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Issue 115 / March 2021

and the surrounding villages



Taking the stress out of selling your car

AGENTIS FINANCIAL Your first mortgage

Yo u r f a v o u r i t e c o m m u n i t y l i f e s t y l e m a g a z i n e – P R I C E L E S S

y a d to e l ty s e f i l w e Start a n Move in this Spring from just £73,000

Tallington Lakes Tallington Lakes is set just a few miles from the pretty town of Stamford. This beautiful park offers a mixture of lakeside tranquillity and an array of sports all year round. A place you can call home, where you can spend time relaxing with your family and friends, where the worries and routine of everyday life can be left far behind. A luxury lodge has all the comfort and style of your home, but is set in a stunning location, surrounded by the English countryside at its best. On site there is a bar and restaurant which is open every day, offering meals and a variety of entertainment all-year-round. Get involved in fitness classes, bingo, trips and weekend discos and parties.

Thorney Golf Club Situated on the outskirts of the cathedral city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. This well respected and long established 18 hole championship course also boasts a 9 hole par 3 course, covered driving range and practice green by the Clubhouse. Located in beautiful countryside you will feel you have escaped to a new world where the pace of life is

slower and you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings. An ideal place for golf lovers or for people looking for a retreat that is a haven of tranquility. A place where you can relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Our fabulous bar and restaurant offers wonderful food in a converted clubhouse.

Contact our friendly team now to discuss our lodges, our locations and your new lifestyle...

0800 564 2266

Tallington Lakes Leisure Park, Barholm Road, Tallington, PE9 4RJ

Welcome to your March issue... There are three significant dates we can look forward to celebrating this month.


arch 14th is Mother’s Day, our annual opportunity to shower dear Mum with love and gifts, which this year, sadly, might have to be “Zoom-related”. March 28th is when our clocks “spring forward” an hour – surely a sign that summer will soon be upon us. Thirdly, and this is a much-awaited date which has not yet been finalised – the start of the easing of our lockdown measures and a steady return to “normal times”, those days before anyone had ever heard of ‘social distancing’ or ‘the R number’! Hoping you enjoy our issue this month, and it is with such joy and pride that we, at “Discovering Magazines”, can send out “Discovering Whittlesea” (the very first of our five titles) for issue number two hundred. Huge thanks go to everyone who has made this possible over the years.

Claire x

Inside Highlights

4.................... Meet Your Discovering Team 6..................... Book reviews from Bourne Bookshop.

12-13.......... Fenchurch House Care Home, Spalding.

14.................. The Wellhead Practice – Rachel Nicholls.

16-17.......... Tips on preparing for spring. 18.................. Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan update.

This month, there are many positive signs that we might be on our way out of the year-long stranglehold, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. March 23rd, 2020 was the day we were all told to “stay at home” and since then everyone’s life will have been impacted in some way. The successful rolling out of the vaccination programme has been the vital beacon of optimism we have all longed to see and so, as springtime arrives later this month, let us all hope that the end will soon be here. I’ve just heard that police have issued the following warning: “We’re on the lookout for a cross-eyed burglar. If you see someone suspicious peering through your window, warn your next-door neighbour”. Enjoy your read!

20................ Food & Drink – Wines from France. 21-23......... The Griffin Inn 26................. Your Garden: Tips for March. 31.................. L J Roberts Timber Ltd. feature. 40-41........ Noya Motor Group feature. 42................. Your Home: Alto Electrical. 47................. Commercial Waste Connections feature.

50................. Odin HR Consultancy. 56................. Words from the Mayor. 58................. Local History: Windmills and watermills.


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62................. Pets and Vets: Fur balls. 64................. Mother’s Day Quiz. 65................. Mother’s Day Special – Nicola Brister at ‘Don’t Lose Hope’.

72-80...... Classified businesses directory. With thanks to: Double and Megson,

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Mothers Day Delivering Sunday 14th March




The Deepings

Hat Box Tel: 01778 421171 7 Crown Walk West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PB M A RC H 2 021

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Book Review

BOURNE BOOKSHOP 19 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9AE

Bridgerton: The Duke and I

t. 01778 392777


BY JULIA QUINN The first in Julia Quinn’s worldwide bestselling Bridgerton novels, this is the story of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke: Welcome to the ballrooms of Regency London! “Can there be any greater challenge to London’s Ambitious Mamas than an unmarried duke?” (Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, April 1813) By all accounts, Simon Basset is on the verge of proposing to his best friend’s sister, the lovely - and almost-on-the-shelf - Daphne Bridgerton. But the two of them know the truth - it’s all an elaborate plan to keep Simon free from marriage-minded society mothers. And as for Daphne, surely she will attract some worthy suitors now that it seems a duke has declared her desirable . . . Amidst the glittering, gossipy, cut-throat world of London’s elite, there is only one certainty: love ignores every rule.

A deeply moving, powerful story about the strength and resilience of women and the bond between mother and daughter. Texas, 1934. Elsa Martinelli had finally found the life she’d yearned for … a family, a home and a livelihood on a farm on the Great Plains. But when drought threatens all she holds dear, Elsa’s world is shattered to the winds. Fearful of the future, when Elsa wakes to find her husband has fled, she is forced to make the most agonizing decision of her life … fight for the land she loves or take her beloved children west to California in search of a better life. Will it be the land of milk and honey? Or will their experience challenge every ounce of strength they possess? Elsa’s incredible journey is a story of survival, hope and what we do for the ones we love.

Hello, Mummy! Baby Touch BY LADYBIRD

The perfect gift for a new mum on Mother’s Day! With bright, high-contrast colours and exciting touch-and-feels, Baby Touch: Hello Mummy is perfect for sharing and will help to engage your baby’s senses as they discover all sorts of babies and their mummies.

Tales from the Farm BY THE YORKSHIRE SHEPHERDESS (AMANDA OWEN) From bestselling author Amanda Owen, comes this delightful and uplifting collection of her monthly ‘Dalesman’ columns, covering events in 2019 and 2020. Journey to Ravenseat, where Amanda lives with husband Clive and their nine children, not to mention their flock of sheep, herd of cows, hardworking dogs and a formidable chicken called Linda.



M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Mother’s Day at Cherryholt Mobility Some problems with feet develop through illness and some as a result of poorly fitted shoes. So, treat the feet of a loved one this Mother’s Day!

With Mother’s Day approaching, why not treat your mum or mother-in-law to a pair of our Sandpiper slippers? Sandpiper is a carefully designed range of comfort footwear for wide feet or people with problem toes.


Sensitive Feet As we get older, our feet change shape, and we often lose some of the natural padding from the bottom of our feet. Many conditions such as oedema, diabetes, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, neurological and vascular disorders or kidney and heart disease can often be identified by early warning signs as symptoms in the feet.

Did • • • • • •

you know? We part exchange mobility scooters. We can come to you, if you can’t get to us. We offer advice on each individual’s needs. We offer no-obligation quotes on stairlifts. We supply and fit hoists in cars. We are located next to George’s fish bar, with plenty of free parking!

We are here for all your mobility needs

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10 - 2, Wednesday 10 - 12

We help to make life easier.....





Quality support, sales & services for all your mobility needs

01778 393311

Unit 2 Holt House Business Centre, Cherry Holt Rd, Bourne PE10 9LH

MBourne A R CH 2 0 2 17

e h t o M

y a 'r s D SPECIAL

You’ve perhaps heard of the phrase, “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings.” Well, their mothers could have provided some humorous material, if only there had been someone around at the time to have recorded it. Here’s a selection of what “Dear Mama” just might have said:

ALBERT EINSTEIN’S MOTHER: “But Bertie darling, it's your passport photograph. Can't you do something about your hair? Styling gel, mousse, anything …?” NAPOLEON’S MOTHER: “Alright, young man. If you’re not hiding your report card inside your jacket, then take your hand out of there and prove it!” GOLDILOCKS’S MOTHER: “I’ve got a bill here for a broken chair from the Bear family. I don’t suppose you know anything about this, do you Goldie?” CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS’S MOTHER: “I don’t care what you’ve discovered, Chris. You should have written – I’ve been worried sick!”

MICHELANGELO’S MOTHER: “Mike, why can't you just paint on walls like other children? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off the ceiling?” THOMAS EDISON’S MOTHER: Of course I’m proud that you invented the electric light bulb, Tommy. Now, turn it off and get to bed will you – you’ve got to get up in the morning!” HUMPTY DUMPTY’S MOTHER: “Humpty, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times not to sit on that wall. But would you listen to me? Oh no, you never do!”


Digital Printing

Baby Photography In house printing from Locket size to A1(ish)

From your Phone and tablet

Passport & Visa with Digital Code

s Canva and Blocks

Wedding Photography

Photo Restoration

School Photographs All Year Round

Gordon’s Photographic, 16A North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9AB

T. 01778 394434 E.



Free Your Fears Today

here are many phobias that we can suffer from, the most common being fear of spiders, needles, heights, public spaces, being sick, public speaking and flying. The intense fear we feel means we spend a lot of time avoiding certain things or situations, and our world becomes smaller and smaller as we stop enjoying doing some of the things we used to do. A phobia is defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer is compelled to go to great lengths to avoid certain situations. The fear is typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. There are, in the main, two types of phobias. There is the simple phobia where a person reacts negatively when they come into contact with the thing that causes fear, such as dentists, needles, flying or spiders. Then there is the complex phobia which causes fear and anxiety continually.

“Fear can make a bee seem like an elephant.” One example is needle phobia - a fear of injections or blood tests and considered to be one of the most common phobias in the world. It can affect the sufferer in ways such as not wanting to have any medical attention for many years, or maybe even putting off becoming pregnant or having a much-needed operation.

“Are you not living our dreams because we are living our fears?” Another complex phobia is social phobia, a fear

of social situations, such as weddings, public speaking or simply going out to dinner with people - even if they are friends! Frequently, people with a social phobia have a fear of embarrassing themselves or of being humiliated in public. The human mind is an amazing thing, undoubtedly the most powerful and resourceful problemsolving device in the known universe. However, our minds have developed as part of an evolutionary process, and our mind contains powerful tools for learning and dealing with danger. In our modern lives where these ‘fight, flight or freeze’ responses are generally less useful, strong behavioural responses or fears can nevertheless be set up. It is usually when we are stressed or anxious that these primitive parts of the brain can sometimes overreact and set up patterns of fear or thought that you find difficult or impossible to control. The good news is that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps with all these different types of phobias, allowing you to feel free to live a normal life again.

“Fear is only as deep as your mind allows!” If you would like to book an appointment or find out more about hypnotherapy, contact Christine on: 0780 9690 964 or

T: 0780 9690 964 | E: | 47 Main Road, Dyke, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0AF 10


M A R CH 2 0 2 1


FREE* Georgia toilet & basin with every bathroom order


Fed up with hard w ate r an Do you have sensiti d scale? ve skin /eczema? Then you could benefit from a water softener!

Bathing a problem? – we can help • Wet rooms • Walk in showers and baths • Waterproof wall panelling • Slip resistant safety flooring • Grab rails & shower seats • Zero VAT on disabled bathrooms • Discounts for over 60s SSAFA and Ex Service personnel • Disabled Facilities Grants • Charity work and grants

• We supply, install and repair all types of water softeners and drinking systems • Do you want to prolong the life of your appliances and save money? • Salt deliveries available


Call for friendly advice and free survey and quote

01778 369162

2 Elsea Drive, Northorpe, Bourne PE10 0HL 01778 39 48 30 or 07802 50 26 20 Terms and conditions apply, visit our website for more details.


ourne 76.5 x 110.indd 2

30 years


Hear CLEARLY again... 03/07/2020 15:42

Never miss out on the sounds you love


with the latest comfortable and invisible hearing aids


*o ns ele cte dp ro du cts





FREE parking HOME visits available FREE aftercare 5 YEAR warranty * 5 YEAR FREE batteries * INDEPENDENT family business

