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South Bristol December 2016

Designed by Kes aged 7



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Welcome to December’s edition

In this issue 6. Is there still a role for traditional shopping? 10, Hope lies with you!


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Christmas Design a Cover Competition Over the last few weeks Direct Local and Bristol Libraries ran a competition to design a cover for the Christmas editions of South Bristol and North Bristol magazines. Congratulations to Kes aged 7 who designed our fantastic Christmas cover for South Bristol edition. Of course a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the competition and did some awesome designs. Merry Christmas to everyone from Direct Local

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Is there still a role for the more traditional form of shopping? GOVERNMENT

There is no doubt that more people are shopping on line than ever before, but there is still a role for the more traditional form of shopping, especially as it does provide a sense of place for our local Communities. It allows people to meet and interact which of course the internet does not do in the same sense. That is why myself and my colleague Andrew Varney are working with local businesses. What do residents and the Neighbourhood Partnership to consult on the future of the Sandy Park Road area. We want to know what would help improve the shopping experience and how we can support our local businesses, what do residents feel would improve and enhance the shopping area.

We should be looking at all our local shopping areas to help them face the challenges of the future.

Would people want better signage and street furniture or perhaps hanging baskets for example, ? or maybe better disabled parking facilities and dropped kerbs for those with mobility issues.

Sadly the Mayor appears to want to end this local accountability and democracy and resident involvement will be the poorer for it. We already see the Mayor cutting a fifth of Council staff and saying there is no money for local schemes in our areas, whilst finding the money to spend on removing traffic from Frogmore Street.

How about some Christmas lights or a tree? What about using social media to highlight the street to a wider audience.

In Brislington we are indebted to the Brislington Neighbourhood Partnership for their advice and support in formulating amongst other things a consultation strategy. These partnerships were set up by the last Liberal Democrat administration to run Bristol as a way of involving local people in the decisions that affect their area.

Neighbourhood Partnerships are not prefect, but they are local champions in a Country that loves to centralise power in as few hands as possible. If we lose our local Neighbourhood Partnerships then maybe we need to consider urban parish councils as a way to protect localism? Now there's a thought.....

Article by Councillor Jos Clark Liberal Democrat Brislington West Ward

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Key points for business owners 1.

Without a Will your entire estate, including your business assets, passes under the rules of intestacy. These rules were written a long time ago (around 1925) and are unlikely to reflect what you would really want. One example is that it’s highly unlikely that your spouse would inherit everything.


With or without a Will, your Executors may need to be given powers to enable them to carry on your business. The law directs that any business owned by the deceased (other than limited companies) should be sold within 12 months.


Use trusts to protect the business and massively reduce Inheritance Tax: there are major tax benefits to leaving your business in trust. This especially applies to businesses whose value is likely to grow in value. But trusts can also be used to ensure that the income from the business is protected for dependants such as children.


Most businesses are owed money. Your executors need the power to be able to collect that money in. Without a will they only get that power when probate is obtained, which could be many months after the business owner’s death – and by which time the debtor could have disappeared.


If you have shares in a limited company and you die, will your spouse want to be part of the new business? A cross option agreement ensures that the other shareholders are given first refusal to buy the shares; this is often supported by life insurance to ensure they have the money to do so.


If you lose your mental capacity your family will have to apply to the Court of Protection to get control of your assets – this process might take at least 5 months, by which time there may be nothing left of your business. A Lasting Power of Attorney solves this problem by appointing people to manage your affairs in advance, before you lose your capacity.

We can advise on all these things and many more. Why not book a free consultation today to find out how these issues might affect you?

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But the world of politics has been where the really dramatic changes are taking place. Everything unexpected that we thought wouldn’t happen has happened, from the Brexit vote to the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the USA.

Hope lies with you! Well, many of us can’t wait for 2016 to go; what a year it has been. Let’s start with music and the Arts. We have lost so many iconic people from David Bowie at the start of the year to Leonard Cohen recently.

