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Today’s Applicant, Tomorrow’s Alumni In choosing a college, experts suggest in-person visits, discerning vocation Story by Patrick T. Brown Associate Editor



t’s only four years – the length of a presidential term, the span between Olympic Games, enough time to build the Golden Gate Bridge – but it’s often referred to as “the best four years of your life.”

“Students look for an environment where they can feel safe and become part of a community”


Juliette GarciaFlahaut, last year’s valedictorian in Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville, said that an in-person visit to the University of Notre Dame helped her experience the school’s strong feeling of community spirit and helped make up her college decision. Wikimedia photo

Regardless of that claim’s veracity, the decision of choosing where to spend four years has wide-ranging influence on the classes taken, the careers pursued and the way graduating high school seniors will be shaped and formed as they enter adulthood. A whole industry has sprung up to help inform the decision-making process – U.S. News and World Report ranks all of America’s colleges and universities in order of imputed prestige, while the Princeton Review’s “Best Colleges in America” guide lists colleges on everything from “Best Campus Food” to “Best Health Services.” But when it comes to the college experience that will shape the whole person, from academics to extra-curricular activities to faith, the overflow of information can prove to be inadequate for students and parents discerning where to invest the time, energy and financial resources that will, at least in theory, end up in a bachelor’s degree four years later. In choosing the right college, said Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., “Students look for an environment where they can feel safe and become part of a community.” Some students will focus on “academics and majors as a priority, academic rank and reputation…Some others will prioritize things like fitness centers, computer access, social life. If the Catholic faith is not part of the equation, I’d wonder what else about the

During 12 years as president of The Catholic University of America, thenFather David M. O’Connell, C.M., found that the best Catholic colleges and universities offer a vibrant life of faith that permeates their campus.

Photo courtesy The Catholic University of America

institution is drawing them to the campus,” said Bishop O’Connell, who served as president of The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., from 1998-2010. “Balance is the key. The campus has to be a match, the ‘right fit.’” Seeking that ‘right fit’ can take years to prepare for, but making the decision may only take a few weeks. For Juliette Garcia-Flahaut, a West Windsor native who now attends the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind., the beginning of her senior year was when her college search began to come into focus. “I chose to apply to only six schools because I knew that applying to a multitude would not facilitate the process,” said GarciaFlahaut, who graduated from Notre Dame High School in 2015. “I actually only started thinking about Notre Dame at the beginning of my senior year.”

“Fit is important, and it’s probably the underlying intangible that is most important when they are visiting schools,” said Kevin Deal, a guidance counselor at Notre Dame High School, Lawrenceville. “But there’s lots and lots of variables we encourage students to take a look at during the process, and in turn, have the families take a look at.”

Identifying as Catholic In applying the colleges and universities, not all Catholic high school students will be drawn to continuing their education under the auspices of a Catholic institution. “For some students, especially the ones who have been through twelve years of Catholic education,” Deal said, “they’ll sometimes want to experiment with other options.” Deal added that Notre Dame High School’s strong relationships with relatively nearby Catholic universities such as Duquesne University in Pittsburgh or Providence College in Rhode Island will lead some students to visit and come back “pleasantly surprised” at the values-based environment, even if they were explicitly seeking a Catholic education. For students looking for a more “prestigious” environment also often find themselves drifting away from looking at Catholic colleges. Of the top fifty colleges listed on the U.S. News and World Report “Best Colleges” rankings, only three – the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, and Boston College – are Catholic. But for other students and families, knowing how seriously Catholic colleges and universities take their Catholic identity can be a large factor in a college application decision. In 2008, the national magazine Our Sunday Visitor suggested some questions for students interested in learning more about how seriously Catholic colleges take their faith, including: “Are residence halls co-ed or singlesex?” “Is daily Mass offered on campus?” and “What classes are required as part of the core See Decisions • C-3


MARCH 24, 2016 • TrentonMonitor.com

Decisions regarding college rely on faith, vocation, in-person visits Continued from • C-2 curriculum?” Those queries may suffice for some, but not all questions about atmosphere and values can be answered in such clear-cut questions. “The two most important things to look for in a college or university is mission and witness,” said Chad Pecknold, who teaches historical and systematic theology at the Catholic University of America. “Examine all of the institution’s literature – not just the university as a whole, but even the descriptions of each of the schools and departments which make up the college or university… “If you are able to visit a campus, try to meet some professors. Ask them how their faith informs their scholarship. Similarly, can you carry on interesting conversations with the students? Are they well-rounded and excited about their classes? Are they embarrassed about their faith, or are they confident in the truth of it?” For Garcia-Flahaut, who was the valedictorian of her graduating class at NDHS, the Catholic identity of her choice wasn’t an explicit factor – but it ended up being an important one. “I honestly did not give much preference to attending a Catholic university,” she said. “However, it makes sense that the school where I felt most comfortable was, in fact, Catholic. Something about having similar values to those around you makes it much easier to feel ‘at home.’”

An Up-Close Look At Notre Dame High School, students are encouraged to use a software program that provides them a customized list of colleges and universities that match their background and interest, said Deal, who has been a counselor at the school for fifteen years. Some of the students will also enroll in a two-week


comes to picking the right school, says Catholic University professor Chad Pecknold, students should ponder not only what degree they’ll receive, as these students are doing at Boston College’s commencement ceremonies. but what kind of person they’ll become. Photo courtesy Boston College

seminar in the summer before their senior year designed to give them personalized advice in ensuring the applications are successfully submitted. Sometimes, that counsel will include gentle encouragement to take a second look at schools that may not be the best fit. “It never ceases to amaze me at how many students want to go to a big school with sports, the March Madness, the football,” said Deal, who has a case load of about sixty students each year. “It becomes very attractive to kids, but they may have only gone to two football games during their time at Notre Dame. There’s a lot that kids struggle with in focusing on, and I’m not sure they’re always aware of it.” One way of ensuring an accurate representation of the campus environment can be to make a campus visit – not just during a summer or break, when, as Deal points out, campuses may be less lively, but during the school year itself. Garcia-Flahaut said that her in-person campus visit was instrumental in confirming her choice. “I only knew for sure that I wanted

EDUCATION GROUNDED IN VALUES • Students looking for an environment that affirms their faith often find welcome in Catholic colleges and universities such as Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, whose Chapel of the Holy Spirit is seen here. Stock photo via Flickr

to attend Notre Dame after I visited the campus and felt the community spirit,” she said. Joyce Masek, executive director of the National Catholic College Admission Association, a nonprofit organization of Catholic colleges and universities committed to helping Catholic students in the transition to college, agreed that an in-person visit to campuses can help affirm a decision or answer questions about each school’s unique environment. “Ask current students questions, sit in on classes, attend extracurricular meetings, attend Mass on campus. Don’t go on face value or depend solely on one person’s experience to develop your decision,” said Masek. A campus visit can illuminate some questions that are harder to discern from a distance, Bishop O’Connell said. “A Catholic university allows the Catholic faith to be perceptibly present and to thrive. Look for signs and symbols of Catholicity on campus. Look at course offerings, look at faculty profiles, look for campus ministry and when or how often Mass is offered.”

Investing Years and Thousands of Dollars Pecknold says that in discerning the right choice for their four years at college, students should rely on a wide array of advice beyond just their friends or national rankings. “Students often do not consult with their parents or their priests enough. They look to where their peers are going, or they start to think that colleges are their sports teams, or that their location is the key factor. The truth is that they often do not know why they are going to college other than that it’s the thing to do. But college isn’t easy, and it’s expensive,” said Pecknold. During his time at Notre Dame High School helping students think through these conversations, Deal says that the recognition of college as investment has become increasingly prevalent over the last fifteen years. “As college has gotten more expensive, [the process] has become more intense. Depending on the student, the school’s guidance counselors will provide more or less advice when the decisions are in. “We’re available to advise, and many times what See Prayer • C-11

“Ask current students questions, sit in on classes, attend extracurricular meetings, attend Mass on campus.”



