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Congregation B’nai Israel 6525 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania OH 43560 p. (419) 517-8400 f. (419) 517-8401 A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

146 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah 21 Shevat-18 Adar 5773

February 1-28, 2013

PURIM WEEKEND GAGAMEGILLAH this year’s Purimspiel on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. 9:30AM 6 PM 7 PM

Saturday Feb. 23 Shabbat Service Mincha followed by Seudah Shelisheet Maariv/Megillah Reading

Sunday February 24 9AM Sunday Minyan including partial Megillah Reading 10AM Purimspiel “GAGAMEGILLAH” 11AM USY Purim Carnival

USY/Kadima PURIM CARNIVAL Barry Social Hall SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2013 11:00 a.m.


From the Rabbi’s Desk This will be my last Bulletin article to you. As many of you might already know, we will be leaving at the end of February so that I can assume my new position as Spiritual Leader of Temple Israel in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our last Shabbat will be on February 23rd. It has been a great pleasure to serve B’nai Israel as your Rabbi during the last five and one-half years. I am very proud of the many new projects and programs begun during my tenure here; the Film Festival, the Community Garden, organizing the long-dormant Confirmation Class trip in 2008, reinvigorating the morning Minyan (to name a few), and especially, introducing the culinary delight of sardines to CBI! I also delighted in hosting the many group tours of the synagogue, as well as my many public speaking engagements in the community. What I always will remember is the privilege of officiating at the first High Holy Day Services in our (then) new Sanctuary in 2007. The relationships that we have developed here will last a lifetime. Many of you have shared in the various semachot of our family – the weddings of Rachel (and Dan), and of Dani (and Nomi), the engagement of Reena (to Oren), the graduation of Ellie from Southview High, and the Ordination of Ari as a Conservative Rabbi. In addition, my wife Meira has been a fixture in our Religious School, the Sisterhood Book Group, and the Knitting Club. Clearly, Toledo has been our home during our stay here. I wish all of you the best in the future. If you happen to be in Scranton, call me; I’ll treat you to lunch at Abe’s Kosher Deli! Rabbi Moshe Saks






PURIM AND PESACH CONTRAST OR CONNECTED? If I were to ask you which holiday is more important, Purim or Pesach, you would probably laugh at my question, as if thinking ‘‘is there even a question?’’ Yet I would suggest that there is a much deeper connection between these two seemingly different holidays than at first meets the eye, besides the fact they both celebrate redemption. Additionally there seems to be a natural progression in numbers associated with these two holidays, that casts doubt as to whether this progression is mere coincidence. Consider the following – Purim is on the 14th of the last month, Pesach is exactly a month later on the 15th of the first month. The two major literary works chanted on these holidays lend themselves to comparison. On Purim we chant the Megillah of Esther to a unique set of Trop melodies not used any other time. On Pesach we chant Shirat Hayam The Song of The (Crossing of the) Sea, again using a unique and exalted set of Trop melodies. While the Shira mentions God 14 times in the Scroll of Esther, God’s name is hidden. In the Megillah, Mordechai warns Esther in 4:14, “If you remain silent at a time like this…you and your father’s house will perish.” Mordechai’s admonition prompts Esther to respond in 4:16, “Then I will go to the King, though it is unlawful, and if I perish, I perish!” Esther finally takes her destiny into her own hands. The Trop sign used for chanting the words “if you remain silent” is Zarka one of the fanciest and most musically complex and emotive. This highlights these words’ centrality to the Purim theme. In Exodus 14:14 leading up to the Song of the Sea, Moses tells the people, as they stand at the edge of the as yet unparted sea and face the prospect of death by drowning, with the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, “God will fight for you, and you will remain silent.” The Hebrew word “tachrish” amazingly is the same as used by Mordechai in the Megillah to warn Esther not to “remain silent” in the face of pending catastrophe. Yet in the next sentence, Exodus 14:15, God says to Moses, “Why do you shout to Me (at such a time); tell the Children of Israel to go forward!” Although God performed the miracle at the sea and is behind the story of Purim, the sequence and choice of words in both respective texts demonstrate that Israel had to take the first step at great risk in order for redemption to happen. Thus we see that these two holidays are, I believe, closely linked. It is no surprise then that Rambam/ Maimonides states in Hilchot Megillah 2:8, based on the Midrash to Proverbs IX, “Though all memory of other sorrows in our national history may be dimmed and forgotten, the days of Purim never will.” I hope to see you all at our spectacular Purimspiel, GAGAMEGILLAH, on Sunday Feb. 24 at 10am and at our WORLD WIDE TEFILLIN WRAP sponsored by the Men’s Club (bring your tefillin) on Sunday Feb. 10 at 11am. Hazzan Ivor Lichterman


