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Everything you need to know to stop ransomware.

67% of Indian

organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year.

91% were running

up-to-date endpoint security at the time of the attack.

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Innovative & Affordable Connecting Devices to Accomplish Digital India Dream

Balvinder Singh Gopal Kumar

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Network Security: A Big Reason to Worry in The Fastest Evolving Landscape



“Sterlite Tech Leads The Way in Launching New Technologies� Sanjay Parikh, VP - Delivery GPSI & Neox Operations, Sterlite Tech - Software


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Industry Focus

MWC 2018

Two-Thirds of Mobile Connections to Run on 4G/5G Networks by 2025


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Acer Paces in 2018 with an Array of Innovative Launches and Award Wins

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Digital Terminal is pleased to share that we are now nine-year-old publication and we are celebrating our 9th Anniversary in 2018. It’s been 9 successful years we started this journey in the year 2009 with a mission to serve the ICT industry. This is not only our success but it’s you all who deserve the appreciation in making this possible. This successful journey is a landmark achievement which could have not been possible without unconditional love and support from all stakeholders. The publication remains pioneer in delivering accurate information and true news to all our readers through its various platforms. DT magazine is one of the leading trade magazine which is working continuously since last 9 year for the wellbeing and excellent growth of ICT industry. We have more than 25k subscribers who read DT magazine on print or digital platform. is also leading online portal which provide instant news update to our subscribers. We are also the media partner for all leading ICT expo held in India currently. DT’s events are also fuelling further growth by organising successful events like DT Awards, DT Partner Summit and DT Conclave. We made our best effort in increasing our visibility on all platforms to help our partners in growing their business. We are currently working with all leading ICT brands, vendors, manufacturers and distributors across India. As we are celebrating our 9th Anniversary this month, we received hundreds of heartening messages from all our business partners who are real stakeholder in our journey. We have compiled below few of them to share our bonding which are built on trust and faith, we earn during these years.


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“We would like to extend our hearties congratulations to the Digital Terminal team on their 9th anniversary. Digital Terminal has consistently provided interesting insights as well as the crucial and relevant information essential for the growth, development, and sustenance of the ICT Industry. The publication has contributed immensely to the companies in ICT sector by providing an ideal platform to reach partners and wider audience. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm of the DT team and look forward to supporting the team reach new heights. Best wishes on your continued success!”


“Digital Terminal is truly a great platform to get latest updates about technology business and have unbiased analysis from industry experts. One of the prestigious IT publications, DT has the wide readers’ coverage and reach, which has helped brands increase their visibility in the market. The leading publication having a strong online and offline presence pan India, DT has come a long way in a short span of time to become one of the top media house in the country. As DT is celebrating its successful stint of 9 years in the industry, I congratulate team DT for their remarkable journey and wish them good luck for their future endeavor.”


“Many congratulations to Digital Terminal on your completion of 9 years in the industry. Our association with Digital Terminal started few years back and since then it has been an enriching experience connecting with the entire team. The rich, varied content related to the ICT industry makes an insightful read to the IT fraternity. On your anniversary, we at Sophos would like to take this opportunity to wish you abundant success and good luck on future endeavors.”

www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n


“Congrats to team “Digital Terminal” on completing nine successful year. They have been able to provide relevant information to ICT fraternity over almost a decade is commendable. Always gets inspired by their passion & courage to explore new areas & opportunities to reach out to last mile in value chain of ICT business. In this so called open market place where getting/sharing latest trends & news is just a few clicks away, always respect DT’s approach to work towards growth of Indian ICT industry by offering their and industries view on all 3-key platform. We wish them all the very best and hope to see them grow with the industry. Keep the good work.”


“GIGABYTE has been working with Digital Terminal since its inception in 2010. These 9 years have been a thrilling experience with DT. It is one of the best media team to work, deliverables always exceeded our expectations. Also, Digital Terminal team is highly professional and committed towards the ICT industry. They have made remarkable contribution in terms of content and reach to the right audience. It is the right platform for announcing the product news or industry related information. Kudos to the team for hard work and dedication.”


“We have known Digital Terminal for a long time and we like their approach towards news. More importantly, the ‘People’ at DT are courteous and easy to work with. Their editorial content, quality of curation, industry reach, influence along with their distribution is appreciable. Over the years we have comparatively seen good number of queries generated for both, Kingston and HyperX products and solutions. It therefore doesn’t surprise us to see them strong even in their 9th year as it is worth the energies invested. We wish them happiness and success for the future.”

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“Our experience with Digital Terminal has been wonderful as their team is a perfect mix of proficient individuals. DT understands the need of IT players and conveys messages effectively to the masses for better awareness of businesses of different verticals. The DT team also provides quick news updates round the clock covering all the breaking news, top news; product news etc. which gives them an edge over other online portals. Most significantly the addition of video coverage is one remarkable value addition to the publication. We are always glad to get featured in their esteemed publication/portal”

“My heartiest congratulations to “Digital Terminal” for completing 9 successful years in Indian IT Media. I hope “Digital Terminal” will go long way in bridging the gap between vendors, resellers and channels.”


“We have been proud to associate with Digital Terminal. The magazine has articulate pieces on the IT industry and covers 360 degrees in depth with regards to IT sector, news, and many other stories that strike a chord with the readers. We congratulate the publication on the completion of its 9th anniversary and wish them the best for future.”


“Over the last few years, Digital Terminal has evolved into one of India’s leading progressive IT magazine covering issues of GST, taxation, economics, technology and more. It has interested readers from various segments especially readers from IT domain. We are proud of their achievements towards the IT fraternity, which has fulfilled the knowledge quest of their readers. DT gives an entire view along with complete information to stay abreast in this competitive market. The magazine has always been in limelight since its inception and has gained popularity among Indian IT players like dealers, distributors, vendors, retailers, tech lovers, IT students and IT professionals. Keep Rocking DT!!”


“As a leading trade magazine, since inception Digital Terminal has been doing an exceptional job helping the ICT industry. Well rooted in Indian IT channel & they are a valuable asset for every nook of the IT channel network. We take this opportunity to wish DT an elevated success & pleasing journey going forward.”


“Digital Terminal is a leading trade publication to get information and updates about the entire ICT industry. DT’s content quality along with their distribution is very valuable. We have been associated with DT for a long time and throughout the period, they have influenced us with their dedication. It didn’t surprise us that they have completed 9 years in this industry as their reach towards IT Distributors, Vendors, and Retailers is astonishing. Overall DT is one of the greatest resources for ICT community to get latest updates on regular basis. TP-Link congratulates them for their remarkable achievements and wishes more success for the future.”


D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

“Every year when I receive your DT year book the first thought which comes in my mind is Yellow Pages (A local business directory of India). You have Made your DT Brand so strong that every I.T distributors, re sellers, System integrator’s , Professional is waiting for your year book. Your best part of yearbook is quality content of the printed material, It shows your Team’s dedication as well hard work. Want to congratulate to your whole team for covering most of all areas of I.T business, Your editorial is Precious and it shows your courage to write on the challenges of I.T business. You always write excellent articles that raise lots of eyebrows. Of course much of your subject is your own hard-won experience in the matter. With DT we will be seeing more of you in the Print Media & Digital Media in coming years. I wish more power to you!”

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“Digital Terminal has effectively captured tech trends with suitable, timely insights that were aptly used by the channel community in catering to consumers’ needs in effective way. eScan has also participated in this process with its association with Digital Terminal by sharing the right inputs by collating global trends in the computing security segments by way of articles, interviews and timely technological alerts and other options which we believe have largely of benefit to the audience of Digital Terminal. Now that the magazine has completed 9 challenging years and entering the landmark 10th year, We, the team eScan wish them a very pleasant journey for the team DT and look forward to be associated with the magazine again and again. We wish them all the best for their endeavors.”


“My heartiest congratulations to the entire team of Digital Terminal on completing 9 prolific years in the industry. The information technology industry is extremely dynamic and one that is evolving at a rapid speed. This is where Digital Terminal has played a crucial role in keeping the industry insiders and the relevant stakeholders up to date on key developments and insights. Wishing Digital Terminal all the very best and many more successful years ahead.”


“We congratulate the Team at DIGITAL TERMINAL for successfully completing 9 years of its publication. We are quite happy and honored for our association with Digital Terminal form the very beginning. The presentation alongwith content published in the magazine has improvised a lot along-with time and changing IT scenario. The credit goes to Mr. Rajiv and Ms. Jyoti who has been putting in lot of hard work behind the publication. Our best wishes for greater success in the years ahead.”

“I would like to congratulate DT on its 9th Anniversary. Since I have been in India, Digital Terminal has been a media I have came across throughout in IT fraternity. DT team is serious about their dedication and Mr. Rajiv has been a wellknown scholar in IT Industry, DT has always been a priority publication. The connection of DT team with IT fraternity and reach they hold has always been helpful for us to reach out to our partners for conveying any important news from the brand. I wish DT a more successful future and hope that they keep on celebrating such anniversaries for decades to come.”


