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In This Issue 2. Summer Trips 4. Summer Bucket List 6. Beyond The Stigma 8. Track 10. Summer Hot Spots 11. Thirst Quenchers 12. Summer Lookbook 13. Prom 14. Studying Abroad 16. Summer Relationships 18. Starting over

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previous summer trips by: Brylee Dibrell

“I’ve come from Miami to Texas to visit my grandparents every summer since I was six. This summer I’m going to Miami to see my mom.” -Hailey Curry, 9th

“I went to Las Vegas and saw the Hoover Damn with my family and close friends. I would definitely go again, and I am planning to go to Paris, France.” -Cullen Alcon, 10th

“I went with my Grandpa and my bestfriend Jesse to Colorado and New Mexico for a week. My favorite part of the trip was hiking in Colorado., we went sight seeing and saw a bunch of old cliff dwellings and village ruins. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures.” -Kaitlyn Gutierrez, 11th

“I went to Ouray, Colorado a few years ago and I loved how peaceful the town was. I wish I would have stayed longer and done more activities, and I would visit again in a heartbeat.” Abel Coignet, 11th


Future Summer Trips “I’m planning on going to South Padre Island for a week with my family and my boyfriend, all the summers I can think of we have gone on a trip. The beach is always fun.” -Avangelina McWhorter, 11th

“I’m going a little ways away, to Switzerland for about 6 or 7 days with my grandparents, dad, and his fiance. I never go on summer trips so going to Switzerland is a whole adventure for me.” -Jared Briseno, 11th

“I plan to go visit my friends back in Illinois for a week or so, and I might also go to Montana to visit family. I’m super excited to see my friends since moving this past summer, we’ve been planning this trip since the day after I left so it’s quite anticipated!” -Madisyn Crouse, 10th

“For my graduation gift we are planning to go to both Columbia and Puerto Rico to go to all the places we never went, and maybe this summer I might go to either Florida or New York.” -Elicmarie Cruz, 11th


summer 2k18 goals Go s wimming in la va or a va t o f to xic was te Be come the le a de r o f a sma ll co un try L e a rn ho w to fly a he lico p te r Dro p as ma ny ba th bombs tha t sa id he lico p te r c a n c a rry in to the pa cific oc e a n Pla c e 1s t in a hide a n d se e k world com pe ti tion S ta r in a on e pe rson pla y o f a ll the Shre k mov ie s Own a ze bra a n d n a me he r Sha ron M a k e a gia n t, two s tory ho u se o u t o f ho t glu e Live in the ho t glu e ho u se during the mon th o f July Wre s tle a crocodile a n d win

Summer 2018 Bucket List Written and Designed by Hailey Giles and Jasmyn Weaver

imnt to ith a w t gw I ju s han I am mer ll, and r e m u elp is s footba e summ t will h d “Th e t h a t a i h r c t x t e ve pro ds. Ov camps ll, I’m e n w a e i fr a fe n footb ” i g to de t. goin mprove for tha th Gra 0 i 1 , me real V illa -DJ

Bucket list, two words that spark quite a reaction. Some of us take bucket lists seriously, we write them out and stay true, while some of us just write them out with no intentions doing anything we write out. As summer approaches, the talk of “summer bucket lists” come with it. With three months away from school, we are given the opportunity to branch out, to try things we’d never done before. Some bucket lists are quite realistic; consisting of tanning, changing up our style, and other simple changes. While others are almost unimaginable, like wrestling a bear and coming out the victor. We set these little goals to make our summer as enjoyable as possible, we hope that maybe we will come back the next year with stories to entertain all our peers. Summer gives us the opportunity to take a break and simply rewind, and setting little goals will make the summer even that more enjoyable. With your break, find new interests or improve in the hobbies you already love, set goals and achieve them. Grab your pen, a paper, even a napkin, and start your summer.