Presidents corner Board Meeting Update The most recent meeting of the Board of Directors was Thursday, January 17. Topics addressed included the beginning of planning for the 150th Anniversary Celebration, increasing use of the CBI Web Site, the Rabbi search, and recent improvements to the building, including replacement of the bulbs in the main sanctuary and grab bars installed in the ladies room. Upcoming programs were described, and there was much excitement as Board members were informed that nearly every Shabbat this Spring has special event tied to it. Members are considering planning a BOARD RETREAT. In addition, Board members were updated on the start of use of the kitchen by Eyal Preis, as he is beginning his new Israeli food business, Eden Fresh. Plans for the Annual Meeting will be finalized sometime next month, as no date has been set yet. The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 21, 2013. Search Committee Update Your Rabbi Search Committee has been working hard and has made a great deal of progress. Members of the Search Committee include: Jeff Bauer, Linda Beren, Greg Davis, Zale Kohler, Matt Kripke, Lee Kwait, Inge Horowitz, Howard Rosenbaum, Kathy Sack, Alison Sherman, Sanford Stein, Ron Wachsman, Fran Weinblatt, Dena Zack, and Meira Zucker. The application for candidates was completed, a major first hurdle of the search process. The application went through multiple edits, based on commentary from congregants and representatives from United Synagogue. Our congregation was registered with the Rabbinic Assembly, certified “kosher� by the RA, and we have begun receiving applicants. To date, we have received seven resumes and the Search Committee is vetting these resumes. Search Committee Chairpersons Dena Zack and Kathy Sack are arranging for the entire committee to conduct phone interviews with those candidates that best meet our congregation's needs. The committee is developing interview questions to ask the candidates based upon our priorities and needs and previous interviewing of candidates. They are looking for additional suggestions for interview questions from congregants. Please send your suggested interview questions to Kathy Sack at Meira Zucker President

150th Anniversary Celebration Committee Planning for 2016 Sue Richards, Luann Garber, Anne & Jeff Bauer, Lannie & Roanne Katzman & Harriet Davis. Arnie Remer, Dave & Lil Perlman, Sherrie Zaft & Cathy Sperling

Sharon Stein, Chair


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Congregation B’nai Israel’s Religious School would like to thank our special guest speakers for our Confirmation class in January. Jim Nusbaum spoke with them about ethics and Chloe Rothschild spoke about Autism Awareness. Both speakers were very enlightening and we thank them for their time. February 3rd is a special program with the entire community to celebrate Jewish Disabilities Awareness month. The program will be at Congregation B’nai Israel for parents and students grades 3 thru 10. Grades 2 and below will participate in their regular class schedule. . The World Wide Wrap is coming up on February 10th. Join the Men’s Club and congregations around the world as we teach the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin. Please mark your calendars for the Family Shabbat and Consecration program on February 23. Feb 3- Jewish Disabilities Awareness program Feb 10- World Wide Wrap Feb 17- No Religious School Feb 24- Purim spiel and Purim Carnival

Kim Brody, Religious School Principal

Aidan Mahoney & Adam Davis with their Tu B’Shevat booklets

Showing off our new tefillin.

The students making their own tefillin.

Preschoolers at Sunday school 5

USY & KADIMA February 2: Movie with Havdallah February 6: no lounge night February 10: Cake Boss for Kadima at 12:30 p.m. February 13: "Battle of the Sexes" lounge night February 23: Purim Carnival set-up and sleepover for USYers February 20: no lounge night February 27: no lounge night Kadima/USY Purim Carnival Set-up on February 23 at 8 pm by 6-12th graders 8-12th graders sleep over and work at the carnival the next day cost is $5 for breakfast 6 & 7th graders stay until 11pm