Both geniuses – or should it be genii? Whatever, we can all agree that the music world is a lot poorer without them. Bowie was so creative, always pushing the boundaries. When I heard of Cohen’s passing, shortly after his beloved Marianne who died in August, I felt that I had lost a close friend; he was/is always there in the tough times, looking into my deepest feelings and saying, “hey, you’re not the only one”. From the Acting world, the loss that resonates most is Alan Rickman. He was born to be both the evil, so very nasty, Sherriff of Nottingham in ‘Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves’ and Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies – “Always”. But one film he was in gets overlooked, too lightweight I suppose, but very funny, is “Galaxy Quest”. A straight take –off of ‘Star Trek’ that demonstrates Rickman’s comedy genius. I really recommend it. All left us too soon.

How could you inflict this man on the world, America? He is the supreme ego who will be the Supreme Commander with his fingers on all sorts of dangerous buttons as they are now in all sorts of murky pies.

And Brexit? This country is now in uncharted seas. The £ has fallen dramatically against almost all other currencies, imports will cost more, this Government is already spending tens of millions of our taxes preparing for it and Brexit hasn’t occurred yet. But there is hope. The growth of community groups that are fighting for their beliefs and to make life better for us ordinary folk is inspiring. Look at ACORN here in Bristol, only formed very recently, but already having an impact on Government on reductions in fees charged by Lettings Agents. Look at the resistance to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) started here in Bristol by a group of schoolgirls and now spreading worldwide. There are lots of examples of goodness in the world. Be part of it in 2017. Happy Christmas Everyone Article by Eileen Means

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How to help your arthritic pet during the cold weather A chill in the air can often make your pet’s existing aches and pains more uncomfortable, or even highlight that your pet is suffering from arthritis. If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, there are many easy treatments available that can make your pet’s life more comfortable such as pain relief medication, joint supplements e.g. glucosamine, acupuncture, physiotherapy and heat therapy (or even buying a heated bed).There are other things you can also do to help with your pet’s arthritis during the chilly winter months: · Ensure they have soft, comfortable bedding away from draughts. ·

Protect your pet from cold and wet weather.


Help them to avoid slippery surfaces such as tiles and wooden floors.


It is generally best to exercise dogs ‘little and often’ rather than one long walk


Try to limit the amount of jumping or climbing (e.g. up and down stairs or on to furniture).

Arthritis is a degenerative condition affecting the joints and is very common in cats and dogs. In dogs it can display as lameness, stiffness and pain after resting. In cats, the symptoms can be more subtle, such as the reluctance to jump up, less grooming or sleeping more than usual. At our practice we have a popular scheme called the‘Arthritis Club’. Becoming a member can help to provide your arthritic pet with the extra care they need, including discounted rates on pain relief and supplements, free weight checks, annual blood and urine tests and discounts on diagnostics like x-rays or CT Scans. We also have specialist orthopaedic surgeons and rehabilitation teams that are available if needed. If you suspect your pet may have arthritis or you would like to join our FREE Arthritis Club, call Brislington Veterinary Surgery

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LOCAL WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT CALLS FOR GPS IN BRISTOLTO TALK ABOUT WEIGHT A local weight loss mentor is calling for health professionals in Bristol to be more confident about talking to patients about their weight after a high-profile study found that a short respectful conversation with their GP motivates patients to lose weight, while being pointed towards effective support makes them likely to lose substantially more weight, more successfully. The call from Sarah Bryant, Slimming World Consultant for the Whitchurch and Hengrove group, comes after research published in leading medical journal, The Lancet, found that just a 30-second conversation with their GP motivates patients to lose weight. And, if those conversations are used to direct them to effective weight management services such as Slimming World, the study by the University of Oxford found that patients are five times more likely to be successful. The study tested the impact of sending patients to Slimming World on Referral, which is available in Bristol. Under the Slimming World on Referral scheme, which is now available in around 70 areas of the UK, GPs and other health professionals can refer patients whose weight is affecting their health to Slimming World for regular, convenient, effective and cost-effective support. Sarah said: "This study shows just how important a 30-second conversation can be for someone who is overweight, as well as how effective an NHS referral to a Slimming World group like mine is. I firmly believe that if more GPs and nurses talked sensitively to their patients about weight and referred them to somewhere that they would find effective support to make healthy changes it could change the lives of people.

