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Linda by Afiqah Azhar


Life as it is: 26 Things


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Alice and Her Unicorn by

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Style Talk with Shazreen Sam


8 Things about: Sonia Naidu


Continuation of Alice and Her

Unicorn by Taleesa Amanda


Foodie Report by Noreema Norizan


editor's note It started with only a project for my master’s dissertation, the more time invested the more I realized this project could be something that can benefit many walks of life; To start of with, my love for beauty, wellness and lifestyle have been growing since I reach the age of my early 20’s. I realize that my passion is about making women and those that shared the same interest, as mine feel good with the person that they are. I believe that beauty is a subjective matter, and with this magazine I aspire to bring out the beauty in these individuals by sharing their stories based on their passion and to be heard using my E-magazine;


Be heard to be Discovered

Fyaa Ahmad Mahir EDITOR-IN-CHIEF





People. Inspire. People.



"If there's a will, there's a way" Reesa Sya Youth Entreprenuer &Founder of Orkid Cosmetics

WRITER ON THE LOOK AFIQAH AZHAR, 25 STUDENT IN UNIVERSITY OF KENT, UK  "The world of reading classic literature has been introduced to me since I was a child by my father and sister. It opens a whole new world that I could easily escape into when I needed some form of relaxation from the harsh realities of life.

As an avid reader, I found another new love that opens up and plunges its way into my heart; writing. Writing offers a sense of meditation to which I enjoyed experimenting it in different ways. But my genre has always been the very same since the beginning and that is the female agency.

The subject of female (homo)sexuality and their bodies have always been my primary passion. It is because I crave for the discoveries on exploring the beautiful female bodies and what their role offers in the society of maledomination. This is the subject that I tend to explore further in my master’s degree dissertation to which I am currently doing"

LITTLE BIRDS OF PREY BY AFIQAH AZHAR  Little bird of prey,  Flying high in her pastel paper plane, Are you searching through the woods? Or soft cotton clouds in mere wonder? Come, hither! Come, hither! The moon is singing to his sons and daughters, On a broken piano of one thousand years' lullaby, Let us soar through the fluorescent sky of starlight, Where blue flamingos and pink ocean vomits love, Together in this earthly paradise of Adam and Eve.  Little bird of prey, Did you see the shooting star last night? A golden dust rocketed through our cosmic space, Marking its presence on our humble doorstep, What a memorable sight! Trees, rivers, ghosts and wild creatures all hailed, This mysterious entity whose seducing my sister on cold blood, Who feeds her poisonous fruits and candy canes of dusts, Look! There she dances through the silver moonlight, Up, up, up into the night; consuming the black stars.  Little bird of prey,  You've blossomed into an immortal pale swan, Gliding your tiny feet in the magical lake of the forest, With a stone crown on your head to kill the men, And protect your chastity from the merciless hunters, What once was an innocent youth turns upon darkness, Biting and gnawing on the unicorn's metal juice, Their rust and salt are your midnight's precious meal, Satiated, you conceived on the venomous wine and cake, While they devour hungrily at the stone of your feet.  Father Sagittarius now cries upon his phantom children, His operatic lyre soothes the spirit of the victimized sopranos, Thus, she floats on the unseen pathway for eternal elation, To revive her timeless demise unto the little bird of prey. 



SYAF OTHMAN ASAD She is our cover girl of the first issue. Here is Syaf, unveiled to us the life of being under the spotlight as Beauty Influencer and making in big in Malaysia and Los Angeles, California, US and chasing after your dream. 



With over 20,000 followers in Instagram and almost 10,000 subscribers on Youtube; Syaf has not only gained recognition in Malaysia but she also recognize in Los Angeles, California. Get to UP & this UP:Beauty A viewGuru of the know

neighbouring peak from the other challenging peak.