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g a i d s d o n't ha v

or quote ref DISB

e to b e s e e


Sound Advice Hearing Centres

Covid-19 Compliant




We are now open again &


37 Market Place, Market Deeping PE6 8EA


01778 301220

Day centre also at J. Neville Opticians, 18 Broad St, Whittlesey




Fun, Friendship and Cakes for Valentine’s Day


esidents at Fenchurch House Care Home in Spalding marked Valentine’s Day with a Tea Party and a ‘Baked with Love’ cake competition. Residents have been talking about their favourite cakes and recipes and submitting their ideas into the competition. Family and friends got involved through the home’s Facebook page which received many comments and suggestions. The top three cakes were chosen by the Country Court Catering Team and baked in all thirty-three care homes across the group for Valentine’s Day, where residents were able to sample the three cakes and vote for their favourite during their Tea Parties. The three cakes chosen for the ‘Baked with Love’ competition were a chocolate cherry cake suggested by residents at Somerset House Nursing Home; a traditional lemon drizzle cake from The Grange Care Home (also a firm favourite with people commenting on Facebook); and a Mars Bar cake, suggested by residents at Eccleshare Court Care Home in Lincoln. The third one was a no-bake cake which residents were able to help to make in their homes. At Fenchurch House, residents prepared for their party by making Valentine’s chocolate chip



cookies to dip in hot chocolate and decorating their home. At lunchtime, they enjoyed a special three-course Valentine’s Day menu with sirloin steak and a ‘red velvet’ dessert with strawberry compote. In the afternoon, they enjoyed afternoon tea and cake and voted for their favourite cake. “We wanted to choose three very different cakes for people to try,” explained Senior Catering Operations Support Manager, Ian Powell. “We had over one-hundred and fifty cake suggestions and recipes sent in from residents, families and friends all over the country. We did a test bake of each cake to ensure the recipe worked well before sending them off to all our chefs to bake for their parties.” “Discussing our favourite cakes was a great conversation starter,” commented Suria Webb, Home Manager at Fenchurch House. “We discovered everyone loves to talk about cake! We spent time asking each of our residents about their favourite cakes; it was a great way to get to know people who have recently come to live with us. We had fun chatting about our childhood memories of baking and deciding which cakes we’d like to have at our party”. For more information about Fenchurch House Care Home, please contact Morgan Hicks, Customer Relations Advisor, on 01775 711 959 or e-mail M A R CH 2 0 2 1

New Luxury Care Home Open Days

Fenchurch House Care Home Fenchurch House Care Home

Fenchurch House provides the kind of care we’d want all of our loved ones to receive. Our brand new home is luxurious and beautifully furnished, whilst retaining a warm family atmosphere that makes Fenchurch House feel extra special. In these difficult times the elderly population is particularly vulnerable at home. If you’re concerned about how you or a relative will cope and would like to have more support, Fenchurch House Care Homeprovides offers peace of mind andwe’d security, a of special setting. Fenchurch House the kind of care wantin all our loved ones to receive. Our brand new home is beautifully furnished, whilst retaining a warm • 60 luxury en-suite bedrooms family atmosphere that makes Fenchurch House feel extra special. If you’re •concerned Entertainment Suite and Hair Salon about how your relative is coping and would like them to have more •support, The Gatsby bistro and The Mallard Tavern care pub in a luxurious and homely Fenchurch House provides family-led • Marketplace and shop environment. The Covid-19 vaccine will be offered to all those in our care, allowing them to live safely and as they wish.

Vaccinating against Covid-19

Join us for our Open Days 9th, 10th & 11th October

• Tailored meaningful activities • Bistro Café Take a tour, meet the staff team and sample our mouth-watering menus. Visits • Fisherman’s Arms Pub • Daily Fine Dining are socially distanced and by appointment only, available between 10am and • Hair and pamper salon • Luxury en-suite bedrooms 4pm. To book please call 01775 292730.

01775 711 959

01775 292730

SpaldingCommon, Common, Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 3AS Spalding Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 3AU F EABRUA RY 2021 M RC H 2 021


Deeping Bourne

59 13



Our new Ear Care Clinician at the Wellhead Practice My name is Rachel and I am very excited to be joining the team at The Wellhead Practice in Bourne, where I will be providing microsuction, which is now the preferred method of ear wax removal.

Having qualified as a registered nurse in 1988, I began my career on an ENT (ear, nose and throat) ward and decided that this area of nursing was of special interest to me. I completed a six month ‘Head and Neck Specialist Nurse Course’ at Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, where specialist skills and knowledge were gained, in particular relating to ear care. Further on in my career, I specialised in ear care and gained an Advanced Diploma in the subject, following a period of study at Rotherham Primary Ear Care Centre. My qualifications allowed me to develop and manage specialist ear care clinics at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, where I continue to work and provide this service on a part-time basis. In 2017, I set up my own private ear care practice in Boston, known as “Ear Care Lincs”. These clinics have been very successful and continue to be in high demand. I am very much looking forward to providing this service to the population of Bourne and surrounding areas, in conjunction with Phillip Hakim and his team. Currently, GPs are not providing ear syringing and waiting times for hospital appointments for microsuction are approximately three to four months. Having access to this highly specialised method of wax removal on a ‘private patient basis’ does incur a cost. However, this is a small price to pay for priority access to a service which provides the most up-to-date method of wax removal, whereby only ‘top of the range’ equipment is in use.

Your safety is my priority and I work to strict policies and protocols to ensure you receive your treatment to the highest of standards. I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and indemnified by the Royal College of Nursing and I look forward to meeting you in the clinics at The Wellhead Practice. For details of prices and appointment availability, please contact the Wellhead Practice directly on 01778 392832.”

We would like to thank Jane for the past 4 years and will miss her. We wish her all the very best in her relocation to Yorkshire to be nearer family

Rachel Nicholls Ear Care Clinician

T: 01778 392832 E: 14


13 Abbey Road, Bourne, PE10 9EF M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Companionship Matters NOW COVERING TNHEEAREA R STAMFORD AND BOU We are a local care provider who support our customers with independent living whilst remaining in their own home Eachcare carepackage packageisistailor-made, tailor madefollowing followingan anassessment assessment Each totosuit suitthe theneeds needsand andwishes wishesofofour ourcustomers customers SERVICES AVAILABLE

Our dedicated team provide the highest standards of care, to all our customers. Call us on 01780 489227

M A RC H 2 021

Help at home Personal care (Assistance with bathing and showering) Meal preparation Assistance with medication Shopping

Domestic and household chores Help with appointments and transportation Companionship and outings Dementia care End of life care Covid recovery Bourne



TIPS ON HOW TO PR This month, with the arrival of spring, we look at how we can all prepare, not just ourselves but also our home and garden, so that we’re ready for those long-overdue “post-lockdown days”.


1 2

Exfoliate your skin:

During the winter, the air is cold and dry, which can lead to the accumulation of dead skin and impurities on the skin. Exfoliate on a weekly basis for fresh and glowing skin on both your face and your body.

Look after your body:

A balanced and nutritious diet (including fruits, vegetables, oily fish, and nuts) with plenty of hydration, good sleep, and regular exercise is important all year round, but particularly when you are concerned about how you will look in your summer wear.



Have a general tidy up, removing leaves

and other debris from flower beds and borders. You can cut back the old dead growth of deciduous grasses and herbaceous perennials now. It’s also the perfect time to give your greenhouse a good clean, ready for the seedlings and cuttings of spring. Wash the outside of your greenhouse with disinfectant or detergent, to remove algae, moss and general grime.


Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds now

it’s the perfect task for a wet and windy winter’s day. Flowers like lilies, gladioli and ranunculi can all be ordered in the winter for early-spring planting.



M A R CH 2 0 2 1


7 8

Visually inspect the outside of your property to check for any issues like damaged or displaced tiles/slates or loose guttering.

Clear debris from guttering & downspouts


Use moisturiser:

leaves and moss may have accumulated over the year, meaning that rainwater could soon find its way out of the gutter and cause problems.

You should be using a moisturiser throughout the seasons, but it becomes even more important during the dry, cold winter. Moisturiser will hydrate your skin and restore balance, but it is important not to use one that is too heavy or greasy as this can clog your pores.


Inspect patio slabs

for signs of cracks or movement. All exterior slabs except pool decks should drain away from the home’s foundation. Fill cracks with a concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. When weather permits, powerwash and then seal the concrete.


Look for damage to water pipes

caused by the winter’s icy ravages. A leaking outside tap or an internal pipe can soon cause untold damage if not remedied very soon.


“Spring cleaning”

around the home can take many forms: deep cleaning your carpets, re-arranging your pictures and ornaments, and sorting through kitchen cupboards are just a few of the jobs which could go towards making your home “spring-ready”!

M A RC H 2 021



Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan Update In late 2020, the Steering Group responsible for the Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan (BPNP), undertook a public consultation, for residents of the parish to respond to the draft Visions and Objectives, which had been identified from previous research.


four-page ‘pullout’ was placed in ‘Discovering Bourne’ and there was additional publicity in the local press.

Anyone interested in responding was signposted to an on-line questionnaire, a hard copy of which was also available from the Bourne Town Council offices in the Corn Exchange.

86% of respondents indicated that they agreed or strongly agreed with the vision, and approximately


expressed disagreement

Responses to the questionnaire have now been assessed, and are available in a comprehensive summary, which can be found on the BPNP website or via the Town Council website. The summary covers all aspects of the questionnaire and the responses received, including the age range of respondents, and their answers to the seventy questions which were asked.

A range of suggestions/comments were received, including: ● The need for greater emphasis on reducing carbon emissions and developing a more sustainable community (e.g., greener transport and pedestrianisation of the town centre). ● The need for a greater explanation of how the area is going to be a safe and healthy environment and how it is to be more resilient to climate change. ● We should recognise that the town centre ambience can only be improved by constructing a bypass to reduce through-traffic. ● We need a plan that addresses the impact of online shopping on the high street and researches how the town centre can be well used. Words like ‘a flourishing town that enhances the wellbeing of all those who come to Bourne’ should be included in the vision.

● There needs to be better leisure, community and health provision; improved provision for young people, including a better high street offer; greater emphasis on the conservation of green spaces and the introduction of new ones; and more emphasis on meeting the educational needs of all. ● There needs to be more focus on heritage and history and recognising the historical elements of the town. There needs to be improved and attractive architecture. There needs to be better transport links to larger towns and improved cycling infrastructure. The vision should mention improved pedestrian and cycling in the town centre as well as the links to the countryside. Access to the report is available via: www.bourneparishneighbour or www.bourne.parish.


Our team of highly experienced carers put the compassion back into care. We have a passion for people and our industry. Dignity, choice and respect are always at the heart of what we do. The support that we provide is person-centred, holistic and outcomes-based. This approach ensures the care that we deliver is individually tailored to meet your needs, requirements and aspirations. If you or someone you know need support to maintain your independence and improve your quality of life, or simply companionship, please give us a call today. For You Healthcare Offers A Wide Range Of Homecare Options For Our Clients Including:

• Personal care • Home help • Companionship • Reablement • Live-in care • 24 Hour care • Respite care • Sitting in

• Palliative Care Support • Medication Administration • Nurses for complex needs • Domestic Cleaning • Escorting to social activities & appointments • Fully trained care • Visits from as little as ½ an hour

Promoting independent living in your own home 3 High Street, Market Deeping, Peterborough, PE6 8ED 01778 219062 / 07990 002600

Food & Drink

Wines From France:

Some Provence Favourites


he Provence region of France is renowned for gastronomy and wine productions of excellent quality. Tourists from around the world visit this part of France and return regularly for the pleasurable delights. The climate is perfect for the production of the grapes which ultimately produce some very impressive wines, ones which can lay claim to many awards, from numerous prestigious competitions and events. The Sainte Croix winery is located in Provence. Tradition and history have a large input for the wines produced by this outstanding, multi-awardwinning company. It is now in the fourth generation of the family and is located on the former lands of Thoronet Abbey. Château Sainte Croix ACACIA (13% vol. Grapes: 100% Rolle) has a very pleasant bouquet which leads, enticingly, to the mouthfeel. The pleasures for the tastebuds include a captivating freshness, for this white wine. The palate’s sensation continues, with the overall pleasing effect of this production. It is great for pre-dining drinks and perfect to pair with fish and seafood dishes in particular. Château Sainte Croix CHARMEUR (13% vol. Grapes: Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache) is known to be the company’s flagship production. I found this salmon-coloured rosé wine excellent. Elegance and sophistication are thoughts that easily come to mind. Wonderful to accompany cold meats and a lot of cuisine, it certainly adds colour to a dining table and is splendid for alfresco occasions too.

from the nasal initiation. Full-bodied and smooth, the palate further enjoys the delights of this wine. It is fantastic with red meat dishes. In addition to the vineyard and winery, the estate offers very well-appointed accommodation and restaurant dining, plus most attractive outdoor areas. Events and wedding receptions, plus parties, take place regularly. The company is dedicated and committed to producing and supplying wines of excellent quality, plus very memorable experiences for visitors to the estate. For all details, including easy ordering (online too), please email: and visit:

Trevor L a n g le y

As always, enjoy!