Toledo delegation at the Kadima convention

Miranda Hupp & Ella Musher-Eizenman going to the Kadima convention 6

Toledo Jewish News • December 2012 • Page 5

Toledo Jewish Community Foundation 2013-2014 scholarship opportunities College Scholarships for Greater Toledo Area Students College Scholarships are available to Jewish students from the Greater Toledo area. Scholarships are based on academic achievement, leadership and involvement in the Toledo

Jewish community. Demonstration of financial need is an important consideration as well. For more information, please contact Arleen R. Levine at

Jewish Campership Grants First-time and second-time campership funds are available through Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo. • The Campership Fund, established in 2008 through the generosity of the Donald L. Solomon Supporting Organization, The Joseph Wasserstrom Family Supporting Organization and the Foundation for Jewish Camp, is an incentive grant program intended to encourage families to explore the benefits of Jewish overnight camping experiences and to provide an incentive for first and second-time campers. Grants are NOT based on financial need. For more details about the program, contact Barb Hager at or 419724-0357. • A limited number of needsbased scholarships are available for overnight camping experiences. For

more information, please contact Jewish Family Service's Deb Damschroder at or 419-724-0405.

Ben J. and Mary B. Solomon Leadership Scholarship Established in 2012, the Ben J. and Mary B. Solomon Leadership Scholarship was designed to strengthen Jewish Toledo by providing educational support to candidates who demonstrate academic achievement, leadership and involvement in the Toledo-area Jewish community. The primary criteria for an award are both academic achievement and financial need. Individual scholarships in the amount of $4,000 will be awarded annually and will be renewable for up to four years at the discretion of the scholarship advisory panel. Scholarships are limited to tuition and fees. The first scholarship was awarded in fall 2012 and every fall thereafter;

Toledo Jewish community provides assistance for overnight Jewish camping experiences, Israel travel and undergraduate college scholarships

one scholarship will be added until there are four separate scholarships awarded in the fall of 2015. The award is available to residents of the catchment area governed by the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo who are enrolled, at the time of award distribution, at either the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Owens Community College or Lourdes University. Involvement in Hillel and/or Jewish community life will be taken into consideration at the time of any scholarship/grant renewal application. For additional information, please contact Arleen R. Levine, Director, Toledo Jewish Community Foundation at 419-724-0355 or arleen@

In appreciation to Dr. Louis Ravin (z"l), Donald L. Solomon Supporting Organization, Arthur (z"l) and Janet Katz, Paul Goldner, Leeta and Harry Nistel and Andrea and Gary Delman, college scholarships will be made available for academic year 2013-2014.

Goodman-Goldstein scholarship offered through The University of Toledo Goodman-Goldstein VFW Post 6909 is awarding scholarships to students enrolled nine hours or more in the College of Health Science and Human Services who are currently Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) members, or relatives of a VFW member. The fund was established in 1980. Preference will be given to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, who demonstrate financial need. Students must have a valid 2013-2014

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file in the Office of Student Financial Aid. Priority deadline for filing the FAFSA with the Department of Education is April 1. A letter of recommendation must accompany the application. Deadline for application is April 1. Please return completed application to: Office of Student Financial Aid/Scholarship Services, 1200 Rocket Hall, Mail Stop 314, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

43606-3390. Applications are available online at financialaid/scholarships/pdfs/scholar_2012_2013/Goodman%20Goldstein%20VFW.pdf For further information, contact University of Toledo, Office of Student Financial Aid/Scholarship Services at 419-530-5817 or Arleen Levine, Director, Toledo Jewish Community Foundation at 419-724-0355 or


PURIM IS COMING! PASSOVER IS COMING! THE GIFT SHOP IS READY! Purim & Passover Children's Books & Toys Matzah Boxes Beautiful Matzah Covers Matzah Ball Salt & Pepper Sets & spreaders Horseradish & Salt Water Sets Ten Plague Bags & Ten Plague Puppets Haggadahs Kiddush Cups HOURS: Open Wednesdays 10am –3pm

Sundays 9:30am-noon

If you need to shop at another time, call the office, (419) 517-8400 Gift Shop Committee: Phyllis Diamond, Cindy Palmer, Roanne Katzman Gift Shop Treasurer: Lexi Schlicting

Cathy Sperling, Sharon Rappaport, Nancy Danziger & Sue Wilson

Marilyn Reinstein & Shirley Tochtermann Everyone enjoying the Sisterhood Book Club discussing “Sipping from the Nile” Next Book Club meeting will be April 9.


