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a disability pride celebration Saturday, October 1st, 2022 Hemisfair / Yanaguana Garden PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY Allattendeesmaybephotographedandincludedineventpublicitymaterials. Youmustbewearingaspecialarmbandtooptoutofphotos. ArmbandsmaybefoundatdisABILITYsaGuestInformationtableoratGuestRegistration. PRESENTED BY IN PARTNERSHIP Super Heroes...saving the world with unique abilities “My Ability is Fierce!” SPONSORED IN PART BY


Lisa Santoyo

Program Dir, disABILITYsa

Kameron Chicoine

Excep�onal Kids Magazine

Issac Shamas

Deaf Interpreter Services



Antonio Mar�nez

Nelda Mar�nez


Robert Cuellar

Joey Castellano

Jose Rodriguez Mari Sandoval Bea Tulley

Officer Velasquez

PRESENTING SPONSOR Wave Healthcare INCLUSION SPONSORS H-E-B Methodist Healthcare ABILITY SPONSORS AACOG Deaf Interpreter Svs Excep�onal Kids Mag PCSI Shield Healthcare VIA Metropolitan AWARENESS SPONSORS Amerigroup Community First CPS Special Need Dental PARTNER ORGS ACES ABA MGA Homecare Project MEND TLC Kids Therapy Wellcare Health Plans MEDIA PARTNERS Astound Broadband KLOVE TPR Telemundo KABB/FOX29

a disability pride celebration

The abilitySTRONG Parade is San Antonio’s annual Disability Pride Celebration, which began during the Tricentennial Celebration for the local community. Held on the streets of downtown, in the heart of San Antonio, the abilitySTRONG Parade is a public reflection of efforts to “develop a whole community of people with disabilities and allies who are proud to be who we are, who do not see ourselves as victims, who expect more from ourselves and those within our community, and who are committed to building an inclusive community that recognizes the dignity, humanity, and worth of all people.”

The abilitySTRONG Parade…a Disability Pride Celebration tells the story of beauty, strength, ability, and inclusions we work to change the way we think about and define disABILITY.


Grand Marshals Batman of San Antonio & Tommy Flores, 2018 Fiesta Especial® King SUPERHEROES...WE'RE SAVING THE WORLD WITH UNIQUE ABILITIES

Tommy Flores served as the King on the 2018 Fiesta Especial® Royal Court. He is a kind and loving person. He is always happy and enjoys socializing. Tommy volunteers as an usher at St. Anthony de Padua Church, and is a business partner in his brother’s gourmet food company. When he was asked why he wanted to participate as a Grand Marshal he replied, “ I love San Antonio! I love PARADES! I want to be part of it!”

You might quickly recognize him… The Batman of San Antonio. “It’s not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me.” The Batman of San Antonio is a loyal superhero to the San Antonio community who gives back to his community, supports our frontline and first responders, and always brings a smile to everyone he is near. Batman of San Antonio said, being “super” means doing the right thing, even when you aren’t being watched. To help without thought of reward. Being brave, or fierce, always standing up for those different or weaker than you. It means a warm smile, loving heart, forgiving soul. The most unique ability I have is being me. Because in this entire world, there is only me, and I am fierce. Let’s hear it for Batman of San Antonio.

The Bat Alliance

This team has one goal. Be the Change. They hope to inspire and bring smiles to anyone and everyone who needs it and they certainly do that! Let’s hear it for our Grand Marshall and his Alliance!

The abilitySTRONG Parade is a public expression of the belief that disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity in which people living with disabilities can take pride.

District 1 - Councilman Mario Bravo

Elected in June 2021. Served 1 term. Serving as Councilman for District 1 to make not just the district but the city as well a better, safer, environment to live laugh and work.

“This parade is important because it’s a way to show our pride for our disability community. We all come in many shapes, sizes and challenges its what makes up our human diversity. Everyone should take pride of who they are and show it off to the world.”

District 4 - Councilwoman Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia

I was elected as the representative of District 4 on June 8, 2019 and begin my first term to serve as a City Councilmember in San Antonio on June 19, 2019. I am the first elected female representative of District 4.

“Being invited to take part in the abilitySTRONG parade and promoting this organization's mission aligns with my belief in serving the diverse population that makes up District 4. I welcome opportunities to connect my residents to organizations that offer them access to resources, programming and opportunities that empower them and fill them with pride. It is important to educate our community about peoples' different abilities and engage with our residents in order to promote inclusion and advocacy.”

District 5 - Councilwoman Teri Castillo

Prior to becoming a City Council member Councilwoman Castillo organized around housing and tenant issues. Councilwoman Castillo has served her first term as a City Council representative for District 5. Councilwoman Castillo wanted to become a City Council member to ensure that our public dollars money works for the people of San Antonio.

“This parade is important because many people in San Antonio live with disabilities and events like this go a long way toward breaking the stigma that still exists to this day. ”

District 6 - Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda

I love San Antonio, I was born and raised in this city, and I believe there are unique things in this community that should be preserved and I also believe that our city has great potential to rise to the next level of service and development. Both of these - uniqueness and potential - motivate me to serve my city.

“The parade is a very public expression of one of my strongly held beliefs. I am a disability attorney by trade and have devoted my professional life to the understanding that disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity. The parade promotes understanding and understanding leads to acceptance and community action. The parade is a spark for better community acceptance and action..”

District 10 - Councilman Clayton Perry

I was elected to San Antonio's City Council for District 10 in June 2017, and I have loved every moment since! I have a passion for service that started when I was just a kid. My parents always taught me to treat others with care and respect, no matter the circumstances and that is something that I've carried with me throughout my life. My goal is, and has always been, to help others and to make this City a better place for all.

“I believe that is important for all of our neighbors to see themselves represented in our City. We may all come from different paths and pasts, but we all call San Antonio our home.”

Mayor Ron Nirenburg

One of Mayor Nirenburg’s greatest joys as Mayor is working to make our community the most compassionate city in America. Ensuring every person has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential including folks withdisabilities. He is proud to be a part of this inclusive endeavor and to have served as the parade’s first Grand Marshal with the First Lady, Erika Prosper, in 2018.

District 2 - Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez District 3 - Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran District 3 - Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran
Visit www.accessabilityfest.com/join-the-team today!5

2022 parade entries

Lead Banner

City of San Antonio City Council

The City Council acts as the policy-making and legislative body within the City's government. Operating within the guidelines of the City Charter, the City Council appoints the City Manager, Municipal Court Judges, City Clerk, City Auditor, and members of the City’s various boards and commissions.

