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1949 bHM^MMMMI

Hello! So this is Westbrook Junior College. I've been sent to get a bird's eye view of a down to the earth place. My private investigation will include a visit to the Dean's office, a fast smoke in the cafeteria, a weary wait outside Miss Carter's office and a thorough workout of all keyholes. The inquiring mind, you know. I may even risk my life in the lunch line, but I'll keep away from the Zoo lab. I don't want my wings clipped.


oL,lO ins


TOWER 1949

Published by








For the sixteen years you have worked to make our school one of which we are proud . . . for the calm informal w.iv you have walked among us . . . for being a man t h a t has shown us not only knowledge but decent living . . . we, the Senior Class of Westbrcok Junior College, dedicate this yearbook of 1949

To You, I)R. Mil I O N

I). P R O C T O R

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allege \_sol\e\



ike >gjirls Ike ><)


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Seated at desk: Etenee* Simpson, Nancy Hill. Standing*: Helene Danas, Van NTess Maling, Miml wheelwright, Nora Harrington, Be\ Holgate, Selma Milliken, Barbara Eldred. Second row: Alice Smith, Miss Denison. Third row: Feme Robinson, Joan Miller, Joyce Brown.


Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Sen/or Editor

Literary Editor Photography Editor Photograph) Assistant Easiness Manager Sports Editor Senior Assistants â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Helene Danas, N o r a Robinson, Joan Miller, Joyce Brown Staff Artist E resh in a n A ssis ta n t

Faculty Advisor

Qstajj Nancy Hill Alice Smith Mimi Wheelwright Barbara I Id red

Beverly Holgate Joan Sweetser Renee Simpson Van Ness Maling H a r r i n g t o n , Selma M i l l i k e n , I erne Muriel Campbell kav Bullard Violet


y irs i






'Cy/j K_y\\ice,




E L I S A B E T H G. K I M B A L L , P H . D .

Dean of the College,


A.B., M o u n t H o l y o k e College, 1 9 2 1 ; A . M . , M c u n t H o l y o k e College, 1 9 2 3 ; B.Litt., O x f o r d U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 2 7 ; P h . D . , Yale U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 3 3 ; research, P u b i i c R e c o r d Office and British M u s e u m , L o n d o n , s u m m e r , 1 9 2 9 , 1 9 3 1 , 1 9 3 3 , 1 9 3 5 , 1 9 3 8 ; Yale U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 3 4 - 1 9 3 5 . R e a d e r in H i s t o r y and Political Science, M o u n t H o l y o k e College, 1 9 2 3 - 1 9 2 5 ; I n s t r u c t o r and Assistant Professor of H i s t o r y , Wells College, 1 9 2 7 - 1 9 3 1 , 1 9 3 2 - 1 9 3 3 ; A s s i s t a n t Professor of H i s t o r y and Political Science, W i l s o n College, 1 9 5 3 - 1 9 3 4 ; D i r e c t o r of t h e t w o - u n i t p l a n , M o u n t H o l y o k e College, 193 5 - 1 9 3 9 ; W e s t b r o o k J u n i o r College, 1939

P A U L I N E G. C A R T E R ,





A.B., Wellesley College, 1922. T e a c h e r o! Latin, Miss E d g a r ' s School for ( o r i s , M o n t r e a l , Q u e b e c , 1 9 2 2 - 1 9 2 4 ; Head of t h e Latin D e p a r t m e n t , T e a c h e r of M a t h e m a t i c s , 1 9 2 4 - 1 9 3 7 ; Associate P r i n c i p a l , 1 9 3 2 - 1 9 3 7 , T h e G a t e w a y , \ e v H a v e n , C o n n e c t i c u t ; T e a c h e r of Latin, E m m s W i l l a r d School, Troy, New Y o r k , 1 9 3 7 - 1 9 3 8 ; p r i v a t e i n s t r u c t i o n , Latin and M a t h e m a t i c s , P o r t l a n d , M a m e , 1938 rook Junior College, 193 9-

N A H U M R. P I L L S B U R Y , J R . ,


of Public

R U T H M. B I L L I N G S ,








M A R G A R E T D O E , A.B.,





to Bookstore


D A W N L.

Alumnae Secretary






to Director

of Public


M A R Y E. H A S T Y

Secretary to the Dean of the College

G R A C I A A. R E Y N O L D S


to the Director of



Executive Secretary




Manager of the College

V E S T A B. R H O A D E S ,




E L I Z A B E T H J. D U T T O N ,


to the Director




to the

A R L E N E B.



Librarian LOWE

to the









A L V A H C. T H O M P S O N , D . D . S .















Hon? cm a king B.S., Farmington State Teachers' College, 1947. Instructoi Clothing, Lasell Junior College, 1947-1948; Westbrook Junior Colli




Secretarial B.S., Boston 1948-






Junior <

D O R O T H Y E. C o n I v, B.S.



Teacher Training Course, Beal Business College, Bangor, Maine, I 1932; B.S., Boston University, 1947; State Normal School, Gorham, Maine, s u m m e r session, 1 9 3 2 ; Boston U n i v e r s i t y , s u m m e r session,


Teacher il Commercial Subjects, High Schools, Hermon, Maine, 1932-1933; Rockland, Maine, 1933-1937; lunch.Id Office School, Worcester,


1 9 3 7 - 1 9 3 8 ; H i g h Schools, B o o t h h a v

I l.ubor,

Mame, 1938-1943; Rockland, Mame, 1943-1946; Wmslow Secretarial School, 1947-







J E A N E. D E L A N D ,




B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1948. ollege, 1948-


Westbrook Junior


Journalism A.B.,

Hunter College, 1945; A.M., Syracuse University, 1948. Psychometrist, Psychological Services Center, Syracuse Uniersity, 1946-1948; Westbrook Junior College, 1948-




Science .A.15., Boston University, 1947; Middlebury College Italian School, summer, 1945; Boston University, summer session, 1947; Tufts College, summer session, 1948. Undergraduate .\nd graduate assistant in Biology, Boston University, 1945-1947; Teacher of Science, West Lebanon High School, West Lebanon, Nev, Hampshire, 1947-1948; Westbrook Junior College, I 94 8-



English B.S.,








H e a d of t h e E n g l i s h D e p a r t m e n t , H i g h School, E l l i c o t t C i t y , M a r y l a n d , 1 9 3 1 - 1 9 4 5 ; K e n t s Hill j u n i o r College, 1 9 4 5 - 1 9 4 6 ; W e s t brook j u n i o r College, 1 9 4 6 -


Science B.S., Our Lady of the Elms College, 1948. College,


El EZABETH J . D U T T O N , A . B .

A.IE, C o n n e c t i c u t College j u n i o r College, 1 9 4 7 -


Westbrook Junior


English for



West brook



Speech, Dramatics B.S., Tufts College, 1947; A.M., Tufts College, 1948. brook Junior College, 1948-



Speech, Radio, Dramatics B.S., Ithaca College, 1932; Syracuse University, 1933-1934; Boston University, 1934-193 5; Boston University, summer session, 1948. Teacher of English and Dramatics, Brewster Free Academy, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, 1935-1938; Assistant in Drama, Emerson College, 1938-1939; Woman's Program Director, WLNH, 1939-1948; Westbrook Junior College, 1948-



Psychology A.B., Northeastern University, 1947; A.M., Boston University, 1948. Student assistant, Northeastern University, 1941-1942; United States Army, A.S.T.P., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Combat Airborne Medical Aid, 1943-1945; Substitute teacher, Boston Public School System, 1948; Westbrook Junior College, 1948-

T H E L M A L. H I L L S O N ,




Teacher Training Course, Auburn Maine School of Commerce, 19331936; B.S., University of Maine, 1941; Boston University, summer sessions, 1946, 1948. Teacher of Commercial Subjects, High School, Mexico, Maine, 1936-1938; Cony High School, Augusta, Maine, 193 8-1940, 1941-1944; Wcstbrook Junior College, 1944-

F R A N K E. E I O B S O N , J R . ,


English A.B., Middlebury College. 1938; A . M . , Middlebury College, 1948. Apprentice Master in English, v7illiston Academy, Easthampton, Massachusetts, L938-1939; 1 lead oi the Department oi English ami Vice-Principal, West Newbury High School, West Newbury, Massachu setts, 1940-194J, 1946; United States Army Air Forces, 1942 1049; Teacher of English, Haverhill High School, Haverhill, Massachusetts. 1949-1947; Instructor m English, State Teachers' College, Plattsburg, New York, 1947-1948; Teacher of English, Plainfield High School, Central Village, Connecticut, 1948; Westbrook Junior College, 1948-



Science A.B., Syracuse University, 1942; M. T., Lawson General Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia, 1049; M.S., Universit) oi Nev Hampshire, 1948. United States Army Medical Corps, 1942 1947; Instructoi in cimical Parasitology, Stark General Hospital, Charleston, South < lina, L942-1945; Instructor in General Parasitology, University oi Hampshire, 1947; WC-M brook Junior College,

M A R G A R E T E. H O T A L I N G ,


Music B.M., Skidmore College,


Wcstbrook Junior College.

M. L U C I L E K I D D E R ,

Arts and



B.S., Colby College, 1920; A.M., C ark University, 1931; Maryland Institute, 1921-1922; Boothbay Harbor, Maine, summer, 1923; certificate, three-year course, jewelry and metal craft, Worcester Art Museum School, 1930; Portland School of Fine and Applied Art, 1932-1935; Penland School of Handicraft, Penland, North Carolina, 1948. Teacher of Crafts, Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution, 1920-1921; Reconstruction Aide of Occupational Therapy, Public Health Service, Baltimore, Maryland, 1921-1924; Head, Occupational Therapy, U. S. V. B., Tupper Lake, New York, 1924-1929; Teacher of Jewelry, Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Maine, 1930-1931; Teacher of Crafts, Bailey Evening School, Bath, Maine, 193 1-1933; Supervisor of Art, Portland Young Women's Christian Association, 1932-; Head, Art Department, Camp Abena, Belgrade Lakes, Maine, 193 1, 1932, 1933; Art Department, Camp Tekakewtha, Porter Corners, New York, 1934, 1935; Teacher of Jewelry, Portland Society of Art, 1933-1938; Westbrook Junior College, 1934-

H E L E N A E. L E C K O ,




A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1947; A.M., Yak- University, L948 Westbrook Junior College, 1948-

P H Y L L I S T. L I B B Y ,




A . B . , G o r d o n College, 1 9 4 7 ; A . M . , Boston U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 4 8 . Westbrook Junior Col'ege, 1948-

E D I T H M.

M C K E N Z I E , M.C.S.



A.B., M o u n t H o l y o k e College, 1 9 3 2 ; M . C . S . , Boston U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 4 2 ; C o l u m b i a U n i v e r s i t y , s u m m e r session, 1 9 4 4 ; Boston U n i v e r s i t y , s u m m e r session, 1 9 4 8 . T e a c h e r of Secretarial S u b j e c t s , M c i n t o s h Business College, D o v e r , N e w H a m p s h i r e , 193 3 - 1 9 3 6; B r y a n t & S t r a t t o n Business School, Boston, M a s s a c h u s e t t s , 1 9 3 6 - 1 9 4 2 ; I n s t r u c t o r in Secretarial Studies, U n i v e r s i t y of N e w H a m p s h i r e , 1 9 4 2 - 1 9 4 6 ; W e s t b r o o k J u n i o r ( -.liege, 1 9 4 6 -

J E A N N E I. M O R N I A U I . T ,




A.B., U n i v e r s i t y of Maine, 1 9 3 4 ; Bangor Maine School of ( o m m e r c c , 1 9 3 9 ; Boston U n i v e r s i t y , s u m m e r session, 1 9 4 8 . Private tutor ing, Fairfield, C o n n e c t i c u t , 1 9 3 4 - 1 9 3 6 ; T e a c h e r of ( o m m e r c i a l S u b j e c t s , H i g h Schoo's, M a d a w a s k a , Maine, 1 9 3 9 - 1 9 4 2 ; B a n g o r , Maine, 1943 1 9 4 3 ; W e s t b r o o k J u n i o r Colege, ' . 9 4 2 - 1 9 4 3 , 1 9 4 5 -




Director of Music, Voice Early vocal training from Stephen Townsend and William Whitney of Boston; study with Isadore Luckstone and others in New York and with teachers in Europe, including Maestro Vanucinni of Florence; study with Homer Norris in Harmony and Counterpoint, with Wallace Goodrich in Organ Playing, and with Buonamicci of Florence in Piano. For fifteen years Organist and Choirmaster at Episcopal churches in Lynn and in Beverly, Massachusetts, and in Westerly, Rhode Island; for five years Supervisor of Music in the Westerly P u b i c Schools; Instructor in Voice in Boston, New York City, and Hollins College; Instructor in Voice in Portland for many professional pupils in Opera (Metropolitan), Church, and Concert; Director of the Maine Conservatory of Music; Westbrook Junior College, 193 3-



History of Art A.B., Smith College, 1923; A.M., Middlebury College, 1946; courses in History of Art, Harvard University, summer session, 1941. Teacher of English, High School, Somersworth, New Hampshire, 19231925; Head cf the English Department, High School, Westbrook, Maine. 192 5-1926; Teacher of English and History of Art, Deering High School, Portland, Maine, 1926-; Westbrook Junior College, 1946-


Speed Reading B.S., Boston University, 1934; Ed.M., Harvard University, 1945; Harvard University, summer session, 1945. Social service work for the government, 1935-1936; Teacher of the physically handicapped in the Maiden School System, 1937-1944; Americanization work with adult aliens in Maiden, Massachusetts, 193 8-1944; Westbrook Junior College, 1944-


J A M E S J. S H U T E , M.S.W.

Sociology A.B., U n i v e r s i t y of T o r o n t o , 1 9 4 0 ; M.S.W., Boston College School of Social W o r k , 1 9 4 7 . A c t i v e d u t y U n i t e d States Marine Corps Reserve, 1 9 4 2 - 1 9 4 6 ; Boys' case worker and D i s t r i c t Supervisor, C a t h o l i c Charitable Bureau, Boston, Massachusetts, 1 9 4 6 - 1 9 4 8 ; Juvenile P r o b a tion Officer, C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Probation D e p a r t m e n t , Portland, Maine, 1 9 4 8 - ; Westbrook Junior College, 1 9 4 8 -

J A N E T S M I T H , M.C.S.

