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LENOVO LAUNCHES ITS LATEST LEGION 5 GAMING LAPTOP IN INDIA Lenovo announced the entry of its Legion 5 gaming laptop for gaming enthusiasts. The laptop is packed with top-notch features and ensures high-end gaming experience. The laptop is powered by AMD processor which allows users to excel their limits and play with more comfort. Lenovo announced the launch of a new gaming laptop - the Legion 5 powered by the premium AMD Ryzen 5 4600H mobile processor. With latest generation processors and latest GPUs by NVIDIA, this laptop promises to further redefine the gaming experience for Indians.

PERFORMANCE & DISPLAY Lenovo Legion 5 is an immersive gaming laptop offering players AMD RyzenTM 5 4600H-Series mobile processor with 6 ultra-responsive cores. With the AMD “Zen 2” core architecture combined with 7nm process technology, available for laptops, AMD Ryzen 4000 H - Series lets users do more, faster than ever before. The architecture delivers an unprecedented increase in speed and performance for multitasking and heavy workloads in the newest generation of powerful ultrathin and gaming laptops. This gaming laptop provides up to NVIDIA® GeForce GTXTM 1650ti discrete graphics, that offers greater visual fidelity in the latest games. It also features a 15.6” IPS 1080p display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate to reduce screen tearing and in-game lag.

STYLISH AND IMMERSIVE This AMD powered device is equipped 6


with Lenovo Legion TrueStrike keyboard with backlight for hairtrigger accuracy and superior key travel, Lenovo Legion Coldfront 2.0 for thermal efficiency, and an improved battery life (up to 8 hours) using smarter power features. This includes Hybrid Mode by Lenovo Vantage to extend battery life, Rapid Charge Pro for fast charging, and Lenovo Q-Control 3.0 to control the system voltage and fan speed.

With the AMD powered Legion 5, we expand this high-performance range to deliver superior gaming experience by offering a cream of the crop machine performance, an immersive visual experience and a style that fulfils the requirement of a modern day gamer. The Legion brand has been massively appreciated by the gaming community for breakthrough innovations, and with the Legion 5 we continue to raise the bar on innovation.”

The laptop has an industrial design with a seamless fusion of practicality, precision and performance built for the multitasking gamer. Users will be able to balance the gaming and daily lifestyles with the exceptional design, clean display framed by slim, three-sided mylar bezels, and a topplaced webcam with physical privacy shutter - TruBlock Webcam Shutter for additional security.

“Gamers and content creators are increasingly seeking uncompromised performance with understated style for everyday gaming, productivity and lifestyle needs. The much awaited Lenovo Legion 5 powered by AMD Ryzen™ 5 4600H processor is here, and is a blend of style, function and extraordinary performance”, said Vinay Sinha, Managing Director – India Sales, AMD. “Our Zen2 core architecture combined with the industry-leading 7 nm process deliver a significant boost in performance and power efficiency, letting users push their boundaries across gaming, content creation, productivity workloads and entertainment.”

Shailendra Katyal, Executive Director, Consumer PCSD, Lenovo India said, “In the current scenario, with gaming becoming more mainstream, people tend to use a single laptop for work, studies, entertainment and more, leading to consumers demanding smarter, stylish and high-performance laptops. Legion over the last 2 years, with its unique ‘work and play’ design approach has been able to build a strong community and become the fastest growing gaming brand in India.

Lenovo Legion 5 comes in Phantom Black color and has a starting price of INR 75,990. Legion 5 comes with one year of free Premium Care and one year of Accidental Damage Protection worth INR 3900/-. www.digitalterminal.in


5 WAYS IN WHICH NVMe-oF IS ENABLING BUSINESSES AUTHORED BY KHALID WANI, DIRECTOR- SALES, INDIA, WESTERN DIGITAL As businesses contend with data's perpetual growth, they need to rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed, and transformed. NVMe has a significant impact on businesses and what they can do with data, particularly Fast Data for real-time analytics and emerging technologies. The NVMe protocol capitalizes on parallel, low latency data paths to the underlying media, like highperformance processor architectures, offering significantly higher performance and lower latencies than legacy SAS and SATA protocols. It not only accelerates existing applications that require high performance, but it also enables new applications and capabilities for real-time workload processing in the data center and at the Edge. Designed for high performance and non-volatile storage media, NVMe is the only protocol that stands out in the highly demanding and compute-intensive enterprise, cloud, and edge data ecosystems. NVMe™ is the protocol of today, but it's also the foundation for next-gen IT infrastructure. New solutions on the market point to why it's time for businesses to take advantage of NVMe and reap the benefits of NVMe-oF™ today – here are five reasons.

1. NVME LETS YOU SPRINT IN RUNNING SPIKES Though flash storage has always been faster than disk drives, the interface has still held it back since it has been deployed in mainstream data center environments. SAS and SATA were a good starting point because it enabled SSDs to look like the disks they were replacing. But those interfaces were designed for disk and can't handle the performance capability of flash storage. It's a bit like asking an Olympic sprinter to wear ski-boots. The introduction of the NVMe interface for SSDs was the next step. It is designed for flash with increased bandwidth, efficiency, and parallelism www.digitalterminal.in

that can exploit NAND's inherent low latency. Western Digital’s Ultrastar® DC SN840 data center SSD is third-generation solution with a vertically integrated in-house NVMe controller, firmware, and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND technology. With low latency and dual-port high availability, it's a future-ready solution that lets you power new, data-intensive applications.

2. EXTENDING NVME PERFORMANCE OUTSIDE THE SERVER To benefit from the speed of NVMe, SSDs need to sit on the PCIe bus, close to the processors, or locally attached. The PCIe bus cannot be extended outside the server, and so while each server can be individually accelerated, that leads to mini silos of SSDs that cannot be easily shared between hosts. Enter NVMe-over-Fabrics, or NVMeoF, the next step in data center infrastructure improvement. NVMeoF allows NVMe-based storage to be shared between hosts at comparable performance to locally attached SSDs.

3. FASTER OR LESS EXPENSIVE – PICK TWO SSD based Storage platforms (JBOFs) with NVMe-oF technology supports significantly higher performanceintensive workloads at a lower price. Western Digital is projecting around 17% savings compared to a conventional SAS JBOF. This stems from our vertical integration and silicon-to-systems mindset. Western Digital’s OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform extends the high performance of NVMe flash to shared storage. It provides lowlatency sharing of NVMe SSDs over a high-performance Ethernet fabric to deliver similar performance to locally attached NVMe SSDs. Industry-leading connectivity, It is an in-house design, including the RapidFlex™ NVMe-oF

controllers and ASICS.