Château Sainte Croix SAINT-PIERRE (14% vol. Grapes: Grenache, Syrah) is a powerful production and a popular, regular choice for many red wine lovers. Juicy, dark, ripe fruits are in abundance for the mouth’s pleasures, which follow splendidly



M A R CH 2 0 2 1

y a D s ' r e h t Mo S U N D A Y M A R C H 1 4 TH 2 0 2 1

(Vegetarian Menu) Griffin Bread

Griffin Bread

Beetroot Cured Salmon

Salt Baked Irnham Estate Beets,

8 Hour Braised Irnham Estate Beef Brisket

Parmesan and White Truffle Arancini,

Marmite Butter

Apple and Fennel, toasted Rye Bread, Lemon and Saffron Verbena Mayonnaise

Horseradish Champ, Honey roasted root Vegetables, Tenderstem and rich Gravy

Citrus Posset

Marmite Butter

Goatscheese Mousse, Apple and Fennel Salad, toasted Rye and Watercress

Tomato and Shallot Arabiatta, Basil Oil

Citrus Posset

Stem Ginger Curd, Sable Crumble, Strawberry and Champagne Sorbet

Stem Ginger Curd, Sable Crumble, Strawberry and Champagne Sorbet

Dark Chocolate Baileys Truffle

Dark Chocolate Baileys Truffle



£75 per couple All orders must be placed by Friday 12th March! Collection Saturday March 13th at allotted times Minimal cooking is required and assisted with the recipe cards contained within your takeaway bag

The Griffin at Irnham

Looking Forward to 2021 Many hospitality venues will sadly have spent the last few months in a state of limbo, the uncertainty over their very survival brought on by the ravages of the current Covid-19 pandemic.


imes certainly have been a whole lot rosier in the licensed trade, but that has been no reason for someone like Jamie Benton-Jones, owner of The Griffin Inn at Irnham, to be totally downhearted and ready to close everything down. On the contrary, our recent conversation began with the fact that The Griffin was actually open every day throughout last year’s lockdown, and 2021 is likely to be the same. It has been as a result of much imaginative thinking on the part of Jamie and his team that the public have still been able to enjoy excellent food and drink, when other venues have had to display those “Closed Until Further Notice” signs in their windows. “Our greatest achievement of 2020,” Jamie assured me, “was our al fresco dining” in the grounds of nearby Irnham Hall. Faced with the original lockdown last summer, Jamie, (who actually owns Irnham Hall and many of the village properties, including The Griffin, alongside managing the 2,000acre estate) instigated “The Irnham Picnic”.



This involved pre-ordering hot food and accompanying drinks, collecting them from The Griffin and then dining at ‘socially-distanced’ picnic tables in the glorious grounds of the Hall. This will be repeated throughout this summer, although there will be days when “The Irnham Wedding Experience” will take precedence, (once restrictions will allow!) The idea has been to offer the marriage service in the small church (if required) right next to Irnham Hall, which is a short walk to the reception in the beautifully appointed and spacious Orangery, with its gardens and ornamental pond. This is part of a highly successful business, and so professionally masterminded by Jamie and his wife Leila for several years. Several cottages have been renovated in recent years in the village and are made available for wedding guests. The role played by The Griffin Inn is of course central to this whole “Irnham country-estate package”. Recently totally refurbished, both the bar and eating area as well as the six luxurious bedrooms, The Griffin can now fulfil its role as the potential pre-nuptial venue for bride and groom, as well as

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Sloe Gin Pudding Ingredients: 100g sloes 200ml sloe gin Half a loaf white bread 200g caster sugar 4 eggs 300ml whole milk 500ml double cream Apricot jam to glaze A deep bowl or dish around 6” diameter

accommodation for guests too. Jamie is very keen that The Griffin should continue to act as the central ‘beating heart’ of the village, and the excellent reputation built by Head Chef, Michael Prescott, means that many people will hopefully continue to make the journey for a first-rate meal in such a friendly, welcoming setting. Ever the one to add to the sum total of what Irnham has to offer, Jamie explained how the fish and chip shop at the back of The Griffin has kept trade ticking over during recent months and is expected to be popular in the months to come in the spacious gardens behind The Griffin. For more information, Jamie encourages everyone to access his You Tube “performances” to fully appreciate the beauty of Irnham. His “sloe gin competition tasting” video is highly entertaining, whilst the accompanying recipe shown here for Sloe Gin Pudding is further evidence of how he wants to share it with us all. It’s perhaps best to leave the final word/words to a few of the many recent visitors to Irnham:

“Staff were incredibly friendly, a real family atmosphere, and nothing was too much trouble.”

Method: ●

Stone the sloes.

Remove all crusts from the bread.

Make a cold custard with the cream, milk, eggs and 150g sugar.

Place a layer of bread in the base of the bowl before adding some sloes (be generous!)

Repeat this process, dipping the bread in the gin each time.

When at the top of the bowl, gradually add the custard mix, add the remaining gin, and finally sprinkle with the remaining sugar.

Bake in the oven at 160 degrees for approximately 40 minutes (the pudding will be nicely risen and golden in colour and will wobble like a jelly).

Remove from the oven before glazing with apricot jam and devouring with a smile!

“I would highly recommend the Griffin - delightful staff, wonderful food and gorgeous rooms.” “The food was delicious, and the pub and grounds are stunning.”

Many thanks to Michael Prescott, chef at the Griffin Inn, Irnham.

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Mortgage Advice

COVID-19 and First-time Buyers in the Mortgage Market



any industries, unsurprisingly, were affected by the pandemic in March last year, but one industry that affects many others is the housing market and how lenders react to these outside influences is key. As the lockdown took hold of the country in March, lenders all but closed their doors to new applications from home movers and first-time buyers, as surveyors could not attend valuations and many lenders were scaling back their products. This adversely affected many first-time buyers as the deposit needed to purchase a property in many cases doubled overnight, making it unattainable to purchase a property during this time. Lenders initially were slow to return; originally only one lender had the option of a 10% deposit, but it proved difficult to secure this mortgage. Lenders would occasionally make flash returns to ‘help

out’ the market. Things looked bleak for a while. Fast forward to March 2021, and we are now looking for some normality in our everyday lives and there is some positivity in the mortgage market. Lenders are now coming back with products which can greatly benefit many first-time buyers, and there is an array of products to choose from which require a 10% deposit; with more lenders returning to this space, the market is more competitive and first-time buyers now have something to be really positive about. The gap between a ‘two-year-fixed’ and a ‘five-year-fixed’ is the narrowest it has ever been, which means that a buyer can now secure their rate for a longer period and have peace of mind of monthly payments for longer. Ultimately, it’s all about getting the right advice and the right service, something that has never been more evident than during the past twelve months.

M. 07976 030425 T. 01733 367800 (Opt 9) E. 36 Thorpe Wood, Peterborough PE3 6SR

Effective advice…efficient service 24

Bourne M A R CH 2 0 2 1

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Your Garden




onger days, the clocks “springing forward” at the end of the month and, hopefully, days becoming warmer means more work in the allotment. The first things to tackle are any weeds that have survived the winter or are starting to grow in the warmer weather; it is advisable to dig out weeds such as bindweed and couch grass.

Once that is done now is a good time to prepare your beds for later planting by raking the soil thoroughly, breaking down any lumps to achieve a fine tilth and applying fertilizer. I favour chicken manure pellets, liquid seaweed and blood fish and bone meal to keep it all organic. Once this is done you can cover the ground to keep it warm before you sow or plant. If you have chitted your first early potatoes and the ground is not frozen, they can be planted out from mid-March or early April, but it is well worth covering them to protect them from the late frosts. Don’t forget to add a light sprinkling of fertiliser to the trench and plant earlies about 30cm (12 inches) apart, with 40-50cm (16-60 inches) between rows, with the shoots pointing upwards. If you want to grow asparagus, now is the time to prepare your bed and plant the crowns by digging a trench 12 inches deep and adding some well-rotted manure. Make a four-inch ridge at the base and spread the roots of the crown over the ridge, replace the soil, leaving the tips just visible. Water in and add mulch. Don’t forget to leave the asparagus for two years before actually harvesting – it’s well worth the wait!

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March Bourne

March can be a busy month for sowing, particularly indoors – aubergines chillies and peppers – indoors or heated greenhouses – brassicas such as Brussels, sprouting broccoli cabbages (summer, autumn and red) can be given a head start by sowing the seeds under cover and planting on when all frost risk has passed. Although there are plenty of seeds to sow, it is worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast as we can still get some pretty cold weather in March and some heavy frosts. Other jobs include: • Lettuces and other salad crops can be sown either indoors or outdoors under cloches or in cold frames. Tomato and cucumber seeds can be sown indoors but wait until the end of the month. • Plant out onion and shallot sets. • Early varieties of carrot, beetroot, spring onions, peas, chard, parsnips, spinach and broad beans can be sown into the open ground. • Last chance for planting bare-rooted fruit trees and bushes. • Feed and mulch fruit trees – fertilise the base, water in and then cover with well-rotted manure or compost to act as a mulch. • Check cabbages for caterpillars and pick off. • Remove dead leaves from cabbages and Brussels. • Herbs such as rosemary and sage will benefit from a good trim, whilst chives and mint can be propagated by dividing them and re-planting. Happy gardening!

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Awnings ■ ■

■ ■

■ ■

Terrace Roofs

German made quality. Remote control for ease of operation with optional wind, rain and sun sensors. Fully smart home compatible. Cost effective way to transform patios into elegant, stylish outdoor areas. Create modern outdoor living spaces at the press of a button. Easily installed. 50+ SPF.

Awning Visualisation App

View any awning on your property via augmented reality.

■ ■ ■

■ ■

E . T . 01778 561977 M . 07984 646926

Ultra modern outdoor living Stylish all-weather space. Protection from wind and rain with optional remote control shading. Add value and modernity. Modular system for ease of installation. Typically 2-3 days. Can be used as an open veranda or enclosed with frameless sliding glass doors for unobstructed views. Manufactured by German market leader known for quality of design and ease of installation.

Powerful compact rider offers superb efficiency and manoeuvrability. Bio clip cutting deck Available in 2WD or 4WD

Battery Trimmer Automower. Robotic mower Call today to arrange FREE site survey


Low weight high efficiency domestic battery hedge trimmer


T: 01778 560466 / 560425 E:


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Children Come First


n all Family Court proceedings, the children of the family come first, as the paramount consideration in cases under the Children Act, or as “the first consideration” of the court in financial proceedings within divorce under the Matrimonial Causes Act.

No one is likely to be surprised at this and yet parents who are in conflict about the amount of time the child should spend with each of them after separation, whether in or outside a marriage, still take up an inordinate amount of resources from the court and support services. Cafcass (Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service) received last December an increase in 9.5% of new private law cases on the previous year, December 2019, totalling 3,510 new cases involving 5,371 children. Mediation is not being ignored though, as there has also been, in the last year, an increase in MIAMs (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) which means that parents are attempting mediation. But, clearly, there are still many occasions where the mediation process fails, with the dispute ending up in court. Mothering Sunday is fast approaching. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not hard to agree on, but mediation and other dispute resolution approaches could reduce the number of children cases ending up in court. Consult your Family Law specialist for advice concerning these options.

Call 01733 267414



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LowMaintenance, Maintenance, Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly Driveway Low DrivewaySolutions Solutions

Call now for a free quote 01775 888 336 Call now for a free 01775 888 336 Call now for adriveways, free quote quote 01775 888 336 Resin bound patios, parks and

paths throughout Lincolnshire Resin bound driveways, patios, parks parksand and Resin-bound driveways, patios, throughout Lincolnshire Safe, slippaths resistant, vandal resistant, eco friendly & permeable paths throughout Lincolnshire

Available in various coloursresistant, Safe, slip resistant, vandal eco friendly & permeable Safe, slip-resistant, vandal-resistant, eco-friendly & permeable Eco-Drives Lincolnshire Ltd • 01775 888 336 • Available in various colours Available in various colours Eco-Drives Lincolnshire • 01775 Eco-Drives Lincolnshire Ltd •Ltd01775 888888 336336 • • *Please quote offer on initial or consultation Findthis us on Facebook Instagram M A RC H 2 021

DB Eco Drives FP Advert SEPTEMBER 20.indd 1

Find on Facebook Facebookor orInstagram Instagram Find us us on

Bourne 12/08/2020





Our offices are open , please call us with your enquiry on 01778 420700



Visit our showroom to be inspired by our beautiful kitchens, where you can see and feel the quality for yourself Large Showroom: Unit 6 Hereward Estate,

Off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LA (Opposite Branch Bros)

Call us on: 01778 420700 Showroom open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sun by appointment only


L J ROBERTS TIMBER LTD .J.Roberts Timber Ltd. is a local timber merchants, based close to the A1 at Colsterworth and operating in Lincolnshire, Rutland and the surrounding counties. Brothers Louie and Jonjo Roberts are the third generation of a family of timber merchants, whose grandfather operated a business in London for over fifty years.

Seeing the potential for a new outlet to serve this part of the country, the brothers established L J Roberts Timber Ltd last year. Their stated aim is to give the best personal and efficient service, while offering top quality timber at the most competitive prices to industry traders and the public.