“I w an sum t to mak my h mer. I’m e big c ha a p mak ir for th lanning nges th e fir e thi is o s s my t tim n dyein in so g s e c u , c m I er w win wan mer. e st t natio ates, m do supe I hope th to aybe r we at nals l . Th eve l, a to ha is summ n advan nd ce -McK v e enna e a lot o r I just w to f fun ant Bass .” el,10 th G rade

“This more summer I wa tu ly jus mbling for nt to achie t use c v t his tim heer, and e No m atter r e e alt o ho ge my dr eam s w much I lo t better. u v m e of no cheer mer would cheer, p c some ractices a onsist nd jus down -Regh t t ime.” ann L each, 9th G rade


Beyond the stigma Story and Design by Sabrina Ponce and Destiney Santiago

Expectations such as the continuation of education have been placed on youth before they even know what they desire to do with their life. It’s as if the past twelve years only marks the beginning of one's career in education. Students have been taught that college is necessary for a successful future, however, the truth of the matter is an individual can become successful without a degree that cost several thousands of dollars and years to obtain. The choices one makes after high school will in no doubt have an effect on their life. The effect may not always be bad even though the choices may not always be good. College is a choice that not many people can afford; however, the lack of

a college degree does not make for a person of lesser qualification. Although most occupations require prerequisites such as a degree, there are plenty of other jobs which do not. The stigma surrounding those who tend not to go to college is for the most part negative. It is for reasons such as these why many students feel pressured into college even if they do not know what they want to do yet. Students must venture beyond the stigma and fulfill their desires and make choices of their own. Whether that be traveling the world, enlisting in the military, taking a year off, or attending college, the choice should be up to the student regardless of the stigma.


OF students will take a year off or Travel


OF students will attend college


OF students will attend a trade school


OF students will join the military

“College isn’t for everyone and honestly I just knew it wasn’t the place for me to be. Plenty of people ask me if I am going and when I tell them my answer they just completely judge me. They think I’m not smart enough or that I can’t do it but honestly I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot throughout these past twelve years of school and I’m just tired of all the work. Another reason I don’t need to go to college is because I plan on inheriting my fathers engineering business. Some weekends when I’m off of work I go and help him out and we get to spend more time together.”

Meliyah Hartson

Tyri Pratt-Johnson

Photo by Destiney Santiago

“My inspiration to join the military comes from my parents, I wanted to follow in their foot steps. They created a great life for our family and I just want to be able to do the same for mine. I am going into the Air Force for a minimum of four or five years to be an Obstetrics Nurse. After I get out of the military I plan on going to college to get my degree and major in biology. As you can see I’m in a Medical Internship at school already and by the end of the year I will be a certified Medical Assistant.”

Photo by Jayla Hatcher

Garret Pollock “After high school I plan to take a break and get a job. I only want to take about a year and a half to a full year off before trying college. I just want to take a break from learning and take a chance to save some money for later in life.”

Photo by Sabrina Ponce


Boys advanced to Regionals


Girls advanced to Regionals


Boys advanced to State


Girls advanced to State

Jada Fleming, 11


Photo by Sabrina Ponce

“I've been in track since my seventh grade year and when I broke the record for the 400 meter dash I felt so accomplished and proud of myself but I am still striving for a faster time.”

Keira Taylor-Mathis, 12

Photo by Sabrina Ponce

“I broke the triple jump record by almost an entire foot, this was my first year doing track and I mainly just wanted to run and have fun but once I realized I was getting the hang of it I went for the score.”



By Jayla Hatcher and Sabrina Ponce

This years track teams have accomplished much through their hard work, dedication, and overall team effort. The teams have proven their potential with seven students advancing to state, two record breakers, and several trophies, ribbons, and plaques to commemorate for their achievements.

Pre-Game Prayer Photo by Jayla Hatcher

Kiyara Moody, Denay Morgan, Jada Fleming and Autyana Ausbie all gather in a pre-game prayer holding their baton minuets before the 4x100m relay at the Region track meet. “Before we run we grab the baton and put our hands in order of the relay and Moody leads us in prayer and we just ask God that he helps us with the race then we go and run and do our best.”