Head of Department

of Secretarial


A.B., Smith College, 1 9 2 4 ; B.S., Simmons College, 1 9 2 6 ; M.C.S., 3oston U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 4 7 . Instructor in the Secretarial D e p a r t m e n t , S i m m o n s College, 1 9 2 5 - 1 9 3 0 ; Secretary t o t h e \\<:.M\ of t h e H o m e 'economics D e p a r t m e n t , W e s t e r n Reserve U n i v e r s i t y , 1 9 3 0 - 1 9 3 1 ; Registrar, State Teachers' College, Salem, Massachusetts, 1 9 3 1 - 1 9 3 8 ; S e c r e t a r y , Hillsdale C o u n t r y D a y School, C i n c i n n a t i , O h i o , 1 9 3 8 - 1 9 3 9 ; W e s t b r o o k J u n i o r College, 1 9 3 9 -


Social Science B.S., U n i v e r s i t y of Maine, D>47; A . M . , U n i v e r s i t y ol Maine, 1948. G r a d u a t e Assistant, D e p a r t m e n t of Economics ami Sociology, U n i v e r s i t ) oi Maine, 1 9 4 7 - 1 9 4 8 ; U n i t e d s t a t e s A r m y Air C o r p s , 1 9 4 5 ; W e s t b r o o k J u n i o r College, 1

E D W A R D V I C T O R , A.M.,


Science A.B., Harvard University, 1935; A.M., Boston University, 1936; Ed.M., Boston University, 1941. Instructor in Science, Ponce de Leon School, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 1937-193 8; Head of the Chemistry Department, Boston School of Pharmacy and Massachusetts School of Optometry, 1941-1943; Instructor in Chemistry, Boston University, 1943-1944; Westbrook Junior College, 1944-

E L I Z A B E T H P. W A D E ,



.A A,

A.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1947; Middlebury College French School, summer, 1945; Certificat de l'Institut de Phonetique, and Cours de Litterature Contemporaine, La Sorbonne, 1'Universite de Paris, France, 1947-1948. Westbrook Junior College, 1948-

M A R G A R E T C.

Physical Education,



Social Science

Aroostook State Normal School, 1935; B.S., University of Maine, 1938; A.M., University of New Hampshire, 1945. Teacher of Social Studies, High School, Presque Isle, Maine, 193 8-1942; Director of Physical Education, High Schoo', Presque Isle, Maine, 1942-1944; Instructor in Physical Education, University of New Hampshire, summer session, 1943; Director, Physical Education, High School, Sanford, Maine, 1944-1947; Westbrook Junior College, 1947-


(Are cueing grained Ghs


My assignment seemed simple enough. I t h o u g h t a glance would do it, b u t there's more to it than meets this bird's eye. T h e y are not just students, they are people. Each girl proves her individuality m a n y times in her college life and belies rumors t h a t W . J. C. students are like so m a n y identical model-T's. R e ligious and social clubs are made up exclusively of individuals. Personal accomplishment is a standard in the W . A. A.; in sing and varsity, talented students amuse and edify their "best friends and severest critics." Most girls have had fingers in several pies, both serving and being served.


First r o w : M.n-orie Hitchcock, R u b y Rosenbu? - ^, J. S c h u m a k e r , F r a n n i e A c k e r m a n , J e a n Cloutier, Alice Bean, J a n e Bowkett. Second r o w : E m m y Eou O'Donnell, T i n a C h a l t a s , P a t Proudfoot, Shirley (Jinn, Sally Stockton,





As its name implies, the International Relations C l u b interests itself in the various phases of contemporary problems and affairs of all nations. Its meetings have been devoted to discussions of China, C o m m u n i s m , Palestine, and Germany to date. Supplementary movies, speakers, and a regional conference at Bowdoin College have served to point up, heighten interest, and increase knowledge of the studies of each particular topic. Six times during the college year the club sponsors the very able travelling lecturer and reporter, Mr. Harrison Lakin, formerly of the American Diplomatic Service. His timely lectures have been of great informational value and interest to club members as well as non-members, for they are open to all students. Monthly publications of the " U n i t e d Nations N e w s " and the " I . R. C. N e w s " plus collateral material furnished by the college library bring up-to-date information within reach of the student of world affairs. These periodicals contact with other active clubs and make k n o w n many opportunities for scholarship and exchange fellowship in other countries under the sponsorship of United States government agencies, universities, and research councils. This year the club was directed by Mrs. Phyllis T. Libby.

First r o w : Elizabeth Lee, J o V a r n e y , J o a n Sweetser, Faith L a F l e u r , Betty Ann Mayo, G i n n y D a n f o r t h , J a n e Bowkett, Carol E v a n s , J e a n Blumenthal, Mary Scoll, P a t T l b b e t t s , Marilyn B e n n e t t . Second r o w : Shirley J o n e s , M a r i o n M u r p h y , Elsie O i l m a n , Win Clark. . P a n Day, Eleanor Bag-ley, F l o r e n c e c u n n . Mary J a c k s o n , N a n c y Hill. Ardith Meserve, Bev P i t m a n , J a n e Anderson, Gloria F e r r i s , J a n e S h a r r o n . Third r o w : N a n c y Arolyn, Renee" H a r d y , Priscilla P a r s o n s . J o a n Kapopoulos. Norma Sorlie, J o a n Sullivan. J u d y W y m a n , J a n Baker, Barb Rochford, Billie Bilodeau, Curly C h a p m a n , Lillis Simmons, B a r b a r a S a u n d e r s , Marty Sylvester. F o u r t h r o w : M a r t h a Davis, D i a n t h a Holbrook. J a n i s Cook, Doris Lutz, Florence Taylor, Pauline G a r d i n e r , M a r t h a Knee, Marilyn Smith, Renee Simpson, Joyce Cole, Doris Robinson, Jud Brooks. Fifth r o w : N o r m a J a n e l l e , Nancy B a r n a r d , Patricia d o t e , Mimi W h e e l w r i g h t , C a t h e r i n e White, Nadine Pendleton, Barb s t o n e , Mary Fernald, J u n e Brown.

QL @LL The Glee C l u b at W . J. C. as a single unit and in combination with other groups has appeared in public more than any other organization at the school. The club combined with the Bowdoin Glee C l u b , presented its major concert of the season at the Eastland Hotel, February 26. Following the concert was a formal dance. In March, the club gave a performance m Lewiston and presented a concert at the Boston Pops, May 22. The organization has been very successful this season. O t h e r engagements were presented for the Portland Men's C l u b and the Rotary C l u b at the Falmouth Hotel.

Seated: Mary Helen Pernald, Sylvia Gunderson, Jean Blumenthal, Sally Stockton, Pat Lenart, Bev Putnam, Jane Brown, Mary Jane Flynn. Standing;: Marty Marshall, Marilyn Meserve, Pat Russell, Jean Cloutier, Alice Bean, Shirley Clay, Mary LÂŤou Marks.

CJ ke o t canguage


T h e Spanish C l u b held its meeting twice a m o n t h in the day room during chapel hour. These meetings, to which all members were required to attend, consisted of business discussions along with any special plans individual members might have had. The club participated in the Christmas festivities with the various houses and clubs, singing an original Spanish carol, "Venid Pastores." Mr. Victor, a member of the faculty and formerly a teacher in Puerto Rico, gave a talk in N o v e m b e r on the tours he had taken in South America and his duties at the Puerto Rican School. A dance was given in March with authentic Spanish decorations. The officers of the Spanish C l u b were: Beverly Moody, president; Alice Bean, secretary; Beverly P u t n a m , treasurer; and Miss Helen Lecko, faculty advisor.

The officers of the French C l u b this year were: Jane Brown, president; Jean Blumenthal, secretary; Sylvia Gunderson, projects chairman. Miss Wade was the club's advisor. D u r i n g the year the club sang Christmas carols over the radio station W P O R with the French C l u b of Portland J u n i o r College. T h e y also exchanged correspondence with a school in Cannes, France.


r o w : B a r b a r a L a w r y . Ethel Chernus, Pat Grot-'., Sally Allen, Cilia Denby, B a r b a r a Rochford, J a c k i e Meyer, Harriet Gum,. J o a n P a l a v y , Polly stool,-. Second r o w : Gloria F o n i s , Marilyn S h e r m a n , Dot Perkins, Ginny Danforth, B a r b a r a Stone, N o r m a Sorlie. N a t a l i e J e n k e s , Joyce Cole, Sylvia G u n d e r s o n . Third r o w : Nancy B a r n a r d , J a n e t Goss, J u d y Keegan, BUie London, J o a n B a r r y , Mary Bou J a c k s o n , Dot Dodsworth, Connie Wood. F o u r t h r o w : Janet Bruyette, J a n i c e Cook, Donnie Reilly, Fat W h i t t e m o r e , Vivian Sohn, Phyl G a l a n t o , Marjie < laskell.


L tub

The Science C l u b , though one of the newest clubs on the campus, is most active. It is open to all students of the college, and it provides a program to meet all interests. The club meets m o n t h l y and each m o n t h a different type of e n t e r t a i n m e n t is offered. Field trips to Boston, frequent movies, dances and demonstrations prove to be of most interest to the members. There has been a good membership this year and a field trip to H a r v a r d Medical School Museum in the Spring was the big event of the year. Edward Victor is the club's faculty advisor.

The officers chosen for the

year were: Cilia Denby, president; Barbara Rochford, vice president; Sally Allen, treasurer; Margaret Myers, secretary.

Front r o w : Dot Dodsworth, Evelyn Kaknes, I Mix His G a l a n t o , J a n Goss, Cilia Denby, N a n c y J o h n s o n , Carolois Mitchell. Second r o w : Eleanor Bagley, Norma Sorlie, P h y l l i s Chase, B u n t y Maling, N a t J e n k e s , M a r t h a Duce. Third r o w : Chris M a r a v e l i a s , B e t t y Kicker, Marjorie Gaskell, Connie Wood, Joyce Cole, M a r y Lou J a c k s o n .

CD ludeni


cDi ssoaation

The purpose of the Student Christian Association is to create unity among the student body through tolerance and understanding.

It provides Chapel

services, Sunday candlelight services, entertainments, and group gatherings for the girls of Westbrook. The S. C. A. meets with Christian Associations of other colleges. The association also sponsors the well k n o w n speaker, Harrison Lakin. Each house and the day students have a representative to inform the m e m bers of meetings and activities. The members chose as officers for the year:

Janet Goss, president; Cilia

Denby, program director; N a n c y Johnson, vice president; Phyllis Galanto, secretary-treasurer.

First row: Pat Grote, Jane Bowkett, Pat Greene, Sally Stockton, Tina Chaltas, Cilia Denby. Ellie Bagley. Second row: Chris Maravelias, Shirley Ginn, Nancy Barnard, Janice Cook, Barbara Stone, Natalie Jenkes, Priscilla Parsons. Third row: Joan Sullivan, Paula Webb, Barbara Spenders, Barbara Dane, Eva Giberson.


L tub

The Wanakea Riding C l u b is one of the largest and most active clubs on the campus; it boasts a membership cf 49 students. The officers of this year's club were: Sally Stockton, president; Shirley Chisholm, vice president; Joan T o w n e , treasurer; and Tina Chaltas, secretary. The club is fortunate in having the advantages of the clubhouse, the m a n y trails, the rings, and the variety of horses at the Tomlinson Riding School. I n struction in jumping, equitation, and show riding is available to club members who have special permission. Most appreciated of all is the kind and ever-ready advice and help of Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson, better k n o w n to all as " M o m and Pop." Besides the regular monthly meetings the club sponsors such activities as suppers, moonlight rides, and breakfast rides for the Fall season. Highlights of the winter season are the Christmas party, complete with tree and presents; the Winter Carnival, when the Riding C l u b is hostess club to all the students and their guests at the riding school for a day of sports and fun; and meetings in the Day Room of A l u m n i Hall, followed by huge suppers and movies. The spring season brings once again the moonlight rides, breakfast rides, and cook-outs by the river. Highlight of the spring season is the Horse Show and the performance of the Drill Team.

VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM F i r s t r o w : M a r y Lou M a r k s , Elizabeth Lee, Pat W h i t t e m o r e , J<> Vaughn, Alice Bean. Second r o w : B a r b a r a L a n e , E l a i n e M c F a r l a n d , Faith L a F l e u r , Anna Biggs. Third r o w : Dot G a r n i s s , Cinnie J o n e s , Jo S c h u m a k e r , Gerry T u r n i e r , J a n e Adams, Mimi Wheelwright.



The field hockey teams, both the Varsity and the Maroon and Gray, were a group of energetic and enthusiastic girls. The varsity played two games, 1 leering High School and Kents Hill. It was a thrill to watch the fast playing of some of the girls. Biggsey was everywhere at once, or so it seemed to the spectators and the other team. Cinnie Jcnes and Mimi Wheelwright were two good players, Cinnie at center halfback, and Mimi playing forward.

In the intercollegiate

games, the Maroon beat the Gray by a rather large margin. plenty of spirit, and all their victories were hard earned.

The girls all had


First row- J a n e t R a n k i n , Gil Simmons, Joan Barry, Betsy Dodds, B a r b a r a Staples, B a r b a r a Rochford, N a n c y J a c k s o n , Janet F r e e m a n , Libby Penfleld, J e a n Cloutier, J a n e Adams. Second row- Polly Steele, B a r b a r a Eldred, Jud Brooks, Dot Stockton, Tinj Harlow, B a r b a r a Thompson, Smokey Manning;, Anna Bigga, Chris M a r a v e l i a s , J a c k i e Meyers, Shirley Clay, Third r o w Winnie Clark, Helen Goynea, Ducky Duckworth, Dot G a r n i s s , Smith. Flossie Taylor, J e r r y Turnier, Joan Browne, Jo S h u m a k e r , Young, Claire Bailey. F o u r t h r o w - ' Irene Buyniski, Gloria Ferris, Barb Vitagliano, Connie Foster, Geighton, Joan Towne, Carolyn Chellis, Alice Smith, B a r b a r a Lord, Eva Giberson.

Cynnie J o n e s , Peg Paula Webb, B \ J o y c e Klink. Beth Barbara Saunders,

eJL @U Long before the first snow fell in the mountains the fifty members of the Ski C l u b were busy polishing up their hickories, practicing their t u r n s , or learning the g r o u n d w o r k before taking to the slopes. As soon as snow became an actuality in the vicinity of Portland, the Ski C l u b took off three and four times a week for Bridgton, D y k e Mountain, Pleasant Mountain, and Jackson. Gradually even the beginners were able to snow-plough, herring-bone, and s t e m - t u r n . This year W J C had a ski team for the first time in its history, and a very successful team. O n February >, the team composed of Mary C o n d o n , Cynthia Jones, Carol Evans, Joan T o w n e , and D o r o t h y Garniss competed with 3 2 girls from the University of N e w Hampshire, University of Maine, \v aynflete School, Deering H i g h School, Portland H i g h School, and Kents Hill School and returned with a ski trophy. Joan T o w n e , who won first prize for downhill racing in this event, went on to represent the Northeastern United States in the International Meet in Canada. This truly was an eventful year for our stars, but no less enjoyable for every last one of us.

VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front row: Coke Cartel-, Marilyn Patten, Nora Harrington, Elaine McFarland, Barbara Cushing-, Elizabeth Leighton, Mac Crisp. Back row: Squirt Eldred, Anna Fenwick, Cinnie Jones, Joan Towne, Dot Garniss, Gerry Turnier, Bunty Moling.

cJjaskelball The basketball season started with inter-house games. W h i t m a n and Bell were the champion houses, W h i t m a n defeating H o u g h t o n , 2 4 - 9 ; Lodge, 3 1 - 2 5 ; and Johnson, 4 2 - 1 0 ; Bell defeating Goddard, 2 0 - 1 0 ; and Johnson, 34-12. Lodge had done well by t r i m m i n g Hersey, 19-13; Bell, 2 8 - 1 1 ; and Melville, 26-16; until they were defeated by W h i t m a n . Deering bowed to Melville in a 22-19 defeat, but triumphed over Goddard, 18-15. Hersey defeated Goddard, 18-15; and Melville, 18-13. H o u g h t o n trampled Johnson, 28-14. The day students, however, were superior to all the houses, walking over H o u g h t o n , 31-5; W h i t m a n , 3 9 - 1 1 ; Deering, 4 2 - 1 ; and Bell, 37-7. The next game was a Freshman-Senior battle, and the younger fry were victors, 36-16. The climax of the season was an hilarious game between the faculty, dressed in pajamas and wearing hair ribbons, and the day students. The faculty played • a game full of tricks, from providing a basket of their own to shooting waterpistols, and the day student Indian cheerleaders kept the time-outs lively with their war-whoops and dances. The score, quite a minor item, 36-24 in favor of the day students. T h e Varsity team won over Nasson College twice—3 5-20 and 65-17, b u t lost to the alumnae, 19-12. These who played for the Varsity were: forwards— Cushing, Packard, Eldred, Maling, Jones, H a r r i n g t o n , McFarland, Crisp; guards — C a r t e r , Turnier, Fenwick, Towne, Leighton, Vitagliano, Patten and Garniss.




Cyrained d/ts


Plato, who wasn't a bad old bird himself, said that man by nature is a political being. These girls can rival any man at the game; I'd bet m y nest on it. T h e y have learned the importance of public opinion.

Westbrook, a world in

small, has t a u g h t them t h a t there is no such thing as an inarticulate mob. Every m a n has the power to raise his voice. Every Westbrook girl has a chance t o audition.


fvA % Âťy*/;

Seated: Camille Salamone, Bev Putnam, Pat Tibbetts, Sonny Meserve. Standing*: Gloria Ferris, Janet Bruyette, Connie Goddard, Barbara Lawry.

G) ludent



The aim of the Student Council is to bring about general improvements in the college routine by acting upon student and faculty suggestions. It serves to maintain an equilibrium between the college administration and the student body. It discusses and tries to settle the problems of the student's campus life. W i t h the advice of Dean Kimball, the Student Council meets every t w o weeks in Hersey 106. Combined meetings with the Residence Board and Miss Carter have been an addition to the Student Council this year. Students are represented by three Freshmen and five Seniors under the Presidency of Beverly P u t n a m with Patriica Tibbetts as Secretary. Some of the functions of the Student Council with the Residence Board have been the Sunday night chapel services and the use of the day room and the gym for dates. Social functions included were a dance held April 8 by the Student Council and a joint meeting with Portland Junior College. The Student Council elects students to be awarded special honors at gradua t:'on for outstanding contributions and participation in the college as well as com posing the grey handbook for the Freshmen.

FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Standing: Faith LaFleur, Marilyn Patten, Jud Brooks. Seated: Barbara Lord, Barbara Rochford, Norma Salim, Pam Butler.

S E N I O R CLASS O F F I C E R S S e a t e d : Dot Garniss, Joan Sullivan, Helen Gonyea, Jo S t a n d i n g : Shirley Harkinson, Elaine M c F a r l a n d .


W. A. A. B O A R D First r o w : Marilyn P a t t e n , J a n e Anderson, Cinnie J o n e s , Blaine M c F a r l a n d . s<(ond r o w : A n n a F e n w i c k , A n n Holbrook, Bev Hole-ate, .lane Adams.


>dirls i / T r e ^Jueing




I'm overwhelmed! T h e y were right when they said college girls k n o w all about everything.

T h e generation of the clinging vine, whose specialty was

painting china, has passed. A n y happy housewife can also claim her place as a professional of no little prowess. She may be a journalist, an actress, a musician; or she may specialize in the more obtruse Middle English dialects. W h a t e v e r she does, she's well trained to do it. It's no life for a bird-brain like me, b u t they say that a Westbrook girl sweeps the floor with a professional




Janice Hamilton, Pat LaRochelle, Sally Allen, Martha Jordon, Mary Pernald, Pat Russell, Dorrle Stockton.



Interviews . . . round tables . . . Fraidy Cat . . . The Discontented

Deu drop

. . . and finally the first broadcast on the 20th of March . . . The Bronte Sisters. A series of programs dramatizing the lives of famous women are broadcast Saturday afternoons. They are under the guidance of Miss Forsberg, assisted by the speech classes. T r y o u t s . . . "Is the cast posted y e t ? " . . . Alumni 12 . . . " I t just isn't done on the air!" . . . rehearsals . . . recording . . . the final broadcast.

First row: Mary Lou Marks, Pat Gibbitts, Pat Smith, Nadine Pendleton, Jud Brooks, Jane Lewis, Bobby Biggs, Tiny Harlow, Nancy Rees, Polly Steele. Second row: Priscilla Parsons, Gloria Ferris, Cleo Nichols, Bunty Maling, Barbara Lawry, Peg Smith, Pat Grote, Billie Bilideau, Ruby Rosenburg, Ann Maxwell, Flossie Taylor, Jane Hodges. Third row: Pat Greene, Ethel Chernus, Joan Dennison, Harriet Gunn, Marty Marshall, Judy Keegan, Ellie London, Barbara Stone, Ruth Reeves, Alice Bean, Diane Draper, Doris Robinson, Jackie Meyer, Bev Andrews. Fourth row: Jane Bowkett, Barbara Wolff, Claire Bailey, Jo Schumaker, Jackie Jackson, Vivian Sohn, Jerry Peters, Gloria Weisburg, Pat Russell, Barbara Saunders, Sis Rowley, Jean Brown, Charlotte Donahue.

Cy he





C u r t a i n callâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;curtain callâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;smoking in the outer lobby, please. T h e houselights dim as the curtain goes up on the first act, whether it was a one-act play, the Christmas pageant, or the spring three-act play.

T h e y were all successes

with Miss Farren coaching behind the scenes. Come out this afternoon and help paint the slats, okay? Where's the cold cream? I'll never be able to get this grease paint off. T h e excited chatter of compliments from the enthusiastic audience the last act as Weezie Lee and Jackie did their bit for the talent show.


W . J. C. MOWS S T A F F First r o w : Pat Greene, Renee Simpson, Robie Robinson, Nora H a r r i n g t o n Barbara Eldred, Selma Milliken, Joyce Brown. Second r o w : Miss Denison, Bunty Maling, Nance Hill, Allie Smith. Third r o w : R u t h Reeves, Mary Wheelwright, .loan Miller, Helene Danas.





Blood! Sweat! and Tears! These seem to be the bywords for our W . J. C. newspaper this year. Those last minute changes . . . h u n t i n g . . . and filling in an unseen space. But â&#x20AC;&#x201D; we finally made it. T h e paper was a success every time. The Staff was one of the most capable ones that we have ever had. Most of our thanks go to our faculty advisor, Miss Denison. The staff was headed by: Editor-in-Chief Beverly Holgate Managing Editors Selma Milliken, Mary Wheelwright News Editor Patricia F o r m Feature Editor Nora H a r r i n g t o n Sports Editors Barbara Eldred, Alice Smith Book Review Editor Patricia (wecne Circulation Manager Helene Danas Editorial Director Nancy I [ill Advertising Editors Feme Robinson, Renee Simpson Of course these people did their jobs, leading their respective departments, but we can't forget the reporters who brought the news to the office And typed it up. These reporters were: Van Ness Maling, Joan Miller, Ruth Reeves, Joyce Brown.


>^)irls cJire


Cy rained



llu 'ogether

In these days everyone realizes that the need for brotherhood is oreat. Westbrook girls are trained to live together in harmonious accord, by means of two years of dormitory life. T h e y have their p e t t y disagreements, b u t when they are t h r o u g h I am sure t h a t all of them will agree that they are m u c h better equipped to live in the world of tomorrow.

I guess I'll fly d o w n and have a

look at the casual group now.




S e a t e d : Ginny Lyons, J o a n B a r r y , Dot D o d s w o r t h , M a r t h a Luce, Donnie Reilly, Gloria Ferris. Second r o w : Joyce Klink, J a n B a k e r , J u d y W y m a n , D o n a Clark, F r e d a Dyer, J e a n Curtis, Chris M a r a v e l i a s , Betsy Dodds. Third r o w : Joyce Cole, Dottie P e r k i n s , Ginny Clark, Dee Osgood, Ruth Averill, Cynnie Baird, Durley Meyers, Meg Lenti, Pris H o w a r d . Fourth r o w : Win Clark, Tiny Harlow, Bev P a r r o t t , Polly G a r d n e r , Lil Simmons, J a n e t R a n k i n . S a m m y Durgan, Irene Bu.vniski, J o n Chillemi, Barb Rochford.

><joddard When this school year rolls by, Goddard Hall is going to miss all the things that have brightened up our Freshman year at Westbrook. Most of all we will miss the last minute dashes to get to the sign-out book before we were marked late coming in from our dates . . . Polly's bridge hands . . . the " s u n n y " faces from Bev's room . . . Bonnie's weekend trips . . . " C h i e f ' s " clowning . . . Roch and Dona's " c u z " . . . . . . Joan's Fitzie oi Cornell . . . T i n y and Chippy's quick smiles . . . Lurley's phone calls t h a t always come just when the rest of us think it might be for one of us . . . Maggie's p r e t t y dungarees . . . Irene's new vocabulary . . . Betsy and Chris' snow " s h o r t s " . . . Jan's o u t look . . . Pussy's gentle little voice . . . Ruthic's History troubles . . . Martha's quietness . . . Dot's neat hair does . . . Mary Lou's

C/u/// "Georgels," her little pet elephant of course . . . Jo's measles . . . vv innie's embarrassing moments . . . Jean's added comments during house meetings when she "takes over" . . . Joan's "closeness" to the U. of M. boys . . . Joyce's cookies from home . . . Lil's swimming champ . . . Polly's Austin . . . J u d y and DeeDee's imitations . . . Janet's signs and pictures . . . Ginger's hockey player, Bob . . . Cynnie's pipe and squirt gun . . . Ginnie's mailbox key . . . Freda's many talents including palm reading . . . the lost mid-weeks and Saturday night permissions . . . the locked Johns . . . our pictures that were always missing . . . the cry of " r o o m m a t e " when she was among the missing . . . and our housemothers who have stuck by us through thick and thin â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a n d their inevitable "Please girls, it's quiet hours."

Seated: Elaine Brown, Cinny Jones, Phyl Pitman, Gladys Peck. Second row: Martha Davis, B< \ Holgate, Ann Holbrook, Betty Mayo, Prudy Weaver, Marti Marshall. Standing, first row: Pat Greene, Jane Sharon, Betty Barker, Peg Abbey, .ban Day, Ann Kingsbury, Myrna Currie. Standing, second row: Jean Parker, Jane Anderson, Pat Russell, Dot Garniss.

/ / ) , / / ' )U T w e n t y - c n e Belles . . . first prize in the Hallowe'en skit . . . plaques for volleyball . . . and badminton . . . second prize for Puss 'n Boots . . . and still the fuses blow . . . little red book . . . our nightly lemonade parties . . . Biif's hammer . . . the date night bannister . . . Mother Holbrook's brood . . . Prudy's diamond . . . Piglet's pillow . . . D o t t y

A n n ' s ever ready knife . . . Sunday trips . . . the git-fiddle . . . playing games . . . wash the hair night . . . the Charleston . . . D o you know heem? . . . Bell's barber . . . There's no road . . . toasted cheese sandwiches . . . My booth . . . feebly growing doron . . . O. K., Bellites, Run to the m o u n t a i n s ! ! ! !


â&#x20AC;˘HBI DAY STUDENTS First row: Sunny Meserve, Gloria Weisburg, Norma Belle Singer, Helen Herman, Nancy Barnard, Kathy White, Marilyn Patten, Norma Salim, Pat BaRochelle, Camilla Salamone. Second row: Dorrie Stockton, Helen Gribizis, Selma Milliken, Norma Jannell, Sally Stockton, Mary Helen Fernald, Jean Blumenthal, Jo Goon, Ginny Danforth, Marilyn Meserve, Ellie Foster. Third row : Beverly Young, Anna Fenwick, , Marilyn Sherman, Janice Cook, Joan Sweetser, Elaine McFarland, Dolores Amergian, Aphrodite Lekousi, Barbara Hiller, Jo Vaughn, P. Connolly. Fourth row: Barbara Gushing, Vivian Sohn, Sylvia Couri, Pat Whittemore, Beth Deighton, Gerry Peters, Pat Coyne, Barbara Lord, Marilyn Bennett, Bev Pitman, Jane Brown, Paula Webb, Ginny Packard.

CDau efluJetil Qrfe W h e t h e r in the chem lab, the zoo lab or in one of the sec rooms in A l u m n i Hall, one cannot escape the strong smell of fresh paint. T h r o u g h the efforts of our day students' representatives, the day student's room is getting a new coat of paint. The colors are a pastel green and a lovely deep green which blend together to give the room a newness and cleanness. The lockers and woodwork have been painted grey and there are grey curtains witli just enough maroon to contrast with the rest of the room. The radio and vietrola are once again working and there are some wonderful new records.

A m o n g the Carnival Candidates were: N a n c y Barnard, Elaine M c Farland, Ardeth Meserve, Jo A n n e V a u g h n , and Patricia W h i t t e m o r e . T h e day student's room and the front of alumni hall will be decorated in accord with the snowsculpture of Ferdinand, the bull. T h e dance given by the day students was a great success which we owe to the committee of Beverly Young, chairman; Barbara C r o c k ett, N o r m a Jannell, Mary Lou Marks, and Patricia W h i t t e m o r e . Barbara Hiller became engaged to Robinson Cook early in February and Claire Irish to a Freshman at Harvard.

