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No 84 Term 3 2012

Spreading Good News

Please listen when I pray! Have pity. Answer my prayer. My heart tells me to pray. I am eager to see your face, so don’t hide from me. I am your servant, and you have helped me. Psalm 27:7-9

My dear SRE Teachers and Assistants Welcome to Term 3. I can’t believe that half the year has gone already. I hope you all enjoyed the Autumn term and are refreshed after the holidays, ready to commence the winter term. Don’t forget, if you are unable to attend for any reason, that you contact the school in advance, so that alternate arrangements can be made. If you intend to give sweets as a treat at the end of the lesson, make sure that you check with the classroom teacher first, as some children have allergies. Stickers and certificates are a better option. The Australian Bishops have declared that this year from Pentecost 2012 until Pentecost 2013 be known as the Year of Grace. Why not include the children’s version of the prayer for The Year of Grace as one of your prayers at the beginning or at the end of your S.R.E. lesson. We are still very short of S.R.E. Teachers and Assistants. This year there are many classes across the region with no S.R.E. Teacher at all, whilst some other classes have opted to have S.R.E. once a fortnight so that all classes in a particular school may be covered. If you know of someone who may be suitable, perhaps you could invite them to come along and sit in with you occasionally while you give your lesson. We ask you to pray that others will be inspired to come along and join us. If Helen or I are able to assist you in anyway don’t hesitate to contact us. Mary at the Resource Centre on 6338 3022 is also available to help you find that particular resource or song which you may like to include in your lesson. Remember that the most important resource you take into the classroom each week is yourself. May God bless you especially for all that you do S for his little ones. Wishing you all a very Happy Term 3. Sincerely Vicki


The Year of Grace is a time to receive and recognise the “Grace filled” moments in our lives. We are called to discipleship and mission with the Holy Spirit revealing and communicating

through us. The way we respond is through the love of God, sharing these “Grace filled” moments with all we come in contact with especially family, friends and for us the students we interact with during Special Religious Education time in the classrooms.


RELATIONSHIPS 2.1.3 When congratulating a student, a consistent approach should be used in line with school practice. SRE Teachers/Assistants must be conscious of their actions, particularly physical gestures may be open to scrutiny by others. SRE Teachers/Assistants are required to develop and exercise prudent judgement and sensitivity regarding appropriate physical interactions with students.

SRE Teachers/Assistants should not drive students in their cars unless they have specific permission, and do so in accordance with school policy, In the event of an emergency, SRE Teachers/Assistants should use prudent judgement and report the matter to the school authorities prior to undertaking any journey. SRE Teachers/Assistants should avoid, as far as possible, situations where they are alone with a student. If, in the conduct of their duties, they are required to work in a one to one situation with a student, SRE Teachers/ Assistants must follow the school’s policy and procedure. When responsible for a single student, SRE Teachers/Assistants should: Have previously discussed arrangements with the School Authorities; Ensure that they and the student is visible if inside a room; Where possible, interact with the student in an area open to observation;


Bathurst – Saturday 21st July Bathurst Baptist Church 188 Eglinton Road


9.30 am – 3.30 pm $25.00 $15.00 Concession Judy Henderson - 02 9868 9221

Email: Lithgow – Saturday 11th August Lithgow Uniting Church 43 Bridge Street Lithgow 9.30 am – 3.30 pm $15.00 Emma Parr – 02 8267 4290 Email: These days are for all volunteers and especially for Special Religious Education Teachers and Assistants. It’s important for you to register for the session either by email or phone.

recipients. She said that she was “honoured and humbled to receive the award on behalf of the Catechists whom she cherished and continued to pray for each night.” A memorable night was had by all who attended. It was wonderful to see these truly dedicated people acknowledged for all that they have contributed to C.C.D. (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine)