The Senior Adult Programs of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo are supported in part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior Services Supporting Organization. All events are part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo and occasionally take place at the various synagogues. Please note registration deadlines for all programs! To register for a Jewish Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email

Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo Upcoming Events


To register for a Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo senior program, please call 419-724-0354 or email Thursday, February 7 inspired her in writing her own Bumble Olive Oil Company Haggadah. 1 p.m. You will be able to make your Leonard Lounge own personal artist Seder plate Federation Campus out of a real artist’s palette to 6465 Sylvania Avenue keep and use as a Seder plate or Bumble Olive Oil Com- special decor for Pesach. Either pany believes that healthy food way it is sure to be a wonderful improves our well-being. The experience! health benefits of olive oil are Registration and payment extensive, with new positive required by Monday, attributes being discovered all February 4. the time. Join us for an afternoon of Thursday, February 28 tasting and learning with this Welcome to Kutsher’s; new Toledo treasure. The Last Catskills Resort, Registration is required by Documentary, 74 minutes, Monday, January 28. English Directed by Caroline Laskow Thursday, February 21 & Ian Rosenberg Jane Petitjean, Artist & 1 p.m. Author – Creating Your Own Congregation B’nai Israel Seder “Palette” Kutsher’s Country Club is 1 p.m. the last surviving Jewish resort Leonard Lounge in the Catskills. Exploring the Federation Campus full Dirty Dancing-era Catskills 6465 Sylvania Avenue experience – and how it changed $5 per person American pop culture in the Author and Illustrator of comedy, sports and vacation “The Artist’s Haggadah,” Jane industries – this award-winning Kessler Petitjean will teach a documentary captures a last workshop on creating a Seder glimpse of a lost world as it plate from an artist’s palette and disappears before our eyes. talk about how the artist’s palette Registration is required by Monday, February 18. Special Notice: Please note that our trips are open to all seniors and reservations and payment are due at the time of the request to hold your space. We will accept reservations on a first-come basis since space is limited. A waitlist will be formed as needed. No confirmations will be mailed; your credit card charge or cancelled check will serve as your confirmation. Please fill out an Emergency Contact Form if you will be traveling with us for the first time. For questions about a program, please contact René Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or or Mary Lou Whittaker at 419-531-2119 or Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a program, please call 419724-0354 or email

RSVP to 419-724-0354 or Compelling and thought-provoking; Something big is coming to Toledo Newsmakers, political figures, opinionshapers and authors; some of the world’s most fascinating people talking about issues and events that shape our lives! Live from NY’s 92nd Street Y™, now in its ninth year, uses satellite technology to simultaneously broadcast 92Y’s renowned educational and cultural programming to community organizations across America.

NOW, LIVE VIA SATELLITE, 92nd St Y™ COMES TO TOLEDO! Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo, through the generosity of Ruth and Ralph Delman, is proud to present some of the highly-regarded 92nd Street Y™ lecture series, made available via live simulcast to Jewish institutions all over the world. This program, open to the entire Jewish community, is a cooperative effort of JewishFederation of Greater Toledo, JFGT Department of Jewish Programs and Temple Shomer Emunim. Special thanks to Grand Lubell Photography.

You are cordially invited to join us as we launch our first series of live broadcasts.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor with Thane Rosenbaum Tuesday, February 5 at 7:15 p.m. Temple Shomer Emunim 6453 Sylvania Avenue Live broadcast begins at 8 p.m. Dessert, coffee and inaugural remarks Registration required by Monday, January 28 to 419-724-0354 or Joy Behar with Judy Gold Tuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m. Temple Shomer Emunim 6453 Sylvania Avenue Live broadcast begins at 7:30 p.m. Wine & cheese reception Registration required by Monday, March 4 to 419-724-0354 or

WE HONOR OUR B’NAI MITZVAH Margaret Roberts  will be called to the Torah    as a Bat Mitzvah on  Saturday, February 16, 2013 ‐ 6 Adar, 5773  Margaret Elyse Roberts will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on   Saturday, February 16, 2013. She is the daughter of Dena Elisabeth Eber. She is  the granddaughter of Judy & David Z’L Eber.     Margaret is a seventh‐grade student at Maumee Valley Country Day School,  where her favorite subjects are math, science and English. She enjoys ac ng in plays, playing the flute,  and soccer. In her free  me she likes reads, plays with her dog and spends  me with her friends and  family. She also enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society and with the Friendship Circle. Summers are  spent at Camp Ramah in Canada. 

