum Sat 19th October Adult £44 Child £42

Cadbury World Sun 20th October Adult £50 Child £45

Bicester Shopping Village Sun 27th October £28

Tower Hotel, London – 4 days ONLY 20 LEFT Weds 30th October £398

Hairspray (afternoon show) Weds 6th November £71

The Devil Wears Prada (afternoon show) ONLY 17 LEFT Weds 13th November £80

Bakewell Christmas Market Sat 16th November £27

Festive Gift Fair Sun 17th November Adult £36 Child £32

Leeds Christmas Shopping/Leisure Day Thurs 21st November £29

Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra Sun 24th November £79

York’s St Nicholas Fair/Shopping/Leisure Day Tues 26th November £29

Norwich Christmas Shopping/Leisure Day Sat 30th November £26

Lakeside Shopping Centre Sun 1st December £29

Meadowhall Shopping Centre Tues 3rd December £27

Stratford Upon Avon Christmas Market/Shopping/Leisure Day ONLY 18 LEFT Fri 6th December £28

Beverley Festival of Christmas Sun 8th December £27

Nottingham Winter Wonderland/Shopping/Leisure Day Tues 10th December £26

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market/Shopping/Leisure Day Thurs 12th December £29

*Thursford Christmas Spectacular ONLY 14 LEFT Fri 13th December £77

*Thursford Christmas Spectacular (Long Sutton departure) Sat 14th December £80

*Thursford Christmas Spectacular ONLY 10 LEFT Sun 15th December £80

*Thursford Christmas Spectacular (Long Sutton departure) Weds 18th December £77

Holkham Hall by Candlelight Weds 18th December £57

Nutcracker at the London Coliseum (afternoon show) Mon 30th December £110

Les Miserables (afternoon show) Thurs 9th January £86

Phantom of the Opera (afternoon show) Weds 15th January £78

Mrs Doubtfire (afternoon show) Thurs 16th January 84

Giselle at the London Coliseum (afternoon show) Fri 17th January £104

Tina – The Tina Turner Musical (afternoon show) Thurs 23rd January £78

Moulin Rouge (afternoon show) Thurs 30th January £98

Wicked (afternoon show) Weds 5th February £72

Starlight Express (afternoon show) Thurs 6th February £91

Birmingham International Tattoo (afternoon show) Sun 9th February Adult £60 Senior £59 Child £55

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake (afternoon show) Thurs 20th February £77

Murder on the Orient Express (afternoon show) Thurs 3rd April £56

Hotel Riu Plaza, The Gresham, Dublin – 5 days Weds 9th April £619

& Juliet (afternoon show) Weds 16th April £73

Only Fools & Horses (afternoon show) Weds 23rd April £74

Oliver (afternoon show) Weds 7th May £98

Mamma Mia! The Party (afternoon show) Sun 18th May Tier A £253 Tier B £167

Kinky Boots (afternoon show) Thurs 3rd July £77

Riverdance – 30 The New Generation (afternoon show) Sun 5th October £88

Visit or contact Lorraine Hallam on 01406 493198. Online booking is available via our website.
stated otherwise. New excursions are being added weekly.
*All Thursford Christmas Spectaculars are afternoon
and deluxe
Coaches depart from Spalding Bus
for the job
need. SHORT WHEEL BASE VAN Load length 2.4 meters LONG WHEEL BASE HI-TOP VAN Load length 3.4 meters Customer driven... EXTRA LONG WHEEL BASE HI-TOP VAN Load length 4.2 meters LUTON VAN FITTED WITH ELECTRIC TAIL LIFT (supplied with ropes) Load length 4.2 meters
Vans and cars ideal
Business Directory JUNE 2024 | WWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK 57 NOW OFFERING SELF STORAGE FOR PRIVATE OR BUSINESS USE ● New weatherproof internal units ● Electric roller doors & internal lighting ● Key pad entry BOX SHOP NOW OPEN FOR ALL YOUR PACKAGING AND REMOVAL NEEDS Visit us at Boundary Garage, Main Road, PE11 3DL (opposite speed camera) For more information call 01778 344493 Email: Visit our website: So whether moving home or running a business we can help with all your self storage needs CAR HIRE Budget Cars ● Small and Large Cars 7 Seaters Manual & Automatic Petrol / Diesel ● Brand new weather proof storage units ● 10ft units & 20ft units ● High security & HD CCTV