- Autyana Ausbie, 11



Photo collage by Jayla Hatcher Photo courtesy of University of Mississippi

State qualifier commits to ole miss

Single boys state qualifier Kenney Broadnax commits to University of Mississippi. “I’ve been running since seventh grade and have been on varsity track since my freshman year. This is my second time going to State, last year was my first time and it was definitely a major accomplishment for me going to State as a junior, I got the whole experience early on so going this year I already know what to expect...I was offered to six or seven schools but I choose University of Mississippi because it was a nice campus and I felt like they had a lot to offer me.”

- Kenney Broadnax, 12


t o H r

e m um


Ray eana C by gned Desi

s t o p S Blue Hole Regional Park

Guadalupe River State Park

Tanger Outlets

Wild Life Ranch

i hl c S

hn ba

Six Flags

Creekside Outlets


e tt

Comal River



Landa Park

lo M


Str eet

Brackenridge park

Japanese Tea Gardens t Ar

r ta e S ex u l l B mp Co

Riv erw alk

“I like to go to the Blue Star Art Complex on the first Friday on the month because they have art exhibits, and artists that make and sell arts and crafts.” -Ms.Manning “Tubbing down the Comal is relaxing because the calm water almost puts you to sleep.” -Eli Benavides (10th grade)

“Six Flags has the most exhilarating rides to experience with friends.” -Joel Flores (10th grade)

Must have Drinks Designed & Photos by Ceana Ray

Sunset on the Beach

Strawberry lemonade with fresh cut lemon and limes.

Sweet Iced Tea


Fresh brewed Black Tea sweetened with pure cane sugar

Fresh lemonade mixed with sparkling lime water

“Iced Tea is the most refreshing after being out in the sun day.” -Madi Zimdahl (10th grade)

Train Wreck Iced expresso latte with white &

Sunburst Squeezed Blood oranges mix with sparkling lemon water

Dr.Pepper A blend of 23 flavors into one soda makes for a sweet unique drink

dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla

Ocean Water Blue coconut flavoring with Sprite Available at Sonic

“In Order to beat the Texas heat, it has to be ice cold” -Mrs.Albert

Heat Wave Fruit punch Kool-Aid with fresh squeezed fruits

“Tropical flavors brings different unique flavor palents” -Naomi Edwards (11th grade)


RICA CUNNINGHAM, 10 Top thrift store $6

Jeans Randolph bx $16 Shoes bx(Hawaii) $16

Jade Arce, 11 Elias Santiago, 9 Top Goodwill $2

Flannel Thrifted $9

Top Old Navy $5

Shorts Cotton On $20

Shorts H&M $9.99 Socks Walmart $3

Socks Express factory $1.99

Shoes H&M $12.99

Flannel Goodwill $4

Shoes Goodwill $5

Summer LookBook Design and Photos by Angelina Bell

Andy Tran, 9

Chloe Mckenzie, 10 Trinity Medina, 11

Necklace Asos $12

Tank top Pacsun $16

Vans $50


Sweater Pacsun $60

Jeans Pacsun $50

Jacket Charlotte Russe $22.99

Top Forever 21 $8 Shoes Ross $10

Jeans Old navy $20

Dress Forever 21 $12.90 ShoesCharlotte russe $12.59

King and Queen Austin Scott and Donnae Elkins

“We have been together for two and a half years and we both wanted to win but we were nervous because so many people were running, it was honestly shocking because I didn’t realize that many people knew me, but I’m very greatful because it was a great way to end senior year.” -Donnae Elkins



Photo by: Ceana Ray

Knights In Monte Carlo Design by Ceana Ray, Nydia Bolmer, Angelina Bell, and Sabrina Ponce

Fashion Alert!