Grand Marshal-Tommy Flores

Tommy Flores served as the King on the 2018 Fiesta Especial® Royal Court. When he was asked why he wanted to participate as a Grand Marshal he replied, “ I love San Antonio! I love PARADES! I want to be part of it!”

Grand Marshal- Batman of SA

The Batman of San Antonio is a loyal superhero to the San Antonio community who gives back to his community, supports our frontline and first responders, and always brings a smile to everyone he is near.

The Bat Alliance

This team has one goal. Be the Change. They hope to inspire and bring smiles to anyone and everyone who needs it and they certainly do that! Let’s hear it for our Grand Marshall and his Alliance!


A group of Jeep Enthusiasts who come together not just for wheeling but we are very community and charity driven.

SECTION BANNER Sponsored by Wave Healthcare

Wave Healthcare provides Pediatric Home Respiratory and Nutrition Care and equipment for children who have complex medical care needs. It is our goal to equip families with the equipment, training, and confidence they need that will enable them the ability to get out into our community and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that San Antonio has to offer.

Mayor Ron Nirenburg

One of Mayor Nirenburg’s greatest joys as Mayor is working to make our community the most compassionate city in America. Ensuring every person has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential including folks withdisabilities. He is proud to be a part of this inclusive endeavor and to have served as the parade’s first Grand Marshall with the First Lady, Erika Prosper, in 2018.

Fiesta Especial® by disABILITYsa

Creating opportunities for children and adults with all types of disabilities to actively engage in the community.


Down Syndrome Association of South Texas

The Down Syndrome Association of South Texas helps provide lifelong services and support to individuals living with Down syndrome and their families to optimize well-being, develop rewarding relationships, and foster inclusion in the community. They strive to support individuals with Down syndrome to achieve self-actualization with values of hope, respect, empowerment, inclusion & joy. Their programming is open to everyone in the community as inclusion is key.

Fiesta Especial® Alumni

Creating visibility for the leadership and contributions individuals with disabilities make in our community every day.


Kazamba Dance and Drum Group

Kazamba Dance and Drum group has been in existence for over 19 years. With an award winning multi-talented group if performers, Kazamba Dance And Drum Group jubilantly illuminates scores of Community events throughout San Antonio at special occasions, private functions, Parades, and more. Kazamba joyously brings a celebration of diverse cultures, magic, music, movement, pulsating rhythms, and dazzling costumes.

Section Banner Sponsored by H-E-B

H-E-B was founded on the unwavering belief that Each and Every Person Counts. Through our Be the Change initiative, H-E-B pledges to do our part to advance equity and inclusion across our great state.

Be the Change builds upon our established Diversity and Inclusion framework driving us to be a better employer, retailer and commu nity partner. To amplify diverse voices, we’re proudly sharing their stories and highlighting their products and services.


Eva's Heroes

Eva’s Heroes is a nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and special needs. www.evasheroes.org

Fiesta Flambeau Parade Association

The Fiesta Flambeau® Parade is internationally known as “America’s Largest Illuminated Night Parade”. This spectacular nighttime parade annually attracts more than seven hundred fifty thousand street spectators and continues to grow each year. The parade is considered the premier event of the 11 days of Fiesta® San Antonio

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar and the first Bexar County Mounted Unit. The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to educating our community, especially every one of our Deputies. Teaching how to engage with individuals with disabilities. Everyone deserves the chance to live, work and thrive in our community. bexar.org/600/Sheriffs-Office

Miss Teen San Antonio and Miss San Antonio

Wendy Araujo is Miss San Antonio 2023 and a junior at Texas State University. Wendy is the 100th anniversary Miss San Antonio and will be seen throughout our community as a member of Fiesta San Antonio Royalty. Blayr Bennet is a sophomore at Brandeis High School, and has over 26,000 social media followers. Wendy and Blayr will be our communities' representatives at the 2023 Miss Texas & Miss Texas Outstanding Teen Competition this June!

The San Antonio abilitySTRONG Parade is a public expression of the belief that disability is a natural and beautiful part of human diversity in which people living with disabilities can take pride.

a disability pride celebration

2022 parade entries

Section Banner Sponsored by Methodist Healthcare

Methodist Healthcare's mission statement is Serving Humanity to Honor God by providing exceptional and cost effective healthcare accessible to all. Our vision is to be world class and we strive to provide opportunities and healthcare to all members of the community.

CDS in Texas/LifeSpan Home Health

For over 30 years, Lifespan Home Health, Disability Services of the Southwest, and CDs in Texas have provided long term care to kids and adults with disabilities. They are happy to be here and urge you to contact your legislator to raise the minimum wage for personal care attendants in Texas!


The mission of the Alamo Area Council of Governments is to enhance the quality of life of all residents of the Alamo Region in partnership with elected and appointed officials, funders, commu nity partners and beneficiaries. The Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) Services department is to ensure persons with IDD who live in Bexar County receive necessary quality services. Our core values include individual worth, quality, integrity, dedication, innovation, teamwork, education, and family. www.aacog.com


KLove’s mission is to create compelling media that inspires and encourages you to have a meaningful relationship with Christ. K-LOVE is more than a radio station. You hear it in the music, you feel it in the prayers of our staff and pastors and you experience it in the stories you read and hear every day. Prayer Request prayer & pray for others Request Prayer. Life & Devotion. www.klove.com

Industrial Communications

Industrial Communications has been the dependable Two Way Radio Dealer choice for Two Way Radio Sales, Service and Radio Rentals in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, TX since our humble beginning in 1952. Since then, we have provided communication systems sales and service support for a wide variety of private businesses and government agencies. www.indcom.net

SA Kappa Alpha Psi

The San Antonio (TX) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Frater nity is committed to build a local network of Good Health Champi ons, called The Good Health Wins San Antonio Collaboration, who understand the importance of immunizations across the lifespan. The common goal is to increase vaccination rates, expand access to Fresh Foods by stressing healthy living best practices, and provide voter registration services.

The US Military Veterans Parade

JROTC Drill Team Competition: Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 8 A.M. At Veterans Memorial Plaza in front of the Tobin Center 100 Auditorium Circle | Veterans Parade: Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 11:30 A. M. Parade starts at 4th Street and Ave. E. | The 2nd Annual Veterans Festival sponsored by The City of San Antonio: Saturday, November 12, 2022 from 1:00 P.M. to 8 P.M. at Hemisfair Park. www.usmvpa.com

City of San Antonio by City of San Antonio Disability Access Office

The City of San Antonio Disability Access Office works toward a universally designed environment that makes it easy for all people, regardless of ability, to participate fully in community life. www.sanantonio.gov/DAO


If people with disabilities voted at the same rate as people without disabilities who have the same demographic characteristics, there would be about 2.35 million more voters (Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse, Rutgers University) . Register to vote at https://movetexas.org/REGISTER

Judge Ron Rangel

Here he comes! 379th Criminal District Court Judge Ron Rangel serving and representing for all Bexar county district courts. He enjoys to acquaint and bring awareness to the San Antonio community about the development of the courts. While establishing progressive courts to reform the justice system to assist the needs of citizens caught in the criminal justice system.