They offer an extensive range of high-quality hardwoods, such as kiln dried, machined White Oak. Sawn hardwoods available include Sapele, European Oak and American Ash, amongst many others. A vast range of pressure treated softwood includes

C24 graded joists, fencing components and much more. Machined softwood is stocked, to include CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard), high quality Scandinavian Redwood and joinery grade softwood for all interior finishes. There is also an array of PSE (Planed, squared edge) skirting, architrave and more. L J Roberts also stock a wide variety of sheet materials, including plywood, MDF, hardboard and chipboard. Cladding and decking options are also available. Along with all standard stock sizes, they also offer a bespoke cutting service to meet the exact sizes and profiles you desire. A fast and efficient delivery service on all products and next day delivery is available on all items in stock.

Local timber merchants operating in Lincolnshire, Rutland and the surrounding counties. Our aim is to give the best personal and efficient service while offering top quality timber at the most competitive prices to industry traders and the public. We stock: • Sawn/Machined hardwoods • Pressure treated c24 softwood • Sheet materials • Cladding • Decking • Sleepers/posts/feather edge MDF • PSE softwood. We offer a bespoke cutting service to meet the exact sizes and profiles you desire. Next day delivery is available on all items in stock! E M A RC H 2 021

M 07740 277738

M 07715 892557 Bourne


We are Open and COVID Safe! What Information Is Most Important to Buyers? ● Three quarters (75%) of buyers said a floor plan was very important information when searching for a property, according to the 2020 Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey analysed by Dataloft.

We are open! All of the Hill & Clark offices including Bourne are open, safe, and operating under strict COVID guidelines. We’ve invested heavily in digital to make sure we’re just as available to you as ever. The local Bourne community has worked hard together to keep the town growing and adapting in these tough times. We are here to help you with your property questions and goals as usual. Our team are also fully able to offer COVID safe valuations and viewings – keeping you, your family, and your property safe while getting you moved.

• Quality of photographs (55%), description (52%) and number of photographs (50%) were also very important in a property search. • Despite the pandemic stopping physical viewings during Lockdown One, only 16% of buyers said a video tour was very important. • Energy Performance Certificates were more important to older buyers than younger buyers. 31% of over 65s said it was very important, compared to 20% of under 35s. Source: Dataloft, Property Academy Home Moving Trends Survey 2020

Recently SOLD STC Properties in Bourne We can value your home through a desktop call, no obligation or a totally virtual video call. We want to work within our community to keep people safe as the world changes. We will continue to adapt and provide professional, quality property service within Bourne.

Aykroft, Bourne

North Road, Bourne

We’re here to help make your property goals come true

T: 01778 300 069 E:



Our offices are open , please call us with your enquiry on 01778 420700 Our beautiful bedroom range covers everything from cool and contemporary to the classic and timeless. High sheen finishes, natural wood veneers, mirrored doors and sliding wardrobes. The options are endless and we now manufactor for our own carcasses enabling us to offer complete flexibility when it comes to size and function. Brilliantly designed, expertly crafted, every piece of furniture is made to measure for your own room. Storage has never looked so good.


Large Showroom: Unit 6 Hereward Estate, Off Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LA (Opposite Branch Bros) Call us on: 01778 420700 Showroom open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm and Sun by appointment only

TRUSTED FINANCIAL ADVICE THE NFU MUTUAL WAY For a real conversation, contact us: 01778 422218 NFU Mutual Bourne, 16a Abbey Road, Bourne, PE10 9EF NFU Mutual Financial Advisers advise on NFU Mutual products and selected products from specialist providers. They’ll explain the advice services and the charges. Financial advice is provided by NFU Mutual Select Investments Ltd.

S M Green, A R Green & J R Musson is an appointed representative of The National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society Limited (No. 111982). Registered in England. Registered Office: Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 7BJ. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. A Member of the Association of British Insurers. And an introducer to NFU Mutual Select Investments Limited, a member of the NFU Mutual group of companies. FSADVICEADL-P-1220A 34


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Makes choosing a BATHROOM a PLEASURE t: 01778 420868 e: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5.00 pm Saturday 9 am - 4.00 pm, Sunday CLOSED

Visit us at: 3 Victor Way (off Cherry Holt Road), Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PT



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Property News

Why Are People in Bourne Moving This Year? BY JASON TREADWELL, MANAGING DIRECTOR


ere at Newton Fallowell, having spoken with numerous homemovers so far this year, we have found that there are seven main reasons people in Bourne are ‘upping sticks’ in 2021.

The reasons why people are moving are many and varied; however, they tend to be one of the

Seven ‘L’s:

1 2 3

Love - A new romantic relationship is a beautiful time in people’s lives. And when things get serious in the love stakes, the decision to move in together is one that fuels the moving market.

Loss - Sadly, on the flip side, when a loved one dies, or a relationship ends, this can also be a catalyst for people to want to move out and on to a different chapter of their lives.

Learning - When love turns into a family, then the demand for being near good schools motivates movers as much as anything we come across. That is why people will pay a premium to be within the catchment areas of great places for their children to learn and develop.

4 5

Lifestyle – “A change is as good as a rest”, as the old saying goes. People’s lifestyles change as they get older, and their circumstances change. This is the driving force behind people upsizing, downsizing, and relocating. Location, location, location – This is one of the main motivating moving factors. It might be about being nearer to loved ones, an

open space, good schools, transport links, even a view. Location is always up there as one of the most popular reasons why people move.


Leaving - When children get older and ‘spread their wings to seek their own nests’, the family home can often seem a little too big. This can be the cue for people wanting to downsize and free up some of the equity in their current home.


Lockdown - The present and ongoing pandemic has made many of us reevaluate our lives. And spending so much time indoors and at home has made many people want somewhere new to live. It could be because of a lack of space, a need for a garden, or to be nearer loved ones. Whatever your reason for thinking about moving, we’re here to help you every step of the way. To speak with our local Bourne team, please call our market experts on 01778 422567!

2 North Street, Bourne, PE10 9EA

T: 01778 422567



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We follow Covid-19 Guidelines At Access4Lofts there’s always space for safety!

01733 663207

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Legal Corner



ADVICE BY RICHARD WOOD AT DOUBLE & MEGSON he law interacts with our family life mostly without us realising it, and usually we only know about it when something unusual happens or goes wrong.

Solicitors can help at the beginning of family relationships. Where there are unequal contributions to a purchase of a home a Deed of Beneficial Interest can set out how net proceeds of sale are to be divided if the parties later split up or if they wish to protect their interest going forward, even when a couple remain happily settled over their lives. Sometimes, when a couple marry, they want to enter into a ‘pre-nuptial agreement’ which sets out what would happen if they split. An exchange of information relating to each party’s income, assets, liabilities and pensions is considered and a Deed (Agreement) negotiated. It is not for everyone and should

be carefully thought through. Usually, these agreements should be reviewed at later dates. When relationships are breaking down, solicitors are either dealing with married couples or those who are living together but are unmarried. Much of the law governing marriage is set out in The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. What is important is for the clients to use the offices of ‘Relate’ to see if it is possible to reconcile their differences. Sadly, that is not always successful. If married, a couple can consider whether they wish to enter into a Separation Agreement to formalise their separation without getting divorced. If that is not for them, they should consider who shall divorce the other and on what basis. A married couple should then try to agree a financial order to regulate any agreement between them. For unmarried couples, the process is different and can depend on the parties’ conduct, statements made, and how they own property.

Double & Megson

4 West Street Bourne Tel: 01778 423376 “Our Business is Minding Yours” 38


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Stunning modern and traditional fireplaces, multifuel, woodburning stoves gas/electric fires and bespoke made to measure fireplaces

Complete design and fitting service with free site surveys

Visit our extensive showroom for expert advice and to see our large range of displays

Unit 1 Manning Road • Bourne • Lincs • PE10 9HW Telephone: 01778 424841 Email: Bourne Showroom open by appointment only, please call for more information

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Taking the Stress out of Selling your Car Noya Motor Group (NMG) are an independent dealership, based in Peterborough. Robin Ewan (Brokerage Manager) and Georgia Purdy (Brokerage Consultant) are both enthusiasts with a real passion for cars.


ormally, the only options when it comes to selling your vehicle are part-exchange or selling privately. Part-exchange is fine if you are in the market for a new vehicle, but it can mean losing money. To obtain the best price possible for your vehicle, you would need to sell privately.

vehicle, so NMG offer finance on very favourable terms, alongside a warranty and benefits, like paint protection. ●

The car will receive a valet and health check on arrival.

A professional photographer will take over fifty photographs for NMG’s multiplatform advertising facility.

Furthermore, 360-degree videos of the interior and exterior of your vehicle will be taken, so that potential customers can have a virtual viewing from the comfort of their own home.

NMG will collect your car from your home.

They handle all negotiations and finalise the sale to give you the best price possible for your vehicle.

NMG operate on a ‘sale or return’ basis and are confident that they can sell your car within ninety days of it arriving at the dealership; if not, they will return your car at no cost to you.

This, of course, may have its own issues, for example, it can take time, effort and a lot of stress to achieve a sale at the right price. With their bespoke brokerage service, NMG take care of the sale from start to finish, dealing with the ‘time wasters’ and the ‘tyre kickers’, making the whole process easier and safer for you, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

NMG make your car appealing to as wide an audience as possible in a number of ways: ●


Eighty-five percent of used car buyers use finance when buying their next


A stress-free process from start to finish, so simply sit back and wait for the money to hit your account! Please get in touch today for a free quotation. M A R CH 2 0 2 1


Hassle Hasslefree freeselling, selling, all allnegotiations negotiations dealt dealtwith withon on yourbehalf behalf your

● ●

Offering benefits O ffering benefits such as finance, such as finance, part partexchange exchange and andwarranty warranty

● ●

Free Freecollection collection rom your from yourhome home

● ●

Professional Professional photographs photographsand and 360 videos for 360-degree videos virtual viewing for virtual viewing

● ●

Multi-platform Multi-platform advertising advertisingat at no cost to you no cost to you

● ●

Sale or return Sale or return of your vehicle of your vehicle within within90 90days days

T 01733 978345 E 5 ALakeside M RC H 2 021Court,

Kingston Park, Peterborough PE2 9FT




Testing Your Electrics in Rented Properties: What’s All That About?


ou may, or may not, be already aware of “The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020” which state that landlords MUST have all rented properties tested every five years, and any remedial work carried out within twenty-eight days of testing. The deadline for this is April 1st, 2021. For landlords, this is now a legal obligation and if they refuse, they risk a £30,000 fine. In practical terms, this means having an electrical report called an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) carried out, something that the electrical regulations already recommend that all properties do every five years or at the change of occupancy. If your home is rented and you have recently had an electrician in to check over your electrical system, this is what has been happening.

What should you expect when someone comes to test your installation?

1 2 3

When the electrician comes in, they will ask you about your installation. Are there any issues? Are your energy bills normal? Does anything ever randomly trip?

• t hat the insulation of the cables is good, and that there are no ‘“short circuit” type of faults. • t hat the incoming supply and earth is good, and that it meets the requirements set out that the DNO (District Network Operator: “Western Power”) has to meet. • t hat fittings in use are suitable for where they have been used, for example, that inside sockets have not been used outside. • t hat any work has been carried out to the regulations and is safe.

Things that we do not do:

1 2 3

Tell you off or report you for changing your own lights or sockets. We can advise you, but you are certainly never in trouble!

Make you do any additional work afterwards. If any remedial work is needed, we will flag this up to you, and it is completely your choice as to whether you do it. Judge your home. Everyone has dust behind their cooker! We honestly do not bat an eyelid; it’s all part and parcel of the job!

The electrician will unplug everything in the house, to prevent any false readings; anything that is plugged in can make it look like there is a fault.

TOP TIP Make sure you charge up your phone and laptop. This way you can tether to your phone and still work from home without disruption.

Then once they are certain that everything has been removed, they will test all the circuits in your home. Some of the things that they are testing for are:


DID YOU KNOW? We have free downloads on our website to help you understand what it is that we at Alto Electrical do.

• t hat the cables in the walls are continuous and that there are no loose connections.