First row: Billie Bilodeau, Carol Evans, Judy Bean, Marilyn Duckworth Carolois Mitchell Second row: Shirley Harkinson, Cilia Denby, Connie Goddard. Smokey Manning Sallv alien Lynn Smith, Renee" Simpson. â&#x20AC;˘ Third row: Mary Condon. Nance Hill, Joyce Hinchliffe, Nat Jenkes, Squirt Eldred Helen Gonvea J Robio Robinson, Ellie Bagley, Nancy Margolis. Fourth row: Doris Lutz, Dottie I^nsbrough, Betty Ricker, Jean Sargent, Allie Smith. Connie Wood, Margie Gaskell, Betsy Spicer, Joan Boedeker. Absent: Ruth Southworth, Muriel Campbell, Joan Margolis, Jo Varney.

yfouglilon W h a t a terrific year! ! ! Will you ever forget the Margolis sisters and their laugh, the quarrelsome threesome of L u t z , Spicer and Robinson always quarreling yet best of friends, and Connie, the life of our parties? Remember Dottie's haircut with little Squirt as the mad barber? Carol Evans was always on the phone while Carolois was corresponding with B. U . There was Connie Wood and Betty Ricker's banquets, Billie and all her clothes, L y n n and her frequent trips to the U. of Maine, Joan and all her men, Allie's carefree manner and N a n c y Hill's witty sense of humor. Duckie was our adopted Frosh, Sally, our financier, and N a t , the monopolizer of the mails. Jo was our song bird, and Ellie, our weekend traveler. Remember Moo's Ah Happiness, and Rcnce's loyal trips to first breakfast, Cilia's D . U. pin and Marji's piano talent? Smokey was Westbrook's queen and Helen everybody's ideal. Last, b u t not


least, we w o n ' t forget Mary's skiing achievements, Joyce's 19-inch waist! Shirley set the styles, Jean was true to Dave, J u d y kept us laughing and R u t h was everyone's

friend. Miss barren and Miss H o t a l i n g stood by us through it all. H o w could we ever forget? ? ? ?


First row: Pris Macintosh, Phyllis Chase, Puss Walker, Jane Bowkett. Second row: Janet Powers, Eleanor Chevcrel, Lucy Montella, Bev Grace.

(jolxnson Puss's

water my p l a n t s " . . . the trouble

bed? . . . " O h , my goodness" . . .

Shev has getting up in the morning

Jane and her weekends at Eowdoin



the snake in


. Mac's




. . . T h e night owl . . . Bev's "there

Marblehead" . . . the night Betty

was a little girl who had a little

had a " p i e " bed . . . Lucy's " O p e n

c u r l " . . . who keeps the lights on

the l i g h t " . . . "Well n o w " . . .

to knit, kids? . . .

Puss's " W o t ' s happened?" . . . Mac

"I came in to



. . . Bev



food . . . Puss's music b o x â&#x20AC;&#x201D; d o n ' t touch . . . Mac w o u l d n ' t miss Fred W a r i n g . . . Hey, C a t h y , " I s n ' t that sweet?" Fun wasn't it, kids?


S e a t e d : Sibbie L a w s o n , P;it Koran. Pat Proudfoot, Van Duram, Sally Cutler J a c k i e rackson S t a n d i n g : P i d g e H o w a r d , Ellie Condon, Mac Crisp, J u d y Kccgan, J a n e t Goss Ethel Chernilfl B a r b Thompson, G-erJ Kopf.

Cy ne <=>L>odt ge Ten Seniors ensconced on the top floor with Geri, Jackie, Barb, and Patsy sharing the b a t h t u b with their lucky housemothers â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Miss Denison and Miss Wade . . . Christmas engagements â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Van to Bill, Pidge to T o m , and Pat to T i b . . . Twosomes were the order of the year with Jan going steady with her Bowdoin Zete, Bill; Jude k n i t t i n g for Gene; Ellie listening to W C S H ' s favorite announcer, J e r r y ; Ethel's beautiful sweater for R a y ; Barbie waiting eagerly for the mail and weekend visits from Larry and all Lodge enjoying his packages from SchrafTt's; Sibbie true to the N a v y . . . Budding actress Jackie stealing the Talent Show as Anatole, and the Christmas play, as Mary . . . Lodge in the Basketball semi-finals . . . Midnight parties in Jan's room . . . Mac's varsity basketball . . . Geri's barrage of correspondence from West Point . . . Lodge's c o m m u n i t y boy friend Vuskin lured by

our o w n Jennifer Jones-X Sail us . . . Denny's procession of cats . . . nocturnal visit from D r . Proctor to see the Lodge fire . . . fixing u p the smoker for W i n t e r Carnival weekend and the campaign to have it painted . . . Lire Chief Patsy with her own coat-of-arms . . . rooting for our active housemothers, "Droopy Drawers Wade" and " G r e a t Big Billy Goat Denison."



Back row: Pat Lenart, Mary Jane Flynn, Harriet Gunn, Phyllis Galanto, Reggie Malek, Mimi Wheelwright, Red McCurdy, Shirley Clay. Second row: Beverly Putnam, Barbara Stone, Helene Danas, Weezie Bee, Ruth Reeves, Evelyn Kaknes. First row: Bois Havenstein. Virginia Hayduk, Barbara Lane, .Joan Towne, Alice Chefalo, Joan Kapopoulos, Janice Everett.

TYleUL 9â&#x201A;Źo, W h a t would Melville be w i t h o u t Red to keep the house in a turmoil, Lois and Prissy with



pistols, Reggie and Joanie at


piano, Penny and her German Tish w i t h her Philosophy?



there's Weezie with her never-ending

line of




bridge fiend and Phyllis, the brain


of the house with her hve A's. If Evie didn't get a phone call every morning, noon, and night from W a r r e n , or if Mimi d i d n ' t have Phil, and little Alice with her great big Sam. Rollo keeps the third floor in a riot, while Barb gets all flustered when David's coming. Can you picture Shirley, H a r r i e t and Stoney separated? Oh, Ginny's a little sleepy and Pat Lenart's got her hair up in rags. W e also have N o r m a , another pianist to our credit. Bev and M. J. with their quiet dignity that wins all hearts and the newcomer, Jan Everett, who has already won herself a place among us. Last but not least there is Joan T o w n e , the president of the house, with her right-hand man, A n n , trying her best to keep peace in the house as quiet proctor.

Seated: Tomi Nadeau, Elinor Doyle, Honey Gelotte. Standing : Joyce < >sborm . Absent: Hoi.< and Joy Boothby.

Q)evenleen Remember the good old days at

to hold down the fort . . . H o n e y

Seventeen . . . Tina drawling " H i

dragged in and our time is spent

P o d n e r " at everyone . . . June and

urging her to hurry . . . Elinor al-

her unforgettable laugh . . . Char-

ways managing to b u m p into every-

lotte always saying "Bill w o n ' t love

thing —


the time she

me a n y m o r e " . . . Jean with her dry

broke the light globe . . . and Joyce

sense of humor and Iter wild imagi-

getting grey over her mixed-up love

nation keeping us all in stitches and

life . . . Remember the night Lois

Connie always getting

MU\ Jay had a birthday party and



noon letter from Ernie . . . and then there





all that wonderful food?


trouble . . . and N a t — t h e spirit of Seventeen — spending most of the day in bed but still managing to be the life of the party. And then the new \ ear came and a lot of changes.




Seated: Janet Irving, Bunty Maling, Jane Bewis, Nora Harrington, Curly Chapman, Barbara Bawry, Peg Smith, Join Miller. Standing: Cleo Nichols, Tibby Thibodeau, Pat Smith. Barb Vitagliano, Polly Bewis. Tangy Moody, Barbara Black, Ann Biggs, I'at Grote. Absent: Joyce Brown, Marcia Whidden. QPliihnan


Will we ever forget those pie beds which we made on a certain few; and then in retaliation, when we crawled into our own bed, weak from laughter and found them in the same condition. But those water fights took the cake, for indeed water was not the limit, powder and perfume proved to be handy weapons. It all started, however,

with the evacuation of Room 2 5, a mere playful gesture to be sure b u t which caused a turmoil quite u n characteristic of us peaceful W h i t man Gals. In reminiscing, we must not leave out the opposite sex, who frequented 696 Stevens Avenue, representing: U. N . H . , Babson, B. U., R. I. S., Worcester Academy, Maine, T r i n ity, Yale, and of course, Bowdoin . . . Speaking of fellows, those Sefood for diverting chats and such, bago weekends provided plenty of Did someone or tans? ? ? weekends, Peg's the rest weren't


mention sunburns Those Beach wood t u r n was first, b u t far behind.

W h a t cooperation—what friendliness — what wonderful house mothers — it's over now, b u t not forgotten.

First row: M. Meyers, H. Rowley, A. Bean, J. Maguire, J. Cloutier, J. Turnier, J. Bruyette, S. Jones, K. Bulard, J. Clark, V. Beckley, P. Fritz, J. Blake, P. Steele. Second row: X. Rees, J. Freeman, .). Schumaker, J. Browne, C. Bailey, J. Addams, B. Hamilton, N. Lord, A. Grossman, J. MacDonald, R. Rosenburg, C. Beem, K. Duval, M. Murphy. Third row: I). Edison, S. Ginn, D. Carvalho, E. Loughlin, .1. Ellis, E. O'Donnell, P. Chaltas, A. Maxwell, B. Wilson, X. Hackenson, M. Pushing, J. Masilotti, P. Parsons, F. Faylor, G. Adams, E. Ciberson. Fourth row: V. Shaw, B. Andrews, X. Lawrence, J. Lane, E. Day. E. Penfleld. C. Chillis, R. Staples, B. Light, M. Moulton, P. Butler, C. Foster, C. Burt, M. Gilbert, J. Hodges. J. D«-wis, C. Caderio, C. Weeden.

flers ' ' W h o has the mail k e y ? " — a familiar cry through the halls . . . The fourth floor complaints of sore muscles from the staircase activity . . . Midnight fire drills and a bewildered crew assembled on the first floor . . . Bert, the official barber of the dorm . . . N e v e r forget the funeral procession of Schmoo during quiet hours . . . June's passion for stuffed animals . . . Those banging radiators! Will they never stop? . . . " H o w many days now, Muffie?" . . . The mystery of the cold cream on the third floor . . . Sis, the U . of M. R. O. T . C. queen among our beauties . . . The creaking floors after 11 o'clock . . . Lib's famous words " T o the music r o o m ! " . . . W h a t ! N o hot water again? . . . Slinger's trials and tribulations with the ski-tows . . . Phyl and Ginny's

shrieks of delight when there's a letter from California . . . T h e morning Miss D u t t o n overslept and missed classes . . . Flash bulb pictures—and gales of laughter . . . Where did those Italian sandwiches come from? . . . The expert Toni girl from Simsbury . . . Phone! It's a male . . . V a u g h n Monroe's staunch supporters at 8:00 a. m . . . Miss Clapp and her Cheez-its . . . Melrose is dominant . . . W i n t e r Carnival bucket brigade . . . Boogie refrains from 204 . . . Hersey parlor at 11:58 on a Saturday night . . . T h e new arrivals from Seventeen, Connie, Torchy, Tina, Jean and J u n e . . . " A n y o n e going to the smoker?" . . . Grizzy's great recovery from her knee injury . . . N o more days to vacation, and a fond farewell to Hersey Hall.

Seated, first row: Ethel Martin. Joan Margold, Joanne Emerson, Shirley Poulin, Norma Johnson, Barbara Wolff. Second row: Diana Draper, Sylvia Gunderson, Nancy Court, Zelda Delphinus, Sue Smith, Midge McCusker, Marjorie Hitchcock, Jud Brooks. Third row: Doris Robinson, Elsie Gilman, Florence Green, Chris Crosby, Joan Falvey, Joan Dennison, Joan Spear, Nancy Bass. .Fourth row: Sue Patterson, Nancy Johnson, Ruth Bankus, Carolyn Thompson, Joan Sullivan, Evelyn Prentice.

^/ 'eertnq eertng T h i r t y noisy docs or " J o e s " . . . small parties . . . our favorite, "ugly Chile" . . . running water in our rooms (leaky ceilings) . . . boiler room excursions after lights out . . . Mothers McKenzie and Libby shooing their little chickadees into tl respective rooms to study and sleep . . . Evie, our jumping jack with her wonderful versatility in sports . . . Rusty's flaming red hair and friendly disposition . . . R u t h ' s faithful and frequent trips to first breakfast . . . Ethel's unexpected sense of humor . . . Candy's adorable baby face . . . The sincere smile that could only belong to our one and only Courtie . . . the four Musketeers, Sil, Sue, Joan, and N a n . . . Flo's nightly exercises . . . Joan's sweetness . . . the inseparability of Connie, and J u d y . . . Margie's daily letters from Providence . . .


Lib and her one and only, Billy . . . Di's art ability . . . Doris and Carolyn's many calls from Bowdoin . . . N o r m a . . . "I lave a b r o m o " . . . Sue and her argyles . . . Jean And small orgies go well together . . . Denny's constant food supply (God bless her Mother) . . .



s CDye





From m y perch atop the Tower I watched the Westbrook girls get ready for their winter highlight. First, much snow had to be gathered by each house for the making of their snow sculpture all in keeping with the general theme of "children's stories." All week the girls were out working on their masterpieces (and even the faculty was seen hard at work moulding a three-headed t r o l l ) . A n d naturally there was m u c h buzzing of activity when the votes were being taken for W i n t e r Carnival Queen. O n Friday night, April 18, they all gathered at the ice-throne to watch D r . Proctor crown Eleanor " S m o k e y " Manning as queen with Elaine McFarland, Carolyn C h a p m a n , Jean T o w n s , and Cynthia Jones as reigning court beauties. Then I watched them go through mad antics cf various sorts as they presented their ice-skits. We all retired to the gym for the ski-bcot dance and could hardly wait to hear that Deering had won first prize for their "Little Engine T h a t C o u l d . " Saturday's outdoor activities at Tomlinson's were climaxed by the beautiful Snow-Ball at the Eastland presided over by Queen Smokey and her court.





of QJPeslbrook at


The first thing I noticed in m y travels is that college is peachy. The girls seem to have such fun being there and being together. W h e t h e r they're meeting the faculty at a reception . . . walking to " J u n i o r ' s " for a snack , . . playing a good game of bridge in the smoker . . . ironing out problems with the Dean . . . having cokes in the Cafe . . . H a v i n g i m p r o m p t u parties in the dorm when an unexpected package arrived from home . . . even c r a m m i n g for exams . . . and indulging in everything outdoorsy from ice-skating on the rink to sunbathing in back of Hersey.


VT Jaw

'^fMm^' . -. ••••••





^VlAio [/Ire




In m y travels as a bird-about-Westbrook, Tve looked t h r o u g h some old yearbooks and found that this year's Seniors are different. T h e y are more aware of themselves and their world, and look it straight in the face. T w o years of fun, study, and reflections have made these girls ready to build a secure future for themselves and those to follow. Congratulations! ! !



Medical Secretary

Pillow, Monster, beep-beep, My booth, Two a. m. Jump, There's No Road. Bell: Glee Club. 1, 2, President, 2; Interhouse Volleyball.