Trenton faithful send $120k plus to Catholic University


atholics from the Diocese of Trenton have joined with faithful nationwide to provide valuable financial support to the students attending The Catholic University of America, Washington. Funds that were collected at Masses in September 2015, have been added to contributions from dioceses across the country to aid those clergy, religious and lay undergraduate and graduate students seeking a Catholic education. In a March 8 letter from CUA president John Garvey to Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., who served as CUA’s president from 1998-2010, Garvey expressed his appreciation for the $121,642 of support received from the Trenton Diocese. “Each diocesan contribution to the National Collection concretely demonstrates the Body of Christ at work in the world. [It] will be used to help support … students from your diocese making their education at Catholic University possible,” Garvey wrote. “In combination with institutional resources and scholarship awards, the 2015 National Collection enabled the University to award financial aid to 80 percent of our undergraduate students.” A report issued by CUA shows 202


More than 200 young people from the Diocese of Trenton are students at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., which welcomed Pope Francis during his visit to the United States last September. Photo via The Catholic University of America

students from the four counties of the Trenton Diocese are enrolled in the school; 87 percent of them, or 175, receive financial aid for their room and board and general tuition needs. The total combined student support totals $3,156,969. “In all of American history, a pope has visited a university campus on only four occasions. Three of those visits – St. John Paul II in 1979, Pope Benedict XVI in 2008 and Pope Francis in 2015 - were

to our campus,” Garvey continued. “This unprecedented record is a powerful reminder of Catholic University’s unique relationship to the Holy See, as it informs our identity and guides our work.” The Catholic University of America is the only U.S. university with pontifi-

cal faculties; students from all 50 states and almost 100 countries are enrolled in its 12 schools. The founding bishops of the Washington institution made the commitment to offer scholarships to worthy students at its foundation in 1887. CUA provides a Catholic education to clergy, religious and lay men and women in both undergraduate and doctoral academic programs. Garvey concluded the letter, “As St. John Paul II reminded us almost 36 years ago when he visited our campus, ‘the responsibility for maintaining and strengthening the Catholic identity of the University rests primarily with us.’ We appreciate the Diocese of Trenton’s dedicated partnership and, again, offer our thanks for your generous contribution.”

Pittsburgh conference to address New Evangelization on campuses

College students and educators are invited to participate in a May 23-25 conference about the Church and its role in higher education, offered at St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pa. Cardinal Donald Bishop Robert Barron, Dr. Carolyn Woo, Wuerl, Archbishop Auxiliary Bishop of CEO of Catholic Titled “The New of Washington Los Angeles Relief Services Evangelization and of the whole arrangement, if you will, Higher Education: The Vision of Pope includes the spiritual dimension of Francis,” the conference is in response to the call of the Pope for campus minis- human life with the moral values that follow on realization that we do not live ters and personnel of both Catholic and by bread alone,” Cardinal Wuerl said. non-Catholic colleges and universities Dr. Woo said that Pope Francis “dito engage in a process of providing sturects his message of God’s limitless love dents with a personal encounter with and mercy to all, including prisoners, Jesus Christ. • 55+ including areas of study including 5-YearJustice, MBA, Criminal Justice, + areas of study 5-Year MBA, Criminal the lowliest in society. There is no ‘they’ Featured speakers include Cardinal Cybersecurity, Nursing and Education bersecurity, Nursing and Education in his lexicon. There is only the part Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washing• Honors study abroad opportunities and internship opportunities nors Program, studyProgram, abroad and internship in each of us which strays from God’s ton, who will speak on Pope Francis’ vi• 55+ areas of study including 5-Year MBA, Criminal Justice, grace and the part of us that seeks God sion; Dr. Carolyn Woo, CEO of Catholic • United Fellows Program ited Nations FellowsNations Program Cybersecurity, Nursing and Education • 55+ areas of study including 5-Year MBA, Criminal Justice, despite our own hardness.” Relief Services, on “The Encounter with • 55+ areas of study including 5-Year MBA, Criminal Justice, • Generous scholarships and nancial aid nerous scholarships and financial aid Cybersecurity, Nursing andfi Education “Christianity is not a set of private Christ;” Bishop Robert Barron, AuxCybersecurity, Nursing and Education • Honors Program, study abroad and internship opportunities • Honors Program, study abroad and internship opportunities 10•miles from NYC convictions that we cultivate inwardly miles from •NYC iliary Bishop of Los Angeles, who will Honors Program, studyFellows abroad and internship opportunities • United Nations Program • United Nations Fellows Program or whisper among ourselves,” Bishop speak about the impact of social media; Division II athletics CAA Division•IINCAA athletics • United Nations Fellows Programand financial aid • Generous scholarships Barron said in materials made available • Generous scholarships and financial aid and Dr. William Portier, University of • Generous scholarships and financial aid by conference organizers. “It is a message Dayton, on “Curriculum and Catholic • 10•miles from NYC 10 miles from NYC VISIT FELICIAN! VISIT FELICIAN! that the whole world needs to hear. We • 10 miles from NYC Identity,” as well as many others. • NCAA Division II athletics • NCAA Division II athletics Student-guided tours depart from the historic Castle on the Student-guided tours depart from the historic Castle on the who have heard it must become agents “Science without ethics, art without • 55+ areasDivision of study including 5-Year MBA, Criminal Justice, • NCAA II athletics Rutherford campus Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Rutherford campus Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. of subversion and transformation.” spirituality, technology without human VISIT Nursing FELICIAN! Cybersecurity, and Education VISIT tours FELICIAN! Student-guided depart from the historic Castle on the Lodging and meals will be included moral values, materiality without tranVISIT FELICIAN! Rutherford campus Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. • Honors Program, study abroad and internship opportunities Student-guided tours depart from the historic Castle on the in the cost of registration for the conscendence remain branches in search of Questions? 201.355.1465 Questions? 201.355.1465 Student-guided tourscampus depart from the historic Castle onatthe Rutherford Monday through Friday 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ference, which is $350, and student a vine,” said Cardinal Wuerl, in a state• UnitedRutherford Nationsadmissions@felician.edu Fellows Program campus Monday through Friday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. admissions@felician.edu Questions? 201.355.1465 registration is $250. Transportation will ment on the St. Vincent College website. admissions@felician.edu • Generous scholarships and financial aid Questions? 201.355.1465 be provided from Pittsburgh Airport. “All the branches must be connectQuestions? 201.355.1465 Felician University is Sponsored University is Sponsored by the Felician Sisters by the Felician Sisters To register online, visit www. •Felician 10 miles from NYC ed to the vine of truth and this includes admissions@felician.edu Felician University is Sponsored by the Felician Sisters admissions@felician.edu stvincent.edu/newevangelization, or call revealed truth, God’s Word. Part of ST Division •ANCAA II EDUCATION athletics 21 CENTURY BASED ON TIMELESS VALUES 1 ST CENTURY EDUCATION BASED ON TIMELESS VALUES A 21 ST CENTURY EDUCATION BASED ON TIMELESS VALUES 724-805-2177. our rootedness, part of the plant, part Felician University is Sponsored by the Felician Sisters

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS at Felician University! at Felician University! EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS at Felician University! atatFelician Felician University! University!

EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS at Felician University!

Felician University is Sponsored by the Felician Sisters



MARCH 24, 2016 • www.TrentonMonitor.com

Catholic colleges and universities in the Middle States region Alvernia University Reading, PA

Website: www.alvernia.edu Address: 400 Saint Bernardine St., Reading, PA 19607-1799 Enrollment: 2,205 Campus setting: City Contact: 610-796-8269

Cabrini College Radnor, PA

Founded: 1957 Affiliation: Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Website: www.cabrini.edu Address: 610 King of Prussia Rd., Radnor, PA 190873698 Enrollment: 1,366 undergraduate, 1,625 graduate Campus size: 112 acres Admissions: 610-902-8753 Cabrini College is a coeducational, Catholic college located in Radnor, Pennsylvania, 30 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. Founded in 1957 by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (MSC), the College is committed to social justice locally and globally, offering students service opportunities in Africa, South and Central America, and West Virginia. Cabrini offers more than 30 undergraduate majors and programs of study in the liberal

arts, sciences and professional studies. Students learn in small classes taught by faculty members who are known for scholarly excellence in their fields. There are nearly 50 student clubs and organizations in academic fields, sports, community service, publications and media, student government, the arts, and other areas. Cabrini has a strong reputation in Division III athletics, with 16 sports for men and women. For more information or to schedule a visit: www.cabrini.edu or call 800-848-1003.

Caldwell University Caldwell, NJ

Founded: 1939 Affiliation: Sisters of St. Dominic of Caldwell Website: www.caldwell.edu Address: 120 Bloomfield Ave., Caldwell, NJ Enrollment: 2,200 Campus size: 70 acres Admissions: 973-618-3500

Caldwell University is a Catholic, co-ed, four year liberal arts institution with a core curriculum that enhances critical thinking and analytical reasoning. Offering 29 undergraduate and 24 graduate programs including distance learning, Caldwell prepares students for today’s global world. Students enjoy a beautiful 70-acre campus located in the suburbs of Caldwell, New Jersey. The university was founded by the Sisters of Saint Dominic of Caldwell. Core values of respect, integrity, community and excellence influence academic and campus life. Caldwell has the first and only Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a science based approach to learning that is highly effective in treating children with autism. The university recently opened a state of the art Center for Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Canisius College Buffalo, NY

Founded: 1870 Affiliation: Jesuit Website: www.canisius.edu Address: 2001 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14208 Enrollment: 3,369 undergraduate, 1,742 graduate Campus size: 72 acres Admissions: 716-888-2200; 800-843-1517 Conducted in the Catholic and Jesuit

tradition, Canisius College is the largest, private university in Western New York. It is one of 28 Jesuit colleges in the nation and consistently ranked among the top regional colleges in the Northeast, as well as a best value private institution. Canisius College provides students a highly personalized education solidly based in the liberal arts. Class sizes are small. The student-faculty ratio of 11:1 allows students to work closely with their professors, often publishing or presenting scholarly articles based on joint research. The college’s three schools (College of Arts & Sciences, Richard J. Wehle School of Business and School of Education & Human Services) offer more than 1,000 courses and 125 distinct majors, minors and special programs combined. New academic programs include animal behavior, ecology and conservation; creative writing; journalism; international business, and sports management. Courses are offered in state-of-the-art campus facilities and in out-of-class settings through exciting field study. Science Hall, a new, interdisciplinary science center, opened in the heart of campus in 2012.

Carlow University Pittsburgh, PA

Website: www.carlow.edu Address: 3333 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA

Enrollment: 1,615 Campus setting: City Contact: 800-333-2275

Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1924 Affiliation: Sisters of St. Joseph Website: www.chc.edu Address: 9601 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19118 Enrollment: 1,500 undergraduates Campus size: 75 acres Admissions: 215-248-7001 Founded on the philosophy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph more than 85 years ago, Chestnut Hill College offers an educational experience that goes beyond the lecture hall, the reading list, or the library. A Chestnut Hill education is founded on the fact that people deserve an individualized, holistic education. This holistic approach inspires a passion for learning, builds a collaborative learning community, and creates wellrounded individuals, prepared to excel in all aspects of their lives. Located in Philadelphia’s beautiful Chestnut Hill neighborhood, students can hike the trails, spend a night on the town, or just relax on campus. Students will study within the Liberal Arts tradition, while pursuing one of our 30 majors. On Listing continued on C 6

know your name · Professors prepare you for a career · Internships challenge you · Academics · Campus life encourages you to lead

www.neumann.edu @NeumannUniv One Neumann Drive • Aston, PA 19014-1298

Paskill staPleton & loRD


Listing continued from C 5 campus activities range from theater and musical groups to honor societies to the many service based organizations serving others in need. Visit our campus to discover for yourself: www. chc.edu\visit.

College of Mount Saint Vincent Bronx, NY

Founded: 1847 Affiliation: Catholic Website: www.mountsaintvincent.edu Address: 6301 Riverdale Ave., Riverdale, NY 10471 Enrollment: 1,500 Campus size: 70 acres Admissions: 718-405-3223 Founded in 1847, the College of Mount Saint Vincent is a coeducational, independent institution rooted in the spirit and mission of the Sisters of Charity and committed to the liberal arts. The College’s undergraduate and master’s level degree programs prepare its uncommonly diverse students for lives of professional achievement and service.

College of Notre Dame of Maryland Baltimore, MD

Website: www.ndm.edu Address: 4501 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21210-2476 Enrollment: 1,338 Campus setting: City Contact: 410-435-0100

College of Saint Elizabeth Morristown, NJ

Founded: 1899 Affiliation: Sisters of Charity Website: www.cse.edu Address: 2 Convent Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960-6989 Enrollment: 1,200 Campus size: 200 acres Contact: 800-210-7900 The mission of the College of Saint Elizabeth is to be a coeducational community of learning in the Catholic liberal arts tradition for students of diverse ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College has a strong tradition of concern for the poor and developing leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility. The College offers 19 undergraduate programs, 10 master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees, professional certificates and certifications. CSE is home to more than 1,200 students enrolled in the daytime college or in one of the adult undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral programs that meet nights, weekends, and online. CSE also understands that lessons instilled outside the classroom are just as valuable as those learned inside it. Students have the opportunity for internships, service-learning, and study abroad to foster the lifelong skills of service and leadership.

DeSales University Center Valley, PA

Founded: 1964 Affiliation: Salesian Website: www.desales.edu Address: 2755 Station Ave., Center Valley, PA 18034 Enrollment: 1,500 undergraduate, 1,000 graduate Campus size: 480 acres Admissions: 610-282-1100 ext. 1277

Dominican College Orangeburg, NY

Website: www.cd.edu Address: 470 Western Hwy., Orangeburg, NY 10962 Enrollment: 1,197 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 845-359-7800

Duquesne University Pittsburgh, PA

Founded: 1878 Affiliation: Spiritan (Holy Spirit Fathers, formerly Holy Ghost Fathers) Website: www.duq.edu Address: 600 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15282 Enrollment: 10,363 Campus size: 50 acres Admissions: 412-396-5211 Duquesne University is a private, coeducational university located on a bluff above downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1878 as a Catholic college by the Order of the Holy Spirit, Duquesne is the largest and most comprehensive Catholic university in Pennsylvania, and the only Spiritan institution of higher education in the world. Duquesne is consistently ranked among America’s top Catholic universities for its award-winning faculty and a tradition of academic excellence. A coeducational university on a selfcontained campus with dramatic views of Pittsburgh’s skyline and rivers, the university has students representing nearly every state in the union and 80 nations. Duquesne has a 14:1 student/faculty ratio, and 87 percent of incoming freshman are drawn from the top half of their high school class. Duquesne offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in natural and environmental sciences, leadership, business, nursing, health sciences, pharmacy, law, education, music and the liberal arts, which includes communication.