“From Telecom to Enterprise, Devices to Interviews and News to Trends, DT pioneers a complete research publication. Being an advertising clientele brand of DT, extensive readership and exclusive content is a helping hand for brand-positioning and targets a dedicated market; Vis-à-vis Ambrane being a Tech-brand. Over and above, at this merriment of successful completion of 9 years, we congratulate DT. We look forward to many more milestones to be shaped by DT.”


“Digital Terminal is a significant media link between the vendors and the channel industry. Many congratulations to Digital Terminal on the 9th Anniversary.”

www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n

“Daiwa, as a brand aspiring in the market, has had an enriched experience with Digital Terminal. The content for the brandpromotions by DT have assisted the brand to reach more number of consumers with its vast engaging readership. Undoubtedly the progress has been evident to the consumers; not just with the aspect of expanse but also sales, and unveiling of our new products. Digital Terminal which has stepped synchronous with trends, presents diverse opportunities to bring the right connect in the consumer durables market.”


“Heartiest Congratulations to Rajeev and his entire team at Digital Terminal for achieving the 9 years’ anniversary milestone. My best wishes to Digital Terminal; may it continue to be an extremely reliable source of information for the happenings in the IT Industry.”

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8




“Digital Terminal has been the go to place for the latest in IT across sectors like IT Hardware, enterprise and solutions. With quality content in the form of product launch news, trend stories as well as opinion pieces from Industry stalwarts, we look forward to Digital Terminal as a platform for being in sync with the IT Industry. My congratulations and best wishes to Rajeev and his team for 9 glorious years.”


“We would like to congratulate entire Digital Terminal team for celebrating its 9th anniversary. This is a great achievement for the publication and it has proven to be one of the leading ICT News Magazine in India. Both print and online platform of the magazine is helping all IT players in the country by keeping them updated about all latest product information, industry news, analysis etc. The digital platform of the magazine is pioneering in serving the industry with its true and in depth analysis of market. The Indian IT channel partner community is also greatly benefited by the magazine.”


“Congratulations and best wishes to Digital Terminal for completing 9 successful years, being the mirror of the IT Industry. We look forward to many more such milestones from the team at Digital Terminal.”


“We have been in the industry for more than a decade and undoubtedly Magazines like Digital Terminal has helped us to gain a firm foothold.. The extensive reach and the descriptive yet precise content which speaks to the public interests is widely appreciated. Digital Terminal is not just read by the trade consumers or the venture in this domain but also by the highlyestablished companies; DT’s expanse crafts a subscription of interest for readers. Be it trends or the insights, as said, DT has efficiently undertaken every task to promote our brand to the farends. We wish a better and enduring future for DT.”


“Working with DT is a great experience always as it is one of the dynamic players in technology publication industry so far. DT always surprise us in many ways as their hard work and dedication has been playing an important role in keeping vendors, retailers and relevant stakeholders up-to-date about what’s going on in ICT industry. DT is a perfect way to reach to the right audience to grow our business. We wish them a bright future and hope that they will celebrate many more anniversaries in future.”


“Digital Terminal not only has a large number of readers but also a vast network of agencies. The reach has significantly aided out the brand to gather a large number of traction. Ziox accosts the needs of the consumers, and the well-structured content by Digital Terminal hits the right chords to speak what readers should believe as in brands-position. Digital Terminal’s consistent progress since its inception is forwardly envisioned for more endeavours to successfully handle. Ziox, whole-heartedly express the gratitude and congratulates DT for being a constant support in our promoting.”


“It’s been a great experience working with Digital Terminal, we are sure that they will continue to impress us with their Professionalism. We associated with DT in many of their Publications both online & offline and wish to do the same in future. We would encourage other business to try working with them and get benefit like we did”.

“Portronics congratulates Digital Terminal on its 9th Anniversary. DT has carved a niche for itself by providing valuable insights on latest technological trends in the ICT industry through its initiatives in print, online and event platforms. We have been associated with DT for over four years mainly for launch of our innovative digital product and other events. DT provides a rich source of latest news, product launches, and depth interviews with veterans. Portronics wishes DT a great future and aspires to take the partnership to the next level in the coming years.”

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www. dig it a l t er


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Innovative & Affordable

Connecting Devices to Accomplish

Digital India Dream Today India is one of the biggest telecom markets globally and it has attained remarkable growth in recent years. The penetration of smartphones and increasing number of internet users have pushed its growth towards a massive level. Significant advancement of wireless broadband industry is taking us on new digital world where we all remain connected all the time. PM Shri Narendra Modi’s Digital India mission has influenced everyone to be digitally aware and we are now seeing the impact on various sectors like e-Commerce, Healthcare, Sports, Education, Disaster Management and many more. Government is now working to connect rural areas with broadband through National Optic Fiber Network (NOFN) project to empower villages for inclusive growth. All stakeholders are gearing up to bring affordable devices and solutions to fuel the market growth of wireless networking devices. DT interacted with all leading players and drafted a piece of information to bring awareness among business partners.


D I GI TAL TER M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

www. dig it a l ter


cost Internet data tariffs. This has adversely created new era of extremely affordable mobile data. But then, there are limitations to mobile data compared to speed and connectivity. In my opinion 4G services are revolutionizing internet & data connectivity in the country.”

Transformation of Broadband and Networking Market

Prabu Subramanian, Sales Manager, India and SAARC, Linksys

Sanjay Sehgal, V.P. SMB & Telecom Business, TP-Link India Pvt Ltd

With only 33% of Internet penetration in India, the potential for growth in broadband and networking market is huge. “India ranks 36th globally in internet inclusion based on availability, affordability, relevance and readiness. Only 16% of the rural areas have internet connectivity. This provides a huge opportunity for growth in the rural areas,” says Sanjay Sehgal, V.P. SMB & Telecom Business. TP-Link India Pvt Ltd. Digitization programme run by Govt. of India, along with rural WiFi connectivity at the gram panchayat level and push for increased coverage by telcos for data connectivity are factors that fuel the growth.”

Prabu Subramanian, Sales Manager–India and SAARC, Linksys says, “We are seeing a surging demand for data which is fuelling the Broadband market. The intense competition among Telecom operators, Cable TV providers and Standalone ISPs are seeing a rapid growth. The demand for high speed internet connectivity in homes, offices, institutes etc. is responsible for driving broadband growth in spite of customers being spoilt for choice with lower tariff data offers on phones. What are the upcoming technology trends and innovations in networking solutions to guide future growth? Mesh Technology, Smart Wi-Fi & Cloud based Wi-Fi are a few trends and innovations that will be shaping up the future of growth in networking.”

“India is 7th wealthiest country in the world overtaking Australia & France and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Retail account to 10% of India’s GDP & expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020. India has 462M internet users and this is the best time to be in India. With growing # of internet users, more number of mobile devices & cheaper data requires a high speed Wifi router which provides more coverage, can handle more devices & keeps your network secured. That’s where customer prefers NETGEAR,” said Marthesh Nagendra, Country Head India & SAARC, Netgear.

www.di gi tal ter mi n al . i n

Innovations Driving Growth “While last mile connectivity will delivered through all possible options i.e. wired as well as wireless, connectivity will capture smaller proportion of the information value chain and content & service will become important. IoT, Internet of Things, will lead to explosion of connected devices, which will ultimately lead to huge growth in data volumes. Security of data and device will become all pervasive,” says Sanjay. “11N standard will become EOL soon. 11AC standard is preferred by all customers as even entry laptops come with AC standard receiver. The next big thing is 11ax which is 10x faster & less congested than the existing 11ac,” stated Marthesh.

Frank Rao, GM India & SAARC, Tenda India

Marthesh Nagendra, Country Head India & SAARC, Netgear

Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, India and South Asia Components Business, ASUS

Frank Rao, General Manager, India & SAARC, Tenda India commented, “With the growth of advanced technology and people adaptation to high-speed Internet and with an increase in usage for high-quality streaming content, we believe that the Indian Broadband market will grow on an average 15%-20% during FY of 2018. Since the Broadband penetration is growing on exceptional level month-onmonth in India, respectively the networking devices demand has increased to support the requirement. Digitalization as well as new startups emerging in India with the need of staying connected online all the time has lead positive growth for Networking Industry.” Sharing his views about the transformation of broadband market, Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, India and South Asia – Components Business, ASUS said, “The Indian wireless Router market didn’t grow too much in the last 18 months due to introduction of low

Vinay reveals, “The top 3 technology trends and innovations which are and will be pivotal for future growth are Mobility, Big data and Cloud computing.” “Networking business has now been more consumerized than ever, with people taking active participation in the selection of their networking units, be it Router for homes or networking Setups for Offices. The customer is interested to know about the product and to provide their valuable feedbacks. These feedbacks made us realise few major points in networking, that customer wants a seamless connectivity throughout their big houses without changing bandwidths and channels like old devices. For this ‘Mesh technology’ proved a perfect solution, which seamlessly blankets a house with WiFi and for people with heavy streaming and gaming demand ‘Tri-Band Technology’ became a go-to device. Although these two technologies are yet to be generalised and accepted on a huge scale, we are hoping they will see required growth in future,” said by Frank.

