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The true purpose of any experience. . . is the development and broadening of self

e creation of a unique individual influenced by people places and challenges he may encounter

in transition

The Tower



Guides, Philosophers and Friends Freshmen Campus Happenings

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Patrons and Ads


Class Data


Dedication Ufa fitiszzon wexe a xo±e ±Jt± xoot±, in knowledge


would nouxi±k vitality

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and Loyalty ± tkoxn± £lt± comfia±±ionate ±txetck outwaxd,


embxacing Lire.

-Jke matuxe bloom and wi±e betaL± orfez a ±txong ±cent or Love. Or a hexion wexe a xo±e tke coloux would be deeh, blue, cLuence or zezenity and


Lfj tkis tieXject XOSe WeXe a txexson tke guintessense



would be


EO. '79'



oj a lije of active,, loyal and


sexvice J-ove

'We are living in a time of transition.

Old traditions die hard and we cannot predict how new ones will develop over generations

We can divest ourselves of sterotype beliefs about differences between men and women. But, we cannot know what special gifts women â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and men â&#x20AC;&#x201D; may have until a lifestyle is developed in which all peopl

, can function as full human beings, sharing responsibility for each other in as yet unforeseen ways." Margaret Mead

m] As we share together the Westbrook experience, we begin to cultivate and. . .

While journeying through our own individual lives. . .

. we encounter challenges which allow for the creation of a better versed human being. . .

better equipped to share responsibility for one another.


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Instruction . . . is like the culture of the productions of the earth. For our natural disposition is, as it were, the soil; the tenets of our teacher are, as it were, the seed; instruction in youth is like the planting of the seed in the ground at the proper season; the place where the instruction is communicated is like the food imparted to vegetables by the atmosphere; diligent study is like the cultivation of the fields; and it is time which imparts strength to all things and brings them to maturity.


â&#x20AC;˘ \ f-

i Dr. Thomas B. Courtice President of the College In appreciation of his genuine concern for transitional progress


Richard Bond Dean of the College


Suzanne E. Albrecht Director of Student Activities & Placement


Elizabeth Nilsen Assistant Secretary to ean of the College

Reta Rumrill Registrar

Isabelle Brown Assistant

Not Pictured Kathy Gregory Athletic Coach

Joni McNutt -- Intern

Elizabeth Calipeau â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Clerical Ass

Admissions Office

Ruth Ann Brooks Director of Admissions

Susan Rodgers — Assistant

Sandra Elliot — Assistant

Patricia O'Leary — Assistant


Judith Koenig Office Manager Temporary

Connie White Office Manager

Rosemary Clark Assistant

Jean Christie Secretary to the President

Debbie Roberts Director of Alumni Affairs

Barbara Curran Secretary Development

Not Pictured Helen Grant Secretary Development


Robert L. Serenbetz â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Director



Superintendent Buildings & Grounds Wayne Bruns â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Saga Dr. Rodger H. Garrison Special Programs

Business Office J. Michael Roods Business Manager

Pamela Landry Clerical Assistant

j Cathy Hardy, Bookkeeper


Rodger Jolin, Chief Accountant

Ifldl 111






MAKE CHECHs PAYABLE TC , n RFQUIR* Susan Marshall Assistant

Mary Ellen Nisbet Manager

Switchboard Mrs. Cathleen Jacobsen Not Pictured

Mr. Leroy York


Development Dorothy M. Healy Assistant to the President for: Development, Public Relations and Alumni Affairs

Dr. Myron Hager Director of Deferred Giving


Mrs. Anna Allen

Director of Liberal Arts

Dr. Bradford Daziel

P h a i r m a n rvf I a n n n a n p & I i t p r p t i i r p

Mr. Stephan Haipert

Richard Roberts â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Chairman of Humanities


Vaughn Twaddel

Not Pictured Tomas Leach Chairman of Business Educatior

Business Education

Not Pictured William Howison Esq. Joanne Edwards Natalie Desmond

Fashion Merchandising

Mrs. Margaret Corcimiglia Chairman of Fashion Merchandising

Ronald Smith

Ann Roberts

Barbara Weiland

Grace Wright

Robert Hodgdon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Chairman

Debbie Robinson â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Secretary

Douglas Vollmer â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Chairman

Dr. David Anderson

Dr. Richard Eakin

Alfred Lambert



1: 1

Nursing Department

^orinne Pickett Not Pictured Pauline Patry Carole Welch

Deborah Pratt Chairman of Nursing Education

Joyce Coburn

Margaret Poeppelmeier Not Pictured

Ida Morrison Joan Couture, Natalie Desmond

i Robin Leger Secretary

Jennifer Sherwood Wmmidimili&mtfrTi

>n Knight, Joanne Hale, Betty Edson

Sharon Lawrence

Ms. Linda Kozikowski Clinical Instructor

» M , \ M I

Mrs. Dale Prue Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Daryl Linskey Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Susan Wood Clinical Instructor

Ms. Barbara MacCormack Lecturer, Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Diane Bennett Clinical Instructor

Ms. Judy Trainor Lecturer, Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Connie Haley Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Joyce Marshall Secretary

Mr. Robert Garber Freshmen and Senior Lecturer Clinical Instructor

Mrs. Joan McGorrill Receptionist

Dr. Robert Mitchell Lecturer Part-Time

Dr. Charles Cushing Lecturer Part-Time

Not Pictured: Mrs. Susan Wood â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Clinical Instructor


Barbara Chenevert

Marian Agazarian

Todd Trevorrow

FRESHMAN The sky is cloudless . . . and the sun so debonair. I wish you all the warmth and kindness you can harvest from the earth to create the most plentiful being you would ever want to be. Kelley



