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North Somerset July 2019


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This month.. 6. Whats on 7. Tomato and feta tarts 8. Horoscopes 11. Is my will valid 12.Your garden in July 13. Movie preview 14. Competition page

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8. Editors words So as the Cliff Richard song goes “We’re all going on a summer holiday” Yes folks summer is finally here and according to the weather forecasters its going to be a good one but don’t take my word on that. All though you know what summer means school holidays! Look out parents those little angels become the bane of our life especially if you are working parents trying to shuffle those shift patterns around whilst the company rules say no time off in July/August lol. Yes most of us have been their looking for that best mate to take care of your kids when the boss says no! Or if you are lucky you can send them off to the grandparents or finally that sicky we have all pulled. Either way the fun starts on or around the 19th July. With this in mind we have put some of the fun things to do in your area in our whats on page. We hope this helps out to keep them occupied. Finally Brexit will it ever happen? Let us know your thoughts.. Disclaimer opinions expressed in Direct Local do not necessarily reflect The those of the editor, publisher or their agents. Whilst every Do you have any local news to share? If yes get in touch with us and we will put it in our next edition free just give Mike a call or email subject to space available.


reasonable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of information included within this publication, the publisher takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in Direct Local. The content of Direct Local is not to be reproduced in any form without permission of the publisher. Please pass to a friend, recycle or compost. All adverts designed by Direct Local are the property of Direct Local please contact us if you wish to reprint them in other publications as a small release fee Is applied. Use of adverts designed by us will need written permission first.


WHAT’S ON The Wurzels - Grand Pier WSM Event Date: 5th July Description: Somerset-based band return to the Grand Pier entertaining you with many classics including their 1976 number one hit “Combine Harvester”, and “I Am A Cider Drinker” Venue: Grand Pier Weston Super Mare Marine Parade Westonsuper-Mare Somerset

Portishead Annual Gin and Sausage festival Event Date: 6th July Description: This is the only free one day event in 2019 you need attend. We have an elevated covered stage with open mic from 1pm till 3 then into the night with live bands from 4pm. We have multiple premium Gin producers selling and serving their Gin and an equal amount of Sausage makers doing the same. This coupled with a Prosecco tent, Pimms cart, Fevertree stocks and various stalls stands and Van’s will have something for everyone. Venue: The Poacher pub 106 High St Portishead

Business Planning and Finance - Bristol Event Date: 11th July\ Description: Designed to support potential and new entrepreneurs, this in-depth workshop will help you to create and develop a robust, investment-ready business plan and financial forecast with an application for a Government Start-up Loan in mind. Venue: Leigh Court Pill Road Abbots Leigh Bristol

Curzon Special: Amazing Grace Event Date; 11th July Description: The never before seen movie featuring Aretha Franklin gospel album of all time, Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace is crafted from never before seen footage originally captured in 1972. Produced and realised by Alan Elliott. Amazing Grace can stand as an essential filmed record of what is undoubtedly one of the greatest gospel performances you’ll ever see.” – Variety Venue: Curzon Cinema Clevedon

The North Somerset Model Show Event Date: 14th July Description: The Award Winning The Pirates of Portishead Show Returns!! Model Event Date: 7th July Description: Pirates of Portishead Workshops, Open Cockpits, Charity Stalls, Competitions, sails to Long Ashton Community Helicopter Flights, Trade Stands. Centre on Sun 7th July at 3pm. Try Your Hand At Model Making £6 per ticket / under 2s free. With The Experts. Over 120 Get your tickets before it sells exhibitors under one roof. out from their website: https:// Venue: The Helicopter Museum events-coming-soon/ Long Ashton Parade or from LA Post Office Event Date: 14th July The Clevedon Sunday Market Theme: The Greatest Showman Event Date: 7th July The Parade will start in the field Description: An artisan market in opposite the Guide Hut. We will the Hill and Sea area of leave the field around 10.30am Clevedon, First Sunday of the and turn left onto Weston Road. Month April- December. We will walk a little way down Showcasing local independent Weston Road, turning right into makers, producers, crafters, Wild Country Lane. artists and more starts 10am Venue: Long Ashton Venue: 18 Alexandra Rd, Clevedon BS21 7QE 6