Q: How did you get into makeup? Growing up my mother has always made sure that all her daughters are well groomed and dressed. She was really particular on our skincare routine and helped us achieve great skin even in my school days. It became natural to me to follow my daily beauty routine for example, cleansing my face, toning it and applying serum and moisturizer. However, I first discovered color cosmetics at the age of 15, I started using my elder sisters' makeup and gained great interest. Coincidentally, it was also the time when YouTube tutorials started to trend, I searched for beauty tutorials and began to fall in love with beauty. I would watch YouTube tutorials for hours and learned from day to night on how to achieve various looks and that's how I got into makeup.  Q: When did you realize that your passion has turn into a career?  It took me awhile to realize that I've turned it into a career because I remember a wise quote from Mare Anthony saying "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life" and I truly believe in that, that's why I never see it as an official job but what really made me realize is when my followers reach out to me saying how much they enjoy watching my content and beauty companies would approach me to collaborate.    Q: What was your first media platform to get you started and why? I would say YouTube because that is where I first uploaded my beauty tutorial back in 2015. I never expected the amount of response I received as it was only a hobby to share my beauty interests with my followers.  



Q: What is your drive and motivation? Definitely my supportive family and my followers. Even when I feel demotivated or doubtful of myself, they would always keep me going and remind me to believe in myself. The love I receive from my followers is something I would always cherish and motivate me to be successful so I could make them proud.

Q: What are the differences on being a beauty influencer in Malaysia and in LA? I would say the timing, when I'm in Malaysia I am able to work on normal hours like 9am to 7pm, but when I am in LA I start posting and working at 8pm to 4am because that's when my followers are most active. Besides timing, I also think that being a beauty influencer in LA is way more competitive than in Malaysia.


Q: What’s your proudest achievement as a beauty influencer? My proudest achievement would have to be when I got an email from Michelle Phan's production informing me that they would love to have me in one of their videos. I couldn't be happier! That was an opportunity of a lifetime, Michelle Phan has been one of my favorite YouTuber since I was younger and she gave me the confidence to really express myself with makeup so to be chosen to work with her is beyond my wildest dreams! It was such a stepping stone for my beauty influencer career.  Q: What are the pros and cons of being a beauty influencer?  Pros : Get first hand experience with the latest products. Have the opportunity to network at events. I can work anywhere in the world, I don't require to be at a specific place. I get to spread positivity and knowledge in just a click of a button. .

Cons : I have a very tight schedule that I have to follow. It can be really expensive to stay updated with the beauty industry 




Q: Describe your life on a daily basis as a beauty influencer? 9am: I like waking up early! I'm a morning person and I feel like I have more time to be productive when I wake up early. I start my day by checking my social media after I wake up, post my daily empowering quote on my Insta story and then make my husband and I breakfast.  11am: After breakfast and cleaning my house, I get ready to go to the gym and finish my daily cardio workout for about 2 hours. It's always important for me to take care of my health and how I look especially being in the beauty industry.  2.30pm: Time for lunch! I love trying out new recipes to try so it's really fun to cook. I try my very best to balance out unhealthy meals with some healthy ones too. 3.30pm: I'll be getting ready to meet my friends in Downtown LA. We would go out and scout some places to take good content for our social media pages. We would switch out outfits in between and take more photos! Good tip: The sunlight is the prettiest around this time of the day! 5pm: When I arrive back home it's time to reply emails and edit some content! After I'm done catching up with emails and prepare my daily content, I start prepping dinner for the night. While I'm cooking I love to catch up with my favorite daily vloggers on YouTube! And on days that I'm cooking something fun I would record it and share it on my Insta story!

7pm: Time for dinner! This is usually the time my husband and I catch up and talk about our day. We love watching tv while we're eating as well, our favorite shows are currently Riverdale and Trailer Park Boys on Netflix. 8pm: I'll continue editing my content, replying emails and brainstorm on future projects I want to work on. This when working hours start in South East Asia so I start getting busy at night replying back to my social media messages and emails! 10.30pm: Get my beauty sleep!



Full name: Heeda Syafiqa Md Othman Asad Age: 22 going on 23  Education Background:  Graduated from Seri Omega Private School Johor Bahru in 2012 Taylor's College Subang Jaya in 2015 Degree in Beauty Marketing & Merchandising at The Fashion Institute Of Designing & Merchandising Los Angeles, California in 2017.