4. EASY ADOPTION WITH ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY A JBOF is a common approach to sharing storage, where multiple servers can share the resource. Storage can be allocated and reallocated according to the needs of the applications. And, some ways to do this are more comfortable than others. The OpenFlex Data24 is a 2U enclosure that holds up to 24 DC SN840 NVMe SSDs for a raw capacity up to 368TB. It also contains up to six RapidFlex NVMe-oF controller cards. These cards offer several advantages for connectivity, including ultra-low latency, 100Gb Ethernet (a screaming performance that you can likely already leverage today), and low power. Up to six hosts can be directly attached without a switch, but the connectivity increases dramatically with a switched fabric for greater flexibility and maximum utilization.

5. HIGH COMPOSABILITY Efficiency is the name of the game, and composable disaggregated infrastructure is where the industry is headed. For us, it is part of our broader thinking about how new data infrastructure should look. Not just composable, but also open and interoperable. DECEMBER 2020 I



SSD ADOPTION TRANSFORMING THE INDIAN STORAGE MARKET The Indian Solid State Drives (SSDs) market has witnessed the huge adoption of SSDs across all customer segment. There are several verticals where the demand for SSD is rapidly increasing to boost PC performance and fast data processing needs. However, the lack of awareness is still the predominant factor that is restricting the SSD technology to gain mainstream acceptance among Indian organizations. Till last year, high price was major obstacles while deploying SSDs but in recent times prices came down dramatically. The tech brands who produce these high-end storage devices are putting extreme efforts to boost the awareness about SSD technology among organizations and end customers. To know more about this growing market, Digital Terminal interacted with the few major IT leaders who are into this space. Read out this exclusive feature story.

RP TECH INDIA NO 1 SSD DISTRIBUTOR IN THE COUNTRY WITH A MARKET SHARE OF AROUND 30-40 % SSDs are getting popular among content creators and gamers that need robust PC performance and SSDs are best suited to them. Considering the current situation, this market is expected to target large consumer segment in the coming years. Commenting on the huge adoption of this advanced storage solution, RAJESH GOENKA, DIRECTOR, SALES & MARKETING, RP TECH INDIA said, “Due to speed enhancement and higher reliability, more PCs are moving

either to 100 per cent SSD based storage or a hybrid of SSD and hard drives. This is not only in India but it has become a global phenomenon. Gone are the days when PC shipments had damaged in the hard drives. With SSDs there is no fear of damages and users get speed and reliability at some extra cost. Further, as the demand grows, the SSD prices are falling rapidly making it more affordable. Today 250 GB SSD is available at around INR 2100, which is worth of every single penny and gigabyte. RP tech India is the # No 1 SSD distributor in the country with a market share of around 30-40 per cent in India. We are currently selling in almost 400 towns/cities in India through our wide branch network spread pan India.” INCREASED ADOPTION Nowadays, the adoption of SSDs is very high compared to the past few years. Consumers and organizations are understanding its benefit and embracing the change. For high end users, HDDs are not at all on this list as they are swiftly upgrading their PCs with SSDs to achieve best performance. Adding on this, Rajesh Goenka, said, “SSD has mainly three



major categories. The first category is Home PCs where SSD has become very common. Second is the business PCs where SSDs are largely used for speed and the last category is the Enterprise Applications where SSDs has become the norm. RP tech has various divisions within the organization, which cater to Retail, SMB and Enterprise segments and we have offerings and solutions for all the three industry verticals.” PLANS TO BOOST AWARENESS SSDs are not new to the industry but it is now more popular among people. SSDs are now everywhere and the huge penetration of SSDs is very encouraging for the market growth. Channel partners have to play very important role in catering these huge demands. “I think now everyone knows about SSDs and SSD penetration is almost 50 per cent. It is a time to educate partners and customers about upgrading SSDs to higher storage capacity so that they do not exhaust the storage within 3-4 months of installing SSD” concluded Rajesh Goenka.



KINGSTON ENJOYS 65% YOY GROWTH IN THE INDIAN SSD MARKET India is going through a digital transformation journey with growing internet as well as smartphone penetration, e-commerce and more. Data has become intrinsic to this journey and hence the country has been one of the biggest growth drivers for storage. This trend saw a massive growth in the unprecedented times of COVID-19 as most of the corporates

vying for budget-friendly and effective solutions to improve the performance of their computers. Replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD) is one of the easiest and quickest ways to enhance the PC performance to the next level. Managing and storing data today is redefining the way we work and play today.”

Tejashwar further added, “Riding on this trend, Kingston is the most preferred brand in the Indian market and well poised in the market due to extensive SSD product portfolio and aggressive pricing. The company enjoys 65% YoY growth in the segment while the SSD category in India grew at over 50%. Some of our products like Kingston A2000 NVMe PCIe SSD, Kingston KC600 2.5 SSD etc. have seen a tremendous acceptance amongst the consumers in past few months.” RAPID ADOPTION ACROSS THE VERTICALS

are relying on work from home or even students are taking classes from home or gamers are spending more time on their PC for gaming with more time in hand. TEJASHWAR SINGH, INDIA SALES HEAD, KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY said, “From working professionals to students, everyone is hugely dependent on technology, which in turn has given an impetus to data storage. Working professionals need a best-in-class PC to multi-task and even the students need an upgrade to have hassle-free online educational classes. Most of the users are

“Today, be it personal usage or enterprise usage, consumers have become discerning and expect faster response time as well as a seamless experience. IT departments turn to SSDs to improve performance benchmarks in enduser devices and servers. Enterprise SSDs now see a wider acceptance and application, from laptops to servers. Moreover, we see there has been great uptake is gaming. The gaming traffic has been on a rise for the past few years. Gamers nowadays, look for an immersive experience and they leverage on

disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR to give them the experience. Games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, and Modern Warfare taking up well over 150GB each which implies that it needs a lot of storage space and data transfer. To support their systems, they require SSDs that would enable them to transfer data on a high speed with ease and efficiency,” commented by Tejashwar. STRATEGIES TO BOOST AWARENESS The acceptance from the channel and consumers has really given the brand good results. Sharing more on importance of partners, Tejashwar said, “Both our channel partners and consumers are pivotal to our growth story. To build more category awareness, we staunchly believe in adopting a channel friendly approach as our channel partners are our opinion shapers. We work towards strengthening the ecosystem for our partners and we assure that we will bring numerous business opportunities for them. We consistently work towards imparting knowledge around SSD segment and various technology around the same. On an ongoing basis we do training sessions with our channel partners in order to educate them about our new products and share useful first-hand information about the industry trends. In the coming years, a part of our focus area will involve channel engagement and empowerment activities, developing our network and rapidly increasing channel strength to establish a strong foothold in various regional markets.”