D’Youville College Buffalo, NY

Founded: 1908 Affiliation: Catholic Website: www.dyc.edu Address: 320 Porter Ave., Buffalo, NY 14201 Enrollment: 3,100 Campus size: 7 acres Admissions: 716-829-7600 D’Youville, a private institution chartered in 1908 in Buffalo, N.Y., provides a quality education in undergraduate,


master’s level, post-baccalaureate and doctoral programs and enrolls approximately 3,100 students including a significant number of Canadians. It also offers advanced certificate programs in health-related professions. Long a leader in teacher education and health care education, D’Youville today features accelerated five-year dual degree programs in international business, nursing, physician assistant, occupational therapy and dietetics. There is also a RN to BSN degree program in nursing and a five-year program in education. A new pharmacy program in 2010 added to D’Youville’s stature as an international leader in health care education. A strong liberal arts core is a requirement for all majors, ensuring a well rounded education. D’Youville’s scholarships for qualified students make a D’Youville education very affordable. The college has just been designated as a military “friendly” institute, ranking in the top 15 percent of all colleges and universities nationwide. Known for its small, caring environment that provides an opportunity for personal success, D’Youville honors its Catholic heritage and the spirit of St. Marguerite d’Youville by providing academic, social, spiritual and professional development in programs that emphasize leadership and service. It teaches students to contribute to the world community by leading compassionate, productive and responsible lives.

Felician University Rutherford, NJ

Founded: 1942 Affiliation: Felician Sisters Website: www.felician.edu Address: One Felician Way, Rutherford, NJ 07070 Enrollment: 2,100 Campus size: 40 acres across two locations Admissions: 201-355-1465

Life at Felician University is anchored in the classroom, with outstanding professors, interesting courses, and challenging, hands-on learning experiences. What are you going to study? Choose from a broad selection of majors, minors and concentrations in the arts and sciences, business, nursing and education. You will sense a commitment to you that is deeply rooted in our Catholic/ Franciscan spirit, which embodies our love of learning, commitment to service and respect for all creation. Diversity is central to student learning at Felician University. You will find a comfortable

and inclusive setting where you will become prepared for an increasingly complex and diverse society. The best way to experience our Felician University spirit is to visit us – tour our residence halls, meet students or attend an athletic event. We have 14 Golden Falcon men’s and women’s teams participating in NCAA Division II sports..

Fordham University Bronx, NY

Founded: 1841 Affiliation: Jesuit Website: www.fordham.edu Address: 441 East Fordham Rd., Bronx, NY 10458 Enrollment: 14,700 Campus size: 93 acres across two locations Admissions: 718-817-4000 Located in the world capital of culture and commerce–New York, N.Y.–Fordham offers a distinctive educational experience rooted in the nearly 500-yearold Jesuit tradition of intellectual rigor and personal attention. Students choose from more than 55 majors in the liberal arts, sciences and business and complete a rich core curriculum that spans literature, history, science, theology, philosophy, and the arts. Fordham’s tradition of academic excellence and the great city of New York as its partner attract students from around the globe. The University is comprised of four undergraduate colleges and six graduate and professional schools. Along with its two residential campuses–Rose Hill, 85 acres in the Bronx; and Lincoln Center, eight acres in the heart of Manhattan– Fordham has a campus in Westchester N.Y., the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station in Armonk, N.Y., and the London Centre at Heythrop College in the United Kingdom.

receives top-tier rankings from FORBES, U.S. News & World Report and Kiplingers, and The Cardinal Newman Society’s Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

Gannon University Erie, PA

Founded: 1925 Affiliation: Roman Catholic Website: www.gannon.edu Address: 109 University Square, Erie, PA 16541 Enrollment: 4,219 Campus size: 13 acres Admissions: 800-426-6668 Gannon University, located in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, is a private university with dynamic faculty and staff who educate more than 4,200 motivated students in an environment focused on Catholic values. Gannon has been consistently ranked among the top 50 colleges and universities in the northern section of the United States in U.S. News & World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.” Gannon is also nationally recognized for its commitment to service. Students are empowered to become leaders in their professions, churches and communities through challenging academics, a wide range of campus organizations, 18 NCAA Division II varsity athletics teams and personal attention for each student. Believe…in the possibilities at Gannon University.

Georgian Court University Lakewood, NJ

Steubenville, OH

Founded: 1908 Affiliation: Sisters of Mercy Website: www.georgian.edu Address: 900 Lakewood Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701 Enrollment: 2,555 Campus size: 156 acres Admissions: 732-987-2700

Founded: 1946 Affiliation: Franciscan Friars Website: www.franciscan.edu Address: 1235 University Blvd., Steubenville, OH, 43952 Enrollment: 2,500 Campus size: 252 acres Admissions: 800-783-6220; mweber@franciscan.edu Franciscan University of Steubenville’s goal is to educate, evangelize, and send forth joyful disciples of Christ to be a transforming presence in the Church and the world. Located just 30 minutes from Pittsburgh in southeast Ohio, Franciscan University offers more than 40 undergraduate and eight graduate programs that prepare students for a wide range of careers and vocations. A popular study-abroad program in Austria, mission trips across the U.S. and to five countries, more than 40 clubs, and Christ-centered, virtue-driven NCAA athletics are just some ways students can grow in body, mind, and spirit. Confession, daily Mass, 24-hour Eucharistic Adoration, and pro-life outreaches, help students seek ongoing personal conversion in the power of the Holy Spirit. Each year, Franciscan University

Georgian Court University was founded in 1908 by the Sisters of Mercy and has served the Diocese of Trenton for all of their foundations. Originally founded as a woman’s college, it has expanded by adding coed evening classes and a coed graduate school with expanded academic offerings which include mentoring and leadership opportunities. Located on a beautiful 156-acre campus and situated between New York City and Philadelphia-and minutes from the Jersey Shore-GCU offers more than 25 undergraduate majors and eight graduate programs. Small classes and an intimate campus make students feel they have come to a place where they can pursue and conquer the challenges facing the workplace and the world of today. Most courses also have a service Listing continued on C 7

Franciscan University of Steubenvile


MARCH 24, 2016 • www.TrentonMonitor.com

Listing continued from C 6 –learning experience where students can embrace the university’s core values of justice, respect, integrity, service and compassion.

Gwynedd-Mercy College Gwynedd Valley, PA

Founded: 1948 Affiliation: Catholic, Sisters of Mercy Website: www.gmercyu.edu Address: 1325 Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 Enrollment: 2,500 Campus size: 160 acres Admissions: 800-342-5462 Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1948, Gwynedd-Mercy College is a coeducational institution offering more than 40 associate, bachelors and masters and doctorate degree programs. GMercyU prepares students to become top professionals in the fields of education, nursing, allied health, business, and the arts & sciences. Situated on 160 private acres just 30 minutes from Philadelphia, students enjoy the best of all worlds. They can enjoy a beautiful campus, complete with four residence halls, 19 NCAA Division III athletic teams, and many clubs and service opportunities, as well as take advantage of everything Philadelphia has to offer. Students also benefit from generous scholarships and access

to other financial aid. In 2015, 100 percent of first-time, full-time students received some form of financial aid.