Week 1978


Catie Hubbard Carol Duggan Melanie Dudley Joni Lovett Margo Heigh


Kathy Dulik

Lisa Brousseau

Nancy Driscoll

Victoria Brown

Sue Berry

Darlene Doucette

Geralyn Liese Kathy French Janet Durkee

Joanne Allen

Joan Gorham

Michele Weldon

Roxanne Higgins

Lee Perkins

Linda Fast

Diane Barnes

Bethany Coulthard

Carol Timberlake


Paula Mills Alison Mott Wendy McLoon Wendy Kemp

Katrina Buckley Lisa Martin Claire Lacasse Vicki Morgan

Melinda Muskie Mary Blanchard Rose Bradshaw Karen French

Judy Garner Jane Conley Andrea Barker Carol Gillis

Sarah Taylor

Claire Flateau

Judy Junkins

Linda Yeo Laurie Evans

Linda McNally

Barbara Gwillim

Jane Steinberg




Lynne Stoddard Marlene Charron Judy Popolizio

Lisa Bagnaschi

Katrina Holt

Susan Schoppee

Alison Luck

Diane Williamson

Eva Vangel

Lisa Levonick

Lori Theriault

Robyn Burt

Tracy DeCamp

Arlete Medeira

Allison Howard



Laura Szinyei Sandy Tabor Sandy Luce

Sue Tingle

Rene Wychorski

Martha Stevens

Mary Debbie Pendexter Corson

Viki Martin

Amy Wong

Kathy Murphy

Sue Cagnon

Cindy Brown


Shelley McKinnon Julie Stowell

Launa Cable


Maryann Marlowe Kathy Wholley Diane Bilodeau Vicki Ogden Kathy Clemons


Linda Mclnerney Melinda Gordon Heather Wilkinson Janet Salsman Marilyn Disney

Carleen Hetherman Claire Leighton Linda Pierce Martha Wright Jane Rutledge

Amy Gleason Kriston Johnson Stephanie Avis Sabrina Calabro Peri-Anne Thomas

Pat Owen

Jill Davidson

Cindy Wilson

Debbie Tecshner

Linda Clarke

Lisa Surabian

Lois Pease

Pam Wildey

Eden Jane Cathy Palmisano Ducharme Claire

Claire Jameson

Carol Hanson



Cindy Harriman â&#x20AC;&#x201D; President

Rhonda Murphy â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Vice President

Lisa Sangillo. Andrew Brown, Kathy Rogers. Kathy Mueller. Annette Cleaves. Michelle Eady, Heidi Oberson. Sandy Marino, Jenny Gage, Laura Teranian, Mary Fisher, Michelle Black








Campus Happenings Like the sea, all our relationships. . . . . . our very existence wax and wane depleting our levels of faith, and hope, then filling us again with a surge of joy . . . . . . that lets us believe once more in everything we love . . . . . . and in ourselves Dean Walley







STAFF Elizabeth Baird Margarett Rooney Barbara Cheney


Director/Counselor Assistant Director/Counselor Media Specialist/Counselor

" bc



eldercenter at westbrook college 716 STEVENS AVENUE PORTLAND, MAINE04103

Kent G.Taylor Director Jayne Watts Coordinator

Children's Center Âť


Student Council

Kim Rhonda Murphy Thebault Chairperson (IDC) VP Day Students Nancy Tim West Driscoll Freshman Rep. Student Activities John Sandy Chirico Merino VPSGA J. Board Linda Loud J Board

France Moore Freshman Rep. Melanie Hyde Student Activities Wendy Jean Treasurer SGA

Kathy Jennyann Jameson Gage Freshman Rep. Freshman Rep. Heidi Stephanie Bacon Grifo Alumni Rep. J. Board Claire Diane Figneault Pizzanelo Freshman Sec. SGA President SGA

Cindy Pelletier Freshman Rep

Administrative Assistants

Constance Shambers

Susan Tattan 61

Interdorm Council

Kathy Finck (McDougall) Lisa Corey (Ginn) Leslie Targgart (Ginn) Carrie Armstrong (McDougall) Sue Cronin (McDougall) Carole Belbin (Hersey) Kathy Spallone (Proctor) Kathy Moynihan (McDougall) Kathy Mireault (Proctor) Vickie Martin (Ginn) Laurie Nickerson (Hersey) Kim Thebault (Proctor) Cathy Nieszczezewski (Proctor) Kelley Meehan (Proctor)

Resident Directors Mrs. Andrews, Connie Schamber, Mrs. MacCormack, Mrs. Wescott, Sue Tattan


Junior Deans

Ann Burke, Debbie Simpson, Sue Derocher, Patti May, Janice Clarke, Carysue Yacobian, Robin Crowley, Diane Smallidge, Mary Cotter

Student Advisory Admissions Board

Paulette Fournier, Renee Cessario, Paula Shores, Mary Beth Lehan, Lori Gallagher, Karen Steward, Claire Malo, Martha Eaton, Cheryl Hills, Lisa Corey


Collegiate Merchandisers

Debbie Dillman, Sue Berry, Cindy Levang, Cindy Wilson, Debbie Tecshner, Kathleen Mueller, Debbie Low, Janet Durk ee Ann Johnston, Karyn Morton, Lisa Martin, Lori Theriault, Heidi Oberson, Andrea Rand, Missing â&#x20AC;&#x201D; (President) Paulette Fournier

Ann Johnston, Cyndy Kreugar, Sue Berry, Debbie Simpson, Stephanie Avis, Renee Cessano, Martha Eaton, Chris Whalen, Donna Hoyt, Karen Hoyt, Paula Snores, Paulette Fournier, Cloure LaCasse, Cindy Wilson, Debbie Teschner

Campus Guides


American Dental Hygienists' Association

Mrs. Dale Prue, Linda Loud, Stephanie Gritfo, Diane Bilodeau, Cheryl Hills

Student Activities

Perrianne Thomas, Sharon Lovejoy, Marilyn Disney, Jenny Gage, Lisa Levonick, Cindy Finger, Janice Clark, Nancy Driscoll, Melanie Hyde, Cindy Kreugar

Kathy Lynch, Cindy Levang, Cindy Saucier, Jeanna Beaulieu, Cindy Harriman. Sue Cronin. Cathy Murphy

Cumberland County Association of Legal Students

Mamie Dugas, Lori Nelson, Mary Ann Poore, Lea Paradis, Terry Reynolds, Cindi Bruns, Pam MacKenzie, Cindy Larkin, Paula Siviski, Linda Lord

Christian Fellowship

Paula Mills, Kathy Lynch, Lea Paradis, Nancy Koenig, Kathy Finck, Ann O'Rourke


September Scramble









Winter '78









The Beauty

J^ K1-* ^|.


^^^^tik ^k


l ^ j l l v !L

m M

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f '


The Maine Printmakang Workshop's Director is John Muench, an artist of international reputation. His dynamic assistant is Elizabeth Baird. Ms. Baird has taught etching and silkscreen and is responsible for attracting many students to the world of art.



Bl ^ H ^




of Culture


A Night at


The Opera

Alexander Hall Gallery


Joan Whitney Payson Gallery of Art





exercise I c a

fd-hoo Clot


• 4 0 winK2 cLys>




Look What We're Missing!


SENIORS Some of us went away just to get away some of us left because horizons never stop. Beyond each hill, a new one awaits and pulls us like the hidden hands of love. Rod McKuen



Deborah A. Simpson

WM Therese Peters


Elizabeth M. Rafter

Lori Fioiek


Susan Reardon Gina Beaucage Diane Edwards Sue Huff Melanie K. Store


Sharon Lovejoy


Dianne Lynn Clark

Linda J. Lord

Patti May


Stacia Muriel Poulin

Debby Sagar

, f/YOG

Jeanna M. Beaulieu


Melanie Hyde

Karen Steward

Beth Walker

Wendy Bryce

Cindy Larkin


Renee E. Cessario


III? *' Jane McLaren

Deborah Caprarella

Kathleen A. Eaton



Kelley Ann Connors All treasures seem faded beside the the sea's emerald majesty . . . and when all that encumbers us is cast into the sea, we receive a greater treasure . . . peace of mind. Hersey Sigma Chi.