SSD IS STILL A NEW TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO MANY PEOPLE: ADATA New storage devices such as SSDs are being adopted on a larger scale than traditional HDDs. This transition is driving the growth of the market and giving brands huge opportunities to tap the growing demand for SSDs. Elaborating about the market landscape, SACHIN SHARMA,


“Modern PC storage is rapidly transforming from traditional HDD technology to Solid State Drives (SSDs). Compared to their


traditional counterparts, the SSDs are gaining considerable attention due to their performance benefits. India’s storage device market was predominantly driven by demand for primary storage. Though the SSD market in India is presently at a growing stage, however, due to price constraints, major demand has been derived from the enterprise application segment. The SSD market in India is poised to grow in the coming years. Rapid rise in next generation connected devices,

Pic Source: www.freepik.com DECEMBER 2020 I



growing premium & high-end PC market, need for higher performance & capacity storage devices, increasing IT spending, and growing number data centers would proliferate the SSD market in India. According to the Market and Research, India SSD market is projected to reach nearly $156 million by 2023.”

RAPID RISE IN THE ADOPTION The huge advantages of SSDs have led this storage segment to new heights and nowadays there are many verticals who are adopting SSDs to get best PC performances. The efficiency of a user gets increased many times as this advanced

storage solution boosts computing performance. Talking it’s adoption, Sachin said, “This might be hard to believe, but Solid State Drives are actually fairly old technology. SSDs have been around for decades in various forms but now it has become one of the top technologies among the storage solutions. SSD’s have become completely mainstream especially when it comes to gamers as it provides more energy efficiency, quieter, and offers more ways to store the data.”

MARKETING PLANS TO BOOST AWARENESS Even though the penetration of SSDs

has risen exponentially in past years, but a large segment of consumers is still unaware of it. The benefits of using SSD is huge and it can definitely boost the productivity of a modern PC user. The channel partners also don’t know the potential of this storage segment thereby brands is putting big efforts to educate the partners about this next-gen storage technology. “In India SSD is still a new technology which is not known to many people. We educate our partners by giving technical specifications of the products. Arrange time to time group training sessions in every city, upload YouTube videos to show advantage of using SSD,” concluded by Sachin.


DELL AARAMBH HIGHLIGHTS THE ROLE OF PC IN EDUCATION The proliferation of digital technologies is bringing radical changes in the way education is being delivered and received. The outreach of educational programs is improving with the digitalization of education providing both teachers and students new opportunities in skilling themselves thereby ensuring greater participation in the overall learning process. It is also helping in pioneering the concept of collaborative learning where all the minds can converge to create a unique learning experience transcending national boundaries. Amidst the adoption of such technologies, to assess impact of the well-established, PC for Education initiative –‘Dell Aarambh’, Dell Technologies in India commissioned Kantar Research to conduct a study among 435 teachers across Aarambh cities and towns. The study considered outcomes, behaviors emerging from training on PCs for classrooms and the introduction of immersive learning experiences using technology. Some interesting findings on the use of PCs in the learning process include: • 92% teachers establishing the device as a crucial means for education



• 88% believing that it has impacted their lives in a positive way • Having 100% attendance whenever the students have smart class In 2016, ‘Dell Aarambh’ was launched with the cause of increasing PC adoption in the country, by establishing it as an indispensable tool for learning, harnessing creativity and building critical thinking. The initiative is addressing

the challenge of quality education and digital literacy and help understand PC technology and its use in education. Through Aarambh, Dell has been engaging with three key audiences - students, teachers and parents - in a series of training activities meant to familiarize them with the same. In India, over 90,000 teachers have received training across 4,800 schools, since the launch of this initiative.



HP UNVEILS PROBOOK 635 AERO G7 NOTEBOOKS, POWERED BY AMD RYZEN PROCESSOR HP introduced its new range of ProBook notebooks powered by AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processors in India to help small business owners and mobile professionals boost productivity, collaborate with ease, and work anywhere, while enjoying strong security and connectivity. These HP ProBook 635 Aero G7 notebooks are the lightest AMD based business notebook from HP, with a starting weight of under 1 kg (or 2.2 pounds). The HP ProBook 635 Aero G7 has been designed keeping in mind the specific needs of SMBs, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals who form a critical component of the Indian economy. “Small and Medium Businesses contribute nearly a third of our GDP and generate employment for millions. With workspaces at home becoming the status quo and businesses supporting their workforce both remotely and back in the office, PC is essential to these hybrid working environments. The HP ProBook 635 Aero G7 is a mobile powerhouse designed to meet the demands of multi-task, multiplace workdays by combining effortless connectivity, integrated security and powerful performance in an ultra-light form factor” said Vickram Bedi, Senior Director (Personal Systems), HP India Market.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

long battery life, connectivity, and security functions, allow them to power through the day.

• Connectivity - Users can now access fast and reliable gigabit-speed connectivity effortlessly and securely even in dense wireless environments using Wi-Fi 6 and Cat 9 4GLTE wireless broadband options • Security - A comprehensive suite of security features protects the device above, in and below the OS. HP Sure View Reflect allows users to work discreetly. Its copper tinted reflective privacy screen is the world’s most advanced privacy in its class and is two times more effective than competition in both bright and dark environments. HP Privacy Camera, located in the top bezel, can be physically shut to avoid accidental video conferences and keep users hidden from malicious attacks. • Long battery life - up to 18 hours when configured with the lighter 42Wh battery, and up to 23 hours with the 53Wh battery. Device can charge up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes of charging.

Engineered for Performance and Productivity The HP ProBook 635 Aero is powered by AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processors with integrated AMD Radeon™

Vega Graphics. With up to 8 cores, these powerful processors are designed to offer fast and responsive performance, impressive battery life and advanced manageability to boost the capabilities of an ultrathin notebook. Business users can customize the processors with optional AMD PRO Technologies while extending their investments by upgrading storage up to 1TB, and configurable up to 32GB with upgradable dual channel memory, anytime their needs change. “We’re delighted to strengthen our collaboration further with HP with the new ProBook 635 Aero, the world’s lightest AMD based business notebooks from HP. Powered by AMD Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile processors, this new series of notebooks are built to deliver significant boost in performance and efficiency to SMBs and enterprise customers”, said Vinay Sinha, Managing Director, India Sales, AMD. “Our industry leading Zen2 architecture with 7nm technology, makes HP ProBook 635 Aero a compelling choice for multitasking and addresses the evolving needs of today’s businesses and mobile working professionals.”