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8



Challenges for Vendors “Training & educating partners on continued basis and most importantly at low cost, is one of the major challenges in India,” says, Sanjay. Marthesh comments, “Being one of the major market player in networking market, there are several challenges that we face. Vendors need to have strong channel policies for Offline & Online and need to reduce partner conflicts for trouble free operations. Moreover, Train partners in such a way that they do not undersell the brand are topmost concerns for us. Meanwhile government needs to de-license the latest Wifi standard in India. These are some of the major challenges that troubles most.” “At times, new product launches tend to get delayed because of certifications. Also, restriction of Wi-Fi Transmission frequencies reduces the coverage of Wireless devices. Lesser bandwidth penetration in top cities, major broadband players providing lesser bandwidth in terms of speed are also challenges which need to be addressed by various stakeholders in the ecosystem, we need more new players with aggressive plans,” adds Prabu. “Even though Technology has been exceptional and people are upgrading their smart gadgets, a first challenge we witness is the acceptance of people on investing money on the router. Whether it be to upgrade the old router or buying the first router altogether. Even if we keep this traditional challenge aside, new challenge that has been circulating Router market in India is the sudden drop in the price of mobile data packages. Amidst all this, the silver lining we see is growth in usage by customers for streaming and online data consumption. Where this demand cannot be satisfied by Mobile data pack, Router comes as the perfect solution during such scenario,” says Frank. Vinay says, “With the increased availability and usage of LTE, end users are looking for more affordable routers. While India is one of the largest and growing markets in the world, it is extremely price sensitive; hence it would require a paradigm shift in the mind-set to embrace high end routers which come with new technologies.

Opportunities for Partners “We have a Partner Portal created exclusively for our partners where they can register themselves and access valuable product information, sales tools, technical support. The main objective to provide training to partners physically or through digital modes,” says Sanjay Sehgal, TP-Link India Pvt Ltd. We also provide partners with other benefits like Demo Units, marketing material support, lead generation queries, rebate, product schemes, good margins etc. to support our partners.”


“We have a structured Channel program – depending on the product mix, Geography & their individual competencies. We do focus on Case locking, Regular training, Demo units, Constant communication via whataspp on new product launches, Incentivize more on the scalability and Regular Channel kick off events to socialize and celebrate the success,” added by. Marthesh. Mr. Frank Rao, Tenda India adds, “To provide our partners with in-demand products so that they can meet customers requirement, Tenda is now launching 1-2 new products per month so that our channel partners don’t have any customer unsatisfied, brining arrays of suitable and market demand products will give our Partners an upper hand in offering best product kit to the respective customer. Tenda as a brand believes in providing our channel partners with best, be it product or support they required. Whichever product we Introduce in India we are making sure we promote it on a good scale so that it’s easier for our partners to sell the product further. Schemes and offers are always considered from time to time so that we keep market active and give our partners something extra than regular. We are having very strong channel base in India. We believe that our channel partnership should be more profitable in business and they should have an overall good growth into that particular segment. We take care of partner’s profitability and margins and thus we maintain the MOP and make sure our partners earn a higher margin compare

D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

to what they earn with our competitors. We provide all kind of support to them. We are focused on adding more manpower and align our product, price and all the strategies in place for smooth execution of our set goal.” Prabu says, “We are an entirely channel driven brand. Partners can connect with us and associate with us to grow in this segment. Partners can associate with us to grow in this segment. Our robust support in terms of technical training, promotional schemes and incentives acts as a catalyst to help partners grow their business along with us.” “Channel partners are not only a vital aspect of the business but they also are a key focus in all our business and marketing strategies. We bring in an abundance of opportunities for our channel partners in the form of promoting partners prominently across channel magazines and our official Facebook page, associating and liaising our partners for trade shows and expos. Empowering channel partners to build their own technical expertise as well as enhance Asus’s brand positioning and visibility in the industry. A sound market knowledge and in-depth understanding will help deliver end-to-end products to customers covering a broad spectrum in SOHOs and SMEs. Introducing various lucrative benefit schemes and offers on a regular basis for partners that give them an opportunity to enhance their business value,” concludes Vinay.

www. dig it a lt er


Network Security: A Big Reason to Worry in The Fastest Evolving Landscape Today we are living in a society where almost everything is related with technology. In recent years, internet has grown rapidly and now everyone is getting connected by it in some way. New landscape like IoT and M2M are creating huge opportunity for tech companies. But at the same time these all development leading to very serious network threats currently. Even common people daily share plenty of data on network and uses suspicious websites too which in some cases cause serious threat for them. Cyber criminals exploit the vulnerable security structure of any organizations to cause maximum harm. DT has prepared a very informative story on the Network Security to spread awareness about the security challenges and various threat issues related with network security. With the help of all leading players, we are also succeeded in providing accurate solutions for companies who are struggling to secure better network security.


D I GI TAL TER M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

www. dig it a l ter

COVER STORY long way in creating a strong defence” said Sanjay Katkar, Joint MD and CTO, Quick Heal Technologies Limited.

Sunil Sharma, Managing Director-Sales, Sophos India & SAARC

Landscape of Network Security Few years ago, the network security issue used to be part of larger enterprises. They were the major target for cyber criminals those days. But now, security issue poses risk for even smaller size companies as they have become very soft target. Sunil Sharma, Managing Director Sales-India & SAARC, Sophos says, “Today’s threats do not differentiate between the size and scale of the organization. While business of all sizes remains vulnerable to IT threats, the way in which each organization, enterprise or SMB, deals with the IT threat is very different, as there is dependency on many factors like availability of expert manpower to tackle such threats or basic employee awareness. Threats today have two major vectors for attack – and they are often used together – user focused malware, that includes social engineering and malware on removable media like USBs; and, vulnerability exploits that look for weaknesses in software to launch attacks. Unfortunately vulnerabilities in software are not going away and companies will still struggle to keep up with patching. Business of all sizes today, have to deal with increasingly coordinated and sophisticated IT threats that can use multiple techniques in each attack. And traditional security products stop the individual elements of an attack, but do so without coordinating their response.”

Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies Limited.

Katkar further adds, “With sudden rise in valuation of cryptocurrencies, attackers appear to be increasingly turning their attention to cryptojacking as a means to make easy financial gains. Artificial intelligence will see more usage in 2018 – by both the attackers and the defenders of cybersecurity. While AI can be used to speed up cybersecurity by quickly analyzing traffic patterns and recognizing anomalies, it will also be used by attackers to launch much more sophisticated attacks in smarter and more organized ways. Enabling encryption across different points of the network can safeguard businesses from such advanced attacks. 2017 was an eventful year in terms of cybersecurity. It brought to light the peril of ransomware attacks, cryptojacking, exposed high profile data breaches and in fact made businesses aware of the need for cybersecurity. However, we see that companies are still not moving fast enough to adopt cybersecurity measures. Especially small businesses still consider themselves to be unlikely targets of cyber-attacks, which is a sign of worry.”

Sunil further added, “At Sophos, we firmly believe that IT security needs to be coordinated if it has to defend against coordinated attack vectors. This leads us to a scenario where endpoints and network security products can share real time threat intelligence that can enable organizations and IT departments to respond and remediate the threats effectively.” In the Internet of Things (IoT) world, devices are inter-connected, rapidly improving an enduser’s experience. But the sheer number of connected devices without adequate security measure makes these vulnerable targets for attack. “Ransomware attacks are likely get more sophisticated and cumbersome to deal with in 2018. While human laxity is one of the biggest reasons for data to get compromised by ransomware, effective vigilance will go a www.di gi tal ter mi n al . i n

Zakir Hussain - Director, BD soft, Country Partner of Bitdefender

With each passing year the landscape of network security is changing rapidly and to cope up with such shift quickly is much more difficult for everyone whether we talk about end-users or large enterprises. Speaking about the Network Security landscape, Zakir Hussain, Director, BD Soft, Country Partner of

Bitdefender said, “With each year unfolding new, the threats, computer networks face are growing to be more technically sophisticated, organized and harder to detect. Network security is one of biggest issues in the current days. And speaking of the current scenario, malware attacks are undoubtedly a menace. No matter how advanced the technology is the current security issues; breaches have always included sophisticated malware attacks. Moreover, IoT complexity leads to security issues and further DDoS attacks. Nonetheless, with the quick-pacing trends, the recent developments have been evident in the usage of Artificial intelligence. The double spurring in the development of thousand new applications; as a trend to surpass the surge to encounter the new technology is no far. Moreover, networking rises greater potential for security issues such as data loss and security breaches; so one of the fundamental reasons, Cloud security has gained a significant increase in the number of users. IPv6 being deployed by most of the internet providers, broadband, and mobile internet providers, continues to rise sharply.”

Govind Rammurthy Managing Director and CEO at eScan

“The recent ransomware threats with lateral propagation capabilities and also bruteforcing of terminal services has affected the organizations upto a great extent. Furthermore, insecure Internet facing IOT devices have been targeted by IOT malware to the likes of Mirai and Okiru. Due to availability of source code, criminals have adopted it into their arsenal of cyber weapons. Criminals have also been exploiting not just computer system but have also started exploiting Smartphones to install Crypto-Currency Miner. Crypto-Currency Miners, in our view are the biggest threat for the year 2018” added, Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO, eScan. “2017 was without a doubt the year of ransomware. Users and businesses worldwide had to cope with the fallout of massive campaigns such as Petya or WannaCryptor, and put up with damages that surpassed the multibillion mark. However, it wasn’t just PC ransomware that made headlines, as authors of Android malware were also looking for new revenue streams. One refrain is likely to be heard time and time again. Cyberthreats and attacks are here to stay. Indeed, they will continue to expand in scope and volume next year.

