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"We Have an Active Network of 6,500 Channel Partners" Mr. Rajat Sahu, Head - Marketing , Scan


1-15 MAY 2017

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In-focus “We Believe In Building Relationship Rather Than Selling Solutions Only” Mr. Rajat Jain, Director, Concierge Technologies


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VOL - 08, ISSUE - 9, 08 th MAY 2017

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Content Remains Key to Fuel VR Headset Growth in India


Acer Expands its Desktop Portfolio with Launch of Aspire U27 & Aspire Z24


HP Transforms A3 MFPs Market in India with Launch of Next Gen Powerful Printers

New Arrivals


HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset

Service Special Intex All Set to Make a Difference


Telecom Today


Zen Mobile Unveils Admire Metal Smartphone

News Brief


Kaspersky Lab Declares Extension of its Bug Bounty Program

Channel Buzz Arvind Raina, Head - Customer Service Delivery, Intex


Xerox India Names Compuage Infocom as its National Distributor Partner

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1-15 MAY 2017


HP Transforms A3 MFPs Market in India with Launch of Next Gen Powerful Printers

(From Left to Right) Mr. Tian Chong, General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, Printing Systems and Raj Kumar Rishi, Senior Director, Printing Systems at HP A3 portfolio launch in New Delhi.

HP Inc. announced a robust line-up of next-generation A3 multifunction printers (MFPs) in India, including 32 SKUs which are designed to provide qualified channel partners the ability to offer higher levels of customization for a wider range of customers’ printing needs. The new A3 portfolio transforms today’s copier experience for customers and service professionals by offering advanced security features unmatched in the marketplace[i], affordable color via HP’s PageWide printing technology, and longer device uptime via HP’s Smart Device Services technology. “HP sets out to reinvent the print experience by bringing the intelligence of IT into our next-generation A3 MFPs and expanding our service model to encompass more partners,” said Ng, Tian-Chong, General Manager, Printing Systems, Asia Pacific and Japan, HP Inc. “Our extension into the A3 segment was well received when we first launched the HP LaserJet 436 MFP. HP’s expanded portfolio of A3 MFPs will raise the bar in the print experience and protect customers against cyber security threats,”



said Raj Kumar Rishi, Senior Director, Printing Systems, HP Inc. India. HP has signed and on-boarded more than

The company recently launched revolutionary A3 MFPs in India which will transform A3 printer market. They had introduced next generation powerful printers for Indian customers. The new A3 portfolio transforms today’s copier experience for customers and service professionals. 500 resellers worldwide which include 30 new partners in India. The new partners are trained and can leverage HP’s tools and infrastructure to provide a highquality service experience. In addition, HP’s reseller network is extending into HP’s A3 portfolio with access to both A3 and A4 contractually optimized managed SKUs. With the arrival of the A3 portfolio, partners now have new ways to grow revenue and margins in this $55 billion opportunity. Advancing security and protecting networks Embedded with advanced security features that are necessary to combat the growing number of threats targeting business MFPs, the new HP A3 printers

are amongst the world’s most secure enterprise MFPs in the market. HP’s enterprise-class MFPs incorporate a comprehensive suite of security features that protect devices, data and documents, creating a layered security approach needed to combat advanced attacks. Cloud-based innovation and reduced costs HP’s portfolio of A3 MFPs – including three PageWide platforms and thirteen LaserJet platforms – benefit from the new, cloud-based proprietary service optimization platform, HP Smart Device Services (SDS). SDS delivers maximum device uptime by integrating advanced diagnostics, device specific troubleshooting and remote remediation capabilities into the industry leading MPS tool sets resellers use today. The HP PageWide Pro devices make color printing more affordable, while simultaneously providing best-in-class print speeds. The HP LaserJet Managed MFP is available at a starting price of INR 167,613 and the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP range is priced INR 228,489 onwards. HP’s A3 MFPs are available through qualified channel partners, or directly through HP.

1-15 MAY 2017

Service Special

Intex All Set to Make a Difference Selling any product is not the last job for any organization who wants to grow their business in any part of this world. When it comes to India, people are very much sensitive about choosing a brand which offers best service support. Before the digital era, consumers concern were not taking seriously most of the time. But today, ignoring a genuine issue can ruin the fate of any organization. MNCs always establish their service feet and invest heavily to provide excellent service support to their customers to first retain the customer and ultimately build the excellent repute to help them increase sales. This remains the weakness for many Indian brands especially in IT and Consumer Durable Brands. But Intex, the leading Indian brand has able to make service their strength to maintain leadership position in the Indian market. The company has invested huge money to build robust service network across India to offer excellent service support to their loyal customers. DT brings this special story for readers to know more about company’s strategies on offering best service support.

Robust Service Network Entry of various new players and International exposure have changed the way our customers think, demand and do the business now a days. In today’s networked customer society, the potential, for a bad customer experience, to have the negative impact on businesses growth, has increased exponentially. Arvind Raina, Head - Customer Service Delivery Intex Technologies, says, “We believe that service is a second opportunity to retain customers; the first opportunity was at retail counter. We have inculcated this philosophy on all our service touch points. Service is a time when customer wants maximum attention and by giving maximum attention with empathy, service can create a memory for customers throughout his life. This is the best way to establish a good connect with customers.” Intex Technologies, has strived to



improve the Customer Experience and achieve Service Excellence by taking many structural and systemic initiatives to help us take our service performance to the next level.The company has started various new initiatives to create

Arvind Raina,

Head - Customer Service Delivery, Intex

customer memories. Through these initiatives, receiving regular customer testimonials has become a trend.“One of the major initiative is IMD i.e. I Made a Difference. It is a program where any employee/Service partner share the

customer satisfaction story which he feels, is a result of excellent customer service/best practice,” says Arvind. Intex has a Pan India Network of Authorised Service Partners (ASPs) along with Carry & forwarding Centres. These authorised partners are known as Intex Care Partners (ICPs), Exclusive Intex Care Partner (EICP) and Master Intex Care Partners (MICPs). Mr. Raina further adds, “This entire service network consist of more than 1500 Service Partners, equipped with modern and world class state of the art infrastructure and penetrating across 1000+ cities across India. Also in the remote locations, we have made various arrangements like PJP (Pre journey Plans) where an engineer from our service partner visits at far end distributor/ dealer’s locations to provide service at there itself. All these arrangements ensures 100& coverage across Pan India.”

1-15 MAY 2017

Service Special

Intex Offers Best Support to customers:

Service addressed,” reveals Mr. Raina.