"People shouldn’t be criticised or punished for their weight. We live in a world where high calorie food is cheap, heavily marketed and readily available and there are fewer opportunities to be active now too. As a result, it’s so easy to gain weight! At Slimming World though, we give people all the tools they need to manage their weight in a healthy way, for life. Each week at my group, members share tips, ideas, recipes and a lot of fun and laughter. There is nothing like learning from the success and experience of others to help you make changes and commit to them. We’ve got members in group of all ages, men and women from every walk of life, with anything from 10lbs to 10 stone and more to lose. The one thing that we all have in common is that we all want to lose or manage our weight. Some members have problems with their health, some are worried about their weight affecting their health, and some just want to feel fitter and better about themselves. "I lost 2 1/2 stone as a Slimming World member myself and it has made an enormous difference to my life. I became a Slimming World Consultant because I wanted to help others by showing that you can lose weight healthily and you don’t have to follow a faddy diet or ever go hungry. And I wanted to be able to share family meals and set a great example. Slimming World’s programme is about following a sensible, healthy eating plan, changing the way that you shop, cook and eat, starting to get more active and above all, working it out with the support of like-minded people," adds Sarah. "This research highlights just how important a conversation with a health professional can be for some people. It needs to be handled in a sensitive and non-judgemental way, and can be successfully done in just 30 seconds. As someone who has had my own struggles with weight myself, I know how important compassion and care is for people when it comes to losing weight, and it would be fantastic if more health professionals in Bristol – and across the country – felt confident and prepared to discuss weight with patients, in a sensitive and supportive way. If they then follow this up by pointing them to proven effective weight loss support like Slimming World, as this study and the latest guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence suggests they should, they could have a big impact on the health of people in our area." To join a local Slimming World group simply pop along or call Sarah on 07879 773888.

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MONDAY St Peters Church Hall School Room, Church Road, Bishopsworth BS13 8JR 5.30pm and 7.30pm Tina: 07841 974 661

WEDNESDAY Bridge Farm Primary School East Dundry Road, Whitchurch, BS14 0LL 5:30pm and 7:30pm Sarah: 07879 443 888

TUESDAY Hengrove Community Centre Fortfield Road Hengrove, BS14 9NX 9:30am Sarah: 07879 443 888

WEDNESDAY The Sartan Club Queens Road Bishopsworth BS13 8LF 9.30am, 11.30am, 5:30pm & 7:30pm Vicky: 07999 617 075

TUESDAY Hengrove Community Centre Fortfield Road Hengrove, BS14 9NX 5:30pm and 7:30pm Emma: 07976 230 391

THURSDAY Christ The Servant Stockwood Road Stockwood BS14 8SP 5pm and 7pm Vicky: 07999 617 075

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STUDY AT ASHTON GATE IN 2017/18 Education opportunities available with the Community Trust. Bristol City Community Trust is giving post-16 students the chance to enrol on to one of six education courses ahead of the 2017/18 academic year. Through its continual growth in strength and capacity, the Trust now has the appropriate sport structure to enable learners to develop life skills, maximise career choices and opportunities through carefully designed qualifications, no matter what their academic or practical level. Such a structure sees the Trust attract and accept a variety of students on to any of the following exciting courses, which range from post-16 college to degree level:

With each course based at the newly-redeveloped Ashton Gate Stadium, where purpose-built facilities are evident, the Trust’s culture of valuing education is bolstered by the learning environment, which inspires an attitude to drive education, personal and social progress, without the fear of failure.

 Level 2 Diploma in Football in

The Trust’s ability, passion and drive to deliver the highest level of education, assists in positive levels of success attained through personalised learning.

