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Congregation B’nai Israel 6525 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania OH 43560 p. (419) 517-8400 f. (419) 517-8401 A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

146 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah 19-Tevet-20 Shevat 5773

January 1-31, 2013

World Wide Wrap

Join Men’s Clubs and congregations around the world as we teach the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2013 11:00 AM Join the Men’s Club and Sunday school as we celebrate the mitzvah of

wrapping tefillin.

Support the Sunday school as some of the children share their “home-made” tefillin

A shul that wraps together…stays together! Men & women invited

GAGAMEGILLAH Calling all actors, actresses and musicians for the 2013 Purimspiel We will be presenting this year’s Purimspiel on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. Next rehearsal will be Sunday January 13, at 12:00 p.m. in the Chapel Be part of the fun! Contact Cantor Lichterman at or 419-517-8400 1

From the Rabbi’s Desk announcement of permitting building in the “E-1” area of the Territories. We also discussed overcoming obstacles being placed before the Masorti movement by the Orthodox Establishment. Wednesday saw us travel to a Masorti congregation in Tel Aviv where we met with Rabbi Shai Peron, a Modern Orthodox Rabbi who is running in the Israeli elections (in January) for Parliament and wants to break the Orthodox monopoly on Judaism in Israel because he sees (as we do) the damage it causes to Jewish practice and to secular Israelis today. We then travelled to Ra’anana, where a number of Masorti members (who originally came from South Africa) knew the Lichterman family! Our next stop was in the town of “Pardes Hannah”, where a new Masorti congregation was receiving its first Sefer Torah. We were privileged to be part of this moving and joyous ceremony conducted by the Rabbi of the nearby Masorti congregation in Zichron Yaakov (who know Eli and Fagie Benstein very well!). We then spent the overnight at the hotel of a religious Kibbutz, “Lavi”.

Masorti Solidarity Mission to Israel – Dec. 2-7 We arrived, a group of 25 Conservative Rabbis, in Israel at 7:30 AM on Monday (Dec.3) morning. Our first task was to visit communities in the South that had sustained rocket damage during the Gaza War barely 10 days before. We first visited the Masorti (Conservative) congregation in Ashkelon to get a first-hand account of what it was like to live during this stressful time. We were told that the air raid sirens were going off every 15 minutes, and you had only 30 seconds to make it to a bomb shelter or safe room. As a result, people did not go outside very much, did not go to work, or go to school for the 8 days of the war. As you can expect, the young children suffered the most, psychologically. We learned that a group of Noam youth group members (like USY) came down from the North to run activities for all of the neighborhood children in the Masorti synagogue (it has a bomb shelter) to help the kids deal with stress and to give the parents a break from the tension. The same story applied to the community we visited in Be’er Sheva, at the Masorti congregation named “Eshel Avraham”. We also met with a local Israeli who was producing Kosher wine under the Supervision of the Masorti Movement (the Mashgiach is my predecessor – Rabbi Barry Leff) – a first in Israel. Next, to the community of Omer, a suburb of Be’er Sheva, to meet more Israelis and hear their individual stories of the Gaza War. Our last stop for the day was at a local Air Force base, where we were briefed about the sorties flown during the War. After that, a treat – we were escorted to the airstrip, where we saw about nine F-16s take off on practice runs (as we say in Hebrew, that was “M’od Cool”!).

Our last day was spent up North, where we met with mayor of a beautiful suburban-type town called “Kfar V’radim” where the brand-new Masorti shul was built with government money (a first for a non-Orthodox synagogue in Israel!). I happened to meet a number of people I recognized from my previous trips to our Western Galilee partnership region, since Kfar V’radim is in the Western Galilee area. They all commented to me how much they enjoyed Hazzan Lichterman who was with them last year for Shabbat as part of the Mission that we attended in Feb. 2011. We then went to the only Kibbutz in Israel affiliated with the Masorti Movement called Hannaton. It consists of over 40 families with a wonderful education center. We had lunch with some young people who were in a gap-year program before entering the Israeli Army in June, 2013. They were all secular Israelis learning about Jewish tradition for the first time. A wonderful experience!