01778 772595 01780 693595 Domestic


Heritage The Hen House, Palace Farm Office, Witham on the Hill, Lincolnshire PE10 0JH 42


M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Are you looking to make the move to drive an electric vehicle? Don’t know where to start with an Electric Vehicle charging point at your home? Electron EV Solutions offer a home Ev charging point installation service, which is fast, reliable and cost effective

We are an approved OLEV installer

Access to the government grant scheme saving you up to £350 on the installation of your EV charging point

We complete the paperwork on your behalf, it’s all part of the service we offer our customers

Qualified and trained team of electricians to fit a range of EV products including Rolec, My Energi, Schneider and Pod Point

3 year product warranty and 12 month installation warranty

CONTACT US TODAY for a friendly chat with our team who can talk you through the options and recommend the best EV Charger for you M A RC H 2 021

03330 124083 3 Heron Court, Eagle Business Park, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3AT Bourne


Consumer Advice 101 102 Morton - BOURNE THE DEEPINGS - PETERBOROUGH Mondays to Saturdays - 101s every 30mins throughout the day and a reduced evening service


101s every hour 0900-1600 & Return 1000-1700 all Buses call at: Queensgate Bus Sta for City Centre Walton Shopping Park & New England Bourges Blvd Retail Park

201 202 BOURNE - STAMFORD - PETERBOROUGH Mondays to Saturdays every hour throughout the day

all Buses call at: Stamford Ryhall Road for Hospital & Retail Parks and North Street for Town Centre

301 302 Bourne - SPALDING - THE DEEPINGS - STAMFORD Mondays to Fridays

301s every hour between Spalding and Stamford from/to Bourne use 101 and change at Mkt Deeping 302s Bourne - The Deepings - Spalding or Stamford twitter@delainebuses

Pointing you back into work Charity No: 1148318

…but not currently seeing clients face-2-face

Unemployed / Recently redundant? Need help with your CV? Want help with ‘career planning’? CONTACT TOOLBAR E: T: 07749 689026 W: We’ll arrange for a volunteer to contact you to discuss your needs. All consultations confidential and free.

28 44


March Bourne

Don’t Let Dodgy DIY Become a Drama or Invalidate Your Home Insurance by Eileen Le Voi at Safe Local Trades Spring is in the air – and with the green shoots of new beginnings comes a desire to tick off all those DIY jobs. But a word of warning before you pick up those power tools or reach for that repair kit; tackling jobs around the home or garden that you are not qualified to do can damage your health as well as your wealth! Each year, over 200,000 people find themselves in A&E as a result of a DIY accident in the home or garden. These range from mishaps with power tools and lawnmowers, to falls from ladders and slip-ups with knives and scalpels, according to RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Over-ambition and lack of knowledge are two of the biggest factors in DIY accidents causing death and injury. But as well as potentially damaging your health, you could be putting your property at risk if the DIY dream turns to disaster. Apparently, one in five of us hate doing DIY, but are happy to attempt jobs that may be out of our league in an attempt to save money. Tackling jobs that you are not qualified for could also invalidate your home insurance, leaving you liable for the cost of repairing any subsequent damage. Water damage is among the most common household claims. However, policies exclude damage which has occurred gradually or damage which could have been avoided by regular maintenance – such as cleaning gutters of leaves. So, it is important to keep on top of regular home maintenance jobs which could otherwise damage your property over time. The top ten maintenance jobs in UK homes: 1 Servicing the boiler. 2 Repairing cracked walls. 3 Painting and repairing exterior paintwork. 4 Fixing a damp problem. 5 Replacing boundary fences or walls. 6 Blocked or damaged gutters. 7 Repairing damaged brickwork or mortar. 8 Fitting smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. 9 Replacing sealant around baths and showers or cracked shower trays or baths. 10 Updating electrical wiring. So, if you are unqualified, unsure or inexperienced, the message is simple: leave it to the professionals! Safe Local Trades offers the “A to Z” of vetted, qualified, professional trades in your local area at M A R CH 2 0 2 1

NEED NEED AA RECOMMENDATION? RECOMMENDATION? eedd CChheeck PPoolilice LY N ck O e Th ce LY N O The rr ooff te ggis ddeedd re n e m m te is co re re n e m recom aaddeers dd tr ve ro p p a rs l ca lo tr ve ro p local ap

FREE FREE and and EASY EASY service service ® ® Recommended & Appro ed Recommended & Appro ed

Much more than just a recommendation ... Much more than just a recommendation ...

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Preserving the past, Building the future

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Commercial Waste Connections: Your waste. Our connections. Your savings.


stablished in 2010 and located in Bourne and Stamford, Commercial Waste Connections are an independent waste and recycling company offering services to all types of businesses and householders.

All businesses, regardless of size or sector, will produce waste and have a duty of care to deal with it responsibly. For smaller volumes, Commercial Waste Connections can supply a range of wheelie bins, whilst larger skips, (4yd, 6yd, 8yd, 12yd, 14yd, 16 yd, 35 yd) can cater for larger volumes of waste.

They specialise in recycling and utilising waste to generate energy, as an alternative to landfill. Wherever possible, they use local suppliers to ensure a minimal carbon footprint and work closely with their clients to maximise recycling output, offering containers to suit their specific waste production.

Talking about their success to date, founder Richard Wilson commented, “The goal is to offer our clients an environmentally green and compliant waste management service, whilst introducing cost savings at the same time.”

Commercial Waste Connections’ wide range of services include skip hire, septic tank emptying, wheelie bin collections, shredding services, and hazardous waste collections.

For any enquiries or further information, please contact their office on 01780 758510 or email

Having a clear-out? Order a skip from

All sizes of skip available 4 yard, 6 yard, 8 yard, 12 yard and 16 yard Skips available to both residential and commercial customers Orion House | Barn Hill | Stamford | Lincolnshire | PE92AE

t. 0333 366 0178 M A RC H 2 021


w. Bourne


Your Finances

“I’m Really Not Sure About Pensions!”



ound familiar? When you left school and started working, you probably had no idea what a pension was, how it worked and how it could benefit you; well rest assured you were not alone! Pensions can be an effective way of managing your finances from a young age all the way up until you intend to retire, from age fifty-five onwards. How, I hear you ask? Well, truth be told there are many ways in which a pension, and more specifically pension contributions, can benefit you and potentially others. For example, if you have young children but are unable to claim full child benefit as someone in your household earns above £50,000 per year, then a pension contribution can help. Are you lucky enough to earn over £100,000 per year? Well, if so, you will be paying higher rates of tax at 40% or 45% and you will have lost some, or all, of your tax-free personal allowance. Again, a pension contribution can help.



Are you a business owner and would like to look at tax-efficient ways of extracting money from your business? Once again … a pension contribution can help! Now let’s look at Tax Relief. Simply put, tax relief is where the government “tops up” a personal pension contribution by 20%, but if you are a 40% or 45% taxpayer you can claim an additional 20% or 25% tax relief. This could also be the case for your workplace pension, so if you pay tax above 20% then you may be able to claim additional tax relief. So, whether you’re just starting out or are soon looking to retire, a pension can provide great planning opportunities. It’s not that complicated, as we can help simplify your planning and help you with all the paperwork. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly and experienced Financial Planners, then please contact our office on 01778 342291 to arrange a FREE initial meeting.

M A R CH 2 0 2 1

ign Free Dese servic

Free Estimate


Approved Installer



The Difference is NIGHT and DAY


Utilise your conservatory all year round with an equinox tiled roof


Features and Benefits 3 Warm in the Winter, Cool in the Summer 3 Quick and Easy Installation 3 Building Control Approved 3 High Energy Efficiency 0.15 ‘U’ Value 3 Tile Colour Options 3 Fully Insulated with Plastered Finish 3 Integral Down Lighting 3 Reduced weather noise


AFTER Finished plastered Innovative multi-layered roof designceiling with downlights as standard

Innovative multi-layered roof design

Leading Installers of

Upvc Doors

Composite Doors

Windows and Doors

‘A’ Energy Rated Windows and Doors

Guttering, Cladding and Fascias

Stable Doors

See more online M A RC H 2 021

Tel: 01778 394440 • Design House, Meadow Drove Farm, Bourne, PE10 OAL Bourne


New Rates of Pay for Employees on the Way


f you have people working for you, it is important to know that both the National Living Wage (“NLW”) and the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”) will increase in April this year. The NMW is the minimum pay per hour that almost all workers are entitled to, including casual workers, people on zero hours contracts and agency workers.

The NLW is higher than the NMW – up until this year, workers aged 25 and over had to receive the NLW. However, this April, the NLW will be extended to 23 and 24-year-olds. No matter how small your business, you must pay the correct minimum wage. Also, the minimum hourly rates apply, no matter how somebody gets paid. For example, if the worker is paid an annual salary, you still need to work out their equivalent hourly rate to check that they are receiving the legal minimum for their age.

New rates from April 2021 ●

LW for workers aged 23 and N over will be £8.91 per hour.

NMW rates will be as follows:

for ages 18 to 20 - £6.56 per hour

for ages 16 and 17 - £4.62 per hour

for those aged 21 and 22 – £8.36 per hour

Apprentice rate will increase to £4.30 per hour.

Why it is so important to pay the correct minimum wage The NMW and NLW are mandatory, which means it is against the law to pay below the NMW, or the NLW if the worker is aged 23 or over. HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) enforces the NMW and NLW. If HMRC finds that an employer has not paid at least the minimum wage according to the worker’s age, they can issue the employer with a notice of arrears and the amounts payable to the worker(s). It may also issue the employer with a financial penalty for failing to pay the correct amount. Failure to pay the arrears and penalty is likely to result in HMRC taking the employer to court for non-payment. The stakes then go up considerably, with the current maximum fine for non-payment set at £20,000 per worker. An employer who fails to pay can also be publicly “named and shamed”, as well as banned from being a company director for up to fifteen years. An employee can also make a claim to an Employment Tribunal if their employer has failed to pay their minimum hourly rate, of if they believe that they have been discriminated against or otherwise treated unfairly for reasons related to the NMW or NLW. You can check that you are paying correct minimum hourly rates at minimum-wage-calculator-employers .

01778 422655 • 07538 007575 • 50


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CONVEYANCING Fixed fee guarantee Competitive price Online tracking No legal Jargon Conveyancing specialists No attendance necessary Property Logbook Local firm, local knowledge Extensive newbuild, shared-ownership and shared-equity knowledge Remortgage and Transfer of equity

01778 420670 SureMove Property Lawyers Ltd | 11 North Street Bourne | Lincolnshire | PE10 9AE

BUILDING TRULY BESPOKE TIMBER FRAMED HOMES SINCE 1929 Award-winning self-build specialists Insulation options from 0.10–0.18 W/m2K Nationwide architectural partners Oak framing options/oak hybrid systems Part or full project management optional FAST CONSTRUCTION




visit our NEW website


Email us your plans now for a free quotation and appraisal: or call 01945 427985 52


M A R CH 2 0 2 1

01733 305 402

t n i r P 25

% OFF JK Sheds & Fencing

your next print order

• Family Run Business e • Hand Built heavy duty bespok made to measure ses • Sheds/Summer Houses/Pet Hou

• Flyers • Business Cards • Menus • Stationery & much more

• Workshops/Garages • Any Type of Fencing

Expires: 31.03.2020


01733 211720 / 07946 250809

E: T: 01778 421427  M: 07837 499061

Call John for a free quote / home visit

merry maids

Quality house cleaning from people you can trust • Same cleaning team each visit • Cleaning team trained & insured • Regular and one off cleans • Weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks • Clean customised to suit your needs • Thorough cleaning every time • Satisfaction guaranteed • Exclusive own branded cleaning products • Supply our own cleaning equipment • All our teams are employed by us Contact us for a no obligation quotation

0800 0855 632

The domestic cleaning experts M A RC H 2 021



Award Winning Property Lawyers Buying or selling your home, despite what many people would have you believe, is a very complex area of law. Whether you are first time buyer or just on the move, we pride ourselves on our friendly approachable service and have a commitment to providing the highest level of service at all times. We strongly believe in a one-to-one professional service. Our one-to-one service ensures that we work with you and so we can meet your needs goals and concerns.

Our Conveyancing Services: Auction Properties


Equity Transfer

New Builds


Help to Buy & Right to Buy

Armed Forces

Leasehold & Freehold Matters

Equestrian, Rural & Farms

Instant Online Conveyancing Quote We know how important it is for our clients to be able to quickly receive an accurate estimate of your expected conveyancing fees and disbursements.

Fill in our instant quote form or call 01733 203873 We take care of our clients, let us take care of you! 54

Bourne A R CH 2 0 245 1 5 Market Street, Whittlesey PE7 1BA D I S C O V E R I N GMMarch


STAY SECURE WITH PRESTIGE Prestige Security Solutions specialise in the manufacture and installation of insulated roller garage doors, roller shutters and electric gates.

Based in Leicester, the company covers a wide are our business” with area “where including Blinds Peterborough and Lincolnshire its Midlands base being well placed to enable it to B. T.itsBLINDS ARE A FAMILY BUSINESS provide service throughout the UK.

SUPPLY IN ALL TYPESand OF BLINDS TheWHO company has been supplying installing its own high quality products for more than twenty VERTICAL years and also supplies sectional garage doors ROLLER and security personnel doors. ROMAN

Its clients include hospitals, doctor surgeries, CANOPYS clinics, shops, factories, offices, warehouses, WOOD VENETIANS schools, colleges, universities, libraries, swimming ALUMINIUM VENETIANS baths and many thousands of domestic households VISION BLINDS throughout the UK.