Vastly Experienced and Highly Recommended KEVIN JUDD

If you’re wanting a painter and decorator who can look back on a very successful thirtyfive-year career, with all that accumulated experience along the way, then Kevin Judd is waiting to hear from you. This Peterboroughbased craftsman can offer not only the usual painting and wallpaper hanging skills but can also combine those with plastering, artexing and installing coving, to provide you with the complete decorating service.

Kevin is prepared to travel within a fifty-mile radius of Peterborough and much of his work has long been as a result of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations. He is happy to take on any contract, be it domestic, commercial or industrial, and is as likely to produce a first-class end product outside your property as he is within your four walls.

For the last two years, Kevin

has had Freddie as his apprentice and has been encouraged by the progress made by the youngster, as Kevin is pleased to be passing on those tips and techniques which come after so many years in the trade.

Kevin is confident that his services are competitively priced, and he is happy to supply you with a no-obligation quotation for your next project.

Kevin Judd Painter & Decorator

Chapel Motor Repairs Ltd

• Air conditioning Re-gas and service

• Diagnostics on most makes of car

• Menu price service on older cars

• Free collection and delivery

• Courtesy car available

58 JUNE 2024 Deepings
ESTABLISHED 35 YEARS 07947 498696 ✦ All types of decorating ✦ Plastering ✦ Artex ✦ Coving and Wallpapering ✦ Internal and External Good rates ✦ No charge for quotes No job too big, no job too small
A family run business with over 40 years experience in the Motor trade. Our friendly and helpful staff are always here to help. • 12 months, 12,000 miles warranty on parts and labour • Tyre fitting centre • Catalysts , Exhausts and Clutches
Servicing to Manufacturers Specification • MOT’s
Call 01778 560444 • Fax 01778 560445 Email 35-37 Main Street, Baston, PE6 9PA Approved by the following Japanese performancecars, upgrades…fromservicingto Justask forDean! DB chapel motors 1/2 Page H Advert MAY17.indd 1 19/04/2017 13:30



Are you looking to move house ?

Look no further than our professional, affordable and reliable house removal service

Rest assured all of your items will be fully protected ensuring they arrive safely at your new home.

✓ Dedicated team of removers

✓ Dedicated vehicles

✓ Protective equipment always used

✓ Professional uniformed staff

Call our friendly team now for a free quotation

Let us take the stress out of moving

We have a brand new box shop open providing all your packaging and material needs.

We sell the following items:

✓ Boxes ✓ Wardrobe Boxes

✓ Bubble Wrap ✓ Wrapping Paper

✓ Tapes ✓All other accessories

Available to purchase individually or as a bundle.

Feel free to pop into our shop or alternatively give us a call.