Tuesday was spent in the Jerusalem area, where we heard from speakers who described the efforts of the Masorti institutions (schools, shuls, and youth) to reach out to the secular Israeli population, who are being told that ultraOrthodox Judaism is the only acceptable way and, as a result, these Israelis are rejecting Judaism altogether. Events that we would consider routine here in the US (like the Rabbi going to the house of mourners before and after the funeral) are unique here in Israel. The state-sponsored Rabbinate is bureaucratic and impersonal. We then visited the headquarters of the “Soda Stream” company, owned by the son of a Conservative rabbi who made Aliyah 40 years ago. This Israeli company, worth over 600 million dollars, sells their product all over the world (It sells in the USA in 15,000 stores), and the factory we visited (one of many) employs over 1000 workers, most of them Palestinian Arabs. We then visited the Israeli Supreme Court, and met with Chief Justice Asher Grunis, to hear about the challenges of Israel’s legal system. From there, we visited the Prime Minister’s office in the Knesset building, speaking with Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-hand man, Ron Dermer, about the War in Gaza, the vote in the UN, and the

Our closing dinner was at the home of the Chairwoman of the Masorti Movement who lives in a town called K’far Saba. We all had a chance to reflect on our experiences during the week and to pledge to bring back our stories to our congregations in the US. As always, I urge you visit Israel whenever you are able, both to see the sights, but especially to connect to the Israeli people, our brothers and sisters in the Jewish homeland. Rabbi Moshe Saks






MUSICAL ICONS In our November 2012 bulletin I wrote an article entitled “Musical Anchors” in which I referred amongst other things, to the passing of one of the world’s greatest crooners Andy Williams. During the past few weeks the world has lost 2 more of its greatest musical icons – Dave Brubeck and Ravi Shankar. Dave died a day short of his 92nd birthday; Ravi was also 92. Andy Williams, Dave Brubeck (both American) and Ravi Shankar (Indian) represented three such different genres of music. Yet the impact of their passing, within weeks of each other, is felt across musical boundaries and throughout the world, for each in his own unique way influenced the world of the arts as transcendent musical ambassadors. Dave Brubeck was not only a great jazz innovator, he was also a good family man, accessible, a religious Catholic, and a civil rights champion. As an indication of his popularity it is worth noting that he released almost 100 albums, of which his quartet’s 1959 recording Time Out - which includes perhaps his most famous recording ”Take Five” (he did not compose it) - was the first jazz album to surpass a million sales. He was the second jazz musician (after Louis Armstrong) to appear on Time magazine’s cover. In a 2009 interview with the Catholic magazine Commonweal, Mr. Brubeck, commenting on the power of the arts stated, “It can provide a perspective on historical events that needs to be heard.” Ravi Shankar, the three-time Grammy award winning sitar (long-necked Indian lute) maestro introduced the world to the rich heritage of Indian music. He collaborated with many different world musical icons beginning in the 1950’s with the Jewish-American violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin with whom he released 3 recordings titled “West Meets East.” This led to collaboration with, amongst many others, the Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison, jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. Greatly influenced by Shankar, Coltrane named his son Ravi and converted to Hinduism. Shankar is credited with having elevated music to a social and political cause through his August, 1971 Concert for Bangladesh at New York’s Madison Square Garden which was the first concert of its kind. Within days of the concert the whole world knew about Bangladesh. His two daughters, Anoushka and Norah Jones are also famous musicians. Norah herself is a five-time Grammy award winner. As Brubeck said in his interview with Commonweal, “After all the temporary influences that once directed the course of history have vanished, great art survives and continues to speak to each generation.” And in the words of Shankar, “Pop changes week to week, month to month. But great music is like literature.” The beauty and power of the music of Williams, Brubeck and Shankar will, I am sure, live on forever and continue to inspire people everywhere. Hazzan Ivor Lichterman


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Our Congregational Hanukkah celebration was enjoyed by all. A big thank you to Hazzan Lichterman for leading the Songfest with Nick Thanasiu, Russ Thaler, and Sam Richards. Also, thank you to the Men’s Club for frying up delicious latkes. The students who are going on the Confirmation class trip to Israel, sold scrumptious Hanukkah cookies. Thank you all for supporting them! We had some amazing speakers come speak to the tenth graders also. They had the opportunity to hear the story of Denzel Woodson, a student at Rogers whose life changed dramatically after an automobile accident. They also heard Cami Golding speak about conversion to Judaism, as well as Ruslan Slutsky’s experience with Russian immigration. January- 13-Classes resume January 20- No Religious School January 27- Religious School    

Please view the Hanukkah video made by Max Kaufman.