• In case there is a repeat complaint, they handle it using a process called as C1AL i.e. Customer First Analysis Later. Under this program, the moment we get a repeat complaint, query is served on war footing level and update to customer on every stage till query is completely resolved. Analysis of the same is done later on. • Regularly measuring Transactional Customer Satisfaction and capturing customer feedback has helped them find out the root causes of issues and thus taking actions on these causes to eliminate it completely. • Senior Management is regularly connected with customers to understand their real pain and this gives a confidence and trust among customers about organizations commitment for their customers.

Virtual Service Centers Intex has already taken preliminary steps in direction of Virtual Service Centers.Providing customer remote trouble shooting at our contact center is already initiated practice towards virtual service center. The company has already created features through App to locate service center, logging service request, status of service request and intimating customers about product is ready for pickup. “At our Contact Center we have introduced processes like “Emulator – simulator” where a contact center agent can simulate various product failures and can provide faster resolution to customer queries and ensure First Time Fix solution.Also we are planning to roll out a smart CRM, equipped with virtual service center facility… We have started various applications using which customer’s themselves login and register their requirement to be

1-15 MAY 2017

Intex has also started a practice of capturing NPS (Net promoter Score) where we find out the number of customers who are loyal and ready to recommend Intex to their friends or colleagues. With this initiative, we are targeting to create Intex services as a Brand Differentiator and becoming a sales enabler.

Future Plans The company is investing in various ways to create a robust after sales services for a sustained customer experience. Company is investing in the development of a modern CRM to ensure Omni Channel presence and match customer’s information from every single channel and update in real-time. Investment in various digital modes of interaction with customers e.g. application based registration of customer’s Installation requests, Capturing Customer feedback using a digital machine, IVR based remote interaction with customers and collaborations with various technological partners to manage and

improve field services in an effective and efficient manner. “We are investing in Business Process Re-engineering to have a robust process management system to ensure our processes are ready to accommodate future growth. Investment in setting up a Business Excellence teams to ensure sustenance of service excellence practice is also a giant step to elevate customer experience in near future. Company is investing heavily on its backend support i.e. Repair Factory and multi presence Warehouse and distribution network. Investment in the expansion of our network channel shall be a ongoing practice,” concluded by Mr. Raina.

Partner’s Feedback

Name: - Pinank Thakkar Company Name: - Om Infocom Designation: - MD

I want to congratulate the team Intex for





service infrastructure, processes and

service management teams. Customers are treated like friends in the service

center. Behavior of ASMs & Services engineers are really good and their efforts





positive messages and word of mouth

publicity across the Market. Company also provides SWAP phone in case

there is delay in service which is really auniquefeature of Intex service plan. The

company makes necessary arrangement to ensure parts are available all the

time.These all help us in selling Intex

products very happily. I can confidently

say that due the impact of these services my Business has grown to 9 Cr. from a level of 1.5 Cr in a span of two years.

Name : Rakesh Jain Company Name: Mahaveer Sales Designation: Proprietor

Intex Service has improved a lot post Jan 2016. Most new 4G models launched

are good and have less complaints. Also the spare support and service team

support in market gave us and retailers a confidence on stocking, displaying and promoting Intex phones. We all are

very happy to get huge support form

service team by offering service on time with prescribed deadline. There is sharp decrease in repeated complaints

as compared to 2016. Intex 4G models are extremely good and quite affordable for customers. With high class service

support, we had experienced huge sell out and demand in the market which ultimately helped us in building confidence within retailers.




We Have an Active Network of 6,500 Channel Partners Indian security industry is one of the big industries in world and there are many players in the market that serves security solutions and services. To retain trust of customers, a brand needs to have best quality products with a strong customer support service. The most common trouble with digital devices is to ensure a secure path with the help of strong security solution and companies take this as an opportunity to grow. Mr. Rajat Sahu, Head - Marketing at eScan shares his views on security industry in India and his overall marketing plan for Indian market in a recent interaction with DT.

Mr. Rajat Sahu, Head - Marketing , Scan


DT: How do you see the Indian security market? What are the latest threat trends in this market?

attacks through vulnerabilities found in software or using phishing/spoofing emails.

 Mr. Rajat : With the growing threat landscape in IT and adoption of IT in every business facilitation, cyber security becomes the cornerstone of IT deployment or infrastructure. Cyber security is now becoming a critical need of all IT backbones. One of the key trends observed in the recent past is that of Ransomware attacks especially WannaCry Ransomware, which is creating havoc across India as well as globally. Targeted attacks, DDoS, APTs (Advanced Persistent Threat), Spear phishing etc are other threats looming over the business environment. Cybercriminals today are deploying more sophisticated ways of attacks that require real-time monitoring and alertness to contain the attack and outbreak. Their motive is to elicit financial or confidential data from business networks to individual users with continuous malicious

DT: How do you assure your customers that eScan is the best brand for security solutions?


 Mr. Rajat : eScan being a pure play IT security developer has its R&D team who works round the clock in tracking and identifying the malicious activities as well as malware in the internet world for emerging attack trends and malware. It has a robust team of developers and researchers continuously working to provide solutions to any new emerging threats as well developing the advanced level of AI based technologies that prevent any cyber threat for networks to individual computers. eScan also has a 24 x 7 support team to provide realtime support to our customers. We have recently also introduced our latest AI based technology – PBAE Technology which is one of the most advanced tools to provide protection against any kind of ransomware attacks.

DT: What are your upcoming products and solutions for Indian market?  Mr. Rajat : We have launched our Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions which are designed o provide real-time protection as well as allow deep control of endpoints in a network by the administrator. EPP and EMM are unified security solutions that secure the endpoints in an enterprise network from various evolving threats without interrupting business continuity. eScan’s R&D team has developed an integrated security solution based on artificial intelligence (Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine Technology) & analytics (SIEM / MTDR) etc., which provides a comprehensive approach that applies real-time behavioral monitoring of any unknown threats and efficiently mitigates them, be it Ransomware, APT or DDOS attack. eScan has also introduced the state of the art Enterprise Mobility Management solutions to keep business critical data