Photo by: Ceana Ray

Sarah Shepard Photo by Angelina Bell

Micheal Ezell-Poux

Love Birds in sync

Photo by Nydia Bolmer

Bailey Crombie Rachael Smith


Studying Abroad: learning around the world

Design and Story By: Jasmyn Weaver

After you graduate from high school, you can go to college, not go to college, take a gap year, or study abroad. Studying abroad gives you opportunities such as traveling, indulging in the food, and comparing life in that country to your life back home. Once she graduates, senior Marisol Barbosa is going to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea. “I want to be an ESL teacher, and it all started when I was in the program myself,” Barbosa said. “I was coming from a very Spanish background where all I knew was Spanish.” Barbosa was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona and moved to Puerto Rico when she was 40 days old. She was raised in Puerto Rico and moved back to the States when she was 10 years old. “I wanted to go to an Asian country because I’ve been to so many Spanish speaking countries,” Barbosa said. “Yes, I know the language and I know that I could thrive there, but I wanted to go outside the box, and get into an uncomfortable situation where I’m going to have to struggle and learn my way.” “I chose South Korea because I wanted to immerse myself into the language and culture and I believe that, personally, China would be too difficult,” Barbosa said. “I went back and forth between Japan and South Korea for a long time,” she said. She asked her aunt, who went to both South Korea and Japan, for advise. Ultimately, she knew it was her decision, so she chose South Korea because it’d be

easier for her to adapt. Older sister of sophomore Hailey Giles, Sarah Giles is studying abroad in Moscow, Russia. She’s been in Moscow since January 2018. “Anytime anyone hears us speaking English anywhere we go, they immediately turn, stare at us, and point it out,” Sarah said.“The craziest thing to happen is that one time, these teenagers heard us speaking English and they followed us and tried to talk to us all the way back to the metro.” “I was excited, yet nervous. We, me and the other kid here with me, had talked to students who just came back from the program,” The program she’s in is six months long and you can choose between China, Russia, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany. “At American University (AU) there’s two programs, indirect and direct,” In direct enrollment, AU handles everything and all you have to do is show up. While indirect is you do everything yourself such as going through the whole process, go there, and figure out your classes. “I got a lot more help from fellow students and friends than from actual adult administration,” Besides being on her own, she was excited for the experience and the being apart of a culture she hasn’t been apart of before. “As bad as it sounds, I wish I had appliances like a good washing machine, a blow dryer, and a good mattress would be nice,” she said. “You don’t realize how many

things you acquire during your time in college or in an apartment until you don’t have it and you’re like ‘Oh, crap!” Sarah said. Spanish teacher, Mr. Barrera, got a degree in his home country of Venezuela and one in Texas. “The main difference from the two colleges I went to is that in my country we didn’t have technology, so we had to memorize everything, and I feel like it made me smarter,” Barrera said. “Then I come here and there’s multiple choice. We didn’t have multiple choice in my country. The Americans weren’t not passing English, and I was!” He exclaimed. “The one fear I had coming to America was the fear of not knowing the culture, the language, the money the people, and being alone, but you will overcome it eventually,” he said. “I would absolutely recommend studying abroad because you not only see a different culture and learn from it, you’ll probably meet people from all over the world, Barrera said. “Which exposes you to not only the culture of where you are, but the culture of other countries,” Barrera said. If you have the opportunity to study abroad, take it. Make memories, experience new things, and dive into the unknown. You never know when you’ll get another chance to explore and see the world with your own eyes, so make the most of it while you can.

Sometimes i’ll show up late to class and be like ‘screw it, everyone else does it. might as well be russian today.’ -sarah giles

take advantage of the opportunities they offer you because it’ll benefit you in the long run. -mr. barerra

I’ve always wanted to first hand witness the culture and know what it’s like to put myself outside the box. -marisol Barbosa

Studying Statistics

97% of study abroad students found employment a year after graduation. 84% of study abroad alumni felt their studies abroad helped them build

valuable skills for the job market. 80% of study abroad students reported that study abroad allowed them to better adapt to diverse work environments. 59% of employers said studying abroad would be valuable in an individuals career later on with the organization. 34% of study abroad alumni claimed that study abroad helped them choose their career field Stats provided by University of California Merced


Summer Lovin Happens too fast? Story and Design by Nydia Bolmer

Photos by Nydia Bolmer

Frenchy Shocking Moment “Met this guy at the beginning of the summer and we started dating, we spent the whole summer together but I came to find that he was not a good guy and was cheating.” -Mary Margaret Dewitt, 12 Danny Zuko Heartbreak Moment “I was on a cruise for a week and during my introductions this girl caught my attention. We hit it off right away. It seemed like we did everything together, I thought we both really liked each other. Then I saw her with some other guy. And that’s how a girl broke my heart over the summer.” -Erik Melendez, 11


Rizzo Fling Moment “I started dating someone in the summer and we were fine but when we got back to school it was different because we both started acting differently when people where around.” -Alex Mendoza, 11

Summer marks the end of “cuffing season”, so most people aren’t looking for anything serious. Summer is considered a time for flings. The dating app Hinge did a poll of it’s 1,000 users and found that men are 15% less likley to look for a relationships in the summer and spring while women are 5% less likely. So this summer, please beware of heartbreak.