Kathy "Sylvie" Silva "The only way to have a friend is to be one."





Hte- ^

To my friends in Hersey Sigma Chi â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Thank you for all the unforgettable memories 1


Susan B. Ingraham And as time ebbs away curling moments into the fluid treasury of the sea . . . we begin to give up our invisible burdens of confusion . . . boredom . despair . . . clearing a place within us into which the ocean's peace and tranquility can flow. Love and thanks to Hersey Sigma Chi, Paula and all of my friends.


mm . 103




Laurie "Nicki" Nickerson " S p e c i a l f r i e n d s are a m o n g the brightest threads in the tapestry of life." To all of my good friends, especially Hersey Sigma Chi, thank you for all the fond memories you have given me.

Kathleen E. Moynihan









Cindy Harriman


Cynthia Heisler


&&L /


m -1 J 1& M



4 ] #BfcBB




Cheryl May Hills Lori A. Gallagher Although at times you may feel defeated. keep your chin up; think about the future â&#x20AC;&#x201D; brighter things he ahead.

"If you have a goal in life that takes a lot of energy that incurs a great deal of interest and that is a challenge to you. You will always look forward to waking up to see what the new day brings Susan Polish Schutz

Diane Smallidge

4 V





Laurie Jane Wheeler


Leslie M. Targgart


Kristine Johnson Isn't it always love that makes you hang your head And isn't it always love that makes you cry But isn't it always love that takes the tears away And you wouldn't have it any other way Karla Bonoff



Cindi Lea Bruns

Melissa Jane Brackiey


Janice Clark

Maria Scognamiglio

Pattie Smith


Leslie Harriman

Nancy Ellen Groves


Judy Polito


Lisa Rae Corey




Only the Good Die Young. â&#x20AC;˘

Debbie Labbe

Suzanne Willigar

Laura Hunter

Linda Thompson


Wendy Bryce


Lori Seehusen


Suzanne Julie Poitras

Patricia Lynn Walton

Heidi Hansen

Susan Margaret Simmons



Marilyn Ann Robery

Donna Marie McEnaney "In life, happiness is not measured by beauty or gold, but by the beauty in laughter and love of golden friends."


Jennifer Johnson

'-, Deborah L. Semonian


Rhonda Jean Murphy

Kathryn L. Garrett




w * y



Catherine M. Finck (Kate) -If you add all the love in the world, take away all the hate and the pain, there d st.ll be some love left over, and that s what g.ves us nope> _ Mac Davis


Kathleen A. Lynch (Kathy) f


n o mattef hQW


Carrie Armstrong There are two ways of spreading light: To be the original candle; or the mirror reflecting it.



o w jn love a n d



pathy a n d nearness t0 each other


Betsey Hewes

Katherine Gagnon


Donna Couturier

Michele McGeachey

Holly Linscott

Roger Donahue


Kathy Crowe


Elizabeth Olivier

Mitzie Adams-Kingsbury

Brenda Gilmore


Judy Riordan

Anne O'Rourke


Sabrina Pellegrini

Sal Eastman

Sally Maynard

Patty Gamans


Cindi Serfes

Lori Nelson


Lori Stacy

Jane Fowler

Gail Blackburn

. * 144


Elaine Thomas

t William Redding



I lll'lfl

Marsha Haskell



y^ /W££3

Jean Curtis

Allison Bradbury 147

Linda Metayer


Sue Delisle

Michelle Bussiere 148

**ai r

Doreen Dugan

Betsy Fowler

Stephanie Dylewski 149

Beverly Butler


Kathy Grant

Sue Adams

Donna Dilman


Roseanne Nappi


Catherine Bowes

Donna Merrill

Sue Soucy'"

Pauline Curry

Helen Darling


Deborah Ellis

Janet Wood

Sarah Hoecker

Stan Cahill

Karen Morton

Denise Carpenter

Connie Bell


Pam White Claire Dolbec

Ann Dooler

John Chirico

Happiness Is. . .

Jeff Polansky

Deborah Boynton 159



Judy Hamilton

Maryann Poore

Jill McPhail

Linda Loud

Kathy Lund

Joan Patton 161

Sandra Brown

Pam Collins

Susan Parker Lola Piourde

Judy Brown


Anne Fernandez

Diane Pizzanello

Heidi Bacon

Nancy Pano

Kathy Spallone

Martha Eaton

Cathy Nieszczezewski Jayne Corey Kelley Meehan

Stephen Goudey


Cynthia Coughlan

Sharon Rand

Paula Shores Karen Sweeney


Meet A Genius.



6 a2&

"I had to slap him a few times, but only because I thought he was dead."




\ \


Candids Just as one canrjpt collect all the beautiful Shells on the beach, sp one cannot collect all the moments of wonder

. . all the songs of joy. . .

all the times of triumph thapar&a part of life. Rod McKuen 171

Like the sea, all our relationships . . . . . our very existence . . . fills us again with a surge of joy . . 174

that lets us believe once more in everything we love . . . . . . and in ourselves. Dean Walley 175

"Say, isn't that last year's jacket?"

2 F'rt«r'j «,t"e»nt0f

Htchmggj fob


4 « Ait***¥*%*£>


Boy! Have

we come x long vvcuAy babg'




9**^ 181

^j速owmm MARCH 13, 3

Sunny News Foreca

Life Will



Get Better, Us Predict!

Class Artist

Which"type"are you?





' \


fs ft IP"*






Most Intellectual


Most Athletic



Best Dancer

Most Likely to Succeed 186

Best Dressed

Class Drip

Most Talkative

Drinking Team



I am following the sun Leaving my tracks for others to follow . . .

but whom I will meet over the horizon. Traveling, following Only my mind . . .

. . and the call in the distance of a friend



>.ycz: K-rjr-'xr o^fiiuA


do UK- -^U jju. iriirtjid> xAat i'jJulC

OJvu Am<^

QyoCTLfr- fa

o* You KA/OW r







and last... but not least.