FRANCIS ACKERMAN Salisbury, Mass. Liberal Arts


Sunny smile, knitting for Burky, "Can "I'll make the dean's list yet." President of International Relations Club.

I help,'

SALLY-ANN ALLEN Marlboro, Mass. rr


Pre-Medical Technique

K. U. A. bracelet, dungarees, kick me, "one in Framingham, Marlboro, and Hudson." Houghton Hall: Glee Club, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1,2; Hockey, 1,2; House Treasurer, 1,2; Science Club, 1, 2, Treasurer 2; Ski Club, 1.

DOLORES AMERGIAN Portland, Maine "Arpie"

Liberal Arts

I got a new joke to tc'l you, basketball, F.A.T.E.S., I'm a good kid, just ask me. House Basketball; House Volleyball; Day Student Treasurer.

JANE ANDERSON Arlington, Mass. "Crump"

Junior College General

Zetes, something big and beautiful, cokes, cutting hair. Be!l: Glee Club, i, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; W. A. A. Treasurer, 1; W. A. A. President, 2.




Junior College General

My happiness. Bill's letters Tuesdays, Baltimore trip, English, Nichols? Houghton: Glee Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, I, 2; S. C. A., 2; Science Club, 1; House Volleyball, I.


ELIZABETH BARKER Hingham, Mass. Medical Secretary "Belty" Vivacious, coweyes, bargaii sales, scissors, Aroostook County, potatoes. Bcli: Treasurer of Freshman Class, 1; Interhouse Volleyball, 2; Masque and Candle, 1; Art Club Secretary, 2.

NANCY LOU BARNARD Portland, Maine Liberal Arts


Brownie, sweet disposition, mischievous expression, loads of fun and brains, too. French Club, 1,2; Glee Club, !, 2; Science C u b , 2; Dean's List, 1, 2.

JULIA J. BEAN Bangor, Maine "Judy"

Pre Merchandising

Engaged Sigma Nu, pennies, c.\ic for breakfast, vibrant personality, many letters. Houghton: Riding C u b , 1, 2; Science Club, 2; Dean's List, 1, 2.


Delaware Pre-Nursing


Have to write to Dave, Skiing, Packages from Bridgton, he won't like it. Whitman: Masque and Candle Treasurer, 2; Ski Club, 1, 2, President, 2; Science Club, 1; Hockey, 1,2; Basketball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2.

MARYON RENEE BILODEAU 1 I art ford, Conn. "Billie"


Chic, Zete House, worldly, love troubles, I want a career, Body n' Soul. Houghton: Glee Club, 1,2; Masque and Candle, 1,2; Vice President, 1; Fire Chief, 1, 2; DeWolfe Music Scholarship.

BARBARA BLACK Concord, N. H. "Barb"

Junior College General

Wedding Bells June IX, knitting, V.. \ . H., solitaire? Whitman.




JOAN BOEDEKER Springfield, Mass. "Salty"

Liberal Arts

Mischief, the Rubaiyat, long walks, early riser, male variety, midnight snacks. Houghton: Glee Club, 1; Science Club, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2.



'r Brownie"

Secretarial Science

My little darlin', accounting, the band, Morrill's on Friday, broken windows. Bell: Interhouse Volleyball, I, 2; Interhouse Basketball, 2.

JANE I. BROWN Portland, Maine "Janie"

Liberal Arts

P. M. S. C. Tuesday nights, Bev, Long Island weekends, Dorrie's notes. Glee Club, 1, 2, Treasurer; French Club, 2, President.

JOYCE BROWN Methuen, Mass. "ferce"

Junior College General

Poetry, be sure and wake me, house parties and men everywhere, bridge. Whitman: Riding Club, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; Yearbook, 1, 2.


Junior College General

Joe's for supper, sweetheart of Chi Psi, how's the kid? Houghton: S. C. A., 1, 2.

A N N CASPER Andover, Mass.


Liberal Arts

Never elated while one man's oppressed, never dejected while another's blessed. Melville: Spanish Club, 1,2; Merchandising Club, 1; Science Club, 1; House Volleyball, 2; S. C. A., 2.

CAROLINE M. CHAPMAN Springfield, Mass.


Pre-Medical Technique

Curly hair, friendly smil torn between two loves, those weekends. Whitman: House President, 2; W. A. A. Vice Presi dent, 1; Glee Club Librarian, 1, 2; House Basket ball, 2; Volleyball Captain, 1, 2; House Bad minton, 2; House Committee, 1.

ALICE CHEFALO Winchester, Mass.



Always smiling, M. I. T., wonder if I got a letter. Melville House Treasurer; Chairman of Finance Committee.

ETHEL CHERNUS Brookline, Mass. "Ethelberf"

Pre-Medical Technique

Although she may be small, Ethel's still Lodge's baby doll. Bell: Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Science Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2; House basketball, 2.

SHIRLEY CONSTANCE CLAY Marblehead, Mass. "Shirl"

Junior College General

A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. Melville: Ski Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, 1; Basketball, 2; Volleyball, 2; Badminton, 2.

MARTHA J. COE West Buxton, Maine "Mart"

Medical Secretary

Popular gal on the dance floor, did you cut your hair, bridge, Maine men, sute.

MARY L. C O N D O N Haverhill, Mass. Pre-Merchandising I'm mortified, skiing, Let's sleep, cafe for break last, DAAAAAH, Helen. Houghton: Ski Club, l, 2; Merchandising Club, I; Basketball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 2; Ski Team. 2.


R. JANIS COOK Falmouth Foreside, Maine rr


Music Transfer

Beautiful voice, Bowdoin, terrific personality mad driver, learn to bid. Glee Club, 1, 2; Science Club, 2; Golf, 1, 2; Riding Club, 2; Dean's List.

SYLVIA J. COURI Portland, Maine


Secretarial Science

Sparkling eyes, loves to tease, a sudden smile, makes her what she is, a swell friend.

MARY A N N CRISP Nashua, N. H. "Mac"

Junior College General

McGarrity the kid, versatile, can't spell, hi Bebee, lots of dates. Lodge: Ski Club, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Varsity Basketball, House Basketball, Volleyball, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2.

# ^

MYRNA AILEEN CURRY Camden, Maine "Rusty"

Pre-Medical Technqiue

Sure'n she loves the Irish, Lafayette, skiing, knitting fiend, personality plus. Bell: Ski Club, 1, 2; House President, 1.

SALLY CUTLER Amherst, Mass. "Sallus"

Junior College General

Sally's pretty, gay, and sweet, a nicer girl you'd never meet. Lodge: Glee Club, 1, 2; S. C. A. House Volleyball, 1; Basketball, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Merchandising Club, 1; House Treasurer.

HELENE DANAS Lowell, Mass. r


Liberal Arts

Noise, Late hours trying to figure out men, term papers, and Hobsen, I'm frustrated. Melville: Glee Club, 1; French Club; W. J. C. News, 1, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Merchandising Club, 1; House Treas-

MARTHA DAVIS Laconia, N . H. ff

M. D . "

Medical Secretary

Witty, those 3 friends, diets, private dressing room, good natured. Bell: Glee Club, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2.


Liberal Arts

Twinkling eyes, charming, personality, kittenish, leopard skirt sensation. Riding Club, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Dean's List.

JEAN ESTELLE DAY North Berwick, Maine "Jay"

Medical Secretary

Weekends home, Wen, Two letters a day, curly hair, 11:55 p. m., jaunts, warm heart. Bell: Masque and Candle, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2.



PRISCILLA DENBY Warren, R. I. "Cilia"

Pre-Medical Technique

Johnny, Delta Upsilon pin, anybody hungry, Wolfeboro, "Caffeine kid," allergies. Houghton: Science C u b , 1, 2, President, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2; Ski Club, 1; House Volleyball, 1; TOWER Staff, 2; W. /. C. News, 2.




Medical Secretary

A booming laugh with 1 law 1 law 1 lo. Big joke. That's Charlotte. Melville: Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1 , 2 ; House Volleyball, 2; House Baseball, 1.

VAN DURHAM Monson, Maine "Vauza"

Pre- Merchandising

When she walks through Bridgton's gate, Bill will be her fate. Lodge: S. C. A.; House President, 2; House Volleyball, 2.


BARBARA ELDRED Rutland, Vt. "Squirt"

Journalism Secretary

B. U. special, lately called Butch, house parties, Nassau, "Drink Squirt," electrician. Houghton: Riding Club, 2; Ski Club, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1,2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; Varsity Basketball, 1; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; W. /. C. News, 1, 2; TOWER Staff, 2; Field Hockey, 1, 2.



Debonair, gesticulating, snobby-dob, Waltham, telephone, skiing, North Conway. Houghton: Glee Club, 1, 2; Science Club, 2; Ski Club, 1, 2.

JANICE EVERETT Westwood, Mass. "]an" Medical Secretary Some think the world's made for fun and frolic and so do I. Melville: Spanish Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, 1.

MARY JANE FLYNN Northboro, Mass. ff

M. / . "

Liberal Arts

Cute, blonde, I reckon, Slow boat to China, Whitmanite, again, U. S. S. Noble. Melville: Spanish Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, 1; French Club, 1, 2.


Journalism Secretary

Engaged to Tibb, talented pianist, pea green, knits socks, room-mate. Lodge: W. J. C. News Reporter, 1, 2; House Vice President, 2; House Volleyball; S. C. A.; Dean's List.

ELEANOR R. FOSTER Leominster, Mass. "Spicy"

Secretarial Science

Perfect pageboy, M. I. T. or Maine?, how did she get all those A's?, likes to ski.

E f=*.


PHYLLIS V. GALANTO Worcester, Mass. "Phil"

Medical Secretary

When night hath set her silver lamps on high, then is the time for study. Melville: Secretary of S. C. A., 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; Science Club, 2; House Representative for S. C. A., 1.

DOROTHY A N N GARNISS Melrose, Mass. "Dotty



Red-head, gab about Gabby, ape, skiing, know heem?, snake hips. Bell: Treasurer of House, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; Skiing, 1, 2; Varsity Hockey, 1, 2.

MARJORIE ANNE GASKELL Farmington, Maine "Marji"

Secretarial Science

Big George, Delta Upsilon pin, Bowdoin weekends, chief, Red oil truck. Houghton: Science Club, 2; S. C. A., 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2.

CONSTANCE GODDARD Fitzwilliam, N. H. "Connie"

Junior College General

Bowdoin, horses, big blue eyes, Al's, silverware, Lizzie Arden Cosmetics, top bunk. Houghton: House Committee, 2; Riding Club, 1; Student Council, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; Fire Warden, 1; Carnival Committee, 1; House Basketball, 1.

HELEN JOYCE GONYEA Newton, Mass. Liberal Arts Exotic, cute and clever, Concord, warehouse Clipper, how billious, satiric wit. Houghton: Vice President of Senior Class, 2; Ski Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1; Spanish Club, 1; Merchandising Club, 1; Flouse Volleyball, 2.

JANET MARIE GOSS Washington, D. C. " /,///"


Ever pleasant, kind and helpful, jitter-bug, easygoing kid. Lodge: Ski Club, 1; S. C A. President, 2; Riding Club, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Science Club, 2; House Volleyball and Basketball, 2.

PATRICIA GREENE Jaffrey, N. H. "Pat"

Junior College General

Diets, Sweet "Litt'e sister," Bing, horses, very generous. Bell: S. C. Aâ&#x20AC;&#x17E; 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Riding Club, 1, 2.

HELEN GRIBIZIS Portland, Maine Secretarial Science Typing blues, number please, Camilla's friend or enemy, asleep in gym, future in bridge.


Pre-Medical Technique

Don and Zeta Psi, peroxide, Mr Hobson's English, the hairdresser, dish cloth, Don. Whitman: Glee Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, 1, Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Science Club, 1, House Volleyball, 2.

HARRIETT G U N N Brookline, Mass. "B-B Gunn"

Junior College General

As merry as the day is long. Melville: Science Ciub, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 2.

JANICE HAMILTON South Portland, Maine "Ian"

Speech Arts

Paul, Bowdoin, A D House, pinned to B. U. man. Radio Club, 2.

SHIRLEY HARKINSON Manchester, N. H. "Shirl"

Secretarial Science

Blonde, versatile, A'oha Chi Rho pin, skiing, breakfasts at the cafe, clothes. Houghton: S. C. A., 2; Ski Club, 2; House President, 1; House Volleyball, 1,2; Badminton, 2.


NORA H A R R I N G T O N Killingly, Conn. "Tiger"


Always writing letters, basketball star, so many butts, bridge friend, get me up. Whitman: House Treasurer, 2; Varsity Basketball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; Yearbook Staff, 1,2; Masque and Candle, 1; W. A. A., 1, 2.


Junior College General

With a song in my heart, M. I. T. Melville: House Volleyball, 1; Spanish Club, 2; S. C. A., 2; International Relations Club, 2.

NANCY A. HILL Auburndale, Mass.



Laughing eyes, bridge, Dartmouth, Economics, house parties, knits, witty. Houghton: W. J. C. News, 1, 2, Editorial Director, 2; TOWER Staff, 1, 2, Editor, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1 , 2 ; House Representative, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; House Committee, 1; Science Club, 1.

BARBARA HILLER Cape Elizabeth, Maine "'Barb"


House parties, Maine, Bowdoin, Trinity, engaged, Bobby, have to work, secrets. Glee Club, 1; Treasurer of Freshman Class; Science Club, 1.

JOYCE HINCHLIFFE Fisherville, Mass. Junior College General Ninety-eight pounds, English Lit., wait just a minute, two years. Houghton: Arts and Crafts, 1; Science Club, 1; Basketball, 1.

DIANTHA TREAT HOLBROOK Wethersfield, Conn. "Ann"

Junior College General

Mother, personality galore, countless men, odd taste bargains, web feet, halfstream. Bell: House Volleyball, 1; Basketball, 1, 2; Glee Club, 2; W. A. A. Board, 2; Captain of Maroon Team; House President, 2; Art Club President, 2; Residence Board, 2.



Journalism Secretary

Martin, li'l red book, whatee, gas mask, peppy, plays uke, awful nice. Bell: Masque and Candle, 1; Glee Club, 1; House Committee, I, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; W. / . C. Ncivs, 1, 2, Editor, 2; Publicity Manager of Carnival, 2; Yearbook Staff, 1, 2; Corresponding Secretary, i.

NORMA L. HOWARD Belmont, Mass. "Pidge"

Junior College General

She can resist anything but Temptation. Lodge: Ski Club, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2; House Basketball, 2; House Badminton, 2.

HELEN HOWELL Portland, Maine Liberal Arts Letters from G. S. T. C , loves weekends, brainy, argyles, handy. House Basketball, 2; House Volleyball, 2.