Daniel, Aaron, Lucas & Jonah

Students leading singing at Hanukkah Party

Working on the Jewish History timeline Daniel, Aaron, Alex, Jonah, Ella & Ian.

Israel Trip Bake Sale workers Deena, Sari, Kyle, Morgan & Noah. 4

USY & KADIMA No lounge night: Jan 2, Jan 16, Jan 23 January 9: Yoga before exams January 25: Potluck Shabbat dinner (USY only) 6:00 p.m. January 27: Tu B’shevat program

Torah Tots Miss Hanna & Miss Rachel working with our preschoolers on Sunday mornings. Mrs. Russell came to visit the children and sang Hanukkah songs and read a Hanukkah story. She also helped us make amazingly delicious Shamash pretzels with marshmallow dip and yellow sprinkles! We learned a Hanukkah song to the tune “I’m a Little Teapot” and went over the lighting of the Menorah and how it’s done. Our Hanukkah filled morning also included dreidel spinning, finger puppets, and the Hebrew letters Gimmel and Shin.


Sisterhood RUMMAGE SALE UPDATE If you have not already heard our fall sale was more than fantastic. We actually broke the record having realized profits greater than any previous sale. Our success was not just a lucky happening. it was the product of serious commitment, long days and 70 volunteers 'saying “yes I can!” It was behind the scenes efforts by individuals who secured clothing racks, donated yard signs, identified and sold merchandise on line and sought out local venues for selling some goods at greater profits. It was a group of volunteers who came together with creativity and expertise…who gave serious thought to every aspect of this project. It was two synagogues sharing the same mission. It was about members’ saving and donating goods. It was about caring. To each of you who helped, I say Todah Robah and please know how very important you were to our success. And now…. save the date and save your stuff! The spring rummage sale has been scheduled for June 2, 3, and 4th. Before you give something away save it for the sale. Kathryn Linver & Lil Perlman


Sisterhood Knitting Group Calling all Knitters!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 “Sipping From the Nile” Jean Naggar

We are knitting baby blankets for new born babies. Join us Mondays at 1:30 pm.

11:00 a.m. in B’nai Israel Library 7:00 p.m. at the home of Sharon Rappaport Reviewer is Cathy Sperling

Everyone welcome.

Please note: we now have two sessions accommodate working folks Looking forward to seeing you!

A big thank you to all who helped with the Hanukkah shopping spree.

A few of the many workers at the Hanukkah Shopping Spree: Marcia Liber, Roanne Katzman, Kathryn Linver, Karen Lieberman, Sandy Traugott, Leah Connor & Phyllis Diamond. 6

Jeannette Bernstein Leah Connor Phyllis Diamond Shirley Gerber Roanne Katzman Marcia Liber Karen Lieberman Kathryn Linver Cindy Palmer Lil Perlman

Marilyn J. Reinstein Ann Rosenberg Kathy Sack Cathy Sperling Doris Steinberg Sandy Traugott Fran Weinblatt Sue Wilson Dena Zack Sherrie Zaft

To register for a Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo senior program, please call Jill Lane at 419-724-0354 or email registration@ children plant trees. Often, Toledo Choose Local these trees have been provided 1 p.m. by the contributions of JewLeonard Lounge ish students abroad through JCC/YMCA Campus 6465 Sylvania Avenue National Fund. Toledo Choose Local's MisFor Jews outside of Israel, Tu sion is to promote the growth B'Shevat is a celebration of the and development of locally- renewal of vision and awareness, owned, independent businesses a celebration of connections in the Toledo area, as well as to and connectedness to our own educate the public about the inner-selves, to the social world of human beings and to the of choosing local. Come learn natural world and its source. more about the who, what and Registration is required by why behind Toledo Choose Monday, January 14. Local. Registration is required by Monday, January 7. History of Sylvania, Joyce Armstrong, Director of the Sylvania Historical Museum Tu B’Shevat Seder 1 p.m. 1 p.m. Leonard Lounge JCC/YMCA Campus JCC/YMCA Campus 6465 Sylvania Avenue 6465 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania used to be swampOn Tu B'Shevat, we cel- land. But, by 1833, Ohio and ebrate a New Year for the Trees, Michigan were preparing to go rejoicing in the fruit of the tree to war over this land; they knew and the fruit of the vine, cel- the area’s worth a long time ago, ebrating the splendid, abundant and a lot of very interesting gifts of the natural world which things have happened since. give our senses delight and our From swampland to a stellar bodies life. city, ours is a success story nearly Tu B'Shevat marks the 200 years long and well worth beginning of spring in Israel. learning about. To mark this moment, school Registration is required by Monday, January 21. Special Notice: Please note that our trips are open to all seniors and reservations and payment are due at the time of the request to hold your space. We

Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo Upcoming Events RSVP to Jill Lane at 419-724-0354 or


in Dundee, Michigan

Sunday, January 20 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. $15 per person Meet at the Jewish Federation campus at 12:15 p.m. Bus departs at 12:30 p.m. Bus returns to the Jewish Federation campus at 3:30 p.m.

Be ready to get wet, have fun and spend time with friends. We will have a pizza nosh. Please do not bring extra money with you; we will provide the food and money for the arcade. Registration and payment required by Friday, January 4 to Jill at 419-724-0354 or For questions or more information, contact Sherry at 419724-0386 or participate.


Save the d

Senior adult programs of Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo are supported in part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior Services Supporting Organization. Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a Jewish Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email

Snowbirds Brunch!

Sunday, February 10, 2013 For questions about a program, please contact René Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or or Mary Lou Whittaker at 419-531-2119 or Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a program, please call 419724-0354 or email

Brunch at 10:30 a.m. PGA NATIONAL RESORT & SPA, 400 Avenue of the Champions, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 RSVP to Barb Hager at 419-724-0357 or by Monday, February 4, 2013

Special Birthdays Allie Berns 1/28 Dan Berns 1/18 Adrienne Goldberg 1/5 Nancy Goldberg 1/23 Lila Goldman 1/15 Marian Goldner 1/17 Ellen Hively 1/1 Harry Nistel 1/12 Daniel Rapport 1/26 Harvey Rosen 1/15 Lindsay Scheinbach 1/25

Special Anniversaries 35 Years Blair Grubb & Barbara Straus 1/21

10 years James & Lois Levison 1/11

Todah Rabah to: Kathryn Linver and Lil Perlman for co-chairing the Sisterhood Rummage Sale Dara Musher-Eizenman and the committee Hope Davis, Cindy Robertson, Leslie Podolsky, Eyal Preis, Emmie Brody, Ella and Nance Wilson and Ofek Avidar-Reiss for Family Shabbat Dinner. Men’s Club for cooking latkes for the Sunday school Hanukkah party. Wendy Payne, Jill Kripke, Shani Abernathy, Sheri Nusbaum, Leslie Podolsky, Tatum Lenavitt, and Kim Brody for making “Give a Gift” a huge success. We provided holiday gifts to 120 children. The 7th grade for getting books donated and purchasing books for the religious school with the proceeds of the money raised at their bake sale. Max Kaufman for putting together the Hanukkah video for our friends in the western Galilee region