1-15 MAY 2017


safe and protected from emerging cyber threats for mobile device users in a network. eScan’s mobility management solutions for enterprises provide a unified protection and management of mobile devices for seamless business operations using a central web-based management console and containerization of business data and personal data in a device.  eScan’s EPP and EMM solutions are an integral part of eScan’s array of products, with MDM and Hybrid Network Support, are eScan Corporate 360, eScan Endpoint Security and eScan Enterprise 360. Furthermore, the new eScan Management Console (EMC) module includes a Secure Web Interface that facilitates dynamic security management of the server, endpoints and mobile devices in the corporate network. Our R&D team works relentlessly to stay ahead of various cyber-attacks and provide a safe and secure environment to our valued users. DT:  What are the common cyber threats you have noticed that harm common consumer?  Mr. Rajat : Phishing is one of the common tools deployed to lure victims that are used by cyber-criminals. There are many such phishing attacks, such as hoax e-mail that imitates like coming from a genuine source, spoofing which uses one of the email ids and sends mail to the entire group within the email id with malicious contents embedded into attachments. Another way is to send a similar e-mail that includes a link which directs the targeted user to a legitimatelooking company’s web page with a malicious intent. Apart from emails, hackers use online advertisement, pop ups, and search results to trick users into sending them money and their personal data. DT: How do you motivate your channel partners to gain more trust of your customers? What is your channel strength in India?  Mr. Rajat : We being a channel-centric

1-15 MAY 2017

organization have a comprehensive channel framework & policy to recognize and reward the channel partners for their contribution and commitment towards mutual business growth. eScan also has an elaborate skilling program to train and educate about its product, technology for presales & technical teams of its channel partners, so as to provide quality support and service to the customers. We have an active partner network of more than 6,500 channel across India, who we consider as our key strength for achieving high customer satisfaction level. DT:  How do you see the recent ISO certification from Euro Veritas? Which thing helped you in getting this certification?  Mr. Rajat : The ISO standard certifications are one of the stringent certification processes which validate the quality standards of eScan and its processes. This also puts us among the select league of security product developers at par with global standards and assurance. Our commitment to providing our customers with a robust security solution, that is developed following highest level of quality standard is what helped us achieve the most stringent & important ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) certification. This ISO certification establishes our vision towards achieving global standards in product development quality and environmental safety commitments, while the achievement of ISO 27001 certification validates in our commitment towards securing and protecting the client data and that of their user. DT: What are the challenges you face currently in this market? What are your strategies to overcome those challenges? Mr. Rajat : One of the weakest links in the growing digital transformation is people or users. Most of the malware outbreaks are due to poor knowledge of user towards security or being not

aware on the precautions to be taken to stay safe. Having said that, a large challenge remains at the deployment level, where adequate security measures are not implemented or IT systems are not updated in time. To overcome such challenges, eScan has made its products and solutions designed in such a way that with minimalistic human intervention cyber threats can be contained and outbreaks can be prevented. This includes proactive patch management updates/ alerts to group wise rules and policies deployment with a central web-based management control to track and mitigate any untoward incident such as ransomware attacks to APTs or targeted attacks.  Apart from the above, the biggest challenge today that we see is educating the users about the importance of security and best practices to stay safe in the ever-changing cyber threat landscape. The growing cyber threats from APTs, DDoS or Ransomware attacks reported by infrastructure, government and businesses in recent times shows the vulnerability of the technology dependency. Hence, it is of paramount importance that IT Security is seen as the cornerstone of the digital adoptions. DT:  Please briefly share your future plans/ investment plans to boost company’s after sale support. Mr. Rajat : As said before being one of the pure plays IT security provider, we work continuously towards a safer IT environment for businesses to individuals. Our R&D teams work relentlessly to develop solutions that are easy to use as well as ready to mitigate any security risk arising emerging sophistication of the attacks. We invest our significant time in staying ahead of the technology changes and trends to provide real-time security solutions for our customers stay safe from any kind of cyber threats. Be it the emerging threats involving IoTs or sophisticated malware attacks such as ransomware, our team have stood guard with solutions.



Cover Story

Image Source

Content Remains Key to Fuel VR Headset Growth in India

India is a big market for technology products and this market leads over other parts of the world. Our lifestyle has been changed and every part of our daily life is connected with technology either it can be in the form we work in the offices or we get entertained. Smartphone has completely revolutionized the way we communicate and work today. But smartphone now is also being considered as best source of entertainment. With the introduction of VR Headset, this industry has become very aggressive worldwide. In India its adoption is not too much but it is expected to grow rapidly in coming months. Key players see Indian market as a future market that has the potential to become a very huge market for this device.Moreover this device is very affordable and many companies have already introduced it in India and they are very much happy to receive overwhelming response. DT interacted with leading players to know more about this market.



1-15 MAY 2017

Cover Story

Current Landscape New device launches, an expanding array of content for both consumer and enterprise users, and lower price points will propel the worldwide augmented and virtual reality headset device market at a breakneck pace. According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Augmented and Virtual Reality Headset Tracker, total headset device shipments will reach 99.4 million units in 2021, up nearly 10-fold from the 10.1 million units shipped in 2016. This results in a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58% across the five-year forecast period.

a live streaming from You Tube. VR vendors should now focus on getting varied content because the adoption level of VR is increasing substantially with the products such as head-up display, head-mounted display, etc., among various end users including defence, real estate, automotive, consumer electronics, etc. There will be a time when loaded content will be a craze for VR and it’ll surely drive growth in the country’s VR market.” There are two main types of VR devices: ‘full feature’ and ‘mobile’. The former incorporates highresolution screens and are likely

As per TechSci Research report, “India Virtual Reality Market by product type, by end-user, competition

is the growth of smartphones and tablets, more is the growth in VR gaming. The quality of visual effects delivered by VR headset is a major concern. The growing smart phone penetration, and developments in 3D technology are expected to provide opportunities for VR headset market.” Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt Ltd. says, “For a new emerging technology VR is doing great. We introduced one of the first affordable VR headsets and received a good response from the market. There are lot of opportunities in the VR headset market, there is a lot of scope for innovation in the products with the continuous updates that

Gaurav Tondon Head Marketing, Portronics

Sudip De Director, Doel International Pvt. Ltd.

forecast and opportunities, 2011 – 2021”, virtual reality (VR) market in India is projected to register a CAGR of 55.3% during 2016 - 2021. Sudip De, Director, Doel International Pvt Ltd, says, “We believe VR is going to be the next in thing in India. Especially the VR (All in Ones), where you have internal storage which provides easy transfer and can load content through Bluetooth, Wi- Fi, OTG or Micro SD Card. It can also have 1-15 MAY 2017

to cost from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 plus. Gaurav Tondon, Head Marketing, Portronics says, “These headsets are majorly used in gaming sectors, apart from gaming these VR headsets are also used in medical and automotive industry. Use of VR headset technology is high in military and law enforcement, advertising, automotive industry. The ‘Mobile VR’ category uses a high-end smartphone’s screen into a special case, enabling the headset to fit more-or-less snugly on the user’s head. More

Rajesh Doshi Director, Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd.

are happening in terms of content as well as software, there is an even bigger scope for this sector in regards to software/ hardware which will expand VR focused technology growth.” Whereas Praveen Valecha, Regional Director, TCL India says that the current VR headset market is still in its nascent stage, with a great



Cover Story

potential for growth. “The VR headset shipment already reached $3.4 Million last year, with more and more players entering the market. Currently, more than 11 vendors are shipping VR headsets in

Praveen Valecha Regional Director, TCL India

India, with the numbers poised to increase even more. Opportunities galore for the VR Headset market in the country with segments like healthcare, marketing, education and retail seeing a steady increase in application of VR. Moreover, fields like gaming and real estate have already seen an upward trend in the application of VR headsets,” he adds further.