Hilbert College Hamburg, NY

Website: www.hilbert.edu Address: 5200 S. Park Ave., Hamburg, NY 14075-1597 Enrollment: 994 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 716-649-7900

Holy Family University

Philadelphia, PA Founded: 1954 Affiliation: Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth Website: www.holyfamily.edu Address: 9801 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19114 Enrollment: 3,345 Campus size: 138 acres over four locations Admissions: 215-637-3050 Holy Family University, a comprehensive private university serving the Delaware Valley, has three convenient locations offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business administration, education, nursing, and the liberal arts and sciences. The university also has accelerated degree programs for working adults. The Northeast Philadelphia Campus

offers traditional undergraduate programs and several graduate programs. The Woodhaven Center in Bensalem is home to the university’s accelerated programs. The Newtown Center in Newtown Township has graduate programs, accelerated program courses, an undergraduate program in education and corporate training programs.

Immaculata University Immaculata, PA

Founded: 1920 Affiliation: Immaculate Heart of Mary Website: www.immaculata.edu Address: 1145 King Rd., P.O. Box 642, Immaculata, PA 19345 Enrollment: 1,000 full-time undergraduate students Campus size: 375 acres Admissions: 610-647-4400 Immaculata University is a Catholic, comprehensive, coeducational institution of higher education sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Its programs, rooted in academic rigor, ethical integrity and Christian core values, encourage a commitment to lifelong learning and professional excellence. With belief in the dignity and potential of all men and women, Immaculata integrates students into a community of service and empowers them to assume meaningful roles in a diverse and changing world.

Students can choose from 60 majors including biology, business, education, fashion merchandising, music therapy, nursing and pre-physical therapy. There are also over 50 clubs and organizations, study-abroad options and 16 NCAA Division III Athletic teams. Contributing to the development of the whole person of any faith, Immaculata affirms liberal education as an integrative process in the formation of a truly educated person who is value-oriented and committed to truth, service, justice and peace.

Iona College

New Rochelle, NY Founded: 1940 Affiliation: Congregation of Christian Brothers Website: www.iona.edu Address: 715 North Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801 Enrollment: 3,250 Campus size: 35 acres Admissions: 800-231-4662 Iona College is a diverse community of learners and scholars dedicated to academic excellence in the tradition of the Christian Brothers and American Catholic Higher Education. Iona is a medium-sized, coed Catholic college situated on 35 acres in suburban New Rochelle, NY just 20 minutes from New York City. There are 3,250 undergraduate students who study in over 40 majors and the student-teacher ratio is 13:1. In recent years the College has been transformed with the addition

of a student union, enhanced athletics facilities and expanded and renovated main library. There are five residence halls, a robust study abroad program and exceptional internship opportunities. Campus Ministries provides opportunities for service programs and there are more than 75 clubs and student activities for co and extra- curricular activities. Iona’s 21 NCAA Division I athletic teams (the Gaels) compete in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC). The College is currently listed in US News and World Report’s “Top Tier” in “America’s Best Colleges 2011”, The Princeton Review’s Best Northeastern Colleges 2011 and “Best 300 Business Schools 2011,” among others.

King’s College Wilkes-Barre, PA

Founded: 1946 Affiliation: Congregation of Holy Cross Website: www.kings.edu Address: 133 North River St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 Enrollment: 2,700 Campus size: Admissions: 1-888-kingsPA, 888-546-4772 King’s College is a liberal arts Catholic college that offers growth and personal development in a supportive environment. Founded in 1946 by the Holy Cross Congregation from the University of Notre Dame, the campus is located in Listing continued on C 8

Timeless VALUES. New POSSIBILITIES. The meaning of MERCY. Georgian Court is rooted in the Catholic Mercy tradition. We are guided by a set of values that represent the best of humanity: Integrity. Service. Compassion. Justice. Respect. GCU is the only Catholic University in South & Central Jersey, offering 31 majors, 10 graduate degrees Ranked #25 among Top 50 Colleges that Add the Most Value, Money Magazine Member, Catholic Colleges of Distinction

Expand possibility 732.987.2700 | georgian.edu


Listing continued from C 7 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. King’s consistently ranks high in the top college national review issues of several major publications. We offer 35 majors in business, humanities, social sciences, education, sciences and allied health programs, seven pre-professional programs and 10 special concentrations. With 50 clubs and activities and 19 NCAA Division III athletic programs for men and women, there is plenty to do outside the classroom. Small classes and labs allow for meaningful interaction with professors. This personal attention translates into better graduation rates than at institutions with larger classroom environments King’s will help you develop the skills, build the confidence and give you the experience you need to lead a successful life.

La Roche College Pittsburgh, PA

Founded: 1963 Affiliation: Sisters of Divine Providence Website: www.laroche.edu Address: 9000 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Enrollment: 1,356 Campus size: 43 acres Admissions: 412-536-1272 La Roche College is a small, liberal arts college just north of Pittsburgh, PA, whose mission is to “foster global citizenship and create a community of scholars from the region, the nation and around the world.” With an undergraduate population of around 1,100, La Roche offers a personalized education for each student, from small class sizes to a low 12:1 student to faculty ratio. La Roche offers over 50 different majors from a diverse range of disciplines including business, education, health care and design. The Center for Student Development provides support for the many clubs and activities at La Roche, including professional associations, cultural groups and intramural sports. The College is also home to 12 varsity Division III athletic teams and is represented by the Redhawk mascot. At La Roche College, you will discover a world-class education that will prepare you to go out and serve the world.

La Salle University Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1863 Affiliation: de La Salle Christian Brothers Website: www.lasalle.edu Address: 1900 West Olney Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141 Enrollment: 4,991 undergraduates Campus size: 133 acres Contact: Admissions: 215951-1500 La Salle University is a dynamic educational community shaped by traditional Catholic and Lasallian values: a deep respect for each individual, a belief that intellectual and spiritual development goes hand in hand, a

passion for creative teaching and learning, and a conviction that education should be useful for personal growth, professional advancement, and service to others. La Salle University draws inspiration from St. John the Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers.

Le Moyne College Syracuse, NY

Founded: 1946 Affiliation: Jesuit Website: www.lemoyne.edu Address: 1419 Salt Springs Rd., Syracuse, NY 13214 Enrollment: 2,500 Campus size: 160 acres, suburban setting Admissions: 315-445-4300 Founded in 1946, Le Moyne College is a private, Jesuit, Catholic institution offering 33 undergraduate majors, and more than 40 programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, business and education. Dedicated to providing students with individual attention, Le Moyne’s undergraduate enrollment of 2,500 supports small classes with a studentto-teacher ratio of 13:1 In 2015, for the third straight year, Le Moyne was named by The Princeton Review as one of the nation’s best institutions for undergraduate education, according to “The Best 380 Colleges” guide and has been recognized for its value by U.S. News & World Report for 24 consecutive years. Located on a picturesque 160-acre suburban campus, over the past six years, the College has invested $75 million in new and refurbished facilities, including a home for the Madden School of Business, two science buildings, and student spaces. Le Moyne fields a total of 21 NCAA teams competing at the D-II level. The College also offers graduate degrees in nursing, occupational therapy, arts administration, education, business administration, family nurse practitioner, and physician assistant studies.