CELEBRATING 25YRS of CCRESS and 50 years of Accreditation and training On Friday June 8th CCRESS (Catholic Conference of Religious Educators in State Schools) celebrated two important milestones in Catholic S.R.E. circles across the State/ACT. Twenty five years of CCRESS and fifty years of Accreditation and Training were both celebrated. The evening was hosted by the Parramatta Diocese. Mass was celebrated by The Most Reverend Robert McGuckin–Bishop Elect of Toowoomba at 6.00 p.m. in the St Patrick’s Cathedral Chapel Parramatta. This was followed by dinner at the Cathedral Hall. Mr John Donnelly C.C.D. director of the Maitland/Newcastle Diocese was the MC for the evening. Nineteen special people were the recipients of awards during the evening. Sr Maureen Schiemer rsj, Sr Therese Patterson rsj, Sr Clare Hopper rsj, from the Bathurst Diocese all received a plaque from CCRESS noting their involvement in our Accreditation and Training courses, between the period of 1990 – 2000. Mrs Vicki Mair accepted Sr Clare’s award on her behalf as she was unable to attend the evening. The awards were presented by Bishop Robert McGuckin, John Donnelly described the recipients as “the Legends of C.C.D.” Sr Martina Sarki’s rsj from the Wollongong Diocese responded on behalf of the

The Prayer “Hail Mary.” Who is my Neighbour? The Good Samaritan. Loving Service. Faces of Catholic agencies.

CHRIST OUR LIGHT AND LIFE Archdiocese of Sydney, 2010

Moses and the Commandments, Daniel and the lions, Bartimaeus, blind man of Faith, Jesus the Teacher.

CONNECT CEP Connect Program Cycle B2 2011

The Bible connection this term is from Exodus relating to God keeping His promise to the people and how God rescued His people and remained with His people. This in turn is linked with Jesus as Saviour and He is always with us.

GODSPACE Burst Christian Resources, 2011

God choose Paul as a messenger. His changed heart and his travels throughout the land to tell people the Good News. The second part of the semester is referring to relevant stories in the Bible about God’s people and God’s plan for our lives.

CRE PROGRAM Access Ministries, Vic.

-travelling on The Ghan -touring Darwin and Kkadu -Broome and Gibb River Road and Mitchell Falls, many station settlements, a conservation area where many changes have taken place. I hope to see most of you during third term. Helen

Using the Bible stories to show how people worked together to make strong communities, to care for what God created and one another. Living God’s way. God and our role in the natural world. Looking at the teaching of Jesus and the concept of “church.”

NSW PARLIMENTARY INQUIRY The recent Inquiry into Education Amendment (Ethics Classes Repeal) Bill has now concluded. There were some 500 submissions received by the Parliamentary Committee chaired by Hon Marie Ficarra MLC. A committee from ICCOREIS prepared and presented a submission. The Executive from CCRESS representing each of the Diocese prepared and presented a submission. Ethics classes should continue in NSW government primary schools, according to the released report. The Committee Chair, the Hon Marie Ficarra, MLC, said, “We believe that ethics classes should continue and we have recommended that the NSW Government continue to facilitate the delivery of ethics as an option for students who do not attend Special Religious Education. A summary of the recommendation can be found on the then go to reports.

CHURCH CALANDER 11thJuly 16th July 25th July 26th July 31st July

St Benedict Our Lady of Mount Carmel St James, Apostle Ss Joachim & Anne St Ignatius of Loyola

6thAugust 8th August 15thAugust

The Transfiguration of the Lord St Mary of the Cross (MacKillop) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, A Holy Day St Bernard St Pius X The Queenship of Mary St Bartholomew, Apostle

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THANK YOU My Dear SRE Teachers and Assistants Firstly I’d like to thank Vicki for filling for me while I was on leave. Especially I’d like to thank her for organising our Dioceses recognition of Srs Maureen, Therese and Clare for the training they did to support the Catechists of the Diocese between 1900 – 2000. As you have read a special celebration was held at Parramatta to recognise the many people who did this training I’ve had a wonderful holiday

St Gregory the Great The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Holy Name of Mary The Triumph of the Cross St Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist St Vincent de Paul Ss Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archangles


Helen C Ryan P O BOX 720 DUBBO NSW 2830 Home: 02 6884 5848 Mobile: 0407001196 Email:

Mrs Vicki Mair 73 Freeman Circuit BATHURST NSW 2795 Home: 02 6332 2835


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