Moonstruck Foundation, Inc

Moonstruck Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization, which participates in non-profit community service activities while promoting fire safety and an annual Christmas Toy drive for inner city.http://moonstruckfiretrucks.com






Findavolunteerandprovideyourcontact informationtoparticipateinourprogramsurvey. You’llreceivea festivestickerandbeenteredintoadrawingfordoorprizesonce you’vecompletedthesurvey.

YourresponseshelpimproveservicesinSanAntoniothatmeetthe needsofchildrenandadultswithdisabilitiesinourcommunity.

SurveywillcloseonMonday,October3rdat5pm andDoorPrizeswillbedrawnbetween10amon Oct.1stand7pmonOctober3rd. Winnerswillbe announcedonourwebsiteandsocialmedia channels.www.facebook.com/disabilitysa

2 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS SPECIAL GUESTS ROWDY of UTSA VIA trans Buster SA Missions Ballapeno HEB Buddy Parker Parks and Rec Sparky SA Fire Department McGruff SA Police Department Batman of San Antonio & The Bat Alliance Chic Fil A Cow THANK YOU Ourloveandappreciation goesouttoour friendsandfamilies whoworkbehindthescenes andfillinthegapstomake thisdaypossibleeachyear. Weloveyouguys! Volunteer - Want to help? Let us know at info@disABILITYsa.org We are currently seeking individuals who would like to serve on the planning team for AccessAbility Fest 2023. WELCOME TO THE 16TH Annual AccessAbility fest and 4TH Annual abilitySTRONG Parade! DOOR PRIZES PARTICIPATE IN OUR GUEST SURVEY GUEST SURVEY: disABILITYsa works to educate, advance, and engage individuals with disabilities by building connections, exchanging information, creating opportunities, and strengthening the disability community in the Greater San Antonio area. disABILITYsa connects people with all types of disabilities and their families to information about local resources, programs and opportunities that promote independence and inclusion. Together, we can achieve a vision to make San Antonio the #1 community where individuals with disabilities want to live, learn, work, and play. To complete the Attendee Survey online, simply scan the QR code on this page or visit accessabilityfest.com/Attendee-survey 2 8:30A.M. DJRookonE.Nueva 9:00A.M. abilitySTRONGParadeBegins! AccessAbilityFestBegins! 10:00A.M. GrandMarshalReception (VIP Wristbands Required) 10:30A.M. EventCeremonies (Great Lawn Stage) 10:40A.M. ASLGleekSquard National Anthem 11:00A.M. SunnySauceda 2-Time GRAMMY Award Winner with 2014 Fiesta Especial Alumni Steven Rodriguez 1:00P.M. AirForceFreedomBrass 1:00P.M. CostumeContest (The Great Lawn) 1:00P.M. AlizeNino

With a creative resume that includes job titles like MC, music producer, voiceover artist, DJ, on-air personality, and now the driving force behind ZayZay.com, Zay Zay Aquino has achieved a level of celebrity that his contemporaries envy.

A natural entertainer, Zay Zay captured the public eye as the co-host of FuZion, an entertainment news show watched in 12 million households worldwide. Fans quickly made FuZion one of the BC/Universal/Telemundo network’s highest-rated programs, putting Zay Zay in demand everywhere.

9:45 AM Great Lawn Stage- The aSL Glee Club / The ASL Gleek Squad

The ASL Glee club is formed by a group of students in the Intrpreting Artistic Texts course at San Antonio College. The ASL Gleek Squad was formed in 2013 and is comprised of volunteer students and professional interpreters, Alumni of the ASL Glee Club. Their mission is to promote American Sign Language through various artistic venues and to encourage a strong connection between the Deaf culture, hearing culture, and the community.

Hall of Famer amongst several honors.

Sunny Sauceda is considered the most energetic accordionist on the planet, with a sultry voice and a dynamic show that is cross-generational. This year, Sunny will perform a few of songs with special guest, 2014 Fiesta Especial Duke, Steven Rodriguez.

Sunny Sauceda’s career started as a childhood star in SanAntonio, recording his first vinyl 45 as a young boy at the age of 5 with conjunto pioneer Joey Canelo Lopez. During a lifetime spent with music; first with his family then with successful groups and now as a solo artist, Sauceda’s songwriting, recordings and performances have been enjoyed by fans around the world.As the front man for Grupo Vida, and as the creator of the Eddie Gonzales sound his stage presence has influenced decades of up and coming performers across the globe. Sunny is the recipient of 7 GRAMMY nods, 3 GRAMMY wins, 22 Tejano MusicAwards, Pura VidaAward recipient, 2017 Tejano Roots

Freedom Brass, the brass ensemble of the United States Air Force Band of the West, is stationed at Joint Base San AntonioLackland, Texas. The ensemble is comprised of two trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba, and percussion and is dedicated to presenting to its audiences the total spectrum of today's musical literature.

For as long as his family could remember, StevenAnthony Rodriguez Jr. has always had an accordion in his hands. He started out with a toy accordion; pressing on the buttons randomly with a gigantic smile on his face and stars in his eyes. Eventually, he received an actual accordion and started practicing from dusk till dawn trying to perfect his technique. Even though he could not hit the right key at the right time, he gave a grand performance to anyone who had come to the house and showed off the progress he made that day.

Performing in front of friends and family started to turn into going on stage with his idols and performing for the audience as if it

was his destiny to perform on stage with an accordion in his hands. He may not have gotten the song down when he went up, but his stage performance was too good to give any criticism. Soon enough his idols turned into his fans and invited him to the stage when he brought his accordion with him. To this day, he still has difficulty hitting the right key but that never stops him from playing his favorite songs with a smile of someone who loves the music and the squeezebox.

Alizé Niño is an emerging artist in the Tejano music scene. The singer from Dallas, Texas recently signed with Launch City Records, the Houston record label owned by Grammy winning artist Nando Dominguez, and released her debut single “Loca Por Ti.”

