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Sharpening Iron

Showing Up


Bob Peoples

May/June 2023

personal from the president Church Anniversaries

OOn the Sabbath of April 8, we had three special church anniversaries—the 70th anniversary of the East Texas congregation; the 60th anniversary of the Atlanta, Georgia, congregation; and the 50th anniversary of the Athens, Georgia, congregation. I was able to attend the combined celebration for Atlanta and Athens.

Church anniversaries are a time to review the past, but also to look ahead to the future. We never want to be in the position of only looking back. According to the Scriptures, we have much to look forward to. Christ stated in the Olivet Prophecy that the gospel will be preached in all the world, and then the end will come (Matthew 24:14). We don’t know how much time there is prior to this date, but we see that preaching the gospel to the world will continue right up until the return of Jesus Christ and the end of the age.

I have vivid memories of sitting in the Radio Church of God congregation in Memphis, Tennessee, listening to our pastor read the list of new congregations starting during that summer of 1962. It seemed that he would regularly announce a dozen or more congregations starting up. Congregations that began that summer are now celebrating more than 60 years of existence. We will, no doubt, have many more anniversary celebrations in the years ahead. The Church grew dramatically during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Since those days when so many congregations began, some things have definitely changed, but many things have not changed at all. The mission of the Church is still the same—to preach the gospel to the world and to make disciples, baptizing those who repent and teaching them to observe all things that were commanded by Christ (Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 24:14; and Matthew 28:18-20).

There was a time in the past when the Worldwide Church of God was a powerful force in media, primarily TV and radio, but also the printed word with millions of subscribers to The Plain Truth magazine. During most of those years, the Internet was either in its infancy or nonexistent. Today with the Internet, the reach of media is far greater than ever in the history of mankind. Sitting at a laptop, one can theoretically reach more than 4 billion people out of the 7.8 billion living on earth today. And that number is growing by the month. Recent statistics show that 60 percent of the world’s population has access

to the Internet, and by 2030 that percentage is predicted to be 90 percent.

In the past six months, the Church of God, a Worldwide Association has embarked on its most ambitious media campaign. We are advertising our booklets on social media (Facebook), and the results have been phenomenal so far! Our booklet on Revelation is approaching 100,000 downloads as a result of this campaign. Six months ago, the downloads were in the range of 300 per month, and now they have gone to as many as 14,000 in one month. The same is true of our booklet Change Your Life. Our Personal Correspondence Department (PCD) is overwhelmed with the number of new contacts asking questions. When it comes to preaching the gospel, this has been the most encouraging thing that we have seen in our short history.

Based on the responses we have received and the work at hand, there is much to look forward to—even as we look back on the history of our congregations. The celebration in Atlanta was very special for my wife and me. Her parents attended the very first service of the Radio Church of God in Atlanta in 1963. I was sent to Atlanta as a ministerial assistant, straight out of Ambassador College in 1972, and I later became the first resident pastor of the newly formed Athens church in 1974. My wife and I were married in Cobb County (just outside metro Atlanta) in May of 1974, and we brought two of our three daughters into the world in Georgia during the 1970s, before we moved to Massachusetts in 1979. We have many good memories of Atlanta and Athens during those early years. It was a great beginning for us.

As we see more anniversary celebrations over the next few years, I hope we can reflect on the past, while being excited about the possibilities for the future. In a world devoid of hope, we stand out as beacons of light, reflecting God’s way and preaching a message that offers a real future for mankind.

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Showing Up

Syndicated columnist Erma Bombeck once wrote: “The easiest part of being a mother is giving birth. The hardest part is showing up for it each day.”

Mothers are so very important and have provided great comfort and stability for their children through the years. The Bible is replete with examples of motherhood—Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Deborah, Hannah, Mary, among others.

But there is one mother who is probably not well known—Rizpah. This woman is one of the great heroines of the Bible and an outstanding example of motherhood, all because she showed up each day.

In Joshua 9 the Gibeonites deceived the Israelites into making a covenant with them to let them live (Joshua 9:314, 18-21). This was a binding agreement. Just as when we make a covenant with God at baptism and at marriage and are expected to keep it, the Israelites made a treaty—ratified by an oath before God—and were expected to keep it.

Saul violated this promise when he attempted to wipe out the Gibeonites 350 years later. As a result, God brought a famine on the land of Israel. David then called the Gibeonites to his throne room and asked what he could do to make amends. The Gibeonites asked for seven of Saul’s descendants so they could kill them, disgracing and dishonoring the house of Saul. David delivered the seven men—two of whom were the sons of Rizpah, one of Saul’s concubines (2 Samuel 21:8-9)—to the Gibeonites.

