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It is CTI’s objective to: 1) Maintain and expand a broad base membership of individuals and organizations interested in Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems (EHTS), 2) Identify and address emerging and evolving issues concerning EHTS, 3) Encourage and support educational programs in various formats to enhance the capabilities and competence of the industry to realize the maximum benefit of EHTS, 4) Encourge and support cooperative research to improve EHTS Technology and efficiency for the long-term benefit of the environment, 5) Assure acceptable minimum quality levels and performance of EHTS and their components by establishing standard specifications, guidelines, and certification programs, 6) Establish standard testing and performance analysis systems and prcedures for EHTS, 7) Communicate with and influence governmental entities regarding the environmentally responsible technologies, benefits, and issues associated with EHTS, and 8) Encourage and support forums and methods for exchanging technical information on EHTS.


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CTI Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2

Contents Feature Articles 8

Adiabatic Fluid Coolers And Condensers: Impact of Pad System Design on Saturation Efficiency and Unit Operation


Underwater Robotic Technology for Online Tower Basin Cleaning


Tailoring Scale Prediction Models to a Specific Application: Cooling Water


Utilizing New Technology to Provide Comprehensive Asset Management for Cooling Tower Maintenance


Reclaim Water for Cooling Tower Makeup; Not as Simple as Perceived


High Efficiency Heat Exchanger For Ice Energy Storage and Beyond


The Rest Of The Story: You Have Treated Your Cooling Tower - What Can Go Wrong?

Trevor Hegg, Gordon Struder, Jennifer Hamilton, Chad Nagle and Pat Strine

Steven Rydarowski, Joe Leist and Randi Morgan

Robert J Ferguson

Glenn Schaefer and Eric Koehler

Ray Post, P.E., and Brad Buecker

Grady Iliff, Levon Atoyan and Mitchell Ishmael

Adam Green, Esq. and Robert J. Cunningham, Pe

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66 CTI Licensed Testing Agencies 67 CTI Sound Testing and Thermal Performance 68-69 CTI ToolKit 72-75 CTI Certified Towers

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Multi Agency Press Release Meeting Calendar View From the Tower Editor’s Corner

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