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8



Ravi Lakshman K, CEO, Sakri IT Solution Private Limited.

They may evolve and diversify, but a common underlying thread will persist – an effective cybersecurity posture pivots on knowledge of the value of information, coupled with insight into and an understanding of the threatscape. With data being the most valuable asset (so much so that many have called data ‘the new oil‘), ransomware is poised to remain in great demand among cybercriminals. IOT - While free products and apps are all-knowing about our online habits, the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices means that even more sensitive data is now available for collection and exploitation”, said Ravi Lakshman K, CEO, Sakri IT Solution Pvt Ltd.

Nilesh Jain, Vice President South East Asia and India, Trend Micro

Briefing about the current state, Nilesh Jain, Vice President–South East Asia and India, Trend Micro said, “Organizations and customers’ vulnerability to data and security breach in the new economy is expected to rise. There is an increase in stealthier and more sophisticated unknown threats and network attacks like malware, targeted attacks, business email compromise and ransomware. These spread within the network and bypass traditional controls, exploit network vulnerabilities, and steal sensitive data, communications, and intellectual property.”

will determine who gets access to your network and who doesn’t. “It is time that organizations secure the data transmission channels by opting for VPN, which is used to encrypt network communications. A strong VPN service will prevent manipulation or alteration of the network communications. With network security being an integral organizational component, companies must look to address the same with urgency. The basic determinants associated with network security include intrusion prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, URL filtering and firewall and web application firewall. Enabling encryption across different points of the network is another way of strengthening the security of your enterprise. SMEs need to integrate network security with endpoint security to create a multi-layered security strategy” reveals Sanjay Katkar. When we often deal with negligence, there are strong chances to of loosing valuable data. To prevent such types of risks, we should have right tools and adequate knowledge. Zakir stated, “We are at a very early stage of cloud computing, IoT, automation and performance improvements. And as speaking of the SMEs and SMBs, new exposure to the world where analytics and practical approach blends, security education and training for SMEs is paramount. As more and more business organizations pace towards business Intelligence software for growth, the market for such tools is tangibly looked forward to expanding; on the other hand, security threats are a head-on as well. That is why Multi-layered security to Handle Sophisticated Attacks is essential. Its integrated system not just safeguards the entire network but also makes the organization to work more efficiently. Deploying IT policies for security and visibility is one of the essential factors that mark the threats in terms of security. And speaking of cyber security, one should take care of basic yet undoubtedly highly vulnerable such as access control, antimalware protection software and behavioural analytics; this can prevent a major chance of data and content loss. One should make sure that the account’s access is to oneself only; ensuring too that the password designed is appropriate vis-à-vis the website’s security guidelines.”

Basics for Effective Execution

Govind says, “Perimeter Security comprising of IDS/IPS coupled with SIEM solutions can now be considered the most basic tools in the present IT Security landscape. Furthermore, End-points too have to be protected. Organizations will also have to implement VAPT solutions to regularly audit their endpoints and find vulnerabilities in their existing infrastructure. Over the years IT security has grown exponentially while the threats are becoming more complex and the attacks on the infrastructure are increasing with each passing day.”

Network security is essentially the first line of defense for any enterprise. To put it simply, effective network security

Sunil Sharma, Sophos commented, “Just like large format organizations SME’s / SMB’s face similar IT security related challenges which


D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

are coupled by employee ignorance and lack of awareness and / or availability of IT security manpower to manage, respond and re-mediate IT threats. Sophos recommends deployment of end to end enterprise grade IT security for SMEs and SMBs that not only combats threats in isolation but works together as a system to ward off attacks. SMEs and SMBs can deploy IT security that is simple to use and deploy and communicates with each other so that the right defense mechanism can be activated in the wake of an attack.”

Satish Mantri, Vice President, Sakri IT Solutions

“Criminal hacking is making headlines with depressing frequency these days, so the task of securing your business against cyber criminals can seem daunting, particularly if your business is of modest size, the kind of place that does not have a crack team of cyber security experts on staff. You can make the task of getting a handle on cyber security more manageable if you break it down into a series of steps. The six-step program can help you get started, or revive previous security efforts, Assess your assets, risks, resources, Build your policy, Choose your controls, Deploy the controls, Educate employees, execs, vendors and Further assess, audit, test. Identify sensitive and critical data. Encrypt such data and protect the same with the good DLP protection. You can also monitor your database activity and network activity. Regularly you should have the update and manage critical patch updates using the patch management solution to ensure security of the data. You should have strict Data backup and recovery policies,” suggested by Satish Mantri, VP, Sakri IT Solutions. Nilesh says, “Growing numbers of smaller businesses are being victimized by cyber criminals’ data theft schemes that use spam, malware, phishing, and advanced targeted attacks – custom-built to bypass traditional antivirus. It’s an absolute necessity to have a strong security solution to protect the company staffs’ computers and mobile devices from cyber threats. But, one may not know what kind of protection is best for your small business, especially given that you have a limited budget and limited or no IT security expertise on staff.”

www. dig it a l t er


Vendor-Channel Co-ordination

Channel Partners are the key to success. Channel partner strategy is one of the most essential approaches to boost your sales and revenue. You can be benefited by several ways by choosing right set of channel partners. Commenting on their channel program, Sanjay said, “Working closely with the enterprise channel network is a key priority for brand ‘Seqrite’, the enterprise security solutions brand of Quick Heal Technologies Limited. We have built our channel program into a strategic asset for the organization and our partners to achieve growth and profitability. By leveraging Seqrite’s product line, channel partners can empower customers with cutting-edge security solutions like Endpoint Security, Unified Threat Management, Mobile Device Management and Encryption so that customers can stay a step ahead of the malicious actors and protect critical data residing on their network.” Govind comments, “eScan being one of the channel centric organizations have a comprehensive channel program for our channel partners. This program is categorized into three categories based on various parameters of engagements and commitments for sales, marketing, support etc., as Gold, Silver & standard partnerships. Our partner training program is designed to drive value, to strengthen partners’ knowledge, to serve our customers better and build connections for business growth. We provide 24/7 technical, sales and marketing support to all our channel partners are designed to be proactive.” Sophos is a 100% channel first organization. Their strong base of 2000+ channel partners is spread across major tier I, II and III cities and towns that enable organizations of all sizes to deploy cloud enabled next generation IT security. “Being a ‘channel first’ and ‘channel only’ organization our efforts are focused on empowering the channel that enables us to grow in double digits. We provide the best in class pre and post-sales support, training and certification programs, access to our world class marketing communications via our partner portal and of course competitive margins. Our partner portal is a one stop shop for the partners where they can close deals, use Sophos’ unique site-in-a-box and utilize the huge database of existing marketing communication materials and request for joint promotional activities,” added by Sunil.

www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n

“We have ESET Enterprise Channel base in Pan-India. We enjoy a win-win relationship with the channel base as we offer volume incentive rebates (VIR) designed to profitability and get a strong returning revenue stream. Our deal registration program for the partners locks customer case in and gives him exclusive rights to a deal, with simple registration and quick approval turnaround. Apart from that we have channel engagement drive every quarter on sales target achievement slab which allows enterprise channel partner to earn rewards and trips to various destination on completion of sales slab,” says Satish. Commenting on the vendor channel coordination, Nilesh says, “Trend Micro is channel-sales driven — all sales go through partners. Our offerings address critical and growing business requirements. Our solutions can be attached to sales a company may already be engaged in (cloud, virtualization, SIEM, Office 365, to name just a few). We provide organizations with everything they need to grow their business and help better protect customers from the ever-evolving IT threat landscape. For vendors that sell Trend Micro security solutions, we offer these outstanding Partner Programs, Trend Micro Partner program for Cloud Service Providers, Trend Micro Partner program for Managed Service Providers,

Trend Micro Partner program for Resellers, Trend Micro Partner program for National Resellers, Trend Micro Partner program for Systems Integrators, Trend Micro Partner program for Distributors and Trend Micro Referral Partner program.” “Selling solutions to a larger customer base requires a different approach than selling to the small and medium-sized businesses. Relationship building is THE MOST important criteria because we do not sell the product to the company but the people. We do not just merge with the company we have to merge with the people. The incorporates not just works as the decision makers but also actively participates in the programmes such as schemes, training, partner meets and moreover budding together for mutual benefits. Spending an extended amount of time, educating the clients about the product and its value while selling to the professionals, marks an opportunity to understand the customer requirements. These professionals working in an immensely complex industry which also makes them often pin-point to their specific responsibilities, we provide them with major Pre-sales and Post-sales support as well,” says Zakir.