Loyola University Maryland Baltimore, MD

Website: www.loyola.edu Address: 4501 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21210-2699 Enrollment: 3,716 Campus setting: City Contact: 800-221-9107

Manhattan College Bronx, NY

Website: www.manhattan.edu Address: Manhattan College Pkwy., Bronx, NY 10471-4098 Enrollment: 3,025 Campus setting: City Contact: 718-862-8000

Manor College Jenkintown, PA

Website: www.manor.edu Address: 700 Fox Chase Rd., Jenkintown, PA 19046 Enrollment: 429 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 215-885-2360


Marist College Poughkeepsie, NY

Website: www.marist.edu Address: 3399 North Ave., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Enrollment: 4,200 Contact: 845-575-3000

Marywood University Scranton, PA

Founded: 1915 Affiliation: Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Website: www.marywood.edu Address: 2300 Adams Ave., Scranton, PA 18509 Enrollment: 3,400 Campus size: 115 acres Admissions: 570-348-6234 Marywood University is a comprehensive, coeducational, Catholic university of 3,400 full-time, part-time and adult students, with over 90 undergraduate graduate and doctoral degree programs. Established in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the university houses 1,000 resident students on a national, award-winning campus considered one of the most beautiful in the northeast. Consistently ranked in the top tier of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges, Marywood University offered the region’s first doctoral degree programs in 1996 and is a leading provider of graduate education with 34 master’s degree programs and 33 certificate offerings. In recent years, the university made $100 million in improvements to campus, including new athletics, residence hall, and dining facilities, and one of the finest studio arts facilities in the northeast.

Mercyhurst College Erie, PA

Website: www.mercyhurst.edu Address: 501 E 38th St., Erie, PA 16546 Enrollment: 3,947 Campus setting: City Contact: 814-824-2000

Misericordia University Dallas, PA

Founded: 1924 Affiliation: Sisters of Mercy Website: www.misericordia.edu Address: 301 Lake St., Dallas, PA 18612-1098 Enrollment: 1,986 F/T, 3,065 total Campus setting: Suburb, 124 acres Contact: 570-674-6928 Misericordia University is a place where motivated students receive the attention they deserve, the high-quality education they seek, and the opportunities they need to be successful. Misericordia offers 34 degree programs in three colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences, and College of Health Sciences. Undergraduates regularly participate in research, meaningful projects, and other opportunities that aren’t always available at larger institutions.

Misericordia’s beautiful 123-acre, suburban campus is located in Northeast Pennsylvania (Dallas, Pa.) near Wilkes-Barre and Scranton. There are over 40 clubs and service organizations as well as 21 men’s and women’s NCAA Division III sports. MU’s Guaranteed Placement Program that says a student who successfully completes the program will be working in their chosen field or attending graduate school within six months of graduation, or the University will provide the student with a paid internship in their field.

Mount Aloysius Cresson, PA

Founded: 1853 Affiliation: Religious Sisters of Mercy Website: www.mtaloy.edu Address: 7373 Admiral Peary Hwy., Cresson, PA 16630 Enrollment: 2,500 Campus size: 193 acres Admissions: 814-886-6383, 800-823-2220 Established in 1853, Mount Aloysius is a comprehensive, liberal arts and science-based institution with a commitment to career-directed study. Rooted in Catholic tradition, Mount Aloysius is one of the nation’s 16 Mercy sponsored colleges. MAC has almost 175 faculty members, allowing a 14:1 student/faculty ratio. MAC offers more than 50 academic programs on the undergraduate and graduate levels in health sciences and nursing, humanities, education, social sciences, natural and applied sciences, business administration and pre-professional study. Students may choose from more than 20 concentrations and minors. MAC also offers over 100 activities, clubs, intramurals and more.

Mount St. Mary’s University Emmitsburg, MD

Founded: 1808 Affiliation: Catholic Website: www.msmary.edu Address: Admissions Office, Emmitsburg, MD 21727 Enrollment: 1,600 Campus size: Small Admissions: 800-448-4347 Mount St. Mary’s University is a Catholic university committed to education in the service of truth. We seek to cultivate a community of learners formed by faith, engaged in discovery, and empowered for leadership in the Church, the professions, and the world. There are about 1,600 undergraduates, and around 70 percent of our students are Catholic. Ninety-nine percent of freshmen receive financial aid. All classes are taught by our expert faculty – no TAs or GAs. Over 40 majors and minors are offered, along with a nationallyrecognized core curriculum. The Mount is home to 19 Division I sports teams, as well as intramural and club sports. Housing is guaranteed all four years, and all students can have a car on campus all four years. Ninety-six percent of Mount graduates are employed or in graduate school within one year after graduation. For a campus visit, contact the Admissions Office at 800-448-4347 or visit www.msmary.edu/visit.

Neumann University Aston, PA

Newburgh, NY

Founded: 1965 Affiliation: Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Website: www.neumann.edu Address: One Neumann Dr., Aston, PA 19014 Enrollment: 3,073 Campus size: 68 acres Admissions: 800-9NEUMANN (800-963-8626)

Founded: 1959 Affiliation: Dominican Sisters Website: www.msmc.edu Address: 330 Powell Ave., Newburgh, NY 12550 Enrollment: 2,700 Campus size: 70 acres Admissions: 888-937-6762 Mount Saint Mary College, which overlooks the Hudson River in Newburgh, N.Y., was founded in 1959 by the Sisters of St. Dominic. The college’s roots in education, however, can be traced back to the 13th century and St. Dominic. Students and faculty at the Mount come from a wide range of backgrounds, as well as faith traditions. The Mount offers students an affordable liberal arts education with strong academic undergraduate programs and three graduate programs: master of business administration, master of science in education, and master of science in nursing. Mount undergraduate students can major in business, education, the health professions, mathematics, information technology, media studies, natural sciences, and the social sciences. The Mount has also been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best regional universities in the north.

Founded and sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, Neumann is a private, Catholic, coeducational University in the Franciscan tradition, which emphasizes respect for individuals, concern for the environment, and social responsibility. The University offers undergraduate degrees in a broad variety of subjects, seven graduate programs, and an accelerated bachelor’s degree program for adults. Neumann now fields 19 NCAA athletic teams, is home to nine arts groups, and has four residence halls that accommodate about 800 students. The studentListing continued on C 9

Mount Saint Mary College


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Listing continued from C 8 faculty ratio of 14:1 allows professors to provide the personal attention for which Neumann is famous. This expansion of programs and services, coupled with the University’s commitment to first-rate academic instruction and real-world career preparation, has caused Neumann’s popularity to boom in recent years. The University now boasts more than 3,000 students and has more than 9,500 living alumni.

Niagara University Niagara University, NY

Founded: 1856 Affiliation: Roman Catholic/ Vincentian Website: www.niagara.edu Address: Niagara University, NY 14109 Enrollment: 3,000+ Admissions: 800-462-2111 Steeped in over 150 years of Catholic and Vincentian tradition, Niagara University focuses on preparing students to be caring, thoughtful citizens of the world. French priest Vincent de Paul had a special dedication to the poor and helpless. Because of Niagara’s Vincentian heritage, we seek to instill in our students a deep concern for the rights and dignity of the human person. This tradition emphasizes ethics, lifelong learning, and service to others. We prepare our graduates for lives and careers that are both successful and fulfilling. Niagara University has over 80 undergraduate programs and 60+ minors

including hospitality and tourism management, theatre studies, accounting, business management, biology, chemistry, education, pre-law, pre-med and criminal justice. In addition, Niagara offers more than 100 student clubs and organizations. Whether it’s the EAGLE leadership society or the lacrosse club that catches your interest, you’ll find a variety of social, cultural, athletic and educational groups to choose from. Our students learn and grow in a culturally diverse campus encouraging knowledge, spirituality, creativity, compassion and integrity.

