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A PROUD HERITAGE Since 1956, Grand Banks has built stunning yachts with classic designs, supreme comfort and precise detailing. These yachts and the Grand Banks character they represent appeal to our discerning customers and testify to our passion for the water. Over the years, we have taken pride in leading the market with our quality vessels and have taken seriously the responsibility of setting a higher standard. But we haven’t just led the yachting industry; we’ve changed it. Grand Banks introduced the world to two popular vessel genres—cruising trawlers and Downeast express cruisers—forever altering how yachtsmen spend time on the water.





ENTHUSIASM COMPELS US TO MOVE At Grand Banks Yachts, we are proud of our heritage. Our yachts and the character they represent appeal to yachtsmen around the world and testify to our passion for the sea. Yet even timeless masterpieces must be restored to ensure they continue to stand the test of time and capture the hearts of new generations. That’s how we view this moment in Grand Banks history—a careful restoration, a mindful preservation, a thoughtful yet bold reimagining that sends us confidently into the future without abandoning the esteemed qualities we’ve always held dear. With the purchase of Palm Beach Motor Yachts of Australia, Grand Banks Yachts now benefits from the resources, passion and forward-thinking ideas of two world-renowned brands. The result: a portfolio of yachts with the heart of a classic and the spirit of a trailblazer. We eagerly embrace this evolution and thrill to the unfolding of our new story.

“We’re in the midst of an ambitious era in Grand Banks history. Our aesthetics, craftsmanship, performance and cruising experience have reached unprecedented new levels, drawing inspiration from both our nautical heritage and our bold vision for the future.” - Mark Richards, CEO of Grand Banks Yachts




A BRIGHT FUTURE Even in the early stages of integrating Grand Banks and Palm Beach Motor Yachts, we’ve seen exciting changes. The merging of a great team of designers, managers and craftsmen has led to considerable improvements in products, processes and owner experience. Craftsmanship The cross-pollination of skills, techniques, materials sourcing and simple scale improves the structural integrity, interior layouts and onboard comfort of every Grand Banks yacht. Performance Enhanced power and performance meet incredible efficiency, meaning you’ll go farther with more confidence while using less. Safety & Quality Rigorous testing and advanced safety features on every yacht ensure that every journey on the water comes with peace of mind. Experience Grand Banks and Palm Beach representatives share the same philosophy: to deliver the best experience for the customer, wherever they are in the ownership process and wherever they are in the world.



BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG The real value of a Grand Banks becomes clear over time. Our yachts are designed to stand the test of time and to elevate each on-water experience. Solid to the Core Long known for our rock-solid hulls, Grand Banks continues to up the ante. Every new hull and deck now benefits from 100% vinylester resins and cross-linked, closed-cell foam core. Our newly adapted monocoque construction bonds all bulkheads and interior furniture directly to the hull and deck. The combination of these construction techniques makes for a much stronger, stiffer and quieter product with an improved center of gravity. Add to that expertly painted hulls, and the result is a beautiful high-gloss finish that withstands the roughest conditions. All Systems Go Grand Banks engines and equipment are chosen not only for reliability and longevity, but also for ease of maintenance, which ultimately leads to less work at the dock and more time on the water. To put it quite plainly, our engine rooms are the best in the business, with fully molded engine room liners, state-of-the-art sound insulating materials and beautifully varnished teak engine room soles. Our mechanical systems are designed and engineered to be the most efficient and reliable in the business. We start off with the most advanced common rail engine in the marketplace, Volvo Penta, and pair it with either Volvo IPS or Seatorque’s revolutionary enclosed shafting system. Both of these packages provide incredible economy, reduced noise levels and vibration, and an international service-and-support network that’s second to none.




CLASSIC DESIGN NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE Grand Banks emanates style inspired by the sea itself. From the sophisticated profile of the Eastbay to the timeless lines of the traditional Grand Banks, nautical purpose and enduring tradition are woven into every yacht we build. We Know Teak Grand Banks manages the sourcing and use of teak unlike any other major boat builder, and you’ll immediately notice the difference. Our sustainably managed tightgrain Burmese teak is hand-selected by our own buyer, guaranteeing increased strength and improved weight distribution, while maintaining the iconic, elegant look that has turned heads for decades. What’s Inside Counts Light-filled salon. Spacious cockpit. Wide-open galley. Generous staterooms. Roomy heads. The list of interior spaces goes on and on. And while an abundance of modern amenities—home theaters, electric ranges, refrigerators, washer/dryers and more—will make you feel right at home, our power windows delivering breathtaking views of nature will remind you you’re anywhere but. Luxurious Touches Down to the last detail, your Grand Banks is a work of fine art. Beautiful furniture, lustrous materials, bookmatched veneers, seamless joinery and hand-selected details make each yacht a working heirloom for its owner. Step onboard a masterpiece.