  Margaret would like to thank her family, friends and teachers for all of their support and she is excited  to spend her Bat Mitzvah with them. 

Ian Mahoney  will be called to the Torah    as a Bar Mitzvah on  Saturday, March 2, 2013 ‐ 20 Adar, 5773   Ian Mahoney will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, March 2,  2013.  Ian is the son of Joel and Stephanie Mahoney and older brother to Daniel  and Aidan.  He is grandson to David and Marcia Kaplan and Frank and Donna   Mahoney.    Ian a ended Stone Hebrew Academy and is now a seventh grader at  Timberstone Junior High  School.  He is an ac ve Boy Scout and First Lego League compe tor.  In his free  me Ian likes to draw,  paint, read, camp, and bike.    Ian is excited to celebrate with family and friends and would like to thank Rabbi Saks and Cantor   Lichterman for all their help.  


Special Birthdays Richard Abernathy 2/28 Kayla Bernstein 2/28 Alan Blumberg 2/2 Tamara Davydova 2/15 Patricia Kaminsky 2/4 Alison Kripke 2/4 Yvette Levin 2/26 Barbara McGrew 2/4 Jeff Rosenbloom 2/28 Haley Smith 2/26

KIDDUSH – Todah Rabah to: Jan. 19– Stu & JoJo Goldberg in honor of the anniversary of Stu’s Bar Mitzvah Jan. 26– Joel & Judy Scheinbach in honor of Adam’s engagement Feb. 2– David & Judy Weinberg in honor of the anniversary of David’s Bar Mitzvah Feb. 16– Dena Eber in honor of Margaret’s Bat Mitzvah

MILESTONES Mazel Tov to fourth grader Jonah Musher-Eizenman’s Chess Team from Ottawa Hills Elementary School for capturing 1st place in the state tournament.

Welcome New Members Michael Cummings Marc, Susan, Brian & Carolyn Glasser

Mazel Tov to Jeff & Linda Rosenbloom & Irwin Rosenbloom on the birth of their granddaughter & great granddaughter Calalh Rose Barnes. Mazel Tov to Arlene Rubinoff on the birth of her grandson Norman Joseph. Mazel Tov to Joel & Judy Scheinbach on the engagement of their son Adam to Sara Victorson.

Ellen & Alice Hively Eyal, Mickel, Eden, Ofek & Noga Preis PLEASE LET US KNOW…...

SOAP Synagogue Organized Afternoon Program

February Topics Feb. 6 Feb. 13 Feb. 20 Feb. 27

“Do We believe in Angels?” Current Events The Story of Purim and its Significance Purim’s unusual aspects Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. in the B’nai Israel Library Everyone welcome.


If you or someone you know is in the hospital or would appreciate a visit at home from the Rabbi or Hazzan, please call the shul office at 419-517-8400 or email

%"9 %$&; Contributions for February Regular Contributions are $10.00 Please note: More generous contributions will be indicated in the following ways: * denotes B’nai Mitzvah-$13.00 ** denotes Chai-$18.00 *** denotes Silver-$25.00 A box denotes Gold-$50.00 A bold box denotes Platinum-$100.00

GENERAL FUNDS TRIBUTE Yahrzeit ABRAHAM ALTMAN, Grandfather Merv & Marlene Russell ROBERT DAMRAUER Marvin & Peggy Damrauer LEAH GINSBERG EPSTEIN Barry & Mindi Ginsberg ** ELAINE MILLMAN Marvin & Peggy Damrauer MARY PINTIS Zale & Shirley Kohler *** FREIDA RUSSELL, Grandmother Merv & Marlene Russell

KIDDUSH Yahrzeit JEREMY C. CONNOR Leah & Joshua Connor ** BETTY FOGEL Helen Boxenbaum ** DEENA KAUFMAN, Mother & grandmother Steve, Susan, Eli & Max Kaufman *** ALEX ZIMBLER, Father Shirley Gerber