What can we learn from Rizpah?

Rizpah suddenly found herself in a devastating trial some mothers unfortunately face: dealing with the death of a

child. Yet even the death of her two sons did not stop her from continuing to be a devoted mother.

Rizpah was an example of devotion and dedication. For six to eight months, she kept the birds of prey and the wild beasts from devouring the bodies of her sons because she wanted a proper burial for them (2 Samuel 21:10).

Rizpah protected her children. She could not have stopped her sons’ execution, but for over half a year, she protected their bodies.

Mothers have done that throughout history, but today there’s a greater need. Our children are at risk today to the vultures that are circling—music, media, substance abuse, promiscuous sex, pressures to conform—all methods used by Satan the devil to devour our children (1 Peter 5:8).

Rizpah was an example of love. She demonstrated a love for her sons by her commitment to die before she let some wild beast have her sons’ corpses. She determined to make any personal sacrifice in order to gain a proper burial for her sons. Rizpah represents every mother who puts her children’s needs before her own.

There was nothing that could give Rizpah her sons back or fill the hole in her heart; but because of her actions, King David took notice. He had her sons buried in the proper fashion (2 Samuel 21:11-14).

What about us? Are we diligently battling for the lives of our children? Are we surrounding them with prayer? Are we persevering, or do we become intense only in a crisis? We need more of the spirit and determination of Rizpah to show up every day. OA

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A little-known woman in the Bible demonstrates the power of a mother’s love.

Church Potluck

What’s cooking in your congregation?


The Twin Cities, Minnesota, congregation hosted the annual Families Glorifying God Weekend from April 7-9, 2023.

Friday evening included a unique “ask the pastors” format Bible study, with a panel that included pastors Larry Solomon and Mike Hanisko (guest speaker), as well as elders Dustin Ellison, Cory Erickson and Don Finger. Weekend organizer Joel Hargarten acted as emcee to facilitate questions submitted by the members. Afterward, there were exquisite unleavened desserts to enjoy. Sabbath morning was pleasant with sunshine and 50-degree temperatures, a welcome relief after the previous Sabbath’s 9 inches of snow. A yogurt parfait bar and three performances of special music helped make the Sabbath extra lovely. Following services there was a men’s symposium, a women’s conference and Sabbath school for the children. Then a delicious dinner was

catered in, with beautiful decorations made possible by a team of creative Church members.

After sundown, members gathered to watch a humorous blend of “Minute to Win It”–style challenges and game show–type trivia featuring four teams of contestants. Meanwhile young children enjoyed a kids’ carnival, and laughter was plentiful all around.

On Sunday, members gathered for bowling, laser tag and WhirlyBall, which is a combination of bumper cars, basketball and lacrosse. Noncompetitive attendees enjoyed fellowship and snacks.

Everyone appreciates all the work that Joel and Aubrey Hargarten put in to make the weekend a memorable time for brethren to share during the Days of Unleavened Bread.

May/June 2023 5


On Sunday, March 5, the St. Petersburg, Florida, congregation held its fourth annual winter beach picnic. Brethren gathered under a private pavilion at the beautiful Fort De Soto Park on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy warm temperatures and refreshing Gulf breezes.

Grilling and baking skills were on display, with a delicious assortment of meats, side dishes and desserts. The brethren expressed how much they enjoyed the abundance of food, fun and especially the fellowship.

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The Bentonville, Arkansas, congregation enjoyed a lake day at the home of members in Bella Vista on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022. Approximately 70 brethren (including some from Van Buren and Mena, Arkansas) enjoyed a picnic-style potluck with all the fixings. This was followed by splashing in the lake, tubing, skiing, slip and slide, and a lot of fellowship.

One of the day’s highlights was a surprise for the men, as their wives, mothers and girlfriends had purchased the same T-shirt for the men to wear. It was hilarious to watch each of their surprised faces as they arrived and realized they were all wearing the same shirt!


On the evening of Jan. 28, the Kansas City, Kansas, congregation had a potluck and fun show. There were guests—and some participants—from the St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, congregations.

Altogether there were 17 acts. The acts included skits, storytelling, joke telling and singing. There were lots of instruments played, including the piano, guitar, banjo, violins, ukulele, kazoos and accordion. The last piece was our pastor leading the congregation in a hymn, while he accompanied on his guitar.