Rosemont College Bryn Mawr, PA

Founded: 1921 Affiliation: Society of the Holy Child Jesus Website: www.rosemont.edu Address: 1400 Montgomery Ave., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 Enrollment: 1,000 Campus size: 56 acres Admissions: 610-527-0200 Ext. 2214 Founded in 1921 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College is a private, coeducational Catholic institution rooted in the liberal arts. The college’s 56-acre campus is located 11 miles west of Philadelphia on the historic Main Line, with easy access to the city via regional rail. Classes for graduate and professional students are also offered at Rosemont’s center city Philadelphia location. Rosemont offers

22 traditional undergraduate majors, as well as accelerated undergraduate, graduate and certification programs. The strengths of each student are nurtured through close mentoring, excellent academic support, and student life services. The current strategic plan, approved in 2008, emphasizes coeducation, partnerships, and online education. Rosemont has approximately 8,000 living alumni, many of whom hold high-ranking positions in business, education, law, medicine and the arts.

Saint Francis University Loretto, PA

Enrollment: 2,500 Campus size: 600 acres Admissions: 866-342-5738 As a compassionate Catholic faithbased community, we model the work of our patron, St. Francis of Assisi. We strongly believe that one can be successful in his or her chosen career by following Franciscan values. Our curriculum places particular emphasis on developing individuals who will lead or serve with character and values in their chosen profession. The Templeton Foundation refers to Saint Francis as one of the nation’s Top 100 Character Building Colleges. U.S News and World Report named Saint Francis a “great school, great price.” Students can choose from more than 60 majors (undergraduate and graduate) in the areas of business, education, humanities, health sciences, and sciences; all with a Franciscan emphasis. Ninety-nine percent of graduates start graduate school or a job within six months of graduation.

Saint Joseph’s University Philadelphia, PA

Founded: 1847 Affiliation: Franciscan Website: www.francis.edu Address: P.O. Box 600, 117 Evergreen Dr., Loretto, PA 15940

Founded: 1851 Affiliation: Society of Jesus (Jesuit) Website: www.sju.edu Address: 5600 City Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19131 Enrollment: 4,600 undergraduate, 2,600 graduate

Campus size: 103 acres Admissions: 1-888-232-4295 Saint Joseph’s University is a nationally recognized, Catholic, Jesuit university. For more than 150 years, Saint Joseph’s has advanced the professional and personal ambitions of men and women by providing a rigorous Jesuit education– one that demands high achievement, expands knowledge, deepens understanding, stresses effective reasoning and communication, develops moral and spiritual character and imparts enduring pride. One of only 141 schools with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter and business school accreditation by AACSB International– The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business–Saint Joseph’s is the home of 4,600 full-time undergraduates and 2,600 graduate, part-time and doctoral students.

Saint Peter’s University Jersey City, NJ

Founded: 1872 Affiliation: Jesuit Website: www.saintpeters.edu Address: 2641 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ 07306 Enrollment: 2,000 undergraduate, 1,100 graduate and part-time Campus size: 30 acres over two campuses Admissions: 201-761-7100 Listing continued on C 10

a defining moment Did you know... 94% of Recent Caldwell Graduates are Employed, Attending Graduate School or Participating in Service Programs!


APRIL 30 • 11:00 AM RSVP caldwell.edu/rsvp

Attend our Open House and learn more about a Caldwell Education.


Caldwell, NJ


Listing continued from C 9 Saint Peter’s University, inspired by its Jesuit, Catholic identity, commitment to individual attention and grounding in the liberal arts, educates a diverse community of learners in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs to excel intellectually, lead ethically, serve compassionately and promote justice in our ever-changing urban and global environment. The University has an enrollment of approximately 3,000 full-time and parttime students hailing from across the country and the globe. With a studentfaculty ratio of 13 to 1, undergraduate class sizes averaging only 22 students and a stellar faculty comprising Jesuits and lay members from a broad span of expertise, Saint Peter’s University upholds the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, or “care for the whole person.” Students at Saint Peter’s University receive the personal attention, encouragement and dedication of our faculty and staff that they need to graduate on time and go out into the world a “man or woman for others.”

uates, 450 graduate students Campus size: 500 acres Admissions: 716-375-2455 St. Bonaventure University strives to foster the development of knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate and ethical individuals by mentoring students within vitally engaging learning environments, ever mindful of such Franciscan values as individual dignity, community inclusiveness, and service to others. Every student participates in community service, and many make it their primary co-curricular activity. They travel across the nation and around the world developing valuable life skills and new perspectives and understandings. Division I athletics in the Atlantic 10 shine a national spotlight on the university. As a student at one of the smallest Division I schools in the country, you get the benefits of big-time sports along with those of a small, studentcentered university. St. Bonaventure is a close-knit family of 25,000 alumni, passionate and loyal beyond description. If you’ve met one, you know what we mean.

Saint Vincent College

St. John Fisher College

Latrobe, PA

Website: www.stvincent.edu Address: 300 Fraser Purchase Rd., Latrobe, PA 15650 Enrollment: 1,800 Campus setting: Small city Contact: 800-782-5549

Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ

Website: www.shu.edu Address: 400 S. Orange Ave., South Orange, NJ 070792697 Enrollment: 5,280 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 973-761-9000

Seton Hill University Greensburg, PA

Website: www.setonhill.edu Address: Seton Hill Dr. Greensburg, PA 15601 Enrollment: 1,600 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 724-834-2200

Siena College Loudonville, NY

Founded: 1938 Affiliation: Catholic/Franciscan Website: www.siena.edu Address: 515 Loudon Rd., Loudonville, NY 12211 Enrollment: 3,000 Campus size: 174 acres Admissions: 1-888-AT-SIENA

Rochester, NY

Founded: 1948 Affiliation: Founded by Basilian Fathers Website: www.sjfc.edu Address: 3690 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14618 Enrollment: Over 2,600 fulltime undergraduate students, 200 part-time undergraduate students, and more than 1,000 graduate students Campus size: 154 acres Admissions: (585) 385-8064 St. John Fisher College is an independent, liberal arts institution in the Catholic tradition of American higher education. Guided since its inception in 1948 by the educational philosophy of the Congregation of St. Basil, the College emphasizes liberal learning for students in traditional academic disciplines, as well as for those in more directly career-oriented fields. The College welcomes qualified students, faculty, and staff regardless of religious or cultural background. The campus is situated on 154 parklike acres – a beautiful setting for 26 modern buildings and a warm, friendly campus community of more than 2,600 full-time graduates, 200 part-time undergraduates, and over 1,000 graduate students. The College now offers 35 academic majors in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, business, education, and nursing, as well as 11 pre-professional programs. Fisher also offers a variety of master’s and doctoral programs.