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Yahrzeit IRWIN DORF Karen Dorf EVA GOLDMAN David & Lila Goldman EVA GOLDMAN Frieda G. Morgan *** MANUEL GOLDMAN Frieda G. Morgan *** NORMAN PODOLSKY Michael & Leslie Podolsky HARRY YAFFE Saundra Yaffe * ESTHER YOUNG Michael & Leslie Podolsky

Shabbat Prayer Book Etz Hayim Tree of Life Leaf Tree of Life Stone Memorial Plaque Kiddush Lunch

In Honor of CHUCK WEINBLATT, Special birthday Lee & Gail Kwait **

MEMORIAL FUNDS HARRY GOMETZ Yahrzeit ANNE DAVIS LEONARD DAVIS Greg, Hope, Jeremy, Adam & Andy Davis NICHOLAS GOLDHAMMER Marty & Harriet Davis FRANCES GOMETZ Greg, Hope, Jeremy, Adam & Andy Davis

HARRIS/WILLIAMS Yahrzeit HYMAN DAVIS Lannie & Roanne Katzman OSCAR SOLDINGER Lannie & Roanne Katzman ***

In Memory of SHELDON RUBIN Sheldon Harris ** Dr. Sheldon & Elaine Singal ** Leon & Ellie Williams JACK SCHWARTZ Dr. Sheldon & Elaine Singal ** DR. DONALD STEINBERG Dr. Sheldon & Elaine Singal ** Leon & Ellie Williams


MICHAEL & RENEE QUIROGA Yahrzeit ESTHER GOLDBERG Bill & Dorothy Goldberg ***


$65.00 $100.00 $100.00 $1000.00 $500.00 $250.00

In Memory of CHARLES BOYER Bill & Betty Quiroga

CANTOR JULIUS ULMAN Yahrzeit SYLVIA BRAUER, Beloved mother, grandmother & great grandmother Mrs. Eleanor Golding, Mr. & Mrs. Rick Osgood & Family, Mr. Mark Feldstein & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Feldstein & Family


NEW BUILDING Yahrzeit ESTHER ABRAMSON Dr. Eli Abramson & Nora Romanoff & Family *** SAMUEL ALLOY Irv & Camille Alloy & Family ** HELEN BOSLOV Janice Oster & Family HONEY FEINGOLD Dr. Eli Abramson & Nora Romanoff & Family *** RABBI MORTON GOLDBERG Stu, JoJo, Josh, Adam & Cyndey Goldberg HARRY GOLDMAN Gordon & Roberta Goldman Roselyn Solomon RINA GUDELMAN, Mother Norman Gudelman ** ARON KAPLAN, Brother Chuck & Sharon Schwartz & Janice Kaplan *

ABRAHAM LEIBOVITZ Irv & Camille Alloy & Family ** SOL OSTER Janice Oster & Family FLORENCE SCHWARTZ, Mother & grandmother Chuck & Sharon Schwartz & Family * IRVING SHORE Rolf & Marcia Hess * MAMIE YURO, Grandmother Rolf & Marcia Hess

In Memory of ALICE FISHBEIN Harry Schulman Ed & Astrig Tutelian *** HARIETTE LEEPER Mona Abraham SHELDON RUBIN Steve & Debbie Dolgin Mark & Lynn Liber Chuck & Sharon Schwartz ** Joe Shugarman


Yahrzeit HY AUSLANDER Chuck & Fran Weinblatt & Family DAVID GOLDBERG Stu & JoJo Goldberg SHERWIN KRIPKE Larry & Joanie Kripke ** CHARLES & JANETTE RABINOWITZ Beryl & Ada Rabinowitz & Family NORMAN PODOLSKY Jeanne Podolsky **

In Honor of CAROLYN ZANVILLE, Marriage Eli & Fagie Benstein

In Honor of

Yahrzeit JULIA BROOKENTHAL, Mother Al & Arlene Brookenthal

In Honor of RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Wedding Sharon Rappaport

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SISTERHOOD TORAH FUND/ RESIDENCE HALL CAMPAIGN OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Phyllis Diamond ……….…531-5005 Ruth Sitzmann …………....843-7718 Marilyn Reinstein ………...882-8757


JUDY ERD, Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah Clara Rona HARRY NISTEL, Special birthday Larry & Phyllis Levey **