1. Name three beauty products you can’t live without? Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Benefit Eyebrow Pencil and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer 2. What do you like to do in your free time? I love going on hikes and I absolutely love watching YouTube videos on my free time especially family vlogs and beauty videos! My all time favorite would have to be Zoella and The Ace Family. 3. What is your favorite food? I love Nasi Lemak! Especially when the "Sambal" is extra spicy and sweet. No matter how far I live, I would always want to come back to Malaysia for an original Nasi Lemak. 4. What is your biggest pet peeve?  I cannot stand bad customer service or people playing with their phones while in a meeting. Absolutely hate it!

6. If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with a brand, which brand would it be? I would be so extremely happy to work with Fenty Beauty! I love their brand value and what they stand for.    7. Who is your role model? I would say Zoella from YouTube. I've been watching her since I was 15 and it's crazy how I always feel like as if she is my friend because she's such a genuine person that I look up to. It's so hard to find role models that stay genuine to their followers/fans. She keeps her positive spirits up even when she's going through the toughest times, she's so confident in whatever she wears and she has an amazing taste in home décor! All in all an amazing talented genuine person, I aspire to be just like her one day. 

5. What is your guilty pleasure? I secretly enjoy watching Mukbangs! It's oddly satisfying to watch someone eat a large amount of food that I know I can never finish.


INSTAGRAM: syafothmanasad YOUTUBE: syafothman


LINDA A Prose by Afiqah Azhar

Cigarette is her father. Camera is her husband. Crystal is her son. Champagne is her lover.

Lights, camera, action!

‘Look at me dancing in these diamonds, adik!’ My mother. My Linda. A serpent of my soul, slithering in opulence and sweat. A goddess living in the kingdom of deities and imps. Born into a home of baby-breeding actors and thrown into a circus of trippy mannequins on the highway. There she goes, prancing in classic black Chanel with a cancer stick glued between her alabaster fingers, those broad hips swaying softly to the psychedelic poetry of Jim Morrison, clad in her John and Yoko Ono’s Bed-In Peace thin shirt that denudes her bosom. The swelling flesh is tingling and alive like stubborn mosquitoes on my salivated tongue. Her flaming red nails match those inviting ruby lips down to the deflowered genitalia that were once a warm home to me. She flutters her black cartoon eyes like a flirtatious darling; teenage boys and sidewalks would prostrate at her feet not long ago.

‘My baby, do you love me?’ she asks, flicking the ciggy amidst her ashen-coloured teeth. A poignant image of her green tudung attacks my brain cells as I drink in the woman twirling before my unwelcome eyes, boundless and free from a stranger’s hand in a desperate land. My mother. My Linda.

‘This is the end. My only friend. The end.’ 


May 2018

Writer on the look

Morrison echoes in our ears. Jimi. Janis. Jim. There goes another one. ‘Yes, Mama.’ I whisper.

‘Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.’

Audiences view her like a picture book in an ancient library without alphabets and numbers, failing to read the shades of blue beyond her nose ring and mouth piercing that glitter like gold moles each time she drinks her Cola in the methfumed flask. ‘I live for luxury. I live for love. I love you too, sayang.’ She wobbles unsteadily like an acrobatic girl training to steady herself on ropes and giggles in my dumb face, chokes on her cigarette and puts the half-burnt menthol lipstick into the ashtray while smoke licks us all over. The woman in the green tudung stares frighteningly through the Swarovski-studded frame on the foyer table, black-mascaraed tears staining her plastic cheeks.

Morrison provokes behind her, his long pink tongue poking and invading my home. The beautiful union of brother and sister. ‘Here. Always.’ I mumble. She smiles sweetly at me, her sharp intake of breath a greeting gesture as she tastes of glitter and guitar with rock ‘n’ roll in her womb. An alien sensation stirs in the cloudy room of smoke, sweat and stained sofas. ‘Come here and kiss your mother.’ She discards her shorts and tosses them on the bed she shares with her man and men of bad fruits. The emerald ring radiates like a fiery beacon against her scale-like fingers, a token of my poor father’s love for his rebellious young wife. My mother. Our Linda. Thirty years sentenced to his jailhouse motel madness by the signed contract of drag aunties and chain

Money is her mother. Medicine is her sister. Music is her daughter. Make-up is her best friend.

One, two, three, go!

necklaces have delivered the final blows to her head, breast and feet.

