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uua up, l o u ~ m z l i n and g celebme like there's no tomorrow - with Dreamcatchersfiom Varsidhi. To-die-fordesigner ensemblgowns, Zebengas and sarees, b r Y embellishedfabrics and colours thar dreams.



I' Nagar 56

C.N.Chetty KO, t't

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Jayanagar661, llm Main Rd, 4' -.--k, Ph: 080- 41330-.Website:


Email: varsidhi@gm?

Commercial Street 19, K.Kamraj Rd, Ph: 080 -41478989 All days open (rime 10 am to 8 pm)



BRUNCH AND ,,. BEYOND Experience the all new



oyal Sunday Brunch

Kids' corner An exclusive corner for the little ones' entertainment replete with movie club, snack buffet counter, sugar candy, pop corn and much more. Dip & Dine Your brunch is made cooler with a dip in the pool* followed by a treat at Cilantro. *Guests are requested t o bring their own swim suits. Unwind in 5 minutes Guests enjoy a five minutes shoulder massage free For more information or to make a reservation call +91-44-22314343 N 45O 29' W 73" 34' DESTINATION UNLOCKED

SIP FROM THE VINEYARD. SAVOUR FROM THE SEA. Indulge in scrumptious seafood varieties as you sip from a sizzling glass of wine at Kayal. Treat your taste buds with this fine fusion of flavours and raise a toast!


For more information or to make a reservation call +91-44-22314343 N 45" 29' W 73" 34' DESTINATION UNLOCKED


Preferred Guest

02014 Starwood Hote s & Resorts Woriowae. Inc A R qhts Reseweo Prefeneo G-est SpG Le Merod en and the r oqos are t l e trademar6 of Starwood hotels & Resorts Wor dw~ae.Inc. or ts a% ~ates.


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Custom-tailored garments from "The Raymond Shop".

Reflects your personality like none other. At 'The Raymond Shop', you can choose from a wide range of the finest suiting, shirting and trousering fabrics. Our expert masters will help you get the garments tailored just the way you like. And you are ready to look good and feel great.

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560-562 Anna Salai, Century Plaza, Teynampet, Opp Hotel Hyatt, Chennai-18 Ph: 45544191/45544192

Dear Chennai, As 2015 draws to a close, we saw one of the most toughest times that nature bestowed upon us with the incessant rains and floods. But what was even more stronger was and is our spirit to rise above it all. Irrespective of caste, religion or language, we became one as we lend helping hands and what was heartening is the number of people who lent a home to stray dogs and pets. This issue, we dedicate Discover Chennai to the furry fairy tales from across the city while our Pondy edition gets on mane mania. It is the season of love and in our beloved city, it always is. Merry Christmas

Catherine Editorial Consultant

Editor and Publisher : Rajsuresh P


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Content Contribution: Cathenne, Sara, Madhum~taPrabhakar, V~dyalakshm~, JS

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Where 'SO P E R F E C T ' happens.. . everyday


TURYAA C H E N N A I WELCOMES Y O U WITH A N APPROACHABLE STYLE A N D EFFORTLESS WARMTH. Ours is a satisfying, uncomplicated experience that celebrates great rhyihm, great flavour and great cheer. Here, everyday is a celebration of you and a celebration of life1








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-h h ~ e)

18th Adyu dub Gate 8oa4 Ph 24361224

Russian CEnhe Of S d m e CNture 7 4 8ehind Chola SheramnHc+el KaaM RanganRosd Alww Ph:

vmYW Roil %=et


Blm @ Safiym -1s

q C P Art Centrr

8 , h - d - h Road


1 Fkbme Road A l ~ u p e t K:2434l778


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WI14,NsarBhanUI~ I* k , Kamw Asenue ad Adyar. fi -7

q ChBma Art G d e q d Appabm,b, Opp~pp~ppite T~PheanixMaa NO.1- v e l a ~ a i ~na a d . velaeheri Ph:swmiC6


Qite Game~lar


q Ayy. Art GdPriea 33,WoodaRwd. AMaSalai Ph 12158062

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AMUSEMENT PARKS qDah-spbh lm/L Mevall"IK"ppamV~, %permbadbad Taluli Ph 5TE6.m


q Peaaek Art Gallery 151.ArmtRoad2ndk. v&w& Ph lP86un4/ W4M 16874

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q Glme D h b l Glme -,,I 6R.Nearhhh-S&~~L

q MGM D k e e World

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qp Park



EmdmT~nk Rmd PWur.

Pwnamallee.Ph 26811124

q V G P U & ~ dKingdom VGP Golden Beach Eaat Caaat Road. mambsLLaa

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q P r n h Ampa Skyvllli Mall (Zndk-m), N

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Art G d q

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~ndoh&vhes f i t n e s s centre Lawn facilit ~usinessAre Internet p 3 i t e seeing t f l p Bonfire v Trekking experience Travel desk Doctor on cod &*.y l e paQkind



CA .

esort, Chinnakkanal, Munnar, Kerala - 685 618, India. +91 4868 - 249978179 Fax : +91 4868 - 249980 Central Reservation : +91 94460 53077, 94460 43070 e-mail :,




Welcome to "CHAMIERS", a life-style store Showcasing "Anokhils line of clothing and furnishing ...A gift section with an interesting range of Jewellery & Crafts, Footwear & Photoframes, Accessories & Bags, Cards &Stationery, Table &Desk Accessories.

ANOKHI New # 106, Chamiers Road, Chennai - 600028. Shop: 24311495 Cafe: 42030734 Mail: Web:

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76/75k-KdSheet vamm*Adyu.