Pricing and Availability The ProBook 635 Aero is available at a starting price of INR 74,999/-.

Designed for ultimate mobility, the 13.3inch ProBook 635 Aero is the first ProBook built with magnesium alloy that combines the lightness of magnesium and the strength and sleekness of aluminum. Its elevated design speaks to a generation of mobile professionals who sees their devices as an extension of who they are. Built with an all-metal body chassis and aerodynamic edges, the ProBook 635 Aero gives a premium touch that is compact and sturdy. Users can see much more with its expanded viewability featuring 86.2% screen-to-body ratio that is made possible with ultra-thin 9.5 mm top bezel and 4.28 mm side bezels. Ideal for mobile professionals working and collaborating in hybrid workplaces, the ProBook 635 Aero’s quiet keyboard, 12




NETWORKING IS IN OUR DNA Digisol is a #1 India based IT networking brand that hold 3 decades of expertise in IT industry and offers a wide range of IT networking solutions like Structured Cabling System (Copper & Fiber), FTTH, Switching and Wireless Solutions.

ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS https://convergex.digisol.com




STRUCTURED CABLING SOLUTIONS https://www.digisol.com








www.digisol.com helpdesk@digisol.com

1800 209 3444

Disclaimer: Digisol Structured Cabling Products are Made In India


DT AWARDS 2020 SUCCESSFULLY CONCLUDED THROUGH VIRTUAL AWARD NIGHT SHOW Challenges always brings innovation and many ways to explore ourself. DT being India’s leading Tech Media house has always ahead in bringing innovation to boost reach to larger audiences. Taking this DNA further, by organizing India's first Virtual Tech Award Show. Continuing its effort to recognize and honor the tech brands, Digital Terminal successfully hosted the prestigious DT Awards 2020 on 16th December. As the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the organizations to shift to different methods of organizing the events, Digital Terminal being the leading media in the IT industry adapted itself completely and hosted the 11th edition of DT Awards virtually. Each year, DT recognizes the tech brands and partners for their huge and relentless and efforts in bringing the best technology products and solutions for the consumers. It was a grand virtual award night that recognized and honored the tech brands and partners in over 60 different categories. As the DT Awards 2020 held virtually, it engaged over 10,000 viewers across the digital platforms that includes YouTube, Facebook, and DT’s website (www.digitalterminal.in & www. digitalterminalawards.in ). The viewers were totally amazed by the overall event as the award show entertained the viewers in true means. The entire production of this successful award show has set a huge milestone among Indian ICT market. This virtual event provided the brands an opportunity to extend their reach among the huge audience base across India. Overwhelmed with the success of DT Awards 2020, Rajeev Ranjan, Publisher & Editor, Says, “The DT Awards has become most prestigious honour and a landmark for all companies to achieve. Each passing year it’s becoming bigger and bigger. And this time, we were virtual, which is India’s first such ICT Tech Awards. We are really happy that being a responsible tech media, we have been upto your expectations this time as well despite huge challenges since the year started. With all love and support from customers and partners, we have successfully concluded this grand virtual award night.” “The planning and execution of this huge 14


show was not an easy job for us. But our approach and your trust helped us in putting this virtual award night a Night to remember. We worked really hard in bringing this show which was very much needed to conclude the year on a good note for entire ICT community. DT Awards now into it’s 11th edition is India’s most prestigious award for our industry,” concluded by Jyoti Janda, Executive Editor, DT.


The digital platform also provided opportunity for tech brands to set up virtual booth to engage with customers and partners. The viewers were able to switch to the product display platforms where they could access all the important information about the product and offerings by the tech brands. It was a great platform for the IT industry amid this unprecedented time to engage with the audiences virtually. At the grand virtual award show, Dell was honored in four categories including Best Laptop Brand 2020, Best Performing Laptop, Most Trusted Laptop for Gamers and Best Marketing Initiative for PC Adoption. Micron was recognized in two different categories including Emerging Brand in Gaming Memory Segment and Most Sought after NVME SSD Brand. Acer was named winner in Best Gaming Laptop Brand 2020 and Most Popular PC Brand categories. Western Digital was conferred with Best SSDs Brand 2020, Best Flash Drive Memory Brand 2020 and Most Trusted Storage Solution Brand award. Sophos won the Best UTM Brand 2020 and Comprehensive Cybersecurity Brand award.

Tally Solutions was named winner for Best ERP Solutions Brand 2020 award. Whereas Kaspersky honored with Best Cybersecurity Brand 2020 award. TP-Link won the Best Wi-Fi 6 Router Brand award and AVITA also won the Fastest Growing Laptop Brand award. Gigabyte recognized in the Best Motherboard Brand 2020 category whereas ESET named winner for Most Trusted and Advanced Security for Enterprise & SMEs award. ASUS honored in three categories including Best Mini PC Brand 2020, Best Gaming Motherboard Brand 2020 and Fastest Gaming GPU. The DT Awards 2020 was supported by DELL, MICRON, ACER, WESTERN DIGITAL, SOPHOS, TALLY SOLUTIONS, KASPERSKY, TP-LINK, AVITA, GIGABYTE, ESET, ASUS, IRIS GLOBAL, MSI, UNILINE, COOLER MASTER, DIGISOL, PORTRONICS, ASROCK, BD SOFT, BELKIN, CORSAIR, RP TECH INDIA, ZEBRONICS, MICROTEK and GIZMORE. The Media partners were Telecomtoday.in and BIT, whereas PR managed by Millenium PR. The event was managed, produced and executed by News Dot Media Pvt. Ltd.


DT Awards 2020 Winners Best Laptop Brand 2020 Winner - DELL

Best Motherboard Brand 2020 Winner - GIGABYTE


Best Wireless Router Brand 2020 Winner - D-LINK

Mr. Gunjan Arora, Regional Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Gigabyte

Ms. Puja Sharma, Sr. Manager, D-Link

Best UPS Brand 2020 Winner - MICROTEK

Best HDD Brand 2020 Winner - SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY

Best Mini PC Brand 2020 Winner - ASUS

Mr. Devendra Kumar Sharma, Sr. Branch Manager Delhi, Microtek

Ms. Neha Sinha, Seagate India Marketing

Mr. Anuj Kumar Jain, Channel Manager Delhi, ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Best Gaming Laptop Brand 2020 Winner - ACER

BestBest Cybersecurity Laptop Brand Brand 2020 2020 Winner Winner - KASPERSKY - DELL

Mr. Amit Raghuwanshi, Entity Head North Region, Acer

Mr. Rohit Mr. Gunjan Sood, Government Arora, Regional Leader, Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Dell Technologies