KIDDUSH – Todah Rabah to: Jan 5 – Ron Wachsman

JANUARY YAHRZEITS January 1 – Tevet 19.... Rabbi Morton Goldberg, Helen Laks, Jessie Meisel, Shirley Sanders January 2– Tevet 20….. Herman Bookman, Honey Feingold, Sylbert Friedman, Bluma Goldberg, Joseph Salzberg, Fannie Teitlebaum, Alex Zimbler January 3– Tevet 21….. Jill Green, Zelda Lasky, Elaine Millman, Kayla Salzberg, Shirley Sattler, Dorothy Schroeder January 4 – Tevet 22…..Belle R. Epstein, Estelle Freimer, Jacob Schuller January 5 – Tevet 23….. Jerry Baron, Betty Davis, Rose Katzman January 6 – Tevet 24….. Syma Fraidenraich, Benjamin M. Green, David Greenbaum, Albert Kaminsky, Abraham Russell, Sadie Russell, Michael Schwartzberg, Lillian Sussman January 7 – Tevet 25…..Jeanette Bauer, Moses Dorf, Nicholas Goldhammer. Harry Goldman, Dr. Samuel Korman, Ray Malkin, Israel Rosenblum, Esther Young January 8 – Tevet 26….. Joseph Bloom, Alex Hoffman, Anna Litwin, Charlotte Rappaport January 9 – Tevet 27…. Sam Burke, Dora Chester, Leah Ginsberg Epstein, Sylvia T. Fink, Leona Harris, Jennie Segall, Norman Shoffer January 10 – Tevet 28….. Nathaniel T. Boss, Jen Newmark Meiland, Anna Schreibman January 11 – Tevet 29…..Taube Greenblatt, Welcha Elsa Nistel, Rufus Rosenbloom, Mamie Yuro January 12 – Shevat 1….. Abraham Cohen, Robert Damrauer, Sol Oster, Abraham Palman, Nicholas Rubin, Florence Schwartz January 13 – Shevat 2…..Samuel Alloy, Libbie Baron, Joseph Fingerhut, Herman Rappoport January 14 – Shevat 3….. Howard Gerbie, Ethel Grossman, Anna Krawetz January 15 – Shevat 4….. Melvin Albert, Barbara Edellstein, Alfred Harris, Aron Kaplan, Dorothy Mindel, Gertrude Reinwald, Ann A. Waldman

January 16 – Shevat 5….. Morris Baker, Rina Gudelman, Ben Harris, Bernard Newman January 17 – Shevat 6….. Edith Friedman, Eva Goldman, Yuriy Zaurov January 18 – Shevat 7…..Irwin Dorf, Louis Fingerhut, Ruth Kay, Evelyn Teman January 19 – Shevat 8….. Selma Bergher, Jacob Cooperman, Louis L. Lipszyc January 20 – Shevat 9…..Willard Bentley, Charles Gutowitz, Harry Katz, Charles Liber, Samuel Schuster January 21 – Shevat 10….. Helen Boslov, Isabel Korman, Sheldon Lubow, Rose Silverstone January 22 – Shevat 11….. Abram Rothstein January 23 – Shevat 12….. Barbara Kale, Arthur Katz January 24 – Shevat 13….. Harry Bustow, Hyman Duchon, Sol Mendelson January 25 – Shevat 14….. Harold Friedman, Eva Friedmar, Anna Kaminsky, Selma Goodman Zimmerman January 26 – Shevat 15….. Betty Fogel, Sheldon Goldstein, Maurice Kripke, Sarah Mozen January 27 – Shevat 16….. Fay Aronoff, Selma Guttenberg, Grace Laderman, Norman Podolsky January 28 – Shevat 17…..Rose Friedman, Esther Goldberg, Eva Joseph, Max Manoff, Isadore Marcus, Morris Neiberg, Charles Rabinowitz, Esther Schulak, Irving Shore January 29 – Shevat 18…..Marie Odenheimer, David Schroeder, Charles Shapler January 30 – Shevat 19….. Elsie Berkowitz, Margaret Goldner, Rae Jacobs, Edith Kramer, Hayyim Leizerman, Bernard Saxon, Theodore Torchin, Harry Yaffe January 31– Shevat 20….. Hyman Auslander, Hettie Berenson, Rebecca Fishman, Morris Freimer, Margaret Jablonski, Lori Immergluck, Sam Stohl, Bertha Treuhaft


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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Eli Abramson, Jeannette Bernstein, Jill Kripke, Faylayn Liber, Rhoda Miller, Dara MusherEizenman, Michael Portnoy, Bruce Post, Arnold Remer, Fran Weinblatt

January 12 Family Shabbat Featuring…

SOAP Synagogue Organized Afternoon Program

January Topics 2 – No SOAP 9 – Current events 16 – Great Cantors of the Golden Era 23 – Do We Believe in Heaven and Hell? 30 - Movie – “Image Before My Eyes”

Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the B’nai Israel Library Everyone welcome.

** Lots of kids participating ** Teen Torah readers ** A presentation by the Junior Choir ** Delicious kiddush lunch! Services begin at 9:30, arrive by 10:15 to participate in the Torah Service. Don't miss it! Join your friends for a Super Shabbat!! 12

January 2013 Bulletin  

Congregation B'nai Israel January 2013 Bulletin

January 2013 Bulletin  

Congregation B'nai Israel January 2013 Bulletin