Kelley Connors Editor-in-Chief

Jan Czaplicki Senior Editor

Debbie Boynton Faculty Editor

Sue Ingraham Business

Katrina Holt Freshman Editor

A personal thanks to everybody who helped to produce this yearbook. As I send this page to the publisher I cannot help but think of all the priceless hours spent. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; And all the fun I had! Thanks to everybodyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;


Donna Hoyt -

Artwork -

Laurie Neville

The Tower Staff

Laurie Nickerson Superlatives Section

Melissa Brackley Activities Editor

M. J.Zello Freshman Candids

Kathy Silva Candids


Sue Berry — Freshman Section

Joan Gorham Candids

Janet Burton Collage Section

Natalie Napert — Candids Special Events

Patrons Gold Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hammond Mr. & Mrs. Allen Gammons Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lovett, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brown, Jr. Suzanne Albrecht Westbrook College Alumni Association Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Twaddel Joni G . McNutt

Thomas B. Courtice Thelma M. Andrews Eleanor P. Merrill Mrs. Elodie B. MacCormack Mr. & Mrs. John Connors The Business Department Ruth Ann Brooks

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis \A%hit Mr. & Mrs. R. DeCamp Mr. & Mrs. James Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Bamford Mr. & Mrs. Robert Finck Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. Nick Vangel Mr. & Mrs. John J . Burke, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Zello Mr. & Mrs. Leland Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Roger Martin Alice Burns Mr. & Mrs. Ken Krueger Mrs. J. R. Jackman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Johnston Jr. & Mrs. Malcolm Trafton Mr. & Mrs. James B. Adams Mr. & Mrs. Keith Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Yacobian Elizabeth F. Honan Dr. Myron Hager Jackie Oliveri Mrs. Anna Allen Linda Kozikowski

Bronze The Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ms. 202

Boynton's and Mrs. Milton Mills and Mrs. Clifton Pease and Mrs. Charles Chase and Mrs. Ernest Leuang Freda Schilling

Mrs. Sharon Dennison Reta Rumrill Carmen & Maggie Corcimiglia Thomas C. Leach Natalie Desmond





TS M 203



Has Been Puffing Ideas Info Women's Heads Since 1831

. . . Women's Cenfer

"At Casco Bank & Trust they're always thinking about us."


BEST WISHES Class of "79"


Your School Photographers

240 Middle Street, Portland



Chssof 7ff

I 106 Forest Ave., Portland 797-3197 Wine 10% Off Case



Cheese Most Inexpensive in Portland (All Kinds)

Wine Club 1. 10-40% Off Wine 2. Wine Tastings 3. Magazine 4. Travel 5. Dinners Mon-Sat 10-8 Sun 12-6

C*rÂť<*( ffsj^tftMSfS


Best Wishes From The Junior Deans

A *

Make an Arrangement With Ml NNOTTS FLOWERS. The Perfect Gift for any Occasion

"Minott's Flowers Make Good Scents"





— Two Locations — 25 Temple St. Intown 772-4638 Mill Creek Shop. Ctr., So Portland


Many Thanks to All Students, Families, and Businesses for Their Support

Delivers Fast. . . Free

of the

Call us.

Tower 79

774-1489 518 Forest Ave.



The lady is a chan surviving tie cafeteria



Cejebrate^&*^ ÂŁV

Wowl how to study



Sue B. Adams 40Stoneleigh Road Worcester, MA 01606 Fashion Merchandising McDougall

Gail P. Blackburn Adams Road Brunswick, ME 04011 Nursing Day

Carol Armstrong 22 Glenn Street Caribou, ME 04736 Birthday — November 14 Medical Technology McDougall Activities Committee 1 Westbrook Christian Fellowship 1, 2 "Play It Again Sam" 1

Catherine A. Bowes 1624 Daily Ct. San Leandro, CA 04577 Dental Hygiene Day

Heidi L Bacon Southfield Road Amherst, NH 03031 Ginn Fashion Merchandising Beth M. Bamford 54 — 15th Street Bangor, ME 04401 Birthday — June 4 Fashion Merchandising Ginn Student Activities Council Susan E. Bean 197 Howard Street Melrose, MA 021 76 Fashion Merchandising McDougall Jeanna M. Beaulieu R ~ 2 Box 192 Fresquelsle, ME 04769 Birthday — February 21 Medical Assistant Linnell •nterdorm Sports 1,2 •nterdorm Activities Committee, Chairperson 2 Student Activities Advisory Board 2 Hogan'sZeros2 Carole Belbin 213 Haggetts Pond Road Andover, MA 01810 Birthday —October 21 Cental Hygiene Hersey Resident Assistant 2 • DC Constance J. Bell RFD-2 Corham, ME 04038

Deborah Boynton P.O. Box 95 No. Attleboro, MA 02760 Birthday —October 15 Liberal Arts McDougall/Ginn Melissa Jane Brackley 13 Longview Terrace Kennebunk, ME 04043 Birthday — October 5 Medical Assistant Linnell Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Tower Staff 2 Allison Bradbury Box 112 Cape Road Hollis Center, ME Executive Assistant Birthday — December 12 Day Student Advisory Board Ann M. Brown 21 Vincent Street So. Portland, ME 04106 Birthday — February 3 Fashion Merchandising Day Judith A. Brown 410 Presumpscot Street Portland, ME 04103 Medical Technology Day Nancy Brown Washington Street Conway, NH03818 Birthday — September 4 Legal Secretary McDougall Softball 1, SAAB President Legal Student's Association Student Advisory Board 2 211

Sandra M. Brown Route 1 South York, ME Birthday — June 12 Fashion Merchandising Linnell Student Guide, Collegiate Merchandising Association, Social Committee Cindi Lea Bruns 93 Parkway North Brewer, ME 04412 Birthday — October 6 Legal Secretary Linnell Cumberland County Legal Secretary's Association 1, 2, Student Activities Program 2, Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Special Events Committee 2 Wendy Bryce Longley Road Groton,MA01450 Birthday — January 20 Dental Hygiene Linnell JADHA 1, 2, Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Campus Guide 1, "Hogan's Zeros" 2 Anne Burke (Henry) 7 Elmcrest Circle Walpole, MA 02081 Birthday — April 5 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Student Government Association Secretary Junior Dean, Fashion Show Coordinator Student Activities Council, Symphony Usher "Hersey Sigma Chi" Janet Burton 6 Maiden Lane Lynnfield, MA 01940 Birthday — June 8 Dental Hygiene Hersey Yearbook Staff, JADHA, Talent Show Michelle M. Bussiere 240 Ashland Street Holliston, MA01746 Birthday — July 19 Dental Hygiene Linnell JADHA Beverly J. Butler 225 Broadway So. Portland, ME 04106 212

Medical Assistant Day Robin D. Bickford c/o Levensaler Martin's Point Rd. Friendship, ME 04547 Birthday — September 8 Liberal Arts Proctor Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Stanley H.Cahill Cornish, ME Birthday — August 24 Nursing Proctor Deborah M. Caprarella 27 Elda Drive Norwood, MA 02062 Dental Hygiene Day Denise L. Carpenter RFD # 2 Limerick, ME 04048 Nursing Day Linda A. Cavallaro 15 Pleasant Hill Road Falmouth, ME 04105 Fashion Merchandising Day Renee E. Cessario 4 Woodvale Road Glen Rock, NJ 07452 Birthday — December 1 Fashion Merchandising McDougall Dorm Secretary, Campus Guide Chairperson of SAAB Geraldyn Chapman (Jerri) 17 Monroe Drive Hootsett, NH03104 Birthday — December 30 Medical Assistant Hersey Student Guide 2 John G. Chirico 505 White Plains Road Eastchester, NY 10709 Liberal Arts Proctor Jean Christie Liberal Arts Day