Best Inkjet Printer Brand 2020 Winner - CANON

Ms. Binni Rawat, Senior Account Manager, Genesis Burson Cohn and Wolfe


15 15

DT Awards 2020 Winners Best External Drive Brand 2020 Winner - SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY

Best ERP Solutions Brand 2020 Winner - TALLY SOLUTIONS

Best SSD Brand 2020 Winner - WESTERN DIGITAL

Ms. Neha Sinha, Seagate India Marketing

Mr. Gyanendra Chand, Zonal Marketing Manager – North, Tally Solutions

Mr. Vivek Saxena, Channel Marketing Manager, India & South Asia, Western Digital

Best Flash Drive Memory Brand 2020

Best Gaming Cabinet Brand 2020

Best Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Brand 2020


Winner - CORSAIR

Mr. Indra Bhan Verma, Manager SalesNorth India, Western Digital

Mr. Jitendra Singh, RM-North India, Cooler Master

Mr. Deep Kumar, RSM-North India, Corsair

Best Gaming Motherboard Brand 2020

Winner - ASUS

BestBest Smartwatch Laptop Brand Brand2020 2020 Winner Winner - AMAZFIT - DELL

Mr. Anuj Kumar Jain, Channel Manager Delhi, ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Happy Mr. Gunjan Anand, Arora, Senior Regional Consultant, Marketing Manager, ARM Worldwide Dell Technologies




Best Earbuds Brand 2020 Winner - BOAT

Mr. Ankush Guglani, National Sales Manager, boAt


DT Awards 2020 Winners Best Performing Laptop

India's Trusted Mini PC Brand for Business

Most Trusted Laptop for Gamers

Mr. Gunjan Arora, Regional Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

Mr. Pawan Kumar, Regional Sales Manager, North India, Sales Division, Channel Business Unit, LIVA

Mr. Gunjan Arora, Regional Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

Best Wi-Fi 6 Router Brand

Most Trusted Storage Solution Brand

Most Popular Gaming Brand in India

Ms. Sahila Debbarma, Senior Executive Logistics, TP-Link

Mr. Vivek Saxena, Channel Marketing Manager, India & South Asia, Western Digital

Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Product Marketing Manager, Gigabyte

Most Trusted and Advanced Security for Enterprise & SMEs Winner - ESET

BestBest Surveillance Laptop Storage Brand 2020 Brand

Winner - SkyHawk Winner - Drive DELL(Seagate)

Best Industrial UPS

Mr. Rohit Srivastava, Head of Business Development and Sales –SAARC, ESET

Ms. Neha Mr.Sinha, Gunjan Seagate Arora, Regional India Marketing Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

Mr. Chander Shekhar, National Manager – Sales (Corporate Accounts), Uniline

Winner - DELL XPS

Winner - TP-LINK


Winner - LIVA



Winner - AORUS

Winner - UNILINE


17 17

DT Awards 2020 Winners Best Design & Quality Earbuds

Winner - BELKIN

Mr. Aamir Khan, Business Development Manager, North & East India, Belkin

Fastest Growing Laptop Brand

Winner - AVITA

Ms. Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director (South Asia) & Country General Manager (India) – Nexstgo Company Limited

Best Make In India Partner Support App

Winner - Seagate SkyHawk App

Ms. Neha Sinha, Seagate India Marketing

Most Advanced & Innovative Laptop Brand

Fastest Gaming GPU Winner - ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3090

Most Reliable Structured Cabling Brand

MSI Representative

Mr. Anuj Kumar Jain, Channel Manager Delhi, ASUS Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Ekta Thakkar, Senior Executive- Integrated Public Relations, Digisol Systems Ltd

Emerging Brand in Gaming Memory Segment

BestBest Budget Laptop Smartphone Brand 2020 Brand

Best High Performance Memory Module

Mr. Parminder Kalra, Sr. Manager Micron Technology

Mr. Mr. Kamal Gunjan Pandey, Arora, Product Regional Head, Marketing Manager, Infinix India Dell Technologies

Mr. Deep Kumar, RSM-North India, Corsair

Winner - MSI

Winner - Crucial Ballistix



Winner Winner- -INFINIX DELL

Winner - DIGISOL

Winner - CORSAIR


DT Awards 2020 Winners Best Enterprise Service Provider Brand 2020

Best Value for Money Motherboard

Fastest Growing Motherboard Brand in India

Winner - Tata Tele Services Ltd.

Winner - MSI B550 PRO VDH WIFI

Winner - GALAX

Mr. Aditya Kinra, VP Enterprise, Tata Tele Services

Mr. Naresh Tiwari, Regional Manager North India, MSI

Mr. Ajay From GALAX

Most Effective Home Mesh WiFi

Most Innovative Trolley Speaker Winner - GIZMORE T6000

Most Sought after NVME SSD Brand

Mr. Mrinal Banerjee, Finance and Account Head, Tenda India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Nishant Goel, Director, Gizmore

Mr. Parminder Kalra, Sr. Manager Micron Technology

Best Value Added Distributor 2020

Most Preferred Best Laptop National Brand Distributor 20202020 Winner - IRIS Winner GLOBAL - DELL SERVICES P LTD

Most Trusted Value Added Distributor 2020


Mr. B. Rajesh, National Product Manager, Supertron

Mr. Sanjiv Mr. Krishen, Gunjan Arora, Chairman, Regional Iris Global MarketingServices Manager,Pvt. DellLtd. Technologies

Winner - Tenda MW5G


Winner - Crucial By Micron

Winner - TECH DATA

Mr. Dhiraj Beri, Branch Manager – North Tech Data 19 I 19 19 DECEMBER 2020 I

DT Awards 2020 Winners Best Marketing Initiative for PC Adoption

Most Popular PC Brand

Best Networking Brand


Winner - TP-LINK

Mr. Amit Raghuwanshi, Entity Head North Region, Acer

Mr. Gunjan Arora, Regional Marketing Manager, Dell Technologies

Ms. Sahila Debbarma, Senior Executive Logistics, TP-Link

Best Memory Module Brand 2020

Best UTM Brand 2020

Best Gaming Graphics Card Brand 2020

Winner - ACER

Winner - KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY Best Smartphone Brand 2020


Best Quality Bluetooth Headset

Best Smart TV Brand 2020

Winner - SAMSUNG

Winner - Mi

Fastest Growing Gaming Motherboard Winner - ASROCK STEEL LEGEND No. 1 Indian PC Gaming Brand Winner - ZEBRONICS