10:45 AM Great Lawn Stage- two-time GRAMMY-winning Tejano music artist Andrea Sanderson, San Antonio, TX. Poet Laureate 2020-2023, performs as “Vocab” in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas. “Watching her perform, the word “hero” comes to mind. And not “hero” for the sake of just skill, but for her work in her community: Sanderson teaches poetry workshops mentors, builds up and encourages artists to pursue their art, and gives them platforms to showcase their talent. 9:00 AM Great Lawn Stage- Poet Laureate 2020-2023, Andrea Vocab Sanderson Brass Quintet Nino
12:30PM Freedom
1:15 PM Alize


Roll with the Wind Experience by Ainsleys Angels

Prize Drop by Any Baby Can

Paper Plate Hats by Avance PCEP Fenley School Based Program

Superhero Mask Making by Bloom Behavioral & Educational Solutions

Adaptive Exercise by Camp Gladiator

Spin the wheel by CDS in Texas/LifeSpan Home Health

Arts and Crafts by CoSA Dept of Human Services Head Start Program

Preparedness kit by CoSA Office of Emergency Management

Music Instrument Petting Zoo by Crescendo Center

Arts and Crafts by CRIT USA

Photo booth by Deer Creek Camp-Photo Booth

Guest Info Surveys & Door Prize Drawings by disABILITYsa

Bean Bag Toss for Prizes by Down Syndrome Association of South Texas

Bubble toys by Empower Behavior Health

Caricatures by Ericatures

Halloween Masks & Hats by Hug Me Ink

Spin wheel/corn hole by Humana

Photo Booth by Inspirational Photo Booth

Balloons Art by Jolly Joeys Clown Alley

Shelby by Kinetic Kids

Voter Registration by League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area

COVID-19 Vaccines by Lela Pharmacy/University Health

Sensory Play by New Creation Therapy

Adpative Climbing Wall by No Limits Tahoe

Halloween Sensory Bin Making by One Love Children's Foundation


200 Tree Adoption Program by Urban Forestry and Trails

Join the city’s long term goal of increasing the tree canopy from 38 percent to 40 percent. To reach that goal, San Antonio must plant 450,000 trees. | sanantonio.gov/ParksAndRec

Adaptive Climbing Rock Wall

Presented by: Mark Wellman, Adventure Athlete, Paralympian, No Limits Tahoe

The Adaptive Climbing Wall is open to people of all abilities! There is no better person to learn adaptive climbing from than Mark Wellman of No Limits. Mark is a former Paralympian and Park Ranger, and he is the first paraplegic to summit El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Come climb the wall using Mark's innovative adaptive climbing techniques and adaptive sports gear. Climbing has tremendous benefits building confidence, developing goal-setting skills, increasing strength and improving flexibility. Come make an unforgettable memory! Sponsored by: Hemisfair

Roll with the Wind- Ride Along Experience!

Presented by: Ainsley's Angels San Antonio

Test drive the Ainsley's Angels athletic ride-along experience! This experience is for anyone who would otherwise not be able to experience endurance events. Ainsley's Angels creates "Angel Teams" by pairing Athlete-riders with runners to compete in endurance events and road races. The Athlete rider is the core of the team and pulls the runner across the finish line with smiles, cheers, and spirit. Visit the Ainsley's Angels booth so you can sign up to experience the thrill! First-person-first-served. A limited number of race experience times are available.

Jenga by Pathways Youth and Family Services

Corn Hole Game by River Kids Pediatrics

Veggies /Voter Registration by SA Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi

Voiceover Demonstration by National Federation of the Blind~SA

Face Painting by Sparrow Face Painting

Popcorn Break by Special Need Dental

Bean bag toss by Texas Foster Care and Adoption

Coloring sheets by Texas Health Steps and STAR Programs

Table tennis ball toss by The Inst for Autism & Related Disorders

Tree Adoption by CoSA Parks and Rec (Limit 200 Trees Available)

Blindfold Training / Assistive Tech by TWC-Voc Rehab Servs

Spin the wheel by University Health - Carelink

Balloon Art by Jolly Joey’s Clown Alley Serves the community by spreading joy and laughter through clowning. | jollyjoeys.org

Disability-friendly COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Presented by: disABILITYsa/Lela Pharmacy/University Health Moderna or Pfizer first and second dose vaccines, as well as the First booster for individuals 12+. In addition, the 2nd Booster is available for 50+; and the Pediatric Pfizer dose will be available for children ages 3-11. Household members and caregivers may also be vaccinated at the same time. ASL interpretation, ABA therapists, low vision support volunteers, sensory de-escalation spaces, and other communication supports will be provided.

Halloween Costume Contest

Presented by: disABILITYsa

Between 11am and 12:30pm, volunteer judges will roam the park selecting their favorite costumes among our 2022 AccessAbility fest attendees. Twenty-six (26) contestant will be selected to participate in our Costume Contest taking place at 12:45pm on the GREAT LAWN. Attendees who are selected should make their way toward the Great Lawn area at 12:30pm to prepare for the final contest selection Trophies will be presented for the Scariest, Funniest, and Best Overall costumes. All contestans will receive a participation ribbon.



Find a volunteer and provide your contact information to participate in our program survey. You’ll receive a festive sticker and be entered into a drawing for door prizes once you’ve completed the survey.


ACES ABA (Program Partner)

Ageless Living Home Health Alamo Head Injury Association

Any Baby Can ConnectAbility

Conviva Care Centers

Deer Creek Camp-Photo Booth

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care Family Matters Publishing Hug Me Ink Project Mend (Program Partner) Respite Care of San Antonio Southwind Fields





Deaf Interpreter Services, #8

Exceptional Kids, #7

HEB, #3

Methodist Healthcare, #2

PCSI- Ability Sponsor, #9 Sheild Healthcare, #6

VIA, #5

Wave Healthcare, #1

disABILITYsa, Person Icon

~ Alzheimer’s Association Info

~ San Antonio Food Bank Info

~ T-Shirt Sales

~ Lost & Found

~ Door Prize Drawings

No Limits Tahoe, Climber Icon

Chap Kappa Alpha Psi Alum, Veggie Icon

Tree Adoption- SA Parks & Rec., Tree icon


Amerigroup, #12

CoSA Office of Emergency Mgt, #11

Community First Health Plans, #10

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care, #13

First Steps Nursing and Therapy, #14

MGA Homecare, #17

No Barriers Communication, #18

San Rafael Healthcare Inc., #19

Special Needs Dental, #20

Texas Health Steps /STAR Programs, #15

University Health - Carelink, #16

Disability-friendly COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, Shot Icon