Roller Garage Doors – Industrial Shutters – Awnings Retractable/Fixed Grills – Glass Verandas

We also supply sectional garage doors and composite front doors

High Security | High Quality | Wide Range of Colours Fully Insulated | Quiet, Smooth Operation Remote Controlled | Emergency Override


PLEATED BLINDS Garage doors – Prestige Security Solution’s up and PERFECT FIT PLEATED quality. over garage doors are of outstanding

FIT VENETIAN Roller doors –PERFECT insulated roller garage doors give space saving vertical operation which releases much needed storage space in✆ the01775 garage roof area. 760620


26 WINSOVER RD, Electric gates -LINCS Prestige Security gate automation SPALDING, 8 kits are PE11 top of1EJ the range for quality and durability




and available with a number of optional extras.







Trade and public welcome  SAND












...for the best value materials and expert advice

 01733 340270  Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5SW 30M AD C O RCIHS2 021



N OV EBourne M BE R 2 0 2 055


Words from the Mayor


Thankfully for now, the snow has melted away and we have some encouraging and positive signs of springtime just around the corner.


ith lengthening daylight hours, snowdrop flowers are blooming and daffodils forcing upwards, with some hedgerows and garden shrubs showing early bud formation as well. What can also not go unnoticed is the increased activity and changing call songs of our feathered friends in the gardens and woods. Oblivious to COVID-19, lockdowns and divided political opinions, the birds have more on their minds and plates, namely nest-building and the ensuing mating and breeding season. How lucky they are!! By the time that you read this, there should be an exit plan from the lockdown. The truly encouraging daily news is the seemingly steady and successful increase in those that have been offered and had at least their first vaccination. This unwanted pandemic will not be over anytime soon but there is now genuine light at the end of the tunnel.

being attended to and made “upgradeready” by Ray Crane at The Bourne Computer Store; we thank Ray for his work and efforts to make this possible. The quality of what has been handed in to me and to our Town Clerk, Ian Sismey, who is very much co-ordinating this effort, has been, on the whole, excellent. We thank all those involved who have contributed to this effort so far. Once again, marvellous Bourne community spirit to the fore in troubled times! One or two of these upgraded units have already been dispersed where there was a need. Finally, it’s been another very quiet month on the ‘Civic duties’ front with, quite literally, nothing happening! Please take care and best wishes to you all, Councillor Colin Pattison.

Prime Minister Johnson has made it very clear to all that any lifting of restrictions and any return to normality later this year is going to be done very gradually and in stages; quite right too. Let’s hope we have a clear and decisive path forwards; we simply cannot afford to go the wrong way again.

Laptops for home schooling Early in January, a decision was made to put out a call for unused viable laptops and PCs to help with home schooling whilst our schools remain generally closed (with some exceptions). After initial contact with the Len Pick Trust and the ‘Bourne in Business’ Club, and with support from Bourne United Charities, the follow-up response has been very encouraging. Viable machines are 56


M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Deeping Gas and Electrical Services Your Plumbing and Heating Specialists

Initially working as an approved British Gas contractor, this meant installing many different brands of boiler. It quickly became apparent that there was one standout brand for reliability and efficiency. Stuart made Worcester his primary focus and became the “Worcester Bosch accredited installer” for the Deepings, a partnership that now stands at nearly fourteen years.

In 2021, Stuart will be complementing their current ten months’ interest-free payment plan, by offering longer-term options. Coupled with this, Stuart is starting to roll out a Smart Home installation service to enable homeowners to operate their heating systems from their phone or devices. For further information or to discuss your requirements, please call 07760 382808 or contact us via the website.




Deeping Gas & Electrical Services




Having worked across Europe installing cuttingedge heating equipment for companies such as Siemens in their headquarters in Switzerland, and RWE Fuel cells in Germany, along with carrying out technical demonstrations in establishments such as The Houses of Parliament, Stuart has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In 2012, Worcester launched a competition to find a unique and standout heating installation. Having impressed the judges with his innovative concepts and use of their products, Stuart was eventually chosen as the overall winner and became “The Face of Worcester Bosch” for the United Kingdom and is also currently ranked No.5 in the UK on Trustpilot for boiler supplier.



eeping Gas & Electrical Services Ltd are a Market Deeping-based company specialising in all aspects of plumbing and heating, founded in 2007 by Stuart, a timedserved engineer.



Ranked 5th in the UK - Boiler Supplier • All plumbing ~ heating ~ gas works undertaken • Deeping based time served professional BOILER SERVICE ONLY

£60 +VAT

For further advice or a free quote call Stuart on:

01778 344816 or 07760 382808 Visit our website Deeping Gas & Electrical Services Ltd

*Guarantee T&C’s apply. Deeping Gas and Electrical Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in relation to credit brokering. Reg no. 10973438. Credit is provided by Hitachi Personal Finance, a division of Hitachi Capital (UK) Plc authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority. Deeping Gas and Electrical Services Ltd, 13 Robin Close, Market Deeping, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE6 8PQ.

M A RC H 2 021



Local History

Windmills and Watermills in South Lincolnshire


n the early nineteenth century, it is thought that there were at least five hundred mills throughout the county of Lincolnshire, which would have included water mills, besides the more ubiquitous windmills. Two hundred years on and there are the remains of 136 windmills still in existence.

The ravages of time have meant that a considerable number are barely a shell of the former structure, whilst many have remained in working order or have been converted into alternative usage, either for residential or commercial purposes. Only the neighbouring county of Norfolk, another predominantly agricultural area, can boast a larger number of mills in the country. However, most of its 180 structures are water pumping mills, rather than windmills whose purpose was to grind the local wheat into flour. MILLS IN THE BOURNE VICINITY Bourne and some of its villages nearby were the location of several windmills and, in the case of Bourne, water mills. Of the latter, only Baldock’s Mill on South Street, (now The Heritage Centre) remains. Now, using a collection of old pictures and associated memorabilia, there follows a brief tour of this part of South Lincolnshire over the next few issues of “Discovering Bourne”, stopping off first at Baston.

CARLBY – Nothing remains today of this mill which stood just outside the village of Carlby, at the junction where the road from Greatford meets the Bourne to Stamford road. In 1820, William Smith and his son were the owners and millers. The 1881 census tells us that the mill was working, but ten years later, there is no mention of either the mill or the Smith family. Some time between these years, the mill was moved to a new site in Hanthorpe, north of Bourne. BASTON – There are still the remains of ‘Hutson’s Mill’ to be seen on the eastern side of the A15, between Baston and Langtoft. Built in 1806, it ceased to trade during World War One, when it is said that a waggon collided with one of the sails which meant it eased production. (Photograph taken in 1901)



M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Four acres of training grounds with free parking Seven different sizes of classrooms

27+ categories of plant / machinery with Special Offers each month Industrial counterbalance forklift training in a purpose built training facility CITB HS&E tests and CPCS renewal tests available and at short notice H&S awareness courses undertaken that meets CSCS labourer card requirements Courses for managers (SMSTS) / supervisors (SSSTS) / first aid Wide range of construction NVQ can be delivered from Level 2 to 6

The Coach House, Goosetree Farm, Rings End, Guyhirn, PE13 4DE 01945 450044

Protect your family by making a will Specialising in: Will Writing Powers of Attorney Court of Protection Trusts Probate Advice

Evening and weekend appointments available in your own home

For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact Clare Megson on 01778 230011 or email: Clare Megson Regulated Freelance Solicitor

M A RC H 2 021

SRA number 466316



Reduce Waste, Feed the Community and Save Money


he COVID-19 pandemic has created much uncertainty for everyone and The Trustees at the Butterfield in Bourne wanted to ensure that they continued to provide a service to the community at this difficult time. Inspired by ‘The Bunker’ at ‘Second Helpings’ in Stamford, The Butterfield Community Pantry was born. Volunteers collect unwanted food from local supermarkets and other retailers which would otherwise have gone to waste. It is then re-distributed to the community on a “pay-as-youfeel” basis. Elsea Park Co-op and Marks and Spencer, Bourne, regularly donate products, (mostly bakery items and fresh fruit and vegetables that are going out of date), end-of-line and over-ordered items, and products that have slightly damaged packaging.

Bakkavor Salads, Bourne, very generously donate, three times a week, prepared fruit, salads, stir fry, noodles, trifles and so much more. Carla Collick (Material Supply Manager at Bakkavor, Bourne) contacted the Trustees and offered help and support because helping out in the community, supporting causes and projects, is very important to her and her colleagues at Bakkavor. “Food for Nought” (a Peterboroughbased charity) has also been amazing, providing surplus food, whilst donations of store cupboard items are gratefully received from some of the people who use the Pantry and from the local community. Whilst there is a donation box, with any funds raised ploughed back into the Butterfield, all of the food is free. If you, or your business, have any surplus food that you would like to donate to the Butterfield Community Pantry, please get in touch. They are open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 1pm to 3pm, from the entrance on Harrington Street.

“We’ll Be Back!”

Reassurance from The Bourne Events Team As we all eagerly await the news about how and when we are to move forward from the present lockdown, The Bourne Events Team have reluctantly had to decide that The Annual Classic Car & Bike Carnival in the town in June will be cancelled again. However, be reassured that, once some semblance of normality has been established (and we can consign this wretched COVID-19 to the history books) every effort will be made to create the best-ever Magical Christmas Fayre and Lights Switch-on in early December.



M A R CH 2 0 2 1

A helping hand from Anglian Water From time to time, and especially during the current pandemic, you might need some extra help. Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register and Extra Care Support are here to do just that. Working together, we can help you keep well this winter, by making sure you know about all the different ways we’re able to help.

Scan QR code

Anglian Water’s specially-trained Extra Care Support team can help find a way forward, with a personalised plan made just for you. Visit or call 0800 232 1951 and the team will look at ways to help. They can also tell you about other support and benefits services you can contact. Remember, switching to a meter and spending just one minute less in the shower every time can save up to £120 on your water and energy bills each year.

Priority Services Register Anglian Water’s Priority Services Register for a wide range of people. It’s completely free, and once you’re signed up, you can stay on it for as long as you like.

Who can the Priority Services Register help? It can help a really wide range of people with

long-term illnesses, or who have babies under 12 months old – among many other groups.

How can the Priority Services Register help? Here are just a few examples: Anglian Water can read your meter

an emergency or for planned repairs, and bottled water can be delivered if needed.

Signing up is quick and easy Call 0800 232 1951, visit or scan the QR code to register. If you know someone else who might benefit from this support, please share this information with them.

You can ask to have your bills produced in Braille, large print or audio formats. can wait longer if they knock on your door. You can allow a relative, friend or carer to take care of your account for you.

More support for your utilities If you have your water supplied by one company, and your sewerage services supplied by another, each will have their own Priority Services Registers. You can sign up for both.

The companies responsible for distributing gas and electricity have their own Priority Services Registers. If you might need extra help during a power cut or interruption to your gas supply you can find your distributor and their contact details at

Pets and Vets

Fur Balls


o most of us, it is disgusting when you find one, but even more so when you step in it … the slimy fur ball that your cat has just thrown up!

But why do cats do this?

A cat’s fur was designed to be short – there is no wild type of cat, big or small, that has long hair all over its body. If you have ever been licked by your cat you will remember the tickly feeling you get. The cat’s tongue is covered with tiny barbs that are designed to comb through the fur, keeping it clean and free from dirt, parasites, and foreign bodies. It also removes excess hair, especially at moulting times, in the spring and autumn, when new fur develops for the seasons to come. Your cat will swallow this hair, which is then passed through the digestive tract and comes out in the faeces. If your cat has long fur, there is an over-abundance of hair to remove. If your cat is happy that you brush him, it is amazing how much dead fur can be removed and yet the coat is still full and luxurious. Many cats, of course, hate being brushed and end up either with tangled fur (matts) or swallowing all the hair. There is too much fur to go through the digestive system so, as a consequence, your cat brings up fur balls instead. However, there are other reasons why cats develop fur balls. A stressed or anxious cat will over-groom



and swallow too much fur. Over-grooming is a stress reliever, similar to nail biting in humans, and, therefore, is difficult to treat. Most of the stressed cats we encounter are housed indoors and are unable to Wise Words By display normal cat behaviour Deirdre Wilson such as hunting, territory roaming and socialising with other cats. There are times when outdoor cats are anxious too, for instance, when a new cat enters their territory and can be a bit of a bully. Pain may also cause cats to over-groom parts of their body. Whereas rubbing our sore joints helps us, cats lick their sore areas instead. The pain may be internal, in the bladder or digestive tract, and grooming seems to stimulate the release of natural painkillers, the endorphins. Gastro-intestinal disease may also play a role in fur ball formation. If the intestines are inflamed due to infection, disease, or cancer, then fur is not going to pass through the guts normally and must be eliminated as a fur ball instead. If your cat is a persistent producer of fur balls, most of the time the causes are harmless, and it is nature’s way of dealing with a simple problem. If, however, there seem to be other worries with your pet’s health, then the cause of your cat’s fur balls may warrant a more in-depth investigation of the problem to understand all the issues involved.


t. 01778 422863 e. 15 Exeter Street, Bourne PE10 9NW


t: 01775 766646 e: 58 Bourne Rd, Spalding PE11 1JW

M A R CH 2 0 2 1

A one-to-one dog grooming experience where all dogs are welcome and the grooming process is done at your dog’s own pace to ensure the most calming and positive experience

Full Grooms Bath and Tidies Puppy Sessions Doggy Dentals Handstripping


Unit 3, Crown Walk, West Street, Bourne, PE10 9PB

T: 07961 457683

CALL 01778 421427 OR 07837 499061 PRICES START FROM JUST £19

Fantastic offers from Alder Vets £10 Off Your Next Bill

Free Consultation

Free Flea & Tick Checks

Recommend us to a friend and receive a discount on your next bill!