St. Bonaventure University

St. John’s University

Founded: 1858 Affiliation: Catholic Franciscan Website: www.sbu.edu Address: 3261 West State Rd., St. Bonaventure, NY 14778 Enrollment: 1,900 Undergrad-

Founded: 1870 (1971 for Staten Island Campus) Affiliation: Vincentian Community Website: www.stjohns.edu/ statenisland

St. Bonaventure, NY

Staten Island, NY


Address: 300 Howard Ave., Staten Island, NY 10301 Enrollment: 2,000+ Campus size: 16.5 acres (Staten Island) Admissions: 718-390-4501 Overlooking scenic New York Bay, our suburban Staten Island campus combines a friendly, small-college environment with the resources of a major Catholic university. The 16.5-acre campus features rolling lawns, independent, apartment-style student residences and architectural styles that range from red-brick colonial to the strikingly modern. The campus is located in the residential Grymes Hill section of Staten Island. St. John’s University offers quality degree programs including Finance, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Speech Pathology and Audiology and Childhood and Special Education. In addition, exclusively at our Staten Island Campus, St. John’s offers the new three-year accelerated undergraduate degree program where students can graduate a year early while families save an estimated $29,000 in tuition. All students are offered and encouraged to “go global” by studying abroad at our Rome campus and Paris location. Learn more by contacting our Office of Admission: 718-390-4500 or visit us online at www.stjohns.edu/statenisland

St. Thomas Aquinas College Sparkill, NY

Founded: 1952 Affiliation: Dominican Sisters of Sparkill Website: www.stac.edu Address: 125 Route 340, Sparkill, NY 10976 Enrollment: 2,700 Campus size: 48 acres Admissions: 845-398-4100 St. Thomas Aquinas College (STAC) was founded in 1952 as a three-year teacher-training college with 30 students. Today, the college offers over 100 different majors, minors, specializations, and dual degree programs and has a total student body of 2,700 in all programs, on and off campus. Much growth and development has taken place over the college’s history. The college offers a master of science in education, with concentrations in literacy education, special education, and educational leadership as well as postgraduate certificate programs in literacy and special education and an online teacher leadership certificate program. The college also offers a master of business administration (M.B.A.) program with concentrations in finance, management, and marketing; and an online M.B.A. in general studies. St. Thomas offers a master of science in teaching program for individuals without a background in teacher education who are seeking a career change. Certification is offered in childhood education, grades 1–6; childhood education and special education, grades 1–6; and adolescence education, grades 7–12. The college is home to New York University’s master in social work program. The college offers special discounts for graduate coursework for teachers employed in an archdiocese school.

The Catholic University of America Washington, DC

Founded: 1887 Affiliation: Sponsored by U.S. Bishops Website: www.cua.edu Address: 620 Michigan Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20064 Enrollment: 3,480 Undergraduates, 3,041 graduate students Campus size: 176 acres Admissions: 202-319-5305, 800-673-2772

first Catholic college for women in New York State. The College of New Rochelle is comprised of four Schools: School of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School, School of New Resources, and School of Nursing. Today, 5,000 students reflect America’s rich racial and ethnic diversity. Reaching out to cross racial, ethnic, neighborhood, and class lines, the college remains a model for higher education in anticipating and preparing students for the increasingly complex mosaic which is twenty-first century America. The School of Arts and Sciences continues the tradition of enrolling only women, while the other three schools admit both women and men.

The College of Saint Rose Albany, NY

Website: www.strose.edu Address: 432 Western Ave., Albany, NY 12203 Enrollment: 3,051 Campus setting: City Contact: 800-637-8556

The Catholic University of America combines the resources of a major research university with the comfortable feel of an undergraduate college. It is unique as the national university of the Catholic Church in America, with the added distinction that all undergraduates combine a base curriculum in the liberal arts with more in-depth courses from their major fields of study. The student body of Catholic University is almost evenly divided between undergraduate and graduate students, totaling approximately 6,500. Private and coeducational, Catholic University has 12 schools. Undergraduate degrees are offered in the schools of architecture and planning, arts and sciences, business and economics, engineering, music, nursing, philosophy, professional studies, social service, and theology and religious studies. Eleven schools – architecture and planning, arts and sciences, business and economics, canon law, engineering, law, music, nursing, philosophy, social service, and theology and religious studies – offer graduate degrees. The University’s location in northeast Washington, D.C., and a Metrorail Red Line stop contiguous to campus offer students at-your-doorstep access to professional and social opportunities unique to the nation’s capital.

The College of New Rochelle New Rochelle, NY

Founded: 1904 Affiliation: Ursuline Website: www.cnr.edu Address: 29 Castle Place, New Rochelle, NY 10805 Enrollment: 5,000 Campus size: 13 acres Admissions: 914-654-5452 The College of New Rochelle is the

The University of Scranton Scranton, PA

Founded: 1888 Affiliation: Jesuit Website: www.scranton.edu Address: 800 Linden St., Scranton, PA 18510 Enrollment: 3,910 Undergraduates Campus size: 58 acres Admissions: 888-727-2686 The University of Scranton, a Catholic and Jesuit liberal arts institution, is consistently ranked among the top universities in the country for the quality of its academic programs, campus life and commitment to service. Located on 58 acres in the heart of the city of Scranton, in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Northeast, the university is more than a respected institution; it’s a caring, nurturing community whose graduates are known for their devotion to the welfare of other human beings and by their special commitment to the pursuit of social justice. Made up of approximately 5,500 undergraduate and graduate students, Scranton currently offers 66 majors, 44 minors, 26 master’s degree programs and a physical therapy doctorate. In recent years, the University has invested more than $204 million in campus improvements, including new residence halls, a science center and the state-of-the-art Leahy Hall, which houses the physical therapy, occupational therapy and exercise science departments.

Villanova University Villanova, PA

Website: www.villanova.edu Address: 800 Lancaster Ave., Villanova, PA 19085-1699 Enrollment: 7,181 Campus setting: Suburb Contact: 610-519-4500


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Prayer, research aid in college selection Continued from • C-3

comes up is the question of dollars and cents,” Deal said, “Finding additional scholarship resources, that kind of thing. We’re all about trying to make it work for the student and for the family.” Masek of the NCCAA encouraged students to visit their website for resources on weighing the costs and benefits of different options, including the value-added benefits it attributes to Catholic colleges. “Attending a Catholic university or college will have lasting impact that goes beyond your years at your alma mater. Graduates of Catholic colleges and universities report many benefits of Catholic higher education, from helping them develop moral principles and integrate faith in all aspects of life, to developing leadership skills and preparing for their careers,” their website reads. Whatever the decision comes down to, Pecknold says, the deciding factors shouldn’t just be monetary or even academic. They should consider the whole person, and his or her specific vocation. “Discerning the right college begins with knowing why you want to

go to college. And the answer to that question shouldn’t simply be about which career you will choose, or where you’ll have the most fun, but what kind of person do you want to become.” When making the decision of where to apply, and ultimately, where to spend four years of formative experiences, Bishop O’Connell says a holistic evaluation of what each institution offers will help lead to a rewarding decision. “Consider the whole package: academic reputation, location, campus environment, cost, value and so forth,” the Bishop said. “A Catholic university should excel in all these areas with the added value of a vibrant life of faith that permeates the campus.” “My advice to my own son is to think about who he most admires, and then figure out how they got to be the way they are,” said Pecknold. “[When] we start thinking about people we admire, we can start thinking about becoming a person we’d admire. And that’s how you ought to choose a college too. The question shouldn’t be which place will bring me the most prestige, but which college will make it easier for me to be virtuous, wise and holy.”

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Summer 2016 Graduate Offerings Grow in your faith! Choose from a variety of graduate theological courses, and apply credits toward a Master of Arts in Theology or a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry.

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ Suffering and the Book of Job Saturdays June 4-July 23, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Dr. Gregory Glazov Theology of the Body Saturdays June 25-August 6 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m. Professor David Hadjuk Catholic Social Teaching MTWR June 7-29, 6:30-9 p.m. Dr. Justin Anderson Conversion & Vocation: Augustine & Monica MW June 15-July 20 T July 5 6-9:15 p.m. Rev. Douglas Milewski

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please e-mail theology@shu.edu or call (973) 761-9633.

American Christianity MTR May 17-June 13 6:30-9:15 p.m. Rev. Msgr. Raymond Kupke

ONLINE The Scriptural Sources of the Lord’s Prayer June 9–July 28 Dr. Gregory Glazov

Theological Aesthetics: God, Beauty & Film May 17–June 6 Dr. Justin Anderson Theology of the Permanent Diaconate June 13–July 31 Deacon Andrew Saunders


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