Sparrow Face Painting, Paint Pallet Icon


AACOG, #23

Ageless Living Home Health, #22 Humana, #24

WellCare, #21


Any Baby Can, #54

Arc of San Antonio, #56

Avance PCEP Fenley School Based Program, #30

Bexar County Family Justice Center Foundation, #31

CDS in Texas/LifeSpan Home Health, #66

Center for Healthcare Services, #55

City of San Antonio Department of Human Services Head Start Program, #27 ConnectAbility, #61

CPS Energy, #60

Crescendo Center, #29

Hug Me Ink, #62

Jubilee Academies, #28

MC Edu. Advocacy & Consulting, #26

Pathways Youth and Family Services, #63 Prosumers International, #65

SA Lighthouse for the Blind, #58 San Antonio Fire Dept., #59 San Antonio Independent Living Svs, #64 Southwind Fields, #57

Deer Crk Camp-Photo Booth, Camera Icon

DFTM, Music Icon Ericatures, Smiley Face Icon

Jolly Joey's Clown Alley, Balloons Icon


Ainsley's Angels, #34

Alamo Head Injury Association, #50

Believe It Foundation, #38


Canine Companions, #49

Down Syndrome Assoc of S.TX, #47

Eva's Heroes, #36

Family Matters Publishing, #32

Fiesta Especial Royal Court, #53 Kinetic Kids, #37

League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area, #51

Ms. Wheelchair Texas, #48

Partners Resource Network TEAM Pjt, #46 Respite Care of San Antonio, #41 San Antonio Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind, #45

Texas Foster Care and Adoption, #35

Inst for Autism & Related Disorders, #44 TRDI, #42

Usborne Books and More-MKTPlace, #33 Workforce Solutions Alamo, #43

K-Love, Music Truck Icon

New Creation Therapy, Butterfly Icon



Apple Homecare Medical Supply, #68 Bloom Behavioral & Edu. Solutions, #72

Clarke Health Care Products, #74 CRIT USA, #77

Empower Behavior Health, #73

Project MEND, #69

River Kids Pediatrics, #71

Texas Techology Access Prog, #70 TLC Kids Therapy, #78

Tobii Dynavox, #67

TWC-Voc Rehabilitation Services, #75

One Love Children's Fnd., Ducky Icon Inspirational Photo Booth, Camera Icon


Entertainment, Stage Icon Camp Gladiator, Exercise Icon



Avance PCEP Fenley School Based Prog, #30

210.977.1485 | avance.org

Avance is a non-profit organization that provides free positive parenting classes to the community.

Activity: Paper Plate Hats

City of San Antonio Department of Human Services Head Start Program Booth #11 210.206.5500 | saheadstart.org

DHS Head Start provides full-day early childhood education and comprehensive services for children 6 weeks - 5 years old throughout EISD and SAISD.

Activity: Arts and Crafts

City of San Antonio Office of Emergency Management Booth # 11 210.206.8580 | saoemprepare.com/

The City of San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (SAOEM) provides all-hazard preparedness information and training to the residents of San Antonio. Specific programs include the Ready South Texas app, the State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR), and the Accessible Hazard Alert System (AHAS).

Activity: Preparedness Kit

Crescendo Center PLLC Booth #29

210.343.2545 | crescendosatx.com

Music therapy services for children and teens of all abilities in Southtown. Also offering inclusive community classes for babies and toddlers.

Jubilee Academies Booth #28

210.333.6227 | jubileeacademies.org/

Vision is to be the premier choice in education and our mission is to provide a nurturing community focused on leadership and educational excellence.

MC Edu Advocacy & Consulting LLC, #26

210.901.9695 | mcedac.com

Advocating for students with disabilities, and learning differences, as they navigate the IEP/ ARD, or 504 Plan through the school system.

Usborne Books & More Booth #33

210.687.5912 | l12063.myubam.com/shop

UBAM is a children's book publishing company that promotes literacy for children and adults of ALL abilities. We provide fun and educational books!

Activity: Music Instrument Petting Zoo


AACOG, #4 & 23 210.362.5200 | aacog.com

The mission of the Alamo Area Council of Governments is to enhance the quality of life of all residents of the Alamo Region.

Alamo Head Injury Association Booth #34 210.614.4323 | alamoheadinjury.org/ AHIA helps survivors and families cope with the changes in their lives, identify resources, and increase public awareness about brain injury.

Canine Companions Booth #49 214.259.4670 | canine.org

Canine Companions is a nonprofit service dog organization that provides service dogs, and all follow up services, to our clients free of charge.

disABILITYsa #Question Mark Icon

210.704.7262 | disabilitysa.org

The mission of disABILITYsa is to educate, advance, and engage individuals with disabilities by building connections, exchanging information, creating opportunities, and strengthening our disability community in the greater San Antonio area. disABILITYsa connects people with all types of disabilities and their families to information about local resources, programs and opportunities that promote independence and inclusion where they live, learn, work and play.

Activity: Guest Services, Door Prize, Lost & Fnd

Down Syndrome Association of S.TX, #47 210.349.4372 | dsastx.org

Provide lifelong services and support to children and adults with Down syndrome and their families in South Texas in order to optimize well-being, develop rewarding relationships, and foster inclusion in the community.

Activity: Bean Bag Toss for Prizes

Exceptional Kids Booth # 7

210.867.7202 | exceptionalkidstexas.com

Welcome to Exceptional Kids – A Resource Guide for the Special Needs Community. Our mission is to empower parents of special needs children with the resources they need to help their children to be as healthy and successful as possible, and most of all happy.

Fiesta Especial Booth # 53 210.704.7262 | fiestaespecial.org

Fiesta Especial® is also an official Fiesta® San Antonio experience created for children and adults with physical, cognitive and developmental differences and the family and friends who love them. Fiesta Especial® creates inclusive and educational experiences engaging individuals with disabilities in the culture, diversity and celebra tions of Fiesta® through community instruction and training. Individuals with disabilities and our community are invited to take part in the Royal Court, Inclusion 5K & Parade and Celebration day experiences.

League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area Booth #51

210.657.2206 | lwvsa.org

The League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area is a nonpartisan organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. Activity: Voter Registration

Ms. Wheelchair Texas Booth # 48 mswheelchairtexas.org

Ms. Wheelchair America and Ms. Wheelchair Texas Pageants are competitions designed to select the most accomplished and articulate spokeswoman for the millions of disabled Americans. The selected representative must be able to communi cate both the needs and the accomplishments of her constituency to the general public, the business community and the legislature.