Portishead SoapBox Race 2019 Event Date: 14th July Description: We’re back for a third year! Join us on Esplanade Road on Sunday 14th July 2019. Teams will compete to build and race their Soapbox down the 400m course, tackling tight turns, jumps and obstacles in the fastest and most flamboyant way possible. For more information, Bristol Harbour Festival 2019! Event Date: 19th - 21st July Description: Be Part Of Bristol Harbour Festival 2019! Venue: Harbourside, Bristol Weston Lions Real Ale & Cider Festival 2019 Event Date: 26th - 28th July Description: We are now in our 12th YEAR and we have, thus far, generated in excess of £300,000, which has been used to help some national charities and many local groups and projects including Weston Hospice Care, Crossroads Young Carers, RNLI and the Air Ambulance Service, Chidrens’ Hospice South West and numerous cancer charities, to name just a few. Venue: Beach Lawns, Marine Parade, Weston-super-Mare Dairy Festival - Weston super Mare Event Date: 1st - 4th August Description: Weston’s Dairy Festival was originally born in the 1960’s and was a regular feature of the town’s summer programme of events and drew thousands of people to the seafront each year but it’s been over two decades since funding was withdrawn and the event had to be scrapped. Venue: The Beach Lawns, Weston super Mare

Tomato and feta tarts Ingredients​ 1 pack ready rolled all butter puff pastry​ 2 tbsp Sundried tomato paste/ pesto​ Couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes​ ¼ tsp dried oregano/ basil​ 200g feta, crumbled​ Egg wash​

Method Preheat oven to 220C/ fan200C.​ Divide the pastry into 6 even pieces.​ Place the pastry on a lined baking tray.​ Make an incision 1/2 cm from the edge of the pastry.​ Spoon 1 tsp of the paste/ pesto onto each of the tarts and smooth out over the pastry. ​ Slice the tomatoes in half across the equator and place seed side up on the pastry​ Divide the feta on the pastry and sprinkle with the herbs.​ Brush the edges of the pastry with egg wash.​ Bake for around 20 minutes in the top third of the oven until pastry is golden and puffed up at the edges.​ Enjoy whilst warm with a side salad.


WHAT DOES JULY HOLD FOR YOU? January Communication is the prominent thing for you this month.Try and keep your opinions and strong ideas to a minimum, to avoid conflict. With good communication could help achieve more positive Outcome. Keywords. Communication and patience February It looks as though you may be thinking of studying or researching something. This could have a strong impact and you will need to keep balance in your life, not neglect yourself, or your loved ones around you.There may be some obstacles in your path, they should only be temporary. Keywords. Balance and harmony March Follow your intuition and gut instinct, and try to Be aware of others feelings as someone around you may be feeling a bit delicate emotionally. Some understanding and support could be what they need. Keywords. Sensitivity and caring. April There could be a hold-up in some project or plan. Don’t let it get you down, try and seek balance in your life at this time. Sociability and harmony are important to you, try not to let this sidetrack you from things you need to do. Keywords. Focus and balance May Something or someone that you feel passionate about will be significant this month. Try not to be too stubborn or obstinate as this could cause you unnecessary disharmony. Whatever happens this could be bringing you some changes and opportunities. Keywords. Flexibility and change June You may have been indecisive recently, time to bring balance back into your life. Those close to you are ready to help you. Your energy may have felt low recently, this should begin to improve, if you can be more sensitive to your needs, and more flexible. Keywords. Balance, energy and flexibility July There may be something you will need to look into, for either study or research. Although this is your birth month, try and keep your feet on the ground and not be led astray. It should be a relaxed time, but also remember not be too demanding, and try to be sensitive to other’s needs. Keywords. Learning, and sensitivity