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q Dream Deatinntiom OldNc-19/10. NmNc-'%/lo, %dm Patel Road Adayu ph: 6 ~ 6 6 m

Fine Y . t n T m k Tnvels 3J&RmdhpmShrrt m k h " a ~ p " r qA d . Ph 6%237U

Macro Hawk Flight Travels

34.3, Munoth Cen- Near m Police stah Flea,Tdplkme. Ph28528585

q Madras Travels & T o w NO. W . F s K B a a a h a n a m ~ N 0 .

Ph m m o o

OAmldVdrnluMiauurh ~ B B c h B e s a n t N ~ K:24911246

Armenian Chmh of V i i Milry -Stws-,Gwge T m . Ph WB6w

OChurdrofOvrLadyof Light L"z chulrh RdMylaPh 24-

q ISKCON Temple Here K t i h u land VGP Galdm B e s c h Bh.LthiVeduds Swrvny Road &ai. Phmm

Kapleellhwaru Temple

Nmth Madasma Mylapme. Ph 2464l610

q Liom Club of Central Madras Caw Of B d Be-


M o u n t m d AnnsSaki K: M 1 8 8 0 2

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q Makkah w i d

39/16. Eebhd BSNl. OHe, 1st Main Road Share N q , Adyu. Ph m 4 l Z

WMtWhSslalTdpk. Ph:UlU333


q Sb.lrthi T m &Travels


47,Dcsabandhuh wt=aRaad Ray.@.

t Club b a d 3rd Avame, Rain A m m d d Fvmm K:24353190

ph: 2851337

q Madras a u b 8, Adym Cate aub Raad

q Smile Self Drive CIls 076, Neat Water Tan*. 1YScdmYlP*Shrrt h N a p West Ph 66753955


OMadrasaidretaub LWRoadCheP.uli K:285W76

q South T o w And T r d

q Madras Flying a u b


Civil Aexdmm, a m " a i A b p t



q Re-

Pm l mh


Old X142-AL N m la, HaMbvllah Road, T.Nsgar

Fairlala, 51, EthirajSaki Ph:28226881


OI(otuyaubOf~~1 158, Rayala T w a k Arms Salai

Ph 28591W.C

q Royal MadnsYacht Club spdngneavmWaIL 'Ihe Hmbm, aurmai.~h 25361n3

q The Thyagmy-gn aub 1,N e r Penagl Perk Nagesvaran Read, T. N q . Ph 243UW


MrmwhRoadBgmme. : Ph 66550319 Sri Om Travels

q Sri V u r i Travels Yo 131. Shop No. 8, lam Bhavan

P d v Baaar, T NK:4i117575 q Thm- cook


Ph 2 ~ 1 ~ 4 %

q~ ~ B a s i l i c r 19/38, sank- High Road Mylspme. K: 24983155

Shore Temple Mahabali~m

Sri Amnth P a a b h a S w a y Temple Gandtu N . p , ad Man Road Adayar K LMUU9

St. Geage's Cathednl Cathedral Rasd awmui

Ph 28114261

Thousand L i i t s Masque PetaswPetasColony. llmmdLigMs.

Tirupli T h m &

c C ~ B v i l ~ N 0 . l l Z

NI u n g m U H i g h Road %& N v K:661192U

q Tdnity T m k T r d 5, FumanWumHighRdKilppuL Ph sBPlrm466

q Wmld Travels & T o w

Temple N Mads St Vada*.

Ph 248)6903

The ritual of the Serpent Gods Legend goes that Parasumma, who brought fmth the Land of Kerala from the seas, gave the local Pulluvar dm the right to live by worshipping the serpent Gods who arebelievedtobethepmkdmsofthelad. TheSarpamTnulld(D-&Snakes), is m unique tradition that thisdm perfannually to a p s e the snake Gads. This cenhlry-old ritual can be pea0-d by d y a select foriin sacred groves, temples oreveninsomehom.

Organisers from Shoranur explain, "To achieve the blessings of Nagam,on the day of Aayilam [ star ] t h i r u d devoties undergo vrutham (fasting) and light lamp for 'Nagaraja, Nagayakshi, Karinagam etc. and adds, "This will bring prosperity in your life. If possible, one should go to the nearest Naga temple and perform Palabhishekam (Pouring Milk o n d e i t i e s ) Manjalabhishekam (Turmeric water) Elaneerabhishekam (Tender coconut water) Panineerabhishekam (Rose water) and Malarabhishekam (Flower) to Nagam and offer prayers." On the day of the ritual, whilst playing traditional instruments like the para, elathallam, nanduni and pulluvankudam, men (pulluvan) and women (pulluvathi) also sing, while two or more young girls step onto a nagakalam (a decoration using natural colours) and enter a trance. A priest is also present to perform the ritual offering. The pullavan asks questions in his song, for which the girls moan and writhe in serpent-like movements erasing the nagakalam whilst answering his questions. Efforts are now made to preserve thisfast disappearingritual, the Cheenikkal house in Shoranur is one of the few places that have been performing this ritual for decadesnow.