‘Ride the snake, ride the snake, ride the snake. Father, I want to kill you. Mother,

‘You are ashamed of me, sayang. I know you are.’

I want to fuck you

Her sadistic aura and slurred speech stings like a honeyed venom through my psyche. The little girl in me gouges her eyes out, eats them for dinner and spews out my own face. She is blind to the night call of a phantom singer who pays a visit to Linda as he cuts the strings off from her body like a broken wooden puppet doll. Her domestic world is shut; she is flying home towards a suicidal music festival with her past paramour. 1969 Woodstock is waiting and celebrating her arrival in a hippie camper van of vivid colours. Wrinkled baby-arms probe impatiently inside their former mothers’ nests to shoot fast bullet of swimming tadpoles; to seek security, warmth and pleasure. This is a beautiful image of gods copulating with monsters in the garden of poets and politicians. The master, the brother, The Lizard King chants to his serpent sister in a welcoming foreplay.

There’s a killer in the house and a family will die before dawn. I gaze at the long serpent of seven miles, touch her cold fragile skin and offer my white orchid to Linda to end her nights of secret sports and tender perjuries and for her coming home from caged debaucheries. Taking her hand, I ride the reptile through the summer rain in the blazing desert under the apricot spotlight. She smothers my lips until we puke cherry wine of rust and salt, flowing like a river from her eggs to my engines; sucking on her sugar-flavoured lollipop still. Our purities are extinct; we are two incognitos in the heated dry sandstorm. We descend rapidly like two trapped cannonballs that are hungry to be released for the destruction of an innocent town. Once the fireworks kiss the citizens and embrace their children, explosions of bright confetti will be a triumphant celebration among carnies and cannibals of our blood. Her new people will dance on future generations around a bonfire

‘The blue bus is callin’ us. The blue bus is callin’ us.

where they burn fresh condoms, torn clothes and pious peers. A new song of musical moans and orgy orchestras will become the national anthem as two

II am lighted again! Dance with me, adik.’ Strange scene pirouette in my mind seductively as I watch her body ignite with an old flame, like

serpents, two Lindis, brother and sister, recoil incestuously on sigils all around the country as they praise joyously for the return of their king and queen.

a race car competition, until she reaches the border of her homeland, driving fast and wild to win the famous grand trophy of blood, tears and gold. The green tudung has burnt away; its ashes are scattered among her dandruff-hair and blowing stubbornly in the stenchful wind of liquor and love. Naked slaves of physical harmonies and emotions grind against one another on the grass of grey-fluid earth. Linda arrives home. A wild serpent hunting for rats and sex. She hisses; ‘Where are you?’

FOLLOW AFIQAH AZHAR: INSTAGRAM: fiqaizzatireads TWITTER: fiqaizzati


26 THINGS I LEARN BEFORE TURNING 26 By Fyaa Ahmad Mahir Photographs by Faruq Irfan

1. Love yourself first because at the end of the day no one’s going to be there for you more than you. 2. Stay away from toxic friends/ person/relationship. It’s not worth your time and effort to even fighting your own head to make them stay in your life. 3.Always, always, always trust your gut feeling. 4.Education and knowledge are vital. 5. The older you grow, the more you value your parents to be around. 6. Don’t be afraid to take risks.


7. When someone hurts you or puts you down; “get up, dress up, and don’t give up”. 18 | DISCOVERED

8. Drink more water. Lemon water; it works wonders to your skin and your body 9. Don’t stop learning. 10. Start saving your money right now 11. Always have a backup plan in everything 12. Love means enjoy doing boring stuff together 13. Always find something to laugh about 14. Put your sheet mask inside the fridge before using it. Trust me, it’s the best. 15. Pain forces us to grow up 16. Eye cream and Sunblock! Go buy now. 17. Skincare first, makeup second LIFE AS IT IS 18. Health is honestly Wealth 19. “You can’t make people like you, but you can make them fear you” 20. Channel your pain/anger/stress to working out 21. Make sure to take your vitamin C, vitamin B and evening primrose oil. 22. Never fully depend on anyone else but yourself By Fyaa Ahmad Mahir P h o tthe o g rend a p hof s b y Fday a r uGod q I r is f athe n best 23. At the


planner 24. Tough time doesn’t last but tough people I N T H do E SPOTLIGHT 19 | DISCOVERED