Dianne Lynn Clark 223 Middle Road Falmouth, ME 04105 Birthday — June 22 Recreation Leadership Linnell Interdorm Sports 1, 2 April Amble 1 Ginger Lee Clark RFD 1 Box87C Union, ME 04862 Birthday — November 19 Fashion Merchandising Linnell Dean's List 1 Janice L. Clark 8 Lincoln Street Santord, ME 04073 Fashion Merchandising Day/Ginn Richard A. Clark 36 Sumac Street Portland, ME 04103 Nursing Day Henrietta Clews Box 223 Blue Hill, ME 04614 Nursing Day Pamela A. Collins P.O. Box 3069 Lewiston, ME 04240 Fashion Merchandising Day Kelley Ann Connors 1 Pinecone Lane Southboro, MA 01 772 Birthday —October 28 Dental Hygiene JADHA, Yearbook Editor Hersey

Ginn Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Campus Guide 2 Dining Hall Comm. 1 Resident Assistant 2, Social Committee 1 Student Admissions Advisory Board Mary Bernadette Cotter 68 Granite Street Melrose, MA 021 76 Birthday — August 20 Dental Hygiene Proctor Tour Guide 1, Windjammers — Basketball 2 Westbrook Singers 1, Junior Dean 2 Cynthia B. Coughlan 21 Melissa Drive Yarmouth, ME 04096 Birthday — August 27 Nursing Day Student Nurses Association 1, 2 Cheryl M. Crawtord 47 Columbia Road Portland, ME 04103 Fashion Merchandising Day Kathleen A. Cross 71 Forrest Street Plaistow, NH 03865 Nursing Hersey Katherine Crowe N.W. Shore Road East Sebago, ME 04029 Fashion Merchandising Day

Jayne E. M. Corey 43 19th Avenue Madawaska, ME 04756 Fashion Merchandising Proctor

Robin A. Crowley 46 Cro-Shee Lane Leominster, MA 01453 Birthday — June 11 Dental Hygiene Linnell JADHA 1, 2, Campus Guide 1, House Council 1, Vice-President Junior Deans 2, Student Government 2 Interdorm Sports 1, 2

Lisa Rae Corey 26 Montgomery Parkway Branford, CT 06405 Birthday — September 24 Medical Assistant

Pauline M. Curry 92 Saco Avenue Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064 Fashion Merchandising Day 213

Jean Curtis 252 Main Street Cumberland, ME 04021 Birthday — A p r i l 2 Day Executive Assistant Student Advisory Board Gina Beaucage 72 Summer Street Kennebunk, ME 04043 Birthday — March 8 Executive Secretary Ginn Diane Cyr RFD # 1 Box 43 Madawaska, ME 04756 Birthday —October 3 Medical Assistant Hersey Janet A. Czaplicki 14 Lincoln Road Clinton, CT 06413 Birthday — May 31 Medical Assistant Hersey Guiding, Student Activities, Interdorm Council, Yearbook Staff, MA Senior Advisory Board, Resident Assistant


RogerW. Donahue 32 Edgeworth Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Nursing Day Rosamond (Robin) Dowd 14 Nimitz Circle Natick, MA 01760 Birthday —October 6 Dental Hygiene Ginn Mamie J. Dugas 8 Sylvan Road Gorham, ME 04038 Birthday — December 20 Legal Secretary Donnelly CCLSA Secretary Stefanie R. Dylewski 88 Salem Street Portland, ME 04102 Nursing Day Sally Eastman Nursing Day Kathleen A. Eaton 85 Market Street # 2 0 1 Birthday — August 31 Dental Hygiene Day

Helen M. Darling 25 Howard Street Portland, ME Executive Assistant Birthday — December 13 Day President F.S.A. (Future Secretaries Association)

Martha Hoyt Eaton 85 Clarke Road Needham, MA 02192 Fashion Merchandising McDougall SAAB Secretary, Student Admissions Advisory Board

Susan Delisle 1213 Water Street Fitchburg,MA04120 Birthday —October 26 Dental Hygiene Ginn Social Committee 1

Diane Edwards 102 Main Street Machias, ME 04654 Birthday — December 7 Fashion Merchandising Ginn

Diane M. Demers 27 Wentworth Street Biddeford, MA 04005 Nursing Day

Debbie Ellis 29 Kidder Avenue Dixfield, ME 04224 Birthday — May 3 Nursing McDougall Student Nurses Association

Donna D. Dillman 15 Lindenwood Road Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 Dental Hygiene Day

Anne Fernandez 118 Carter Street Portland, ME 04103 Executive Secretary

Claire M. Dolbec 15 Greenaway Avenue Spnngvale, ME 04083 Nursing Day

Sandra E. Ferris 232 Henry Street Manchester, CT 06040 Nursing Day


Catherine M. Finck (Kate) Bray Road, Box 227 Shelburne Falls, MA 01370 Birthday—March 10 Medical Assistant McDougall Westbrook Singers 1, 2, Interdorm Sports Westbrook Christian Fellowship 1, 2 Treasurer JADHA 1, 2 Field Hockey 1 Resident Assistant 2, Interdorm Council 2 Lori Fiolek Fern Road Litchfield, CT 06759 Birthday — November 20 Nursing Linnell Student Nurses Association Resident Assistant Paulette Marie Fournier 63 Oak Ridge Circle Lynn, MA 01904 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Collegiate Merchandising Association Student Admissions Board, Tour Guide, Fashion Show Student Activities Council Betsy S. Fowler 133 New Jersey Street Millinocket, ME 04462 Nursing Ginn Jane G. Fowler Vine Street So. Berwick, ME 03908 Fashion Merchandising McDougall Donna Fritz RFD - 2 Box 6 Peterborough, NH 03458 Birthday — June 26 Executive Secretary Ginn Student Guide, Ginn Secretary, House Council

Patricia Mary Gamans 8 Glenwood Drive Goffstown, NH 03045 Birthday — J u n e 29 Dental Hygiene McDougall Student Council, House Council Interdorm Sports, Parietals Committee, Sap News Reporter, Student Guide, JADHA, Dorm Chairperson Kathryn L. Garrett 41 Cliff Road Waltham, MA02154 Birthday — February 10 Dental Hygiene Hersey Student Guide 1, JADHA Brenda A. Gilmore 205 Riverside Circle Marshfield, MA 02050 Liberal Arts Day Cinda E. Gonthier 106 Green Street Biddeford, ME 04005 Nursing Day Lori Goselin 66 Country Lane Bristol, CT 06010 Birthday — February 23 Dental Hygiene Linnell JADHA 1, 2, Tour Guide 1, Dorm Chairperson 2, Interdorm Sports 1, 2 Priscilla M. Gosselin 16 Helen Street Winslow, ME 04902 Birthday — May 11 Medical Assistant Ginn Nancy Ellen Groves 6 Upland Road Brewer, ME 04412 Birthday — January 4 Fashion Merchandising