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“STERLITE TECH LEADS THE WAY IN LAUNCHING NEW TECHNOLOGIES” Sanjay Parikh, VP - Delivery GPSI & Neox Operations, Sterlite Tech Software

Being an IT professional for more than 25 years, Sanjay has earned remarkable recognition in the IT fraternity, especially in ISP and Government-PSU sector. He has won many accolades and laurels for his leadership acumen and technical expertise. He has also been appreciated with many awards for his communal contributions. Sanjay has spearheaded many large and complex projects with his thorough technical dynamic, proactive & collaborative approach, which further gained him credibility among customers and partners. Zodiac Sign: Libra Favourite Business Icon: Mr. Robin Sharma Dream Company: Own Organization Favourite Book: 7 Habit of Highly Effective People – Author: Dr. Stephen Covey Favourite Sports: Snooker / Billiard Favourite Holiday Destination: Beach Resorts


D I GI TAL TER M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

www. dig it a l ter

India is going through a digital transformation with the government focusing more on ‘Digital India’ initiatives. A well-planned digital infrastructure and next-generation software solutions are essential for the success of the Digital India mission. All enterprises are eying this huge opportunity and are adopting new strategies to capture additional market share. Sanjay Parikh, Vice President - Delivery GPSI & Neox Operations, Sterlite Tech – Software, shares his insights on the overall market scenario and the company’s growth strategies. What have been the crucial milestones of your company in 2017? The year 2017 has been a great year for Sterlite Tech - Software.We are one of the very few companies that designs, builds and manages smarter digital networks for Communication Service Provider (CSPs). Sterlite Tech engages with customers in more than 100 countries, with business spanning across products, services and softwares. In 2017, we have retained our Visionary Position in Gartner Magic Quadrant for IRCM for CSPs. We have bagged prestigious awards and recognition during this year. We have successfully maintained our leadership across the verticals by offering excellent products and solutions. How do you contribute to the digital transformation journey of any organisation? Sterlite Tech has always been at the forefront in introducing new technologies; be it Optical fibre, O/BSS Software or Next-gen IP Communication. With 5G set to revolutionize data speed, there is a need for extremely high bandwidth and low latency. Sterlite Tech is set to disrupt the market as it moves from loose tube to higher fibre count ribbon cable for 5G networks. Sterlite Tech’s ‘BSS of the Future’platform enables CSPs to streamline their digital transformation journey with the unique approach of converging System of Record and System of Engagement and System of Intelligence. Sterlite Tech’s next-gen IP Communication offers a best-of-thebreed solution to boost IP communication business with Neox IP-PBX, Contact Center and Softswitch solutions that offer next-gen calling features, video conferencing and collaboration. What will be the best technology adoptions we may see among SMEs & SMBs? SMEs &SMBs today rely on analog systems running on a copper network with multiple modules. By embracing digital transformation, these businesses can compete with larger competitors by

www.di gi tal ter mi n al . i n

deploying all class-5 features along with unified communication (UC) capabilities & value-added services (VAS) in one box over a single network. It eliminates the modular approach for expansion; thereby eliminating multi-vendor lock-ins. In near future, SME/ Enterprises may opt for “Pay-as-you-go” cloud-based model which leads to reduced CapEx.

The extensive product portfolio of Sterlite Tech – Software ensures new revenue opportunities, huge cost saving, enhanced customer experiences, protect existing investments and helps operators to stay connected 24x7. The next-gen Neox solution addresses challenging business requirements effectively, seamlessly and interoperates with existing telephony infrastructure.

How do you sell your solution in the Indian market? Kindly share your distribution model.

IPPBX – Offers seamless connectivity along with all Class 5 features to enterprise users where multiple branches can be connected to head office with single IP-PBX.

We offer Neox IP-PBX& Contact Center solution through partner channel. For SME/Enterprise, we have a distributor/partner model where we have regional distributors (RDs) and respective territory partners aligned to RD. This model helps clients with local support, installation and fast replacement. Sterlite Tech - Software plays a major role by providing a carrier-grade platform to support end-to-end functionalities i.e. O/BSS, Wi-Fi SMP, AAA, PCRF, Neox Softswitch (Hosted platform) for Telcos, MSOs & ISPs. What is your view on Hosted/Cloud Telephony? A hosted application is a Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solution, which is comparatively new to VoIP market and the segment leaders are investing heavily to tap the emerging opportunity. The SaaS model helps enterprises to reduce CapEx and allows high flexibility to launch innovative services (pay-per-use). Neox has enabled its customers to offer hosted/cloud telephony solution to CSP/MVNO/ISPS across the world providing multitenancy to SME/Enterprises as “pay-asyou-go” cloud-based business model. Neox IP Communication SterliteTech - Software, one of the leading IP Communication Platform providers in the world, offers the best-of-the-breed solution to boost IP Communication business with Neox IP-PBX, Dial Centre, Softswitch and Hosted PBX catering to SME, Large Enterprise, BPO, ISP, CSP etc. Sterlite Tech - Software’s strong global presence and expertise in IP technology, make us grow big in the IP communication segment.

Dial Centre – Neox Dial Centre is a Helpdesk solution that unites Outbound, Inbound and Blended voice processes along with dynamic Voice blaster. The solution automates the call center processes allowing you to focus on running your business and keeping your customers completely satisfied. Softswitch – Neox Softswitch is a VoIP solution that enables carriers and service providers to offer a VoIP platform supporting secure and reliable Class 5 features and functionalities over a packet-based network. The solution offers carriers and service providers the ability to launch competitive new service offerings quickly and easily to increase subscriber stickiness and revenue generation. Hosted PBX - Neox Hosted PBX platform for TSPs enables Telcos& ISPs to launch multitenant Cloud Telephony solution for Enterprises with advanced Class-5 features & Value added Services. Neox Hosted PBX is scalable, secure & virtual PBX platform which effectively takes care of all remote collaboration needs of business. Please share your current revenue and market growth rate. By the end of March 2018, the company is set to surpass all expectations which can be attributed to a robust order booking. Last financial year, which ended in March 2017, we had total revenue of Rs. 2,472.30 Cr. and we grew at the rate of 13.74% YoY.

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8


MWC 2018

TWO-THIRDS OF MOBILE CONNECTIONS TO RUN ON 4G/5G NETWORKS BY 2025 Two-thirds of the world’s mobile connections will be running on 4G and 5G networks by 2025, according to the new 2018 edition of the GSMA’s ‘Mobile Economy’ report, published at Mobile World Congress 2018. It is forecast that 4G will account for 53 per cent of global mobile connections1 by 2025 (up from 29 per cent in 2017), while 5G networks will grow to account for a further 14 per cent, following the launch of the first commercial 5G networks this year. The report also measures the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) over this period and the mobile industry’s increasing role in contributing to economic growth and social development. “We are at the dawn of a new era in mobile with the imminent launch of the first 5G networks and the Internet of Things poised to further transform the way we live and work,” said Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA. “Meanwhile, operators continue to expand and upgrade their 4G networks in order to provide an evolutionary path into the 5G era, and also evolve their offerings to unlock new revenue streams in areas such as e-commerce, content, lifestyle, advertising and marketing, and identity and security. “As the mobile industry moves into the 5G era, the need for pro-investment, pro-innovation policies and modernised regulatory regimes has never been greater,” Granryd added. “Streamlined regulation and further policy developments in three main areas – spectrum, infrastructure and economics – are key to realising the full potential of 5G for consumers, society and industry.”

Growth in 4G, 5G and the Internet of Things In under a decade since the first commercial 4G networks were launched, 4G is on track to become the world’s leading mobile network technology by next year and to account for more than half (53 per cent) of global connections by 2025. During this period, operators will also be investing in new 5G


networks; beginning this year, the first wave of 5G launches will occur in North America and major markets across Asia and Europe. 5G connections are forecast to reach 1.2 billion by 2025, accounting for 14 per cent of the total connections at that time.

5 billion subscribers will be using their mobile phones to access the internet, up from 3.3 billion in 2017.

Meanwhile, growth in the IoT will be driven by a proliferation of uses cases for smart homes, cities, buildings and enterprises. GSMA Intelligence forecasts that the number of IoT connections (cellular2 and non-cellular) will increase more than threefold between 2017 and 2025, reaching 25 billion. To date, 23 mobile operators have commercially launched 41 Mobile IoT networks worldwide across using the NB-IoT and LTE-M standards.

to the Economy and

The mobile industry signed up its 5 billionth unique mobile subscriber3 last year and is forecast to add almost another billion by 2025, reaching 5.9 billion subscribers – equivalent to 71 per cent of the world’s expected population by that point. Subscriber growth over this period will be driven by developing countries, particularly Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan, as well as markets across Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Further, by 2025, it is expected that

D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

A Growing Contributor Social Development The mobile ecosystem accounted for 4.5 per cent of global GDP globally in 2017, a contribution equivalent to $3.6 trillion in economic value added4. This contribution is forecast to reach $4.6 trillion, or 5 per cent of GDP, by 2022 as countries around the globe increasingly benefit from the improvements in productivity and efficiency brought about by increased take-up of mobile services and M2M/IoT solutions. In 2017, the wider mobile ecosystem also supported 29 million jobs (directly and indirectly) and made a substantial contribution to the funding of the public sector; almost $500 billion was raised through general taxation, plus a further $25 billion via mobile spectrum auctions.

www. dig it a l t er

MWC 2018

The report highlights that, in addition to contributing to economic growth, mobile technology is increasingly being used to address the challenges of access, cost and quality of service in key sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, utilities, education and financial services. Following the mobile industry’s commitment to helping deliver the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) two years ago5, the report notes that the industry is making an important contribution across all 17 SDGs as a result of three key trends: better networks, greater connectivity and increased use of mobile-enabled services.

integrates the erstwhile disparate System of Record, System of Engagement and System of Intelligence, which enables multiple benefits:

the smartphones that reimagine the way we communicate, share and experience the world. Made for the ways we increasingly communicate and express ourselves with images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ drive innovation with Samsung’s most advanced camera ever. Redesigned with a new dual aperture lens that powers an innovative low light camera, Super Slow-mo video capabilities and personalized AR Emoji, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ ensure you never miss a moment and make your everyday epic.