25. Never take anything for granted; be in with a person, moments, and even your job/ studies.

GET CANDID WITH: AMIR RAHIM FUN FACT ABOUT AMIR RAHIMÂ He was born in Kuala Lumpur, grew up in Subang Jaya and currently resides in Shah Alam. He found his love for acting at the age of 16 years old, during his high school days as he was forced to perform in a school play. As his drama teacher chose Amir to be one of the lead roles. At first, it felt strange for him to participate in a school play because there was so many rehearsal lessons he had to attend and at the same time it clashes with his football practice. He realizes acting was for him the minute when he came up to the stage and performed. The minute when he was on the center of the platform, Amir realized that this could be something he wants to do.


In that moment, being on stage and in front of people felt right for him. From then on, he wanted to be an actor. the age of 17 years old he sat his mind to study performing arts. After he finished his high school, he went to Sunway University College and did his diploma in Performing Arts. Following to that; Amir went to Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia and further his studies in Bachelor of Filmmaking. It was when he was in his final year of degree he recognized his passion is more towards performing and drama. After completing his studies in Australia, Amir then pursued his Masters at New York Film Academy, US. He studied there for two years and worked there for a year.Â

1. Neelofa and him use to act together in New York Film Academy 2. Amir is one of the first people to experience the Harry Potter ride in Universal Studios

In a course of a year after he finished his Master’s, he worked in Universal Studios; at first he was part of the Halloween project as one of the actors to frighten people. After that, he was a ride operator at Harry Potter theme park. mid 2016, Amir decided to come back to Malaysia and took the chance to start his career as an actor here.

Currently, he focusing on his Youtube channel and on shoot for his first feature film, a horror movie called Homestay as it will be out in October 2018. While Amir is still establishing himself an as actor, within five years time he hope to be back in Hollywood and sign in to Daneil Hoff Agency; one of Hollywood’s top agency. .

FUN FACTS 3. His favorite actor is Tom Cruise and Gary Oldman 4. He was one of the extras in The Circle, starring Emma Watson and Tom Hank. He got to meet up with Emma Watson.

FOLLOW AMIR RAHIM ON: INSTAGRAM: amir_rahim7 TWITTER: amir_rahim7 FACEBOOK: amirrahim007   YOUTUBE: amir rahim  



“But I want to be as happy as they are, and as

Star Wars occupied my time and interest, unlike

carefree as a freaking unicorn. One day, probably

Alice’s uncanny infatuation with unicorns and

one day.”

mythical creatures.

Those words, despite being 10 years ago, remained

Alice was never like any of the girl in our class. She

engrained in my mind like a broken record. Happy

was always in her washed out overalls and always

as a unicorn- if only it was that simple. I remember

with her red converse. Her hair half tied up with her

as it was yesterday that she described that unicorn

auburn curls flowing down on her shoulders with

are her kind of angels. “They say angels take the

her brown eyes piercing through her glasses. She

form of humans, but I hate them. Horses are better,

was peculiar in how she carries herself. She did not

aren’t they? But here comes the conflict, I hate

care for the world of people perceives her and for

horses too. I hate animals. But there are certain

that, Alice remained intrigued in my mind. Never

things that could make them just that little bit

cared about of what other kids think of her as Alice

better, mythical features, a little bit of magic, the

was always minding her own world. Unlike the rest

idea of them bringing faith and joy into the world.”

of girls in class, the only think that matters to her

Unicorns as said by this Lady Unicorn. As she

most was her red notebook and her favourite

continues to defend her love for unicorn, “their

unicorn stuff toy. You won’t see her running around

effervescent glow, and their majestic horns that

chasing after boys or playing with Barbie, tea

could puncture even the thickest of shields. There’s

parties and such. Though she meddles with her own

this saying that I’ve always loved, that unicorns are

dimension, she is generous at sharing a grin. How

so magical that they poop rainbows”.

Alice values her love for unicorn, is how I value her smile towards me.

Since then, I still think that her theory and beliefs on unicorns are bogus.