DOROTHY HUSSEY Portland, Maine "Dot"

Junior College General

Let's play bridge, engaged, day student. Science Club, 1.

JANET IRVING Beverly, Mass. "Jinnette"

Junior College General

So tired, green glass, bridge, those Babson weekends, 8:30 classes. Whitman: W. A. A., 1, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; Fire Warden, 1, 2.


NORMA F. JANNELL Portland, Maine "Norm"

Secretarial Science

Who gave her a license, letters from W. P., curly bangs, legal minded. Glee Club, 1, 2.


NATALIE ANN JENKES North Attleboro, Mass. "Nat"

Pre-Medical Technique

Daily letters, Pete's football, what'll I do, cool and collected. Houghton: Science Club, 2; Riding Cub, 1,2; House Representative, 1, 2,; S. C. A., 1, 2.

JUDITH JENKINS Portland, Maine "Judy"

Medical Secretary

Subtle humor, easy-going stride, Harvard, game, my hair, where's my pocketbook?


CYNTHIA ANN JONES Melrose, Mass. "Cinny"


Cunnin' feller, athletic, bridge, lip, bubble gum, H. B. buddons. Bell: W. A. A., 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Ski Team, 2; Maroon Basketball, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; Varsity Hockey, 1, 2; Badminton, 2; Captain of Maroon Team, 1.

EVELYN KAKNES Winchester, Mass. "Evie'

Secretarial Science

Pleasant disposition even when Warren calls before 12:00, going to Nebraska. Melville: Science Club, 1; S. C. A., 1, 2; Volleyball Manager.

JUDITH MARIE KEEGAN Westfield, Mass. Pre-Merchandising


Cute, happy and loaded with laughter, special talent on skates. Lodge: Glee Club, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1,2; House Basketball, 1,2; Volleyball, 2; Badminton, 2; Science Club, 1

ANNE DUDLEY KINGSBURY Beverly, Mass. "Squirrel"

Junior College General

Raccoon, Ya-hoo, /etc pin, cme and Raccooi Quiet hou hours, PLLASL! ! ! Bell: Glee Club, 1; Fire Warden, 2.


BARBARA LANE Milton, Mass. "Barb"

Junior College General

Friendly personality, I wanna go in the truck, Boston is calling, David. Melville: Glee Club, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; Merchandising Club, Treasurer, 1; Riding Club, 2; Varsity Hockey, 1, 2; Vol'eyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2.


PATRICIA MAUDE L A R O C H E L L E Portland, Maine Speech Arts

"Pat" Always in hair, anybody Glee Club, 1; Secretary

smoker, bridge anybody?, long blonde seen Janice? Masque and Candle, 1; Radio Club, 2; of Day Students, 2.

BARBARA ANN LAWRY Melrose, Mass. "Barb"

Pre-Medical Technique

Sweet and petite, waiting, Bob, a letter a day, knitting, U. of Maine, What'll I do? Whitman: Student Council, 2; House Residence Board, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Science Club, 1, 2; Ski Club, 1; House Volleyball, 2.


Junior College General

Rccmmate, lobster stew, Saco, home of P. Foran, hee, hee, II est. Lodge: Maroon team; S. C. H.; House Bowling, 2; House Volleyball, 2.

ELIZABETH LOUISE LEE East Walpole, Mass. "Weezie"

Junior College General

Singing, humpy, dumpy, weekend trips, cagey remarks. Melville: Glee Club, 1,2; Science Club, 2; S. C. A., 1; Varsity Hockey, 1, 2; Badminton, 2.



Liberal Arts

Oh you know what?, that dog, shiny black hair bowling, I don't get it, heartbreak.


PATRICIA A N N LENART Westfield, Mass. Liberal Arts


Men, what a wonderful invention. Melville: Riding Club; S. C. A., 1, 2; House Volleyball and Basketball, 1, 2.

LILLIAN JANE LEWIS Andover, Mass. "Jatiic"

Junior College General

Elsia and Big Sid, It Had To Be You, jokes, free train ride, upset bed, Phi Sig. Whitman: House Basketball; House Volleyball, 1 , 2 ; Masque and Candle, President, 2.

PAULINE LEWIS Beverly, Mass.


Junior College General

ELINORE S. LONDON Brookline, Mass. Medical Secretary


Elbe's individualistic personality brought cheer to Lodge in their dark hours. Lodge: Science Club, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1 , 2 ; S. C. A., 1, 2; House Basketball, 2; House Volleyball, 2.

DOROTHY LONSBROUGH Stamford, Conn. Pre-Merchandising


Dancing, let's eat, letters, Boston, haircut, bridge, lamb chops, house parties. Houghton: Merchandising Club, 1, 2, Vice President, 1, President, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; House Committee.

DORIS JEAN LUTZ Hamden, Conn. rr


Medical Secretary

That natural curly hair, dancing fiend, those U. of C. men, wake me up at 7:00. Houghton: Glee Club, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 2; Badminton, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2.

ELAINE L. McFARLAND Portland, Maine r


Secretarial Science

Beaming smile, boat trips to Peak's Island, basketball star, the blond pair, ink on Sully. Day Student Treasurer; Varsity Basketball, 1, 2.

VAN NESS MALING Kenncbunkport, Maine "Bunty"

Journalism Secretary

Weekends at Beechwood, poetry, basketball lover, the Port. Whitman: Masque and Candle, 1, 2; S. C. A., 2; House Representative, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, I, 2; W. J. C. News, 1; Fire Warden, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2, TOWER Staff, 2.

ELEANOR MANNING New Britain, Conn. "Smokey"


Oh, my land, natural, unaffected, pinned, alarm clocks, warehouse shopper. Houghton: Ski Club, 1, 2, Vice President, 2; Merchandising Club, 1, 2; House President, 2; Glee Club, 1; House Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; Gray Team Hockey, 2.


JEAN MARGOLIS Worcester, Mass. Junior College General Oh, so petite, marvelous weekends, steamed clams, 7th hour started?, late again. Houghton: Glee Club, 1; Riding Club, 1; INR Club, 2.

MARTHA E. MARSHALL Portland, Maine "Marty"

Junior College General

Cute, coy, witty, personality, cute laugh, Ted is his name. Bell: Ski Club, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; House Volleyball, 2; Spanish Club, 2.

BETTY A N N MAYO Quincy, Mass. "B. A."

Medical Secretary

Effervescent, measles, the man, hmmm, likes maroon and flying, neat, rosy cheeks.

3tr â&#x20AC;&#x201D;


ARDETH S. MESERVE Scarborough, Maine "Sunny" Secretarial Science Knit one, purl two, snarl three, That cute li'l Teddy bear, bridge, snappy cheers. Student Council Representative.

JOAN ELIZABETH MILLER North Attleboro, Mass. "Joanie"

Journalism Secretary

Knitting, the Whiffinpoof song and our boy Lewis, Oh, that Maine weekend. Whitman: TOWER Staff, 1, 2; W. J. C. News, 1, 2, Managing Editor, Fire Warden, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; Fire Chief, 2.

SELMA F. MILLIKEN Portland, Maine "Sammie"

Journalism Secretary

Mel, argyles, long walks, master's degree in bowling, won't get thin on ice cream. Make-up Editor, W. J. C. News, 2; TOWER Staff, 2.

CAROLYN LOIS MITCHELL Strong, Maine "Carolois"

Secretarial Science

That laugh, cheerful, long walks, Freddy, B. U., meticulous, basketball, compatible. S. C. A.

BEVERLY LOUISE MOODY Mexico, D. F. Mexico "Tang}"


Blue eyes, quick smile, makes argyles, loves to rumba. Whitman: Glee Club, 1; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Spanish Club, President, 2.

IRENE NANOS South Portland, Maine rr


Junior College General




CLEO VENUS NICHOLS Auburn, Maine Junior College General Someday he'll come along, Springfield, gorgeous eyes, neatness, One Touch of Venus. Whitman: Masque and Candle, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; TOWER Staff, 2.



Medical Secretary Midnight cramming, red roses, Pulsim, U. V. M., that extra five minutes. Bell.

GLADYS AMELIA PECK Andover, Mass. "Peck"

Medical Secretary

Edgartown, bridge, playing games, Bridgton, yeh. Bell: House Committee, 1; Fire Warden, 1; Interhouse Volleyball, 2.

NADINE L. PENDLETON Brunswick, Maine "Penny''

Pre-Medical Technique

Place窶認encing class: "Close your mouth, I'm going to lunge." Melville: Glee Club, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1, 2, Secretary, 1; Executive, 2.

BEVERLY PITMAN Portland, Maine Liberal Arts


Glee Club and Mr. Neily, horseback riding with Paula, P. M. S. C. Secretary, Student Council, 1; G'ee Club Manager, 2.

PHYLLIS PITMAN Laconia, N. H. "Phyl"

Medical Secretary

Tufts, lights in her eyes when he comes, sweet, quiet charm, envy that hair. Bell.

Z. I



BEVERLY MAY PUTNAM Worcester, Mass. Liberal Arts


A letter from Hank, attractive, tennis champ, just one more hand, Always. Melville: Student Council President, 2; Spanish Club, 1, 2; Riding Club, 1, 2; Ski Club, 1; House Committee; House Basketball, 2; House Volleyball, 2; Field Hockey.


ELISABETH MARIAN RICHER Northboro, Mass. "Betty"

Junior College General

57 Cadillac, Dick, Marietta, accordion, Bowdoin weekends, Any mail, today? Houghton: House Volleyball, 1; Science Club; S. C. A., 1, 2.


FERNE ROBINSON Townsend, Mass. "Robbie"


Tailored clothes, Let's have a party, Who's next for the typewriter, Did Wally call? Houghton: Masque and Candle, 1; TOWER Staff, 1,2; Softball, 1, 2; W. J. C. News, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2; Advertising Manager, W. J. C. News, 2.

CONSTANCE R O C H O N Cape Elizabeth, Maine "Connie"

Junior College General

Who wants to play bridge?

PATRICIA RUSSELL Pleasantville, N . Y. "Pat"

Junior College General

Pretty, nice, a quiet appearance, a devilish manner, and a Bulldog fan. Bell: Masque and Candle, 2; Spanish Club, 2.


CAMILLA SALAMONE Portland, Maine Pre-Medical Technique Bill, the man of her life, well she finally made it, pretty lips, Can she cook? House Basketball; House Volleyball; Student Council.

JEAN SARGENT Haverhill, Mass. "Jeannie"

Junior College General

Good natured, loves sports, Stardust, Chi Psi pin, conscientious. Houghton: S. C. A., 2; Ski Club, 1; House Volleyball, 1, 2.

JANE SHARON Winchester, Mass.


Medical Secretary

Pumkin, Boston accent, Cayuga's Waters, asset to the class. Bell: Glee Club Secretary, 2; House President, 1; Residence Board, 1; Interhouse Volleyball, 1, 2; House Basketball, I, 2.

NORMA BELLE SINGER Albany, N . Y. "Lulu-Belle"

Liberal Arts

Steaks at Valle's, sleep, model airplanes, "why," a physiotherapist, knitting.

RENEL ROSLYN SIMPSON Fall River, Mass. "Roni"

Junior College General

Where's an epsotab, brown snapping eyes, diet, first to breakfast. Houghton: Advertising Editor, W. J. C. News, 2; Glee Club, 1,2; TOWER Staff, 1, 2.

ALICE SMITH Riverhcad, N. Y.


Liberal Arts

Redhead, sense of humor, bridge, a knitter, house parties, N. Y. accent, personality. Houghton: Snorts Editor, W. /. C. News, 2; TOWER, 2; House basketball, 1,2; House Volleyball, 1,2; House Committee, 1; Ski Club, 1, 2; Science Club, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; French Club, 1.

DORIS SMITH Tewksbury, Mass. "Do/"

Medical Secretary

Can we borrow your typewriter?, the lake, John, telephone. Whitman: Masque and Candle, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2.

MARGARET ADDISON SMITH Farmington, Conn. "Peggy"

Secretarial Science

Always late, Bowdoin addict, Gee, I don't know, skiing, Night and Day, brown eyes. Whitman: S. C. A., 1; Ski Club, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2; House Basketball, 2.

MARILYN A N N SMITH Rutherford, N . J. "Lynn"

Junior College General

Winning smile, naive, Chuck, U. of M., perpetual motion, red plaid raincoat. Houghton: Glee Club, 1, 2; Ski Club, 1; Masque and Candle, 1; House Basketball, 1; Riding Club, 1; French Club, 1; Fire Warden, 2.

PATRICIA A N N SMITH Bangor, Maine rr


Junior College General

Knee lengths, the unforgettable haircut, long distance calls from New York. Whitman: Riding Club, 1; Interhouse Volleyball, 2; Masque and Candle, 2; Chairman of Play Reading Committee; Mistress of Ceremonies of Talent Show, 2.

VIVIAN SOHN Portland, Maine Medical Secretary


Tennis, basketball and music, Oh, those veinal punctures, Furope, here I come.

NORMA E. SORLI Carlisle, Mass. "Nor/;/"

Pro-Medical Technique

1 Ionic town population 4000, chickens and 200 people. Melville: Glee Club, 1,2; Science Club, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 2.

1 fs*

R U T H W. S O U T H W O R T H Brockton, Mass. "Ruthie"

Junior College General

Let's have a party, reserved, football calls from Michigan. Houghton: Riding Club, 1; Ski Club, 2.


DOROTHY STOCKTON Cape Elizabeth, Maine "Dorrie"

Junior College General

Sailor at heart, tennis enthusiast, swimmer diver, good sportsmanship, the tub.


SALLY LUCILLE STOCKTON South Portland, Maine Tomlinson's horses, boots, and cooperative spirit. Vice President, Wanakea Riding Club; Recording Secretary, Freshman Class, 1; President, Riding Club, 2; Spanish Club, 1,2; International Relations Club, 2; President of Day Students, 2.

BARBARA L. STONE Elmhurst, 111. "Stoney"

Pre-Medical Technique

Oh, fuzz, not pantry cookies again, musical, ask her where she's from. Melville: Riding Club, 1, 2; Science Club, 1, 2; Masque and Candle, 1, 2; Glee Club, 2.

JOAN A. SULLIVAN Portland, Maine "/o"

Junior College General

She will sing the savageness out of a bear, lively, full of fun, southern accent. Riding Club, 2; French Club, 2; Science Club, 2.

JOAN E. SULLIVAN Westbrook, Maine "Sully"

Secretarial Science

Hobby, putting the blame on Elaine, sense of humor, trying to trade in her big feet. Class President, 1, 2.

JOAN TOWNE Haverhill, Mass. "Jo"

Liberal Arts

Always ready for a bit of gum, but never skiing when work's to be done. Melville: Ski Club Treasurer, 1; Racing Team, 2; Riding Club Secretary, 1, Treasurer, 2; Maroon Co-Captain, 1; House President, 2; Residence Board President, 2; House Volleyball Captain, 1; House Basketball Captain, 1, 2; French Club, 1; S. C. A., 2.