August This could be time for clearing things both emotionally and on the practical levels. Romance and relationships are prominent this month, so enjoy the social life. Something may need you to make a decision, it could be something that has been put off for a while. Keywords. Sociability and decisions. September It seems there are some decisions to be made. And you may have sense of some things being held up. Don’t let things entangle you emotionally, as this will not help to keep a clear mind. It may help to clear some things on the physical level, and try and keep the mind quiet and focused. Keywords. Calm and clarity. October When you are aware of your own inner wisdom and guidance, you don’t always listen. It would seem that you should pay attention to your inner wisdom at this time. As it does seem there is a decision or situation that will have to be dealt with. Keywords. Listen and action November You may have been busy recently, now is good time to try and slow things down a little .If you can take some time and let your emotions and mind have time to unwind. You may feel it’s time to clear either situation, or things that need sorting in a practical way. You may feel you are not achieving your goals. A calm mind may help with this. Keywords. Clearing and calmness. December Your social life could be busy this month. A few things look to change for you, so be prepared. Could be a time for reflection and from this some study or research or new interests or hobbies, may come from this. Keywords. Sociability and changes

Want to find out more about what’s in store for you this month! Contact Marie on: 07949 800354 Disclaimer This zodiac is for entertainment purposes only please do not take the predictions seriously Marie take no responsibility for your actions

Is My Will Valid? Clients often ask: ‘How do I know if my Will is valid?’; ‘How long does my Will stay valid for?’ and; ‘Can I make any changes to my Will?’ This article will address these questions as well as some rumours that have done the rounds regarding the validity of Wills. ‘How do I know my Will is valid?’ As soon as your Will has been signed correctly it becomes a valid legal document. You must also have two witnesses present with you as you sign the Will. Your witnesses can be anybody you like, but they cannot be beneficiaries or be married to or is a civil partner of a beneficiary otherwise they would not be entitled to gain anything from the estate. ‘How long does my Will stay valid for?’ We have heard reports of people in certain professions such as teachers being contacted to tell them that the law has changed thus invalidating their Will. Another rumour is that after 3 years have passed a Will is no longer valid, however this is simply not the case as there are no time limits placed on Wills. Once it is signed it becomes a valid legal document and will stand until you either write a new one or destroy it. It is worth bearing in mind that marriage revokes a Will unless the Will says otherwise.

Can I make any changes to my Will?’ It is advisable to review and update your Will periodically, usually every 3-5 years, especially if there are any changes in your personal circumstances such as marriage/divorce or the birth of any children/ grand children that you’d like to provide for. If you think your Will needs changing or updating in any way, we strongly advise against making any amendments yourself. Please do not write on, or pin/ clip anything to your Will as this can often lead to questions around your intentions and may also not be legally valid. It may also lead someone to believe your Will has been tampered with which could bring about a claim on your estate after you have passed potentially causing a lot of heartache for your family and unnecessary expense. If you need to make any changes, small additions can be made by way of a codicil however it’s advisable to instead have an entirely new Will written to avoid any uncertainty. I offer a completely free Will review, which will tell you whether changes are indeed necessary and if so, how best to make them. If you do not yet have a Will, or would like to talk over an existing Will, please call me direct on either 07990 735494 or 01173 343033. If you prefer, we can arrange a convenient time for me to pop round and we can chat through your situation over a coffee.




Tel: 0117 334 3033

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Your Garden In July

Fling the doors open to the garden and head outside! Summer is here and what better way to spend your free time than being outside and enjoying your beautiful flower filled garden. Keep plants looking good by regularly deadheading and you’ll enjoy a longer display of bloom. Make sure you keep new plants well hydrated to get them through those long, hot days and hoe off those pesky weeds, which can thrive in the sunshine. Although this still can be a busy time in the garden, don’t forget to find the time to sit back and relax so that you can enjoy all the hard work you’ve put in to achieve your beautiful display.

The essential gardening jobs for July FEED, WEED, AND DEADHEAD Adding a liquid feed to your weekly watering regime will give a much needed boost to hanging baskets, container and borders helping them to produce more flowers and, in some cases encouraging a second flourish of flowers late in the season. Bedding plants, roses and many other perennials will also benefit from regular deadheading.

With Hanging baskets a bit of common sense goes a long way. Try lifting a container or basket. Does if feel light or under watered? How does the compost look? Is it pale and shrunken away from the sides? Dig into the compost with your fingers. Does it feel dry? It should be moist but not dripping wet. During prolonged dry spells, water at least once a day.