Other Major Announcements at MWC 2018


Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Jain, Managing Director (Software), Sterlite Tech, said, “I am excited about the launch of the ‘BSS of the Future’ as it will allow for a very rapid digitalisation of the CSP ecosystem.” He added, “As legacy systems sunset, we will continue to build innovative digital solutions that benefit both CSPs and users.”


Qualcomm’s 5G leadership brings significant growth opportunities, touching many industries and expanding into new markets. Qualcomm continues to show its strength and leadership as it leads the way to commercial 5G networks and mobile devices in 2019. They have made several announcements on this front with new 5G announcements and partner trials and are pleased to have announced the new Snapdragon 5G Module Solutions which will rapidly scale 5G adoption in smartphones and major verticals as well as results from 5G network simulation showing significant 5G user experience gains.


In support of T-Mobile’s commitment to deploy a nationwide 5G network in the United States, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) announced today that it is providing T-Mobile with 5G radio access products. The new products, available for 600 MHz and millimeter-wave (mmWave) in 28 GHz and 39 GHz, will allow T-Mobile to begin building out 5G in its network in 2018. T-Mobile with Ericsson is building out 5G in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas this year utilizing 5G New Radio (NR) radios and baseband from Ericsson’s enhanced 5G Platform. Earlier this month, Ericsson announced the launch of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) commercial software, based on the recently approved first 3GPP 5G NR standard.


Sterlite Tech, a global technology leader in smarter digital networks, announces the launch of ‘BSS of the Future’, a platform that enables the digital transformation of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) at the Mobile World Congress 2018. This future-ready BSS platform brings enhanced benefits for both CSPs and end-users. The newly architected platform powered by DevOps, open APIs and data science, enables CSPs to rapidly and effectively go digital. This new architecture www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+,

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen unveiled the all-new ZenFone 5 Series at a special event in the Italian Pavilion at MWC 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. The lineup includes ZenFone 5Z and ZenFone 5, exciting high-performance 6.2-inch dual-camera smartphones that are the first ever ZenFone models to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), and which feature all-screen displays with a 90% screen-to-body ratio in a remarkably compact size that’s comparable to a standard 5.5-inch smartphone. ZenFone 5Z — which starts at the groundbreaking price of just €479 — is an extreme-performance version of ZenFone 5 powered by the latest flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform with the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine (AIE), featuring up to 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM for breathtaking performance and the most accelerated AI experiences. ZenFone 5 is the first smartphone available worldwide to be powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform.

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8



DELL LAUNCHES THE LATEST XPS 13 LAPTOP WITH INFINITY EDGE HDR 4K DISPLAY With a robust configuration, unrivaled cinematic experience and eye-pleasing aesthetics, the XPS 13 addresses the need for stylish and powerful machines that deliver quality content on the go. Dell in India ended 2017 on a high note, after introducing its thin and light Inspiron family of products. Today, in the finale of this series of announcements, Dell has launched the smallest 13-inch laptop in the world, the latest XPS 13 (9370). Seeing technology as an expression of style for users and a desire from fashion forward customers to blend technology into their lifestyle, the new XPS 13 is a perfect fit to the growing portfolio. With a robust configuration, unrivaled cinematic experience and eye-pleasing aesthetics, the XPS 13 addresses the need for stylish and powerful machines that deliver quality content on the go. Dell identifies an opportunity for thinner, lighter and more powerful mobile devices that both enthusiasts and professionals demand. Thriving on the philosophy of design-centric premium PCs, Dell’ complete thin and light portfolio is the consequence of leveraging this insight; and the XPS 13 will create a market opportunity appealing to the tech savvy, style conscious consumers, who do not want to compromise on performance. The XPS portfolios of products have been repeat winners as is this latest XPS 13 that has been named CES 2018 Innovation Award Honouree. Commenting on the launch in India, Ray Wah, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer and Small Business Product Group, Dell said, “The XPS brand is legendary; it leads our ultrabook portfolio. From innovations in design philosophy using smarter materials to performance-driven sleek design construction, the new XPS 13 is an absolute delight! This machine is tailored for savouring an ultimate entertainment experience.” “A Digital India and a growing community of digitized Indians, presents an attractive market opportunity for us as a global PC company. We have a clear vision to introduce a PC for every user. With the discerning demographic of entrepreneurs, CXO’s, mobile workforce and next-generation Indians, we see an exponential growth opportunity for our premium, thin & light portfolio. Our new range will redefine personal computing and give people experiences they want – and some they’ve never dreamt possible”, said Mr. P. Krishnakumar, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India.


Further, to the complete availability of Dell’s thin and light series, with the introduction of Dell Cinema, now more than ever, people can watch video content on their PCs with the expectation of a full cinematic experience, including studio sound and visual quality. Through Dell Cinema, an immersive threepronged multi-sensory cinematic experience that’s unforgettably real with rich colors, uninterrupted streaming and exceptional audio. • CinemaColor: powered by Windows HD Color, decodes and displays high dynamic range (HDR) streamed content with enhanced detail, more vivid hues, sharper brightness and a wider colour gamut; Netflix in HDR also is supported on Dell Cinema PCs • CinemaSound: a Dell exclusive audio innovation powered by Waves MaxxAudio Pro that delivers clearer highs, enhanced bass and higher volume for a true cinematic audio experience • CinemaStream: powered by Killer and SmartByte, a software-based solution codeveloped by Dell and Rivet Networks that optimizes online streaming and interactive video resulting in less buffering, more bandwidth and better resolution

Key features of XPS 13 (9370) • A 13.3” laptop featuring Ultra Sharp 4K Ultra HD infinity edge touch display with HDR, encased in brushed aluminum. • The XPS 13 delivers more performance with Dell Power Manager. The user-selectable modes provided by Dell Power Manager allow you to customize the power of the system. This solution, engineered by Dell, dynamically delivers the maximum amount of power from your processor, while intelligently monitoring

D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

and managing system temperatures. It only delivers the extra power when applications need it, conserving battery life. • It’s also the first laptop built with GORE Thermal Insulation, which provides thermal conductivity levels lower than air in a thin, flexible format, keeping your laptop cool while it works hard. This insulation directs heat out of the device, lowering the temperature and enabling greater performance. • Equipped with the latest Intel 8th Generation Quad Core™ CPUs and supports 16GB LPDDR3 RAM and 512 GB PCIe SSD • Intel Ultra HD Graphic card 620 • Equipped with latest technology like USB Type-C 3.1 (Gen 1) with power delivery & display port support, password-free log-in with Windows Hello & IR camera • Offers up to ~ 19 hrs, 46 minutes with FHD of battery life with a built-in of 52 Whr battery • Available in rose gold and alpine white woven glass fiber palm rest to add a dash of vibrancy to your everyday work • Also, available in platinum silver with black carbon fiber palm rest

Pricing: • INR 94790 for Core i5 processor with Full HD display • INR 141490 for Core i7 processor with Full HD display • INR 159790 Core i7 processor with Ultra HD display

www. dig it a l t er


HP LEADS THE OVERALL HCP MARKET WITH 41.4% MARKET SHARE HP surpasses all leading brands in HCP Market in India and emerged as a market leader. In the Inkjet market, ink tank printers continue to dominate the market with all the leading vendors focusing on Home and SMB segment to drive the shipments.


n the wake of a stellar Q3, the Hardcopy Peripherals (HCP) market posted another strong quarter with 877,945 unit shipments in 2017Q4, a healthy yearon-year (YoY) growth of 19 percent as per latest IDC Asia Pacific Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2017Q4. Japanese brands have strengthened their position in the Indian market. Three out of top five performers are Japanese companies, capturing almost half of the India market (48.6 Percent). US based brand(s), followed with 41.4 percent market share, a slight dip from 41.9 percent in 2017 Q3. Inkjet shipments grew by 19.3 percent YoY with overall shipment of 415,135 units while laser printers including copiers also had a similar YoY growth of 19 percent with overall shipments touching 408,891 units. India Laser market was the second-best market in the entire Asia Pacific region, unit wise. “The growth in the last quarter of the year was driven by GST implementation in the country continuing its momentum from previous quarter. Government lowered the tax slab on Multi-Function Printers from 28 percent to 18 percent effective November 15, leading to increase in preference for MFPs post the slab change. From a YoY perspective, 2017Q4 performed significantly better than the demonetization affected 2016Q4. In the Inkjet market, ink tank printers continue to dominate the market with all the leading vendors focusing on Home and SMB segment to drive the shipments. Laser printer market witnessed a strong growth in the Copier segment which saw high demand from BFSI sector, followed by Government.” says Bani Johri, Market Analyst, IPDS, IDC India.