There was a lot of fun and fellowship all evening.


Over 40 people from the Dallas and Sherman, Texas, congregations gathered for a ski weekend in Angel Fire, New Mexico, over the Presidents’ Day weekend.

The group arrived Thursday afternoon, Feb. 16, and hit the slopes Friday morning. Friday evening and Sabbath were spent fellowshipping, watching webcasts and resting. Then it was back to the mountain Sunday and Monday.

Skiers and boarders of all levels made the trip; there were even a few first-timers. Some of the longtime skiers linked up with beginners, and the small groups cruised around the mountain together, making the event more enjoyable.

On Tuesday morning, Feb. 21, everyone headed home, leaving the 30-degree temperatures of snowy northern New Mexico for the 80s of sunny north Texas. Many are already looking forward to the next opportunity to revisit the slopes.

May/June 2023 7
Photo by Lyndi Fultz


An intrepid group of seniors from the Fort Worth, Texas, congregation’s Silver Ambassadors braved the chilly weather to visit two very different museums on Sunday, Feb. 19. They began at the National Vietnam War Museum near Mineral Wells, Texas. The site was chosen for the venue because of its proximity to Fort Wolters, for a time the largest infantry replacement training center in the U.S. during World War II.

Seniors viewed recreated vignettes of scenes typical of that conflict, as well as genuine artifacts and equipment. A replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., although reduced in size, included all the names that are etched on the original and was particularly moving.

After a tasty lunch at a favorite local eatery, the seniors visited the Vintage Car Museum in Weatherford, Texas. Many old-timey cars and trucks were on display, including former President Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 white Lincoln convertible.

Individual members of the group chose their favorite vintage vehicles and posed for pictures next to them. The day was one of sad memories of war mixed with the sweet nostalgia of a time gone by.

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Members from both the Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina congregations gathered for a requested pizza party for Greensboro shut-in, Mildred Dowell, who is 92 years old.

There were 22 members who helped Mrs. Dowell enjoy a special day with her Church family.


As a service project and goodwill gesture, several members of the Hickory, North Carolina, congregation got together on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and cleaned 95 chairs in our rental facility. Volunteers (pictured from left to right in photo) were Casandra Edmonds, Tom Burrow, Linda DuBry, Larry Edmonds, Sylvia Young, Ron Kelley and Martha Roark.

These chairs are used every week for Sabbath services in Hickory, as well as for various activities of the church we rent from. Their continual use had caused the chairs to become soiled and dull in appearance, so we offered to clean them. It was a successful and enjoyable day.

May/June 2023 9
Photo by Cassandra Edmonds


On March 25-26, the COGWA congregation in Manila, Philippines, held an outing where the members were able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and be recharged surrounded by God’s creation.

Members spent the time at the Mount Purro Nature Reserve, which lies in the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range.

The day started with a hearty meal followed by a Sabbath Bible study focusing on the Passover, conducted by Luzon pastor Andrei Siopan.

The temperate evening weather was perfect for a

bonfire, where the members gathered together for a night of fellowship, family games and singing, while the children roasted marshmallows and sausages over the crackling fire.

The next day, those who were feeling a little more adventurous joined a guided hike to one of the mountain peaks to witness the sun rise behind the mountains. The outing concluded with more bonding over lunch before heading back to the city with tummies full and hearts even fuller!

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On the Sabbath of Feb. 25, 2023, the Bentonville, Arkansas, congregation paid tribute to Dennis and Lyndi Fultz as they said farewell before being assigned to a new area.

For the last two years, Dennis served under Tom Clark as the associate pastor of the Bentonville, Van Buren and Mena, Arkansas, congregations. As of March 1, he will serve the Joplin and Springfield, Missouri, and Harrison, Arkansas, congregations under Mike Blackwell.

In honor of their final Sabbath and to help them remember the three church areas, the Fultzes were presented with a gift of two window panes that members of all three congregations had signed.

Everyone enjoyed a lovely decorated farewell cake.

Dennis and Lyndi will be greatly missed, but we are very thankful they will not be moving too far away.

We encourage members to send announcements to be featured in One Accord. We feature events in members’ lives, including baptisms, births, engagements, weddings, significant anniversaries (25, 40, 50, 60, etc.), and obituaries. Typically they run between 50 and 100 words; however, we ask that all submissions stay under 250 words. Please submit a high-resolution color photo along with the written copy to your congregation’s reporter.