The Institute for Autism and Related Disorders Booth #44 210.784.2449 | tamusa.edu

The A&M-SA Institute for Autism and Related Disorders is designed to meet the needs of individuals with autism, families, community & professionals.

Partners Resource Network TEAM Prjct, #46 281.969.5944 |prntexas.org

To empower and support Texas families and individuals impacted by disabilities or special health care needs.


Booth # 3

1.800.432.3113 | heb.com

Giving Back to the Community is Our Way of Saying Thanks. We make it a priority to get involved and make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors.

PCSI Booth # 9

210.826.2062 | pcsi.org

PCSI is a nonprofit that employs over 1,700 people—a majority of whom have disabilities—to fulfill support service contracts. PCSI integrates veterans and other people with disabilities into meaningful, customer-facing jobs with competitive wages and benefits.

Mavagi and



Respite Care of San Antonio Booth #41 210.737.1212 | respitecaresa.org

To protect, love, build trust, and nurture growth of children with special needs and complex medical conditions.

TRDI Booth #42 210.736.6670 | trdi.org

To create and enhance life opportunities for people with barriers and disabilities.

Workforce Solutions Alamo Booth #43 210.272.3260 | workforcesolutionsalamo.org

WSA serves the universal customers for Job seeking opportunities and educational direction. Employers provide inclusive opportunities.

E.Q.U.I.P. Enterprises, Inc. 210.982.4089 | mavagi.org/
are a
company with a mission to create jobs for people with disabilities. Our primary line of business is Facilities Services.

Ageless Living Home Health Booth #22

210.582.5840 | agelesslivinghh.com

Ageless Living Home Health is a pediatric home health agency providing Private Duty Nursing & Therapy services in San Antonio, TX & surrounding areas.

Amerigroup Booth #12

Amerigroup has been a proud supporter of AccessAbility Fest since its inception. Our mission is to improve access to quality health care for our members, and AccessAbility Fest shares in that mission and provides a wonderful means of reaching the individuals we hope to help. We also enjoy the package of Texas Public Radio messaging we receive with our registration, as they allow us to pass that messaging on for our non-profit partners' use.

Conviva Care Centers Booth #12 830.714.8294 | convivacarecenters.com

With 14+ locations around San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Floresville, Conviva Care Centers offers high-quality primary care for those on Medicare.

Activity: Prize Wheel

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care # 13 210.447.1650 | Entrustedphc.com

Entrusted Pediatric Home Care is a leading provider of pediatric private duty nursing services in Texas.

First Steps Nursing and Therapy #14

210.945.0000 | fsnts.com

Private duty nursing and therapy services

No Barriers Communications Booth #18 210.396.7676 | nobacomm.org

No Barriers Communications is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to advocate for equal access information, communication and services. We recognize the value of educating others as well as ourselves about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

San Antonio (TX) Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Booth #Veggie Icon

210.845.3688 | sanantonionupes.org/

Increase availability of Vaccination immunization education messages that resonate with Black and Hispanic communities.

Activity: Veggies and Votes

San Rafael Healthcare, Inc.Booth #19 210.255.1466 |sanrafaelhealthcare.com

San Rafael Healthcare, Inc. specializes in high acuity nursing for children. Pediatric cases are normally challenging to staff because of the degree of difficulty in scheduling professionals to take on the hours required to ensure proper and adequate care. At San Rafael, we understand that every child has different needs and each one of them deserves the utmost loving care with the highest degree of professional medical skill available.

University Health – Carelink #16



Carelink Outreach & Education: Provides education on the various Carelink programs. We provide assistance with CHIP/Medicaid, COVID19 education, etc. Activity: Spin the Wheel

T-Shirts Available for sale near Guest Information in the Central Plaza

Use this Snapcode to access our lens and try on a virtual abilitySTRONG Cap!

Community First Health Plans Booth # 10

210.227.2347 communityfirsthealthplans.com

We are proud to offer exceptional care for individuals and families including: Newborns, children, adults, and seniors, Expectant mothers, Children and adults with disabilities

Lela Pharmacy / University Health Booth # Shot Icon 210.348.1532 | lelapharmacy.com

Methodist Healthcare Booth # 2 210.575.4000 | sahealth.com

Methodist Healthcare is recognized as the most respected and preferred healthcare provider in the South Texas community because of our outstanding team of nurses, medical professionals and physicians. More people turn to our San Antonio doctors than any other hospital or system when they need healthcare.

MGA Homecare Booth # 17


MGA Homecare strives to provide consistent nursing and therapy coverage for pediatrics patients in the community. By focusing on high level clinical coverage and continuity of care, we hope that families who utilize our services feel comfortable venturing out of the home and into the community. Our goal is to help these children have a better quality of life and for them and their families, to feel supported on their journey to a functional life. We believe this allows kids to do what kids do best, PLAY!

Special Needs Dental Booth # 20 602.315.5838 |specialneeddental.com

We welcome patients of all abilities and ages. We are a true dental home to patients with I/DD, including those with severe or complex conditions. We offer comprehensive dental services, including both restorative (fillings, root canals, crowns) and cosmetic (dentures, veneers, implants) services. We also offer orthodontic treatment for patients who are interested! More than 90% of our patients have some form of disability. We are grateful for our relationships with each patient and family.

Wave Healthcare Booth # 1

210.693.7836 | wavehealthcare.com

Wave Healthcare provides Pediatric Home Respiratory and Nutrition Care and equipment for children who have complex medical care needs. It is our goal to equip families with the equipment, training, and confidence they need that will enable them the ability to get out into our community and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that San Antonio has to offer.

WellCare (Program Partner) Booth # 21

210.238.7336 | wellcare.com

Wellcare provides Medicare Advantage plans to those folks on Medicare. Medicare is usually 65 and older but people with disabilities, collecting SSDI and on Medicaid, can apply for Medicare after 2 year. The plans are free of cost and provide Medicare Part A & B plus dental, vision, hearing, OTC, transportation, flex cards ($500-$1500), utility assistance.

HEALTH & SAFETY T-Shirts $12


Apple Homecare Medical Supply Booth #68

210.807.4430 | applehms.com/

Apple Homecare Medical Supply provides a wide range of home medical equipment and disposable supplies specializing in Enteral and Respiratory Services

Dreams Fulfilled Through Music Booth # Music Icon 210.247.9681 | dftm.org

Artistic Excellence for All. Developing artistic excellence, motivation and web access to enable all students to enjoy making their own music.