Winner - AMD Radeon


Best Performing Motherboard

Most Advanced Security Solution for Enterprise



Best National Distributor 2020

No. 1 Indian Soundbar Brand



Fastest Growing Distributor 2020 Winner - DEVRAJ COMPUTERS PVT LTD

Fastest Growing VAD for Security 2020

Comprehensive Cyber Security Brand


Winner - SOPHOS

Thanks Brands, Partners & Customers for Your Support !! PRESENTING PARTNER
















Vivo Y51 Vivo expanded its youthful Y series portfolio with the launch of Y51 in India. Continuing vivo's commitment to 'Make in India', the all-new vivo Y51 is manufactured at vivo’s Greater Noida facility. OS: Funtouch OS 11 on Android 10 RAM: 8GB Storage: 128GB Expandable Upto: 1TB Display: 6.58” FHD+ Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 665 Rear Camera: 48MP AI-powered Triple Camera Front Camera: 16MP Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh

TECNO launched POVA, a new product line of smartphones aimed at providing speed, performance and excellence to its consumers at a competitive price point. OS: HiOS based on Android™ 10 RAM: 4GB & 6GB Storage: 64 & 128 GB Expandable Upto: NA Display: 6.8” HD+ Processor: MediaTek Helio G80 Octa core Rear Camera: 16MP Quad Camera Front Camera: 8MP Battery Capacity: 6000 mAh POVA by TECNO is available in two variants: 4GB+ 64GB @ INR 9,999 and 6GB + 128 GB @INR 11, 999 in the exciting colours of Dazzle black, Magic Blue and Speed Purple.

Priced at INR 17,990 for 8GB+128GB storage, the Y51 is available in two dazzling colour options — Titanium Sapphire and Crystal Symphony.

Infinix Smart HD 2021 Infinix launched its latest pocket-friendly Smart HD 2021 smartphone in India. It is the first such smartphone in the sub 6k segment ideal for those planning to switch from feature phones in a bid to own their first device. OS: XOS 6.2 on Android 10 RAM: 2GB Storage: 32GB Expandable Upto: 256GB Display: 6.1” HD+ Processor: MediaTek Helio A20 Rear Camera: 8MP Front Camera: 5MP Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh Smart HD 2021 will come in three color variants: Topaz Blue, Quartz Green and Obsidian Black at Rs. 5999/22




RP TECH INDIA SUCCESSFULLY HOSTED VIRTUAL RCM 2020 a series of pre-event initiatives such as Winter Marathon, Go Green Day, Betting Raja, Video Contest, Emoji Challenge and Branch Traditional Day.

RP tech India successfully concluded virtual RCM 2020. First, of its kind in the industry, RCM 2020 Digital recognized and facilitated RP tech Champions for their extra-ordinary performance during COVID-19 crisis. The flagship annual event organised on 19th December was packed with a series of keynote sessions from vendors and concluded with a glittering Gala Night. The much-awaited RCM 2020 Digital was unique in every way. This year, team RP tech rolled out

Highlighting the new avatar of RCM 2020, Mr. Rajesh Goenka, Director, Sales & Marketing, RP tech India, said, “RCM is the much-awaited event of RP tech India, where we acknowledge and rewards top-performing Champions. The year 2020 was a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities and RP tech India successfully sailed through the unprecedented times. This was not possible without the immense hard work of our Champions who were at the forefront of the business. They took a risk to reach out to partners during restrictions and ensure smooth functioning of the business. Team RP tech salute our warriors and we ensure the best support to them.”

TECHNOBIND NAMED ‘VAD OF THE YEAR’ 2020 AT SECLORE PARTNER EVENT 2020 TechnoBind announced that they have been recognized as the Value-Added Distributor of the Year 2020 at the Seclore Partner Event 2020. The award recognizes TechnoBind’s efforts and performance in achieving the highest business volume for Seclore. The award was presented to TechnoBind during the Seclore Partner Event 2020. This award is a validation of TechnoBind’s approach in offering solutions & services that address business & IT security challenges of customers through a focused partner network.

“We are extremely happy and proud to receive this award from Seclore. This is a big endorsement of our GTM strategy where we are showcasing the market opportunity to the partners in terms of the business problems at the customers’ end. This award will motivate our team to work even harder towards building the reach for Seclore even further in India. A big part of the credit goes to our field force who are at the fore front working with the partners and growing the market for Seclore.” said Mr. Prashanth G J, CEO at TechnoBind.

BD SOFTWARE AIMS TO STRENGTHEN ITS CHANNEL NETWORK IN INDIA In a bid to further establish its SMB & enterprise footprint in the Indian market, BD Soft has announced a more focused approach to its channel partner network in the country. The Brand is looking to expand its presence in key verticals via a robust channel network. BD Software, one of the emerging Value Added Distributor (VAD) of security solutions has engaged several strategic partnerships with Domestic and International Cyber security brands (Proget MDM, SAFEDNS, ZeroSpam, www.digitalterminal.in


iValue InfoSolutions announced a distribution agreement with Keysight Technologies, Inc. iValue is the fastest growing VAD at 4+ times market growth rates, consistently since inception in 2008, clocking 57% CAGR. iValue provides an array of services driving the adoption of edge technology solution and services in the security, storage and networking space. The agreement will bring increased choice of services and solutions including 5G, IoT, cloud services, network security, data center infrastructure and virtualization to iValue’s customers. “Technology is changing at an exponential pace, there are more devices, compelling software technologies, unprecedented connectivity, high speed communication and uncompromised security at the core. Business expectations across domains - Energy, Space, Telecom, Automobile, Healthcare range from improved design to manufacturing and accelerated innovation through continuous monitoring and measurement. Keysight is long known for its leadership in helping customers create break through products from compelling business ideas. Keysight joins hands with iValue to serve one of the finest customers and partner network to address their business challenges through innovative technology products and services,” said Harsh Marwah, Chief Growth Officer at iValue InfoSolutions.

MailVault (Mail Backup), Zecurion DLP & UBA, Supermail – Simple business mail solutions) so as to address the growing Cyber security needs in India. The brand also plans to launch its ‘partner to partner’ program that aims to build a larger channel partner ecosystem through deeper engagement with the core partners. The three tier Channel partner program shall offer training, tools and support to grow their business with BD Soft. BD Soft plans to explore

Tier 2 & 3 cities to tap the channel partners and to involve them in pushing their solutions in their respective regions. DECEMBER 2020 I



IDC ANNOUNCES IT INDUSTRY PREDICTIONS FOR 2021 automation initiatives anywhere and everywhere. Achieving these objectives will require aggressive integration of proactive AI/ML powered analytics, adoption of policy driven automation, and greater use of low code, serverless workflows to enable consistent self-driving infrastructure.