Dates: December 25,26 and 27. Venue: Cheenikkal house Mundakkotukurussi, Shoranur Pallakad, Kerala. 679122. For details: 0466 2106006






Myar Park

The Leela Palace C h e d

Phone:91M6&WSZ, om 0f &@st 1&g,i rnd "gdi m " m ~ & ~ & ~ f ~ h F M d No.dUmmm212 d e t i m t k d h g s&"d"ig kmic Eymd,,tlYd~nqlryhold OHglttmgmcyQenrut'th 4 w d @ a d i e h @ t ~ ~ I n r ~ r n d Lmddianu , m t donlueasrmnt*&,holdin ~ r p r r n d ~ n u l 6 p h ~ , -'a. avnnni ~ ~ ~ r n , X i f i n i n d d i n 8m ( h d AIwarpet A d p r s 4 a e , Mac N W , Fkme: Phone 91 M 249941a mjit-mrndpzhfi 91 M 33ffiun h & d d e t i m h p d I n r ~ No. of R a m : 287 No.ofRom:J05 &p,dgaUninpdloulb. lr RDyal Meddien



The Gateway Hotel

J65.hSalai 2 4 a ~ l 2 o u r t b ~ ~ T ~ p t P b m 9 1 M a m ~rn6runnhmoingl* Conlim"ari No.ofUmmm3.V China; S E A & , z r n d ~ ~ eq7Lkme&rrEw ~,mdrpnriaupvbsmifhdnnu Tmyaa Qarui BOP, Old Mahabalipmm Road j7b7'ly s h d s I n r h mi* l i m n h ~ t lh h g d in the rI RathaTekMeadoMRwd. L G S T ~ S t ~ h t CmridaofChaaaiabnheasmd S h o h y p d m , 91 ~ 44 6ssovoO Phone 91 M 22314?4'3, hvima&+& No.ofro3rnzm ~ t h a t ~ o u t m t k w h o l e N0.ofRom:240 ITC G m d -la of+hebustbgci+y Hiltan (heMli E . + m m r n m q ~ d 144 I 7, Raji" M%hi(Ohm), Conn+"i",fly~mi~~ls ~ ~ ~I"&'s G&h S r n ~ Kot'i"~Phrme:0146W7mm mi"=k&m*&irpatdlry ApinlTCGmndQdaulhieh N0ofUmmmllO w ~dcmm ~ i l e n -&wq&Qda*fY .9.+dmithnhsbYumhr, A d a am din8. Taj Club H m e w+nningm-mifh,im~mh *E mi* ~tnfraflh-, s3,htRwd.GuindyYPbm91 dhhdding2Urmropi -,-ifindmlddm MwwmO, 1x11,icn frrt ~ a a d mhnrmnb, ~4ad H ~ irX(h. NO.of Ro-: MO


Fa-ar dmkJhrsnua h m d k %dnig -fm, md r n i m p m y

Taj Cmrmndel O W 8a m 0f"hSowthI* deign ruca d c h i c Enmp.n ~ ~ T 4 j ~ ~ g ~ l&urE.










~kdimie&btrn*rnd gd & p h in I m l y md m z , ZClubhouaema4hSalai ~ i r ~ tPhone:91*44 663U131, ~ ~ No. of Ummm 229

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Phone91447.m5%55, N0.ofRom:UYI

Vkrnta by Tnj Ca-a dw t i t y l a ~ M ~ h & L b u i l t a1ausm*mi*+d,m kl h lmn).lanmfa W h





CHENNAI The Leela Palace Chennai,Adyar Seaface, M.R.C Nagar I For table reselvations,please contact Mr. Rajesh Kumar - Ubrary Blu at 3366 1234

Relish a mklange of Mexican, Lebanese, Italian and Indian cuisines at your favourite global vegetarian

R A PURAM 42815777 1 NUNGAMBAKKAM43561777 ANNA NAGAR 43537077 1 THE FORUM VIJAYA MALL49188477

Make Weekend Extra Special...


Stay with us on a Saturday and get a complimentary Sunday stay @just 7 64991- nett






~ad1504962 f 9381047550 9381047546 b m

22000:2005 An IS0 9001:2008 certified. 8

# 79.100 ft road, Vadapalani. Chennai - 600026. Ph: 044-23621818 11986 Fax: 23624708 1818.

Email: banouets@ambicaemoire.comI fnb@ambicaemoire.comI


A furry love story

Have your pebi been moped up at home during therecent floods?Here'show YOU can keep thwh a p p y f i sea-

Rohit Koliyot of Petfialize has been organizing voluntary community-m monthly dog meetups inbackyards, restaurants, and at the beach since September 2016. Koliyot says, "Wehelpedfacilitateanew 'Petcidks'(ourversionof T6aX). which are independentlyorganisedmeetups.These were d e r meetups where people in the neighbourhood come together in an owner'sbackymd to hang out with their pets." The p t i d p t i o n list is limited to 2-25 dogs and 45-65 humans (induding owners and guests). Petdalize drarges Rs 3W far one dog and two h u m a n s . t k b k



and stacks just that His,store,lacated in Ahma Nagar,. petpmducts, induding designer collars rmd cvstomised pendants. "My dog hpired&tqdesignacoolingjadretfordogsin~-~/Dr~avananinfaimS. "Sincedogs don't have sweat g!am&, they are iusceflble to heat smk, whichis b w e d by bleeding fmm the nose. If thii happm, thq can die within 15 minutes.Withthatinmind,l designedacattonjadiet"Birthdaycakesfordogs'are .. a~sa~vailabk.DetajIs26205TA



I Jf you have adopted a shay dog during the relentless rains, you could get in touch with Ranjith K , a professional dog h-, who has hained several breeds of dogs. In the business for 15 years, he conducts behavimal heatments for stray dogs and Kumar informs us that these dogs have to s M trainingwhen they are as young as 35-90 days old.