How should you plant them? Plant in full sun, with very well drained soil, and water well when it’s dry. Trim in the spring to maintain shape and deadhead once the flowers start to fade.

A member of the sage family. Salvias are diverse group of plants ranging from annuals to herbaceous perennials and herbs Why should you plant them? With flowers that are popular with wildlife, they not only deliver colour and fragrance but are also great at attracting bees and butterflies. Salvias are long flowering with the potential to put on a great show from June through much of the summer and in to autumn.

This will prolong the flowering period making the garden more attractive and will also prevent the plants from putting their energy in to seed heads. Simply pinch off the fading flowers, or for tougher branches use secateurs. Don’t forget to keep weeds down they steal vital moisture and nutrients. Kill them by regularly hoeing borders and vegetable patches. Larger weeds should be dug out or pulled up by hand.


After all your hard work, enjoy the sunshine and laze in your garden.



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C Enjoy all these movies and more at


Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Queen’s Corgi


2 July

5 July

5 July

Annabelle Comes Home


The Lion King

10 July

12 July

19 July

All films are subject to availability. Please check the website for further information



me to Unlimited Want more? Welco

Minimum 12 month subscription. Exclusions apply. Uplifts payable where applicable. Higher monthly fee for West End cinemas. Full terms available at


So whether your a web-slinger or king of the jungle July has some fantastic movies lined up!

Spider man Far from Home

The month of July sees the summer movie season get well underway at your local Cineworld, with everything from technologically staggering Disney remakes to comedic zombie romps ready for you to witness. There’s something for everybody hitting the big screen, so let’s dive in. First up, Spidey swings his way back into an Avengers-less world as part of Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2nd. The superhero sequel sees Peter Parker and his group of friends alive and unsnapped, this time visiting a host of European capital cities as part of a school trip. It isn’t long before Spider-Man’s web-swinging efforts are needed again, however, teaming up with Nick Fury to take down the otherworldly Elementals running rampant. Then, on July 12th, it’s back-to-back laughs in the form of deadpan Zom-Com The Dead Don’t Die and R-rated action comedy Stuber. The former will have you belly aching with laughter at the efforts of a local police force taking on the zombie hordes, while the Dave Bautista/Kumail Nanjiani team-up sees a lowly Uber driver and police detective hilariously on the trail of a terrorist. Finally, it’s what Disney fanatics have been waiting for. Jon Favreau’s The Lion King sees the return of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, welcoming newcomers Donald Glover, Beyoncé and Seth Rogen as Simba, Nala and Pumba respectively. Can you feel the love tonight? You will when it releases this July 19th.

The Lion King


The fun doesn’t stop there as Cineworld Weston and Direct Local Magazine are giving readers a chance to win 2 free cinema tickets. Simply fill out the next page word search. Grab your popcorn and settle in with these great movies coming to Cineworld in July.

The Dead Don’t Die


Cineworld Competition Stuber Lion King Spider Man Dead Zombie Superhero Mysterio Peter Parker Villain Ravaged Mufasa Repercussion

Cineworld Bristol are giving away2 tickets to a movie of your choice . All you need to do is complete the word search and either scan, take a photo on your smart phone and email it to us at: or send it in the post via snail mail to the address below with your address. 7 Hopewell Gardens Shirehampton Bristol BS11 0JS Competition Closes 20/7/19 June month Winner: Fiona Evans

All the details of the entrants will be stored for 2 months securely and NOT be shared with any other third parties except for the winner of the competition in which Cineworld will need the details to contact the winner to collect the prize.

Cineworld Weston Dolphin Square 7 Central Walk Weston-super-Mare BS23 1FF Epic Direct Local Ad 135x92 AW.pdf 1 24/05/2019 15:50:23

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Direct Local North Somerset July 2019  

Welcome to the interactive North Somerset edition of Direct Local Bristol's leading advertising magazine with news, events competitions and...

Direct Local North Somerset July 2019  

Welcome to the interactive North Somerset edition of Direct Local Bristol's leading advertising magazine with news, events competitions and...