Texas Health Steps and STAR Programs

Booth # 15

800.964.2777 | fostercaretx.com

We outreach to families who receive Medicaid. We help them enroll in the STAR Program & explain benefits available through the Texas Health Steps. Activity: Coloring sheets

Texas Technology Access Program

Texas Center for Disability Studies The University of Texas at Austin 512.232.0740 | ttap.disabilitystudies.utexas.edu/ TTAP is the state Assistive Technology program that provides AT Device Loans, Demonstration Centers, Recycle/Reuse Programs, and Financing.

Tobii Dynavox Booth # 67

210.632.3015 | us.tobiidynavox.com

Our mission is to make groundbreaking assistive technology and communication solutions to give people with disabilities a voice.

Project Mend Booth # 69

210.223.6363 | projectmend.org

Project MEND, also known as the “Medical Equipment Network for those with Disabili ties,” has been providing for the home medical equipment and assistive technology needs of persons with disabilities in San Antonio and around Texas.

Shield Healthcare Booth # 6

210.375.0003 | Shieldhealthcare.com

At Shield HealthCare we provide quality DME products for children and adults with disabilities. We range from wound, incontinence, enteral, urological, diabetes, and ostomy supplies. We do more than just ship products. We provide comprehensive customer and clinical service programs that include insurance billing on behalf of the customer. We also actively engage in the community through volunteering, donating, and community outreach education.



Ainsley's Angels San Antonio Booth #34

210.872.8173 | ainsleysangels.org

Build awareness about the importance of inclusion, through action, while transforming populations into all-inclusive communities.

Activity: Roll with the wind

Believe It Foundation Booth # 38 believeitfoundation.org

Enriching the lives of physically challenged children through the inclusion of those children in the lives and experiences of those who do not face the same limitations.

Camp Gladiator, #Exercise Icon

210.371.9198 |campgladiator.com

We are excited to provide some adaptive movement for all participants! Motion is lotion.

Activity: Adaptive Exercise

Children's Assoc for Maximum Potential (CAMP) #39 210.671.5411 | campcamp.org/ CAMP CAMP provides respite services year-round for individuals with disabilities and/or medical conditions.

Kinetic Kids Booth #37 210.748.5860 |kinetickidstx.org/ Kinetic Kids is a Non-profit serving children with special needs and their families through sports, fine arts and educational programs.

Deer Creek Camp Booth # Photo Booth 830.589.7123 | www.deercreekcamp.com

We are the Sanders and Cone families and are blessed to be the new directors at Deer Creek Camp. Our family of three brothers, one sister, our spouses, and our kids make up the crew that will continue to lead Deer Creek Camp. Mama & Papa Bear founded DCC as a Christ-centered, life-changing, camp experience. We purpose and pray the same today as we live, lead, and camp in the legacy of all that God has done.

Activity: Photo Booth

Eva's Heroes, Booth #36

210.694.9090 | evasheroes.org

Eva’s Heroes is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual special needs by providing an inclusive setting built on four tenets: Interact, Grow, Learn and Love. We provide opportunities for participants ages 14 and older to enjoy unique recreation and socialization experiences in our community. Their involvement with Eva’s Heroes enriches their lives and allows them to become a more active member of our community.

Texas Foster Care and Adoption Booth #35

210.332.9171 | texasfostercare.org

Every child should have access to a safe and loving environment and we continually look for families who are qualified to provide this for them.

Activity: Bean bag toss


Family Matters Publishing Booth #32

830.624.5360 | stepfathersstepson.com

Our mission is to mobilize the power of women to work together to change societal norms that contribute to human suffering.

Activity: Crafts

San Antonio Food Bank 210.337.3663 | safoodbank.org

Social services enrollment, immediate food assistance via distributions, education & outreach in regard to issues of nutrition and civic engagement.

Humana Booth #24

210.478.8313 | humana.com

All-in-one coverage that may save you money! Humana Medicare Advantage plans cover everything Original Medicare Parts A and B cover and provide additional coverage that Original Medicare does not.

Activity: Spin the Wheel / Corn Hole

Visit http://www.accessabilityfest.com/join-the-team.html today!
Questions? Go to InclusionStartsHere.com o r Email: Gala@MorgansWonderland.com


Bloom Behavioral & Edu. Solutions #72

210.643.1119 | bloomaba.net

Bloom provides quality ABA services to children, adolescents, and young adults. We are committed to helping individuals with autism and other special needs achieve their maximum potential and highest level of independence in the home, school, and community.

Activity: Decorate Your Own Superhero Mask

Children's RehabInst Teleton USA # 77

210.888.7445 | critusa.org

We are a nonprofit that serves pediatric and adolescents populations with physical disabilities in an outpatient setting. We have physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy, counseling, recreational therapy, social work, & nutrition services.

Activity: Arts & Crafts

Clarke Health Care Products Booth #74 713.854.1922 | clarkehealthcare.com

We offer products to make your daily activities easier, provide more independence at home and make your life safe in a home or anywhere.

Empower Behavioral Health Booth #73

210.447.0039 | empowerBH.com

Empower Behavioral Health provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy) and diagnostic evaluations by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Activity: Bubble toys

New Creation Therapy Inc. #Butterfly Icon 210.793.0877 | newcreationtherapysa.com

We provide Occupational Therapy to individuals with a wide variety of disabilities. Our goal is to help each individual reach their maximum level of function and independence. We assist with both physical and mental disabilities, as well as developmental delays.

RiverKids Pediatric Home Health Booth # 71 210.888.0368 | riverkidstexas.com

Our Mission: To provide superior home care and to ensure the satisfaction of each customer we serve, & Bridge the Gap from Home Health to Life Health. Activity: Corn Hole game

TWC.Voc Rehabilitation Services # 75

210.328.9828 | twc.texas.gov/jobseekers/vocationalrehabilitation-services

We help individuals with disabilities in finding and keeping employment.

Activity: Blindfold Training and Assistance

ACES ABA Booth #79 512.590.1429 | http://www.acesaba.com

ACES has been providing quality ABA therapy to children, adolescents, and adults with autism for 26 years, and are very excited to be a new resource for families in San Antonio. We are contracted with most commercial plans (including Tricare), and have immediate availability for home and community-based services with a center opening later this year.


Alzheimer’s Association

210.822.6449 | alz.org/sanantonio

We provide service to families affected by ADRD

Any Baby Can, SA Booth #54

210.227.0170 | abcsa.org

Any Baby Can helps you become the woman and mom that you’ve always wanted to be. We match first-time moms with a trusted, personal nurse to guide them through pregnancy and becoming a parent.

Activity: Prize Drop

The Arc of San Antonio Booth #56

210.490.4300 | arc-sa.org

The Arc of San Antonio serves as a social service home to all those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and readily assists families during all phases of life.