g a y a cuppa with your dog at a pets cafe. Harley and Me, a lunuy day care and hotel for dogs, has kennels, a vetswimming pool, a play area,grooming studio, pets stare, rehab program, petp cafe (fromDecember 15) and even yoga (fmmDecember M),on ECR. A~nodayaReddy, founder, Harley and Me, says that he is in talks with a couple of builders to construct dag-friendly blodis in their pmjectr. De https://www.~book.~m/har1ey~oteLfordogs

INDIAN ANDHRA Armravrthi ~ i ! E l d ~ d . i a . i h p i i n *"d"~A,xGmsqk 14, KaraOld

K.B Napsl, Adyu, Phane:n44U5L8611

0 S m r h Spices


Capper Point Andlart.(hnicl"mhnfine~

pnfmdlLbsarahna&&at nmmUbknbadlrdnmlmYm~


Phrme:91 956618BBl4


AfraMIa dYdn of &mod mmmb *,+?ibspl&ihd"Md

@ 1 1 8 / W h R e ~ W l i .

Myhpm, Phone ¶ 44 Urn1853

Nnlsa Aaps Kadd The B q l d ~phDpmhmp"-fmm *-dastry*d Msdd m y 1% 6+hSheet Gopalapmm Phone:91 44 28114557



cmietus ofmpwm ew"p8"~mih *&trwa~d"'"im 196, Ncar a m m p t Bus Smp, GST Rand. Phrme:91 9551555722


Every dish has a story of Passion, Dedication and Perfection! Come, explore yourself.


30, Montieth Road. Egmore, Chennai - 8 AMBASSADOR GROUP

5 % A


Japan comes calling! Fuji, Chennai's latest Japanese restaurant on Chamiers Road is as authentic as it can get. With minimalistic decor and low dining table, Fuji sets the tone for the platter with 'no nonsense' ambiance. Be it Edamame (boiled salted soya beans) or the mainstay Sushi, the food here is an experience as much as it is a tasty affair. We say go beyond the usual sushis or sashimis and try their amazing fusion series - Mabo Nasu or Ahijo. Fuji, 134, Chamiers Road, Nandanam. Details: 42112511



Oriental Pasillion An not o h . i d d w W o n OMX


tnaUtna~Dmjqmmtica,idd-lrp7nburinur-1 P W selet Palm, 14.2, old MahsbsllmumuRosdlorn),


h'd@ mh,nnra ~'elTCmidortlmrwiflh ynn tummy d ~ ~ l i , , . f uuth u U tlrir &m"+nat bum 14,Raji~~&01d MahsMpy~py~Rad (OMR), w t e TCS,Karan"menu245mni

Wpnga Kitchen 1X1i&wdMUty'akw+daf +.u,Efor~;m"dtqh




WE A&-of&im-syrull ImimdoYfddmdhmifh @ M i &l o v l ~ pw h g h r a &W~OP~aupnsWly


2/b% Alltan h d Stred N-d CarstRad Ph: 3U19966

Snmna. ErpMurflum&&gq dd~rnf....Wt h tu#,ldl

your qmtdtm. TqaaChennail44/7,Rajiv GandhiSalai ( o m ) , Kom* Phone:aM6697mm StilrRodr Enjoy dYkca* d oar Ur mld. * ~ s + p ~ q t l r i r d ~ m&ds, h l " x "jmiq


K " " g P m m a m . ~ ~The SpdngHoaEL l L Kadamb.l*am w w N v L d + . m Rk% ShnddadM"tmn "if %Xi k m d M l a n a n n l 5 l , G 7 , G e G e ~ d d , V ~ MNungambaWiaa Phone ¶ 4439253925

P h m¶ ~ 44 40509999




~*.dd-tE 5, M m p cste Al~larpt n"me 9144 0210888


The Pash Bar Veneta Fi,"i'lhh*qpw,kgm,

d*Mpy&b* M"ifhNWypmmnd&snnd dagrtabh;Itn,M"dpUd TdrnsrfvkuMoaeppna 3Z/S9,BuldtwTNapr, Phone ¶ 8144¶4782

CONTINENTAL Avenue 195 I(rM bkMoroarm Vlg Thshgim, M e + m ~ q " " ~ Ammkm SM B u m Eumpen

M ~ P i r r n d a u ~ r n TrmdmripLnallUvndnnumof




144/145, Hotel Tap,Amm

CompLx.SBlingRord NungambaWiaa FlmE9lmw

Oriental BlmA ~ ~ d i " I " g ' a k w r u ~ 1 ~ -asd-c,,-loifa lice Tqptpki s"llpm7 "if

EUROPEAN 0 Basil --h d l t e m t n n n n t Urtsmr* WmWBah" nrmmplanmfnl "if typid Medik"mSm d I & h I h r . 7 f E I * ~ d ~ ~llnttnrnhillhzt

X mas treats Chocolate-Ragi Christmas Cookies Christmas is a festival of giveaways and more special are the edible goodies homemade by loved ones. Nothing like that if such goodies are bestowed with goodness of one of the most nutritious cereals, the finger millets. Kids for sure love chocolates, they love cookies too, but ragi? Finger millets are enormously rich in calcium, iron and fiber making it a must for children. This is a simple yet delectablerecipe of ragi cookies masked by chocolate for the colour and flavour making it all the more alluring for children and the adults alike. The white sugar in the recipe can be replaced by brown sugar or demerara sugar.


and bake at 200

& m o f h + * " k dhsmd.,"tdih* olin4 M m d e s ClarirmHoa225. Lh.hdhahiahnan %Mylapme.