No mail, Worcester, hmm, because, nice voice, flirty eyes. Houghton: Glee Club Vice President, 2; House Basketball, 1, 2; House Volleyball, 1.

JOANNE VAUGHAN Portland, Maine "Jo"

Medical Secretary

Life savers, cole slaw, Beta pin, T2.



Ken, U. of M., skiing, Gesum, 3rd finger, left hand, twitterbritches. Bell: Interhouse Volleyball, l, 2; Interhouse Basketball, 2; House Committee, 2.

PAULA WEBB Portland, Maine liberal Arts


Week-ends at Glen House, blonde hair, 8:3 0 music class, skier, rider, U. N. H. Spanish Club, I; Riding Club, l, 2; Ski C u b , l, 2.

GLORIA R. WEISBERG Portland, Maine


Liberal Arts

Knitting, epistles, bridge games, dancing, Show Boat music. Merchandising Club, l; Riding Club, l; Masque and Candle, l, 2.

ROSALIND WESLER Portland, Maine r


Medical Secretary

Is learning physics on the side a la Brown, of course, there's blood in my fingers.

MARY WHEELWRIGHT Cohasset, Mass. rr


Junior College General

Mimi's smile is always sunny when she's near her dec dee bunny. Melville: Varsity Hockey, 1, 2; Captain, Vollevball, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Make-up Editor of W.'j. C. News, 2; Senior Editor of TOWER, 2; House Basketball, 2.

MARCIA WHIDDEN Swampscott, Mass. "Bio"

Junior College General

Blatch, AD Phi pin, four gyms, Blue Room, characters. Whitman: Merchandising Club, 1; S. C. A., 1; Rid-' ing Club, 1; Fire Warden, 2; Masque and Candle, 1.

KATHERINE WHITE Falmouth, Maine "Kathy"

Junior College General

Little devil, boys at the Zeke house, Maine accent, bridge player? Glee Club, 2.



Red Sox, Saturdays at Bowdoin, golf pro, happy laughter, pink clouds. Captain, Varsity Hockey, 2; Golf, 1, 2; Volleyball, 2; Basketball, 2; Science Club, 1 ,2; Honor Roll, 2.

CONSTANCE VIRGINIA WOOD Portland, Maine "(. oinm"'

Medical Secretary

Blue Buick convertible, Bob, Gurnet, Hall Street, Florida, my car. Houghton: House Volleyball, 2; Science Club, 2; S. C. A., 2.

BEVERLY YOUNG Portland, Maine rr


Medical Secretary

Hope chest from Stan, argyles, skiing, rosy cheeks, and the Toni girl.




<$e*uo4d> Abbey, Margaret J. A c k e r m a n , Frances R. Allen, Sally Anne Amergian, Dolores Anderson, Jane Bagley, Eleanor G. Barker, Elizabeth Barnard, N a n c y L. Bean, Julia L. Biggs, A n n a R. Bilodeau, Maryon R. Black, Barbara Boedeker, Joan A. Brown, Elaine Brown, Jane I. Brown, Joyce Campbell, Muriel Casper, D o r o t h y A. C h a p m a n , Caroline Chefalo, Alice E. Chernus, Ethel Clay, Shirley C. Coe, Martha J. Condon, Mary L. Cook, Janis R. Couri, Sylvia J. Crisp, Mary A n n C u r r y , Myrna C. Cutler, Sally D . Danas, Helene Davis, Martha A. Davis, Patricia W . Day, Jean E. Denby, Priscilla Donahue, Charlotte D u r h a m , Van Eldred, Barbara Evans, Carol E v e r e t t , Janice Flynn, Mary Jane Foran, Patricia A. Foster, Eleanor Galanto, Phyliss Garniss, D o r o t h y Gaskill, Marjorie Goddard, Constance Gonyea, Helen J. Goss, Janet M. Greene, Patricia

5 6 Burr Road Lafayette Road 4 Cory Road 3 5 Mayo Street 8 Gray Street 47!/ 2 Lincoln Street 3 6 Hersey Street P. O . Box 5 5 61 Webster Avenue Wooddale 47 H e n e r y Street 29 R u m f o r d Street 40 Woodside Terrace 656 H a m m o n d Street 8 5 Revere Street 126 Oakside Avenue 4 Lincoln Terrace 2 2 William Street 23 Yale Street 2 Grayson Road 1232 Beacon Street 47 Locust Street 141 Winons Avenue I 5 Riverside Drive 110 Pine Street 29 Bent ley Street 30 Belmont A v e n u e 13 M u t t i n g Avenue 14 H o y t Avenue 70 Fenton Avenue Elm Street 14 Haile Street II Grove Street Box 32 126 Lincoln Avenue 45 Gamcrcy Park 103 Ellis Street 217 Main Street 56 Union Street 186 Grove Avenue 17 Ren a Street 3 3 Woodlawn Avenue fa tier v Road 12 Barnes Road Box 368 100 Mass. Avenue

H i n g h a m , Mass. Salisbury, Mass. Marlboro, Mass. Portland, Maine A r l i n g t o n , Mass. A u g u s t a , Maine H i n g h a m , Mass. West B u x t o n , Maine Bangor, Maine W i l m i n g t o n , Del. Hartford, Conn. Concord, N . H . Springfield, Mass. Bangor, Maine Portland, Maine Methuen, Mass. Meriden, C o n n . Andover, Mass. Springfield, Mass. Winchester, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Marblehead, Mass. West Buxton, Maine Haverhill, Mass. Falmouth Foreside, Maine Portland, Maine Nashua, N . H . C a m d e n , Maine Amherst, Mass. Lowell, Mass. Laconia, N . H . N o r t h Berwick, Maine Warren, R. E Belfast, Maine Monson, Maine Rutland, Vt. N e w York 10, N . Y. West wood, Mass. N o r t h b o r o , Mass. Saco, Maine Leominster, Mass. Worcester, Mass. Melrose, Mass. Farmington, Maine Fitzwilliam, \ . 1 1. New ton, Mass. Bar H a r b o r , Maine Springfield, Mass.

Gribizis, Helen G r o t e , Patricia Gunn, Harriett H a m i l t o n , Janis Harkinson, Shirley H a r r i n g t o n , N o r a V. H a y d u k , Virginia C. Hill, N a n c y A n n Hiller, Barbara Hinehliffe, Joyce G. Holbrook, D i a n t h a Holgate, Beverly P. H o w a r d , N o r m a L. Howell, Helen Hussey, D o r o t h y H . Irving, Janet E. Jannell, N o r m a F . Jenkes, Natalie A. Jenkins, J u d i t h Jones, C y n t h i a Kaknas, Evelyn Keegan, J u d i t h M. Kingsbury, A n n e D . Lane, Barbara A. LaRochelle, Patricia Lawry, Barbara A. Lawson, Marsylvia K. Lee, Elizabeth L. Lekousi, Aphrodite Lenart, Patricia Lerman, Frances Lewis, Lillian J. Lewis, Pauline London, Eleanor S. Longsbrough, D o r o t h y L u t z , Doris McFarland, Elaine L. Maling, Van Ness Manning, Eleanor Margolis, Jean Marshall, Martha E. Mayo, Betty Mcserve, A r d e t h Miller, Joan Milliken, Selma Mitchell, Carolyn Moody, Beverly Nanos, Irene Nichols, Cleo Parker, Jean Peck, Gladys Pendleton, N a d i n e P i t m a n , Beverly Pitman, Phyllis P u t n a m , Beverly Reeves, R u t h

134 Noyes Street 102 Longwood Avenue 1 5 Bayview Avenue 248 Sagamore Street Q u i n n e Q u a c k Farm 2 8 Burhans Avenue 22 Lake Avenue 7 Sea View Avenue 162 Main Street 3 6 Coleman Road 41 Wheeler A v e n u e 11 Rutledge Road 37 Morning Street 108 Westminster A v e n u e 37 Central Street 1523 W a s h i n g t o n Avenue 20 H i x o n C o u r t 8 8 State Street 12 Sears Avenue 16 Pierrepont Road 51 H i g h l a n d Avenue 39 Baker A v e n u e 22 Edward Avenue 60 Vincent Street 117 Lincoln Street 2 1 O r c h a r d Terrace 4 Park Lane 1009 Congress Street 6 Sackett Street 87 St. Lawrence Street 11 Pasho Street 19 Bertan Street 95 Stedman Street 92 Rochelle Avenue 104 Haverford Street 84 Carlyle Road School Street Sunny Ledge 62 H a d w e n Road 602 Congress Street 36 Neponset Road Black Point Road 22 N o r t h Avenue 47 Carlyle Road 460 Sierra Nevada 4 Lomas de Chapultepec 5 20 Cottage Road 43 8 T u r n e r Street 9 Thayer Street 1 Highland Wayside 26 Federal Street 6 5 Rockland Avenue 123 D a r t m o u t h Street 8 Kenwood Avenue 24 Stimson Avenue

Portland, Maine Freeport, Maine Brookline, Mass. South Portland, Maine Manchester, N . H . Kiilingly, C o n n . Yonkers, N . Y. Auburndale, Mass. Cape Elizabeth, Maine Fisherville, Mass. Wethersheld, Conn. Cranston, R. I. Belmont, Mass. Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Beverly, Mass. Portland, Maine N o r t h Attleboro, Mass. Portland, Maine Melrose, Mass. Winchester, Mass. Westfield, Mass. Beverly, Mass. Milton, Mass. South Portland, Maine Melrose, Mass. East H a r t f o r d . C o n n . East Walpole, Mass. Portland, Maine Westfield, Mass. Portland, Maine Andover, Mass. Beverly, Mass. Brookline, Mass. Stamford, Conn. Hamden, Conn. Portland, Maine Kennebunkport, Maine N e w Britain, Conn. Worcester, Mass. Portland, Maine Q u i n c y , Mass. Scarboro, Maine Attleboro Falls, Mass. Portland, Maine Strong, Maine Mexico City, Mexico South Portland, Maine A u b u r n , Maine Q u i n c y , Mass. Andover, Mass. Brunswick, Maine Portland, Maine Laconia, N . H . Worcester, Mass. Providence, R. I.

Ricker, Elizabeth Robinson, F e m e Rochon, Constance Russell, Patricia Salamone, Camilla Sargent, Jean Scull, Mary Ellen Sharon, Jane Singer, N o r m a B. Simpson, Renee R. Smith, Alice M. Smith, Doris Smith, Margaret A. Smith, Marilyn Smith, Patricia A. Sohn, Virginia R. Sorlie, N o r m a E. Southworth, R u t h W . Stockton, D o r o t h y Stockton, Sally Stone, Barbara L. Sullivan, Joan Agnes Sullivan, Joan E. Towne, Joan L. Varney, Josephine A . Vaughan, Jo A n n e Vitagliano, Barbara Weaver, Prudence G. W e b b , Paula Weisberg, Gloria R. Wesler, Rosalind Wheelwright, Mary Whidden, Marcia W h i t t e m o r e , Patricia Wood, Constance V. Young, Beverly M.

South Street 4 Main Street Tide's Edge 7 Clinton Street 226 Veranda Street 123 Webster Street 16 Channel Street 29 Maxwell Road 43 8 M a n n i n g Boulevard 288 Lincoln A v e n u e 28 Ackerly Street Marshall Street 14 Mill Road 2 30 O r i e n t W a y Bangor House 150 Noyes Street Westford Street 3 34 Forest Avenue 54 D r e w Road 54 D r e w Road R. R. 2, Box 128 Roosevelt and York Roads 61 H a r t l e y Street 189 M a r r e t t Street 62 C o m m o n w e a l t h A v e n u e 30 Rive A v e n u e 247 Pleasant A v e n u e 12 H a n o v e r Street 13 Union Street 43 Waverly Street 84 Granite Street 59a St. Lawrence Street 24 Sohier Street 90 Puritan Lane 60 Milton Street 284 N o r t h Frankline Street 12 N e w t o n Street

N o r t h b o r o , Mass. T o w n s e n d , Mass. Cape Elizabeth, Maine Pleasantville, N . Y . Portland, Maine Haverhill, Mass. South Portland, Maine Winchester, Mass. Albany, N . Y. Fall River, Mass. Riverhead, N . Y. T e w k s b u r y , Mass. Farmington, Conn. R u t h e r f o r d , N . J. Bangor, Maine Portland, Maine Carlisle, Mass. Brockton, Mass. South Portland, Maine South Portland, Maine E l m h u r s t , 111. Portland, Maine Westbrook, Maine Haverhill, Mass. Kittery, Maine Portland, Maine Concord, N . H . C a m d e n , Maine Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Cohasset, Mass. Swampscott, Mass. South Portland, Maine Holbrook, Mass. Portland, Maine

ty>iesUw<iea Adams, Gay Mardon Adams, Marjorie Jane Andrews, Beverly Joyce Averill, R u t h Keene Bailey, Claire Baird, Cynthia Baker, Janice Bankus, R u t h Barry, Joan Basse, N a n c y Batchelder, Joyce Bean, Alice Beckley, Virginia Beem, Claudette

29 Marlboro Street 3 80a Main Street I 5 N o r t h Street II 8 Royal Road 64 Adams Place 10 Stoddard Road 181 Old Post Road 3 Elmwood Avenue 150 Jason Street 95 Douglas Road 6 Bowdoin Street 3 30 Grove Street South M a m m o t h Road Benjamin Street

Lowell, Mass. West Concord, Mass. Madison, Maine Bangor, Maine Belmar, N . Y. H i n g h a m , Mass. Southport, C o n n . Bradford, Mass. Arlington, Mass. Belmont, Mass. Portland, Maine Melrose, Mass. Londonderry, N . 11. Mars Hill, Maine

Bennett, Marilyn P. Berman, June Blake, Jacquelyn Blumenthal, Jean Boothby, Joyce Boothby, Lois Bourne, Faith Bowkett, Jane Brooks, J u d i t h D . Brown, A n n e E. Brown, J u d i t h V. Browne, Jean Bruyette, Janet M. Bullard, Kay Burt, Carolyn I. Butler, Pamela Buyniske, Irene C. Cadario, Caryl Carter, Carolyn E. Carvalho, D o r o t h y A. Chaltas, Photine Chaplin, Betty Mae Chase, Phyliss B. Chellis, Carolyn B. Chillemi, Joan H . Chisholm, Shirley E. Clark, Dona Jean Clark, Jean Clark, Winifred A n n Clarke, Virginia A n n e Cloutier, Jeanne E. Coe, Martha J. Cole, Joyce Clara Collamore, Caroline Cottrell, N a n c y P. Cottrell, Susan V. C o u r t , N a n c y Lee C o u r t n e y , Carolyn Mary Coyne, Patricia C r o c k e t t , Barbara Frances Crosby, Christine Curtis, Jean Cushing, Barbara Joan Cushing, Mary Elizabeth Cushman, Charlotte C u s h m a n , Lucielle D a n f o r t h , Virginia Day Day, Lucy Elizabeth Dclphinus, Zelda F. Dennison, Joan Edna Dodds, Betsy Dodsworth, D o r o t h y D o u g h e r t y , Barbara Doyle, Elinor R. Draper, Diana T . D u c k w o r t h , Marilyn D u v a l , R u t h E.