Though we both came from dissimilar backgrounds, however we connect instantly. Like the pairings of

We had our fair share of disagreements throughout

rainbow and butterflies, that was how we

the years. it was never my thing to hold grudges,

connected. Alice was my unicorn. She stood out

especially when you have a friend like Alice., on the

the most in her own little ways.

other hand, have my own obsessions.


CELEBRATE BEAUTY By Fyaa Ahmad Mahir Photographs by Kekhalid &Warnabilla

Known as Warnabilla to many, this MUA shares how she celebrates beauty with her skills.

Warnabilla, or also known as Billa, a 27 years old makeup artist in Kuala Lumpur; have been in this industry for almost three years. Her preference in doing her client’s makeup consists only in enhancing their features with just right amount of adornments. Billa values in taking care of her client skin and spoiling her client by providing the best quality makeup products to them; her grace in adorning her clients are with light to medium makeup coverage depending to the person features and tailor to the needs of the clients. For one thing Billa is sure of, her skills and service to her clients are only to celebrate they person they are. To Billa, every person she encountered and served are beautiful before and beautiful after. Billa believes that, beauty truly comes from within, as someone who had painted over 100 faces;


"ONE THING I AM SURE OF, I WANT MY SKILLS AND SERVICE TO MY CLIENTS ARE ONLY TO CELEBRATE THEÂ PERSON THAT THEY ARE". To Billa, every person she encountered and served are beautiful before and beautiful after. Billa believes that, beauty truly comes from within, as someone who had painted over 100 faces; Billa perceived beauty radiates through a person in the way they are; As a makeup artist, Billa hopes to deliver an exceptional service in every makeup look her client requested. With that, Warnabilla aspires to be a renowned and highly respected Makeup Artist in Malaysia.


STYLE TALK WITH SHAZREEN SAM Her love towards fashion and sense of style has gain recognition in Instagram style community. Here is Shazreen's sharing her inspo on her style and outfits 

"A stripe shirt is a timeless piece, a must have and a wardrobe staple.  As you can tell, I love the 80’s and this fit resembles the eccentric era. Like in most John Huges movies, I was going for the teenage dirtbag look in which I wore an oversized shirt with ripped skinny jeans. To make my shirt pop, I wore a baseball cap with a printed sling bag and red lipstick. Lastly to compliment my look, I wore the Stan Smiths with the classic stripe socks. Then again, it’s all about the stripes!"

"This outfit is inspired by all the women empowerment movement such as the “Women’s March”, “LGBT Pride”, “Me too” and “Monkifesto” which celebrates feminism and every woman’s right for equality. I’m the most comfortable with pinks - especially when wearing a pink lipstick and I love that pink resembles the feminine side of every women and it is so pure. I wanted my printed to shirt to stand out so I paired it with a fringed denim skirt, Stan Smiths and pink stripe socks. I also accessorize my outfit with a pink heart choker, cloud sunglasses and IKEA frakta bag"


"This outfit is inspired by actress Molly Ringwald and fictional character Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things. I was going for the 80’s feminine look from movies like, “Pretty in Pink” and “The Breakfast Club”. I incorporated the minimal 80’s style with bright and loud colours in which I wore an oversized pink neon jumper with a flowy pastel purple skirt. I also paired it with a white Adidas sneakers and baby pink stripe socks.To top it off, I wore a pearl choker piece with a mini bucket bag and pink lipstick"

" Dressing up differently is always a challenge and an experiment. For this particular outfit, I was going for the 70’s look - inspired by icons like Stevie Nicks, Twiggy and fictional character Annie Hall. I wanted my white denim jacket to attract attention so I decided to I wear them with a morange (red orange combination) flared pants and a fitted print turtleneck. I accessorize it with a heart shape suede sling bag, pearl coloured bracelets, red lips, retro shades and a fisherman’s cap inspo from John Lennon. "


8 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT SONIA NAIDU Office girl during the day, model by night. This 24 years old beauty from Kuching, Sarawak. From being on Miss Universe 2017 to THE Miss Glam 2018 for GLAM Magazine Malaysia. Get to know this Beauty Queen 