JUNE 2024
01778 344493
Visit us at Boundary Garage, Main Road, PE11 3DL (opposite speed camera)
WWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK | JUNE 2024 GARDEN SERVICES All aspects of Landscaping & Garden Services • Patios & Block Paving • Groundworks • Walling Stone • Garden Maintenance • Grass & Hedge Cutting • Fencing & Bespoke Sheds • Garden Design Over 15 years experience Working to the highest professional standards 01778 570609 ● 07720 251955 FREE No Obligation Quotes ABW FENCING & LANDSCAPING 01733 735185 Email CALL ALAN FOR A FREE QUOTE: 07749 986950 or SPECIALISTS IN ALL TYPES OF FENCING, DECKING & HANDMADE GATES ELECTRICIAN A.P.V ELECTRICS Tel: 0 1778 343676 Mobile: 07813 872762 QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN For a prompt FREE quotation call Tony small jobs welcome Find us on DRAINAGE Simon Manley 01778 702560 | 07769 707361 | 10 Hamiliton Close | Bourne | Lincolnshire | PE10 9PL Manley Drainage Ltd For all your Drainage needs Call now! No Job too Big or Small No call out charge All services carried out to the highest standard and leaving every property secure t. 01778 252121 | m. 07414 896711 e. Contact us today for your FREE Quotation on: • Fascia & Soffits • Guttering Contact us today for your FREE Quotation on: t. 01778 252121 | m. 07414 896711 e. | “10 Years of providing a Professional & Quality Service” All services carried out to the highest standard and leaving every property secure t. 01778 252121 | m. 07414 896711 Contact us today for your FREE Quotation on: • Up & Over Garage Doors • Sectional Garage Doors • Roller Shutters • Automated Garage Doors • 24 Hour Repair Service • Garage Doors Servicing • Fascia & Soffits • Guttering “10 Years of providing a Professional & Quality Service” • Up & Over Garage Doors • Sectional Garage Doors • Roller Shutters • Automated Garage Doors • 24 Hour Repair Service • Garage Doors Servicing • Fascia & Soffits • Guttering All services carried out to the highest standard and leaving every property secure DOORS AND GATES DOORS AND GATES Professional Garage Door Services Tel: 01778 570408 Mob: 07734 945700 We offer a wide range of garage doors through a selection of well known suppliers A complete & professional service FREE Quotations and NO call out charge New Doors, Repairs & Servicing Automactic Openers, Roller Shutters & Sectional Doors BUDGET TAXIS • 4-8 seater vehicles available • 10% off telephone bookings • Other fixed prices available BUDGET TAXIS 01778 345345 01778 345231 ALL VEHICLES WANTED WANTED ALL CARS, VANS TRUCKS & 4X4s New or old With or without MOT High or low miles Top prices paid Also camper vans and motorhomes bought Call Wayne on 07778 057991