54 O a k Street 244 W o l c o t t Hill Road 186 Bradley Street 11 Park Avenue 11 Park Avenue 60 F a r n u m Street 159 Clark Street 791 Main Street R. F. D . N o . 5 Fowler Road 47 M t . Vernon Avenue Riverside Road 48 Pleasant Street 92 N o r t h u m b e r l a n d Road 18 Western Avenue 118 Vernon Street 30 Richfield Road Pine Point Road 4 5 Stamford Street 41 H o b a r t Street 113 Haskell Street 18 Byron Avenue 15 R a y m o n d Avenue 3 6 South Broadway 267 Concord Street 15 Strathmore Road Fairfield Street 15 Kenwood Avenue 2 8 West Elm Street 40 Chapel Street Bonny Eagle Pond 973 Forest Avenue 3 6 June Street 3 6 June Street 161 C h a r m a n Street 10 Sylvan Road 2 3 G r a n t Street 27 Sheffield Street 11 Silver Street Roberts Avenue 8 8 D a r t m o u t h Street 21 Williams Street 1713 Beverly Pn. 98 Ocean Avenue R. F. D . N o . 1 298 South Hoffman Street 3 9 Lexington W y m a n Road 278 Woodlawn Street 30 Richland Street 27 Somerset Street Foyes Lane G. A. R. H i g h w a y Box 98

C u m b e r l a n d Center, Maine Lewiston, Maine Wethersfield, C o n n . Portland, Maine Saco, Maine Saco, Maine Portland, Maine N e w t o n Centre, Mass. H i n g h a m , Mass. Portland, Maine Cape Elizabeth, Maine N e e d h a m , Mass. Simsbury, C o n n . Sharon, Mass. Pittsfield, Mass. Westfield, Mass. Worcester, Mass. A r l i n g t o n , Mass. West Scarboro, Maine Fall River, Mass. New Haven, Conn. Westbrook, Maine Brockton, Mass. Beverly, Mass. T a r r y t o w n , N . Y. Portland, Maine Braintree, Mass. Oakland, Maine Worcester, Mass. New Haven, Conn. Augusta, Maine West Buxton, Maine Liberty, Maine Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Portland, Maine C a n t o n , Mass. Verona, N . J. Portland, Maine Portland, Maine Rochester, N . H . Bar H a r b o r , Maine Portland, Maine Ayer, Mass. Lee, Maine Brooklyn, N . Y. Portland, Maine Kennebunk, Maine Elmira, N . Y. Pittsfield, Mass. Keene, N . H . Fall River, Mass. South Portland, Maine Wethersfield, Conn. Kittery Point, Maine Swansea, Mass. York Beach, Maine

Dyer, Freda D . Edison, D o r o t h y Ellis, J u n e Emerson, Joanne Evans, Marguerite A. Falvey, Joan Fendler, Patricia A. Fenwick, A n n a G. Fernald, Mary Helen Ferris, Gloria C. Fritz, Phyliss Freeman, Janet Gamble, Barbara Gannon, Elizabeth Gardner, Pauline Gaskell, Marjorie Gelotte, N a n c y Geneva, N o r m a Giberson, Eva Mae Gilbert, Marjorie Gilman, Elsie Ginn, Shirley Goodwin, Mary Good, Josephine Grace, Beverly Green, Florence Griswold, Joan Grossman, Arlene Gundersen, Sylvia Gustafson, Greta Hakanson, N a n c y Hall, Priscilla H a m i l t o n , Barbara M. H a r d y , Helen C. H a r l o w , Bettine M. Havenstein, Lois M. Henderson, Marv A. Hill, N a n c y G . ' H i t c h c o c k , Marjorie E. Hodges, Jane C. H o w a r d , Harriet P. Irish, Claire A. Jackson, Mary Lou Jackson, N a n c y Johnson, H a r r i e t E. Johnson, N a n c y D . Johnson, N a n c y L. Johnson, N o r m a Jones, Shirley Kapopoulos, Joan V. Keeney, Dianne Kent, N a n c y Klink, Joyce A n n e Kopf, Geraldinc A n n LaFleur, Faith Lane, Joan Lawrence, N a n c y

5 3 Rodick Street 4 Ireland Read 12 Franklin Place Still River Road R. F. D . N o . 1 219 Old Mill Road Dogwood Lane Cape C o t t a g e Woods 185 Massachusetts A v e n u e 7 Paige Avenue 15 Sever Street Lockwood Road 5 8 C o d m a n Street 79 W a r r e n Street 5 Manley Street Falls Road 54 Prentice Lane 542 Preble Street R. F. D . N o . 3 115 East Emerson Street 312 Market Street 9 Royal Road 3 5 3 Penobscot A v e n u e 615 Forest Avenue 163 Greenacre Avenue 16 Pond Street 5 27 Maple Street 249 South Main Street 26 Union Street 515 C o t t a g e Road 94 Linden Road 19 Locke Road 80 Pleasant Street 113 Grove Street 7 Shirley Park 326 Sound Beach Avenue 181 Highland Avenue 81 Garden Street Star R o u t e 1279 11 Haskell Street 7 Montgomery Terrace 3 54 Pearce Street 5 1 N o r m a n Street 4 5 Ocean View Avenue 4 5 W i n t o n b e r r v Avenue 70 Willard Street 102 Cass Street R. F. D . N o . 3, Box 160 93 H i l t o n Street 22 School Street 609 East Street 7 Bertram Street 788 C h e s t n u t Street 13 Bedell Street H i g h Street 5 Ferinand Street

Bar H a r b o r , Maine N e w t o n Center, Mass. Beverly, Mass. H a r v a r d , Mass. C u m b e r l a n d Center, Maine Shrewsbury, Mass.

Rye, N . Y. Cape C o t t a g e , Maine Portland, Maine Nashua, N . H . Stoughton, Mass. Riverside, C o n n . Portland, Maine Concord, N . H . A u g u s t a , Maine F a r m i n g t o n , Maine Belmont, Mass. South Portland, Maine Caribou, Maine Melrose, Mass. Rockland, Mass. Bangor, Maine Millinocket, Maine Portland, Maine Longmeadow, Mass. Ayer, Mass. Wethersheld, C o n n . Athol, Mass. Camden, Maine South Portland, Maine Melrose, Mass. Saco, Maine Ayer, Mass. Lowell, Mass. GofTstown, N . H . Old Greenwich, C o n n . South Portland, Maine Fryeburg, Maine N e w Britain, C o n n . Belmont, Maine A u b u r n , Maine Cape Elizabeth, Maine Fall River, Mass. Marblehead, Mass. South Portland, Maine Bloomfield, C o n n . South Portland, Maine West R o x b u r y , Mass. Manchester, N . H . Manchester, N . 1 I. Portland, Maine Dedham, M.iss. Beverly, Mass. W a b a n , Mass. Portland, Maine C h a r l e m o n t , Mass. Worcester, Mass.

Leighton, Elizabeth Lenti, Margaret Lerman, Helen Lewis, Jean Light, Betty A n n e Long, J u n e Lord, Barbara Lord, N a n c y M. Loughlin, Eileen Margaret Luce, M a r t h a Lyon, Virginia McDonald, Jean M c C u r d y , Irene McCusker, Marjorie A n n McDuffee, Elizabeth Mcintosh, Priscilla Maguire, Joyce A n n Malek, Regina Maravelias, Christine Margold, Joan Margolis, N a n c y Marks, Mary Louise Martin, Ethel Masilotti, Joyce Maxwell, A n n Meserve, Marilyn Mayer, Martha Mitchell, Mary Montefusco, Barbara Montella, Lucy Mouton, Marilyn Murphy, Marion Meyers, Shirley Nadean, Thomasine Nielson, Betty N o r t o n , Linda O'Donnell, E m m y Lou Osbourne, Joyce Osgood, Edith Packard, Virginia Parret, Beverly Parsons, Priscilla Patten, Marilyn Patterson, Suzanne Penfield, Elizabeth Perkins, D o r o t h y Peters, Geraldine Poulin, Shirlie Powers, Janet Prentice, Evelyn Proudfoot, Patsey Ranklin, Janet Reed, Barbara Rees, N a n c y Reilly, Donandrea Reiser, J u d i t h Rice, Bertyne

67 Davis Street 3 3 T a f t Street 87 St. Lawrence Street 2 5 C o b u r n Street 75 Stratford Road 107 Main Street 65 Thomas Street 4 Brookdale Road Brooksvale Road 5 3 Oakland Street 43 Central 14 Fairfield Street 69 Washington Street 146 Broad Street 19 Wakefield Street 16 Hall Avenue 22 Sherman Road 2 3 Alida Street 54 Commercial Street 22 Francis Street 62 H a d w e n Road 20 Colsson Street 111 Boston Street 28 Haines Boulevard 44 H i g h Street Black Point Road 31 Kilburn Street 10 54 Washington Street 137 H o m e Avenue 18 56 Beacon Street R. F. D . N o . 3 Belchertown Road 177 Main Street R. F. D . N o . 2 11 Vivian Street 223 Main Street 17 Fisher Street 12 P u t n a m Street 30 Harris Street 3 3 Benton Avenue 11 Lindenwood Road 73 Craiwell Avenue 488 Main Street 13 Woodbine Street R. F. D . N o . 1, Box 5 5 16 Pleasantdale Avenue 6 Cross Street 2 Ardsley Terrace 13 Bertram Street 3 5 Clifton Street 22 N o r t h Street 134 Lake Street 318 Clifton Street Pleasant Street

South Portland, Maine Southbridge, Mass. Portland, Maine Brockton, Mass. Melrose, Mass. Y a r m o u t h , Maine Portland, Maine Newtonville, Mass. Cheshire, C o n n . Lowell, Mass. Hudson, N . H . Brockton, Mass. Lubec, Maine Claremont, N . H . Rochester, N . H . Nashua, N . H . Melrose, Mass. Yonkers, N . Y. Lynn, Mass. Revere, Mass. Worcester, Mass. Gardiner, Maine Methuen, Mass. Port Chester, N . Y. W i n t h r o p , Maine Scarboro, Maine Belmont, Mass. Strong, Maine Portland, Maine Providence, R. I. Brookline, Mass. Caribou, Maine Ludlow, Mass. Fort Fairfield, Maine South Portland, Maine South Portland, Maine Wethersheld, C o n n . Fort Fairfield, Maine Claremont, N . H . Cumberland Center, Maine Amherst, Mass. Watcrville, Maine Cape Elizabeth, Maine West Springfield, Mass. Portland, Maine Brockton, Mass. Cape Elizabeth, Maine Watcrville, Maine W i n n , Maine Bridgton, Maine Irvington, N . Y. Beverly, Mass. Portland, Maine Shrewsbury, Mass. " A u b u r n , Maine Maiden, Mass. Barre, Mass.

Robinson, Doris Rochford, Barbara Rochon, Barbara Rosenburg, R u b y Rowley, Hortense Salim, N o r m a Saunders, Barbara Schumaker, Johanne Shaw, Virginia Louise Sherman, Marilyn Elaine Shevenell, Eleanor Shiff, Constance Simmons, Lillis Slosberg, Lucille Smith, Margaret P. Smith, Susan Joy Spear, Edith Jean Spicer, Elizabeth Staples, Roberta Jean Steele, Polly Sullivan, Joan Alexa Sweetser, Joan Sylvester, Martha Jane Talbot, Sally Tarlow, Muriel E. Taylor, Doris R. Taylor, Florence W . Thibodeau, Joan P. Thompson, Carolyn M. Thomson, Barbara Tibbetts, Patricia A. T r y o n , Katherine S. T u r n e r , Marjorie Turnier, D o r o t h y J. Walker, Priscilla L. Weeden, Constance W e n t w o r t h , N a n c y L. W h i t e , Katherine Wilson, Barbara A. Wolfe, Barbara P. Wyman, Judith W o o d b u r n , Roberta

52 5 H a m p t o n Avenue 42 T h o m p s o n Street Tide's Edge 5 1 A d d i n g t o n Road 12 3 C h a n n i n g Road 81 Beckett Street R. N o . 2 109 H o w a r d Street 7 Stanwood Place 3 School Street 3 1 M t . Vernon Street 8 W h i t t l e Avenue 130 G r a n t Street 22 Richards Street Barnevelt 8 Gleason Street Cleveland Hill Road 26 Berwick Road Woodlawn Avenue R. F. D . N o . 1 126 Jackson Street R. F. D . N o . 5 12 Sunnyside Avenue R. F. D . N o . 5 24 Hazel Street 1191 W a s h i n g t o n Street 28 State Street 69 Fifteenth Street 10 Allen Street 37 Sound Avenue 142 Rockland Avenue 5 5 Terrace Road 3 5 Wellwood Road 190 Park Avenue 50 Foley Avenue

Fern Avenue N e w England Drive 106 Harrison Street 50 Grafton Street 275 Broadway Street

Long Beach, N . J. Springfield, Mass. Cape Elizabeth, Maine Brookline, Mass. W a t e r t o w n , Mass. Portland, Maine Portsmouth, N . H . Melrose, Mass. Bar H a r b o r , Maine N o r t h Scarboro, Maine Groveland, Mass. Maiden, Mass. Saylesville, R. I. Portland, Maine South Portland, Maine N e w York, N . Y. T h o m a s t o n , Maine Tamworth, N . H. O g u n q u i t , Maine Plainfield, N . J. N e w t o n Center, Mass. West F a l m o u t h , Maine Norton, Conn. Portland, Maine Salem, Mass. East W e y m o u t h , Mass. Groveton, N . H . Bangor, Maine Bath, Maine Stamford, C o n n . Portland, Maine Medford, Mass. Portland, Maine H u n t i n g t o n , N . Y. Saco, Maine N o r t h Berwick, Maine K e n n e b u n k p o r t , Maine Falmouth, Maine Brattleboro, Maine N e w Britain, C o n n . N e w t o n Center, Mass. South Portland, Maine


Exhausted by my arduous journey through the hinterlands, I feel a little like a hummingbird that didn't know when to stop. I have enjoyed my trip though, and will gladly conduct a guided tour any time you are willing to open the book. I want to give my pin feathers a going-over first, these down here. This is the end.


Tower 1949  

1949 yearbook of Westbrook Junior College in Portland, Maine (now University of New England). Visit to download and vie...