Fueling Factors Sharing more on the growth factors, Sudip reveals, “Currently entry level VR headsets are being bundled with mobile handsets as a giveaway. This in turn is creating a mass awareness. People are getting to know about the technology and its usage. People are using split videos for the entry level headsets to get clarity in the 3D format.” “There are a plethora of factors that have contributed to the growth of VR in India, including the emergence of e-commerce as the leading channel for growth for consumer



electronics. For instance Amazon has a dedicated Smart Living Store and Flipkart has a dedicated category for Virtual Reality. Our global strategy of shifting towards Internet of things resonates perfectly with this paradigm shift. Moreover there has been an ever increasing demand for virtual reality technology among mobile users as well, with the launch of various entry level VR headsets in the country also responsible for driving the VR headset market,” confirms Praveen. “Software, services and VR enabled content are a few factors that will play a crucial role in the growth of this market with the hardware on the booming end in the hands of the consumer. VR has a potential not just in the gaming sector alone, it’s known to produce new models, methods and a new way of communication and interaction in almost every sphere, says Rajesh. According to Gaurav, Benefits with the emergence of 360° video will accrue to sectors like tourism, real estate, training industries, virtual tour operators, product demos and simulations at exhibitions etc.

Challenges for the Market Challenges always come with opportunities. In the VR market, the players also need to address certain challenges. “We believe VR headsets need to be sold as an independent unit. Currently they are being given as an additional accessory along with Mobiles. Also, the biggest challenge is availability of world class digital 3D content for the viewers which can hold their interest for long and keep them entertained,” says Sudip.

Pointing out one of major issue, Gaurav says, “We do expect VR impact on content viewing habits of people will grow as VR content quality improves and with availability of good cameras capable of capturing VR content.” Producing content for consumers is seen as challenge for players too. Praveen adds, “Despite the unprecedented growth and a massive potential for further development, the VR headset industry still has some challenges to overcome. The Indian market, albeit full of opportunities, is a tricky one. A lack of VR content combined with the low awareness combined with high cost of trial has restricted growth in this segment. We believe that prices for VR have reached a tipping point. We are committed to create content for VR in house to ensure that we take leadership in the space.” Lack of awareness also seen as major concern for vendors. Rajesh says, “VR is a relatively new technology, educating the channel and customer about this technology is tough and complex. As I’ve mentioned earlier the, software and content is also a challenge. This is a very niche segment, once the technology becomes mainstream more people will gain a hold of this.”

Distribution Plans Effective distribution network always help in making any brand successful in the Indian market. “In India, the flow of goods and services reaches to our ultimate consumers through National Distributors and Regional Distributors. We address both the B2B space as well as the

1-15 MAY 2017

Cover Story

e- Commerce space for sharing our products to our customers,” reveals Sudip. Zebronics VR headset are available in retail stores, having more than 50000 direct and indirect channel partners across India.Rajesh adds, “We have no concerns when it comes to sales. We believe in delivering the best quality therefore ensuring trust of our partnership with the dealers for successful association and decent margin.Our strategies are customized according to local needs and demands. We have so far launched two models in the affordable price point and planning to launch more in the mid segment soon, including the AR gun.” Whereas Portronics has also come with aggressive plan to push these products through their strong online and offline distribution channels. TCL has collaborated with Advanced Computers as national distributors in offline sales, in order to provide consumers with actual first-hand experience of the product. “We are firm in our belief that, offline product experience can drive online sales. We are working on an offline to online module (O2O) along with forging key partnerships with ecommerce players to best serve this market,” concluded by Praveen.

1-15 MAY 2017

7th Best Brand & Product Innovation Honor

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“We Believe In Building Relationship Rather Than Selling Solutions Only” Mr. Rajat Jain, Director, Concierge Technologies

Having excellent IT infra is key element today to grow any company irrespective of its size. Networking plays crucial role for them to use IT services and run their businesses. There are number of companies who claim to serve you better by offering excellent services. But as a business owner you can’t trust these lucrative offers. But Concierge Technologies, a well-known company has emerged as a boon for all organizations and rescue you from this challenge. The company has been instrumental in building successful networking infrastructure for hundreds of its customers across India. The companies don’t believe in selling products or solutions only, but they are doing this business to build strong relationship with their clients. Company’s this philosophy has helped them becoming top solution providers within six years of its establishment. Mr. Rajat Jain, Director, Concierge Technologies, who leads from the front, has been using his expertise and leadership skill to take the company on success path. Mr. Jain shares his opinion on current market growth and company’s overall plan with DT, in an exclusive interaction. Find below the excerpts: DT: How do you see the current ICT market in India?  Mr. Jain : - India is the world's largest



for the information technology (IT)




approximately 67 per cent of the US$ 124-130 billion market. The industry employs about 10 million workforces.



the industry has led the economic transformation of the country and altered the perception of India in the global economy. The IT industry has




demand in the Indian education sector, especially for engineering and computer science. The Indian IT and ITeS industry is divided into four major segments – IT services, Business









connection along with the added

engineering services, and Hardware.

feature of phone connectivity. Not

DT: How Digital India Initiative has changed the market? Mr. Jain : ‘Digital India’ is a program intended to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The idea is to provide people with a ‘cradle to grave identity’ that is “unique, lifelong and online.” The project focuses on being transformative that helps realize the popular equation





means India Today + Information Technology = India Tomorrow.  Furthering the benefits of Digital India, the roadmap ahead looks promising. By the year 2019, 2.5 lakh villages will have broadband

only that, over 2.5 lakh educational institutions including schools and universities will have Wi-Fi facility. The program aims to impact the employment scenario immensely by increasing skills and job prospects. It is estimated that by 2019, about 1.7 crore young Indians will have proper and




IT, With

Telecom these

developments, India is expected to become the world leader in IT interface with e-Governance and e-services getting maximum exposure. It can be concluded that ‘Digital India’ is all set to transform the interface of the country’s socioeconomic dynamics. DT:  What kind of challenges you

1-15 MAY 2017


face currently in running such

to network infrastructure, all the

for large scale deployments. They


way to computers, mobile devices,

have a good range of products

tablets and workstations – in other

to meet the requirements of big

words, core to cloud. Once the

setups without compromising the


quality of performance and service

 Mr. Jain : Every business has its own challenge. In our industry we face certain challenges like

by best practices and workflow

government regulations, enhancing

procedures that make your work

profits, attaining high customer proving


is complete, you will be supported

revenue growth, hiring experts,



life easier.


of devices. For small deployments we go with “IP-COM” devices who provides budget access points with good

service support and many other.