Katherine Gagnon 166 Brackett Street Westbrook, ME 04902 Birthday — August 4 Medical Assistant Day

Sarah A. Hall

Lori A. Gallagher 11 Downing Place Presquelsle, ME 04769 Birthday — January 7 Dental Hygiene Ginn JADHA, SAAB

Judith G. Hamilton 343 Stevens Avenue Portland, ME Birthday — March 31 Nursing Day Big Sister Program


RFD # 1 Dixfield, ME 04224 Dental Hygiene Proctor Birthday — May 9


Heidi Hansen 234 Bridge Street Westbrook, ME 04902 Birthday — June 16 Medical Assistant Day Interdorm Sports, Run for Fun Program Cindy Harriman 184 Edwards Street Portland, ME 04102 Birthday — August 16 Medical Assistant Day Social Committee 1, Interdorm Sports 1, 2, Student Government 1 Student Activities Committee 2, Westbrook Theatre Company 2 Leslie Harriman 4 Maura Ct. Waterville, ME 04901 Birthday — February 1 7 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Marsha J. Haskell Landing Road Kennebunk, ME Birthday — June 7 Fashion Merchandising Tennis Team


Cynthia Heisler 201 Prospect Street Portland, ME 04103 Birthday — June 10 Medical Assistant Day Skiing, Tennis Betsey Hewes 897 Shore Road Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107 Birthday — M a r c h 28 Nursing Day Student Nurses Association Cheryl Mae Hills 4 South Merrill Street Bradford, MA Birthday — December 9 Dental Hygiene Ginn SAAB 2, Secretary of JADHA 2, Interdorm Soccer 1 Elaine Hodgins 18 Pendleton Street Brewer, ME 04412 Birthday — August 20 Medical Assistant Ginn 216

Sarah Hoecker RR1,Box415 Yarmouth, ME 04096 Fashion Merchandising


Donna Hoyt 167 Baldwin Road Billerica, MA01821 Birthday — August 8 Dental Hygiene Hersey Guiding, Yearbook JADHA Susan L. Huff 135 Clinton Avenue Winslow, ME 04902 Birthday — January 20 Nursing Ginn Laura Hunter 22 Maple Avenue Freeport, ME Birthday —October 19 Nursing Day Student Nurses Association Melanie Hyde 29 Wheeler Road Stow, MA 01775 Birthday — November 10 Recreation Leadership Linnell Student Activities, Student Government, Basketball Susan B. Ingraham 109 Lincoln Street Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426 Birthday — May 5 Executive Secretary Hersey Yearbook Staff 7 9 , Field Hockey 1 Christine E. Jackman Rectory School Pomfret, CT 06258 Birthday —October 16 Liberal Arts McDougall Cultural Events, Helping With Alexander Art Gallery Openings, "Two by Two" Wendy Jean 16 Good Street Billerica, MA 01821 Birthday —October 12 Dental Hygiene McDougall SAP 1, Social Committee 1, Field Hockey 1, JADHA 1, 2, Treasurer SGA 2, Interdorm Competition 1, 2

Ann Elizabeth Johnston 22 Cobblers Lane Ridgefield, CT 06877 Birthday — December 15 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Cultural Affairs Committee, SAAB, "Play It Again Sam" Collegiate Merchandising Association Jennifer Johnson 9 Hilltop Parkway Woburn, MA 01801 Birthday — April 18 Fashion Merchandising Ginn

Catherine M. Jones 13 Dion Avenue Kittery, ME Birthday— May 17 Nursing Hersey/Day Student Nurses Association Timothy K. Judge 495 Newscotland Avenue Albany, NY 1 2208 Birthday — January 12 Liberal Arts Day Photographer Yearbook Staff, Liberal Arts Seminar Eagle Project Bong-a-thong Chairperson Karen E. Kazilionis 1040 Broadway So. Portland, ME 041 06 Nursing Day Jane L. Kelly 94 Main Street Berlin, NH 03570 Birthday — January 5 Medical Assistant Ginn Student Tour Guide 1, Resident Assistant 2, House Council 2, Proctoring Discipline Committee 2

Nancy L. Koenig 11 Decatur Lane Wayland,MA01778 Birthday — June 7

Debra Labbe Box 186 North Windham, ME 04062 Birthday —October 6 Nursing Day Student Nurses Association Janice Lane 59 Winter Street Saco, ME 04702 Birthday — December 23 Legal Secretary Day Cumberland County Legal Students Assoc.

Kristine Johnson 82 Pond Street E. Bridgewater, MA 02333 Birthday — April 1 Dental Hygiene Ginn JADHA

Mitzie Kingsbury Fashion Merchandising

Medical Assistant McDougall Westbrook Christian Fellowship 1, 2


Cynthia L. Larkin Box 143, Rt. 2 Bangor, ME 04401 Birthday — November 3 Legal Secretary Linnell Freshman Rep. to House Council, Interdorm Committee 2, Parties and Trips Committee 2 Interdorm Sports 1, 2, Cumberland County Legal Secretary Association 1, 2 Jane P. Ledoux Elk Drive RFD 8 Bedford, NH 03102 Birthday —October 27 Fashion Merchandising Proctor Interdorm Sports, Fashion Show Participant, Dental Clinic Receptionist, Fire-Marshal Mary Beth Lehan 99 Hancock Street Bedford, MA 01730 Birthday — August 2 Dental Hygiene Ginn JADHA 1, Interdorm Sports, Dean's List, Vice Pres. JADHA 2, Student Admissions Advisory Board Janet W. Libby 57 Leland Street Portland, ME 04103 Nursing Day Holly Linscott 1435 Forest Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Medical Assistant Day Linda J. Lord 58 Park Street Milo, ME 04463 Birthday — November 30 Legal Secretary Linnell Cumberland County Legal Secretary 217

Association 1, 2; Student Activities Council 1, 2; Special Event Committee 2 Linda Loud 45 John Street Whalam Dist. Lunenburg, MA Birthday — A p r i l 27 Dental Hygiene McDougall JADHA, Judicial Board Sharon Lovejoy 742 Washington Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Birthday — August 13 Linnell Social Committee, Student Activities Comm. Chairperson Party and Trip Comm. Interdorm Sports, Collegiate Merchandising Assoc. Debra A. Low 1 Carriage Road Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110 Birthday — September 23 Fashion Merchandising Day Collegiate Merchandising Association Kathy E. Lund RFD # 1 Lyndonville, VT 05851 Nursing McDougall

Donna Marie McEnaney 17 Chadwick Drive Old Lyme, CT 06371 Birthday —August 30 Fashion Merchandising Ginn Interdorm Sports, Collegiate Merchandising Association Michelle McGeachey 150 Percival Street Portland, ME 04103 Liberal Arts McDougall Peter McKeough 148 School Street So. Portland, ME Nursing Day Jane McLaren 27 Columbia Street Adams, MA Birthday — April 5 Executive Secretary Interdorm Sports