1. Name : SONIA NAIDU 2. Occupation : Rates Analyst  3. Educational Background: Bachelor Degree in Business Administration  4. How does it feel to see your face on billboard ads, magazine and in TV? The feeling is surreal. I have always been dreaming of being a model since I was younger. But back then, I wasn’t the most confident person but after hearing the encouragement from people who actually saw my potential, I strive forward. Till today I still cannot believe that I actually have been on a billboard, various magazines and TV!  5. Have modeling been a passion of yours?  Yes, it has been and always be. Despite having a corporate job, I still will make time to actually pursue modeling.    6. Which supermodels did you look up to when you first started your modeling career? When I first started modeling, I didn’t really have a specific model figure, I believe that everyone had their strengths and I need to learn it! But now I look up to Gigi Hadid. More millennial generation as I am one haha! Reason being Gigi is that I love her all her work that she has done and her sense of styling is always on point! Plus, some say I kind of do have some resemblance of her. LOL! Probably her baby fats around her face haha!


7. Where you grow up and what were are the three things you enjoy doing since you were younger?  I was born in the land of Hornbill which is Kuching, Sarawak but was raised in Kluang, Johor. Well, 3 things I really enjoyed doing was actually being in Handball team, till today I still enjoy playing handball or dodge ball. Eating is another one! Love trying out new stuff! And last but not least, enjoy travelling and exploring places. Be it in Malaysia or abroad. 8.What is your mantra in life?   Be optimistic and never ever give up in what you do or believe. It's just matter of the right time, right place and right people :)  




continue.. .....As years had passed and things changed, I came back knowing that what I said was wrong, knowing that I should have said something, knowing that I should make things right.

As I drove down the winding road of Jalan Terengganu through the large green pine trees, the engine whined at a high pitch towards a junction to Jalan Selangor. After a few more turns, there it was, the house with the black picket fence, the house that holds so many memories. The last place that I saw her.

The old house was sombre and full of akar (tree root) poking in and around the territory. It was as if the trees had become a part of the house. The house was not how I remember it used to be. Back then; when we used to live there, we rarely locked the gates of our house. Our relatives and family members used to come in and out of our house whenever they want to. Every weekend the place was filled with people coming in for dinners and parties. Never once have I felt lonely in that home. There was never a need to call or invite my relatives to come over to the house. They made the house as if it was their own. Having Alice lived near to my house; she too, made our house as her own.

I went back to the old house to find traces of Alice, as she had always been around the house when we were younger. I came back with the urge to figure out why did she neglect me. Why did it feel like she forgot me completely after our last meeting. It wasn’t like her at all to be quiet. Maybe because she was upset that I was moving up north? Or maybe because I did not told her earlier. All these maybes had always been at the back of my mind, as I have never had closure to the end of our attachment since the day I left.

We had our fair share of disagreements throughout the years. it was never my thing to hold grudges, especially when you have a friend like Alice., on the other hand, have my own obsessions. Star Wars occupied my time and interest, unlike Alice’s uncanny infatuation with unicorns and mythical creatures.

Alice was never like any of the girl in our class. She was always in her washed out overalls and always with her red converse. Her hair half tied up with her auburn curls flowing down on her shoulders with her brown eyes piercing through her glasses


She was peculiar in how she carries herself. She did not care for the world of people perceives her and for that, Alice remained intrigued in my mind. Never cared about of what other kids think of her as Alice was always minding her own world. Unlike the rest of girls in class, the only think that matters to her most was her red notebook and her favourite unicorn stuff toy. You won’t see her running around chasing after boys or playing with Barbie, tea parties and such. Though she meddles with her own dimension, she is generous at sharing a grin. How Alice values her love for unicorn, is how I value her smile towards me.

I ran and turned in disbelief. Suddenly it turned pitch black. As I heard echoes of voices murmuring in my head. My body felt heavy. Light flashes in and I can see glimpse of people surrounding me. It wasn’t that clear. My sight was all blurry. Then I heard a familiar voice.

“Idris… Idris… Sayang, thank God you’re awake”.