Top 3 Brand Highlights: HP Inc. remained the overall market leader in HCP with a share of 41.4 percent and a 11.8 percent YoY growth. The Laser HCP (Printer-based) market, similar to 2017 Q3, remains dominated by HP with a 54.2 percent unit market share. It maintained its 2nd position from Q3 in the inkjet market with a market share of 37.6 percent. As per IDC India Monthly City-Level Printer Tracker, Laser HCP (Printer-based), demand from West Zone outpaced demand from East and South Zone. HP comfortably leads the way with 15.6 percent demand coming from West Zone. Delhi was second only to Maharashtra in terms of demand for Laser HCP (Printer-based) printers overtaking the likes of West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc. Epson retained its first position in Inkjet with a unit share of 45.1 percent and unit shipments totaling to 187,019 units. It also witnessed a 28.3 percent YoY growth in Inkjet shipments, primarily due to the growth of its M-series models. Epson’s deep channel penetration and focus on the home segment are the key factors contributing to its market leadership in the inkjet category. Addition of new channel partners in Mumbai and Pune and deep penetration in smaller cities such as Pune, where demand for ink tank printers outpaced that of some big

D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

cities like, Chennai, Bangalore also helped them propel to the first spot in Inkjet market. Canon too had a good quarter with an overall growth of 25.3 percent YoY. Laser printers leads the way clocking a YoY growth of 18.8 percent on the back of strong push by Canon in the Copier market, especially in the colour segment. It retained its number one position in the copier market with 33.4 percent unit market share as a result of its strong sales through its direct channel to large enterprises. In the Inkjet market Canon saw one of the best YoY growth of 36.8 percent compared to other vendors largely due to strong channel and market push.

IDC India Market Outlook: “Due to excessive channel stocking that has happened in previous 2 quarters and GST impact on printer demand nearly over, market is expected to be soft in 2018Q1. On the consumer side, demand is expected to be muted as post the government budget, some new taxes have been introduced which are likely to affect their spending. On the enterprise side, digital transformation initiatives in government and other verticals will likely lead to replacement of legacy systems with newer copiers which possess better print security features and device management capabilities,” says Nishant Bansal, Research Manager, IPDS, IDC India.

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www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH 2 0 1 8



ESY INDIA INTRODUCES ALL IN ONESMART POS MACHINE WITH AUTO INVOICE UPLOAD IN GSTN ESY India proudly announces the launch of a range of India’s first All In One Touch POS machines withrich features including auto upload of Invoices in the GST Network. The ESYPOSrange of products was launched by ESY India in the year 2015 in collaboration with Pinnacle Technology Corporation, the world’s largest POS printer& solution device manufacturers, headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan). Within a span of two years, ESYPOS has emerged as one of India’s leading POS brands with a large number of installations across the country. At the launch of the new product range, Dr. V.P. Sajeevan, CEO, ESY India said that thePOS market in India is growing at a rapid pace, thanks totheintroduction of GST.Headded that in the last two years,ESY Indiahaslaunched many new models for POS printing and barcode scanning across India. ‘This unique product, the ESYPOS All In One Smart POS, comes with a high speed processor that helps faster computing of Retail Billing Processes,prints 3-inch receipts and also Barcode Labels in dual mode with multiple interfaces, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB. It has a built-in 9 inches to 15 inches touchscreen that makes billing or label editingrelatedoperationseasier. The machine operates on multiple operating systems like Windows,Android and Linux printing on cloud which facilitates seamless

linking to Government of India’s GST Network. Remote managing is also enabled on this machine. The Quad Core CPU can drive seamless computing and printing.‘This is truly a first of its kind in the Indian market’,Dr. Sajeevan further highlighted. It may be added here that today India has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing markets for ESY. Over a million of customers are using ESY products in India and the company hasarobust service network across the country. During the launch, Dr.Sajeevan mentioned that currently the filing of GST Returns is not very user-friendly due to multiple returns and burdensome invoice matching processes causing serious delaysin getting the input Tax Credit (ITC).ESY India’s efforts in bringing online and real time uploading of invoices in the GST network can bring huge changes in the process and result in getting ITC without any delay. Dr. Sajeevanemphasised that the latest ESYPOS machines have the capacity to process the invoicing and upload it to GSTN automoaticallyon real time basis.Thiswill not only automate and simplify the GST Returns but also speed up the process of ITC adjustments. Dr.Sajeevan is optimistic that these ESYPOS machines have a huge potential in Kerala since less than half of the traders who are claiming ITC are using computerised billing and printing processes. ‘We have solutions for all levels of customers and we offer Retail Billing Machines that start from Rs.15000 onwards’,added Dr.Sajeevan. “Considering the huge potential in Barcode and Label Printing, we are also launching two new models for heavy duty label printing. Both these products come with 120 mm paper width (4.72”), a Dual Printing method with Thermal Transfer Technology and Direct Thermal Technology.In fact, all our products are BIS certified. We recently upgraded our quality certification to ISO 9000-2015.With


D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

superior quality,uniquefeatures of ESYPOS products and our robust sales and service network across the state , we are confident of attaining aleading market share before the end of 2018”,said Dr.V.P. Sajeevan. ESY India isalsooffering onsite warranty for one year for Label Printers including the print head. It is the only brand offering warranty for print heads up to 50 km.In fact, to make ESYPOS Label Printers give better value for money, the company is offering a full version of the “Label Shop” Label editing software worth Rs.16000, free of cost. ‘Our range also includes the ELP 531T and the ELP 5031T, two extremely robust products. While the ELP 531T comes with a USB interface, the ELP 5031T comes with multiple interfaces like USB, parallel port, serial and Ethernet. 5031T also has an additional paper role holder for industrial printing (for large logistics companies, airports, factories,etc). Both these can print up to 6 inches per second’,addedDr.Sajeevan. www. dig it a l t er

Your Pocket-sized Mini PC Tiny In Size, Big In Performance

Online Anywhere With LAN/WiFi Options

System On/Off via TV/ Monitor Remote

World’s Smallest 4K Pocket PC

CPU Intel® Apollo Lake SOC Memory LPDDR4 2GB / 4GB Storage eMMC 32GB / 64GB Micro SD slot x1 (Max 128GB) LAN 1 X Gigabit LAN

Compact Size

4K Ready


Win 10


Hassle-free Setup

Your Ideal Desktop/Media Station Replacement

Wireless Network 802.11 ac + BT 4.1 USB 1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 Port 1 x USB 2.0 Port Display Output 1 X HDMI Output OS Support Windows 10

Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC 12V, 2A VESA Mount 75mm & 100mm Dimension 70*70*31.4mm Weight 260g

Wi-Fi BT 4.1

SD Card

HDMI-CEC Remote On / Off




ST the new tax regime which became operational in July last year entailed a new way of business accounting and tax payment. Businesses and entrepreneursinitially found, the switch-over to a GST-compliant system quite taxing. There are many ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software options available. For the uninitiated, ERP software is complete business management software. It helps a company keep track of all departments and maintains an account of everything in the business. A good software like Marg ERP helps focus on the cost of goods versus the sales of the product to assess the overall profit. When all the liabilities of the companies are taken into account, a business owner should also be able to track the loans, the money owed, equipment depreciation, salaries and other items included in the expenses. An inventory and accounting software like Marg with features to update all the expenses, a business owner could analyze and make adjustments in policies to increase profit and cash flow. Buying the right software is crucial for smooth functioning and progress of any company. It is important to pick a user-friendly package that is easy to handleand which employees can get the hang off and operate, quickly. One should also check its flexibility and scope for customization. Possessing all these and much more features, Marg is now the most preferred inventory and accounting software. Affordability is another big factor. Running costs are also a consideration. Businesses always look for the best that comes within their budget; something which ensures 360 degree facilitation. Marg ERP which is comprehensive, professionally developed and provides ease of doing business on a day to day basis, therefore has plenty users. A good accounting software must also comply with different HSN codes and should also help in making complete business transaction between companies with no HSN code. This is a big plus in Marg Software. The software’s intelligence quotient is important. For instance, does it help in improving your decision making? A good accounting software should be able to tell you whether your cash flow is positive so that in case of a negative cash flow, the company can take corrective measures or change their strategy. Marg enables its clients to use this provision.


Sudhir Singh, MD, Marg Compusoft With regard to GST-compliant software technical support has been especially crucial. SMEs and MSMEs, going online for the first time, prefers Marg because of the online/ offline technical support it provides. With the onset of GST, lakhs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), coming under the tax net for the first time were going digital to become GST compliant. Marg ERP, which is a trade specific inventory and accounting solutions provider, has been their first choice to get GST-enabled. They find that Marg ERP provides them customized business solutions. It takes care of all their accounting, inventory, and business-related needs in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner. This has increased the demand for Marg software and its installation base has increased substantially, especially in Tier II and Tier III cities. Marg ERP has helped thousands SMEs and MSMEs get GST-enabled and GST-compliant. They also provide option for existing clients to upgrade their software. It is priced at 6500 INR including AMC (Annual Maintenance Charge) and upgrade charges.