Jill McPhail

Kathleen A. Lynch Pleasant Street RFD # 2 New London, NH 03257 Birthday — April 13 Medical Assisting McDougall Westbrook Singers 1, 2, Christian Fellowship Softball, Student Activities, Vice Chairperson Bloodmobile Chairperson, Symphony Usher Chairperson, Tour Guide

Kelley Meehan 30 Western Avenue Biddeford, ME 04005 Recreation Leadership Proctor Donna P. Merrill 169PlainfieldRoad Concord, MA 01742 Nursing

Pam MacKenzie 57 Lane Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Legal Secretary Day

Linda Metayer P.O. Box 96 North Windham, ME 04062 Fashion Merchandising Day

Claire R. Malo 62 Bennett Avenue Auburn, ME 04210 Medical Technology

Karen L. Moberg Main Street Limerick, ME 04048 Nursing


Patti May 23 Farview Drive Sanford, ME 04073 Birthday — March 18 Medical Technology Proctor Social Committee, Student Guide Jr. Dean, Student Government 218

Sally Maynard 77 Foreside Road Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110 Dental Hygiene Day

Karen Morton 23 Harding Avenue Falmouth, ME 04105 Birthday — January 12 Fashion Merchandising Day Collegiate Merchandising Association Fashion Show Coordinator, Model

Kathleen E. Moynihan 159 Prospect Street Framingham, MA 01701 Birthday — June 3 Dental Hygiene McDougall Student Activities, Dorm Chairperson Rhonda Jean Murphy Anderson Cove Road North Sebago, ME Birthday — October 9 Medical Technology Day V.P. Day Student Association, Interdorm Volleyball MaryLynne Murray P.O. Box 68 Ware, MA 01082 Birthday — December 8 Dental Hygiene McDougall Student Guide, Auctioneer, Jr. Dean, Curriculum Rep., Student Council Natalie L Napert 279 Howard Street Berlin, NH 03570 Birthday — April 3 Medical Assistant Hersey Student Activities Council Rep. Yearbook Staff Rosanne T. Nappi 187 Sherwood Street Portland, ME 04103 Dental Hygiene Day Jennifer Nargesian Fashion Merchandising


Catherine Nieszczezewski Charlton Road Dudley, MA 01570 Dental Hygiene Proctor Elizabeth G. Olivier 11 Partridge Lane Scarboro, ME 04074 Dental Hygiene Day Nancy Joyce Pano 91 Robbins Road Birthday — November 26 Dental Hygiene Hersey Secretary to Student Council, Jr. Dean, Jadha, Student Guide George Paolini North Main Street Solon, ME 04979 Fine Arts Day Lea A. Paradis 321 Saco Street Westbrook, ME 04092 Birthday — January 12 Legal Secretary Day Yearbook Staff (1), Run for Fun, Dean's List, CCLSA, Woman's Literary Union Scholarship, Christian Fellowship, NSA Scholarship Susan Ellen Parker RFD Cram Road, East Baldwin, ME 04024 Birthday—March 21 Executive Secretary Day Dean's List, Future Secretaries of America

Lori Nelson 55 Clinton Street Portland, ME 04103 Legal Secretary Day

Cynthia Parsons 13A Summer Street Biddeford, ME 04005 Nursing Day

Laureen P. Neville 37 Cushing Avenue Hingham, MA Birthday — July 1 Dental Hygiene Hersey

Joanne Lori Patton 2890 Poppy Road South Venice, Florida 33595 Birthday —October 22 Fashion Merchandising Linnell Collegiate Merchandising Association

Laurie J. Nickerson 14 Shepard Avenue Bryantville, MA 12327 Birthday—March 18 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Interdorm Council, Yearbook Staff, Activity Council, Interview Committee, Fashion Show Participant, Dorm Chairperson, Sap-Dorm Representative

Sabrina A. Pellegrini 378 Middle Street Bath, ME 04530 Dental Hygiene Day Karen D. Penniman 39 Stanwood Street, Apt. 2 So. Portland, ME 04106 Nursing Day 219

Therese Peters 140 Whitman Road Needham, MA Birthday — September 5 McDougall Nursing Student Nursing Association Diane M. Pizzanello 86 Harwich Street Hartford, CT 06114 Dental Hygiene Proctor Lola Plourde 33 Pearl Street Fort Kent, ME 04743 Birthday — February 18 Nursing McDougall Student Nursing Association Suzanne Julie Poitras 2 Bradley Road Danvers, MA Birthday — M a y 22 Dental Hygiene Hersey JADHA Jeffrey Polansky 19 Donna Drive Albany, NY 12205 Birthday — September 30 Liberal Arts Proctor Interdorm Sports, Tower Staff Photographer House Council, Cultorial Assistant, Field Trip Coordinator, Westbrook Theater, Student Guide, Alumni Fashion Show, Portland Symphony Usher, Dean's List, Liberal Arts and Fine Arts Scholarship Judith E. Polito 69 Montrose Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Medical Assistant Day Ann Marie Pooler 82 Chamberlain Street Brewer, ME Birthday — March 2 Nursing Ginn Health Committee, Social Committee, Printmaking Workshop, Slimnastics, Student Nurses Association Maryann Poore 119 Hennessy Drive Portland, ME 04103 Birthday — February 2 Legal Secretary Day Legal Secretaries Association 220

Catherine A. Potvin W. Auburn Road Auburn, ME 04210 Recreation Leadership


Stacia Muriel Poulin 9 Sparhawk Lane Cumberland Center, ME 04021 Birthday — May 14 Nursing McDougall Student Nurses Assoc. Elizabeth M. Rafter 1 Underwood Village Falmouth, ME 04105 Birthday — January 20 Medical Assistant Day Sharon Ann Rand 272 Ludlow Street Portland, ME 04108 Birthday — October 24 Medical Assistant Day Michelle Raymond 18 Mann Court Claremont, NH 03743 Birthday — December 31 Dental Hygiene McDougall Susan Reardon 18 Leah Street Melrose, MA 02176 Birthday — M a r c h 30 Executive Secretary Ginn Social Committee William L. Redding 492 Deering Avenue Portland, ME 04103 Nursing Day Cheree Reed 48 Alden Road Holliston, MA Birthday — July 7 Fashion Merchandising


Monica I. Rennesund 21 Chauncy Street, Apt. B-2 Cambridge, MA 02138 Nursing Day Teresa Marie Reynolds 21 Foreside Road Cumberland Foreside, ME Birthday —October 22 Legal Secretary Day Legal Secretary's Assoc.