International Data Corporation (IDC) announced its worldwide information technology (IT) industry predictions for 2021 and beyond. The predictions were published in a new IDC FutureScape report and presented in a live webinar hosted by IDC Group Vice President for Worldwide Research, Rick Villa rs. A closer look at IDC’s top ten worldwide IT industry predictions reveals the following: 1. The Shift to Cloud-Centric Accelerates. By the end of 2021, based on lessons learned, 80% of enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications twice as fast as before the pandemic. CIOs must accelerate the transition to a cloud-centric IT model to maintain competitive parity and to make the organization more digitally resilient. 2. Edge Becomes a Top Priority. Through 2023, reactions to changed workforce and operations practices during the pandemic will be the dominant accelerators for 80% of edge-driven investments and business model changes in most industries. The need to deliver of infrastructure, application and data resources to edge locations will spur adoption of new, cloud-centric edge and network solutions that enable faster responses to current business needs while serving as a foundation for boosting longterm digital resilience, enabling business scaling, and ensuring greater business operational flexibility.



3. The Intelligent Digital Workspace. By 2023, 75% of G2000 companies will commit to providing technical parity to a workforce that is hybrid by design rather than by circumstance, enabling them to work together separately and in real time. The result will be a more collaborative, informed, and productive workforce. 4. The Pandemic’s IT Legacy. Through 2023, coping with technical debt accumulated during the pandemic will shadow 70% of CIOs, causing financial stress, inertial drag on IT agility, and “forced march” migrations to the cloud. Smart CIOs will look for opportunities to design next-generation digital platforms that modernize and rationalize infrastructure and applications while delivering flexible capabilities to create and deliver new products, services, and experiences to workers and customers. 5. Resiliency is Central to the Next Normal. In 2022, enterprises focused on digital resiliency will adapt to disruption and extend services to respond to new conditions 50% faster than ones fixated on restoring existing business/IT resiliency levels. Leading enterprises must be able to rapidly adapt to business disruptions, leverage digital capabilities to maintain continuous business operations, and quickly adjust to take advantage of changed conditions for competitive advantage. 6. A Shift Towards Autonomous IT Operations. By 2023, an emerging cloud ecosystem for extending resource control and real-time analytics will be the underlying platform for all IT and business

7. Opportunistic AI Expansion. By 2023, driven by the goal to embed intelligence in products and services, one quarter of G2000 companies will acquire at least one AI software start-up to ensure ownership of differentiated skills and IP. Successful organizations will eventually sell internally developed industry-specific software and data services as a subscription, leveraging deep domain knowledge to open profitable new revenue streams. 8. Relationships Are Under Review. By 2024, 80% of enterprises will overhaul relationships with suppliers, providers, and partners to better execute digital strategies for ubiquitous deployment of resources and for autonomous IT operations. Reevaluating technology, service, and service provider relationships will be crucial to long-term success in an environment where the existing IT ecosystem is undergoing major transition. 9. Sustainability Becomes a Factor. By 2025, 90% of G2000 companies will mandate reusable materials in IT hardware supply chains, carbon neutrality targets for providers’ facilities, and lower energy use as prerequisites for doing business. As IT takes on increasing responsibility for driving positive change within the organization, it will be even more important to ensure that the IT vendors and datacenter partners share similar goals and help accelerate progress. 10. People Still Matter. Through 2023, half of enterprises’ hybrid workforce and business automation efforts will be delayed or will fail outright due to underinvestment in building IT/Sec/DevOps teams with the right tools/skills. To address the shortage of developer and data analytics talent, enterprises will turn to flexible talent sources, crowdsourcing, and internal staff to meet their development/automation and advanced analytics needs and to speed up innovation.



ASUS announced a new series of graphics cards that will debut with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU. The series includes five new models: ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, ASUS Dual, ASUS Dual MINI and ASUS KO GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. These new graphics cards bring buffed-up cooling, PCBs and power designs to complement the new NVIDIA Ampere architecture and deliver the latest and greatest in 3D gaming performance. Powered by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture and the 2nd generation of NVIDIA RTX, the world’s most powerful PC gaming platform for real-time ray tracing and AI, the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti delivers blistering 1080p and 1440p gameplay. The RTX 3060 Ti also supports the trifecta of GeForce gaming innovations too, including performance-accelerating and IQ-enhancing NVIDIA DLSS technology which is now available in over 25 games; NVIDIA Reflex which reduces system latency (‘input lag’), making games more responsive, and giving players in competitive multiplayer titles an extra edge over the opposition.




Infinix launched its most anticipated series of SMART TVs named the INFINIX X1. These ANDRIOD smart TVs come in 32 inch and 42-inch variants. Infinix X1 series TV comes with super narrow bezel, which gives it an elegant look to the TV and provides a higher screen-to-body ratio for an immersive viewing experience. This sleek design of Infinix X1 series TV complements your home/office setting by adding a suave look to the overall interiors. Infinix TV comes with blue light reduction technology, which reduces harmful blue rays emitted from TV that can cause serious damage to your eyes over the period. The Eye-Care technology implementation on Infinix TV has been done at the LED panel hardware and software level to provide safest viewing experience. Infinix X1 series TV comes with in-built Box speakers for superior sound experience.

by balancing their gaming workload between console and external HDD. Gamers can easily begin their Halo journey as the Game Drive is compatible with and automatically recognized by the full family of Xbox One devices, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles, and easily installed in under two minutes through Xbox OS.



Seagate announced the latest addition to its popular line of storage for gamers – Game Drive for Xbox Halo: Master Chief Limited Edition. Celebrating the legendary Master Chief from the Halo video game franchise, this limited edition Game Drive features a one-of-a-kind sleek case design that celebrates the Master Chief John-117. A limited Master Chief Vinyl die-cut sticker set also comes in the box for fans to collect. The new drive is available in 2TB and 5 TB capacities so gamers in India can install more games and downloadable game content

Amazfit launched its flagship product, the Amazfit GTR 2 on Flipkart today. With its classic elegant design, the Amazfit GTR 2 is meant for the modern urban lifestyle. Whether working hard or playing hard. The Amazfit GTR 2 features a vivid round 1.39-inch AMOLED large screen with crafted 3D curved glass and metal watch case. 100% NTSC high color saturation, 450nits brightness and 326ppi HD resolution delivers a clear and gorgeous visual experience, while 3D Corning Gorilla glass with anti-fingerprint coating and optical Diamond-like Carbon (oDLC) coating make sure the screen is scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. With 50+ elegant watch faces you’re always in style and over 40 of watch faces have a custom always-on display, so you can see your personalized interface any time. Amazfit GTR 2 has a high-capacity 471 mAh battery that can last up to 14 days with typical use.