Jacob and Erica Golden, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, are happy to announce the birth of their first child, Kacie Hannah Golden. Kacie was born at 10:32 a.m. on March 12, 2023. She weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and measured 21 inches long.

Kacie is loved by numerous relatives—including grandparents, Mike and Becky Bennett of the Dallas, Texas, congregation and great-grandfather Roy Dove of the Fort Worth, Texas, congregation—and by members of the Castle Rock, Colorado, congregation where she and her parents attend.

Martin and Leanne Zais are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Martin Octavian Zais Jr. After a very lengthy labor, he was born on Feb. 19, 2023, and became the eighth consecutive Martin in the family line. Martin Jr. weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and measured 21½ inches long. He is now busy growing and melting hearts with his adorable smiles. He is excitedly welcomed by his big sister

May/June 2023 11
Martin Octavian Zais Jr. Kacie Hannah Golden

Angel and grandparents Martin and Donna Zais and Bob and Dawn Cynor.

The Zais family attends in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin, congregation. Members there are very eager to have a new baby in the church family.


the Church in 1974. They have four children and four grandchildren. Pat was ordained a deacon in 2021.

Pat and Cindy have been steadfast and energetic members throughout the years. We feel blessed to have them in our congregation.


Naje’ Willis of the Raleigh, North Carolina, congregation was baptized on March 19, 2023, at the Raleigh church hall.

The baptism was performed by Larry Lambert, her pastor when Naje’ lived in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area. Mr. Lambert was assisted by Raleigh pastor Ron Kelley and Steve Villaescusa, an elder in Raleigh.

On Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023, at 2:30 p.m., Kim Hughes and Roy Winton were married in a small, intimate wedding full of love, laughter and smiles.

The bride chose a blue gown, and the groom chose a blue suit. Following the ceremony, cake and punch were served. The couple are now part of the Van Buren, Arkansas, congregation and make their home in Lavaca, Arkansas.


Travis Shaver of the Hickory, North Carolina, congregation was baptized March 29, 2023, by Ron Kelley, pastor, who was assisted by Tom Burrows, assistant pastor.

Travis had his wife, Amanda, and extended family present to witness this important event.

Naje’ has been attending in Raleigh since she relocated to the area a short time ago.

After Sabbath on Oct. 29, 2022, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, congregation celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of Patrick and Cindy Ingram. The congregation honored their milestone with the presentation of a gift card, flowers and cake.

Pat and Cindy were married on Oct. 28, 1972, and were baptized in

On the evening of March 25, 2023, Madison Yost became a member of the family of God. Madison was baptized at the home of her parents, Jeff and Stacie Yost, by Mark Winner who is pastor of the Atlanta, Gainesville and Macon, Georgia, congregations.

The Atlanta congregation was excited to have this news shared with them and is ready to walk this road to eternity with her.

Chant’a Collier

The members of the York, Pennsylvania, congregation are happy to welcome a new member to the family of God.

On the Sabbath of March 18, 2023, while surrounded by family, friends and brethren, George Leschke was baptized into the Body of Jesus Christ.

The baptism took place at the home of the York pastor, Scott Lord, who performed the ceremony. Members and family enjoyed a snack reception following the event.

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Naje’ Willis George Leschke Madison Yost Travis Shaver Kim and Roy Winton Patrick and Cindy Ingram

Andre and Lungile Coetzee

Andre and Lungile Coetzee of the Durban, South Africa, congregation were baptized in the sea on the morning of March 21, 2023.

The baptism was performed by Neville Smith, pastor of the Durban congregation, and was witnessed by Andre’s parents, Andries and Liz Coetzee.

Andre has attended services from childhood, and Lungile is formerly from New Zealand, where she regularly attended.

Bellinda Simanjuntak

On Sunday, June 26, 2022, Bellinda Simanjuntak was baptized by her pastor, David Baker, at Pasir Ris, Singapore.

As she mentioned in her blog post “ The Journey of My Christian Life in Indonesia ,” Bellinda began counseling for baptism prior to the pandemic and has waited more than two years to be baptized.

It was a very joyous and long overdue occasion! In attendance were Bellinda’s parents, Edward and Lilik Simanjuntak, along with Singaporean members Luke Lim and Ling Eng Chew.

Simran Sangeeta Murti

During a recent visit to Fiji, our regional pastor, André van Belkum, baptized Simran Sangeeta Murti on March 12, 2023. He was assisted by local elder Emori Toloi.