Sylvai Richardson RR # 1 Denmark, ME 04022 Birthday — May 23 Nursing Ginn Field Hockey, Head Waitress in Cafe, SNA Judith M. Riordan Munjoy South Townhouse Portland, ME 04101 Fashion Merchandising Day Debra Roberts Business Administration


Marilyn Ann Robery Brattleboro Road Bernardston, MA Fashion Merchandising Ginn Student Activities Council, Interdorm Sports, Collegiate Merchandising Assoc. Constance Roy 1 06 Main Street Springvale, ME 04083 Nursing Day Kristina Russell Dental Hygiene

Michael A. Russo, Jr. Medical Technology Day


Linda Sandborn 32 Thompson Street So. Portland, ME Birthday — August 8 Nursing Day WSN, MSNA Marion Sanders Foreside Road, Box 1 3 Yarmouth, ME 04096 Recreation Leadership Day Sherri Sandler 7 Fenceline Court Gaithersburg, MD 20760 Nursing Day GeralynSavenelli 14 Clark Street Westbrook, ME 04092


Maria Scognamiglio 1210 Ocean Bend Rye, NH 03870 Birthday — January 25 Medical Assistant Linnell Interdorm Sports, Fire Marshall Susan C. Scott 22 Summit Street Portland, ME 04103 Birthday — J u l y 17 Medical Assistant Day Student Activities Rep. Lori A. Seehusen 6 Elmwood Street Woburn,MA01801 Dental Hygiene Ginn Deborah L. Semonian 19 Sheffield Road Birthday — February 16 Fashion Merchandising Ginn Cynthia Serfes Fashion Merchandising


Debby Sagar 77 W.Acton Road Stow, MA 01 775 Birthday — July 31 Fashion Merchandising CMA

Birthday — July 5 Fashion Merchandising


Kathy Sharkey 2 Great Road Maynard, MA 01 754 Birthday — January 3 Business Administration Goddard/Ginn Student Activities Council Tennis Team Paula Shores Brattleboro Road Bernardston, MA 01337 Birthday—March 20 Dental Hygiene Ginn Student Activities Council, Special Events Committee, Student Admission Advisory Board, Interdorm Activities Kathleen Jennett Silva 126 Pine Street Manchester, MA 01944 Birthday — November 3 Dental Hygiene Hersey Yearbook Staff, JADHA, Talent Shows, Social Committee Susan Margaret Simmons 111 Maple Avenue Scarborough, ME 04074 Birthday — June 22 221

Medical Assistant Day Run for Fun Program, Interdorm Sports Dean's List Deborah A. Simpson RFD1 Box 561 Sebago Lake, ME 04075 Birthday —October 22 Dental Hygiene Day Jr. Dean, Student Government, Student Activities Council, Campus Guide, JADHA, Gymnastics Club Paula J. Siviski 7 Charles Avenue Winslow, ME 04902 Birthday — August 3 Legal Secretary Ginn Association of Legal Students Dianne L. Smallidge 33 Oyster River Road Durham, NH 03824 Dental Hygiene Proctor Pattie Smith 2 Pleasant View Drive Birthday — June 11 Medical Assistant Day Jr. Dean, Student Guide Diane Somerville Nursing Day Sue Soucy Augusta Road Winslow, ME 04902 Birthday — September 24 Nursing Ginn Volleyball Kathryn A. Spallone 114 Radnor Avenue Naugatuck, CT 06770 Dental Hygiene Proctor Lori Stacy Nursing Day Catherine E. Stevens 1 Gendron Lane Kennebunk, ME 04043 Medical Assistant Day Karen C. Steward Hampden, ME Birthday — J u l y 28 Recreation Leadership Linnell Student Activities, Social Comm., Outing Club, Campus Guide, Drama Club, 222

SAP News, JACSAC, Student Admissions Advisory Board Melanie Kim Stone 28 Quamy Road Waterville, ME 04901 Birthday —October 18 Nursing Ginn Social Committee Sandra J. Swan Canton Point Road Dixfield, ME 04224 Nursing McDougall Karen E. Sweeney 12 Richardson Circle Saugus, MA 01906 Dental Hygiene Proctor Lori Sweet Dental Hygiene


Leslie M. Targgart 28 Littel Acres Road Glastonbury, CT Birthday — December 11 Dental Hygiene Ginn Social Committee, Interdorm Activities Chairperson of Ginn Kim Louise Thebault 15 Portland Street Fryeburg, ME 04037 Birthday — March 31 Nursing Proctor Tour Guide, Resident Assistant, SNA, Chairperson Interdorm Council, Dorm Secretary Elaine Thomas Star Route Alton, NH 03809 Dental Hygiene McDougall Linda Thompson Porters Landing Freeport, ME Birthday — January 5 Nursing Day SNA Connie Van Gel 20 Vernon Road Natick, MA 01760 Birthday — May 13 Nursing Linnell SNA, Secretary, Interdorm Sports Rosemarie Ventresca RFD1 Mechanic Falls, ME 04256

Fashion Merchandising McDougall Margaret A. Wagner 2 Holmes Street Winterport, ME 04496 Nursing Day

Birthday — November 11 Medical Assistant Day American Medical Association Deborah J. Wilson 12 Longfellow Drive Westbrook, ME 04092 Medical Assistant Day

Beth Ann Walker 20 Birchwood Bend Brewer, ME 04412 Birthday — August 7 Legal Secretary Linnell CCLSA, Interdorm Sports, Student Activities Council, House Council, Party and Trips and Special Events Committee

Jenny Wilson Prospect Street No. Berwick, ME 03906 Birthday — February 14 Medical Assistant Ginn Social Committee

Patricia Lynn Walton 89 Glennwood Road Clinton, CT 06413 Birthday — February 4 Dental Hygiene Hersey Chorus, JADHA

Janet L. Wood 31 State Avenue Cape Elizabeth, ME Birthday — February 2 Fashion Merchandising Day

Paula L. Weinert 602 Jasmine Avenue MyrtleBeach.SC 29577 Dental Hygiene Proctor

Carysusan Yacobian 18 Hoover Road Needham Heights, MA Birthday — M a y 13 Fashion Merchandising Hersey Jr. Dean, Student Government Association, Collegiate Merchandising Association, Campus Guide, Field Hockey, Fashion Show Participant

Laurie J. Wheeler Old Bay Road Bolton, MA 01 740 Birthday — A p r i l 30 Dental Hygiene Linnell JAHDA, Interdorm Sports Resident Assistant DH Class Rep. Kathleen Williams 605 Pool Road Biddeford, ME 04005 Nursing Day

Melanie M. Yorke Pine Hill Road Cape Neddick, ME Birthday — February 14 Fashion Merchandising Linnell Student Guide

Suzanne Willigar RFD1 Island Falls, ME 04747

Janice Young Medical Technology Day



This life is yours Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature Take the power to control your own life No one else can do it for you Take the power to make your life happy Susan Polis Schutz

Special thanks to Jackie Oliveri, Linda Kozikowski, Vic Holan â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Taylor Publishing Co. Representative and George Paolini for all their help and encouragement in making this book possible.





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