DT:  Which are the major verticals

performance. Their low range access

These are the major challenge for

and region you are targeting

points are too good to be deployed

any existing business today. We also


in small setups and home solutions

believe lack of awareness among partners are key area which need to

 Mr. Jain : We are not limited to any area because of our association

be addressed very soon. We all have

with leading MNC partners. We

to keep updated ourselves with all

cater to PAN India opportunities as

technology advancement as its

we are also working with Redington

changes very quickly. We are always

who are our logistic partner. As we

required to gain knowledge and

see huge opportunities coming in

information about new technology

with change of government in Uttar

and solutions to give best results to

Pradesh, Our target area as of now

our clients.

is UP.Being based out of Lucknow,

as well. Our Wi-Fi controller that comes from “Handlink” i.e. WG-500P Hotspot gateway in a printer is the best controller for small to medium setups with high customization options and user friendly. We have also added renowned global brand “Axilspot” to our product range to offer good performance devices and better customization options.

DT:  How do you assure to offer

we are gearing up to tap enormous

DT:  What are the major services you

best Wi-Fi solutions to your

upcoming projects in the state. We

offer to build excellent network


are targeting Hospitality, Education,


Healthcare, Defense and military,

 Mr. Jain : Concierge Technologies

Retail and hospitality, Public sector,

engineers have a deep and wide IT


knowledge base, providing clients

(Oil & gas, BFSI, manufacturing).

maintaining a mastery of existing technologies.


DT:  What are the brands currently

with our agnostic approach, clients have








you are working with?  Mr. Jain : We are working with

and recommendations, providing the integral information needed to make mission-critical decisions about





Transportation and logistics, Others

with cutting-edge solutions while network



infrastructure. Our team of experts provide end-to-end solutions that will address issues from servers

leading global brands as we believe in selling excellent solutions. We have multiple choice of brands in our large product folio as we bundle the right solutions as per its size. We work with “Edimax” which is known for its quality products for high range and high performance

 Mr. Jain : We offer complete solutions to give best network solutions to all size of companies. We believe in building relationship rather selling products or solutions. We analyze our client’s requirement and then plan their roadmap for excellent networking infrastructure. We take any assignment from initial




of solutions. We offer services like High-Density Wi-Fi, Network Assessment, Network





Installation and Firewall & Network Security.

For more information, contact: Company Name

: - Concierge Technologies Pvt Ltd

Contact No.

:- +91 9598959959, 8090002803


:- Concierge Technologies Pvt Ltd, 2/182 Sector "O" Concierge House Shaheed Path Transport Nagar Kanpur Road, Lucknow - 226012, India.

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New Arrivals

Acer’s Leap Ware Smart Fitness Watch Acer announced its Leap Ware smart fitness watch at its next@acer global press conference in New York. It can monitor heart rate, stamina, stress/ fatigue levels, and exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also boasts three to five days of battery life, which means users won’t miss out on logging important stats, such as during extended trips or when they simply

Portronics VR Headsets Portronics launched “SAGA and SAGA Mini” series of Virtual Reality Headsets with ultra - superior quality polished HD optical lenses to take you in a different visual world. A unique viewing experience of 360 videos will immerse you in the virtual world of numerous 3D and VR games. The SAGA series of VR Headset has the HD optical lenses with 8 layer nano coating for prolonged high quality viewing. The SAGA series of VR Headset offers an unparalleled Field of View (FOV) with wide refraction range of -5000 to 2000 to let the users have the best VR immersion experience. The phone holder in the Saga series VR can easily accommodate the mobile phones having screen sizes from 4.6 to 6.0 inches and is compatible with all Android and iOS phones. Portronics SAGA is priced at a very attractive price-point of INR 1299/- and the SAGA Mini is priced at INR 699/-.

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset forget to charge it overnight. Designed with durability in mind, Leap Ware’s 42-mm (1.6-inch) face features with Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+ which delivers superior scratch resistance with the legendary toughness, optical clarity and touch sensitivity of Gorilla Glass. The Acer Leap Ware has an IPX7water resistance rating and can survive an unexpected torrential downpour. Also included is a builtin LED light which illuminates at the press of a button. The Leap Ware’s bands are interchangeable and come in Navy Blue or Light Brown. The Acer Leap Ware will be available in North America in July with prices starting at $139; in EMEA in Q3 with prices starting at €139; and in Taiwan in August with prices starting at NT$4,990.

HyperX®, a division of Kingston® Technology Company, Inc., announced its most advanced gaming headset to date, the HyperX Cloud RevolverTM S with plug-and-play Dolby®7.1 Surround Sound. HyperX has added Dolby Headphone® technology into a new USB dongle that delivers high-end immersive audio at the touch of a button. The HyperX Revolver S comes with an MRP of INR 12,999/- and is currently available on Amazon. in. It will soon also be available on all major online and retails stores in India. The HyperX Revolver S headset is backed by a Two-year Warranty and Free Technical Support. The Dolby Headphone 7.1 channel personal surround sound environment provides an immersive gaming experience – emulating cinema-like audio that puts gamers right in the middle of the action for game play advantage. With three pre-set equalizer settings that separate boost, flat and vocals, each gamer can choose their favorite setting. Gamers will gain a competitive edge in FPS and 3D environment games by hearing opponents’ locations more clearly and accurately than previously attainable.

Zebronics Smart Bluetooth Speaker Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd unveils series of Portable Bluetooth Speakers designed exclusively for the busy Travel Season. Announcing ‘Smart’ from the trio, that’s the perfect blend of good looks and good sound! The Speaker is both wireless and Bluetooth enabled & it comes with 400mAh built-in battery that ensures 2 hours of playback time. With over 10meters Bluetooth range, and the combined carry strap, the speaker does not restrict movement, frees you to wander, which means you will always have high-quality sound near or far away from you. The speaker also supports USB/TF Card Slot and comes with Inbuilt FM radio exploring your several entertainment options. Available in playful mix of red, orange, blue and green the speaker is available with leading retail stores across India. Zebronics in next 10 days also plans to launch Helix and Hero Bluetooth Speaker under its Travel category.