Community Settings

 Boys BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Futsal Pathway)

 Girls BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Futsal Pathway)

 LTA BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport (Tennis)

 Foundation Degree in Community Football Coaching and Development

 BA (Hons) Sports Business and Entrepreneurship

Lecturers stay with the same group of students throughout the completion of their respective course, which reiterates the genuine care about personal delivery, allowing for a personalised academic experience where no student is left behind. Each of the above factors contribute to what is a fantastic and unique education experience for prospective students looking to kick-start their career within the sports industry. The education programmes always prove popular and have limited spaces. If you are interested in enrolling on to one of the Trust’s courses, express your interest as soon as possible by calling 0117 963 0636. For more information on each course, visit or email

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Here is what you can expect when caught for drinking and driving -

Please don’t drink and drive this Christmas Drink driving is one of the serious driving offence. If you drink and drive, not only are you jeopardising yourself, you are putting other road users at risk. There are 250 people died due to drink driving and 14% of road accidents were caused by drink driving in 2010. By drinking and driving on the road, you risk your life and those of your passengers and others life. Alcohol can affect your ability to drive, weight, age and body metabolism and increase your stress levels. If you are driving after drinking, the alertness and carefulness will be less and you have trouble to judge your speed and be slower to react to hazards.

      

minimum 12-month driving ban fine of up to £5,000 a criminal record. loosing a job possibility of receiving a community order drastic change in lifestyle when you get your license back, the motor insurance premiums will be higher.

If you are planning to drive then alcohol must be avoided. This can help to reduce the no. of persons who killed or injured every year in road accidents due to drink driving. So drive safely and safe your and others life. The drink driving law is complicated and given the severity of any potential punishment, expert assistance from a qualified solicitor should always be obtained. Many road users are confused by drink drive limits and alcohol levels. The drink drive limit: 35 microgram's of alcohol per 100 milliliters of breath 107 microgram's of alcohol per 100 milliliters of urine what 80 milligram's of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood

So drink and drive, is really not worth the risk. Always follow the road rules and regulations. Never drive under the influence of alcohol. Most learner drivers prepare the questions just for passing the test and tend to forget once they pass their test. But remember the knowledge gained while preparing for theory test should be applied while using the road every time. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE !! PLEASE STAY SAFE THIS FESTIVE SEASON

If you fail a roadside breath test, the police believe that you aren't fit to drive because of drinking and you'll be arrested and taken to a police station. You may be offered a place on rehabilitation courses. The course teaches you more about the effects of alcohol on driving. The period for which you're banned from driving will be reduced by up to a quarter, if you have successfully completed the course.

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Let’s Go Rentals Go Hardcore! Lets Go Rentals has been a sponsor of Pro Wrestling Chaos from the start and offers a wide range of vehicles to rent on a day to day basis contact them on 0117 9612233. Here are some of Hardcore Hollies action at Yate Leisure Centre in a match with The Wild Boar.

Former WWE Superstar Hardcore Holly above promoting Lets Go Rentals at Pro Wrestling Chaos soldout Show at Yate on Saturday 29th October was a massive hit. Bob Holly aka “Hardcore Holly” was born January 29th 1963 and is now a semi retired professional wrester leaving the WWE in 2009.

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November’s competition

Welcome to our Monthly word search. Cineworld Bristol are giving away 2 tickets to any movie you like. All you need to do is complete the word search above and either scan and email it to us with your details at: Or cut out the word search add your name and address Telephone or email and send it to us at: Direct Local Magazine 7 Hopewell Gardens Shirehampton BS11 0JS

Draw will take place on the 14th December with the traditional names in a hat and one lucky winner will get 2 tickets to Cineworld Bristol Hengrove Tickets will be sent by post to your address People must be 16 years or over to enter the Competition. Unless parents consent in writing


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Haynes Breakfast Club Event Date: 4th December Description: Calling all motoring enthusiasts! On the first Sunday of each month they are running a breakfast club open to all marques. Venue: Haynes International Motor Museum Sparkford Yeovil Somerset Christmas at Wild Place Project Event Date: 4th December – 18th December Description: This winter at Wild Place Project, we are getting into the festive spirit with half price entry from December to February half term. Venue: Wild Place Project, Blackhorse Hill, Bristol Victorian Christmas Dinner Event Date: 8th December Description: Step back in time on Brunel’s most extraordinary time machine, the ss Great Britain. Take a journey of Victorian opulence with a sumptuous three course Christmas banquet served in our First Class Dining Saloon, where Brunel will regale guests with stories of his travels. Be entertained by an Irish trio, then dance late into the evening. Venue: Brunels SS Great Britain, Great Western Dockyard Bristol Harbourside Bristol Bristol Grammar School Christmas Market Event Date: 8th December Description: The BGS Christmas Market is back, raising funds for Education for All Morocco. This year, the market will take place on Thursday 8th December and will run from 5.00pm to 7.30pm. Featuring a range of stalls, including: Homemade fudge and other delicious treats Handmade home accessories Christmas gifts Jewellery and ladies accessories Plus live Carol singing and refreshments (turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce rolls; mulled fruit punch; mince pies; and hot and cold drinks). If you would like to have a stall at the market, you can register your interest on the BGS website and you will be emailed further details and a booking form. Stallholders will be asked for a donation of £20, all this money will go to Education for all Morocco (stallholders will keep all their own profits). The market is open to all and we look forward to welcoming you to this lovely festive event. Venue: Bristol Grammar School