D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

Marg ERP has tied-up with Lenovo and with well-known computer brand, LG Electronics India, to bring small businesses, especially those going digital and taking to IT business solutions for the first time, attractive package deal of ERP solutions that comes with these recognized brands. It provides them with easy access to user-friendly software and allows them to choose from attractive offers of GSTcompliant accounting, ERP and POS solutions. They have set up authorized Marg ERP Service Centersthrough their local partners, in different parts of the country to facilitate GST compliance. The company has acquired more than 1,000 such partners in TIER I and more than 10,000 partners in TIER II cities. With all these facilities, it is not surprising that Marg is today the most preferred choice for all the Businesses. (The writer is MD, Sales and Marketing, Marg ERP Ltd., a leading Inventory & Accounting Software company with 900,000+ users and does business with 25+ countries globally.)

www. dig it a l t er

Tiny In Size, Big In Performance

Hassle-free Setup

World’s Smallest 4K Pocket PC

Your Ideal Desktop/Media Station Replacement

A WORLD OF AMAZING POSSIBILITIES Direct thermal & Thermal Transfer mode

Online Anywhere With LAN/WiFi Options

CPU Intel® Apollo Lake SOC Memory LPDDR4 2GB / 4GB Storage eMMC 32GB / 64GB Micro SD slot x1 (Max 128GB) LAN 1 X Gigabit LAN

Wireless Network Power Supply 802.11 ac + BT 4.1 Input: AC 100-240V USB Output: DC 12V, 2A Serial + USB Parallel 1 x USB 3.1+Gen1 Port+ Ethernet VESA Mount 1 x USB 2.0 Port 75mm & 100mm Display Output Dimension 1 X HDMI Output 70*70*31.4mm OS Support Weight Windows 10 260g

Print speed up to 6 inch/sec

System On/Off via TV/ Monitor Remote


Paper width 4.72” Compact Size 4K Ready


Win 10


Wi-Fi BT 4.1

SD Card

HDMI-CEC Remote On / Off

1 year on-site warranty including print head up to 50KM I Toll Free : 1800 1028 482 I Email :

ELP 5031T www.di gi tal ter mi nal . i n

DI GI T A L T ER M I N A L I 0 1 - 1 5 M A R CH

Full version of LabelShop for free 2018 33


HiTech Media Solutions Inaugurates Exclusive Store for Seagate and LaCie Products

HiTech Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has launched the first exclusive reseller outlet in India to retail Seagate brand products. The products include the entire range of internal and external drives from all brands in the Seagate portfolio including LaCie. The store will not only have every India product of Seagate and LaCie under one roof but also has an Experience Zone with a comprehensive range of hands-on demo of LaCie’s Big and Professional drives where creative professionals can test technologies and features to help choose the right drive. Store Address: Shop No-5, Kuber Complex, Opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Rd, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053. While inaugurating the store, Sameer Bhatia, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Seagate Technology, said “This is a commendable initiative from Hitech Media Solutions. They have set a new benchmark in partner loyalty and we at Seagate assure them of our full support and wish them every success.”

Kaspersky Lab Appoints Yeo Siang Tiong as New General Manager for Southeast Asia Kaspersky Lab has announced the appointment of Yeo Siang Tiong as its new General Manager for the Southeast Asia (SEA) region with strategic focus on Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. As he takes up the leadership role over the company’s business in SEA, Yeo will be responsible for further implementing the company’s strategic business vision for the region’s SMB and enterprise markets and accelerating the growth of the Kaspersky Lab’s industrial cybersecurity solutions and services across various sectors in all of six SEA countries. Yeo is a veteran sales and channel professional with over 20 years of experience across the information & communication technology sector in Southeast Asia and the APAC market. During his 25-year career, he has brought his leadership to various roles spanning strategy, business development, channel sales and development, direct sales and technical positions in Singapore and across Asia Pacific.


D I GI TAL TE R M IN A L I 0 1 -1 5 MA R C H 2 0 1 8

Rashi Peripherals Wins First Ever Distribution Leadership Award from ASUS Rashi Peripherals won the first ever Distribution Leadership Award from ASUS. The distribution powerhouse was honored for its excellent performance in the ASUS PC business in India. In a glittering award function concluded in Secunderabad recently, ASUS recognized its top partners and distributors for their contribution in Company’s business expansion in India. Rashi Peripherals was facilitated for its outstanding performance in the ASUS PC business. Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Rashi Peripherals said, “We are honored to receive the first ever Distribution Leadership Award from ASUS Systems Business Group. We are the proven market leader in the PC business in India and with our robust distribution ecosystem and strong partner connect, we are committed to making ASUS, the leading PC brand in the country.”

ECS Announces ‘Foreign Trip’ Promotion Campaign for Partners in India Elitegroup Computer System (ECS), the global leading motherboard and Mini-PC manufacturer. In order to make business more rewarding for Indian channel partners, ECS rolls out a promotion program focus on its innovative mini PC – LIVA. The scheme focuses on LIVA family products, including LIVA X, LIVA Z/ZE and LIVA ONE. The promotion started on 1st January and will last till 15th April 2018. Partners who buy LIVA family products will get respective points. Once accumulate required points, partners can redeem amazing rewards such as 2 nights 3days trip to Sri Lanka and 3nights 4 days trip to Tashkent. The biggest prize is 4 nights 5 Days trip to Taipei during COMPUTEX including the exhibition ticket, ECS HQ visit and gala dinner. “Not only we would like to encourage our partners to experience LIVA family product, we also want to thanks our partners’ supports by making LIVA as most preferred brand for enterprises & consumers” said Rajshekhar Bhatt, ECS India country manager. “

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Acer launches India’s first Windows mixed reality headset

Acer forays in to the Digital Signage Market, with powerful hardware, adaptive software and world-class service

Acer ITS’ Smart Parking Meter Solution Takes Home the ‘Global ICT Excellence Award - Private Sector Excellence’ at the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2018 held in India

Acer has commenced 2018 with few of the most awaited product launches. Acer has not only delivered to their audience by bringing the best of their offerings but has also, attained that added recognition, by winning a prestigious award for their enterprise business.

Launch of Mixed Reality

1440 resolution lets you enjoy an incredibly interactive and immersive VR experience.

Launch of Digital

Available in four form factors - DV433 (43”), DV503 (50”), DV553 (55”) and DV653 (65”) these displays can help create valuable and flexible communication.

Signage solution

Acer ITS’ Smart Parking


Meter Solution Takes Home the ‘Global ICT


Firmly cementing its position as one of the most innovative technology companies, Acer unveiled India’s 1st Mixed Reality headset. This latest innovation by Acer combines the power of virtual reality and astonishing sense of the real world that delivers the truly exhilarating experiences. Mixed Reality Headset from Acer provides users a World scale level of Mixed reality experience which is more flexible and robust as compared to Desk and Room scale experiences, allowing the users virtually tour travel destinations, get inside exciting games, and view popular events and even travel across time and space within their own home. For greater flexibility and freedom, the Mixed Reality gives users the ability to interact directly with their environment. It enables customers to interact with software using gesture, gaze and voice, while also having the option to use traditional inputs like mice, keyboards and controllers. It provides an immersive technology, through two front-hinged 2.89-inch high-resolution liquid crystal displays which provide a wide 95-degree field of view. Its incredible 2880 x


Excellence Award

Acer has also forayed in the Digital Signage market, with the launch Acer Being Signage (abSignage) solution. It utilizes advancements in cloud technology and big data analytics to be the most cost effective solution to manage your digital signage network. In addition to all the benefits traditional digital signage provides, abSignage brings together powerful hardware, adaptive software, and worldclass services to empower you to make a big data-driven impression. abSignage gives you everything you need from a single source. In addition to the powerful digital signage hardware and software you get when working with Acer Being Signage, the unique cloudbased and big data analysis services we offer allow you to take your business to the next level.

Acer ITS Inc., a subsidiary of Acer, has won the ‘Global ICT Excellence Award - Private Sector Excellence’ at the “Olympics of Global ICT Industry”- the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2018 for its Smart Parking Meter solution. The award was announced and presented during the 22nd edition of WCIT held in India on February 19, hosted by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA), India’s IT BPM industry association NASSCOM, and the Government of Telangana. The award highlights Acer ITS’ capabilities in bringing an innovative end-toend parking solution that offers best-in-class parking experience to the drivers and assists public and private operators to increase parking management efficiency and revenue by leveraging technology.

The DV3 series, from their Large Format Display section provides eye-catching, razor-sharp images which is a result of its full HD resolution. It helps deliver eyecatching messages to grab people’s attention effectively. Either used alone or in a video wall setup, Acer DV3 series presents brilliant and vibrant images to maximize the impact of advertising.

The smart parking meter is a key innovation of Acer ITS’ smart parking solution developed specifically for the roadside parking segment. The solution is a combination of a full-fledged parking app, meters, and a management system that provides unparalleled experience for users and real business benefit to parking lot operators.

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