N m -

Phone ¶ 44 42141144

Phone¶44%&72211 L'affltude 49 A h " t i ~ l m d q d ~ d mmtthnt~lhrsnrof .m&im I"& md cntdnnat a&im l73,h t Raja cad Bay

viby Taj F l s k m d s Cwz Cowl0"gBesch Gfl Ban caan Road, BCR Phmw 91 44 67413353


RemnKov~RoadBCR Mahabali~~m.


~morrvdj.". N0.W Chamierr RoadNandanaa

Ph:91 44 42112511 Momoylrm A tnndy nslhunntmrll remdmd* i -"a


o l b i & ~ & md lhr mdrd-*!x+dim


svahi PMfn

Phone¶44Z7W Nrsi K m d h Pclita Enjoy ageold m@ W y ==M 0 dd- tmdit8nnl rn*&&& h t a n p r t o f ~ ~ ~ hniap 17& 18,Appwmxny T Pdy



44 24335759 ~ New, ~ ~ Phone: ~ r ¶w t

N mTom W d l ~ , + . 7 ~ n n r ~ h g Mdey+k~tmtfooddF"ion a&imd*d&krn~rntioMmd



. .

v i m by Taj Fishmads Cwz ~ c n g ~ G f l B a n c - t ~ d


MEXICAN B-146 KOREAN In S e d A Knarn BBQ m m f thnf &ha h R a r m j w i mminp at a &t ~'md*thdrdrlidmmp"mtfood 530 (5149& 150). Tl'KRoad h e

Mme sup-l4 AlmFt Phone P14442081998

No* Seoul


An+,2pMbamd rn-rounmsrslhr+ * z, 6 . ~ ~ ~ " t u ~ m ' *


. ".

me k k tal,N


w N -

Phone ¶ 444267Wm d i h m l k m a n d p

106,rnRoadAl,"arptPhmE¶ 44 421J888L







Refresh y0Ur palate -

A yummy light meal or s n d which is moat opted by the yavngsters is packed with fresh lermce. cheese and a date is servedonabedofb-bunforaeasy mealwithsomefriesmdmy~.

Baker's Code, 3/85, Cystoms Colony, Delhi Dhaba Complex, Near Jain conepe,muraip~.



q Den Bar HobelNRS~m.'U. -Road TNw, K:24315419

Tk(heekaJHoa/30.-SW. LrmeM-,,,Saidapam4)99BYF)

q DmvnTmvn Bmd,BZya~.Ph:661UU3

Hotel Shelw,19, VenLabera A p h m m R o a d Mylapme. Fk 49241919

q Dmrmt'sB u My PoHotel lo, c a h d x d





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q Flvid 4 soumwaestvenLsmenpe Road TNegar. Ph:24313325 q Pvel ~F~ideH&I,216,BVRF'etipr Salai Pomvvnalle High Road KilpuL Ph:U989898

OGabpBar R.diaeon Blu, 531,GST Rod, St mmus Maunt Ph:766n93742

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T I , . ? L-ther Bar T k Rrk 6m. N Rasd NL"wamwhm Ph4267Mm


q The Moon And Sixpnce Habk W l 9 , GST Road Guindy. Ph:p3310m

The Plntes Bar hsthd Hot4 l, Royal hclave, E e m I k A t , Adym.

m7 6 6 m m

The Society Bar A d d Pallava. 30, hkd& Road EQUOE. Ph:-6

q BAY 146 Rcsto lmmm q Lava Bar 5aardhdmy,l/b85.

OAwhaBar Yinnts by Tg Fi8hmmadnnts Cwe CwelrmgBeachB(R Ph:6 7 4 W

q B m b o o Bar lhSawaHotell46,RKSelai Cahdzal Road. Ph:9541119821

q &Bar 94s,mEm& h m p ,%thy& M R C N ~ ,

Valayapthy 5al.l. Ncar MMU Ilmpnpltal Mogappan. Ph. 9'341099984

q IvUIUon DoUm - The Pub

Ambica h p u c H&L n,100 e e l b d . V.d.pnlh n.73057677l3

0% Hotel F

B g m . Ph:30242124

q MmnVine Lrmngc Bar IFHoalll31,Ilmer Ring Road ~ M " m 668880m .

q Bh. B u G d ResidaueHOBL 85/86,Areot Road Pmur.Ph:s%n3%11

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W h i b Home B n Hotel B W , I, Amnum Koil StleeZ lm Feet Bmd,vadapJ8ni. Fk UBlUsl

OMwtmgBar GrnPYkHotelle3,NSKSalai Armt Road vsd.pJ8ni Ph: 6rn5151

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WXYZ (SM) Bar Alrdt Chenna/ 102, q t v Gmdhi Salai om S h o w n .

Fmk"m selpt P h , 142, old

Ph:1305186B6 ZPa Tap- Bar

q opium

Fk m11452

MahabalipymRwd (Om), om K: 398BP4M lhH&lRoydFka,3,BRmd








h Dqpees Quality Hotel

Kqambpdu. Ph:D m 6 6

SeM ClaesI", OMR, Navdur

q Paddington

Ph:4 7 m

132,(hamiw Road, Nanduum m214U84UI




q Swirl



q Armt Bar

KnrahulBau+iq"eHoaL SO.NmUIBoagRoa4TNagm. K: rn52152


K: 9541280646 0 Blend TajaubHouseHotel ZaubHouseWhslst lh"sand Iights.K: 66313131

candy a u b Hotel Seldthy~14zThanllaehalam Roa4 T N a p m 9â‚Źm244411

0Chip~hd Tq C o r d 37, Mahaana Gandhi RLWL% N m w m b k k m K:6Mms27

OTheDome '