1-15 MAY 2017

Telecom Today

LG Launches Flagship G6 Smartphone

LG Electronics India has launched its much awaited flagship smartphone, the LG G6 that features a bold new display format complimented by a cinematic viewing experience. LG G6 flaunts a 5.7-inch QHD+ (2,880 x 1,440 resolution) Full Vision display, and an 18:9 screen aspect ratio. The new UI 6.0 with control functions located at the bottom of the screen allows for more convenient single-handed operation. The LG G6 is the first smart phone to feature Dolby Vision technology which supports HDR 10, both of which are standards for High Dynamic Range (HDR). G6’s 5MP front camera covers a wide range of 100 degrees for more inclusive selfies. Its 13 MP rear camera covers 125 degrees lens on the wide angle to capture panoramic shots. The IP68 water and dust resistance makes it safe to be immersed in up to 1.5 meters of water for as long as 30 minutes. G6 has passed MIL-STD 810G tests—26 different angle drop tests from chest height. 3 variants (64 GB) are available in black, white & platinum priced at 55,000/-.

Zen Mobile Unveils Admire Metal Smartphone Zen mobile announced the launch of Admire Metal Smartphone to strengthen its ZENERATION 4G portfolio. The Dual SIM Admire Metal sports a 5inch HD IPS display which makes watching videos and images an absolute joy. The device is powered with a 1.3 GHz quad core processor and a 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM (expandable up to 32GG), and ensures smooth performance, multi-tasking and boasts of seamless Android Marshmallow 6.0 OS. Admire Metal offers a 5 MP rear camera with auto focus and 5 MP Selfie camera with flash, which allows users to capture images effortlessly. The device also comes equipped with a varied range of Value Added Services (VAS) and features such as the Twin WhatsApp, that allows users set up two WhatsApp accounts in the Smartphone. Admire Metal comes pre-installed with 22 different Indian languages, Motion & Gesture, packed with Swalekh Keyboard and connectivity options like4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Zopo Introduces Color M5 Smartphone ZOPO launched a new product of the color series; the Color M5 in a grand event in Guwahati, North East for Rs. 5,999. The Color M5 features a 5-inch FWVGA display triggered by a 64 bit Quad Core, MediaTek MT6737M processor that helps the smartphone to multitask at an amazing speed. It is loaded with 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 64GB. Powering all of the above is a 2100 mAh battery. The lightweight smartphone includes 4G bands, Bluetooth v4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n. The dual-sim smartphone sports a 5MP autofocus primary camera with an LED Flash along with a 2MP secondary camera that comes with a face beauty mode to capture selfies. The smartphone features a 1080p high video resolution playback & 720p video recording. The beautiful handset is available in 5 different stylish colors - Peach, Matte White, Caribbean Blue, Indigo and Charcoal Black.

TCL Launches TCL 562 Smartphone TCL had entered the Indian market earlier with TCL 562, now the company has announced the launch of its Virtual Reality (VR) headset in India with the TCL 562 smart phone. The set is priced at Rs. 13,999 and is available from April 20, 2017 on and select retail stores across India. The smartphone comes in Metal Gold and Dark Grey color. The VR works seamlessly with TCL 562 smartphone using Micro USB connection. Powered by the Octa Core (4X1.8GHz + 4X1.0GHz) Helio P10 MT6755M Chipset processor the 5.5-inch TCL 562 Android 6.0 handset (measuring 152 x 77 x 7.99mm) is ideal for those looking to enjoy digital content on the go, enabled by 3GB RAM and a standard 32GB of internal memory. It packs a 2960 mAh battery ensuring lasting performance from every charge. A full HD Zero Distortion screen with IPS technology extends to house the 5MP wide view angle front lens as well as the 13MP AF camera with LED dual tone flash and 0.3 ultra-fast focus rear camera.

1-15 MAY 2017



News Brief

Konica Minolta Deployed Seventh bizhub PRESS C1085 in Eastern India In addition to its successful installation

the flexibility to cater to the Just in Time

of 20 bizhub PRESS C1060 in Eastern

requirements from their customers. Bizhub

India in Year 2016-2017, Konica Minolta

PRESS C1085 is compatible with latest

has witnessed another record seven

global standards and supports numerous

deployments of its industry leading bizhub

industry standards as well as high quality

PRESS C1085 digital industrial printing

colour management. With JDF support,

solution. Printing enterprises in India are

APPE, Pantone, industry-standard Fiery

readily eying to have a digital production printing to complement the traditional analogue process and Konica Minolta comes as an ideal solution for these

enterprises, providing a perfect balance between printing outputs and desired color output to cater to all the requirements

particularly in the $20 billion multi-brand reseller space, by providing partners a broader set of products, solutions and vertically integrated tools, technology and service delivery processes. Peterson joins Xerox from TESSCO Technologies where he led the sales organization. Prior to that, Peterson was the vice president of Global Channels at Brocade, a data and storage networking company; and he also spent 20 years at Tech Data. At Tech Data, Peterson progressed through sales and marketing roles, ultimately serving as senior vice president of sales for the United States, responsible for leading sales and marketing, and developing strategies, management procedures and enablement activities to drive profitable growth.

Wipro Hold Leading Position in Zinnov Zones 2016 Ratings


Wipro Limited announced that it has been

infrastructure, non-linear strategy and

positioned as a leading player in ‘Zinnov

business sustainability. Wipro has been

Zones 2016 – Product Engineering Services

recognized in the leadership zone in nine

Rating’, for the seventh consecutive year.

industry segments - Enterprise Software,

The Zinnov study evaluated more than

Consumer Software, Consumer Electronics,

35 global engineering service providers

Computer Peripherals & Storage, Industrial

from across the globe in 15 major industry

Automation, Automotive, Medical Devices,

segments. It analyzed responses from

Telecommunications and Semiconductor.

participants on key parameters such








also as






innovation, client relationships, human

Established’ player in Embedded Systems

capital, financials, ecosystem linkages,

and Mechanical Engineering Services.



from the customers. Printers now have

Xerox Appoints Pete Peterson as Global Channel Strategy Leader Xerox announced that Pete Peterson will serve as senior vice president of Global Channel Strategy. As the team lead, Peterson will be responsible for revenue and profit growth, as well as leading and executing targeted investments across direct and indirect channels worldwide. Xerox is focused on enhancing and expanding its channel reach,

and Konica Minolta controller, it comes as a state of the art model for the printing

Acer India Honored with “Golden Peacock Innovative Product and Service Award” Acer India has won the internationally acclaimed




2017’ for Innovative Product/Service. This award was received for the world’s thinnest laptop- Acer Swift 7. Measuring in at just 9.98mm thick and wrapped in a beautiful anodized gold and black luxurious aluminum body the Swift 7 packs cutting edge technology and high processing power to deliver the ultimate computing experience. Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute of Directors, are regarded as a benchmark of corporate and product excellence worldwide. Golden Peacock Awards Secretariat receives over 1,000 entries every year for various awards from over 25 countries worldwide. The award ceremony was held on April 18th, 2017 at Hotel Grand Hyatt Dubai in Dubai (UAE). Acer’s passion for innovation and customer-centricity has taken the company to unprecedented levels, and the company is well poised to change growth orbits and venture into new horizons.