POWER FORWARD Grand Banks has set the bar in performance, power and longrange cruising, thanks to our commitment to design evolution, innovation and enhancement. Time-Tested Expertise, Bold Advancements Though we’ve benefited from the performance advantages of semi-displacement hulls for some time now, efficiency and cruising speeds have taken giant leaps forward from the hydrodynamic expertise that Palm Beach Motor Yachts brings to the relationship. Maneuverability and ease of handling come through electronic gear selection and optional bow/stern thrusters, and quiet operation and reliable propulsion come courtesy of our trusted marine engine partners. Designed to meet the most stringent performance classification for offshore vessels, your Grand Banks can take on any navigational conditions with ease. Unmatched Performance Grand Banks delivers unparalleled performance, thanks to trusted manufacturers Volvo marine engines and Seatorque enclosed shaft systems. Choose your preferred drive system—steerable pods directed by joystick control, or an enclosed, self-contained shaft-and-thrust bearing system—and revel in a degree of performance you can’t find in any other yacht of this caliber. Quiet operation, superior maneuverability, minimal noise and vibration, incredible cruising speeds and maximized fuel economy come standard on every Grand Banks yacht.





PEACE OF MIND We’re always looking for ways to make our yachts and the experiences onboard them safer, more secure and more enjoyable. As a company and brand, Grand Banks is deeply committed to operating with integrity and honesty throughout the design, build and delivery process. Our goal is to ensure that every owner feels completely confident on the water and proud to be a part of the Grand Banks family. Built-In Reliability Upgrades to our facilities and equipment have allowed for process improvements that have benefited product development, overall quality and owner experience. Every cleat, stanchion and chock is reinforced to withstand external forces, and each is mounted using heavy-duty backing plates. Expanded non-skid side deck walkarounds and stainless steel grab rails increase onboard maneuverability and safety for passengers of all ages. Excellent Warranty Grand Banks professionals exhaustively inspect every yacht off the line to ensure it surpasses strict qualitycontrol measures and the highest certification standards. Our superior warranties reflect the confidence we have in the reliability of our yachts. Every new Grand Banks comes with a 5-year hull and deck warranty, a 2-year warranty on all factory installed parts and equipment, and an industry-leading 5-year Volvo engine warranty.




LIFE IS BETTER ON A GRAND BANKS There’s no truer sense of freedom than cruising onboard your own Grand Banks with the endless horizon as your destination. We work hard and with passion to make these experiences possible—and to make them last year after year. Your Yacht, Your Dreams We believe every customer deserves a yacht that truly feels like his or her own. Choose the Grand Banks yacht that fits your cruising ambitions, and select the floorplan and amenities to get the most out of your on-water experience Better Value Grand Banks has consistently received worldwide acclaim for the exceptional quality of our product. We invest as much care into the crafting of each yacht as you do into ownership, and the result is a tour de force that holds its value for many years.




FOCUSED ON YOU Everything we do at Grand Banks is to better serve owners—to better serve you. Whatever you need, we’re here to meet and exceed your expectations. When you’re happy, we’re inspired to make you happier. When you’ve found contentment, we’re motivated to deliver at an even higher level. When you buy a new Grand Banks, every team member is invested. Our sales team has direct access to our factory design staff to manage all of your needs as a yacht is built to your exact preferences. This individualized care and support continues after the sale, too. We have representation in strategic regions around the world—all across the Americas, Europe and Australasia. And if you’re in a far-flung, hard-toreach corner of the globe? Grand Banks professionals are more than willing to travel anywhere to meet you.




WHERE HAPPINESS HAPPENS Life is made up of dreams that turn into moments that turn into cherished memories. Grand Banks yachts are the catalyst. Take the helm of a superbly crafted Grand Banks and watch as incredible adventures and unforgettable experiences with those you love unfold. Go farther, relax more deeply and revel in knowing you’re cruising onboard an icon that’s respected at ports of call around the globe.





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