?%RoaY-M& &@am

q Dintil

Ph: 5543936596

q The Weshninisw

Viva* by Taj Conmmam, ZBirmy Road E p m m 6 6 m

q E W E Hotel ~










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q Twist

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q vintage B d EWm,U4Il, WspW. The m . ~ l a e e ,Xdprhfae, MRC N a w , Sanhme Ph 33661212

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q Madera 'Ihe~636, Tqnampet K: lslcm%n

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K: 66515151 HasThe-,uo.stWsW Alw-

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Eaupc CuPPIIPark Hotel 183, NSK

~ V e l a c h e r g . ~ f f i

GRTQmd 120, M y B m , Sir T h w a y a RoadTNw. K: m 1 8 9 1 w

lllusions ThE Madras Pub, 1 6 Irt Plmr, h. RdbkhkmSalaiMylapmr K: rnlffim55

Minlla One E.5 Hotel ParLwew, v a l l a l l v m w Highhad,-N m 9551255110

MALLS Abirrmi Mcg Mall

'&1sten-t m m of mhhdinlhthddrktlrdd h t m t v t h l W % ~ m t a , t a

The F-


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NO 152, highRmd, ~ w w f k m o x ~ n

Vijly. Mall

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Salaiph28493574 DESIGNER STORES OAmura Can+zmpmY*,dnsaaanhnn

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~ f a s v r n a d n n ~ NaW/14CV~Road ALwapt,Ph:rwmaur

S M No 137, VTmbanm Main Rmd VeLchd fk 9940166611

DEPARTMENT STORES Globus Syle~mlfroihnmtm~of

h n r s r r 2 1 0 ~ n n h d inh d s . 3 lalaofp"Xin& sfusMlfoad murt, 8 s m mltipla. d5,1uru~b"a~h6qu6quhotJ N049/SOL NearaubHOHoRoad Whim R o dR o v ~ o v d

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Shoppem Stop AMyi"fmYl&m!+,g ~ m i t








I he legend

back in 1516, the Fortugese built this lovely little church in Mylapore to honour Mother Mary. Legend goes that Pomgese sailors were caught in a storm and then a light guided them to safety. They then built a church to the Lady of Light in what was then a forest. The Kaatu koil or forest temple even lend itF name Luz (the Portugese word for light) to the entireneighbouring area. To this date, the 16-th century church stands tall, undisturbed by the buzz of the busy Mylapore.

p"tof*tH'mWrrfnnd Idh+fm-rmmmmd&, iMssnicaddfqmm No.Us.NhMSd&mRd,

Ph:4XaZZe8, No. G49. Pn,9 6 5pnarFka hS&&fi28198533


Admhddmraj-bnnd m~inh,&,,m'*pmt mpfmmuanarsovsnnd8ink N o . m ~ ~ h s J


0 E k p t D ~ g , ~ d F h L 2 G&gsincll@51 Bvltlningemttlu dofpm-inNoA-80.3rd Avmuc Anna gar


Apparel Studio


A*mpofMm'sdofhingd iMssnica*doonflumorld: @ d k h i n n r r ~ ~ g d


n No.GIOGemsCaurt i N , m p m M k w f i m


6, I-&irk& na. v * , p d & w I N0r),rn R O . d ~ . t o K a m d h C - Sebha. Nwa* Ph W 2 4 . &ofnunanthm&raa NO.Al. 32 WIG Ra?No. ImB). m*~ o vphlipp, r 11A U m S o l l v . d ~ 1 ~ r n ~ n WP l a n L h i ~ y . 4 l h A v ~ ~ ~ A n n a

Ph:&smB8, No. 24 Ampa Sydk. Nelmn MSd&m Rmd, W h d


No. 13. Radhalrri.LovmN-," Adyar, Ph:9zsn24Dm.

10am, ISI A ~c h - ~ Anna Nrpr. Ph 262105js



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Pashim PolLa A ah/M bm&g -, m % d ,!-m jm .




Hi-Style AdYdnofrrcrYaia+rysDnshm w s f i b ' m m - 8 ~ a n * ~ d m h ' t u -,fmfmar, d iMssnicafm !k "



No.GlffiZ 2nd A w e , Anna N a p , F k 262MP86


" ~ c ~ o f s r y i ~ g f m ~ h , , aknwnia.mdat r n h , ebwtmam, ~ ~ n i a u i h . d - ; I r m u n u r a n t h h 6rs, l 0 1 h hlh, nrJmxddara mtnn ~


NO34 N " m y h k k m HighRm4 N-Fk 2gU16T


dm7,dnmhina No. 19 Besun A w e E m 4 W Nagar, Fk 6M27&59

Gabby A

No. 641112d K S&& Mylapme,


wfi lifestyle

symyms~hdgnramdah/k rrr'amfifmlykpmmts. tmptingmgeof&8""-, "d 0-, M q m d - , d-'"g 1"LLmb.S o f h MU j m sinu 1873, n d"h mar g ~ b n n d h t ~ h * s d f ~ d N i e l B s i e A ~ w l No. I9 KNKR-4 N No. In146 Dr %hi, Ph:xm5l3, No.lOdrl1 CkmaiCitiCentrr,RK Mylapme, m m 8 0 , S&& M y l a p , fi 4w6214 Na.G1099paraPk%hS&& Ph:4 3 5 l m . Mrn NO.SOB m R o a 4A l ~ l a r p t K:m l m , Men SoUv No.l9,3dhwKBN~gar, Adyar, Fk 42115m2

h Terrain

hYof!kIBm-ngMof&ain pmniummud-*mor. indudrs slnm, m"m8, Mzim ehom m@m, hifmar, j&, dmim b d a o r * e N0.323f128 m m4 A I w w


m p p ~ A " d i k ~ o f ~ * " hacrhacr,niaui~d*"~, &&&3,h,Mts.d&k NoAC4 2nd A w Anna Nagar.