1-15 MAY 2017

News Brief

HCL Organizes TechBee - HCL Early Career Training Program in Madurai HCL unveils TechBee - HCL Early Career Training Program in Madurai. The program is aimed to provide software engineering jobs to bright 10+2 students. HCL's new people strategy for 10+2 students aims to offer software engineering jobs by equipping them with the future ready skills. The first batch with students from Madurai and nearby areas started today.

Infosys will Hire 10, 000 American Workers in Next 2 Year Infosys announced that it plans to hire 10,000 American workers over the next two years. As part of this initiative, Infosys will open four new Technology and Innovation Hubs across the country focusing on cutting-edge technology areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience, emerging digital technologies, cloud, and big data. These four hubs will not only have technology and innovation focus areas, but will closely serve clients in key industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, energy and more. The first hub, which will open in Indiana in August 2017, is expected to create 2,000 jobs by 2021 for American workers and will help boost Indiana’s economy. Infosys will hire experienced technology professionals and recent graduates from major universities, and local and community colleges, to create the talent pools for the future.

Kaspersky Lab Declares Extension of its Bug Bounty Program Kaspersky



announced the extension of its Bug Bounty Program, which Leveraging the demographic dividend in


Rural India, this program contributes to the “Skill India” mission.

products. Initially launched

to do a software engineer job with HCL


and also enroll into Masters in IT program.


the HCL Madurai facility inaugurated in September last year. Spread over 6.75 acres this center can scale up to 4500 employees and is witness to first of its kind ‘all female employees’ onsite delivery center for the Financial Services.




partnership with leading

Students who have joined this program

1000 employees support key clients from


and bugs found in its

program, a 10+2 student will gain skills

exam with maths as a subject.


reports on vulnerabilities

Through this

have minimum 85% marks in their 12th


qualified individuals and




provider HackerOne, the program has been successful in uncovering at least 20 bugs in six months. As a result, the program has been extended with increased rewards for security researchers that discover remote code execution bugs. Under the initial Bug Bounty Program, researchers were asked to examine Kaspersky Lab’s flagship products for consumers and enterprise,

Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 and Kaspersky

Endpoint Security 10. The second phase of the program adds Kaspersky Password Manager 8 to the scope of the initiative. As an additional incentive, Kaspersky Lab has also increased the rewards for remote code execution bugs from $2000 to $5000.

Hitachi India Announces its MD Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. (Hitachi India) announced the appointment of Mr. Bharat Kaushal as the Managing Director of Hitachi India. Bharat will be the first Indian to spearhead Hitachi India’s operations. He succeeds Mr. Kojin Nakakita who has been elevated as Chairman of Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. and Hitachi Asia Ltd. The new appointment will be effective from 1st June 2017. Bharat is currently serving as Chairman in India of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC). He is the first non-Japanese to be appointed as SMBC India’s CEO and served the role between 2012 and 2015. In his new role, Bharat will focus on promoting Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business in India. Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business resolves issues faced by society and customers by combining advanced IT with operational technology (OT) and products/systems, allowing us to provide total solutions. 1-15 MAY 2017

Mr. Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India



Vendor Focus

Acer Expands its Desktop Portfolio with Launch of Aspire U27 & Aspire Z24

Acer has announced two new sleek all-in-one desktops, namely the 27-inch Aspire U27 and 23.8-inch Aspire Z24. With 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and optional Intel® Optane™ Memory, both devices provide a powerful and responsive Windows 10 experience, while adding a touch of style to the home environment. The 2017 iF Design Awardwinning Aspire U27 boasts an impressive ultrathin 12 mm (0.5 inch) chassis with an elegant diamondcut v-shaped metal stand, bringing a new dimension to home computing and entertainment. With a 27-inch Full HD wide viewing angle display (1920 x 1080), and a specially designed subwoofer bringing powerfully deep bass, this all-in-one provides entertainment with a punch. “We extremely excited to be bringing our innovative LiquidLoop fanless cooling system to our all-in-one PCs,” said Jeff Lee, General Manager, Stationary Computing, IT Products Business, Acer Inc. “The cooling system has enabled



us to create the Aspire U27’s award-winning ultra slim design, allowing it to shine as a modern piece of home décor, yet quiet enough to not distract.” The Aspire U27 features Acer’s proprietary LiquidLoop™ fanless cooling system which allows for quiet operation. It uses liquid evaporation and condensation to transport

certification ensures a crisp and lag-free communication experience during video conferences. The Aspire Z24 is extremely thin at 11 mm (0.4 inch) with a beautifully shaped rear cover, making it a handsome addition to any room in the house. It is available with discrete NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX graphics, providing

Acer thrilled the desktop market with the launch of its two new stylish all in one desktop. Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 both are very sleek and comes with a large full HD display. The Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 feature Acer ExaColor™ technology which corrects colors and tunes contrast for vibrant and accurate picture quality. Dolby® Audio™ Premium provides superior sound while enjoying movies or light gaming. and dissipate heat, making it energy efficient and extending the product’s lifetime by doing away with detrimental dust buildup. Thanks to Windows Hello, members of the family can each log in to their accounts faster and more securely than before via facial recognition. Skype for Business

extra power for a wide range of activities, while an optical drive is also available. The Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 feature Acer ExaColor™ technology which corrects colors and tunes contrast for vibrant and accurate picture quality, a great benefit for those who enjoy digital photography, casual

gaming, social media and content via HDMI input. In addition, the Aspire U27 and Aspire Z24 include Acer’s BlueLightShield™ technology, which reduces the emission of blue light and may help minimize eye strain, while Acer Flickerless™ technology cuts down on eye fatigue. Dolby® Audio™ Premium provides superior sound while enjoying movies or light gaming. A smart leather cable management holder keeps the workspace neat and clutter-free, while a screen that tilts from -5 to 25 degrees allows for easy adjusting of viewing angles for maximum comfort when browsing, watching movies, and taking video calls. The Acer Aspire U27 will be available in North America in July starting at $1,099; and in EMEA in May starting at €1,299. The Acer Aspire Z24 will be available in North America in July starting at $899; in EMEA in June starting at €749; and in China in June starting at ¥4,999.