“And that’s how a girl broke my heart over the summer”

Q&A Vs Q: Do you think starting a relationship

Q: Do you think starting a relationship

A: “Yes but not a serious

a: “I think starting a relationship in


Q: Do relationships get harder over

a: “It doesn’t really matter if it’s

a: “School gives you a lot of chances

in the summer is a good idea?

one.”-Anthonee Powell, 9

Do relationships get harder over the summer?

the summer because you can just drive to their house and hang out whenever” -Andre Lopez, 11

in the summer is a good idea?

the summer is perfectly fine as long as they don’t expect to break up once the summer is over” -Lyndsey Miller, 9

the summer?

to see each other and we kinda take that time for granted, in the summer it’s hard to plan and what not to see each other” -Alex Mendoza, 11


Starting over, the act of making a new beginning, an idea that is different among all. In high school, students have several opportunities to start over, from graduating or moving from school to school. Upon graduating many of us desire this necessary change, we crave a difference. However, that difference varies among every student. Graduation, college, friendships, moving away, they are all very stressful, and upon graduating

high school you are hit with all of them at once. You are expected to simply become mature overnight and begin to face these challenges head on, but that concept is terrifying. Morgan Maas, senior, said, “I realize the second I graduate, I am going to have to make big changes maturity wise.” For many students in high school, their parents still help them through their daily tasks, but once you step out into the real world, even small tasks like doing

laundry become quite cumbersome. Upon graduating many students make big changes, maybe in an attempt to prove their capability, or to refresh. Kaylie Borin, senior, said, “The second I graduate I’m cutting all my hair off and getting piercings.” Once you graduate, you have an excuse to change it up, an excuse to start over. Some changes are as simple as changing up your style, and some as drastic as taking the plunge and cutting your hair as

STARTIN G Story and Design By hailey Giles

Oh crap, honestly I have no idea how to feel. It will be so new to me, its pretty crazy, very overwhelming.

-Joey Saldana, 12th Grade


Graduating means absolutley everything to me, this is the thing I’ve been waiting for, I can’t wait to start fresh.

OVER -Morgan Maas, 12th Grade

short as you can get it. Maybe these changes are simply a way to defy from our childhood selves, and emerge as adults. The thought of moving on can be difficult to grasp sometimes, the idea that one day you will wake up and you will no longer be in high school anymore, the thought that you are no longer a kid. People will begin to treat you different, they will begin to see you as an adult rather than an immature

high school student. Joey Saldana, senior, said, “Oh crap, honestly I have no idea how to feel. It will be so new to me, it’s pretty crazy, very overwhelming.” The feelings are beginning to settle in, in less than a month ¼ of the population at Steele will be moving on, starting over completely. As a child, you dreamed of growing up. You dreamed of wearing business clothes and living all alone, you dreamed of being inde-

pendent, but now, as seniors, you are terrified of adult life. You are terrified to step out into the world, but you must let go of those fears. You must face them head on, for your biggest fears are what shape you. You will flip your tassel at graduation, and you will move on, either in college, the military, or maybe taking a gap year. You will take your first steps as an adult, and as terrifying as it sounds, you will press the reset button, and you will start over.


A Fresh Start...