Good Health Tribute ELAINE EDELSTEIN JOANNE RUBIN Chuck & Sandy Traugott LEIGHTON WOOLF Shirley Bader

ABRAHAM ALTMAN, Grandfather FREIDA RUSSELL, Grandmother Jerry & Arlene Russell




Good Health Tribute DIANE STEINGROOT Jerry & Arlene Russell

In Memory of DEBBIE BOORSTEIN, IL Celia Goodman ALICE FISHBEIN Belle Swartz Phyllis Diamond BEA GREENWOOD, CA Bill & Luann Garber ** HERBERT SIEGEL Belle Swartz Bill & Luann Garber Phyllis Diamond

Good Health Tribute KAREN ROSENBAUM Marilyn J. Reinstein


In Honor of

RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Wedding Inge Horowitz

LORI KREMER IMMERGLUCK Jeff, Bonnie, Danielle & Liliana Kremer Lyn Kremer, & Josh & Lindsey Immergluck

Remember B’nai Israel in your will


In Memoriam

FEBRUARY YAHRZEITS Febuary 1 – Shevat 21…..Freda Cohen, Mary Pintis, Marilyn Swartz, Rose Swolsky Febuary 2 – Shevat 22….. Benjamin Braveman, Alexander Kramer, Celia Polson, Abraham Shall Febuary 3 – Shevat 23….. Ernest Damrauer, Betty Katz, Harry Levison, Max Sack, Evelyn Schall, Mendel Tochtermann Febuary 4 – Shevat 24….. Anna Cohen, Alex Fishbein, Phil Hening, Rose Levison, Miriam Rubin, Pauline Vetensky Febuary 5 – Shevat 25…..Julia Brookenthal, Simon Karp, Maxwell Lampert, Harry Malkin, Celia Marcus, Sarah Neiberg, Alex Waldman Febuary 6 – Shevat 26….. Sylvia Brauer, Harry Chabler, Isadore Fingerhut, Harry Rosenblatt, Robert Schuller, Abraham Smith Febuary 7 – Shevat 27….. Libba Friedman, David Goldberg, Majorie Jacobs, Beatrice Kaplan Febuary 8 – Shevat 28….. Deena Kaufman, Meyer Shall, Sander Simon Febuary 9 – Shevat 29…..Rose Drube, Richard Friedman, Fannie Kahn, Lilly Levison Febuary 10 – Shevat 30…..Jeremy Connor, Jerald Gale, Henry Schwartz Febuary 11 – Adar 1.. Arthur Edelstein, Evelyn Frankel, Freda Hallem, Sarah Rosenthal, Ida Rubin, Lea Steinberg Febuary 12 – Adar 2….. Samuel Bransdorf, Abe Levine, Lillian Save Febuary 13 – Adar 3….. Charlotte Goldhammer, Janette Rabinowitz, Fannie Ravin, Esther Schwartz, Lillian Vogel Febuary 14 – Adar 4….. Abraham Altman, Lisa Feilhardt, Irving Kart, Lillian Marenberg, William Rothman, Milton Waldman

Febuary 15 – Adar 5… Ann Cohen, Wolf Nistel, Robert Ringer, Leah Saks, Rosa Schwartz Febuary 16 – Adar 6….. Mollie Kahn, Edward Minsky, Jack Remer February 17-Adar 7….. Joseph Diamond, David Frankel, Jerome Weinstein, Nathan Weinstein February 18 – Adar 8….. Sarah Applebaum, Bernice Goldstein, Jacob Lieberman, Irene Rosenberg, Anna Shoffer February 19 – Adar 9…. Bernard Baker, Julius Skaletzky February 20 – Adar 10….. Sylvia Applebaum, Manuel Goldman, Rose Klein, Joseph Krawetz, Abraham Millsberg, Abraham Mindel, Anne Rowen, Wilfred Williams February 21 – Adar 11….. Gladys Becker, Helen Goldhammer, Jacob Torchin February 22 – Adar 12….. Jean Bame, Susana Bernstein, Rose Bloom, Jacob Getz, Louis Hoffman, Frances Swolsky February 23 – Adar 13….. Minnie Bateman, Hyman Davis, Louis Friedman, Annette Greenspoon, Adele Hess, Irma Rothschild, Irene Steinberg February 24 – Adar 14…..Florence Bransdorf, Anna Ciralsky, Faye Edelstein, Samuel Gallis, Goody Liber, Nachoma Lichtenstein, Gertie Pinsky, Sandra Remer, Jeanette Rosen, Masha Weissfeld February 25 – Adar 15…..Susan Weinman February 26 – Adar 16….. Ida Eichner, James Fox, Mildred Friedman, Sam Litwin, William Palman, Max Rabinowitz, Freida Russell, Irving Scheinbach February 27 – Adar 17….. Mollie Goldberg, Mary Liber, Ida Salzman, Anna Schuller February 28 – Adar 18….. Julius Barry, Estelle Berns, Morris Gersz