ESET WON COVID MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR AWARD IN CYBERSECURITY CATEGORY ESET has clinched the ‘COVID Management Initiative of the Year’ award while its President of Asia Pacific and Japan, Parvinder Walia, has won the ‘Executive of the Year’ accolade for the cybersecurity category in the Singapore Business Review (SBR) Management Excellence Awards 2020. “We are proud to be recognised for our commitment to developing the best in cybersecurity solutions and protecting the digital worlds of our customers, especially during these tumultuous times which has underscored the importance of cybersecurity,” said Parvinder Walia, President of Asia Pacific and Japan, ESET. “As companies transition to either a hybrid or remote working environment for the foreseeable future, ESET will continue to prioritise customer centricity and the innovation needed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers. Both awards are also testament to ESET’s commitment to creating awardwinning threat detection software to enable our users to enjoy the full potential of themselves and their technology in a secure digital world,” continued Walia.

BOAT EMERGES AS 5TH LARGEST GLOBAL WEARABLE DEVICE BRAND boAt Lifestyle has placed India on the global map by becoming 5th largest wearable brand basis shipments as per the leading market research and advisory firm International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker for 3Q20 (July28


September 2020). In addition to becoming the 5th largest wearable brand, boAt has also solidified its position in the Indian market by capturing 1/3rd market share. On the global recognition, Aman Gupta, Co-founder, boAt said, “We are humbled overwhelmed with the confidence and support entrusted by boAtheads over the years. It is a moment of pride for all Indians as it validates the growing acceptance of home-grown brands globally. With the support of our Govt. we will aim to become a global lifestyle brand. We at boAt understand the requirement of millennials and will continue doing what we do the best to serve the community of boAtheads.”


VAIO is set to bring an incomparable yet seamless computing experience to the Indian market; to illuminate users’ spirit of innovation in each of their levels of desire to achieve! With this launch, VAIO aims to recapture its substantial market share and popularity among the Indian audiences yet again with Nexstgo. The license agreement between Hong Kongbased Nexstgo Company Limited and Japan-based VAIO Corporation includes manufacturing, sales and marketing as well as servicing of VAIO laptops under the VAIO trademark in Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Middle East markets and now in India.


Kaspersky has been one of the most trusted names in the sector and has partnered with hundreds of leading Indian companies along with providing security to millions of homes. After relentlessly striving to improve their security systems and better protect their clients, they have now been recognised as the ‘Best Cybersecurity Brand’ for 2020 and received an honor for their Product Innovation in the category at a recently held industry award ceremony. This recognition is another feather in the cap of the brand, which has gained the trust of customers across the globe. Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager for South Asia, Kaspersky, said, “From the onset, we have been committed to making sure that we protect our customers at every step of their online journey. Simple as it sounds, it is only when quality solutions are consistently provided that consumer trust towards the brand grows. The need for cybersecurity solutions in 2020 has been as urgent and as important as getting a vaccine during a pandemic. Many businesses and internet users this year have realized the importance of their security online, especially in India and our team has been constantly striving to secure businesses and consumers digitally.”




DIGISOL Systems Ltd. is delighted to announce that the company has been honored with ‘Most Reliable Structured Cabling Brand’ Award at DT Virtual Award Night 2020. The event was organized by Digital Terminal, one of

the leading IT News Magazine Awards and DT Awards is one of the prestigious Awards in the IT industry which acknowledges best products, vendors and partners every year. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sarvesh Mishra, Head of Sales & Marketing, Digisol Systems said, “We are extremely delighted to be awarded as “Most Reliable Structured Cabling Brand” at DT Awards 2020. Winning this award highlights our dedication and passion towards innovation; moreover, it inspires us to continue our endeavor to work hard towards providing the best of structured cabling products and solutions to consumers that are future ready.”

D-LINK BRINGS CHANGE IN THE HEALTHCARE DOMAIN THROUGH ITS CSR PROGRAMS D-Link (India) Limited one of the leading networking brands in the country through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing has been working relentlessly on various social welfare projects with focused efforts on community wellbeing & sustainable development. Expressing is view on healthcare initiatives under CSR purview of the organization, Mr. Tushar Sighat, MD & CEO – D-Link (India) Ltd. said, “A small effort is all it takes to make a lasting impact. We recognize that our actions as a responsible corporate entity can lead to progressive change in the society that we operate in. At D-Link Social welfare is an integral part of our value system. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is focused on initiatives that make a constructive contribution to the community. Healthcare is one such area that we have been extensively working on, and we look forward to helping those in need”.

KINGSTON TECHNOLOGY HELPS HOSTEUR WITH ITS STORAGE SOLUTIONS Kingston Technology empowered Hosteur, a leading cloud services provider, with its best-in-class memory and storage solutions. Kingston Technology provided www.digitalterminal.in

Hosteur with proof-of-concept, preserial enterprise class SSDs which allowed them to test the product before implementing it. With the help of Kingston, the company could validate the project much quicker, and place their order and have it delivered and installed in a timely manner. They have set up 300 customers on approximately 2TB of DRAM on a server cluster. Acknowledging Kingston Technology’s sales and technical team’s prowess, Hosteur’s Chief Information and Security Officer, Sebastian Comte noted that Kingston was able to provide a large quantity of DRAM or SSD with a good balance between speed, durability, and quality, and all at a good price. He stated, “Kingston were chosen for the open mindedness of their sales and technical team. They always take the necessary time to find and deliver the best possible solution for Hosteur.”

KASPERSKY STRENGTHENS ITS INDIAN LEADERSHIP WITH NEW APPOINTMENT Kaspersky announces the appointment of Mr. Rohit Sood as their Business Manager exclusively for Government segment and Smart Cities for India region in November. The new hiring is a part of Kaspersky’s strategy to strengthen its hold over the government sector in the country by trying to get new business from the sector. Under the leadership of Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia), Mr. Rohit Sood will be closely working with the Kaspersky India team and will be based out of Delhi. He will majorly be responsible for acquiring new business accounts form the government sector and exploring new service opportunities for the company by identifying the security needs of various government bodies and institutions. With his vast experience in handling extensive contracts and government projects, the company looks forward to his endeavours of capitalizing big business opportunities for Kaspersky in this sector. DECEMBER 2020 I


Robust. Efficient. Rugged. Complete Power Solution Range for IT, ITes & Industrial Sector.











TOP 5 UPS CO. 2020

RNI No - DELENG/2010/31992


Trusted Brand


Source: * Brand Trust Report 2020


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