In my three years of being editor in chief, this magazine has literally become my baby. It is amazing to see how it has grown and matured to what this issue is. I cannot imagine how different high school would have been without this program and the role it has had on my life. The issues we have produced are something I will cherish forever and be memories and inspiration for the next step of my life into the real world of journalism. I cannot wait to see where the next few years will take it, I will definitely be waiting for the issues in Denton. Thanks to all of the staff I have worked with and to everyone who has been reading. ~Signing off, EIC Talia Snow


Every ending has a new beginning

Freshman year I never imagined myself as being the photo editor of a magazine my junior and senior years. It just started with me taking a photojournalism class and just expanding past there. For me, being in journalism is an outlet and a way for me to share my creativity on different platforms, whether it’s photography, design, or writing. The class was also a great place to meet other people and to force you out of your comfort zone in a way. To my classmates who are underclassmen, all I have to say is enjoy yourself, learn as much as you can, and have fun! We’ve been here since the magazine started and I’m excited to see just where you guys will take it. :) ~Jayla Hatcher, Photo Editor

Senior Spotlight

Journalism and magazine has made a humongous impact on me by making a lot of long lasting friendships, improving my skills as a writer and business manager, and being a better person. I’ve learned a lot these past years and involving myself in the magazine was one of the best decisions I could have made. During my junior year filling up my elective classes, I chose to do magazine not knowing much at all. I ended up taking this class because of the amazing sponsor and teacher, Ms. Reed, which I had my freshman year for geometry. I grown to enjoy the magazine’s class atmosphere and the welcoming state that the class has developed. The relationships I have made throughout my two years in journalism and magazine are life long and priceless. Although, I am the only guy in the magazine class senior year and one of three junior year, I have appreciated every second in that class and going to truly miss it. Thank you… (You know who you are) ~Marco Parisano, Business Manager

When I first arrived at Steele High School, it was really a place like no other. Compared to my last high school, Steele was a college campus. Journalism/Newspaper was the first class I made a friend in, and the first class that made me feel like I was at home. The school was definitely put into perspective ever since, and this class was the highlight of my three years at Steele. I got to work alongside the most enjoyable people, attend workshops with other passionate journalists, and had the amazing opportunity to be one of Ms. Reed’s students. Graduating is hard, but specifically having to leave the magazine team that made my high school years so great is even harder. ~Kaylie Borin, Social Media Editor

My time here producing the Squire magazine has been truly amazing! I’ve learned a lot of my interests that I never even knew I would like. It helped me discover my love for photography and persuaded me to start up my own photography business! I also met a lot of new people that were somewhat opposite from me but we all instantly clicked. I’m honestly not ready to say goodbye. Magazine class is one of the main reasons I show up to school in a good mood. But I know that we are leaving the magazine in very good hands. We have grown into a very substantial group this year because of all of the new talent we acquired and will continue into next year. I wish the absolute best to the Squire magazine crew of 2018-19 and I know that they will achieve great things in the future! ~Jaslyn Lewis, Design Editor

Dear OG’s, I had five seniors birth this publication three years ago and they have given it the life it has now. I am beyond proud of this group of seniors. I feel blessed to have each of you in my class the last few years. You started this program with me as rookie adviser three years ago and it has developed into a program that rivals the best! This group of seniors have taught the underclassmen well to continue strong with this issue being the proof. The creative process of this publication was solely in the hands of the underclassmen with the seniors only mentoring them through the process. Words cannot truly express the gratitude and love I have for each of you but here is my best effort... are the backbone to this publication. I can’t imagine this class without you! I know you will soar with your future endeavors and I can’t wait to see your growth at UNT. Don’t stop pushing your boundaries and reach for the stars. Jayla...thank you for sharing your creativity with us and I will miss your valuable input. Stay strong to who you are because your beauty shines bright! Marco...I’ve seen you grow into more than just a smart student. You’ve opened your eyes to the editorial process and expanded your horizons. Kaylie...such a sweet girl with so much potential. I am so glad you moved to Steele and chose journalism as an elective. You brought so much life to my class (even after the blood donations:) Jazzy...last but certainly not have become my adopted daughter this year. I will cherish all the laughs when you witnessed my craziness. I am so proud of you for taking life’s challenges and owning them. I hope you continue your photography business in college and you know I will make surprise visits! Now its time to move on to brighter futures. I wish the best for each of you, and, as Henry David Thoreau said...

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams... Live the life you’ve imagined!

Love, Ms. Reed

Con grats C/o â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;18

The Squire  

Summer 2018

The Squire  

Summer 2018