Ph:2621m33 Mmyaw

The Rilymrmd Shop a i k d m h t b r i n p ~ ! k - t ~ ~ t m



~ ~


Fine dining Ready to go! >aPatisserieat Taj Coromandelnow offers a nev nenu complete with take-away party desserk travel cakes, and Chocolate Photo Frame! All thi and much more... Yes, If you thought picture kames are uninteresting, try gifting your love? r an edible Chocolate Photo Frame - photc prlnted on a sugar sheet with edible fruit Inks Don't you miss the 'on the go' travel cakes letails: +914466002827.

Haven'snew platter Leading Chennai's own pure vegetarian restaurant Haven Sampooma unveiled a special menu this month including dishes like Blood Rush Smoothie, Caribbean Calypso, Falafel, Hummus Pomodoro With Warm Pizza Crust and more! What are you waiting for? Details: 09092482482.

Pizzabi rime to devour your Margarita and Quattm Stagioni pizzas! And yes, the sinful Sea food Marinara pizzas too and they come unlimited Choose from a spectacular selection of thin crus pizzas paired with a pitcher of beer at a speci offer price of INR 699 + tax only. Available o Mondays & Tuesdays. At Rhapsody, Courtyar by Marriott Chennai, 564, Anna Salai, Teynampet. Details: +914466764488.



ITill December 25

' )


Park Hyatt Chennai will be ushering in Christmas right from the Advent Sunday on the 29th November by way of celebratory festive brunches every Sunday up until the Grand Christmas Brunch on the 25th December. The Menu will have highlights from the festive season like Roast Turkey, pumpkin pie, chestnut soup, stollen, plum pudding and Christmas cookiesamong others. Details: +914471771234.


1+ UL d

Neaving magic Evoluzione presents Kani by EZMA oi December 4th & 5th. The Kani Art of weavinl was brought into the Kashmir Valley by th1 revered Sufi saint Shah Inadam from Persia ove 6 centuries ago. In an effort solely to encourag~ this art, Ezma has identified 25 young artisans out of the Kashmir valley to work with. Check them out! At Evoluzione, No 3, Khader Nawaz '&an " d. Details: ^"^^ ^'"

Winter wardrobe Forget the regular greys and blacks, this winter turn to American Swan & discover a whole new world of stylish pullovers for Men. From fitted to chunky to button downed, this preppy collection pullovers have got you covered. Details:


Party animals

Fastrack has launched its latest 'After Party' collection of sunglasses, for men and women in four types - Urgent Clementine, Motosport, Mineral Cocktail & Polarized. The collection is priced between Rs.1195 and Rs.1995. At Titan Eyeplus and Fastrack stores and select authorizeddealers.



Anita, again! Anita Designer Studio known for their design centric collections launches a brand new store at Kilpauk Garden Road. The renowned designer has worked on recreating a store with a modem ambience, while keeping their very luxe and traditional outlook. Spread over a sprawling 5000 sq. feet, the store houses Anita's bridal collections, Indian formal-wear, and a wide range of occasion wear. At Anita Designer Studio, Kilpauk Garden Road, Kilpauk, Chennai.Details:+9144-26448172,


Lookwho'sback Kethini launched its MW colktlon at the Kethb Lounge showcasing the '60 - '70look Pmm tI revolution of the Mk and 708 reflects the spirit of rebellious and noncodmnkt that takes the farm of im-t-hking stnutures: mbust heel wide that giving stability, wedges and plateac such as those for the sandals hooves and toes slightly squared for shoes. At Kethini Lounge, No. 49/97, Tl'KRaad (Opp. Narada GanaSabha), Ch&. Details:+!?l4350 6667.

Rugby,it is! Tommy Hiliiger announced its Fall Winter 2015 wllection of watches, inspired by the papular American football, Rugby. With watches featuring mixed metals, dazzling designs, bold wlom and ffledic accents, Tommy W g e r stays h e to its preppy, c h i c and cool aura. For men, the watches are macho yet have a w h h made to match the playfhess of the sport. For women, the watches are chic and sophishted.




Damini celebraw 13th year Annivwary and now 'Damini Love8 You' 50% sale is back1 What makesthissalespedalyear&yeBristhatthere are no mditians that apply to this eale and any product at Damini is on a 50% disrount. Your favourite Benella bali, hook drope, Pyar jumkas and much more are up for grabs1 Details:+914442188774.

q Spa Opdence 4/22Rn~Gatp4thSt =-v="rNPh:4 3 w 7

q Tlui Sabai WeLlnessSpa 15, l a t h , A h subway Restaunmt 5 Th Aunmtunmt~~W ~ N a w . K 42M2124. 8/20.4thSaeetRuWGate. Nmgmba!&mPh:7.7~

q White Beauty Sllon & Spa

SPA C SALON q Anhhpwa Spa PmkHy~ttChennBl39,V&&q RoadNmqBh="m. b9lMnTl1214

Wl,Gvindy,N m chemi Trade C m m N m l m W Ph:98843319YI

Ph:m m 1 1

nKnLoSPShDp !lsZ.%,BxprraaAvmueM=u. Royapetbh Ph:Z4641R

q Bodhi Spa

q Bubbles P-19/20. N m SRM VAiammaj --AM.Nsgu

w.Ph:4 n m

q Colmr P d y Moon & Spa n.llamngon Rod, a m p 4 N m Vlwos .. r S m K UICYUb q D ComanUdsex Salon