Business Directory JUNE 2024 | WWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK 61 GARDEN SERVICES ALL MAINTENANCE & MAKEOVER SERVICES Gardens Cleared • Borders Tidied Grass & Hedges Cut Professional & Reliable Family Business [ FREE CONSULTATIONS ] CHRIS DAVIES 01778 345980 • 07872 048204 Chris Davies Garden Services & Daughter HANDY SERVICES T. 07368 829529 E. W. PROFESSIONAL HANDYMAN SERVICE ● Home Repairs & Upgrades ● Painting & Decorating ● Minor Carpentry ● Fitting Service (Blinds, Poles, Cabinets) ● Hanging Things (Pictures, Mirrors, Shelves) ● Paving, Drive & Decking Cleaning Service ● Flat Pack Service ● General Odd Jobs NO JOB TOO SMALL, WE FIX THEM ALL HANDY SERVICES MAINTENANCE For all your Repairs to Windows, Doors & Conservatories PAINTING AND DECORATING PLUMBING AND HEATING Call Neil today on 07377 681 191 Email: Deeping St James, PE11 3DW Specialising in all aspects of painting and decorating services, including interior and exterior for residential purposes. All work fully guaranteed. Free, no obligation estimates on request. Professional service. Neil
✓ Small Roof Repairs (Bungalows, garages, sheds, guttering, etc) ✓ Painting And Decorating (Interior and exterior) ✓ Carpentry Work (Shelving, skirting boards, flat pack, window blinds, odd jobs, etc) APM. The Small Job Man. Tree, Hedge and Garden Services All types of garden maintenance ALL WORK GUARANTEED • FULLY INSURED • Grass cutting and lawn care • Beds, borders and weed control • Rotovating, turfing and seeding • Tree surgery and conifer work • Felling, pruning and shaping • Hedge cutting and shrub trimming • Garden clearance and rubbish removal • Driveways, patios and fencing John Holland 07957 185487 or 01775 720558 50 Little London, Spalding PE11 2UE GARDEN SERVICES Qualified Plumber and Bathroom installer ▪ Full bathroom refits ▪ Tiling and shower boarding ▪ Cloakroom refits ▪ Baths replaced by shower cubicles ▪ Water softener installation ▪ Replacement taps/showers/sinks ▪ Replacement radiators/water cylinders Free quotations and advice available 07399 213399 T: 01778 345860 M: 07739 988711 › Installation/repair of heating systems › Installation/repair of Plumbing systems › Installation/repair of Electrical systems Electrical, Plumbing Heating And Appliances Alan Stephenson
& Decorator
62 Business Directory WWW.DISCOVERINGMAGAZINES.CO.UK | JUNE 2024 PW Heating Ltd Call our friendly team today on 07939 840653 Central Heating Specialists E. W. Natural Gas, LPG, Oil Unvented hot water qualified installer Power flushing with thermal imaging FREE COMPETITIVE QUOTES ● Servicing ● Maintenance ● Repairs/Breakdowns ● Landlord Gas Safety Certificates ● General Plumbing Worcester Accredited Installers offering 10 & 12 Year guarantees PLUMBING AND HEATING PLUMBING & HEATING Matthew Mills T: 01778 347308 M: 07545 270482 Covering a 25 mile radius of Peterborough | Cancelling while en route will result in a charge R J MILLS AND SONS REGISTERED PLUMBERS 24 HOUR EMERGENCY PLUMBING Call us 1st... “We will always answer the phone” NO JOB TOO SMALL TREE SERVICES All aspects of professional tree surgery Hedge maintenance Tree pruning • reshaping Storm damage 01778 571993 • 07858 465637 FULLY QUALIFIED AND INSURED Plumbing Plumbing Heating Gas PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICES All aspects of plumbing & heating covered k. chaggar 07715554272 PLUMBING AND HEATING ROOFING SERVICES DEEPING ROOFING SERVICES FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Friendly Family Business Established for over 25 years • Flat Roofing Specialists • All Roofing Work Undertaken including Leadwork • Fascia and Guttering • Re-Pointing Work • Free Estimates • All Work Guaranteed OFFICE 01778 346 472 MOBILE 07947 695 774 PC LAPTOPS AND REPAIRS PC or Laptop Issues? Better call Ray! Sales • Service • Training Unit 4, Crown Walk, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PB Bourne Computer Store Virus removal to full re-builds. Upgrade work undertaken. Extensive range of new and used equipment. Let me assist you with your problems. Tel: 01778 420362 Email: PLUMBING AND HEATING PJ Broughton Heating & Plumbing Engineering Services Office. 01778 349533 Mobile. 07710 973002 ✓ Gas Safe registered ✓ Registered plumber ✓ City & Guilds qualified ✓ Over 40 years experience ✓ All works insured ✓ LPG & guaranteed Registered Plumber ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS HERE CALL SAL ON 01778 421427 OR 07737 026594 PRICES START FROM JUST £29
xcellent on Trustpilot Largest Range & Lowest Prices On All Top Brands. Spalding (Down from B&M) 0 1 7 7 5 7 1 1 0 1 4 Buy Online @fitzgeraldsbedcentre @fitzgeraldsbeds Visit Our Stores 4’6 Memory Pocket Divan Set Only £499.95 Disposal of Old Bed & Assembly Service Available. Free Immediate Delivery. EST. 1993 Largest choice of top branded beds now on display OF EXCELLENT SERVICE


Since opening in 2001 Briggs Residential have sold more properties every year than any other Deeping agency, usually outselling by at least ‘double’ every year

The enthusiasm and leadership of Paul and Paula Briggs remains the same over the last 20 years, with a desire to be the best in the business and to help people enjoy moving.

Paul has been involed in nearly 10,000 sales over his career and in estate agency, experience counts.

If you are thinking of moving you’re in safe hands with the Briggs Residential team. 01778 349300

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