Receive one free consult per new client registered!

Plus advice on parasite prevention!

Are you looking for an experienced and personable veterinary team who’ll put your pet’s health and happiness first, no matter what they require or when they might need it? You need look no further than Alder Veterinary Practice.

Bourne: 01778 422863

Spalding: 01775 766646

w w w. a l d e r - v e t s . c o . u k

M A RC H 2 021





M A R CH 2 0 2 1


Nicola Brister:

CEO and Founder of the “Don’t Lose Hope” Charity


icola Brister has been the driving force behind establishing the Don’t Lose Hope Café and Counselling Service in Bourne, along with husband, Dominic. Besides their enormous contribution to ensure that the project becomes firmly established in the town, Nicola also happens to be “Mum” to two daughters, Gracie (21) and Phoebe (17) and a step-son, Alfie (12). In June 2019, the Nat West bank in Bourne Market Place became transformed into the “Don’t Lose Hope Café”. Nicola had been a school counsellor for many years and soon, with an enthusiastic team around her, the café was born, to raise funds for the counselling services which would be based in the many small rooms elsewhere in the building. Art therapies, craft workshops and a weekly, dropin café for young people are among the many initiatives that have since taken off. The counsellors are trained and experienced in either Person Centred or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Nicola is delighted that they have been allowed to continue providing a face-to-face service during the present lockdown, which has allowed their play therapy and services for young people to continue. Since opening, 4,626 counselling sessions, (either free or at low cost) have been conducted, 43% of which have been for the benefit of youngsters under the age of sixteen – an impressive performance, in such troubling and uncertain times. Nicola explains, “My daughters both volunteer at the café when they are home from university and

M A RC H 2 021

college and have some free time. They have completed their Level 2 Mental Health First Aid training to help with their other lives and future careers. As for me, I have had to learn many new skills to run the charity, including managing what has grown into quite a large team (twenty counsellors and around fifty volunteers)”. Besides the café, the charity has other projects either already established (witness the gift shop on South Street) or, in the case of their “man shed” and community garden on the Wellhead, well on the way to completion. “We are waiting for the paths to be laid so they will be accessible to people with mobility issues. This area is going to be used for workshops and for people to be able to drop in and potter around the garden or workshop. Its focus will be on male mental health,” Nicola adds. The gift shop also houses several play therapy rooms upstairs, whilst the profit from the shop helps fund the charity. Sadly, both the café and shop remain closed during the present lockdown, but they have recently launched the shop online, with gifts which include their ‘feel good’ boxes, handmade worry monsters and other gift boxes. Nicola views her very full life as follows: “The charity is like one of my children in the way I want to nurture and protect it and to watch it grow and flourish.” Further information and details of counselling fees, please visit



What's On

Events: March 2021 Bourne Hereward Probus 8th - Bourne Hereward Probus will be holding their Zoom monthly meeting at 12.15pm. If anyone is unsure about using Zoom, please contact Rob Denton on 017880 702555 or e-mail robert@ Despite the current problems, Bourne Hereward Probus continues to be ‘up and running!’ Why not give Rob a ring?

Bourne U3A 2nd - The Scitech Group have a Zoom meeting at 10.00am with Tim Young giving a talk about Joseph Bazalgette, “London’s greatest engineer.” 4th - The Railway Group have a Zoom meeting at 2.00pm when the speaker, Tom Ingall, will talk about “The Great Central Railway Trust” based in Loughborough. Should you wish to hear this speaker, please e-mail Tony Burke at to receive an invitation to this event. 22nd - Bourne U3A have a virtual open meeting via Zoom at 2pm which will include a talk by David Williams on “Goodbye to the High Street”, a history of our high street over the past 250 years. If you wish to be included in this or any of the Bourne U3A Zoom meetings, please contact Malcolm Scriven: e-mail

Music 5th - “First Friday Zoom Songs and Tunes Session,” coordinated by Dean Hardy, 7.45pm. All singers, musicians, listeners welcome. Dean can be contacted on any of the following: phone 01778 570115, mobile 07788410530 or dean.hardy880@ for the ‘joining code’.

Stamford Arts Centre For full information and booking for all events, visit 10th and 24th - Cinema Speak Online: Audiences at home have the chance to stream a film to watch, then talk about it together on a Zoom call. Free. See website to book. 13th - Crafting with Jane Schofield, one-hour Quick Stitch sessions on Zoom. Starting at 10.30am, cost £3-50. 66


16th - 31st – “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, a brandnew adaptation of this popular Oscar Wilde novel. For full details, visit the Arts Centre website. For over 16s only. 31st - “Pint of Poetry” 8pm. The last Wednesday of every month, Stamford poets (and budding poets) perform live stand-up poetry. Enjoy reading aloud to an appreciative crowd? Or do you prefer to simply enjoy the poetry of others? All are welcome! Zoom event – e-mail karen.b@ for entry/ to participate. Every Thursday - Online Sketching with Karen Neale from 11am to midday. Interactive Zoom sketching sessions of “What’s on Your Table.” Drawing can be a great soother for anxious and stressed brain cells and, if you can hold a pencil and write your name, you can draw! All you will need is a pencil or pen (the one in the back of the drawer will do) and a piece of paper. The link will be e-mailed out to customers the day before event. Tickets £3-50.

Deepings Literary Festival 14th - An online literary talk hosted by Deepings Literary Festival. Treat your mum (or yourself) to an afternoon of romantic chat and travel with award-winning novelist, Isabelle Broom: 2.45pm. Held on Zoom, the call will run for approximately 1hour 30mins. Tickets are free but booking is required through Stamford Arts Centre

Culture in Quarantine A website with links through to a wide variety of arts events, classes, talks, dance etc. It also includes details of “The Great Big Art Exhibition,” which is being launched by Sir Antony Gormley, who is asking people to make an artwork at home and put in their window or garden. Why not visit the website to find out more?

Events are brought to you by Hilary Bloomer. To send in your events please contact her via or phone 01778 421427 / 07837 499061

M A R CH 2 0 2 1

Mot ┃Repairs ┃ Servicing

All makes & models 421230

Please call: 01778

Unit 2 Meadow Drove Farm • Meadow Drove • Bourne • PE10 0AL



Live View from any smart phone, iPad or laptop 12month warranty • Motion detection Intruder alarm • 500gb hard drive included


Call 01733 691200 Other services include TV aerial and or 07512 394975 satellite installations and repairs LIKE our facebook page DW DWB DM DB DD Airborne Aerials 1/8 Page DECEMBER 20.indd 1 12/11/2020 15:38

Chapel Motor Repairs Ltd

Japanese , cars performance g to in ic from serv t ask us upgrades… J n! for Dea

A family run business with over 40 years experience in the Motor trade. Our friendly and helpful staff are always here to help. • 12 months, 12,000 miles warranty on parts and labour • Tyre fitting centre

• Diagnostics on most makes of car

• Catalysts , Exhausts and Clutches

• Menu price service on older cars

• Servicing to Manufacturers Specification

• Free collection and delivery

• MOT’s

Call 01778 560444 • Fax 01778 560445 Email

• Air conditioning Re-gas and service

• Courtesy car available

Approved by the following

35-37 Main Street, Baston, PE6 9PA

DB chapel motors 1/2 Page H Advert MAY17.indd 1

M A RC H 2 021

19/04/2017 13:30



Customer driven...

Vans and cars ideal for the job you need.





Load length 2.4 meters

Load length 4.2 meters

Load length 3.4 meters

(supplied with sack barrow and ropes) Load length 4.2 meters


Does your caravan need a little TLC?


Our onsite workshop offers a fully comprehensive repair service for your caravan or motorhome.


From a minor service to a full comprehensive check, our experienced engineers will give you peace of mind for your journeys ahead.


A Family-Run Business with 30 Years’ Experience




Exterior Caravan Valet when booking a Full Service.


We’ve got everything for your camping needs in our friendly, onsite shop.



We are a fully, insuranceapproved repair centre for all major UK insurers and manufacturers.

with this voucher

Looking for a spare part? Why not get in touch? With our contacts in the industry, we may be able to order spares in for you.


Looking to buy? We have a range of used caravans that may suit your requirements.

01733 350580 M 07732 371171 T 107 Benwick Road - Whittlesey - Peterborough - PE7 2HD


Lisa’s Curtains

Lisa’s Curtains

Now Working from Home


fter five years of offering her bespoke curtain-making business from two locations on North Street in Bourne, Lisa Fisher has now moved the whole operation to her home in the town. Originally from Surrey, and with over thirtyfive years’ experience of working on curtains and soft furnishings with fabrics, Lisa is hoping that the strong reputation which she has been building, since locating to Bourne fifteen years ago, will mean that her move will prove to be successful.

Made-to-measure curtains and blinds



Roman, roller, vertical and wooden Venetian blinds

Lisa offers the full, made-to-measure, curtainmaking service, from measuring, through all hand-sewn manufacture, to the fitting process, with all poles and fittings to accompany the final product being provided. Lisa can also supply and fit Roman, Venetian, vertical and roller blinds. Despite no longer having the shop space for her hundreds of available fabric samples, Lisa is happy to provide a mobile service, with her van acting as her display facility in future.




t. 01778 423484 M. 07715 365845 e. w.

All existing customers who feature in our through-theletterbox magazines will be given FREE presence into our new online Directory


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? Free help and support

Free local advertising

Free monthly inclusion

Multiple inclusions

Established online presence

Free video vlogs

Now Live

We are very excited to be able to offer you this opportunity to boost your business! Please call Catherine on 07879 478448 or email for further details M A RCH 2 0 21 | W W W .DISC O V E RI N G M AG AZI N E S. C O . UK

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Carpentry & Building Services of Bourne

• Carpentry/Joinery • Kitchens/ Wardrobes • Wood Floors & Laminates

• Doors / Floors • Windows • Maintenance

Plea call foser a FR quotatEi E on

JC General Building & Maintenance Roof & Chimney Repairs Repointing Carpentry Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting Plastering Rendering Guttering Soffits Fascias Garage Conversions Home Improvements Patios Hard Landscaping ■

• Conversions • 30yrs Experience • No job too small

■ ■ ■

T: 01778 393365 M: 07976 253428 Email:


■ ■ ■

J Carlton

07974 497760 ■ 01778 570950



Julian Meakins General Building Services

• Extensions - from planning to completion • All types of paving - from patios to block paved driveways • Repointing • Chimney repairs and rebuilds

Call Julian on 07527 955708

Call for a FREE quote



K Goldsmith Painters & Decorators

All aspects of Interior & Exterior painting to your homes & businesses ES ON QUOT OBLIGATI FREE NO

Fully insured & registered References/testimonials available

01778 571440

07951 579167 Website:



The Clock Shop


Watch & Clock repairs & restoration Insert Batteries supplied and fitted


01778 392550

Contact Kevin E:

CALL TREVOR ON 0781 7892547



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W W W . DIS COV E R IN G M A G A Z IN E S . CO. U K | M A R CH 2 0 2 1


• Fascia & Soffits • Guttering


“10 Years of providing a Professional & All services carried out to the highest “10 Years ofService” providing a Professional & Quality Service” Quality standard and leaving every property secure

• Up & Over Garage • Up & Over GarageDoors Doors • Sectional Garage Doors • Roller Shutters Contact us today for your FREE Quotation on: • Automated Garage Doors • 24 Hour Repair Service • Sectional Garage Doors t. 01778 252121 | m. 07414 896711 •• Garage Doors Servicing • Fascia & Soffits • Guttering Roller Shutters

Soft Washing Roof Cleaning Driveway Cleaning Patio Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Chimney Sweeping

e. All services carried out to the highest standard and leaving every property secure

Garage Doors Contact •usAutomated today for your FREE Quotation on:

• 24 Hour Repair Service t. 01778 252121 | m. 07414 896711 • Garage Doors Servicing e. | • Fascia & Soffits • Guttering DOORS AND GATES

Professional Garage Door Services New Doors, Repairs & Servicing Automactic Openers, Roller Shutters & Sectional Doors All services carried out to the highest standard and leaving every property secure

Contact us today for your FREE Quotation on: We 252121 offer a wide range of garage doors through a selection of well known suppliers t. 01778 | m. 07414 896711 A complete & professional service FREE Quotations and NO call out charge e.