“Ha?” I murmured. “Idris dear… It’s your mother,” she sighed with relieved. I raised my hand to reach her. Then I noticed the unicorn I was holding. With confusion and disbelief I pull the strength of my throat muscle to form a question I did not dare to ask, “What happened Ma?” as my head was heavily pounding, I waited silently for an answer. “Idris… You were in an accident,” said mom with her thin voice. She was holding her tears. With the crackling in her voice she said “You’ve been in a comma for 10 years now”.

The Alice I knew had long gone. She and I met into an accident. She did not make it and I lost my memory completely right afterwards. The unicorn was just a form of escapism. It took me on psychedelic journey just how Alice would have described it. It was my pursuit of happiness in a form of a mystical creature that was once Alice’s favourite kind of angel. Perfectly happy the way she described it. The unicorn was the embodiment of the angel for my reality, Alice.







Livin’ in this day and age of social media, you probably have already caught wind of the healthy, delish, AND aesthetically pleasing dish called poke bowl. However for those who has been living under a rock, poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish with raw fish served on a bowl of rice topped with a variety of vegetables. For those seeking these fresh bowls of goodness and yums, here are 5 places to get your umami-packed poke fix

1. Poke Bear First up, Poke Bear! Conveniently located in the ever-bustling Sunway Pyramid, this fine establishment is great for poke bowls newbies and seasoned poke-veterans. You can either choose the presets available in their menu OR build your very own bowls from scratch. For a customised bowl, you will start by selecting your base, then adding the protein of your choice, complement it with five sides, and top it off with an unlimited amount of toppings. Go big or go home, right?

Image from: /2010871042518445/?type=3&theater

Where? LG1.110A (opposite Starbucks facing Sunway Lagoon), Blue Atrium @ Sunway Pyramid, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. NOMADIC





2. Paperfish

Image from: 227267694350386/?type=3&theater

Second on our list, paperfish. Established by the YouTuber Dennis Yin, paperfish’s poke bowl has a slight local twist to them to please the Malaysian palettes. For those seeking the authentic poke bowl experience, we’d recommend their Umami Shoyu Salmon or Tuna poke bowls. However, for the local tongues who needs a little bit of a kick in their meals, paperfish offers them their Chili Tuna and Spicy Salmon poke bowls. In addition, to ensure that even the vegetarians have their fair share of tasty goodness, paperfish also offers a vegetarian option, the Avocado poke bowl! Where? ? 26, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

3. Fin Third, we’ve got Fin. For a flat rate of RM15, Fin, being the champion of DIY poke bowls, lets you choose the ingredients that goes into your bowls. Select from the four different proteins - tuna, salmon, tofu, or shrimp to start your bowl, then choose the sides to make it a fulfilling meal. Top it off with an unlimited amount of toppings and complement it further with a selection of sauce between the 4 varieties available at Fin. They also allow additional protein for extra charges. Where? Lot 8, Block A3, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6/1297179513711419/?type=3&theater



4. Rubberduck Next is Rubberduck. Although many come for their extensive selection of healthy meals that include salads, smoothies, fresh sandwiches, and more, Rubberduck has crafted their very own special serving of poke bowl that features brown rice topped with delectable marinated salmon sashimi and cucumber sesame salad. If you like to enjoy your poke bowls complemented with a variety of other healthy meals, this is the ideal place to go! Where? ? 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Plaza Damas, Lot K-0-8B (Ground Floor), Dorchester Service Apartment, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur _ga=2.263285326.318541781.1523776237-1501060781.1507605436

5. The Fish Bowl Last but not least on our list is The Fish Bowl - the very first shop to be established in Malaysia that serves poke bowls as their specialty. Select from the myriad of ingredients that include a variety of rice bases, fresh vegetables, marine-based proteins, and a wide selection on unlimited toppings and sauce to build your very own poke bowl. So, get your delicious, fulfilling, AND guilt-free meal now at The Fish Bowl! Where? 77, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Somewhere near Garage 51 and myBurgerLab)  Image from: 5962124/2030999297168378/?type=3&theater



This project is dedicated to my husband, my family and friends that believe in me, and those that were there for me. I would not make this far without the love and support from all of you. This is for you. Â

And lastly, this E-magazine is in loving memory of my late mother-in-law; Lalita Binti Bujang. Â Al-fatihah.

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