Non-Stop 80’s Disco! Event Date: 10th December Description: Relive your memories of the decade that gave the world the sound of pop, the unforgettable 80’s with our Non-Stop 80’s Disco! Venue: BAWA Healthcare & Leisure, 589 Southmead Road Filton Bristol Santas on the Run Event Date: 11th December Description: The annual Santas on the Run 2k fun run is back in Bristol on Sunday 11th December 2016. Grab your family, friends and colleagues (and dog!) and take part in this extraordinary dash across the city dressed as Santa and raise vital funds for local charity, Children’s Hospice South West (CHSW). Venue: Bristol Enchanted Christmas at Bristol Zoo Event Date: 16th December Description: Bristol Zoo invites you to explore and immerse yourself in a magical evening of enchanted Christmas adventures. Venue: Bristol Zoo Gardens Christmas Comedy & Dining Package Event Date: 17th December Description: Andrew Bird is always funny and frequently hilarious. He’s a nimble storyteller, with a relaxed, personable style. He simply proves cracking company, whether he’s got an angle or not. Plus guests. Venue: The Hen and Chicken 210 North Street Bedminster Bristol Christmas at Wild Place Project Event Date: 19th December Description: This winter at Wild Place Project, we are getting into the festive spirit with half price entry from December to February half term. Venue: Wild Place Project, Blackhorse Hill, Bristol Christmas Eve Rock ’n’ Roll Party with The Earl Jackson Band Event Date: 24th December Description: Don’t miss the number one rock ’n’ roll party of the festive season when we welcome back big favourities The Earl Jackson Band. Venue: BAWA Healthcare & Leisure, 589

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Practically a perfect shop for Temple Street Keynsham Practically Perfect Home are a fantastic vintage, antique and collectables shop, with a wide range of quality pre-loved furniture, crockery, paintings, mirrors, collectibles and much much more...

The shop undertakes house clearance and offers a free local delivery service. Just call the shop on 07470 588 448 for more information about this service. They are celebrating a very successful 1st year trading in Temple Street Keynsham, and the launch of the newly expanded shop now also selling vintage & retro pre-loved clothing and accessories for men & women which is proving to be a big hit this year so far.

They also offer a man with van service for all your delivery & pick up needs, a handy & reliable service just get in touch for a quote! Keep up to date with their ever changing stock on the Facebook page practially-prefect-home

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The ultimate boost for femininity and self esteem. Surveys indicate that very many of us don’t actually know what size we are and are too embarrassed to be measured to find out. Even those of us who have been measured before tend to forget that our bodies change as the years go by. The experienced team at multi award winning Perfect Fit in Keynsham, are there to help. Established 25 years ago and have a team of highly experienced fitters, will find just the garment for you, whether you are looking for a lacy, strapless number to go under that little black dress, a sports bra to make exercise a whole lot more comfortable, a first bra, soft bra, balconnet, full cup, underwired, padded basque or a nursing or maternity bra, they’ve got you covered! With a fantastic range from the top manufacturers in sizes from AAA – K and L cup sizes and 28” to 50” backs, the pretty feminine shop at Temple Street is well worth a visit.

Ladies who have undergone breast surgery will be treated sympathetically and discreetly. Perfect Fit stocks special bras with pockets and ordinary non-wired bras that they can put pockets in. They also stock very soft post operation bras to take into hospital to wear until all is healed.