The baptism took place on a secluded beach on a beautiful, sunny day. Simran’s delighted parents, Segran and Sangeeta, were present for the occasion.

What a joy to share this beautiful moment and to witness Simran begin a new chapter in her life. We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father for making this baptism possible.

Landon Whitley

Tim and Shannon Allwine of the Indianapolis, Indiana, congregation are thrilled to announce the baptism of their youngest daughter, Petra Allwine, on the Sabbath of Sept. 24, 2022.

Dave Myers, pastor of the Indianapolis and the Cincinnati, Ohio, congregations, and retired pastor Lyle Welty performed the baptism and laying on of hands.

It was a very special occasion for the whole family and for the Indianapolis congregation.

Jasmine Swanson

The Twin Cities, Minnesota, congregation welcomed a new member to the Body of Christ: Jasmine Swanson. She was baptized by her pastor, Larry Solomon, after services on March 11, 2023.

In addition to Jasmine’s husband Rick and his parents, Jasmine’s mother, brother, grandparents and uncle were present to witness the baptism. Afterward everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal to celebrate.

On the Sabbath of Feb. 25, 2023, Landon Whitley was baptized following Sabbath services. Landon is the youngest son of Jill Whitley, who, along with her two other sons, attends the Bentonville, Arkansas, congregation.

Tom Clark performed the baptism, and Dennis Fultz assisted with the laying on of hands.

Landon was surrounded by family and friends and members of the Bentonville congregation. Just as the angels rejoiced, so did everyone who witnessed this wonderful event. We welcome our new family member to the Body of Christ.

May/June 2023 13
Petra Allwine

The New Orleans, Louisiana, congregation had two baptisms this month as we approached the spring holy days. On March 12, 2023, Anthony Anglin was baptized into the family of God.

Two weeks later, on March 26, Zachary Hahn was baptized. Zachary’s parents were able to join him in Louisiana for his baptism.

Both Anthony and Zachary attend the New Orleans congregation. The baptisms took place at the Anglin home in Loranger, Louisiana.

Eric’s wife, Christina, has been a baptized member for many years, so it was extremely delightful for her to see Eric baptized. There was great joy in the family!

Unfortunately, two days later, Christina and her mother, Joyce (Lee) Finocchio, and uncle, Kenneth Lee, also longtime members in the Church, were devastated when they heard the news that Christina’s cousin, Bob Lee, founder of Cash App, was murdered in San Francisco. Many members in the Missouri area are very familiar with the Lee family. So, even though there was rejoicing over the news of Eric’s baptism, the members also sorrowed along with the Lee family over the news of Bob Lee’s death.

Rachel Malgieri

When Rachel Malgieri moved from California to the Austin, Texas, area in 2020, she was searching for the truth about the Sabbath and holy days. Through her research, she came into contact with COGWA and David Treybig, the pastor of the Austin congregation.

After services on the Sabbath of March 25, 2023, the Austin congregation gathered to witness Rachel’s baptism. Mr. Treybig performed the baptism, and elders Clay Mills and Jack Hendren, both of the Austin congregation, assisted in the laying on of hands.

Afterward, the congregation enjoyed a beautiful cake, snacks and fellowship.

Hannah Chowles

What a special occasion for the Austin congregation! Welcome to the family, Rachel!

Eric Stiern

On April 3, 2023, the evening prior to Passover, Eric Stiern of the St. Louis, Missouri, congregation was baptized into the Body of Jesus Christ. The ceremony was conducted by both his pastor, John Foster, and local elder, Matthew Zollner.

On the Sabbath morning of March 4, 2023, Hannah Chowles was baptized in the waters of the beautiful Bushman’s River in Bushman’s River Mouth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. The baptism was conducted by Clyde Kilough, a family friend who was able to visit after the International Leadership Program in Johannesburg. Hannah is a second-generation member, following in the steps of her parents, John and Liezelle. Adding to the event was the fact that this took place in the same river location where her mother was baptized years before. Seventeen friends and family members were on hand to witness this wonderful occasion, and everyone gathered afterwards at the Chowles’ home for a Bible study, finger foods and an afternoon of fellowshipping. We all left greatly inspired by the day, highlighted by welcoming a new sister into the faith!


Brad and Katherine Anderson

Pentecost, June 5, 2022, was even more special for the Kansas City, Kansas, congregation last year. Brad and Katherine Anderson were ordained as deacon and deaconess by their pastor, Caleb Froedge.