L 249 lStFlom, lNHB C o h y M

Smh Kmafiy. Ph:42&56%6 q Gmnlerf Day Spa

GRT Gmd. W ,Thyapxw noad. TN~gar,b 9 l M 2 8 1 m

AWRVEDA q Am* D h s

m-42m32 1U/58/2NearBadaub,~ Road Uia A r c m d d Ruaa Ph: G 7 5 1 . 33, Rrsidmcy Towers.~ri,5 Thiyagargarya 5 h L 1N a w . Ph:



q Ramadyam S m j e d Dr Muhhk&& Salai LB Road


K: m W 2 2

q Pnge 3 Salon

74/58, lstPLomUBhk, N m Ayapp.nKoiL5thMainnoad.h N a w . Ph:435DI111

q KothWml Arvr Vaidsa M a

NO w, W a r m cokpla h ' k .

4th Ma" Road N a q m u u .KuM Rmd,N.npwllur Ph 6424445

q OCeamk Spa Old NO. 123New No:139, WdSjah RoadMmntRaadm41M08W q R-vm


19, Wallace~MfKNKRoad 3rd C m s s W NtmpnL4d-m. Ph:6675U98

-Am U Gmund Ram, N m Caaa Maim

west.Fh 426399n

q R-


q Esamt*l Unisex Sllon And spa NOB 3 ndmdo B " w n &

m / m , Aia"a HoteL Nen hthyabama Univnivi'y, % d i n p d w . PIX 67411COl

NmgmL4d-m High Road NungamL4d-m. Ph:E6W.986

q Royal Asian Udsex S h n &Spa

q Green Trends Beauty P P ~ NO.3, Dom NO.7, JainaAnPh:a93636

123PRTomr.lLWPetByeP~ Road Veld& Ph:9W3163819

q Essensruls H%O, l3m main mad Anna Nagar


Spa & Fitness Cmtw

q M m n Authi Academg N04aMFlaa.BehindBIlImth H a a p a a l M P h i " Road RA Ruam m m 9 9 9

R o d lst stRa %it Calmy,E

m .

q RMti Aymmdic c e k 9/n,JagmathanWw vqay TV, Opp,N " q F b K - b & 2826 6865 q I(Rer Salon & Day Spa 19/10. Near SE3I College, SrrlluunmalBrm2ndQwaW A l e . Ph:sB4oPl6739

nI(Rersp. 7, BeMnd Ads Bant Halls Rmd Bgmne.nX45658656

Wellness and art



Skin doc

Herbalife, the leading global nutrition company launched its newest skincare line, Herbalifc SKINin India. The Herbalife SKIN line is an al new additionto Herbalife'souter nutritionrang of that balances ingredients, botanicals!! and extracts with proven science to achieve maximum daily results to ensure beautiful healthier and younger-lookingskin.


%S-"1c e L A -



Restore your zen Too tired? Try F'rana's full body massage that uses light to medium pressure with a selected blend of aromatherapy oils. Rebalance your mind, body and soul. 90 mins at Rs.2,500 + taxes. Till 31st December 2015. At Rana, Kohinoor Asiana, OMR. Details: 9940630106.

Don't miss Max Mueller Bhavan's choreographic Performance - TRASHedy - A German play for kids (aged 11years onwards). This play aims to generate reflection on our own actions and to raise awareness for environmental protection. TRASHedy - A Piece by performing Group is at 6.30 pm, December 4,2015. At Music Academy, TTK R o a d . E n t r y i s f r e e . Details: +91442833 1314.

Voice for cause Touch Makeover Studio and Vajra presents 'Farhan Akhtar - Live in Chennai' on December 19,2015 at Arnir Mahal. A fundraiserin the aid of charity. The singer/actor is all set to rock Chennai along with his band, Farhan Live for a fundraiser in aid of charity that supports women for self-defence!

ICallfm beauty queens


*&ing this coveted title A d bring the mtematianalmwnhome. Details:

ember 31 me New Year's Eve ..


.. - . .-

ore of New Year'sis always8 4 at Park Hyatt. With photogapha and && being the rage of the presenttimes, frfromyestmyear movies will step up the game of eager s h a r w on social media by providing vibrant photoqpormnities through New Year'sEve. Single Entry INR 5500, Couple Entry INR 1WW. Details: +91 44

December 5 Scorchinghot D d r turns hot in Chwnai as Sunbum Arena is back with the World No.8, the Dutch Superstar Afrojack on December 5 at the Codueuce Banquets & Resorts on East Coast Road. A massive stage of about 40 feet will h ereaed along with LED walls and 'State of h Art audio lighting equipment.The m u e willh bamhded all mund and the gates will h manned by d t y along with volunteers and bouncers present everywhere ensuring the safetyanddtyof allthepatron~~Thegatest0 the venue will be open at 16:W.Details:







FOR RESERVATIONS. CALC: 2 8 1 51 0 5 0 0 . 1










GET A DRINK FREE WITH EVERY DRINK YOU BUY It's the time of the day you unload all your worries and load yourself with sheer happiness! Chill with friends. Raise a toast to former foes. Drop in and take a gulp of happy hours! Cheers!

For more details, call 2231 0101


Discover magazine december 2015 edition  
Discover magazine december 2015 edition