Not just bras, Perfect Fit stocks all kind of support wear from gentle support pants to suck you in all-in ones. High waist pants even support thongs and waist nippers to provide that great hour glass figure. The shop also carries swimwear and nightwear and caters for the more mature lady, whom many other stores seem to have forgotten. We still sell good old fashioned vests, thermals, stockings, petticoats, bed-jackets, warm nightwear, bedsocks and dressing gowns. You name it we’ve got it.

The atmosphere is relaxed yet professional. If you just want to browse among the racks of pretty things that’s fine, but if you want help there will be someone to hand. Customer service comes first at Perfect Fit. There are always 2 or 3 experienced fitters in the shop at all times because being fitted by a qualified professional is the only way to be sure of a perfect fit. The very many long-standing satisfied customers would certainly agree. When we asked Debbie about her plans for the future she said “Perfect Fit will be here for many years to come, continuing to provide a fantastic service and looking forward to the new Temple Street in Keynsham”

@perfectfitkeynsham 34. Call Direct Local on 07500 017236 * * www.DirectLocalOnline com

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An independent record store for Keynsham Longwell records is an independent record store operating in Keynsham since 2016

At Longwell Records we have a very healthy stock of second hand and new vinyl records & CDs, we also stock some used musical related DVDs. We cover most genres at Longwell Records from rock to classical music.

At Longwell Records we also hold live music events. We have recently had film maker & author of Last shop standing Graham Jones who showed the film and held a discussion in Keynsham arranged by Longwell Records. We also buy record collections and it is best to call in the shop first or call us to discuss terms.

Since opening the shop ithis year we have built up a great regular customer base who tell us that we are very cheap in regard to other sources they use to purchase vinyl and we are very friendly and knowledgeable.


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Winter solstice is soon to be upon us, and this time it will be the oak king who will reign for the next six months. At this time, we have the shortest amount of daylight and the longest amount of darkness. The old name for this time is Yule. And the chocolate cake with the same name, represents the log of wood that was used as hearth fire. This was in the old days, when most houses had one large open fire, that was used as heating, as well as for cooking. The new Yule log, would be lit from the old one. Also our Ancestors lit fires to call the Sun back, to bring the light and warmth to help grow the new crops in the spring. It is interesting that Solstice is the 21st December and Christmas is the 25th, and this is the Son’s birth. Notice the spellings are different, and both are bringers of light. The Christmas tree, lights and other greenery symbolise everlasting life, and the lights are for the Solstice Sun's return . MUCH LOVE AND BLESSINGS, AND MAY PEACE AND LIGHT BE WITH YOU AT THIS BLESSED TIME. Blessings Marie, - Akasha Destiny

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We are a modern thinking, well-established firm of solicitors with a long and successful history that can be traced back to the mid-19th Century. We're not a corporate law firm and because of that we can offer you an affordable, high quality, personal service. We understand that when you need a solicitor it is likely to be during a difficult time. We aim to take the stress out of the process by offering constructive advice and answering all your questions. If you need help with a legal matter or simply want to talk to someone about your options, please contact us to see how we can help. We will talk to you at the outset about:  Who will deal with your affairs  How we will handle your case  The cost of our legal services Our open and friendly service will take the drama out of any legal crisis by getting to the crux of a problem, determining your objectives and explaining the law in clear and simple terms; without the jargon. We will explain the process every step of the way and inform you of the likely costs and timescales so you always know where you stand. We have the expertise to answer most of your queries within the firm, but if we can't, we will refer you within our wide network of trusted contacts. At the outset, you will be given the name of the person dealing with your work and their assistants, our terms of business and the procedures for dealing with any complaint. We are not a large corporate firm and we believe that our charges are more affordable than many of our competitors, our service more personal and our style more approachable. We hope you will agree! The majority of our new clients come to us by recommendation. We pride ourselves on our good communication and approachability; the standard of service we have always set ourselves is now formulated in the following charter. We think that being a great solicitor is more than giving great advice, it's about providing great service and support, and as such we promise to:     

reply to your letters and telephone calls promptly send you copies of all important correspondence provide regular progress reports see you promptly for appointments keep any funds, deeds, Wills or documents you entrust to us safe and secure  return any monies to you at the end of your matter or when they are due

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