Tel: 01778 329010

Tel: 01778 570408 Mob: 07734 945700 DRAINAGE


Manley Drainage Ltd For all your Drainage needs Call




No Job too Big or Small No call out charge

For a prompt FREE quotation call Tony

Tel: 01778 343676 Mobile: 07813 872762

Simon Manley

01778 702560 | 07769 707361 | 10 Hamiliton Close | Bourne | Lincolnshire | PE10 9PL

Find us on


ELECTRICIAN Qualified male and female electricians, fully insured and NICEIC “Part P” registered. Available for all your electrical requirements. Alto Electrical is a family run local business, offering a friendly and professional service that you can depend on, from contact to completion. If you would like any electrical advice or would like a free consultation, please call the office and we will be happy to help.

• Lighting • Fault Finding • Fuseboards/ Consumer Units • Immersion Heater Installation/Repair • Landlord Reports / Safety Checks • Rewires • Smoke Alarms

• Storage Heating • Additional Sockets • Emergency Call outs • Electrical Installation Condition Report (Periodic Testing)

Call 01778 772 595 or 01780 693595

M A RCH 2 0 21 | W W W .DISC O V E RI N G M AG AZI N E S. C O . UK

Alto Electric Large Directory AD FEBRUARY 20.indd 1

small jobs welcome

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Karen Chapman Curtain & Blind Making Service Bespoke Curtains & Blinds Roller Blinds • Wooden Venetian Verticals • Soft Furnishings Curtain Poles & Tracks

Full measuring and fitting service available Call now for a Free consultation

t. 01778 424553 | m. 07701 017092 e. FURNISHINGS

✓ Perfect fit ✓ Roller ✓ Vertical ✓ Venetian ✓ Roman

Blinds for Windows & Conservatories

✓ Perfect fit ✓ Roller ✓ Vertical ✓ Venetian ✓ Roman

No Call Out Charges!

• Rewires ✓ Part ‘P’ Registered Electrician ✓ Fully Insured • Lighting ✓ Work Guaranteed • Extra Sockets • Security & Outdoor Electrical • Portable Appliance Testing • CCTV Installations • Landlord Inspection Certificates Tel: 01778 422488 · Mob: 07733 038284


Blinds for Windows & Conservatories

Blinds for Windows & Conservatories

Andy Smith

Domestic & Commercial Electricians

✓ Perfect fit ✓ Roller Design House, Meadow Drove Farm, Bourne, PE10 0AL 598682 t. 01778 394440 m. 07712 ✓ Vertical ✓ Venetian ✓ Roman t. 01778 394440 m. 07712 598682 e. e.

JPS SERVICES Domestic and commercial appliances spares and repairs including: • Cookers & Microwaves • Vacuum Cleaners • Washing Machines • Tumble Dryers • Dishwashers

TEL: 07940 083995

Design House, Meadow Drove Farm Blinds for WindowsGARDEN SERVICES Bourne, PE10 0AL & Conservatories

MAINTENANCE & MAKEOVER SERVICES t. 01778 394440 m. 07712 598682

Chris Davies ✓ Perfect fit ✓ Roller

& Daughter ✓ Vertical ✓ Venetian ✓ Roman

Garden Services

e. Gardens Cleared • Borders Tidied Design House, Grass & Meadow Hedges Drove Cut Farm Bourne, PE10 0AL Professional & Reliable Family Business


t. 01778 394440 m. 07712 598682 e.

CHRIS DAVIES 01778 345980 • 07872 048204

Design House, Meadow Drove Farm Bourne, PE10 0AL GARDEN SERVICES


• • • • • • •

All aspects of Landscaping & Garden Services Patios & Block Paving E Groundworks FRE No Walling Stone gation li b O Garden Maintenance s Quote Grass & Hedge Cutting Fencing & Bespoke Sheds Garden Design

Over 15 years experience

Working to the highest professional standards

01778 570609

Mower Service



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07720 251955



Bourne 01778




OF LT D Kates Bridge, Thurlby, Bourne, Linc, PE10 0EN T: 01778 560466 / 560425 F: 01778 560842 E:

W W W . DIS COV E R IN G M A G A Z IN E S . CO. U K | M A R CH 2 0 2 1




FREE COLLECTION & delivery service in the Bourne area

Sales | Servicing | Repairs

up to 5 miles




Servicing | Blade Sharpening

TEL: 01778 426398

Units 5 & 6 Graham Hill way, Bourne, PE10 9PJ OPEN: Mon-THurs: 7am-5pm, Fri: 7am-4pm


GARDEN SERVICES Offering seasonal lawn treatments / care plans

‘24hr Emergency Locksmith covering Bourne & Surrounding Villages’

Call Steve Traynor now on 07538 968434 / 01476 347009 SECURITY EXPERTS LOCAL TO YOU 24/7

Whether you have been locked out of your home and need to source a locksmith you can depend on, or you want a change the locks in your home or business when it suits your schedule, you can always rely on us.

• Topiary • Pruning • Garden maintenance • Meticulous eye for detail • Three easy pricing brackets

E: @Motheredearth T: 07899 173291



For all your Repairs to Windows, Doors & Conservatories

APM. Handyman Services. • Roofing & Gutter Maintenance • Painting & Decorating • Garden Maintenance • Carpentry Work No Job too


n that can

Call the ma



Do you need help with any aspect of BOOKKEEPING? • • • •

Accounts PAYE/CIS In-House VAT


• Self Assessment • Out of House • Making Tax Digital


Bookwork Services

07951 841333 • Email: 1 Main Road, Dyke, Bourne, PE10 0AF



Tel: 01778 342322 Mobile: 07775 663971 Email: POND MAINTENANCE

Pete’s ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Complete bathroom design and renovation Boiler installations with up to free 12 year warranty Boiler service & repairs Landlord gas safety certificates All Cookers, hobs and fires work guaranteed Power flushing Underfloor heating 24 Hour Free Call Out, Fully Insured

T 01778 570212 M 07771 635966 Established 1998

M A RCH 2 0 21 | W W W .DISC O V E RI N G M AG AZI N E S. C O . UK



2 Queensway, Pointon, Sleaford, Lincs NG34 0NE

Tel: 07393 367410 Email:  Search Pete’s Pond Clearances

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Nigel Bailey

• Plaster-boarding • Dry lining • Internal render & set • External rendering • New builds • Extensions • Free estimates • All insurance work Tel: 01778 422082

PC or Laptop Issues?


Better call Ray!


Sales • Service • Training Let me assist you with your problems.

Mob: 07949 708833

Virus removal to full re-builds. Upgrade work undertaken. Extensive range of new and used equipment.


Central Heating Specialists • British Gas Trained

Servicing • Repairs • Radiators only • Breakdowns • Power Flushing Full Heating Installations • Fires/Cookers/Hobs • Landlords Certificate Bathrooms supply & install • LPG Compliant

For a FREE No Obligation Quotation Call Lee Sutton T: 01778 380070 M: 07971 004273 W:


Painting & Decorating, Tiling, Plumbing, Fencing and many other home services

› Installation/repair of heating systems › Installation/repair of Plumbing systems › Installation/repair of Electrical systems › Repair servicing Oil Boilers › Repair work to all appliances

Please contact Mark for a quote:

T: 01778 345860 M: 07739 988711

We also accept major debit/credit cards


01778 571491 / 07792 969106 Email:



All aspects of Plumbing, Gas Boiler and Central Heating Installation, Maintenance and Repairs undertaken

Alterations & Repairs Tel. 01778 392848 Email.


Free competitive quotes available PW Heating Ltd Call or text 07939 840653 Email Spring Business Directory

Unit 4, Crown Walk, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 9PB


Electrical, Plumbing Heating And Appliances Alan Stephenson


Tel: 01778 420362





Bourne Computer Store

By Appointment Only 5 Godwin Close, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 9QG

W W W . DIS COV E R IN G M A G A Z IN E S . CO. U K | M A R CH 2 0 2 1




Kesteven Cars

24 HOUR EMERGENCY PLUMBING Call us 1st... “We will always answer the phone”

077333 96869

Bourne • Lincs

NO JOB TOO SMALL Covering a 25 mile radius of Peterborough | Cancelling while en route will result in a charge

• Friendly Reliable Service • Fully Licensed Drivers • Open 7 days A Week • 7 Seater Available • All Airports Covered • Contract Work Welcome



Matthew Mills


01778 347308


07545 270482

s ar ye e 5 nc r 1 rie ve e O exp

KYS Security Ltd are your local friendly electronic security protection experts

Our Services Include: Intruder Alarms | CCTV | Automated Access | Fire Alarms Access Control | Bespoke Systems




CONTACT: RICHARD 07860 336054 or 01778 570039

(please try both phone numbers)



Fully Insured and Professional All aspects of Tree Surgery, Tree Removal & Dismantles, Tree & Hedge Maintenance, Tree Pruning, Storm Damaged Trees

T. 01778 394183

What we do? • Tree Felling • Thinning & Pruning • Lopping & Topping • Hedge Trimming • Stump Grinding • Power Washing • Graveling

For a FREE estimate with no obligation E: M: 07468 442 002 or T: 01733 322 562


Domestic & Commercial


Proud member of Trustatrader

■ £25 PER WEEK

Arboriculture Specialist

TREE CARE Why choose Pine Woods? • Competitive rates • Friendly & honest approach • We undertake all aspects of tree work • Free estimates, quotes & advice • Provide references upon request

T: 01780 408223 E:




est 1998

Bourne, Lincolnshire

M. 07802 379337 E.

M A RCH 2 0 21 | W W W .DISC O V E RI N G M AG AZI N E S. C O . UK

All aspects of professional tree surgery Hedge maintenance Tree pruning • reshaping Storm damage FULLY QUALIFIED AND INSURED

01778 571993 • 07858 465637

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Mclaren Tree Services


Tree Inspections • Tree Removal Pruning • Dead Wooding Stump Grinding • Hedge Work

FREE QUOTATIONS T: 01778 426792 M: 07990 706750 Fully Qualified, NTCP Certifiied, £5 million Public Liability



Cj’s Tiling Service

Bourne and Surrounding Areas E: T: 07912 573698 W:

Prestige Wall and Floor Tiling



Tree, Hedge and Garden Services

D.SMITH TILING Wall & Floor Tiler

All types of garden maintenance • Grass cutting and lawn care • Beds, borders and weed control • Rotovating, turfing and seeding • Tree surgery and conifer work • Felling, pruning and shaping • Hedge cutting and shrub trimming • Garden clearance and rubbish removal • Driveways, patios and fencing

John Holland 07957 185487 or 01775 720558





Call Danny on 01529 700769 or 07581 135598

50 Little London, Spalding PE11 2UE


WINDOWS & DOORS ars e c ye 30 rien pe ex

Mark Taylor

WINDOWS AND DOORS Complete supply and installation service

M Oglesby Installations

PVCu Windows & Doors Doors • Patio doors • Conservatories • Windows Fensa registration & 10 year backed guarantee • UPVC products A rated energy efficient Rehau windows Yale high security locking • Composite doors Soffit, fascia & rainwater systems • Flush sash windows Argon gas filled sealed units • Tilt & turn windows Coloured UPVC windows & doors • Bay windows

01205 722 334 / 07946 318 795


Certified Member

Quality uPVC Windows & Doors


Repair - Don’t replace

Local Family Business For 20 Years Stylish Windows & Doors In PVC, Timber or Aluminium A rated energy saving • Environmentally friendly • Product range as wide as your imagination

windows available

UPGRADE YOUR PVCu WINDOWS AND DOORS Install the latest energy saving units to your existing windows We can repair: Broken handles - Locks - Hinges - Misty sealed units

Secondary Glazing Now Available SAVING ENERGY - SAVING MONEY

Full uPVC repair service including:


Have you just moved into your new house? Do you need your locks replced? Are you a Landlord? Repairing could save you £££’s

01775 712973 / 07538 997460 E:

FREEPHONE: 0800 9701469 Unit 2 Holt House, Cherry Holt Road, Bourne PE10 9LH Open: Mon - Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1


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W W W . DIS COV E R IN G M A G A Z IN E S . CO. U K | M A R CH 2 0 2 1


Bourne Self Store is a family run business, offering a flexible approach to your storage solutions ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Domestic and business use 20ft x 8ft 10ft x 8ft Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Protected by 24hr HD CCTV Personalised security keys with lock box protection Available on a monthly or long term basis Close to Bourne town centre Very competitive affordable rates

01778 428859



01778 422567



01778 422567



01778 422567





01778 422567

01778 422567



01778 422567



01778 422567



0 1 778 422567