1-15 MAY 2017

Channel Buzz

Xerox India Names Compuage Infocom as its National Distributor Partner

Balaji Rajagopalan,

Executive Director, Technology, Channels and International Distributor Operations, Xerox

Xerox India announced Compuage Infocom Ltd., India’s leading IT and telecom distribution house as its new national distributor partner for Xerox

range of office products and Supplies. Balaji Rajagopalan, Executive Director, Technology, Channels and International Distributor Operations said, “In our endeavor to provide products and solutions to more customers and strengthen our channel community, we are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Compuage. Their robust channel support mechanism and a deep nationwide presence will certainly intensify our ability to house multiple touch points in the country.”

Acer Becomes Official Sponsor & Monitor Partner for League of Legends Esports in 2017 Acer has been named Official Sponsor and Monitor Partner for League of Legends (LoL) Esports for 2017, providing its battle-tested Predator gaming monitors for a series of events including the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, Mid-Season Invitational, and the Summer Split League of Legends Championship Series in North America and Europe. This latest sponsorship is a continuation of Acer’s partnership with Riot Games, which began last year when Acer supplied Predator XB1 (XB241H) monitors for the stage and professional practice rooms at

the 2016 League of Legends World Championship and All-Star Event. “Having proven their reliability and professional-level quality to the world’s most elite LoL pros, Acer is proud to be once again named the Official Sponsor and Monitor for League of Legends Esports in 2017,” said Tiffany Huang, President of Corporate Marketing, Business Planning and Operations, Acer Inc. “Pushing boundaries to provide best-in-class products without compromise, Predator gaming monitors will prove their worth to the world’s leading players throughout this exciting global tour.”

GIGABYTE Starts Summer Spectacular 2017 Overclocking Contest GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd is excited to announce the start of Summer Spectacular 2017, the third of four contests in GIGABYTE’s 2017 overclocking season. A total prize pool



of over $2,500 USD in enthusiastgrade hardware is available for the top three contestants in both Ambient and Extreme cooling categories along with six “Lucky Draw” winners. With this contest restricted to only Intel® Core i3-7350K CPUs and NVIDIA® GT730 graphics cards, the playing fields are evened as participants look to push budget hardware to their limits! For those just learning the ins and outs

Mr. Atul H Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director, Compuage Infocom Ltd. said, “We are delighted to partner with Xerox India on their range of office product and supplies. We have extended our presence beyond metro cities and focusing more on tier 2 and 3 cities. With our pan-India geographic footprints and our aim to penetrate 10,000 resellers in 800 Cities & Towns within this year, we are certain that we will be able to expand reach of premium-quality Xerox products.”

eScan Unveils Super Sale Incentive Program for its Channel Partners eScan has launched a special incentive program for its channel partners under its channel reach program in India and to reward the qualified partners with lucrative gifts. This quarterly promotional activity is valid on purchase of eScan's Internet Security Suite (Version 11) only and will be valid for purchases made between 15th April and 30th June 2017. The program is designed to reward the partner for their continuous efforts and contribution to make eScan one the preferred brand among consumers. The program aims to capture major market share through its partners and promises assured attractive gifts for their contribution starting from as low as Rs 4000 in the quarter. eScan partners can register online to participate and qualify for the offer and they will have to purchase eScan products only from an "Authorized Dealers/Distributor" for their respective region. The offer is valid exclusively for eScan ISS products only. The gifts include External HDD, Portable Bluetooth speakers, Pen Drive and much more. of overclocking—a lucky draw is also part of this competition, where prizes including two GIGABYTE Z270X-UD3 are up for grabs for participants who submit scores in all stages of the competition.

1-15 MAY 2017

Channel Buzz

Huawei Joins Hands with Redington

Huawei Enterprise Business Group (BG) India announced its partnership with Redington India to distribute and market Huawei enterprise products and services in the country. Driven by strong business momentum globally, Huawei Enterprise BG India aims to create maximum value for Indian enterprises with its innovative ICT solutions and services backed by a strong ecosystem. As part of this partnership, Redington will support Huawei in developing resellers to market and promote products and/or services products in areas of Server,

Storage, Data Center and Cloud Computing to Huawei enterprise customers in India. As part of the partnership, Redington will provide post sales maintenance services and also be responsible for channel partner development and technical training of channel partners. Huawei is also focusing on creating a collaborative ecosystem for mutual benefits, and work with partners to help customers achieve successful digital transformation of industries and government to develop next level digital infrastructure.

Kaspersky Concluded Partner Pitstop with its National B2B Distributor in Chennai

Kaspersky Lab conducted a very successful partner pitstop with its national B2B distributor eCaps Computers in Chennai on April 27, 2017. The event that started at 7pm was held at the sprawling Crowne Plaza Chennai Adyar Park where the 61 attendants engaged in discussing how to take Kaspersky’s vision for India, forward. Kaspersky Lab and eCAPS Computers have forged a strong partnership in their years together. As is Kaspersky Lab’s tradition, they decided to conduct this Partner Pitstop so as to not just communicate their strategy and demonstrate key products, but also to bring the new prospective partners on board with Kaspersky Lab. As the evening came to a close with refreshing cocktails and a delicious spread of dinner, the discussions on the year ahead continued with endless enthusiasm. It’s perhaps this constant source of inspiration that Kaspersky Lab passes on to the entire network, that’s the reason behind their global dominance.

In2IT Technologies Organizes HR Roundtable at Bhubaneswar in Association with SAP

In2IT Technologies in association with SAP successfully organized and hosted HR Roundtable at Bhubaneswar with an aim to mobilize employees while promoting growth with HCM cloud applications. The overriding theme of the roundtable itself foregrounded a compelling HR development



narrative: “HR Transformation: Out of the Fog, Into the Cloud”. The day-long Roundtable created a highly interactive and tailored platform to explore, discuss and share latest HR technology developments and future trends driving the continuous growth and development of businesses globally. The emphasis was laid on empowering employees to take charge of their performance and their careers – by relying on cloud applications for human resources. Key IT industry leaders, analysts, and professionals as well as top HR practitioners actively participated in the roundtable discussions based on optimizing HR operations across geographies, organizations, and employee types while reshaping workforce strategies with true insight and confidence.

1-15 MAY 2017

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