The synagogue family mourns the loss of its members: JAMES LEVISON     

We extend condolences to our members who mourn the loss of a loved one: CHARLES BOYER Father of Betty Leizerman ~ ~ ~ Only members of our congregation or their immediate family are noted

March 9: Family Havdalah Service Details TBA soon March 10: Change your clocks ahead March 16: Sisterhood Shabbat March 23: Consecration & Family Shabbat March 25: First Seder March 26-April 2: Passover

















5:00 p.m. service 5:33 light candles




Parshat Yitro

USY Havdallah with movie

5:15 p.m. service 6:33 Shabbat ends


5:30 p.m. service 6:42 Shabbat ends

Parshat Mishpatim

5:00 p.m. service 5:41 light candles


1:00 p.m.SOAP .


Tot Shabbat


Parshat Terumah

5:45 p.m. service 6:59 Shabbat ends

Set up for Purim Carnival 8:00 p.m.

Parshat Tetzaveh


5:45 p.m. service 6:51 Shabbat ends

1:00 p.m.SOAP

5:00 p.m. service 5:49 light candles

5:00 p.m. service 5:58 light candles


Margaret Roberts Bat Mitzvah

7:30 p.m.Board mtg.



1:00 p.m.SOAP

1:00 p.m.SOAP



Lounge night


No Lounge night


Daily 6:00 p.m. services Sundays: 9:00 AM Mon.-Thurs: 7:00 AM, 5:45 PM Friday: 7:00 AM, 5:00 PM Saturday: 9:30 AM, see schedule PM

3 1:30 p.m Knitting

2013 Religious school

10 1:30 p.m. Knitting

10:30 a.m.Jewish Disability speaker

Religious school 9:45 Breakfast 10:30 “Ties that Bind” 11:00 World Wide Wrap

12:30 p.m. Cake Boss for Kadima



1:30 p.m. Knitting

1:30 p.m. Knitting

NO Religious school



10:00 a.m. Purim Spiel 11:00 a.m. Purim Carnival Religious school


CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL STAFF Moshe Saks………………………………..Rabbi Ivor Lichterman…………………………...Hazzan Kandee Storm ......................... Office Manager Kim Brody............... Religious School Principal Lou Steingroot………………………...Bookkeeper

CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL BULLETIN 6525 Sylvania Ave Sylvania OH 43560

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Sylvania, OH Permit No. 42

Address Service Requested

Rhoda Miller…..Community outreach coordinator Fagie Benstein/Sharon Rappaport …………..Co ……………………………...Sisterhood Presidents David Zack…...…………….Men’s Club Presiden Hillary Budd………………………..Youth Advisor Zoe Yaffe/Shayna Zack……….USY Presidents EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President ........................................Meira Zucker Vice President ...... Hope Davis, Ellen Federman, Debbie Spangenthal Secretary ..................................... Alix Greenblatt Treasurer ................................... Ron Wachsman

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Eli Abramson, Jeannette Bernstein, Jill Kripke, Faylayn Liber, Dara Musher-Eizenman, Michael Portnoy, Bruce Post, Arnold Remer, Fran Weinblatt

World Wide Wrap

Join Men’s Clubs and congregations around the world as we teach the mitzvah of wrapping tefillin. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2013 9:45am BREAKFAST 10:30am “TIES THAT BIND” An inspirational film about tefillin 11:00am WRAP & ROLL WITH MEN’S CLUB & THE SUNDAY SCHOOL! The Sunday school children will display their “home-made” tefillin A shul that wraps together…stays together! Men & women invited


February 2013 Bulletin  

Congregation B'nai Israel's monthly bulletin

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