Bexar County Family Justice Center Fdn #31

210.631.0100 | bcfjc.org

The Bexar County Family Justice Center (BCFJC) exists to assist victims of domestic violence in their journey from survivor to thriver.

CDS in TX/LifeSpan Home Health #66

210.798.3779 | hhs.texas.gov

CDS in Texas provides a foundation of support that enables individuals with disabilities to self-direct their care. The cornerstone of our success is our team’s compassionate and dedicated relationship with the families we serve.

Activity: Spin the Wheel


Prosumers International Booth #65 800.577.3795 |prosumersinternational.org

To empower all people to transcend adverse life experiences and to inspire resiliency for all people to thrive while fulfilling their dreams.

SA Independent Living Services Booth #64

210.281.1878 | sailstx.org

SAILS provides advocacy, independent living Skills, information and referrals, peer support and rehabilitation technology.

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired Booth #58

210.531.1547 | salighthouse.org

The San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind (SALB) creates individual independence by providing rehabilitation programs and employment opportunities that measurably improve the lives of blind and visually impaired individuals.

Southwind Fields Booth #57

210.526.1567 | southwindfields.com

Southwind Fields provides both a supportive independent living community as well as a Monday through Friday program focused on building community.

Deaf Interpreter Services Booth # 8

210.545.2946 | deaf-interpreter.com

DIS provides nationwide professional, nationally-certified sign language and oral interpreters, video remote interpreting (VRI), support services, video/audio production and consulting. We are available 24/7 and can respond immediately to service needs across the country.

Center for Health Care Services Booth #55

210.261.1000 | chcsbc.org/ With over 80 programs and over 25 locations, we help those with mental health or substance abuse challenges in the Bexar County community.

ConnectAbility Booth #61

210.819.4325 | myconnectability.org/ Linking people with life altering disabilities to the services they need. We also provide support and mentoring programs

Guide Dogs of Texas Booth # 59

210.366.4081 | guidedogsoftexas.org

Our mission is to provide freedom, mobility and independence for Texans impacted by blindness through professionally trained certified guide dogs.

HUG ME Ink Booth #62

210.589.6488 | hugmeink.org

The mission of HUG ME Ink is to advocate and educate on mental health awareness and bullying prevention through the arts. We envision a world that inspires people in recovery to live fulfilling lives through their own creativity.

Activity: Sensory Play

Pathways Youth & Family Srvcs Booth #63

210.733.7117 | pathway.org

Pathways is a community-based social service organization specializing in foster care, adoption, residential care, and behavioral health services.

Activity: Jenga

CPS Energy Booth # 60

210.353.2222 |cpsenergy.com

CPS Energy is the nation’s largest municipally owned energy utility providing both natural gas and electric service. We serve more than 907,526 electric customers and 373,998 natural gas customers in and around San Antonio, the nation’s seventh largest city.

One Love Children’s Foundation #Ducky 210.557.9415 | onelovechildrensfoundation.org

Our mission is to foster and enrich the lives of children with developmental delays. We do this by raising awareness in the community through advocacy, and creating sensory interactive events that promote education and learning. We also provide families with hands-on resources to work with their children in all environments.

Activity: Halloween Sensory Bin Making

VIA Metropolitan Transit, Booth # 5

210.362.2020. |viainfo.net

VIA Metropolitan Transit is the mass transit agency serving San Antonio, Texas, United States, and its surrounding municipalities.


Adopt one of 200 Trees Today

Join our friends from the City of San Antonio Parks & Rec Dept. and adopt one of the 200 trees available in Milam Park today. Trees are given away on a first come basis. Available tree types include one-gallon native shade and ornamental trees.


Want to learn more about how you can be involved in the planning and outcomes of local disability-related research that helps inform changes in policies and practices for San Antonio?

Sign up to be a part of the disABILITYsa Service & Leadership program and stay up to date with upcoming opportunities.


Waffle Bar &

December 9th, 2022 | 7:30 am - 12:00 pm

2022 - 2023 SAVE THESE DATES October 6-8, 2023 Parade, Conference & Resource Festival RSVP: www.disabilitysa.org/whats-happening

educate advance engage

An official Fiesta® celebration that creates inclusive and educational experiences engaging individuals with disabilities in the culture and celebrations of Fiesta® through community instruction and training.

December 4th - Fiesta Especial® Royal Court Reveal Party

January 18th - Fiesta Especial® Royal Court Coronation

February 17th - Fiesta Especial® Royal Court Visitation Day

March 3rd - Fiesta Especial® Royal Court Visitation Day

March 17th - Fiesta Especial® Royal Court Visitation Day

April 22nd - Fiesta Especial® 5K & Parade

April 25th - Fiesta Especial® Celebration Day

May, 2023 - Open Enrollment for 2023-2024 Program

* dates subject to change


The disABILITYsa Community Calendar highlights upcomingActivities, Programs, Fundraisers, and Educational Events for people living with a disability, caregivers, providers and more!

Visit us online to learn more about upcoming events.




disABILITYsawouldliketothankthevolunteersformakingthisdayagreatsuccess. While our volunteers come from a wide variety of sources, here are a few of the organizations who committed early in support of this program today: Our families and friends, ABPSI, Bexar County Community Emergency Response Team, CPS Energy “The Happy Helpers”, James Madison HOSA, Kappa Delta Chi, San Antonio Zoo, Starbucks, Trinity University Volunteer Action Commitee, UTHealth Physical Therapy, UTHealth School of Public Health, UTHSA OTD Cohort 2025, UTSA Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society, and Winston School of Service.


Zay Zay Aquino


Hemisfair | Yanaguana Garden

Volunteer/Exhibitor HQ Dunkin Donuts Chic-fil-A HEB Taco Cabana Communication Industrial Communications

Special Services Deaf Interpreter Services Acadian on Call

Advertising Exceptional Kids


Methodist Healthcare

Major Survey Door Prizes San Antonio Zoo San Antonio Aquarium Jason’s Deli

Audio DJ Rook Bill Drain Street Closures City of San Antonio

Shuttle Services AACOG

Grand Marshal/VIP Reception

HEB Starbucks Promotions


Texas Public Radio Astound Telemundo






Allattendeesmaybephotographedandincludedineventpublicitymaterials.Youmustbewearingaspecialarmband tooptoutofphotos. ArmbandsmaybefoundatdisABILITYsatableorwithourvolunteerGreeters.

MGA Homecare | TLC Kids Therapy | ACES ABA | ProjectMEND | Wellcare Health Plans
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