Brad and Katherine were both baptized on the same day, April 16,

14 One Accord
Anthony Anglin Zachary Hahn

1978. In the years since, they have served the church in many ways. Brad has served in ushering, song leading, security and giving sermonettes. Katherine’s service in the area of media has been invaluable.

Everyone in our local congregation offers congratulations to Brad and Katherine. We are happy and thankful for their commitment to serving God and His people


Bea Todd, who died within a few weeks of each other. Both had been homebound by various health conditions and were unable to attend services in recent years. They were married April 8, 1956. Jack died the morning of Dec. 5, 2022,


and Bea, the night of Jan. 1, 2023. Jack and Bea attended their first Feast in 1978. They will always be remembered for their faithful dedication to the truth of God and their love for the brethren.

College and worked as an accountant for International Harvester for seven years.

At some point, Bob’s parents introduced him to the Church with The Plain Truth magazine. Ultimately, their interest grew to the point that they decided to move their young family of three to Pasadena, California. They had been listening to the Radio Church of God and desired to be close to the Church’s headquarters so they could attend services.

Petros Mntungwa

Petros Mntungwa, a long-standing member of the Durban, South Africa, congregation, died at his home on Sabbath morning, March 12, 2023.

Petros was baptized on Nov. 30, 2002, and remained a faithful member of God’s Church up until his untimely death.

Petros will be remembered for his warm and friendly smile and his genuine love for the brethren and people in general. We look forward to meeting again at the final trumpet call.

Bob Peoples, a retired longtime pastor, died peacefully at the age of 88 on the afternoon of March 8, 2023, in his home in Georgetown, Texas.

“Bobby” was born on Nov. 27, 1934, in Hackett, Arkansas, the fourth of six children born to George Dewey and Edna Peoples. He was born several months premature and only weighed about 3 pounds, so his grandmother placed him in a shoebox surrounded by warm bricks and fed him constantly with an eyedropper.

Bob spent his childhood on his family’s acreage riding horses, milking the cow and working with his dad on weekends at the familyowned coal mine to help the family make ends meet. He had several horses over the years and even broke one to be a saddle horse.

Perhaps this aligned with God’s plan for Bob, since it eventually led both him and Ruby to attend pastoral training classes at Ambassador College. After being ordained in 1969, Bob was sent to Eugene, Oregon, to be the assistant pastor and later became the fulltime pastor of Salem, Oregon.

Eventually, after his time in Oregon, he cared for the congregations of Jackson and Greenwood, Mississippi; Longview and Lufkin, Texas; Houston West and Victoria, Texas; Abilene and San Angelo, Texas; and Monroe and Shreveport, Louisiana. Upon retiring in 1996, he continued, as he was able, to assist the Waco and Austin congregations over many years.

Jack and Bea Todd

The Wichita, Kansas, congregation is saddened by the loss of Jack and

After graduating high school in Fort Smith, Arkansas, Bob met his wife, Ruby Foster, while working in a department store selling shoes. He was helping her with a pair of shoes when she looked into his deep blue eyes and never looked away again! They were married in 1954.

Bob went on to study accounting at Fort Smith Junior

Bob Peoples is remembered by his family and many friends, who are thankful he is at rest and awaiting the Kingdom of God. He was preceded in death by his daughter Paula, who died from appendicitis at 12 years old. He is survived by his wife Ruby; two siblings, Marva Dorrough and Jim (Linda); his two sons, David and Greg (Val); and his three grandchildren, Ashley, Wesley and Wyatt.

May/June 2023 15
Bob Peoples

Graduating High School Seniors WE


Attention class of 2023! We would like to feature all of our high school graduates in the July/August One Accord. Please provide the following information—separated into the listed categories—for your bio (no more than 200 words), plus a quality, highresolution photo by June 1.

1. Graduate’s name.

2. Parents’ or guardians’ names.

3. Congregation and pastor’s name.

4. High school accomplishments.

5. Church activities/hobbies/interests.

6. Plans after graduation.

Also include a phone number and email address we may use to contact you if need be. Please give your bio and photo (conforming to biblical standards of dress and hair length) to your congregation’s reporter or pastor by June 1. Please keep all bios within a 200-word limit.

College graduates

We’d also like to honor you! Please provide a bio—200-word maximum—plus a quality, high-resolution photo by June 1.

Thank you!